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Elder brother.
A Lesson From the Parable of
the Prod'gal Son.
Denunciation of Self Righteousness
and the Lack of Sympathy
for the Fallen and
In this discourse Dr. Talrnage pleads
for a hearty reception to all those who
have done wrong and want to get back,
while the unsympathetic and self
righteousness are excoriated; text,
\ Luke xv, 28, "And he was angry and
would not go in."
T10170 T asked to I
luauj uuivo -v
. preached a sermon about the elder
brother of the parable. I received a
letter from Canada saying, "Is the
elder son of the parable so unsympa- j
thetic and so cold that he is not worthy j
of recognition?" The fact is that ore
ministers pursue the youoger son. You
can hear the flapping of his rags in
many a sermonic breeze aod the cranching
of the pods for which he was 3n unsuccessful
contestant. I confess that
-1- 1?- 1?- fnr mA train the
it usa uccu uiubuiv
camera obscura upon the elder son of j
the parable. I could not get a nega- J
tive for a photograph. There was not
enough light in the gallery, or the
chemicals were too poor, er the sitter
moved in the picture. Bat now I think
X have him, net a side face or a threequarters
or the mere bust, but a full
length portrait as he appears to me.
rnL - i->->roM? nf t,h<? nrodi
i.lie lttfaUCi 1U UiW vr. r
gal had nothing to brag of in his two
sons. The one was a rake and the
other a churl. I find nothing admirable
in the dissoluteness of the one, and
I find nothing attractive in the acid sobriety
of the other. The one goes
down over the larboard side, and the
ether goes down over the starboard side,
but they both go down.
~ " " ' ' -* iV
JJ'rom ail tne wmaowo oi me um
homestead bursts the ministry. The i
floor quakes with the feet of the rustics, j
whose dance is always vigorous and resounding.
The neighbors have heard
of the return of the younger son from
his wanderings, and they have gathered
together. The house is full of congratulators.
I suppose the tables are load
with luxuries, not only the one kind of
meat mentioned, but its concomitants.
"Clap!" go the cymbals, "Thum!" tne
harps, "Click!" go the chalices, up
and down go the feet inside, while outside
is a most sorry spectacle.
The senior son stands at the corner
of the house, a frigid phlegmatic. He
has just come in from the fields in
very substantial apparel. Seeing some
wild exhilarations around the old mansion,
he asks of a servant passing by
with a gcatskin of wine on his snouiaer
what all the fuss is about. One would
have thought that, on hearing that his
younger brother had got back, he would
have gone into the house and rejoiced,
and, if he were not conscientiously opposed
to dancing, that he would have
joined the oriental schottish. No,
there he stands. His brow lowers; his
face darkens; his lip curls with contempt.
He stamps the ground with indignation;
he sees nothing at all to at#
ii . r t i , ;,u _
tract, lne oaors 01 me zeaat, uuunug
out on the air, do not sharpen his appet;te.
The live'y music does not put
any spring into his step. He is in a
terrible pout. He criticises the expense,
the injustice and the morals of
of the entertainment. The father
rushes out bareheaded and coaxes him
to come in. He will not go in. He
bcolds the father. He goes into a pasquinade
against the younger brother
and he makes the most ancomly scene.
He sijsi "Father, you put a premium
v on vagabondism. I staid at home and
worked on the farm. You never made
a party for me; you didn't so much as
kill a kid. That wouldn't have cost
half as much aa a cait; out tms scape- i
grace went of in fine clothes, and he
comes back not fit to be seen, and what
a time you make over him! He breaks
your heart, and you pay him for it.
Tint calf, to which we have beer giving
extra feed during all these weeks,
wouldn't be so fat and sleek if I had
known to what Use } on were going to
put it. That vagabood dpporves to be
cowhided instead of bauque!cd. Vea>
is too good for him." That evoniu* j
?ann aof. Kl> i
Kmic uig owi* ...
father about his adventures and asking .
about what had occurred on the place
sinoe his departure, the senior brother j
goes to bed disgusted and slams the
door after him. That senior brother j
still lives. You can see him any Sun- ,
day, any day of the week. At a meeting
of ministers in Germany some one :
asked the question. "Who is that .
elder son?" and Krummacher answered ]
"I know him; I saw him yesterday." j
And when they insisted upon knowing ,
whom he meant he said, "Myself;
when I saw the account of the conversion
of a most obnoxious m-ui I was ir- j
ritated." ,
First, this senior brother of the text j
6tands for the self congratulatory, self
satisfied, self worshipful man. With the i
same breath in which he vituberates
against his younger brother he utters a j
panegyric for himself. The self right- j
our man of my text, like every other i
TXTOC ?n!l A-? ^arilfc j
2CJL1 11?U.IA>VU0 " u- TT tmn v* *MU4vw. ?
Re was an ingrate, for he did not appreciate
the home blessings which he
had ali those years. He was disobedient
for when father told him to come
in he staid out. He was a liar, for he
said that the recreant son had devoured
his father's living, when the father, so
far from being reduced to penury, had
a homestead left, had instruments of
musio, had jewels, had a mansion, and
inotoftr? nf Koincr a runnAr a nrin?#?.
This senior brother, with so many j
faults of his own, was merciless in his ?
criticism of the younger brother. The ?
only perfect people that I have ever j
hnown were utterly obnoxious. I was j
never so badly cheated in my life as by
a perfect man. He got so far up in his 1
devotions that he was clear up above all <
the rules of common honesty. These ]
men that go about prowling amoDg pray- (
x- j _i v?:
er meetings anu 111 piivco iu uuaiucss,
telling how good they are?look out for
them; keep your hand on your pocketbook!
I have noticed that just in proportion
as a man gets good he gets humble.
The deep Mississippi does not
make as much noise as the brawling
mountain rivulet. There has been many
a store that had more goods in the show
window than inside on the shelves.
- Again, the senior brother of my text
stands ior all those who are faithless
about the reformation of the dissipated
and the dissolute, in tne very tones s
of his voice you can hear the fact that \
he has no faith that the reformation of c
the younger son is genuine. His entire (
manner seems to say: "That boy has ]
come back for more money. He got a ]
a third of the property; now he has ]
come back for another third. He will (
never be postented to ^ stay ^ oc amofig itflhors, How &
farm. He will fall away. I would go poraties speaS of each <
in too and rejoice with the others if 1 phon afld Plato living
thought this thing were genuine; but it time, but from their writ:
is a sham. That boy is a confirmed would suppose they heard
inebriate and debaunchee." Alas, my Religious jealousies. T.
friends, for the incredulity in the dans prayirjg for rain dur
church of Christ in regard to the recla- no rain coming. Then tl
A ^ ? - frt nrii? fnr rain
m&tlOQ OX LQ6 r6Cr6&Ql>? JL uu ouj' a> uiAu | wv yiwj av* *
has been a stroqg drinker. I say, "Yes comes. Then the Moh?
but he has reformed." "Oh," you say, together to account for tl
with a lugubrious faoe, "I hope you are resolved that God was sc
not mistaken; I hope you are not mis- with their prayers he kej
taken." You say: "Don't rejoice too on so as to keep thempra
much over his conversion, for soon he the Christians began to
will be unconverted, I fear. Don't make Lord was so disgusted wi
too big a party for that returned prod- ers that he sent rain rig
igal or strike the timbrel too loud; and, would not hear any more
if you kill a calf, kill the one that is on plications. Oh, this acci
the commons and not the one that has envy and jealousv! Lei
been luxuriating in the paddock. That out from all our hearts,
is the reason why more prodigals do not Oh, what a God we
1 0 '1 * ^AfAlAflfloa O.MTYW
come iiome to tneir iataer s uouoe. it
is the rank infidelity in the church of heaven, and join in the \
God on this subject. There is not a aloud. Lift the palm 1
house on the streets of heaven that has you not feel the Father
not in it a prodigal that returned and your neck? Dd you not
staid home. There could be unrolled breath of your Father
before you a scroll of a hundred thou- chc-ek? Surrender, youia
sand names?the names of prodigals render, elder son! Surre
who came back forever reformed. Who in today and sit down at
W3S John Bunyan? A returned prod- Take a slice of the fatte
igal. Who was Richard Baxttr? A terward, when you are se
returamed prodigal. Who was George hand in the hand of
Whitesold, the thundrer? A returned brother and the other hai
prodigal. And I could go out in all of the rejoicing father, 1
the aisles of this church to day and rejoice. It is meet that w
find on either side those who, onao far merry and be glad, forth
asirsy for many years, have been faith- was dead and is alive agai
ful, and their eternal salvation is as and is found.
sure as though they had been ten years
in neaven. iina yet suuio u*. u?iv | AkJ * ***? ,, M
not enough faith in their return.
You do not know how to Bhake hands n T t* t> j- v
with a prodigal. You do not know how 0r Is 11 Prodigious Ly
to pray for him. You do net know how ton Massacr
to great him. He wants to sail into the
warm gulf stream of Christian sym- accounts which c
pathy. You are the iceberg against nila of battles of Filipin
which he strikes and shivers. You say by our troops have atirai
he has been a prodigal. ! know it, bnt tioa ofotW newspapeI
you are the sour, unresponsive, cen- Q e , ? ,
sorious, saturnine, cranky elder brother, ?tate- -*-*13 Spnnguek
and if you are going to heaven one says:
would think some people would be The day's news from 2
tempted to go to perdition to get away fighting in Luzon in whi
from you. The hunters say that if a , , ,, ,
deer be shot the other dear shove him f119 Wled and the i
out of their company, and the general heavily ; of fighting in
rule is?away with a man that has been Samar, _in which two Ai
wounded with sin. Now, I say, the wouncied and 155 native:
more bones a man has broken the mora *^e field; and of fighting
need he has of a hospital, and the more I^eyte, in which 125
" Viaan Xrnioo^ Ant with killed, with no American
a 1UOU llOQ VWVU ?> * Miuv"* V.Mw ... ?
sin the more need he has to be carried fieports of the charac
into human aDd divine sympathy. Bat ^ast ^a7? ^eea hcque
for snch men there ii not muoh room in weeks. Thus some da
this world?the men who want to oome recorded that three detac
back after wandering. Plenty of room Forty-fifth regiment i
for elegant sinners, for sinners in velvet number of natives, a maj
and satin and lace, for sinners high were armed only with bo
salaried, for fcid glovos and patent - 1^ ?* them. There wer<
leathered sinners for sinners fixed up by aiuong the Americans,
hairdresser, pomatumed?and lavendered wa?. made of any wound
and coloneed and frizzled and crimped natives. The inference ]
? - A-l
and "banged" sinners?plenty of room I was mo wuu
Sach we meet elagantly at the door of enem7 been wiped c
our churches, and we invite them into certainly the case in th<
the best seats with Chesterfieldian gal- counter, at about the ?
lantries; we usher them into the house Lieut. Batech and 20 pen
of God and put soft ottomans under ?fje, regimopt with
their feet and put a gilt edged prayer The latter were cornered
book in their hands and pass the ''every one of thpm'^ w
contribution box before them with an bodies floating away."
a it._ ii. was killed.
air or apology, wane iney, me gen- -erous
seuls, take out the exquisite It was further reported
portemonnaie and open it, and with that .wen. Bell s men, in
diamonded finger pueh down beyond clsanng the province of
the $10 goldpieces and delicately nnes, met with many he
pick out as an expression of gratitude bolomen and * 'killed a
their offering to the Lord?of 1 cent! American casualties;
For such sinners plenty of room, plen- or captured^ natives, ap
ty of room. But for the man who has s^me time another
been drinkiDg until his coat is thread- ported *n Albay proving
bare, and his face is erysipelased, and cordon and ^ three com]
his wife's wedding dress is ia the pawn- r??jf?c?6uiu rcg^iucut
broker's shop, and his children, instead forcc of insurgents and
of being in school, are out begging them; no casualties on t
broken bread at the basement doors of si^e? an^ no mention of
the city?the man, body, mind and soul captured natives.
on fire with the flames that have leaped Gen. Otis reported a n
from the scathing scorching, blasting, frona January 1 to April
blistering, consuming cup which tne aL
drunkard takes, trembling and agonized field. On Friday last b
and affrighted, and presses to his during the month or Aj
parched lip, and his cracked tongue piQ0S had been "killed,
and his shrieking yet immortal spirit? captured. The reports i
no room. la detail above given si
Oh, if this younger son of the parable ^
had not gone so fir off, if he had not
dropped so lo? in wassail, the protest ^ month) ^ rea),y ha
eVar nvpr the nrpftinin^* a" thA connection with the fieur
going clear over the preoipioe, a; the , j April were 13 1
ITSn 11 tV " 800 '9 aagry woooded; one American t
D. S...A i? ?f Is this war? But If i
J-H? UUt OU AUl JVSAL Vil VAVADUi WA -? , - lir Li, ^
the fallen lest thoa thyself also be Sf.'' p'ZTJnt
tempted. Do jou know who that man ?f,hoj). Pott.er 8 fdescf **
was who Sabbath before last staggered Me ducassion of an ae
up and down the aisle in a church, dis- t6 \ o i
turbing the service until the service had ? m
to stop until he was taken from the Jo.ouri
room? He was a minister of the gos- -"'9 cither prodigious lj
pel of Jesus Christ in a sister denomi- massaore.-^lumbia Sta
nation! That man had preached the WOKK OF AN INCE
gospel, that man had broken the bread
01 tne noiy communion ior tne people. ^ Double Tenement in S
From what a height to what a depth! ?
Oh, I was glad there was no smiling in on *ur0,
the room when that man was taken out, An apparently delibe
kis poor wife following him, with his was made Thursday morn:
bat in her hand and his coat on her big double tenement at
arm! It was as solemn to me as two corner of Madison and J a
funerals?the funeral of the body and in New York. Nearly
the funeral of the soul. Beware, lest were placed in peril of th
thou also be tempted! twenty families were rendi
An invalid went to South America by the blaze.
for hisheakh and one day sat sunning Mrs. Margaret Lane, v
himself on the beach when he saw her husband, the janitor
- - * ? ? 1_ A. 1 xl J i
something crawling up tue Deacn. wrig- mg ner two uromers anu i
?ling toward him, and he was affrighted, the second floor of 391 Mi
He thought it was a wild beast or a rep- was awakened at 2 o'clc
bile, and he took his pistol from hi3 in the hallway. She he
pocket. Then he saw it was not a wild fling of feet and the rustii
beast. It was a man, an immortal man, pers. Her husband wen
i man made in God's own image, and to investigate, and found
the poor wretch crawled up to the feet newspapers in the hall.
}f the invalid and asked for strong some late homecomer had
irink, and the invalid took his wine there carelessly, he went 1
3ask from his pocket and gave the poor Shortly before 5 o'clock
ivretch something to drink, and then un- ler, the twenty-year old
ler the stimulus he rose up and gave of airs, .bane, was awasen
tiis history. He had been a merchant of smoke, and the noisf
in Glasgow, Scotland. He had gone flames in the hall outside
lown under the power of strong drink She awakened those in th
until he was so reduced in poverty that ments and then made her
ae was living in a boat just off the shouting a warning to the
Deach, "Why," said the invalid, "I in the building, and escai
inew a merchant in Glasgow once, a to the house adjoining, N
merchant of such and such a name." street.
A.nd the poor wretch straightened him- The wainscoating in
self and said, "I am that man!" "Let along the staircase wa3 a
iim that thinketh he standeth tako heed time, and through dense
lest he fall." be distinguished the pur
Again, I remark that the senior kerosene oil. The occuf
brother of myt tex stands for the spirit time to escape by the stai
>f envy and jealousy. The senior bies were thrown from the
Drother thought that all the honor they window to those on the
lid to the returned brother was a wrong children whose ages ran fi
:o him. He said, "I have staid at twelve were tossed in
aon?, and 1 ought to have had the ring, stretcbed out to catch the
icd 1 ought to have had the banquet, caped with nothing more
md I ought to have had the garlands." bruises, parents of the litl
A.las for this spirit of envy and jeal- ing down ladders. The ]
)usy coming down through the ages! vestigating.
Jain and Abel, Esau and Jacob, Saul ~~~ ~~~
?nd David, Haman -and Mordecai, Cuban Editor Kl
Dthello and lago, Orlando and Angel- Senor Alberti, editor
ca and Torquatus, Caesar and Pompey, Claridades, published at G
Columbus and the Spanish oourtiers, was shot and killed in3tar
Jambvses and the brother he slew be- known Assassin at the che;
:ause he was a better marksman. Diony- Alberti was an active polii
sius and Philoxenius, whom he slew paper recently has ^ been c
because he was a better singer. Jeal- action of the American o:
>us amoiig painters. Closterman and cularly^ the elestion ordei
jxeoffry Kneller, Hudson and Reynolds, who killed Capt. Smith,
?rancia, anxious to see a picture of this port, in January, was
Raphael, Raphael sends him a picture. Bon Claridades. Alberti
Prancia, seeing it, falls in a fit of jeal- threatening letters which
jusy, from which he dies. Jealousy in his paper.
:idom aitem-1 TS2 3AM3ZM KI11IXG.
3ther! XeHo- j
at the same i s^.v m*T/\nn?fvrrfiiT??a'Trte ^Tcrcirtn h?
iDg3yott hever
i of each other. the Unfortunate Affair.
iDg^a?<Jrought"; p'e7- w- E- J?l on, who shot and
:e Christian? killed Court Stenographer Bellinger at
and the rain Bamberg last week, was bailed by Jusiimmedans
met tjce p0pe at Columbia on Friday in the
bis, an t ey * three thousand dollars. At the
?well pleased . -? ? -?
pt the drought hearing numerous affidavits of a most
ying, but that interesting character were presented on
pray, and the both sides, throwing much light on this
.t tneir pray- mogfc UQU3Uaj criminal case.
;nt away so he
i of their sup- THE MINISTER S VERSION.
arsed spirit of The following version of the killing
t us stamp it ^as given by Mr. Johnson in his affidavit:
have! Bring That he is 3G years old and has been
earth and ordained minister of the Baptist church
worship. Cry for 11 years past, and for the past three
branches! Do years has been in charge of the Barn's
arm around berg Baptist church at Bamberg in said
foal mrm State. That the nastoral residence or
i.vvi vuv n mim ? -
against your parsonage in which defendant resides
gerson! Sur- with his family, which aonsists of his
nder, all! Go wife and four children, is situated upou
, the banquet, the same part of the town with that of
dcalf, and af- Mr. Bellinger, immediately adjoining
ated, with one each other and separated only by a dithe
returned viding fence. _ That deponent moved
ad in the hand to his said residence in Ootober or Noet
your heart vcmber, 1898, and up to the month of
e should make June, 1899, the relations between the
is, thy brother two tammes were peaceable; tnat in the
in; he was lost month of June, 1899, deponent was
called on professionally to perform the
marriage ceremoDy between Mr, Joseph
E, Brown and Miss Jennie Bellinger,
the daughter of the sail Jonn R. Bellinger,
Jksq., both of whom appeared to
ing or Wan* bSj aEj deponent is informed, were of
ft? lawful age, i. e.i above the age of 21
years. That after this marriage, which
some from Ma- it seems did not meet the approval of
ios engaged in Mr. John R. Bellinger and his f imily,
3ted the atten- became extremely hostile to de,
m- ponent, often abusing him to his face
s besides ine aQ(j ^ hearjDg 0f hjs wtfe an<i gyj.
i Republican <jren in the most extreme manner, and
showing this hostility towards him by
tfanila tells of maQy ?* ^ose irritating unneighborly
oh twn Arrpri- Wa?8 w]licll are 80 eZS? t0 d? Snd 80
hard to bear: denonent bore it all with
jilipinos "lost tjia^ fortitude and resignation which
the island of - kia calling required. That the manner
nericans were in which he was treated by this family
3 left dead on became a matter of public notoriety,
in the island 'and he was assured by many that he
natives were ought to take steps to have it stopped,
t casualties. as it was lessening hii influence for the
tei of the two good of the community. That about
nt in recent i .'x weeks ago a young man of the town
ys. aeo it was I ..i, Ijimbere. in sympathy with the Bel
shments of the ' iu^ers, without the slightest cause,
mrrounded a j rudely accosted deponent in one of the
iority of whom . ublic streets, called him a liar, and
los, and killed struck him in the face, forcing him to
E5 no casualties defend himself. That about two weeks
No mention ?go a colored painter by the name of
3d or captured Walker, who was painting Mr. Bellineft
by the dis- ger's house and fence, came to deponile
body of the ent's house and asked leave to come in
>ut. This was deponent's yard to paint the division
3 reported en- fence between the two lots. Deponent
same time, of consented provided he would paint the
t of the Thirty- bottom board of the fence as well as
50 bolo men. ihe balance. This he oromised to do.
in a river and but he did not do bo: deponent called
as shot, -'the his attention to it from time to time,
One American each time receiving a promise that he
would paint the said board before he
the other day left, but he never did do it. About a
i the course of week ago the said painter returned to
South Cama- put on a second coat, and deponent inaall
squads of formed him that he must do the work
total of 125." in accordance with the agreement or it
; no wounded could not be done at all. He promised
parently. At to doit, but did not, and deponent, seefight
was re- ing that he did not intend to do it, or.
_i n?<. t -i i ? _ i .i. 2 r\_
j, wnere vayu aerea. mm 10 leave me yaru. yn
paniea of the Thnraday the man; Walker, was in the
routed a large yard painting, and the deceased, Wilkilled
53 of Ham T. Bellinger, was sitting on
:he American the fence at the intersection of
wounded and the division fence and the front fence
on the street. Deponent ordered Walkaonth
apo that er to get out of his yard; he hesitated,
1, 1,426 Fili- lookiDg first at the deceased and then
id left on the at deponent; Bellinger ordered the man
e cabled that to paint on and deponent insisted on
>ril 1.721 Fili- his going out and lie started to go and
wounded and Bellinger ordered him to paint on, and
af the fighting the painter would act as if he intended
[iow that the to obey, when deponent peremptorily
must have ordered him out and he went.
softening the Mr. W. T. Bellinger then said that
r progress for the fence would be painted, and oursed
,d po place in deponent for a d? long lipped ? of
e given. Our a ? ^d much more of the same abuse,
killed and 27 repeating that he would see that the
o 132 natives, fence was painted; deponent finally
t is not war, said he could not come into the road
ompromise on and talk to the deponent that way, when
ion. It ia a deceased iumDed off the fence to his
ademic" char- father's gate, came out and stood by
the post with a drawn pistol in his
Massachusetts hand; deponent had not noticed before
ind it is not that he had a pistol, and said "you are
ring or wanton armed, eh," and turned and walked
te* back into the house. Nothing more
1NDIA.RY passed that day. The next day deponent
came out of his gate to go to the
___ v*rV Qof postoffice, when he met Mr. Joe Brown
in his buggy, who asked him to take a
seat with him, and they drove down
rate attemDt town. Mr. Brown told deponent that
* * * ^ i il ..li a 1
tag to burn a ^ad neara 01 cne aimcuuy 01 me i
the northeast day before and that he had heard of
ckson streets the^ threats made by the deceased
100 persons against deponent, and warned him to
eir liv.,3 and protect himself. Mr. Brown got ont of
sred homeless the bnggy at Jones' stable and told deponent
to drive around to the postoffico
rho lives with &cd to hitch the horse there in the rear
of the build- of the pflfcu fli *e. which deponent did.
;wo sisters on Deponent got Lii mail and returned
idison street, home. While at the postoffice deponent
>ck by a noise was warned to look out for Mr. Belard
the shuf- linger, that he had made threats to kill
3g of newspa- him. On deponent's return home he
fc dowa stairs saw Mr. Joe Brown ooming towards his
a quantity of home in his buggy, and deponent start*"
* * ' -J 1 * * \f , W
miasms ttiat tunica miu, auu otuu 5 ujli. I? .
thrown them T. Bellinger across the street, he picked
back to bed. up a gun which a friend had put into
Mamie Law- bis possession the day before, telling
sister in-law him to use it to protect himself with,
ied by a smell and that he would need it to protect his
; of crackling life, and took it out with him, holding
of her door, it in his hands.
e Lane apart- Mr. Bellinger came walking towards
way upstairs, his father's house, while deponent was
other tenants walking by the buggy with his hands
)ed in safety upon the shafts, the horse being resto.
10 Jackson less, moving forward a step at the
fimfl. Mr. Rrnwn milliner him hack and
the hall and endeavoriDg to restrain him, which
.blaze by this drew deponent and deceased nearer tos
smoke could gether, when suddenly Mr. Brown
igent odor of pulled his horse suddenly back, and
>ants had no backing some feet, left deponent and
rways. Ba- Mr. Bellinger in plain view of each
i second story other; immediately when without a
! streets and word from each other Mr. Bellinger
rom seren to raised his pistol and fii\,d on deponent
tto blankets at a distance of 10 or 15 steps; in quick
m AH os- succession iie fired a second time, and
serious than as he was in the act of firing the third
:le ones slid- time deponent fired the gun one time
police are in- and deceaaed fell; deceased fired again,
making four in all; deponent raised his
gun to fire again, but seeing that deLled.
ceased had desisted from firing he shot
of the Don no more. The deponent regrets more
ribora, Cuba, than he can tell, the necessity which he
ttly by aa un- was under to shoot the deceased, and
atre recently, would only have done so in defense of
ticianandhis his life.
riticiaincr tfee I
fficiais, parti- in?UmttB1U6' * <
re. Hidalgo, The State presented a number of
collector of strong affidavits from good people.
editor of tbe Miss Lulie Bamberg, a student athas
received tending the Carlisle Fitting school, and ,
he ridiculed a daughter of Gen. F M. Bamberg, said
that last Friday morning about half
"ffl ? :- - ? --Pi .1 nil...
past. 10 o'clock she was on the iroat: T!7$ fRO
piazza of tfco girl's boarding hall of the i 11 vH v
fitting sehonl. facinz on the camm^:
saw Mr. Joe Brown drive up the.street
from toward Railroad avenue, turn the Weekly bulletin Issu
corner, and stop his bnggy in front of t
Mr. Johnson's gate. In a few minutes t'?n Director 6
Mr. Johnson came out of the house
towards the buggy with a gun in his
hand; the impression mdde on the de- HOW THE CROPS A
ponent was that he was going hunting.
The deponent then saw Willie Bellinger
in the path leading diagonally Review of th Sit
ii i-l r.ii?1
acruso me paiii tu ma ltuuei a uuuae.
He had a paper in his hand. Mr. John- Summary of the
eon did not stop at the buggy, but
walked rapidly across the road that 'or *ne Y^a>\
rnns in front of his honse to the tele- w ,
graph pole in front of Mr. Bellinger's Weatner.
lot. *? *>r; Belliuger turned into The foIlowi ia thc w,
the short path leading to his house, the of the 00Dditi0'n 0j the
aeponent, (earing something would hap- f th g ; d ,
pen from the manner in which Mr. Di tor Bauer of th g(
Johnson was carrying the gun in his 8eclion f h UlW g
hand toward Mr. Bellinger, went to the b . olim3teaI,d crop
hali door to go into the piazza when The week eodi jj0?,
she heard a loud report as of a gun, was di ktl ^ than
IOUU?U PBTO1 a?U, on witi ] j ht tem
looking back, saw Mr. Bellinger fa hng ths'3d ,aasi fj ht ,*
with his pistol in his hand shooting. 0f Greenville and Spart
The loudest report was the f.rst. Miss ti but without doi/
V erbsna Brabham was with me on tne j ^ ,
TTYMV C0ul,ill0t tC" sightly cheeking the gro
whether the first loud report was one vegetation
gunshot or two simultaneously. It was There were numerous!;
as two babels discharged almost to- showers, generally eonfi.-,
\i rf'ir p ? and die and lower Savanna!
Mr. Bellinger fell, Mr. Joe Brown drove ,!oB_ lh(1 immediate
up by Jlr. JSelliDger, looked at him., and ghcv;er3 were beneficiaIi
drove on. ra-Q -3 nee<ie(i over the e
Miss Verbenai Brabham, daughter of 60ften the ground, which
Dr. R. 0. Braoham of Hawthorne, an- ;9 becomi?s baked and b
nother student, said that last Friday the germinatio[1 ot KC(
morning she was on the front piazza 3eeds, and to supply moil
of the hall (upstairs), with Miss LuUe Mdo'ats whUe headi a
Bamberg, a little after 10?half after- Damaging hail occurred
when sue saw Mr. Brown drive up and county
stop in front of Mr. Johnson's front p!antcd fields are bee(
uoor. . Mr. Johnson walked out in a and sta?d in need .f
nurry witn ais gun, ana Iran wbere 1 jjag begUn where corn a
was standing, on the end of the piazza, , e*oa?h Bottom j.
I had a sine tow of htm and he went bec'oming dry eDongh t0
near the telegraph post. It did not them for planting,
seem to be exactly behind it from where CorD ;3 comi t0
He was carrying the gun in his stand and cuitiTStion j;
hands and raised it m a nurry, stopped siderab!e progress. Ove
a second and shot. Mr. Bellinger had tionfl of thc gtate ye]
his paper in his hand, and I saw him has been ,aoted bei
pnll his pistol as he was tailing and ootton i8 all planted. Ci
shot twice,1 think, lam sure Mr. John- cr0w8 are Tery tronblesoi
son shot him down before he drew his laod necessitating mnoh
?if "jLn?i'eT'hep^lZinSfi1 . Cotton planting made ,
.KU.. !.. . ; , J.; during the week, and, w
Johnson came out of his yard he did Tanoed is from half to t
not touoh the buggy, bat went by it in ished Ball; plantings.
a hurry. The above statements are 3tands but the recent co
sustained by Nathaniel M. Salley, a Tery injurious, causing s
teacher of the fitting echoo1; James L. die. Landa are not all
Cleckley, P. E. Dibble and L. 0. cotton. Chopping out i
Hiers, particularly 33 to the loud report way>
coming first. . Rust on wheat haa becc
, J^Grantsaxdtliathei9 between eral and is spreading. T:
"""V j U1 11 u*"v? Ui many places less promisi
Charleston and moved to Bamberg tof havi been.
about the first of last November; that by the excessive rainfall o
last Thursday afternoon he was asked have impr0ved. Both cr<
by a tall white man, unknown to him, jQg
who was standing by the artesian well bulk of the tobacco
to go to the hardwire store and get him trangpianted, and the *
a box of loaded buckshot shell, and foiled There was r
gave him 50 cents to buy them and 5 lant ezcepfc a\ a few
cents to get some 33 calibre, centre fire, was badly damaged, in th
pistol cartridges. "I went into Mr.
til till! 11 1 , UIDHAVfcaj VJ JUX?U. TTa^i.
Brooker s store and told the clerk what extent cannot now be e8ti
I wanted. He gave me some buckshot Apple and pear trees
loose and some pistol cartridges, as re- badjy. some peaches <
quested. I went and gave them to the eQ0ugh remain to make
man who asked me to get them. He wild berries are abundant
sent me back the second time to get gorgi^^ an(j melons hav
oattia lAflnan ona a tai? t na min Tmo 1 i . ? . .
^ 5vxu. g00d staa(l3 tll0 latter
time I got some loaded shells and re- run to vine> Sweet ^
turned the loose buckshot. The sales- tifd in bedgi but few hav
man who waited on me was Mr. Hooten pIanted. Whifce potatoes
Felder. The man told me to tell/ Mr. but baSrg ^Tq .very num<
Felder a man at Mr. Counts' store truck shipments being ma
wanted them. I don t know who the
man talking to me wa3."
Blown Up in Strest Car- ) ...non.^
A car cn the St. Louis anH Suburban > WvJuD'b H 3 0 H I
Railway was blown from the track and \
twisted sideways by an explosion f "tpi
HP V? n q rr QavatoI f"k n CQATi rr^ra 4 br a irt wi v a ,
JL LI LLi. \AC*J UU TV/ltii VI V WM # I I fl HJ
were slightly injured by the flyingglass i ? |g|
and broken timbers which came up \
from below. Four were taken back co T Our business in Fara
tne city for treatment. There is a ^ to-day one of the larg
strike on the road. _ The explosive was ^ Country. A result due
nitro-glycerine, which had been spread ^ that quality alwav
on the track for some distance The J feti consideration. T
car was filled with persons returning f
from a Dewey celebration. It was rain- i ^ Seeds required for
ing hard at the time and liphtmng \ f?QA^Q & fl OVPC
flashed continuously across the car. f UKAooCfc CLUVEfl
Many women were among the passen- r COW rCflS, Cotto;
J J :i J1 _ V i r? 1 n n 1
gers, sua tuey Bcieameu wnuiy. juvery m J5CCQ USIS S66G
person was hurled from the seats and i *c?*? w? ' c. 1
fell pellmell into the aisle. At first it f ^0J8* i>avy a.
was thought that a bolt of lightning r Re&flS, SOfgh
had struck, but when the motorman 4 Broom CoiU K
and conductor, after an examination, a rnrn Pp*nn
announced that the car had been blown f vOnl, rcauU
up by strikers there was more confu- r Millet See(
sion, and the men prepared for an at- A Raoe etc
tack. This was the signal for more a t , .
screams, and many of the passengers \ Wood's Descriptive
got off the car and braved the' terrible v Sill a^auXer s^dafi
downpour. No attack was made, how- 4 of culture, soil best adapts
ever, and the wrecked car was removed a that a^e^el^o mi
to the sheds. * t0 grow. Catalogue maile
?g iC^UCBb,
Will Support Bryan. 1 T ]U WHIM &
"It has been said that I shall support \ 11 Hi flUUU 0&
Bryan if he is the Democratic nominee f OCCftQMCN Dinhn
for president," said W". Bourke Cockran, d ^LLuOmLlij - rilullll
who spoke at Montgomery, Ala., Thursday
night at the race conference. ?
"Thatdepends, I say frankly, upon the A Strange Cas
Kansas City platform and the spirit in A t(A from Hartsf;
which it 13 submitted to the _ American th Colnlmbu gtate Baya t
people If that p a form is only a a oo]orcd ma? wer'e foo,
reiteration of the platform of 1896, I Creek abollt eiglt miles
shall no support it or the nominee I m d ]asst week_ .
am nnulterablv oDDoacd :o the McKm- r.... j
_ .. ? a lasieueu iu a 3u?&o iu mo
lay policy toward our_n(lw possessions. boi-e marks of violence. I
I oppose militarism. I oppose imperial- ^ , d . ,
ism. I oppose trusts. If taeplatform that section, si it must b(
takes a decided stand in opposing these ofastraDge;. The ease
questions and the spirit is in favor of t i ^ ?h acd
mailing them predominant, I shall sup- ?opcd tiat he ?m
port H and do all I can m my State for sofve the mystery. The
the tieket. Otherwise I will not. I con- taTe 00<.u.red some wce
aider these questions the issues of the montj16 ae0
campaign, 'l'iie money plank, it it ' 2L
must, can remain the same as in 1896, Cuban Postal Fra
because it is impossible to make it ef- The thrifty Yankees f
fective, and the other issues are graver Havana to show the benij
and far more important from the how to manage their own
standpoint of present conditions. As made a raid on the Hav3
to New York Slate, I can say nothing, and stolen several hundr
for I am there only as a private citizen." dollars. The steal was en,
man named Neeiey, ch:
Stands at the Head. agent of the Havanna po
TVio Sun savs President I has beea arrested.
McK'nJrjy has in four years demonhtra-icd
his capacity for changing his PTTTS'
mind cftener or presenting that appearance
more perfeotly of having two IllTiOrDTin IDl/iHf
minds at the same time on the same J)|lj tlOCr! Ill Inllol
subject, which is popularity descnoed
as ''facing both ways," than any light- Cures La Grppe, dyspepsia
ning-change artist in the profession. and all stomach and bowel tro
. * oholera morbus, teething t
Gainesville, Ga., Dec. 8, 1899 Mldna, kidney troubles b
Pitts' Antiseptie Invigerator has
been used in my family and I am per- u anything on the m'
fectly satisfied that it is all, and will ^ry it and you will praia<
do all, you claim for it. Yours truly, If your druggist doesn't keep i
A. B. 0. Dorsey.
P. S.?I am using it now myself. THE MURRAY DR
It's doing me good.?Sold by The Murray
Drug Co., Columbia, S. C., and all Columbia, S.
druggists. tf
A. kingdom for a cure. Jno. S Reyni
You need not pay so much.
A. twenty-five oeni bottle of L. L. & K. Attorney at L
Will drive all ills away.
See ad, and try it?never fails. I COLUMBIA.,
I P ck ae^ sag? s5|p= gs^
led by Sec- qj
auer. '
Prepare to >
Prices of paper and paper bs
uation an yon will tell ns yonr troubles
zr Columbia Sta
^Wholesalers of Bags,
eekly bulletin PLUMB 1
IVednesday by PRACTICAL 1
juth. Carolina
cases weatner m1 __ < ,
service: The Demand of the Times. Su<
lay, May 7th,
eitoesXr MacFeat's School ofShor
its in portions
anbure counly
perceptible COLUMBIj
wthof??endet W. H. MacFeat, Court St
Terms reasonable.
?ht, scattered '
2d to the mid- Strange Elopement. |
i valley, ana jg,ta q Shamley and Miss Delia
coast. These x>immick, of South Haven, Mich., deand
a warm s:re<j to marry but the girl's parents
ntire State to were 0pp0sed. The lovers decided to
i in clay lands cross tile ;ate to Chicago Thursday
tard to hasten night. Miss Dimmick went to the i
jntly planted steamer Kalamazoo, which leaves at
jture to wheat g.3^ aD<i} engaging a stateroom, locked
nd blooming, j^eif jn. Her parents, with the poin
Abbeville jjcej wenfc to the boat, and was^ordered
to come out, but reiusea. snamiey I
)mipg grassy,- was watched. but his friends assisted
vation, which just before the boat started a
nd cotton are cr0wd rushed down the pier with him,
andsare just an(j wjien ^ steamer pulled out he 1
begin to pre- wag beyond the reach of arrest, "The {
,, , couple clasped -arms and waved handgenerally
good kerchiefs to the angry parents and .
.as aade con- baffled police, who stood upon the dock.
r r.hA wocrorn * ' .1 * <?
vu i&e elopers came to tne resiaence or
:y litJe corn bride's sister, Mrs. Ora Stanley, I
deferred until "^Vaukegan, 111., and were married.
it worms and
me on bottom A Mammoth Whalereplanting.
^ special dispatch from Conway, S.
rapid progress q^ tjje Q0iutnbja State says: "A
rnere least ad- maznmoth. whale has been washed 1
wo-thirds hn- ag^ore near the terminus of the Conir,e
PP to i air way Seashore railroad, and President
ml mirhtq arft t> 1 -l i -
o--- --- .ourrougns nas Deen running excursions j
ome cotton to to acc0mmodate the crowd wishing to
prepared for gee t^e jg gg ?eet jn
s well under )engtli and 24 in breadth. It has in its
side a harpoon with about 30 feet of
>me quite gen- rQpe attached. The supposition is that
crop is in wag jacked by a whaling crew and
ng than here- tjjat escaped but died from its
rently injured woun(js< x0 prove to those that did
Apri1' Uaj3 not see it that this was not a 'fish story'
3ps are head- 0f usaai type, several took snap
, , shots of the monster."
crop has been
tiic icmro luncm
points. Rioe "RUtn mULLU.
%GatToewhat The New Ball Bearing
mated. a
532 Domestic
Sagar cine, ~ ^, .
begianiQjf to Sewmg Machine !
to slips plen- Jt Leads in Workmanship, Beauty, ^
e been trans- Sfr^Ti(Tf}i Tiiorlif/RnTmincr. I(
. ,, , k/vIvu6?M, ? O3
doing well, Every Weman Wants Ooe.
srous. Large
jg * J
LJ Attaclmients, Needles and ?
Parts for Sewing Machines ]
i of ail makes. ]
R R h, II r 5 When ordering needles send ]
\ sample. Price 27c per dozen, ]
1 I postpaid. ^ j
UviDi f Agents Wanted in Unoccupied Terri- ^
0 . . A tory.
n vao/Ic -\c v
est in this ^ J. L. SHULL, |
to the fact f i219 Tavlor Street,
s been our ( COLUMBIA, S. C.
V'e supply 4
: seeds, | Orfman Pay s1
n Seed, ^
r the Express .*
f^r \ Steam Dyeing of every i
Bj f
jt $ description. Steam, Nap- (
f tha, French Dry and
ition about 4 chemical cleansing. Send *
5est methods T J
lunts^fto" f for onr new price list and
uruLtauic m \
d free upon t circular. All work guar e
SONS, < anteed or no charge.
lonTvaJ Orfmaa's Steam Dys Works
1310 Main Street
ille, S. C., to , _
i O A T. f\n y> a+a? P
ne remains oi vibiuau, ?i
3d on Black ??? - ==
rtUt8; Murray s Hore- (
hound, Mullein
nissiog from "| m I
L?bee7?' and Tar, for a
"o pal ^ coughs, colds, 0
killing must T ^ A
iks. possibly I t9\ ItVITHIA- A
^ sure remedy.
sent over to ^ . r\ r j
;ht?d Cubans Pl'lCC 2O CdltS. .
c! thouS All Druggists.
zineered by a
CU-LUittBIA, S. KJ. c
Man's strength
MOM jjes jn jjjg
k. indiges tioa
ubles colic or .
? IS stomach.
Ions, cuts and
-when locally A poor, weak digestion debili
..k?t J J J .1. -LT _ 1 3
saxes ana lmpoverisnes ine ooay. \ u
^write0^6 " No need confining one's self to
certain simple diet, on this ac,UG
CO., count, when with the use of
"Hilton's Life for the Liver and
C. Kidneys" any kind of food may
be eaten with comfort. 25c a
lldS bottle. Wholesale by
- S. C. COLUMBIA, S. C, '1
sro*w ?
Shed Tears. *
- %
igs are rapidly advancing, but
we may be able to help yov,
itionery Co., ^
Twines, etc.
A, S. C.
Rnnf!ATin\ 7~"
Hi# WM t
ih is the Training afforded at
thand and Typewriti ng I
S. C.
enographer, Principal.
KTritft for ratalncnfl.
The Murray Improved
Cleaning and Dis- tributing
The simplest and most efficient
Complete Power Eqaipments, V J
any horse power.
Plain, Automatic and Corliss EnGines
Boilers, Saw Mills, Woodworking machinery
Grain machinery. Threshers, Bice Hullers
Grist Mills, Saws. Injectors,
Machinery, appurtenances of al! kinds.
vi. n. uiuucd ? u
304 Gtervais Street,
Near Union Depot. V
traps mmoc
<^3^\ . ;M
VTEWP tTm flrAo f. ArtiiapnHp
Sealer, cures Piles, Eczema,
3ore Eyes, Gianulated Eyelids,
Carbuncles, Boils, Cuts, Brnis- - |
33, Old Sores, Burns, Corns,
Bunions, Ingrowing Toenails,
Inflammatory Rheumatism,
iches and Pains, Chapped
Sands and Lips, Erysipelas,
[t is something everybody
aeeds. Once used always used.
For sale by all druggists and ^
lealers. At wholesale by" - A
1'JtLtt MUKiCAX UJttlitt UU.,
Columbia, S. C. ~M
Complete Power Plants for J
Factories and Mills.' ?
Engines, Corliss-Automatic, A
Plain Side Valves.
Boilers, Heatets, Pnmps. A
o n .11 i
oaw Mills, irom small pi?
;ation mill? to the heavM
nills in the market. ifl
All kinds of wood worj
nacMnery. m
Flour and corn milling^
jMnery. ^
Complete Ginning System^
jnmmus, Van Winkle ana^B
Jkngmes ? JDOiiers ?Saws ?
Tins in stock for quick delivery.
V. C. Badham, w
1326 Main Street,
Alcoholic, Opium (Mor>hine),
and other narcotic
[rugs; also cigarette and other
obacco habits. Address or
ail at >*C.
The Keeley Institute, 1
1109 Plain Street.
Columbia, S C.
No other in the state.
ombines all the best features j
Best Type Writer. ^g]
For particulars address
I. L. Withers, ?
On improved real estate. ^4
Interest eight per cent.
payable semi-annually. j
Time 3 to 5 years. ^
No commissions cliarged
fnor B. Palmer & Son,
' ,T "
205 Plain St., Columbia, S. C.
- M

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