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THE ! Vena
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?i?Y? bring
IThe News and Herald Co. ca3te
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TKKUS. IN' AD' \ysepar
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Wedaes lay, June 27. - - i900 tropi<
~ . .. ieet 1
Tbe Republican convention in Paila- tbe re
delpbia Dominated McKinley for Pres- j^i?6(
ident and Roosevelt for Vice-President.
The nomination of Mr. Mc- short"
Kinley was ex pec te-5 as a matter of bavin
course, and no one is eurprised tbatJ, j
it was done unanimous-!v. In the fir?t j 7^.^
place, Mr. McKiuley thoroughly repretents
his party He stauds for all its of hei
principlep. It was he who has carried outpu
the doctrine of protection farther than
ihe early statesmen ever dreamed of. ^mer
He stands for centralization and pater- ling v
aalism, and whatever may be his per- await
sonal views on the subject he is completelv
in tha haods of tho trusts the ag y
creatnres of the Bepublican 1 any. re(i t.
Another reason and perhaps the chief geut<
f h/? !
reason that Mr. Jiinley Has Deen conn- \ ;?
I iACf?S
aated i9 that he is ^oroughly underj cjtjze
the control of Mark Hanna, the great j smue
Repub'ican boss. of fel
Roosevelt was nominated to ?ive p er
enthusiasm to tbe ticket. The fact joc^
that the hero of Santiago was nonii- to gee
nated against his own earnest protest new :
shows that the Republicans fear the great!
' lh?
reault next November. Unouestiona- nQj. t
bly Booievelt will strengthen McKia- nierct
ley, but is hardly likely that any con- cans.
siderable number of voters will vote onlyj
fnr horanse a militarv
4V4 ??vavv "" " "" I T)rpcg|
hero tails it. If elccted, be is power- comii
leas to do anything. Besides, Roose* timor
velt's political career since he came Bates
out of the Spanish American war has h^th
been disappointing. Prior to his elec- prucj(
tion as Governor of New York he the ic
sbov*ed wonderfol independence, and Amei
gained great strength by his honest a c^a
convictions aud his boldness to declare
and execute them. Ambition has 0f ea
taken bold of him, aud we fear that gray
he has become merely a practical poli- jj? ^
tician* tie si
Both McKinley and Roosevelt are m',jia
imperialists of the most pronounced over
type, and their nomination makes ex- ?.ai
pansion a clear-cut issue. with'
?- ? r>lacc
and t
The platform suits tbe candidaten, to be
though it is incoasistent with tbe (*#n^
record of the man nominated for Pre*- ^ista"
ideat. It declares the expectation of whicl
the people "has been m?t and satisfied" mout
by the present administration. It remams
to be seen whether this is true.
It remains to be seen whether the tran?
American people will endorse the no r<
n/tliAw fhot ihrpqf.PBS thfi Vrff exist- I
VUMI. ?M. ^ ?
eoce of the repablic. The people will
have to say in November whether they are e
will pardon Mr. McKinley for covrardljr
shirking what he himself said Co.
was a plain daty towards Paerto Rico.
Of course, the platform harps cn
bavin? fixed the gold standard aid ^
saved the country from ruin, though
it should be remembered that Mr. Mc- while
Kinlev himself while a member of It soc
Pnn?rpe9 ftrivR^afed 16 to 1. which bis allay*
platform now declares would bring
utter roio to the country. imme
Referring to the late war, it is called every
"a war for liberty and human rights," cents
with "no thought of national aggran- ^jjr(s
dizement," and yet since that war
begnn it has been made the pretext of
conquering the allies of this country
^ ? under the name of forcing liberty Mr.
npou them. Tbis is called "a new birth ^une
of freedom" in the platform. It ie ^orm
indeed a new idea of freedom. over
The platform is weak on the trust P
ifcsue, and in fact it must be, for upon QlS3ei
thA trncfa thft nartv must depend i'or f??d?
its sqccssp. ?*
!--- they;
Thb evening papers have began ?roP'
early. When tbe Spanith-Atnerican ,.r*
war started, s?me marvelous 6tories , *
came to tbe afternoon papers. Tbe
same thing has begun with Ibis Chi- . 1
nese dSsturbanca. Already, it has
been annonnced by the afternoon papers
that the President has decided to * "e
convene Congress for the purpose of 1 a"
, , . a sub
naftlarin? war.
" 018.
so ti
Makt more foreign wars will tfcorougbly
acqaiint Americans with the
history of the people of the earth. '
Hotr shall we ever learn to pronounce ^
those Chinese names?
m r how i
Special attention it called to the
*?mmer school for teachers. Tb(
________ that \
Surigao, Mindanao, March 27:b. ?A part 1
new regime has been inaugurated to- less
day in Surigao, the tri-:olor of the in- habiti
surgenta has been supplanted by the contr
stars and stripes; American soldier* Eogli
and their officers are quartered in the
building which yesterday serred as the fnrriii
headquarters of the insurgent troops; ing
an American captain of volunteer in- be is
fantrv has taken tha birden of re
sponsibility which accompanies the ener?
governorship of this important island seekil
province from the shoulders of the in- I adc
aurgent chief; th8 insargent arms have
been formally surrendered to the new- o.^
comers, and all without a suggestion tables
of hostility or evidence of regret on the forba
part of the retiring insurgents. On f^thl
March 25th, at dayhght, the expedition ^arm
for lite oscupation of northern Mia- count
danao left the bay of Albay bound bis es
for Surigao, the ganboat Manila commanded
by Capt. Nagro, and ^earing g^sl
Major General John C. Ba e* and feath<
staff, led the way, followed by the plots
four Campania Maritir s ste .?iers b^y 0
now chartered as goverumen' r -ans
porta, which composed tb? remainder gg]eC'(
of the fleet. These were tbe Francisco ca3ioi
Reyes, on board of which wan Major The r
Craigliill and tbe 2nd battalion of the
40th volunteer infantry; the Salvsdora, ^ouo
containing Major Case and the third lieve""
battalion of the same regiment; tbeiitopp
jfefcS fir
s towing the quartermaster'* de? visited by a plague bi crop am
lent launch Hdhimoro. a?-d car- eating insects that will equal
n i , ?i < ?, a structiveness the one sent up
Colonel uouwi.4 a. il stun, . . Vopt. T . ?? t
? ? , , . cient -Lgypt. L2t U3 form a
AlcNaiuee aud thieo companies will prevent this sinful w
} 1st battalion of the 40th, and bird life. Learn ourselve3 and
injf up the rear the little steamer oar children that it is sinful and
llano, laden with the remaining V/ast fo-r^ lu6
' , A , brjght little fellow said the othi
any ot the 1st batta.ion. By the gee drop, or f0r plea
Dg of the 25th the Manila had showing our *kill in the use
ated from the transports and gun or parlor rifle. Then, agi
ed away to Cebu, the fleet await- we coaM on?>' iaie.rest *ad
. . , oar country on this subject, ^
sr return in so anchorage ne-ir t>le=bin^ it would bo, what a loi
iwn of Bay-Bay on the southern it wouid be in the right dir
f the island ofLejtc. The firat ygry few of them stop to tbic
voyage was made most uucom- jn tr>inor to add to their attracti
>!e for the troops bf the violent (hey are robbing their country <
;al rainfall through which ibe 0f j!s mo>t attractive and pr<
va? compelled to pas3 daring the features; nevertheless it i3 so.
toon. The-6th was #pe?t b/the like men, always wear their b<
irs in oceani bathing and awaiting while courting, and are like v
itaru of the Manila, w^jch re- qqq^ attractive while attendt
,? ? Iu lhc af(er* th-lr domestic duties; and it is
At daylight, this a in., the very time that thousands of our 1
re to Surigao wa> returned and , an(j mogt beautiful songstei
ly m the afternoon the Ustellano, h!)iaghtered, later to be found I
~ WAO 9?/i AAmruMV R f r,D [ . . . . L1 _, ^ ?
o,uu ~ into mconceivaoie suaues auu .u
infantry, aiider command of bap1. unnatural altitudes upon "my
T. Rendrick, n>adc fast to the bounei." Take for example th<
y wooden irh&v*, from tyhich titnj E.,ret>s piuais that were s<
of tbe forty-odd^ thousand bales worn by cur ladies a few seaso
mp which cou8ii:uta the yearly Do they know how and whe
it of the province or burigao. are pr0cured? Did they kn
npped. Soon after the balvadora veriiy believe they would hav<
ip along side the Ca&tellano, and lively refused to adorn then
icans and^ v isayans mins- wjttl leathers obtained in so
nth Spauiards and Chinese, all man?er. Let me tell you ho
ing the arriv-1 of the launch jjone# The parent birds, at th
nore and the Awencin general. 0f rearing their young, are eh
sayan baud discoursed such music theso p ums are p!ucked froa
nas able to produce and the jzay wbile in the agony of death ai
ronsers of several of the i.sar- their worthless bodies are thr
officers added a touch o. color to ^e ground; but some will sa]
?cen? of disembarkation. The not yet these plums some othe
of the insurgents officers and nesting time? The answer is,
us of Surijao were wreathed in u0 ot^er time .re these par
s as tbey extended the right h?nd fearers so beautilul. This i
lowship to each ana a=l of ihe l)0t only results in ihe joss of
:cans. The Spaniards and bir(jS) t>at ^e nestlings are
se, where business interests are KfftrvP T,n>, ;t ft ~rllPi nT
id in Suriffao were joyful indeed Wbat istrac of lhe Egre(s are
i the long-deferred advent of ihe rajjy lrae 0f ajj birds us
rulers in the Orient, but their j>/ ornamental purpose?. They ar
ly abated when they learned mat gorgeously anaved daring bi
istablishinent of a garrison and season, and of* course are kil
he opening of the port to com- cause of their unusual beauty
} was the mission oftheAmeri- tjme> The natural consequence
Two benedictmo friars, the (jje ?crret of Florida, togoihe
Spanish priests^ said to be in the most beautiful birds of 01
use, were on the dock and ex- tj0Q) ard j-a3l disappearing. .
3d themselves as overjored at the gel t0 work before it is too 1;
ig of the troops. Wbeo tbe Bal- put a stop to this wicked dest
e arrived at the dock wi*h we". 0f 0Qr bird?, cruel practice ot d
i Capt. Jfagro and Col. (rodwin aud robbing their nests,
he respective staffs, accompanied lry t0 have gac? laffS a3 wil,
e 40.h infantry b&na, (^eueral QUr ^ds. Let us foster and c
sncio Garcia, the chief official ot ^em ourselves by erecting b >
isurgents, was thsre to greet the nesting places, I eoing them
icans as thay landed. _ Garcia h severe cold spells, and djing ac
racter. He carriei bis fifty-five tbat will aid in increasing tbei
with a bouyant step and upright berP< I have been following tbi
ige, wbicb bespeaks a sufficiency {Jqj foj. years and have reoei1
ergy at:d strength despite bis ^enefit therefrom. Try
hair and mustache. Girciasface your experience wiil not diffc
[icative of no little ability and his 'm-lue g^se
ng is stamped with the undenia
gns of executive ability and fa- ,
rity with the weight of authority tdltor Aw'ul F1,ffhtbis
fellowmen. F. i1. Uig^ina, editor Seneca
-igao is a town coaapo<ed almo?t News, w.ts afflicted for jeai
ilyofthe bamboo but, thatched Piles that no doctor or remedy
ib3 leaf ot the Ni,>a palm, tie until he tried Bucklen's Arnica
of dwelling-* so universally f<mnd He writes two ooxes wholly
parts of the Philippines." Here him. It's the feure-t Pile cure o
here more substantial edifices are and the Lest .*alve in the world.
found, but tha Nipi hut pre- guaranteed. Only 25 c=utp. S
nate-*. The town is built on a McMaster Co., druggist.?.
j spot ami surrounded iu ihe m ar _
ucs by a range of steep foothills, county summer schools
h forms the approach to the white tf vphers
itainous interior. Comrau tica- _J_
between the (Liferent towns of Regulations and Courses ol Sti
roviace of Surisao is almo*tet;- t
- . I C?atn V<nr?f H dnnofi/in
carried 011 by means of water u'u" "'""r ~ t
portation, as there are practically Columbia, o. June 9,
>ad8 leading into the interior, for teachers only.
a are uiore than mere trails None should be admitted bu
wiite you after the taking of the ere, actual or prospective. Tt
of Cagayan to-morrow, as we be better taught if the time anc
xpecting a fight at that place. Hon of the instructors are riev
- KODt. AV itemm; nrsm ajone. Ttre?prffrencc of
. M, 40 U. S. Tol., 3rd battalion. (however cotBme> dable tbe ar
... - ... that wou'd prompt them to
For orer Fifty Tear*. wou'd interfere with the efSci
? tbe special work tor whicl
3. Alvslows 600thix& Strup eckoo s exist
eeu used for over fifty years by ec?001s exisr>ns
of mothers for tbeir children time of admission,
teething, with perfect success. In order to avoid ragged wor
ihes the child, soften* the gums, should be admitted later than tt
i a'1 pain, cures win I colic, and day after the opening of the
1 *' 1 1 1 t-1 r? Iaso -fAi* ovIrQAr.^itwrv r A Q a
Dest retneuy lor 11 arru'tco xi uuiw iui va?uv.v..m.. ,
relieve the poor lite >-nfferer proved by tbe instructors,
idiateh. Sold bv dru^gUts in students' obligation.
part of the ?orld T*e,.ty 6re Th, teacher staden(, mast c.
a jjotile. Be sure a-id k J?r to the ordioary rales of a 6choc
Winslow'a Sonthiiig i. rap,' b failing to do ihe assigne
she ?o ft her klud. 1 1-17 jn a Ba!!Dern 8ali5(ac,ory f0
"" stractors may be exclodeil fr
protect the bikds. school by the instructors at anj
, Editor: I notice 111 your issue of daily attendance.
14th inst. reference to the rapid A record will be kept of the
, . , , .. .. entry of each student and of th
on of Audnbon soc.etie* all ber of dAys in attemianc?. T
oar country?societies furrne 1 for will be called at the beginning
urpose of protecting our Mrds for nc'titiou, and absences aad
nioatiog knojpledue > ' iht-ir ''oted, for wtoch excuses must
, . .. - . . . tiered to the instructor*. The
habit?, &<*., and for tin ,"?rpo e exca8ej aad unexcused absent
)wing what an importa >t t-icor tardies wil! be a part of the re
are in the suceessfu! growing of each student iu tho school, t
, gardens and fruits. My reason eluded iu the principal's full re
f. ... . . _ ;. . ^ the State Superintendent.
rriting this is to express the hope ^
i society of this kind be organized examinations.
in our midst. Surely a people, Upon Friday or Saturday of I
.. . , week of tho school a final wril
pride tbempeives od (heir edaca- amiostion wia be giTeD in ea
md refinement, on their love of ject in lieu of the regular rec
is beautiful, fair and useful, will The length of periods for thi
an interest in this matter, aud work will be determined by
ai?o t rrrrs hrtnro OQ f* n m
: you for calling their attention to '^mV, kilhoo"gtT'the"ei"am1
jeat both interesting and prufiia* should be so planned that mosi
Few countries can lay claim to students would complete each
sat a variety of birds. All will an hour.
? -u * . , ? ? . . - The value of the cxam:nai
t ihat our o>rd* are eiegant in compared whh the otber work
, beautiful in color, and cn- student, is left to the discrelior
ed iu scope and variety of song, instructor.
ew of u* realize bow important, The 8tadeui is required to t
.. A examination as a part of the
necessary they are to the socccas* work of ,h(> scbJ,_tabe eDt:
-owing: Ox crops aud fruits. the credit of baring attended ti
sre are some who seem to thiuk mer school. Attendance mean
ffedonotneei birds, thit all of ence each day (xcept when ab
. like the English .parrow, are a | i?factorily acconnted for.
nee. This arises, no doubt, in houks of recitation.
from ignorance, and from a care- Each teacher-stndent will tak
observation of their food and .,^ri^cb J5"'^i'0
, , teach three period-, and more
3. Without ;ear of successful class is so large that it ?nay neet
adictiOD, I assert that-even the divided into tw* sections. The
sh sparrow, oar greatest bird of recitation should be ab at on
nee, at this season of the year i6 The minimum of lime that it
isjjt benefit to as. That after our pec'.ed for tbe school to be in
shing Dim a iree noose ana pay- eacn aay is mererore taroe uuur
all his household expenses, Instructor teaching the wbo!<
a most extravagant fellow, still the work being divided beiwe
is a good profit made out of him, instructors so tbat tLere wi'l
es the wonderful example of conflicts for the students,
y set before our young men. in drawing U oflereJ, an ad.
ag a wife and obtaining a home. period of (wo hours will t?e nei
ait that occasionally tbey help ?two additional periods w'-eu
selves uninvited to onr fruit and tendauce is large. *
;9, and sometimes in looking for work out ok tiie class ro:
0r"? Tbe ela? room wort sboalc
rt? planoc.1 and co duaed that i
de the growing of brootn corn f. , . , . fi . ^
n the city limits, but nevertheless ~n,L- :1?.i
io a great deal more good than irHu,,cu ""
. Thlre isn't a bird iu our (r?'.100- ,h.e"?e m/!'s? '
ry that does Dot more than pay ?'j ?u , t??VLi?*, ,? ?
menses. Farmers, fruit growers, s "dents Lave the fullest poss
ibers, all who till the soil fol ?' ction.and guidance accord
are |or profit, are greatly bene- r needg*
by the frequent visits of these text dooks.
ired songsters to their fields or The students are required <
of ground. They are unmistaka- and use as text books in the prei
nr friends, and a? finch are en- snbiects. the text books author:
to vary their diet of squash bags, the law aDd in most general use
rorms, caterpillars, &e., and to public schools of the county. '
from nature's bill of fare an oc- strnctors will use their own n
na! meal of vegetables aad fruit, and may employ the text boot
wliless and cruel warfare that is subsidiary a manner as they i
waged egainfct our bir.s is and will prescribe for the lite
ling t) one who has ever giver study such texts a? they pre
;ht to the subject, and I verily be- cbeap editions.
that unless this warfare is courses cf 4tcdy
ed, we will in a few year. be| Tbsre wmb, lwocour?esof
i grass
?r\Ai?>fP I .-- . - =% ..^ ^r- J9T- re*.? ' ^rA X*3i. S3
aste of m b rrr p* ?
1 tea(* [[T ^ = a? % R | ? ujf; &
?cruel I ! j& * y f?p % % ? % W\ ?
" as a K f* S B&i $ ~i y* ? ? fc B
Br day, j 11 ^ ^ ^ ~
Sof\Jr | ji|f sot' Xnfantsjiiid OMidij
lies of I?'.*? Vrtffl L3<
step sliilU I viS fli
rib": Always Eou^h
of "one ' ^Vegetable Preparation for As- |8g " %.
stable - slmilating theFood and Reg uia- m . #
Birds, ting the S lomadis and Bowels ot |fj BeaiS tlie 0
est suit wj inji ii. ,' i~g^ug ffl Jjf A/
"e"o Signature / A
ovllest Promotes Digestion,Cheerful- I IS ff */ |A
:3 are mess andRest.Contains neither |g Mr* Jr a b
:wisted Opium,"Morphine nor Ninprai ||j vi #l\ \L?
ixediu Not Narcotic. || )j
) macb Rtapecf OldHrSM'niELEITCBER jsj t
D3 agO. Pumpkai Sad' nj g jj ?
Ihey Mx.Senna * ] SB JLfl
OW I ftd*UiSJh- I as a
ow- .L ArJsisad i a a
2 pOSl- fivperndat > sK 8 \ U IB W
Qselves toCarbauASaia* [ Mil lit
cruel a ! | k f > II
vr it is Mitywff ritn-ar. J |ffl f\| A/l
*tllZ Aperfect ReipedyforConstipa- MB Vj. LT
i them tion. Sour Stomach. Diarrhoea, M | |jy _ _
id tiien ; Worms .Convulsions .Feverish- M\ b? Law [|ii
own to oess and Loss of Sleep. M i UI U V
r, why ? ; I|
r than TacSitrule Signature of 'fftj bp 2 ?
s dggyj ioTnni
led be- ??BBWBigHHKEiTJHiiiwj||J M ii'iM1;'1"
at that
is that
r with n??_
Ar S8C- - Let
as e<*?h consisting of three subjects. The be called history-making one?
ite and 6rst (A) will be arithmetic, geography bnt little attention to mere iE
rnutini and En rli^h (grain nar, literature and only insofar as they give daf
estrov- theiDe-writing). Tho sec >nd (B) will sight into the feelings and in(
Let us ^e a'?e^ra American history and En- men.
??!ish (more advanced work on the Show the value of referen':
are for sa,ne^ues- ana now to nse mem in aisioi
xes for ground to be covered. Show the relation that li
during In each .object tbe instructor will
iythiug seek to be thorou?h rather than to ? ^ another,
r now- reach a certain point in the coarse. English.
i* prac- tele3ie work. (Prepared by Prof. H. N. Sn
k^aud a0 me3m omit to reqaire the Wofford College.)
frequent writing of coapoeition9. Re- ^or ihose who have taken la
' quire at least six written themes of courses in Eoglish, I should
?ich teacher-student. Correct these the following:
carefully and return. Classify mis- } Short daily test-reviews
takes and explain to the class the principles of English Gramms
. (Iil?i.) means of avoiding such errors in tbe exercises in analysis?these rei
3 wiih future. Tbe noting and correcting of t&ke only a very few minutes ej
helped these exercises will occupy the time of ?' Continue the literature
. SaIvo. the instructor out of the class room as with different bo^ks. Last ;
cured folly as the study and writing will Btndy was a representative n
u earth occupy the time of the student The poem?Tennyson s Enoch Ardi
Cure month *iil necessarily be one of un- ve&r it might be well to b
Sold by remitting work. 6tildy of the prose story a
mi-pep a working out of plot; (b) dra
. background; (c) creation ot
The work in the first course- will be ter, and (d) ethical teachings
for prac;ica!ly the same as that attempted ihome's Tales of the White H
la>t;.ear. The instructors will con- 40 Riverside Literature Serie
so. 11 the outlines of this work, as set excellent book upon which to
ldy* forth in the annual report of this study. Where practicable
, > office. They are remit.ded, however, Eliot's Silas Marder, Irving'
1900. ^ tbdt these outlines arc not to be fol- Book, ami Shakspere's Men
lowed slavishly and that the work Ven'ce, e>bou!d also be read
t teacl should be adapted iu every case to the cursed for tbe purpose espet
iev can 6Pec*aI seeds and qualifications of ihe contrast and comparison.
I tfftn teacb2r-?tndents. Two or three things must
T" inafT-nrifir logt fiorht of in this literatore
nhitinn re=a,,d-? as best in tbe specral case, ing a* po&sible ic order not
i ? but it is suggested that nothiDg better keop the atteution of the pu]
attena; coyi^ be selected than Longfellow's the special book in hand but
enfc/? Evangeline. Is theme-writing, it may him to further reading; then
1 tnese be well to attempt no exercise in Argu- analysis suggested, the effort
mentation. made to train the pupil to tee
course b. 8erve. 10 J"ad?e. t0 compare,
k, none draw conc! ' 'o"? of his ov
le third ihesecond course is primarily for finally the Ik-.,k ouould be
scheol, those who attended a summer school bring to him, as far as maj
ous ftp- 'a^ Tcar a?d successi ully complete! deeper lessons of character a
the course there tffered It is in ad- diet.
vance of the first and is for any of the 3 The composition work si
' ' - 1 -c 1_?1
le^caers iuai uau puieuc u tu gica ci i conunueu xroui mai yvai aiuug
opform advantage. Tbe instructors will en- | ijBe8. Interest and profit a
>r. Any qoire f.ersonally of the teachers as to added by taking trie themes 1
d work their preparation and needs, aLd will story or stories studied. Six
the in- examine them (on the first day) to from each teacber-pnpil with
om the lest their attainments and judge of the corrections, tbe arousing of
r time, grade of work they can best do. Act- science a* to the need of thei
ing then upon all the information ob- iDg in all grades, discussions a
day of finable and their own beet judgment, foggt methods of conducting tbe
le num- lhe instructors will as-ign tbe students sition work wonli moan muc
he roll t0 or *^8 second course, English trailing 1h our school)
of each Whickeve- wo be most profitably par- deawikg.
8ae^? It may be that some that took , ,. t ,
kPrpn the course last year will do best to . With the hope ofintroducin
list of take that orer, while some, although ing in the public schools, ins
,e3 an(j they did not attend the school last 10 1^1S A1} 1 ^ cffere
cord of Jear? be prepared to get more many of the countv summer sc
o be in- benefit out of the second course. possible this year. Gre^t pro
?Dort to The following outlines will indicate this art could be made in one
the character of the work to be at- 10 *ac^ .cou"fy ^ ^
tu* Aonrco Tho instruction is offered all stud<
ICLUpiCU HI tut OQvWiV* WHltfV* auv #
quantity suggested is the maximum. "? reqaned to take the course.
:be last algebra. visitors.
^ e*J* (Prepared by Mr. W. K. Tate, Prin- A? iB ever.v school, the ils
.cfn ?ur)- cipal of Meminger Normal School.) wil1 use tbeir own discretion ii
>a?"i The instructors in this subject should ,in* vi,i,ors ,0 in8Peet tbe wor
the "in- be goided by the conditions as they trustees and patrons' d.
'Sbtbe vlt Jifi? inn?n\ SCh0?'8; Tt.0 county supe.imendent
nations ,s? J s1 d theygnaid agai?#i j?.ltuct0rs will appoint one d
tof:bo nn ?h? nlr? L r k?0^led-e day of the third week ot ihc
Witbin mental ideas and ODe ati.ns Intn' "h""1" ???"ted) for a pn
"J?*" ^ , , "n spection of the work of the i
tion, as ?'[ * ,nt t'e<i?f !te,e alw'*8 school and a discussion of II
: of the ?a"se?"lr?J "SS.S0!?'?10* .ft0?'"!- of the country schools. All
I of tbe The course >hould begin with simple iuteres!eJ 5n education will \
rlTZ^LTfr^ier io 'Uit theXol dn"Jh !
ake the ? <*?w the irelation between an hme- toure Llter a, an
regular *"d " Sive an idea of the county superintendent an,
Med to aigebra c notauon sfroctors, with such others
les^m- ol"j? u^^p'fUttUW7- ?"u ,,lu:"a may have invited, win aaar
9 Pres" uJLiLr t J)f/.ef!-e audience upon practical mat
enceis f ake clear the distinction between ;a(ing (Q ^ gr?ater efficieQ(
nf nnLrdm ? h I ' assigns C0Qntry school. Special efforti
of operation and ?*ns of oppontio.., be made to secure the pres
. , h snhtracfinn ?nT,?& ? ' tr*itee3 fr0m T district
e three subtraction and the law of signa m T ? T vfr?Yf?>
r-fTh" l"'""'' f Sm* Superintendent of Blue
if the accustoji students to the use of literal r
I to be exponents and literal notation in gen- ? .. *T" ?
. , e Robbed the Grave.
period era!.
e honr. Devote spccial attention to factoiing A stalling incident of whi
is ex since it is the basis of clear algebraic J?hn Oliver ot Philadelphia, \
session insight, in Hading H. C. F. and L. U sn'-jecr, is narrated by him a* i
if each M. use me;hod of f ctoring whenever "I *vss j . ? dreadful co
j lime, possible and set. tint the |?rincip.cs My >kin w i- ilmost yellow
eu the underlying any process are m;.de cl?..r ' unk^n, t .ugn-* a'ed, piin
L- >i..f dttomiii ?r>n(%h TTni?>ja ualiv in back and *nl Sj no up
UtJ IIU K^yj ?? '*. uiivu?|/< V 'V Ii?uw . v
Where yonr c!as> has had considerable prepa- 2fr?du lly growing weaker d.iy
litional ra!i ;n, the month's work should no- Th 'te plnwcians had ?ireu
ces*ary extend bexocd simple equations con- Fortunately, a friend advised
the at- tniiiinor one unknown quantity. 'Electric Bitters,' &nu fo my gr
and surprise, the first oottle
)ir nisiORr. decided improvement. I co
, ' (Prepared by Mr. W. If. Hand, Su.?*. ,h"ir u":e 'or three weeks, and i
' J?, of Schoo!?, Chester.) * well msn. I know they ?ai
will be Since only one month can be siven We a,ld robbed the pave of
t/. rhie it tj i/, vn-tim." No one should fai!
nronn. to this Kutj.ct, it n thought best not to fh(irn_ Oulv 50 cents m>r b<
,rsuuc- at cmpt to cover aay ?reat portion of 'V dm* store
eacNer- American HiUor>\ It would be wel e * a - tore*
ble in- 10 e?ffle ore important period j ... . - ?
Una 10 and s.u.) it ;h)ruugb:.. Tba; ix- T \ \ ft C D T A V [\
tending froui the close of the Revo'n- U JLf UrfXV. 1 rt.A.JLii
tionary War to the election of Andrew
Jackson as President, would furnish
ohave an excellent basis for this work. Study w ATT TT,- m*?A?rri
scribed the difficulties under which theUnim ~C ATi.
ized by wa? formed; what infleencss operated ? * j J, iT # . Tf
> in tbe in lavor of Unioo, and what in lavor C"" "d S??"' 0
rue in- of isolation; bow the ideas of onr "d >>e?r.. when r.?
tethods Goyernmeat were affected bv nation- Tbanbfel ferpatt pafcreaafe aa
*?! ? is tha ftlf*r?
:sinas ality; -what part commerce played in '"V "
see fit, the divUi^n of tin people into two 91 ,tund?J to t;&U h*an
rature- great political parties, etc A careful
ter, in study of this period i9 necessary to TJK ELLIOTT ttJW >BbC
any aicquate understanding of Ameri- **- m
can Uistory. J' * KLLIOTT j
fltady, Slre.'eoDly such moTemeuta as can
"~~jTT7 7^?---- r .jf]- t -, r
zrzsa %
1 S
? The Columbia Bevel-Gear Chainles;
? of business or pleasure. It is ah&
| k always trustworthy. New Model
& COLUMBIA Chain Wheels are th<
if \ is possible to build. I
hj comprise the most representative and
^ taining the highest possible value for
3 mers, $35; Pennants, $25.
^ models. Price $5.00 when
gr > Jordan & Davis,, Jr
I hereby announce myself as a candi- I hereby announce
date for Solicitor of the Sixth Judicial for the office of Co
IS 3 Circuit, subject to the result of the Demo- Fairfield County, sue
crath primary. Til OS. F. McDOW. the Democratic prima:
HI We propose the name of Hon. J. K.
Henry to the Democratic voters of Fair- i hereby announce
field County for re-election totliecffice of for the office of Su
Solicitor of this circuit, because cf the County, subject to th
very satisfactory manner in which he has ocratic primaries.
Give discharged the duties of the office for the ROB
cidents, past several years. - VOTERS. announce
inite in- I hereby announce myself a candidate fcr tlie 0^ce of ?U1
)tive3 of for Solicitor of the Sixth Judicial Circuit, 0ounty subject to th
sublect to the rules governing the Demo- 0cratiTprimiri?s.
e books cratic pnniary. W, C. HOUGH.
v leach- sfn'atop , 1 ?ereby announce
y leacn SL-NAIOK. for County Supervise
n-c np G. W. RaosdajGE is announced for the tion of the Democratl
n is one ge^te, subject to the Democratic primary. J01
I hereby announce myself a candidate I hereby announce
for the Senate, subject to the action of the for the office of Counl
vder of Democratic primaries. Platform: Less field, subject to the i
3 ' elections, less legislation, less litigation, of the Democratic pri
and less taxation. D.
of the j hereby announce myself a candidate mary. ?
ir, with for the House of Representatives from T 0Tirirtrm?o
riewa to Fairfield County, subject to-he Democra- f J tbee 0^ce ot Com
'stndiei * JOHN G. WOLLING. Jectto the action of i
i-ear tLe I announce myself a candidate for the T liorohv ann nm*
arrative House of Representatives, subject to the for tifpofficp of Com
e?. TbU action of the democratic primary j*4* tte action of
egit> the ** RAG?_DALE. mary.
s to (a) The friends of John G-. Scobley noini
wing of nate him for re-election to the House of
charac- Representatives, subject t? the action of OOUJNix ?1
Haw- Democratic primary. j hereby announce i
ills (No. Blythewood Democratic Club nominates *? the office of Count
s") is an W. J. Johuson for the House cf Represen- field County, and wiJ
base the Natives, subject to the primary election. "ie Democratic prima
Georga Secretary. J
s Sketch I announce myself a candidate for the DO YOI_
ibant of House of Representative-. Dispensary,
and dis- a^d County, renovated and fumiM
n<staA ic rr>TT rttaHVvm Will ahirift lw tile mw a * a
;ially of ?esun 0f tfie^prifpary. H I f\| H,
J. B. MORRISON. 1 A * w
. not be I hereby announce myself a candidate
i study; for the House of Representatives, subject Trv tViP C
"only*io afitJon of the
'r.'inSe FOR CLERK. " IV1 O IVI
, by the I hereby announce myself as a candiis
to be date for Clerk of Court, subject t? the
t, to ob- action of the Democratic primaries. perfect bl<
, and to R- CRAIG-. r ,
cn; and I hereby announce myself a candidate
used to for the office of Clerk of Court for FairT
hp tbp field County, subject to the action of tbe ^
15 pon Democratic primaries. 35 C
lDQ COn" * R. Y. BRAY.
ion!d be I hereby announce myself as a candidate
similar for Clerk of Court for* Fairfield County,
icrnt hp subject to the action of the Democratic - DO YOL
"rora the Primary- a. bkick.
themes I hereby announce myself a candidate t 1%. t
careful for tbe office of Clerk of Court for Fair- H I IV H
a con- field County, subject to the action of the 1 A * f"ae-wrif
Democratic primaries.
s to the john w. ltles.
compc- I hereby announce mj-self a candidate
:h in the for the office of Cleik of Court, subject to orders at air
, the action of the Democratic primary.
40e to
traction . '
d in a? J h,rtl!? an?ou,,ce ? CJ,"^ Try our special
v^?io oc date for the office of SnmiT for Fair- , J
uvuio t*m _
areas in "e't* ^ounty? a:,d will abide by I he j ic<t,
"jyoulh action of tbe Democratic primaries.
lore tlii* JAS. W. BOLICK. p IV/| Ha
;nts will Pledging myself to abide the result of " \
tbe ensuing primary e'ection, I announce Dealer in Fir
myself a candidate for nomination to the
office of Sheriff of Fairfield County. The ????????
tructors cordial support of ray fellow-citizens is re- ITn+in* In f
J admit- spectfully solicited. rlOIlCu 10 I
k. GEO. W. CRAWFORD. xwuw iu K
,v I hereby announce myself a candidate
for Sherilf of Fairfield County, subject to A MEETING (.
and the the action of the Demo Taticprimaries^ holders of the Fair
J. CLARK. Ja horoKu called fnr1
ay ^(rx- ... ?
summer I hereby announce myself a candidate 10TH, at 11 o'clo
blic in- or Sheriff, subject to the action of the Winnsboro Bank i
summer Democratic primary. considering the qae
ie needs J. McKI *NE1 ELLIOTT. the Capital S/eck c
persons ihirebv announce myself a candidate $200,000. J. W.
?e asked for the office of Sheriff of Fairfield Counnoruing
ty, subject to the action of th3 Democratic T. VV. LAUDER!
d hoar, primaries. B. G. TENNANT. 6-12-3w
1 the in- j hereby announce myself for Sheriff of _ ..
as thev Fairfield County, and will abide the result w
e*s the of the Democratic primaries. T"V^/i
ters re- D- E. McDOWELL.
'7 of a I hereby announce myself a candidate
s should for re-election to the office of Sheriff of
ence of Fairfield County, subject to the action of
the Democratic"primary.
n,,l I
ation. I hereby announce ni}-self a candidate T NJQW I-j
for Sheriff of Fairfiel; County, subject to
the Democratic primary election.
ich Mr
vas the * hereby announce myself a candidate
bllow?' for Sheriff cf Fairfield County, subject to "1 )
A... *' to the rules and regulations of the De.TiO- I
nditiou. cratic priaiary. " J__^CSL k
coutin- '
me up. I i ereby announce myself a candidate CTA "I
trying for County Auditor, subject to the action r~^ /""
paf i ?v ?f 'be Democratic primaries. V_/ I 1 v.
madi a ROBT. R JEFFAliES.
ntinned 1 hereby announce myself a candidate
am now ^or re-e'ection to the office of County Au7..?
mv ditor, subject to the action oftheDemoreu
m\ cratic primary. J. L. RICHMOND.
another o ^ ^
to fry I hereby announce rays3'f a candidate d X _L V_J
).tle a* for Auditor for Fairfield County, subject
c. ' to the rule governing the Democratic pri0
' ^ I hereby announce myself a .ca didate
for re-election t<> the office of County
Superintendent of Education, subject to
the action of the Democratic primary.
! 4.-U- Li axiiiVj
h r j I hereby annourcj myself a candidate a T \
a saaa, for j]ie 0ffice 0f Superintendent of Educa- nLoU A
tion for Fairfield County, subjecl to the
d soliai- Democratic primaries.
j, in & W. L. R0SB'?RCr0n. JR.
\m I hereby announce myself a candidal*
-* for the office of Coroner for Fairfield
5 CO Comty, and pied<re myself to abide the f \ ~T~\
* result of the Democratic primai v. I I
J vARTivY(')\TriTE. Vft/ -L-/
ixmjunmwViitiiimrwfrin'.r iii ifrnim iTj
I li
ir \ \
Bicycles. If
- ?j^1 nrUool fnt> ovofV fHlTOOSC V
5 IS U1C 1UC4U. wiibw V.?. / x f
'ays ready for use, always reliable, \ C
Is, $75. ?
: finest machines of their type that it 3
New Models, $50. ?
popular medium-priced line, each con- C
its price. Hartfords and Stor- ?
E. For either chainless or chain 3
ordered with new machine* \
Winnsboro,S.C. f
semen ts^ Sheriffs Sale. J
myself a candidate vested ii> me I have levied on tod will
^ ^elT to fh?; highest cash bidder before
get to the action of ,.||iirl ,,*UM door in Wi.o.boro,
A. 0. HOOD. S. J., ?>i che FIRST MONDAY IK
JULY u-st, the following described
! myself a candidate t n ?r land, sold under the Acta reipervisor
of Fairfield lerring to delinqaent taxes:
e action of tne Dem ?. 2. __ ,
School District No. 4.
T. T. OLOWNEY. Estate of George Barber, 115 acres;
myself a candidate bounded south and west by lands of
' ?~ ? "? M.??1
pervisor of Fairfield Wm. uouiware; ease Dy wm. ceijfie.-i
e action of the Dem- west by estate of Wm. Kennedy; north
J. B. B17RLEY. 5y Harrison and Morgan.
myself a candidate School District No. 22.
>r, subject to the ac- Mr.-;. Carrie Bianton, 120 acres;
c primaries. ^_ bounded north by D. J. Weir: *outb
IN A. SThWAKi. and e&st by fid *ell Flau; west by ? -||
myself a candidate Amelia Davis and DeiPorte?. ' >%
:y Supervisor of Fair- R. E. ELLISON,
ules and regulations o.iotd^ S. F. C.
mary. " ?-? !: H.
ROBERTSON. * myself
a candidate m M|
urity Supervisor of M ^
the Democratic pri- I
T.4? flr atttrtC W ... 35
myself as candidate H -: -?
nty Supervisor, sub- B B
the Democractic pri- ^
? Dyspepsia Cure 1
lty Supervis r, sub- J 1 ^ 2$.
tTe SSr Digests what you eat.
? It artificially digests the food and aids
.,L.L.,. Nature in strengthening and wconREASURER.
structing the exhausted digestive ormyself
for re electio* gans. It is the latest discovered digest*
y Treasurer of Fa r- ant and tonic. No other preparation
il abide the result iff can' apprdach it in efficiency. It to?
ries- ? ' stantly relieves and permanently cures
FitiGHS WTLii. Dyspasia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
t il; a xtt1 Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea.
> WAIN i SickHead3ohe,GastraIgia, Cramps and
all other resultsof imperfect digestion.
^ Price 50c. ahd St-Large lire contains WttaMS
1 P P K K f waall size. Book all abonfcdyipepel a malted tm
a ua uu ? prepared by E. C. DeWITT A CO.. Chl???o. _
vr-ir k icvs M . m
'elebrated w ? >y |
9 --'J*
| ( j, J " The registered stallion W. A. W.
" I will be at Mr. Henry Refo's stable in *
Winnsboro on Saturday ot each week.
af Mnrlia Ou Mondays'at tbe farm; balance or
T. time at bis former stand* in the co*n- ^Jk
Java, try.; He is seren vesrs oid. uav, with
black points. Height, 16; has good
bone and .muscle: no blemish or de- i
enta. j feet. He is strong, trictionlew in
* * motion,'kind in disposition, and a per
feet roadj-ter. His sire is the celebrated'
Red Wilkes, Hi-* dun, Betsey Baker,
1 WANT was tbe mother of trotters. She was
sired by Dictator, who was the sire of
Jay-tfye-See, 2 10, of Dirrctor, 2 07,
TF A'? 'nviDCibJe Dirtcinui, 2 04, the
* ? grandf-ire of Nancy Hanks, tbe qaeeu
of trotters, and the sire pf many others
i . rii of extreme sp> eJ.
rea t# n.l your Although a noted trotter with pery
price, from f<c: knee action, W. A. W. posf=??9-s
also saddle gaits ot superior qnaitt).- >
Terras, 15 00 to insure colt. For
$1.00. extended pedigree and emitted record
, ^ , , T j JOBS G. MOBLEY,
hlpnri tnr lrv?ri ! a in e V<
' T'iVUUi ?? XUU'UV/I Jy KJ* Ks*
benicht ? MEN VAKT1D,
le Groceries*. Wi;h fair education and good char.
lacier, to learn Telegraphy, Railroad
j Accounting, and Type-writing. This
tflPMflPN *s endorsed by all leading railway
jLUuJu-UIUulu, ccrnpanie* as the only perfect and re
llabte institution 01 its kind. All our
tot? crrvir grrtdaau-s are ass.eted to position?. *
c ij n ^ u'iMo Ladies aln? admitted. Write f?>r fre*
TTTffcni V ifit v catalogue. Fail term opens Auau,t 15.
ck A. M. at 1 tie . ,? r
or the pnivose of ^ *>
stion of increasing
)f said compaay to ^ ? . '
feecretarv. wr 111 out pain. Book oi j?rDALE
I Iwlfl ticaUnient FREE.
Presides 1 U
__ ' 1
-'^i*1 nm r. ~
:ave in stock a full line of (
Dies' Kid=Sole
>es, Slippers .
- 'M
L iVLoccasins.
J. rSag
Sizes, 1 to o.
FEW Hammooks] LEFT.

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