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v. . - - ,0?-T"v'
" : \
_ LOCAL"1!
?' 1 J? tut ct . 1QAA
vt eanes?hj| xv, ? &osax..matters.
?>?ead citation elsewhere.
See QCtiee ?f electioa of icbool tra?-.
?Bead Mr. Jai. H. Aikei's card for
Coamty Supervisor.
?Bead Mr. Mose H. Mohley's anHOGcemeat
for Sheriff.
w a- ?y.r. John B. Stevenson announces
^ himself this morning lor ShtriC
? Do not fail to read the advertisement
of Tmthdta in this paper. *
?If vo* want stylish and up-to
date millinery, go to Mrs. J. D. McCarley's.?adv.
''After saffering from piles for fifteen
years I was cared by msiig two
boxes of DeWitt's Witch Hizel
Salve," writes W. J. Baxter, North
Breot, N. C. It heals everything.
Beware of counterfeits. McMasterCo.
?Mr. W.J. Johnson, of Eidgeway,
is aanonaced for re-eltetie* to the
Hoase of Representatives.
?Professor Sloaa, as has been an"*
* 1 *A mvA
souBcea oeiore, n*s ?uui?i?u ? 6>>?
s lecture here and the dale if ill be aanounced
?The pipits of Mt. Zion Institute
hart been deep in examination* all
week. All grade* hart beea hard at
werk ana the week has bees a basy
"DeWitt'* Little Early Risers are
the inest pills I ever nied."?D. J.
Moore, Millbroek, Ala. Tjtey quickly
care all liter and bowel tronble*. Mcv
Muter Co
?The friend* 01 mx. ry. a. i**rr*?u?
will regret to hear that there ii do in*
provemeat is bit condition. He it
critically ill aad so hopo ii eatertaiaed
of his recovery.
Tia easiest aad most effective method
of parify iag the blood and invigorating
the system is to take Do Witt's Little
Early Risers, the famons little pills
for cleansing the liver and bowels.
McMaiter Co.
?Toar attention is called to Mrs.
_ Wiathrop Williams' advertisement
which appears in these celnmns this
? moraine. Pawley's Iil&ni is a charm*
iag summer resort tad a rerr popular
?Mr. W. B. Dety has a laid of
wheat plaatsd scar his hoae which is
the admirati?* of all pawersby. It Is
a beautiful sight and from all appearances
bow the y ield will be treaaeadoBs.
"I had 8toma?h trouble twenty years
and gare np hopes of beiBg cared till
I began to use Kodol Dyspeptia Care.
It has done me se much good I eall it
- ' ?- ? w r>
> tM8 t&TlOr Or DBT 1118," wrue? jt. a*.
Wilkinson, Albany, Tents. It digest!
what yen eat. MeM&ster Co.
?Wires are being ran by the Western
Uaion Telegraph Company to the
Fleaa1**? bill where the University
of Y' isia station is located, and aa
ir ument will lie plated there for
parposeof reportiug the eclipse
?The graphophone coacsrt given by
Mr. Atwoog at the coart house Thars5
i?1.4. anUroJ mil Jl
aay n?? muou -? fairly
jeed audience was present. The
concert was a repetiiion ef the one
given by Mr. Atwood on his first visit
here, with the exception of a few new
J. C. Kennedy, Roaneke, Tenn.,
Ays, "I cannot say too mnch for DeTfitt's
Witch Hazsl Salve. One box
> of it eared what the doctors called an
inemrabie nicer on my jaw." Cares
?ii?? and all ?kia diseases. Look ont
> ^ for worthleu imitations. McMaster
ft* ?Tkc following is taken from the
wL Lancaster Review. The firm mtnh|
tioaei msreal fro* Winnsboro aboat
a year ago: "Parter Broi., the well
gk known mercantile firm of this place,
Ik fcas fose into bankrnptey. A meet^HL
lag of tke creditors will be held next
HHHa. Monday."
P . the list of census eeuaerators
for the city of Columbia, published
iu Friday'* State, appears the
same ot Mrs Lacy Rion Edwards.
She has been assigned to ward S. The
paper states that the applicants were
Uqaeited to stand preliminary tests
Before they were appointed.
W. 5. Mus?er, Millheim, Pi., saved
the life of bis little girl by giving ber
One Minute Cough Cure when she was
dying from croup. It is the only harmless
remedy that gives immediate resuits.
It quiekly cures coagbs, eolJs,
bronchitis, grippe, asthma and all
throat and lusg troubles. McMaster
?Professor Witherow ?rate an exhibitiou
ot bit ?un pictures at Ml. Zion
Ion Saturday morning. >lauy of the
pictnret were those which Professer
Witherow has shown before, bat some
were gireu hisa by Professoi Stone,
the astroaoaer who it now her*. The
pictures were all naoat interesting and
Itch ou human eared in SO Bisntes
by W^olford'e Sanitary Lotion. Ttis
never fsil?. Sold by W. ?. Aiken,
droffffiaf. Wiansboro. 5. C.
?Two fiae specimens of early cabbag*
wore brought to this ollce on
Friday by Butler W. Kance, principal
ef tke colored graded school. These
* ' art the fir*t that we hare heard of
fro? any of the gardens tkia spring
and they are probably the flrst tk*t
hare bees raised here.
?To* Lancaster Ledger slates that
Mx. J, F. Clybarn, recent'y with Porter
Bros, in that towa, h is accepted a
nnaition witu J. L. \lia.u*uffh In Co
? lombift. Mr. CI?burn wai with Porttr
Bros, while that firm wa* in Wiunsboro,
and bjovo* to L<u*ctKter when
the store w*s moved thare.
| ?Mr. XV. II. Fl?*uikeu hau ja?t
|l bottjfLt $iQO,OC0 worth of tottoy.
Thi? cot tan wc? bought in Union.
Thi? **i!l ua*kt ov?r 12,000 bale*
bonght br him for Altxandtr Spraat
& Co. It M? tik?h work tnd aerjr,
baf kit. ?;ennik?)i felS p'eatr of I
"move'' aboil h:m ti d it takes & hasty
- ler to beat kim to the c >tto*.
?A. tbick cloud of .*nv ke bung oyer
the town *arly o* Sunday evani^g ar:d
a strong < d -r ol burning pine straw
was noticed, atd every oi.e was ii.r
qiiriug as to *.he cause. Upon invesi
tigatiou it wa< found that the woods
t> the southeast of town were on H;e,
^ xsd it was frosi there that the unoke
came As the smoke cleared away in
K an hour or so the fire eou^d not have
very soon extingeished.
?The fruit crop this year proasiies
lo be very large aud the indications
p m"" ^-?7 L?? . JU, ,?, M ? M, r J- g?g??
Millinery! Millinery!
jBE&B+ffSk ~ S9 Are yon willing to be conviocec
M %k? H * < we can stll yon choice up-to-date
vr^o /
linery goods at the lowest prices
m May s? ? voa are. kindly call on as before
UH#J?Cf chasIpg- J. O.Bo
" We hare three children. Before the MI8S bst;hek b- davis.
The following from the Greer
ties Of MGTHER'S F?u?ND. If you had the XT ... , ? . . .
pictures of our children, you could see at News Wl11 be of 1Dtere8t t0 mai
a glance that the List one our readera. Miss Bsther B.I
is healthiest, pret*.:c:-t and was the youngest daughter of tb<
flnesMooldngroftherp all. Col. J. B. Davis, of Killians :
My vile tfrlnks Mother's The members of Christ Church c
Friend Is the greatert fdfr/jBBbr-Q i? honor of their friend and assoc
and grandest /"7\ ft Miss Esther B. Davia, whose <
l ? J ?'? nf 1 CQfi
rcmeay in uic -jiiiij1ni uwuub# io iuc iuuiuci ui
World for expect- 11j placed a beautiful marble urn &
ant mothers."? WJa grave with the following inscripl
Written fcy a Ken- pT "In lovioz memory of Miss Esthe
tackyAttorney-at v^- Davis, Christ Church choir, 1!
-La^. Miss Davis was a member of the <
gagy 1 \ipffi5ggf atthe time of her death.
I lULil U *** Bean tie y?Tli8 Kind Yoa Harc Always 1
f fit
rail sss 2$
/ birth. Tlie coniinf mother's The Road From Winasboro to Can
disposition and temper remain unruffled ?.
throughout the ordeal, because this relax- Monday'* Columbia Ricord
lag:, penetrating1 liniment relieves the tained the iollowiBjr item which
asual distress. A good-nalured mothef bo of interest to thoie who are ho
tenrvttTtnreto have a rood-natnredChili frtr th? haw rsilrn^:
The patient 1i kept in a strong health* "Vs was "stated~~in the Record i
chil?Jfali0 days a?o the people of Winnsbor
Mother'* Friend takes a wlfa through the u?de& ,0 appiy for a charter f
crisis quickly and almost painlessly. I! railro&d from that town to Cam
assists in her rapid recovery, and wardl it was snpposed that the prop
off the dangers that so often follow de- railroad v. <.uld connect with the
livery, board Air Line and this is prot)
Sold by druggists for $1 a bottle. true.
ATLANTA OA J. E. McDonald, \V. R. Elliott,
c . , , ' ' " . , pointed corporators of the Winns
Send for <yir free illustrated book writtca t j T, .,
expressly lot expectant mothers. aiJd Camden Railway company
I htiild a railroad from Winnsbor
, ? - the most practical route, received
are that frmt of all kinds will be cles of eorporation. Tlieeapitals
more abundant than for years. No is placed at $200,000.
late frost occurred to injare the fruit The road when completed will
and up to thie time everything has ?8a^?a4rd 4,ir ,Line brancb- 11
btt. firorable: It i, rid tba! the be llurtlr
bl&ekberry crop will be immense un- a Monster Devil Fish
lets a protraeted iroeght cuts it short. Destroying its victim, is a ty]
"After Buffering from severe dyspep- Constipation. The power of
lit over twelve rears and using many I ^orderoas malady is felt on or
J -J rtn/1 W
remedies without permanent good I "erve3, ?uu ttU" "
finally took Kodol Dyspepsia Care. It JkQre s n^._wealth till its ov8re<
did me ?o much good I recommend it ^r* ^1D? s. ^ew Life !
to everyone," writes J. E. "Watkius, safe and certain cure. Best in
Cl8rk and Recorder, Chillieotbe, Mo. wor^ *or Stomach, Liver, Kid
It digest! what you eat. McMasterCo. Bowels. Only 2o cents a-We
aoaeritind that Profe?sor Ma"er Co.'s drpg store.
Stone will request the Southern Kail- memorial da\, 19oo.
way Company that no trains will be 7~ , zr ,
. Written for The A/ew and Her ale
allowed to pass through town during
? a. Come gather the flowers, bright:
tae ecupse, as me viuranuu* ui iuc erg
tarth caasdd by the moving trains Fresh bads aud the blosaoms o11
will interfere with his delicate instru- To garland with beaaty the couch
menti. We ftel lore that tho com- Where sleer oar brave soldie
manity will back the professor ia this ?ray*
request and that the Sotthern Rail- They fought for us many lurd bat
way Company will appreciate the im- And suffered and bled in the^fra
portance of granting the request. They died^for^ths rights, which
?The summer schools that have Our solders who then wore the <
anph o *nr?.r>.pja in thft State ,
.7.T" j'o Willie some sieep at ooaie iu
will be held thu snmmer, and Saper- acre ?
iatendeat McMahan has made oat a There are graves 'mid strai
list of the counties with the dates and away;
the teachers who are to b# in charge. e t^iak of each gallant soldi
. . ... . , ... , Who marched in the ranks ol
The State has published this list and o-ray.
the date selected for the Fairfield sam- _
mer school is August 6th to September |oviD? hands scatter the flow
s . w ^ ? r> ~ . , - Thoir spirits are with us to-day,
1st. Mr. C. A. Greaser, teacher in ^n(j we>jj neverj Heyer forget thei
the Charleston High School, will be These heroes how wrapped ii
ia charge. The school will be held in gray.
Winmsboro. as usual. r^h.
J. Q. H?od, Jistice of the Peace, . , - . ,
Cro.by, Mi?.. make. the following . A cc0gh u not a disease bat a sj
statement? "I can certify that One t0??\ Consnmption and broncl
Miaata Cough Core will do all that U which are the most djogerons
claimed for it. My wife conld not get fa'al d'?asee, baye tot their flr t:
her breath and the fret dose of it re- cation a persistent cough, and if I
Sieved her. It ha. also benefited my erly treated as soon as this cous
whole family." It acts immediately R .% easily cured. Chamber!
and cares eoighs, cold.,cronp,grippe, J"6ed ite widerei
aronckitu. xitkma aid all throat sod successiui, ana ^ai&ea its wiae rei
AV^ondi i/fl CO IA hU ITS fltlf
lang troHblis. MeMaiter Co.
_, , in curing the diBea?es which c
-The adrent of summer waken coaghing. If it it not benefici
housekeepers realizt the seeenity of will not cost you a cent. For ?a
having froze* dese?rts, and to naake McMaster Co., druggists.
then it is Btcessart to hare a good ?ohing*ax*b?oing.
iee cream freezer. None is hatter
than the improved White Mountain Mrs. Gregg is visiting Mra. G
Freezer, and hy *si?g it yon ?aa in the McMaster.
shortest time make the hest kind of Ketchin has rctu
ice cream. It it used by huadredt of ^r01^ Oxford, Pa.
the best hoistkeepers and all agrte as Miss Lila Thorn i? expscted h
to its geod points. See J. W. Seig- from New York this week
this Hflornia?" fori Mrs. E. A, Bacot is vjiting
pfjtei> " daughter, Mrs. Stoll, in Greenville
Miss Florenee Newman, who ha? Miss McKeown.of Btoorfsville,
been a great sufferer from muscular is visiting her sister, Mrs. J. J. Oe
rheumatism, says Chamberlain's Pain Miss Bessie Lee, of Sumter, s
Balm is the only remedy that affords Satardav hcre 00 h(r way to Che
her relief. Miss Newman is a much _ - ?
respected resident of the village of ^r* McMastcr, of Geo
Gray, N. Y., and makes this statement spent Sundiy with Mr. J. F. Me
for the benefit of others similarly ter.
affl-ctfd. This liniment i? for sale by M wi|u K lm, ,ela,..?
Mciias'er Co., drujjnst*. ^ ,
- - ^ ^ . Greeuwooa after vuitiugf rela1
?It ia pro&aDie mat ur. imi, presi- ^er
dent of the Presbvteiian College for ' , ,T
1IT ? % as i Mrs. Oliver B ackmore, of Lai
Women w Columbia, will corns to , . ..... ?
, ' , ... ter, ia on a visit to her niter,
Winusboro for the eclicao and will _ ,T ,
,1U .. , t * .,. . Jiio. M. Harden.
bnag with him about 24 of his col* ^ . .. .
. , r, r t> , , Mrs. Reche and daughter, oi
lege girls. Profcwor Breszaale of . ... . ,
? ... , , lumbia, are Tinting air. and
Wiuthrop will also come here and ... ? '
4 , , .. W. R. Cxarnson.
will bring his astronomy class, whether ,, ? , , .
. * ttt* 11_ , . . Mrs. T. C. Robertson retarne
the r?3t of the Wiathrop students _ , ,. , _
r . Colombia ou Monday after a i
come or not. He proposes to come . .. .
r . r .. . , visit in mtinsboro.
down on baturday with his class ana ,,
. . Miss Emtcehne Craig1 ha? relu
r?main until the eclipse is over. An . . , t>. i. ? i *
_ , . v r to her home in Blackcfoek after a
effort is b?mg made to secure accomo- , . . , .
dations at private hseaes for the 10 rrien^81,1
yonvg ladies and the people will have Mrs. J. E McDonald anci Mrs
an opportunity of showing hospitality, li. Elliott left last week for ]
for which oar town ie well knewa. Hill t0 vi8it Mrs# Fletcher Itnff
Ji. - .o . .. *0^. '
? IF S S.(BM|V 0ABH nOAPiJI518m^"^ **'
5 % / 'B i 'VIU04S-VO
j ? T k? South Carolina Coll#gt aluc
f: need not lose flesh in summer $ ar? ?etniug to u inniboro on tho
J if you use the proper means ? | President Wood*?id, who has
S to prevent it You think % u.e maiici- ior sumi
% von can't take SCOTT'S g h" *ri,te" * .f,e"l"ma" iu 1
? csiiii ciaki ix ii % that th? ollcge will be given a
? EMULSION in Hot weather, 3 ity en 2S ? ,?d lhM profa
* but you can take it and di- . students win come to Whim
v gest it as well in summer as $ for the cclips-e.
? in winter. It is not like the ^ President Johi^ou, of Wi.u
<: plain cod-liver oil, which is ^ College, wiitog thit he will briu
5 difficult to take at any time. * ladus of Wn.trop Coiiej
* - n i > Wii:nsboroif th? railroad make
j If you are losm? nesn, &. ' / . c
? j . . j j lsfactorr ar s.ir> n's. So
j you are losing ground and ? proUbi, lual oor t0WB wiiib9
? you need J t0 overflowing wi.h collcge atud<
*' ?* Ail g=? I $ The railroads will no doubt -r'.x
9 \fM!lT C ^mil Cinn f d?c?d rates r.nd will ran specV -r
? ObU5l 0 LlnUieSUIl * blU it would b*a grood !
* and must have it to k: >.p up ? citiMDJ wou,d 058 llieir i""" "
? vour fiish and strengLX If * p""30" lktl"il?aJ ?f h "
*- - - - . -- . -5 i excnr&ioa? here, as other echo >
| you have been taKing it and ? nCar would pr.k?b!j ?u
J prospering on it, don t fail to ^ they could get l'cdaced rates.
continue until ycu are thor- $ fbp ~u..ici Cadets, whoatoie
$ ougKly strong and well. i xptt.oa u> come to Winnsbor
? vx. and $:.oo, aii druggists. 2 the eclipse have changed their p
j: s;:ott v'< dowxe, chc.t.:st$, xew York. ^ and will go to Waynesville, "S". C
. v.fc* $* . x.?>:'-L.s*."j.& .':j.^.'vv>.'Vrfc stead. We ivgret very much
they are going to pasi us by, but to which the "momtai
i that thoie who are going to be our guests down to the ralley,
mil- en that occasion we extend a hearty which those who did
? If welcome and hope between now and mountains can not g
pur- the 28th to h#ar of m.jotker.wh.
a?. hare decided to co?e to Wi?a?boro. thin*!"
rr T.' A~ six o'cloek w? le
B.u.tta.Lt amid the farewell g
Distressing Kidney and Bladder JJis- mountaineers, who b:
iville ease relieved in sir hours fcy ''New n0^ ^ave naaay
it of Great South American Kidney Cure, eignera" and whose la
It is a great surprise on account of its "Comebackl''
Javis QXCeeding promptness in relieving pain On the way horn? tl
5 late ia bladder, kidneys and back, in male themselves generally.
or female. Relieves reteotioa of water ^aT0 stopped at an his
jj0jr almost immediately. _ If yoa want fcn0WB a8 "Bnfialo M
ijite' quick relief and cnre this is the remedy, traiu ran slowly and ?
ieath sold by W. E Aiken, dmggist, Winns- We had several limes t
have b?r0? S. C. othar cars to pass, the;
f hpr *** 7" to stop here. When w
i0n. coast Patr?i Boat. Friday night between
The patrol boat, W. D. Bratto., i
i>v>mr will begin its service next week, ihis s]nnaber". for aa we r
vessel is now at the ways, and has f?r the last tiffie, to <
b;en there for a month having repairs the day by lond an<]
bsmw and changes made so that the beat ean *^ey stood on the u
Dgu&}u 111 ? , teasnglv bhoutiagr in n
take a long siege ot work. _ , _3 : _ , ? ? .
The vesiel belongs to the Mariue^ Mjghty*,orry to*see yo
Hospital service and war formerly - ^ ?
adcn. r J Ut course we aid n<
known as tue Napita, but the name meant it then, and no?
con- was changed to conform to the rule of did not, else why woi
will tbe marine service and b?irs the name 80 ?arly this morning j
ping of an eminent attache of the depart- a]0p?thVuewf"?a<! ***'
meut. May 12,1900.
iome The boat will patrol this #ection of - ?
m^T,l Sf?.t n-r 1
0 in- the Florida coa3t daring the summer
^..a to keep away small boats and fisher- "There i? but one !
|0,ed me..?Jactsonrille TimM-Umoo. wa"te w
Sea- Tbe above mentioned boat was before Mrs. I. B. Hunt,
ably named for Dr. W. I). Brattau, surgeon Wifl., by her doctor 2
,?;>;? iQ the marine service. He was a i??to cure her of a
' ? onn stomaeh trouble and j
on. native of * airfield &uu wa* 4 son 4f n 3; j .
, *P didn't count on
boro the late Gen. John Brattoa. power of Electric f
to - Stomach and Liver tr
?HY OASTORIA. he,ard of il' took sev
":J n?r,tt. y*The Kind You Haw Aiwa* Bought who11? led>avoide?
?9 ?ir\T*r ttrAi/Yn A mAHA n *w4 i
}IVlsU. - UUTI IfUguo muiw anu j
fiigaature f JJf J ?ver. Ii'spotitivelvgm
be a ?f Stomach, Liver and i
will ? and never disappoiats
wijixhroplettisk. McMaster Co.'s drng j
When it wa3 learned that the Char- ?The News and ]
'tMs ^e8tou lr'P mu8t k? g> n oat> there cjived from Mr. Edgar
aaDS was much disappointment on the part a copy of the new pol
rain of those who had set their heart* o* by the cadets of CI<
>me. it. Since Presideat Johnson had taken This interesting little
arfh? a &reat 'roable io arrange for titled Ciemson's Foot'
ngyg the trip and the girls bad not taxen aa- tains a record ot tne ga
Mc- vantage of these arrangements, those first introduced at Cl<
of us who were anxious to go some- An account of each
where began to fear lest it might end been playad is given in
by our hating to eelehrate Winthrop's together with photoj
^ birthday quietly on the college cam- teams, and some fa<
flow pns. But President Johnson is ever each of the players auc
intarested in the pleasure of the girls, The football soDgs an
and he was sot willing that they go given in this pamphlet,
rs jn this year without their usual outiag; is neatly bound in pu
be accordirgly made arraugements the Clemsou colors. Li
tJe8 with the S. C. & G. Railroad and sue- thews, of "Winnsboro
y . ' ceaded in gettiag, satisfactory ratas to chief of the magazine
th?y Kust Jiountain n norm u*ronu*. gtuaems are on me can
Yesterday (May 11) was the day aet 1
fray. f0r the trip; as early aa fire "It is with a good d
. , , , ,, . . . ? and satisfaction that
rod's o'clock the rising bell was mag- Cbaaberlain's Colic,
though many alarm clocks had go?? Diarrhoea RGmtdy."
'oers off even earlier?and promptly at six A W. Sawt#lle, of H
pr we had breakfast. After breakfajt customer, seei
er> , , . , . , exposed for si * on 1
f the thert was a ru?k for the back campus; tQ me. q rea,]y be
for here just *utiide the college gates icine saved my life tl
erJ. a train of four coaches and a baggage while at tbe shore,' j
car was pulled up and wa3 ready to 80 enthusiastic over its
?, start. Ad outsider woald bare smiled Snt
1 tue at the merry-faeed girls as they scram- came into my store so
bled in, all eagerness, asd mirth and colic pains that he eani
fun. Two hundred and forty passen- floor. I gave him a dc
,mp. sen, includi.g tea.ber. and girls, does and in iTen Si
litis, wert seated before the car steamed en. etore smilingly inform
.From six until eleven we rode oh, felt as well as ever.'
inai- a. jj? Master Co.. drn^eists.
rop- UDl11 1118 iraiu uai?e in a iuuucii siup, ?
lap- and "Ball .A! < *" was annouiced, this _ ~
aio'e being > -i ' I)'plate. When we ?The Niws asd Hi
<?!>y got off, ii,:. ?.r, eight .>rl.?mou.- **" h 'h"ks "
>ata- 7 . ' , 6 , the wsddmr of Mi?s T
;ee8g tameers to uicume ns ?u a large iause
wagon with two ?trooff looking mnles 10 *; d0.? , ,
al it stood in wailing to carry the provisions icg wi p a<
ky to the picnic groar.de. One man stood 8 ?na?? ' e j"1 6
near with a pile ol large walking ri* ' " owe ? a
. , Wednesday afternoon.
atiCK-fr, ir:e of whi?h was at o??e , . ,,,
- - - brid^ ih well knows in
gap dv lie ntecp rturgea moun'
taini;, iroutui After climbing a the best wishe. and con
rued reached the picnic friend# are ex
ground v hich wa* -.rell chosen; it was Joan? couple.
lome on a ^cvc! a lar2eaHd beantiftl
mnnniai..- "Rn?t Mountain"?be- ^ ^!noJDay ^
Cold in head and sore th
. neaihw* ? p??:nresque Taller ?Kirted mott'scfaocoiausLaxativec
j by a s, - viiwg aream; abere, the ma- 404888cand7* ChiWr?na
j|t , jtitlcinou. ? .!?od oat io gnndmr Mr( D j Mmn;
v.i a^vn-' :li <iky. , ,
'?bt' wa 4.- j--. , arri?ed here la*t week <
_ Ai test we did net take Ion* to . ,, , y. *
peDt ? ______ to Mr. and Mrs. J. F. 1
dwell on "ma Deauu*s ox nature,-- ior ?n.
STQr, 7 "
a that tant&.izir, the appetite, eaased hs Try Aiion's Foo
to thick of dinner, which wa? s?rved A powder to be shaken
about &u hour after our arrival A Your feet feel swolle
, trav containing bread, silad, pinkies, ^0to'+-?(l.f-e^+tire5 6iff
!J to - , f ' ' ^ ' smarting feet or tight st
tivei crackers and c*ke was served to eacb Foot-Ease. It cools the
ohp. When we had lirat gotten to the walking easy. Cures .<
%nmo grounds a kind heart?d old mountaio ing feet, ingrowing nai
icas- ? . callous spots. Relieve
Mrs. wora,ia wa8 ,Ure Wllb her basket, bunions of all pain an.
She had come there probably thinking comfort. Tryitro-DA
that comibadv oueht to do the hoiors J^SS^ts, apd shoe
. . ' - , r ,, Tnai pacKagejpj^JiJtii.
Mrs. of hostesB-' Sbe aDd * fe* olher S. Olmsted, Le Roy, N
women and ekildrea, with tbe *?n
a {0 who had met us at the train, stood _The northbound m
,hort by and they wire a,so "iven SGmethiH2 ger traia was delayed :
t? eat- on Wednesday, and die
? J: 1.. ?11 ,v,n ?:?1. _
rned Aiwr uiuuci bcmij an mo 5hi? n?. unn. 1Ille 1B lne 4uer
Ti5it to elimb the mountain, a few wect lay was tamed by a wi
lower to the valley, and a Tery few Hardeeville, J*. 0.
w contented themselves with remaining _
n where they wtie. All, nevertheless ~i,e
Sock "wv J ' ' For colds ami sore throat u
enjoyed theinielves and when at fotir lates Laxative Quinine. eas
o'clock tbe "mountain climbers" and QU,dcly cure' rt
[o '-valley explorers" met again on the ?After th? shower
nnSra orrrvnuita if tviiS lf? *>Yf_httllorp PTUerien* w?? ? d^cnlfid
"*4 ccs. Those *ho hail not mm tunned j -weather and by Thu
ap enough energy to climb i?> 'he top tkere had be*n a drop
of the mountain, declared that the grees in ternpsrature.
view from the valley could not fcc ex- . ?
ieuts celled sajing "ihey on'dn't seethe
28:h. 'ua of wasting ail one*,strength ju~t ^ {f*
been for ibe sike of yoiuj up h big raomi- B ^
limp, lain and sa> i*<; l,?xceMur;M the Yor Infants and
town mountain e!imb?rs, on ihe other btn?l, >' Tiie Kind You Nave >
boh- couldii t possibly *ee bow pe p!<?. j??-t ~
s?ori f<?r the sake *f a little eworgv. cui!d Bears the
iboro 1 >se *o many adr*i.t;gei." Winhrop Signature of
siil?, like other p?npl? rfiffVr in op:n
hrop ions and U*tci So uikcIi, then, lo j yjgg Allie Iverr '
u the the wis'o:n of President J hiison #f a delightful phono*
je lo whom tli ? ihst&ace p'eatod both sides imnt at hsr home a fe'R
m sat- in providing ihis picturesque, gre?u wjjj^ was beautifslly
it ji talley, th!? grand, majisiio uiouutain j^e occasion with whit
fillt-d The genti*inan toaolers on the pic- t]18 phonograph cut<r!
rsj?. *ic, Prof-*. Cnuninghara, Stroug and licic*3 Inncheou was
Ahni'v. made thtm??]v?? Darticularlr i ir. r*t* 11qc cnonl thp nsi
u<efui as "mountain guide.," Presi- wTnns'bor/and Ver^rE
r ?nr dent Johnson a.ao kindly acting a? Greenwood ar? glad tc
- 'o guide to one large j arty. Mr. Gresp, bom?.
run our college engineer, was also par
, and tieularly kind to the gi:N, and i. The One Day C<
me if seemed that the niec lemoaa'e which' mxvl Chwiit?hSxaS5c'
he served, would never ^ive out ?a>- con. ow."
time The lady teaeher*, Misses k achat, ~". ...?~
0 for Wolfe, Dallett, and Wiskliffe and ^ p
?lai*s McGarriu gave important assistance
!, in- U" serving of the meals. At 5 o'clock
tbat' we took our supper to the woods, after Cwa^1,'<'
p. party" went still in the bace. v catar
a circumstance ft, llu Editor of ThTxem and HeraU: _ ?ATAR
let o?rf and 'it A r"mor 10 ,,ie Eff?"b",1 "?i JOlUlSl
(# /?!nor fn rnn as a candidal* for Sheriff
m, "iiow some =>- -<= ?
it to see every- has reached me. I want (o say that
there is not a word of trath in (bis, anawr-wn iv >***
ft Ball Alley an(j j au3 at a j0,g {o understand the '
reetiBjfe of the .. , , , , . . A wi?e and Ve;
?d told os they mo"veof lhose Bl>? ma? La'? O"*1' la ?leading hotel, i
risits from for- natod it. Possibly it mar have been ing. Listening to his
st words were, done by some one who is afraid that I dressed men, evidently
... '' . . , . My firm belief, is 44
ie o-irls ??iDved W ?r 80me down eases without exception
\Ve were to 8coan^re' ^bo has beea hired to lie. isms. Here is the germ
itorica] .Id mill I am going 10 run ibis racc it aa aSthft'mS
ill," but as the ho. orabie 3"d mauly way. If lam common and supposed i
arefully and as beaten, I Lull gracefully subaait to it. 441 wish. Doctor," s
;o side track for T , ... ... ? catarrh. I have had it:
re was rot time Pe ie P^lic W5^ Put n0 The Doctor answe:
e reached home faith in Meant hewtka'ei rRmors. fever, and a host of oth
ten end eleven II. E. El i?ou. ana aiiiacKing specially
bad not ?0B8 on ? ***** 13 especxaliy pre
n the "land of is Indiana doubtful? who w not, or has not b
it lut, she obliged to remam a1
iow gave rent, Atlanta Journal of many intellectual tre
)ur pleasure of Atlanta Journal. tarrhal affections. Ini
[joyful shouts, Senator tan banks iecently returned himself and his friends,
jstairs ta'toiv Washington after a visit 10 Indiana "I believe," con tine
eturn,' " ar,t* expiessed bituself as absolutely tarrh is to medicate the
ickMUek' confident of a sweeping Republican which act as blood puri:
victory in his State aex! November. Betsy A- Marett, of
/ The Indianapolis News, the ra Dear Sirs:?For ten
ot bfilieve (hay widely circu!a:ed newspaper iu the catarrh. My face was j
r wt know they g-a:e and oue of ihe mos? influential, bardly walk, I was so <
lid they get ?p doos not share the a?farance ol Sena- bands and feet were au
ast for the p-ur (or Fairbanks inthe morning, my hea
? fln-s ?ianri hit L u .* ... . , awful pains in the smal
vli.j ' The News is uou i.mly an indepen My muscular power wa
j. eiic. d^nl paper, but a.m?>t invariably steps without stopping 1
supported the Republican eandidacs, a pain in my side. Its(
I State sinfl naiional. tors said mv blood had:
9eat It was an arduoiii advocate of Mc- ting-welL 'I tried the b
imall ebanceto Kinley's < lectiou in 1896 and there is My husband got me a T>
t i< tbrough an no indication lhat it inten Ja to sup- another. Whe:
ful prospect set port Brvui ibis year. But the News health. I continued its
, of Lime Ridge, fea.s tb-uJqu it or Fairbanks ".oofced kept o/tSngit^lndn
iter vainly try- at eve \ thing duru.g bis brief m*j it. all the time, and ambai
fnjbful casfl of tin' Stste through rosfi-co'ored glassy," The sick headaches I hs
ellow jaundice. and expresses the c mvieiion tl?at the tarrh has almostentirel
the marvelous Republicans will have to pnt in hard Sarsaparilla has done!
>iiters to cure campaign work to carry ihat State aches to nse your Sarsa
oubles, but khe for McKinley. MXCHXG-AWP3
en boities, was The trouble of the liepablicans in John IT. MciTaster & C(
suigeou'rf knife, Indians, as elsewhere, are nn aero m, M. Patrick Woodward,
feels better than bat imperialism and its offspring, the ?????????
iranteed to cnre Porto Ric?n tariff, are the most elan- T| "1 ? Tnlm
Kidney troubles gerous of theui. The News declares IJQTi/ Qw v v 9
. Price 50c at that these matters have caused "pro- | (] If ft f ij n fl
nore. fcund dis3atisiaction in the rinka of U AUlUJ
the party," and that the President's
7T-1-. . -r v,o- cii/S/Ioyi fhdnon r<t -frr?nf nn <hat> issnns _ _
uao IV- buvimv- V4 v?v V ? vv -?? "mar . -J-* . . - , . r
ii. Matthews ^as a!i?nated from bim the ejitire in- A JYLOSt JJCllgiltl
i- -, j dependent strength vote of the State n l .
thcatiou issued auJJ ma?y Eepolf|icalls. ReSOrt, IS nol
imson College. The News adds: " fr>r
magazine js en- "Of conrse, besides the Porto Ri<uu tncoun
ball, and con- aad imperialist qnestion, there is the Qr IQ0Q
^ rr,oc contemplated ship scbsidy ontrage and u "
me unce it was (he faifore of (he Repu'bliM?,?10 do
jrnson College, anything more than talk about trusts, fl\E NEW COACH!
game that has which the quiet, independent voter froa~Lanes toGoorffeto
i the magazine, esn not contemplate with sqiaiimity." aid moiiirt stearner i
srrapbs of tfce ,.There'? "Jf0," t0 It" line from Gsorj.towL
6 H . diana a doubtful State. */in.
its concerning ii , , , , .
1 the coachers. The One Day Cold Cur&. fl ni f n? a fin p r n r fh a
rt *aI1c opn <ilar? Kcrcnott's Chocolates laxative Qui aise for ^ ' . . . ,
Cl J ?lis are also cold ja the head and sore throat. Childreatik* The table IS always
and the whole them lite eandy. fish, oyster.*, crabs ar
rpie and gold, -The strike of telegraph operators '^r terms address
. Edffr M.at* is ?ff, President Powell, of Atlanta, ?pv. WTTrTnBnp \
12 editor-in- u . ? ,3 MKo. Wl.NlJiJ?Uir 1
' ~ unTiujj ?uuuuuucu mail it is vauvu.
and six other Waverly Mills,
orial staff. =v _ _
ea*~of piea?ure > o thoseIsvmg Headqua
I. recommend jn malarial districts Tutt's Pills
Cholera and ... . . . ,
says Draggist are mdispensible, tney keep the FORin^tke'remedy
system in perfect order and are
.Jleve that med- an absolute cure Low - P
Ud 5hs"bea?e for sick headache, indigestion, .
U malaria: Hver' COn?tipa- ON FLOORING, CI
ly a gentleman tion and all DlllOUS diseases. iog, Shingles, Liuae, 1
overcome with HP--xx5^ I Oilier ?ent> Harness, Saddlei,
" - I MITT Q I -IVer Kills tnr? &sd Groeerias of ev
: at ouce io ioe a ^ w? r -? ? - ?_
,se of this rem- We offer a mc0 1,ne 0:
I repealed the Mrkfion
ntes be left my lNULiL?t/? . .
ing me that he rSl 1 CT(T~1
Sold by Mc- Ajj pergon8 are b?reby notified not
to trespass upon the laidi of the cin- ... ._
, deraigned. The law will be enforced. c.u^ prices. Buy notl
:eald ackuowl- MRS. I. M. II. DYE. antil you get our prie?
i inTitation to I St it ?avo you m^ncy.
ula Fav Powell ????????????? Respectf?liy,
. Parker. The Notice to Creditors.
:eia Columbia . , , JIVI. W. UOU
All persons indebted to tbe estate of I
aMOtSer, j^rgt jjaDCy Rabb, deceased, are 11 j /v CD C
t four o clock hereby notified that payment must be I Mi \ r
May 16tb. Tlie made to the undersigned, and persons
this couulr and holding claim? against said estale and
srratnlations of i 5' 5re8?nt ihem dol3' a"esttd t0
the undersigned.
tended to the REY. HORACE ltABB, FOR SA
,, _ 4-19-4w Executrix.
old Cure. ??????_
raat cured by Ker- MAT! AD A NICE LOT OF H
SfcMW-'0*57 te 1NU 1 lUJC-, MULES, a few good
Combination Hone.
Pin* HnrtPB. M
lay, of Cbe.ler, PERSONS OWNINS TRACTS OP *~
) a .hort visit *cws and npward, .uilable for erer handle
. i> , 8tock raising and pasturage, and deair- T ?;n e?n
IcMrster. jng sejj or ]eagc tjj6 fafl3C upon rea- h t- ?
sonablc terms, will find it to their ^ or on t,me for i
it-E*?c, advantage to oommuuieite with the p p
into tkeshoes, under9ignad. Unimproved places overn.
nervous and rna with Means or Bermuda grass COWl
j. If you have specially wanted. All comuiUBica- ^
loes, try Allen's lions considered oBfideutial.
feet and makes Addrs?, R. A. MEARES, * wiil P^ythe higheet ca
swollen, sweat- Look Box 49, Ridgewav, S. C. classes of catile, fai
Is, blisters and 5-74t
es coina and
? ? ? - 1?4 loreri/
a gives rest and |\l r~}-j~I
Y. Sold by all ,NJ ^ 1
stores for 2oc. m
Address, Allen AN BLECTION FOR THREE 1 b3V? a few" nice Bt
. Y. Trustees for "Speeial School District wi!1 6el1 cheaP f
No. 14," haying been held ia the Court
iernia? passen- Ho*ie, in par-nance of an Act of the
bout ten hours Gencral Assembly of Soulh Carolina,
I not reach here ?"J** ^ .??Dd*y ,(7tu day#} Jf ^ay 1 htY* employed Mr.
t not reactt nere mst.} aid the result thereof kariD? fcr the present year. 1
noon. The de- been eeriified to rae by tbe us infers te hare hie friends e?Ul
eek on the road thereof, according to law, I io hereby ,0*ie business.
publish and declare that J. F. Me?
? - V ? ? ?
Master, J. M. Stewart ana T. tt. /y \A/llll'
aid Cure. Ketchiu. as appears bv tbe r?tara of f\m VV 1111
scKcrmott'schoco- said managrra now on file io my o?Bw,
ity taken as candy were duly electcd Trustees of ?aid
School District. WiuusUro. I
? ,.v It. H. JENNINGS,
^ Clerk of Court of ComMon P]?aa THIHl I mn
rhau?e ip the sim Fairfield Coantr. III llll A If II
Letters of Administration. fU 1 /i 1 (J
\D I j\ ^nE SS?M^fiS'h Arela pest'that rol
rff n 2 VV made suit to me to grant turn Crop Of potatoes. J
Children. kills'them outrigh
Hlways Bsaght to cite andlJmoB. the crop. We ha
ish all and singular the kindred and Size packages to SU
// creditors of the said Hattie McMaster, de- ,*f ?rorif o cm
ceased, that they be and appear be- 11 )ou want a sm
' ~w~ "" I fore me, in the Uourt or rroDate, to
be held at Fairfield Court House, S. C.,
. on the 23th day of V^y next, after ?
was the ho*te*s publication hereof, a; 11 Ov;?ck in th?
raph entertain- forenoon, to show cause, if any they hit?,
, ? ??? why the said administration should not * i r> o
i evenings ag?. be granted. CANE S
decoi aled for Given under my hand, this Oth day ol
e am.. After ?%.Ann?Do-ini imoHNsToNi
:ai)iment a oe- 5-l0*2fc Judge of Probat* tor iora.^6. It IS t.
served. Mis= OUr COUntrV shoill
UNDERTAKING forage. Cornea,
lanv friends in ^e]j you about it.
' ""'00,nc 1,or both Ear y Ambe
or ALL ITS MPAMMMCrik n_nm, r{nc. c?-,
with * fall etoek of Ctikttn, Bwil Orange Cane bee<
old Cure. Cu?i aad Cofins, coaitaatlr sa kuod, .
S522WS '*** m" ?f hearg0 wke* r-qwt'' -Uon t torget us.
11111 ' Thaakfal for past patroaa*? a ad sow
tatioa for a share rn ths ia v T v T * ? _ ?
-~=| eklsuai J. H. MCP
C&fia aUoadod to *< how*.
4-if.ly Dragsisti
ton's Sarsaparilla ;
nerable Doctor Tallu al>ont Advanced Science*
n a great city, a famous and aged physician was convers wise
and sententious discourse, were a group of well s
lawyers, business men and commercial travelers.
that medical science is certain yet to show that all dis.
a re caused by invisible germs which are living organof
that terrible disease diphtheria. Here is the bacillus
:re is the still more dreadful bacillus of tubercle which
ctive of all diseases, consumption. This of that very
incurable disease, catarrh."
laid the traveling man, "that you would tell us about
for years, and I am thoroughly discouraged."
red. "Catarrh, like diphtheria, consumption, typhoid
er diseases, is the result of a microbe invading the blood
the mucous membrane. This foul and most disgusting
valent in the United States and it is rare to meet one
een troubled more or less with it. How often is he or
; home from pleasant entertainments, deprive tnemseives
ats, from fear of the disagreeable odor arising from cats
worst phase, the patient becomes loathsome both to
ted this great physician, "that the true way to heal eablood.
This can be done only by powerful alteratives
Manistee, Manistee Co., Mich., writes:
years I was a sufferer from general debility and chronic
>ale as death. I was weak and short of breath. I could
lizzy and had a ringing in my head all the time. My
vay scold. My appetite was very poor. On getting up
i swam so I was often obliged to* lie down again. I had
L of my back. 1 had a continual feeling of tiredness.
- - > ^ ?l __J x
is almost eunrexy g^uue, auu x cuuiun uau a uu^u
to rest, and often that much exercise caused me to have ^
:emed as though the blood had left my veins. The docill
turned to water. I had given tip all hope of ever detest
physicians in the state, bnt failed to get any relief. H
ottle of Johnston's Sarsaparilla. I took it, and then I
a these had been used, I was somewhat improved in
use, and felt I was growing stronger; my sleep was reas
if I could feel new blood moving through my veins. I
ow consider myself a well and rugged woman. I work
>py. I am positive that the Sarsaparilla saved my life.
ive had since childhood, have disappeared, and my cay
left me. I cannot be too thankful for what Johnston'#
'or me. I recommend all women who have sick headparilla.
).; Winnsboro,S. C.; T. W. Woodward & Co., Roclrton.S.C.;
, iS. C.: T. Gr. Patrick & Co., White Oak, S. C.
il Hotel J
ul Seaside Of continuous
v Open business have given our goods
lmer w^e anc* ?eneral distribution.
They have been subjected to
the severest usage and their
? wearing qualities have been -N vf
fu?y tested. , J
wq, ana a new J
,s to?VtT,ri? We Guarantees
ia); no moi- every chain, button, every ar
g; finefisAing. ticie we sen, to give satisiac'da5krimp?W"i
t!on- y?u be!nS the judge.
Any article failing to do this
will b? cheerfully exchanged.
s c- We Deliver
' w no work, we sell no goods not
under our guarantee, which
has never been questioned . |
throughout our entire busi'rices,ml1"
?ILI G, 3 ID- I
^cim^rarol- The Jeweler and Optician,
ry kind.
f oaasTEit, s. ?.
6S ?
""wdN will B**'R JOHNSTON, E$i?Judg*Prolate
TT7HEREAS. D. P. Idwaris hatb
YV made suit to me to grant him
letters *f administration of the estate
and effeets of Jacob G. S. Edwards,
&Co deceased:
These are therefore to cite and ad?IVED
monish all and singular the kindred and
erediters of the said Jaeob G. S. Edwards,
deceased, that they be and appear
before me, in ths Court of Probate,
to be held at Fairfield Court
_ House, South Carolina, on tbe [IStb
VL- K-- day of May next, after publication
hereof, at 11 o'cloek in the fore
noon, to show cause, if any they have.
why the said Administration should
ORSES AND ?ot be granted.
Marea. a fine ftlTen *H(ler htnd thlt 4th d;lT
and a few Anno Domini 1900.
and? few S. R. JOHNSTON,
I hive ^"5*2 Jadje of Probate.
id. \ ?????.
stock chaap for The Improved
good bankable .
i m White ?
= i ^ Moun- H
H tain--- H
sh price f*r all v
-V e-<
No matter how often or how much
'GGIES that 1 we talk aboat the White Mountain
>r cash. Freezer, we tell nothing but 'he trnth
about it. In fact there is no necessity |
for telling anything but the truth, as
, e rery feature of the White Mountain
is a good feature, and every point is a
Arthur Owcne telliig point. Oaly the to ry b?st
3t will be glad maierials are used in its manufacture,
on bim and do and will prodaee the fine6l quality of
cream in the shortest possible time.
f r\ kH 8 ^UART8?*2,26; 4 QtJART*? *2 75
* tJl , 6 QUARTS, $S 25. i
t*. J. W, SEIGLER 3
mm "wTATW. %
lYlJ The registered stallion W. A. W. t
wjjj be at Henry Refo'i stable ia
/\v? Co f n f*/^o v f\? oq/?h htodIt
0? Mo?diT3 at the farm; balance of
DS US of Our ^i* former stands in the cohji3
. n try. He is seren \ ears <>Wl. uav, wii!?
. aris Oreen oiack poiats. Height, 16; his good
t and saves bone and muscle; no blemish or ?inif
in all *ect' '8 8tr0I,?? iric?i?nleM i.t
ve li in an ,n0tj0!lj t;nd in disposition, and ap<'rit
yOU, even feet road-ter. His sire i? th? celebrsed
all amount. Rrd Wilkes. Ilts dun, Bcisvv B*k<*r,
vta? the mother oftrot'ers. bhe wa?
sired by Dictator, who wa? the^ue of
Jay iye-See, 2 10, of Director, 2 07,
of tac inriHcible D"?c?nm, 2 04, the
grand?ire uf Nancy Uauks, iiie qtetn
? ^ |-^ of trottere, and the sire ?f many others
i H. K I J of extreme speed.
Although a noie.l Irouer with perfect
knee aciion, W. A. W. posstssts
He best for a!'? aadd'c gaits of superior qaalitv.
i ^ i Terms, 15 00 to itisait colt. F?r
a you need tjttetM'ed pe<iijree and certified rccor?l
ad we will adclre#s
We have J0HN G MOBLEY,
we ^ave 4-10-3.n Winn'boro, S. C.
r and Early -
. M
On Improved F>;rm? ??cu.v*t by first 3
mortgages. Interest 8 per eent. (it
?uaas nor le?s than $?Q0,-3 to 8 years
i/l SCTUr 8*? 8 ouriuwii ^aj? a1;aaOlCI
haI expenses.
A. S. k W. I). D9UCLA8&,
Wiaaabero. SC,
1' or J#H* B. PALMK & S#tf,
11-3# Columbia, S, C.
. v3flj?W
, y3$
' g|g

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