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?See bank report. a I ?# |
?A. ??w lin? ot summer millinery \
jut received at Mrs. McCarley'f. f there are th<
-The Wiansboro postoffice wi.s on t ?*?
Monday made an international money # ^^
order office. r often ? sometitr
?A crowd of little folks enjoy ad a a enough?sometix
picnic at Mr. J. M. Stewart's pl^Dta- ^ too scant, and t
<??&" tion, near town, on Friday. A ]Jf0Jx5J,A Eac^s-Watermelon,
ha-e appeared on J
the market here and the colored peo- \ gang concerned,
pie are indulging freely in their v jjj any 0f $
favorite fruit. f ditions. Don't
..After suffering from piles fcr fif- r every nostrum
teen years I was cared by Hsing two i cur? female trou
b:>xes of DeWitt's Witch Hszel \ 1>1>A1YE1
Salve," writes W. J. Baxter, North f DKADlJ
Brook, N. C. It heals everything. 0 CEMATEDE
fcew&re ?t counterfeits. McMaster Co. a J^JflAJLC i\L
?Tbi< place was visited by a severe \ ^ ^ QnQ
electric storm on Monday afternoon. . medicine for irre,
The cloud3 were heavy and there was J ful menstruation
a heavy rain, and the display ot f tne ailments inar
electricity was brilliant and alarming. f irregularity, sn<
- The frequent rain3 have iDjared a r^cea, falling oi
the blackberry crop, which bid fair to I back? breSts Psb
be unusually fine and abundant. The 1 hips and limbs
fruit ripened rapidly and dropped and \ the menses so tl
it is feared that the crop will be short. \ every twenty-eij
The easiest and ?ost effective method J those aches disap
' of purifying the blood and invigorat- # Just before youi
injs the system is to take DeWitfs Lit- A get a bottle and s
tit Early Risers, the famous little pills \ good it will do yc
for cleansing the liver and bowels, r sell it at $r.
McMaster Co. 4 Send for our free 1
?John H. McMaster & Co. are after 4 Health for v
the hammftr. not a sledge 4 BRADFIELD R
k TT 1 ST *
. JVU TT IbU iuv *? ?. I ?-J
hammer, bat Hammer paint. This
paint is guaranteed for five year?\ ' " " -
Examine their claims in their adver- northern part of tow
? ti*ement. two placea small li
D. W. M elver, Tuskegee, Als , from trees. The sto
wrote: Our child'* bowel* were pass- very severe north of
ing off pure blood and all prescrip- one expected rep
tion? failed to relieve her, until she damage but as yet i
tried Txetheu. (Teething Powders), reported.
and she it now doing well. j The One Day
J. C. Kennedy, Roanoke, Tenn., m0 sr c^iateVZlxa^says,
"I cannot say too much for De- Dey cow cure."
Witt's Witch Hazel Salve. One box _PIaQS for the C<
ef it cared what th< doctor, called an ^ ^ ^ g
incurable ulcer on my jaw. Lures
piles and all akin diseases. Look out ladies o. the idem*
f?r worthless imitations. McMaster and are now under <
Co. _ number of sealed bic
v ' ?Mr. T. L. Gladden, who is now monument have
located at Darhsm Cross Roads thresh- committee and
log grain, reports that the grain crop opened on Monday,
in the county is turning out SDe. He monument has noc t
says that h? threshed 120 bushels of tjje probability is
rye for Dr. Pixley from about five w^ere it is c;ros?ed
acres. , _ street will be the p's
?Mr. U. G. DesPertes is preparing j8 f^e place that mos
to build a cottage on the corner lot jjes^ gjje jp0r the mon
opposite the Kotel Duval. This house a(jj much to the
will be for rent, and as houses are in , g^get to have it there
orrpftt (tara&nd. it will probably be oc-| Cure Cold I
copied aa soon a3 it is completed. Kermott s chocolates i
"DeWitt'* Little Early Risers are ??? ""****:o ?mre
the finest pills I eTer ased.?;?D. J. ?Miss Lonise Si to-,
Hoore, Millbrook, Ala. They quickly nf fha H.?
cure all liver and bowel troubles. Mc- c^ar=e ?' the reading
Master Co. be there every afteri
?The Caldwell Dry Goods Company 7-80 ,0 receive any
is offering a large assortment of sum- Q?ite * good nnmb
mer goods at reduced prices, and now the room anc
1$ the time to bay. Shoes, hosiery themselves as bighl;
and various other things have- also excellent reading
been rednced in price. See tkeir ad. cohort of the roon
lor prices. some do not yet fell
Mr. F. O. Frick, of Colombia, was PJans QPon which il
in the city Wednesday In the interest wisb t0 announce a;
of the W. J. Oliver. Constrnction cordially invited to
~u',wa ? fnr for the present at le
l/UOJp&UY TTUV UATC a ,vvuw*w. -
> baildiDg a road from Rockton lo a?y will be
Anderson's quarry near Winnsboro, ^^ped by the commit
#S. C.?Newberry Herald and New?, days some en^i
"I had stomach trouble twenty years ?,ven 60 as to raise
and gave up hopes of being cared till pay all expenses in <
I began to use Kodol Dyspep^a Cure, and thus make it wh
It nta done uie s? much gooc) I call it ^ j
tht savior of my life," writes W. R. wfcole Perj?>d oc thre
Wilkinson, Albany, Tenn. It digests for wil'ch the perio
what you eat. MeMasterCo. subscribed for.
?The water iu the new wen in trie i
conrt hoQ3e yard is good, clear and 0 ^ ? f3
abundant, and already it has been ?"4ti0 SJ&"&
tried by everybody near. When tLo
well was first finished an attempt was
made to pump oat ?1I of tte water, Ee_
but 80 great is the flow that it was im
^ possible to pump it dry. Much interest was
?Mrs. Mary C. Ition'i; graoddaugh- si?n ?f the county bo
I tea, Theresa, broke her aria a moath Friday. The princ
^ Sgo at Ephrata, Penn. When the splints public interest was
and bandages were removed this week dispenser for Wiunsfc
the arm was so deformed that she is to Ported that about tw
be t&keu to Philadelphia to have it ^or l^e position ws
broken aud reset again. Tbj* little Doaiu- Auc ,wuu v
kitteD sceaas to have nine live?, that Mr. John B S
"After suffering trom severe dyspep- e''ecte^sia
over twelve jears aud using many resui
* remediep without permanent good I
finally took Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. It The Rome Tribune
.did me 80 much good I recommend it , , . . , .
w everyone," writes J. E. Watkin*. Products of a bushel
Clerk ?ud Recorder, Chillicotbe, Mo. From a barbel of
it digests what you eat. McMaster Co. gets 4 gallons, which
?The library committee of Mt. The farmer gets45
?ion is expecting the new books for The United States
the school library at some time during $4.40.
the preseut week. In tbe meantime Tbe railroad comp
let all remember that they can have The drayman gets
acceas to the library every Monday The retailer gets s
afternoon ai 5 to 6 o'clock. Among The customer gets
(bfi zjew books that have been ordered The "wife gets hun
n. *re ms'iy that general readers will be The children get r
much interested ir\ The politician gets
?To-day will be * holiday as it
is the "Glorious Fourth." This day
being a natiounl holiday Sunday hours f.ea/s /\
, will be observed at the poatoffice. No
?- local lrei?bt trains will be ruu ou the w \
?th. The day will pass as every other jkeduced
day, excepting to those who will have ?
holiday, and to the negroes who account of th
n.aillv celeora:o the dav by having a ^aI,?:,al Democrati
J ? / 1-*A
firemen'* parade or picnic. J^an=as wiy, m< t
J. Q ilocd, Justice cl the Peace, Southern Railway w
Crosby, Miss, makes tbc tollowing J tickets from all ])< :
siatemei.t* "I cau certify that Out I the above place and
Minute Cough Cure will go all that ii of oXie fim c!aSs fj
claimed tor it. My wile could not gel .
brr t-reaib andtLe first dose of it re- t,ip' ilcK?,s
Jievfd her. Ii h'i,i &l,c> benefited my at'd 2nd, with firjiil
Bp wboJe family." It acts imuiediitely The Southern Rail
Ht?k and cures coughs colds, croup, grippe, 1 rcct route let Kansi
XX* bronchiti*. oS hma and ail throat snd . . , . ,
lane trouble*. McU^tcr Co. besucbednles.
-The Columbia Iiecord ol Saturday, Southern Railway
J iwue jSGtn, states tlat Mrs. Charles tUl> t,cIc(-''s ^l0m a
Aisnigatili, of Charleston, is very ill r!nes '? 1 ie &unaa'
. . ^ L , Vf{' n " P- C. of Amei
It me Dome or (icr aiwiuci., o , . . _ ,
- Eberhard , iu Columbia. Tbis news
W?wsx-<i>s; !wC? >.
' ?, will be received wiiii regret iu Winns- t ^
bur* where Mr>\ Maniganlt is welij Z * 4 -';2 Si
fctitfvvn, and ii is hoped that tl.e next ? ?'5
report will be eucour&giug Mrs. ; w * u
Us"?'ult ?' ! <? of Mis. F. Gerig j til;n ilJocd> ,y0.
L ??db??fteo?l?i=?dhW. ^ I palene^. You i
P ?A severe wimistorw occurred o? ras\
Wjediie>>Hy afteruoon a;>d forath^rt I SCOTT'S EMI
white tbe wiiwd blew with sncfc ve- | <hem insumrae
** Jocity that it seemed as if we were to j r t ?S creamy Jock
d&m jasve a"cyclone, bat before nny damage | ant tasting.
J ?ras done the wind lulltd somewhat. | 5oc.2=dSi?,;;
^be storia yas more u \erciu 'lie
r ^
; : " TT77T
10M?' Jalj 12'15? aDa remru ac ine ^
^ rate of one first class fare for the 5
yi round trip. Tickets will be sold July ||
\ 10th, 11th and 12tb, wiih final return l|
f limit JalylSth. I|
f^OTn ? For detailed information relative to ||
^1 i vl I f schedules, sleeping car reservations, ,||
:>usands of wo- $ etc,? cal* on or wr*{e aay agent of the ||
y suffer death f Southern Kail way or its connections.
w!u>c2>? owuxc- A - .
5d" comes too J ForOvrFUtj Yeaw. Si
res not often f 28
nes the flow is ? Mrs- * flow's soothing *yrup ||
tgain it is too } ^s beeu used for over fifty years by ||
rmptom shows \ mi^oas of mothers for their children j
?ds heln and t wblIe teethlD?i Wlth perlcct success. I|
? *? \ It soothes ths child, soltens the <muis, |?
iDie in tne or- f allays all paiD, cures wind colic, and ||
Be careiul A i9 tye best remedy for diarrhoea l! II
ne above con- \ vvill relieve the poor little tufferer Bf
take any and v immediately. Sold by druggists in is
advertised to 0 every part of the world. Twenty five ||
Wes. 4 cents a bottle. Be sure and a?k for ??
"CI I\>C A "^r5- Wioslow's Soothing Syrup," B|
CLi) ^ t and take no other kind. 1-1-17
GULATOR J a lectori: to camp kaixs.
safe and sure ?
" World W Manning. of Collim- Si
gular or pain- i | ? ? -? ,
. It cures all T bia, delivered a very interestii'g and | S|
are catised by y instructive address UeforeCuinp Rains ||
:h as leucor- & jn ihe court house on M.nday. Eg; ||
E the womb, \ chose "Memories" for his tubject. bf
is in the head, \ k - .. ., . .. as
oulders, sides f greater part of his address dealt |g
By regulating1 a 1!ie aafairness of the Northern ||
lat they occur I histories used in our public s.hoolf, j
jhth day, all \ and he urged that fair and impartial j
pear together, f hbtorie* by Southern authors ought to j
' comes. ^ 5e v;?od. He emphasized tbat slavery !
;ee how much \ ^ , .v * i
>u. Druggists * was , ot !lie caase of the War for 11
^ South* i n 1 dependence, but it was a SjJ
jook, "Perfect S contest D\ t ;ie :^oum iur nguisguaivromea."
\ anteed by the constitution. He reEGA^AT^R
J ferred to how tie cause of the war was ^
misrepresented in most of tbe hi-to- ^
? riee, many of which were used in our
n, and in one or public schools. He referred to those
mbs were blown famous letters of Gen. Sherman in
rm seemed to be which he said he stated that he (Sher- p;t<
town and crery- man) trembled when ke thought of the not
orts of serious desolation th$t awaited South Caro- but
tothing has been lina ^vhen his ar^y should pass auc
through th3 State, and iu which Sher- sue
Coid Cure. man asserted that tbe State would leg
deserve all that was in fete re for her. Cie
Parts of the lecture were eloquent ]eft
jD.'ederate monu- eulogies of the great Confederate leg
ubmitled to the leaders, and bis address stirred his sue
3rial Association audience with enthusiasm. In
io:isideratiou. A ? jjQ
is for the work on CASTOIIIA. qu
been received by Bearsthe y?The Kind Yoa Have Always Bsugtit ^
these 8re to be goc
The site for the 0 ^
?een decided upon tioi
i that Main street Cle
1? ,IT?v.: mu_ r\f Cocfftria harp
UV \1 aSUiUfJlUlJ J. lie IHilUUiJUylUJ CI ra \JX *^ucw.?.-. - !/?
tee chosen. This been compelled to spend hundreds of Coc
t people think the thousands ?f dollars to familiarize the ;no
nment and it will public with thesignatuieofChaF.il. anc
beauty of Main Fletcher. This has been necessitated 80ii
by reason of pirates counterfeiting the I
in Head. Castoria trade-mark. Tbis counter- tov
Kid^bead^nd sore feiting is a crime not only against tbo the
proprietors of Castoria, bnt again-t fur
raauoa hoc tatftn .. . _ 4 n t
_ tde growing geuerauuu. xin ^ciouuo CQe
' room aD_ ^ 1 should be careful to sen that Castoria ste
joon rom o. .0 j,ears the signature of Chas. H. Fletch- the
atJ a V181 ?"* er, if they would guard the health of fliti
ar ave area y their children. Parents, and mothers rac
ave cxprcsse .Q parljcu;ar? ought to carefully exam- 0th
f 6 8 *ne Castoria advertisements which qu
r matter ^an the ^cea appearing in this paper, and effc
i. *or i ear mat tQ reme0jher that the wrapper of every the
y nndersiat t e bottle of genuine Castoria tears the j
t is (o fce run, we fac.gimile sigliature of Cba?. fJ. Fletch- the
gain t at a are un(jer wb0Se supervision it has t>or
attend and that bgen manufactured continuously for the
astno charges of over thhty vears -Phiia. Bulletin. * Cou
made. It is also
tee that in a few , T ? *ea
Bismarck's Iro i >erve jjOI
tainment may be Was the result of his splendid health Qat
sufficient funds to Indomitable will and tremendous ?
connection with it energy are not found where Stomach,
nllv frpp for fhp Liver, Kidneys and Jewels are out of
TJJfh- Yvltj order- If y?u want ttese qualities r
e mojthf, the time aQ(j ^ gucce8S ^ey bring, use Dr. our
dicals have been King's New Life Fills, They develop era
every power of Draiu and body. Only up
' I'1- 5- A hnf
ZOC. at JkiCMasier ou. e uiug oiv?c.
iRIA. ? _ [ anc
I You Kava Always BsHgirt a coxyict captured te'l
Wade Young, a notorious thief who la
_ escaped from a convict camp near ?r?'
elected Disposer. Charlotte ou the 14:h of last Frbmary,
was captured about a mile from kn(
taken in the sea- Winnsboro on Tuesday by Mr. J. M. Boc
ard of control on Elliott. Soon aftei the man made his ter
ir>Qi linsinrss of! iha p.-irnn Mr.
? ~ mv/ www r r
the election of a Elliott, then deputy sheriff, received
>ors, and it is re- a letter from toe sheriff of Mecklen- C
enty applicaims bUrz county asking him to look out Sit
sre made to the for him, but as the reward was only l.
f the election was $10, and would not be enough toc^m- is i
;tevenson wa? re- pensate him fur the trouble Mr. Elliott \
did not try to c^p'ure the mar. On &i
^ ~ Tuesday morning Mr. Elliott w*s io.d Pii
1 that Young was near town and he then Jthus
size? up the telegraphed to Sheriff Wallace, of sev
of corn: Charlotte, to ask the amount that the
corn the distiller wocia be given for the arrest. Mr. 1
retails at $10.80. Elliott upon hearing that the reward bar
cents. was $20 started on his search. He circ
Government gets j0UI;d Young in a vacant house, about J
a mile from town, busy writing a tan
any gets si.uv. letter upon a brand new itemington uui
15 cents. typewriter. Mr. Elliott surprised the ^
fellow and povered him with a re- Coi
drunk. volver before he could recover him- Fis
=r-v? self. The typewriter and mackintosh Ro
aSs- found in Young's possession were J
??c5, stolen from the Cotton Oil Company Chi
^ T~A of Columbia, ai:d upon being trie- anc
d You Have Always Bought graphed to the company sent ap a Cu
. y*r man to git the typewriter. i
Mr. Eiliott took his priso? er (o re:
*? CharJotfe and delivered him up to af:<
Sheriff Wallace. Tie convict ha?, Jin.
e meeting of the sit!ce bis escape, been wardenrg over
c Convention in '^e country, and when caught was on
fuly 4th, 1900, the bis waT home fiom New Orleans. j
'ill sell round trip Young d;d not resist arrest, and was Jar?
ii.ts on its lines to apparently perfectly unconcerned bt civ:
return at the rt.te caught, and on his way to Char- =?ra
ire for the round 'Ottc ho gave Mr. Eliiotr an account of
he ?o:d July Jst his frame's after his escape from the the
l'niif io Jalv 9ih oau?.- - N<?;
way is tbe most its*^nu LeC. cle;
is Cry, and offer? p A Djnfonll) of LaGrai;^, Ga,
raffercd intensely <" r six mouth* with ngV
will sell round a frightful running *orc on his !e*, tcQ.
II stations 012 its but writes that Buck'en't: Arnica Salve fce
wholir curt d i' in ten days. For Ulcoi.yriilioii
<.f t!.e ce,.-. w?ui;d., Buns, Boils. P.h. or J'"
ica in Ciru-nu a'i, pjiPS it'? the best salve in :he world ja j
Cure guaranteed. Only 2oc. So!d by
McMaster Co., druggists. wj,
i""-4 r J? i_$. $
? * ^ mee^Do youDg men of town I
? was held in the toirn hall Monday in
ik Iu:-,;s and | night for the purpose of organizi.iy we
have t'ism in | the Winnsboro baseball club. There ,
veil as i;; cold. | wa3 a f all attendance. The lovers of
ULSION cures f the tvririiug- sphere showed much eu Di'
r as in winter, f thusiasm, which gnarantees that tho wi
:ingand pleas-1 c'ub lllUs slarted will wear, in its sa|
belt, a number of scalps daring tLe fuj
iiiUruesists. | corning .<ea?on. Among tho-e who aui
??? ?3 j :i?ed and will be active iscmbprs is 1
1 _ ^r* ^asse^ in^dc a fine
seBsfsesSSsC^ . "i^isSBSBsBSml&iB nf whpaf-. hnt nat as fine as gome
I Healthy Mothers !je Cotton is looking well and
Few m,fe? are healthy, bceause || fa e.rS. "?. ?P?tinS ? larSe 5
j their duties ere se exacting. The anxiety IS and hign price. Hope they won'cf
prc3r.ar.cv, the shock of childbirth, j| disappointed.
and the care cf young children, aregg Mr> T> E gmHh made fif C crQ
Wine of Ccrdc: within her grasp, every Rg grain.
mother?every woman in the land?canftgj The farmers around here are i
pay the deb: cf personal health she gjjj | anxious for a thresher. Can't s
j owes her loved ones. Do you wantps ,
j robust health with all its privileges and||i One CODtte ai'OQUd and rellCVC thei
| pleasures? Wine of Cardui will give it IS part of their grain?
!t0 y?u- 8| All candidates are invited to sic
4(ft Ji 111 ^ac^e'or's on Rauck N?. i?
e|k U p| pj Jg i Ip | i|s canvassing through this sectior. 0
f * III receive plenty of room
T f ?ix.aa^ FiftflSrf chairs. N. P. Bray, proprietor,
strengthens the female organs and iavig- |l Miss lola Kennedy, from Ridge*
orates weakened functions. For every 51 is visiting Mrs. B. F. Cas;e!s.
female ill or weakness it i; the fcastgg At the first meeting of the ?:
medicine made. Ask your druggist for ag candidates held in Orangeburg
; $1.00 bottle Wine of Cardui, and take no gg notice that Capt. R. II. Jennings
!substitute under any circumstances. a| present and announced himself
I Mrs. Edvir. C'3?, Cormer, Mich.* I ?| treasurer. We truly hone Mr. ,
cosuaccccdusiai: \Vluici_Cardut! was hardly able 9g ningS wiil be Victorious, US We (]
to walk across tl-; house, i vo weeks alter i walked 3 w , J
I half a mils axai picked strawberries, my g jJ JIS IS tu6 HI 2,0
I other child vas born I ?-.&trcd with labor pii?s 2-1 gJS Mrs. F. U. MelllChaCOpe 15 Stlil 0
I !i'!f ^ack?Lfc3 1? ill but hope to see her weli spor.
I thistime. I&jvc birth ias? month toa baby girl. and $jg Tbfe health Of the COffllHtlDity IS 1
was in labor; only Wu hours, with but little p^in. | g good at tbi8 Writing. ]
sod I have plenty c: ror this s^cat improve'B g ? _ __ .... e
mcnt in myhaalthI-.ankGod anilinecfCsrdui." 8 b J Q D 6 22, 1900.
For advicc inches requiring s?:ciai directions, P 3 ... , . Tl Z~,
address, giving symptoms. "The Lsdicsj Advisory g 3 ^hakft in Tour Shoes
X Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder.
( m Quttauoocj. Taun. || cures painful, smarting, nervosa
5^3! and ^growing nails, and insta:
Yf j _ takes the sting out of corns and \
ti "N ^ ^ ?? ions' It's tlie greatest comfort
- -I covery?f the age. Allen's Foot-]
FT . I B makes tight or new shoes feel easy.
^ LSS5>? - | is a certain cure for sweating, cal
W w iifi and hot, tired, aching feet. Tn
to-day. Sold by all druggists and s
stores. By mail for 25c. in stan
re: John F. Davi., who is ac- A^dress'*
, , , , , ~ . ? Olmsted, Le Roy, 2s. Y. o)wledged
lo be one of^the finest *
:hers in the State, having puzzled tribute of respect.
, only the nines from this State,
also those from North Carolina Southern Pyuria,,.
i Georgia; Grier Pressley, whoso Y" Lemmon was hern
ccssfully managed the Effikine Col- fairMd CooDl)' aDd d:ed a'hls.bl
u team during the past season; -here November .27th, 1S9-, in
ment Davis, whose fine playing as f?.ty-eighth year of his age leavi.
fielder on the South Carolina Col- dcv0,ed- affectionate wife and f
e team, attributed largely to the sons to mourn theirjoss
cess attained by that team this year. -^eiweeu me mumemuus tpwu
addition to these "ve's" there are birth and^death arc written the i.
i Ei-jn, Arthur Owens, Gordon ?* everT Between these epc
attlebaum, Torn Jordan, Ernest in oar beloved brother's life is wrii
idden and Heory Gooding, who did a vjcordo! usefulness,, a life of pi
. , , . , ,' and devotion in Gods service.
?d wc-rk on J;e local c.ub last year. was cbild of the covenant, the eor
'he club wasgorgarjizsd by the elec- a pious father and mother; an Eld
i of Grier Pressley as manager, son, he was early taught the prii
rnent Davis as captain, and Pa'mer P*e? ?^.ou^ religion and brou
, . _ . up in the faith, once delivered to
via us secretary and trcasmer. A sajn,Pt lathe freshness of youth
amittee, consisting of H. E. Good- took the vows of God upon him u
Joe Cummings, Jack Pressley ing with Lebanon Church when ab
i Tom Jordan, "was appointed to nineteen years of age. His tfScie
.. f , and kdelity as a member led to
cit iunas. ^ ^ election to the deacon's office in i
t is hoped that the ciiizeusof the 1887. Removing soon after to Uc
fn wiil show their appreciation of church he was chosen, ordained
efforts the bovs are making to installed an elder there in August IS
1>v M8!tfl^iMir,n also chosen Supt. of the Sabt
uiou aiuustmvui uj '"t""'-'"15 School and continued acceptaoiy
solicitation of the committee, ^is honored office to the time of
ps will be taken to pat the field on decease.
college ^rounds in first-class con- Bro. Lemmon was also a useful j
ior, Manager Presley win ar- J * SSfhffW ? in"
ge some fine games with teams of legislature and he filled for t?
er counties during the summer, terms tbis high phce with credi
e feature of the season will be the himself and to the satisfaction of
?rt to bavS orderly condact daring ?cdTere, and we S
game^ ^ ^ Union Church desire to pay tribut
n organizing themselvgs into a club his memory, whilst he rejoices
? u nr?ii A***, k/MittAn
yoan<* men have thus put Winns- uuu-a - hcuuuuc ma5??5u.
o in a line with the other towns in
_ , Father to remove from our midst
State, for t-ere is scarcely a beiovc? brother Robt. Y. Lemmou
nty teat that Las not it* baseball death, be it resolved
a. Some tv^niv years ago Winns- 1st. That we bow with meek ?
o bad or, W clubs in sooth J?1*8'?11 Ti0'h? willin0"
y? , that the Judge of all the earth will
oliua K. Elliott and ?
. Robt. ..the battery. Resolved 2nd. In the death of <
brother the charch has lost an EI
taring last May an infant child of who with clear eyed viligence watc
neighbor was suffering from chol- ?ver her interest, wuh Jf Ui
infantum. The doctors had given heait and ready band wiou0ht for
all ' ^'pes of recovery. I took a nP?a"fmf* , , ,
t!*> r ..mWiftin'j nniift. Cholera Resolved 3rd. The session has lc
l"l tea'Remedy "toihe house, 2en,ial companion, a wise counsel
in;: . :u I felt sure it would do aD(J,a 'ear^eS3 advocate of trutb :
(d i. sd according to directions, righteousness.
two s the child had fully rccov- Resolved 4th. -hat we perpetc
A. 'i l.o child is now vigorous and his memory by < mulaimg his virt
Ithy. I have recsmnaended this an" m inculcating them upon
aedy frequently and have never people.
twn it to fail."?Mrs. Curtis Baker, Kf olved oth. That a copy of tj
Walter, Ohio. Sold by Mcilas- resolutions be sent to the South
q0j Presbyterian for publication and !
a copy given t-> tho bereaved faroil
our loved brother and tba: a ptji
coittiyq a>p ooi>iG. our iniaoic book be set apart to
!. S. Dwiaht, Jr, returoed ou memory on which .hail be recor
. his birth, his death and his tern
urtiay from the I. al. A. service as Ruling Elder.
T..^. T"% A Pi.nre!or nf Prtinmhifl _T 1? HtirPPV.
113. i/. XJL Jl i v,CQio; j vi vv? ??*? ^^ v. ?.. ?*?.. . ,
risiting her mother, Mis. Connor. Clerk Sessio:
Ir. Walkup Douglass is at his home May 22nd, 1900.
Albion, having returned from
. _ Prevented a Tragedy.
nee ton College
Ir. II. L. Elliott was at home Timely information sriyen Mr?, (.
, , , , - l,ong, of New Straiteviile, Ohio, i
cral days last week on ace .an of Tent6ed a dreadfol trsge(]; aBd
illness of his infant sou. ' two lives. A frightful cougb had I
P. F. McDow, E>q., of the Yorkville kept her awake every night. She
, candidate for solicitor of the sixth tried many remedies and doctor?,
. , , . ? steadily grew worse until urged to
soil, spent several days in town. Dr jj/ng's Kew Discovery. "0ne I
. T. Johnson, Esq., of the Spar- (]e wholly cored her, and she wi
burg bar, spent Tuesday in Wiuns- this marvelous medicine also en
o. He i*> a candidate for Congress. Mr. Long^of^ a severe attack of Pi
... w- - ? ,, ? nf Q'Onia. ttncn cures are positive pr
, e t-00o!er? daughter o of tiie matchless merit of this gr
!. T. S Cocgler, ot Brooksville, remedy for cmiugall throat, chest
l., is visiting Mis.^ W. S. Til! ut lung troubles. Only oGc aDd $1
cklon * Every bottle guaranteed. Trial 1
lr.. Miller and -Mrs. Walsh, of "?*??? JlcMa-l-. C.-.'. drag.b
arlotte, 2J. C., will arrive to-day
1 will be the guests of Mrs. T. J. MKS* lii^^ weir.
reton Tbia estimable l.irfy died at the h<
Irs. M. C. Robertson and children 0f fccr son-in-law Capf. T. W. Ra
urr.ed to Columbia tn Saturday on th0 o.h cf Jure, aged 89 ye
Mi* Vf re .T \T_ OI,? ?.0w,V.an ,.f rtM
?A V> \ L-T1 *- 11/ S.TM * . v. - ' - I OL? C ? ilO ci Ut X Will. V * v?v*
wart. j O'ivc-t Presbyterian Churcb.
j com cc'ed herself wi h this chnrc
QUESTION ANSWERED. j ht-r giiIhood and lived a Use ar.d
'ei, At.gu?t Flower still has 'flu ; vout member np to her death, a pe
%e t sale of auy med;c:ne in the . v? at !e.*ut seventv years. She mar
ilized world. Your mo.hers and M D -d Weir, of il.e Watcree
Ndmother.i Lever thought of using! . .. ' , ,
thing ei-c for Indigestion or Bit* 110,1 ccun^y? where she
sHess. Doctors were scarce, and , raised and .iv* d a-1 of her useful
y seldom heard of Appendicitis ! Christian iir'e. Her husband precc
:r?a\* ^>r?5,r^!i?" ur ^eat^t Eaiiurt*, J ^{;r ,() {jie grave aVj0ut forly-siap ye
. Ihev used August Flower to j , <:i
oijt the syttem and ?top fermea- aSr: ^ad children, th
- -c i ! /?<>TiuKfprB jir.ri ihrep sons. The dar
Oil U i U rZU iW'U I, it'^uidk&u I vmm.w.w.
action of the liver, atimulaje the j tcr8 all suivirc hc-r, Mie. Jes>c Sut
~ous ami organic actinic, the sys- j of DeSoto paritb, La., Mr?. T.
), and fiat is a I thev look vvlt-in I , ... ' . .
ling da!! aid bad with headac^cs ! liavv,s a,;d Mrs. Jai.e Mn.vina, of
1 other aches. You oiily need a | county. She Jived to fee five gen
- doses of Green's August Flower, : tions. ?ho has great great grand <
[;qaid iorui, to make ya satisfied j ^ren -n Louisiana and great gn
re is nothing serious the untter .... . ..
.h tou. Forule by Mcllnter Co , j ch'Uren m "?s cuuulVjo-crists.
I H' r ti.ree sons gave their live
I their country's altar. When the <
J)r. John Palmer, d ltidgeway, was j vrar broke out and at the first call
town Friday am! Li. many friends j volunuers her three boys gtve t
p aiad to see Pir. services t<> the Con fed t racy.
- _ c
" .""7 , . i eldest, Wiliiam Sn-ith, the fa;iie
L >?U asiumo UO i !Siy R :}CU \0U bG)' j ' . . . .
amberiahi'* Colic, Cholera aud , our'esteemed fellow-ciuziD and tru
arrLxci iieuiedr. .Vc Master Co j Mr. YV. ?. Wiir, died cf diseas
il refund your mone\ if rou are i.ot j Virginia; James G. fell piei
i,fled .fter Mi.* it. Ii is every-1 , h K;lb , b ?
iore adin.tted to be the most success- ~ .
remedy in use for bowel complaints ' blot.dv fie.d of ^even Pines; Ro
X the oiilv one that never fails. It' (us he was always called), her t
pleasant/safe aud reliable. boy. while sick on the retreat at Sti
the loll* iSff^
crop B^ggp ^*111 W *8 ^mBStSU^sSSS^
one ISBB&iiigiliiHJiSfflHSflB^HflflH^BP^^^iffSitTt
^^^J^^reqnire on a Wickl
p of JMy a single turn of the v
M'rWB menn? 11X6 anQ a sio\
/ery mfcbfl' and a fast oven. There's
ome SS USe^neSS ^
My&Sgk WMm or simply toasting. Can y<
-! W>jM Wickta
feet ??????????? ???
Hir? berry Plains, was captured by tK? Miss Clare Wheeler, former!;
dis- enemy and was ne7er heard of again. Prosperity, bat now ofWinn3bor
All th,e? were members ot Company h oa vMt tQ ^ fln-, of
, It Or, Gih S. C . Iiegt. . '
lous She and her widowed daughier, Mrs. ssstcr, Mr?. H. Samuel Cannon.??
r it Maivina, lived a quiet and Christian berry Voice of the People.
ihoe life together at the old homeaead up
ips. to several years ago, when their old
lien and beautiful home was destroyed by RHEUMATISM 31111 CATABflH CU
14 fire. Thea they moved to ner son-in- __ BY
law's v?here fbe remained until she * * , ?
j was called to a better hoxse abov<\ | Oil fl ftCVfe J?
The Jast lew yen s oi ner me, mougu ? ? ? ?
almost entirely deaf and an invalid, ^
i in were speat ia doing what she could 1*I
3me her hands while sitting in her 1.U
fT,a easy chair with her little table by her QUART BOTTLES.
side with her Bible and other religious
a books. She was always reading or |g THE SHADOW OF DEATH
jur talking about her oles6ed Saviour and _______
the glorious world to come. While a Whole Family cured.
of not reading she would be knitting or ^ C. H. Kingsbury, who kee
doing anything' she cou:d. She was millinery and fancy goods store a1
mcs laid to rest by the side of her busbaad Louis, Gratiot Co., Mich., and wl
?chs in the oid and well kept family bury- well known throughout the coui
;ten iD2 ground on Saturday afternoon by says:
atrr ajhost of relatives and friends. A /'I was badly troubled with rhei
r7a true mother, a Christian mother, in- tism, catarrh and neuralgia. I
deed a mother in Israel, has gone to liver complaint and was very bikou
e?' "St ,b=ve .be A F.ieud. ? ??? gftSLSSlSg'
?? * ? * ""All c. *? ? T r-Vi/vnld VIOTTI
ici- I rvcu nvuiau) viian a am**i
?" The One Day Cold Cure.
the c0i,i iH b?ad and sore threat curcd by Ker- TnTrw<3TnV'Q^oTpc^l>^i?TrV A
he gioU's Chocolates Laxative Quinine. As easy to JOHNSTONS SAKSAPABILLA
nr- tafce as candy. " Childrac cry f?r them." ommended to me. I TOOK F<
lay we arc ?iw Uving a superadd- 1^1.^3^
lion ance of rain, and as a very natural re- I prefer JOHNSTON'S to all of thi
salt "General Green" is flourishing, michisasdktjq co., detroit, hi
Htv We console ourecives though wi n the BJohn H Mcifaster & Co.; Winnsl
" iu i . .u l - i . S. C.; T. W. Woodward&CoM Rock
in thought that it makes the crsp? grow s c M. Patrick Woodward. S. C,
his also. Crops of all kinds where free G. Patrick & Co., White Oak, S. C.
ind looking weH. VIRGINIA COLLEG1
_ Mrs. Barrett, of Beardentown, Fla.,
tS la Tieiting her father, Mr. Samnel F.r totog lAons, Ko?..k.,v,
irec McOormick. , Opens Sept. 18th, ISflO. One of
f (a w r, i r> i. . . leading Schools lor Young Lad?
his Beckie Pea", v\ho .ias been the South Magnificent buildings
, . visiting relatives at Greenwood, bas modern improvements. Campus
; ot returned home. G/and mountain scenery
. ? n p w ? u Valley of Va., famed for hef
e to Mr. D. E. Melhchampe reachcd home European and American teaci
iQ on Friday, He has been attendiog Full course. Superior advantage*
, school at Farman. Arf and Music. Students from tb
n'y ? , , t, , , States. For catalogue address
onr Cadet Robt. Reeves, of Clemson, MATTIE P HARRIS, Preside!
i by arrived several days since. 6-27-2m Roanoke,1
Miss Fannie Ford, of Sditford, is ?????????
visiting relatives and friends in Long- YOUNG m WASTED
do t0WD
Hon. J. D. Harrison has returned WJ[h ftir edncstion and ^ (
" ..J _ 1 m.i
jUi ironi tfi6 renmon auu ui? vi3.u ici?- acter, to iearn leiegrapiiy, xutu.
hed l*ve8 *D ^exas an^ Arkansas. He re- Accounting1, and Type-writing. '
:n<7 ports a Ycry pleasant tide indeed. He is endoised by all leadiDg rail
her eaid that while be was in WiB?Sboro 5g
during court week in February that graduates are assisted to positi
!? * some of bis friends got up a joke on Ladies also admitted. Write for
nn J bim, saving that down iu Africa (the catalogue. Fall term ?pens Angus
river country} or the bhck belt be GLOBE TELEGRAPH COLLE
hACOUDtry; or+ tDe Dac, ne Osbkosh, Wi?M and Lexi.gton, K
ia e held his own coart, yj as ca led judge, 6-14-4m
ue8 and bis jurisdiction was supreme. He .
did i otknow, however, that the) had
iese given it snch widespread publicity .
mm I until he rescind Tesarknna and .--aw
all who ^ould like to sce it.
Mrs. Price, of Columbia, is visiting We are after you wit!
her daughter, Mrs W. D. Tidwell.
b'at Mr. Snother Tidwell, of Campbell's, hammer, not a Sledge ha
J7 was in Longtown on Sunday. Mer; but With
. ur. jb. tiarrison was uuneu m i
'ltej marriage to Miss Hoss Harrison, of TJ A fUFIjfflift DATlTfl
ired Texarkans, Texas, on Juae 8th. The HftjflllM 1 ftljl
:eu* ceremony took place at the residence
??d uf th? br,i1de's Th3 ^,ide *as One that will stick and
beautifully attired in a grey silk Im- * 17 i i ^rr
mediately after the ceremony they Chalk, crack, or peel Oil.
-kO. jefc on a bridal tonr. They arrived at Hammer Paint is sold
home on the loth and were tendered a 1 nnciHv* cmaranf-i^
>re' reception at the home of the groom's ^ ^
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Harrison. FIVE YEARb, and Will
Recently the pairons of the upper replaced if the failt is
and loiver schools met to yote opon ,r . ~ ..
,<me the question of consolidating the two the paint. Un<8 gallon ma
W]S- and baving a graded school. At this two.
' meeting a majority ox me vocos cast p w i
: were in favor of ihe graded school. v^ome and see baiore __
Since then, howi vit, wc hare heard a paint.
She great deal of dissatisfaction expressed
h in concernii g the matter. We may be I l_I ]W| p, IUI r\ q4- j
j mistaken, but we do not think th*t it ll? lVlblVluOl'
. " would prove satisfactory, for various o_ r\
nod reason=. While it would benefit cen- OC *L/U?5
ried tral Lonntowt) it would ba a great in- .
sec- convenience to upper and lower Lon<?- T>ruggists
wag town. Wc think our schools are ad- .
* mirably sitoati d, tbar we are set i.-i; , . m
ai:(* along nicely, and ?hat the proposed * n0 imprOv?<
ded change wopt!d not be satisfactory We
o ^ hune this matter will be reconsidered ^ w/u:j.* 3
"" Jin,e 26, 1900 F, II D, gg W r nets; 9
? I Moun- ?
ton, . ' ?* is tsin? ^
W. ^ : I .v?M
'..It-uu.o?rl '(/Cdu't.L^* t?ic half* MM hi^ ami mm
tbis ?uprriw PREF7EF
?..q t > j-.a youthful Colo*. * R '"
C r?^n ! < - ? J>?-SA3 * hair tailing,
jllj]. IUruggto"
TTAIT^)]^]? T* A l^TTMCr matter bow ofteD or bow n
son L/1" J^J-/XV i. iTiAlli W ws talk a^oHt ;;he White Moui
*:~:i Freezer, we tell nothing but <he t
?or about it. In fact thfre is no nece
b. WALL ITS IffiMWII for telling anything b t ithe trn:
with a fell stock ?f Cuhets, ?fen feature of the White Mout
^te 9ftttt aid Coffins, ceistaitly * kttJ. ? good feature, and everv point
of and *8? tf ieane wi?H rsyuM. telling point. 0?lv the vnry
2nd, TkanMRl fer past patreiage and wM*- watenals are used in its maiinf*c'
P1-' tati?i fer a ahue ia * m ft? and will produce ihe finest qnah
,e 1H gt?*d cream in the shortest possible time
rced Cafe atteairi to at a* knti. 3 QUARTS, $2.25; 4 QUARTS, $:
, !*le KBJLLICW ?*f 6 QUARTS, $3.25.
. _ "* r - 2 '
ess Oil J f
alve?from a sim- ^y% t ;
v oven to a hot top i ;
i no limit to the range j j
'es absolute control of ji !
filing, broiling, roasting *] !
->? do more on anv coal I :
I ^
l A B'ue H \|f|
>5 Flame ' |H |: ._'|p
sekeeping easy. ?It ___
mfort at low cost.
J Sold wherever
If your dealer
it, write to
MANY . j|
Of rnntl minus
business have given our goods
wide and general distribution. j|ji
They have been subjected to
| the severest usage and their
lei wearing qualities hav? been
fully tested.
f NA/o Guarantee
Fst every ^hain, b.utton, every ar10
is tide we sell, to give satisfacltry'
tioa, you being the judge.
^ Any article failing to do.thii
a. i} will be cheerfully exchanged.
.[be*i M
r*j We Deliver ^
bad "
rec- no work, we sell no goods mot
and under our guarantee, which
gg* has never been questioned
bave throughout our entire busi;in?;
ness life.
| R: BRANDT, |
^ The Jeweler *nd Optician, %
3 CKMTSlt, a . ~
irty Try the Celebrated
5 A perfect blend of Mocha
ihar- and Java,
35 Cents.
. o*r
?We are prepared te fill your
orders at any price, from
* *
| 400 to $1.00.
* I Try our special blend for Iced
i Tea, 60c. X
-i F. M. Habenicht
jLj Dealer i<? Fiue Gr>C' rie>\
- W, A. W. "gjj
The registered stallion W. A. W.
will bo at Mr. Henry Refo's stable in
Winnsboro on Saturday of each week.
_ On Mondays at the farm; balance of '
' time at bis former stands in the coan[
I try. He is seren years old. Day, with
black points. Height, 16; has good
not bone and muscle; no bieiaisb or defect.
He is strong, trictionless in
motion, kind in disposition, and aperUU
feet roadster. His sire is the celebrated
0f Red Wilkes, His dam, Bersey Baker,
, was the mother of trotters. She was
sired by Dictator, who wai the*r* of
fith Jay i;e-See, 2.10, of Director, 2 07, . .
* of the invincible Directum, 2 0-4, the
xes grandf-ire of Nancy Hauks, the quetru
of trotters, and the sire of many others
vou cxtreme 8peed. "
' Although a noted Trotter with perfect
knee action, W. A. W. possesses
also saddle gaits of superior qnality.
Terms, 15 00 to insnre colt. For
^ I tuilierroa and rprord
VAVVUUVU ^VWAgtVW WMVi W -- - _ _ _ - ?
4-10-Sm Wionsboro, S. C.
pm> ? ? -- ?-?
- - ;
5. m
itaio ana
t is a
brst ??- - - |
v_of PEAS,
275; $1.25 per Bushel.
R M.W.Doty & Co.
* ?'

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