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Dr, Taimage Preaches on Common
Duties and Rewards.
and Cheer For Those Who Toil
and Struggle. Heroes and
Heroines Everyday Ex
Dr. Talmage, who is now preaching
to large audiences in the great cities oi'
England and Scotland, sends this discourse,
in which he shows that manj
who in this world pass as of little importance
will in the day of final readjustment
be crowned with high honor:
? text, II Timothy ii, 3, "Thou therefore
* endure hardness."
Historians are not slow to acknowledge
the merits of great military chieftains.
We have the full length portraits
of the Cromwells, the Washingtons,
the Napoleons and the Wellingtons
of the world. History is not written
in black ink, but red ink of human
blood. The gods of human ambition
do not drink from bowls made out of
silver or gold or precious stones, but
out of the bleached skulls of the fallen.
Bat I am now to unroll before you a
.jl lioTnoo xrrvrM Tism never
acknowledged?those who faced no
guns, blew no bugle blast, conquered
no cities, ohained no captives to their
chariot wheels and yet in the great day
of eternity will stand higher than some
of those whose names startled the nations,
and serph and rapt spirit and
archangel will tell their deeds to a
listening universe. I mean the heroes
of common, everyday life.
In this roll, in the first place, I find
all the heroes of the sickroom. When
satan had failed to overcome Job, he
said to God, "Put forth thy hand and
toush his bones and his flesh, and he
will curse thee to thy face." Satan
had found out that which we have all
found out, that sickness is the greatest
test of one's character. A man who
can stand that can stand anything. To
be shut in a room as fast as though it
were a baa tile; to be so nervous you
can no i enaure me tap o i a cuuu a iuui,
to have luscious fruit, which tempts
the appetite of the robust and healthy,
excite our loathing and disgust when it
first appears on the platter; to have the
rapier of pain strike through the side
or across the temples like a razor or to
put the foot into a vise or throw the
whole body into a blaze of fever, yet
there have been men and women, but
more women than men, who have
cheerfully endured this hardness.
Through years of exhausting rheumatisms
and excruciating neuralgias they
V??-rrn i^fafrAOfl
that rasped the nerves and tore the
muscles and paled the checks and
stooped the shoulders. By the dim
light of the sickroom taper they saw on
their wall the picture of that land where
the inhabitants are never sick. Through
the dead silence of the night they heard
the chorus of the angels.
The cancer ate away her life from
whe:e women made army jackets for a
sixpence. They toiled on until they
died. They had no funeral eulogium,
but, in the name of my . God, this day,
I enroll their names among those of
whom the world was not worthy. He
roes of the needle! Heroes of the sewing
machine! Heroes of the attic! Heroes
of the cellar! Heroes and heroines!
Bless God for them!
Society today is strewn with the
wrecks of men who, under the northeast
storm of domestic infelicity, have been
driven on the rocks. There are tens of
thousands of drunkards today, made
such by their wives. That is not
poetry; that is prose. But the wrong
is generally in the opposite direction.
You would not have to go far to find a
wife whose life is a perpetual martyrdom?something
heavier than a stroke
of the fist, unkind words; staggering
home at midnight and constant mal
treatment, which have left her only a
wreck of what she was on that day
when in the midst of a brilliant assemblage
the vows were taken, and full
organ played the wedding march, and
the carnage rolled away with the benediction
of the people. What was the
burning of Latimer and Ridley at the
stake compared with this? Those men
soon became unconscious in the lire.
but there is a 30 years' martyrdom, a
50 years' putting to death, yet uncomplaining.
2so bitter words when the
rollicking companions a: 2 o'clock in
the morning pitch the husband dead
drunk into the front entry. No bitter
words when wiping from the swollen
brow the blood struck out in a midnight
carousal. Bending over the battered
and bruised form of him who when he
took her from her father's home promwr:
. .
mail. II ii'lM' III, --* -? ?. * - ^ ? S --- ' ised
leye and kiadess and protection; : inS anythiog bat well of
yet nothing but sympathy and prayeri j think better Oi tin: no#.'
and forgiveness before they are asked ! grand thing it *:!! be in t]
for. No bitter words "when the family se? God pjck out his her
Bible goes for rum and the pawn- roines. Who are those pa
broker's shop gets the last decent n*fcy trudging off from t
T- 9 TJTU,.
dress. Some day, desiring to evoke ueaveu;
the story of her sorrows, you say, Claverhouses and the Hen
"Well, how are you getting aloDg now?" w^o scepters^ and
and, rallying her trembling voice and thrones, but they lived fc
quieting her quiverirg lip, she says, aggrandizement, and the
"Pretty well, I thank you; pretty hearts of nations. Heroes
well." She never will tell ycu. In paupers in eternity. I be
the delirium of her last sickness she ?f their eternal despair,
may tell all the other secrets of her
lifetime, but she will not tell that. But there is great ex
Not until the books of eternity are heaven. Why those long
opened on the throne of judgment will ^'hy the booming of that
ever be known what she has suffered, the tower I It is cornation
Al ? ?'? ?~ o frari?n/3 fnr en. Who are those rif
ye WilU die L YT lOVlug ca
the victor, put it on that pale brow! thrones with crowns of ete
Wfcen she is dead, the neighbors will They must have been gre
beg linen to make her a shroud, and the earth, world renowned
she will be carried out in a plain box, They taught in a ragged sc
with no silver plate to tell her years, jn a ragged school! Is th
for she has lived a thousand year? of is aU* Who are those
trial and anguish. The gamblers and scepters of eternal doar
swindlers who destroyed her husband they are little children w
will not come to the faneral. One car- invalid mothers. That ;
riage will be enough for that funeral? all- She was called "Lit!
one carriage to carry the orphans and earth. She is an empres:
the two Christian women who pre- are that great multitude o
sided over the obsequies. | thrones of heaven? Wi
But there is a Sash, and the opening j ^'hy, they fed the hungry
"plPKtial door and a shout, "Lift the naked, they healed tl
* ?.1 i
up your head, ye everlasting gate, and comiortea tne nearcoroKt'L
let her come in!" And Christ will step found any rest until the
forth and say: "Come in. Ve suffer- head down on the pillow <
ed with me on earth; be glorified with cher. God watched them,
me in heaven." What is the highest defiance at the enemies w
throne in Heaven? You say. "Throne heels hard down on these,
of the Lord God Almighty and the dren, and one day the Lo
Lamb." No doubt about ic. What is hand so hard on his th
the next highest throne in heaven? omnipotent sword rattled
While 1 speak it seems to me it will be a3 said> "I am their
the throne of the drunkard's wife, if weapon formed against
she with cheerful patience endured all prosper.
her earthly tenure. Heroes and hero- What harm can the w
when the Lord Almighty a
, , ? ed sword fights for your
I find also in this roll the heroes of 6ermon for comfort. G0
Cnri9tian charity. W e all admire the place just uhere God has
George Peabodys and the James Len- j lhc her0 or the her(
oxes of the earth, who give tens and eQ7y aDy ffiaa his m0De
hundreds of thousands of dollars to plause or hi3 sooial p03it
gooc objects. But I am speaking now envy anv womaa her wa:
of those who out of their pinched pov- exquisite appearance. B
erty help others?of such men as those tbe heroine If there be
Christian missionaries at the west who boase ;nd do aot kn0
proclaim Christ to the people, one ot chi]drec arc l0 ,et breai
them, writing tothe iiecretary in -New you will hear something ts
Itork, saying: I thac^ you for that ^be window pane. Go to
?2o. Until yesterday we hare had no and you wyj fiotj it y [t
meat in our house for three months. _are3i aod opcn tie wind
\Ve have suffered terriDly. My chil- will fly in the messcneer tl
dren have no shoes this winter. And Do you lbink that ,_be q,
of those people who have only i half the cotton of the south
loaf of bread, but give a p<ece of it to freeze for lack of cloth
others who are hungrier, and those who tLiok that tie (jod who a
have only a scuttle of coal, but help oiple8 0D Sabbalb oorni:
others to fuel, and of those who have thegrainfield and then ts
only a dollar in their pocket and g;ve and rab it ia tbe,;r bands
2a cents to somebody else, and of that ym thhk God sill let
father who wears a snabby cost, una [)id you ever hear the i
i mnf hoi- trhrt troara a fariAn firsts. xi. t j j "T ka
IIJL LJjLti U f'liiiiir.. nuv (I *. < V.^ w _ _ _
,y . ,1 t O l i i ? lliSli U1U J. iiOVO M&V
'hat their children may De well ap- n0Iara old. yet I have n<
pareled You call them paupers or righteous forsaken or his
ragamuffins or emigrants. I call them t,read." Get up out of yo
heroes and heroines. You and I may meot. 0 ,rouMed soul
D?t. koow .wh?re '.^y lived or wbat woma? 0 man kicked .
their name is. God knows, and they UDjttSt eB,ployfirs, 0 ye i
have more angels hovering over them befiet in the batt!e o? lifc
than you ana I have, and they will have whioh t0 ,
a higher seat in neayen. They may q yoD sicfe onjMri?hcc
have only a cup of cold water to give ha7e toldJa-fiTone, oom<
a poor traveler or may have only picjed cqjalert of this subject,
a splinter from under the nail oU-~e2t Captail,.s el'ee.
child s finger or have put ppiy two SVMCOmeth will I give t
mites into tne treasury, but the Lord fruit of ,he tree of fifewl
1 ? V- i- *k^TT I . . . .. e f
kduwb tucrn. wuox^.iiis nuat midst or tne paradise 01 v
haa, they dia^Ore than we have ever
. doaep-SP^ their faded dress will be- ^ q0Q?j Fai
come a white rehe, and the small room M n . ,
will be an eternal mansion, and the old , 'b?T0It ia ^emiTe
hat will be exchanged for a coronet of ^ho<ie glands, boj
victory, and all the applause of earth JtiWent named Levy Bns
and all the shouting of heaven will be town of ioster, jProvi<
drowned out when God rises up to give w,h? has b*en fat.hfr
his reward to those humble workers in ? . en? . wl10?1 ^
his kingdom and to say to them, "Well {"?*. Bnf.on 13 a
done, good and faithful servant." hy-h^h.and,19p 2SPp03ed
' ? neighborhood of 90 years >
J. Who are those who were bravest and ing to hiB own "calcui
deserved the greatest monument, Lord claims to remember the
' Ciaverhouse and hi*3 burly soldiers or when he was a little child
~ ~ ' "v.l. , 1 i 1. . _
| JoHn isrown, tne JtiQiDDurg carrier ana snow wnen or wnere iie v
' his wife? Mr. Atkins, the persecuted was the eldest of eighteei
minister of Jesus Christ, in Scotland has speat the greater pari
was seoreted by John Brown and his Foster, where he has bee
wife, and Claverhouse rode up one married. He took untc
day with his armed men and shouted first wife in 1834 and an<
in front of the house. John Brown's teen children; his second
little girl came out. He said to her, he was married in 1852,
"Well, miss, Mr. Atkins here?" asd his third wife, whom
She made no answer, for she could 1870, had fourteen childr
not betray the minister of the gos- five of his children are r
pel." "Ha!" Claverhouse said, "then families of there own and
you are a chip of the old block, are you? all over the country from I
I have something in my pocket for you. to Idaho. The old man
It is a nosegay. Some people call it a from them "regular," as
thumbscrew, but I .. .11 it a nosegay." poor letter writers, and
And he got off his horse and he put it talent that way himself,
on the little girl's hand and began to he does not know how -ma
1 Ix All .L. 1 1 J J J V- T I I.
turn it until tue uuuco owy&cu <*uu auc urea ue u<i2>, uut luvj uu
cried. He said: "Don't ery, don't cry. aiderably over a hundred 1
This isn't a thumbscrew, this is a nose- his last computation, 1
gay." And they heard the child's cry, been blessed with tripL
and the father and mother came out, times with twins,
and Claverhouse said: "Ha! It seems . ~
chatjyou three have laid your holy heads ^^P1110 tasu
together, determined to die like all the Gen. MacArthur cabl<
rest of your hypocritical, canting, from Manila to Secretary
sniveling erew. Rather than give up swer to inquiry as to th
good Mr. Atkins, pious Mr. Atkins, Filipinos killed and woui
you would die. I have a telescope with number of prisoners taken
me that will improve >our vision," and surrection began: "W
he pulled out a pistol. "Now,"! he said, to your telegram of 22d u
"you old pragmatic, lest you should nos killed 10,780; woucde
I tch cold in this cold morning of tured and surrendered, 10
Scotland and for the honor and safety of prisoners in our poss
he king, to say nothing of the glory 2.000. No systematic rec
if God and the good of our souh, I no casualties at these
rill proceed simply and in the neatest Foregoing, compiled from
,nd most expeditious style possible to reports made immediately
?low your brains out." raents, is as close an appr
I John Brown fell upon his knees and now possible, owing to w
oegan ic- pray. "Ah," said Claver- ticn of troops. More ac
house, "look out, if you &10 going to would take weeks to prej
pray; steer clear of the king, the coin-' ker reported killed proba
cil and Richard Cameron." "OLord." of accki'stc %nres; num
said John Brown, "since it seems to be wounded probably much I;
thy will that I should leave this world nos managed to remove m
for a world where I can love thee bet- from the field and comp
tor and serve thee m^re. I put this fell into our hands. Ofi
poor widow woman and these b'f Jpless, rank and dangerous sus
fatherless children into thy hauds. We have been retained as pi
have been together in peace a good other men discharged on
while, but now we must look forth to a as disarmed. I propose 1
abetter meeting in heaven. And as but a very few prisoners
fViAia rtTfln 111 vc, c date."
and infatuated, that stand before me, Pn1j PriT0.v
convert them before it be too late, and , .' , f '
mav they who have sat in judgment in ^ e.e burglars wa9dete<
this lonely place on this blessed morn- ro? a 8}?re 111 i C!,, ?f
ing upon me. a poor, defenseless fellow p0\1Ce ?D*
creature?may they in the last judg- thereof. They were foil,
ment fiod that mercy which they have P?llcemen> ^ko captured
refused to me, thy most unworthy but ?itt s0i* The other two i
faithful servant. Amen." Me: After a while the t*
TT , ,,T , , A, , trying to descend on a c
He arose and said. Isabel, the hour wUog is olose t0 the ,aU
has come of which I spoke to you on A po!iceman called to the
the morning when I proposed hand and back or he woald shoot. ,
heart to you, and are you willing now ma? on the pole nearest
for the love of God, to let me die? ba|aD<,e aDi {cll s
She put her arms around him and said: secoad thirf aci bott ,
The Lord gave and the Lord hath the ard itt th rear f tho
+ o L-on OOTOT7 Klacofi/1 Ko fhfi noma /\f *
I? t j 'i tie. X 4 -7- >> policemen turned down
th?. ?.ord-. Stop that sniveling, reached the prostrated t]
said Claverhouse. I have had enough was dead; the other lay on
?? 'f- J?? ?,!er3: 4o y<mr ?OTt Take i0Usly injured internally.
aim! Fire! And the head of John
Brown was scattered on the ground. Gainesville, Ga., D<
"While the wife was gathering up in Pitts' Antiseptic Invi
her apron the fragments of her hus- been used in my family an
band's head?gathering them up for fectly satisfied that it is
burial?Claverhouse looked into her do all, you claim for it. Y
face and said, "Now, my good woman, A. B.
how do you feel now about your bonnie P. S.?I am using it i
man?" "Oh," she said, "I always It's doing me good.?Sold
thought well of him: he has been very ray Drug Co., Columbia, S
good to mo; I had no reason for think- druggists.
.Itin . '< Hi r i "* - , . c~ , ?*?' i ,i -* '**7
IFEIItroiible inWnaX
ii3 hist dav to i i _
oes and he- ~
,upe:.-3of eter- -j-^g Na*jyes Excited 5hd Foreign
he gates of &
Tie Lord Residents Are Aiarmed.
sas and those
crowns and
;y broke the 01
i of earth, but m
at the drums jyjore Amerjcan Warships Ordered or
VV OC) WCiG) ^
to Chinese Waters to Pro:citement
processions? tect American *n
great bell in n(
day in heav- Interests. at
sing on the
:rnal royalty. ^he situation in China seems to be
at ^people^on vcry critiCal and the foreign residents
hool. Taught ^at country are greatly alarmed. . '
at all? That Minister Conger, at Fekin, cabled w
souls waving "Wednesday that the situation was or
Inion? Why, worse at Pekin, and this statement, si
an?W^That taken in connection with Admiral j?
le Marv" on KempS's alarming cablegram announc- ^
3 now. Who ing that an engagement had begun, de- tb
m the highest cided the state department to strength10
are they? en the naval forces nearest the scene of
; they clothed trouble. Accordingly, a cablegram was ft,
ie sick; they sent to Admiral Remey, at Manila, di- ar
t. They never recting him to dispatch at once to Ad- se
?y put their miral Kempfi's command the gunboat w
of the sepal- Helena, or if that craft is not at Ma pj
(iiid lanehed nila and readv for immediate service.
ho put their then some craft of correspondingly C(
hi3 dear chil- light draft and power. ~2
rd 3truck his A dispatch from Pekin says the situ- ai
igh that the ation is growing worse. Events move tt
in the buckler with such rapidity and affairs, owing la ]u
God, and no the excitement of the natives, are so
them shall critical that the foreign ministers held
frequent meetings. Native employes
orid do you who have returned from Feng Tai say u,
ritn unoheath- they left tbe "boxera" openly drilling <
I preach this in the adjacent villages. A strong imhomo
to the periai edict, issued this evening, ceni
put you to sures the "'cowardice of the imperial ai
I V\ V? a rn/?ni?AT*
nuu. uvc iiuupo ckuu. uiuuio CJIG viv/giuj vi icoui jg
>y or his ap- Li and Gen. Junj? Iu immediately to &\
ion. Do not suppress the k'boxers." Violent dis- q
rdrobe or her secsions are reported to exist between ^
e the hero or the Chinese oorrimander-ip-chief of the x
nofiouriathtf forces, Jung lu, and Prince ChingTuaa, aj
w where your ^ho in accordance with the wishes of p,
1, listen, and the dowager empress, is strongly sup- c(
ippicg against porting the cause of the "boxers." The
the window, mobs who murdered the English misle
beak of a sionaries, Robinson and llowan, mutil* a
ow, and there ated and disemboweled the bodies. $
latfedEiijah. The station at Yan Tin, three miles aJ
>d who grows Pekin, has been buroed. ^
will Ipt von ! i wnArti&l from Shanghai Bava the
es? Do you ; members of the majority of the lega- 0I
llowed hisdis- ! '.ioas at. Pekin, including the members dj
ng to go into j the British legation, arj sending ^
ike the graiD j iheir families away, it ie also said that tc
and eat?do i >cveral prominent Chinese residents 3
you starve? ! are leaving the city. There is an un- fe
jxperienoa oi' j confirmed report that two Russian enin
young and j gineers have been murdered at Yu tl
jvcr seen the I Chow Fu, northwest of Port Arthur, fc
seed begging i after their wives had been outraged. V(
ir discourage- j The total damage done to the Chinese ^
0 sewing ! ^.i!roads by the "boxers" is now ?Sti-1
md cuffed by j mated at
rvho are haru j. Atfet^atch from Tien Tsui says the j\j
andjyia^^t | Chinese servants of a Belgian engineer,
tr?^3reft one, who left Pao Ting Fu two days after jr
implaints you the Belgians, saw the five foreign and w
; and get the two Chinese dead bodies in the Grand e]
Listen to our canal, one being the body of a woman. }y
i'ru V. ? rv-i 4 V? ^ f A i%1o f f an a nvfor
j u iiim luai ?k UUACI ^iaoaiu biaica^us tuo gr
0 eat of the mination of the foreigners here on June CI
iich is in the 10. It is rumored that the "borers" yi
Jod." and Catholic Christians fonght at a(
fung Ha Tuesday, three Christians j]
nily. being killed. Her majesty's ship Bar- a
r of Congress fleur has arrived and the Terrible is exists
of a con- pecied. One hundred and tbirty-one a
5son, living in British, 31 German, 50 French and 45
ienc'e County, Italian marines have arrived here. V(
of forty-one These reinforcements render Tien Tsin ss
-two are now secure. K
!ich-Canadian The following cablegram wa3 received ai
1 to be in the at the navy department Friday morning c<
of age. accord- from Admiral Kempff, on board the oi
He. rSlA?triT?lr r.-ff fha Tilrn ic
Laiivuo* vij. vuw *.vr*vw* aw
war oi 3812, Yong Ku, June S, 1900.
, but does cot Battle yesterday between Chinese tl
rasborn. He and bo?ers near Tien Tsin. Large di
1 children and numbers of boxers expected to reach tl
b of his life at Tien Tbin tomorrow. KcmpS. 5(
n three times ci
) himself his WEATHER AND CROPS. oi
1 she hadfif- oi
Whad1 twdvej What Young Crops Are Doing in South
he married in Carolina oi
on. Twenty- b<
narriec(, have The following is the weekly bulletin oi
. are scattered of the condition of the weather and tl
Massachusetts crops of the State issued last week by in
does not hear Director Bauer of the South Carolina of
they are all section of the United States weather as
he han little bureau's weather and crop service: ot
and therefore About normal temperature condi;ny
grandchil- tions prevailed during the week ending ^
imberei con- 8 a. m. Monday, June 4th, but early in a
when he made the week the nights were too cool for ot
He ban twice rapid growth of the crops, with, how- sc
ets an I four ever, favorable conditions at the close, p]
There was an entire absence of rain
?? until Friday, when light showers oc- m
^168' curred over the extreme northwestern a
;s as follows portions, followed on Saturday and m
Root in an- Sunday by showery weather over the ca
e nuu bcr of central and eastern portions also. Rain th
ided and the was badly needed over the eastern half ai
i since the in of the State, while the moisture condi- di
ith rc'Vr- n e ^ons were quite favorable over the n<
[timo, Filiju- wt'strra. half. &
d, 2,104; 03],- Thf weather was extremely favorable cl
,425; number for ihe cultivation of crops during the bt
ession, about wc< lr, mo-.t of which have been well in
:ord of Fiiipi- woikrd, aud K?r ^arresting wheat and in
headquarters, oats now under way, except in the ex- a
large number treme northwest counties where both d(
of.-^ or, nro<y??_ I ara rinpnincr. W ir fin ayp.aI- I y&
oximation as lent crop generally, while oats varies
ride distribu- greatly, but falls little, if at al!, below tc
curate report the average of iormer years. e\
>are. Num- Upland corn is small bat healthy, ct
.bly in excess and has good stands. Bottom lacd cli
iber reported corn has made good growth, but stands fo
?2s, as Filipi- are kept badly brokeu by the ravages co
ost wounded of worms. Ear1; iu oiiK ana u,
aratively few tassel. tvi
Seers of high The cool nights retarded the growth co
picious men of cotton, which is unseasonably small, A
isoners; most and also caused it to die on certain a
field as soon soils. Stands are generally full but ha
to release all very lousy in places. Cotton is gener- wl
at an early ally well worked but a few fields are wl
still grassy. Early cotton is putting on to
forms. Sea-island needs rain. The di
ars> weather conditions at the close of the be
:ted trying to week were very favorable for cotton.
Wednesday by The condition of tobacco ranges from E
;lars_ took to good to very poor, and generally the th
)wed by the plants are small for the season, and in be
. one of the Marion county arc buttoning. Worms do
vere not visi- are numerous and damaging. Some Bj
o were seen fields have been laid by. th
lothline pole Rice, tTu^k sweet potatoes, to
of the house, sugar can*.- sorghum are doing well, mi
men to come j 0Ur WLI0 lu ueeti 0f rain, which has ly
T.. l *L ^ ? L ~ I i . ^ l
o asi tuvu tuu oeeu quite copiously supplied. J?run re;
the top '0ct | prospects, except for apples, contiune se<
trikin^ ike promising. The shipments of peaches th
dropped into have begun. til
store, The Many farmers have begun to plant th
stairs, and peas in corn fields, which is unusually be
fiieves. One early. fa
his face ser- m.
Severed by a Saw, ie)
jc. 8 1S99 At Grantham's saw paill, six miles ke
igorator has ^rom Fitzgerald, Ga., last Thursday, wl
d I am per- J?e the eldest son of the
all and will ^on. Daniel Ewing, met a horours
truly ^ble death by falling upon a circular
C. Dorsey! saw* was Eear saw an<^ *n some A
QOW myself, aiauuer ieii uyuiiit ?uu was ?uv eumoby
The JVIur- *a two before the saw could be stop- ^
I. C., and all P^. Be lingered but a short time in
if the most horrible agony.
mum v~ nr ' in^<V>?>Miqii>i(i?i>iniigiir f ai ? n. .iwo rj
D H> Cii?MBERi<dir; S VIEWS- J
.. ,. ' _ . _ . if li/nnnse ui
jutn taroiinas ix Governor Jfreiers ? fs u u u 0 III
Bryan to McKlnley. ? (
0 the Editor of the Springfield Eepub- f jp ^|^|||
The Republican has already gener- \ Our business in
isly given place to the expression of f to-day one of th<
y impressions?not convictions yet f Country. A resu
- , , - - , , , A that qualitv has:
final conclusions?of -what will be f ? ?
te duty and best policy of opponents r first consi er^tio
1 McKiniey and what he represents, 0 *** Seeds require
the coming campaign. I do not wish 4 GRASS & CL(
>w to repeat those impressions or to 4 pg^S, (
tempt further to justify them, but i Seed QatS
hat I would like to do, especially in 1 So:fl NflVy
ew of William Everett's letter on \ Beans S
hich you comment editorially today, \ R ' r
to advert to one view often put for- \ fOOIE 1
ard and apparently accepted by some f l/OHl, ri
many as having great force in a con- e Millet
deration of next fall's situation. It i Rare
this: Conceding or promising that \ ^
IcKinley and Bryan will again be the f Wood's Descrip
ladidates of their partiesr it is urged ^ tS aS^iiSher s
iat there being much that is objec- a of culture, soil best
cuonaoie in .oryan s position ana iuc- \ vw?tT"i
iDley being wholly intolerable, it will f to giwf Catalog
! wise and politic as well as accord- d request.
it with conscience and principle, to j 7 W Wflflf
t up and vote for a third candidate \ ' ?? wiUUl
ho shall stand for exact views and ? QCPrKMPN
inciples. Judging from general nb- b w-.lwo.fllr!}
irvation among my acquaintances and
>rresponaents, this seems to be re- ~
irded as a real solution of a difficulty; T^g jg00^
id so it has occurred to me to raise "*
le question whether the proposed so- About one hm
itiyn is a solution, as well as whether years ago "V oil
ie suggested course would be in any that by the end Ol
;erec sagacious. century the Bibl
This is the question, the crux, as I gotten. The nil
ndcrstand it. ihe independent says: ^as only a little r
1 cannot vote for McKinley. Any- th left and
ung to beat hiin. I abhor lb to 1, -A . +1,rt t>:
istrust deeply the Democratic party s^er h? , ,
3d Bryan's entourage generally. Here we c^n understa.
a choice of evils, one quite intoler- prophet \ Oltai
jle, the other nearly so, but less so. Atlanta Journal:
annot I avoid making a choice of evils lv to the contenl
7 voting for a third candidate; and if ent educator tha
can, is it not best to do so, it being was declining i
so conceded or clear that the inde- anci an alar]
jndent vote solidly cast would almost exj<
Mainly decide the election as between r.virio. pratior
:cKinley aad Brjan?" ri,s.m? Se.neraUOr
My first remark on this is that with 01 wnicu enjo;
third candidate it still remains true Ccttiorial oppor
tat the choice lies between McKinley New YorkObser
3d Bryan. Indeed, that faot, however issue with this vi
isagrecable, must be distinctly faced; the Bible: ''It'
imely, the fact that either McKinley remembered, mo
: Bryan will be elected. By voting studied more l
ireouy for McKinly ? Bryan we. di guarded more c?
!cuy determine or ncip 10 determine, ^ ;t wn
? the full measure of votes, the choice. } . ,
y voting for 3 third candidate we af- la?ed more wic
ict only the aggregates of votes for wielded SO potei
[cKinley and Bryan, but do not change as in the century
ieir relative votes. The result, there- Instead of bein
>re, remains the same as if we had out of date, it ha
)ted directly for MoKinlcy or Bryan; pre-eminently tl
id if this is true, we do in strict fact century." The '1
ake a oh~-je: of evils..ater. alL .^ja&igsSs the position
i aHoaka fin far nnr vnfpQ cr<v pifnp.r I . * .
LcKinley or Bryan."' er is strongly sv
Under this view, what avails it for fact wherea
idependents to seek a third candidate ning 9 . ^ c?r
he a it appear? that no third can be not a Bible socie
ected and that our votes if cast solid- now there are E
will determine the choice? We es- and they have
ipe from no dilemma; we solve no less than 200,00
ux; we avoid no choice of eviis. A ^he Bible Whi
ate cast directly for Bryan counts one ber that other p
gainst McKiniey. A vote cast for a
lird candidate counts only one-half of P , J
vote against McKiniey. Or to illus- ma^ 'millions Of
ate concretely and by figures, suppose probable t aat CH
State to have 100 000 voters who cast tury no 13SS tl
X ' 'fVio V
1 eil vutca. uuppusu \ji LUCOC Wpw VA. wuv *.
iters are independents who sincerely have been circul
iy "anybody or anything to beat Mc- server says that
!inley." If the independent votes increase in the
e oast for a third candidate, the sac- the Bible is due '
??<im*'e .m?fstPh^e?? !<f' "it deals with th
34Tm501. subjeets-those <
If. on the other hand, there in no God and to the h
tird candidate, the successful can- to man S eternal
idate must have at least one more "no critic, hov;
? ? 1 f\[\ A H / I TTA^Aft ( io /*? O >-> 'llr\T?AAf O CI
I&U WC uau Ul. 1UI',UUV ?ULCa, una JO, VCbi-1. t* kjx
>,001, -while if the independent vote is doctrines."
tst solidly for one of the two leading
indidates, that candidate will need A Dsadl;
ily 45,001 other votes, instead of 47,- Three prominent
)1, to carry the State. I repeat, then, Augustan, Texas los
vote for a third candidate when one on Wednesday in ;
? two other candidates is certain to They were: Felix 1
j elected has only one-half the value dent of the Galvesto
effect of a vote given directly to erts. and Sheriff Noc
te leaBt objectionable of the two lead- weeks ago Sheriff G-e
ig candidates, while the choice of one to death by Card Bj
: the two leading candidates is just of an old feud? Wa
i certain in the one case as in the Roberts, was appoin
her. Saturday week the se
If, in reply to all this, it is said that in a quarrel, when .
i+Vi cm-mo nr manw if- is of the murdered Shti
matter of principle or conscience; in min Brocks, a men
.her _ words, that they cannot con- ing faction. Wedne
ientiously vote for Bryan, though ing factions met in
eferring him to McKinley; my sug- All were heavily ar
sstion would be that the scruple is a and two of his fami
ere "sticking in the bark," and not deadly fire of their e
well-founded objection. I should re- ?: ?
ark somewhat thus: "You say you Train Twist
mnot conscientiously vote for Bryan, A. severe wind $
lough preferring him to McKinley, Kansas Thursday dc
id so you will vote for a third candi- t0 buildiDgs, fences,
ite; but you see on reflection, do you crops. The elevat
)t, that by voting for a third candi- Kansas, was destroy
ite you not only do actually make a Kas., the Crown Po
loice between McKinley and Bryan, other iostitut
it you contribute only half a vote, damaged by wioa ai
stead of a whole vote, toward elect- Miami, I. T., a liver;
g Bryan and defeating McKinley,? e(^ aD(* Thomas 5>kia
result which you admit is the more a tree and killed. T
jsirable one, if not the only tolerable -k?uis aQd Saa Ei
suit possible?" train was crocked 1
As well as I can reason out the mat- Oiwcgo by a wind s
r, it is a fallacy and illusion, how- tram was twisted loo
rer conscientiously held or warmly lifted, from the track
lerished, to think that under the con- card "
tions supposed there is any escape twenty teet and drop
r the independent, who sincerely r
mots it, as [ do, his foremost duty r _ t rurple
k: M"Kialey, from a choice be- A Xowcjgiau ve3Si
*een McKinley and jbryau. -Qz. the Philadelphia ah
ntrary, he must face the dilemma. froai tue site
third candidate is no solution at all. of Telmessus, in 1
vote for a third candidate is a vote boat was loaded at M
l? fKtvmm ovxri-c TTn^Ar this TiAw. small port near the
loever insists on a third candidate andabout^O miles f.
10 cannot possibly be elected, seems cargo* which will be
be chargeable with shrinking from facture fcf paint, v
ity, if he seriously wishes to do his great amphitheatre
st to defeat McKinley. which historians say
The greatest living master of the P*city of 20,000 per:
aglish language has lately given in eruption destroyed
is aphorism: "The utmost that can and ^ *s sa^ ^
dorift at the time is the best thing to cinity was transform
i." However much we may disrate ore> f?r, which there
:yan and his party, if it still remains from parts of the
at i^ryan and his party are opposed
giving free swing to trusts and PIT'
imonolies and the tariff which large
supports them, and to turniDg our ANTISFPTIP If
public into an empire, then it should HI* I lOLr IIU II
em that the election of Bryan being Cures La Grppe, dyj
e utmost that can be done at the end all atomach and boi
ne te ward off these mortal ills, is cholera morbus, teeth
e best thing to do. At all events, I children, kidney troub
lieve we shall do well to think care- 8ort8 ^ !?re8>l!y
on these things and not let any
;re notion of sentiment or conven- it and you will
ice or filmy scruple of conscience if your druggist doesn't
ep us from putting all our votes
lere they will do most good. THE MURRA1
P. H. Chamberlain.
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