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The News and Herald Co.
TERMS, IX AD! ?.? ' " *
One Year, ... 81.30
Sir Moatiiii, - .75
Wedneslay, June 6. - - - 1900
The importance of stampin,? out
smallpox in the State cannot be impressed
too much apoa the people.
Almo3t every day a report comes that
it has broken oat in a new quarter,
and it is very apparent tint no headway
has been made i:i stanapics: oat
the spread of :he disease. It is said
that it is a very mild form, but this
fr.ct may make it all the icore dangerous
to the people as a whole, for they
ont indifferent. The
Ai V wv - ? ...? - -
authorities, however, say that this
mild type may at any moment become
very virn7ent, and it will not be so
easy to control the disease. It seems
that the boards of health are qaarrciliDg
among themselves, and we cannot
trust to the health boards to prevent
the spread of the disease. The safe
tfciug to do is for everybody to -?eiermine
that be will protect himself. It
is advisable, therefore, for every one
who bas not been vacciaated lately to
go immediately to bis physician and
have it done. It ought not to be delayed.
The authorities are of t^e
""'nJiin thaf th?c cnmmoi1 trill h.? vnrv
\JJJ J.UWU bUWV -? M LU M4 w*. .? - ? - J |
favorable for the dissemination of the |
disease. Campaign meetings will be
held in every county in the State, and
large crowds will be collected together.
It will thus be easier for the disease to
ronf f\ f SJfofn I
ue Cill i 1CU Hum uuu j.a.i if i/i tuv wwiv j
to another. Then, too, the summer
excursions to I he mountain? will facilitate
the spread of smallpox. No risk
ahonld be rnn, and wise people will
* act now.
Wixnsboeo gave just as good a
ao o?T7 aP fKom ?n font lr*c*i f P r
3UVTY C40 au^ VI iUUiM) AM <v<wv W*?vt
Newberry boasted a great deal about
what she would do for her visitors.
Winnsboro didn't brag, bat she gave
a longer performance tor iier prise of
admi?uou. Newberry exhibited totality
80 secoud?, while Winnsboro
showed it for 90 seconds. TV'inurborb
was ri?ht in tbe^centre, bat one or j
dewberry's risking astronomers
doabted, after observing the eclipse,
whether that place was as near the
centre as had been supposed. The
Columbia people went to Little Mountain,
and were attracted there because
it was thought that a view of the
shadow appro"ching Jfrom the southwest
would be visible. In this they
were disappointed. From a hill top
east Jot Mi. Ziou Coilege a view was
afforded into Kershaw Connty extending
from scuihest to the north, No
one saw the well defined shadow such
as portrayed would be [visible, though
one trustworthy gentleman states that
from this noint of view he saw some
tiling answering the description sweeping
towards the northeast.
The second section of the proposed
amendment to the Federal Constitute
>n is as follows: "Congress shall
have power to define, regulate, control,
prohibit or dissolve trusts, monopolies,
or combinations, whether
existing in the form of a corporation
or otherwise. The several State3 may
continue to exercise such power in any
manner not in conflict with the laws
of the United States."
This amendment would give Con*
>V. gress great power. The chief objec^
tion to it is that it deprives the State's
of power now possessed by them. The
tendency of the Federal Government
has been to extend its dominion.
Centralization of power in the Federal
Government has always been
dreaded, and tc chis tendency of centralization
is due many of the evils
Frnm cE?v>i/?h c.nf?A?v Thi^ amend
ment would practically nullify all
State legislation on the subject of
trusts.. .
Exgland is about to eud the war in
South Africa. Long before the British
began to fi^bt in South Africa, the
Unitel States were fighting the Filipiuos,
and chasing Aguinaldo all over
the islands. Be was reported caught
nntyiAitAns f 3? Onf? fV?0 VC ft t* nffi
UULUgiVUO *uu vuw ?7 W. V.?
dally announced time and again as
ended, but Aguinaldo is sail at large
and tbe war is still goin,? on. Ixrea^
Britain will soon be ready for another
- war if it becomes necessary, but the
United States can't put down a few
The Chester Lantern proposes (o
take things seriously. It will refuse
to publish any personal j>kes. It
says: "We are particularly opposed
to jokes about sweethearts," and
"when copy passes through the h$;uds
of the Lantern editor, the jokes are
cut out," and in his absence "printers
- - L - 11 - 1 M
Have instruction; to omic an j-jk-js.Tbis
is hard on the correspon4?u'?.
but it will save the newspaper from
frequent abuse.
Subscribe to The News axd
Herald. You may get a prize of
The offer made new subscribers
this morning is tone finde.
Brave Man Fall
Victims to stomach, liver and kidney
troubles as well as women, and all feel
the results in loss of appetite, poison
)B tie blood, backache, nerv uiuess,
headache and tired, listless, rr. -down
T2?-?f fiViora'c r>A npprl ! n fpol
JUUl VUV^AV MV uvv<? .wv*
like that. Listen to J. W. Gs d ?er,
Idaville, lnd. He say?-: "K ctric
Bitters are jast the thing i t ina~
when he is all run down, and don ?.
care whether he lives or dies. It did
kmoro to give me new strength and
good appetite than anything I conld
take. I can now eat" anything and
* > i:*?. :/ .-o
cave a. new lease uu ixac. vmj w .
agjfa, cents, at McMaster Co.'s drag store. [
Every bottle guaranteed. }
We are having splendid weather Some of my friends who live
dow for farm work. The mghts are, * tried, bat always failec
however, remarkably cool, which Lfalway^s^ndTa'le
probably accounts for the slow growth
of everything. The farmers arc get* There are many w?ysto do a 1
tiog along nicely with their work-, con- '^.'Sect5
siaenng the backward year. March Are being shipped them "no
corn has improved a great deal during ?_A iU_ .i.^x
^ ^ ? 1 ?| c, 1 4 Jl>UL iau IWiVniLhi lO tuj ism t&\s
tbe pp >. two weeks. Some complaint Don,t think it j*s t0Q ,oagj
of bud worms m most instances, though To expect of one perfection
the crop is doing well?iudeed some Would be a word too strong
of it is very fine. Cotton, where A mind that's fall of jolly spo
worked out, is growing nicely. A a heart that beats with love,
considerable part of this crop yet re* A cheerful spirit, never cross,
mains to be chopped; the stand is Though she may be above,
rather defective. Small grain better ]^ot one wiio prates and pouts
than it was last year, especially wheat; Because there is "'because,"
it has commenced to ripeu, and In fact But one who never does "beca
I Thr*n ct n if mcvr Kg n q ^ n ro' e 1 o
some has already been harvested. "v ~ ""
Gardens are suffering somewhat for She must be early for to rise,
rain; they are nevertheless looking Though it may seem quite hi
uro. ? ? Poor folk must up and do aboi
fine. We can now have a lobular Qr they will "loose their cat
vegetable dinner, such a? peas, beets,
beans, ?qnashes, turnip?, cucumber?, lled-haired, freckled, I do cot
ptc Nor maids of forty-two,
Sweet sixteen with hazel eyes,
The fruit crop is going to be a large And plump; yes, that will d
one. Cherries and plums have com- ? ,.c ^ u
ner me wm uui a uuiucu uc,
menced to ripeo. Bu[ she must do ter part.
Miss Mary L. Harri?on, of Ridge- j'll milk the cow and feed the
way, is visiting relatives in this sec- And she mast cook the tart.
t*0D* "* If there's a girl who'll fill the 1
Miss Jennie Gladden is visiting rela- jQ aj] the forms divine,
lives at East Wateree and Wiunsboro. Don't fail to write me first of
Miss Sadie Mellichamp, who has # My life will e er be fiine.
been visiting relatives in Wiunsboro, jfo matter what her name may
has returned-home. If she only be a rose,
Mr. Lex Durham, of Oakland, Th re's nothing in a pretty girl!
spent Sunday night at Mr: M. Melli- so sne'11 at> 10r 0M 10 "CD0?
Mr. Willie Mellichamp, who has W. S. Masser, Millheim, Pi
been attending- school at Furman, has his little girl by gi
One Mmuie Cough Cure when
returned home.^ dying from croup. It is the on]
Mr. Tom Smith, of East Waterte, less remedy that give* laamec
was in Longtovni on Sunday. suits. It quickly cures congbi
Hon. J. D. Harrison and Dr. E. H. bronchitis, grippe, . asthma
r> ! ?? ** s* ft'AnKloe Vf
Harrison lefr here on Monday for an rtlJVX iU1J?
extended trip. They will first goto '
Louisville, Ky., to atteud the reunion, TcoTy
and from there to Jonesboro, Ark., (o
visit Mr. R. W. Harrison, and from dl O F1 f
there to Texarkana, Texas, where Dr. - \ if L*
Harrison wifi claim one of Texar- i ^
kana's fairest daughters, Miss Ross llr/II I
Harrisou,as his bride. fd/L-I LJ
-r - i AAA Tl TY /
June z, jlsw. u. n. u.
Million:? Given Away.
It is certainly gratifying: fo tbe pub- jp
lie to know of one concern ;n tbe land AK&M&Uia*.
wbo arc not afraid to be generous to ^
tbe needy and suffering. The proprietors
of Dr. King:s Netv Discovery for elS
Consumption, Coughs and Co!d>, have
given away over ten million trial b>t- ^]|&4gjfag5jTill
ties of tb;i great medicine; and have
the satisfaction of knowing it has ab-' T\|
solutely cured thousands ot hopeless *
cases. Asthma, Brohcbm1, Hoarse- ^
ness and all diseases of the Throat,
Une?l arm XJUIJ^S are suu-u wv ic. |
?n McMaster Co , druggists, and get a "W?
(rial bottle free. Regular size 50c. aud \
$1. Every bottle guaraitee;I, or price Jj
A solemn stilluess seemed to hold
the earth in its embrace during the JliPpp^.i|S
eclipse on Monday?a stillness that fUn j
could almost be felt. Everybody Jl?
seemed to realize that or.ce in a life- ErA ,
time is such a treat iu stcre for I he re.
The farmers are very bu=y cutting
On (he 19th May Afr. John Mayer, certificate corresponding to j
of Camden, was married to Miss Mat- and keep your certificate. V
tie Parker, of this place. will receive as many certifica
Dr. Eli Harrison left yesterday en AND HERALD. If you w
route for Texas, accompanied by his also be entitled to one gues<
father, Mr. John D. Hariison. Dr.
Harrison will briDg a Texas rose back x*
with him.
Dr. Taylor \?as in tu.v :i on Sunday. .q-0 su]
Mr. Palmer McMaster ent Monday
wfth Mr. Charles Thomas.
Miss Eugenia Rosborougti has rc- Total Populatic
1790 3 929 914
turned from a long visit to her-ister, -^gQQ 5 308 483
\frs Wm. Ro?h->ronorh. of Albion, isiO 732o!881
Mr. Charlton Thomas bas bgen 1S20 9,038,453
elected to fill the vacancy in the luiik 1830 12,860,020
ot Union. Mr. Halbert Pilfer, former jg-Q *3'l9l'87G
stenographer, leaves shortly for Alexj i860 31,443 321
andria, Va , to persue his studies for 1870 38,558,371
the ministry. ' 1880 50,155,783
Mrs. Iteid Brown is oc a vi-it to ? 62,622,250
Mr?. Harrison, of Longtowr:.
Misse3 Mary Sumter and " t > 1 ihe
Thomas have been p pen din a fevv Tiie population for 1900 at a
days with Mr. Ike Thomas. 07er tbe population woulc
< An increase ol
Mrs. Ott and children hive returned
from a visit to Orangeburg.
Miss Ella Moore js vUitiug Mrs At an increase of 22 per cenl
S. R. McDowell, of Winusboro. ^A"n increc,3c 0
Mrs. Kelly Morrison, of Georgia, is
visiting her mother, Mr?. Oliver, who At. aa increase of 23 per cent
has been very ill. N. (A.Q increase o
May 31,1900.
At an increase of 24 per cent
Mr. W. S. Whedon, Cashier of the (An increase ol
First National Bank of Winterset,
Iowa, in a recent letter gives svme
experience with a carpenter in his em* At an increase of 2o per C3ni
ploy, that will be of value to other (An increase o
mechanics. He says: "1 had a carpenter
working lor me who was
obliged to stop work for several days This is One of tll?
on account of being tronbled with
diarrhoea. I mentioned to him that I Ever 1
had been similarly troabled ar.d that
Chamberlain'* Colic, Cholera and Diar- T c ,
rbcea Remedy had cured me. He In case of a tie,^ or that tv
bought a bottle of it f-om the drug- equally correct, prizes will b
gist here and informed me that one them.
* 1 ? ~ 1 " :" "* V.!a TK!c \.-i 11 r?1rvCA onf
ClOSe cureu UIUJ) <AUU lie id aguu at JL/io .l axj wiicvov v^v^v va.aw
work." For sale by McMaster Co., tion has be-n officially anno
druggists. the United States Census al
SPECIAL KATES. , T, . -n i
when the guessing will close,
Tbe Southern Railway will sell side FD C* jWJ C*
tsip tickets from Charleston, S. C-, at H IVI J?^
?h*> rain of one first-class fare for the
round trip to St. Augustine, Fla , The Press Publishing A:
Pensacola, Fla., Mobile, A!a , New the express purpose of payin<
Orleans, La., Meridian, Miss., Bir- THE CASH MUST AC
mingbaaa, Ala., Chattanooga, Tenn., $1*50 per year, \ougetthe
Bristol,Tenn., White Sulphur Springs, This offer applies to new
Va., Washington, D. C., Norfolk,Va., expiration,
and intermediate points. Addrsss >'our orders t0
Tickets will be sold July Hth, 1900,
with final limit July 29th, 1900, to
holders of return portions or round
trip tickets sold to Charleston S. C.,
on account of annual meeting national T__ y 1 _
educational association/ Such return I j [\ [)r fx I A l\ I M
portions of round trip tickets to be viil/J-zlv AXiAYAl
deposited with agents from whom side
trip tickets are purchased. Agents
will issue receipts for tickets so dep03- l>tATT tt~
ited and upon presentation ol said ~' J ,
receipts will return to original pur- ~ a ^QI| ^ock of Casket6;
chasers the return portions of round Cases and Coffins, constantly c
trip tickets deposited. For detailed E? ^eays?-:w^en re
Thankful fornastoiferenaffear
information appiv to any ageni ox cue tt.?y- 1 A, =
Southern Riilwav, or its connections. J a s^are ia fa tar
?".L.? old stand
"De\Vitr<4 Little Early Risers are tails attended to at all k**r
the finest pills I ever used."?D. J. THE ELLIOTT SIN SH<
Moore, Millbrook, Ala. They quickly
cure all liver and bowel troubles. Mc- J. M, ELLIOTT I
Master Co 4-W?Ly
- ' ii i ii ir i ,v jcrjyfc'^v-^ <> ? <e>.
i ti : ijii I * SI %r
hin?, I jp *.j g! gjjfij
rt. . !^Bjfejjb| ' jyWa\
! | ^Vegetable Preparation for As- Ml
' ? ' - ? * ? .1 t < r , 1??
i simiiatingiiiejooaanaKesuui- jag
j ting theStoTnachs and Bowels of 0 t
."!'" I ??;-? Hi Signatuj
I EromotesDigestioaCiieeriul- Jpj
i "ness and Rest.Ccntains neither m _r
l.rd> | Opium,Morphine nor ^Gneral. M U1
?d;? i Not Narcotic.
want, : 9 !
Heapc of OldHrSAJ^UELEITCHER 9 |
Pumafajl Seed'
0 I /fbdSenno * J gji _
/tocfclUSails - f ?j ?5
sizisi Seed '* I K ?L u
iftiCaricrta&Soda* I jE It 1 i|
nitr ffSmSecd- I *5 1 1 MJ
P'o> I Oartfwd Stqar. J 3? J&A Y 1
\ibitryx.i Fim-ar. J Jr&V #
>'11 A perfect Remedy forConstipa- w[ \j O'
| tion. Sour Stomach,Diarrho3a. ?1
aII> | Worms,Convulsions,Feverish- || * Jj
; aess arid Loss OF Sleep. ||
k| lac Simile Signature of fifj f
'* name, 7 || T |1 i \
fmiih NEW YORK. j jgj Mill
'iate*rm' ^ ' ex..or copy of wrapper. J|
3, COlJS, j -1 - - '"' '* THt CtHTAU* C
cMaster j
igltted by Press Publishing Association, 1899. All rights reserved )
^ *? ww t R TT T
Ill III Will J!
Are Vou Interes
dgSBfcv Greatest Cot
the Glob
' * ^ ^ Tr - - J AMIA onl-veori -?f
\ ^ seuu jyu gucjj anu
jHP^VjJt The News anc
Kfe, 2|v^4^' I an<^ receive a certificate which will en
s/\ *n distribution cf $25,000.00 to 1
4gWW&^f / Cash Prizes by the PRESS PUBLISl
- ^ OF DETROIT, MICH., among tho
"" v guess or estimate of the populatien of
' _?HWp^r/Territories, as shown by the official c
Is'// wia moriA arrano-ements '
ticipate in the distribution of the prize
one year's subscription to THE NEWS AND HERALD \
*ness. Present subscribers may take advantage of this offer
will be extended one year from date of expiration. No adva
of our paper; you get the guess absolutely free.
YflTTlJ PITPCIQ When you send in your subseriptio
lUUIt llU&wtJ Be sure and write your name, addi
as possible. As soon as we rceeive your subscription we wn
juess made by you, which will entitle you to anyfprize that ^
ve will-file the duplicate with The Press Publishing Associat
tes and have as many guesses as he sends yearly subscr
ant more^Ban one guess get your friends and neighbors t
hseribers in forming their estimate, we furnish the following c
929,214 31
1,379,209 35 1 To the nearest correct guess,
2,012,39S 37 j; To the 2nd,
2,317,572 32 !> To the 3rd,
3,221,507 33 i! To the 4th,
4,209,433 33 |i To the 5th,
0,122.423 35 ji To the Oth,
8,251,455 35 jj To the 7th,
7,115,050 22 ji To the 8th,
1V597 419 ?.0 Trt fho QfV.
*->VW M ?- w " A V IUV VlUj
12,486,407 25 ji To the 10th,
j] To the lltb,
? i To the 12tb,
ji To the 13th,
n increase of 21 per cent ;j To the 14t'n,
I be 75,772,922. To the 15th,
f 13,150,672.) I To the 16th,
|! Fo the 17th,
To the ISth,
t it would be 76/199,144. j To the 19th,
f 13,776,894.) * ji To the 20th,
!' To the next 180 nearest correct
each, amounting to
: it would be 77,025.366. j To the next 100 near^t correct
f 14,403,116.) i each, amounting to
i| To the next 100 nearest correct
each, amounting to
i it would be 77.651.588. To the next 200 nearest correct
f 15,029,338 ) eacb, araountms to
j To the next 400 nearest correct
eacb, amounting (o
t it would be 78,277,S12. I|
f 15*655,562.) ji Total, 1,000 prizes, amounting
i Greatest Offers | subscriptlo^
VIade: I NAME....*.
ro or more estimators are
e .divided equally between TOWN
month before the populaunced
by the Director of
: Washington, D. C-, and STA1E
D will announce the date
MBER $15,
ssociation has deposited $25,000 in the Central Savings Ban
j the prizes.
r subscribers and old subscribers who renew their subscrip
The News and He
On Improved Farms secived by first PACIFIC FIR
mortgages. Interest 8 per.eent. (n ,
j sums not less than $500, 3 to 8 years. "
^ qS No commissions. Borrower pay3 a?'
. onj ual expenses. Solicits a sua
".Mted! A 1-& w- I>wdouglas^.
? .v. Wmnsboro, S. C. Qon?
1 i!or B- PALMER & SON, 9"i6'iy . .
, la ae 1M5 Columbia, S. C.
j?rx os?(
OnbaaBR a and Whiskey Habits ({Jj/j(I/frf/ft
Oil! 8sJr ?red at tome with- '
WMim* outpato-Bookofpar- Aaxtut*,Sr~ ,
9 B It* UcnloiB sent FBKE. f*n? Cheij
Itflfl W R-M-WOQLLRY. M.D.
AUraUh fJJrOfiic? KM N.PlTQl St
i irmi r i imb?bbpsspj??? p?
ti ?00 HaVG I
IB Bough! I
~ ? The Columbia ]
i M J of business or
n(3 /V tAft S always trustwon
XT * !/ 81 B . n/>TTT*TT>TA /"< 1
Ay ,! The HARTF(
\A 1y j ^ comprise the mo:
Y \ ^ taining the hight
a | J mers, $35; I
/I1 i!1 V COLUMBIA (
I C models.
For Over $ Jordan &
til Vooffr
k 1 it f0r s0licit0r-sixtxi uircu
I MJ| I hereby announce myself as a cs
S w IS I^ate ^or Solicitor of the Sixth Juti
m Circuit, subject to the result of the D<
cratio primary. THOS. F. McDCT
propose the name of Hon. J
Henry to the Democratic voters of ]
field County for re-election to the cffic
????? Solicitor of this circuit, because el
iror-tr c?? tjcfoofwrtr TYlSTinpr in whi^h h<
T Vi J k)Mrl,itflUVVV*J ?- ? ? ? ? ?.
discharged the duties of the office fo:
past several years. YOTEI
I T/ I hereby announce myself a candi
|| 1f for Solicitor of the Sixth Judicial Cir
IS I snblect to the rules governing the Di
I cratic primary. W, C. HOUG
1* * 1 SENATOR.
G. W. Rag scale is announced fo
Senate, subject to the Democratic prir
intry On. I hereby announce myself a cand
for the House of Representatives
Fairfield County, subject to ihc Dem
inn to tic Primary.
100 10 JOHN G. WOLLI*
IHdVQIH I announce myself a candidate fo:
ntJI CllU House of Representatives, subject t
action of the Democratic primary.,
title you to participate ^ E-RAG5DAI
be distributed in 1,009 The friends of John G. Mobley i
jTTSjr' A QQnn ATTON" nate him for re-election to the Hoi
* , . Representatives, subject to the acti
se making the nearest Democratic primary.
: +1,^ TT?i<-a/4 QtafpQ anr?
Lut. JJJvtiiewood democratic uiuo uomi:
ensus of 1900. W. J. Johnson for the House cf Repr
svith the PRESS PUB- tatives, subject to the primary electio
e our subscribers to par- HAGOOD, Secreta
s amounting to $2c,ooo. I announce myself a candidate fc
cttuta rp vATTrT House of Representative-. Dispen
b UKiAbK. gtate aRd Countyj renovated and 1
who sends us $1.5? *Or gated is my piatform. "Will abide b
result of the primary.
vill be entitled to one "J B. MORRISC
and their subscription I hereby announce myself a cand
:c moHp in thp orire for the House of Representatives, su
.nee is maae in me price tQ thg actiQn Qf thg j5emocratic ;nia
n you make your guess. _
ess and guess as plainly FOR CLERK.
I fill nut and send vou a . I hereby^ announce myself^as a c
' date lor uteris or uourt, suDjecs t
/OU may draw. Be sure action of the Democratic primaries.
ion. Every subscriber J2TO. KitJttS:
iptions to THE NEWS I hereby announce myself acand
O subscribe. They will for the office of Clerk of Court for
J field County, subject to the action <
Democratic primaries.
JR. V. BR^
I hereby announce myself as a cand
for Clerk of Court for" Fairfield Co
subject to the action of the Democ
. primary. J AS. A. BRK
I hereby announce myself a cand
Tl AO T?flTT nWQ ' for the office of Clerk of Court for
Qa tl 111 iI il I TV ii field fVvnntv snhiect to the action c
I if UU 1UUUU |TW< "?*' - .
Democratic primaries.
$15,000 ?0 J0HN W* LTL]
5,000 00 I hereby announce myself a cand
1 009 00 for the office of Cleikof Court, subje
'500 00 tlie action of the Democratic primary.
300 00 J'
900 00
100 00 F0R sheriff
90 00 I hereby announce myself a a
80 09 date /.or the office of Sheriff for J
75 00 field. County, and will abide b;
60 CO action of the Democratic primarie
50 00 JAS. VY. BOLIC
40 00 ^ , .
or An Pledging myself to abide the resi
~ the ensuing primary election, I anno
^ myself a candidate for nomination t
2o 00 office of Sheriff of Fairfield County.
20 00 cordial support of my fellow-citizens
15 00 spectfully solicited.
15 00 GE0- W. CRAWFOE
15 00 I hereby announce myself a cand
triiesscs, $5.00 for Sheriff of Fairfield County, subj<
900 00 the action of the Democratic primarie
T w pr.ip
guesses, $4.00 "* " *
400 00 I hereby announce myself a cand
oaesses $2 50 or Sheriff, subject to the action o
" ' " 9^n no Democratic primary.
guesses, $2.00 ' >. McjWy ELLIOT
400 00 I h(rebv announce myself a candi
jnesses, $1.00 for the office of Sheriff of Fairfield C
400 00 ty. subject to the action of the Democ
primaries. * B. G. TENNAS
fto $25,000 00 I hereby announce myself for Slier
Fairfield County, and will abide the r
of the Democratic primaries.
I hereby announce myself a candi
for re-election to the office of Sherj
Fairfield County, subject to tne acti<
the Democratic primary.
I hereby announce myself a candi
for Sheriff of FaiifieLl (Jouuty, subje
the Democratic primary election.
I hereby announce myself a candi
for Sheriff cf Fairfield County, subje
to the rules and regulations of the D
Icratic primary.
I hereby announce myself a cand;
for the office of County Supervise
- r- T. x Fairfield County, subject to the actii
k of Detroit, Mich., for the Democrats primaries.
?ALD costs you only j hereby announce myself a candi
for the office of Supervisor of Fail
tions on vear from date County, subject to the action of the I
ocratic primaries.
1 hereby announce myself a cand:
f? r tbe office of Supervisor of Fail
5^ fiSI I County, subject to the action of ihe I
O'Wj - ocratic primaries. J. B. BURLE
CDHDn e n I hereby announce myself a cand:
oijUJKU, o. V^. for County Supervisor, subject to th
tion of the J democratic primaries.
>N RION, Agent johna. stewaf
I hereby announce myself a candi
r Tuono?xrpi?i CfltfP-AWY for the office of County Supervisor of J
1 tii^ rniM and resrula'
Il U1UUIUU1U117 iiciu, cuujs-vu .v ...? --o
r uftit vmr of the Democratic primarv.
. iV ,^ . I herebv announce mj-self a candi
.re of the public pairon- for tjie ofgce 0f Coun y Sapervisoi
age. Fairfield, subject to the Democratic
marv. JAS. H. A IKE
I hereby announce n:\seif as can'i
iRNr'S "" for the office of Couuiy fn^rviaor.
kct to the action of tlie Demceractk
*46 mar-v" JOE X'cMEEKI
W9> J hewby ann unPe rayself a cand5
Acttal Builatn. No Tea Book#. for ihe office of County Mi per vis r,
tend. S?*dterC*t^as9*. ject to Ihe action of ihe Democratic
?? g?b ' niary. T. (J. LEITNE
3eveI-Gear Chainless is the ideal wheel for everj
pleasure. It is always ready for use, always
thy. New Models, $75.
lain Wheels are the finest machines of their ty
it-f~ ^ L?:u MA?|aSe ?50
i pUi>MUlC LtJ UUUU. IV GW aca w%* Wivj -^"ww)RDS,
st representative and popular medium-priced line, <
sst possible value for its price. Hartfords ani
Pennants, $25.
BOASTER BRAKE. For either chainless
Pnrp. $5.00 when ordered with new machine.
: Davis, Agts., Winnsb
tndi- I hereby announce myself a candidate | r
icial for County Auditor, subject to the action !
r\f fliA TVmnr>mtir. TYrimftries. I * ^
g I hereby announce myself a candidate
Fair- i0T re"electi?n to the office of County Au- \ / AM1
,p nf j ditor, subject to the action of the Demo- i I (J LI I
f the' era tic primary. J. L. RICHMOND.
5 lias i hereby announce myself a candidate ' . ,Trv ,
rthe for Auditor for Fairfiela County, subject AWDrlVJEC
tS. to the rules governing the Democratic pri- yet unsold,
date mary. GEORGE W. MOORE. should call ar
cuit> ing as I wilt
smo- FOR CORONER. or grQod paper
I hereby announce myself a candidate I also have
for tbe office of Coroner for Fairfield them two go
Coanty, and pledge myself to abide the ^i80 a C0Up
aary! r"Ua " ~T5l?tTn Y&GUE. 6^le tor C
idate j hereby announce myself a ^candidate
from for re-election to the office "of County i will nav ty-o
oc:a- Superintendent of Education, subject to ^ ^,?ac
the action of the Democratic primary. cia8{
r the I hereby announce myself a candidate C3
o the for the office of Superintendent of Educa- u-'1
tion for Fairfield County, subjecl to the
JS. Democratic primaries. hl cf:ji .
W. L. ROSBOROUGH, JR. 1 61111 e
iomi- wilt s(
l?f> of
I hereby announce myself for re election j /\ \f
nates to tlie office County Treasurer of Fa r- [ /TL V
esen- County, and will abide the result cf
n the Democratic primaries.
idate *
ry. I
Dm/mao ma -fnv> i4* lr\\> Ql i
nopcuo 1 ui IL kjj
Fair- r *
)f the
lY \\T E can P^ase you in Colored Lawns
idate * ^ Stripes, Batiste, Zephyr Ginghan
onty, of colorings. Prices from 5c to 25c the ;
1 "White nf pvf? v HA^rrinHnn. T
idate dies from 5c to 50c the yard, Fine Lace
Jair- Effects for waists. We have the prettie
have ever shown in great variety ot pattei
E;s- last year. We can please you in Fancy
!?tato Plaids;, also beautiful line Blaek Goods
a waists and trimmings.
Fair- We are constantly receiving additior
? the can please you in style and quality of th<
prices. The best that the money can buy
? * SHOES.
is re- We are still showing the largest and r
>D of Shoes in the county. New styles ir
Sar>Hals and Hip-h-Cut Shoes: Gents' Stv
idate V ~ o? ;ctto
and tan. You cannot get better value in
:k. sell you.
idate We are anxious for your patronage a
f the efforts Jto please you in goods and prices.
I The Caldwell Dry Goods
ff 0t 1 A'L!1 ! - fit
SEE my line of Serge Coats ;
x for men an3 youths.
idate J
:Ct tO ^
Y- SEE my line of Men's and Be
eLS SEE my line of Men's and B
v, lisree Shirts.
SEE my line of Silk and Du<
SEE my line of Ladies' ar
Neckwear. 4
SEE my line of Ladies', M
5em- Children's Slippers.
idate SEE my line of Fans.
)em- v
Y- SEE my line of Ladies', M
idate Children's Gauze Undervests.
e 3c
[T- SEE my Big Summer Stock
want anything in that line.
: of
3"" m VOMIT'S e?
.i,i- I k? i llil?/4
j.lU. >5^ BAFJJjs. 1 M (Teething Powders) J. JaL.
sJJrbi' T^jj^ Costs oalj 25 cents at Druggists,
:K. Or audi 25 cents to C. J. MOFFETT, I
( f
i reliable, v
pe that it ^ * |
A/^/*h /*A?- k
d Stor- $ 4
or chain 5
i, CONN. | 1
oro,S.C. I |
11 Have I
3or8" I
ng Mules 4
Persons needing males
id see tbem before bay sell
tbem cheap for cfcsli
f payable in the fall. ^gjj
i a few horses, among
od Combination Hones. Ie
>rood mares?young and
-*OWS. - f
higkest cash price for al
;es, fat or poor.
i few BUGGIES that 1
}'l cheap for cash.
Villiford, I
innsboro. S. V.
/M ft* ir.T?T/M
ying Light "1
? ^
, Organdies, Dimity
is, in great variety
..awns and Organ- *jk
Stripe and Corded
st line of Pique we iS
ns; prices as low as
Dress Goods and A
and Fine Silks for
is to this stock, and j
t goods, and. in low *?
is what we offer.
nost complete stock
t Ladies' Oxfords,
lish Shoes in black J
shoes than we will
nd will use our best
^ J|
. uompany, Rmo5T"
and Vests .
>ys' Pants. %
oys' Neg
:k Vests.
f~L anfc' *
IU. v-rtiito i
.isses' and
Lisses and
when you
'ORD. .1
- 1 T~rr w~ - j
ays Irritation, Aids Digtstiu,
Regulates iht Bowels*
Sirengthens the Quid,
Hikes Teething Easy.
TEETH1NA Relievo the Bowd
TmcMm of rhiMrtn of
Nl. D.f 8T. LOUIS. MP.

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