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J_J l XJ 14..1 AiJ i uut vi i. ji
Dr. Taimage on the Splendors
of the New Jerusalem.
Surpass the Comprehension of
the Finite Mind. There
Will Be No Parting
In this discourse Dr. Talmage lifts
the curtain from eternal felicities acd
in an unusal way treats of the heaven!)
world; t?xt, I Corinthians ii, 9, l,Eye
hath not seen nor ear heard, neither
have entered into the heart of man, the
things which God hath pre^red for
fchem that love him."
The city of Corinth has been called
"the Paris of antiquity." Indeed, for
splendor tne woria noias do sucq wonder
today. It stood on an isthmu*
washed by two s-.as, the one sea bring
ing the commerce oi Europe, the other
sea bringing the commerce of Asia.
From her wharfs, in the construction 1
of which whole kingdoms had been ab
sorbed, war galleys with three banks of
oars poshed ont and confounded the
navy yards of ali the world. Huge
handed machinery, such as modern invention
cannot equal, lifted ships from
the sea on one side and transported
them on trucks across the isthmus and
set them down in the sea on the other
The revenue officers of the cily went
down through the oiive grove's that
lined the beach to collect a tariff from
all natioEfl. The mirth of all people
sported in her isthmian games, and the
beauty of all lands sat in her theaters,
walked her porticoes and thre* itself
on the altar of her stupendous dissipa
tions. Column and statue and temple
bewildered the beholder. There were
white marble fountains into which from
apertures at the aide there rushed waters
everwhere known for health giving
qualities. Around these basins, twisted
into wreaths of stone, there were all
the beauties of sculpture and architecture,
while standing as if to guard the
costly display, was a statue of Hercules ,
of burnished Corinthian brass. Vases
of terra cotta adorned the cemeteries of
the dead?vases so costly that Julius
Casar was not satified until he had captured
them for Rome. Armed officials,
rtAwn ?/v
wiiO VUIXiiLil?AiiI? paucu uy auu uvnu wu
see that no statue was defaced, no
pedestal overthrown, no base relief
touched. From the edge of the city a
hiil arose, with its magnificent burden
of columns, towers and temples (1,000
slaves waiting at one shrine), and a
citadel so thoroughly impregnable that
Gibraltar is a heap of sand compared
with it Amid all that strength and
magnificence Corinth stood and defied
the world.
Oh, it was not to rustics, who had
never seen anything grand, that Paul
uttered tMs text. They had heard the
best music that had come frcm the
best instruments in all the world; they
had heard songs floating from morning
" porticoes and melting in evening greves;
they had passed their whole lives among
pictures and sculpture and architecture
? j r\?: -.1.:? i
ttuu v^uriutuittu wiuuu uau uccu
molded and shaped until there was no
chariot wheel in which it had not sped,
and no tower in which it had not glittered,
and no gateway that it had not
adorned. Ah. it was a bold thing for
Paul to stand there amid all that and
say: "All this is nothing. These
sounds that come from the templ6 of
Neptune are not music compared with
the harmonies of which I speak. These
waters rushing in the basin of Pyrene
are not pure. These statues of Baochus
and Mercury are not exquisite.
Your citadel of Acrocoriathus is not
strong compared with that wmcn l oner
to the poorest slave that puts down
his burden at that brazen gate. You
Corinthians think this is a splendid
city. You think you have heard all
sweet sounds and seen all beautiful
sights, but I tell you eye hath not seen
nor ear heard, neither have entered
into the heart of man, the things which
God hath prepared for them that love
You see my text sets forth the idea
that, however exalted our ideas of
heaven, they come f ar short of the reality.
Some wise men nav* been calculating
how many fariusgs ioug and
is the new Jerusalem, and they fca*e
calculated how many inhabitant thcro
are on the earth, how long the earcii
will probably stand, and then they
eome to this estimate; That after all
the nations have been gathered to heaven
there will be room for each soul, a
room 16 feet long and 15 feet wide. It
would not be large enough for you. It
would not be large enough for me. I
am glad to know that no human estimate
is sufficient to take the dimension.
"Eye hath not seen, nor ear
heard." nor ttalonlftted.
_ 1 first remark that we can get no idea
of the health of heaven. When you
were a child, and yon went out in the
morning, how you bounded along the
road or street?you had never felt sorrow
or sickness. Perhaps later you
felt a glow in your cheek and a spring
in your step and an exuberance of spirits
and a clearness of eye that made you
thank God you were permitted to live.
The nerres were harp strings and the
sunlight was a doxology, and the rustling
leaves were the rustling of the robe3
of a great crowd risiDg up to praise the
Lord. You thought that you knew
what it was to be well, but there is no
perfect health on earth. The diseases
of paot generations came down to us.
The airs that now float upon the earth
are not like those which floated above
paradise. They are charged with im
punues ana distempers, ane mos:
elastic and robust health of earth, compared
*ith tbat which those experience
before whom the gates have been
opened, ii nothing bat sickness and
emaciation. Look at that soal standing
before the throne. On eaith she
was a lifelong invalid. See her step
now and hear her voice now. Catch,
if yon can, one breath of that celestial
air. Health in all the pulses?health
of visicc, health of spirits, immortal
health. No racking cough, no sharp
pleurisies, no consuming fevers, no exhausting
pains, no hospitals of wounded
men. Health swinging in the air,
health Sowing in all the streams , health
vi : i i._ x* i .1
uioommg on uae oanss. i>o neaaacnes,
no Bide aches, no back ashes. That
child that died in the agonies of croup,
hear her voice now ringing in the anthem.
That old man that went bowed
down with the infirmities of age, 6ee
him walk now with the step of an immortal
athlete?forever yousg again.
That night when the needlewoman
fainted away in the garret, a wave of
the heavenly air resuscitated her forever.
For everlating years 10 have
neither ache, nor pain, nor weakness,
un i_ i. Zl.
nor xasigne. nye dsui not Bee n,
ear hath not heard it." _ _ j
I remark further that we can in this
' ?' -
trorld get no just idea of the splendors lams for the idiotic sod ir
of heaven. John tries to describe them, houses for tLe destitute an<
He says, "the 12 gates are 12 pearl," pain and misfortune that d<
and that "the foundations of the wall than human solution. Goc
are famished with all manner of it all up. In the light thai
# c
preciou3 stones." As we stand looking the throne no dark mystei
through the telescope of St. John, we Things now utterly inscrut;
see a blaze of amethyst and pearl and illumined as plainly as
emerald and sardonyx and chrysoprasus answer was written on the
and sapphire, a mountain of light, a or sounded in the temp
cataract of color, a sea of glass and a Bartimeus will thank God t
city like the sun. John bids us look blind, and Joseph that he i
again, and we see thrones?thrones of the pit, and Daniel that
the prophets, thrones of the patriarchs, with the lions, and Paul I
thrones of the aneels, thrones of the humpbacked, and David t
apostles, thrones of the martyr?, throne driven from Jerusalem, ai
of Je3us?throne of God. And we valid, that for 20 years h
turn round to see the glory, and it is lift his head from the pillo1
thrones, thrones, thrones! ow, that she had such hard 1
John bids us look again aod see the bread for her children. Th
great procession of the redeemed pass be all the grander for eartl
ing. Jesos, on a whisehorse, leads the eyes and aching heads ant
?oil tVio ttrmips r?f heaven hands and Fcoureed backs a
OiU Vt Qii VUV MA ? - ? ,. _ ^
foilow on white horses. Infinite oaval agonies. But wo can get
cade passing, passing; empires pressing that anthem here. We apj
into line, ages following ages. Dis- power of secular music, bu
pensation tramping after dispensation, preciate the power of si
Glory in the track of glory. Europe, There is nothing more insp
Asia, Africa, North and South America than a whole couvregation ]
pressing into lines. Islands of the sea wave of holy melody. W1
shoulder to shoulder. Generations be- some of those dear old p^alm
fore the flood following generations they rouse all the memoneafter
the flood, and as Jesus rises at Why, some of them were <
the head of that great host and waves in our father's house! T
his sword in signal of victory, all sparkling with the mornia
crowns are lifted and all ensigns swung thousand Uhristian 5at)D:
out and all chimes rung and all halle- were suDg by brothers and
luiahs chanted, and some cry, "Gloiy now, by roiccs that were
to God moat high!' and some, "Ho broken in the music, voic<
sanna to the son of D^via!" and fome, less sweet bccause tbey did
"Worthy is the Lamb that was slain!' break.
?till all exolamations of endearment When I hear these old so
and homage in the vocabulary of seems a? if all the old coun
heaven are exhausted, and there comes houses joined in the chor
up surge after surge of "Amen! Amen! church and sailor's bethel i
and Amen!'* "Eye hath net seen it, cabin: until the whole cor
ear hath not heard it." Skim from the the doxology and the scepl
summer waters the brightest sparkles, nity beat time in the mu
and you will get no idea of the sheen of then, with your sUrveliug
the everlasting sea. Pile up the splen- chill the devotions of the sa
dors of earthly cities, and they would make the people sit. silent
not make a stepping stone by whish is marching on to victory,
you might mount to the city of Grod erals come back from victi
Every house is a palace. Every step do we not cheer them
is a triumph. Every covering of tho "Huzza, huzza?'' And
head a coronation. Every meal ia a passed along in the conq
bacquet. Every stroke from the tower earth, shall we not hare fi
is & weddine bell. Every day is a ju- loud, ringing cheer?
bilee, every hoar a laptnre and every A11 hail the r of Jc
moment an ecstasy. Eye hath not Lst, |, r ,gtr>te h
seen it, ear hath not heard it Bri foIth the r0Jll dij
I remark farther, we oan get no idea And crown him Lord.
of the reunions . of heaven. If you y> , - . , ..
have ever been across the sea3 and met ' *m v-n 1t,m5sl
a friend or even an acquaintance in so sweet what will it be
some strange land, you remember how ?he? .a11 kn0* t^?AUae thc
your blood thrilled and how glad you 81n?c" the aSes
were to see him. What will be our joy ?}01v* ?f white nbed chi!
after we have passed the seas of death pa.narchs, choirs of apo
to meet in the bright city of the Lord stars capping tlie
those from whom we have long been 5arpers,.^,^ f,ir ^rps
separated. After we have been away thems of God roll on! roj
from our friends 10 or 15 years and we ^Pires J011? ^e j1,1?0
t^CTT, Trn QPa W diff-rentlv I th E,e3 all full and the
wmg UL'VU Vitvw nw www ?V # ^ _
they look. Their hair has turned, and 8*vetl' . Antnem snail to
wrinkles have come in their faces, and c"on*s cvtr,i3\ an<* a
we say, "How you have changed!" founds of earth and heave
But, oh, when we stard before the 1 ? ea? v' 'n ?
throne, all cares gone from the face, , P w* .,,Q v ."if' ^
all marks of sorrow disappeared and w>. b? ll!?re; ?
feeling the joy of that blessed land, will pour Us deei
methinks we will say to each other f? the song, and Africa
with an exaltation we cannot now the music with her mate
imagine, "How yon have changed?" I wish in onr closing hy
In this world we only meet to part. m'5 a? e v t A
It is goodby, goodby. Farewells float- ples- , ^ UmB >>a< lt
ing the air. We hear it at the rail car hel Iv ^oor opens today
- cnnl thrnncrh thArp mav ftrtl
window and at the steamboat wharf?
goodbye. Children lisp it, and old 8t D.^ th?, J^1""
age answers it. Sometimes we say it lfct un, tha-as th<
in a light way?"goodbye"?and some- down from heaven it migl
times with anguish in which the soul waZ,a so?g coming up fror
breaks down?goodbye! Ah, that is " hey rise for the doxol
the word that ends the thanksgiving joaltituae of the best. Le
banquet; that is the word that comes |^em, andsoat this hour
in to close the Christmas chant. Good- i*e CTUr.? eartk a?<* "
bye, gyodbye. But not so in heaven. c?ur.?" in eaven will i
Welcomes in the air, welcomes at the c"a-lce.8> an? aF
house of many mansion*, but no good- mourQICS will seem to whi
f r\ f fhfl
bye. That group is constantly being ?haT through* t?Ti
augmented. They are going up from y Jr* * L* m
our circles of earth to join it-little torii Jesus we may a,1 get
voices to join the anthem, little hands The State Executive C
to take hold in the great home circle, The following are the
little feet to dance in the eternal glee, State Executive Commit
little crowos to be cast down before the announced in the State
feet of Jetus. Our friends are in two Wednesday:
groups?a group this side of the river Abbeville?A W Jones.
aDd a group on the other side of the Aiken?W W Williams,
river. Now there goes one from this Anderson?J Perry Q-lei
* ' * ' ?-. ,1 /~i Tv r? jir
to that and anotner irom tms 10 mac, JtJarnweit?u- v oemDgc
and soon we will all be gone over. How Bamberg?S G May Held
many of your loved ones have already Beaufort?Thos Martin
entered upon that blessed place? If I Berkeley?S J McCoy,
should take piper and pencil, do you Charleston?J F Raffert
think I could put them all down? Ah, Clarendon?Louis Appc
my friends, the waves of Jordan roar Cherokee?Jno. T Litih
bo hoarsely we cannot hear the joy on Chester?T J Cunniogh
the other side when that group is aug- Chesterfield?G J Redfc
rccn-ed. Colleton?J Vf Hill.
A little child's mother had died, and Darlington?A J A. Par:
they comforted her. They said: Dorchester?J D iiivins
"Your mother has gone to heaven. Edgefield?L J William
Don't cry," And the next day they Fairfieid?Thos. H Ket<
went to the graveyard, and they laid Florence?D II Trailer,
the body of the mother down into the Greenville?M L Djnalt
ground, and the iittle girl came up to Greenwood?D Fi Magil
the verge of the grave and, looking Hampton?W H Mauld:
said, ''Is this heaven?" We have no Horry?Jco. AMcDerm
idea what heaven is. It' is the grave Kershaw?C L Winkler,
here?it is darkness here?but there is Lansaster?T Y Williaa
merrymaking yonder. Methinks when Laurens?N B Dial,
a soul arrives, cotce angel takes it Lexington?D J Griffith
around to show it the wonders of that Marion?S G Miles.
- * 1 1 ttt n ?
blessed piaue. xneusaer angei Bays 10 xuariuuru??? u uiau^.
the newly arrived: "These are the Newberry?Cole L Blea;
martyrs that perished at Piedmont; Oconee?J J Keith,
these were ?orn to piceesatthe inquisi- Orangeburg?W 0 Tatu
tion; this is the throne of the great Pickens?R F Smith.
Juhovah; this is Jesus." '"I am going Richland? Wilie Jones,
to see Jesus," said a dying boy. "I Spartanburg ?N L Beno
am going to see Jesus." The missionary Saluda?R B Watson,
said, "You are sure you will see him?'' Sumter?R D Lee.
''Oh, yes; that's what I want to Union?J F Peake.
go to heaven for." "But," said the Williamsburr?J H Blai
missionary, "suppose Jesus should go York?J C Wilborc.
away from heaven?what then?" I At a meeting of the Coi
should follow him," said the dying boy. Wilie Jones was re-elected
"But if Jesus went down no hell?what man.
thenY" The dying boy taougifc lor a rj^ Thinmoment
and then said, ''Where Jesus , , . . .
is there can be no hell!" Oh, to stand .,4'viion organs
in his presence! That will be heaven! e ?,fl
Oh, to put our hand in that hand which * rieves^ . ? cte
was wounded for us on the cross-to go J00 th'n- The fact that t]
around amid the croups of the redeemed ve ^ 0
and shake hands with the prophets and government in Cuba were
apostles and martyrs and with our own ?.loyef> Plcked h7 the
<W Wln^d ones! That will be the llon> because of their pec
great rcnnien. We cannot imagine it Ior iae in nana, as
Sow. Oar loved ones seem so far'away. I>r,0Tes <hat \W^T?T,
When we are in trouble and lonesome, J'fromfth,? '
they don't seem to come tons. We go thl,9 government but c*
on to.the banks of the Jordan and call and ooiruption.-Spartanb
across to them, but they do not seem A Warning t0 Gi
to hear. We say, 13 it weil with the ? T 0
child? is it well with the loved enes?" ZfUDg?.maU E
and we listen to hear if any voice come P .^?? ; ? !
back over the waters. None, nouel
Unbelief Bays, "They are dead, and declined to fulfill h s enga,
they are annihilated,". but blessed.be Str.
God we have a Bible that tells ua dif- r~" v~~,
ferent! We open it, and we find they sr0U.ad 'hafc. ete T
are neither dead cor annihilated?that man 8 a^eccI0SS nadcr falsi
they never were so muoh alive as now? ~ n n
that they are only waiting for our com- Gamesv^e, (ia.. Dc
ins: and that we shall join them on the , .A seP 10 nvl
other side of the river. Oh, glorions been used in my family an
reunion, we cannot grasp it now! ''Eye ' j satisfied that it is
hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither , ' you aim
have entered into the heart of man, the -n 0 T -7'
thirgs which God hath prepared for t/'a- Tvu'
W?W.lnw him." It s doing me good.-Sold
What a place of explanation it will ?TIg ti0,> ^clumDia5 c
be I I see ever? day profound mysteries druggists.
of providence. There is no question we A. kingdom for a cure,
ask oftener than Why? There are Lun- You need not pay so mu
dreds of graves in Greenwood and Lau- A twenty-five cent bottle o
re! Hill that need to be explained. Will drive all ills away.
Hospitals for the blind and lame, asy- See ad. and try it?nevei
- , -1. ? , .,rf - I , r 1 ?- .
?^rf Thr democracy. i summ
i a woriG or
jncand more [coxtinuxd from page 1.]
I will clear " ?
: pours from connection with the penitentiary scan- Dates on
:y can live. dal. He then compared the free barible
will be room in the State_ capitol during Re- Held
though the publican times with the free sample
jasper wall rooms at the State dispensary during
'io anthem. Tillman's administration as governor. NAMES (
hat he wa3 His arraignment of Tillman in con
ivas cast into nection with the dispensary and the
he denned penitentiary scandals was here inter- A Work Tl
that he was rupted.
hat he was Mr. Stevenson, the presiding officer Painstak
id that in- ruled that the record of Tillman in the
e could not senate, not prior to that time, was of
tv, that wid- now under discussion. There was mild
work to earn cheering from Tillman's friends. Superinte:
:e song will Senator Tillman asked that "this several mon
as weeping man" be not disturbed in the enjoy- travel and a
i exhausted ment of this luxury, it is not often he
nd martyred could get people to listen to him.
no idea of There was more cheering and cries for mstructi
)reciate the "Tillman" and for "Youmans." schools in tl
t do we ap- Senator Tillman had during the first of the select
icred song? part of the excoriation sat perfectly un- wt0 were jr
dring to me moved, on the seat direcily in front of 1.1. -n,lifted
on the the ch-ir which Col. Youmans had oc- scilooI at vYi
ten we sing cupied, but his "fighting face" showed lowing is a 1
is and tunes, the return of the fire of former bouts. be held, wit
1 of the past. Mr. Youmans ac^uiepced in the rul- dates; that ii
? -11 ? inrr r\f fho pKaip nr?H nnf. They have I]
;i tuit: ?uijg,3 ? _
hey are ail his speech. Abbeville
ig dew of a Mr. A. H. Patterson of Barnwell as- P. Harrison
iths. They sured the convention that Mr. You- Davidson co
sisters gone maaa aid not represent the people of cipal of Mul
aged and Barnwell county ia his remarks. Aiken, Jt
&s none the Mr. Soumans?There is the record. C Legge, pr;
tremble and It speaks for itself. Charleston;
ONLY ONE VOTE teacher in S
ogs sung, it The 50te on the motion t0 ublo Mr A?d??ra;
iry meeting Vrmman'a mntinn tn tahlfl thft resnln
as and city tions was carried. There was only one Lnfpssnrnf
and western vote jQ tjje negative?that of Mr. You- v:rty:D:a -d
ltinent luts macs< The resolutions were then
:ers of eter- adopted by a rising vote, Mr. Youmans Barnwell
sic. Away. aji>ain being the only one voting in the TnTlfl<,
tunes that DegatiT. school S I
ao-uary and There were more demonstrations of ftt Mar'inn ?
^e3U3 applause, and the report of the com- Berkeley
yV hen gen- mittee on constitution and by-laws was t0 aus. 05ailCUS
wars, jVpti taken nn and disposed of. u:
? 1 iu XlUiljr Ail
and shout, A gnxca peom tillman. Master, te;
when Je?^3 xhis concluded the work of the con- schools.
uest ot tne vention> an(i before the resolutions of Charlesto
or mm one t^anjC3t0 presiding officer, clerks, etc., K Ta'e, pri
some delegate sent up a resolution re- school.
pus' name! questing a speech from Senator Till- Charlesto
11- man. This wa3 adopted by the con professor of
idem vention. # _ college,
of all. Senator Tillman accepted the invita- Chester,
c on earth is tion and made a short address, which Kennedy,
in heaven! was confined almost exclusively to na- gradedschoi
;ri. All the tional affairs. He said that he didn't er in Colum
will join it- ! - Ac to talk as he once did, beoause he Clarendoi
dren, choirs 1 ::dd heard so much talk in the senate. Sept, 11?\
sties. Morn j Four years ago there was feverish- pal high scl
ir cymbals, i ncs3 and uncertainty as to tne policy Inabinet, s
. Great an- j of the national Democratic party. Mr. graded schc
I on!?other Cleveland and hia party had Bcuttled Colleton,
my till the the ship. The national convention^ at Aug. 11?i
i nations all Chicago was inspiring in the uprising tendent eel
uch anthem, of the people. It was the first genuine Rambo, t<
II the sweet Democratic convention since the war. schools.
n be poured Its action represents the revival of the Darlicgto
avid of the party of Jefferson on the only lines of Hand, snp<
riel of the durability. We now face another cam- schools; L;j
rermany, re j paign. It has been estimated that & liamston Fe
? bass voice I million Democrats left the party in Eigefield
will add to 1896. We went into that campaign Wm M C!
bless voices, disorganized with the Palmer and school, Moi
mn today we Buckner party split off, and scared the lace, profes
lips from the opposition nearly to death. If a hard lesce.
lat when the fight was necessary then, it is doubly Faiifield,
to let some so now. The Kepublioan majority is gept. l?Q
me forth the arrogant in the extreme and is rushing leston Higt
ces until we into a plutocracy which will wreck the Georgeto
0 song drops government. Hanna had $16,000,000 n to July '
it meet half with which to buy votes in 1896. tendent gra
q earth. We need money to carry speakers Jackson H
ogv, all the and literature into the middle west. Mill.
:t us rise with "We are still face to face with the Greenvill
the joys of Philippine war, which has cost us K Tate, pri
ie joys of the $120,000,000 (including the navj) and school ' CI
' .1 A. ; _e PK AAfk , >
mngic meir requires me services qi oj.uuu meu. wortn, pn:
parel of our McKinley had brought on that war ex- Lucas, frou
ten into the pecting the Filipinos te disband at the drawing,
skies. God first rush. He had eat in the senate Hampton
oercy of our and heard them talking of using the Johnstone,
there! Philippines as stepping stone to China. Barnwell
ommittee He declared that the Republican party Chicago u
e \ has great schemes of aggrandizement. McDaffio, i\
names of the defen(je(j tjg position on the China Horry, at
,tCp open door question in China. He 30?E C Cc
Convention woui(j 8tan(j but did not favor gradcd schc
using the Philippines as a stepping teBdent Coi
stone. # # Kershaw,
He was applauded in his reply to the jujy 7?J
u* statement that he was in favor of South schools- W
ir" Carolina getting her share of the steal- schools.'
ing in "WashiDgton. It did not imply Lanoastei
a surrender of any principle. The Baker supe
south pays one-third of the taxes and 80hools: ?
J" gets but a tenth in return, and he con- burg, city s
: - \ tended it was but right for South Oaro- t
lir.au, get her eh.? of tho .ppropriv gj ,
!&m. TP "VTn schools; J
.iiwa wauuj 10 iu u?ujci. *1 a.ai. ophO
McKinley is elected it means an alii- ?L;n<jrftwi
ance rfith England. Inordinate groed T ?T:n(rtn,
is behind England's unholy war in Af- ornj:_ ?Lft.
thin. rica The carpet-bagger will get the Jn{
benefit, and we must keep a standing w.
, army of 200,000 men, and if the trend \i,Tinn
,9dn" of affairs keeps up that army will be Q0fcer
- broiJght back to this country to shoot j S M'oLuca
ott. ?>?.' Cie.
denounced the Republicans to their JJarlboro
ls* faces as hypocrites, and the people of t * qrj ;
this State had never heard of it. ,;If ent Bennett
the conspiracy of silence among some j3Crg prjnoj
of the newspapers to keep my consticu- Newbarrv
ents from knowing what I do keeps up, vi^pan*n
I can't help it," he said with a consid- ^ded gc'ho
cras.Je show of feeling. porter M;:
The e >nv.?n?ion then adjourned. f
Wo Iui:y a?;ree with the Columbia Oconee a
State that the prevalence of perfect ^4?S H
harmony in the ranks of the Democ- q.mt.p H?i,
racy of South Carolina was most strik- v _ j
iDgly exempified Wednesday in the Orangebu
skwell. S'*'6 00nve,nlim when .El- Sligh, prof.
Gov. John C. Sheppard arose, nomma- >? ' j t
. , n , tions for delegates-at-large to the 0rtv '
nm1 tee Col. natjonai convention having been called p- > '
State Chair- for? 3ad presented in ^ of the
niimA ?u npenes, buj
xu'<scuciu uocfonuu J" 1' va *'*iv schools: U i
Hon. B. R. Tillman, and Mr. Gosgrovo bu Kish fcc
are boasting of Charleston was first to rise and sec- Richland,
ingin Cuba ond the nomination. The convention Aug 15 t0
d That is to a man noted the incident. The prjncipal fc
he men who State says this was the most represen- gomery, All
robbing the tatirs bod? of men seen here in a long, history, Wc
trusted em- long time. The main body was com- instructorii
administri- posed of staunch citizens of all callings. Spartanbi
-1!? ? ~ 1
uiiar ixLueas
i advertised, . ?ore Soldiers Killed. it^moert, j,]
.'ansnot only dispatch from Manila says the Sarah C. r
principles of rumored engagement in Samar has been school,
rpet-baggcry confirmed by reports recently received Sumter, .
urg Herald. from Major Henry T. Allen, 43d red- Rast> Darli
T~ ?VU'l Y; L> commanding Samar MeCinti,, C
IslaDd:t TLat detachment of thrity-one Sanndm' d
' L'^ica. Ji
,rtf 1 ,k* <5<ta men, siauoueu at ^siuut, vrtrv -<%<, . , ,
irV woman tackcd APril 15 b? si* hoI"ire<i W
rif faUp lift with two hundred rifles and one can- sa|
rement"She MD- Our iueu quartered in convent, ? Williams!
?r wac>, of which ?as fired next day by burning '? Aug. 11
,l. hemp thrown from adjoining ohurch. Pedagogy at
i the rouoc Detachment escaped by river. Men y?A^
3 freun^s.' *cttlnS nU> J0}* ?ere k'lled; remaining '"
__ men entrenched themselves near river * r
:c. 8, 1899 and held out two days longer, facing ^n^C"
FrtrafriT han most adverse circumstances, until res- Wintnrop: .
d~I~am per- cue(^ ky Lieut. Sweeney and ten men. 1U&: ,
all, and will two hundred of attacking party
onra fTOiv (many of them are reported having come tu"r , " *81
3 Dorsev' ^rom Luzon Island) reported killed and schools.
10W myself. wounded. Lieut. Sweeney re- ,^her0^J>
hv ^eMn-- Ports streets covered with dead insur- ;fiax'CUUULJ
rents. - Camden gra
' SflU.a11 ~ ' Uorchestf
? S. A. Swails, a leader of the Repub- Mann, snpei
. lican party in the days of Moses and Jessie McK
,ch. ' Patterson, died at his home in King- Florence,
f L. L. & K. stree last Thursday. He was State A Sharpe,
Senator from Williamsburg county dur- city schools
rails. ing the entire Radical administration. schools; Vir
OCptJAAT C j Greenwood, Aug. 6 to Sept. 1O
v H JU JiO. j Leonard T Baker, superintendent Lan
caster graded schools; Sarah Uhanalei
Spartanburg city schools.
Wh'ch They Wi!i bs Saluda (date not fixed)?? C Mc
Cants, principal Blackville schools; .
in Each County. Porter tloliis, Rock Hill graded school*
A Goose Story.
DF THE TEACHERS. Any old goose who wants to can be
lieve the following from the Griffin
Ga., News'. "Mrs. W. R. Brown, wh
_ - . t* . I*M _ 1 A-i Z
^at Has Required Much llves near ^liner, nas a goose man i
nearly fifty years old. This old goos
ing Effort on the Part has laid yearly for forty years, and eac'
year since 1854 up to two years ago eh
Mr. McMahan- has hatched and raised goslings."
apgg , ????ii?a????
cdent McMahan has, after
:ths of hard study, much
TT^rrr ala^Amfa nnrMonnnd. ^ IMA fl tf! 31 ! A IS rt n 3 n r ^
zmz;:i::zro! > wuuu 5 hish uhauc <
Drs for the summer normal * T*^ t\ J! ^
le various counties. Most f wQ?)Tjl '
ions were made from those 0 JL ill 111 Ai'vvViDi {
> attendance at the State ^ Qur kusines3 in Farm Seeds is ^
inthrop last year. Thftfol- ^ to-day one of the largest in this ^
ist of the schools that wi.l 4 Country. A result due to the fact (
h the instructors and the ^ that quality has always been our ^
^ttaUiretc7p"dSaPPC'i?ted # first consideration. We supply !
, June 11 to July 7?Thos. $ a11 Seeds required for the Farm. {
iie^fjEBuzbKri^ \ GRASS & CLOVER SEEDS, <
lies school. 9 Cow Peas, Cotton Seed, I
iiy i6 to Aug. li?Claude i ?ee(i Qats, Seed Cora, <
incipal of Bennett school, i Cnia Naw & Vplvpf (
Elizabeth W McLean, t ^?Ja' ^Vy ? Velvet <
umter graded school- _ $ BeaDS, SorghlilTlS, <
, June 11 to July 7-THos fi yroom Cora Kafi,r (
supennteadent Anderson \
3ls; J S McLueas, assistant { Peanuts, English
at Olemson college; P Millet Seed, <
Brodie, instructor in draw- $ RflpC, &tC, i
July 30 to Aug. 25-WH \ Wood's Descriptive Catalogue 1
j, o??JL, ii A gives the fullest information about ,
nntendent xiarnweli graded y these and all oth6r Seeds; best methods
rV Reeves, former teacher ? of culture, soil best adapted for differ- |
i-,or ?, n,.^??n \ ercnt crops and practical hints as to
10W at L>orne.l umvcrs.-y.q -what are liieljr to prove most profitable ,
at St. Stephens, July 30 to grow. Catalogue maiiea iree upon
-K G Sheridan, Drinoipal f request. (
EM 5ol?r % \ T, W. WOOD & SONS,
n, juiy i6 n Aug. 11?W I SEEDSMEN, - Richmond, Va,
acipal Memzninger Normal
THE house Thursday by a ver
6 ' narrow margin of two votes ur
June 11 to July 7-It M seated Mr. Crawford of Nort
superintendent of Camden Carolina, a Democrat, an
i t?i _ a n'v..i. i _ in V?ic r\1ar?o \fr Ppn.rSf>
oia; i>:ancuc vj ^eaie, leucu
bia city schools. of North Carolina, who was
i, at Manning, Aug. 15 to member of the Fifty-fourth an
V H WanDaxnaker, princi- Fifty-fifth congresses. Thi
100I, SparUnbarg; J Percy makes the third Democrat turne
upenntendent of Manning Qut 0? ^ presen? house.
at Wakerboro, July 16 to ^ ,, Z7 ,
hos G Wilkinson, superin- Gov. McSweeney Thursda
ioo!s St Waltcrboro; D L received a long letter from
;acher in Sumter graded married woman in Greenwoo
county detailing all her trouble!
n, June 4 to June 30?WH She says she recently left h(
erintendent Chester graded husband because of his cruelt
Ta'ia frar>"hr-r Wil- i mi ~
...v tu lier. xjulcu. 011c guuwuuc
r July 16?'to Aug. 11- 7ith an appeal to the governc
lyde. principal boy* high to Sra.at her *he (Pnvllege <
itgomcry, Ala.; D D Wal- marrying again "as I am
sor of history, Wofford col- orphan."
at Winnsboro, Aug. 6 to The Washington Post gives
A Greaser, teacher in Char- whole chapter of fact in the fo
l school. lowing terse lines: "The soutl
wn, Parley's Island, June era Republicans lay great stre:
*?Thos B Hainby, superin- on the votes of the colore
dcd school at Georgetown; 5r0^her when they are after
amilton, principal at Fort ^rt??^cc?nTia1
I WU^lV/MtJlVUWA vwvwv w ?.
e, Aug. 27 to Sept. 22?W democrat has been elected. Bi
ncipal Memminjer Normal when it comes to selecting th
larlestoa; Hugh Haynes black man as a delegate to th
ncipal Fountain Inn; Miss Philadelphia convention?we 1
i Charleston, instructor in that is another story.
, July 16 to Aug. 11?B H The Democratic conventio
?1 of Tennessee reported a platfon
Kiautu DVUVVUi uv>f ?rv . ,
niversity; Miss Penelope containing a plant on expansio
Tarioa graded schools. which did not mean anythin
; Conway, Jane 4 to Jane and was a straddle as favorab]
iker, saperintendent Marion to the view of McKinley as (
>ols; 3 VV Carwile, saperia- Bryan. It was promptly r<
iway graded schools. pudiated by the convention an
at Camden, Jane 11 to a straight-out plank condemi
2 Sav - rnLgt<!n grathe position of the Republ
H MoNairy, Chester graded ^ ^ and standing squFareI
. Jane 11 to July 7-L T .??fition of Bryan w?
rintendent Lancaster graded suusumueu..
Sarah Chandler, Spartan- ,, , . .
ohools At the race conference bein
Juno 11 to Jul; 7-Frank ^eld in Montgomery, Alabam;
periDtendent Spirtanburs Hon- Bourke Cockran of lie'
Porter Mollis, Chester York, it is Stated, scored tb
oh; Margaret Law, instruo- most brilliant success of the rac
ng. conference in the closing oratioi
a, July 16 to Aug. 13?P T He boldly advocated the repe*
niomartn +r? t.Vi
T/A UL"*W1V*L"VW UJL IUC iULU. AiJl^uuLuvuv wv v~
>. J George, student, Colum- Federal constitution. He ai
i&w1R t? in. 1Q r> p gued that it was a bad limb o
rintecdent Marfoa^Iods; tree; that it had been null
is, assistant professor Eds: ",7 States, that it ha
nson college; Virginia 11. been lynched, so to speak, b
:ructor in drawing. the people of the South.
, at Bencettsville, Jane 4 to
sTathan Toms, superintend- The postoffice authorities hav
isville schools; S A Cham- discovered that somebody i
pal Gaffncy High school. Washington has been sendin
mail sacks of clothing an
* * t, ? other personal property from tb
ois: iwicu. jrerno, teacner ~ T- -- j xi
litary academy; Margaret Capitol to St. Louis, under th
stor in drawing. postal frank of a congressmar
it Walhalla, Jane 18 to July That's a small matter. The lat
Elmunds, superintendent Gen. B. F. Butler used to fran
ools; Eloise Wclcb, New- all of his laundry home ever
schools. week and frank it back to Wash
rg (date not fixed)?u K ington, thus protecting himse!
i ,th
IctU-UUiJ 1JIZ>LX c*u uii>- uuvivuui
June 11 to July 7?E L ^al.
THE New York Times ?
hi.)0j 'F v presses its present opinion c
'at Columbia High school, Wm- Jennings Bryan as fo:
Sept. 11?Wm. M Clyde, lows: "It is simple justice t
toys' high school, Mont- say that the leader of the Demo<
i; D D Wallace, professor racy now presents a more r<
ifiord college; Miss Graham, spectable figure than in an
i drawing. year sinCe he entered nations
lrg, June 11 to July <?-A G politics. The Bryan of 190
rofessor at Wcfford ? college; stan^s before the people as a ma
nurscon, vjoiumDia mgn boldness of honest cor
Aug. 15 to Sept. il-J D mictions. The sincerity an
Dgtou city schools; Fannie courage of such an attitude ai
olumbia High school, F. L. admirable." The world move*
racing. and the Times moves with it.
me 4 to 30?L W Dick, ?j
ent Aiken schools; Davis PITTS'
jeriatendent Union schools.
W Thomson, professor I mnsEPTic mouthim
Wintnrop college; i^mmad
k Hill schools. Cures La Grppe, dyspepsia, indigeatio
5Torkville?J W Thomson, and all stomach and bowel trou'-'cs colic c
daeogy, Winthrop college; cholera morbus, teething troubles wit
>anbar. practice teacher at children, kidney troubles, bad blcod an
Miss P L Saunders, draw- jW sorts of sores, risings or felons cut, ?
' burns. It is as good aatiseptic, when lccau
T11^ . ,T , applied, as anything on the market.
Jnly ID to Aug. 11- J At- Try it and you will praise it to othen
?iDS, principal Denmark if y0Ur druggist doesn't keep it, wriie to
-x ^ .a tit t? *t_ a_ TXTTT! MTTPT? AV n"RTTn- HO .
at u-auney?vy j? iuu^xc- iiAM
r superintendent: L T Mills, ~
ded schools. Columbia, S. C.
;r, at St. Georges?J L 3
intendent Florence schools; Inn A B&vnllldc
enzie, Florence schools. Jllil* IlCjilUlUDj
Aug. 15 to Sept. 11?Thos. ... , T
superintendent Darlington Attorney at Law,
; Alma Bojd, Spartanburg
ginia R Brodie, drawing. COLUMBIA, - - S. C.
- BTTir isr<
! -OK*
Prepare to &ne<
q Prices of paper and paper bags are
| if you will tell us your troubles we ma
e Colombia Statione
* ^Wholesalers of Bags, Paper,
" ?? ? - ' c* i_ !. A'
[ The Demand 01 tne rimes, oucn is t
I MacFeat's School ofShorthani
f Columbia, S. C
W. H. MacFeafc, Court Stenogra
J Terms reasonable. Write:
\ * Wonder. COM
J I wonder if. wh<*n I wander out Vl"
A Through the realm of eternal space,
\ And leave behind this world of our*, f
$ With its light and love and grace: I
J When my toul g>es forih to the dim unKnown,
T.il-e a. rnri.]AtO<*?a shin at se4. I HA I
i And gropes And ftruggles to grap the shore
\ Of the mistical greats-to be
v I wonder if I t-hail ever look back V/l10<
A To this old wor d I have known, . ?.
\ Wifh longiDg eyes ar.d an aching heart, LPlI
7 For wbat is forever goat?
f I wonder if, when I clasp the hands
W Of the loved of long ago
1 Who crossed th9 stream in the weird gone The SXJ
Pa3t, Complete
a And. Mirelv. I shall know
i Their forms and face3. and hear the sound .
T Of their voices, ne'er forg t?
s I wonder if I shall tj'i'l turn back t Boiifrs,
^ And long for what I have n t? j Grain i
? Lopg for those who are left behind,, Qrisi
? To suffer and toil and strive ., .
y In the cold world's troublous atmosphere, 1 lac
j_ For the sake of bang al.ve?
h. I wotder if, when it is over at last
J Ar\A T o'or>fl in nnr ? now lifa ? mmm
U A~ r? r j wmm
n I shall ever remember th?t this old, old world, j Wf t
With its sin 8nd sorrow and strife?
& Shall I think of the flash on the sunset hills, j
d Of the sta-s in the pale blue sky, j gQ4 Of
g Of the mighty ocean, beating the shore '
^ When the raging tide runs higr.?
Will the doubt aid dread forever be fled,
That trouble life here below? ?
Will the love and the longing bo satisfied? J
y Ah, very soon I shall know! I
- C\
y The New Ball Bearing j a?
j Domestic *
a ?sj*
Sewing Machine
It Leads in "Workmanship, Beauty, OLD
Capacity, Strength, Light Running. MEN!
Every Waman Wants One. Healei
^ Attachments, Needles and Carbii
e JFarts ior sewmg macuiues eg qj
lt of all makes. Bunio
Le When ordering needles send TTlflaTn
Le sample. Price 27c per dozen,
1, postpaid. . Handa
Agents Wanted in Unoccupied Terrin
tory. needs.
n ?:? For sa
n J. L. SHULL, dealer
* n, 1 mTTTl
g 1219 Tavior Bireec, inn .
le COLUMBIA, S. C. Colum
H Orfman Pays ^
^ aeaum
; the Express |pf?
i, Steam Dyeing of every teti0I1
e description. Steam, Nap- mills i
p , ? . ^ _ All.
I tha, French Dry and macM]
il chemical cleansing. Send ^lot
e . chiner
fnr m-,r n*w nnce list and pA-m
" ~ " X ? WUi
f circular. All work guar ??mm
lj 6 Thoms
d anteed or no charge. Eng:
y Ortman's Steam Oye Works S811
e 1310 Main Street i
n '
g Columbia, S. C
? A. L. Ortman, Proprietor.
:e x
"1V/1"n X7^CJ U AVA _ 1 ""
e XUUliaj JJLUlly- mnp
y hound, Mullein pnoi
J and Tar, for 1
e 7 A]
i_ coughs, colds, phine)
T ^ A
; ua urrippe. a ?
f- sure remedy. j
Pr ice 25 cents. I
I All Druggists. No*
? Sn
I Man's strength comMi
lies in his I
For pi
stomach. ]
^ A poor, -weak digestion debili
7 tates and impoverishes the body. UflUry
No need confining one's self to mllilLl
? certain simple diet, on tins account,
when with the use of
"Hilton's Life for the Liver and
Kidneys" any kind of food may
be eaten with comfort. 25c a
- bottle. . Wholesale by
THE MURRAY DB06 01., m
COLUMBIA, 8.0. [ 1205 P
ow- 1
- r.rSgra
- s.&M
[1 Tears. -1
rapidly advancing, but 1
be able to help yon,
ry Co., % 4
, Twines, etc. ^
C. m
he Training afforded at vr
i and Typewriting
.plier, Principal.
for catalogue.
I hh I h Wlltlllliw
Murray Improved _
aning and Dis- ?
buting System. f
? -a ? 5 i rr> _ j.
mpiesc ana most eiucient
Poorer Equipments,
any horse power. ~'j?
ltomatic and Corliss EnGioes - ' :/
Saw Mills, ft ocd trorkicg machinery
naohiaery, Threshers. Rice Hollers
Mills, Sa?re. Injectors,
irrery, apourtenanoes of all kimls.
i? a:m 9. A
n. muuea ?J
>rvai3 Street, W
Nrear Union Depot?
BE^v.'S.k ^ a
Great Antiseptic
T?l? TT
., cares irnes, riuz,cului,
yes, Grianulated Eyelids,
ncles, Boils, Cuts, Bruisd
Sores, Burns, Corns,
os, Ingrowing Toenail:?,
matory Rheumatism,
or*/1 Poina f!"h?TvnP<l
i and Lips, Erysipeiaa.
something everybody
Once used always used.
le by all druggists and,s.
At wholesale Uf d
bia, S. C. A
its Power Plants for jm
actories and Mills.
ines, Corliss-Automatic
Side Valves. M
ers, Heaters, Pumps^^^M^
Mills, from small
mills to the heaHR
ii the market. m
kinds of wood working *
ir and corn milling may.
plete Ginning Systems?
ns, Van Winkle and
Lnes ? Boilers ?Saws ? ^ ^
a stock for qnick deliv
t C. BadMm, 1326
Main Street, .9
nriT.TT\rRrA s r <^1
i. ? v/
Icoholic, Opium (Mor,
and other narcotic J
also cigarette and other
o habits. Address or
ho ffoolci? InoWiito V\
hu rvouiuj luouiaiv,
1109 Plain Street.
)ther in the stato.
The %
les all the best features
of the
lest Type Writer.
irticulars address
!. L. Withers,
Tfl IftlU
On improved real estate. 3
Interest eight per cent.
payable semi-annnally.
Time 3 to 5 years. t
No commissions charged y
B. Palmer & Son,
- ' - *g
lain St., Columbia, 8. C.
r-fS V

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