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Wednesday Jane 13, - 1900
?Read SheiifPs ?ale.
?Male lost. Read advertisement.
?Read the Governor's proclamation
?Bead aotice of County Saperint
ended of Education.
?Mr. T. W. Traylor announces
sr himself for the State Senate.
?A new line of sammer millinery
- just received ai *r?. iU^Ooi xcj w? I
?See notice of meeting of stockholders
of the Fairfield Cotton 'Mills.
^ The easiest and nost effective method
of purifying the blood and invigorating
the system i? to take DeWitt's Lit*
tie Early Risers, the famous little pills
-?>-onoinw tha lirer and bowels.
McMaster Co.
?A number of Winasboro people
atteaded service at the Greenbrier
Methodist Church on Sunday to ksar
Kev. W. W. Daniels preach.
?A. B. Stroad, Granlville, Ga.,
y wrote: A priceless boon has been
\ giveD the baby world in Dr. Moffett's
Tbsthdu. (Teething Powders). *
*' t? x* a: ?T?iAcrprc A. v_
?jar, i. jj. aiiap?vu, vi ,
was a Hcember of the class which was
^ graduated from tbs ftesbyteri&n Colr
lsge at Clinton on Wednesday. Mr.
Simpson recsivod the degree of A. B.
M After suffering from piles for fifteen
years I was cored by using two
ho-rea of DeWitt's Witch Hazel [
Salve," write* W. J, Baxter, North
i Brook, N. C. It heals everything.
^ leware of counterfeits. McMaater Co.
?Mr. G. . Wkitt is having; his
new store on Main street paiated and
made ready for occupation. When it
?i ffhished Mr. Jno. M. Smith, who
!> /{ a atnrpt in the northern part of
town, will occupy the new building. [
?Cfearlea Douglass, colored, who
waft convicted of grand larceny at the
Juae tern of ecurt, 1894, and was
sentenced t# fire years, h&i been refused
a pardon by Governor McSweeBnd
wHJ hart to serve out his
term in the peniteatiary.
J. C. Kennedy, Roanoke, Tens.,
says, "I cannot say too much for De- ;
Witt's Witch Hazsl Salve. One box
of it cared what the doctors called an
incurable ulcer on my jaw." Cnres
piles and all skin diseases. Look oat
lor worthless imitations. McMaster
Co. j
^ ^? ?If baby needs a new pair of shoes ,
W or slippers, you ea? Had just the thing ,
' at Q. D. Williiord's. You can also ,
?et a nice hammock at this store at a '
bargain. This is hammock season,
V aid now is your opportunity to buy ,
one cheap. Read what he says.
?On Thurtday the first Stats cam
paiga meeting will be held in Orange"?nr^,
and Mr. E. H. Jennings, candidate
for State Treasurer, will be pres- ,
eut. The candidates will have a buty
- time of it during the months of Jane j
and July and a part of August.
te A 44s,* Lnffarlntr tPAm tOVPTH (ivSMD
AllV* BUUVltti^
gift orer twelve yean and usiDg many :
remedies wiihont per?aa?nt good I finally
took Sod9l Dyspepsia Cire. It :
di4 ae so ranch good I recommend it '
to everyone," writes J. E. "Watkins, i
\ \ CJerk and Recorder, Ckillicothe, Mo.
It digest what yon eat McMaster Co. 1
?The News -<nd Herald has re- 1
ctired ?pe-of the handsomely en- *
arosca" invitations issued by the 1
if . . Washington and Lie University to the '
dedication of the sew la* building. 1
This building has been erected to the
V memory of John Randolph Tucker and
will be dedicated on Tuesday, June '
^ 15th, Lexington, "Virginia.
?The Slat? published on Sanday j
the honor list frem the graduating
ciast of the South Carolina College. (
. The list of the senior academic class ^
included II. B. Jennings and the fol- ^
lowing are the marks that he received.
" v
Distinguished in English and politi- J
e*""~ e&l science, proficient ia essays, moral 1
science, and philosophy of religion. '
W. 8. Muster, Millbeim, Pa., saved '
p the life of his little girl by giving her 1
One Minnie Coogh Care when she was <
dying from croap. It ii the only harm- 3
\ lets remedy that gives immediate results.
It quickly cure* congba, colJs,
bronchitis, grippe, asthma and all ,
" 4 J ? 1
loruiti aa? tuuj nv KVl^a? AVtUWVVl J '
?A list of the Winrhrop students ,
and the counties from which they ,
come shows that Fairfield has 17 rep- ,
^ resentatives there. Sfot mauy of the ,
y coanties of the State have more or as ,
v utuy as Fairfield and the Dumber |
will no doubt be increased next year, <
as the college grows in popularity. ,
?During the sUrm on Friday after
Vbooh the western tower or tne conon
mill w&s struck by lightning. A nam* ,
b?r of brick were knocked off of the ,
tower but so other damage was done. ]
Tq? storm was worse in the southern f
part of towa than in other parts, and
^ tiiere were several very severe flashes
of ligbtuiag. Thd rain was heavy ,
also, and about three miles below ,
^ town a trentndoas rain fell, washisg ,
things badly.
T. O Hoed. Justice of the Peace.
> Crosby, Mis*., make* the following
statement* "I can certify that One
^ .?s Minute Cough Cure will go all that il ,
claimed for it. My wife could not get
her Lreath and the first dose of ii re- ,
lieved her. It has alto benefited my 1
[ whole family." It acts immediately
and cores coughs, colds, croup, grippe, j
p bronchiti-. asthma and ail throat and
lung trouble'. McMaster Co. (
?Mr. E. VI Matthews has been elected |
one of the literary editors of the Cleai
rsoo Ol'e^e Chronicle for 1901. I*
telec iugr Mr. Matthews to be a member
of the editorial staff the students
have made a wise choice. In a nam k
ber of articles- written for this maga- '
zine during th? past year Mr. Mat- 1
^^ tbetra has showtd a decided talent for
such work. The commencement txer-?
ni x.?"cv ! 1 ? _ ji
iu v^itiu^uu ufgiu 012 r h'?j *uu
end on Sunday with * sermon br
K Bi?boj> Capers. [
V ~ ?Butler W. Nance, who for abaut
r > five >ears ba6 been prin?ipal of the
Winn*boro coir red oraded school, f as
be?n elected assistant principal of
& Howard school in Columbia. Nance
fW >- applied for the position and testi
W- monials were given bim by peveral
t-' prominent geniiemea here. He is a
graduate of Allen U?u7?rsify and is
W well fitted for bis new position. Durmg
the time lhat be ha? had charge of
L the public school bis management of
W it bas been admirable, an 1 ? e will be
I. a loss to the ssboo'.
Millinery! MUlinerj!
Are you williog to beccnviuced
xibuDSII PBbIIIT wecanSfc11 y011 cho^ce Qp*to'^c 1
" w? 0 iinery gooas at *013 juvyboi, pnvto.
In Egypt the custom is for Princesses y?a ar8? kindly call on us before |
to hide their beauty by covering chasing. J. O. Boaj
the lower part of the face with a veiL ? ?
In America the beauty of many of cockt fkoceedixgs.
our women is hidden because of the ,, . ?. ,, ~T~C . ma.
weakness and Coart of General Sessions met
.sickness pecu- Monday morning and adjourned i
j.. :-a? rinlrr nnfl I
Vf THgft ^luar xo tne sex. UXtS 1U LUC aitciiivvn. vui; v?v
jJMr mB? ^ *ke ^87?** was tried, the State vs. Robert Croi
custom pre* wjj0 was convictcd and sentence
c^frv^arrj 12 m0Dths 00 the cbaiDKaD2nK
fHL sufferers would 0nly a fcwr or(3ers *ere taken ?5d
BR^ ^ gj3(j tc Common Plea?. Jadge Benet c
ms ??sr w ^cver thcii plinaented the county on the appa;
?^5SPremator e lack of crime *iu the county as
\ J\>^rinkles, theil dence<j by the few casea on the
\\ ^ \ "*?**$* sions docket.
complexion, from the eyes of the CASTORIA.
world with the veil of the Orient. Bearg the The KiRd Yog Ha^e Always &
liradfield's *"?"
Femiale Regulator DEATU"F5'--LIZA,TElR'
Villus V?UI?I11VI Mrg> EljZi Weir died at the ,
- - ?- -l "> a ?<r 'P W T>o rrrlo w. 1
bnags ovlz & woman s true oeauxy. vj. v^ayi. ?t. It
makes her strong and well ill those Wateree section at three o'clock
organs upxn which her whole general Suuday m0rning. Tbe funeral
health ce-Denus. It corrects all men- . M ' of 4
straal disorders. It stops the drains be'd ?" Sa?daT a"* 0 .?'* 0 cl
of Lencorrhcea. It restores the womb an(*l e body was mterred in the fat
to its proper place. It removes the burying ground.
cansei of headache, backache and Mrs. Weir leaves three daugbt
nervousness. Ittakesthepoor.de- Mrs WaJe IUwls aud Mrs. Ji
militated, weal, haggard fad-ng Muh^a, > f this county, and 2
woman and puts her on her feet T ... - T ov
*gain, making her face beautiful by ?8>e \ ' ' Louisiana,
making her body well. about eighiy-mns j cars of age at
DieggUts sell it tor $i * bottle. time of her death and was a sini
??/-I a rrVil v CI
Send for car free illustrated boot for women, v-iuiauau anu a luuiuugm; 5
The Bratfifleld Regulator Co., Atlanta, Ga< woman.
for Over Fifty Tears.
?Mr. C. S. Matthews hm retimed Mrs. Winslow's Soothing St
from a week's stay at Davidson. Mr. has beeu used for over fifty years
Matthews has been appointed instruc- millians of mothers for their child
t.r at r^dson CoLege and nas also
secured the jvsi.ion of librarian of allays all pain, cures wind colic,
the college. These positions will be is the best remedy for diarrhoea.
Tery ably filled by Mr. Matthews, who will relieve the poor little suffi
has h,d leveral years experience in immeiialflr- So'd by d ggi.t8
, Al every part of the world. Twentyi/iAAWmrr
hie #rro nnof >An Onn fhA A
O ?*44^ cents a DUctlC. X>C ?U1C am* <* *.
return to his alma mater will make "Mrs. Winslow's Soothing; Syrc
his new work doubly pleasant. He and take no other kind. 1-1-3
will enter upon his dutie3 at the open- *
ing ?f the college next fall.
Tho One Day Cold Cure. Governor McSweeney has retur
Kermott'f aiocoiates JUxativc Qoiaiac: for to Coiambia, and in answer to
cold in the aead and ?ore throat Children take 7
ifaeinlikecaody. petition sent to bim by the citizen
?A special^train carryiag the Win- Winnsboro, has offered a rew
throp student! passed through on of $100 for the capture of 1
Thursday morning. There was a Hill. This reward, in addit
happy crowd of gfrls on board, all of toother rewards offered, put qui!
thsm rejoicing at the prospect of large price upon the negro, and w
lereral months rest from studies. The ever captures him will be well p:
Fairfield girls arrived on this train, The sensational stories about the r
uaong the party being the following away negro have subsided somew
rocn?ladies: Misses Helen and Jean- and the colwedpeople are less frlf
nette Stewart, Daysie Brockington, ened and excited thanlhey
Mamie Eney, Rachel McMaster, and da) 8 age, when Hill was being h<
Miss Mary McMeekia who was gradu- pursued*
ated in this year's claes.
? Mr. Phil. H. Dannenberg arrived G s ^ rF*;.11^** ?
hereon Saturday and left on Monday Bern the y?The Kind You Haw Always Be
afternoon. He is traveling for the S1^tlir0 f/*
Eagle Pants Manufacturing Co., of *
Baltimore, Md Mr. Dannenberg was A FreeSehoiarawpinEachCo*.ty
for years engaged in merchandising in Xhe Carnegie College, a newly
Wlansboro, and as long as dc ?ivea corporated institution at Rog
here he was a splendid citizen, doing Qbio, ju order to introduce its metb
ill that he could for the good of the teaching by correspondence, 1
:own. Daring reconstruction times give 0De free scholarship to e
ie was untiring in his devotion and conotv Jq our Stale. The free eel
rendered valuable service to Winns- ^rship grants to the student free
aoro. Die friends weie delighted to ^on jn normal and acade
see b:m here and gave him a cardial courses, and also in ths bnsii
weleome to his old homo. courses, including book-keeping
The work of taking the ctsnsus, ghort-hand. All the instruction
Degun on Friday, is progressing well, giTen by mail at the student's ho
md Mr. .1. M. Stewart, the enumera- students makin- application for i
ior for this township,his already a long aholarships should write at once to
AUaaVq U?a farv*fATxr ti j ^^
.ist uuv\r u uu uio Huwiko couege aiiu uituiiuu ims uapei} ;
rxtends two mil s in each direction also the county and State.
fr?m th? court house, and although he I
aas made considerable progress in his a sprained Ankle Quickly cured,
work, the time remaining to hi*n be- "At one time I suffered from a
fore the limit, July 1st, will not be vere sprain of the ankle," says Geo,
wy too loa* in which to complete it. ^ary? editor of the Guide, Washi
n. uouji'm. tODf "V"8' "After using several ^
He has had little trouble ? taking the recJmiBeIlded medicines withont .
census so f*r, the chief difficulty ke ce8St i tried Chamberlain's Pain Ba
aas encouateied being to get claar and and am pleased to say that relief cs
eorrect answers fro* the uneducated M soon 85 I began its use and a ci
oiffro/ia P,ele cure speedily followed." S
* by McMaster Co., druggists.
Cure Cold in Head. ..
Kcnaott'i. Chocolates laxative Quinina, easy
to take and (juick to cure cold ia bead and sore COMING AXD GOING.
?The i.nc White Chapter IT. D. C- 'Mr. T. F. Davis, of Killians, sp
jf Rock Eill, some time ago, offered a Sunday in town.
medal to the Winthrop student who Miss Carrie Elliott is at home fr
would write the best esfcay on the life Converse College.
Df Jefferson Davi6, and another medal Miss Agnes Rice has returned
to the student who would write the her home in Union.
best essay on the Revolutionary War. Misslrwia is visiting the family
The competitors were required to be Mr. G. II. McMaster.
members of the Winthrop Chapter Miss Marie Dwight returned he
CJ. P. 0 The Roek Hill Herald ef from Spartanburg Wednesday.
Wedi;es:?ay gives an account of a Miss Ellen Ellison attended the c<
meeting held last Friday night to mencement exercises at Wiath
award the medals. Miss Nellie Boy- College.
kin, of Camden, won the medel for Mrs. Amos E Davis, has retnr;
the Jefferson Davis essay, and Miss home after visiting her sister, ii
Ellen Pear?on, a young lady from "W. H. Kerr, in Greenwood.
Fairfield, won the medal for the essay Mr. Albert Connor has retur
on the Revolution. Wi are glad that home from the South Carolina (
one of Fairfield's girls carried off one iei)e for the holidays.
of the prizes, and Miss Pearson is to Mr. John A DeaPortes has retur
be congratulated upon winning: this from Richmond, Va , where he
medal. been fcr several months for his hea
Miss Louise McMaster and A
If troubled with rheumatism, give Mamie Ellison were amang the
Chamberlain'* Pain Balm a trial. It ^r0p students who orrived at he
will not coat you a cent it 'A do a no r
pood. One application will relieve the on inursaay.
pain. It also enres sprains aud bruises *"
in one-third the time requirad by ai=y A Good Coush Mediciue.
other treatment. Cut?, burns, frost- It speaks well for Chamberlai
h?je?. or igov. naius iis the side and rouorh Remod? when dru?erisis us
chest, glandular and other swelliuss j in their own families in preference
are quickly cured by app'vinjj it. I any other. "I have sold Cbaml
Every bottle warranted. Price, 25 | Jain's Cough Ilemedy for the past
and 50 ct? For sale by i!cMaster Co. j j ears with complete satisfaction
I myself and customers," says Drag
homicide. i J- Goldsmith, Van JEtten, N. Y.
! have always used it in my own fan
On Wednesday Henry Johnsou and j both for oidinary roughs aud c<
Scott Johnson were pitching horse ! and for the cough following la grip
, .. ? , , . and find it verr efficacious." Bor
iboes ou Mr. EUer Mason, place, , bjMcM?far Co-> drnggisIs.
They be_au to quarrel over the game, j
and the result was that Scott Johusoo j rATJBraLa> AT cLEMSO>- COLLE,
was killed by Heury Jahu&ot., who i* j
now in jail to be tried during :he te:m ; Mr Editor: Let me nse jonr p:
of General Sessions. j to tell the good people of Faiif
? county that the medal for the 1
I essay yu "6ond Roads," offeree
B ^! the president of Clems?n, has b
^ i awarded to Cadet R. N. Reeves
a/vSI L 0*L"-??-P Ej Fairfield county, an agricult?ral
taking- Scott's Emulsion be- J dent cf the JaQior class- The P*1
cause it's warm westher. w were examined by the authorities
Keep taking1 it until ycu arc t the agricultural department at W:
? cured. 1 ington.
8 It will Leal your lungs and ? A similar medal last year was i
a you rich blood in sum- || by Cadet E. M. Matthews, of Wii
|| roer as in winter. It's cod 8 boro, then a mechanical student of
jr liver o:I made easy. - sophomore class.
jp sOc. All d.-aKi?:s. ^j| j^et an old Winnsboro bov excia
t&tamHurrah for old Fan field! 2
that she has shown a
-IIIAA 115 I MrtCQW ?
that Mil** ,li lull iwww oeip oerseir.
mil- [ snid J^ri sjlliuI With the slock >revi(
^ . 'S9SB3SID pgjpUIJT PUS J3AIJ fig?r?8 8ta"d at a
Dar- _ ->? r- / * k * _ ** ana there is much more
: pitkoi 'spipOTlBl 'UO^dpstlOD The people of South
' ELrefEUi 'ssausnOljiq^ElsdsdsXp erally have been invited
'aipBraau >piS *oy?ment?aud the sh
od t . placed at $5 each, in or
sine VRAWd m^ 3UIP u! U33l^ citizen may be persons
;a?2 JI ;nq '9J11D XjUO ^OU^JIA SJJI^ if he so desires. Snbsi
'by, jaAiTsiinT *3Jn3 ITBU1 J3U3Q ^a^e been sent to nearl]
d to 'x ^ nnnTMAai j in tbeState, and all wt
?Pl4U9A9Jd in the splendid project
i the hb ? such amonnts a? they
om. Twenty-fiveDaysjmthe ChainGanc preseQCe And with the ?
rent Norman Pagan, a negro boy, who fellow-townsmen,
eri- has been employed at the Dasseuger Maj. T. W. Woodwar
ses- depot, was arrested here on Tnesday *s a member ot tie excc
for stealing a railroad ticket from the ^ee fer Airfield county,
ticket office. The boy gave the ticket The Appe'tiTeoTi
jggjjf to his sister, whi was going to Colnm- I* envied by r.U pi
bia, and she not knowing that it was whose Stomach and Li
^ it order. All such should
JiUl * IU UVlUlUU'a ivv/a. hi , - ,
on the train gave it to the condactor. stomach wd"Ltor'pu
Be saw that instead of a ticket to gplendid appetite, souud
.e3j. I Colombia the girl had given him a a regular bodily habit tb
P ' ticket to Lynchbnrg, Ya. Sa?pecting ?ct health and great
mat aoixulhing wa, wro*<r, L took 2oC " McMa?ter Oo.'s d,
was the ^ket- made ,be ?irl Pay her fare, woodward r
ock and 0111 from her where she
.. had gotten the ticket. The conductor Woodward has takei
then notified Mr. George Bishop, the A large .and elegant d>
trg railroad detective, and the ticket agent Pal UP here; also a fla<
inie at ^innsboro. Mr. Bishop brought convenience of the>gen
-i-- itt;?Tnac. I house and water tank
lilC IU IT lUUOtAMV ouii vu A uvo~
day had the bey arrested, whereupon Panted
he confessed to baring taken the ^r* J* W. Doaglass,
ticket. He was tried before Magis- ?red graduate of the J
ood *rate Cathcart aQ^ sentenced lo twen- College, has opened an
ty-fire days on the chain gang,? practice
White Oak and the sun
Jdr. W. S. Whedon, Cashier of the tory. The public can f<
Inrst National Bank of Winterset, o11 n ,
R?i Iowa, in a recent'letter gitee s,me all.ca1'8. and Ph0Be me
[ren exPer>ience wi*b a carpenter in his em- cei^e bis prompt attentii
ess ploy, that will be of valne toother welcome the doctor in c
m8* raecfcanics. He says: "I had a car- is well known-and no <
j penter workiDg tor me who was * _ e
Akl*/va^ efrvrv nrArl* fjfcr ^UCCGSP#
J< on account of beioRMM with * H. Woo?w>
. diarrhoea. I mentioned to him that I critically ill for two
bad been similarly troubled a*d that many friends over the c
- Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar- gr]a(j {q know he is con'
rhcea Remedy had cured me. He _ . R . . .
bought a bottle of it from the drug- Mus Rath Brice has
gist here and informed me that one a visit in Chester.
dose cured him, and be is again at bis Mr. Jno. R. Craig
work." For sale by McMaster Co., gatQrday. We extend;
ned druggists. tation to all aandidate?
the cotton acreage. place this summer.
s of ^ Mr. Calvin Briie has
ard Toe following was iesued by the an eX?en(je<ii visit to Ni
om agricultural department at Washing- Mi88 Nannie (Nicholso
ioa ton on Monday, and was received here from Eoanoke, y&.t ^
!e a by Capt. T. J. Cirtton: been attending school.
,ho. Department of agriculture estimates Mf ^ A BlftiDj the
lid. acreage cotton planted at 25,558,000 ratorj .g btt8y these fla,
.un. acres, au increase of 2,036,080 acres or th d_tie_ f\h t de_a_;
-bat S-07 Per cent over production area of " jane q iVoO. 'Coi
last year. The estimate increase is 1
^7.06 per
jtiy Alabama; 8.06 per cent in Texas and
Georgia; 9 per cent in LooUian. and V?H rij"! bat yc
Tennessee; 10 ?.n North Carolina, Mis* tbin* that will relieve
sissippi and Arkansas; IS in Indian more severe and dangei
^ Territory; 18 in Oklahoma;25 in Yir- thr*aj and lung troubles
jinis; and 27 in Musoari. The in- ^\|a? climate? Yes"
crease Is more or less loc&iizedi being not possible for you9
least where the populai'on is most case take the only re:
dense and greatest where cotton grow- ^eeB introduced in all <
era, -g - less extensile. The
ods average condition ?n Ju^e 1st was Syrup." It not only he
82 5 as compared with 85.7 on June lates the tissues to def
1st last year, the kweft June condi- disease, but allays inflaa
- >ion in tweuty years. ?
tUl- OASTORIA, vifr^hT^I 6d
mic ;? ? />Tin IM til Ha* Alwp; BwgK Fo/Lle b/ MoMa"sfer (
z T <%y ??
ana w in the fhillif
1 18 flae o* ti:r : < . *:: creek kifles. , ? ?
mg a Fairfield Boy Describe:
free A number 01 Confederate relics are ,,^u,ipino*",
the at Madison, Wis. C. C. Lincoln of .taga5'a?? lindane ]
and that place sent to the Confederate Pme8> April 14, I ffn
Veteran photographs of some of yere camped on
these r^'icfl, and among others men- ?la * *, P8 11
tioned "? flag of the Cedar Creek failed from Manila
M. Rifles" ,following letter iipub- *4:i l ?sP?rts S
,E. lished , I.. Veteran in connection Castebano and the ?t.
OS- with t! i dig: U. S. transport Tarar.
17011 ? ? fflliftn nf our rr.ciment
; * f ,:Hc-s.!qiiarleri First Brigade, '
',aS "Tbird UiTiiiOD, Seventeenth A. C. al LaSasP> a"d 2nii aDd
tme "Goldsboro, N. C., April 5,1865. with the 45tb regiment
"His Excellency, James T. Lewis? at Neveva Caceres on i
lold "Sir.: ""i tbe bonor to forward to ern portion of Lnz>n Isl
yoa oy the handotMaj. Taggart this . .
Confederate banner, formerly borne battalion had quite a a,
by tbe Cedar Creek Rifles, under Capt. The 2nd and 3rd had n
John Harrison, of South Carolina. It a great deal of heavy mai
wa? captured by a gallant joidier. tbe mountain, aDd capll
ent John J. Bailey, of Company II, Six- . . 4Uteenth
Wisconsin Volcnteers, Feb- lusar5eilt8 something o
ruary 22, 1865. Maj. Gen. Blair, com- Spanish prisoners who
om manding Seventeenth Army Corp?, awful physical conditioi
has been kind enough to give me per- 2Srd we were a^ain 1<
| to missions to seud it home to Yon, to be - iransMrta "leavin
deposited in the Stale Capitol with ?*me JransPorls leavio,
f t?ATN^?ftO Af 117 Q 1* I Neveva Caceres to srarri
. vilibl ti VJ/UlbO vt wet* - ?
7 01 "Respectfully, your obedient servant, On March 29th we l?
"Cassias Fairchild, place, 3rd battalion
>me "Col. Sixteenth Wis. Vols., Coai. Lii;I T^ r ,L v
First Brigade." companies I K G and *
Dtn_ This is evidently the old Cedar Creek an^ ?taff and band. Th
roD Rifles of Fairfield County, and we rfodered town ,wi
P would like to hear from some of the eistance, with twelve lie
Q6(j survivors, who may now be living in claimed ^ej
v?ic ^?n r of the natives left th
irp this county. ,
following day, and on tt
a Life and Dtatu richt. April 7th they attacked
"C(* Mr. W. A. Hines, of Manchester, about 5 o'clock, 1,200
/#1* Is., writing of bis almost miraculous speara and shields ar
escaDe from death, sava: "Exposure KMn;n<rt.ui Snrino-fi^r
ned after measles ioddeed" aarious* lane -r-? r ?
J ? trcab'e, which ended i? Consamp- ?l?>tg0n?. I Su>
tion. I bad frequent hemorrhages and and saw the ..ik froa
,tb* coughed night and day. All my doc- was corporal oi thy gu
iise tors said I mn?t soon die. Then I Uase>8 quarters, which
fin- began to use Dr. King's New Dbcov- .. ,
>me ery for Consumption, which complete- e in > sell,
ly cured me. I woald not be without P?st two hours at a tim
it even if it costs $5.00 a bottle. Han- stood inside of the fror
dreds havt used it on my recomm^nda- hallway and the sentry
tion and all say it nover fails to cnre tV,a a,u
i?'3 Thro.., Chest _.cd L?ng. .rouble.." ^ r0,!'h
e it Kegular siza auc aad $1. uu. Trial ~T.J . ~ . , .
5 to bottles f?ee at McMaster Co.'a drag ?!ea.'
, ? They made Major Cast
gve * _ point of .ttack, as it 1
t0 the Charleston expositiox. headquarter*. At 5 o'c!
, called as and said that '
t<j The excellent woik of the special getop as ke c.u J hear a
aily committee on exposition subscriptions, 8om6 distance off. As
)lds which visited New Yort to confer 81jr'i(
'P?? with the presidents of railraads c- ter- gUD. As I went to the <
ea,e in<? Jharleston, has resulted in adding reaching the street and
- * -1 n/>a
$40,000 to the stock of the South Caro* at uisiat
liu Inter Slate and Wes: I,.dial. Ex- ?' 'e?"n1^?*?^?P j?*
3E. . . lHjr, fllDifing tneir Knir
position Compauy. This subscription bead.-. Wc commenced
ress was made by ii.e Southern Railway, volleys into tkem, wlich
icld the Atlantic Coas: Line and the Plant l^cT kept coming, ai
best Sxstem. In addition to this, $2,*0? [" f},arti! of "s
, . ' , , ba* inside the door lr
I by was secured from the Clyde S:eaui:-hip ailvj L|iey Cime ju 0ll
een Line. Thtse subscriptions positively boloc# and we u^tl our
, of insure the success of 'he project aod and thooting at tlie su
stu- exposition company ttI.1 likely be or- firtt'^ree that came in <
. ? . ,. ^ .3 , J guards all to p;eces witfc
>ers ganized within a few .'a\ . ^hich otl]v Jef[ lhree
? ol Tbe committee now it ihe North were trying t<? make thtash
also anticipates otl. r MiVrriptions in stairs where tit-; officers
New York, Philadelphia D .ston and lh* timP> but 4UCJ(
x. i t_ i ingJhemdowr. rhey bi
won other cities ami tbe outl ok is bright wuhthemauci put tWir
ans* indeed. dow* an-i tn< ) 10 go uj:
Ihe Wherever one turns, the most e> - cers >hof ?hem from ?ib
couraging leports are heard and ihe l^eJ W
. , . . . , to fight hand to hand w
,1m: whole conutr> seems to be willing and tbe companies could g
?. and ready to.belp South Carolina, now took about fifteen mir
to j".>u$Jy
taken the j I '-^r:V
boat $175,000, | I w 9 ^ ^
<%in tight." |j I B-*9 ^V-l- ^V% AT
(Carolina, sen- H H 1 I Q| I lS"^^
to pin in this | I jg || I I
ares have been ' I -
der that every ] - I
illy interested, li 1
:ription books ^ | I '
r every couniy I ^
'--of K'jc-k'on, ^ R li: vlJfde + j
utive c>mmit- j I | | ^ j ^ ^
the wonderful j g| ^ ^
X^A\ I Wir^OCC Blue
.a?".il\arenpn,r; i I * " IVMl1C2>5> Flame
energy. Only ;
=j*tor8> I ^ is handier than a coal stove and cleanei
TMo-m<a Oil Qf/vrr/a ?e oT-ic/-v1fif<alT7 co&< if Yvtt-t-i
and causes neither smoke, smell nor soot
l on new life. ?T n Made In various sizes for various-sized famil
eDOt has been I pocketbooks? wherever stoves are sold. ITthe*
? n,? 1 STANDARD OIL *
* post for the ,
The puiap ;
hare been le- ???
see how we guards got out with ear j)r g -yy Taylor
a recent hoc- lives, as the house was shot ail to ' up , wionsbo'r
, n Xf A. o1 pieces and thebolo men inside on us. p ,
>. C Medical Ass00naslhe C0lflpame8 got out they afternoon on profession
office here and ^hai-ored on them and drove Ihem in __ _ .
at this place, every direction, shooting them down neirooieaine?>
rounding terri- every step. After everything had All doctors told Rer
>el assured that QQietet* don we found that we had of West Jefferson, O.,
killed six and wounded one. They 18 months from Reel
ssages will re- no prisoners, but killed every- would die unless a ci
on. We gladly thing in sight. When they went to was performed; but h
>ur midst. He hunt up the dead and wounded they with five boxes of Bi
one can doubt foun<* two dead American soldiers. Salve, the surest Pile
who were boloed to death on the oat- and the best Salve in I
post, and ten wounded Americans, cents a box. Sold by
ird has been two of whom have since died from druggists.
weeks. Hia their wound3. The captain of my ?
ountry will be comPanY was s^ot through the foot Miis Ophelia Davids<
m1pC,L nnw and left yesterday with the wounded risitieg Miss Beseie Mc
ealescin0 now. ?0r j^aniia on ^e U. S. hospital ship ?,.
returned from Relief. Thez found 52 dead insurgents
and 12 wounded. We buried m
was in town dead ue3:t day an<^ t00^ C#AS I
o -?tt- wounded to the hospital where they T*
cordlal mvi- are recejViQor treatment, and every ^or Infants and
? to visit this now and again one will die. There Tfco Klnff Yftll HflVO /
are two in the hospital who are shot "? *uu *
returned from sTix tisjes through the head with Krag- Bears the -0
qm/1 o olill lipinff o nil / ^ 1
- 1, / < . _ ^ l : ? . JUSCIIJUU l mto auu uiv mm iiwm*.
artb Caroling look as if tbey wi]1 reC6ver The oat. ttgaature of L&aSV
n has returned post had a very close 6have, only two
vhere she has of them being killed. Since the at- ,
tack the Major has ordered that when- shake in Yonr
census enume- ??er 1 am 00 gnard tbat 1 be 8ent 10 Glen's Foot-Fas*
e u. e his quarters, which relieves me of the c
rs performing dangerous outpost. The natives have and iLrowino-^JaUs
ment mostly si! returned to their homes in takes the sting out ofc
rrespondent. a? town and report 100 of their men ions. It's the greatest
killed and 150 wounded. We are still coveryofthe age All
^ rHFiP? finding dead ones ;on the outskirts of makes tight or new sho<
the town, and for six miles each way is a certain cure for sv
.* cough3 and you can see b'.ood all over the road and hot, tired, achinj
m want some- and in som . houses, which goes to to-day. Sold by all dru
and cure the show that a great tsany were wounded. stores. By mail for 2
'ous results of We are now prepareTTrer an attack at Trial package FREE.
i. What shall any time and looking for if>? Jjbink 8. Olmsted, Le Roy, N.
mer and more that they will try to buru the lown ?"
if possible; if nexUime. We rise jevery morning at *V*."
then in either * o cwcn auu tauu cuu,F*Uy llo
medy that has position as they attack every time fast
sivilized conn- at daybreak. It tbey kever attack us
r6rc tbroat and ^hils in position there will bs huo* jzot t? it*
:ee'? German dreds of them killed and then we will \
als and stlmu- never have any more attacks at this
Jtroy the ger.n Place. The Major thinks that they Mpi-rir
mation, causes will not attack us again, and I hope I IV.
fives a good they won't. We will remain here the
s the patient, balance of our enlistment and garrison persons holding
mended many the town. Cagayan is 011 the north- the school funds of th:
^n the world, ern portion of tne Island of Mindano P^ase present them t(
--o., druggists. and a much healthier country than aPPr?v*l and payment a
Luzon. We have very little sickness wiiI be closed after Jun
pines. J? 1jne regiment at present, and what !> L. STE
little we have is chills and fever. 6-7-1 Co, gup
} a Fiffht "with I will have^ to closs this, but will '?
*"A" orro-* * ? rviontr r?Q trq ori/3 LOS*
'aland PhiliD- a somewhaf better piece. "I am on
><e yoa while |SrTerf^?a?a\brw^
Cached1;:.1 gSii
on February With best wishes to year paper and A! F.*Rnff & Co\ fiid*<
ialvadora and ? *1 Tou? t-!M MINI.
h regiment on Robt. A> Herren, 40th U. is. Vol., iTrt+- . m.j
The 1st bat- Co. M, Mindano, P. I. DOflCo lO OlflC.
was unloaded ?
3rd battalions Glorious News ^ A HEXING OF 1
were unloaded Comes from Dr. D. B. Cargile, of holders of the FairfieU
'Yfrnmp Rnnfh- Wa hita> 1 T' He wriles: "Four is hereby called for TUI
JL bottles of Electric Bittters has cured 10TH, at II o'clock
and. The 1st urs. Brewer of scrofula, which had Wiunsboro Bank for i
? - *? i z . , . , t,
?Ut a La^aspi. causea ner great suucrmg iur years. consicering me quesuoi
1 Terrible sore.- would break out on ber the Capital Slock of ti
o fighting but head and face< and the best doctors $200,000. J. W. CA
:chingthrough give no help; but her cura is
ired from the complete and her health is excellent." T. W. LAUDERDAl
vcr a hundred This shows what thousands have 6-l*2-3w- Pre
:n fln proved.?that Electric Bitters is the ?
' ? be?l blood pnriSei know,.. It's the ISJOTK
3. On March gnpreme remedy for eczema, tetter, I 1^
jaded on the gait rheum, ulcers, boils and running
g the 45th at sores. It stimulates liver, kidneys and Office County Co
son the town, bowels, eipels poisons, helps dffiestion wiBB8b0r0i S. C., Jc
nA*a ihia bmlds up the strength. OnlyoOcects. . webv
tnded at this gold by McMa8ter Co., druggists. .}f0
consisting of Guaranteed. meeting of the_Boara
I with colonel . the County of Fairfield
le nati??3 sur- ?Mr. Albert Thoica', son of Col. * he office of the County
, T i rpk r / . , u- .} f?r 9aid Countr on the
theut any re- John Thoma?, of Columbia, recently j-[JLY 1900. at which
raington rifles, graduated first in his class at the cations for the positi
e all. Nearly General Theological Seminary, New Dispenser at Wiunsbo
e town on the York. sidered.
- . i All applications for
te morning or M rct R. FJoride Mar. ] mQSt be on file with the
the town at _ 1 ** r>-j I ten days before said dat
.(ll tin and Laura Douglass went to Ridse- UJ wm \r
id abool 200 w4y 10 sttcnd the ?oi?o1 pioic given | chm. Co Boar
I Rifles, and
iard at M-ijr ^ ? sT A WT^A la
co.sUted A
e^The guard t StiffCHll
it doo in the ^
- walked jist \f W Oil]
? ?, and } No one but yoursehfcs kn
F..tcber and I _ suffering you go through,
piug above W ? *\ you suffer? It isn't necessa
s'd their main M a\ lose your health and beaut
was battalion \* \ loss of one is speedily follov
ock the sentrv > \a'? k\ inccnt +Vi??\ n/in'? ??<
we had better A v\'.\ and "worn out." Impure t
, strdnjfe h< i<c ^ \Yi?\ 9 the bottom of all your troub
soon as I Jt fe.).
1 to iojd ru-y v Jofonstc
lour-at.d upon / ^ *
looking d'.in-n / purify your blood and bring
ice I coald *00 %0 the bloom of health 1\r' * your ^ 7 *M1I
run and jell- A cheeks. Each bottle com_ii:J a QUART BOTTLES.
es over their Tp quart.
t ? 6h00t h V \ Painful and Supressed Menses, Irregularity, Leucorrhota, Whites, Steri
Vio-I wo /f tion of the Uterus, change of life In matron or maid, all find relief, help, beneii
au cuew, JOHNSTON'S SARSAPARILLA. It Is a real panacea for headache, pall
3d when with I, side, indigestion, palpitation of the heart, cold hands and feet, nervousness, s
wp rr I o 1 r t-(i W muscular weakness, bearing--down pains, backache, legache, Irregular action _
Mk shortness of breath, abnormal discharges with painful menstruation, scalffl
1 11) <i ll i 1 i W a y y swelling of feet, soreness of the breasts, neuralgia, uterine displaced eat, i
Ui Willi their \f? symptoms which make the average woman's life so miserable. Wa have a
. . > health information. Yn* want It?its free.
suns as clubs / ?- ?
b"? lime The A " THE MICHIGAN DRUQ CO." Detroit, Mich:ut
one of the ^ Llvercttca for Liver Ulc. The Famona Llttla Lirer Pills, a
i ibeir bolves,
of us. Thev WJohn II. Mcilaster & Co.; Winnsboro,S. C.; T. W. *roodward & C'<
ir way up the ir* Patrick Woodward, b. C.; T. G. Pateick_&.Cu., White Oak, S. i
were ?lcc; iig ???????????????? .
-m lAlla>slrritati'
i io ihe win- ! fi 1 ?* ^ T IB ? &| /
&Q?&t fajJSSl'i ec I niN/i a?
(e guards had S3?f , A (Teeihln^ Pu.vJzrs) JLl^ TEETHINA
itb them aatil ^^BaTA. / ? , . ? , .? . , Trouble
et oaf, which CoSiS OlliJ25GttttSStJfrngglStS, A
'Qtee. I can't Orm&n25centa toe, J. MOFFETT, M. P.. 8'
no emu
A cooks 1
)t need to regulate your cooking
thermometer when you get a
Blue Flame Oil Stove. On the
ays you can cook whatever you ,
n whatever way you wish, with- ? .
:ring any additional discomfort
)king, The comfort you'll gain
ne of the advantages of using a ; M
Oil Stove
and cheaper. The Wickless Blue
is ordinary kerosene, without wicks
les; sold at prices to salt any sized
dealer docs Tiot have them, write to the
? ^nor-Mr* T. _
j ; m
of Columbia, IWI /V |\J W
o on Moniayj 1 V,A^1 ^ T
al business. j
lick Hamilton,
after Buffering /
al Fistula, he Of COntlnUOtt*
ostly operation . . 1 *
e cured himself business have given our goods
ackien'g Amica wide and general distribution.
herWorld" 25 They have been subjected to
McMaster Co., the severest usage and their
wearing qualities have been -J
- xr. --
)a, oi iorK, is iuiiy icaicu.
We Guarantee
I A ' %>?%
/Is 8 t\ every chain, button, every arChildren.
tide we sell, to give satisfacilw&ys
BOtlgM tion, you being the judge.
Any article .failing to do this
will be cheerfully exchanged.
? We Deliver ||
necToos feet no work, we sell no goods not
" - ? _a i.i_ I 1 _ ? _ _ 1 ! -1
ana lnsumuy unaer our guarantee, wnicn
iorns and bun- r ? . 1
b comfort dis- nas never been questioned
[en's Foot-Ease throughout our entirt busies
feel easy. It pr
reating, callous n?ss nit.
I feet. Try it
Y. 3-14
- -^-,3 The Jeweler and Optician,
Balsam . _
.OTT1 "I
to tester? Gr*y | ' .
Yoctiiful Color. !
t-t- htir fglTVnj. __t^
M3t -' II
claims against jfl
is County will I
> this office for I
t onee. Books
e lotk, 1900.
i. -p.i a?
orse mule; i
a hind leg and H
formation with H
3boro, S. C., or H
iway, S. C.
3x duren. |
11 H
I Cotton Mills fl
M., at The
:he purpose of I
1 of increasing Bf
iid company to I
me 4, 1900. ?
given that a fl
of Control for I
will be held in H
Commissioner; H
meeting appli-1
on of County 9
ro will be con- H
said position I
Board at least H
& M
Control; HH
Sheriff's Sale.
^ vested in me I have levied ou and will
X sell to the highest casb bidder before
St* | the Conrt House door in Wiauvbor.',
.if V S. C., on the FIRST MONDAY IN
1v JULY next, the following described
| am \ tracts of Jand, sold under ihe Acts rcLvll*
w ferriDg t> delinquent taxe?:
ow of the ^ "cn00L Distkict No. 4.
Why do y Estate of George Barber, 115 acn s;
ry. Don't i bounded south and we-t bv la:;.f^ >>f
y, (for the 'J Wm. Boulware; ra*t bv Ww Sei^ e ; ~
?ed by the ? west by estate of Wit. Kennedy; north
;l"weak" jk by Harrison anst Morgan.
v 15 at V School Distbict No 22.
i Mr*. Carrie Blaoton, 120 acres;
[mU *1 bourded north bv D. J. Weir: *onti;
IIISl *4 and east by Tid veil Fia'.s; we?t by
?w X Amelia Davis ai d DesPorter.
If If sar a) R. E. ELLISON,
1 im V ' S 5 12td S. F. c
uty, uicenu w Letters of Administration
t and cote In 4^
is In th? left
)eeplcssnc3s, / STATE OF SOUTA CAROLINA,
of the heart. V
ag of tirinei \ COUNTY T FaIRF1>-LD.
? J BV S-R JOHNSTON, Esq., Probatz j ?- age:
? W TXrELEREAS, J. G. Martin liatii made
YY suit to me to .grant tiim letters
Jul auuuiiK>Li<iiiuii HI i,ue ciects
of Mrs M. C. Martin, deceased:
These are, therefore, to cite and admon>.,
Rockbon,SX.; ish all and singular -the kindred and
G. creditors of the said Mrs. M. C. Martin,
? deceased, that they be and appear before
nie? in tlie Court of PruDate, to
ID, AIQSulgSSIlOflj be held at Fairfield Court Uouse, S. C.,
ts the Bowelt, od the 18th day of June next, after
?ens the Child. pulsation hereof, at 11 o'clock in the
Icethintf Eaxv forejoon, to show cause, if any they h .vo,
5 *' why the said administration should not
Relieves the Bowel be granted.
s of Children of Given under my hand, this 4th day ol
H# T.inu 4 1QAA
r\ T ill if- I ?J unc, XX1111V A/vmuii *^VV.
r. LOU IS. MO. J o.g.ot judge of Probate
- ' '

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