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r. V,
- ' - -r _ _ 1 SAA
w ecaesaxy, umcu, - - 4l?w
?Read the offer of prizes.
- Read citation elsewhere.
v ?See notice of meetiDg of county
board of control.
?The Greenbrier Graded School
^ will close on the 8th iust.
?If you want stylish and up-todtte
millinery, go to Mrs. J. D. Mc" ^Carley's.?adv.
?Mr. W. L. Rosborougb, Jr., announces
himself for Coanty Superintendent
of Education.
4<After suffering from piles for fif^
teen years I was cured by using two
boxes of DeWitt's Witch Hazel
~ * - - T T>??
Salve,77 writes w. x>axi.er, ^unu
Brook, N. C. It heals everything.
Beware of counterfeit?. McMaster Co.
?Bi?hop J. S. Key wrote: Teethixa
(Teething Powders) was more satisfactory
than anything we ever used. *
H $25,000?Read the advertisement for
?Mr. W. C. Hongh, of Lancaster,
announces himself in this morning's
issue for Solicitor of th8 sixth jadi-,
eial circuit.
?Dr.. John Douglass, a recent grad-j
aatc of the Charleston Medical College,
has located at Woodward for the
practice of his profession.?Chester
The easiest and most effective method
of purifyiDg the blood and invigoratJ*
?"HAWiff'fl T.ir?
r log me vysiem i? lu ia&c ??~
> tie Early Risers, the famous little pills
m- for cleansing the liver and bowels.
M cMaster Co.
?Read J. H. McMaster & Co.'s advertisement.
Fruit will be plentiful
this year, and fruit jars will be good
things to have on hand. This firm
ean supply you.
?Sunday was the 92ad anniversary
of the birth of Jefferson Davis. Monday
was observed in some places as a
holiday, but here the day was not ob
served in any way.
?The ^>fF<jr made ia this issue applies
to new subscribers who pay op
one year m advance and to old subscribers
who will pay one year in advance
from the date of the expiration
of their subscriptioas.
"I had ttoinach trouble twenty years
and gave np hopes of being cared till
I began to use Kodol Dyspepsia Care.
_ It has done me s? much good Ijcall it
the savior of my me," writes \y. xx. i
Jr ~ Wilkinson, Albany, Tenn. It digests
what you eat. MeMaster Co.
^ ?Miss Matt5.? Gaither Martin, who
hag been taking a business cour?e at
^ the College for Women, will graduate
this week The course she has been
taking includes stenography, typeSi
writing and bODk-keeping.
?Blackberries are on the market
and the indications are that the crop
will be unusually abanaant. The
l Dlier isuare ui mis uv^ jhoi .&??
made evenb:>dy appreciate the value
of ibis frait as they had never done
before. This is unusually early for
blackberries to ripen.
"After suffering from ?evere dyspepsia
over twelve years and using many
remedies without permanent good I
; finally tookKodol Dyspepsia Cure. It
did me so much good I recommend it
to evervone." writes J. E. TTatkins, |
Clerk and Recorder, Cbillicotbe, Mo.
It digests what you eat. McMaster Go.
^ ?The Lebanon graded fchool will
give an entertainment for the benefit
r ' of their library Thursday evening,
^June the 7th, at 7.SO p. w. Admis?
5 ?n lee ten cents. Hon. J.J. McMa*
1 an has been invited to address the
A Srinl. The oreneral Dublic are in
p r > '" * o i
%{ id to attend.
*~The Ridgeway school closes on
LFiiday with a picnic, given by the;
teachers and pupils. Invitations to
this picnic have been received by s.
number of young people here, and if
the weather is favorable, Winnsboro
will be well represented, as picnics
ar# always greatly enjoyed by youngfolks.
-v J. C. Kennedy, Roanoke, Tenn.,
sajg, "I cannot say too much lor JJex
Witt's Witch Hazel Salve. One box
^ of it cared what the doctors called an
kr incurable ulcer on my jaw." Caree
w plies and all skin diseases. Look out
for worthies imitations. McMaster
?Mr. Greer Pressley is a member
^ ot tbe class to be graduated from Ersk
kine College this moDtb, and Miss
w Mamie Brice will graduate from the
Due West Female College. On the
v 15ih of June Mr. Presslev Price will
finish his course at West Point, and
will come to tpend awhile with his
HL parents before being ordered to a
J. Q. Hood, JasticR of the Peace, |
Crosby, Miss., makes the following)
statement* "I can certify that One
Minute Cough Cure wili go ?J1 that it
claimed for it. My wife cou^not get
her breath and the .first dose of it regp^
liered her. It has also benefited my
m whole family." !t acts immediately
^ and cares coughs, colds, croup, grippe,
? ? - 1 -n ii .i,
oroncGUi*, asmma auu ua uiruat s?uu
lung troubles. McMa?ter Co.
^ ?The closing exercises of Mt. Zion
Instituie were beid on Friday morning.
^ No regular program had been prejfe
v psred and the closing of the school
f*-~ wa3 done in a Terv informal way.
The pupils were kept at school a very
I short time on tbe last morning and
whea they were allowed to go home
15. tnebo^s gave vent to tneir feelings
with shoms of joy.
: ?ioc A. rresoyicnan states iuu.t
Rev. Mr. Chalmers i-? in poor lmlth,
and that a rest from hi? work will be
ueces.ary thii summer. The c-fleets
BR ot grip ami over work resulted in a
collapse aid he his been unable to
Iwy^ occupy l.is pulpit for several Sundays.
||r*- ^Zis frieudi here will regret to hear of
1^ h's illness and wish for him a speedy
? - ?Dr. Llenry Louis Smith, of David?
son College, who was in Wionsboio
P * for the cclipsr, has been chcseu presi**
> dent of Davidson College to succeed
l-ier. J. B. Stearer, who ha? reigned.
Dr. Smith .vas held the position o{
ly professor of natural philosophy at
Davidson for a number of year?. His
k friend^ here are pleased to know of
the honor conftrrel upon hiir.
?The Confederate reunion ended
on F::rtav j.ight, and the veterans,
[ ?po??<?rs and visitors are at home
B- again. Kain interfered very mncb
r with the pleasure of ihe veteran?, bur
p all maragcd to get a gf>od deal of en
THE FIB,ST BABY. " ?al1' f^m FairlJe]d>
-?u. * the graduating class,
dent of the class.
Its Coming Is Looked Forward to men will graduate fi
With Both Joy and Fear and its *e&e ^*IS year* ^e
College for Women
Safe Arrival is Hailed Witt .1^ juoe 7th Ke,
Pride and Delight "by AIL mers will preach tl
. sermon on next Sunc3
The arrival of the first bah? in the For SL!
household is the happiest ana most 1m- lates laxative Quiniae. e
poafcant event of married life. The young aad Q?<*iy curewife
who is to become a mother delights ?Mr. J. Frauk !
to think ofthe happiness in store for her the iollowing little f<
when the little one shrill nestle upon her ,=
breast and latterly she shall hear it lisp er=> Journal, and it
the sweet and holly name, "mother." both the pupils and
But her happy anticipation quickly van- c^h?ni that tbe sc
ishes when she realizes the terrible pain ' ~ ,
and suffering through which she must kept in such good
pass while bringing the little one into Foosbe says: "Ac
dissipates her joyfulness. unknown. Especiall
Thousands of women have learned window panes But
Wi.herow, of Win,
tend child-birth; they know that by "ls cieait of navin
the use of "Mother's Friend"?ascien- such accidents at Mc
tifie toiment-for a few weeks before M pr;ncipaisbip 0f
the trying hour, expectant mothers can ,, r \ ,
bo prepare themselves for the final ^an any teacher 11
hour tnat the pain and suffering of the this ?"'
-J?^>Trr>T^+ ow QnfiToTtrr>'hTn?.fcp?3 ftnd lt,
UTOttU^i gvvavMAO .
it is safely passed through with com- cgmQ
paratively little discomfort. I ? , Tho vinr
All women are interested, and es- ! B.ears tne
pecially expectant mothers who for the Signature f r' ^/first
time have to undergo this trial, in of 4
such a remedy; for they know the pair _ '
and suffering, to say nothing of the danger,
which is in store for them. "Moth? Millinery! m
er's Friend" is woman's greatest bles* a<-p vol wirino- tn
sing, for it takes her safely through the , ' f .
severest ordeal of her life. Everywomaa wc can **!' .V0D choici
should be glad to read the little book liner) g>?< <U at the )(
"Before Be&y is Born," which contains yoa ;re k:|ld]y call ,
I information of great value to ail. II , .
i trrlTI cant frao tn ftTTT OTlft "who Seildi CuaSing'.
their address to The Bradfield Begu* ? ?. ?.
lator Co., Atlanta, 6a. MR. t. l. johksto:
. ~ . -T Mr. Editor: After c
joyment out of their trip to Louis- .. T , , ,
.? , .., , * . . tion I have conclude
ville, and wmie there were the recipi- , .
t , . .. .. . business reasons, t
ents of much attention. Tbe reunion ... \
c -mm -i, u u u u- name as a candidate i
of 1901 will be held in Memphis, Ten- . T , .
visor. I desire, how
nesFee. friends for their kin
The One Day Coid Cure. , Jf , ,
- -- ^flscnrr* (hem that 1
For cold in tae neaa ana sore xnroai use mott's
Chocolates laxative Qvlinine, tbe "One rnmmpnriafirm 1
Day Cold Curc." - commenaauon. ? J
?The South Carolina College opens - " *,7~*
for its next session on September 26lh, Working Nigh
1900, and anyone wishing a catalogue bu5iest and mjj
' . ?, that ever was made :s
mcst address President Woodward, pj|]g j^very pi
The ad. inserted elsewhere will show ed globule of healt
. ??? jj il. ?11?~ ,1 dTool-npcc ?nfr> sfrpi
now wei: equippeu ljub cuiicgc ?auu ?
what the expenses are. The entrance *nto energy, brain-J
and normal scholarship examinations f^nj^he health. *0
will be held at each county seat on gold by McMaster Co
Friday, July 20ih. ' ?
From the reports sent out from the speuai offer to <
different stations along the patb of , . ~?
. , .. . ,? . . ... We desire to call 1
totality, it seems that tne totality was .. . ,
, , , , iu the special announc
of longer duration in W innsboro than ,,r . t..
. , , T another page of this
in a number of other places. In .New- - . ,
, 0_ , , . we have arranged
berry it lasted only 80 seconds, and in _ ... ,. . 0 . ..
. .. , . . ,. Publishing Associati
some Dlaees the time of totality was
l . tt . MlCQlgau, 10 eoauic
even shorter. Here, we were given ? . . ..
90 s?conds to enjoy the vroEderfuIly aaa *6
beautifnl sight. Winnsboro was after f"0> in C&S ?r'f
all the best place for the astronomers e a,!?n 0 ...
. for 1900. Yon will
Cure Cold in Head. ,
Kennott's Chocolates laxative Quinine, easy Calling your friends
&??and quick to ,ure 06111 ia head and 8016 attention to this rcma
?The election of teachers for Mt. - '
Zion Institute to fill the vacancies A sPrained Ankle <
rocJnrnot?rm nf ~\?v. "At OUtt tlffiC I ?U
uy IJJV i vcj^UM .AVU v? t
Fooske and Miss Agues Kice, was caryf^ditM^f'hf
held od Thursday. Mr. Qaaries, of tou, Va. "After us
Abbeville, was ejected assistant prin- recommended .medici
cipal and aliss Euaice Bacot was cess, I tried Chamber]
electcd in Miss Rice's place. The anc^ am P^sed t0 sa5
r , , as soon as I began 1
other teachers are the same who have pIete cure speedi]y
tanght here for several years. The by McMaster Co., ari
two new teachers presented fine testi
moDials and the trustees are fortunate election or :
in securing their services. The tmstees o? ^
The One Day Cold Cure. I
Kcnaott's Chocolates laxative Quinine for 1* have elected the fc
cold in the head and sore throat. Children take i-u? , ,
them like candy. c lOr the DCSt school J(
?Mr. Sam Boylston who. in the be- f?k mt.
ginning of the Sooth African war W. H. Witherow, j
joined the Boer forces, and soon after Pen-in Quarles, a
receiving a wound, was taken pris- Mis3 E- 8. Obear, a
oner by the English, has been sent to Miss Bsssic McMas
the island of St. Helena. As e?ery ^iss N. A. Phinnej
one knows, this island is the place M5ss A< Bacot, i
where all of the prisoners taken by j ^rs- D^igh
RnfJch are* Ront. Mr. Bovlston I F02 FACTOR'S
"writes -that he is kindly treated in Sitgrea
prison and snffer* no hardships. Much F0R C0L01^Er
interest is felt herein the welfare of B. W. Nance, princ
this young American who gave his J. A. Tillman, assisi
services to the Boers, as he is the ^ Glover, assis
grandson of Mrs. S. A. Boyleston,
and has visited here. Ked not from
?The Johnston Weeklv Monitor ?^YTSS
... . . ? * ? , of Newark, Mich., 1
gives bigh praise to Messrs. Holland Jt cansed b^rribIe U1(
and Fletcher Hinnanl, tie principals ment helped for 20 ye
of th? Johnston Institute. This paper len's Arnica Salve c
v-/?r,-p Cnts, Bruises, Burn
savs turn, never ueiviv; jl? iuc u^wi j vj. 0. . _
, , . .. . , Corns, Skin Erupt)
this school have sucn satisfactory re- cure 0D 25 (
suits bees accomplished and snob real guaranteed. Sold b
work done. Mr. Hinnant's friends druggists.
will be pleased to know of the success , ~
that he has met wiih in his work, and the ce?
are glad to read of the high praise 0a Friday thc~cei
accorded him and his fellow teacher. ajj oyer ^ coun(ry ]
j The institute closed last week, iLie enumerator has
comrasDceraeuL Haviug ut-guu oa{. for bim by the
on Tuesday evening. district and it depen
?Invitations to college commence- pie upon whom be
ments continue to come in, and the task will be pleas;
latest that we have i^ceived are from No unnecessary qu<
Wc.fiord College and the Presbyterian by the enumerator,
College for Women. Woflford cam- should try lo give
mer.cement begins on June 9.h, cob- answers to the nui
tinning until June 12ih. Mr. E. II. asked. Sicce the If
' ? 1 was taken ten years
increased consideral
raPjl Jljl| || M owing to the bnildi
H ^ rfTjw mill, and by the tin
' J-S (ajjtni in (en yCa
ITI^IIIM tbe I;ew ra:]road
||"* jj|^j?jj p | p. largely lo our populi
Departure of-the
OF COD-LIVER OIL WITH The cro*a of visi
HYPOPHOSPK1TES j had with r:s daring I
has gradually di?pe
should always be kept in j town, after the udus
the house foi1 the foil- the past week, basse
< mi _ IT
lowing reasons: usnaiqmet. ine a
omcrSj Profcs.-nrs Pr
FIRST- 3ecause, if any member Jeft ou Monday ev
of the family has a hard cold, it Wiuthrop ddegaliot
will cure it. I astronomers having
i S?&@MD ? Because, if the c'nil- | ratus 10 pack and sbi
dren are delicate and sicklj, it will to do lingered rathe:
make them strong and well. others, and the last c
73S3RD--3ecause. if the father or t?-day. Protessor S
mother is losing flesh ana hecom- | 011 Tuesday, Mi
ir.g thin and emaciated, it will build Everard left the sa
them up and give them flesh and Mayo leaves to-day.
strength. During their sta
FOURTH ? Because it is the lhsse gentlemen ms
standard remedy in a.': throat and and all who were t
iung affections. were charmed with
x, , . m * ,. . - ... . .. every one regrets tb?
No household shouia oe without it.
It can be taken in summer as well OASTC
as in winter. Bears tie The Kji
.mTalta&aAb** tZ&b
is a member of! The Emjnent Kjd
and is vice-presi- f . , A
Eighteen young SJlu BlSddcr Specialist#
rom Wofford Col
PTormsPi! flf the W *r^Z* -
"(jondHionl ~Mr."| & owamp-Soot at j ^
cidents around ?i? Laboratory. ^
^ ?w, There is a ^sease prevailing in this
- not alto^ethei country most dangerous because so decep- s'
? iV:? nro. hv f
y IS HJ1S L1UC VI nw. kiia.itj uwtiti.w W?? www. J.
Pt-infinal W H ^?^eart disease, pneumonia, heart failure
^ * ' or apoplexy are often the result of kidney
sboro, has it to disease. K kidney trouble is allowed to ad- n
g bad only two vance the kidney-poisoned blood will attack a
>unt Zion daring the vital organs or the kidneys themselves ?
break down and waste away cell by cell,
fourteen years. Then the richness of the blood?the albumen a
i the State beat ?leaks out and the sufferer has Bright's v
Disease, the worst form of kidney trouble. n
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root the new dis- .
?- ? A covery is the true specific for kidney, bladder 11
! " n _li and urinary troubles. It has cured thousands u
! You Haw Always BOIIgDt of apparently hopeless cases, after all other n
y /7 * yz, f efforts have failed. At druggists in fifty-cent ,,
and collar sizes. A sample bottle sent free ll
by mail, also a book telling about Swamp- b
Root and its wonderful cures. Address t;
[illinerj-! Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y. and
be convinced that motion this paper. ?
e up-to-date mil- party from Spartanburg went to s;
>west prices? If brothers to v;ew the eclipse, and the ^
3D us before pur- following- from tho Carolina Spartan c
J. O* Bong. is complimentary to Strothers'people: d
y The Spartanburg people are under ei
* withdraws. great obligations to the agent at a
' , , Strothers, J. W. Ladd and his wife. .
;areful considera-^ -p^gy. ^ everything Uiey could to *(
d, on account 01 make us comfortable. Their kindness ^
0 withdraw my will be long remembered. Mrs. Suber ft
:or Couaiy Super- on l^e Newberry &ide kindlv enter- n
tained ten of the visitors. You see
ever, to my gtro^Grs isgnot a bad place to visit. 51
id interest and to Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Lvles came io tl
appreciate their and joined the party. He gave eome b
C. L. Johnston. information about the place. He said p
*e were on C'annomorc, or Ivenne- ?
. n more bill, vrhich took it Dame from a ??
,iy _ man who lived near that spot before f'<
jlitiest little thing the ^revolution of 1776 and who was f<
1 Dr. King's New reported to have buried a pot of sold C]
11 is a s.tear-coat-1 on-his farm, which had never been A
;h, thai: changes found. Mr. Lyles is the sou of u
igth, listlessness Thomas Lyles, now 85 ye irs old, who hi
iag into mental took an active interest in building the ir
nderful in build- old Spartanburg and Union railway. ;3
nly 25c per box. ??
druggists. A Good Cough Medicine.
It speaks well for Chamberlain's
)*r Headers. Cough Remody when druggists use it
in their own families in preference to ri
pour attention to any other. "I have sold Chamber- a]
ement made on Iain's Cough Remedy for the past five ^
issue, whereby years with complete satisfaction to
win, Thp Prps'a myself and customers," says Druggist bl
I n f J' Goldsmith, Van Etten, N. Y. "I T
on, of Detroit, jjave always used it in my own family w
: cur readers to both for ordinary coughs and colds ^
distribution of and for the cough following la grippe,
S3, for gnessing ?ndit very efficacious." For sale "
_ * ? br McMaster Co., druggists. a;
ie United Slates \,3
do U3 a favor by coming and going. *a
E?|ghbors' Miss Ada Heise, ot Columbia, is
offer. visit.Qg Mrs j> y T..rner w
Juickiy Cured. Miss Gertrude Bobb, of Prosperity, oi
is visiting Miss Kaie Wheeler. vi
uf^says?Geo. E ^rs* ^?^crL Miller and children, of ol
Guide, Washing- Shelby, N. C., are visiting Mrs. A S.
ing several well Douglass. rt
,n?s, wi>t^.oul s,nc" Mis^ May Martin will attend the ft
Iain's Pam Balm. _ , . ,, ~ ,, , A
> that relief came commencement of the College for d?
ts use and a com- Women in Columbia this week. n<
followed." Sold Miss Marie Dvpight and Miss Car- hi
iggists. rie Elliott will arrive this week lrom rc
Converse College for the summer, -v
rEACHEKS. offavrllr,
All S3 -tiJi'vU .MbiUasiCX 15 au^uuiKg
ool District No. thecomme-'- ? ' of Winthrop ColUowiDg
teachers lege. S.. . . t of Mrs. James J?
:ar: Boulware. V]
zion Capt. c. S. Dwigbf, who has been ai
(rincipal. engaged in the trigonometric and io
ssistant principal, hydrographic survey on the Cbatta- ^
ssistant. hoochee River, for the United States gt
ler,assistant. Engi " Department, arrived here cl
r, assistant. on I i ta
issistant. fc,ur 0ver Fifty YearS4 C(
t, music teacher. tc
Mks \ inslow's Soothing Syrup fe
has bt'L'si used for over fifty years by
,ves* * millions of mothers for their children ,
> school while teething, with perfect success. ;jpa'.
It soothes the child, softens the ?ums,
[aut allays all pain, cares wind colic, and
is the best remedy for diarrhoea. It ^
tan will relieve the poor little sufferer
immediately. Sold by druggists -iu
; the Gnu every part of the world. Twenty five
r -R cents a bottle. Be sure and ask for tv
G. B. Steadman, cwviW Srmnv
n tbe Civil War. ? W;?' n
:ers that no treat- and take no other kind. 1-1-17 g.
arSj i^911 ^Qck" KOSINSOX-ROBIXSOX. Zf
red hira. Cures
18, Boils, Felons, jj/r> Ediior: It was onr privilege on ?
it?." a box^1 Cure ^'eclnes(Ja>'> 23ld 10 attend the S
y McMaster Co. marriage of Mr. Alex Robinson and 0
Miss Nannie Robijson, at about o.SO ei
p. m., at the resideuce of the bride's a
iSCS- mother, Mr?. Rebecca Robinson. The 0
isus cnnuieratore J'0',,1= C0D?10 slcod "cde1' a" over- b
jcean tbeir work-. beamifu! parasol, while
u: Rev. Mr. Spigoer performed the cere ?
Ills >VUlti UJilU^CU
eonerviior of his accl>r<Jil!S 10 lhe rilnal cf "ie ?
ds 'upon the peo- M" E' Clmrcb> So,ub'in 4 re,'-v rete" "
calls whether his renl aad inlPr??iTO ?* ?>?. lbn:! g
int or otherwise. UDiling tbis 60|:?SS- o
estions are asked fnl youn= rarmer a,,a bii love,r br!de 6
and everybody ic tbc boly bood9 of ma!rim0?V' 11 ;
elear and correct w?s,a de!ightf?' occasion, and re- 4
minded us of forty years ago when the a
ncrons questions . a
.*?. - ? i i- writer himself carried cffsnch a Driz?.
tst census, which ., . , _
t. After the marriage and ihi consgo,
our town has , . "
- , .. gratula'.ions of friends, asoodlypor- ,
5ly in population, \
tisn of the guests prcseuf, logetcer
ng of the cotton , h
%A ? ,, _ with the bride and groom, d'ove to
ie another census ,, , - , , , , , t
~ l-~~TT7V?orn o Knnn
... , me uume ui iuc itiuci. xur.n. <*
rs' time, possibly , i
mi i j j j tiful sapper of 200a ihinsrs was served, _
will have added , , , . , , , "
boih substantiate ai:d dehcacie?.
ition. _ , . ,
Oar best wishes, ana as we venly
believe, those of the entire community
Astronomers. or0 out after these dear young liiend=.
May tbc-y ever be satisfied with the
tors tnat we have choice they have respectfully made
ihe past few days and may life to each become sweeter
i?ed, and ihe old and sweeter as they learn more and
nal racilcmentol more of each ether. "
. , , . . R IT. Jennings.
tiled down to her
ew Jersey astron
entiss ana i)odge, xwenty Years Froot.
enIllei 'be _ _ . "DMI 1 {.t, 1-s
I. The Virginia 1 Utt S LiverJrllls keep the DOWnumerous
appa- els in natural motion and cleanse
ip and some work t]ie svstem of all impurities An
r loDger liiau the , ' r . : , . .
me of them leaves absolute cure for sick Headache,
tone left for Geor- dyspepsia, sour stomach, ccn\
Lyons and Mr. stjpation and kindred diseases.
im9 dav, and Mr
"Can't do v.itroat them"
7 in Winntboro R> p_ Smith, Culesbursr, Va.
ide many friends, . . . . brown
with ihem ^ r!!-es * don * A -OW I could
the visitors, and do without them. I have had
lirdepartcre. Liver disease for over twenty
>stZAa vears. Am now entirely cured,
id You Have Always Boagftt ^ y a w #
Tutt s Liver Palls ^
a^a ^ II* "M"11
.Kind of Jack O' Lantern that Vanishes |
Since the fire on the morniD^ of the
8th of May the town and sarrcunding
ommunity have been very much ex- laBsF / ^
ited in numerous expeditions for the
I 1 Vi AVLU XJLIii* X' 11UUJ VI vuiup, HMMnp'M
; was reported that Tom was on the BHW|I
astern side of "Winnsboro and had /V
roken into oue or two houses of Brawp^'W/
olored people, and stolen provisions.
)ne old colored man staled tnat he
ad taken a skillet from his house. A &
arty of searchers set out immediately, V
nd pursued a cold trail tar into the |Sg^ ^
ight. The most tangible evidence HML A
ound that Tom bad really been in the illffll51^,^^
eighborhcod was the fiuding of the
kiilet. This expedition ended in a
Saturday morning a colored man 1
amed Emanuel Small came into town
nd narrated that he knew Tom Hi!] ^
rell having gone t > scboul with him, ! m
nd that on that morning while he
jzs wot king in a field about four
tiles north ?f Winnsboro, Tom came j It bums
Jto the field and without any cere- I same oil
iony began to fire upon him Email- j vonr
el came to Winnsboro wiih a gun I
hat from appearances might ha"'- J
ceti used in the American Rovoia
on, but he immediately purchased a jl
eiv one. He is a colored man of
cod reputation, aud his manner in- ?
pired confidence in his story which _The fire on Sunc
ras strengthened by his quick pur- a number of telephor
base of anew gun. Another expe- e;derab]e confusion
ition was organized forthwith, and ceutra] cifice. The
2t out to the scene of Tom's supposed np cew wire8 wa5-b
ppearance. Messages had beeu sent the phones will prol
> the State penitentiary for blood- yporkin01' order to-day
ound?, and ;he dogs came up on a
eight about 10 o'clock Saturday shake in Yoi
; T1T1 1L- 4.. , r .. ATlav.**. TiVrtf-TPoco
luriuug. >v fiCIi lilU ptll'iy Ul ^Ul" AliCU o a witju^wv.
iers got a short distance outoftc?vn cures painful, smarti
r j . i . fri i < and ingrowing nailf
iey were informed that Tom had takes the sting out o
een ^eea still further north of the ions. It's the great
lace where the Small man hid seen coveryofthe age. J
. - ... . ^ , makes tight or new sr
im, and that he hud eaien hi> break- is a certatn CUre for
1st at this point. The dogs, there- and hot, tired, achi
3rej |were taken to this point. Tbe to-day. Sold by all d
umbs of broad wore found, but Ibe TriS^ckageFEEE!
ogs failed to strike a trail, whether S. Olmsted, Le Roy, ]
ecause the appearance of Tom was a - ?
lyth or because the trail was too cold
not known. This expedition came Davidson Jor^weefc
> naught. 0 sTO
Sunday night Bob Crosby came to Bearflth6 ^TheKinc
>wn with a sensational story that he signature SA
in upon Tom Hill near White Oak of
sd fired at him three or four times. ?
. number of men rose from their Mr. David G. E.l:
2ds and again went out on a chase, to Columbia.
be dogs were taken to the place ?
here Bob said, that be had seen him.
gain the dogs refused to follow a C_> ? *
ail. This expedition returned Mon- por an
iy morning abont S 30, and like its v ?
redecessors was a fruitless under- 9116 KH1Q TOU "3V8
iking. Bears the
Many people are beginning lo doubt p, r? of
Tawi TT!|] hnmon hointf *
IIV; 114121 JLKJL1A J.JL I 11 AO ** WUiUMU
: a myth. He is often seen, but .i,?.. ? r-r^
inches as vapor upon the approach
? an armed party of pursuers. Bg||g|$?! HA.
Tom Hill is an escaped convict. A
;ward of fifty dollars has been ofsred
by the town council, twenty '^Gc.i>g
hilars by the county, and the Uover- ?
Dr has been petitioned to offer one NOTI
andred and fifty dollars for his ar!5t'
Office County C
Yes, Angust Flower still has ths meeting of the_Boari
rge?t sale of any medicine in toe the County of Jj'airue
vilized world. Your mothers and the office or the Coun!
randmothers never thought ox using for said Countv on tl
sything else for Indigestion or Bil- JULY, 1900. at whic
usness. Doctors were scarce, and catioDS for the pos
;ey seldom heard of Appendicitis. Dispenser at Winnsl
ervous Prostration ?r Heart Failure, sidered.
c. They used August Flower to All applications f
ean out the system and stop fermen- mast be on file with t
tion of undigested food, regulated iGn days before said c
le action of the liver, stimulate the ' "WM. I
jrvous and organic action ol the sys- chra. Co Bo
no, and that is all they took when 6
:eliug dull and bad with headaches .
id other aches. You only need a I
;w doses of Careen's August j? tower, 8 * 111 111II
i liquid form, to make you satisfied #T, UUIII I
lere is nothing serious the matter I III II I
ith you. For sale by JIcM aster Co , aIIUIJ.
?The Rock IJill csrrespondent of l^j For family i
ie New9 and Courier has the follow- 1 j
g to sav ot the visit of 'he Winthrop /A | I'jjP f*QT
iris to Win&sboro: "Professor Broa- w/ ;
iale, with fire members of the grad- ^ j -n
ating class, went to vVinnsboro ^ ! J?
" * ~ Urv mnrlr fn m u ItO I
atUIUiy &U U5 I\J Ut uau^ IV/ ,
bservatious Monday. Tbey were ^ j - In
nlertained by the citizens of the town ^
nd came back with glowing accounts I T A
f both the cclipse aud the open J ^
eartedneasof the Winnsboro people." j ?Qr everyt
If troubled with lhenaiatisno, give h j way of mal
!harnberlsitj's Pain Balm a trial. It ^| housekeepi
rill not cost you a cent if it dors no ^ j f .
ood. One application will relieve the . n0k *
sin. It also enres sprains and bruises \ bring unh;
3 one-third the time reqnirad by any rlismrrl av
tber treatmeut. Cuts, burns, frost- n
ite?, quinsoy, pains in the side and |K nerves. C
hest, glandniar and other swellings Once i
re quickly cnr-!i Dy applying u.
ivery botr!?* v.arrante<3. Piice, 25 li ?
nd 50 ct' c ,e sale by McMaster '.'o. J m
?? m.\ Mr IV
\fr. LeConfc Du'is passed Ihrongh aU)
Viniisboro o;i Tnursdiy on his way
o Schenectady, N. Y.; where he goes ^ j
9 accept a position as e'ectrical engi* I j)rD
f A Word
v Wot
/ No one but yourselves
w? suffering you go throug!
* $\ you suffer? It isn't nece:
" "Vft, <j\ lose your health and be.
\f A loss of one is speedily fol
/ ifflnyf M \ A? J . #\ " loss of the other.) Don't
/ Jp^K*>C \v\ vA (r^ and " worn out." Ixnpur
Bm \v%\ 5 jT* the bottom of all your trc
? ^w'a- W
1* trill purify your blood and bring
the bloom of health back into your ^
?9 cheeks. Each bottle contains a quart BOTTL
\ _ Painful and Suprcssed Menses, Irregularity, Leueorrhcea, White*, S
A tion of the Uterus, change of life in matron cr maid, all find relief, help, b<
/? JOHNSTON'S SARSAPARILLA. It It a real panacea for headache, i
El. side, indigestion, palpitation ot tne neart, coiq nanus auu xcci, u?.uu^
Xs? muscular weakness, bearing-down pains, backache, legache, irregular act)
?5$ shortness of breath, abnormal discharges with painful menstruation, s<
F- ' swelling of feet, soreness of the breasts, neuralgia, uterine displaceffle
1 ( symptoms which make the average woman's life *0 ffilserable. Wfl h*T
\ health information. Yovt want it?its free.
A AjLfyyuwuWMV*-*'*" **L^rl?l-l- n-i* wvifwv?vvMv'?'?v<*i1* * * * * * " *\
^ Llverettea for Liver !Us. The Fsmoas Little Liver Pills,
John H. JTcMastcr & Co.; Winnsboro.S. C.: T. W. Woodward &
M. Patrick,"\Yoodward, C.: T. G. Patrick &Co., "White Oak,
' ]1\ Qeaj?liness is one virtu
! IJj OH Stove that good hous
safety is another. Convenience
/gffp If you're figuring on
JBr saving money on fuel
4Sr this summer, figure on
1VA1^99 j&f
Blue Flame
>il Stove 1 1
the cheapest fuel you can buy?the
you burn in your lamps. No odor. MB
J ...il -ilF
ueaier cloks iu/t udvc uucmt w
? -rr ?
lay night burned [ Letters of AcLministrati
ie wires and con- ?
has resnlled at STATE OF SOOTA CABOLKA
r ? I By S.B. JOKJXtilOiY, ti&q.,rrooait -ji
egun at once and Vjr7HEREAS, J. G. Martin liatb n
ably be ia good \\ suit to me to grant him let
of administration of the estate anc
J ects of Mrs. M. C. Martin, deceased:
j These are, therefore, to cite and adi
ir Shoes jjsh an an(i singular the kindred
a powder It i creditors of the said Mrs. M. C. Ma
ng. nervous'feet deceased, thatthey be and appear
, ?and insta^tlv 'fore me> in the Court of - robatc
f iSPffiy I be beld at Fairfield Court House, S
f corns and bun- 0D tbe 18th day of Jine nextj a
est comfort dis- ; publication hereof, at 11 o'clock in
\llen s ioot-Ease | forenoon, to show cause, if any they li
loes feel easy. It t why the said administration should
sweating, callous be granted.
ing feet. Try it Given under my hand, this 4th da
ruerarists and shoe June, Anno Doauni i960.
25c. in stamps. t S. E. JOHNSTON,
Address, Allen Jadge of Probai
;ws Lai grone to *
' R X Jk. m By S. R. JOENSTON, Esq., Judge Pro
I You Haw Always BflUght WHEREAS, R. S. Spence ]
? * V made 6uit to me to grant
letters of administration of the es
_ * and effects of P. M. Spence, decea*
, . , These are therefore to cite and
ison has returned m0nish all and singular the kindred
creditors of the said P. M. Spei
? --- deceased, that they be and apj
before me, in the Court of ]
^ O 3 A bate? to ^eld afc Fairfield c<
it I F\. House, South Carolina, on the :
d Children. day of June next, after publical
hereof, at 11 o'clock in the f<
Always BOOEbt n?on> to show cause, if any they hi
why the said Administration *hc
// {?/, yj uyi uc giauicu.
rwJ?iHj%?A'yyA/ Given under my hand thinSOth
ef May> Ann0 Domini im ^
l 5-31-2 Judge of Erpbati
Im ' 1801?1900.
nu. i/v--Ur.cs the halt
;.<r;ivo< Sc hair taliingp
g-"1^ J COLUMBIA, S. C.
| P" A. B.,B. S., A. M., LL.B , L
V - ' Conrses. Spring Courses free
Teachers. Fourteen Professors;
} 000 volumes in library; excellent ]
,o:>rmssioiJERS, ? oratories, class-rooms, gymnasii
June 4, 19U0. ^ infirmary, athletic grounds. Tuil
>y given tnat a other lees $iu, a session; tun
li of Control for remitted (0 needy students. Exper
Id will be held in $135 to $175 a session. Certi
ty Commissioner: Papi's from foriy-five Accred:
be 1ST DAY OF Schools enter its Fresfcman.Class w
:h meeting appli- out examination.
itlon of County Entrance and Normal Scho'ars
boro will be con- Examinations held at every coui
seat, Friday, July 20, 1900, by Con
or said position Sipertnten.lents.
he Board at least Next session opens September
late. 1900. For catalogue, address,
ard of Control. 1 5 31 Presiden
ta nn Winta & Caiiei Hiy C
uiillO j Opening of Books of Subsc:
loDj . issued to the nndersigned as Corp<
' tors, by Hon. M. R. Cooper, Secrel
rmrito frmifn of Slate> on tbe 8th day of Ma?>1
'UIlLu llllllo, 'notice is hereby given that Boob
j Subscription to the capital &toct
p i The Winnsboro and Camden Raili
fill T1T10TT tTTIltn 1,1?? :n the c.
ui laiiuy iiuito. vuu,lJ"v Will VC. vpguwuj VU VUV <
J day of Jane, 1900, at The Wirmsfc
r . Bank, in the town of Winnsbi
Iact S. Q., and at Iho Bank of Came
Camden, S. C., at 11 o'clock in
forenoon of said day.
-LV v?' The said proposed corporation
have a capital stock of $300,000, di
hino" in the e<* *nt0 3?000 shares of the par v
y,U aru1 of $100 each, with its principal p
ving lite ana 0f business at \7inn.?b >ro, S. C.,
ng pleasant, will be empowered to ei gage i i
1,1 ;OT.c bnilding, constructing, maintain
iic jo-i-j """ owning and operating a ranroaa i
appmeSS and Winnsboro, S. C., to Camden, S. C
id ruin vour THOMAS K. ELLIOTT,
ia ruin y uui THOMAS H. KETCH IN,
ome and see j.E.McDONALD,
and be happy. R-E^OTT,
11 J Board of Corporator
May 2a h, 1900 . 5-2G
I?ster HEINZ.
grists. We are sole agents in Win
boro for Heinz's gooc
^ When you need Picklef
ask for Heinz's, they
ta private A are the best,
^ Heinz's Dill Pickles
? !fine.
A Heinz's Sweet and S
ilCn? w mixed.
know of the ^ Heinz's Cucumbers in bi
V Heinz's India Radish.
.11./,'(i r the A Heinz's Celery Sauce.
f?d"weak" X Heinz's Tomato Catsup,
e blood is at Heinz's Preserves in bu!
>uble* Y Heinz's Apple Butter
Ant J Jams.
Jf Heinz's Mince Meat in t
tnlSa 1 and glass.
??mm / This is the season for
*1 orated truits. We h^ve tf
SS'aSto in Prunes, Apples, Peac
S^Saim? a? (and Apricots.
Ion of the heart, / |
25 F. ft licl
. 2iC fc#
: Co., RocktOBjS.C.j \ f^iCAKA jrfll ca? Khrnmartsn
H. C. tV SttoM*to 5Uy Corad.
to Soot II :
'our Pans J j * I
e of the Wickless Blue Flame
^keepers appreciate. Perfect I
2 and cool cooking are others. I
e:- 1 !
- ' !
? U.r*M \w
Of continuous M
business have given our goods
and wide and general distribution. _
^ They have been subjected to
. to the severest usage and their
iter wearing qualities have been , :
fully tested. JJ
We Guarantee
y ol
. every chain, button, every arte
tide we sell, to give satisfac*
tion, you being the judge.
Any article failing to do this
A' will be cheerfully exchanged.
bate V/e Deliver
aath _ .. .
him no work, we sell no goods not
tate unjer our guarantee, which
ad- has never been questioned
and throughout our entire busier
ness life.
?ro- s
Jeweler and Optician,
day CHESTER, ?k?.
?. - ?
The Easy Running
: Sewim MacMne. 3
The most modern Sewing
rip- Machine of the age, embracing
all the latest improveON
ments. Unequaled for Dura
r 3
?ry Dlllty> Jtvange 01 vv utk aim
900. Simplicity.
,s of Dealers wanted in unoccu- j
^ay pied territory. Correspon-Sth
dence solicited. Address,
in General Agent,
ai^e Richmond, Virginia. *
and 12-23-1 y
the "
? Dyspepsia Cure
? Digests what you eat.
It artificially digests the food and aids
Nature in strengthening and reconstructing
the exhausted digestive organs.
It is the latest discovered digestant
and tonic. No other preparation
ms- can approach it in efficiency. It in
I sfcantly relieves and permanently cures
lb* Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
>, Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
Sick Headache,Gastralgia,Cramps and
ail nHior rpcnlfc nf imnerfectdieestion.
Price 50c. and SL Large size contains 2% times
small size. Book all aboutdyspepsta mulled free Prepared
by E. C. DeWITT A CO.. Chicago*
Mei!ASTER CO.; Winnsbero, S C
9ur W. A. W.
alk. Tbe registered stallion W. A. W.
will be at Mr. Henry Refo's ?table in
Winnsboro on Saturday ot each tcrek.
On Mondays at the farm; bifonceof
time at hi* former stands in the conn1
rT " *-"? 5 J?M ??C.V TT*
ii iry- el is ec?tii iwu -iu, , I.
lK* black points. Height, 16; h*s good
and bone and muscle; no blemish or defect.
fie 5s strong. triciLnless in
motion, k:nd in ?2i?position, and ap^r)Ulk
feet road-ter. Hi# sire is ihi celebraed
Itfd Wiike*, IIi-? dam, Bcsey Baker,
wrts tvie niMther of trotJers. She was
^2-P sireii h\ D^ t&'or. who wao the*.i'?-of
iem ' ?^av "* ?*-S?o, 2 10. <-f D n ct'^r. 2 07,
' " '* * A Al .1 ^
i ''J ! > ? i?viucin:?* u '?<*. um, t v-i. me
nes < f Na=.cy Itritiks, n e q'lef-n
of tr ?':c! s. ami ill &: ?* 0! 'ii o:lu rs
of x p in*- *;? e.i.
| | Although * Jro:'c<* with perr|T
ft c: k: eo ?c io?, \V a W. p?ss'i>s:8
II il?> sad i e g&i?s ?>J superior qua'it y.
||| Tetliiss, 15 00 to jtisiiro colt. For
e\tem!cd pe^ree and c-rtified record
,4-10-3m Winnsboro, S. C.
- V - -; *>

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