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Wednesday, May 23, - - - 1900
?Read adrerlhement of Winthrop
y College.
?Election of teachers. See advertisement.
?See advertisement teachers' snia
?Read Mr. J09 Mclieekin's card
^ A-for County Supervisor.
P W ?Attend meeting of Mt. Zioa Society
Tbur?day morning at 9 SO
?Mr. J. B. Mormon announces
himself for the House of Representatives.
''After snffering from piles ior fifteen
years I was cared by using two
r?aW?ff'o Wifr.h Hazel i
UUAO* Vl w *? ?%% v ..
Salve," write* W. J. Baxter, North
Brook, 2f. C. It heals every thing:,
lewaie of counterfeit.'. McMasterCo.
?If you want stylish and up-todate
miLincr , to Mrs. J. D. McCarley's.?ai
?BithopJ.S Key wrote: Tiethdo.
(Ttething Powders) wa6 more sa:i?fa?tory~than
aaytbiDj we ever used. *
?A iligkt fail in ttmperatare occurred
on Sunday eveniaj and the
-* ?-- I^OK rrraotor fhon WAR I
COSUJO WAS i auici i v* MWM ww ?- .
^ pleasant.
"DeWitt'i Little Early Kisers are
the finest pills I ever used."?D. J.
Moore, Millbrook, Ala. They quickly
cure all lirer and bowel troubles. McMaster
?Hiss Jaoie Flenniken and one or
wo wtbtr yoang ladies (are a recital
*ttMe College for Women in Columbia
01 Friday night.
?Mrs. CharJie Broem, of Colombia,
aud Mr. and Mrs. Barber, of North
- Carolina, h*.ve been on a visit to Mrs.
C. C. Leitaer in Grseabrier.
?A meeting of Mt. Zion Society
will be held Thursday morning at 9.30
to appoiat coamittees to attend to
the care af visitors daring tfce .eclipse.
"I had stomaeh trouble twenty year*
and gave up hopes of being cored till
I bezan to use Kodol Dyspepsia Cure.
I. doae me 80 much good 1 call it
the savior of my life," write* W. R.
SFilkiciou, Albany, Tean. It digests
Mat you eat. Me Master Co.
P^-Mr. A. Mc. Blair, of Krceabrier,
aLof Mr. Tfcoa&s Blair, la as retarded
Ra Augusta where he has been
Biding school. He cam? home on
Kant of sickness, bat is improving.
^-Mr. W. if, Propst, we learn from
jae Yorkville Enquirer,'has retired
Bp from tbe positioa that fee neic as
bookkeeper jwith tho firm of Riddle
& Carrol acd will give his whole attention
to tli? inssran e basinea?.
?A pleaiant ice cream affair was
jiven at Mr. J. D. Lylet' in Greeabrier
on Friday night whick was well
alluded by the whole co?mnnily,
mftrriad m#n and women, bachelors,
old maidB, maidens, boys and girls.
J. C. Kennedy, Roaneke, Tenn.,
^ say6, "I cannot say too much for DeWitt'#
Witch Hazsl Salve. One box
of it cared what the doctors called an
incurable mlcer on my jaw." Cnree
piles and all skin diseases. Look oat
for worthless imitations. McMaster
?Dr. James DeePortej, of Ridgeway,
was one of the roaog physicitns
who snMeufnilj- passed the examination
bj tbe State board recently held
i? Columbia Dr. DesPortes is a
graduate of the Charleston Medieal
?Dr. O. Yongne Owings, of Co,
*5^ lumbia, was elected president of tb^
State pharmaceutical association at
the meeting recently held in Charleston.
This is a very high compliment
to Dr. Owings, and his many friends
in his old home will be pleased to
k know of the honor conferred npon
8 Bk "Alter suffering iroaa ?evere dyspepmk
sia oyer twelre yean and using many
n remedies without permanent good I
^KHHSKfinally took Kcdol Dyspepsia Care. It
me so mach good I recommend it
^flagg everyone," writes J. E. "Watkins,
^aL-rk and Secorder, Chillieothe, Mo.
^Blige3t8 what yoa eat MeMaster Co.
?At the State Democratic eonveo
lion, Held in Colombia on yveanesGaj,
tho follow iog Fairfield men were appointed
on "committees: J. W. Liles,
constitntion and by-laws; J. E. McDonald,
platform and resolutions.
Mr. Thos. H. Ketchin was appointed
a member of the State executive committee.
?Mrs. Martha Martin, widow of
the late G. D. Martin, of Fairfield
C#anty, died od Wednesday, 9th. inst.,
at the home of her son-in-law. Col.
4 i llnocQ
U. 21. L/iVltCi I) CllCi A UU?I limvoc)
ifc aged 72 years. Two 6ons and three
Bl daughters sarvive her, Interment on
May 10th at Monticello, Fairfield
L Coanty.?Newberry Observer.
Sep W. 8. Mcsaer, Millheim, Fa., saved
R the life of his little girl by giving her
One Minnte Cough Cure when she was
dying from cronp. It is the only harmless
remedy that rives immediate results.
It qaickly cures coughs, eolJs,
bronchitis, grippe, asthma and all
throat and lung troubles. McMaster
?Darin* the storm last Friday
afternoon the top was torn off of the
tank oa tfca cottoa warehouse h?ar
th? freight depot. This taaae ?torm
played havoc with the astronomers'
station on Fleitniken's hill. Fortunately
nothiag was badiy d*asg?d,
bnt the tent was blown down and the
wiad and raiu scattered things sb ut
bad It.
?Mt. Zica Institute will close earlier
this year than last on accouat of
the *horf Loiiday ihat was given at
Christmas. The pupl!? hare been
I basy with ibeir dual examinations and
these are s.t latt over and the ordinary
routine work will beciutinued
daring the two weeks remaioiog before
the ciose of school. No couamsnotmeat
exercises will be held at the
close of the ?cbool.
?Professor Stone delivered a lecfc
tare ozi the #ol*rsjhteai to the papiU
efMt. Z.'q\\ on Friday. The professor
was listened to with rapt attention
by pupils aid teachers and bi* !e?tnre
was delightful and iastiacive. The
? pupils of shis school are enjo\ing a
great advantage in being lectured by
? /??* r* !o? O T>\ j H Q 3
V3U UltUUguitu^' auu tvat ugu ? ...
Prof<isor Stone.
?The N.rw5 and H*kxld acknow 1eig^s
with lhasks aa invita'ion to b?
present at a parlor teritil ? be giren
by Miis Helan Brice, of Blaekstock,
Mies Brice is & gradunc of Mi
. a t,n A p. all of his lceturea
A ULbAK. HcAU; estedandeDjoyed
- -- - . I;,.rr ?fco loMnrps.
erood digestion; sound sleep: * r"s
^ & . . 1 ' ! ha- a fine voice, s
fine appetite and a ripe old age. iu h5a native langt
*are some ofthe results of the us;.- f? rence between
of Tutt's Liver Pills. A sinews A:,,erican w*y
. . . Mr. Ba^majian ad
dose will convince you 01 their | of Mt Zi0Dj on Fr
wonderful effects and vii t i j m raiDg. On ai<
- - . ' iiv red a lccture
A Known Fact, u, bis lecmre,
An absolute cure for sick head- stercopticau views
, , . i The One Di
acne, dyspepsia, malaria, sc.." Kermott-s chocoiai
/ .. . cold in the head and sc
Stomach, dizziness, constipation them like candy.
bilious fever, piles, torpid liver . n*w seem*
r . r have as Urge a
anH ^11 kindred dlSC3SCS? ppHtiqp was
<r> I DilS}* Little Mountain i
I litis Liver whichmost of ?
" The correspoKdcni
Erelya Jackson's School of Masic, the South Carolim
Atlanta, Ga. The recital was given the students are g
oa Monday night, May 21st, at 8 15 tain, and we will
o'clock, i? the Phillips ifc Crew music pleasure of haviD
hall It goes without saying that the , . .
accompliihed ro*ag musician made a
I -e t ;.-i toninr c'saQ frovr
DriiliaDl SHceSBS oi aer racnai.
Itttb on human cored io 30 minutes "wiil come, as let
by Woolford'i Sanitary Lotion. Tbis gome of tbe girls
never fails. Sold by W E.Aiken, jobn6ton will pr<
draggist, Wmnsboro, S. C. T .
s. ** ' ? ' . Lancaster. Tbe &
?Buhop Dancan of the M?thodist - .
.. , . . sure of baring ar
Churth ip to deliver tbe baccalaureate , ,
~ q erew has secured
sermon at Wmthrop College on Sud? t, . ,
_ . T q .a , J J them, aml a 0Uffil
day, iJuae 3rd, ana on Wsdnesday, .... ,,
Juae 6th, the graduating class will be T1 n? J
^j ^ u % . T u v.i * tJiese >'ou - lad v
addressed by CoJ. J. C. Hemphill of . . , , .
' 1 I hnTflt crirU hh<1 bo'
Charleston. Tnesday, June 5th, U di"flereDtca1Tetfes"i
the most interesting day of commenee- fallowed to com
naeBl week, for on that day the class ilia ecliyse whe
day exercises, concert and reception students are alios
take place, and i% looked forward to 4
with great pleasure by the student*. For over]
?Mr. R. V. Gantt has brought to Mrs. Winslow'
this office a sample of the beautiful has been used for
honey which he took from his hiTe3.
*, . . , . while teetmng, wj
It i?as dear and white as it is kpos8i- it soothes the child
ble for honey to be, and we do not be- allays all pain, cur
fimf ;? wanid hA r>ARsiblft for is the best remedy
anybody ! show a finer sample of the ,
, ' ... ,, , immediately. Sol<
botfey than this. Mr. Gantt is a bee every part of the *
expert fcnd is deeply interested in bee cents a botlle. Be
culture. Such honey as his baes make "Mrs. Wioslow's
compensates him for the trouble he an<^ ta^e n0 other I
takes with them. Mmmery:
The On? Day Cold Cur?. Are von willio*
Ftor cold is the head and sore throat use Srr- are Jou wnilD0
Chocolatw laxative Qainine, the " ?ae wq can Sill VOU chc
?ey CoJd Cw" , , 4.
?One of the keavieat rains that we lmeiT goods at ?he
have ever had kere fell on Friday you are, kindly cal
afternoon. The storm came from the ciiasiDKweatj
but suddenly .he wind shifted
- | A CARD 0
to the southwest ana .e rain ien in
perfect torrent*. The wind was high Mr. Editor: Fir
and whipped off leave# and small ble, personally, t
branches from the trees, and from a Chester and here f
few trees large liabi were broken, festations of bind
The streets were badly washed by the family in our rece:
rain, but no damage was done to any to express my ti
buildings by the storm way. Such genui
?Charlotte's gala week opened on to alleviate sorrow
Monday and the gaities will be continued
throughout the entire week. . 77
For each fay a program of great ai- ^ VitirfietiM*
tractions has . been arranged and with Chamberlain's C<
fine weather and with numerous in- Diarrhoea R6med<
ducements to offer her guests Char- A- W. Sawtelle,
- - - .... "A lady customer,
lotte will no doubt be foil 01 visitors, \ - . .
. L. * * . . exposed for sale
The citj2QH8 of this wide awake city me: <1 real
have been working for months for this icine saved my li
celebration and everybody will be while at the ihoi
glad if their labors are to be re- ent^aaBip8,in?mi
, , , , , . . once made up mi
warded by a large crowd of visitors jQ (^e fature. Re
attending came into my stoi
Cure Cold In Head. colic pains that he
Kemott's Chocolates I^ixaiive Quinine, easy floor. I gave him
to take and quick to -mrc cold in bead and sore e(jy ^vbich helped
jI _ . ^ <K.f dose and in fifteen
Dnrin? the two years that Mr. g^ore gaixlii!glv in
J. Frank Fooahe has served as assiit- fejt a8 wen "as e
ant principal of Mt. Zion, h? has also Master Co., drnggi
published the Carolina Teachers' ~
Jonrnal, which i? the professional enable
t 1 ?Ua f.oAViora nf th? Pmfoscor Ronij
juui uai IUI twvu?. ? ? _j_
Hii sneeess with this experiment iu Soath Carolina C
journalistic work hat been very en- afcle to deliver h
coura^ing. But be find# that it will gives his reasons ii
require much more of kis time than ter:
heretofore, and ?o ke is going to give S.
up teaching in order to devete his Columbia,
whole time to jouraalis?. He has j q Divis
already handed in his resignation and b'ore' <? q .
so will lot kt an^applieant for re-elec- gjr_]
^0B* that I shall not be
?Bishop Cheshire, of North Caro- invitation of yoni
Una, in kis address to the Episcopal taJe *n Winnsbor
ninrpaan Honventfon. nubliihed in the .wu fh*
Charlotte Obserrer, compliments Rev. FlTustrtTtionV The
T. D. Brattou on Lis work at St. of sun, suu-spots
Mary's Schoo], Iialeigh, N. C. He a? told, cannot n<
. #rpi , , . , . . ? side of England,
says: "The school is beginon* a With renewed e:
new era of inecess and usefulness I am, very respectl
under the able administration of the
Rev. Or. Bratton. During: the past ?
year the attendance has been greater Beware o
thaw for some years ra3t, and when A cough is not a
. . , . torn. Conguroptu
the new rector has had time to carry which are therm
out his projected improvements, both fata! diseasee, hav
in the appoiitinent of the school and cation a persistent
. - erlv treated as soc
in tbe course or insiracuuu, we may ?
pears are easily cu
hope for still greater access." Cotgh Remedy has
The One Day C-?ld Cure. successful, and gai
For cold? and sore throat sse Kenaott's Cfcoco- tZOt. aiid extensive
^So^iiVlRUininC' Mtaken aa ?wdy . . th dj
ana aiacfcjy cere. , . ? _. .
coughing. If It
?Rev. Mr. Basmajian, an Arm?niaD wiii. not cost you ;
who is now a Baptist Minister, lec- Monaster Co., dru
tured on Sunday morninfir asd evening
- .u o . w/u 1 mu u- . Z DIED IXXOR
in the Baptist Choreh. The subjeet of
these lectures was the Armenians, We take frutn
their customs, roligion, &e , and the lowing notice of
large audiences that were present at F. M. Thomas, a
~ r?n nty The dec
0f yr. I. (j. Tlio
?v . 1 T and rvas well kac
I fllP 1 Mr. Franiis M
\ UUw lIlV X merly of S>utb C
A ? r?*? x of the late Dr. J.
} Baby Thrive ? tH';S
? ... . , t road 8? rice in 5
f Ir not, SO?etning must be f subsequently enga
f wrong with its food. If the % j h*pei H.r, N.
o ii ? mi j ?i ? living at the time
^ mother s milK doesn t nour* ^ jpg ^e war he so
f ish it, she needs SCOTT'S f Confederate State
| EMULSION. It supplies the ? J,0^ ^
?!omanlc r\f fat r?>miir*>H fnr X l-nox iilm tiir t
UVlll^nU VI iUW I V\|MII VV? ?VI ^ v'
t the baby. If baby is not | ci>5r"c;u'; ,
J nourished by its artificial $ the graves
| food, then it requires | ,rue da. ?a.
! Scott's Emuision I sswr
1 dier?. Qtautmeii
| Half a teaspoonful three J were contribnted.
x or four times a day in its 4 into wreath* and
x ?.?> !! k / * VclFO^ A \ r> + + Y>r>r\f\r\ ohonf c
^ UUCUC Will iiGV^ tll^ KCOII v fluciujvu n<'vuv
t effect. It seems to have a ? T*rioH8 cemeteries
f magical effect upon babies f eomiFiiteee appoii
i and children. A fifty-cent t e"*"'0": No.
i bottle will prove the truth t w"e bke!d- as 11
r . . r . o makR ?hp nrrarorpi
of our statements. | Al lM coort b0,
Should be taken in summer cs T the ladies ser??d
well as winter. j was a hof, dustv
50c. and $t.oo. all druggists. Y 1. 1
t SCOTT & BOV.'NE, Chemists. New York. X Well paTOnJZed S
fnud was considn
Ma? in r? twi not?*??????
~~weriTgreatly interTj TnoMAS e. johsstos dead
them greatly. Dur- Mr. Thomas E. Johaston, so
the miuister, who our esteemed fei low-citizen, Jadg
ang several hymns Probate S. R. Johnston, died in C
lage to show the dif- ^ from au o?erdoae of morphin
the Armenian and }ast Wednesday Bight. Mr. John
of siusriB2f. Twice Turi heen working in the cotton mil
dras?ed the children Cheeler for several months and
iday and on Monday reached considerable proficiency
mday night fee de- miU operative. He bad been
in the eont-t house moted &everai times by the ?iil aui
?a> illustrated wiih He W48 jn the 31st year o
!? age at the time of his death. He
ay Cold Cure. uuteered for service in the Spai
:es Laxative Quinine for . , ,
?re throat, ciilidr&n take American war, and became a net
Inffho let S f' Rponmftnt. TT. S.
as if we are not to V"*" "7 7 .,
? lt and bii superior officers c^nsid
crow! here for the him a good go!dier.
, expected, and H;g bo(jj was br0ujjbt t0 Winus
will e tie pace o on Thursday, and buried in the!
ie peop o wi *o. by.{erjan churchyard in the pres
E r>?n 8 ruD! of a large number of his aud his :
l College writes that ... . . ,
T ., * .. lly's friends.
omg to Little Moau- . ...
have to give up the >*o Eight to Ugiinew.
? them here. It is i The womun who is iovftly in J
1 or* A Mmnor r*?i IT ?l VQTC 1
ether any bat the! ? "
friends, but one who would beat
1 Win:hrop Lol.cge ^|ve mugt |ceep |jer health. If s!
ters received from weak, bickly and all run down
say that President will be Lervous and irritable. If
tbably lake them to bad.constipation or kidney troi
, her impure blood will cause pimi
enior class we are bJotche*, ^kin eruptions and a wr<
id Professor With- ed complexion. Electric Bitters ii
accommodations for best medicine in the world to regt
>er of people have stomach, liver and kidneys anc
. , . purify the blood. It gives sti
open their doors to nerve8j bright eyes, smooth, yel
w<nna. -u:_ -t 11 m.
1M V; ?. AUO TI JU"U IJ^U (JUUJpiC Jt<UU. Al will uu
vs who are at the good-looking, charming woman i
!i the State hope to run-down invalid. Only 50 cen
e to Winnsboro for McMaster Co.'* drug store.
ither their fellow * -
?ed to come or not. "Glttln* Mighty Close to de Lord's I
? > ness."
Fifty Tears.
s Soothing Strbp th-st of tbe d(*roes ba
over fifty years by vei7 vague idea of what the eclip
5 for their children to 'ae, is shown by tbe fallowing
ith perfect success, yersation that a prominent mercl
L,n6?i;t?8 ?8** * iu tofvn bad with an eld negro
for diarrhoea. It from the country, recently. The t
poor little sufferer tleiaan inquired about the old in
i by druggists in crops, aud the answer was that
rorld. Iweiity five cr0p8 needed raiu.
' Soothing Syrup!" "We willhave rain when the .el
iind. 1-1-17 comes," said the gentlenaaii.
? "How do anybody know when
Millinery! js COBQin'?" asked the darkey,
to beccnvirced that "That gentleman over oa Mr. E
>ice up-to-date mil- niken's hill knows," said the i
lowest prices? If chant.
1 on us before pur- This seemed almost more than
J. O. Boag. ?Id man could credit, and he s
*-** "Well, it seems to me dat is gi
lg thanks. mighty close to de Lord's busi?
iding it impractica- aud ^7 lel1106 he >8 buildis' a hi
o thank friends in ober dere and is goin> t? charge pe
or their warm mani- a dollar t0 gee d? 'clipse."
ness to me and my Some of the negroes are certain
nt distress, I desire ^ is t0 be "j^#ement" day and
tanks in this public looking forward with great drea
ne sympathy helps day- " ry interesting
hear them express their views u
r. ir? T.i?fh* snbiftnt.
*Sia' of pleasure QUESTION ANSWERED.
l?-at ^e8? August Flower still has
say Dro-iut lar?eot 9ale of any ??dicine Id
Trf?Z.? jr ?.?* civilized world. Your mothers
seeL^tte 'remedy grandmothers never thought of a
Af ?' A? j". J anything else for Indigestion or
i hJr J tw iousness. Doctors were scarce,
ly believe that med- {h 8el(Jom faeard of A pend{(
' on/S'hP^ Nervous Prostration ?r Heart Fail
They used Angast Flowei
?\ tAro/Imrvifln^ it c^ean out llie and stop fera
:nJ to recornma i it nf nnrtitrasfnii food, re^nl
tbelotion "oYthV'Ur.ri
tont ^ n> to (i,a Qer70ai and organic action 01 the
. ?V Ji. ">?. ?cd that i. all they took *
a dose ? feeling dull aod bad with beads
a?d Other r-V.. Yon only net
Ka few doseo M G ???'? Augott Flo'
forming me tn?ta8 , , , ,
var" Sold bv Mr- liqn.t '*?? ? to make you satu
ver. sold Dy , tjiere -H j( ,t ^ 8eriom the m:
with yoa. .Fort-ale by McMaeter
to come. **? ^
min Sloan, of the coming to the eclipse.
/ollege, will not be prof??ior Witberow receir?cl a
is lecture here, and ter tl. UJ Pror F> Br?as?ale,
n the fol owing e- ^YjilTll.,.p on Monday, ai
I app?:: a i 11 i *> u at c iv umc a.
p follpcre
S. C., Mly'16, 1900. I Pr0D'5 ieul ?*""" ? ? us
, Chairman, WinnsProf.
Pieuti**, of Rutgers Coll
[ regret very much N. J. will deliver a lecture in
i able to accept th- court b' ueo ?w S'tnrday night,
committee to Kc- Je0 wju be 25 tents
0 ob solar eclipse- , , fA , ....
>rts, I have been nn- adUil 10 ceu,a lor children,
slide* necessary for ii.i-.-trr dollars of the p.oe
: photograpb-slides wjjj g0 (0 pr<>f. Prentiss and
and total eclipse*, I ba]aace t0 Mt> 2ion LibrarT.
dw be obtained this _ . _ , ? _ ..
Prof. Dodge, of the same coll
cpreasions of regret, will also be here to observe the eel:
folly, Prof. Breazef.lc, of Winthrop,
Benjaaaiu Sloan. arrive on Saturday morning, and
* a congh. bring Lis astronomy class with
disease but a symp- Probably Jhe same daj Tbe ,c
on and bronchitis, 1S unaecmea waeicer io?j win v
ost dangerous and bare or go to Lancaster. If the sc
e for their first indi- cemes here, the class will aot ai
cough,, and if prop- t-j j|0D(jay morning-.
>n as this couab ap- /,
red. Chamberlain's The special work of the Rot;
i preven wonderfully College professors will be photogr
ned if a widereputa- jQJr the corona, and thej expect lo
i sale by its sncee63 tfaejr iaftruments in place betv
se&'es which causs x
is not beieficial it Saturday meruiog and Monday m
i cent. For sale by in?.
.ggists ? ? ?
. . _ A MU1 Explosion
thcaxolina. Remotes overythiag insight; t
? , drastic mineral pills, but both
The State the lol- mighty daDgerous. Don't dyua
tha death of Mr. i the delicate machinery of your 1
native of Fairfield ' calomel, croton oil or alots f
eased was a brother ! "J" ?r- ^"S'8 Ncw Life, 1
I which are gentle as a summer vre
unie, of Kidgeway, i worjc perfectly. Ume< H
)W? in this county: j ache, Constipation. Only 2?c at
ariou Thomas lor- ! Master Co.'s drug store.
'arolina, and a pod;
P. Thomas of Fair- j gkeenbrier doti.
I oh tbe 15th inet. . , ~~~
ihu sickness of the comiuutsit
employed in rail- somewhat better.
south Carolina, he Mr. Mack Blair has returned V
ged in /arming near ( from ,jCj100i ou account of siakres
C., where he w?3 ... ,
of Lh death. Dm- Mi? Peunfoy, of Salnda, who
re* ^Qif-hfniir in the been vi?itiuy l.er brother, Prof*
s ;navy. lie was j Peurifoy, for a few weeks, rctur
elations of life, a,'d j to ber home $ertral daysajo.
lence of ihose who . , . . or
he ioUgrity of bi. Aycocli is also visiting Piof. am!
! Qar school will cloS2 on the ?ve
; decorated. ! 0f jul)e 8th a? eutertaiuti
by the ladies in | The Pub,Ic is cordially iuvi'ed t<
..in which to deco- ten<*of
Confederate *ol- Ther? *** * ? ice-crcaui fMtiv
of beauiifnl fl-?we? Mr- J- L ^obin.on's 1*1 Ihixr
iud these wv.e made i "isht> ?iven complimentary to Mi
booquets, * - l in the j Ajcocfc *n^ Peurifoy.
seventy gra\- in the | Mi"8 Aj?Be3 Knff, of Horab,
j . II..! has been attending a traiuiiy
? wrrv uri; i uy ; .. _
nted irom t\ von-jin Kansas I it}, Mo., is expected h
memorial excicises 'hi? w*( ^ U) "pend vacation
: yta& impossible te '^e prcsp^ct for fruit i< very g
nents this year. The g&r.iei.s trc g?od, but have
aee in the afternoon ceding' rain very u.uch. O
ice cream, asd a9 it Ma>' 19. I900afternoon
tbey were The One Da, Cold Cur?.
lf)d the monument i Cold in head and soie throat cured fcj
-al.lv ott.IIoH lOOtt's Chocolates Laxative Quinine. Ase
aoiy swelled. teJfce as candy. "Children cry for tbtm."
EJ Johnston's Sarsapa
1? 10
, ^ A Wise and Venerable Doctor Talks about Advanced
Tti n. TiAfdl in a. trr&nf. rif.tr a famnns anr? appA nhvsi
aa a Jug. Listening to his wise and sententious discourse, were
pro- dressed men, evidently lawyers, business men and commercial
, My firm belief, is "that medical science is certain yet to s
_ eases without exception are caused by invisible germs which
Ibis isms. Here is the. germ of that terrible disease diphtheria. H<
voj. of typhoid fever; and here is the still more dreadful bacillus o:
. causes that most destructive of all diseases, consumption. 1
nisn- common and supposed incurable disease, catarrh."
nber "I wish. Doctor," said the traveling man, "that you wo
y catarrh. I have had it for years, and I am thoroughly discour
The Doctor answered. "Catarrh, like diphtheria, const
area fever, and a host of other diseases, is the result of a microbe ir
and attacking specially the mucous membrane. This foul anc
. disease is especially prevalent in the United States and it is
00 0 who is not, or has not been troubled more or less with it. Hi
'rea- she obliged to remain at home from, pleasant entertainments, d<
of "manv intellectual treats, from fear of the disagreeable odo:
tarrhal affections. In its worst phase, the patient becomes 1<
i ^ Qi - himself and his friends.
"I believe," continued this great physician, "that the tru
tarrh is to medicate the blood. This can be done only by povs
which act as blood purifiers."
faoe Betsy A. Marett, of Manistee, Manistee Co., Mich., writes:
have Dear Sirs:?For ten years I was a sufforer from general del
trap- catarrh. My face was pale as death. I was weak and short of
P . hardly walk, I was so dizzy and had a ringing in my head a
"e 18 hands and feet were always cold. My appetite was very _ poor
, she ^ the morning, my head swam so I was often obliged to lie doi
'she awful pains in the small of my back. 1 had a continual fee
lble, My muscular power was almost entirely gone, and I couldn
Dies, steps without stopping to rest, and often that mnch exercise c
iteh- a pain in my side. It seemed as though the blood had left my
? a vi.,3 T? ^ -n J.?? J x * ? T -u~ji ~n
I wrs my cuoou aa,u tux mrucu lu v>.ucr. x xia.u. gitcu up an.
i!?te ting well I tried the best physicians in the state, but failed
[ (0 My husband got me a bottle of Johnston's Sarsapariila. I to
bought another. When these had been used, I was somew
* health. I continued its use, and felt I was growing stronger;
I*1? freshing, and it seemed as if I could feel new blood moving thr<
fce a Icept on taking it, and now consider myself a well and rugged
of * all the time, and am happy. I am positive that the Sarsapari
l? at The sick heafoches I have had since childhood, have disappei
tarrh has almost entirely left me. I cannot be too thankful foi
Sarsapariila has done for me. I recommend all women who
insi- aches to use your Sarsapariila.
John H. McMastcr & Co.; Winnshoro.S. C.; T. W. 'A'oodw.ird &
ve a W M. Patrick;Woodward, & C.; T. G-. Patrick & Co., White Oak, i
jg " ? -
co ing and going. \ formed. If was of mi
con- i . . , ?
Ur, Ann Elliott (o Charlotte !
syivania, uanaca, to t
man onMondav. '
Seo- Mr W E. EHiott lef, o, Moada, ^
an's for Charlotte. _ .. '
the Mrs. S. A. ?oTle*ton is haying her dia ^Methodism? inl
house painted. tire eharge of its Im
ipse Mr. C. Y. Finlayson, of Charlotte, missions. They wer
was in town oh Monday. C0 i?S,
dat Miss Sadie Melli.bamp, of Long- ^Jm^allf tand^eds
town, is visiting relatives in town. Christ by bis labors, a
'len- Mr. J. N. Center, who is again on has had such a man j
aer- the road, spent last week in Wiuns- 1830 hs was made
. r tendent of the Mel
... and bad *ny bitktp
the Mr. J. E. McDonald is attending vronld have b*eu the i
aid: the Mecklenburg; celebration in unar- preacnea to toe uan
ttin' lotte. jobilee sermon. Fift
ess; Mrs. W. B. Elliott and Mrs, J. E. !?tr,anfce on bjs?m.is
' , _ ,, , . ' , died from a fall fr<
Dase McDonald are the guests of Mr. and 1355 jn j^ngi
ople Mrs. William McDonald in Charlotte, first preacher of ?t
Mr. Waltei Eobertson, who has Wilbur Fisk, even yel
that been spending some time with his sis- l^e most ^eircst
[ are ter, Mrs. J. M. Stewart, has returned
dlo to Colombia. If |ronbled wi,^'
r to Mm Belle Davis, who has been Chamberlain's Pain
ipon Tiaiting Capf. and Mr?. II. C. Davi? will not cost you a (
at West Poiot, ha3 returned to Co- ???d. applicatic
lumbia. Miss Annie Davis, who went- PaiD*
' in one-tnird. tho time
north with her, wiLl remain at West other treatment. Co
the Point until ?ommen?ement. bites, quinary, pain?
the che*t, glandular and
and OASTORIAa are quickly cnred
sing Bun tiiA ytThs Kind Yea Have Alway?Bought Every bou'le warrai
Bil; j and 50 CtV FoP "ale
ana cf I
iitit. WILLIAM r. c
are, the confederate monument. ?
. ^ One of the Landmarks
nen- The Confederate monument for confederate soldi?
ated which the ladies of the memorial as- Man and Masoi
1 t?he sociation hav? been working for so theComm
rhei many years ii at last to be erected, jfcjr< William It. Ga
ches and they hope^to have it unveiled be- fc0rae 0n last Tnesd
id a fore many months have passed. Little o'clock. He had be<
^or? by little, in the iace of many dis- hotne for about thrti
Utter couragements, and by dint of patient for a day ortwewhi
Cu , and persevering labor, the money has .^alk down town. .
been collected by these women whose & cold which
dearest wish has been to build a last- grippe, and his cousti
ing memorial to the brave sons of run down that he w;
let- Fairfield who fought and died for paralysis.
of their country. This whole eomma
id it T.ie Leeper-Davis Granite Company piores the death ot
oore ha? presented the ladies o? the asso- whose figure has bte
next ciation with granite from their quarry, streets of Winn?bor<
and from this beautiful stone, the years, and the symp
Lege, color of which ii said to be the real was manifested by
t\e Confederate gray, the monument will ance at his luieral.
jbe be made. Virginia on tbe 19tl
for For this generous gift the ladies are and wa?, therefore,;
The deeply grateful, and as they will be ?2nd )ear of his age.
eed? ?aved the expense of buying the atone, Virginia to North Ca
the they will be enabled to erect t hand- j thfcrc he caroc to t
4 !, ,1 1 J 1 ' >"
somei iq&u ijdcj cjuiu yc ccntiy settling in tti
iage, done, had tbey been obliged to bear i jn 1^5 be marrieU !
ipse, the entire expense. The association . wbo with three ch j,
will has about $1,500 in the treasurr and grandchildren #urviv<
will they hope to be able to add more to it. ^rGU B0W HvId^ ai
him Sealed bids are to be received from Roche, Mr Jas." >r
hoel different stone workers in the country Mis3 SA||ie Garrison,
ome order tbat the work may be done as jj?S had charge of thi
tool ebeaply as possible Winnsboro &ff and o>
rive We feel sure that the entire country aud bis familjar for
will r#joi?e with the |ladies of the wiu b0 missed by
rers memorial association that tLe monu- ffenuine sorrow,
aph- ment is so soon to be erectcd, and will * arf3 throu?h the \
congratulate them upon earning out , , ?
pu? their long: cheriahed wished. Independence, eaten
??en ^ a member of the 12:
oru* Jii? Life Was sared. afterwards joining tb
Mr. J. X. Lilly, a prominent citizen often heard G?n. J
of Hannibal, Mo., lately had a won- old couamndsr ipei
derfal deliverance from a frightful fa, he
0 do death. In W > ? of it he says: "I .
are was takei- wim Typhod Fever, that *uties. He was an
mite I ran intu rueumonia. My lungs be- good citizen, and h
t - - i- T c -11 - C k.. <v.
>ody came ijarueiien. j was so weak 1 inu 01 ?>ujpaw?v iw
;ills, couldn't even sit up in bed. Nothing tres* He had hi< 01
'ill?, helped me. I expected to soon die of k;ndne? ai tl he ra
icze, Consumption, when I heard of Dr. f .
ead- King's New Discovery. One bottle it- ^ir* Garrison ws
\j8. gave great relief. I continued to u?e Mason. Even iu nl
it, and now am wall and strong, I ,TgUjar attendant u|
can't say too much in its praise." This the Lodge, and whcc
marvellous medicine is the surest ai;d f0r auyact of charin
qoicke.t cure iu the world for a'l fu] giver was found t
;y is Throat and Lun?r Trouble. Resular ^7 e faueral terTW
kizes 50 cents and $1 00. Trial bottles (j,s Methodist Churc!
otte freu at McMsuter Uo-'s drugstore; ,aorjiii,g at 11.30 o'cl<
every bottle guaranteed. hn.or?, Camp Raine
j,48 the story of methodism. tending in a body.
,s"or Smith went home with Judge Dorlje^
seyjastout of town. Next morning
Misa ^rg ]^0rse7 came with the preacher CAo f f
^r8, to visit a family. Crowds were com- -r
ing in town and there was excitemcnt. bw
nino At the er>d of the call Smith a^ked The Kind You Have
lent, ^-ynid grayer be sgieeabie. 4,By all _ _
5 a** meaae, Mr. Siciib," and a crowd of **ears tne
others crowded the door and the cru- Signature o *
al at sa(je be^an. Smith a> d his praying
"d*y ones went in procession fromhou-eto \r? aHpp MeMast
house, entenr.g a,d praying for the lhe bolit]ayg, her 8Chc
goals of lhe fain.'y. Soon there were ... m <
WQ0 four hundred in the procession They Try Allen's r
!,1?o1 enUred ti e Uv? ri wh3- e the scat of A powder to be shak<
loaBe mipch:ef was ?'"1 shouting, stormed
Mf. .. 4i ?ii liot* &nd ??1/ tired C&-.
it Wh?n tbey came upon the village gating feet or tight
ooc. gr. e<, itey Lad thiity-two converts Foot-Ease. It cools tJ
ami forty mnre v\ert* brought in the walking easy. Cure
ra- next day. The people hud never witnessed
such sn exciting dav before in bunions of all pain:
tbeir lives. At Judge Dorset's birn, comfort. Try it J
in Lyon., the beams of which were Trift^pa/fiageFREE
7 fifty years ago, the general conference g. Olmsted, Le Roy.
by [ Teachers' liaiiaation.
amination for Teachers' Certific
will take nlace in1 the office of
County Superintendent of Educa
y"where.'* on Friday, June loth.
Science D- L- STEVENSON,
cian was con vera- 5'2S'2 Superintenden
travelers.0^we^ Election of Teachers
;how that all dis
teachers for all th?* tchnoN in Scl
L^C}LY^? Disrr-c No. U ? j:I be be:d the
uld tell us about ( hwn. Bo n) Trustee
aged," VVimisb'/ro. J1. C, M?? 16 1900
imption, typhoid 5-19-4
trading the blood .
I most disgusting iv | l.; ^ ^
rare to meet one lNULiL?v3?
ow often is he or
jprive themselves
: arising from ca- All persons are hereby
? +? in t ,..r-ro*c nnAn tho lonr^J l;f 1liJ?
wvtu fcV ku II Wffj'OS'* ?/?v --?
der.-i>:t.ed. The law will be e?ifoi<
e way to heal ea- MRS. K. M. H. DY1
erful alteratives 4 28 4t
nliftr and oh rnnic NOTICE.
breath- I could
,11 the time. My
vn again. I had 500 f.rr-c and upward, suitable
ling of tiredness, *tot!i raiding and pa-turag<?, and d?
't go half a dozen jna t? e ll or lease th? saaae upon
aused me to have Soruf>!c leiins, will fii.d it to t
arivntt.ge to communicate wiih
to get any relief" ur',!e ?' ?*. Fnimprov?d pltw o
- * -- - ? ?? writfe limns nr Rftrmiuia v
>okit, and tnen I ~
hat improved in spt?*!*Hy wanted* All consul
nay sleep was re- lions considered oafiJentiil.
my veins. I Ad?J<i?, E. A. MEAHES.
woman. I work Lc?k Box 49, Ridgewav, S. (
Lla saved my life. 5-7-41
ared, and my caTUkiQ
Ciese Sclotosli
Co., Rockton.S.C.;
"c- Eitrace Eiaiination.
ignificent extent,
ha infinite of the award of vacant scholarship* in M
s members was throp College and foi tbe admit!
of new itnd?nt8 will be held at
ADOstle to the i ^?4_ ftn pprn;
r v>uuuLy vuuu ijivu?v v*-? m.
)aration of Caua- JULY 20tb, at 9 A. M.
.828, he took en- Applicants must not be lest t
dian schools and fifeeen years of age.
e rejoiced to see When scholarships are vacated a
>u!d run after the jniy 20th they will be awarde<
them and kiss those making the highest averagi
were brought to (his examination.
cd no acissionarr The coit of attendan e, in Hod
imoug them. In board, furnished room, Iks:. ught
ge?eral aaperia- washing, is only $8.50 per month,
todist soeietie?, For further hi forma'ion and a c
boea electai ha ]?#ae address,
mitn. In 1854 ha PRl^nKNT T). B. JOHNSOl
ada conference a 5 22 Ro?k Hill, S
,y yeirs after bis ?
sionary work be trr__? ... .
Dm bis boree, in ,rV^'nAic*u
and we find the cwjl ia j5S&??. d
rainiug, who is
1 the greatest and Hair to xu Youthful cou
jfr (u._ _ii iare>w5?ife^ffia?r.i:mx tea,to aumea it hair talto
me of tbem all* PvSgg&ti *?? a>c,aad&i.g>3t Dr*sgi<t?_
lobert CautheH. ^1.7 1 ?^
? Letters of Administrate
UAnmn^CM rri TTfl ~
i ucuiiiaLicui(
:ent if it dora no county of faibfield.
>n will relieve the By S. R JOHNSTON,E?q.,ProbaU jv
iraios and bruises VttHEREAS, John H. McMaster L
required by any VV made suit to me to grant
its, burns, frost- letters of administration de bonis no
i in the side and tbe estate and effects of Hattie Mc2
other swellinea tej^deceased:
: These are, therefore, to cite and adn
by applying it. ish all and singular the kinired
itea. rriee, creditors of the said Hattie ifcMaster
by Me Master Co. ceased, that they be and appear
fore me, in the Court of Proba'fS,
be held at Fairfield Court House, S.
;arrison. od tbe 25th day of May next, a
publication hereof, at 11 o'clock in
i of Winxuboro, a forenoon, to show cause, if any they h
r. an Upright why the said administration should
' _ ^ be granted.
i is Logt to Given under my hand, this 9th da;
unity. May, Anno Domini 1900.
. , of . . S. R. JOHNSTON,
rnson died at bi? 5.io_2t Judge of Probat
ay morning at10 ? ? - w
in confined to his VY , i1. VV .
: months, except
;n he was able to The registered stallion W. A.
His illness began w>111)6 at Henry Refo's ??tabl
f. Winn8boro on Saturday of each w<
turned into the Qu Mondays a the farm; b<llaac
itution became so time at bi? former stands in the cc
as stricken with try. He is seren years old, uav? v
black points. Height, 16; has g<
.. . ? , , bone and muscle; no blemish or
fy sincerely de- {ect He stroogi lri<.|iOTlese
Mr. Garrison, motion, kind in disposition, and a]
!H familiar ou the feet roadster. His sire is tha celebrt
- Red Wilkes, His dim, Betsey Bal
JLVl 0? Ui?ii^ I
AlU 4 I was the mother of trotters. She
sired by Dictator, who was the sin
ilia large attend- Jay??ye*See, 2.10, of Director, 2
He was born in of tht invincible Directum, 2.04,
a February, 1329, grandfire of Nancy Hanks, the qa
trotters, and the sire of many oil
last eateriDg the of f;E,reme'speej.
He moved frem Although a noted trotter with ]
.rolina, and from fee: knee action, W. A. W. posse
his Stale perma- *lfo saddle gaits ot superior qua!
Terms, 15 00 to insure colt.
it- air* ' extended pedigree and C9rtified rec
Vlies b. A. Rowe. address
iren aisd eeveral JOHN G. MOBLEY,
? Mm w;? chil- 4-10-&n Winnsboro, S. (
e: Mrs. Maggie ? - .
j beef market in
1 f0r/?^7 3'6a/'' IN ALL ITS BBPABTMEH
m at the market wi.fa a fall 8toek of Caskets, Bo
our people with sn Rn(j Coffins, constantly oa hi
He served four and use of hearse when rsques
Var for Southern Thankful f?r past pafcrounge and so
teuton for a share in the future, iu
tig the service as -dtl#nd
h Regiment, and (.aJIs attwdod to at aH hoar#,
e 6th. We hare fa* ELLIOTT GBX SH?P,
rohi Bratton, kit ^ ELLIOTT & C<
it *f how faith- A
discharge ot his *
honest man, a tj TTV T "\T ^7
ad a warm heart J-p j | f j .
a friend indistvn
way of doing ~
ad# no display oe Wc are sole agents in Win
is an enthusiasts boro for Heinz's good
d age, he was a When you need Pickles
son meetings of as^ for Heinz's, they
t a call was made . , ' J
r uo more cheer- 3XC the D6St,
baa he.
U^A U* in-y'c Dill Plflrlpfi
frcic uciu ai ziviMb ^ i^?u
b on Wednesday ?ne
>ck with Masonic * . , ~ . ? i c*,
u. c. Y., at- Heinz s Sweet and b<
Heinz's Cucumbers in bi
Heinz's India Radish.
^ D I A Heinz's Celery Sauce.
1 r\ Heinz's Tomato Catsup.
"7 - "^relL Heinz's Preserves in bul
mfl Dnnn-bf tt_: a ,
MilfQJO tiwugm neiuzs /rppic uuuci ?
Heinz's Mince Meat in b
and glass.
; This is the season for ev
er isathowe for ora{-ecj frujts. We bave th
>ol having clo-ed. . -r> a -n
.. I in Prunes, Apples, Peac
oot-Ease, anJ Apricots.
jn into the shoes,
len. nervous and yii < r j*
y Jo ipii p
??5?? S?r. . I.. . lU JOlilu.
ia.113, U'IMCJB * I
eves coin.1 Midi ??
V- stored for 2oc. |fl| 11#8WB ucokasent fre
ates I hereby announce myself as a candi
tbc date for Solicitor of the Sixth Judicial
tioM Circuit, subject to the result of the Democratic
primary. THOS. F. McDOW.
? - I hereby announce myself a candidate
for the office of SherifF fnr EStir.
field County, and will abide by ?he
action of the Democratic primaries.
31st Pledging myself to abide the result of
t. e ensuing primary election, I announce
myself a candidate for nomination to t e
* office of Sheriff of Fairfield County. The
cordial support of my fellow-citizens is respectfully
I here >y announce myself a candidate
for Sheiiif of Fairfield County, subject to
th ac.ion of the Democratic primaries
nn I hereby announce myself a candidate
* Ar CViAritf flrtf +a thA o nl I An Af fh.l
?eQ^ VI ouujcvw w biiv^ O-I/UVU \j? ?..>*
r' ' Democratic primary.
? Iiurebv announce myself a candidate
for the office of Sheriff of Fairfield County,
subject to the action of the Democratic
primaries. B. G. TENVNA"N"T.
OF I hereby announce myself for Sheriff of
for Fairfield County, and will abide the result
of the Democratic primaries.
I hereby announce myself a candidate
tke for re-election to the office of Sheriff ot
Fairfield County, subject to the action of
the Democratic primary.
ra" R. E. ELLISON.
I hereby announce myself a .candidate
for Sheriff of Fairfiel l County, subject to
the Democratic primary election.
JJi.V/OXj U.. X ?
I hereby announce myself a candidate
Bfor Sheriff of Fairfield County, subject to
to the rules and regulations of the Democratic
I hereby announce myself as a candidate
for Clerk of Court, subject to the
action of the Democratic primaries.
^n* I hereby? announce myself a candidate
sion f0r the office of Clerk of Court for Fairtbe
field County, subject to the action of the
\Y. Democratic primaries.
h&n -r _ .vj.i.
JL nereDy announce inyseu as a camuuau;
for Clerk of Court for" Fairfield County,
ft or subject to the action of the Democratic
i to primary. JAS. A. BRICE.
I hereby announce myself a candidate
for the office of Clerk of Court for Fairin?
field County, subject to the action of the
and Democratic primaries.
ata* I hereby announce myself a candidate
for the office of Clerk of Courtt subject to
^ the action of the Democratic primary.
. 0. JNO. J. NEIL.
I hereby announce myself a candidate
A for the office of County Supervisor for
ny Fairfield County, subject :to the action of
!? the Democratic primaries.
Jj A. D. HOOD.
)-? I hereby announce myself a candidate
* for the office of Supervisor of Fairfield
County, subject to the action of the Democratic
I hereby announce myself a candidate
tath for the office of Supervisor of Fairfield
him County, subject to the action of the Demn
of ocratic primaries. J. B. BURLEY.
ias' Friends of T. L. Johnston recognizing
his fitness for the position hereby nomi
nate him for County Supervisor, 'subject
de- the Democratic primaries.
b?- I hereby announce myself a candidate
, to for County Supervisor, subject totheacC.,
tion of the Democratic primaries. ' '
I hereby announce myself a candid .to
for the office of County Supervisor of Fa; rr01
field, subject to the rules and regulations
. of tbe Democratic primary.
I hereby announce myself a candidate
m for the office of County Supervisor of
? Fairfield, subject to the Democratic primary.
I hereby announce myself as candidate
w for the office of County Supervisor, suV*;
ject to the action of the Democractic prie
id mary. JOE McMEEKEX.
> k. "
I hereby announce myself a candidate
30(j for County Auditor, subject to the a ion
of the Democratic primaries.
. BOBT. R. JE* Jb AKifiS.
I 10
3er. I hereby announce myself a candidate
ited for re-election to the office of County Au*.
ditor, subject to the action of the Demo?er?
craticprimary. J. L. RICHMOND,
s 0# I hereby announce myself a candidate
'a7 for Auditor for Fairfield County, subject
to the rules governing the Democratic primary.
jera ?
Per* I hereby announce myself a candidate
sses for the office of Coroner for Fairfield
ity. Cocmty, and pledge myself to abide the
For result of the Democrat ic'primary.
ouri. ur
I hereby announce myself a Jcandidatf
- for re-election to the office of County
Superintendent of Education, subject to
the action of the Democratic primary.
rT I hereby announce myself a candidate
, for the House of Representatives from
Fairfield County, subject to the Democ;a*?d.
tic primary.
I announce myself a candidate for the
House of Representatives, subject to the
a?tion of the "Democratic primary..
^ The friends of John G. AToblet nominate
him for re-election to the House of
PoTM-ucnnfoHtroa t."? t.ho arttinn of
__ the^Democratic primary.
Blythewood Democratic Club nominates
W. J. Johnson for the Ilouse cf Representatives,
subject to the primary election.
W. J. IIAGO0D, Secretary.
I announce myself a candidate for the
ns" House of Representative.-. Dispensary,
5 State and County, renovated and fumi*
gated is my piatform. Wi'.l abide by the
!, result of the primary.
a~r g. W. Ragsdale is annou.nce.1 for the
Senate, subject to the Democratic primary.
I hereby anr.ouuce myself for re election .|u
to the office of County Treasurer of Fair11
* field County, and will abide the result cf
the Democratic primaries.
: tfodol
ap uyspepsia oure
em Digests what you eat.
h es It artificially digests the food and aids
Nature in strengthening and reconstructing
the exhausted digestive organs.
It is the latest discovered digestkl
ant and tonic. No other preparation
IT can approach it in efficiency. It in
11 stantly relieves and permanently cures
lu dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
Sick Headache,Gastralgia, Cramps and
>lu all other results of i mperfect digestion.
? ~ * ????<m>a
Lb- trice i>oc. ana si. - ry - - , .
i?r small size. Book all aboutdyspepfilamailed free
Prepared by E. C. DeWITT A CO ? Chicago*
CO.; WiflDsboro.8. C

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