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' The State Executive Committei
Meets in Columbia.
? Schedule of the Campaign M eet
ings Adopted and Promulgated.
Charges in Constitution.
Other Matters.
The Democratic State Execntivi
Committee met in Columbia last Wed
nesday. The following members oi th
committee were present:
Abbeville?A W Jones.
Aiken?W W Williams.
Berkeley?S J McCoy.
Charleston ?J F Rafierty.
Clarendon?Lonis Appelt.
? Cherokee?J D Littlejohc.
Chester?T J CnnniDgham.
Colleton?J W Hill.
Dorchester?J D Bivins.
Edgefield?W H TimmeriDan.
Fairfield?J G Mobley.
Florence?D H Traxler.
Greenwood?I) H Magill.
Horry?Jno. A McDermott.
Kershaw?C L Winkler.
Lancaster?T Y Williams.
Lexington?D J Griffith.
Marlboro?T C Hamer.
Newberry?Cole L Blease.
Orangeburg?W 0 Tatum.
^ * Richland?Wilie Jones.
Spartanburg?N L Bennett.
Saluda?R B Watson.
Sumter?R D Lee.
Union?J F Peake.
Anderson, Barnwell, Bamberg, Beau
fort, Chesterfield, Darlington, Green
ville, Georgetown, Hampton, Lanrens
Marion, Oconee, Pickens, Williams
_ burg and York counties were not rep
A - J
w6 reaeii teu.
' As soon as the committee had bee)
called to order Mr. Blease presente<
f the sub-comittee's report on the cam
paign schedule arranged in oonsulatioi
. witli railroad men. He said thas :
week's break had been allowed for th
r national convention. The committer
L also recommended that the assessment
P- bo made the same as two years ago
The schedule W?<j unanimously adopt
ed without debace as follows:
Orangeburg, June 14.
St, Georges, June 15.
Charleston, June 16.
Walterboro, June 18.
Beaufort, June 19.
U ATnvkfAn .TtITIO 90
Barnwell, June 22.
Bamberg, June 23.
Sumter, June 2b'.
Manning, June 27.
Monck's Corner, June 28.
Georgetown, July 10.
.. Kingstree, July 11.
FIfir?T?<vo> Joiy IS. - ???
Marion, July 13.
. Conway, July 16.
Bennettsville, July 18.
jjg^ Darlington, July 19.
W. Chesterfield, July 21.
fefe Camden, July 23
Lancaster, July 25.
Chester, July 26.
|1L Winnsboro, July 27.
Yorkville, July 28.
Gaffney, July 30.
S partanburg, July 31.
i Union, August 1.
|k Newberry, August 3.
life, Laurens, August 4.
pkjUe. Greeuville, August 6.
* Pickens, August 7.
v Walhalla, August 9.
Andersen, August 10.
Abbeville, August 11.
Greenwood, August 13.
Aiken, August 15.
Edgefield, August 16.
Saluda, August 18.
* Lexington, August 21.
J Columbia, August 22.
Col. Jones then read the assessmen
of candidates as follows: United Stale
senator, congressman and governor $5<
each; lieutenant governor, $12.5<
State officers, $37 50 each except adju
^ tant general at $25; solicitor, $25 each
f a^d $10. for State senator and $5 eacl
for representatives from each county
> This was adopted:
Senator Appelt, when the committer
was about to proceed to the consiaera
Ltion of the rules, arose and offered th?
Whereas there is some contention as
to tb$ proper construction of a certaii
provision of section 6 of the constitutioi
of the State Democratic partv, whicl
o?i^ TvjviTric?r>n r\f oentinna roni^o !?
"Provided, That no vote shill b<
Ik counted for any candidatewho does no
file with the chairman of the Stati
executive committee, or with the re
spective chairmen of the county execu
tive committees, a pledge in writin;
that b/j will abide the result of such pri
mary and support the nominees thereof
ani that he is not nor will he becoia*
l ^ the candidate of any faction, either pd
vately or publicly suggested, other thai
+ /-?<-? *?? 11 /? -rt r\rr\ irofinn '
Be it
Resolved, That the Democratic Stat*
executive committee hereby construe
said proviso in section 6 to mean tha
it is in violation of the intent and mean
^ ing of the constitution of the Demo
" V cratic party for any person or person!
to become candidates in the primarj
elections to be held under the auspice;
of the Democratic party of this State
who have been or who may be norc i
L- nated or suggested by any organizatioi
or faction.
w A -rv-\ f>/^ a n ctvaaaVi 11
Jgy ^ ^ :ui. iuauc a JUVU o^cvu xi
r?^ favor of his resolution. He was fcl
lowed by several others for and again3
the resolutions. Finally Colonel Wat
son moved the adoption of the follow
ing as a substitute for the Appelt resola
tion, which was agreed to by a vote o
v 18 to 7:
* Resolved, That we interpret the con
stitution as disapproving faotiona
- ?i.:? i. :e _1 - J
nuuniiaiiuiJ, uut a UIB AI
i signed by the candidates as individ i
* als, the votes will be counted,
i Mr. Williams of Aiken called attea
I tion to the matter of making rales o
registration for cities of 20,000 or over
and wished to let the counties settl
the matter. He said Charleston arn
Richland would probably be the on.;
two counties afected by the legisla
tive act.
Mr. Rafferty in this connection of
fered the following, the latter portici
beiag an amendment by Capt. W. V7
Resolved, That the State executive A PAPllB
committee approve of the rules ana I AI Lili
regulations adopted by the Charleston
county executive committee, May 29 th,
a 1900, to govern a party registration for That Means at Lea
the coming primary in Charleston
county. lion to the !
Resolved, second, That the county
executive committee of those counties
- having cities containing 20,000 inhab- SEARCH OF A DE
itants or more, be instructed to provide
proper rules for carrying out the law
on this subject. Mr. Yeldell Come!
The rules adopted by the Charleston
county committee were read. The Raf- Long Lost Re
ferty resolution was then taken up and
adopted. Vouchers. V
The rules were then taken up. There * M
was some discussion over a proposition Mean!
p by Mr. McDermott to have the names n yt o
_ of every candidate for every office ^v. McSweeuey ic
e voted for printed on one ticket, the the Legislature at the
1 ?K a. iVta a r?rv
names tuuse nut vuicu iui wuiwvuuvu ^uv
* scratched, no other tickets being 8um to pay for tl
C0~?te<V ,, , , , up of the old rubbish r
iMr. Appelt opposed any ohange, be- ? , ,, ,
cause, among other things, county com- House> and fche 8earch
mittees would have to furnish all port which Senator
tickets. . necessary in order to s<
Mr. Winkler favored the idea; so did <jue by the United Sta
Mr. Blease. Mr. Magill could not see jjoa
where there had been any trouble about
the existing rule. After about two moi
The committee declined to table, but dious work and pain
the proposition was amended so that numb6r of Daoers wei
no tickct could De considered legal ex- ?vk;=i, ,
, ,, r v j i_ r j famous rubbish room i
cept those famished by the State and . , . ,. ,
oounty committees, and containing the itol recently, which m
names of all caudidates. This amen I- r!in. ,e establishment
meet to fection 4 was adopted. the federal government
The oaih required by the constitution J* compromises are i ei
was, on motion of Senator Appelt, made &a'aDCe of half amillic
to apply to candidates for county ef- trea8^ry of the State o
gceg/ For thirty year3 the \
On motion of Mr. T. Y. Williams the the mamous "Black's
rules were amended so as not to allow revolutionary and
the counting of votes for a candidate "as ^ee? S01D8 on; "
who has not filed his pledge and paid an abs?lut? necessity i
. his assessment. 5>eat of .the P" Pal
. Col. Jones asked: "Now, I under- State against the Unit
stand when Col, floyt files his pledge and *or "te Pasfc
I and pays his mosey, I have nothing to "een .e Is ;re<
r ' -.9 nt tho Sfofro
" ^ut accept his pledge and declare Vl Kl4v Wfcwvv
fw \-Caa e'" was assured finding the valuable d<
a tnat tais was the unanimous under- with Agent Black's
I standing of the committeemen in the belongs to Mr. W, B.
- of the action taken. field, and Chief Clerk
a t n a^fc* y(% ^i^ams offered the t^le ce of the se<
a loiiowing, which was almost unanimous- who that Mr. i"e
e ly???Pte<*: . to make the search. J
0 .Whereas there is good feeling among Seidell has been w
3 tl -Democrats ia the State today, and through the pile of n
. whereas it is desirable that the cam- "rnbbish room" ol
- paign, being a contest among Demo- *nK through an endless
crats, shall be conducted on a hi^h from 1700 down to da<
plane, therefore, be it them in order with in<
xtesolved, That the State Democratic locality. He had neai
executive committee suggest to [the work *or fche day whes
county chairman of each county of the buQdIe of papers yellc
State the advisability^of requiriug the glanced at it. He was
' if on/fa rrTion hia pvp ,
candidates not to indulge in personal "V
abuse, but to confine themselves to a ?l*?k. J?e opened
discussion of the issues; and that any therein ^ere found e^
candidate who persists in refusing precious papers and
acquiescence to this suzgestion be not i?,? ^4 ' acc?mPa
- allowed to speak. **lac* s report made id
Mr. Traxler asked for a collection to the searchers have ne'
be sent to the national Democratic or- "Qda copy, and ^hiph
? fwwcihW. -Quite a w tuft iftglflji
raised. ber'
The committee then adjourned, sub- w^erea any of these
iect to the call of the chairman. course, will not be ent
missions?but having
TT'A. TT rrA??J LLLaO XSLGk\ja> JUV/W *ww
Hits TJs Hard. payment Qn the M(a:
Ad English barrister, Richard Brins- that the federal gover
ley Sheridan, has written what is called have made,
"a formidable criticism of the action of On the outside of
the United States government in regard Black's handwriting a]
to the Philippines since the end of *he mary of the claims of i
war with Spain." The title is "The federal government:
Filipino Martyrs. A Story of the War of 1812 (with in
Crime of the Fourth of February, 1899." to 1858 only)
General Otis and the rest of the patriots Florida war (interest).
who make a business of charging the Mexican war (principt
responsibility for the war on the anti- Interest on above (185
imperialists should brace up and pre- Revolutionary war (no
pare to meet the onslaught of this cst)
Enelishman. who SDent over a year in
Manila after the occupation of that city Total
by United States troops, and made many _
excursions into the interior of the , 0~0a. ""8. entire sum 1
island of Luzon and to neighboring 183? is calculated. Wi
igjaad. ta* c^aim would amou
and a half millions of
Maryland for Bryan. Agent Black's repor
Complete returns fiom the Democrat- already in Senator Till
! ic primaries, which have now been held upon it he is about to f
-j in 17 of the 23 counties in Maryland, ment of all the claims
show that unless a change of front oo- ing to the Reyolutiona
curs before June 5, the day set for the covers the war of 1812
' state convention, the delegates in favor claims and interest,
1 of a Bryan instructed delegation will government claims to ]
control that body. All the eastern The find yesterday sh
shore as well as the northern counties that Black did not rec
* " - .... - - J i_ *1
" I favor an instructed delegation, but preacuta me awuj
while the free silver sentiment also tain all the Revolatio
3 strongly pervades those sections of the with interest for 100 y
state the delegates to the state conven- if compromised will
1 tion will be satisfied with instructing surplus of about half ?
1 for Bryan and allow the regular oigan- after paying claims of
3 ization managers their way in the mat- that the general goveri
1 ter of the platform. against the State. E
eluded in the docume
Twelve Men Poisoned. day- E?ery voucher i
t Twelve Italian laborers were found ti^1 hereon^^Thprp1
3 dead in the woods near Montgomery, W.
v, ^ tit,} . j printed matter m th<
* X*' If their.d0afcD/ b/1D/ these vouchers.
- the result of eaimg poisoned food. .
7 They were a part of a gang of laborers ? ar^ D0 ie re
1? ^? to fi'e in the comptn
- eiiiyiujeu uj> a tuaauuuuvu uucupauj , J
, building the Paint Creek railroad. tiljse filed with tie lei
5 They boarded in the contractor camp, se(luently are all the h
- where a large amount of provisions was *D a Revoluti<
j stored. Much of it was stolen and the settiem.e&t was made b
" negro cook, unknown to his employers, ^ report w
.put rat poison on some meat and flour', ma(*e- Every paper t
3 which also disappeared. A mountain
s hunter discovered the bodies. The Senator Tillman's p
t authorities have not yet taken any vides that no commissi
- steps in the matter. to anyone for collecti
This avoids many pitti
5 Filipinos Score One. The senator was not
' J On Tuesday night the insurgents yesterday3 invaluabli
3 I rushed San Miguel, province of Bala- wired *>ack for tte (
-?* v
' can, Luzon, garrisoned by three com- ?cu.t *;v."
panies of the 35th volunteer infantry. train, ^is evident mi
1 They swept through the surprised town, P , 1 *1, a? smendmei
shooting right and left, killing fire >ko Lncle Sam sode
3 Americans and wounding seven. Capt. p ^J?9 against
* Charles D. Roberts and two privates Eventually there is no
are missing. No Filipino dead were ^reasury South Caro
discovered. half a million dollars a
as a result of yesterd
British Soldiers Killed- gold mine of a "rubbi
f The British colonial office Wednes- State.
day received advices via Acera, British .
Gold Coast, from Col. Wilcocks, in Maimeo. Conf?
1 oommand of the relief force which re- A regiment of maim
e centlv started for Koomassie. saying are at Louisville in at
that a small force of Kansas, from Confederate reunion.
Prahsu, commanded by Lient. Slater, lost an eye, a leg or an
- had been attacked and that Slater and Cause" are eligible tc
f several others bad been killed. which is a jolly one foi
e A Total Collapse. Ho Frict
d The ooncrete piles of the new cold m,
y storage premises iD oour3e of construc- "e dispensary iaw
tion at the ^Southampton docks in Eng- now' a.n<* *ess *n5
land collapsed Wednesday afternoon s*n??, ^as bee?
and the structure fell, burying fifty hooks. There has d
i workmen, several of whom were killed, sj110? ^ov. McSweene?
'. Others were fatally injured and many she force of cons table 2
are still missing. tiderably reduced.
? Mr. William B. Hearst Sounds
.st a Half Mil- Bugle Call.
State. "William Hearst, who was rece
elected president ot tne national n
ciation of Democratic clubs, in respi
.CADE ENDS- to numerous inquiries as to his pc
? and the program of the associat
5 Across the S*ve9 out an interview in part as
cords and "The National Association of Dt
.. . .. cratic clubs will transfer its headq
/rat it all terg from Washington to New Y
1 . ,r l i_ -?C __:11 V
DUi me Drancu unices wm uc uu
5* tained in Washington and Chicag(
. his message te th*' 'ke machinery of the organize
. will be in close and constant U
last session re- Deai0cratic National corn
ropriation of a tee and with the Congressional c
Le straightening paign committee.
oom at the State "-Everr Democratic clnb, societ
, r,i i association in the I nited States is
ivn e ac re" pected to unite in the political b:
Tillman deemed this year, and the Democratic orgar
jcure a large sum tion in every city, town or village
tes to South Car- be asked to assemble on the nigh
the fourth of July to celebrate the
. laration of independence and to rec
iths ol most te- neWa from the Democratic national
staking search a vention. Ihis ought to be mad
re found in the memorable display of old-fashi<
it the State cap- American patriotism. In some c:
, and towns there will be banquets,
ean in the long others there will be mass meetings.
claims against 4,xhe clubs of each locality will
, which will, even ^ermine for themselves the forn
Erected, place a tkeir celebration. The national a
?n HnliarQ in thf> ... * >1 A ^ ^
c"a VtTV* t ciation aesires 10 recau 10 me w
f South Carolina. country the fact that this year the
*T?r?*v-?A? P^e ?- United States must dei
J^xnibit A on t^0 ^ec]aratjon 0f ^independence
other war claims abandon it< No man who has a ,
I * m*TuS ?f Democratic blood in his veins
o the establish- fajj tQ aggjg^ jn great national
caims or the test against the establishment of
e ^ States govern- jcct colonies under the American
six months ha3 great qaesti0n to be decided at
record in the p0^g t^s year jg wtiether this cou:
i. Ihei credit of jg io COQtinue to be a republic
Dcument together ^.rn]ie(j b7the neoDle or an empire
second report trolled by the trusts. All minor q
leldell of tions disapDear in the presence of
Jesse T. Gantt gi3nt iSSUe."
u8i?!7 "The National Association of De
Ideli be employed cratj0 ciuj)s enters on the work ef
Day after day ilr, t^e national committee and
orsing ms way party organizations in the
kTtafrr MAArno , A . j
a- n0u9 states witn a aetermmeu. a
k the capital, go- an(j Qj oonfi(jence> The next j
variety of papers must be a Democrat and rep
.e ana arranging ?rom ajj par'CS 0f the country indi
lexes as to their principal work of the De
7 completed his cratio ckbg Qext gpring ffiU be ^
i he picked up a aUgUratjon 0f >jrt Bryan at Wash
w with age and ^ ? ?
i about to throw 1 ' 2
saught the word The Public to be Buncoed.
m one of the A Washington dispatch to the Al
vouches so long ta J?urnal says it has been decided
nied by Agent '^e administration that the war in
i I860 of which Philippines must be stopped be
rer been able to the November elections and the
with Gov. Gist's lowing programme has been ma;
atnrp in TWaiii. 0ttt: To recall the volunteer trooj
" - ? ?? few davs before the eleotion. eolclv
i>oi naviDg re- ?a , , .
claims he of P?"fclcal effect, and to announce
itled to any com- tbc insurrection is iver. The 24
; spent"?shows :"ePJlars wlli Ie,ft to police the
eive the $18 000 kn<", ostensibly, but really do w
ican war claims ,2Vf fi8htinS ma? be necessary. >
nment claims to ^ bear out the statement that the
surrection is over will be sent ou
the papers in every ava^able way from Manila
nn?arq nnm- printed in every available newspa
the StaJe dne the After the election should MoKi
h/> tn* KhiiinnmA war
t^rest begin business again.
$202,230.00 Found Him Guilty.
il) 32' 162 47 nava^ courtmartial which
8) . 23'00(X00 been trying Capt. John McG-owai
inter- ' ' charges of scandalous conduct
316 <U7 fin neglect of duty in connection with
' killing by him of a Filipino, whil
$594 310 17 comman^ the Monadnock, in
' ' Philippines, submitted its conclus
ao interest after to the secretary of the navy for
th interest the to- sideration. The court found the
nt to about one tain guilty of the charges and spcoi
dollars. tions and sentenced him to be susp
t made in 1858 is ed froE1 drtty oQ bait pay tor two y<
man's hands, and an^ to be reprimanded by the secret
secure an adjust- There was, _ however, a unanii
save those relat- recommendation for clemency, w
ry war. His bill be taken under consideratioi
and Florida wur Secretary Long.
less 4518,000 the
aave paid Black. Col- Tribble Declines,
ows conclusively The Columbia State says "Col. J
eive*his amount, Tribble, one of the ablest lawyer
ute proof to sus- the Anderson bar, who was recentl
l.l . , , ,, 1 -1 ,
nary war iectea unanimously Dy tne proniDii
ears. This even ists to represent them as a oandi
give^ the State a for lieutenant governor, has dec
i million dollars positively not to make the race
: about $300,000 hag sent in his deolination to CI
lment is pressing man T. N. Berry. The friends of
verything is in- onel Tribble here and throughout
nts found Tues- State urged him to accept the nom
s there in printed tion. He has received numerous
:o legislative ac- ters from prominent men all over
is 82 pages _ of State expressing the opinion that
3 portion giving election was assured regardless of
fate of the prohibition ticket in o
TtlaMr tirga "
tier's office, but :?
jislatcre and con ^ maimed Battalionlore
complete. Through the eSfarts of the Atl
onary war claim Journal enoug'i roorey was raise
ut all- claims in- public subscription to send a batts
ere subsequently maimed Confederate veterans i
iesired has been *^at ?ity to the reunion at Louis-?
The battalion numbered 121 mer
iresent bill pro- Piec?3 ?* men> for a reporter who t
ions will be paid !ate~ tte nuimber of missing e
.ng the claims. , , Sj arms, legs, etc., made the
"alls. lowmg^report: Eye3 gone, IS; h;
;ified bv wire of S?ne' fee,fc,ge 6; legs. g?me>
- - - - Arms eone, 41. The battalion ere
3 find, and lie great, enthusiasm in Louisville,
iocuments to be
im on the first Republican TestimonySenator
Wellington, of Maryl
11. If W declared, on the floor of the sei
South Carolina country, _so far as its govern:
'3 concerned, is under the swa;
ii?? SSii kflw British influence. There has beei
1w lLfl,nff tween the two governments a s(
J fi ^ in tW understanding and a surrender of
sh room " The er*can iQterests to great Britain."
Wants a Better Planiderates
Gov. McSweeney received a lettei
ed Confederates other from a gentleman up in
tendance on the prohibition ^ State of Maine, as!
Only those who ahout the dispensary law and its op
arm in the "Lost "0QS m tnls otate. ne saxa ne wa
> this campany, fco see he could not find 80me :
r all that. ^at would promote the cause of
perance better than prohibitory la^
^on*. Four Men Killed.
is_better enforced pour men were killed, four ot
jtion than it has fatally injured and three cripplet
on the Stat ate }if6j at Whipple, Ohio, at 5 o'c
ieen no trouble Thursday evening by a premature
7 took charge, and plosion of 50 quarts of nitro-glyce
i has been con- which was being used in shooting
oil well on the Kelly farm.
the Senators Ti
Fully a Dozen Persons Receive As
Bullets in Their Bodies. The debai
lSSO- ate last I
onse debate was <
ion, i Senator E
fo1" Girls and Boys Among Their Vic- tha^io ?
| tims When They Fire at At JJS"!
tacking Crowds. The ?as '-j ftT0
?iK> formidaDie i
aln" Casualties. and was sat;
\80 navy's build
t10? In a rioting sense Wednesday's dc* extent to th
,u?u velopments were the worst experienced ^or? trcm.
mi*~ since the strike on the lines of the St. and iNevr
am- lciu9 Transit company were inangu- payment '
rated over three weeks ago. The riot- ij1? respc
^ or ing was confined entirely to three places said ne,^ re
ef' in the southern section of the city and for placing t
l. e by nightfall the police records showed which it coi
11Z.^" that folly a dozen persons h^d either any concern
will vmllof ai? ' sfihitor itoi
, 0 flying missiies. Three of those hit by you the anii
.ec* ballets received what are presumably he said that
eive mortal wounds, and that no one was fail than to
con" killed outright seems miraculous con- tlte armors
e ? sidering the great number of shots ez- sibility as a
I changed by the employes of the com- say that $44
.es paay, the strike sympathizers and the reasonable t
1 in strikers themselves. Further alo
, The worst of the riotous disturbances that it woul
i near fVic ir>foTSonfr.?r>ri rtf Hall. r>laG6 the m<
1 0 fornia avenue and Keokuk street. In of the Seere
,ss?" this affray a non-union motorman and no armor pi
another employe on the car of the under five y
peo- transit company were probably fatally Governmeni
e shot. The battle was fierce and proba- then it won]
, or bly 200 shots were fired. Obstructions more than il
?P had been piled high on the tracks, a private co
can I r t. tt o.-t . : ?
wnicn luocorman rv. jo.. otiison, a man oary yieosea
prP" inyjorted from Cleveland, Ohio, and
Etncigency Policeman Lofton, who "How dc
nA6' were on the front platform, observed. qAnaMr Til
, A big crowd began to hoot and jeer and ? v ve .
atry apply epithets to the crew of the car, tvaf trne
con" daring any one to get off the car to re- "The sam
con" move the obstructions. As Stilson
started to step from the car his action ton >'
tnis was the signal for firing to begin from ^osed
the crowd. Almost at the first shot a,,? *},? (
im0" Stilson threw up his hand and fell to "That is
the r vp j ? ? J.'"1, ? jT they becom
I through his body. In the faeilade that mJium t
followed John T. F.ice, a road agent, Tu, oa
who was on the car, was shot down aa nn?a 1: ' a
,r?f* he got from his seat inside, receiving a
>0!7s ball through the chest. The police ALLEN
c bodyguard on the car opened fire on the Senator i
,n?0~ mob. The mob scattered. tad brough
'.in" Another affair took place at the in- friends of tl
1Dg* tersection of Gravois avenue and Vic- No previous
tor street and during its progress Mar- ficient to br
tin Burke, a striker, was shot in the tor Elkins
li?r? TT.Imor S?mn>nna w<JQ o/*fin(T mftlBftnt tha
xxxy AJliUUl UlUiUiVUU HHU
;lan- as guard on a Cherokee line car and as trusts that :
by it was passing the corner Barke began country of i
the calling those upon it vile names, "they appej
ifore Leaving the ear Sim mons drew his re- great oetopi
fol- yolver and advanced on Barge. Barke suade the S<
?ped grappled with him and in the straggle should not
ps ^ t<jr possession of the weapon two shots . But that it s
f?r were fired. A crowd of strike syrnpa- itself to be
that thizers beat Simmons unmercifully bat * TELL
>000 he was rescued. -* W- genajor '
1 is- When the first car oat this morning
hat- reached Broadway and Miller street _arty ag ^
<e_ws the crew had to remove obstructions came here a
in- from the track and a big crowd jeered 0(>M
t in them. Almost immediately after shoot- was justifiec
auu ing commenced irom tne car. rirsc a Qangex^ct
per. single shot rang out and then a perfect tjcg 0f jggfl
aley fusilade. The crowd broke amid the as3es8ments
will greatest confusion. A school girl jng instituti
named Dollie Mitchell was wounded (pj^g ^
slightly. Wm. Granneman, who was ganna t0 hi
standing some distance from the scene, menl ? jje s
has was seriously wounded in the knee. '"Iexpecl
1 on James McCalley also some distance g0nator T
and away received a ball in the left leg. charge may
the The injuries to both men may necessi- tially it is
e in tate amputation. , national bai
the A second riot occurrea at Broad way ^ant8 0
v-- auu x VDvaiv<CMi laigu viwnv4 til6"^ WCT6 (
con- pelted a car with rocks and other mis- tjong for tj,
cap- siles. Then firiog began. In all 25 or30 oan ticket.'1
fica- shots were fired. The crowd broke and Senator E
end- Herman Peschke, a boy employed in 0f j)
sars, the Anheuser Busoh brewery close by, tbe cont
iary. was the first victim, a bullet entoring campaign ft
nous hia back, causing total paralysis below the solicitoj
hich where he was hit. John Decker and Continuii
i by Frank Yeager were also shot in thisaf- v|ew 0f ,
fray, but neither seriously hurt. XJeo. ^896 was to
Lacosten, a man employed at the brew- not difficult
ery, and Albert Wackwiltz, a painter, 0f f^n
_ 1 i.~ iiA M^ niu? a** - ~
f L leu tu tue gruuuu wuuuueu. mc uuu- geD
,8" aJj tors do not think either are seriously tjjat ^ ^
^on- Twenty-five policemen responded to Jarnerie'In
date the riot call. Edward J. Bresner con- j bft he
ided auctor on the car was arrested and mJiforwlll
and locked up charged with shooting that
iair- ^esc^^e. Bresner stated that he had rA.Awe(i
Col* shot when the otlier9 in ^ne car com" meant to du
menced firing after being attacked. He
ina- ?aid he did'not know whether he had methoda'of
let. hit any one or no^ The three wounded tration wou
tjje men denied participation in the attack. an
The Blue and Grey- Senator
v e Another link in the chain which Pelican m:
c er binds the once warriDg factions of the armor P^at<
north and south was forged Wednesday Purposes,
by tlio dedication of a monument erect- insist upoj
anta to memory of those who wore k . senator *
j ijV the grey as well as those who wore the j. uP0a *
i:on blue and died in mortal combat in the disagree to
rom bloody field of Antietam. The event, Souse s
ille which is probably without a parallel in the benate i
" the history of the world, was graced by en?e> was a
Xn. the president of the United States, ac- _ senators
s companied by the members of his cabi- were ^
|0j' net; a score or more of United States
ands Senators, thrice as many members of A *s
35. congress, the governor 0? Maryland John W.
atec| and prominent men from all parts of plantation c
the country. There were also present iey, was ki:
hundreds of veterans who fought for Darlington
the lost cause, and thousands who of Timmoni
, fought for the side that achieved vie- gre, put it i
a?d* tory. Side by side, shoulder to wag shot ?
ia"e^ shoulder, they stood with uncovered The bullet
neilo heads throughout the ceremony which <jow pane.
P,0 marked the conveyance of the monu- i8 HOt know
1 " ment from the state of Maryland to the negro with
5?ret national government All animosities trouble did
Am" forgotten they listened to the simple trouble wit'
stories of those who told of the heroism gajd to hi
of the boys who were engaged in deadly hounds ara
strife. and he will
tke Charleston Is Jubilant
king ^ke navaI appropriation bill was
>era- ca^ed up in the House at Washington Judge Cj
nted 011 Tuesday of last week and the re- Thursday d:
plan port was agreed to relative to the re- to issue a b
tem_ moval of the naval station from Port of Former C
to Royal to Charleston. A dispatch from rant is base
Charleston says when the news reached several weel
there it made the people very jubilant, being an ac<
^ers They regard the passage of the bill as 0f Wm. Gcx
I for a clean victory for Charleston and and placed
,lock makes the construction of the station Sheriff Joh
. ex_ there a certainty. The next step will away from j
'rine be for the appointment of a committee where in Id
r an of naval officers to go to Charleston fuses to hoi
i and report npon a site for the station. Gov. Beckfc
slier, Tillman and Alien The Probability is That the
k Ugly Questions- ^ ^>ass'
. , TT . . _ 0 A dispatch from Washington
te m the united States Sen- iQ0kg now as if Congressman S
^ 1/5 ATT m r> a /? t"? O+ 1 A TKfl /?A* n /? fA rvo DOO <T?> rtf
i l\A.aj n ao vaiacuaV* aiav i,uv v*
jver the armor plate ques- to preserve and publish the
records and historical archives
r e rw i_ states and territories of the
[anna, of Ohio, a member states. He has been devoting
uttee on daval affairs, said ergjes jn behalf of this bill f
is advent into the Senate he awhiie> ?t provides for the ere
d considerable time to a a (jiscreet commission to deci(
1 arin<?r P question. He recor(j3 are WOrthy of being put
r of the construction of a manent forni} an(j provides for
pavy as rapidly as possible, cient approbation. SenatorTil
isfied that the delay in the operating, managed to get i
mg now was due to a great trough the senate, and Dr. St<
e opposition of the Sena- secure(i a favorable report fr
South Carolina, (Tillman,) house library committee. Alar
impshire, (Chandler,) to the ber of members have iadicafc
i reasonable price for armor, approval of the bill, and the
>nsibihty .or this delay, Tuesday intimated to Dr. Stot
sts upon these two Senators be jg jnciined to recognize him
he price of armor below that tbat be move sub3tit
ild be manufactured for by the eenate for the house bm<
in the country, and the a very important matter and
n South Carolina has given reaobiDg ja its prospective be
bus of his opposition when thc hiatorical ^dents iU 0he
would rather see the bill countryi It is also of far read
see any concessions made to 110 lawyers interested in ti
tin hiq Tflflrnn- .t _
v ? ? -?* "T"? OtCLCr CSU96S
Senator he was satisfied to ltg value t'Q legislators is ver
:5 per ton was not only a Under present conditions invei
rat a lo* price for armor. ^ave to travei r0QEd from state
ng Senator Hanna argued to gtate lcapitol and to the
d be the part of wisdom to capitol At the national ca
itter within the discretion iavojves a 8eareh from bureai
tary of the Navy, and said reau< fI0m department to dep.
ant could be constructed an(^ j>rom ajj tkcse to t^e
ears that could supply the ijbrary. When one goes to
; with suitable armor and capitol, there are no faci&ties
id cost perhaps oO per cent am|nations ?no indexes, no he
j eould be procured for from mogt oaseg invoive8 a gearch
ncern. To get the neces- dusty manuscripts without ii
would require two years. caseB even consecutive arrange
r s pertinent quenr. pages. Jttiven wnere tne ao
les it happen," inquired have been printed, in most cas*
lman, "that several steel is only one copy extant, which
ecently been shut down if sible only in the state capitol,
i?" " * one volume should be lost by
le man who said he could fire or otherwise, the loss woul
i steel armor plate at $260 reparable.
retorted Senator Hanna, There are large masses of
m the steel mills to in- of the utmost value that has r
jtook market." been translated from the origina
the way with' men when and Spanish. This bill looks
e millionaires through the collection and publication o
tmata." returned Senator records without duplication, in
.ustically. 4'They all be- rate alcove at the congressiona
rd thieves." to which students of history or
makes things cleab. or legislative cause3, may reps
illen said this discussion assurances that here will b
t eat the fact that the everything that is in exustence
te trust were in the saddle. subject with uniform
discussion has been suf- indexing and all the helps th
ing Senator Hanna or Sena- bee? "M*0 ^ tiw best sk
to the front, "but the 8uoh wor^
t we attack one of these THE OLD COITFEDS
ar8 preparing to rob the
trillions of dollars." he said, Have a Joll Tim8 at ^ ]
it here as advocates of this
is and undertake to pur- in Louisville,
enate that the Government 0, . . ^ ,
manufacture armor plate, Shortly after noon on Wednei
hould stand up and allow tenth annual reunion of the Con
rifled." veterans began at Louisville, K]
er attacks hanna. ing the morning the weather h
reller said that when the disagreeable, the rain'coming
entative of the ^enublican fmn>an+a ?+ tim^a wpt
" " * * - ~ WJll^UVd WW VAVMVW MMVk II V*
8 regarded Senator Hanns, tained that the fot sessioB of
* the champion of the com- . , _
Dinations he felt that he Hnion would be marred. Howe
lin saying that the Republi- hours before the time set for cal
to repeat this year the tac- meeting to order the clouds b
, which oonsisted of levying ^reaj. an(} j^y n0on, althoi]
upon every manufactur- ,? ,, ,
ion in the country. weatlier was nofc exactly wbs
isertion brought Senator have been desired, the sun shon
s feet. "I deny the state- ly and there was a definite pro
aid, "it is not true." fairer weather.
^d the denial," responded The hall an hour before the
eller. "Technically the for the commencement of the
not be true, but substan- was crowded to the doors, ma
It is notorious that the dreds of ladies being presen
iks were all assessed. Even parts of the hall. As the distil
f Colorado were notified that leaders of the Confederacy ca
sxpected to make contribu- the hall they were greeted wit]
ie eleotion of the Republi- tons cheers by the crowd. G
particular was the recipient o
Vohnnal AnfVrteJoafirt Tfifi A at
LDUUai XU9 i'iiDJ. A UV M>W,
inver was the recipient of of the hall were gorgeous in tlx
ribution3 for the Democratic dor and highly emblematic of
md, and its president was federacy.
: general for them." The exercises began with ti
ag, Senator Teller said that, ogy and prayer. Mayor We
the fact, that the policy of Louisville, then came forwarc
be repeated in 1900, it was an address welcomed the vet<
i to account for the interest the city. Then came a series
ds of the armor plate makers welcoming speeches. After tl
iate. He did not suppose tion of several selections by (
[position of the armor plate club, General John B. Gordon
d anythying to do with Mr. respond to the speech of presen
leclaration for Mr. McKin- the auditorium. The Rev. B,
j-J i j.i?i. i.v_ .1 at /"VJ!- *i,
U1(A snuw mat tue uiass ui mer, oj. new vncaiis, lucu *
am he stands seemed to feci the annual addressessential
that he should be : ;?
This was a mistake if they & Terrible Explosion,
rsue fair methods. He con- St Louis is having a rough t
h the assertion that the her street car strikers. A tei
the friends of the Adminis- plosion, supposed to have bee:
Id not bear investigation for by dynamite, placed on the t
the Union line at Fifteenth an<
Pettigrew charged the Re- bers streets, shook the build:
anagers with defence of the brokcthe glass in all the windo
i combination for political neighborhood at 12:40 this ]
Many persons were thrown fr
? the senate amendments, beds by the violent concussion
lale's motion farther to in- were awakened and more or le
he Senate jftnendments to Sed. As near as they could de
the proposed amendment of it bad resulted from dynamil
is to armor plate, and that was exploded on the street cai
agree to a further confer- The damage to the rails was n<
greed to unanimously. ed, the explosive apparently
Hale, Perkins and Tillman spent its force in the air. TJ
ited a3 oonferees. was felt within a radius of a
Fifteenth and Chambers streeti
inner Assassinated. was shattered in windows man;
u i _ * t a away. So far the police have 1
if KV Sato- eJ w ??R?.e al)le t0 fini* ont wl10 was respoi
f ix-Senator J. W. Beas- ,he explosion. Tie explosion
lied one night last week in s ie in the a!5
eonnty, fifteen miles north ,e sl t n0 *Qn the res|
mile, rarucujarsare mea- njgfct through nervousness or
s ascertained that Mr. Byrd another expiosion.
?hile sitting in his house.
went through a broken win- Killed by a Lump Of Co;
The person who shot him William Washington, a fara
n, but it is supposed that a death in a peculiar manner ne
i whom he recently had rior> Ga., Wednesady. He wi
the work. Mr. Byrd had iQg ai0Dg the side of the Louis'
h him a few days ago and is ^Ta3hviHe railroad track when
ive whipped him. Blood trajn approached. the trail
An f.nA t.pftftk of the man . i
*1" " i" . j a luuiu ui vuai vtcikuiuk auu
doubtless be captured. pounds was hurled from the cai
momentum and hit Mr. Washii
He Ban Away, the head. He was felled to th<
ratrill, at Frankfort, Ky., and a few houre afterward di<
irected Circuit Clerk Ford the injury received.
Bnch warrant for the arrest ... , , ^ . , .
J-overnor Taylor. The war- Attacked at Midnight,
d on an indictment secured A dispatch from Manila s
cs ago charging Taylor with town of Uaterman, Island of
jeasory to the assassination was attacked at midnight, Apri
.v-i a womnt w,0 ioanoil ? flirmfiani rebels. who ent
JLn?I< 4.x. vt aiinuv nww awwmvw ?* J
in the hands of Deputy themselves near the town ove:
:n Snter. Taylor has ran Capt. John Cooke of the Foi
Kentucky and is now some- regiment fought the Filipinos
idiana, whose Governor re- hours and afterwards buried 15
lor a requisition for him by enemy. One American was ki
:am. one was wounded.
Stokes' *
Weekly Bulletin Issued by Sec*
eays it
tokes is tion Director Bauer.
his bill
colonial .
United ,
Ma enor
quite Review of the Situation and
*&tion of
le what the Outlook Throughout
' f tha State of Cotton
" """Com. 1
akes has Below is given* the weekly weather
om the , , . t
ee num- aQQ oroP Doiieun laaueu jaat wcsk uj
ed their Seotion Director J. W. Bauer of the
speaker United States climate and crop service:
:es that The week ending 8 a. m. Monday*
in-order May 28, was slightly cooler than usual,
ntion of with unusually low night temperatures
This is and cool winds during the latter part ?
is far- of the week.
inefit to Rain fell on the 23d and 24th, which
ver the was general over the State, and was
[ling im- heaviest over the northwestern counties,
ties and where it was most needed. At a few
points slight damage was done by lands
y great, being washed, but the showers were
stigators generally beneficial i The soil is now
i capitol well supplied with moisture. _
national Thft weathar was favorable for culti
pitol it ration and crops are well worked, with
1 to bu- little complaint of grassy fields; bat
irtment, the nights hare been too cool for rapid
easional growth, especially of cotton, which rea
state mains small, with, however, quite fall
for ex- stands, although irregular in size.
Ips. In Planting is finished; Lice have made
through their appearance over large areas,
i many Chopping is well under way of nearing
ment of completion. Sea island cotton looks
cuments well, but owing to oool nights id small,
es there Corn is doing fairly well, and has
i<j <rAnd annA ntandn on nolands.
and if bat on bottom land worms are doing
theft or serious injury, and have already made
d be ir- much replanting necessary; planting is
not finished in the western portions.
material Tobacoo is not uniform in condition,
lot even and in places is quite poor, while in ^ ~
I French other localities both stands and growth
to the are satisfactory.
f these Oats harvest has begun and yields
a sepa- are good, although the straw is short
I library in many places. General improvement
of legal is noted in this crop. Wheat is ripen*
lir with ing, and with few exceptions the crop
e found is above the average in condition.
? ? ^ mama
uii wie liioiu uaa uuou BVUIO
editing, caused by rust
at have Bice is backward and growing slowly,
iiled in although otherwise doing well. Bugs
have done muoh damage to white potatoes.
Truck, gardens, melons, cane
and pastures growing nicely. ^ Berries
plentiful; peaches and grapes unusually
Reunion promising, but other fruits scarcely up
to the average.
aday the Christians Murdered.
federate The Chinese continue to murder
\ Dar- Christians, from all parte of She butad
been rounding country near Pekin news is
t - constantly arriving of fresh atrocities
Own 1 krf fjia hnraro Thrflfl
Will ty mw^ wj vuw
e enter- Christian families were massacred at
the re- Shan Lai Ying, 60 miles from Pekin,
ver, two Friday, May 25. Only two escaped. A ~?,,
II* _ xi,. representative of the Associated Press ' "X.
visited Fang Tai and fonnd the place
egan to occupied by a battalion of troops. The
tgh the. whole railroad station, workshops and
it might locomotive shed were gutted and much
e bright- rolling stock was destroyed, including
. , imperial palace car. Luge warehouses
imise of 0f valuable merchandise, were
. . burned after having been looted by
time set the ri0fcers. The damage done is esti- ^
ixercioes at half a million taels. The
|~y. u?; neighboring villagers seem to have
joined in the attack, showing that the "J
:-T, movement is not confined to the
,wv iucv "kozers<? Eight rioters who were capJ?
-" tured will be deoapitated. Biding
? st t^rou8^ the south gate of Pekin, the
c ]?? correspondent found the road inside the
walls lined with troops who greeted the
he P traveler and his party with a fusillade
of stones.
aver,X?of The Situation Changed.
i and in From present indications the coming
jrans to campaign will be a hot one. Within
of short the last six months the situation has
le rendi- undergone a complete change. . The
;he Glee administration has made about all the
i rose to mistakes that eould be erowded into
tation of the brief time allowed, and the Demo,
M. Pal- crats have taken advantage of them.
ielivered A typical comment was made ? conpie
of days ago by Lyman E. Cooley, who
has been flaotnating between here and
Chicago on business connected with the
ime with drainage canal and the deep waterway
rifio ex- enterprise. Ha said: "Six months
a caused ago it was almost impossible to find a
racks of Democrat who really, down in his heart
I Cham- hafany serious hopes of winning. On
ings and the other hand it was equally hard to
ws in the find a Republican who would consider
qaorning. the possibility of defeat. Now I meet
om their many Democrats who are exceedingly
and all hopeful, and I meet many Republicans
iss terri- who admit that the outcome is begin*
itermine, ning to look very uncertain.
be which
;ttrmS: A Bis: Cotoa Swindle.
having Clement Nicolmi, Italian Consul at
le shock G-alveston, Texas, has complained to
mile of Cotton Exchange that a concern doj.
Glass i?g business at Mount Pleasant, Tex.,
7 blocks J. Cohn & Co., swindled G-ietano
been nn- Ferrario, of Milan, $14,000 by shipping
isible for 600 bales of trash made up of sweepings
created of compress yards and gins in place of
d many 600 bales of Liverpool good middling
; of the cotton, which he had contracted to
fear of furnish. Cohn's draft "Was paid a
month before the cotton arrived. The
Consul states that in response to a tele&
gram to Mount Pleasant asking as to
aer. met Cohn'a financial standing ixe got a
sar War- reply reading simply "N. G." Colin, is
is walk- asserted, shipped 1,000 bales of the
ville and same stufi to Japan. From the numi
a coal ber of complaints eoming it is apparant
1 sped by swindles of this sort have been
at forty commoi this season.
r by the
igton in Some McKinley Prosperity.
2 ^ouud A dispatch from Pittsburg, Pa., says
sa from, all branch houses of the National Tube
company, except in New York,
Chicago, Pittsburg and San Francisco,
will be closed on June 1st, and the
ay a uig iuauagcrs auu ciupiuj ^co uiouum^w.*
Samar, In the future all shipments of produots
1 30, by of the company will be made from the
xenched various works in different parts of the J
r night, country. There is a long list of these
ty-third branch house, nearly every city in the
for six country having one. The new ordre
0 of the will do away with 800 employees and I
lied and result in a saving for the combine of jM
not less than $1,000,000 a year.

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