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K > ' u. '
^ - ~A
In the United States Senate Over
the Armor Plate Deal.
^ Charges of Jobbery, Robbery and
Political Corruption. Freely
Charged Against
Inability to rcach an agreement upon
^ the naval appropriation bill forced the
senate to abandon the adoption of the
? house resolution for final adjournment
Wednesday. The armor plate question,
which, for live years has been a thorn
in the side of the coDgress. upset the
' ? ? '1 X- J
^ calculations 01 me senate le&uurs, auu
their well-laid plans went awry. It
was a day of strife and turmoil in the
senate. Early the conferees oc the
naval bill reported a disagreement
. $.nd the senate was told plainly that
the house would not consent to the
amendment providing for an armor
plate factory to be operated by the
The ball was opened by Mr. Penrose
who offered the following proposition:
"That tbe secretary of the navy is
fc... hereby authorized to procure by contract
armor of the best quality for any
or all vessels above referred to, provided
such contracts can be made at a
price whioh, in his judgment, is reasonable
and equitable, but in case be is
unable to make contracts for armor under
the above conditions; he is hereby
authorized and directed to procure a
site for and to erect thereon a factory
K for the manufacturing of armor, and
the sum of $4,000,000 is hereby appropriated
to ?ard the erection of said factory."
Mr. Tillman attacked the affiendk
ment. He said Mr. Hale, chairman of
the naval appropriation committee,
has declared - that ths government is
^ being robbed and that the armor trust
has a knife at the government's throat,
and now, it is proposed to let them cut
the government's throat. We are face
to face with a scandal as infamous as
any in our history, seconded cot even
by the great Credit Mobilier scandal.
Mr. Penrose interjected with evident
feeling: "I resent the statement that
there isrftny suspicion of scandal in
this or any amendment which I proposed."
"I am makiDg no personal allusions,"
replied Mr. Tillman. "I am
simply stating facts that are indisputable.
lhe influences behind the house
in this matter are the shipbuilders and
the armor manufacturers."
Mr. Hale challenged the last state
A 1A nrtf o nT7
nieui, B&J iu? ixc uiu vt/nv < v
^ v such influences were behind either the
house or the senate.
^Mr. Teller of Colorado denounced
inpTPenrose proposition and declared
tHat no scandal in our history will
L equal that which will grow out of "a
surrender now to this robber combine."
Mr. Daniel said that under the present
circunitance8 we must buy our armor
plate from a notorious and universally
reoognized combine or build our own
L plant. Ke had never heard that busii
^ i ? .i v
ness principles tiemanaea tnac me Duyer
should place himself entirely in the
hands of the seller, or that a man should
employ an agent to do for him that
which he could do for himself. ''Why,
asked Mr. Daniel, "did the armor plate
manufacturers decline to tell the cost
of the production of armor plate when
v* asked by the senate committee?-' Mr.
Penrose asked permission to reply to
this inquiry and began by referring to
Mr. Daniel's speech as a reckless statement
and demagogic appeal. Mr.
Daniel resented this characterization
and refused to yield further. Continuing,
he urged that there was no emer.
geacy that should render it so necesIf
sary to hurry the construction of the
? V il.j
navy as not to taice time to co tnac
which should be done in the interest of
the public welfare.
At 2:20 Mr. Hale asked for a vote
upon the pending proposition, but Mr.
Butler addressed the senate in opposiL
lion to a surrender by the senate when
it was on the verge of victory. The
Penrose proposition was then voted
upon and agreed to?39 to 35?as follows:
\r? ?n;? x>_i m?i.
leas Allison, JOaACi, v^ailCi,
Cullom, Dans, Deboe, l)epew, Elkins,
Fairbanks, Foster, Frye, GalliDger,
"^^ianna, Hansbrough, Hawley, Hoar,
Kean, Kyle, Lodge, McBride, McComas,
McEneiy, McMillan, MasoB, Penrose
Piatt of New York, Piatt of Connecticut,
Pritchard, Proctor, Quarles,
Ross, Scott, Sewell, Shonp, Thurston,
Warren, Wetmore, Wolcott?39.
v Nays?Bacon, Bard, Bate, Berry,
TSutler. Chandler. Clav.
Cockrell, Culberson, Daniel, Forakor,
Harris, Heitfeld, Jones of Arkansas,
Kenny, Lindsay, McLaurin, Mallory,
Martin, Money, Morgan, Nelson, Perkins,
Pettigrew, Pettuc, Kawlins, Simon,
Spooner, Sullivan, Taliaferro,
Teller, Tillman, Turner, Vest.?35.
^ Delegates Appointed.
Gov. MoSweeney in response to a rennofit
frrtm the nroner authorities has
appointed delegates to attend the next
annual oongress of the National Prison
k association of the United States, which
to be held in Cleveland, 0., Septem22-26.
The delegation from this
''" State apppointed by the governor consists
of the following: Capt. P. J.
Griffith, Columbia; Dr. J. W. Babcock,
Columbia; A. K. Sanders, Sumter; Dr.
M. 0. Rowland, Spartanburg; W. T.
<VT>a11 Pickens; W. B. Lore. York
ville; J. Elmore Martin, Charleston,
and A. B. Calvert, Spartanburg.
Hope They Will WinThe
campaign in North Carolina over
the constitutional amendment to exclude
the Negro vote is waiing warm.
There is every indication, however,
that the amendment will be carried
overwhelmingly. A great many of the
]>oliticians even among the Republicans
are sick and tired of carrying the
Negro vote, and while they are making
no great amount of noise when the election
comes they are going to vote for
the amendment which excludes ignorant
bSr A *
One to be Held on'July 11 for Postoffice
Clerks and Carriers. A Terribie E)
AlTTll iCAVtTl/IA <\Am C 4 r
XiiC u^aito vnu ovifiwg vviu- ^ LC
mission announces that a special examination
will be held by its postoffice
board of examiners in Columbia on
July 11, commenoing at 9 a. m., for the
positions of clerk and carrier in the pour Hundn
postoffice in that city.
The examination will consist of spell- Given to
ing, arithmetic, letter writing, penmanship,
copying from plain copy, geog- Camp;
raphy of the United States, and reading
addresses. The arithmetic will consist 0
of teals in the fundamental trinciules.
extending as far as common and deci- The Washic
mal fractions and embracing problems. The News and
The age limitations for thisexamina- date of June 3
tion a?e as foilows: Clerk, not less than and the Ilepub
IS years. Carrier, between 21 and 40. bad hour and
Applicants for male ck-rk and carrier tional disclosu
must have the medical certificate in litical debate b
Form 101 executed. Applicants for and in which ?
carrier must be at least 5 ft. 4 in. in the role both
height, and weigh not less than 125 and chief wit
pound3. Female applicants are not re- South Dakota 1
quired to have this certificate executed, tion which oee
No application will be accepted for 1892, when ti
+ 1%*^ AVfcWinihAn nn]?ca in r*r>m- I shipbuilders.
j bllio gA0Uiiu?v*vu .*** w?. tr ,
I plete form with the board at the post- dred thousand
office in the city named above, before paign fuod, wit
the hour of closing busiuess en June 30. they were to be
Applications should be filed promptly tracts with the
in order that time may remain for cor- tally becausc
rection, if necessary. promtness in ji
This examination is open to all citi- his party aiid m
zens o? the United States who may de- er of llepubli
bire to enter the service and who com- Pettigrew oper
ply wi;h the requirements. All such which Senato]
persons are invited to apply, and appli- speech of Sa
-1-- ?-1' * ? ~ J - ,3 _ _ J ?? rtViQrir^c
CautB Will OB es.auiiucu, gnueu <tuu uci- .?
tified with entire impartiality, and Rathbone and
wholly without regard to any considera- in connection ^
tion save their ability as shown by the and attempt at
grade they attain in the examination, theHannaelec
but from those certified the department anti trus:
usually selects appointment eligibles ^is was t^e
who are residents of the district iu. 0f a day fu]j 0f
which vacancies exist. velomnents 1
For application blanks (Forms 101), whicbthel)em
full instructions, specimen examination consi<leration i
rtnAaHr<ns_ and information relative to *i._
n ----1 ' - - V - " " LUC UUIUV a
the auUes and salaries of the different House the Re]
positions, and the location of the exami- champions 0f j
nation room, apply to the secretary of to-day the Den
the board of examiners. Mr. Julius A. ting them squ
Krentzlin, at the postofficein Columbia, t^e conniderati
they had been
that if the Rep
,, _ in the support
A Relic of 1777 and a Bit of Its Inter- they could rea
. _ rr- * consideration a
astm? Historv. t k
-? - Deiore aujuu.ru
Gov. McSweeney while in Louisville no nee^ a<^c
last week was handed an exact repro- ezf?.se or 3^c
duction of the inscription on a tomb- ?s ,
stone in Great Britain, together with geV fLi
the following statement in writing p up y, -e
about the matter, it all being of partic- Pu,rP.ose 0
nlar interest to the people of this State: : lD.g T
"A relic of 1777: Simon F. Monroe, Pai^fan? 11
Esqr., of New Orleans, La., who twen- Senator Bacos
ty years ago made a visit to Scotland, W^1C '
brought home a cnrious and interesting Xramps j nC
| relic which was unearthed by the ^
merest accident in an ancient church- \u
yard in Linlithgow, Scotland. It is a denials from &
copper plate 12x15 inches taken from tor i ' ?t>
an oaken coffin and bearing in very legi- , r .
ble letters the following inscription'
James Glen, pettigbew
p It was in res
of Longcroft, that Senator P,
Late Governor of sational statem,
South Carolina. . ?e." *a,d ,l?ld
Obiit 18th Jul?. tnbutei fonr
2777 " lars t0 ine JxeP
AETAT. 76." that year with
/'Inside this oaken box was a leaden he was to navo
coffin also with zn inscription on it as which he co
above, in which the remains of James f ^a?j.
Glen ar j supposed to repose. Adam j i?r
Dawson, mayor of Lialithgow, present- - A -1
ed the plate to Mr. Manroe. He stated in ?amPal2
that some years ago an American lady 5
died in that city aDd a grave was dug . ?5
in on anfMonl-. f?linrr?TnrflWi for h AT Knrial P _ UeteCtTI
when the spade of the sexton struck *
the bL??Sbt l? tkS SUrfaCe thU reHC 0< home f
"Linlithgow churchyard, in which coL?na&
the remains of John Glen were found, , QT?
is a very ancient place of sepulchre and ? ,,
adjoins the ruins of the famons Lin- R2
lithgow palace, in which Mary Queen of ? ., fchat
Scots was born.
"This plate was given to Wm. L. .e ? (
Reed. ES,P, of Orleans, Ind., by Mr.
. - ^ ^ 1' j, _^fS _ I and that Sep*
now ia nis possession, ana me renc is , j in
as fine condition, as legible, as the an ?aic
day it was made." . ?EPre??c
Anyone desiring further information TnE
about the matter should correspond The efforts o
with R. II. Peck, Orleans, Ind.?The the lead of the
State. the House to f<
armor plate pe
Favors Trusts ' th;rty thousanc
If the Republican party were really ^8ure3 **he
opposed to trusts in practice as well see - *
as in theory that party would pass the ??T?r,-pn
House anti-trust bill in the Senate and 0 , 6
send it to the President. This bun- ma*e ? a ?
combe measure which both parties t contribute
joined in adopting is really only an af- 'year,
firmation of the common law. The contract would
Democrats succeeded in getting some armor P a e,,P 1
campaign advantage out of the dis- Ht? ,dft
cussion by putting their opponents on G0UDt^ J ?
record against an amendment authoriz- se7?n
inc Prpnidenf tn nlaoe on the free mittee. ^
list articles in which he is satisfied , qf_QfnT. r
there is a combination in restraint of . f
trade. This wa3 a too practical thrust f..
at the trusts. It was defeated by a vote ?w<m>
of 122 to 133?Philadelphia Record.
A Horrible Accident by'thTltaMcr
While -sitting on a trestle over a traitors. He 1
small creek Wednesday, jast this side denunciation o
of Lake Lanier, about nine miles from so was Senator
Selma, fishing, the train from Meridian,
due at 11:20, ran over and killed A Natio:
Miss Bi::die Suttles, a young lady, and The first ste]
her brother, Hugh, about 14 years old, ization of a m
and ran over another younger brother taken in Phi
T!>T , . n? 1 1 , 1 ?1 _
j2jQ, cutting on nis ngnt arm, wniie Prominent JNei
another younger sistei jumped off the that city and d
trestle and escaped unhurt. The bodies dential ticket
were earned to Selma, where the fami- candidates. T
]y lives. The track where the accident the party in e1
occurred, is straight track for three aQ(l nominate c
miles, and there is no reason why the congressional
party of pleasure seekers did not see "will insist up<
the train. constitution ol
civil and politii
Uprising in Borneo without regard
A serious uprising agaiDSt the British tion. The Mon
has again broken out in North Borneo, tion to all mon
Manv refugees*who arrived in Labuan and the duty o
say that the cause of the outbreak was trol all public <
the general dissatisfaction against the roads, etc., anc
rule of the chartered company. In the ph#ie operatio
fighting several British were killed and the people witl
several wounded. Twenty-five Chinese It is expected I
were killed and the environs of the city be called to n
totally u^troyed. August.
>S METHODS theM0NIIM2NT and mabker*
The Site8 for Them Selected on Chics
cposurein the United , ... _
K manga 8 Battlefield.
ites Sena?.e. The members of the Ohicamaug
monument commission?Gov. McSwe<
rOR PETTIGREW. ney, Adjt. Gen. Floyd, Gen. Walkei
Col. "Wilson and Capt. Henderson, a<
* - i-_ n vn: n. ?
, compamea uy urea. Xiuiauu v>?ucid, k
id Thousand Dollars 4 j r ?v
turned Tuesday from Chattanoogs
i the Republican whither they had been to select th
sites for the monument of the State c
aign. Fund by South Carolina and the several reg
ments in the great battle. The oon;
ne rirm. missioners gave the following statemer
rt about their trip and its results:
Courier, writing under The commission visited Chicamaug
iavs- Senator Hanna Park oa Monda^ ana invitatio
hoas party were given a Blsh?P CaPers met .the commissio
L3 Kvg Inc. there. Gen. H. V. Boynton, presides
more to-aay by sensa- ^ ;_._J J ^a< ,1,
res in the course of a po- "'"'i""-?: ~~
ezun by Senator Bacon, P1?* a,nd toL Smfrt ""mpanied h!'
>eoator Pettigrew played a.od had carnages to meet the comm...
of prosecuting attorney sloa at terminus of the electric railwaj
incesZ^tneTShe They visited first .he position of th
Senator told of a transac- Twenty-fourth South Carolina reg:
urred in the campaign of -nen', and selected the place for th
ae Gramos the famous msr"r. This was ground over wluc
contributed four hun- Bishop Capers had fought. The. sol
to the Republican cam- i'er-?"?ter made a touching ana in.
h the understanding that Passive prayer at the spot. _ The sit
i reimbursed in ship con- for ^ marker for Cuipeppers batter
Government, lnciden- "as then selected They then went t
of Senator Hanna's the Positions on Dyer s knoll, wher
imping to the defence of elected .he place for the Sout
lating a general disclaim- Carolina monument. It is a very prom
0^r inent place and the monument will b
can innocence, senator K. n
7 nulAo lion KftUntAn VI
led upon the same line 1VM,
Clay followed in his W ? Mendid r0,ld bm'l ""V 5
turday, reviewing the selected srtes for the markers for b
had been made against [epments of Kersbaw s and Maniganlt
Senator Hanua himself br'=?fes;, . . . , .
rith the alleged bribery AftCT th" he fm*lss,on f at tn
bribery growing ont of leadqnarters and enjoy*
^-0Q a qmet lunch, and at their meetm
heartily adopted resolutions thankin
r CONFIDENCE GAME. Qen Boynton, Col. Smart and Capt
most sensational eveni; Bates for the many attentions show
sensational political de- the commission, and the informatio
.t started over the tight aad assistance given. They drov
ocrats made to secure the around the battlefield to the variou
of the trust bill, which points of interest. Gen. Walker seoui
,ed on Saturday. In the ing from the famous Bloody Pond
y\r\cr%A oa I lv ? ? 4-1?. rrrVki/fcVi V? i a wifo 117 ft. T)
ju;jiiv;auD uau oo uuttic ui waici riuivu u^u ni*u ??? ?%
mti-trust legislation, but as a preoious memento of the battle, a
jocrats succeeded in put- during the battle its waters were staine<
arely on record against with the blood of the men of the Tent]
on of the measure-which South Carolina regiment, which Gen
claiming as their own in Walker subsequently commanded.
?he Democrats showed The commission had a mcst enjoya
ublicans were in earnest ble trip and took the electric cars bad
of anti-trust legislation to the city. Arriving there they tool
dily enough allow the carriages and drove up Mis3ionar;
nd passage of this bill Ridge. The position of Manigault'
ment. That there was brigade in that battle was satisfactoril;
' - - -C ?-J T J. ?n A ?J Vv f f li
mrmtrg Mcuucauay, uu Jiieu. lii was ? ?i<?uu mjuii nuiu tu.
h haste except the Re- summit of the ridge, whence was ob
j to get away. They tained a view of the valley in whicl
1 of this trust bluff was Chattanooga is situated surrounde<
Republicans for the dual with historic valleys and mountains
ling the people and of The commissioners were called upoi
trusts for a great cam- by many resident South Carolinians a
q his speech on this line their hotel, and after a pleasant sta;
t referred to the state- left for home on Monday night.?Th
id been made that the State.
intributed four hundred
*s to the campaign fund Train Robbers Faileds
charge brought out rj^e northbound Cannon Ball trail
snator Hanna and Sena- 0Q tke International and Great North
lontana, who was chair- ern was teld up after midnight) nea
publican national com- Switch, Texas, one night las
F* week. A pile of ties was placed on th
3 DAMNING CHARGE.^ track, and, as the train came to a stop
ponse to these denials men climbed into th
jtticrew the sen- engine> They forced the engineer an<
ant that Mr. Cramp him- fireman to uncouple the mail, baggag<
?imj j t j j01?" an<* express cars and pull them out tw<
hundred thousand dol- miles from the remain(ier 0f tte train
ablican campaign .una -phe robbers then commanded Expres
che. understanding that ]yjessenger Rutherford to open the doo
snipDuiiaiDg contracts 0j j^g ^ bailing to get any respons<
? fefu mone7 j j the robbers made fireman Love break ;
isned the money had not k0ie jn en(j Qf tjje car \Vhile thi
the purpose promised; was bejng <i0Ile the fireman begged th
a diverted from its use messenger and baggage master not t<
a, as he had been told it gh00t. ^he messenger, who was wel
and that he had satis- protected by a barricade, said he wouli
this fact by employing km the fint maQ t0 the hole
res. It will be recalled Love was force^ jn an(j the messenge
jttigrew was then a very gre(j pa3t barely missing th
san. a.he two men were robbera, who then undertook to kil
rom iijurope on one of Rutherford by shooting through tn^
Le American hue when g^g 0? the car> ja the confusion Ed
n occurred, Mr. Cramp ejneer Rich crawled away to his engin
us to sec if there was any and pulled the throttle wide open am
et his money back from left the robberg beMnd> A quick rU]
mmittee. Senator Petti- wag ma(je to jackS0QviHe, fifteen mile
. he had afterwards re- Dor^ wbere bloodhounds were secure<
conversation when talk- t0 chase the robbers>
Uarter, the chairman of
committee that year, . -rr - ? -n,,*,-*itor
Carter had simpi; A Unique PetitionI,
"Well, we did hit the To the Editor of The State.
hard. Probably the most unique petitio
>r plate swindle. ever presented to a governor of Sout;
c x>?Carolina was that of IS maidens. Ha
1 tUC llC^UviJLUaxiii uuuui
Republican majority in the reader ever heard of it? Let m
)rce a contract with the tell about it. In the year 173416 youn
ople for something over women signed a petition. It was no
1 tons of armor at such about woman's political rights as som
Secretary of the Navy of my readers, nor was it against in
>ay, giving him unlimit- temperance, but it was against
ihei words, was charged widows! These sixteen demands ap
blican determination to Pear to have been as much oppose 1 t
r plate people put up a widows as was Mr. Tony Weller whej
)n to the campaign fund he continuously advised his son Sam t
ras charged that such a "beware of widows." The petitio:
mean a net profit to the complained that the widows captivate*
jple of over seven mil- all the marriageable men and the govei
5, and they would un- nor was asked to order that no man max
* '1 * ^ 1 ?rr
xpected to give at least a ryingiorwe nrst ume buuuiu. man;
it to Mr. Hanna's com- widow. We do not know what thi
governor said or did about this remark
tor Pettigrew's charges able petition. What could he do? W
[anna and Senator Car- presume this petition can yet be foun
neral disclaimers. Sena- somewhere in the secretary of State'
rred particularly to the office. It would be interesting to lean
s in which his dear names of these sixteen outspoke;
le figured, declaring that maidens.
y a conspiracy gotten up McDonald Furman.
ats and a few Republican Privateer, Sumter County, June 4.
was very severe in his
f Senator Pettigrew and A Call for HelpHarf-pr
flm onnoul for nnr nrnhan
age has been sent out and will doubt
aai Negro Party. less have speedy attention:
ps looking to the organ- Columbia, S. C., May 11, 1900.
itional Negro party was Dear Brother: This is the first tim<
iladelphia Wednesday, during this conference year that wi
;roes held a meeting in have felt obliged, because of ou
ecided to place a presi- straightened circumstances, to make j
in the field, with Negro general call upon the churches for help
he plan is to organize through the preachers.
rery State of the Union Nothing short of a real need woul<
andidates for State and make me trouble you at this time.
<"r> rnt ' /"V?? V?nrrs\ kflflti
omces. 1 ne piauorm kjul
jq the observance of the than usual, but our expenses have beei
: the United States, the much heavier. Our 100 children nee<
:al rights of every oitizen your help, your sympathy and prayers
to race, color or condi- I am sure that it will give your con
roe doctrine and opposi- gregations a real pleasure to contribute
opolies, trusts and rings, to this important work of the Master
f the government to con- And it will doubtless bring the Father'i
jonveyance, such as rail- blessing upon them and their homes.
I all telegraph and tele- Please read this letter to your con
ns. so as not to barden gregation and ask them to help ui
i unnecessary taxation." quickly. Send cash contributions to
;hat the convention will Kev. G. H. Waddell, superintendent
leet in Philadelphia in Columbia, S. C. Yours truly,
G-. H. Waddell.
Meet and Pas!
l" I
To Drop the Silver Issue in the Adoj
Next Campaign Friday afteri
;a education met
i- superintendent
r, FROM J- 8RISBEN WALKER- bia. it wag
preliminary to
5" He Says Republican Government for use ic
i, next five yeari
e is at Stance and.All Good some minor ma
I Men Should Unite to main quest
1 the considerati
lt Save It. cedure in the
Various phase:
;a JohnBrisben Walker, editor of the tion were disc
n Cosmopolitan Magazine, and a close knight offered
n personal friend, as well as one of the wa9 a(j0.
lt most valued of William J. Bryan's Resolved 1
t political advisers in New Yoik, has k _ va '
XI I uvuao fc/V
3. written an open letter to the ebraska single list, it
r. leader, in which he urges that the "fin- this resolutior
,e anoe issue must have no place in this use diiferenl
l' campaign." Mr. Walker's letter fol- arye
iowe; Gen, C. I.
h the board. I
IRVl.VOTON-ONMIUDSOX N. Y convention of
1- . ^ -4 th, 1900. veterans, it wa
e Dear Mr. Bryan?Upon every hand commence an
y the next presidential election is re- of the use in
0 garded as likely to be the most impor- south of schoo
e tant in the histoiy of the republic, ries, which w
h The question which will be uppermost Gen. Walker
t- is not simply a question of good or bad Gordon, comu
ft legislation, but the finality. "Shall the Lee. chairman
11 republic give place to a form of govern- mittee to unde
e inent which will be the equivalent of a work,
e monarchy or worse?shall Democratic The proposit
s forms of government be replaced by the eral approval c]
rule of the few unscrupulous who have to commence tl
e no regard for the general welfare nor Gen. Walker b
d love of Republican institutions?" He will devote
g With the Democratic party alone the this work, giv
g hope of rescue remains. The man who the Walker, ?
by his error of judgment makes the ny. The first
n success of that party impossible may any effective in
a be responsible for the downfall of the at the meetinj
e republic. The Democratic party rep- education,
s resents all that there is in ooncrete Gov. McSw<
- form of opposition to the dangerous board, special]
a state of affairs which now threaten; to be present
d upon it depends the preservation of Re- on this subject
s publicans institutions. To succeed it eloquently pres
i must have the vote of the great majori- board and its m
hi ty of honest men. ougWy convinc
i. Ib such a crisis the worst enemy of of South ?arol
the Democratic party and of theooun- should-be used
- try is that man who would narrow the State and the a
i platform and creed under which voters not and could 1
k must act upon lines which may exclude special histori
y those who are sincerely anxious for the principles wh
ii* m ?- i.1 * * *
s puDiic weuare. xo repeat, me success ize*tne dooks i
y t>f the Democratic party is necessary that any not i
e for the preservation of government by in our schools,
i- the people. _ The United
h. There are many .issues for which the represent the la
1 Democratic party stands; but there is ern people, as!
. only one issue upon which the^voters tice ia done th
a are certain to be unitsd. Imperialism, primarily repi
t trust rule, militarism, all mean but one war period, th?
7 thing?all represent but one issue, and resentative oiti:
e upon this issue every Lincoln Republi- and their requ
aam *v V?s3 ATTA?rr Y?<5A/>M f WQT7
gau auu ctcij tt tutiavu x/uuivuiWK UUUQlUOiauuu*
unite. # dorsed by the S
The finance issue, while of immense assembled at .
a importance, mnst have no place in this quests of these
campaign; its introduction will endanger have great wei;
r more vital interests. _ _ thorities of t3
^ No man has a better right to say this States.
e than I, who twenty-five years ago made Much in jus;
it a part of my contract in taking school histories
g charge of The Washington Daily Chron- anti-bellum hi
j icle, that I should be allowed to ad- are anxious th
3 vocate the remonitization of silver, and moved for the
D in the Buffalo convention of 1896 wrote generation, wl
and secured the adoption of the olause revere the gr
indnrainiir thp Ohic&ffO Tllatform. thp
r I ain in a position to know what men JH the matter o
e are saying and thinking. With a large following was a
a personal acquaintance and correspon- Resolved, Tl
g dence scattered all over the country, I retary insert a
3 am satisfied that those Democrats who American Sob
D were most earnest in urging the adop- School Journa
1 tion of the Chicago platform of 1896 England
I and are most anxious for the sucoess of stating that an
Democratic institutions today, look at 0f school text
r this matter in the light which i have 1Dg the first v
e indicated. 4 # inviting corres
You have reson to know my belief in making bids.
e your great personal fitness to represent It was also c
the interests of the people in the next Mr. fta> sor,
e campaign. I trust your sincerity, oourse of stud;
your imperviousness alike to fear, to the next meetii
a flattery, to purchase. I trust your wis- iine of course
s dom to conduct the affairs of the nation, schools, whioh
jj But your leadership will be dearly determining wl
purchased if in order to secure it we adopted.
must adopt a platform which, however On motion o
just in its enunciation, is ^ unwise and mittee on exaii
which must result in driving away to prepare anc
those votes which are neoessary to per- ti0n for the co:
a petuate Republican institutions. Banks made a :
h Yours faithfully, be delegated t<
9 John Brisben Walker. form of a conti
e Hon. Wm. J.Bryan, Lincoln, Jieb. publishers anc
g This was agre
t One Death Causes Eight- adjourned to :
e Some Indian ohildren on the Oneida chairman. Th
_ reservation, near Stockbridge, Wis. saw ^ qod
- their mother hack off the head of a , e
o chicken Thursday. This suggested a _ dl8Patctl *
a new game to their childish minds, the in less than th
0 play resulting in the death of nine per- received the sa
a sons. Some woman went out into the the benedictic
1 yard of her home, where her children Philips, was di
- were playing, caught a chicken with which he had t
- which she wished to prepare a meal, presence of th
a got a hatchet and chopped off its head, brethren of ]
s Then she returned to the house, leav- tragic incident
ing the blood-stained hatchet on the Beall street.
? ? ?J * C ilt a AM J 4
Q grounu. vue ui tuc umiuicu ou^cdlgu reueiveu iutv i
d that they play chicken, and the sug- ery chapel and
s gestion was carried out. One of the ber of the cong
o smallest children was elected to act the at the river si
q part of chicken. The child was thrown monial. Phili
to the ground by its playmates, its head water by his pa
placed on a block of wou i and hacked benediction ha<
off. A number of men ^ ere engaged on gr when he be
a derrick in the yard raising heavy ligious ferver
timbers in the erection of a barn. As the side of the
soon as the men above noticed the eral times as h
child being beheaded, they became by the rapid ci
panicstnofcen, ana m tne contusion tne extended nis n*
heavy timbers which were being raised were praying.
3 fell with a crash, killing eight men. be rendered, th
9 time.
r An Inhuman Father- ??
i 'Til make you know and obey Killed
, your daddy," said J. K. P. Keaton, Tom Jenkin
surveyor of Dougherty County, Ala., Davis and Pete
1 Wednesday as he emptied a pistol employes of t]
at bis son Walter, aged 19. The youth gineering comp
r was fatally wounded in the side, were killed by
l Walter Keaton and several companions Thursday afteri
1 of about his age had been sitting on the der the steam
. porch of the house talking and laugh- hauled out on t
' ? ~ TVia rirviaa coomo^ flrtnville. FoUI
ilig UUlOVgiUUOiJ. AUV UViWV WW ? .
2 have annoyed the elder Keaton. "Stop shocked, some
. that racketl" he demanded of the young -gins' neck was 1
3 men. All of "Walter Keaton s com- appeared on th<
panions left, but he laughed and asked dead men. Se^
- his father jokingly what he was going their scalps bac
3 to do about it, "I'll show you," he The bolt strucl
) said: "I'll make you know and obey used is the way
, your daddv." Whereupon he opened ers, and ran doi
fire upon his son. Keaton, Sr, is in at work on the
jail and the young man will die. four are white i
Resolutions as to the Eighteen Young Men of Military
>tion of Books. Training Who Will Teach.
noon the State board of The letter below has been received
fVi/s rcffi< %& nf fVi? I by the State superintendent of educa
u p v^vi, the superintendent of the
: of education at Coium- Carolina Military academy,
the important meeting These young men are required to teach
the adoption of books in South Carolina for two years proj
public schools for the ?ided they can secure situations. A.
?(i. j*? ^t large number of Citadel graduates
3 i. 6 o ^ g have been given positions in the schools
itters the Board took up 0f ^he State and have proved themion
before it, which was selves highly efficient in the school
- - - 1. TT ii. _ i
on of a method of nro- vyorji* xlcxc ab mo icvwi.
adoption of text books. Hon. J. J. HeMahan, Superintendent
. .. . Mucation.
3 Ox this complex ques- Dear Sir: I have the honor to aub<ussed,
after which Mr. mit to you, as required by statute, the
the following resolution, names of the^ following young men,
p{e(j. beneficiary cadets in this academy who
,, ,j ,? a . , will graduate on Jane the 25th:
.hat the adoption of text p ^ Bradbam, Clarendon county,
upon the principle of a postoffice, Manning.
being understood that & c. Bruce, Kershaw county, Rot
shall not prevent the iaad.
1 1 i -v' ~ >? J TW . _
; reaaera as supplement- j5. uainoun, Mariooro county, uanbar.
Walker appeared before W. S. Clayton, Bamberg county,
it the recent Louisville Ehrhardts.
the United Confederate M. Cochrane, Abbeville county,
s uanimouely resolved to Abbeville.
active agitation in favor j# n. Courtney, Edgefield county,
all the schools of the Trenton.
1 books, especially histo- c. W. DuRant, Sumter county,
ere fair aad impartial. Lynchburg.
was appointed by Gen. Evans, Darlington county,
lander, and Gen. S. D. Darlington.
of the historical com- j. fj. Haynesworth, Sumter county,
rtake this very important Sumter.
, A. J. Hydrick, Orangeburg county,
ion met with such gen- Knott's Mill.
bat the funds necessary j# Jjjnley, Charleston county, 123
le work were offered to Spring street, Charleston.
efore leaving Louisville. j. w. Moore, Greenwood county,
himself exclusively to Cokesbury
ing up his position with j. p. QaarieS) Abbeville county, Abvans
& Cogswell compa- beville
opportunity of making H. T. Rogers, Marion county, Mulapression
was presented ]ins
5 of the State board of ^.H. Sligh, Richland county, Columbia.
;eney, chairman of the w. W. Smoak, Colleton couuty,
y invited Gren. Walker Smoak's.
and^ address the ^board j g# C. Snelgrove, Saluda county, Mt.,
? tie very lorcioiy ana i Willing
lented the snbjMt to the ] j, R.' Westmoreland, Spartanburg
embers should be thor- C0UDty Woodruff.
led that in the sohools Very respectfully,
ina, only suoa histories Asbary Coward,
as-do full justice to the Superintendent.
outh.. Gen. Walker aid ;
iot in fairness admit any ^ Darlington Murder,
ies,; but explained the There is a revolting tale ef a homiicK
. should character- side that has jnst come fully to light in
0 be adopted and urged Darlington county. It occured last
;o written, be not used week on the plantation of Evan Lide
near the city. The two Gibson broth.
Confederate veterans ers, Perry and J ule get into a row of
i- 1 i t-> v.j. ?f_ T:J?
irgest body of the south- some Kmaana rerry was snot, mr. jumc
jociated, to see that jus- heard the shot and the subsequent
e south and while they scream, He thought that some one had
resent the Confederate shot a dog. Next morning Perry was
?y are composed of rep- missing and Jule said that he had gone
zens of the whole south over the river. The morning after the
ests should have deep shooting the negroes working in the
Their action was en- field saw Jule go to the woods, with a
Jons of the Confederacy wagon and get a load of straw and hanl
Louisville and the re- it to his house. Later they were
two great bodies should suprised to see him hailing it away
ght with the school au- again. Nothing more w-s thought of
ais and other southern the matter urttil a few days after, when
a party of negroes were returning from
tice is done in many work through this piece of woods and
i, to the south also in its saw the load of straw piled up against
story and the veterans a tree. They heard a groaning underat
all such blots be re- ueaih it and thought that a pig was
* '? " > - 3 1 a.
teaching of the rising under tnere. me next incident in uie
to should be taught to story was that a number of hands workand
heritage of glory ing on an adjoining plantation saw Jule
m by their fore-fathers, haul something into one of Mr. Lide's
f text book adoption the corn fields and get out of the wagon with
dopted: a spade and dig a hole and later take a
Lat the chairman and sec- large bundle from the wagon, dump it
n advertisement in the iu the hole and cover it up. They were
ool Board Journal,-1 The suspicious and reported the matter to
I of New York and The Mr. Lide, who investigated and found
Journal of Education, Perry's body buried there. Jule was
adoption of a single list arrested and put in jail. He has
books will be made dur- confessed to the killing of his brother
reek in September, and but claims that he did it in self defense,
pondence with a view to Tillman's Hard WorkThe
WaflhinirtoQ corresDondent of
Lecided, upon motion of ^ews and Courier says Senator
that the committee on Tillman j^had a fori figtfc an aiong
7 prepare and report o t^e jjne 0f battle in his efforts to get
jfi 6 kr an adjustment of the claims of the
of study for the public gfcate against thfi United gtates for
may serve asagui e in money expended by the State during
iat text-books should be ^ war Qfm2 &Jthe F]orida war ?
. ,. t> m 1836. Strong opposition was manifesti
Mr. Raysor, the com- gd . a committee on appropriations
tination was authorized to ^ amendment ofiered by the Sena1
promulgate the ques- tQr to the sundry ^ ^ ^ he
ming examination. . gnajjy succeeded in having the amendmotion
-hat Mr. Raysor ment reported by the committee. When
>look into the matter of the Anient was considered in the
act to be made with t e genate ^ was tbe subject of much de^
l/?0rtml? v a$T bate and rejected, but the Senator
?' 7^ ii f asked for a reconsideration and after
meet at the ca of the tWQ kours 0f debate the amendment
6 was passed. The Hou3c, however.
finally refused to accept the action of
ivert Drowned. the Senate on this item and the amendrom
Memphis says with- ment was defeated in conference,
ree minutes after having Senator Tillman, anticipating this accramentof
baptism and 'ion had previonsiy introduced a bill
1 n in Senate providing for a settle3
K _A?rfl - ment of these claims against th?
an?? in the government and at 2 o'clock WednesL
day night he called it up. Objection
kio r?onation was raise<* to ifcs consideration, but
oecnrred a? the foot of ^er debate the bill was considered and
pi z?oi. passed by the Senate. It was an un,
nmrrAafttinn nf Av- exP 3ted victory and the Senator says
01 , j a " he intends to push the matter in the
was baptized. A num- rf r?i.
negation bad assembled Honse at the next session of Congress.
de to witness the cere- Thousands Being Fid.
ps was led ou: into the . A , - T a ^
istor and after the final _ A. topateh from London says the
i gone aboard the steam- Penmsnlar and Oriental Steamer comcame
overcome with re- ?a?7 hai 8eot o^.00, P1"""5? t0 <*
and fell backward oyer Mia si^erera. Cholera continues in
boat. He came up sev- *?">* ,o! the Bombay istneta. The
e was swept downward jond.tion of the people there is deployment,
and each time he ff ? ""phor of large works are
rods aloft m though he }eseIt? .The Bombay government
Before assistance could has authorized the opening of srattered
e body went down a last w?Tk?! ls,/tepf , pi^'
situation is difficult to deal with. Else
where tfc 3 relief measures are sufficient
i by Lightning. generally in British India and are 1m'
j-j. proving in the native states. About 5,s>_f.et*r
,, ^ari7 570,000 people are now receiving relief.
r Wiggins, ail coiorea,
tie Merrill-Stevens En- A Fatal "Vfretk.
any, Jacksonville, Fla., A disastrous collision occurred on
lightning at 4 e'clock the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad
noon while at work un- Wednesday morning at Garrysburg N.
er Commodore Barney, C., in which two men were instantly
he ways at South Jack- killed and three seriously injured,
teen other men were No. 32, known as the Atlantic Coast
of them seriously. Wig- Line fast mail train, ran into an open
)roken but not a mark switch at Garysburg, resulting in a
i body of either of the collision with some freight cars. The
reral of the injured have killed are: Engineer Cheatham, one
ily torn and lacerated, of the oldest engineers on the Coast
: a large chain that is Line, and an unknown white tramp
" -J- HL. :_i j
s to haul out the steam- wiio was stealing a nae. auc mjmcu
urn to the men who were are: Mail Clerk McO-eorge, seriously,
hull. Of the injured may not recover, and two colored fireaaechanios.
* men, seriously, if not fatally.
- - - 1
Will be the Watch Word ef the
United Democracy.
. .363
Chairman. J am as K. Jonas Savs
the People Make the Is.
sues and Sentiment
is United.
"I am of the opinion that the Kan- sas
City convention will be the most
harmonious ever held by the Democrats
of this country, and that it will
be a veritable love feast in whioh the
Democrats from all sections of the
country, including those who differed
with t*ie Chicago declaration of 1896,
will unite in one determined, patriotic
effort to save this country from the
imperialists and the money-grabbers."
Chairman Jones of the National
Democratic Committee, spoke the above
words to the Washington correspond*
ent of the Atlanta Journal last Wednesday.
Writing of the matter the
correspondent says this is held by all
of the party leaders in Washington.
As to the issues of the eampaign it Is
recognized that the people make the
flia A?arar)i?lnitiiir imfiAr.
iPOUCDj auu VUO vWiHuv**MMvg
tance of the problems that have arisen
since 1896, make them of necessity the
leading questions in the campaign.
It is *'Empire against republic" and
that will be the battle cry that Bryan
will sound throughout the length and
breadth of this country during the
months of August, September and October.
There will be no abandonment
of the other principle lor which the Democracy
stood four years ago. The
threats a large standing army and the
trust question will each be pressed vigorously
upon public attention. The
charge will be made that the administration
has not enforced the anti-trust
laws although pretending to be anxious
to suppress these combinations.
Democrats will argue that the president
improved condition of business* as compared
with the condition a few
years ago, comes from the enormous
production of gold, the money metal of
final redemption, and that this increased
volume shows what an increase
of money will do. They will contend
that they have never advocated an unlimited
increase of money, but only
such increase as would restore prioes
to the otf normal level and maintain
them there. With regard to the Democratic
vice* presidential nominee,riothing
has been settled. There is a general
disposition to believe that this prob*
UA 4-Via lnAiMit A!
iciu uau iwipij uo ? w uw wumvm. V?
the conversion.
Young Jersey Wife Was Determined
to Defend Her Good Stone. ^ - '
Angered because she believed that *S-|?ii||
Joseph Yerry, a carpenter building e
house across the street, was circulating
unkind stories about the visits to her
of Arthur Jones, the young son of a
village butcher, Mrs. Fred Feidler, of
Lincoln avenue, Kidgefield Park, N. J.,
horsewhipped the carpenter in aetence
of her good name, and threatened to
whip the wife or former Freeholder
Andrew Kodman, owner of the new
house, because she interfered.
As Mr. Hodman tells the story, the
workmen on his house made insinuating
remarks to young Jones when his
stays at the Feidler cottage, on his
daily rounds delivering goods for Ms
father, were prolonged to an hour or
more. The workmen's remarks finally
came around to Mrs. Feidler.
Going over to the Kodman house she %
accused the carpenter of telling tales
about her, and asked him to apologize. .
He refused, and the young wife pulled
a whip out from under her oape and
snapped it across the six foot carpen
ter's neck and shoulders, ile caugnt
the whip and was about to defend himself
when Mrs. Rodman interfered.
Mrs. Feidler, so Mr. Hodman says,
then slapped Yerry twice in the face,
knocking a cigar from his mouth. It
was at this point that Mrs. Rodman
appeared and ordered Mrs, Feidler to
leave. Then, Mr. Rodman &aid, the
enraged woman threatened to whip his
wife. For this Mrs. Rodman had Mrs.
Feidler placed under a $250 bond by
Justice Cumming, of Haokensack.
Mrs. Feidler admitted the substantial
accuraoy of the story told by Mr.
Rodman, and said she was always ready
to defend her good name. He said she
i it. i it ?
naa Known we uuiuer o buu iut iuu&
while, and there was no harm in hi*
visiting her.
She did not toll her husband about
the affair natil it was over, because,
she said, she did not know what might
happen if he attacked the carpenter.
For myself, young Jones said his calls
were always connected with his business.
Other persons have became involved
in the affair through thoughtless
gossip. >
Goes to South Dakota.
The Columbia State sajs, Senator
Tillman will hardly be with the boys
through the game this summer. He
will go to the first campaign meeting?
ai Orangeburg?but, as he thinks his
political fenoe8 are in satisfactory condition,
he will go out to South Dakota
and help Senator Pettigrew in his campaign
for reelection. Pettigrew has
been a thorn in the flesh to the Republicans,
and they are making a desperate
effort to beat him. Senator Tillman
may attend some of the meetinp in this
State to show his gratitude, as he expresses
it, but he will not get into half of
the counties. He will aid in the national
Democratic fight in States other than
South Dakota. When asked what he
thought of Bryan's chances, Mr. Tillman
said that if the Democrats did not
win with-.the present opportunities,
tney coma never ao so. rus wne wu
very iiopefol.
While a party of school teachers was
in bathing at'Boca Chica, near Key
West, Fla., the undertow swept away
Miss Eddington and she was drowned
before aid could reach her. Miss Eddington
was from Roanoke, Va. Her
brother is a Methodist minister at that
place. The body has not been recovered.
. ; ?

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