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Wednesday, Jane 27, * a 1900 !
?Bead Saperviwr'a report.
?Thursday, Juae 2l3t, was the i
longest day in tHe yoar.
?Read Mra. Habeniebt's ad7ertise- 1
t meet, it will interest y?u.
?A iiv line ol summer milliuery >
just received at Mrs. JicCarley'f.
?A party ?f young men left o?
Saturday for Catawba river where
they expected to try their lock at I
?After suffering from pile# lor fifteen
years I was cored by using two ]
boxes of DeWitt's W.itch Hazel i
Salve," writes W. J. Baxter, North I
v r?. It heals everything, i
i/iW*} *v* W ? -
Sawara of counterfeit". McMas'ter Co. 1
?At a aeetiag of the town council
held on Tuesday night, Capt. W. G. t
Jordan was elected chief of the fire
department and Mr. Jas. M. Smith
assistant chief. j
?One of the Chester papers contains j
the notice of a picaic to be givca at !
Catawba Falls on July 4'h to celebrate !
the 124; h 3 ear of our independence, j
No ioabt a number of people from j
our cjaaty will join the Chester peo- (
pie in the celnbration. 1
Tkt *asieit and nost effective method !
of purifying the blood tod inrigorasins
the system is to take DeWittJ? Little
Early Risers, the famous little pills ,
for cleansing the lirer and bowels.
McMaster Co.
?A number of early cotton blooms
have been received at this ef?ce, and <
among those who sent tbe blossoms
are Mrs. E. J. Tarbcroagh and Mr. A. :
Williford. The Fairfield fanners are
bard t? get ahead of, aad their crops
are alw&vs among the first. t
?The dispatcher to the Sanday {
paper* stated that Co. M of the 40th ,
lafantry had beea ambushed and quite }
a number killed. Corporal Herroa,
of this couaty, beloDga to this corn- r
pany, fcafc we are glad to note that his c
aame does net appear amon? the *
casualties. {.
J. C. Kennedy, Roanoke, Tens., ]
says, "I cannot say to? much for DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salre. One box
f it cared what the doctors called an
incurable nicer on ?y jaw." Cares
??!? and all skin diseases. Look oat r
for worthiest imitations. Monaster
?D. W. Melver, Tmkegee, Ala,
wrote: Our chip's bowels were passing
off pure blood and all prescript
tions failed to relieve her, until the
" tried Txethdu. (Teething Powders),
and she it now doing well.
?Lieut. P. K. Brica, who has just
graduated from West Point, is at
borne. He has a leaye ef absence unsil ]
* * ?J ?Hi havo tn rpnnrf .1
AUgUfl ij SUU Will IMCU ua v v fcv ? . v
! headquarter?. He does not jet f c
know where he will be ordered at the
expiration of his leave, but thinks it ?
probable that he will be sent to Manila, i
"I had stomach trouble twenty years i
and gave np ho jet of being cared till
I began to uie Eodol Dyspepsia Care. (
It h*? done ae s? much good I call it ,
, the savior of my life," writes W. E. j
Wilkiawu, Albany, Tenn. It d'gests
what you eat. MeMasterUo.
?For the past ten days rains have
t?iD very frj^aent and heavy and
there is still a proapsct of more. From
all over the State and in other parts of
tke country complaints are being
made of the great rain fall. Some j
wheat is still in the field, not jet
V haying been housed, aad should the <
wet weather continue it will be 1
damaged. s
?The article upon the protection of *
birds by ' Observer," published this ?
morning will, we hope, arouse the *
interest of our readers in saving the 3
lives of the birds and lead to the forma- 1
tion here of a branch of the Anauoon
& Society. There are undoubtedly many ?
people in Wiansboro who lovebirds J
and who would gladly j?in a society i
for their protection 1
I "Alter suffering Iroai tevere dyspep- i
Pi sia over twelve years and using many
remedies without permanent good I
fioally took Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. It i
did me so much good I recommend it i
to everyone," writes J. E. "Watkins, 1
C'erk and Becorder, Chillicothe, Ho. }
It digests what yon eat McMaster Ce i
?A peculiar, dark ring around the j
sun was seen on Wednesday at noon (
by people ix Colombia, and it was also i
seen in Spartanburg. The account of J
r _ it given in The State said that a nnm* J
of people noticed that the suu wu
giving a pccaliar light and upon looking
up they discovered the ring. We
? bav# heard of no one here who saw '
the riuf. '
s ?A f?*rc? of hands sttrted to work (
on Monday ruing boriDg a well in
the court house yard. The well is (
being boied in the front of the yard
between tbf court htuse and the b&ak 1
baildiog. When tbe well is com*
pleted it wiil be a grent courenienc? to 1
the occapaats ot the office# a? water 1
h is bad to be brought from a distance '
far use iu I he o*cep, *
W. S. Me??er, ilillbeim, Pa., tared 1
the life ot his little girl by giving ber a
One Minute CongbCare wben the wai
I dying from cronp. It is tbe only barm- ,
j^^-~ lee* remedy tbat give* immediate results.
It quickly cares congbt, col is, 4
bronchitis, grippe, asthma and all (
tbroat tui lung truables. McMaiter (
Club Meeting.
A meeting of Greeubriar Demo*
cratic C ub will be held ou Saturday,
June 30. at 4 o'clock p. im. A full
ineetii g i? desired a? important bu?i
i,ens will come before i'.
W. \i Curlec, P:es:deat.
A picnic will Jake pUce at Weir
school Uuu-e uii Saturday, June SOih, !
. idti evenbo;ly is cordial!} ihvited to '
jg* attend sud to bring tbtir ba?k*t? fillet1.
' All the candidates *te reqne*t?.d to be
1 Suntki /flh Kind Yw Hih AlwjycEmgfct
Several months a^o some one tc ok
J the plat rt the town uat of tl.e frame|
p- ?j U-e to ami hall ana ue^ieccta to
return it. Whoever got it will plea-e
return at once to th; c!eik of council
as it i? badly needed.
I J. E. ?N>ati la tend ant.
dow ^amden, acd Mrs. Hal&
^gjJSHgBBit Green, of tbi3 city. Be "was a b
HBP^^SBSfcflQa^LA promising lad, and claimed Cole
i m as bis birthplace. The Inneral i
- ?r i .?>1.
W cea were neia in Jacksonville uu
JBSHH ^ JgSS^ z iJk day, and on Monday the body
brought to Colombia and interr
W ) r Elmwood cemetery, the brief I
w \j service at the cemetery being
iiNVV I ilTi-L ThJ dncted by Mr. Wetsell."
U\\ \kf CASToklA.
( i\ iMMtti Kind Yen Hare Always
in i\flllS9S 0? account of tbe meeting c
National Democratic Conventic
live* a happy wife. She writes: "I Kansas Uity, Mo., July 4tb, 190
have used Mother's Friend before J' J
two confinements. The last time I had Southern Railway will sell roun
twins, and was in labor only a few min- tickets from all poiut3 on itaiii
ates. Suffered very little." The reason j^ye place and return at th
of one first class fare for the i
Frionrl triP-. Tiok?ls rin, !)e..:?!d TJ^
fTlV/llfc\/K 2 S I ivuu ana zoa, wnn nuai mmiiu^ui,
does expectant mothers so much -^e Southern Railway is the
{ood is because it is an externalliniment, direct route to Kansas City, and
to be applied upon the outside, where best schedules.
much of the strain comes. It helps be- c.?,. r>" ... ..
cause the pores of the skin readily absorb Southern Railway will sell i
ft, and it comes into direct contact with trip tickets from all stations i
tnd is absorbed by the parts involved, lines to the annual convention c
Morning sickness is quickly banished, n v r> t- ? r>
md nervousness is kept completely away. of ^merlca ln Cincii
the s?nse of dread and foreboding is not Ohio, Julv 12-15, and return a
ixpcrienced, even during labor itself. rate of ODe first class fare foi
Confinement is short and almost without f T. j..)s .?
pain. Recovery is quick and sure. Best roand ,r">- Tickets will be sold
of all, Mother's Friend benefits the 10 hi llili and 12tb, wiih final r
unborn just as much as the expectant limit Juh is It.
.ml whw the littla one comes it ; ^ ;?< ralof
will be strong, lusty and healthy. *w; ucl" c" " ?
-^uiriiM.'.RMfcrii.kiib. schedule,, keeping car reserva
S<md for oar fr** book on th* tubjact, etc" <*Vl or Wri 0 aay a?ent 0
aa?iy iuoitr*t*?. Southern Railway or its connec
ATLANTA* OA. ^ Wa s. Whedon, Cashier c
First National Bank of Winl
Virginia Astronomers Appreciative. i0Wfi) jL a rece?t letter gives
^ nr. u ?? u . experience with a carpenter in hi
The Winnsboro peopje will be grati- pl?y> tfaat wil, be 0f va]ue t0
led by the following resolution passed mectanica. He says: "1 had a
>y the rector and visitors oftbeUni- penter working lor me who
rersity of Virginia, a coDy of which obliged to stop work for seveial
WOOcL Tnf?^0T,fpA.^. on acconnt of being troubled
iras sent to Intendsnt Coan : diarrbou. I mentioned to him I
Resolved, That the thanks of the bad been similarly troubled aa<
ectorand visitors of the University Chamberlain'* Colic, Cholera and
>f Virginia be extended to the author- Remedy had cured me.
tie# and people of Winneboro, S. C., bought a bottle of it from the
'or the courtesies shown to the mem- gist here aDd informed nae tha
>ers of the eclipse expedition of the dose cared him, and he is again
jeander McCormicb Observatory. work." For sale by McMaster
J. B. Faulkner, Secretary. druggists.
That Threbbims HM?Ucb? COMIXG A>I>6?JX?.
Would quickly leave jou, if yo* ? . .
lsed Dr. ling* New Life Pills. Thou- Mr. Jike Barron is vmting rels
and* of sufferers bar* pro red their here.
aatchlesi merit for Sick and Nervous hammer, of Asheboro, 1
3eadache?. They make pure blood . ,rtTT7?
md stronf nerves and build np your *.1 T J? .\
te&lth. Eas> to take. Try them. Miss Lou Dwight returned tc
)nly 25 cents. Money back if not lembia on Monday.
:urea. Sold by McMaster Co., drug- Miss Luci.'e Mimnaugh is vl
>i8t8- it< Mrs. Q. D. Williford.
lecture at the coubt howse. Mi6s Isabel Ruff, 01 Ridgew
_ ... , . ? ? visiting friends in town.
There will be a meetiog of Camp MjS( u Eion hM re[,
fcu.ee, U C. V., on Monday,2.d from a viiit t0 EidgewaT.
r*lT, m the court bouse, at eleven Mr_ J>ck Presslev boale
('clock a. m. th p M j j Andarson.
Col. Wade H. Manning will delirer Mr Lswrence Cra of
in adcre.8 0D.he t.ipct of Bistory aa ,n ( in (own_
taogbt in our fchools as oe,?g Ja Q Ba5ianlB aod fsmi|
msleadingaci Q.ja.t to tke so.ib iD tl?ir bome here for 60n
The various camps throughout the
;oanty anil tke pukiic generally are Superintendent of Education
nost cordially invited and requested Stevensou went to I'harlesto
;o be prtsent. Jno. J. Neil, Monday.
A^atantjfrmp Kainee. MrP< E> pr8gsIey and Miss J
OASTORXA. Ro.sborough arrived ia Wiousfeo
ygTte KiRd Yw Haw Ahnyg Bcgftt Saturday.
XS Mrs. H. L. Elliott. Sr., has rati
I from a risit to Mrs. McAlpir
o ,T7rr" TV. , Pinerille, N. C.
Fairfield's Summer School.
The 8nmmer school for Fairfield A Sprained Ankle Quickly Cure
3oanty, which i? to be held at Winns- "At one time I suffered from
>oro, will begin mueh ltter than in vere sprain of the ankle," says G(
lev.ral places. Some of the .choola Vl^^Afte^mSg^ral
ure how im progress The Winnsboro vecommended medicines withoni
lamrner school will begin ou August cess, I tried Chamberlain's Pain J
>th and will continue .uatil September and am pleased to say that relief
" ? ~ . / . as soon as I began its use and a
L3t. rroiessor u. a. uracil, _ carg s eedi, folIowed ?
irill be is charge of the school here, by jfcMaster Co., druggists.
ffill be assisted by Profe3s*r C. E. rJohnson.
As the date has been set lor death of mrs. lauba g. McC
?o late in the summer it will not con- ,,
lict with the Wiothrop; sommer ? *?'Lanra Gl?nn McCants di
ichoe), and all of the Fairfield teacher. Mo?d,y
ii u ui ?<twelve o'clock.
irill be able to attend that. ? n ,
t j Mr*. McCants was a daughter c
If troubled with rheumatism, give Jamea Gleun, a native of Vir
Dbamberlaiu'# Pain Balm atrial. It and Sarah Milling, a daughter of
sill not coit yon a cent if it doc. no H??h MiMin(r. an offlcer in ... ,
food. One application will relieve the : .
3iio. It also cnres sprains and bruises can Revolution and at one tune f
c on?-third the time required by auy of Fairfield District aud a prom
>ther treatment. Cuts, borne, frost- citizen in his day. Her parents
?"" If10");- PaiD.8 i?">e side and awhiIe j 6 ; wh b
:he?t, glandolar and other swellings 6 '
ire quickly cured by applying it. born tbe otb day of November,
Erery bottle warranted. Price, 2a bat practically her whole life has
indoOcts. For sale by McMaster Co. spent in Fairfield Her mothsr
" "" while Mrs McCants was a child
DEATH OF MRS. W. H. RGBINSOX. , , , . . .
lowed by her father after a few ;
Mrs. W. H Kobinson, of tbe Green- and she went to Mississippi tc
sriar neighborhood, died on Monday with an aunt. I:i Mississippi sh
=tft?rno(,n at her home after an illness married to the late James B. Mc(
obIt h. few hanrs. Esq., on 31st August, 1843, and
Tbis ii one of the saddest deaths to Winnsboro by private convey
tkat has ever occurred iu that commu- Three children, Mrs. A. S. Dob
nity, andthe shock to her family and James Glenn Mc'JaaU, Esq., o
friends was terrible. place, and Mr*. R. B. SJille
Mm. Robinaon leaves a husband a?d ihelby, N. 0., together with si
8i*bt childrei, the youngest child grand-children, survive ber.
Deing an i^'ant. The family hare the la many respects Mrs. McCant
heartfelt sympathy of many in their a rare woman. She possessed
ierrible bereavement. Mrs. Robin- in a man would have been
ton was Miss Cynthia Smith, and was wisdom, and wa?, therefore, calt
i sister t?f Mr. John M. Smith and sereuo undsr trying circum3ti
Mr?. Sfamael Simpson, of Winnsboro. bat withal slie was tender, g
Tke luaeral services were held at the lovable and sympathetic. Shesa
Srteubriar Methodist Church oa Tues- good in this world, and was,
3ay afteruoen, Rer. J. D. Crout offi- forr, kind and charitable in her 1
jiatiug. and ae well as i-i de. d
? life so fall of Christian graces, i
PecQliari>' fi l5n? ,hat 5t sbouic
^ ^ ended witloat pain, and as st
I So user col^Ss |
^ are noted for hanging on. ^ th? Presbyterian Church on Tn
3* They weaken your throat ac at 6 o'clock. The actire pall-b
^5 and lungs, and lead to wert: Neil, T. fl. Ke
CAPiAiie frrtiiMp ^ r V .01.? W C. R<>nt\.
gvtivug (i vwk/iv? u i?? v?yv iu ^ ?? v j
2g Don't trifle with them, ft Seigler, r. M. Chandler; sei
Take Scott's Emulsion at 5? g. H. UcMa?ier, j. f.Matthew?
cj once. It soothes, heals, Jp Caldwell, Ja*. A. Briee.
? and cures. 35 :
^ 50c. and $1. All druggists. ''DeWitl'a Littl# Early Itifcei
mmmtwMmm zr
" . " ~~ ?ttv , ? cure all liver and bowel tr?;ubl?-*
Drowned is St Joha'a River. Master Co
The fol o.ving from The State gites t? ^ l? t
> c .t j .v. x ? i Mrp. R. D. Smart, of St. Lou:
ti e particulars of the death of Ilal- . , , , .. .
, w , , companied by her sons, Messr?.
lUVfCU ilUViCfltUU. . . 4 .
cm u*. j < ? . Smart. Jr., and Aiken Smart, is
"On Saturday afumoon last, in . ' . ,
t u -n^ tt n ,, ins: relatives iq town.
Jacksonville, Fla , young Hallowell ,
Boyletton, ten yearn old, a son of Col.
C. Bovleston, and a playmate, A I
Clauue Sti.art, were drowacd together 1 1
while swimming in the St. John's Tor Iafants aad Children
M. :uXh\JZTl Tfee KM Ym Have Always B
brother of Passenger ^gent Boyleston Bears the Sip Y/fjZ
of the Ssaboard, of tuis city, Mr. J. R. Siguatisro of /-&&
Boyleston, formerly of Columbia, but
Ht i\ . . --1*4 tractive appearance i
right, J ? those living lite and social as could
'?rvf " i u- 4. * t 4-4-' "D'lt.* were not only treated
sZa- !n rcalarial districts Tutt s Pills s nice lnnch was ,e?(
was are indispensible, they keep the iDg room of the o
mriai system in Perfect order and are ocoSonlfyfhefr 'pies
con- * {-& c\%Vf* on toe water some ^six
CtlS. u tv vni v acti returned xo nea
for sick he2.d2.che, indigestion, Qar meeting wes be
inalaria, torpid liver, constipa- J?5??.6 ^ Di-ghtl: whJr
K . r Nellie Cnnmngham, tt
tion and all bilious diseases. Wiotbrep College wl:
Tutt's Liver Pills
tbe Judge of Proba
,* connty, having failed
11 ,uo BLii'iiisftuou cnr,jt/i?,?. . -- _
)U jn icg the day, as I was <
0 the n?tice from The State that a came and introduced
d'triD co!ton blossom was handed the editor ^ ^ c?
p e * ^ nr u , ,, . people ot Fairfield wi
oes to Saturday. We can sore beat that somewhat solicitous i
e rate as <iu'te a camber of blossoms were pecte of success in th
round seen ^ere a week previous. Fairfield, treasurer. Just say to i
lv lst as ususl, is ahead of Richland, and nPaei!fL?0IJntTC?ckeu6
y di ,u j L j i. ? a , are batched, I have n<
y 9th. Blythe wood ahead of all other places spondency so far, bnt
mo3t *n ^airfield. hopeful than before tb
offers Quite an enjoyable occasion was the campaign. The New
I festival given under tbu auspices of '"Pgjjjj1
round the Woman's Baptist Missionary So- abandaut room for im|
Dn its cie'y 0,1 'ast Tuesday ereniog at the R.
>f the co"e?e yard. The lovely lawn, with ** S.?I will be bo
rmati Prelly lanterns suspended from the therp'
.t the b?aoha of the trees and dainty tables a Thoaa'ard t
r the scatt*red here and there, indeed rc- Could not express
i Tnip minded one of fairy land. Cream and Annie E. Springy, of !
Iwt.j.i.L:1: r?~
ices were served br charming maidens rmi&ueipum, ra., wuc
eiurn . , . " Dr. Kind's New Dig
m a maaa.r dwaty eaoaga to tempt .ampiiorfhad complete
iveto an ?pecurean. A very interesting a hacking cough that
tjong and taking feature of tbo evening was had made life a bui
f tuft' the "country store" where everything remedies and doctors
tioas. from a diamoad pia to a di.hpa.. cnrei"it Eoon^remo
could be had. So popular was the my chest and I can noi
etnr? Kofnpo fhp pTAninor had something I can sea
the ?LVa/i^ VVAWl V VWV v . g ^
erset passed the stock seeded replenishing. doiug before. I feel ]
s me Miss Ellen Bookharit, the efficient ^i!8efl8Vprv?oS?
s em- manager, had in the establishment a N Discovery for an
other witch which could tell your future in Th fc Che8tTor Lu.
, car- a wonderful manner, and many st range ci\v7
?*. M-erfo'.'.tol
day6 nade stand was one of the prettiest DnftrQnfPe^
with ever seen, and Rebekah at her beauti- *
that I ftil well charmed more than one Jacob.
i that We were glad to see in the crowd a rev, j. c. doi
Diar- number of visitors from Colombia, . ,,4 ~
. He Ridgeway and several other placet and teMe sX.taf of c
drug- will gladly welcome them again. The Death a p?imc caian,
it one proceeds or tne xesuvai, wmco and stat,
at bis amounted to quite a handsome sum, ? .. ... , , T N _
Co., will be used in a:ding to purchase a ^
new or^an for the church- 0 ....... ,h
Children's Day was observed at Russcllville is in de<
Sandy Levci last week. All who took day, caused by the dea
part acquitted themselves with much Douglass, the belove
itives credit. A. R. P. Church, w
The Metuodists of this place have , T '
C. recently purchased an organ for their ^1S "ome^ <>n Jenersoi
church and have also had tome work o'clock this morning (
doBe on the churcb. 14th, 1900. The sad n
. Co- We are glad to report Mr?. Lemuel tb0 city litc a paij. S(
Wooten, nmeh _impro?d_in Jealth. at lbe lhonght tbat de
g;?;nr &oe nas Deen in quue it luug wuuc auu "
ber many Irienda will be glad to eee onr u&idst and taken a f
ber out again. the clasp of whose mat
"8 Mr. Blain bas opened ^uite a nice soand of whose kind 8
lock of goods ia the .ijre room 6bon]d greet Ihem no >
irned owned by Mr. Boney. Work will _L ? _ _ ,
begin on Mr. Blain's new store in a death of Rev. ?3
few weeks. a public calamity. Cu
from Tbe Lauaford brothers have opened 6un had reached the nc
a very pretty line of millinery in their tbfi last ]o g] tb
Co- already well nocked itore. TT ..= , . ,,
Dr. L'.ngford bai ju?t harrestfid one was a 'neno to all,
of the finest crops of wheat ever and none knew biia
y are grown here. like a brother He
imer. The farmers io this section have honor, a true Christia
n T extra fine crop3 but are yetting a , .... . ?.
little gloomy over the continued r&in. a brilliant faturc, &
n on Alias Timms, of Simpson, has been man wim a ayuipamci
spending some ti*e with hur sifter, dej as a mother's love
e*aie Mrs. Clark Langfori. lost a model cit;zen,
pn nn Miss Lottie Macon, of Richland, has ? .
r? 00 been visiting Miss Minnie Bookhart. and efficieut member a
Mrs J. W. Bluin and brother, Mr. noble advocate. St
irned fiagene Price, have returned from the threshhold^ of this 8
ie in commencement at Bamberg. ment the high and low
Mrs. Furman Hood is convalescing bedeck his ^ memory
after a piotracted epeli of sickness. I?ve- Ah, indeed, w?
Mr. Arthur Price and jJiss Price "There is a reaper
were marri"' ^ipday m?rning fcy Death,
a se- Rev. Jos* I. /. =< er. And with his sickle
:o. E. Miss L il?.an has returned He reaps tbe bearded g
*-* 1 -? "','t ?? Wimo A nr? the florocrfl thAf
IllDg- ilOUJe XllCl tt 11>U 1U M uiuo
well boro. Petronius. can but cry s
t sue- Jane 23, 1900. overburdened souls,
Balm, done," for we know
came a good cough hediciue. the author of love (
com- it tweaks well for Chamberlain's well. Though the cl
Sold cou '^mody when druggists nse it and the gloom is dense
in ]. . ?.1 families in preference to the Fafher who heeds
i an> . "I have sold Chamber- fall and upholds the
ants. ; laiu'* - ugh Remedy for the past five run, by Hi* will.
j year- ?ith complete satisfaction to As previously slated
ed on ; mys( !f aod customers," says Druggist was a Christian man,
i and| J? Goldsmith, Van JStten, N. Y. "I 6ion and by practice,
have always used it in my own family the kindly influence
I both for ordinary coughs and colds teaching will reach, a?
?>r* 1 and for the cough following: la grippe, whom he mingle* here
ginia, and fiud it very"efficaciou3." For eale bat wben we f^hall co
Cap?. by McMaster Co., druggists. we are known," and i
mpr: life work as recorded
the campaign a* seen by a can- we believe it will be
sheriff^ didate. contain words like the
inent ; _ as ye have done it un
lived Hanapton, 6. C., Jane 21, 1900? my ]itt]e one8> ye bf
was our 8ixth canQPai*?D meeting ne," "And whosoavi
,ono in the court hoase at this place yester* diink unto one of ti
K ' day. This is an off day, as you will cup of coid water on!
1 "2en u v i 4 i a disciple, verily I si
died observe by referring to the campaign gbalJ -J nowi?e fQse hi,
tJio roaann ia th*t the rail- Thft isnrrr>wi no- Wlf
, fol- ? o ....
years, road connections do not allow us to babe anconscions of j
j ?:Tg reach Barnwell until the afternoon, so bave our tenderest sj
ewa. we fo lo Allendale this morning, W?Kd8
e was ?- of still the throbbing he?
}an!s, thence t0 Barnwell this afternoon, bleeding *ound. Th
came wkei'e we hold our meeting to-morrow. every heart hovers c
atice ^Qr mee^n28 bave been generally household, and may w
gla,s well attended, at moat places orderly rhuae|aHSfa],emzJaIo.
f this aod PJeapant- A ^w of the candi- friend and brother wh
r 0? dates for governor and railroad com- of continued self-sacri
;ye,a] missieners ba7e some *parrin?, but fare of others, and in
there has beeu no mud slinging. Ai P0,?* apolo<
rfi ? ? k ?r w v alteration) ever remec
?rangebur?, Waltcrboro and here we .,T. . v ' ... , .
"It i? hfi*nhfnl to Ix<
s w as what
wereaet al the depole with hacks, bless mankind ~
called carn*?es and bucgies, and carried up Scatteriig fp?? , 0i ho
n and lu<0 ^05V" and en'ertained without ^ ki? t?i -me-laden
ince#, c^arge. At Be* a fort we had a m?st ^iviDg kjnuJy words
entJe, delighifn! txcarsion on the U. S. Tn
w the Revenue Cutter Forward down ihe vvill e'er^Jdear *
(here- Beaufort River te the Port Royal It is beaEtiful to die, i
rt-ords "aval station, where we were landed angels near,
9 A and mown around the dry-dock, a And.^iaP8ee bright,
it magnificent affair, about five hundred j Lpavh^eartblv'hoae
" ' - * ?- I
1 have '0Dto' ai)d ?f sufficient feize to ad- 01 a oeuer uomt (
le had in^ ?f Tespe!s of the greatest lonnsgp. ^ ^ 'he knowledge
erfuJ. * was much interthfrd, had eye ami ''^e !t ls beautiful
eld at ar Wid<! open, took in the situation, doks it Pay to
eadhy now have a good idea of the workearers
'??8 of a drj-dock, how it is flooded, . ^C:hPa,p f
tchin, and lie s^hip A >a?cd in, then the gate thins that \?i! J * re Vie
.7w closed, tl.e water pumped out ami the more ^vere and dang
?? <} 'ni o tri.nh"
vessel Wend npou the i-kids or ""'""j "
mor? . . T >'u "o? to a ?.
t j. (bet-cl.es lor repair; but I have not re?n)ar cl;mal, ? Yes
time to explair. We n maiiied at Hit not p 8>ib e for you
station pejbaps a ha f (.our, ic-(in c,!ie '"ke tUn only
s are barked on the cutter and tailed down b^'" i'-trolucod in a
-D .1 - j t*.* .. j trie? witti lucre s in s
aic'kiy l> ,,ear 1 y Pv,"t a Ulll0Q IIe ' lu?e trouble.*, "I5o..
Mc- the entrance lo the finest harbor (?o S\rttp" I'not only
said) ou the South Ailaut'c coast. We ?*tc? the tinues to (
did not jro ont over the bar, but near disease, but allaypinfia
a ac- if .i u i v .u casy expectoration,
enough to *ee the breaker, where the tt5?bt>s ^ and cn
u. V. whi;e-capped waves roll and splash, T?y oite bottle. II cc
(visit- looking in the dis'ance like a herd of yetrs bT all dru?gi!
huge white aninals at play. The *P?r >a e ^c^a3tet
day was au idr-l vie and ihe breeze
if- ur T t^i.:
A most exhilerati- . Mr* ,T
('apt. J. *\ Miicbe !, o'. the Forward, sPenl a *e5V hours in t
l. is a small, j?civ? m t and reminds Mi?s M*nue Bric?%
ANffhf me Terv muc^ ^e' Krrsbaw. He ')nc "a,c *
vQgui ac(j aj| jj-g cfgcer8 an(j inen Were i eat ,un,e': home.
_ and liav, the officers in toll dress ani?t
, The One Day (
JUti/. form and the subalterns in pretty cold in head and sore
blue bloueea, presenting a yery at- ?teMwSSf^aSSiS
to the ride, but ^
d i" din" E _ 1
<OT7r ro1 P fWlffl '|I'"^iMWUh I I
re I mek. Miss ? , fflH v,
ic jcnnof lady of ? fl^HH v
10 fitoooed with i fc , H9 *
125 Howard St., gr
cared her of
rden m AH ofher LUKE schoolexercises. }ard ? bv "tl
s ?of' tbif Royal Mr' Edttor: Tbe cloMn? exerc'! es of dialogM *'
red the pain in Luke schooi, near Salem Cburcb, were Gladney.
v sleep soondly, held on Friday night, the 22ad last. Tableau, 1
rcely remember Though the weather was threatening, Hi
Universes' lhere"was a la*e *lt<!ndanM- Not '"S^Wi
ries Dr. Kind's 0I)1y was l^e immediate neighborhood bv L'zzie Mai
y trouble of the well repre?ented, but people came Aiken (Irisj
Dgs. Price 50c. from Buckhead and Feasterville, Mon- (c00' )ties
free at Mc- M j < r i V, i ter), Daisy Ci
*e; every bottlo tlce'10 and D''wtm!> Jacks0? Creek fori (visiting
and even Winusboro. It was evident Flag Drill,
. that mnch was exjectcd of the pupils Hoop Drill
I7GLASS and the young teacker, Miss Anna Lou ^n. ea?.^ ?
? scenic effect
lef Season of in- Martin, **4 they proved e,nal lo the ,riclte m0TeI
,'ongestion?His occasion. a precision th
ity tocharch When all had been aafely packed in from painsta
the school house, the rain began to
mer-Democrat. pour, ana thus with the peculiar fasci- Little Bene
jp monruin?- to- na,ion of its 1001101000119 ?ouod added voice and gi
thof Rev J C *? tl]e c^arm of" the sccne within- address:
* ,v,i doors, while fortunately it held up at I hope we've
a pastor of the , , 4 I'm lore we'i
bich occurred at tb9 proP6r llm# 10 ?Uow tbe ?.<?ie lo S0)Pr,y>0ur
a street at 1.30 s? bcae wilbout a wetting. We've done c
Thursday Tnnp The school house, attractive without, invite,
JO<, rtTTO had bf-ea beautifally dicorated withtn, Aad n0,w . ^
ews spread over . . J . ? good 2
.rong men wept *'??? ?<* ?rty of the mter- - 8
ath bad invaded es' ?n<i 'ndns ry of the pnpila, to remarkpab|P s
riend, a brother whoin the work hxJ beeo a labor ci of children n<
- - ' - - - ' love, but of the tast?, skill and inspir- ful patience a
ily hand and tne ; ' , . , ,
. * mg power of ibe young teacher who can enect sue
md gentle voice , ? r With so ex<
m.r. oa kad planned and dirccled ail. The . T ?
more on earth. , f , , , . , fore me I caa
r, C Douglass is curtain boro the legend in green Ict* to impres
t down ere bis <ers, "Welcome, Friends." Tbe stage tratiis that 11
Jouiide hp wat friDSed with evergieens. Among into the peop.
. .. J! tLe furnishings of the stage was a }c9' ^?s,]
at awaits us all. , * , . ? , force and imp
tried and tiue, home-made w0l k of art specially dc- joyed thc enl
hnf fn lnvo serving mention, a beautiful screen school. 1. '
nim wj{h pa}D{e(j sauflowers true to na- school. 2. T
was tbe soul or ture, the centres cutout, and, iu one belp if they
n mmisfpr roiih I of the nerformances. tbe bright eyes [school and in
brave f>tron?- ?*irl8 PeePino througb, while tain the tea(
another little with waterit;g pot tended rt-fmploy a
ic neart as ten- ^ flower0) and all sing their parts. the school cl
The State has Qn the walla of the school house work and thr
, society an able hang raised maps of the continents, change leac
nd the chnrch a excellent specimens of a kind of work patrons thou
f f. seldom seen cxcept in the very best to constaut a
ndden bereave and mr>9t np t0'date cit-v "hools. ther study a
anri LI! These maps had been made by the the teacher I
'nub flrtwprs n-f PaPi'6 under the stance of the get new ideas
rPAii^ thftf teacher, who had thas put in!? practi- and come bac
cal use something she had learned at the country s
whose name is the Fail field summer school last year, salary it the i
The cartain rase on the tablean of is a mistake
keen, four little girls, Elsie Martin, Robbie carry forwar<
;rain at a breaih, ijken, Belle Crawford and Alaaa the next jeai
grow between." Milling, bearing on their breasts large the best poss
doud from our green letters forming the words, not merely v
"TI- -*?n 1 Rornftthini
111 y Xf III JJUAVi n+mm-m
that He who is Next little Robbie Aiken came for- tothechildre
loeth all things ward, and with childish sweetness de- Our schools
ouds haDg low livered this opening address: value receive
, behind it all is XiDd friends, it doth upon my ?houl- hope to do th
i the sparrow s 3^5 f^u greater dispo
planets in their To give oav hearty greeting to you all, would then
^ _ , Avd humbly a*k, whate'er onr faults their devoted
, Rev. Doogiaeg may ^
both by profes- You'll overlook, and cnly good points
To what extent see. 8ha
?f a-?h ^ow *et our ^S*13, Allen's F(
BODg use wit Tr> nrnofram lhat. followed rach I cures painful
!, we know not; perfor',^nM w'al gooe. and ingrown
o "know as p Eecitation .?M|ry AoI1>. b, Mi.3 takesIhesut
shall review bis M H ' J ions. It's tl
fn^often'To Son?, "Mr Doll b Bigger than yonr
se- "Inasmuch Do11'" b>''he four ^ ?5.rls a!l0V-e is a certain c
to one of these u.amed' who' notwi-hoarding their and hot tr
to one 01 tnese, g]Zg> Qr parljv 0ecaii?.i of their hz\ te-dav So'd
r%haN ?ive to fil ed a Jery lai?e \n t-hef?r?" stores-'
u * " gram, and aroused wo li=tie adjuration. Trial package
^ L? n,TAf Stiflower Drill, by ihese fonr little S oBed, I
y in the name of gi?s and Corinne Aiken> Genie Aiken,
ly unto vou, he j^g crawfor<7., Callie Crowder, Ma- J, Q Hoc
s reward. Crowder, Genie Gkdney, Lizzie Crosby, Miss
o, and prattling u,rlin. statement- '
its bereavement, itecitation, "Th? Nigger and the Minute Cong
mpatuy in tnis Lion," by Ilarrod Martin?very anaus- claimed for ii
; are too frail to ingand trae t0 life< ber breath a
irt ci sooj?e in? jjoll Drill, by the "four little girls." lievcd her.
ie sympathy oi x his was "cute" as well as pretty. whole famil
)Ver ine DioKen "M^nror ftfiorhf Sphnnl?,Tn<? Milling. and cores coi
e ali cherish the | wh0acted*as teacher, AdclphusMar- bronchitis a
the example of t- tbe mother that interrupted ihe lung trouble.
is and devoted 8cb'0()i and the following pupils: Win. ,?lV"
ose life was one pett;<yrew Carter, Waller Crawford,
fice for the wel- ^die Crowder aod Harrod Martin.
the language of T)ait burlesque c&uied a great deal ?f
Ties for a slight ]aujhter.
Qber? g0d};i ??Yoq Can't Play iu my Backpe
as he lived to
ly tbooght from
mind; J* * ^ y
and actions, t be ^ A Wfl
?a*rth, his name / ~
jf heaven dawn- ?
with ?SS,m?,cc< > Koonebutyo
3Ii * ' ,, . L . "*\ suffering you gi
of h well spent % \ yousuffer? Itii
to die P \^||^PPSL NriV <A lose your healtl
V A loss of one is sp<
BUT ( HEAP? > lEi/\(i'V\ \ jv3 . #\ loss of the other.
/W Jmgv V \ \ ')\ ' AV and "worn out"
'or cou^h-j and ^ > \\ ? \ the bottom of al
ve and can-the ^ V>T
lerond r?-fult<! of V ^lOill
!es. Whiil >ha!l *
nrmer ai d more / purify your blood and bring p
>, if pnS'ihle; if %0 the bloom of health back into your &. J*?**I
, thru in eiiler J| cheeks. Each Lo'.tls contains a WAI?
r(UQtd\ thai h s I- quart,
11 ci?ii Z?*'l COUn- V Palcfuland Stressed Menses, Irregularity, Leucorrhoa.
vorp t 'trim I ?.il / tlon of the Uterus, cbanze of life in matron or maid, all find r?ll
ICIC I"I> a' ?"? I /L lATiMCTAVie ciBcfDiBTrr 1 Tt li 1 ml nmirn far
chee n Lri-rm h>i side, Indigestion, palpitation of the heart, cold hands and feet,
bealR an<i Slimu- muscular weakness, bearing--down pains, backache, legache, ir
i? n,? m shortness of breath, abnormal discharges with palafal mens
3e?Ilo\ ue rer swelling of feet, soreness of the breasts, neuralgia, titerine LU.matiOr,
canscs symptoms which make the average woman's life ?o miserable
o'ive?' a "0'id / hfc.-Jth Information. Yox want it?its free.
res the patient. A "THE MICHIGAN DRUO CO." Deti
ratn^iido.-l many ^ Llverrttw for Lirer m?. The Famom Littto L
its in the world.
Co., dru^ist*. John II. SXcilasler & Co.; Winnsboro.S. C.; T. W. v-o<
M. Patrick Woodward, a. C.; T. G. Patrick & Co., Wi
, of Columbia, ^own
Friday. -H?
, a graduate of ? I i 1 T T Y II ! II M
.'ollegp, feu re- U | E E T HIN /I
? ? _ & (Teei!....J Powders) -i-J
S??t fur ;,- Ker- 'T'w Custs oily 25 cents at Druggists
0r?*tt*5??fr*0C. J. MOFFETT
1 ve the Servant J | %
s~+ ? _ j_ 2 %.
uin question | j m
Y putting a Wickless Oil Stove in the kitchen. 5 \ ) .
ou can keep a girl then. No fire to build in -3 | } .
ie morning. No wood to chop. No coal to 5 ! I
irry. No ashes to worry about No soot on Zl !
ins. It makes play of housework. The 2 ! I ;
Vlckless Flame ^ 1; If
Oil Stove J i 1
oing more to make housekeeping easy than 3 '
other stove in existence. Absolutely safe.
os ordinary kerosene oil. Bakes, broils, boils, 3 j
ts, toasts?does anything that any other stove ae
do, and many things that most stoves can't 3
Sold wherever stoves are sold. If your dealer ^
not have it, write to 3
ie four little girls " IV/1 A
Neighbors, an amusing I ^1 T , -'M
Corinne Aiken and Genie
'The Guardian Angel," I? A
n (angel) and Elise MarM1'n^arflJr'mftfhPrC?rPn[fl
riin (grandmother),Genie ... * . ,
j biddie), Lois Aiken business have given our goods
e Crowder (?r*nddaugh- wide an(j general distribution.
rowder and Millie Craw- TLa t t_- * # j x
fiiendi). They have been subjected to
by the wheie school. the severest usage and their Ml
fb,heieeEwo01 drills, ibe wearing qualities h?v? been
was rery fine and the ia- fully tested.
nents were executed with
at could have come ouly Vxv r* < _ . -M
king teachia* and prac W0 vjiUdr3Dt0O
every chain, button, every ir- If
race, tpoke the farewell tide WC Sell, to give satisfacpleased
yon *11 to-night? 'j00' y?.U, bf?,g the j^ge.
re tried, Any article failing to do this
little efforts don't deride; will be cheerfully exchanged.
iur best your plaudits to J
re adjours, wishing all We Deliver
went home talkies; of the , ,
eif-oo?se?sion a?d grace no work, we sell no goads mot
owadays and the wonder- under our guarantee, which
iJesuit??f a t8aC 6r 1 iat ^as never been questioned
-.it ? i ha. fVsrrki-irrVirmf rmr Tllisi- ; "If
uCllCUl ttU in UOllOrUVU MW- VUlVMgUVUV \/ m 1 v?* v ^
not close without seek- i:r# >'
is apon the reader certain
iave been striving to get mt l-^ A kir\Hn
le's minds and into prac- ? W ?\ |V| 11
mpressed anew with their * * liill W 1 J
>ortance, as I sat and en- _ . .
t rtainment at the Lnbe I he Jeweler and Optician,
Cbe teacher makes the
he patrons and trustees CJHSTJElt, 8. #.
take an interest in the ?
cverv way aid aBd sus- VIRGINIA COLLEGE
:ber. 3. Trustees should
good teacher as soon as vfor *0?^* ladles, soanoke, va.
oses. It breaks into the Opens Sept. 18th, 1900. One of the
ows the children b*ck to leading Schools for Young Ladies in
hers 4 Trustees and the South Magnificent buildings, all
!d oncoarage the teacher modern improvements. Campus ten
mbition and effort a? fnr- acres. Grand mountain scenery in
nd improvement. Give Valley of Va., famed for health.
:be money to go off and European and American teachers. .
?, learn the best methods ?ull eo/^e'. Sug??r advantage in . |
kand do better work in ffd Music. Students from thirty
moneV "^be had ^ It ^TTTE P HARRIS. President,
TfS try to ^7-2m Boanoke, V?
1 a large cash balance to iv I r?
First of all try to get I N w 1 |V?^CL.
ible teacher and pay her. - :'/4
? h&t you can get her for. Office Countt Commissioners, ?
y like what she is worth Winmboro, S. C\, Jane 4, 1900. <
dVnot^y thTSe^s NOTICE is hereby given that a
a 1 !? J! meeting of the Board of Control for
J'f the County of Fairfield will be held in
Tpachpra 'be office of the County Commissioner* ~
S for 8aid Coantv on the 29TH DAY OF
eLfTaoriSXicc JC??E' I900'f wh"h m,elioe ?PPU'
t w/vrtw ' catl0ns *or the position of County
John J. McMahan. n;enaBa? WinnflWn will he con
ilcfl in Your Shoes Sidered.
, _ j ta applications for ?aid posmon
s>ot-Ease, a powder. It mo8t be on file with the Board at least
, smarting, nervous feet ten days before eaid date.
n g nails, and instantly WM. M. CUKLEE.
ig out of corns and bun- ch ^ B d f ^ ,
ie greatest comfort dis- - -tA
age. Allen's Foot-Ease b oia
>r new shoes feel easy. It ?
ure for sweating, callous KEPOHT OF
ed, aching feet. Try it < .
Igss County Mar. i
?- - ? Clauis Approved at th i last Meet
? ^
id, Justice oi the Peace, j ing of the .boxed ur w?ujixr
s., makes the following J CoinrrssiONifks Helb June
'I can certify that One 8 1900 - V*
;h Cure will go all that il '
ad fhe first doseof ?it re- Thc lo,lowiD? claims were enmitcd
It h?s also benefited my ^apprOTea s""e <-'?e Faod of
y." It acts immediately v
lghs, cokl.c, croup, grippe, Zci'm ? ,, ,, Amount.
sthma ainl all throat and T ?!;aJ? ***** - $ 37 50 ?
i. McMa-tcrCo. ff? ??* W Bwkbead, \ 100
? 38< E A Glenn,- 12 50
f" 5 T. VS 888 Jno H Cooper, 12 50
\ i: A it?* BALSAM 389 D L Glenn, - 12 50
|?=& Tt^SSTjSa^ g I Wylie, coantr lrei?, 1,266 40
?.555^0^ |S?!Sg??ce.? '8 75
2core* nccV) ciwai(cijc hjur laiimg, o\i2 JehB .N Lettaster. 25 00
-u rM* <*0* lnn n 11 00
? S94 John N Lemaster,^? 25 00
395 John S Catbcart.i^^? 4 00
3?6 E S Spencp, 18 75
? i. ?-i ? JV 397 Thomas Parr. \. 2 00
>r?J ,n P?v?? *1 398 John N L?ouster^- 25 00
* * jf The following claims were examined
_ ^ and approved on R->ad and Bridge
erinff y FaUdofi9oo:
_ _ ? jv No. Amount.
l/AtHAfl 399 T w Mann, $ 2 97
T UillWlI* f 400 J O Boag, 4 00
i - i, < ^ 401 W W Bro -ks, 3 50
urselifcs know of the _* AM u w?u.. ?Mao ^?>n
If 403 H B Eefo, ' 2145
fidbSS'tfortt' A 401 JTTrapp, $!.00 el.iuudr:edily
followed by the fcf ^ allowed, 150
) Don't feel " weak " Z DesPortes Mercantile Co^ 4 50
Impure blood is at ^06 L M Blair & Co, 6 0o
1 your trouble. y 407 Ja$ M Steele, a 75 25
__ _ \ 408 W R Bibb & Co, 4 50
^^ *1 409 Johu Y Turner, 5 96
I9lUIfI9 f 4:0 A F Ruff & Co, '? 19 12
w A 411 Athene Mfg Co,*??? 15 00
I ft?K V The following claims were erand ied
< and approved on Poor Hoa-e Fnml of
r BOTTLES. J\ 1900:
WHtes, Sterility, Ulcer*. V No, Amoint,
ef, help, benefit jmd ewe to A 412 M S TennaJit, ?? $ 4 35
?l ?3 De-Portes Ue.canlile 'a? 6 00
regolar action of the heart, / 414 DesPortes Mercantilt Co,r*?* 13 SO
tnation, jaldin^ of^wtoey 415 ? R Rob. 1ts?,~~__ 7 60
71 416 W R Rabb & Co, 1 00
W 417 F (; Lnpo, ? 4 50
roit, Mich. A 418 J O Soa*, 2 18
4ver pinj. 35C."""" ' J 419 J W D?a*la3p. ? 3 60
, Tbe following claims were examined
odwnrd & Co., Rockkon.S.O.; an(j approved on Public Boilding fuud
lute Oak, b. C. of 1900 :
???????? No. Amonut.
n=!ajFS Irritatioa, Aids Digestion, ^ ter"?e X'<. og><? ei i Co
u? ciS . 1 d0 ccrlif-v ,hal lh,e f*
, MdJ Tetthinj E?y. is ? correct copr of claim, approved
i . _ . at the last meeting of the Conuty
^TEETHINA Relieves the Bow?i Board of t'c-mmissionere held ou the
Troubles of Children of ?th dav of Jane, 1900.
# M. Dm 8T. LOU IS. MO. 6 26 County Superisor F. C.

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