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F05 . -- - - _
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-kv- i
The News and Herald Co. 1
K H US, A l< -i One
Tiiar, ... SI.50 ]
Six HomiU*. - .75 i
Wednesiay, June 20. - - i'JOO
Tbe first naee>iug of th? campaign
op3aed ai Orangeburg mi last Thursday.
The Candida'^ for Governor are
M. B. MoSwjeue/, J. \ H?yt, F. B.
Gary, a id A. H. Patterson. Taking
the opening speeclm n in index, ihe
chief muter of discussion during the
sasamer will bi the liquor qnestion.
Governor McSweene? will rely con- :
fciderably on the business principles
which hare characterized his admiois
tratiou. As we have saiJ before the
State has gone through wonderful industrial
progress duriusr his admini*- i
tration aad ha has been in foil sympa- 1
try with this progress. He believes in
libera! and bearty support of the common
schooU and higher institutions of
leani?g, and be ia sound in tbir. He
favors good roads, aud this i< a'org
the line of progress. He is in for the
dispensary as is well known.
The chief difference between Mr.
Hoyt aud Governor McSwteney is that
the former is ODDOsed to the State's
soiling liqaor. "The principle of selling
fiqnor for a profit U identical with
selling any other commodity forguin,"
says Mr. Hoyt, and on this point wc
think that he is sound. He repr^seats
the prohibitionist p. Co1. Hoyt is an
hODest, clean ncan, and of the highest
^ character. At present it is :ne general
opinion that the race is really between
him and Governor McS*eeney.
Mr. F. B. Gary, whom we do not
know, favors the dispensarj, bnt a>
we understand it, is opposed to forcing
it npon a.'iwiiliDg communilie?.
Mr. A. H, Patterson, of whom we
know verv little, also fkrors the <li$
ni. n.;< K
peiisarr. uu cuici uiucicuuc ?nu
Governor McSweener is that the dispensary
hw han not been rigorously
enforced against blind tigers*.
G. Walt Whitman is out of the race,
becanse he could not raise the fifty
dollars siifce^sraent.
One of the most eeriotu eviis in
this country is the weakness of wen
in public office*. T:o many of them
IQ1UK ni >re ui moii" uiia;joco iui ioelection
than of discharging their
duties fearlessly and faithfully. Whenever
a serious ct i?is arises, immeliately
the officer begins t>> yaoi.I^e and
speculate a* to what^ coarse he should
pursue, and kis conduct i* not influenced
so roach by what i-? right as
by what affect his policy will have
upon the largest number of voter*.
Too often a man's eutering politics
lose# hie individually and all independent
Ol T A.?vrtf aah mt t??Ira f*nv-.
4. 21COC. xjmid J'icci wai IW?;
? uishes an illustration. The strikers
hare defied al! lav and order. Many
gooi people might synopalh:z3 with
the strikers as far as their cause is
concerned, bnt no right thinking miu
eoa!d approve the indiguities offered
women because they cho^e to ride on
a Htreet car. It i? safe to siy that if
women had been treated in South
P?' Carolina a* ihey hava by the strikers
in South St. Louis, a iyuchiug wo.ild
have taken place, or seriously near it,
long before it; and it is probible thnt
the public offi;ers wh*<e duty it is to
enforce order wou'd u>? have escaped
punishment in some form. The mtyor
of St. Loois vrants the governor to
take a hand and the Democratic governor
insists that the Republican mayor
ought to take step? to quell the riots
and enforce order. From this distance
it seem? thit both are trying to
avoid giving offense to t'le strikers for
fear its ptflitml effe ;!.
It is not only ia St. Louis and Missouri
that political cowardice i* in
evidence. It is on haud oa erery
A a aUamM ka UTol*nA/'i
B1UC. 1121," 911UU1U vg M u L>vu
of the character of politicians that are
being bred these day*, [t i* rare (bat
one meets a man ia politics who really
hasjfised political opinions and principles
of statesmanship. He finds too
often men who are subject to every
breeze, namiypanady sort of fellows.
We have made so much of the principle
that the people mn-?t rul until
it has reacted on the individual, and
destroyed hia independence of opinion
as that when he jets into politic*
be is more concemeo in specniaauir
i? as to which way (he msj mty will g>
than be is in impressing the merits of
hiaotfnviewa upon the people. His
py; own views may be righ1. and founded
ttpon wisdom, but modern polities
% have taught him that success is the
thing, and if saccess reqaires an absolate
surrender he does so, and
finally he becomes just an ordirary
politician like all the rest, drifting
with whatever be may conceive to be
the people's wilt. The role of the
i ' people proper 1? expressed is a loand
doctrine, bat it does no' dispense
with the importance of firmness and
moral strength in public officers. The
people may not agree with eae's
views, bat they do admire honest <^n ictions
and independence of thought
that is not mere stubbornness. Political
sacrifices are necessary to a healthy
political condition, and it it often tbe
highest act of patiiotism to enter politics
knowing that defeat i-> certain.
A Good Cough Medici?io, It
speaks well for CbaujbTlaia's
Cous;h Remody when Hrugsi?t< n?e it
in their own families ;??< iVirnce to
any other. "I have f?oKl 1 '*> imberlaio's
Congh Remedy for lU- =>ast five
Tears with complete satisfaction to
kKjyself and customers," siys DraggUt
J. Goldsmith, Van Eiten, N. Y. "I
have always used it in my own family
both-for ordinary conghs aud colds
and for the c&ugh following Is grippe,
and find it very efficacious." For sale
by McMaater Co., druggists.
A certain class of politician? in the special rates.
aorlh must always nave tuns; to
tnreaten tho boolh. Ti.e o-j question xiONAL ASSOCIATION, JCTLY1'
?f redneing the representation of the Th(, Sonthera Railway will
Southern Stales in Con grew .8 being trip ticket! from Charleston,
revtved by the Repabhean.. Form- the ra,c of 0De fir3t_oIas8 fal
cately for the Sooth many of the Sew rMn(1 w t0 SL Angustil
England States have are.tiicted snf- Fla , Mobile, A
frage provided in their eonBtitotion. 0deanSi La.; Meridian, M
" - ^ vw?tl (Uaiw ?/\A _ . ,,,
?.U >uC .cuu^.uu mi? ba,0> AIa caattanoog.
but strange to say the proposition Bristol,Teun., White Sulphur
come, from New England. It i< rery ya Washington, D. C., Nor:
for NeT England to let the Sontb aD(J inteI.fflediate poillts.
alone. New England roled the Sontb Tickets wi? b<_ soW Ja, j
through carpet-baggers; it ha. made with fi?3, |jm;t Ja, mbi
us pay tremeodou4 tributes to her ho)lif.r6 of retQra port!ons
manufacturers, to her pensioners, fnd trip tickets sold to Charlestc
Utel/ they have proposed to regulate 011 accoaiit of annual meeting
the hours the operatives in ??ur cotton educational association. -Sui
milts shalr wort. Whv can't New portio-s of round trip .icl
. d^po^ued with agents trora w
England attend to ner own onsiowst; trip tickets are purchased.
m ^ will issne receipts for ticket?
As "will be seen by a:? advertiaement iu-d and upvi presentation
running in The News and Herald, receipts will return to orig
the caoitai ttock of the Fairfi.:lil Cot- cha?ers the return portions
if:n i i -,w trip tickets dep>sited. For
MiiU Will be utcrtBSnl to $200,- inf,rnwUo? apply to any ag,
000. This means an additional tapjtal Southern R-iilwar, or its cor
of $97,900. Of course, this will result
in additions t) the mill. . Miss Majgle Rosboroagh E
? Wednesday afternoon. Mis
SCHOOL exebcises. Rosborougb, daughter of 1
r i 11 Kosborousb, wts at Lewis'
The eiereiws a, Lebanon ?huol|j tM tbe'CJnie ont ,0 its
-3 -- rr" O Oftl
op?ii6Q on i uur&u<tv ai sue saw & iram uuluiu^, uwu
o'clock with a "Song of Greeting" bj a negro child sitting in the
the entire school. The addreet of tbo track. With a scream, i
welcome was delivered bj Sfe Mamie ft ^ol tbetrlckf t
Stevenson in a very impreesive man- bhe r0Se up, tbe flag staff of t
ner The following is tbe program: struck her head and killed
1. The "Faacy Drill" by 14 young child, wh;cb was thrown far
^ , the track, was injured in ti
ladies *nd ? younS meu wa< e,.jo>ed : 6triki scmelhin^ perbap,
very much by all preiant. tie on tj,e side track. .D
2. S'J?g, "Rin* the Bells," by the Douglas said its skull was i
school j wa8 living at the latest
s Pi?nr? ,Wf. hT Mi?<a Ii^sic i Chef!ter Lantern
SteYen?on and Louise Turner. G ^ s rjj q -j- _
4. Tableau, "Bridal Act," was bijh- Beantiie j*The Kind You Have j
ly enjoyed by e*ery one prosest. All gj^natar* SIX y/fy-f--*
were expecting to sec a solemn cere- tf %S*yX7<kCc/L
mony and only saw a mule'* bridle. """'
5. Tne "Flag Drill," by 11 small
girls and 14 small boys, was com- /fa ft fl
pleted by larger scholars joining them W' III
and singing "The Star Spangled Ban- \ / i
6. Recitation, "Bittsry B," by Miss
Willi* Jstfuroncnn was londlv ED- I
7. Tableau by 8 young ladies, and +4***^
one gentleman dressed as Uncle San,
ended by singing the "Red, Wbite an?1 jSu^gjggm
8 Piano duett, bv Misses Ethel
Harden and Cooper Walker.
9. "Rose Drill," by the larger young
ladies and two boys, wa<? something flgg
that deserts special taen'iuti. ut such
& beauiilul scene i-? very seldom wit* |
nesscd in our larger college com- f
naenceraen's They wen: applauded ?
by every one in tb" room. I
10. Vocal ? >'??, ' J.'jt for Tar," bv _
Mi** Gaines, was loudly ttpplnuded. .^SffgSr^dffifcV \
11. Pia^o solo, by littl- Mt*? Gettrude
Harden, who i-i out 9 v-arsold, g
and ha? been tafciuj ma<k only iwo Jk ?a?|v \
was grand. Jffl tja
^12. Piano duett, by Miss Gaine- and ^r
13. "Uake Walk," to the tnne o
"Geexgia Camp Meeting," highly de-f
lighted the audience and kept tliein in /mMl' kM\
an uuroar from the time ihe curtains Ig?&\
were opened until eloped. The only W?\
genueman in the walk lost hi< partner
and was not able to find ht r again. galjj&y
14. Vocal duett, by fclis? Gaines and ^8555^
Mrs Jordan, was enjoyed very much.
15. TV-lean, acted by school? sman
ones sitti ?K in a circle on the fl ?or certificate corresponding t(
with the larger ones standing ov<r and keep your certificate,
the-n *in$r;ng "America." receive as many certify
The tfac^ers and scholir* deserve AND HERALD, 'if you
credit for I he manner in which even- , , * ' ~
thing was carried on. The stase was a*so entitled to one gue
tastefully decorated with ivy, evergreens
ant1 flags, and in the back- _
ground were the pictnres of Gens. \
R. E. Lee, Stonewall J icfe-oa and the
"Father of his Coir t-\ " To aid 5
Jane 8. 1900 W. J. Roch<?.
If tnmbled wi?h ih?iuuatU'n, give Year. Total PoruLAT
Chamberlain's Pain Balm a trial. It ^790 3,929.214
wili not co?t vow a cent if it -'org uo 13Q0 5.308^483
?ood. One jippiication will ri !:cvc the ^gjo 7,320,881
pain. It also cores sprains a;;db.nises 2320 9^638,453
in one-third 1 he tian rrqnirod by any 133Q. 12,860,020
other trea'ment. Cats, barn?, frost- 1340 17,069,453
bites quinspy, pains in the aide and 1350 23,191,876
che.t, glandular and other awelliiH?s 1330 31,443,321
are qaicklv cured by sppiyinif it. 187q 38,558,371
Every boitle warrautcd. Price, 25 1339 50,155,783
and 60 ct?. For sale by i!cMa3ter Co. -^890 02,622,250
Oh Friday afternoon a ter ii fc'^rni ?j.ye population for 1900 at
iiited our lown ana ms surrounun-.g over tne popuiauon wuii
country. Mr. Edward Palmer's s'.cep (An increase
fold was blown down, resulting in no
serious damage to the steep. A bam M m iocreisc of n p{!!. cc
oq the sanu place wa* also destroyed. (A.n increase
Through the e2brt6 of Messrs,
Means and Parker, who are engaged
?w? At aa increase of 2o per ce
in she mercantile business at the point f \n increase
formerly known as Mackens, the place
has been rechristened Campbell's and
made a flag station. They have bnilt At an increase of 2-i per ce
- (A.n increase
& wnreuuuae, aim UCI^UI, v/*?u vw
shipped and stored. Passengers can
also get of and on at tbis point. At an iucrcase of 25 per a
Miss "Virginia Black i9 ths guest of (A-n increase
hersieter, Mrs. H. W. DesPortee.
Mre. Blake Boyd ba? gone to Wions- _4_, ? _ ,,
boro.o visit her mother, Mrs. J. A. lhlS 15 ?Be of t]
D83Purtes. Ever
Mr. Harry Davis, of Colombia, is
in town. In case of a tie, or that
The census-taker* are at work-Mr. equally correct, prizes will
C Kinuonf pporpcontintf Innn. thew.
ship 8, aud Mr. Joe Coleman township . "^jis contest will close or
jg tion has bem officially am
/-v T . , .. ii- it,. the United States Census
O" Jun?-"*? *JUS Jalia ^oIeman. TH? NEWS AND HER.4
formerly of tbn place, was earned to when the . ^ dos
Dr. Berry, of oue of the Plant System
hospitals in Florida. Mits Colemaa
and her sister have been in charge ef ^ HT1V/I H
this hospital for several months. Miss n IZrflVI L
Gerliudo Moore, of Ridge way, bag
been chosen to fill the vacancy. The press Publishing
The Ridgeway school closed on the express purpose of payi
Friday with a delightful picnic. THE CASH MUST A
Miss?s Margaret Rion, Laura Doug- $1.50 per year. You get tl:
lass and Floride Martin came from This offer applies to n<
Winuisboro to attend. of expiration.
Mrs. C. P. Wray and Miss Sara Addrsss your orders to
eave for Harris Springs this week.
The board of truiteas elected teachers
lo-day for session of 1900-1901 for ^
Ridgeway High School. Mr. J. S.
Moore, principal; Miss Bessie Lvles
ana Airs. .1. jx. ljeaiasier asusiauis. -,j
Mr. Moore is from Union and comes NOllCB 10 StOCillOltt
with thirteen vears' experience. The
assistants held same places last ses
sion. N.
June 14, 1900.
? - ~? ? ?? holders of the Fairfield Cot
PRESTON RION, Agent i? hereby called for TUESDA
? 10TH, at 11 o'clock A. M.
PACTIC FISE INSURANCE MAN? Win.sboro Bank for the p
considering the question 01 1
nF NEW mj. thft ('anital S/oek of faid CO
Solicits .a suare ol: the public p>i!ron- $200,000. J. W. CATHGj
0 ? a?6' T. W. LAUDERDALE,
3?2(hly J-^-J2-3w PresidsDi
I H-_M?g39^_
i, 1900. ! /-========
Sell Bid? I 5tasST^iiiiii'iniw:!;i:w:ii:iill:nMi'i?i'!h*:;iir:i:!>.i,iJ^~rr.~.i^^ $F\ti ^
s. C., at ![] ~ii;'3 H ik tH *\?
? 'a?3 i-3 ju .3 \r\
e for the J j jf^ |^|
ass!, Bir- ^ | ^
ith,1900, j ?,; ' 2~ AIwgV
1900, jo I f ^VegetablePreparationforAs- |lSp *
Of round j I sinulating the Food andReguia- ]aj _
>n s. n.. I I tingth^StamachsandBo'tvelsof BOttl'S tJ
-y I I
; national ! ; L v I
* re/u[a i b w;y: ,
ELftXI ! . ?~."7P i Signatm
Agents j ! Promotes DigestioaCheerfiu- 0
s> depo?' ness and Rest.Contains neither !|s
of said Opium,Morphine nor Mineral tgj "1
ioa! pur- KotNARCOTIC. Is
of round ! _______
detailed . " m i
ill: Of the Rapecf adErSWlBlEiTcnLn M a "
mections. ' Punrfk Seed- ? I
JLcSeruta * J S2 |i
| ! JteJulUSJto- I 3g3 ?B
Jlled. jbdttSeed? I 5g A
-?#| Ift w
kTr. J. A. | I tlarifwdSueur. ) ?jg *
Turnout | f ) || I
lalao^w I Apcrfect Remedy for ConsUpa- |l 1. IT
middle Of tion.SourStomach.Diarrhoea. gg ? \kj
she ran to Worms .Convulsions .Feverish- || \ wB
md threw Qess and LOSS OF SLEEP. || \ef
mt just as I ; M
.he engine I TacS:irale Signature of JJB . |
her. Tbc[ j ?j ' Thjf
!iilL???? i ii~*i Jt"itfl IT THC CSNTAUR G
~>yrigkttd by Press Publishing Associativa^ 189 9 Allights reserved.)
Are Vou Interes
Greatest Gou
the Glob
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gpryfV The News and
and receive a certificate which will en
_ 1T) distribution of $25,000.00 to
Cash Prizes by the PRESS PUBLIS1
WtlftWIP/ Jl OF DETROIT, MICH., among the
mR&rf&f&Tll ?'jess or estimate of the populatien oi
mm J . Territories, as shown by the official c
" We have made arrangements
ticipate in the distribution of the prize
one year's subscription to THE NEWS AND HERALD m
guess. Present subscribers may take advantage of this offer
* will bi extended one year from date of expiration. No adva
of our paper; you get the guess absolutely free.'
VOITR PTTUCQ w^en You senc* y?ur subseriptio
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as possible. As soon as we rceeive your subscription we will
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We will file the duplicate with The Press Publishing Associal
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want more than one guess get your friends and neighbors t
jubscribers in forming their estimate, we furnish the f ollowing c
ion. Increase. Cent. PRIZES TO BE AWARDE
923,214 31 ' "
1,379,269 35 j To ih3 Dearest correct guess,
2,012,398 37 1 To the 2ml,
2.317,572 32 ; To (he 3rd,
3,221,567 33 To the 4th,
4,209,433 33 j! To the 5ih,
/? i c\n or I rrt i a.l
0,i ZZ.'ild oo iO'IieOIQ,
8,251,455 35 ; To the 7th,
7,115,050 22 | To the 8th,
11,597,412 30 | Tu the 9th,
12,466,467 25 j To the 10th,
| To the 11th,
: To the 12tb,
I To the 13th,
au increase of 21 per ce?t To the 14th,
ild be 75,772,922. ! To the 15th,
of 13,150,672.) To the 16tb,
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each, ainonnting to
nt it would be 77,651,588. J! To the next 200 neareit correct
of 15,029,338 ) each, amounting to
j To the uexf 400 naarest correct j
i each, amounting to
nt it woaid be 78,277,812. j
of 1$,655,502 ) ' j Tot^l, 1,000 prizas^iaountias
ie Greatest Offers subscriptior>
Made: NAME
two or more estimators are
be divided equally between TOWN "
ie month before the popula- !
lounced by the Director of I _
at Washington, D. C-, and j STATE
.LD will announce the date j ,
:mber :r?,$15,
Association has deposited $25,000 in the Central Savings Ban
ng the prizes.
lCCOMPANY your order, the news and he*
le guess ABSOLUTELY free.
jw subscribers and old subscribers who renew their subscripl
The News and He
~ ["oBEAR'S ~~UNM
k* all :
- - ?" * W m "fn 1 ? fl
stock- Tablets c????dc'oi
v"irTT v aMd SSP of
'at The -CUreS- Thankful for
> ac tati'jn for a sL
nrpose of ] old *i an J
ncreasmgi lndlg0St!On \ , tij? attend
mpany to ! 3
utr, j and I rJiEEL
irctary. I j J *
i. I Dyspepsia. j
2 y!l!f% CHAINLESS.
The first choice of experij
enced anc* Particular riden
\ \ UU ndVb everywhere?the best possiQ
PPMffM k*e Pr0?f ?f i*s superiority
b Lightened construction, im?
provements throughout New
tie J ^ Models, $7J.
J^U. Lr The leading medium-pricec
[ AHt 1 bicycles- Their twelfth yea
Lry ' of success. In excellence o
J| manufacture, durability an<
jfj ease of running they are un
I excelled in their class. Nev
1 MocJAIC <ftZ C
Fnr Hvpr f~ HOME OFFI
tv Years
9& | II I hereby announce myself as a can
oj mm date for Solicitor of the Sixth Juaie
bbJh |H| Circuit, subject to the result of the Den
crati primary. THOS. F. McDOW
TTIWBBi lih111III IT'iaWl We propose the name of Eon. J.
T-v /V#
ilENKX 10 lue vutcia
field County for re-election to the office
Solicitor of this circuit, because of 1
very satisfactory manner in . which he 1
discharged the duties of the office for 1
I past several years. VOTERS
I hereby announce myself a canuids
ITT for Solicitor of the Sixth Judicial Circv
B \l sublecc to the rales governing the Den
II | cratic primary. W. C. HOUGH
1 G. W. Kagsdale is announced for
Senate, subject to the Democratic prima
I hereby announce myself a candid
+ for the Senate, subject to the action of
Democratic primaries. Platform: Li
mtry on elections, less legislation, less litigati
^ o aQd less taxation.
, w * ^ ^ 1 1 I hereby announce myself a candid
*or ^le -House of Representatives fi
Fairfield County, subject to : he Demo(
. . . tic primary.
title you to participate JOHN G. WOLLDit
onmr 1 announce myself a candidate for
.-IING ASSOCIATION House of Representatives, subject to
ise making: the nearest action of tbe "Democratic primary..
: the United States and E- C" ^AGsDALI
ensus of iqoo. The friends of John G. Yobley no
i ,i tjtjr.cc -dtt-d nate him for re-election tolheHousi
witn the irKisoo JrUx>- Representatives, subject t> the actior
e our subscribers to par- the Democratic primary,
s, amounting to $25,000. Blvtbewood Democratic Club nomina
"URTHER NOTICE W. J. Johnson for tbe House cf Repres
who <u?rtrk us <si "o for talives> subject to the primary election,
a no sends us *>1.50 ior W. j. hagood, Secretary
all be entitled to one I announce myself a candidate for
thpir subscription Souse of ^P^ntatiye^.^ Dispensa
""" " ~. * . Oiats ana uoumy, renuviiLru aim m
nee is made in the price gated is my platform. Will abide by
result cf the primary.
n you make your guess. B* MORRISON
oc I hereby announce myself a candid
ess and touess as plain y f0r the House of Representatives, subj
' fill out and send vou a to the action of the Democratic pri'uan
, -*> T. B. McKINSTR"*
rou may draw. Be sure _
tion. Every subscriber FOR CLERK.
ptions to I HE NEWS j hereby announce myself as a car
o subscribe. They will date for Clerk of Court, subject t
:.ction of the Democratic primaries.
I hereby announce myselr atandid
for the office of Clerk of Court for F;
field County, subject to the action of
Democratic primaries.
lata: K.T. BRA'S
I hereby announce myself as a candid
Dif! TpflT T nWQ * forCierkof Court for* Fairfield Cour
nu I! UilJJU 0 . subject to the action of the Democn
primary. J AS. A. BRICJ
eu nnn an .
ZX 1 nereoy announce myseu. ?v rauuiu
5,060 00 for the office of Clerk of Court for F;
1,009 00 field County, subject to tlie action of
500 CO Democratic primaries.
200 00 I hereby announce myself a candid
100 00 for the office of Clerk of Court, subjecl
90 00 the action of the Democratic primary.
80 09 JNO.J.NEII
75 00
00 j be-re by announce my*e!f a can
ok An ('atc *,,r ^ie ?'?ce Sn riff for Ft.
35 00 bounty, and will abide by i
30 00 action of the Demccraiic primaries.
25 00 jAS. W. BOLIi K
20 00
15 00 Pledging myself to abide the resull
15 DO ^*e ensuin? primary election, I annoui
^ myself a candidate for nomination to1
lo UU office of Sheriff of Fairfield Couoty. 1
gnes$e?, #5.00 cordial support of my fellow-citizens is
nAA Ar? I <??AAffn!lr CA!IAIfo/1
J7W W ? ovuviwivi*
guesses, $4.00 GEO. W. CRAWFORD
400 00 Ihereh y. announce myself a candid;
guesses, $2.50 for Sheriff ot Fairfield County, subjecl
250 00 the aclion of tlu Democratic primaries
gueases, $2.00 ^ CLARK
400 00 I hereby announce myself a candid;
guesaes, $1 00 or Shciirf, subject to the action of 1
400 00 Democratic primarv*.
[to $25,000 00 Ilnrebv announce myself a candid;
for the office of Sheriff of Fairfield Coi
ty, SUUjeCt tO tllP. aCtiOU Of tll3 DeU.OCra
I SL.AMK. primaries. B. G. TEXNAXT
I hereby announce myself for Sheriff
Fairfield County, and will abide the res
of the Democratic primaries.
d. e. Mcdowell
I liereby announce myself a candid;
for re-election to the office of Sheriff
Fairfield County, Subject to the actic.i
the Democratic primary.
I hereby announce myself a candid;
for Sheriff of Fairfiel: County, subject
the Democratic primarv election.
- - I hereby announce myself a candid;
for Sheriff <f Fairfield County, subject
/~\ to the rule? and regulations of the Deu
I II II I cratic piimarv.
k of Detroit, Mich., for COUNTY AUDITOR.
a -r y\ j. i 11 eieby announce nnself a candid;
S.ALD costs you only for Cor nty Auditor, subject to the acti
of 1 he Democratic primaries.
:ions on year from date ROUT. R. J EPF ARES
I hereby announce myself a c.mdid;
fur re-e'ection to the office of County J
ditor, subject to the action of the Den
cratic primary. J. L. RICHMOND
srald, I hereby announce mys^.f a cat.did;
' for Auditor for Faiifielu County, subj
to the rule governing the Democratic f
SBORO, S. C. mary. GEORGE Vv . MO'J HE
AilXiiU I hereby announce myself a ca did:
for re-election to the "office of Coui
" ? -A? ? ^ TT*,n cnKia/'t
oupttiillchtcub vi jju u*'tt guvjvvt
the action of the Democratic primary.
tock of Ca?kets, Bnrfla I hereby annourc- myself a candid;
Ens, constantly oh hand, for the office of Superintendent of Edu<
hearsa when rfqxtsUd. tiou for Fail field County, subjeel tot
pa*t patronage au?i solici- Democratic primaries. _ _
tare i? Ike fataro, iu tho " xCJMm^R uO.i, JK
^rxrrv?nrr mt^t? i cttti-co
d io ai ali hftuiP. UUU.>n
T TOTT ti- kv I hereby an: our.ce m)*fceif for re elteti
1 UBS* ?*w, t0 the office of Countv Treasurer of Fa
<4 mi i i.vrT *r f<* field County, and wili abide the result
<s w. the Deniocra(i(, p]imaries.
The finest chain wheels acts
> that it is possible to make, avoid
- having every improvement the n
. found in our new Chainless hub.
- j models, aside from the driv- drivir
j ing mechanism. New Mod- Uftan
eis, $?0. ' ~ Price
i The Stormers present a J Lo
r refinement of construction jj qualil
f and finish usually found only finish
i 8 1 t J'l
1 J in Dicycies ujiuuuuiuuis g
- higher prices. They are pep- J durat
v ular favorites. New Mod- I desir
I els, $3?. cost.
CE, Jordan & C
NECT1CUT. Winnsb
' ! ' 1 !
i I hereby announce myself a candidate I
:aj i for the office of County Supervisor fori
10 : Fairfield County, subject to the action of! <5f$)
the Democratic primaries. I -jyce
' A. D. HOOD. , ^
K.: I . 1
dr- j I hereby announce myself a candidate 1
of for the office of Supervisor of Fairfield * a j
:he i County, subject to the action of the Dem III i
las! ocratic nrimaries. , V/ |
lie * ROBT. T. CLOWNEY. |
i hereby announce myself a candidate I \ j
*te for the office of Supervisor of Fairfield " !
Lit. County, subject to the action of the Demin.
nrimdrioc x 1?. BTTRLEY. \
r - . 'sj i
? I hereby announce myself a candidate I
for Connty Supervisor, subject totbeac- ;
f1.. tion of the Democratic vrimaries. J ;
ate I hereby announce myself a candidate .
the for the office of County Supervisor of-Fair- {
ess field, subject to the rules and regulations I ... j
on of the Democratic primary.:...
I hereby announce myself a candidate !
? for the office of County Supervisor of
Fairfield, subject; to the Democratic pri- !
ate mary. ' - ' JAS. H. AIKEN. j
^ I hereby announce myself as candidate if i
for the office of County Snpervisor, sub- LL f
*? nf ttii TlomncrflchV nri
i | JCCl L\J me ak/Uv/n vt v</v , .. .
r- j mary. JOE McMEEKIN. J :
*!?? j T hereby r^n unce myself a candidate j
e for the office of Connty Supervis r, sub,
ject to the action of the Democratic pri- >A<
mary. T. C LElTiNER. "
1 0l I hereby ^ announce myself a candidate ft
for the office of Coroner for Fairfield
itfes Comty, and pledge myself to abide the
en- result of the Democra' ic primary.
~ Prepare for it by
Weight G(
ate ???
. ~
WE can please you in Colored ]
Stripes, Batiste, Zephyr Gi
2^ of colorings. Prices from 5c to 251
itic . WMfp Onnrls of eve v descriot
*" ~ J r X
dies from 5c to 50c the yard, Fine
5? Effects for wair.i. We have the \
the have ever shown in great variety ot
>- last year. We can please you in '
ate Plaids; also beautiful line Blaek G
0 waists and trimmings.
di We are constantly receiving a<
[he can please you in style and quality
priccs. The best that the money ca
lie We are still showing the larsres
of Shoes in the county. New stj
Sandals and High-Cut Shoes; Cient
\l and tan. You cannot get better val
sell you.
ite We are anxious for your patroi
the efforts to please you in goods and p
?T? n i i ft r\ n
I The Uaidwell Dry lii
" BABY' ft
. to
" Babies' K
"" I
Shoes, 31 i]
ui and Mocc;
ate *3S< -XK- -XK- S 1
to e
''' ^ tt~7 ? T T
. I y. v. \y iJLi.
directly upon the tire,
ing all undue wear of
? * At- -
lechanical parts m me-* i
No straining of the** ^
lg wheel. For either ^ : M
iless or Chain Models. j
(with our 1900 models ) $S.oo .#
-i-Vi. U li ki 1 A <W* ?
w in price but high in
iy. Staunch and wellted,
they possess every
site, of strength and
? ? ' ? j
Mlity. Best ror au riaers
ing- first wear at a small
New Models, $25.
Davis, Agts.,
oro, S. C. "2^ !?
Mm i
For famlj is, . Sjg
Hr Me Mts, M
, FBr laaey fiiits. fj|
- In fact? ^
"jars ,jj
for everything in the
way of making life and
housekeeping pleasant,
and not the jars that
"bring unhappiness and
discord and rum your , m
nerves. Come and see
us at once and be happy.
J. H. ' 1
Mc Master
& Co., |
.. ..Druggists
Buying Light \
Dods. : .'I
== Lawns,
Organdies, Dimity
ncrh umc in or<?at varietv
"?>" '? ? a J + ^
c the yard.
ion, Lawns and OrganLace
Stripe and Corded
prettiest line of Pique we
patterns; prices as low as ^
Fancy Dress Goods and
roods and Fine Silks for
ERY. '
Iditions to this stock, and %
of the goods, and in low
in buy is what we offer.
t and most complete stock A
rles in Ladies' Oxfords,
s' Stylish Shoes in black
lue in shoes than we will
lage and will use our best
)ods Company.
?IEND. |
id=Sole I
ppers 1
a sins. ||
es, 1 to o. . i'l
S S3
- .?
nocksj LEFT.

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