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The News And Herald Co.
One Year, ... 81.50
Six Months. ? . .73
Wednesday, May 23. - - - 1900
The colored p?>ple ihoald have
lwrned bj thia time that tijey ffaia
nothing by iasoleace to white people
and by cri?ae. The Auzasta tragedy
of Sunday, May ISih. i* a ca?e iu
r\n.ir\t onJ ?h*? fi'nrftd naonle have ha<!
J""""! ? ? ? i c
a Jong list of object lo?son8 to the
same effect. A prominent young geutlemaa,
Mr. Aleck Whitney, and a
friend boarded a crowded street car.
They precarei seats Presently two
negroes caoie on tho cir. Oae of
them insisted on taking the seat occupied
by Mr. Whitney, who told the
negro that there was no room in the
seat. The negro's companion, who
had goae in a seat just in front of Mr.
Whitney, told bis cemrade to sit there
anjhoir. The impudent negro ihere"
upon sat in Mr. Whitney'* lap. This
Mr. W hitney & a matter of course
tried to resist, and he struck the \ egro
with the back of his hand. The negro
ia the front seat, William B. Wilson,
immediately turned and delibtrtiiely
fired a pistol in Mr. Whituev'd face.
Mr. Whitney died a few miuates afterwards
while beicg carried to tie L ospital.
Net satisfied with having mortally
wounding- Whitney, tho bea6t
Wilson tried to kill Wbitne\'8 frieud
when the latter caught hold cf him,
fnrtHnatelv another murder was
prevented by the hammer of the pistol
catching the friend's hand. Augusta
was naturally set wili with
excitement. Wilson was arrested on
the spot with the pistol in his hand,
a?d hurried to the jiil. Angry crowds
collected on the streets, and the mgre
was spirited away. Prominent citizens,
amon* them Dr. Plunkett, the
Presbyterian minister, the deceasod
pistor and friend, counseled law and
order, and twice quieted tke crowd
and secured a promise that there
would be no lrnching. It is not uecssiary
to go over the whole story. The
negro wrs liken from a deputy iroaa
the train, handed asd his body riddled
by 144 ballets.
The resile is that Augusta will now
wag? war against the pocket gaa and
iasist oa the enforcement of the kw
there which requires that the whites
and blacks fchill be separated. This
occurrence emphasizes the importance
of legislation separating the two races
as much as possible. The Georgia
law should be followed elsewhere and
ngiaiy euiereea.
The point that we started oat to
make, however, is that the colcied
people shonld learn that they mast
abandon insolence and impudence.
We ventare to say that no colored,
man has ever been grossly insulted by
a real white gentleman without the
negro provoklog the iBsult The colored
man will gain the respect and the
help of the white mau when he behaves
himself iu a way to deserve it.
They aboald follow the advice of sock
men as Bookter T. Washington and
Bev. Carroll, of their own race. These
colored men are respected by the
white people, and they only have to
ask to receive help from the white*.
Ia this connection we refer to the
article published to-day from tie And^rton
Intelligencer. A few days ago
ont West, <1 colored missionary to
Africa addressed a large audience, and
among o^her things said that the
pioneer missionaries to Africa were
the godly women of Old Virginia who
clothed aad gave the gospel to their
slaves, which is really. the truth.
Thousands of such missionaries can
be found in this Siato. The speaker
counseled his race to learn useful
trades and practice industry, m
other words he advised them to obtain
a real education suitable to their
station in life. The colored man will
never amount to anything as Ion? as
he imagines that a knowledge of how
to read and write exempts him from
work, and gives him a license to be
impudent to his saperiors Oiie of the
hindrances to the succesjful progress
of the colored race is the character of
the women that race is producing.
Thsy live iu idleness to a great extent,
and especially when able to write a
little they conclude that their mission
in life i? to dress and imitate white
ladies. They forget that in the Northern
States sad eltewhere white wo
men. far their saperiors in education |
and everjtbiog else, AH tho position
ot scrY&nU.
Honey is a sweet subslance secreted
by the nectari#s of flower*. It is also
secreted in small quantities by little
glandular organs on certain plants
like the cow pea. It is takeu up by
the proboscis of the bee and deposited
in a special pouch callcd the honey
ac and conveyed to the hive. It is
possible that the insect imparts to it
toue little acid. Bat honey is not
nector digested by the bees as fome of
the good people, that lire in tbe
flowrs and garden spots of onr bcuib?ss
and prosperous little town Winneboro,
The flavor and qualities of it depend
upon the source from which it is
gathered. Ja<*ge.
The home of I he honey bee, FairSid
Cotton Mills.
Miss Florence Newman, who hai
teen a great sniierer iroio ikusuu ?.r
rheumatism, says Chamberlain's P*i:i
Balm is the only remedy that affords
her relief. Miss Newmau is a much
respected resident of the village of
Gray, N. Y., and makesthis statement
for the benefit of others similarly
iifiicted. This liniment is for sale by
McMaster Co., dru^istt. 1
bkyant items. ter< Miss Jespi ", spent the u
, , : T , , neighborhood on their waj
Without, the rain isgeatly falling, fawba. I do hope when tt
aiaking giad the hearts of the farmers, Fairfield (Jountv are co
who were beginning to feel somewhat Jennings tnay be fou
depressed oh aoeouat of the contiaued ?J"1
, r . Mr. Jennings can t eiect h
dry weather} which was preventing friends will hive to help hi
ota fmm wimlnor nn tr? a. na h?v#> arnn&intanees in 0
goDd stand. Upland corn not doing ties in the State, and we si
so w.H. ieaerallr 6p.aki.S. We do ?"??
ot think that it i? as forward as it etc. should not only
was last year. However, if we get when it is convenient, l
sufficient rain, it may regain what it make sacrifices to aid him,
h?MM ?T r,t. The rain wHI
prove highly beneficial to it. Cotton edge tbat have helped :
has not come np to a jjoed stand yet. helped others.
Eirly plantiogi have attained a bet- May 1G, 1900
ter fctan.l than (he late. The latter CASTOJ13
will, in all probability, came ap now BeaTgthQ ^Ths Kind You Havi
?in?e the rxin. Graia net doing so Signature
well. Won't maKC near a* luuco us or
wa3 expected.
Gardens are looking nicely. The special kates
Colorado beetle id verr destraclife to
t . , . . w , , annual meeting nation.
Irish potatoes. We ..oueed a good TI0NAi AssociATroN', jcly
many little sq.ashes and encumber. xheSoatheru Hallway w
on the vicss to-day. Sweet potato tlip t!cke!i n,,m Charle-to,
slips are ready (or transplanting. the ra.e of ?ne first^.Uj, ,
Soue have been set out already. r(mod w t) st Au?03
The fruit crop promiies to he an P(!15al!ola Fia, Mobile.
abundant one, especially peaches and 0ricanSj La _ ?cri<lian,
apple.; also blackberries. t?i?2ham, Ala:, Ohattano.
A series of meetings were held at Bristol,Tenn, White Snlph
the Presbyterian Church commencing Va., Washington, D. C , N'
Friday ni^fat last and closing Sunday anll i?terin(,aiate points.
night. The pastor, Rev. J. G. Hern- Ti?k<!le ?in be fiold j .
don, preached some excellent sermons wUh fiQal []m]t Jnly 29t
and a *reat dsal of interest was maui- h.j]ders of re(nrn portion,
fe*t?d. Sjme acceisions were made trip tickets sold to Charles
to the charch. on acconnt of anr.nal meeti
Mis. Cirrie Stewart, of Winn*boro, educationai association. S
peat some time in thU section rc- portiors of roumJ trip ,j
cea?l>"* deposited with agen(3 from
Mr. Riley Stewart, of Winnsboro, trip ticke(s are parchase
wf.s ia Lonriown on Snnday. wiU isgne receipt3 for t5ckei
Mr. John R Craij, of Blackstock, j{C(j au(j ap3u preseniatii
was in this section on Taeiday* also receipts will return to or
Mr. Arthur Craig. chafers the return p ;rtioi
Mr. Will Stewart, of Columbia, jj.jp t|ckgtg deposited. F<
spent some time herd recently. information apply t> any a
Mr. ,lno. W. Seiffler. of Winusboro, ^ ;tc ^
"" ?* ' ' tJVU IUC) 11 llr'ill ?* fir y V* v
visited relatives here during th: fir?t
... " annual meeting south e!
of the weas. sale grocers' associatic
Mrs. Sira Stewart, who ha? b?en leston, S. C., may 24-2
visiting relatives at Winnaboro and The Sou:heru Railway
Columbia, has retoroad borne. rolln(i ,ickets to Charleston
ilr.L.T. Wild., of ColotDi'a, cams , a, ?,e rsle of one
up on Saturday. His aaay friends , , , . . r
here were 'lad to see him. liK for ,he rcund tr,S> fr"?
May 16, 1900. E. H. D. ou 5t< iinp, on account ol
?occasion. Tickets to be s<
volcanickraptioas .... . ... . , ? , .
_ . .23 an--! 24, with final limit
Are grand, bat Skin Eruptions rob , . ? , .
life of joy. Backlen's Araica Salve 41 x0r (Jetalied 1
cures them; also Old, Banning and aPP*y t0 auv sgcutof tli
Fever Sores, Ulcers, Boils, Felons, R-i lway, or iis connections
Corns, Warts, Cuts, Bruise*, Barns, ??Tnv ^n>pWTA1
Scalds, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, " *' L AL S SSI0J Mrs?ic
Best Pile cure on earth. Drirex out ??.
Pains and Aches. Only 25 ct*. a box. washington, d.
Cure guaranteed Sold by McMaster 0? account of the abo'f
Co., druggists. the Southern Railway will
trip tickets from all points
white oak chips. t() wa,hidgt0d) d. ^ ac
Dry weather, hard ground and poor the ra*e one first-class J
stands of crops is the principal sub found trip. Dates of sale
ject discttssed np bere. There is a au^ 22, with final limit Maj
large percent of the crop to be plauted Persons residing at nonyet;
the last planting can't come up ^011S desiring to avail th<
ut.tUl it rains. The email grain is these redaced rales and
TKoro coacon tickets will be requ
*Cijr guuu. viaiutus uui; ian .
will he plenty of frait around here. l^e a?ent at their station a
The grocery store of T. G. Patrick or three days in advace <
& Co. was broken into on las! Sunday P?5e(i trip in order that 1
night and i quantity of good? carried snabled to obtain through t
+v? , 4- . For detailed information
off. This is the secaod time this s.ore adtlre8S any agcnt of th<
has been broken lato in the last three Railway, or its connections
months. ? ? ?
Jndge Bueschel is again quite sick. Ths easiest and most effecl
He had the grippe and got able to get ptirifying th.e blood ao<
u u i ? j j ins the system is to take D<
about, bat relapsed, and is oow very (le Early Risers, the famoo
*ick. for cleansing the liver a
The "White Oak school close.l yester- McMaster Co.
dar. Professor R. L. Spenser will
leave for bis home in York County in a docs ?kxtlemanl
a few days. We will be 6orry to lose
Jjjjjj The Sagacious Animal Help*
Oar teachers have all about re- Man Over an i?y*ide^
tamed from their schools?Miss Ch.il- Appleton papers report!
lian Pixley and Ida Patrick from of more than usual intell
King's Mountain High School; air. sympathy on the part of a fc
R. L. Patrick from his school in Edge- dog in tL&t city, reports t
field coantv, and Miss Kittie Patriot, kee Journal. Alexander CI
of Mount Olivet school. Mias Jerusha maker, has but one leg, tt
Mitchell, of the Wilksbnrg school, has ing monnted on a peg. Hi
not returned, as her school has not iiighisway down Appletc
yet closed. his shop. The walk3 were
There was communion services in had trouble. When he ca
the church here last Sunday, con- street, two blocks from tl
ducted by the Rev. J. M. White, of large St. Bernard dog can
York county. All tte service were the other side of the street,
well attended. irousie, same over ana
Mr. Roes Lore and sis?e-. Mi-s Close's hand gently in Lis e
Ma'tie, of York County, spent ?e??ral Close at first resented the a
day6 with their sister, Mrs. 8 R. Pat- dog led on and showed wha
rick, last week. He helped Mr. Close on
Misg Daisie Crowder, of Buckhead, they reached cleared walk c
is vieiting her aunt, Mrs. T. W. Tray- side of College avenue, wl
ior. caper of satisfaction he t
Mr. Clarence Traylor is home for and weat on his way. The
vacation from the Columbu-?, Ga., have had no other possible i
Bnsiness College. that of helpfulness. He i
Mrs. Gwinn, of Eist W^teree, is his course and went acrosi
visiting her daughter, Mrs. W. E. to do what he saw was n>
Ilendrix. was pleased wben he saw
* * - rri nr - - -r rtn o nlao r\ ttto 1 Ir
jar. 1 TT. iiawif, dr., Ol I^HUKUIS, ? vjvhu rrwuk, oaptoou
Ga., faid oar town allying visct thia faction and went about h
week. What more coald a human
The old veterans around here are people passed the lame pa:
beginning to talk of the reunion in his struggles to keep hia
Louisville, bat owing to the distance the icy walk; but he was le
and the busy time, there won't many to supply the needed relief
2:0. We hope, however, that our dtle- , i
gates and sponsor, Miss Mamie Ellison,
will be on hand.
J. Q Hood, Justice of tbe Peace,
Crosby, Miss., makes the following Worn
statement* "I can certify that One ingfr
Minute Uongh Cure will do all that it .mMlU t r on
claimed for it. My wife could not get vreak
her breath and tbe first dose of it re- irom
lieved her. It hat also benefited my QjraSn or pa
whole family." It acts immediitely 'Wf&agy ses.
and cares cough?, colds, croup, grippe, Jflto lo
bronchitis, as'hma and all throat and f\_ x y/y^j^(doctc
lung troubles. McMastor Uo. A Whelp 1
Stand of corn pretty fair, with good ^Sea
deal ot it to plant, especially on bottom W/y / wSt& derst,
land; some upland to prepare and J( / W the p
plant; can only be done after rain. * " ment
Cotton that was planted before heavy delicate organism of worn;
rains only fair stand; that planted t0
just after rain eood; and that planted
later on wiil not come up until raia, &t?**iJr?EL.&J ?
ou red thirsty land. Our worst trou- Female Reg
bie on s*iff land, we can scarcely eui- wmcn is tne true cure
tiv&te crop (hat's up. ky Nature for all female ti
is the formula of a phvsic
Uarden* are not doing any good. . . , . . K - ,
T . , x mghest standing", who d<
Irish potatoes are small and not many whole ^ to t?e study (
to the hill, even where they were coy- tinct ailments peculiar to
ered with straw. The oat crop, with ers, wives and daughters,
a good rain soon, will be excellent, of soothing, healing, stre
Wheat pretty fair and early varieties ^er^s and vegetables, w
. , been provided by a kindly
may be good. irregularity in the me
Mrs W. S. Hall has returned from corrhcea, Falling of the Wc
a visit to Gaffney, accompanied by her ousness, Headache and
daughter, Mra. J. R. Dye. In fairness to herself and
I field's Female Requlat
visitod his aunt, Mrs W. T. McCrorey, ^omantc
. tnal. A large $i bottle
ca Lis way from Catawba picnic wonderful aniotmt of good
Miss Loula. McCrorey has gone to firrLe-eists.
Angnsta to visit her sister, Miss , , ?
Mat tie McCrorev * 7 tUttStTlte<1 free bock 0
Mr. R. H. ;JeDniDgs and bis dangh- Braflflcld Regulator Co.,
?i?s? - n?'3g!g?EMaamcamfg? EWCM naa?
tight in the!
unied that I ?r^
nd on each
Treasurer. | |fl |!i Li ?;<4
imse!f; his; f :
m. All of [ ? W 9 & ***
ther conn- [j (CTf??ST^^ ' - = '!d wl? ioa!d
write [! . ;jj
: fne office,' [j .j|| Z?LL
for we are ! [' 1 \ j. . j "
st. pleasure ; I ;--. - ' ?'j ?
some one-j i i^tfebteftc^saliea&rAr- I fl *'
' ' 1 j | simulating the Food andReg uU - ; J|
| tirig the Stomachs andBowclsoT I M jiP0,7
Promotes Digestion.Cheerful- jS ^
I ness and Rest.Contains neither Jgj n|
Opium,Morphine nor Mineral. Sj U.
, r,_^i Not Narcotic.
14.1900. . E
ill sell side j f cfOldBrSAJ-'UELPIltLIER
1, S. C., at j | J^junpfcui Seed' 8ra
'arft for the J i fSuZuL- ) M
line, Fla.J f /hast Seed* I ra A
__ ftypermint - > fefi l
Ala , New SiCarbcncitSoio,* ( jgg |
>f. 0. fiLmSced - I jag iJL
Miss., Bir- I fbnfirdSu/jar - J jjSi! a
)gay Tenn., . ) ? f\f
urSpriiigs, Aperfect Remedy for Constipa- Ws |j
Drfolk,Va , | tion. Sour StoiRach.Diarrhoca. .g | |&j
\ Worms Convulsions .Feverish- J? \
nth, 1900, acss and Loss of Sleep, w
h, 1900, lo TacS:n>ile Signature of Hi w
: ;ourod : 1
national NEW YORK. ^ 2
d. Agents g exact copv of wrappeb. ^gsajpj
ts so depos- [ ^s !
in ftt said ff-r,-'(''ik'Sr THCC1
igioa! par- ?? ?
is of round
or detailed " "' ??
o-ell of the THE SCX'S ECLIPSE. TBI
om.ecti0ns. The Points that will be la the Line of
ju whole- Totality.
>x, char- The State. Richard
1900 Kvt n body is talking about the corn- bauds o
will sell i"- toial eclipse of the sun on the 28th foa
S 0 and 'nst ~one week from to-dav. In this ing b n
' 1<1{.c ^:ate ?dg-iield, Litile "Monntain, tte mos
: nrsi-ciass Winnsboro, and Lancaster will be the has a d(
l k!1 noints nrino.in.ul noinii? in th* r.enfre of the COnC?ril
F the above Pfcth through South Carolina \Vinn?- negro,?
)ld Mav 92 kor> w^' be 0?^ of the chief point* of
J " 1 observation in the State The C. N. for this
& L. road wiil run au excursion to tber doi
uformation Little lluurjtaiu, where the opportu- Audersc
e Southern nities *i!l, according to Prof Coie >ck, most tbr
be bet;er iban anywhere else in the Qe?r<
United Slates to witness the totality. an^ it i'
l council Toe United States department of of crime
shrike, agriculture, through its weather b*- a very e
r 22-24. r<au service, is determined to get the teH .v?ai
re occasion most complete shadow band obaerva- l^e fr'e*
sell round uons daring the eclipse. In order to "egro's
An ;fc oc secure the*e State Section Director his over
Bauer ba^ already selected observers bor. Tl
id return at at different stations in this Stale to do Aicts, fc
Fare for the the woik. Th? following from the betweeu
May 20 21 department at Washington shows how cothing
' A)>onprraf;fti 5 will Vio SOCi&l S
27 I lu?o uu.v.iiaHv.u *w ?,v .
The observation on the shadow friend a
coupon sta- taadi arc voluntary at all the weather other ha
imselves of bureau stitions, but it ii hoped that plemeut
[ purchase me*hiKl of obiervinj (0euQ may be by far
irp^fncriup explained to persons who will co-op- ,abor y
? erate with the weather bureau officials from be
t least two by undertaking them. Sneh work on are
>f the pro- the band< should be carried on at as graduall
ae may be raany place3 as possible throughout velopme
icketa etc tbe reSion covered by the track of The neg
call on or totaiitv' but they ara more valuable ilJg ths
1 Southern 8^one tbe edge? than oh the central galitv,
IJL,uluCiU ]iDe. - - much ra
Just before and just following tbe zen* T
' - j Arrt/1 r\a/
instants 01 totality, tnat 19 me secoca ^
tiye method aad third ?ontacJ?, a series of shadow as.st?r?,t
i invigorat- b&wb pass over the ground, in differ- wish to<
;Witt's Lit- en^ directions at the two contacts. It
is little pills jg very important to observe the fol- gested
ad bowels. iowing poiDts regarding tbein: (1) that ear
The direction of motion, which is that 11 might
? perpendidular to the bands themselves; such an
tact. (2), the velocity of motion; (3), the ^
namber of band* and ligat spaces per negro c
ed a Lame ^ (^)( the ste&dy or flickering: herein.
characteristics and other physical people 1
an instance aspects that they may preseut. It is charge 0
igence ?nd cese^sary to make these observations m.ean? 0
St. Bernard a3 follows: Smooth apiece of grouud "ltu
be Milwau- earefully and fasteu a large white ?je oc>u.
ose, a shoe- gheet without wrinkles so that the ra 1 g
le other be- edges shall be oriented exactly sorth joor#, i
3 was mak- to south and cast to west; lay d?1c*
m street to d0w? a straight stick two yards awani
icy and he long parallel to the .bands at the first ?? ??"
me to Fisk appearance of tiiem before the totality ae
shop, a and leav? it in p!a?e, and then anoiher 11 we W1
te along on stick when they appear sg*in after
noticed the totality; meaiure the exact angle be- ^
took Mr. tween these sticks, and between each
nouth. Mr. 0f them and the true north and south Bearathe
Let, but the lino; provide a board two yards lowg Signature
the meant, painted black and white in alternate of
ma way mi jeet, maKinj xnree DiacK spaces aua
m the other three white spaces, and lay it down in
len with a tbe direction the bands are running; Mr. M
urned back count the number of bands seen on from the
> dog could the whole or a portion of this board arr-va(j
notivethan as is convenient aud easy to do with
itopped on accuracy, and thus estimate the width Stone.
3 the street 0fthe bauds and of the light spaces,
eeded. He respectively; ruo along side the bands a?sx?grthe
convoy at aa equal pace with their motion and
1 his satis- determine by comparison with a
is business, measured distance the velocity in the
do? Many number of feet per second. Note any
an and saw peculiarities of the bands actually seen
footing on and n0t imagiaed. It will probably Irg^ <
ift to a dag be possible to secure the assistance of
others so that tb several parts of this |||
1 l_' " work may be assigned to different g&i
^^_5, persons, and confusion should be
B**m* avoided by sufficient preliminary prae- "7f/Jfj/y
W B ^ce* depend upon the k 1J!k
W B good judgment of the observers.
' These ?ciip3e bauds are to be seen
en suffer- most favorably near the edges ol the
ol a A Aurr r\f fhfl fnto l?rr onil If ifi inn^h ^1\. a
viM IV11 in iw Qiiftuwr* VJ VWV iVkUiii; ) auu IV a? kUMWM |%\\ ^
iblesand to be hoped that persons who happen
ness, and to be in such places may be iudaced
irregular to co-operate iu tuis special observa- I
inful men- lion. Your knowledge of the locality I La
ought not may enable you, by your coriespond- |
se hop? if en?e, to secure the services of several | ,Do y<
>rs cannot such parties. | llfiT0dr::i
them Phv- l"e rec01'ds eaould be Mailed to Sof^ood
is are so lhe central office exactly as originally 5uifcttyi
with nthpr ra:i^e an<* Without uiodificatiou when Imeastri
that 01jce ^-ures are filtered. Sup- cvcryw!
, , posed mistakes may bo referred to by
ao no* ^J1" meaas of side notes and special remd,.
^ marks. ML;;
rfWhenever tbe:e is only one obsei rer Us-is.
5 at a sta; ion all the observations It- re ???
an. What indicated which will inter/ere witli mak<.-_
is to give tbe necessary duties of the station, ft s^:
such as the taking of the ruorning ob- trouDic
scrvatiun, the preparation of the map, order?
He distribution of the forecast*, *tc ,
'Ui&fOt* will be omitted, but all the dita h:cb the ch*
provided eau b"s acquired outside this litniti- j
roubles. It tioD eboa!a 1)6 entered and transmit- health,
nan of tho tec*' the?e stations reiiauce must CQSts ?
svoted his be Pla&ed 0,1 tlie self-registering appa- Fori
li the dis- ralu*- *s alwa)s preferable to dlroccic
^ .1 rend -Mnda-d insirnm^n's Re- "Tb^ I
It is made" ThcC1
.ijv; Frank H. Bigelow, tarfoog;
sngtnening jQ cj;?rge 0f t{je eclipse obsorvasious. _.MKShich
nave ? ^ Toxa^^
Nature to Relief in six Honrs. back, bu
rnhS'w^^' Distressing Kidney 3nd Bladder Dis- ?=?o
1 -u " ease relieved in six lnur3 by "New
Backacne. (^reat South American Kidney Cure." j ^-,-p
lu it is a great surprise on account ot ljs x ^
;or, every exceeding promptness in relieving pain pa"TPl
> give it a in bladder, kidneys aBd back, in male rflo
will do a or female. Relieves retention of water
. Sold by almost immediately. If yon want ( .
$ qnick : e;iel *id cure ihis is the remedy. ^ - ?t3thetubj?cL
told by W. E Aiken, druggist, WiunsAtlanta,
6i* boro, S. C. 9?2ti 1;
???????nana?iBHfirnif t iiim -aacsaM?aa
ly I ya'.lrl CHAINLES
-ind ChiMren^, The first choice of i
3 5, enced and particular
fM l ty everywhere?the best
mio fW-' ? bIe proof of its suPe
ftn -yO 1 Lightened constructs
/v provementsthroughou
i -i ? * + ?f -
:s tne / %. Models>
Si \\ F leac^nb medium*
J? fr bicycles. Their twelfi
I \f\ success- exce^(
Uf . manufacture, durabili
|P4 % | H ease of running they ;
tj| excelled in their class.
JT ||SS ModeIs'$^b?
5jiJIJ ra
prepare for
Anderson Intelligence. ?
anthnsiastic reception which
Carr*Il was tendered at ihe
f lho white people of Ander- \\j & can plea.Se you
se City Hall l&*t Sunday even- yy Stripes. Batisfc
ot proof sufficient, to convince c * i -n r
t skeptical that the white man colorings. rrices I:
iep feeling of interest in ar.d White Goods of e
for the advancement of the j* i.. i.t,_
ertainly the added evidence ot from 5c to 50C the
:ral and spontaneous offering Effects for waists. W
ssrat ?sus6ur r,- si?rn in s,rc
)n CoHniv and city hare the l3.st year. We can pie
ifty and peaceable population P]aids; also beautiful
>es of any aection of the State, , j .
3 a notable fact that the ratio Waists and trimmings,
among them his decreased in
narked degree within the iast lK/f T T
rs. Thi< condition is du1? 10 -/ VJ. Jl X.
idly interest manifested in the tir , . ,1
welfare by the white mau? Q. are Constantly
seer, his landlord, his neigh- can please you in style
here are never any race con- nn>Pe
?r there is nothing at variance Pri^es. I ne Dest tnat
1 the two. The negro cares ?
for politics; he recognize?his *??.
tatus and respects his white
s his mental superior. On the yj i.:n -t.nwi
.nd, each is the necessary com- . 01we a.re s\m sn0W1
of the other. Negro labor is 01 Shoes in the COUnl
the most s?Uf?ctbrv of ?njr Sandals and High-Cut
et tried, and while it n far , &
ing entirely satisfactory, there VOU Cannot
jy hindrances that are being sell VOU.
Iy overcome in the negro's da- iir * r
:nc under proper management. are anxiOUS iO
ro in this county is fast learn- efforts to please VOU in
lesson of economy and fruand
becomes in that ratio a
ore valuable and valued citi- fjTI A II
bis tribute to Anderson's col- 1 r}A liQlflWAj
>ple is but a just one, and t-> 1 il\J vUlUiIul
lieji that their white brethren
?m continued advancement and ???????
A lorifr I hie line am] Slier- ??w tr -w ya w -w w
y the very excellent lecture of ^ I J /VI /VI l~~*
pl'i'anihropic negro, <- V-/X - Ai - XJ***,
be pLiMi.cut to suggest thtt
inetitation as Carroll's in Cofor
the training of the young
hildren might be established ???
A.nderion. There are colored
jere amply competent to take
f such a venture aod make it a
f uplifting the race. Such inis
in accessible points all over SEE my li
.h will go far toward amelio- r A ,
the degradation at our very I<-)1 y
5r which the Christian world
responsible. W* hope, at no
day, to see an institnlion of SEE my lil
I at every county seat in the J
The negro will help himself
II only show hiua how. crr v
o th Cj my 111
ASTORIA. llgee bllirtS*
Have Always Bought
ayo, a scieutific photographer SEE my 1
i University of Virginia, has Neckwear,
here and will as^st Professor
- SEE my
. Children's Sli
g&i SEE mv li
i SEE my
Children's Ga
B SEE my B
/$ | 'j^^p Jp want anytfiin<
- 1 k '* O D ^
/is Your RfifrroE* j ^' *
p sac s^vklia^ eyes, ii^heal'.hy, ^ j--p
^tl'..'u"S 5"*ac cli;cr<J<.r cf t'ie'dis- fi tft jfsls " S3 ^
?v'!^i?^an3 .. I V^jr^waM^r J g a
** * '"'I ^ 0
K-ZL*?E?>St \ Costs?
toorSrafe "
- ' ' '""^utiiul and beaithv The ImprON
-c- t tl-.e root of all the:. ? ? *.
. 'mere ii no menstrual di?- W rllt0
ache or pain which it will not 5. l\/l i j ?
It is for the budding girl, the? Jg? ,
ifc and the matron approaching ? 131 r l ??inge
of lue. At every trying |
in a woman's life it brings ? mmm, _?i __
strength r." 1 happiixjs. It 8 h IV n h* XF
i.oo of mcdk.ne dealers. f 1 rAI~l r *"
id" ice in cast s requiring special I .
>ns, address, giving symptoms, jj
..adies' Advisory Department.'* f No mslter how often or lu
Lattonooga Medicine Co., Chat-p we talk about thfc While I
i, Tenn. * ? Fretzer, we tell uothl"ff but
BOZEXA UE1VIS, of OenavHlr ' | about it. Ill !a<? I Lit re is nO
for telling anything DtH'ne
;? ' e/eiv feature of the White .'
... is a goo-i feature, and every
""" lel!i*g poii.t Only the v
>mA1iT nrr>M a ma'oriala are used iu its maa
5iUJN KiON, Agent and will produoe the finest<
!C FIRC INSURANCE' COMPANY ?reaailbe 6hortC6tP?9slbIe
OF NEW YOfll 3 QUARTS, $2.2o; 4QUAR'I
, 0 6 QUARTS, ^.25.
a fi.ajeof lbe public patronao-e.
y d.W, SEIGL
sxperi- The finest chain wheels acts
riders that it is possible to make, avoic
possi- having every improvement the i
rinritv. found in our new Chainless hub.
n, im- models, aside from the driv- drivi
t. New ing mechanism. New Mod- Chai
els, $$o. Price
-priced -The Stormers present a Lc
th year refinement of construction quali
;nce of and finish usually found only finis!
ty and in bicycles commanding requ:
- - - . 3 t
ire un- higher prices. 1 Hey are pop- aura
New ular favorites. New Mod- desii
els, cost.
OFFICE, Jordan 8c C
it by Buying Light I busij
- i ^ , w*de
ight Goods. The:
the s
- - ? wear
i in Colored Lawns, Organdies, Dimity ^
e. Zephyr Ginghams, in great variety
rom 5c to 25c the yard.
ve y description, Lawns and Organ- ever
yard, Fine Lace Stripe and Corded tjcje'
e have the prettiest line of Pique we
iat variety ot patterns; prices as low as ^ny
ase you in Fancy Dress Goods and win i
line Blaek Goods and Fine Silks for
' receiving additions to this stock, and unde
: and quality of the goods, and in low has
the money can buy is what we offer. throi
m ~y~ ~r~ . ? nfiss
^ Ljnirc
ng the largest and most complete stock R ,
:y. New styles in Ladies' Oxfords,
Shoes; Gents' Stylish Shoes in black ft
get better value in shoes than we will
ir your patronage and will use our best ,
goods and prices.
I Dry Goods Company.
ne of Serge Coats and Vests
ouths. W
ie of Men's and Boys' Pants.
ne of Men's and Boys' Neg
[ie of Silk and Duck Vests. Mac
ine of Ladies' and Gents'
line of Ladies', Misses' and pied
ppers. dene
T 1
ne of Fans. " * ^
line of Ladies', Misses' and
uze Undervests.
ig Summer Stock when you *7
y in that line. * ?
DP, MOFFETI'S *< Allays Irritation, Aids Digestion, ^' *
1 f3 ? S.!! i 4 Regulates the Bowels,
?IB ? K ? 8*2 / H Strengthens the Child,
s3-s 8 8 8 ? u <: f~|v Makes Teething Easy.
fcethin^ Powders) -A TF.hTHlNA Relieves the Bowel OU
t ? a i r. Troubles of Children oc eeries
ilj 25 cents at Druggists, any age. vve
cents to C. J. MOFFETT, M. D., ST. LOUIS. MO. trade.
__ ________________ j are pr
f&d i Headquarters |,v^
?j goods
for j
-r-, Low - Prices
-ix- gener;
w much 0N FLOORING. CEILI G. SIDUonnrain
lio^ | W
,T fVnth tiaraees, ^auuiw, ruiui- j - - tore
and Gro?eries of every kind.
>u o- ?fter a n^ce ^ne ?'
ft U l] y do I . ?
MciUMlaiti j
puiut is a "Ri irrrri^o ! ^
ory best Jll51_l^Q^l(3S
nfaeture, On
jualitv of raorr?
tln^. at cut prices. Bay nothing wc handle (.urns'
* > - ' nnt"^ *oa 2et our Pr*cc8 an(^ we '
-> *- ' >'' j j.ave you money. aal c:
Reepeetfally, j
or t
?R M. W. Doty 8c Co n-s
directly upon the tire,
l!_/v ^11 tiM/lna ttranr ftf
Ullg <111 UiiUUt YVUU v/?
nechanical parts in the
No straining of the ^
ng wheel. For either > f(
nless or Chain Models.
? ^with our 1900 models J ^^tQQ
>w in price, but high in
ty. Staunch and wellted,
they possess every
isite of strength and
bility. Best for all riders
ing first wear at a small
New Models, $2?.
Davis, Agts.,
>oro, S. C. - . g?|
' tj
Ut continuous _ ~
tiess have given our goods
and general distribution.
f have been subjected to
severest usage and their
ing qualities have been
e Guarantee^ I
f chain, button, every M
we jell, to give satisffl
you being the judgB
article failing to do thB
be cheerfully exchangecNB
We Deliver
- a
ork, we sell no goods not - *
t our guarantee, which
never been questioned
ighout our entire busiBRANDT,
te Jeweler and Optician,
m at.
_?_ _ - i
rhe Easy Running
iil MM ?.
hine of the age, embrac^lH
all the latest improvets.
Unequaled for Dura- V
!, Range of Work and V
ealers wanted in unoccuterritory.
Correspon- j
e solicited. Address, m
General Agent, M
Richmond, Virginia. 9
-28-iy ^
.rmers, ***
is new compieto. *1
caier specially f>?r the fat-mei-a'
\YTe k'f?w what they ve^d, ami
epu cd 11 mm ve ih-ui sii<' aibotirices.
a:iO cat rv a nice line of shelf
SHOES, HATS. *1jjfe
ve/ythirig1 usually found in %
>il >t ire.
[Joods d-iivervd to our city trade.
a*;d PC<* as.
Improved Firms wiu'eii bv fir#t
ays. Int! r* 8 ,-'?r ?eut. In
nor iw s tban $500, 3 to 8 } ears.
>inuii8sioiis. Borrower pa>sacy^enses.
S. & W. D. D0U6LA&S.
Winnsboro. IS. C. v
!5 Columbia, S.- C2???
- . ?

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