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Dr. Talmage On-Relaticn ef ?m?
ployerand Employee.
Aimed to Bring About More
Friendly Relations Betv/een
the Two?Rerredy For
, Industrial Troubles.
At a time when in various district ^
labor troubles are existing or t
imrusnrtinor tkp effort Dr. Talmaae makes 1
& ^
in this discourse to briDg about, a bet- <
ter feeling between both sides of this
difficult question is weli timed; texts, j
GalatiaD3 v, 15, "But if ye bite and <
devour one another take heed that ye be i
not consumed one of another," and 1
Philippians ii, 4, ''Look notev^ry man j
on his own things, but every man also .
on the thing of others." i
About every six months there is a 1
great labor agitation. There are violent j
questions now in discussion between j
employers and employees. The present ^
"strikes" will go into the the past. Of (
course, the damage done cannor, be re- i
?:?j Iir :n ?* ?a 1
paireu. ** ages wu- uvb jc du ui6u
they were, spasmodically they may be
higher, but they will drop iower.
Strikes, whether right or wrong, always
injure laborers as well as capitalists.
You will see this in the starvation of
nest winter. Boycotting and violence
and murder never pay. They are dif
ferent stages of anarchy. God never
bletsed murder. The worst nse you
oan put a man to is to kill him. Blow>
up tomorrow all the country seats on
the the banks of the Hudson and the
Khine and all the fine houses on Madison
square and Brooklyn Heights and
Ritten house tquare and Beacon street,
and all the bricks and timber and stones
will just fall back on the bare hands of (
a rt i?nw.\naon 1 q V.A*? T
~i.LUciiV/AU uuiuygau iHv/vi? j
The'worst enemies of the working y
classes in the United States and ire- .
land are tneir demented coadjutors. t
Years ago assasaination?the assassina- ^
tion of Lord Frederick Cavendish and
Mr. Burke in Phctaix park, Dublin, T
Ireiibd, in the uuempt to avenge the ,
wrongs of Ireland only turned away ?
from that afflicted people milli ons of (
sympathisers. The attempts ^o blow
up the house of commons in London x
had olIv this effect ?to throw out of j
employment tens of thousands of inno- j
cent Irish people in iSogland. in tms ,
country the torch put to the factories ?
that have discharged hands for good or t
bad reason, obstructions on the rail ]
tracks in front of midaight express (
trains because the offenders do not like ]
the president of the compin>; strikes ,
on shipboard the hour they were going ,
to sail or in printing offices the hour j
the paper was to go to pre^s or in the }
mines the day the coal was to be dc- ?
livered or on house scaffoldings so the (
builder fails in keeping his contract?all <
these are only a hard blew on t^ie head .
v__ of American labor and cripple its arms
and lame its feet and pierce its heart
Traps sprung suddeniy upon employers 1
and violence never took one knot out of
ItTin/?tl/ia rJ mil at- nnf.ftnA ^arthinf '
of wages into a callous pain. Barbarism
will never cure tbe wrongs of J
civilization. Mark that!
Fxeaerick the Great admired some
land near his palace at Potsdam, and ne
resolved to get it. It was owned by a
iniiler. lie offered the miller three
times the value of the property. The
miller would not take it because it was
the old homestead, and he felt about as
JSa'ooth felt about his vineyard when J
Ahah wanted it. Frederick ths Great J
was a rough and terrible man, and he ]
ordered the miller into his presence, 1
and the kiog, with a stick in his hand 1
?a stick with which he sonetimes 1
struck the officers of state?said to the 3
miller. "Now, I have offend yon j
three times the value of that property, *
and if you won't sell it I'll take it any- *
how." The miller said, "Yoa? ma- *
jesty, you won't.' "Yes," said the c
king, "I will take' it." "Then," said c
'-he miller, "if your majesty, does take
it I will cue you in the chancery court" t
At that threat Frederick the yielded e
his inf amous demand. And tie most r
imperious outrage against the working f
classes will yet cower before tlie law. j p
trr.i 1 A .... . L : . ? ?n !
v luicuce auu oi u.c v*u? j ?
never accomplish anything; t>ui rig hi i c
eousness and submission to the Jaw ?.iii j
accomplish it. o
The benavior of a multitude of la- r
borers toward the their employers dur- t
ing the last three months may have in- r
duced some employers to neglect the t
real Christian duties that they owe to <3
those whom they employ. Therefore I e
want to say to you whom I confront 1<
face to face and those to whom these *
words may come that all shipowners,
all capitalists, all commercial firms, all p
master builders, all housewives, arc f,
bound to be interested in the entire I
welfare of their subordinates. Years b
offA CAm?i nna rrirra + nroonr-intirtna Ci
for becoming a millionaire: "First, C
spend your life in getting and keeping t<
the earnings of other people; secondly, p
have no anxiety about the worrinents, d
the losses, the disappointments, of t
others; thirdly, do nor mind the fact t
that your vast wealth implies the poverty y
of a great many people." Now, thera c
is not a man here who would cot sent to a
go into life with those three principles c
to earn a fortune, it is your desire to d
do your whole duty to the men and wo- n
men in your service. G
First, of all, then, pay as large wages Z
as are reasonable and as jour easiness ?
will afford?not necessarily what others *
pay, certainly not what your hired help n
von T7AH mnaf f.ott i<3 trronni? f.1
C?7 J VU iUU^V 3 bUOM 10 VJiMUU/
on the part of labor unbearable. The n
rifcht of a laborer to tell his tmployer t<
what he must pay implies the right of e1
an employer to compel a man into ser- *<
vice whether he wili or not, either of v
those ideas is despicable. When any ti
employer is allowed to say what he must c
do or have his business ruined and the h
employer submits to it, he does every
business man in the Uuited States a n
wrong and yield? to the priaciple which,
carried our, would dibsolve society, f
Look ever vonr and DUt vour- t'
selves in imagination ia your laborer's G
place, and tnen pay him what before 1
God andyou? own conscience you think y
you ought 10 pay him. a
' God bless jou" are well in their b
place, but they do not buy coal nor pay 4
house rent nor get shoes for the chil- y
dren. At the same time you, the em- h
pioyer, ought to remember through o
what straits aDd strains you got the s
fortune by which you built your store y
or run the factory. You are to remem- p
fcer that you take all the risks and the 1:
employee takes none or scarcely any. y
You are to remember that there may be y
reverses in fortune and that some new i
style oi" machinery may make your ma- o
chinery valueless or some new style of g
tariff set jour business back hopelessly b
aaa lorever. lou must take ail taat j o
iaio coasiceffitioa, and then pay what; erythjog but tb^ir owe salvation 1
is reasonable. it b6 that, having those people
Do not be too ready to cut down your care 5.10, 20 years, you kav
;rages. As far as possible, pay all, and no everlasting impression for f
pay promptly. There is a threat deal of their immortal souls? God tun
Bible teaching on this subject Mala- back from such selfishness and
jhi: "I will be a swift witness against us to live for others and cot f
ill sorccrers aad against all adulterers selves! Christ sets U3 the exan
ind against those who oppose the hire sacrifice, and so do many of hi
,ing in his wages." Leviticus: "Thou ciples.
jbalt not keep the wages of the hireling Oae summer in California a
ill night unto the morning." Colos- man who had just removed fr<
liar.s; "Masters, eive unto your own Sandwhich Islaads told me this
servants that which is just and equal, dent: You know that one of the
knowing that ye also have a Master in which Islands is devoted t5
heaven." So you see it is not a ques- People getting sick of the lepn
tion between you and your employee so the other islands are sent to the
much as it is a question between you lepers. They never come off. Ti
wd God. in different stages of disease, I
Bat, above all, I charge you, 0 em- who die on that island die of lepi
ployera, that you look after the moral On one of the islands there
md spiritual welfare of your employees. physician who always wore his
First, know where they spend their gloved, and it was often discuss*
jveninga. That decides everything, he always had a glove on that ha
if on do not want aiound your money der all circumstances. One c
irawer a young man who went last came to the authorities, and h<
aightto tee '"Jack Sheppard." A man drew his glove, and he said to t
;hat comes into ths store in the mora cers of the law: 'Tou see 01
? nrifj, TmrJnitrhf rftvftlrv is hand a sDOt of the leprosy and th<
5UftOWJ O * ? Mr - - not
the man for your store. The young doomed to die. I might hide t
can who spends his evening in the so a little while and keep awa7 fri
iiety of refined women or in musical or isle of lepera; bat I am a physicia
irtistic circles or in literary improve- I can go on that island and adm
nent is the young man for your store, to the sufferings of those who are:
Do not say of these young men, "Lf gone in the disease, and I shou
;he7 do their work in the business to go now, Ic would be selfish
lours, that is all I have to ask." G-od to stay amid the luxurious surrou
las made you that man's guardian. I when I might be of so much h
rant you to understand that many of the wrctched. Send me to the
:hese young men are orphans, or worse the lepers." They, seeing the i
;han orphans, flung out into society to leprosy, of course took the ma
itruggle for themselves. A youns: man custody. Ke bade farewell to h;
s pitohed into the middle of the Atlan- ily and his friends, [t was an a
and * nlank is mtched after ing farewell. He could never set
tu vvvnw) w r w
lim, and then he is tola to take that again. He was taken to the isle
md swim ashore. Treat that young lepers and there wrought amoi
nan as yon wonld like to have your son sick until prostrated by his own
reated if yon were dead. Do not tread which at last came. Oh, that wa
)n him. Do not swear at him. Do nificent self denial, magnificent
lot send him on a useless errand. Say fice, only surpassed by that of hi
'good morning"'and ''good night" and exiled himself from the health of
"goodbye." You sre -ieoiding that to this leprous island of a worl
nan's destiny for two wo.ids. he might physician our wouac
One of my earliest rememberanoes is weep our griefs and die our <
>f old Arthur lappan. There were turning the ielc of a leprous wor
nany differences of opinion about his a great, blooming, glorious $
>olitics, but no one who ever knew Ar- Whether employer or employee,
,hur Tappan, and knew him well, catch that spirit.
loubted his being an earnest Christian. ? ^
[a his store in New York he bad a room TJHJS UdJE.l'Aitt.Bi jbl?.?.xux
where every moroing he called his em
>loyees together, and he preyed with Th Open atOrangtbarjaadC
.hem, read the Scriptures to them, sang ?
rith them, and then they entered on Columbia,
he duties of the day. On Monday _ , , . , A it ,
noraing the exercises differed, and he Wednesday night the sub-con:
gathered the young men together and of the State Democratic esecutii
isked them *bere they had attended mittee met in Columbia with i
jhurch, what had been their Sabbath members present and arrange
jxperiences and what had beeff the eer- * , , ? c, .
BOD. Samuel Budgstt had the largest 50,ledule ?l Sl"?
>usiness in the west of England. He cieetings for this 7ear. The sc
lad in a room of his warehouse a place has been prepared wnh the mos
.1 ?1_ e i f?l _ J AWncf. ?n
Jieasauu> luruisiicu nnu wvui v. 1U1 VUUdJUCiauvu, vu^ viv^vuv ? ?<
lests ??d Fletcher's "Family 1W bcirg gi?n ,u railr01(1 sohedtt]l
;ions and wesleyan hymnbooks, sod g~
ie gathered his employees together oa"s *cr opening of the cai
>very morning and, having sung, they the same a* two years ago in C
caelt down acd prayed side by side? bur*, and fist's the closing meet
:he employer and the employees. Do Columbia. It also allows time
>ou wonder at that man's success and South Carolina delegation to arte
.hat, though 30 years before he had national convention at Kansas
>een a partner in a email retail Thin schedule is to be laid befo
ihops in a small village, at his full State committee tor approva
leath he bequeathed many millions? extra meeting called for the p
jrod can trust such a man aa that with to bo held on Wednesday night i
plenty of money. week:
And then I charge you not to put un- Abbeville, August 11.
lecessary temptation in the way of Aiken, August lo
Four young men. Do not keep large Anderson, August 10.
sums of money lying around unguarded. Bamberg, J use ji.
K.iow how much money there is in the Barnwell, June -3.
;iii. Do not have tho account books Beaufort, .June 1.
loosely kept.' There are temptations Berkeley, June _
inevitable to young men, and enough Charleston, June lb.
)f them, without your putting any ua- Cncstcr, J uly -*>
accessary temptations in their way. Chesterfield, Julv-1.
Men in Wall street, having 30 years of Clarendon, June 37.
- ' I r?r? I nv<3 IK
reputation for honesty, have dropped
!nto Sing Sing and perdition, and you Cherokee, Ju.y 30.
nust be careful how you try a lad of 15. xJar-ingtoo, July 39.
ind if he do wrong do not pounce on Dorchester. June !;>
lim like a hyena. If he prove himself Mgcfie.c., August 10.
mworthy of your confidence, don't call Fairfield, July -7.
,n the police, but take him home. Tell i? lorence, o uly 1-.
*hy you dismissed him to those who Georgetown. -j uy 10.
rill give him another chance. Many a Greenville, August b.
*oung man has done wrong once who Greenwood, August 13.
rill never do wrong again. Ah, my Hampton, June 20.
rienda, I think we can afford to givo ^orr7' / 100
iverybody another chanco when God Kershaw, July 23
:nows wc bhould all have been in per- Lancaster, July 2o.
lition if he had not given us 10,000 Lauren#, August 4.
IjOTTriffton. Ansusfc 21.
. . , . Marion, July 13.
Then, if in moving around your fac- jj?lboro july jg
ory or Bull or barn or .tore, yon are in- Newba(r^ An?ast 3.
izorable with young men God will re- Oeona- Aiisrust 9
nember it Some day the wheel of Oraog.^nx Juno H.
ortune will turn, and yon will be a pr.u*. ?*' , 7
.auper and your daughter will go to Siehlaud, Auaust22.
ho wort house, and your son will die Spartanb;rg jaly 3?.
IB the scaSold. If in moving among Sumter. June 26.
our young n-en you see one with an d A 13
.miuoui pallor of cheek or you hear Uni > A >ast j
urn coughing behind tie counter, say WjllU'msbusre, Juljr :ll.
0 tim, Stay home a day or two and York Julv 98
est or go out and breathe the breath of '
he lulls." If his mother die, do not TTJT,
p.mand that on the dav after the fun- IXlXi
ral he be in the store. Give him at
east a week to pet over that which he Weekly Bulletin Issued by S
rill never get over Director Ba.uer.
Employer?, urge upon your em- . ,,
iloyees, above all, a ibiigiou3 life. So -^e following is the wcekjy .
ar from that, how is it, young men? o? the condition of the weathe
qstead of beiog cheered on the road to crops of the State issued Wednesi
eaveu Boffie of jou are caricatured, and Director BaUer of the South Ci
t is a hard thirgfor you to keep your . , TT .. , - .
!hri3tian integrity in that store or fac- sectl0? United States "w
Dry where there are so many hostile to bureau's weather and crop servic<
eligion. Ziethen, a grave general un- The temperature was scasonab]
er Frederick the Great, was a Chris- ;ng the weet ending 8 a. m , Ma
ian. Frederick the Great was askep- o ^ no 0?a ? v?;,
ic. Oae day Ziethen, the venerable, with a maximum of 93, and ami.
rhite haired general, asked to be ex- ^6 iegrecs, both reported fr<
frnm miiitarv dutv thai he mi*ht northwestern portion oil the State
ttend the holy sacrament. He was ex- The rainfall ranged in amoun
used. A few days after Ziethen was one-fourth of an inch to nearly
iaiag with the king and with many inches. The least amount fell :
otables of Prussia when Frederick the extreme northwestern counties, a
rreat in a jocose way said, "Well, heaviest occurred over the <
iiethen, how did the sacrament 01 last countics.
'riday digest?" The veDcrable old Aithough the nights continue t<
rarrior arose and said: ''For your for rapid growth, and crops are
lajesty I have risked my life many a ward over the western portion
tme on the battlefield, and for your weather conditions were favorab!
iaj?sty 1 would be willing at any time caused improvement in the con-ii
0 (lie; but you do wrong when you in- all crops. The rains were bent
alt the Christian religious. You will and brought up late all planted
orgive me if I, your old military ser- and put bottom lands into coodit
ant, cannot bear in silence any insult be plowed and planted, except io
3 my Lord aod my Saviour." Fred- wesiera countics, where more :
rick the Great leaped to his feet, and needed.
e put out his hand, and he said: Corn looks well and has good
'Happy Ziethen! Forgive me, forgive exccpt where worms have dama
:e!" on bottom lands. While planting
Oh, there are many being scoffed at from finished, some corn is rec
or their religion, and I thank G-od its second cultivation.
here are many men as brave as Ziethen! Cotton is practically all plaate
- - ~ . : 1.;?k,.*
ro to heaven yourself, U employer! i? ui4Hb5 3iu? xiumu, u can
'ake all your people with you. Sooa or *s coming up to full stand,
ou will be through buying and selling a*e> however, _ somewhat irr gti
nd through with manufacturing and *^ze- Cultivation and chopping
uilding, and God will ask you: era^ Some fields are grassy, and
'Where are all those people over whom hoppers are destroying; cotton:
ou had so great influence? Are they county. Sea island ha:i a good
ere? Will they be here?" 0 ship- and is thriving.
wners, into what harbor will your crew Rust continues on wheat to the
ail? 0 jou merchant grocer, are those ^eat the croP- The recent rain
oung men that under your care are improved both wheat and oats tl
Toviding food for the bodies and fami- ter being now particularly fine
ies of men to go starved forever? 0 larSe areas. Oats will soon be
ou manufacturers, with so many harvest in the southeastern cot
rheels flying and so many bands pull- Tobacco has fairly good stand:
ng and so many new patterns turned f^e ground is in condition for n
'Ut and so many goods shipped, are the *Q?_\ plants are small bat vig
pinnere, are the carmen, are the dray- -Rice improved with the v
aen, are the salesmen, are the watchers njghts. Planting continues whe:
if your establishments working out ev- piously hindered by freshets.
? Can! TSfi NSW COKSTlTtrXIOH tors. Allccatestsfj
under at primar? elections;
e made I Of th8 Democratic Party of South by the county execat
^r.A /sr. ! -i ihft ftcmntv in which
jVUU vu -? ?- ?r
2 us all Carolina Recently Adopted- m;;y have occurred,
teach rpi f 11 ii, a a. i i."u viewed oy the State <
or oar- j The followlD213 the text of the new tee, whose action shs
iple of Party constitution adopted at the State vided, Thai no vote
s dis- convention Wednesday: for any candidate v
Article I. There shall be one or more the chairman of
fmlhe Democratic olaba organized in each couo
iaci- township or ward, each of which clubs mit.tees, * pledge ii
! SaDd- shall have a distinct title "The will abide the result
lepers. Democratic club," and shall elect a and support the nom
osy on president and one or mere vice presi- that he is not nor wil
isle of dents, a recording and a corresponding eandidate of any fa
aani?oforTT on/} a frftianpor ond ahol 1 nr
lie/ die D^ViVWmj MUM w WAV??UW*W4f HUVk UUMA* 1 Ol IViJ V4 ^MV/tiWi;
)ut all have the following working commit- than the regular Dt
:osy. tees, of not less than three members tion: Provided, furtl
was a each, viz : A committee on registra- date shall be declare
3 band tion, an executive committee of suoh less he receives a ma;
;d why other committees as to each may seem cast for the office for
nd un- expedient. _ didate: Provided, 1
iay he Article IT. The meetings of the club such candidate shall
; with- shall be frequent after the opening of fore the day of the fii
he offi- the canvass, and some member of the ing of the county or I
i that club or invited speaker deliver an ad- Article VII. The <
it I am dress at each meeting, if practicable, convention shall be
his for The club shall meet on the fourth Sat- president from each
)m the urday in. April and the county conven- trict, two secretaries
and tion on the first Monday in May, re- Article VIII. Ti
inister spectiveiy, of each eleetion year: Pro- committee shall be
(WW vided. That the county executive com- m?Tr>v>a?.
Id like pittee may name any other day with- riby'the' oouu'ty" eo
in me in the same week for such oluh meet- first Monday in May
QdiQgs leg by giving at least two weeks' no- year \yiien elect*
elp to tiee by advertisement in.county pa- committee shall cboo
isle of pors: And provided further That in DOt necessarily mem'
jpotof case any existing club shall fail to to said elections: Pi
n into re organize on the day filed for reor- officer bo elected who
is fam- gamzation, the oounty executive eom- the committee shaU,
>goniz mittee may fix a day for such club to a Tote on any
e them meet or reorganization by giving two chairman, and then
of the weeks notice as provided in this ar- He vote The
lg the ticle. Each county shall be entitled to tee shall meet at the
death, double the number of delegates in the ^L 0r "ny five mem
s mag- State convention as it has members in dme and place as h
sacrt- the general assembly. int_ The mcmbe.
m who Amclc III The president or five Democratic executiv
heaven memoers snan nave power w cau au South Carolina shall
d that extra meeting of the club, aDd at such gtate oonVenti<
Is and meeting one-fourth of the members every four years thei
leaths, shall constitute a quorum for the elected shali be ex of
Id into transaction of business. tue gtate executive
jardenJ Article IV. The clubs in eachoounty oancie3 on said execu
, let us shall be held together and operate un- deatn, resignation oi
der the control of a county executive be filled by the respe
committee, which shall consist of one utjve committees. T
GS. member fnm each club, to be elected committee is charged
by the respective clubs. The executive tion an<i direction of
;lose at ?oajmittee- when elected, shall appoint party in this Stat6) B
its own officers (except the chairman, stitution, the prinoip
who shall be elected by the county con- platf0rm of principle
imittee ventl?D)< who shall not necessarily be tioD by resolution
; njfubera of said committee, but a va- State convention m:
re com- : l 1B the membership of the com- time adopt, not incoi
ill the | jiiitee^ s"a"i be filled by the ^Ciub, constitution, and sha
d the ' ! "rotl8!1 tne 1089 01 wnose ^emDt-r D>' fice for two years froi
i death, resignation or otherwise the va- tion, or until thei
Bpaign , caacy occurs: Provided, That in case been elected. The
hedule ; the office of chairman of the county nominate presidentia
b care-! executive committee shall become va- any vacancy occur in
ention 3iDlt by resignation, death or otherwise, 0f "electors or of the i
jt iheoommittee shall have power to Hi 1 committee, by deat
e3' . the vacancy by electiag a chairman to other cause, the comi
upaign jjgrve until the organization of the next power to till the
Iraotfe- regular county convention: Aid pro- majority of the whoh
iDgd'at vided, further, That any officer so Article JX. The v
ft?r the j elected who is not a member of the counties for ail of
!ud tLe j oommittee shall not be entitled to a COngressmen and L ?
i City. J vote on any question except the chair- shall be transmitted
re me man, ana men oniy ia case 01 & ue ^ a
1 at as vote! The tenure of office of the ex- ^peo?ve eou
. . , ,, , .. . mittees to the chai
arpose ecutive committee shall be until the
of this firet Monday in May of each election ^SS^STSSTp
year, at which time the county con- Droceed to canV4S=
vention shall be called- together to re- ?Isre ,he resa,t_
organize the party, .bvery presidential
election year county conventions shall # Article JL When
be called by the county executive com- j10n assembles it s?.s
mittee to meet on the first Monday in . "*e <e^airma?
May, which shall elect delegates to a tlve committee. A
State convention called for the pur- I?4n 8"a" . DOmlna!
pose of electing delegates to the nation- . convention, and
al Democratic convention and to elect t10 ? the convention i
a member of the national Democratic mediately to the elec
executive committee from this State, officers and tothe tr
The Siate convention shall be called business. ^When the
by the State executive committee to ciUQeQ 1C snaii aajoui
meet every presidential election year Article XL Be fort
on the^third Wednesday in May, and 1S96, and each electi
every State election year, county and State Democratic ex<
State conventions shall meet on the shall i?sue a call to
5rsfc Monday iu May and the third the dates of the meet
Wednesdav in May respectively. viting the Candida?
Article V. County Democratic con- United States senate
ventions shall be csmposed of delegates in their respective
elected by the several local clubs, one cuits, to be present
delegate for every 25 members, and one people. At such n:
delegate for a majority fraction there- candidates above se
of, with the right to each county oon- allowed to speak,
vention to enlarge or diminish the rep- Article XII. It sh
resentation according to circumstances, each county executiv
The county conventions iball be called point meetings in the
together by the chairmen of the re- ties to be addressed 1
spective executive committees under for the general asset
such rule, not inconsistent with the different county offii
constitution nor with the rules adopted except magistrates, i
by the State Democratic executive visors of registratioi
committee, as each county may adopt, by primaries on th<
and when assembled shall be called to August of each electi
order by the chairman of the executive same rules and reguh
committee, and the convention shall provided.
proceed to nominate and elect from Article XIII. Eai
among its members a president, one or tjon to a gtate 'conv
more vice presidents, a secretary ana
t-h-? frr* fill ar>T? trortfl
a treasurer. Any county conv< ntion Article XIV. This
may permit or recognize the formation amended or alte
of a new club cr clubs by a majority of jjay C0nventi0n of tt
. ? its members. In all oities with a popu- convention called Bp
Nation of 5,000 and over there may be pUrpoge, the call for
two clnbs m each ward; they flhaU be Clj?y tbe chaT)ges to b
1t . j organized in obedience to this constitu- Article XV. Any
' j tion, &re the clubs elsewhere in this reluming to organize
:r and S-a-p. and in organizing said clubs they iong of con8titut
day by j have representation in the county reprosentation in the
irolina conven tions respectively as said conven- C0DVenti0n.
, tions sh\V- u Vare in accordance with
eather t^e r,rovision8 u: this constitution. a ^
y- Article VI. For the purpose of nom*3
t-? w in/ifinrr $ ,W ct f\TT C * f? AT* linn. Bv the terms of
LC UUI" AUauuj v/auui'i?vu& j. VA gviv.AU ^j, ? 4iVu ?w
7 21st, tenant governor and all other State of- Vincent L. Bradford
limum fi.cers>. i^udingsolicitors in the ro9pec- jmrist who died in
tive circuits and congressmen in their 1884, leaving an <
m tbe respective districts, and United States $200 000, one-bait <
} senators and all county officers. exoepfc other smaller Iegaci
t from magistrates and masters and supervis- to the Washington ai
throe ors of registration, a direct primary of' Lexington, K-jckb:
in the election shall be hel-i on the last Tues- &y reason of the d
-ad the day in August of each election year, and Juliet Bradford. TJt
jcnfcral a second and third primary each sue- cently ac her home
cessive two weeks thereafter if neces- leaving an additional
)0 cool sary: Provided. That the county execu- to tne university anc
back- tive committee of any county shall be mise Prof. Bradford';
s, the at liberty to order a primiry election operative. The will
!e and for magistrates or masters. At this library shall go to th
tion of elections only Democratic white voters of Washington and ]
ificial, who have been re-idents of the State be known as the Vi
seed?, 12 months and the county 60 days pre library. An ann
ion to ceding the next general election, and for the maintenance
i some such negroes as voted the Democratic of the oil paintings p
rain is ticket in 1876, and as have voted the Bradford are devised
Democratic ticket continuously sinoe, tution, and an annuil
stands to be shown by the certificate of 10 for the maintenance
ged it white Democratic voters, who will which ia u> oe known
? ' * i D...a
13 iar pledge tnemseives to support toe noia- viau'uiu W"BW>"""
:eiving inees of such elections may vote: Pro- - . , ..
vided, That no person sh*il be allowed ^ught Aboul
id. It to vote esc^pt his name be enrolled on Two well known fa
?r ha& the particular club list at which he an^ Charles pergan,
which offers to vote at least five days before dence of a widow res
lar in the first eleation. Eachelub shall have of Missionary ridge,
isgeu- a separate polling place for primary both haveibeen pay in
grass- elections. without the kno wledj
in one The club rolls of the party shall con- fi?}? en,s d ^
stand stitute the registry list and shall be W1, , A ,
. .pea O inspect by any member of H?'flei a
i detn- party, and the election under this 617 *
s have clause shall be held and regulated ^ Hard
le lat- under the act of the general assembly
t o rer r?f tViia Smff? ennr/wpH 21 IRfiR. A. man was arreste*
rsaay and any subsequent acts of the legis- representatives a lev?
mties. lature of this State. The State execu- charge preferred agai
3, and tive committee shall meet on the Fri- he was making a si;
;planfc- day after each primary, or such other man happened to be
;orous. time as may be designated by the this law should chan>
rarmer chairman, to canvass the vote and de stairs, we tremble foi
:?Jpre" clare the result as to all State officers would be no prosp
congressmen and United States sena quorum.?Spartanbu]
3? all nomination \
3ha!i be heard first ^ i|f (\ ft * JO '* > ^ ii H * H ? f !
;i7e committee of * VV U J U 0 H 5 U fl U ;1 A U t f j
such irregularities i ^
and m3y be re- \ Ci 1 \
sxectitive commit- i $ iroirm VAA/in ?
be final: Pro- * I 0.1 ill OCC'UD. }
shall ba counted ^ i
rho does not file * Our business in Farm Seeds is ?
the State execu- f to-day one of the largest in this f
ith the respective ^ Country. A result due to the fact ^
icy executive com- A that quality has always been our a
i writing that he \ grst consideration. V.'e supplv I
of such primary ? ?~r? :? . ? f
inees thereof, and ^ aji Seeds required for the Farm. A
'cvion, ^either pri- { GRASS & CLOVER SEEDS, \
suggested, other 9 COW Peas, Cotton Seed, f
imocratic nomma- f Seed Oats, Seed Corn, f
TlomLTteTun- { S?ia> Navy & Velvet 0
jority of the votes f Beans, Sorghums, f
which he is a cad- A Broom Com, Kaiiir #
ulLhLPlet\'f. Corn Peanuts, \
:sd campaign meet- V millet Seed, f
State respectively. ^ Rape, etc. $
)fficrs of the State ^ food's Descriptive Catalogue $
a president, Vice- a gives the fullest information about 4
congressional ais- \ these and all other Seeds; best methods T
and a trpisnrpr & of culture, soil best adapted for differ- A
auu 3 tred.arer. v crent crops and practical hints as to \
ie State executive Q -what are likely to prove most profitable a
composed of oca \ ?*?? Catalogue mailed fee upon J
5 J. W. WOOD & SONS, \
a.? safd esecativo i SEEDSMEN. - Rir.hmncd. Va. i
se its own officer#, f '"T'" " f
bers thereof, prior
ovided, That any
is cot a member of PUBLIC SCHOOL FUNDS,
sot be entitled to
SOD?ly iTcTe ofha of the Dispensary
executive commit- Profits Made to Each County.
call of the chambers,
and at snch At last the dispensary profits placed
or they may ap- to the credit of the school fund in the
r of the national gta*c jjas ]3een apportioned among the
e committee from , ,. . - ,
be elected by the several counties. A f*w days Tte
?n in 1896, and State published the statement showing
reafter, anci when the deficiency required to make up the
ficio a member of $3 per cap?ta in each county and the
tiveCommittee by amou*ts Rquired from ,he profits 10
r otherwise, shall P*y up those dt fiencies. Thursday the
ctive county exec- rest ?f l^e Pr?fi,s were apportioned ao
he State pxpcntivp cording to enrollment. The following
with the execu- tab*e sh?*s in the ^rst column the
the policy of the amount that each county gets and in
ubject to this coo- second the enrollment by counties
les declared in the UP?Q which, under the law, the appors
and such instruc tionment is made: ^ 0 1 i
or otherwise, as a Am0UD<
ay from time to 10 each enro1 '
asistent with this oC?S?tJi'lv q-q
11 continue in of Abbeville $2 ISM 64 <,8 9
ii the lime of elec- Aiken or! ~ 10 rou
x successors have A^crson 3 5?>7 <6 12 o99
committee shall Bamberg , o!
1 electors, an i if Beaufort ?'?!??? ?
the State ticket ganW HISqq I**,
latiocal executive Berkeley 1.54*99 ^6
h resignation o* Charleston 3 2<8 63 1^776
mittee shall have Cherokee J ^.U 4 4<>4
Tacancv* all bv a Chester 1 <43 <2 2 b43
3 committee Chesterfield l.?88 GO 3,910
3 committee. Glarecdon 1 616 48 5 8U6
ote in the respect- (iolleton 1.394 30 5 0(>8
the State oncers, DiriiDgton 1.927 47 6 923
ited States senator Djrch*ter 746J5 2 6S0
by the chairman E1 field 1 671 89 6 005
Qty executive com- p-li*field ! 797 10 6 347
rman of the State F1 e 1,637 92 5 883
as early as prac- G Qwn > 1 m ()3 4 2,4
notary, who shall Gree"viUe 3 369 39 12,io2
the vote and de- ?reenwocd 1,715 04 6,160
Hamnton 1.167 67 4 194
tho State coDven- Horry 1 525 74 5,4801
ill be called to or- Kershaw 1,293 52 4 646 j
of the State execu- Lincastcr 1,465 04 5 M.. ,
temporary chair- Laurena 2,122.08 7,(Sited
and elected^ by Lexington 1 664 09
after its orgauizi- .Marion 2,109 56 T,5<7
shall proceed im- Marlboro (,7 5,158
tion of permanent dewberry... 2 076 98 <,lbO
ansaction of other (Joooee 1,339 20
business has con- Orangeburg 3 52rf 94 12 6<o
rn sine die. Pickens 1 277 40 4 5S8
a tho election in Richland 1,916 64 b
on thereafter, tho Saluda.... J qqo Jt liSfl
>cutive committee Spartanburg o Wf J*SV I
all cindidatesfor Sumter 2 6o0 8J 9,0- j
ings, and also in- Union r~*i '
es for congress, Williamsburg 1,4<- i
*r,d fnr solicitor*. I V?rlr.. 2 b9.i 9d 9 bib 1
districts and cir
and address the Total? $75,137 63 269,875
teetings only the
t forth should be Two Sheriffs Killed.
A special froai Thompson's Springs,
all be the duty of says: '"Saturday at noon, Sheriff
e committee toap- i'ayior 0f Grand county, and Sim Jcntir
respective coun- kilig) a cattie
owner, Were shot and j
)y the candidates by outlaws of Hili Creek, Sf&y
nbly and for the miies north of here. The story of ki 11uers,
all of whom jng ag told by Herbert Day, deputy shc-rmasters
and super- ^ w^0 wa8 wjtj1 them, is as follows:
i shall be elected t^ree
men unexpectedly came j
a last Tuesday in upon the camp of the outlaws. Sheriff
ion year under the 'j'aylor aD(j Sain Jenkins dismounted
itions hereinbefore an,} started to walk up to them. When
a short distance from them the sheriff
St county delega- spoke to them, saying: '"Hello, boys."
ention shall have They had ieft their gun3 on their horses
incy therein. when they dismouated, aud as they
; constitution may turned to go to their horses they were
red at the regular shot in the back. Djiy at once started
le State or at any for assistance and came here where he
ecifically for that told his story and telegiaphed Gov.
which shall spe- Wells for assistance. The dead officers
e made. were fearless men and the people are
county failing or ereatlv excited over the killing.'
under the proyis- " ~
ion shall cot have Engineer and Fireman Silled
State JL/emocratio
The engine attached to the westbound
mail train of the Lake Shore roa?l wrnt
Jollepe. *nfc0 a at ^ N. Y., Tnurs"n
t> day, Engineer Keagan arid Fireman \
the wiU of Pfo^ "William Leigh were killed. Tlie train [
?_a diitiDguxrhed for some reason wai taking the side
Philadelphia iQ trac|j at Westfield when the accident)
ifltate worth over occurred. The train carried carried no i
thf, estate aDd passengers.
es will now revert !
id Lee university
ridge county, Va , PITTS'
eath of his widow,
sSSS antiseptic \mmm
I through her de- T _ . . ...
1 beauest becomes Cures La Grppe, dyspep-ia. indigestion
j Dequeue Docomes anJ aU bloinaoh hosrel lr. ubles ci>hc or
provides that this .holera mo -bus, teething troubles wuh
2 war department chiidreo, kidney troubles, bad blood aa-i 5
Lee university to all sort* of Hores, risiDgs or felons. cutd aad j
ocent F. Bradford burn*. It is as goodantiseptic, wheu locally |
uity of $4')0 is left applied, is anything on tire market.
of hi* lihrarv All Try it iv 1 you will praise it to others. }
assessed by Prof. If ?our **<"*a'l keeP k> wri,? 1,1 i
Columbia, 3. C. j
; a Widow.
rmers, John Hays OM3TH DOC&JIFO
met at the resi- Wlffllil r iiCm!lj3i
iding at the foot .
Tenn., to whom combines all the best features
g attention, each
5e of the other. A
Bsst Type Writer.
,nd has not been For particulars address
T L. Withers.
Hit. ? 7
i in the house of COLUMBIA, t*. (j
days ago and the
Jna. S. BsyasMs,
in the gallery. If
XresuTt There A "orne? at Law'
ect of geitinz a
rg Herald. " \ COLUMBIA, - - S. C. ,
- 1^1 ?
! ?OK?
Prepare to She<
Prices of paper and paper bags are
Lf you will tell us your troubles we ma
Columbia Statione
^Wholesalers of Bags, Paper,
The Demand of the Times. Such is t'
MacFeat's School of Shorthaac
Columbia, 8. C
\KT tj of iHrtnrt Qfarirtfuio
T JLL* JLU.aV/1' uat) WIUV UIfVUVgia
Terms reasonable. ' Write j
Will Visit France- P fl MI
Gov. McSweeeney Thursday made the UU If 11
following two honorary appointments,
both of ihe ladies being teachers in the f
Columbia college: Miss Georgie L. I
Fulton, commissioner to investigate the
teaching of drawing in the common Til. - Tj
schools of France. Mrs. Lucile S. A IlC U
Mattison, commissioner to investigate
the opportunities of woman for highei CJlfi?
education in France. ^
Gainesville, Ga.. Dec. 8, 1899 tPll
Pitta' Antiaeritirt Tnviirnrat'nr has i vlA*
been used in my family and i am per-1
fectly satisfied that it is all, and will
do all. you claim for it. Yours truly,
A. B. C. Dorsey. ine Slr
P. S.?I am using it now myself.
It's doing me good.?Sold by rhe Murray
Drug Co., Columbia, S. C., and ail PIain> -A-0
druggists. tf Boilers, j
? Grain n
Drowned in a Creek. 6rist,
Mr. Wm. S*cpe, aged 35, and a Mac]a
nnrsA sir] nr Roftkv Hill. G-a.. (
were drowned Thursday at Courtiand
while attempting to drive acrosa Big
Nance creek, which was out of its *** .
banks. The bodies have nt,x been re yJa
A. kingdom for a cure. 804 Gei
You need not pay so much.
A. twenty-five cent bottle of L. L. & K.
Will drive all ills away.
Set* ad. and trv it?npver fails
The New Ball Bearing 4
Domestic ;
Sewing Machine
It Leads in Workmanship, Beauty,
Capacity, Strength, Light Running. nrn
Every Waman Wants One. ' ..V.
: ME NT,
Attachments, Needles and Healer,
"Do-nfci Gawnnff M4/>})inoa I Sore E\
JL ai CO Ak/X kJV ?I v
of all makes. Carbuu
When ordering needles send es> 9^
sample. Price 27c per dozen, Bunion
postpaid. Inflamr
:? Aches
Agents Wasted in Unoooupie<i Torn- Hands
tor?- It is
J. L. SHULL, ' ?eofs3a}
1219 Taylor Street, "dealers
im AM DMII A ~ I
ui 1111 an rays?""?
the EXpress !"L!
1 and 3
/y# AnavTT +V, r
OWiliU X/J Cxllg Wi CTClJf liu,
description. Steam, Nap- ,p^g ?
tha, French Dry and be
chemical cleansing. Send
for onr new price list and ^ho ha
circnlar. All work gnar
- -~?j -anteed
or no charge. 38. w
Organ's Steam Dye Works Now is
Gins I
1310 Main Street couplet:
Columbia. S. C
A. Lu Ortman, Proprietor. *
Murray's Hore- "
limirul. Mullein c JLr wr
? ~ 7 - ottw m
and Tar, for Machi]
coughs, colds, We ?e"
La Grippe. A 1326 m
sure remedy.
Price 25 cents. ^
All Druggists. CORE
COLUMBIA, S. C. drags;
call at
Man's strength ..
li/\? ir? Viio
ivo o
A poor, weak digestion debilitates
and impoverishes the body. M H feiT V
No need confining one's self to I
certain simple diet, on this ac- (
count, when with the use of i
"Hilton's Life fo* the Liver and
Kidneys" any kind of food may 1
be eaten with comfort. 25c a bottle.
Wholesale by
THE HBiY IMS CO., il>0-1
. . :."
' '
- " " ;i
LThj T i*i vryft
j Tears.
rapidly advancing, bat
:y be able to kelp you,
ry Co., j
Twines, etc.
he Training afforded at
land Typewriting
pher, Principal,
for catalogue.
lurray Improved
tiling and Disi
)utmg system.
- .M
nplest and most efficient
Power Equipments, -*gj
any hone power.
tomatio and Corliss EnGines
5aw Mills, Woodworking machinery
lachinery, Threshers. Bice Hollers
-tills, Saws. Injectors, x
inery, appurtenances of all kinds.
1 Gibbes &
rvais Street, - I
fear Union Depot. V
, the Great Antiseptic
cnres Piles, Eczema,
res, G-ianulated Eyelids,
cles, Boils, Cuts, Bruisi
Sores, Burns, Corns,
a T^AAnoilo
XilglVnillg AWIW
natory Rheumatism,
and Pains, Chapped
and Lips, Erysipelas. .
something everybody
Once used always used. ^gjSk
eby all druggists andj^^^
At ^wholesale by *
>ia, S. C.
formed a connection ' jA
?with? A
a mm mci n^nam ttiAmiA
JO 11 bin KtrAlK RUKKS.
ow prepared to repai^^^^
rebuild cotton gins a^r
roughly as the varius
ranch of tbe business ^
under the personal
supervision of
.9 had fourteen years of
sal experience in buildie
Elliot Gin, and who '
eix ji.uuwu iu uj.ua l
nsers in this State. %
the Time! Bring Yonp
before You Need Them!
fit* ar?a PnfyinaQ PMInnc
Viauw MU^AAiVkl)
ills, Corn Mills, "Brick
ies, Wood Working:
iery,Saws, Pulleys, etc
: Quick delivery, low prioes
md reasonable texms.
ain St., Columbia, S. C.
' >j?
soholic, Opium (Morand
other narcotic
also cigarette and other
> habits. Address or
16 Kseley Institute, ^
1109 Plain Street.
ther in the stat?. .J
in |
}n improved real estat?.
interest eight per cenu
WVijhlft BfiTtii.onnnflllw
time 3 to 6 years.
?o commissions charged
B. Palmer & Son,
ain St., Columbia, 8. C.

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