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*\ r tr t vr r? ci V If D a TDV ! srarplisg hook just
D-I ill f J? I H I ? I X man never lives !
^ temptation. Yoti s
to be TO cr 30 year
DP. Talmage's Prescription For from satanic assai
much mistaken. A
Anxiety and Worriment. age has as many tei
at 25. They are c
of temptation. As
HE ADVISES THOSE IN whether he is nev<
powers of darkness,
'have conquered thi
Trouble to Follow the Example tion, you are very i
A man who want
of the Disciples, Who ed he was very weal
? he was elected ne ^
Went and To!d 2e crawled upon
. ? ? throne, and having
J6SUS- strong again. He
. for me while I was
Dr. Taimage who has finished his ter 0f another that
tour in England and Scotland, where now that I have for
thousands thronged to hear him where- stoop any longer?"
soever he preached, is now on his way !^3 cra^?^es ^
t ? , r? . . illustrative of the p
to Norway and Kussia, m which coun- yQU j-jxink it is a w
tries he is already well known through flaence, but give it
the publication of translations of his be a tyrant in your
sermon3. In the following discourse, ?oa *? atoms
- - - . <? forever overcome <
whicii He nas sent lor puDiicauuu imo j ^as ,e^t ^ woricL
week, he gives a prescription for all t0 do with these
anxiety and worriment and illustrates everybody about I
the divine sympathy for all who are io 8^y man you wouL
any kind of struggle. The text is Mat- a C0!n?mf ?
, , > jr. j * i A enemy which gate c
thew xiv, 12, And his disciples went barred a3 for vou e(
and told Jesus." ali your frailties s
An outrageous assassination had just temptations are. d
taken place. To appease a revengeful caricature you, will
woman King Herod ordered the death What, then, must s
of that noble, sacrificing prophet, John wave strikes him wi
the Baptist. The group of the disci- he have nothing to
pies were thrown into grief and dismay, contest with "the \
They felt themselves utterly defense- the devil," shall a
less. There was no authority to which j no counsel? Oar t
they could appeal, and yet grief must 1 thing different. I
always find expression- If there be no J wept with the Be
human ear to hear it, then the agonized ! shining hope. In
soul will cry it aloud to the winds and | spake until the gr
the woods and the waters. But there j widow of Nain had
was an ear that was willing to listen, and the sea slept at
There is a tender pathos and at the woke up in the arms
same time a most admirable picture in voice I hear the
the words of my text. "They went and promise, '"Cast thy
told Jesus." He could understand all and he will sustain
their grief, and he immediately soothed you carry your b
it. Our burdens are not more than Oh, you weary soul
half so heavy to carry if another this conflict. He
shoulder is pnt under the other end of shall be sufficient f
thein. Here we find Christ, his brow not be tempted abo
shadowed with grief, standing amid the to bear." Theref
group of disciples, who, with tears and temptations, go, as
** violent gesticulations and wringing of and tell Jesus.
hands and outcry of bereavement, are Aeain I oomme
express.;* their woe Raphael, with the disciples to all
his ski liul Drush putting upon the wall in b of m(
of a palace some scene of sacred story, emblem9 of sorrow
gave not so skillful a stroke as when wheri, God has j
the plain hand of the evangeiist writes, ; t faalil
"They went and told Jesus." f6th; f ' .
I feel that I bring to yon a most ap- t t th u
propnate message. 1 mean to bind up 1 3nS for t)
all your griefs into a bundle and set , recession rea
them on fire with a spark from God's tim| ? [he Ta?
altar. The prescription tha cured the emigtati<m from t
nA??ATt? /v+ ha /iicninloa tDl 1 I flnrp All J t
'**! -r- CO vast ao enierpi
your heartaches. I haye read that cndcrstand it. Es
wnen Godfrey and his army marchee tha dan; of the se
out to capture Jerusalem, as they came sod m0*t be br,
oyer the hUls, at the first flash of he mnstbe lowed f(
pinnacles of that beautiful city, the t Rtern;tv mc
army that had marohed in silence lifted d ; t g
a shout that made the earth tremble, f^^ed iufo a
Oh, you fe soldiers of Jesus Christ, TMremigratioI1 f
marching on toward heaven I wouW nity teeps three-fo
that todav, by some gleam from the o{ ^ in de,
palace of God s mercy and Goo s rent witb farewells
strength, you might be lifted into great se,^ vetMe3 of d
rejoicing, and that as the prospect of street. Th<
its peace breaks on your enraptured that'was foIded s0
*>? o^ri nrnffht. raisp MP ?rlart hnsantia . r. L ; i
?w># " ? ers neart is put a>
t0 t ?v it - +t, the darkness. Th<
In the first place, I recommend the i:n ap.
behavior of these disciples to all bur- iTov;n the' har
dened souls who are unpardoned. There 8ayg. ^ad
comes a time in almost every man's they carry him hor
history when he feels from some source 0? ^js mother Wi
that he has an erring natore. The t.3gedie8 0f woe st
thought may not have rooh heft as to 0f ?he cheek. Otf
fell him. It may be only like the flash ( fatlier an(5 mot
in an evening cloudjust after a very cruel! Withteet
hot summer day. Oae man to get rid f it Bfc
of that impression will go to prayer, {tie sepuioher on
another will stimulate himself by ar- j v j
dent spirits, and another man will dive
deeper in secularities. But sometimes Is there any earl
a man cannot get rid of these impres- We come to the ol
gions. The fact is, when a man linds the grief stricken,
out that his eternity is poised upon a to their soul; but
perfect uncertainty and that the next have passed, the c
moment his foot may slip, he must do at the dooT, the fr
something violent to make himself for- few days are gone,
' * ?* - 1 O _ ? ^AaAloflAn liafOTllY
net wnere ns stanas or eise ny ior utownuv-.
refuge. that will never aga:
Some of you crouch under a yoke, hall, or looking i
and you bite the dust, when this mo- those who wiL nev
ment you mi^ht rise up a crowned con- ing iato ihe uarKi
queror. Driven and perplexed as you coming across somi
haye been by sin, go and tell Jesus, little shoe or pictu
To relax the grip of death from your mer association,
soul and plant jour unshackled feet heart. Long days
upon the golden throne, Christ let the i^g tk&t wear oui
tortures of the bloody mount tranj-ri x puDge the bright 1
him. With the beam of his own cross haggardness to the
he will break down the door of your flesh tight down oi
dungeon. From the thorns of his own acd draw dark lin<
crown he will pick enough gems to ey?> aQd the hand i:
make your brow blaze with eternal vie- voice_ is husky and
tory. In every tear on his wet cheek, grief is wearing, grii
in every gash of his side, in every exhausting.
long, blackening mark o? laceration aro 9U
from shoulder to shoulder, in the grave lnnfc- mi i
shattering, heaven storming death pitying sky? Are
groan, I heir nim say, "Him that ed heath unfed of ;
cometh unto me I will in nowise cast overarching tree
out." us out on tbe ban
Tou will never get rid of your sins in Oh, no! no! uo!
any other way. And remember that has not. 11c con
the broad inv:tation which I extended and kindness and 1c
to you will not always be extended, all our grief. He
King Alfred, before modern timepieces the depth and the le
were invented, used to divide the day of it. He is the oi
into three parts, eight hours each, and ly sympathize. G
then had three wax candies? By the Sometimes when w<
time the first candle had bumed to the to our friends and
socket eight hours had gone, and when they try to sympatl
the second candle had burned to the understand it. T
socket another eight hours had gone, stand it. But Chr
and when all the three oandles were ana all through it.
gone out then the day had passsed. Oh! the tears and recoi
that some of us instead of calculating before the tears s
our days and nights and years by any groans began Chri
earthly timepiece, might calculate them hiding place of yo
by the number of opportunities and takes it, and he wei
mercies which are burning down and ures it, and he pitii
burning out, never to be relighted, lest sorbing pity. Bone
at last we be amid the foolish virgins of our flesh. Hear!
who cried, "Oar lamps have gone out!" row of our sorrow.
Again, I commend the behavior of members Lazarus'
the disciples to all who are tempted.. I by you in the cen
heard men in midlife say they had he remembers his
never been led into temptation. If you will stand by you i
have not felt temptation, it is because your affections. ^
you have not tried to do right. A man footsore way, the s!
hoppled and handcuffed, as long as he weary body, the ei
lies quietly, does not test the *power of awful cross, the sol
the chain, but when he rises up and will forget you, but
with determination resolves to snap the Often when we
handcuff or break the hopple, then he sent for our friends
finds the power of the iron. away; they could
It is all folly for you to say to some wrote to them, "Co
one, "I could not be tempted as you telegraphed, "Tak
are." The lion thinks it is so strange They came at last,
that the fish should be caught with a while in.coming 01
hook. The fish thinks it is so strange late. But Christ ii
that the lion should be caught with a fore you, behind yo
trap. You see some nun with a cold, mother ever threw 1
phlegmatic temperament, and you say, child with such wai
suppose that man has not any temp- affection as Christ
tation." Yes, as much as you have. In you. Close at har
his phlegmatic nature he has a tempta- staff upon which yc
tion to indolence and cecsoriousaess the cup you put to j
overeating and drinking, a temptation the handkerchief w
to ignore the great work of life, a temp- away your tears?I
tation to lay down an obstacle iD the present, all sympat!
way of all good enterprises. The ate Jesus. How <
temperament decides the styles of j one moment from hi
temptation, bat sanguine or lymphatic, Go now. Go and t<
you will have temptation. Satan has a I If you go to him i
fitted for yoir sctil path?.; ill is &1'. Krerything; will 1 U 3
jeyond the reaoh of brighter ap *?.d jo}' frill come to the | " a
say when a m;m gets heart an<^ sorrow will depart:, your oins
s of age he is safe will be forgiven and your foot will
lit. You are very touch the upward path., nnd the shioing Ha G
l man at 85 years of messengers that report above v hat is
notations as a man done here will tell it until the great
>nly different stylea arches of (j-od resoun-d witn tee giau
k the aged Christian tidings, if now, with contrition and
;r assaulted of the full truthfulness of soul, you will only AND
If you think you go and tell Jesus.
3 power of tempta- But I am oppressed as I think of
nuch mistaken. these who may not take this counsel ?ncj |
ed a throne pretend- and may remain unblessed. I cannot
i and sickly, and if help asking what will be the destiny of 01
rould soon be gone, these people? Xerxes look off on his
his crutches to the army. There were 2,GOO,000 men?
attained it he was perhaps the finest army ever marshaled.
said, "It was well Xerxes rode along the lines, reviewed
looking for the seep- them, came back, stood on some high
I should stoop, but point, looked off upon the 2 000,000 At
md it, why should I men and burst into tears. At tnat mo- mesa
and he threw away ment, when every one supposed he tional
is well again. How would be in the greatest exhultation,
tower of temptation! he broke down in crief. They asked ?r'
eak and cripple in- him why he wept. "Ah," he said, "I Ph"3
achanceandit will weep at the thought that so soon all was a
soul; it will grind this host will be dead!" So I think of and j
man has finally and these vast populations of immortal men exteri
emptation until he and women and realize the fact that was fi
But what are you sooq the places which know thtm now after 1
temptations? Tell will know them np more, and they will of the
them? Ah, what a be gone?whither? whither? There is Ohio,
i be! As well might a stirring idea which the poet put in cott,
ort <;end word to the very peculiar verse when he said: choic<
J thd Pftsfcta is least _ ? p Wolc(
)*g0 'and" tell what 'Tis QOt for man \? t.nne; me ;s Dnei' adopt
ire and what your . ^.^erej. . aanot
The world will only Oar ago is buUhe falling ol a leaf, credei
only sooft at you. dropping tear. arj(j r<
t man do? When the Not maQyli7e9> but on]y 055 ^3ve we~ Eat
th terrific dash shall One, only one; ticnal
hold onto? In this Ho vsacreoscculd that one life ever be? the c(
vorld, the flesh and That narrow span! ets h
man have no help, were 1
est intimates some- BEAT AT HIS OWN GAME. mayoi
n those eyes that tion c
thany sisters I see gow a Governor Tried to Get a a^ari
that voice which the n
ave broke and the Senatorship and Failed. tors t
back her lost son . for ea
id sorrow stupendous \Y hen the senate committee on elec- gress
3 of rapture?in that tions begins to investigate the charges congr
command and the of collusion or conspiracy which they lo?fci
burden on the Lord, are nQW ta]^jDg about bringing against
thee. Why should 3enator Clark for the manner in which m
1 ) . . . . . , , . ^ two c
araens any luugeri *ae secured that last appointment wmcn , ,
1, Christ has been in ^as given ri9e to so much discussion, s'
says: "My grace t^e pr0spects arc that there will be a J ,
or you. You shall ^it of a' side issue in the collusion or ^
ve that you are able congpiracy line to attract their attenore
with all your tjon elsewhere. According to the V\t,>
these disciples did, g^ries told by those who profess to be , j
on the inside of the Daly end of this ^
nd the behavior of Montana feud there was more than one -n
the bereaved. Kow reason why Governor Smith of that ! ^ ^
mrning? How many 3t^te ^ras surprised when he learned
you behold every- that his lieutenant governor Jhad ap -j,
lis own way cf tak- pointed Mr. Clark. Gov. Smith, itjs
We must get out said, went away from Helena firm in ;
ing generations. We the belief that should a vacancy in the *roW(^
ige that others may senate arise the appointment would go stra*:
nio .AftQATi Tiato ifl a onil (a nnhnHTT aIrA. Thifi it is i-r~i
aid igajvu V"VAV " " mui ?uu w wvv..v.
ching down all the claimed, is a contingency possible un- , Y'*
y of shadows. This der the constitution of Montana which i01^'
ime into eternity is makes a full fledged governor of the ,as ec
ise that we cannot lieutenant governor the minute the yf
rery hour we hear governor proper gets across the state 1 C j1
pulohral gate. The line. Now, according to this particujken.
The ^ ground for piece of gossip, the governor's ab- r\ef
jr resurrection har- gence from the state was by no means e
ist be peopled. The n^premeditated, but it had as its pur- r?coS
our eyelids. "In pose the elevation net cf some other a3f?J
11 menoncc^ to die." Daly man, but of himself?of course
rom time into eter- had he remained at Helena he could c |6r
urths of the families not have appointed himself. The buriolation.
The air is den would have been on him then to
on<1 V>la<?lr fas- a*r>A anma ntliAr ?nfi-f!lark man. and
>J ?">* V**w OWUVt Ot/MAW V?V* - ~ ^ J WHO 1
eath ramble through his own ambitions to shine in the sen- rQOS(
; body of the child ate would have been forever dimmed. w:^
closely to the moth- The tip that Claik proposed to resign _kQS(
yay in the cold and reached Helena some days before the mat,3c
5 laughter freezes to resignation, and then it was that the ga
i the rose scatters, governor discovered he ~.iad business ereai.
rest field of Shumem ^hich would take him ouc of the state. ?
! My head!" And When the news was flashed to him few D
ne to die on the lap that his faithful lieutenant had given
idowhood stands with him a glittering expample of what
ruck into the pallor sporting men knew as "the double Th
(hanage cries in vain cross," his feelings can be better im- ar? f
her. Oh, the grave agined than described. It appears that for q.
h of stone it clutohes the governor's claim is that Claik's at- t^e j
;en the closing gates torney lured him out of the state by Amoi
r hearts are mangled means of a trick, and that the lieuten- q.ov>
?nt oAvorn.ir hia authoritv. v>?<,
thly solace? None. He will contest the seating of Clark and papei
tsequies, we sit with "19 m?f1e than likelyJ ^hafc,th? n?w ho*e the (
we talk pathetically d*'be PUD?^d 1Q the body poll- far as
soon the obsequies tio of Montana will let out a vast quan- the G
sarriages have left U3 ?J corruP^lon that was not thought papei
iends who staid for a ?* before. John:
and the heart sits in ^ , , news]
,g for the little feet McSweeney Was Eight. for tb
in patter through the It is charged in some quarters that His ;
for the entrance of Mr. Patterson is brought out and sup- about
er come again-sigh- ported by CoL Robert Aldrich t0 beat he ah
less ever and anon jyicsWeeney because of the governor's aDy ?
3 book or garment or refusai to pardon the white bigamist ,s.
tre that arouses for pons, Col. Aldrich's client. It is net i 1,3
almost killing the cre<jib]e that so small a matter as a re- , 9,
and nights of suffer- fnsal te don a oonTiot shonld hare fund
t the spirit and ex- 90 t a resnlt a3 th;3 is aII d t0 while
mesoflifeand give havc It pI.?habIe, though, that en.?n
Itbere some opposition to McSweeney
er tut; ?ueca. uuuc on ttjg account4 mere tiave been r;~~3
;s under the 6unken severaj determined and strong efforts to y\
i tremulous, and the getthe goTei.nor l0 pardon Poo3i and on ok
.uncertain, and the strong influences have been brought fo aPPr?
Jding, accumulating, bear hlm tMs en(J. but ? has and !
persistently refused, and we under- ]? "
Loh to do? Are they stand has said positively that Pons ?r. a
nto a brazen and un- must serve out his sentence, which was ?laim
they to walk a blast- really very light, considering his A8seI
stream, unsheltered offense. The News i3 not advocating ??e' ,
s? Has God turned Mr. McSweeney for governor, but 1.
ren common to die? oheerfully commends him for his ? .
He has not. He course in the Pons matter. It certainles
with svmDathv ly ought not to lose him ariy votes in
>ve. He understands South Carolina. Iq that respect he suck ,
sees the height and has undoubtedly done his duty. under
jfon ? that caTfulh Col- Hoyt's Story Denied. ^
o and tell Jesus. To the Editor of the News and j(jo f(
3 have trouble we go Courier: I note in the report of the 0f th
we explain it, and Beaufort campaign meeting published standi
lize; but they do not in your paper of this date Col. Hoyt 0bjec1
hey cannot under- says that there is a lad in this town wjjj; n
ist sees all over it when 13 -years old forged his fathers mean?
He not only counts name to an order and obtained whiskey
ds the groans, but at the dispensary, and who, now at 17
itarted, before the years of age, is a drunkard. There is
!st saw the inmost no such case known to our citizens A
ur sorrow, and Jae here. It ill bccomes one who 13 an as- 1
ghs it, and he meas- pirant for the highest position in the
;3 it with an all ab- gift of our people, and wao has but dren.
of our bone. Flesh lately been a guest of our town, to nume]
; of our heart. Sor- give publicity to so cruel &nd baseless Germ;
As long as he re- a slander against those upoa whom the a8?grave
he will stand future of our town is dependent. Oar and le
letery. As long as boys are an exceptionally manly and behin<
own heartbreak he upright set, and properly resent this found
a the laceration of imputation upon their moral integrity, which
rVhen he forgets the A Friend of the Boys. her.
leepless nights, the St. Gsorge, June 20. wentl
thausted mind, the tied ii
emo grave, then he That Is the Rub. ago.
not until thes. The Philadelphia Record says: vania
were in trouble we "Much complaint is made that the dele" marrie
i, but they were far gates from the Southern States to the Two y
not get to us. We Republican National Convention are to thi:
me right away," or nearly all office holders, not withstand- living
e the nest train." ing President McKinley's desire that troubl
vet were a great his office holders should not manifest a took r
perhaps 'were too pernicious activity in political matters, and w
3 always near?be- But how are the Southern delegates to Germ:
u, within you. No be chosen if office holders and office ex- wife,
ler arms around her pectants from that region are to be bar- his se
*mth and ecstasy of red out of Republican National Con- enumc
has shown toward ventions?' ' with I
td?nearer than the ~~" ; ; betwe<
u lean, nearer than Killed by Lighting,
'our lip, nearer than Mrs. Mark Swanson, of Flat Creek,
ith which you wipe Fayette Ga. county, was struck by light- The
preach him an over ning and instantly killed Wednesday Verne
hizing, compassion- about 11 o'clock, while in her yard at- blind
can you stay away tending to her young turkeys. Her Sween
im with your griefs? daughter, a grown up young lady, was his ch;
sll Jesus. with her and received a severe shock, men h
?or pardon and sym- and it is said will die also. hardly
tf Vr * W if V TT'Tf \TP 1 XOTCAH B?ESW2L?
fl fl A 0 .itifij&U Si II < j ? ,
?? Thoj Give ? Black Eye to Sbsnezs;
Called it to Order on Tuesday Vernsr'e SlandeJ.
At the campaign meeting held a
Orangeburg, Mr. A. Howard Patterson
candidate for Governor, read the fol
Tfil n IT WHAT Tn nn lowing from the Oconee News, o
TOLD IT WHAT TO DO. wh5ch Mr. Kbenezer Verner, is the edi
It Did It Without Asking Why . cdi.tor of,.t"s newspaper ha.
? had letters irom different parts ot thi
r Wherefore. McKinlev State asking that an editorial publishei
in the Oconee News some time back
and Roosevelt accusing Mr. McSweeney of drinkin,
blind tiger liquor, be republished. Tha
Named. does not appear to be necessary. Whei
Mr. McSweeney denies the charge w
a few minutes past 12 o'clock on will give the names of those who in
.ay of last week the twelfth na- formed us that he did frequent th
Republican convention was called tigers and dnnfc liquor Sunda;
, . . . ... . . nient at the Merchants and Manufac
der in the great Auditonum at tu^ers' qju^ "
delphia by Boss Hanna. There Governor McSweeney immeaiatel;
lavish display of national colors arose and branded the statement a
in immense crowd thronged the false. Moaday morning the Columbi
;or of the building while the inside State published the following card fror
lied to suffocation. Immediately Mr. Yerner, which reads very mac!
order had been obtained Secretary like the three black crows tale:
! Committee Chas. Dick, of Akror, To The Editor of The State:
announced Senator E. 0. Wol- The names of those who told m
of Colorado, as the committee about Gov. McSweeney drinking li<juo
? for temporary chairman. Mr. Sunday night at the club in Columbi
)tt took the chair, and after the and patronizing blind tigers are, T. C
ion of temporary rules of order he Duncan of Union, William Barnwell o
meed thrs committees on rules, Columbia, and a Mr. Jones of Green
atials, permanent organizations wood, (now of Alabama.) ft cam
^solutions. about this way: I met Mr. Jones o:
jh member of the Republican na- the cars near Greenwood last fall. 11
committee received 25 tickets to impressed me as being a gentlema:
mvention, and in all 50,000 tick- and a maa of character. We talked o
ave been issued, 4,0U0 of which the dispensary law and he said that i
distributed to local parties by the wa? a common report in Columbia tha
r of Philadelphia. The conven- Go ;. McSweeney not only did not tr
onsists of a number of delegates- to enforce the law Columbia and 1:
ge from each state equal to double other large towns, but that he had bee:
umber of the United States Sena- known to patronize the blind tiger
o wh'eh eaoh state is entitled, and himself, and that frequently. Las
,ch Representative-at-large in con- November I met Mr. Barnwell in thi
two delegates-at-Jarge; from each county in company with half a doze:
ess district and the District of Co- other gentlemen. We were discussin
la, two delegates; from each of the the dispensary law. I reported wha
ories of Alaska, Arizona, Indian Mr. Jones had told jj>e.' Mr. Barnwel
Lory, New Mexico and Oklahoma, laughed and said: "Why that is note
lelegates, making a totai of 906 rious in Columbia, and I do not sup
ites. Necessary for nomination pose any one would deny it." I said
No provision has been made for "Remember you are talking to a news
legate from Hawaii, as in the paper man and I mean to publish wha
cratic convention to be held at you have said." He did not object t
as City. # that, only said that I need not give hi
Kinley and Roosevelt were nomi- name. I replied that I would not un
by acclamation on Thursday. Jess my word was questioned.
i the nomination of president was Again last January as I was going t
ler, Mr. Foraker was recognized. Columbia to the legislature I met Mi
jgan his speech nominating Mc- Duncan at Spartanburg. There wer
sy amid great cheers, concluding several other gentlemen present an
:15. The andience went wild for some one remarked that I had accusei
inley. Barkers were caugbt up the governor of drinking blind tige
yaved, the band played and the liquor. Mr. Duncan said he did nc
I wildly cheered. The demon- doubt it in the least, and said that
on lasted fifteen minutes. gentleman had that day (Monday
len Roosevelt ascended the plat- shown him a copy of the governor'
the uproar was renewed and message to the general assemblj
L five minutes longer. He said which the governor had given him th
se to second the nomination of night before at the Merchants an
inley. Somebody applauded every Manufacturers club. This was on Mon
he spoke. Thurston followed, day before the legislature met on Tues
3, of Kentucky, also seconded, day, and this man told Mr. Dapcan ths
;ates howled for a vote, but I*odge he had "set the gevernorup" to severs
nized Knight, of California, who drinks the night before?Sunday nigh
seconded. McKinley was nomi- ?that they staid at the club until mid
by acclamation. There was wild night; that the governor got to feelin
ing and a great demonstration. ^ mighty good and gave him the messag<
a fiall nf the roll 1QT Mr Drinftan said ha saw the messaet
nation of vice president. Ah- and this was two days before any men:
yielded to Young, of Desmoines, ber of the legislature got to see it.
withdrew Dolliver and nominated In the first article I wrote I sal
;velt. Mnrray of Massachusetts, twice i4If this be true?that is if th
Irew Long and seconded Roosevelt, governor did have such conduct.
i nomination was made by acela-' never said he did do it, only that I ha
m. been so informed. In the last piece
nna did all he could to work up said I would give the names of thos
enthusiasm, but he only partially who told me, and you find them above
eded, the cheering lasting only a I did not say that I would prove it, be
linutes. would give the name of those who tol
?:?? , _? me. Ebenezer Verner.
L. A*,01SrCJU8tom _ Richland, S. C., June 13, 1900.
e AbDeviIle Medum says A. How
'atterson, is making the canvass duncan denies it.
overnor and of course is opposing To ^ Editor of rhe ?t3te
.e election of Gov. McSweeney. j ju3t rea(j your editorial in tc
nf.h^r hrniiffht acainst ?. , J r
~MftS*wPPnP7 ffl'thVfa'nt tWat" hp aey 8 paper in wmcu is liiuurpurait:
Scribed for a 1 be? ofn'ews! ^ ?'Mr" Ve in *>
, and has paid for them out of ^1, on the train last D.
Governor a oontiogcnt fund. So b f Sp?Unbarg j net M,
'r?^rt? =^?^?h aWf.rrqUr,?!cD.g Verner and several other members o
rovernor to suoscribe tor news- ? ,
s. As a matter of fact Governor the, les.ratnre eQ r?ute to Coaumbi.
son Hagood subscribed for such an.4 in tn?i .??urse of,a general fonvei
oapers as lie wished and paid for s?tlon' wh"h was ?f a very Pleasa*
iem out of his contingent fuad. character, the question came up as t
i? * what position the governor would tak
??1 in the matter of the dispensary. I r<
,!h ^IPXt '1 tS? ?! marked that I had seen a printed eop
;vays knew what course to take in ? ,a i: v ,f
mergency. The Medium has been of the S?,verno.rs message, which th
to every Governor of South Caro- ? T.
inee the time of Gov. Hagood and W*! 0De. of tb.e Col?mb.a clubs
een paid for out of the contingent 1 a"a,ohed importance to the matte.
, -cent hv Gov. Ellerbe who died do not,at th. 3 tIme- as '.he e?Ur
"in'nffifp" Yf woftrP not mistak- company 01 genueuieu were m
0 Af cjnmfo- wnora tr?o nof lar mood and no one, I am satisfied
The editor made out a bill and gave the matter a serious thought
ht it before the General AssemIt
was referred to the committee (1,,. , ? u J c ,
lims in each House unanimously ,ZIDf, hlind tigers, I have no definit
ved and both the llou,e foeolleotion, because I have never me
Senate ordered the claim to be w?vCT h,r
There was not a aolitare vote so most pleasant way, but as ther
L-nnw a^inot \b* were several getlemen in the party o
This ahnvc*H that the> trr*n> a^ of them but one bein
nbly believed the claim was a just m?^e.ra of <he le^3llture' aomfhin
Mr. Patterson also complains Sht have been said m a genaral was
Jov. McSweeney bought a picture t"1 Bot'a* refleotlTe maDner wlth re
: Governors of the State since and tence to the governor
ling Gen. Hampton and paid for 1 sincerely regret that I have.bee
- - 1 - hr.niffhfc into this controversy, and
of the contingent fund. The cost -a- , " ,
Btl. Tt.re is a precedent for beg to take the position at once that
purchases. We have always am DOt M ?P/?DC,lt G.?" r .Mc
stood that Gov. Kllerbe bought a Sweeney and in mentioning the fac
graph of the members of the Con- J, had B=c? a e?py?f ?,raessa*
ional Convention of 1S05 and paid ?V. blor? .'he
" G %rtC tw "ferred?t^S ,n the S'deSenTa
? in 0tVherDsLteTlibraSCr isTn * *. >??? * of Gov. MeSweeney.
; of great interest. Mr. Patterson TT n T ,A nQMnncan'
ot make his election snre" by such (l nlon- S- Ju?e 18> 190?BARNWELL
Happy With Two Wives- Th(! 0oluu>Wa correspondent of th
, , , News and Oonrier says:
census enumerator has found a .. ? ? , , , .
n Newark N J livinc haoDilv Mr* Barnwel1 was seen today and h
two wives and two sets of chif- feels very much chagrined at the men
In answer to questions of the S?n ot il3 "ff m 'h.13 ??"">/ctl?n
rator the man said he was born in H?.h.as n"eJ bad ^thing to do witl
any and married there 20 years politics and does not want to have any
tt i ..__j _c :.j i:r_ I thine to do with such matters, and sai<
.tie Decame ureu. 01 marrxew me, , , , jT.
:aving his wife and font children that he would not have anything to sa;
d he came to this country and for pnbheation and he certainly neve
wife No. 2 on the vessel in expected what he said in a gentleman
he crossed and fell in love with library would get into print, correct!]
After landing at New York he or incorrectly. He did not care to hav
to Pennsylvania and the girl set- anything to say for publication, but i
1 Newark. That was ten years ma) be stated in jMtiee to Mr. Barn
The man did not like Pennsyl- wLe" 'bat hc 3t.ate'?1 most emphatically
and he went to Newark, where hc that he never in all his hfe patronized
id the girl he mot on the ship, nor has he been in a blind tiger, am
ears ago ihe man's first wife came he could not of his own knowledge sa;
i country and found her husband ^ ereL there^was ^one^in Columbia o
with wife No. 2. There was no eisewnere. u. mu^ > '.
e, the man said, and wife No. 1 n,e,er. ^ t0" ^ ^ erncr or an;.on,
ip her residence irith her hnsband eIse- h? "ys'> u' Governor McSweene;
ife Xo. 2. The hnsband sent to Patronized a blind tiger, because h,
my for the children by his first i not know aaytohg atoot it. Hi
He has had three children by did tell Mr. \erner t at Governor c
cond wife. The man told the Sweeney in common with other gentle
rater that he got along amicably visited the Merchants and Mann
lis two wives bv dividing his pay facturers Club, and that he me. hin
5n them every Saturday night there, and he to d Mr. \ erner that i
1 the Governor took a drink there he di<
Should Retract. not suppose he would deny it, but hi
Columbia Record says: ".Editor certaioif does?ot look upon a clul
_:a_ j room where gentlemen meet ana talk a
r b witueoaeb uu nut Bustaiu ilia ayA* At "
" ^"testimony of the above gentle
ey. He should now withdra mca should most effectually dispose o
arge as he ean not prove it by the ??" i slanders that Patterson ha
'do less been using. Verner will now have t,
Jtiiy ^ ?^~ V ^.ii.^.n..'!.. J.'m ' <j\im " m V
j jrofs iiis sknders of the mythical ''s j
j Mr. Jonsc ' or admit that he circulated
= a viie slander azairi3t the Governor of __ 4
1 the State. xne Demand c
t VUt J V
- That Is What the Florence Times
Calls Patterson's Charges. W H I
s The icj action of personalities in the Tent
s campaign by Hon. Howard Patterson at ?
i Orangeburg was the most unpleasant THE CHTflT
5 teature 01 the occasion. This feature
^ was very much discussed on the street There Fas Been I
q corners and in the cars. It was gen- . . .
e erally conceded that Gov. McSweeney clie
. stood the attack very well, and on all Four thonqand m
e sides, except among the friends of Mr. were taviD sh
v Patterson, were heard regrets that . ? f
such should have been injected in the ^*en ^Bln ^ues
campaign. Hi3 friends held that it with a prospect <
y was right and proper that a man should Thursday. This
g be called to account for his short coin- China ag sefc !orth ;
a injrs, and that the charges made were , ,
q of short comings. Briefiy summed up me^ dispatoh.
[j they were that the governor had taken # "Eight hundred
a drink in one of the clubs in Colum- P^rt in the fig]
bia, which liquor was blind tiger stuff. say.s the Shanghai i
e As Mr. Patterson himself said that Baily Express, cj
r nine-tenths of the men in the world "and they appare
a drank liquor, and as the crowd prompt- a supplementary
\m iy replica, some mat tne otner tentn wwmaua auu jonti
f did too, and others that they wanted started. It is im
t. to, the takiog of the drink was hardly the number of th
e* to be construed as the offense, and it is they had a surpris:
q not very plain how a guest is to satisfy On June 17th 1
e himself as to where his host's liquor the foreign settlen
D comes from, the offense is at least not military college \
f of such magnitude as to warrant a mixed force of 17:
t great dramatic display which was in- Germans and Italia
I tended to magnify the offense into a the guns and burn<
7 serious moral and civil crime against contained a consid
q decency and the laws of the state, and munition and kilie
q to put the accused in the light of a so- Russians, their fc
g cial leper. The other crimes were in excellent service,
t regard to the disbursements of the gov- was one man ki
s emt>r's contingent fund, a fund intend- wounded. TheGe
n ed to be used for the benefit of the the Italians had fii
g governor's office as the governor saw the Russians had s
^ fit. It has always been considered five wounded.
1 necessary for the governor's office to The Chinese are
1 4 -1 11? 1 1 IT - - ?- - ? J.T 1? ntimkAHfl A
Keep postea on me iocai amirs 01 me 155 umuuciD a
various communities in the state, that terior. Reports
. is part of the governor's duty, and the oontinue to reach
duty of those around him. There is in Pekin. Accord
t but one way to do this, and that is to streets are filled <
0 read the papers from the different Boxers who are wl
g towns. The taking of these papers trol of the Chinese
. was inaugurated in the time of John- working themselve
son Hagood, and has enabled the gover- clamoring for the
0 nors of the state to keep themselves ers.
better informed than any other means The consuls at S
g ever employed, and understanding the foreignors at Pekii
d people bette;, they have been enabled Japanese reports r
1 to administer their affairs with more allege that up to J
,r justice and satisfaction. MoSweeney foreigners had bee:
has simply increased the number of pa- The Daily Expre
a pers used by that office because there stand that Reginj
) were many communities not represent- secretary of the !
8 ed. His own paper had been on the Washington, is to
r list for years and he considered it en- Macdonald at Peki
g titled to the pay from the office. If son of Sir Claude's
,3 these were crimes they were crimes of down to his health
a very peculiar nature and seriously A special dispat
j_ lack the element Gf malioe against the uLi Hung Chang 1
^ people, 'lhe other accusation was that Chinese legations
. woo atoT* fTiA Mind I them to inform
UU on-guit-'u *rao U4MUV w uw?uv -_
,t tiger business in Charleston because which they are ac
[_ McSweeney wanted the vote of the called to Pekin
g blind tiger element in that city. The act as intermedial^
, facts on reoord are against Mr. Patter- the powers to nego
" son in this matter and the assumption the points at issa
[[ of the cause was purely gratuitous, them to beg the po
These charges were made in the same mission by ceasin
ft manner as if the governor had embez- China."
e zled all the funds that had come his A Shanghai di
j way, made all kinds of nefarious bar- Tien Tsin was bom
gains with the blind tiger element and that the casualties
t was altogether the most corrupt and international trooj
g shameless character in the state, and to now allied comm
, the unthinking in the audience the im- hastily pushing for
[j. pression left was that such charges had it is hoped the wor
1 hf>e-n made. There was srreat confusion soon be dispelled.
at this stage of the proceedings to A special from
which the resentment of the soft at- it is reported fro:
tacks of hypocracy and duplicity and that 1 500 foreign
calumniation of a pure and virtuous sacred at Tien Tsii
people, leveled at Col. Hoyt, was but a -t :
zypher. But for the quiet dignity of missionan
^ McSweeney, who held his tepmer un- Pr? Leon;
der the lash, there would have been Methodist foriegt
y half a hundred different rows at once, in New YorV, rec
( for blood got hot all round.?Florence oablegram Friday
Daily 1
" Tien Tsin bona
Sack in Stripes- serious. Hopkins
> Tfc saved, gunboat.
The Columbia Record says quite an ^he three men
tt interesting story has been developed by sionaries. Dr. Le
o the return to the penitentiary of John fact that only thos
e Stuckey, a white convict, from the cabled, the remain
!- Scarborough farm in Sumter county. Tien 'fsin have be
y Stuckey was convicted in Spartanburg Boxers. Among t
e I about a year ago 01 Killing o. v. oer- including five iq t
n vier, who was a clerk in his store, and missionary society
i. owing to tbe prominence of the parties the Hayror Pike
the case was in many respects a sensa- families. '
e tional one. Stuckey was found gnilty '
i- of manslaughter and was sentenced to
t, twenty years' imprisonment. He is TUT I Til)
said to be quite well 4'fixed" in I III. LLAU
h this world's goods. According ? ,
i- to the story as related by the pen- 111? N6W1
e itentiary authorities, Mr. Scarborough
it is a man who contraots lor laborers on ^
n his farm. It appears that he was also l|A|^
e a relative of Stuckey, and when he got
n his last batch of convicts he asked that
g Stuekcy be included. Not knowing of ^ .
g any relationship existing between the 11Q
r, two men he was turned over to Mr. o
!- Scarborough. It was later reported to
the authorities that Stuckey was not It Leads in Wo
Vinf vroa r<?alW Capacity, Strong
LI UCILI5 uovu as a vvutjw, _
I having a pretty good time. It is alleg- Every WW:
1 ed that he was actually boarding with
!- Mr. Scarborough aud paying for it. Attachments,
t Acting upon these reports the superin- parts for Sei
3 tendent and the boaid of directors or- - ,,
dered Stuckey to be brought back to .
1 the penitentiary. He is now in that When orderil
1 institution, again in stripes, and at sample. Pri
work in the commissary department. postpaid.
A Bark Lost. Agents Wanted ii
The vice consul at Trieste reports t
that he has received notice from the
e local imperial royal maritime govern- J. L. SHULL,
ment that nothing having been heard 2219 Xa"V
e from the Austrian bark Palmier since ^
. it sailed from Pensacola, Dec. 19, last, 0
it is presumed that the crew of the ves
1 1 *- A ? ? fnrir\
ft sei arc lost. .aUIUUg me Vlon ncic vftv
- American citizens, Cicero Akens of -p,
1 Washington, and William Woodall of * *
s Got His Trap. hiiiiuui iiu
7 t\ i ? Cures La Gnpoe, (
' _ The Darlington Messenger says some- and all stomach and 1
3 time ago it was told how Capt. J. W, cholera morbus, te<
Woodham, of Stokes Bridge, lost his children, kidney tn
' steel trap by a buzzard flying away all sorts of sorea, risi
7 with it. About three weeks ago Mr. b11 8- Itiaasgood
' Jernigan, who lives near Timmonsville, ap?~!M
* cut down a pine and found the buzzard Jf
' dead ia the boughs with the steel trap If
r swinging to him, and the trap was re- THE MTTRRj
7 turned to Mr. Woodham.
: Columl
[ A kingdom for a care.
You need not pay so much.
5 A twenty-five cent bottle of L. L. & K.
Will drive all ills away.
See ad. and try it?never fails.
\ Gainesville, Ga., Dec. 8, 1899 I
j Pitts' Antiseptio lnvigorator has
0 been used in my family and I am per"
fectly satisfied that it is all, and will
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school of Shorthand and Typewriting
Columbia, S. C.
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is reasonable. Write for catalogue.
su ipnftTTDTTi I TTaviTiP' formed a mnnei'tirvn
OXl lAUUOiill. O ?
en of the allied forces I am now prepared to repair
>, defensive fighting and rebuild cotton gins as
day and Wednesday thoroughly as the variof
being reenforeed ous manufact urers.
is the situation in This branch of the business
in the British govern- ' be under the personal
supervision of
Americans are tak- MR. W. J. ELLIOTT,
hting at Tien Tsin,' who has had fourteen years of
con-espondent of ihe practical experience in build?ngf?,st
.eI?T?8f ing the Elliot Gin, and who
force, arriving with. ^ W6ll known to most
ish after the conflict gin users in this State,
possible to estimate Now is the Time j firing: YOUP
e Chinese there but Gins Before y0u Need Them!
tng number of guns.
the Chinese shelled complete ginning system's, equipped
lent and the Chinese with the most perfect pneumatic
?as attacked by a elevating and distributing sys5
Austrians, Britsh, tems on the market, siytyma.
They destroyed eight complete outfits in
ed the college, which use in this state, and
lerable store of am every one of them givd
its defenders. The ing absolute satis?ur
heavy guas, did faction.
J.UC uausu 1U33 | UlgUOS U1AUO fiUglUCB; ouuoi at
lied and fi?e men Saw Mills, Corn Mills, Brick
rmans had one killed, Machines, Wood Working
re men wounded and Machinery,Saws, Pulleys, etc
even men killed and ^ ~ . , , .. .
We offer: Quiok delivery, low price?
deserting Shanghai and reasonable terms.
nd going into the in- V. C. BAD HAM,
from native sources 1326 Main St., Columbia, S. C.
Shanghai of anarchy ?
ing to these tales the PflMDI ETE filllMIMfi
lay and night with uUlflrLElE (1111111110
tolly beyond the coni
troops and who are EAIIIDMEIJTQ
sup to a frenzy and EUUIl IflEU I V*
death of all foreign-.
Shanghai believe the The Murray Improved
1 still safe, although
ane 15, one hundred Cleaning and Disq
killed in Pekin.
tributinsr Svstem.
iva xuvmao jl vncij ^ ?t -
British embassy in ~ succeed
Sir Claude
in and that the rearecall
is the break "he simplest and most efficient
i." Complete Power Equipments,
oh from Vienna says: - ^y horse power.
ias wired the various Plain, Automatic and Corliss EnQines
in Europe directing Boilers, Saw Mills, Woodworking machinery
the ^ government to Grain machinery, Threshers, Rice Hollers
scredited that he is Grist Mills, Saws. Injectors,
by the empress to Machinery, appurtenances of all kinds.
r between China and rr .
-date a settlement of
e, and he instructs
wers to facilitate his ... At( . , A '
g to send troops to jff, H. GfobSS & CO.,
spatch reports that
barded for two days, 804 Gervais Street, ' /
*ere 100, that 5,000 . .
>s are there and that COLUMBIA,?. C.
landers at Taku are '...
ward a relief columo, . Near Union Depot. -st
apprehensions will '
Shanghai says that
m Japanese sources ?jSP > %
ers have been mas- v $^h
L68 Murdered. v\
?rd, secretary of the V?
i missionary society ?^1.
eived ths following traob mabkJ
Uhefoo, Jane 15.
barded. Pekin very ^ ^
mentioned 'ar^mis- 4116 ^ Antiseptic .
onard infers from the Healer, cnres Piles, Eczema,
ie who were saved are Sore Eyes, (hanulated Eyelids,
ing24 missionaries in Carbuncles, Boils, Cuts, Brnisen
murdered by the oa HI/1 Snvaa Duma Pnim a
. ' V/1U kJUXVO. XiUlUO* ,VViiW?
hem are many women, B ^ Inerowinir Toenails,
he woman's foreign ITT ', ? tr? 77 '
and the members of i-Tltlammator y jCiIQTITilatlSHl,
Hopkins and Brown Aches and * Pains, Chapped
Hands and Lips, Erysipelas.
It is something everybody
rn lunrrn needs. Once used always nsed.
Lll IIiUllU. For sale by all druggists and
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Columbia, S. C.
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lor our new price list and
n Unoccupied Tarri- circnlar. All work guar
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an taai^ a* n n nh ft rcra
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OLUMBIA, S. C. 1310 Main Street
Columbia, S. C
TTS' A. lu Ortrnan, Proprietor.
ROM I Murray's
iygpepsia, indigestion ?
bowel troubles, colic or \ 0 i.'^
a thing troubles with JTX.1 (JlXlCt 11L
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