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The News and Herald Co.
Ome Tear. #1.50
Six - - .75
Wedaesiay, May 16 - - - S.900
The South lose* by its narrowness
in idaeational matters. Dr. Aldernan,
Presidest of the Uaiversity of
North Carolina, is oa? of the ablest
men in the Southera colleges. lie is
a native of Nortb Carolina and would
naturally prefer to giv# his ?wn State
*L- 1 * * 'oKnti TIo >c # man
liltf UCJJCUL Ul 111! isisiiH. uv a. -
of pecaliirly fiao executive abilities,
and under bit administration the University
of North Carolina ba? prospered
and grown. Dr. Ahierman h?g
been oflered and accepted tUe presidency
of Tulane University, r.n insulation
that has an attendance of nearly
1,000 students, and is so w?ll endowed
that improvements eas be j
made practically without limit. JNo
fight will have to be mada before the
legislature every year to get moaey
enoajb to keep it rnnning.
Thi Charlotte Observer speaking of
the departure of Dr. Alderman says:
|?Dr. Aldermau goes to Tttlane University.
We are not serprised and
do not blame him. We happen to
know what impelled him to this decision,
acd now, when it ean do no
harm to do so, we are going to violate
his confdence. It Is not the larger
salary at Talane ikar tempts him. If
the aalary at the University 01 j.\orin
Carolina were Increased to a figure
even approximately commensurate
with his worth and what the State i*
.? a le to pay (he himself used no such
1 ^jHage a> this) he would feel
meaner than he eould afford to in receiving
it, realizing that it was out of
proportion to the salaries of the otber
members of the faculty, and that the
addition waa at the expense of the
University general fund and might be
better applied to the crying needs of
the institution. These n eds are ardent,
and unless they are supplied the
University bas reaebod tbe limit ef its
attendance and it? usefulness. If this
is true then its present head has fully
occupied his field and cannot hope for
furthar nsefoiness here. To secare
the continuation of the present appropriation
involves a fi'fct before
every recurring legislature?it is as
much as a bareain to sret it atid tber?
is scait prospect that it will be increased
any time soon. The contest
every two years to get what the institution
bow. receives is disagreeable
enough to drive the man who has to
make it on* of the State, bat it ii not
this, bat the hopelessness of any improvement
"upon it, that, we believe,
has influenced Dr. Alderman's decision.
This soandi so familiar. The con
ditions are so ibach the same as those
ia this State. Every year iL is a
question whether the legislature will
appropriate sufficient money tc run
oar educational institutions. Those in
charge of the? must become weary of
the neYer-ending contest for existence,
iiatcrftiiT thav will when oatience
is worn oat self relief by going to
other States where plenty of room is
jjiren for the exercise of their talents
and usefulness. It is this narrow and
illiberal spirit that holds us bask.
Properly snppartsi oh the line whieh
Dr. McBryde started, the South Caroliaa
University would now hare bsen
one of the leading institutions ox me
country. The South Carolina College
noir has s.t its head a man whose talents
. _ are equal to any college president in
the South. We do not know that be
Is thinking of leaving, but we do
know that such men are in demand
elsewhere, and if South Carolina
would retain men of tbis type, she
Bust show her appreciation by furnishing
room for the display of their
usefulness. Ii can not be done by
narrowness and illiberality.
Erery question ha* two sides to it,
and whether or not the Stats cauvavs
?ho*ld be discontinued is no excep
tioa. Soma strong arguments can be
made itt far^r of senator Tillman's
position. Canvassing every county in
th? State is a severe tax on the pbysii
?a! strength of any mar , and it is v8ry
expensive. Not every candidate can
go orer the Slat? o* a biejcl* as Whitma*
did, aid it maaas as expenditure
of $500 to $600 to make tbe canvas?.
Doubtless this expense deters many
man fro*i becoaingf candidates, especially
whan the reselt is Hncertain.
Bat there are reasons just as strong in
favor of a contianauce of the carcass.
It is the only way new men can become
accmaiated with tbe peeple of
?? J *< Xm <Ka >\ r? IflQ.
me *jsr n. mc iu?oi
bit way for the people te learn their
views oq public questions. A discontinuance
of the State ciavas? would
give the "ins" a great advantage over
the "oats." Oae of the principal rea?on?
given for this provision of the
party constitution was that every
candidate was entitled to be heard by
tkt people. It ininimizis the chance?
fer the formation of riD?< *nd cliques.
better feeling exists in the State
I MUTT, SHU KlI^USSlVBt V/?U UUn uc u>u
soberly and orderly, aud, therefore,
We suggest that Mt. Zion Society
hold a meeting, and appoint commit*
tees to s*e that proper attention is
given to thd visitors on the day
of the eclipse. It is e?pecially
importaat that the young ladies from
Winthrop and the Presbyterian College
for Women and any others that
suae IUUUIU ov vuivi
tained. We shall not attempt to suggest
what ought to be dou?, more than
to say that they stould bo mat at the
train by committees and Uken to some
place, ML Zion College for iustanee,
which the? could make the'r headquarters
duriug the day. The society
through Its committer can arrange all
Cure Cold in Head.
X?rmott's Chocolates La_rat:ve Quinine, easy
t* t&fcc and Quick to ??re wld ia b*ad and sore
? ??? ?aaan^.mcf ="=
Tfce Youth's Corepanioil Col. til IIS a A Tradition that the Original Gil
. ,l? iw.i Brought to Fairfield and the I<1
very interesting article on the total ?
J . ? Stolen by Eli Whitney,
eclipie this mo*ik, and the following _L , . , .,
, . , ' .... The statement of facts publ
dei-cription ?f what will be seen in , , . . _ 1A , Ar,.
, .... r.. , . below i? the Cotton, of Atlar
Winnsboro will be of interest to oar ,
- . familiar to a great many peor
reauer? : "iuc luicmi; i?a.cu m lU? _ , , ,
phenomenon of . total eclipse Us a Fil"Se,<1 ?">?<* bot " a"5' 0
twofoli origin. It is OQe of the most yoaDSer PC0P e 0 n0 'now i
-r '* ? reproduce it. The people quoti
Fcblime tigkts itis?ir?Htomi8 t? wit- *V . . ,r i
,, . . , , . . authoniies are well known in
nes?, and what is revealed to us at , . .. .
? . .. , - . ,, , . ., county, and their regulation is
saeh tiBies famishes the key to the
, -, j c , that our own people will not <
hidden aecreti of tke strn?ture ofi L A v 1
I the story *
every star that fhiaei .'n the heavens. t, r
- . ? I borne yeare ago I speot_par!
Many years ago JTotMiortrrani wroie sommer in Fairfield county, s. U
as follows, and the experience of seven while th-;re I heard frota the 1
cc'ipses tells ine it is d-fficult to im- one of the oldest and most prom
prove Lis description: fami.ie* in the State a story aboi:
- * ,i .. invention of the cotton gin, wl
'Oor.oot.ier oeauon does tbe d.s- be,ievc lb0 reader3 ?f Coitoi wi
play of stupendous power in the preciate. I give the faets as they
economy of the physical universe ex- given to me, and as they came >
ercise a? subduing an iuflnenoe over fron1 the parties interested, an
.. i tn,,*: ? from heresar, tbev at least hai
the mind, or ; -. oducs so humiliating a 3olor Qf beiHg'tiae;
eonviction of the im1?oten?e of all! To Eli Whitney ha? indispv
human efforts to couttol the immuta-! been accorded the iionor of inve
? ?a ?I the cotton srii). 6o far a3 I can
Die J&ffB Oi llkiurv tuu aiiMi iu? w
course of ev.o,. a, wben *. ?lorloos T^wbolf woHd'tsa,
orb of day, whi.e ridiug in the heav- tatiDgly taken pari iu doing hoi
ens with unclouded splendor, begins the once penniless student wt
to melt away from an unseen cause, ever enjoyed the credit of h
and sook totally disapoeart, leaving 2,|ven ^ ^ne mo it ]
i , . . - pieces of machinery in modern i
the whole viuble world wrapped in tion A glittering monument p<
the sable gloom of nocturnal darkness. a?es his fame, and if 1 have bee
The scene is rendered *ti!l more im- rectiy informed the Whitney I
prcssive by the wrcamstances aceooi- jenjoy8 a royalty on their pr<
, . , rator's shrewdness. Lhe worlc
pauying se r?markable an occurrence. , doubtles8 not Ptop t0 ligten ,0
The heavens assaiaft an unnatural : count which will detract an5
aspect, which excit?i a feeling of hor- from the fame of the great in?
ror in the ipectator; a li?id hue is dif- .an<* k.e*ven forbid that I should
, ? , . .... , its brightness if it has been hoi
fa;eo over all tarmtial okjs.ls; plaint j WOBt g:U hl t(,ese dsvs0| ,.esearc
close up their leaves as on the approach | iuqairy things will tarn up whi
of sight; the fowls betake themselves nund and gain ourattention.
to their restiug pla#es; the warbling Daring mv stay in Fairfield I
- ,t T . . , . < , several weeks in tee house of C;
of the grove it lmtbea in profoaod Thomas AnderKllJi wh0 ?ow off
silencc; in other words, universal 0],j ancestral home of the K
Nature seems to relax her energies, as family, one of the most prominei
if the pu'se which stimulated her wealthy faiuiiie9 of the Stateun
migfatv movements bad all at oi.ee ?H]?m dAavf *nd ?f whiC,h f
j ] Captain Anderson is a member.
stood^still. motiier. a dauahter of Mr. Kioci
The centre rf the path of totalitv is o:.e of the two Miviving chi
about two miles north of Win??boro, now over seventy je^r* of ag
r-n.n hai- linj T fh(?
though a mile will make so little dif- "v\ 'T' * ---
,, , . given, wruch she in turn had rec
ferente that it will hardly be percepti- trom hei. pare.it,# ,\jr. KUcaid
b:e to the eye. lu order togetihe Scotchman bv birth, :iud i:? hi
bsst view of this wonderful sight, one qnent visit to Hamburg, op
skou'd get od a high hill commanding ' 011 b*s}neBS* h*
* . . ' , , f Mr. Uolmes, a mechanic bv traJ
a view far te the southwest and eas?.. ?ne of bis same couatrj?aSc>tcl
Looking to the southwest the terrible a. mutual attachment sprung a
blsck shadow, which will be abont tween thein, beinsr of the same n
fifty miles wide, will be teen approach- , ^r/. taking
. ... .,.A . Iiiiicaid into his confidence, st
lag yoo witb a rapidity far surpassing him a macMoa whioh he'hac
the fastest train. stiucted somewhat on the princi
If the weather is cloudy, of course ? wool burrer, which he be!
ev?ei! inios f-Viia rkhflnnoii?noji. In ^onld ^epsia e cotton seed fro
V/O ouatt tutuiv ( t
the article from the Youth's Con- Kiti?aid was well pieasec
pinion mentioned above, ?he follow- the appearanee of the new ma>
ids discoaraging f-tct is noted r "The and told bis friend as their w
redaction of tempera tire duriug an way of testing it in Hamburg.wi
. . t. detection he would take it with t
echpae ,? so cuii<uler.b.e that in the Fairfield> wbsr, be bad ?awr.j
early mornings, if the air be moi-t, at his command, and where a sai
clouds tre apt to form." tory trial could be made. T
? proposition Mr. Holmes agreed
It h&? been suggested that si military accompanied bis friend to his ho
feature shouW bj added u Mt. Zioa. Fairfield couuty, near Little Riv<
Unquestionably ttsre i< a disposition After a shoriwhile the two S
^ , : r... fi lends put up the rudely constr
sowaday* to gire bojs some military gil, the min.house of Mr. Ki
o>.^ Mnamilv in fitting which wason Mill creek,about ten
""" T""? o
chools. Tbla is not without reason, from Wi?nsboro. To their great
Boys betweeu 12 ami 18 need physical ^ worked well, and a thou
/ . , future competence accruing fro
culture perhaps more than at any ?a]e 0f rights of io useful a ms
other period io th?ir lives, aa$ by rushed over the mind of the
giving them such training they are Scotch mechanic. It wa3 tried ?
physically prepared to undertake tbe Ths cottos was eleaned from th<
I a * !. - .1 |.? , ?it was a success?and the gr
bard study of soll-ige hfe. We have eare uow wag t0 proteet the inv(
never taken to higher military schools, ordiscoveiy from being stolen.
Oar observation is that they fail to Holmes remarked that a >ouig
ffire & br^ad and well rounded educa* from Georgia, Whitney^by nam<
. ? ; . . , ... visnea iiis sayuB m -uauiouig a
tioa, bat tor preparato.-y ichools milt- pestediy endcivored to see his
t*ry Ira.jiiiff is practically, iudnpsu- chine-bad even bribed a cc
sable. workman employed in Hambn
From the standpoint of lateral inte- teil him something about it. B
?.f tn .. n. far up in the unsettled baakwoo
rest lo the e^ainattiity we believe that gou^ Carolioa they considered
it would be wise U add a military little rade cotton gin safe.
feature to Mt. Zioa. It it attractive Soon after teatiDg* the naachin
to beys, and experience has shown Kincaid went on a trip to Charlt
that atudents /rem octsid* will at- d7-,
... . % 3 t made by private conveyance. D
tend if a military department is auaea. jjjg ab3encc a young man roae i
Of ?oari? it wonld have to be nuder- bis gate in Fairfield and asked
taken by degress. The buiidings KincaiJ very politeiy to allow hi
would hive t. bo enlarg?d for (be .c
, . * piece of machinery. Ihe requee
eomodatioa ?f eadeti, tut this could made in such a carteous manne
be ion# as needed by increased at- it was granted, and going down :
tendance. It is sigoificwt that at the the young man spent uea
time Mt. Zion had students from all whole day in examining the gic
orer the State it was a military school. taking a model of it. This doi
m returned the mill key and set 01
Oar railroads have an op{.on unity home.
to show enterprise ?n the occasion of When Mr Kiacaid returned
tbe solar eclipse, and we hope ihey the city, among other things, his
will. It should not be difficult to ar- told him a very polite young ma
ran?e excursions on all iho lines to been there 10 look at his gin. 1
points in the middle of the eclipse's didn't allow him to see it, did 3
road, and as the spectacle promised is he ^ said. "Yes," replied his^
rare and beautiful these excursions RaisiDg his hands and almost si:
would doubtless be well patronized, in despair, he exclaimed: "My
W:nn*boro will be a srreat point of 7?u have ruined me and my fri
Attraction, but Little Mountain is said He knew that Whitney had enda
to be a better place for observation, in every way to gain access t
v,*k,q PrttM.nf rhiHc nf f.h? new machine of Mr Holmes, ai
0..*&"lrwill* g'iVe "CoTnmbians the he justly suipicloned and alten
opportunity of ge ting there in time found oat, had taken advsntag
tor the fright.?The State. his absence from home and
Come to Winusboro. We have ?aiQed bis end.
1 4. ?v u L-n u. v -1. ? j As a conseqwence of Mr Whit
pleity of high bills which will afford visit, he soon took oat bis pate
good views of the eclipse. the celebrated cotton gin. MrH<
at oase resolved to enter suit a<
buck head items. him, but beiBg poor, was unal
employ coussel without sonic n
We are having protracted dry weath- ja &dyan?i. For a long time he t
e c o iv i u hoped to regain his right to the y
cr for farming and the plowm?n have |j|e patent, bat, from poverty
taken great advantage of it. Unbro- other care#, be was finally fore
ken land is too bard to plow. abandon hit claim to what was
It has been quite cool for the past bis.
ATrvtrr o forir libp thfl ahnvp. fcfl
few days aad fires w?r? very welcome I
- . ' . I oat after so many years, may see
We are having strawberries asd traisparent to reeeive mach c
English peas. We had tnrnips nearly but tbe reader will please reme
tbe j ear round. Thev were planted that the story is by no means a
on a sandy branch bottom; ao torn* ^B0, ^a* v^eAn cire^l7 ^1
...... , ' . down through the members o
merciai fertilizer u?ed, and were (he Eincaid's family, two of whoc
finest and largest we have had in survive; but it has never befort
many a day. can learn, been given to the j
Everybody seems determined to ^r?nr11 tbe Pre8S*
, ... that the members of the Kmcaid 1;
make largely of fooa crops, as will aD(j ggtaje remember the slo:
as cotton. The farmers should nat well from the lips of their father,
noglect to plant plenty of eern, as considered his prospects of a hag
they cannjt do without it a sinple day. t0Set^er
* ' nArw m hino nrraof Jtt n 11C
Fairfield is coming to the froDt with ;en(js to it a strong shade of aatl
her factories, railroads, telephonas city. The old original gia was
aud telegraph, and her people g?a? chased by Mr Kincaid from his f
erally are progressing. A little more ?n r.Q1l ?f many /ears at bis
x c ? o. * et. m Fairfield; and I dire say that
can be sa;d o. tleS.ate. She is in the ?Id citizens of tbe countv cant*
frcm rahk in cotton manufactories that it was the first known in the I
Mr. Watt Crowder has rented the It was kept as a reiic, but wa
Morgan place ou Beaver Creek. stroyed by fire in aa old barn
Mi&s Josepbioe Ladd i, ridtiug her Sbermaa Pas8ed lbronsh-E D '
niece, Mrs. Richard Wilks.
As to the candidates, letthedfice F*r ?ver Firt?-Years.
seek the man, is a good motto. ,, ? ? . ~ ? c
" _ .. ? Mrs. ninslows Soothing S
12> 1900. j. u. r . jjjg been used for over fifty yea;
million# of mothers for their chi
A Frigktful Blunder wfai,e teelhiDgt witk perfect gQ
Wixl often cause a horribir Barn, It soothes the child, softens the <
Scald, Cut or BruUa. Bueklen'b Ar- allays a!I pain, cures wind colic.,
nicd Salve, the best in the world, will is the be?t remedy for diarrhoe
kill the pain and promptly heal it. will relieve the poor little sn
Cures Old Sores, fever Sores, Ulcers, immediately. Sold by drnggis
Boils, Felons, Corn*, all Skin Erup- every part of the world. Twent
tions. Best Pile cure on earth. Only cents a botile. Be sure and ae
2? cts. a box. Care guaranteed. Sold "Mrs. TYinslow's Soothing Sy
by McMajter Co., drnggisti. and take bo ether kind. 1-j
*I3i? '
i such
3onbt The Kind You Have Ahrays Bought, imd "Wki(:h Jws
in use for over SO years, lias tlie sijrnatiu
t f . and tr.s bc; :? urjtlcr LI:>
;-n:ilFupcvvis;oa .'-inc" iNi-.i?:
- -* nQ cne *0 t;Cvt;VO J*OU 111
ips U1
inent All Counterfeits, Imitations and " Just-as-s^od" ar<
it 'he Experiments that trifle with and endanger the heal
aich I Infants and Children?ftxTJcrieuco again, i Experii
.11 ap- ~
What is CASTOiW
re the
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, ]
ilably gorie, Drops and Soothing: Syrups. It is Pleasant
ntiag contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Nai
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>geni- Bears the Signature of
anac- S S ~
'thing jT &9 SS -g
h and _ ^
? M
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" a;,d
, anteami
I y
His ' 11 1 ' 111 lid,
ldien, i
? ?4 _ Tliora ttt!H ho 5 <>q] 1 mo
e, ana I annual meetiko sanu^il j~? ?
t here I tional association, .tcly 14,1900. friends of prohibition i
:eived Tiie Southern Railway will sell *ide County, to meet in tke coi
s'frv* {'ip tickets from Charleston, S. C., at Winnsboro, on Saturday
posite the ra'e of one first-cla^s fare for th?5 1900,&t 11 o'clock a. ?.
met a ; round trip to St. Augustine, Fla , ieudauce from the eounty
ie and j Pensacola, Fla , Mobile, Ala , New (J. ?. McDo
aman. | n?,DQria To Miss.. Bir- W. R. T?aWt
p be_ _ , , ,
alj0J). mingham, Ala., Chattanooga Tenn., j. p. croat
v Mr. Bristol,Tenu, White Sulphur Springs, C. P. Wray,
towed ya.f Wa?biugton, D. C., Norfolk,Va , Dt q. Ruff,
Dleof and interraed5atc P?illt8- B.J. Quatt'l
lievcd Tickets will be ?old July 14th, 1900, G. A. Wbit<
m the with final limit July 29tb, 1900, fo Charlie For
holders of return portions of round ^ j. y. Curry
chine4 tr^P ^c^et8 s0^ t0 Charleston, S. C., J. L. Freen
as no' on account of annual meeting national Tke following will exp
thout educational association. Such return feet of the Eaeetias:
- - .1 ... i-x. u. . ^
um to portions oi 2'Ouqu inp uckcui iu utj ciais irroiiioiwou ouu
>pwer dep0Sjtecj with agents from whom si le be held is tkc city of Cola
trip tickets are purchased. Agenis on W>daesday, 2Srd day o
I Z win issue receipts for ticket, ,o depo,
aaein ited and upon presentation of said Governor and Lieutenant
rr- receipts will return to origiual pur- represent the Prohibitions
chasers the return portions of round Carolina in tht Democrat
aoaid, trip tickets deposited. For detailed ?, """"proM
miles information apply to any agsn: ?f tb? seeking to obtain coptr
8^f1S~ Southern Railway, or its connection!, me lsenwcrauc urgaujzdi
m the annual meeting southern wholi- oftae ft
lcbioe .IVeTr '
poor LESIOK, b. C? MAY 24-20,1900. wb]ch are ia b,st Jccop
tgain. The Southern Ra-lv?av will srll highest interesti of the
2 seed round tickets to Charleston, S. 0., and which will take the SUte
J!,*?1 return at the rate of one first-clais liq?or b?sine??.
Mr. fare forihe round trip from all points aod?fr? ???.?"ionf o?"
man ou its lm-?, on account of the above tioni<t? in regard to thes
}, had occasion. Tickets to be sold May 22, call id hereby i<?ued for
ud re" 23 an;l 24, with final limit May 2S, ii- semb!e in tfcelr reipective
;>o"a olnsive. For detai!ed information 0?,fcT,^
rg to apply to any agent of the Southern ,ali?e()' wil? t<
at io Railway, or its connections. State Confertiee on the
?* * !? /vrt M'?U AM^ ?naf?nnt5*
us uj.
3 +he annual session imperial coukoil n,llu u1 '""'"-'i'
order of the mystic shrine, ch0ci8e a con?ty ?hairnaan
o Mr "washington, d. cM may 22-24. iuinjf eampaiga.
* n , r .1 i ^ Joel E Bruason
?6ton, Ou account of the above occasion Waddy C Thoa
was the Southern Railway will sell round j. g. Moffattt
lo tn l'c^ets ^rom points on its lines Jaaocs A. Hojrt,
l^Mrs *? Washington, D. C., and return at Jtremiah Santh,
m the tbs ra:e of 0110 first-clas'' fare for the 22* p*
new rouad trip. Dates of sale xMav 20, 21 As Chairman of the
^a? and 22, with final limit May 27. State Exetatira Coanittei
to the P?r?OM8 rcsid'tig at non-coupon sta- of the forgoing;. A.
'* 1 ?? ?! ? -- a 11 llitrrtiftluod f\f ?
Fly a lions uesn in;; iu amu ukuuvm.. ?.
i and these reduced rates and purchase DOES IT PAY TO BUY
a? coupon tickets will be required to give A cheap remedy for <
a 0r the agent at their station at least two cold* i? all rigor, bat ro?
from or three days in actrace of the pro- ll,ar wil' relieve *
-r j x . i 11 i . more ?fcveru and dangeron
wife poied trip in order that ke may be thioat and lung troubles.
n baa enabled to obtain through ticket*, etc. you do? Go to a wjirnn
rou?" ^or detailed information call on or ragalar tliinate? Yes, if
lady, address anv agent of ths Southern DOt P?"8ib;e for y?n> ,llt
?7y ^ I case take the only rem*
DKmg fl,4Uffaj,ur ii?i;vji.:?uiuii?. i d8eu lntroaucju in an un
W1?e,5 ? - ? tries with succeis in seven
e? *, If troubled with rheumatism, jive Inns troubles, "Boscfccn
o?tb Chamberlain'* Pain Balm atrial. It Sirup" It net only heal*
d as not c0!lt you a cent ** dof? no ]ate? the tissues lo <i?*tr
varda ff00^- One application will relieve the duease, but allays inflaiuBia
varas pg-0> it also core* sprains and bruises easy expectoration, gir
1 . ? in one-third the time required by ar.y night's rest, aud cures i
other treatment. Cuts, bums, frost- Try oxe bottle. Recommi
, bites, quinsey, pains in the side and years by all dru??iets ii
Li. L_ chest, glandular and other swelliaM For >ale by Meilaster Co.
are qaic^'y cared by applying it.
5imes ^rery bottle warranted. Pri?e, 25
jfeto au(* ?t3' ^or gal# by iJc^alter ^?* J J j j
itilled m1ipson dots.
ralca- ? _ . 7
and Most of th? farmers of this ^ettioa ^V"g ire Sole l^CIltS 1
:ed to arc through planting, and a few began ^oro ?Qr Heinz's
)?lIT chopping cotton thU vr.et. Wh d j
1Din<, Grain is looking fine lliroogbont j* f * H ?
in too this section, alilnngh it is iuff?ring for a^iC *or *~*einz ??
redit, rain now. 3Te the bCSi
iittber Gardens are not as good as ther tt , n*ii
new . . .. .. 0 , Heinzs Dill ric
t . should be. with the exceptioa of a r
inaeu - f
Mr few- line.
a still Wehivehad beautiful weather for Heinz S Sweet [a.
lubiic ?a?t tv7? vrtc^3? ^at ra08': mixed.
fact far,,:er9 ^onid be glad td see rain. Heinz's Cucumber
amiiy ^ss Mabel Clark, wlio ha* been Heiaz's India Rad
ry so teaching the Pine Grove icbool, i-? Heinz's C^lerv Sai
, who visiting in this community. TT . , \ r
efor- rphA c;micrt)1 ,#WI u.? ,rted/1 Heinzs Tomato C
t rhc bimp'ou school has closed. . ,
'hted Mar>' Cathcart, of Win?sboro, Heinz s Preserves
" ' ...... . T-T^inv'c 4nnlp Ri:
kaenti- has been ike teacner tins session. .~rr._ ?
par- There was praacbinj at the Piesby- Jams.
place teiian Cl,nrch ]SiU Swnday afternoon Heinz's Mince Me;
many bV Kjt. J. G. Uerndon, of Ridgewav. ancj glass
rtf, May 12, 1800. T. This is'the Se.SOU
3 ,de- A Sight of Terrer. ?^ted fruitS. We fa
Stall. "Awfnl auxiety waj felt for the Prunes, Apples,
widow . !' hraveGeneral Burnhnm, and Apricots,
of Macbias, Me., when the doctors
said she could not live till morning," ti H IT TT 1
writes Mrs. S. H. Lincoln, who attend- I! ft/1 llAnA
>trup ed ner that fearful night. "All thought p jyj Ifnlll
rs Dy sne mn >i soon uie j.ruuu luruiuum*. lis riiiiiii
.ldren but she begged for Dr. King's New ?*' * *?* iiUMU
cces3. Discovery, saying it had more than
rams, once saved ber life, and bad cured her roo^r-? tav
, and of Consumption. After three small PRliSTON RXOrN
a. It do3es she slept easily all Bight, and ita Di-'frii- mi- liieimm'
fierer further use completely cured her." iAu'rlu rlal> IflauriAiioL
>ts in This marvelons medicine is guaranteed gp YOSK
y-five to cure ail Throa*, Chest and Lung
k for Diseases. O.ilv 50c. and $1.00. Trial 5? I en? * .a.e?>f Ujc
rup," botiUi 11ee at McMaster Co.'a drug sge.
1-17 store. 9.26 ly
?? ??Ill III ITIIIIBI ? II I IIIIIIII ? II ! I? I ! ?> ? ? i? I? BIB II ?Ml
for solicitor-sixth circuit. 18 II liy
I hereby cir.uu;;r<* myself as a candi- , J[^J 1 if .
'&i&y date for Solicitor of the Sixth Judicial
i Circuit, subject to the result of the Demo- -
&&'> crattc Prima]7- THOS. F. McDOW.
1 JPUJK.oii.biu.fr
I hereby announce myself a candi- 0Ooli 0
v-4LJjN date for the office of Sheriff for FairCounty,
and will abide by the
^.v..va-- action of the Democratic primaries.
T>ccn. JAS. W. BOLICK.
c of Pledging myself to abide the result of
the ensuing primary election, I announce
* myself a candidate for nomination to the
sujey. office of Sheriff of Fairfield County. The \\ 7 E can plC<
tt:3? cordial support of ray fellow-citizens is re- l/V
r% spectfully solicited. * ? otripes,
" GEO. w. CRAWFORD. 0f colorings. F
til of I hereby announce myseit a candidate White
uent. for Sheriff of Fairfield County, subject to "micuuw
the action of the Democratic primaries dies from to :
l J' 'CLARK Effects for waisl
% I hereby" announce myself a candidate i .
or Sheriff, subject to the action of the nave ever SnOvvr
pal-e a?amr eluott. '^.year We <
" 1C , Plaids: also bea
rcotic I hereby announce myself a candidate . , , ,
r for the office of Sheriff of Fairfield C oun- waists and trimr
011 ; ty, subject to the action of th9 Democratic
Wind primaries. B. G. TENNAXT. 71
- o,/V
cttiuii 1 uereDy announce myseir ior oiwrm ui r
3 the Fairfield County, and will abide the result
W?? of the Democratic primaries. vY e are CO!
p* d. e. Mcdowell ?/n? .
can please you
I hereby aunounce myself acaudidate * r ,
for re-election to the office of Sheriff of prices. . 1 he be?
lAVg Fairfield County, subject to the action of
the Democratic primaryVL
I hereby announce myself a candidate ,T.
Bs f for Sheriff of Fairfield County, subject to We are Stll
th? Democratic primary election. Qi,rt.c ii,,
hose h. mobley. ot anoes m the
j_I_ j r_i;
? I hereby announce myself a candidate ?3a,na<iJ5 ?tuu i ii:
for Sheriff of Fairfield County, subject to arifl fon Vrni (
to the rules and regulations of the JDeir.ocratic
primary. Sell VOU.
II rfflf john e. stetessqs. Ve are an>
Uglll for clerk. efforts to please
I hereby announce myself as a candidate
for Clerk of Court, subject to the
action of the Democratic primaries. TTII A I
j/o. r. craig. I n A In
i hereby announce myself a candidate I ilU Vul
for the office of Clerk of Court for Fairfield
County, subject to the action of the
Democratic primaries. <-r * -r * w
riNG. R. y. BRAY. lll/M
rttincr nfthfl - hereby announce mvself as a candidate
* for Clerk of Court for Fairfield County,
of Fairfield subject to the action of the Democratic mm
art house, at primary. JAS. A. BRICE.
May 19th, I hereby announce myself a candidate SF1
A laroe at- for the office of Clerk of Court for Fair- ?-L'J
". , field County, subject to the action of the for 1116!
is soJicuea. Democratic primaries.
LJttJU ? ~ . .
?, I hereby announce mj-self a candidate ct?t
for the office of Clerk of Court, subject to oHl
' the action of the Democratic primary.
lio-ee I
u, I hereby announce myself a candidate o
j for the office of County Supervisor for
' Fairfield County, subject to the action of
, the Democratic primaries. QT7T
3an, A. D. HOOD. or-J
i*m me oo* i nereDy announce myseii a canuiuaie
for the office of Supervisor of Fairfield Q"pl
County, subject to the action of the Dem- " oHJ
fer?cca will ocratic primaries. N>rlri
mbi*, S. C., EOBT. T. CLOWNEY
^0$, 1 hereby announce myself a candidate
iiuenng the fcr the office of Supervisor of Fairfield ct?i
ndidat?? for County, subject to the action of the Dem- bill
Governor to ocratic primaries. J. B. BURLEY. Childr
._ts South Friends of T. L. Joiinston* recognizing
ic primary, his fitness for the position hereby nomis
?ri??iples nate him for County Supervisor, subject
bitionists in to the Democratic primaries. _ SE1
ol, through I hereby announce myself a candidate
fci?n. of I he fnrCountv Supervisor. subiect totheac
iaparcments tion of the Democratic primaries.
>r the ?iact- JOHN A. STEWART. SE3
)f measures I hereby announce myself a caadidite - PhiMr
? with the for the office of County Supervisor of Fairpeople
and field, subject to the rules and regulations
0.t ot .h. <>< De?tiC ffi'OBERTcON. SEJ
inia* a foil I hereby announce myself a candidate HT,nf _
he Prebibi- ^or. tlie offlCe of County Supervisor of want a
- ~ Fairfield, subjecr. to the Democratic pri
e ma lie r i a mary > JAS H aLKEX
them to aecounties,
at / " \ T~"\
y, 12tb d*y COUNTY AUDITOR. / \ | )
e represen- j hereby announce myself a candidate
> attend the for County Auditor, subject to the action ????
23 j of May, of the Democratic primaries. r-fi
>ns, and to KOBT. R. JEFF ARES. ,
tor the en I hereby announce myself a candidate P
for re-e'ection to the office of County Au- |jj9Cf\
. Chiiraau. ditor, subject to the action of the Demo- yiA. }
lt0U) cratic primary. J. L. RICHMOND. ^Pl*/
I hereby announce myself a candidate
for Auditor for Fairfield County, subject
to the rules governing the Democratic pri
mary. w.
?miti#<}. -? The Easy
Prohibition FOK CORONER. ,,
r TnnJf?e I hereby announce myself a candidate UATTQI?
for tbe office of Coroner for Fairfield XlUUOfi
Coaiity, and pledge myself to abide tbe
nqcipu result of the Democra ic primary. / ? '
=oa;h< anj VUMII 111
a'cVr-Th. SUPP. OF EDUCATION. uU H Illy .
s result# of I hereby announce myself a ica .didate
\Vb*t ?ha!l f?r re-election to the office of County
,r ami .nf.ra Superintendent of Education, subject to
the action of the Democratic primary. g.;53
possible; if D. L STEVENSON. JjH
!U in eiiber JQJ
dy that hai REPRESENTATIVES. ^
i'?^ rL^0QU^" 1 herebv announce rryse f a candidate --- -L'- - '
- ' , !i' tTAiisf. nf Rt>! rsspntatives from .Lliy,i3?!C^^ltrrTTr^'l'!
' German Fairfield County,"subjoct to^"heDeinoca- !| j|||
>) the j;6r JOHN G. WOLLIjSG. Ij| ffjij Qjg?.
kti '?, onuses I announce myself a cwdidate for the ?*
e- k wood House of Ilepre^ nt iives, subj ct to the rit^ |
Lfce paiicnt, action of the Democrat ic primary.. ^Z.
iuiieJ many E- li RAG'-DALE.
i the *vorl?l. The friends of John G. v cbley nomi,
druggiits. nate hiin for re-election to the ILouse of
_____ Representatives, subject t * the action of ^
the Democratic primary.
A7 Blythewood Democratic Club nominates
fj W. J. Johnson for the House < f Represen*
tatives, subject to the primary election.
\V. J. HAGOOD, Secretary. The most IYK
n Winns- Machine of the
Li VV1UU3 crViTOP . ,, , , ,
roods. i au rne ia
a.?i * G. W. Ragsdale is announced for the TT
. lCKieS, Senate, subject to the Democratic primary. ITientS. UneCJUl
they bility, Range
county treasurer. Simplicity.
I hereby an: ounce myself for re election Dpnlpr<; \van U
kles aer to the office cf County Treasurer of Fair- .
field County, and will abide the result cf Died territory,
the Democratic primaries. j
nd Sour hugiis wylie. dence solicited.
?in bulk. Farmers, H. DER.
ish. General
nee. *** Attention!
,'atSUp. ?
in bulk. NOW IS THE TIViB TO BUY 12-28-iy
itter and Plantation .? ?
it in bulk Supplies, ij|L^P^pa^ ^
for evap- oim stock of heavy gro ipsa ljv i
,i r eeries is new complete. * ^
ave tnem ;ye cateP gpeciallv for tl,e farmers'
Peaches trade. We know whit they : eed, and II I/O II |3l IIQ
are prepared topei ve ill tn an-1 al hot- l^j[wIJvl#W
tona prices. n. , .
B We also casrv n nline of shelf LrlQCSTS WtIS
rtin 1*f ?ooj8? It artificially digest
llll1 I vurtv n v Nature in strength
||, I II v I structing the exhaui
lilUHLi OR\ GOO!)?5, gans. Itisthelatest
\otiox< ant and tonic. No
1 * can approach it ill
f Ao>nt cve-vthing uauallv found in a Btantly relieves and]
i, /igcni sen(tfA, ktor6m Dyspepsia, Indiges"
liOMHIf? delivered to onrrh inJe !^M^ence> ^
b * come a-.<i >e, as. " Sick Headache,GastJ
all other results ot in
?- p? W. R. RABB & CO small lto.^ookall about
Prapored by E. C. DeU
for it by Buying Light
Weight Goods. JjB
f T ?iwns. Organdies, Dimity -'-/J
*.3t y vu an , _ T r
Batiste, Zephyr Ginghams, in great variety /M
'rices from 5c to 25c the yard. fl
is of every description, Lawns and Organ- *, fl
jcc the yard, Fine Lace Stripe and Corded 1
:s. We have the prettiest line of Pique we J
t in great variety ot patterns; prices as low as J
:an please you in Fancy Dress Goods and
utiful line Blaek Goods and Fine Silks for
nings. -jlpM
istantly receiving additions to this stock, and j
in style and quality of the goods, and in low j
>t that the money can buy is what we offer. I
1 showing the largest and most complete stock 1
i county. New styles in Ladies' Oxfords, jJ
-t. ^,,4. ci?na?. confc' Shoes in black TJtS
gli-V'UL vJUUCO, vjvum
:annot get better value in shoes than we will . i/A
;ious for your patronage and will use our best J
you in goods and prices. 3? j
dwell Dry Goods Company, I
^ J '.X. j
E my line of Serge Coats and Vests
n and youths. m I
' " i -n 1 n
1 my line ot Men s ana Doys rams*
2 my line of Men's and Boys1 Neg- ^
i my line of Silk and Duck Vests. ?]
* I
I my line of Ladies' and Gents'
i my line of Ladies', Misses' and ^s4
en's Slippers. JjBB
i my line of Fans. .-*
i* - - J:
i my line 01 j-fduic:>, iyxis^co
en's Gauze Undervests.
? my Big Summer Stock when you ?i
.nything in that line.
Tj M, lOFFETT'S ?illajs l.iftatioa, AMs Dlptfio, 'M
tTTHIW/a 11
Im 1 ll H Is pi Makes Teething Easy.
(Teething Powders) & TEETHINA Relievesthe BoweJ^H
n ' . -- , .? Troubles of Chfldrca of
Costs only 25 cents at Druggists, any ace. m
Or mail 25 cents to C. j. MOFFETT, M. D., ST. LOUIt. IA
I Quickly from Store
w- denl in We have * lull l>ue of
b? avy and f>:u?y G oeerie*, new and ,
ftesh, alwa> s on hand. Fr?*?U JroKirC4W;??
Cured rt?w"i* and Pork au-ave evrrr
)dein b ewmo Vl.efc. Rrt-afctMt Bacon, Cbe?*?e and
i age, em braC Vacaruni, >csar, TVas and Coff?t?.
.test improve ? ''ice *i,,e "/ ; fll
kinds >. ? O lenti" and P..rro R'?.?
lied IOr Uura MolasM*; ?l?? faicr Table S>iuj?? in \ ~
of Work and Xy * *" l cl ?-v-i\tLiu&: k i a j,-',
' u t i?c ri^AftPv :
i JL' 1 iiV i ? 4.AK70 \i liV/vBlt I CI VUA. ^
We ba\c ju?t enlarged oar
id in UI10CCU- room and are prepared *? do m?*r?
fnrrp?nnn- bn?infM Wi l b? tfiad to kave you
L,orrespon e&]1 and nt a lrU1#
Address, J D McCARLEY & CO.
Virginia. noisi
tM JfeH Tablets
ia Cure -cures,
it you cat.
s the food and aids |
ening and recon- j
ited digestive or-i ?. ,
discovered digest- ; 1 r,C|g0StiOn 2
other preparation !
efficiency. It in |
permanently cores
tion, Heartburn, ;
Jtomach, Nausea, _ _ ,
algia,Cramp? and arlu
iperfect digestion, j
size contain* 3=4 ttae* j
; dyspepsia mailed ires '
riTTACO..ChiC?a?. '
;Witmsbero,*, c. dyspepsia.

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