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The Fairfield news and herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1881-1900, July 11, 1900, Image 2

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THK Webster Da
Kinley administ
R V T f m/i ?r* i
^ * l?tLaUVti TT U Ui I
The News and Herald Co. of his convictior
_ _ rally hear wha
keen interest.
was given hio
oae Year, - - - si.50 convention.
Six Moathw. - - .75 ?I
? ?^ - ? Technically
WINTNb30^C; C. be at war with
-------meut that is too
Weclnes lay, July 11 - - - IVOO uot Protect. fo1
weak to exist, a
will be consider
sapplant it wi:h
Few pirty platforms bave exceeded ??7?
the Democratic piatforui adopted at
Kansis City. It is admirably ex- ???d, b
preyed, and wc believe will appeal room iR Wini
to the *ober thought of the best citi- m*"8* ^ 's e3t
Z9ns of !he country. Many would 3e^r 1,200 peDp!
have preferred that the specific decla- ^"'^d Mills,
ration in favor of the free coinage of town
silver had been left out, but it is likely q^? featnre~
that the partv would hare los'; more ,
, , . . . ? n ,. vention we did
votes by its omission. The Pepuhsts ~ .
01 two won
and silver Repnb.'ica-is would probably
presence gave
have withdrawn their support. Trie fdlJ3(jcjsm ^at
great strength of the platform, in our jj '
opinion, is ibe plank against imperial- " J
ism and trusts. The position against j The goverDE
the policy of the McKinlev adminis- _ . , ?
- rent to tne wai
tratiou towards our new possessions sen(a,i7e3 and
could not h&ve been batter exnressed. Q^jria
It is free from buncomb, bombast and '
mere generalises. It is sober, ssne THE
thought, and an argument in itseK
It reads like some of the charters of Chris
liberty. bt troi
One ot the inost gratifying features It was the pri
of the conveution was the harmony realize a long c
among the factions of the party. The d^Mmse
Hill demonstration wa? very figrad- (Jajversitv of "V
cant. It means that a united front tion, located in
wili be presented to tLe Republicans ioaed South Ca
this fall, and we sincerely believe that ?rP: JOur can
~ ... high groucd
the Kansas ticket will win. uohke 0f "WiQnSboro,
the Republican platform, there is no sweep of river '
. . -? tt The sir was cle:
uncertainty iu me jxidsss ^iiuuiuii ? - ? ?
and there are no inconsistencies such ^rfez.v
r?v.rr - .u w The moment ha
as the Republican reference to the Moo- according to t
roe doctrine and an endorsement of astronomers, r
the McKinley adain'stration it the cacou to t
same time and such as the Republican
weak denunciation of trusts and the Davidson CtoHe
advocacy of a ship sudsidy bill and telescope, as I
similar schemes. pose bein? not
Bryan will get all the vote3 polled ?Pec^ observa
for him in 1S96, and thousands and |t?? lh? w^ie J
thousand* of others. His election surroundings,
seems far mora probable than it did ray son, Jas.
in 1896. Eastwood, both
J M m Cormick Astro
In the Observer's Raleigh correpon- University of
dence yesterday it was stated that a c53arge of tour
pamphlet, published by the A?ricnltu- m0QDted 0:1 a
ral Department, in the German Ian- a.w?*? * 1
gnage, setting forth the agricultural clock.' The p
advantages of North Carolina, and ^eeP 'he earner;
thoroughly broadcast throughout Ger- wsrdtaesuD,
? - - --?_it rose higher J
mauy by tbe American consais iueie, ?
was bringing in very satisfactory re- of t?ie*e
sells. Letters are continually coming a special
in from prospective German emigrants allowing only
aa?i investors, a^kiig for fuller and tbe object beir
specific information. fbis German peculiar green
pamphlet is a capital scheme, and the With lbe earner
results are proving its value. It sure:} were to b
would be well to follow it up with some of longer
others in the languages of the Scan- duration,
dinavians, the Finns, the Swis3 and A little furthi
other inrinstrious peoples desirable as Uouse;" made
citizsns.?Charlotte Observer. Prof. Stoue, of
South Carolina is doiDg nothing of occupie
the kind. When the old agricultural His^peciafwo?
department existed, the State stood times of the k,c
chances or having Ler resources ad- a'so contai:
v^riised. bnt fhit department was 1whic
7 : % , _ * iuu^iiuuc VI wn?
abolished, ar:a it has been the duty of vioasly determ
no department government, to dissemi- graph, ran by
oate information that would be useful which, by aid c
to those contemplating settling here, weaned n
Thitf Stale has been woefully back- taets"were: 1.
ward on this line. Governor Mc- moon first toe
Sweeney recommended that a depart- sun. 2. (ilorf
ment be established for the purpose of wAen. *"ace
. , . , , , ; ' ? pletelv coverec
collecting )Qst such data, but the Gen- Qino. 0f totality
era! Assembly diti nothing. limb of ihe su
? ? hind the moon
"A Chinaman," it is noted, "died in passed coniplet
Boston, a few days ago, and his feljow This building
countrymen turned out to honor Mm telegraph with
at hi3 funeral. The Chiuese were Observatory id
orderly. They formed a procession aud every day
and started to march to the grave, connected direi
when they were set upon and stoned nomicai clock,
asd beaten by a mob of Boston men its pendulum ca
J ~ " TKq ftiifrooro ia ?r?i1er?_ ?o o nr? mc,
ttiiu U\J J A UV vavi J *W U-I? M?U, II v vv?
was without cxcuse an? was a mani- ?' Washington li
festation oc ''race prejudi3e," pure About thirty
and simple, like the refusal of the hotel the south stoc
keepers in Philidelpbia to entertain University of ^
colored delegates to the Republican young Charlie
National Convention. There sre vllle, a sixteen
"Boxers," it appears, _ outside _ of enthusiasm, stes
China. It is an interesting question 0f astronomy n
what the mob of Boston men and boys fciash many an i
would probably do if the Chinese were asing telescopt
to endeavor to establish Joss houses and notiog the l
in their city.?News and Courier. Olivier also tool
Outbreaks in thi3 country, often at the shadow1
without much excuse, occur through ^?totality ai
^ *-. . * white surface o
"race prejadice" a? the Boston people rpbe jaraest 0
so often declare and the 'nobs are remains to be
savagely denounced. It is well lo forty-foot Phoi
advertise Boston when such thiDgs located on tne
bill so as to
banpeo there. slope of ,he
With a popolatfon of 400,000,000, ie?^tb,m<
China can ra;se an army that, if been usedWki
properly handled, could present for- transit of Veni
raidable, if not insurmountable rc- expeditio
sistance, to the powers of the world. "f a ]
The Chinese have been instructed by stantially built
European tfRcers, and there may be To secuie stea<
enough well trained and disciplined structure surro
soldiers amon* them to give proper So^to^the dai
season and fightiug qualities to the a pjt out
rest. Subduing the boxer?, we are below. This tn
* i--i- A ) Mnrac linAil wil
atraia, win no: oe an easy ia$h.. ixi-1 -? --?
ready the march lo relieve Pekin ^Perj*Do 'n.&kaP
shows that like the Japanese they have aUhetopwhen
learned something from the highly Tbis canvas tab
civilized nations of the world. a frame-work
? , stiflened by he
Mk. Bryan may be wrong ia his f&s-pipe framin
,, ? .. . , , frustum of a pv
views on the money question, but he ionsr> fivc feet ?c
is certainly right in insisting; that there aud'oneand al
should be a specific declaration in top. By care
favor of the free coinage of silver at camera tube w
the ratio of 10 to 1. A mere reatSrma. ^uldbe M?tVe'
tion of the Chicago platform wouid 0f j^e eclipse
moon Mmii fhincr _ bnt its motion duiin
luntivuuj (MV m t
the point was discussed so much that of turning the v
a failure to make a specific declaration ^Qc .?!f,fe,s
, , , ?? along- a .lttle tra
mQ5t;be construed as a dodge. We ber< at the ex
admire Mr. Bryau's stand, lie 9gain sun's image mo'
shows his frankness and hon ?ty of Mr. Mayo, of
conviction. ginia, had charj
* * work, and he w
A Monster X>evll Fish Ilanahan, a la
Destroying its victim, i- ;i pe of who kindly vol
Constipation. The power : thi* The^e men had I
lanrderous malady is felt un organs to the demand
and nerves and muscles and brain were buried d)1
There's no heilth till it's overcome. that daik cbai:
k: BuAI>.. ' lng7s New Life Pills are a interesting part
'.v safe rJ certain cure. Best in the ing the short pe
world for Stomach, Liver, Kidneys remained tota;,
aad Bowels. Only 26 cents at Mc- or twelve photc
Master Co.'s drrg store. inches in size,
vis will briii? Bryan I exposures of various lengths, from one j
a man delibcrateiv sccond lo twelve seconds. To do thi3
_ man e.iberate.y | and wjthiQ ^ ffiveQ u |
' " they held many rehearsals until they
ration becansc .ie can- became quite expert. Besides these
policies of the admin- structures then: "were two tents in the
ist accept the honesiv camp for the accommodations of the
is, and mon will nam'- Party- A fla2 made in the colors, and
. . . . , beanng the narr.e of the Lmversity ef
I be lias to say with Virginia, fluttered gaily from tbe mast
A cordial welcome on top of the Photo-helio-graph tower,
a by the Democratic After first contact, which was
exactly on time, every man watched
the body of the moon slowly eating
its way into ;hs sun's disk. Little
the powers may not apparent change in the landscape ocChina,
but a gov^r.)- curred until ten or fifteen minutes beimpotent
tint it ca..- fore 'b\ air bec?.m?
. . . . ... perceptibly cooler, tha bretze which
ei?n missions is too ^ad beCl| brisk dropped to almost
md the failure to do so uothinsr, as generally occurs in fair
ed sufficient reason :o weather lateiu the evening, and proba
better governaaeut. ablv from 'he same cante. The &ky
m in the couthwest grew darker and
of" the FailfisNi Cotton darker as the great shadow sped to.,f
?.t;M ~i Wird us at the rate of about 1,250 miles
at there h Mill plenty per hoBr. j had covered on'e of my
isboro for s-ever.il more eyes with a dark cloth, so as to have it
imated that, within a more sensitive to the faint streamers
!e wili be living at the 0< "corona," reserving the other
eve to .jjake general observations. -Just
nearly as ?a?y as n. b-eforc ,he ?a(iow wa5 nfon us< j
nntboro. uncovered tbis eye. For a second or
e? two, the mysterious shadow "fringes"
>t the Democratic con- played over the ground and on the
not like?the presence white surfaces of the tents. They apian
debates Their ^eared like sbadows of riPPle3 io cIear
" water when the sunshines through it
it such a little tone of npon a white sandy bottom. Ttey
then the platform is lvn along like waves, travelling from
the soiitnwcst, and appeared to me
about a foot or less apart. The di.
rectiou from which they came was
i.nts were too lndifle- tjjat frLiUJ wbich the shadow was ap*
raings of their repre- proaching, aud also with the wind. A
tho -nJatinnarifls in moment later and the eclipse was c >m
_The den&ity of the thadow and the
, . darkness of totality were rather dislipse^ofmai
?8,1900. app0iDt1Dg. This was probably due
tian Observer. !? the Setieral clearness of the air and
the narrowness of the shadow area
jas. a. lyox. around us, which allowed a good deal
vilege of the writer to of light to be thrown in lrom the sur:herished
hope and de- rounding regions where the shii was
he morning of May 28 shining. "The "corona" was also unit
in the camp of the nsualiy large aud brilliant, and gave
rirginia eclipse expedi- much lighr. Rosy tints like those of
the pleasanf old-fash- sunrise and sunset were noticed around
iroliaa town of VVinns- the horizon. Looking at the sun, two
ip was on a bald piece great streams of pearly whi e Here
in the eastern border seen springing cut from the east and
overlooking a broad west limbs, and extending a3 far as
valley toward the east, two or three diameters of the sun.
ar and cbudless, with Shorter streams of light radiated trooi
. eAntKmoct fh.A north and .?outh limb?. This was
t 11 KJ Ui lug 0\J KXTV V91 ?
d almost arrived when, the much discussed "corona," whose
he predictions of the mysteries we sire now trying to solve,
ciade years ago, the Looking throcgh ilie telescope did not
>egin her transit across add to the general beauty of the scene,
iuu Just a few feet to but brought to view a numoer of the
Henry L. Smith, of so-called "prominences," around the I
ge, N. C., stood at his margin of the sun and moou. One of ;
was at mine,-our pur- these was specially notable, being in
so much to make any shape like a great shock of corn sla'ks,
tions as to take in dur- and by my estimate mu?t have been 1
icety seconds of total- from 60,000 to 80,000 mile* high,
ihenomenon wiih all its These prominences were not so red as
Just on my left were I had b:en led to expect, but more of ,
Adair Lyon and Mr. a light pink verging toward whit<\
from the Leanrier Mc- The spectroeopa has proved these
nomical Observatory, prominences to bo chiefl/ composed of ;
Virginia. They had eruped masses of blazing hydrogen
photographic cameras, gas. i
"polar axis," driven by The ninety seco.-ids pa-sed all too
regulated by al?water soon; seemingly the time was not
urpose of thi* was to more than half a minute; then the
as pointed steadily to- brilliant western limbe of the sun ap ~it
; ? t hi* ..tixrlii -jc ' frinCAi" flickered I 1
UUU W 1LJ1J lis IUUUUU 4to .. .. _ 0 (
ind h'gher iu the sky. over the ground again, the shadow j
cameras was arranged rushed arvay loward the northeast, and j
ly made color screen, the light steadily increased. I did not
greenish light to pas?, look around ihe sky for stars, but saw
)g to photograph the Mercury shining brightly close to the
light of the "corona." sun. Tbe temperature, which had
as a number of expo- fallen about six degrees, soon began '
e made during to'ality, to rise rapidly, and tbe warm May ;
and some of shorter morning was lestored to its normal
condition. A little past ten o'clock '
jr off was the "Transit the last contact was noted, and the !
of boards and canvas, great event was over! Oar photothe
University of Yir- graphic plates were not to be de:d
this, viewing the veloped till later, but, as far as we *
ii a six-inch telescope, could jadge, everything had passed off 1
k was to note the exact smootuly and successfully.
:ontacls." This build- The pleasure of t'-e trip was not a ;
ned lh3 transit instru- little enhanced by the kind and hos:b
the exact latitude and pitable treatnent our party received
i station had been pre- from the good people ot YV'inasooro. ;
ined; also the chrono- The writer feels especially indebted ,
clock work, and on to Prof. Witherow, the veteran eda- '
>f elect: >itv, the exact cator of the place; to Mr. Douglass
:ond when "each contact and son, who are prominent members
.'gistcre The'e "con- of the bar, and to Mr. and Mrs.
VVhrti the edge of the Flenniken, a-.: whose bonrliful board '
iched the tdgo of the we sat day after day. Altogether the
} than an hour later) total eclipse of 1S00 is a red letter event
of the sun wa-com- to me, and my warmest thanks are due 1
I?this was (he b-'gin- to the University of Virginia party, |
. 3. When the bright by whose courtesy I wa?w allowed to j
n reappeared from be- be of their number.
i 4. When the moon S. W. P. University.
ely off the sun's disk. .. 1
was also connected by ~ ~ i
IhaUnited States Naval Toe fire which destroyed the jmWashington,
D a, Koot medicine plant of ;
about noon, we were Kilmer& Co., July 1, was the
itly with th' :r astro m disastrous which has ever oc- i
'so tha* ever rin<r 0f CJrrt(1 iu Binghamton. However, the
,Med aclicS .? . Kilmers resumed business next morn- ,
* " ^ r\4- of f V> 1 e? f * r? #1
me "*Ui ^et ll" eXlC' is a heap of smouldered a3hes. While 1
st'pns further toward the firemen were yet pouring water on 1
,1 v? J!h; the burning Chenango street establish?nTi';.h
V n ^nt, the Kilmers were arranging to <
,Sr do businoss somewhere else. I
SearVd youth whose Tba5 this ffreat iadastr* miSbt not !
onX be crippled for a moment, through the <
!?Jhf oatiir nnf fr. \hp courtesy of other prominent firms and 1
liftr m&n f 1 w ci,izeas? thc ^factory and adjoin- i
' in* buildings on South street were i
f^R?? rhrnnnmptpr vacated fcr the benefit of the Swamp <
fe a snao with a camera Root PeoPle> and possession was taken <
fringes" ^een iuat be- immediately> and Lere> b-v Monday, ]
, IFow rial!a nvevth* Jalj 8> this new, temporary factory >
f a tent - will be turning out Swamp Root, the
Le of aDDantus of all Sreat Kidney Remedy, in quantities
de-crbed-the *reat of aboat 60'000 bottles ?per day' and in
fAf lt T?1 two or three weeks' lime the fall cato-heho-?,raph.
It was pacity 0f more than four t;me3 tbat
t E , . J nf S! am? t will be produced. The im- ,
take advantage of the mense demaQ(j f0r Swamp Root will
ground. A ens, i ^ j be interfered with. 1
!-hiX m fSJfit ?Q tbe 0ld Site' With adj?in5u^
n* photographs of the ProPerty wbich bas jQit beeu Pllr" \
as'in 1882, was loaned jSffi'S rirTopv '
? Kt, thn TTnifo/i S4?fps ab3CiUtely firc-pioof _ six-atorj struc-,
.. ~ \"T !T ,vT? tnre, plans lor which have been nearly
aines/a'dmlarT^ THREE rA5!?^s Tt>'l8TS'
unded this and sup- it p Representative McCleary who
ty-foot tube which led ^ olhor(jav resurrected three famous
k chamber, which was toasts United States. Here is
in the side of the hill the arg(.
.be was made of heavy "Here is t.> the United States,
th black cloth and was boua(]eC[ on i^e north by the British
ie, being several feet in p0ssessions, on ihe aouth by Mex'co
lower end and narrow aDj {jie qujf 0f Mexic >, on the east
; the lens was piaced. ^ ^ Atlantic and on the west by the
q was carried inside of pacjfjc>?
made of gas-p:pe and rjr^e sccon(j a little more expansive,
avy wire braces. The igae foIlowg;
g complete, was the "Here is to the Uoitod States,
ramid, about for.y feet bounded on the north bv the North } !
jaare ui iu? iunc. m Pole> on (he SmUh by lho p0,
ialf feet pquare at the 01J jj1(J C(iSt tjie r;s-lnj, 0f ^ie j,nn>
fal engineering this an(j Q!1 t|.e we^t j ,j19 fettin^ ihcreas
pointed exactly ;o of ? n j
ie. sky where the suu And toe thin! rr:;?* this climax: j
Ume of the total phase Wlere u to lhc v .,e(1 S{ate?j |
To follow the euu 111 branded on ihe north by the aurora!
S the eclipse, instead koreali?, on the south by the pror.es- j
rbole tube, the photo- sjon 0j the equinoxes, on the east by
were trave. prjmeva[ chaos, and 0:1 tbe west by j
ick, in tbe dark Cham- ^ Qf ja(jgment.?_Washington j
act rate at which the post 1 J ?
red- 9'
the University of Vir- Do Your Feet Aclic orI5urn?
a ~ o hivc;oj" hf- il!e Shake into your shoes Allen's Footas
ably assisted by-Mr. Ease> a powcier for the feet. It cools
,W; of Winnsboro, the teet and makes tight or New Shoos
unteerod to assist him feei Easy. Cures Corns, Bunions,
Lo sacrifice t.iaroscives Swollen,'Smarting, Hot, Callous, Sore
s of science, as they and Sweating Feet. Allen's Foot-Ease
vn in the ground, in relieves all pain and gives rest and
ober daring the most comfort. Wo have over 30.000 testi
of the cclipse. Dur- monials. It cures while you walk. [
riod while the eclipse Try it to-da.y. All druggists and shoe
they had to expose ten stores sell it, 23c\ Sample sent frke.
graphic plates, 14x17 Addrcse Allen h>. Olmsted, Lc R?>y,
and had to make the X. V,
p ft ii!l
B t'ftafcSlE
|| v -f^t f jVvr
IMIM^flThe Kind You liavs
" ?-?????? E.i Boughl
AVege table Preparation fcr As- jgj ?
slmilatingL'ieFoodandRe^ula- ^ . _ ?
ting the Stomachs and Bowels cf |g jjQQJ'g tilG ? |
I | Signature /% if
i PromotesDifestio^Ckerfui- ? J? gfc/
I fiessandRest.Contains neither f; fr ^ $? ? F
! Opium,Morphine nor Mineral, || ul S\\ \jj
Not Narcotic. s jfa \\.R/
Jfrrpc ?rQTJ TJr SAlfTTFf, PITCHER 1 g \f\
Pumpkin Seal" S* 9 is ?
AbCSenna * ] f? JL#q a
iieduIUSJu I M 4 j. I M
JlniscStcd'* I Is1 ^ ? In ? ?
} 1 |1 Sjl*
gjf UJ4UVUMJ*. \JCMLU/ T |
WmSud- 1 | VI I
florifud Super. I w Ms* g ? ga
WmUrptcn flora: J M ^T| Fg 11 0 IP
Arcrfecf Remedy for Constipa- Iff ?1
tion, Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea, M | \kf ? _
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish- &i\ ?f [au H 1? O
| aess and Loss of Sleep. 1 \J^ fus Uvui
Tac Simile Signature of W. _, B
JHSE ll Thirty Years
i h && m /^Bgfs^ mi
We had a very heavy thunderstorm ? Monday
afternoon. The farmers are SOLICITOR?SIXTH CIRCLT3
complaining of too much rain, as it , * hereby announce myself as a cani
, , . . . , . . date for Solicitor of the faixth Jndic
ha3 been raining ever since the ni&t of Circuit, subject to the result of tbe Den:
June. The crops generally are fine, cratfo primary. THOS. F. SIcDOW,
including the grass crop. We propose the name of Hon. J. .
Mr Donald W PJrWrUm. w>r> Henry to the Democratic voters of Fa
^onaid >v. Itichardson, wLo geid County for re-election to the office
bas beeu home from Davidson College Solicitor of this circuit, because of t
for I La past month, left on Monday for ^^^i^ctory manner in which he I:
i*r-11 x -vr X i . .? discharged the duties of the office for t
Wiuesboro, N. C., wLere he will past several years. VOTERS.
leach during the summer. I hereby announce myself a Candida
Miss Hattie Bueschel, of White Oak, f?Hie Circu
1 enhlartf tA thfl THIOO frAvorr>?na Tn A TJPTY
who has 'oeeu visiting Mrs. C. B. Rich- cratic primary. & W, cT HOUGH
anlsoD, has returned home. 1
Miss Elizi Nelson, of Columbia, SENATOR.
paid us a flviug visit Tuesday. G. W. Ragsdale is announced for t
r . xf r> . Senate, subject to the Democratic prima:
There was preaching al the Baptist j hercby annomM myself a candid.
Uhurch Sunday by Rgv. J. P. Iseu- fbr the Senate, subject to the action of t
bower Democratic primaries. PJatform: Le
, , . , , , elections, less legislation, less litigatic
several irom thi3 section attended and less taxation.
-s ? - T?__. _ T. \V. TRAYLOR
Llie pic LI U HI JUUU^IU>VII Uil LLiC liu. --
The candidates were out in full force.
? ? I hereby announce myself a candid*
a Night of Terror. for the House of Representatives fr<
"Awful anxiety was felt for the FaWeldCounty,subject to,heDemoc:
widow of the brave General Burnhara, p J0H\ G WOLLING
Df Machias, Me., when the doctors *
said bhe c u'd not live till morning," I announce roysel. a candidate for t
u-c o u T;r,?rtir> rrrhrtof^nA House of Representatives, subject tot
m itC3 Mrs. S. H. Lincoln, who attend- aCfjon0f the Democratic primary..
2d r.er tbat fearful night. "All thoug.it E_ raGSDALE
she must soon die from Pneumonia. ,. , ,, ,,
hnf qhp HpD*o*pH for T^r Kind's N'^w Tlie friends of Jobs* ur. BlOBLEY hoi
n L ihZ nate him for re-election to the House
Disc very, sajin^ it had more than Representatives, subject to the action
race saved her lit , and had cured her the Democratic primary,
of Consumption. After three small , _ " ,,, , . .
1o5PS she sient easllv all nisht. aud its ^Bl/thewood PemMratac Cluh nominal
- , . ,, y?. u. o unusuu xvi lug jjlvuoc tx
farther use completely cared her. tativcs, subject to the primary election,
rhis marvelous medicine is guaranteed W. j. HAUOOD, Secretary
to cure all Throat, Chest and Lung . *4
pv. ^ i -a j ai n/\ . rp i X announce myself a candidate for t
Diseases. Only oOc. and $L00 Trial nouse 0f Representative?. Dispensai
botties free at McMaster Co. js drag state and C<~>nnt.v, renovated and fur
store. gated is my Will abide by t
result of the priwary.
1 hereby announce myself a Candida
ANNUAL MEETING national educa- for the House of Representatives, subj<
TIONAL ASSOCIATION, JULY 14,1900 to the actl?n of the
The Southern Railway will sell side ' '
trip tickets from Charleston, S. C., at FOR CLERK
the rale of one first-class fare for the j here]) am(mnce jf M a can(
1 1 C? L A I?lft J-i.% ? nu?l. XV C a.?V{aa<> 4 . 4
IUUWU tljy tu OU AUJUSllUC, LUUIAJ iUIT ViCiK Ul. VUUll, J>UUJCtl/ Irt' t
Pensacola, Fla , Mobile, Ala , New action of the Democratic wimaries.
Orleans, La., Meridiao, Miss., Bir- T, , * OKAA~
. , , rp? ? Hereby announce myself a Candida
mingham, Ala., Chattanooga, Tenn., fortbe office of Clerk of Court for Fa
Bristol, Tenn., White Sulphur Springs, field County, subject to the action oft
Va., Washiugtoa, D. C., Norfolk,Ya , Democratic primaries. ^ ^ BRAy
and intermediate points. .
m. , , ... , ,, T i 1 ?.u mnr, - hereby announce mvself as a candidj
Tickets will be sold Jui> 14th, 1900, for Clerk of Court for Fairfield Counl
svith final limit July 29th, 1900, to subject to the action of the Democra
holders of return portions of round Primary- A. BRICE
trip tickets sold to Charleston, S. C., i hereby announce myseli. a candidc
on account of annual meeting national for the office" of Clerk of Court for Fa
educational association. Such return field County, subject to the action of t
portions of round trip lickets to be Democratic primaries.
ieposiied with agents from whom side ju-tux vv.
:rip lickets arc purchased. Agents I hereby announce myself a candidz
- - fs\y fV?n. AffinA Af Af flmirfc CnTvippf.
svill issue receipts ior ncjsets so aepos- xyx mo ????*??.
;ted and upon presentation of said tlie ftCtlon of tlie mocra]t^Jrjm|^TT
receipts will return to original purjhasers
the return portions of round
rip tickets deposited. For detailed FOR SHERIFF
^^fjmation .^PP^ t? a?y aoent of the I berebv announce myself a cam
southern Railway, or its connections. {]ate for the office of SbJerjff for F&
southekn expansion. ^e'.^ County, and will abide by t
action of the Democratic primaries.
Enlargement of tlio Wine of Cardul JAS. W. BOLILK.
Plant at Chattanooga. Pledging myself to abide the result
Chattanooga, Tenn., July-9.?The the ensuing primary election, I announ
Chattanooga Medicine Co., mannfac- 1^yself a ciandidate fqr nomination to t
nvprc nf MrFlrpp's Winp nf Pflrrini oftlce of bhenff of FairfieH Coucty. I
a fru. a* t> di i t? u* t! cordial support of my fellow-citizens is:
md Thedford s Black-Draught, have cnprtfullv solicited
ust completed tbe erection of three " GEO. W. CRAWFORD,
aew buildings as additions to their Iherehv ann0lincp mvsplf a
arge plant here. These buildings forsheriff of Fairfield County, subject
V ,t,a Ifirv ^mnanv nvpr firn ocrPB nf ii.? wimonnc
V IUV m * A KM # j v w %/ fW. vw U1C UViWU VI UOIO lUi.HUilW^
loor space and make the plant the J. W. CLARK,
second largest in the world devoted to j hereby announce myself a Candida
:bo proprietary medicine business. _ or sheriff, subject to the action of t
In moving iuto tLis modern equip- Democratic primary.
nent, the medicine company basin- J. McKI^NEY ELLIOTT,
.tailed a complete elcctrical plant for xutrebv announce myself a Candida
)perating its machinery, improved for the office of Sheriff of Fairfiehl Con
dectric motors being located i > each ty,subjcct to the action of the Democrat
Duilding An automatic sprinkler out- primaries. B. G. TENNANT.
It, which is considered an absolute i hereby announce myself for Sheriff
preventive of loss by fire has a'so bfru j Fairfield County, and will abide the resi
u\2Cted. of the Democratic primaries.
This great business is rapidly cx- D. E. McDOWELL
endins: to foreign fields, a shipment I hereby aunou:.^-. myself a Candida
. C -I T.C\ A /.f' Wi>ia /if f'm-llm Alnnllnn flf ^llPriff
)L i yjj (L1U3 ?'l fT J.1V/ va* u Ml )Ui lC"ClC^tIUII IV C11V> inuvv ^'>v^ )eiri?
made to Briii-h South Africa Fairfield County, subject to the action
o-tiav. the Democratic primary.
; li. E. ELLISON.
n rt r?"** y\ I hereby announce myself a Candida
I \ O for Sheriff of Fairfiel 1 County, subject
the Democratic primary election.
I hereby announce myself a Candida
. . for Sheriff cf Fairfield County, subject
UVSp0pSI3 to the rules and regulations of the JDem
eratie primary.
i 3bl 2tS i COUNTY AUDI iUK.
1 I.eieby announce myself a Candida
for County Auditor, subject to the acti?
of the Democratic primaries.
j I hereby announce myself a Candida
j for re-e'ection to the ottiee of County A
j ditor, subject to the action of the Detn
r T T?f/inirnvn
I rnci igestion cratlc primary. .1. j,. ju^hjiuju.
I hereby announce myself a Candida
for Auditor for Fairfield County, subje
to the rules governing the Democratic pi
and rnary. GEORGE W. MOORE.
Tlx frieuds of Capt. W. J. Cloavxi
respectfully announce him a candidate f
Hx/cn^ncia County Auditor, subject to the action
-r ^ ^ " the democratic primary.
J /m! /P ^*/L.
^ The Columbia Bevel-Gear Chainles:
! ? of business or pleasure. It is alv*
& always trustworthy. New Model
^ COLUMBIA Chain'Wheels are th<
^ is possible to build. I
J comprise the most representative and
taining the highest possible value for
^ mers, $35; Pennants, $25.
^ models. Price $5.00 when
| Jordan & Davis?7
* *T*T/-kTTMnrMijr'nM?T>p ! w v \i
rliN LN U U IN V*/JC,lVl JC,i\ X O. w a i rt
? ? our
I hereby announce myself a ^candidate
for re-election to the office of County
Superintendent of Education, subject to
the action of the Democratic primary.
I hereby announce myself a candidate ||F? ||for
the office of Superintendent of Educa- Ifil II
m tion for Fairfield County, subjecl to the uu II
Democratic primaries. " IT II II
W. L. ROSBOROUGH, JR. 11 u u
I hereby announce myself a candidate A GOOD ST(
for the office of County Supervisor for
ial Fairfield County, subject to the action of DTFS
io- the Democratic primaries.
' I hereby announce myself a candidate
for the office of Supervisor of Fairfield
County, subject to the action of the Dem
wrawi; luimanea. lT( ?
robt. t. clowney. vjuuud w
Iie Goods t
1 hereby announce myself a candidate
,te for the office of Supervisor of Fairfield Goods tJ
it County, subject to the action of the Dem- J <-1,
10'. ocratic primaries. J. B. BtTRLEY. LiOOCl In
I hereby announce myself a candidate
"" for County Supervisor, subject to the ac- CTJT
tion of the Democratic yrimaries. J. I J io ib
ry- I hereby announce myself a candidate 1-^-. 1-1 ->
ite ?or the office of County Supervisor of Fair- UL y
he field, subject to the rules and regulations
;ss of the Democratic primary. ?T
>n, d. H. robertson. We have
I hereby announce myself a candidate Organdies and
for the office of County Supervisor of 43 ~ -rr
? Fairfield, subject to the Democratic pri- LratlZC V ti
mary. JAS. H. AIKEN. and m othe;
xte I hereby announce myself as candidate
)m for the office of Couuty Supervisor, subra.
lect to the action of the Democractic primary.
Thereby ann-.uiice myself a candidate "
he for the office of Connty Supervis r, subhe
ject to the action of the Democratic primary.
t. C. le1tmek. we have 1
county tkeasukek. aren s oanaais
0? I hereby announce myself for re elaction Come to See
of to the office of County Treasurer of Fa rfield
County, and wiM abide the result *f
tha Democratic primaries. _ ?
E jm a
I hereby announce myself 1 canditUU
he for the office of Coroner for Fairfteli
,-y, County, and pledge myself to abide tL? "-T* *
ni- result of the Democratic primary. T ^ 1
v The Easy Running
iSiiiii Mafci
ir. The most modern Sewing
^ Machine of the age, embracing
all the latest improveof
ments. Unequaled for Durace
bility, Range of Work and ALSO A
he Simplicity.
re" Dealers wanted in unoccujpied
territory. Correspon- WILL G
' I 1 1 . - 1 A J J
*? | aence soncirea. /-lacing,
tc? J. H. DERBYSHIRE. Q. ?)
General Agent,
itc Richmond, Virginia. '
t?c" i2-2S-iy
wflg. i
* Farmers,
*** Attention ! 81
W. A
"'i ?
j . . . The i*< sisiererf cl
te Plantation willbcatMr. Hem
to ^ Winnsboro on Satui
Supplies, On Mondays at the
time at hi* former 6
e * try. Heisserenje
to OUR STOCK OF HEAVY GIIO b!ack points. Ileiir
o- ceries is new complete. bone and muscle; 1
We c^ter specially for the farmers' feet. He is stror
j trade. We know wh it they i ecd, and motion, kind in disp
? are prepared to mm vc them am' aibof- feet roadster. His si
ton) price*. Red Wilkes, His di
; We a!so va. ry a nice line of shelf was the mother of
tl* ^oods? sired by Dictator, w
511 ^ r Jay-Eye-Sec, 2 10.
SHOES, l\Ar>, 0f tjje invincible I)
TNOT /1A/M\0 I l.J.w*
I Ultl nvwMo, j granuMic ui iuin,j
? I NOTIONS, of (rotters, and the s
l0J j ' [of extreme speeJ.
and tve ythitig n?utily found iu a Although a uoiec
general ( t'ne. 1 feet koee action, W
g* CiTGoods delivered to enmity Irade. j also ead.i'e galt? ol
-j. Come and pee us. I Teims, 25 00 10
? W. R. RABB &
of GRANITE CORNER. 14-10-3ia V
. /if |S
% ? :|l
v J
s is the ideal wheel for every purpose ^ .
rays ready for use, always reliable, ? 1
Is, $75. ?
; finest machines of their type that it \
Mew Models, $50. > |
popular medium-priced line, each con- C
its price* Hartfords and Stor- 3
E. For either chainless or chain ?
ordered with new machine. \
Winnsboro,S.C. ^ M
IM Prices I
' ;l
e sold at 25c, now 15c.
lat were 17 i-2c and 20c, now 12 1-2C.
hat were 12 1-2C and 15c, now 10c. _ %
at were 7c and 8 1-30, now 5c. ' J
youp oppopturyity to"
a eool dress eheap.
many nice things in White Goods, Lawns,
Fancy Stripes that are cheap.
sts, Ventilated Corsets, Drop Stitch Hosiery,
r goods that make the heat less burdensome.
? _ ^
I SHOES. PSfc- |
nany. bargains in Ladies', Misses' and Chiland
Oxford Ties?goed shapes and styles.
us, we can please you.
Idwell Dry Goods Company, j
X JL/ 4 A> A ?* 4 A A 9
" ' -IS
' "?I1S
Dies' KicUSole I
)es, Slippers
1 Moccasins.
^ <^f^40fSiz?s, 1 to 5.
FEW Ham mocksftLEFT.
I, 31HOFFETT'S p Ailajslrritatioa, AldsDig^OM.
? PT II ! 1! /"> Reguiatei the Bowcll,
?-2" i U j n! f Ui Strengthens the Child,
L. L L n I 11 Teething Easy.
(Teething Powders) JLJ^TEETHINA Relieves the Bowd
? . Troubles of ChHdrca of
Costs only 25 cents at Druggists, any age.
Or mail -o ecnts to C. J. NIOFFETT, M. D.f ST. LOUIS, MO.
L. W. \ The Improved
alliou W. A. W. f? NA/hite IS*
v Kefi/'s stable i.j Is IV/lr-M jk-i
day of each week. fg mOUH- |g .
Jartn; balance of fa tSJin ? ? ?
ian?!- in the connars
oid. u&v, with r? ^ ? _
hr, 16; iijis good |
10 blemish or tie- I *
ig, tricaonless i.> j
lOS'tion, and a per- *
ro is th celebrated : XT
tn, Beisty Baker,: 0 ma^ter how often or how much
trotters. She waa ,a'^ ahout the White Mountain
ho was the si o of Fre< z r, we tell nothing bnt 'he trnth
of D.?< ei?r, 2 07, , '?* there is no j.rc^S'i y
ircctum, 2 04, the ^or le^ ,no anything bnt the uuth, at
Hanks, tfce queen ?^ervfeature of the White Vfouctaiii
1< ? ennd ffiilnro , v ,, n?;nf f- a
ire o many oi crs ^ej|j. ? p0jr,t. Ouly lie vnry Inst
1 trot.er with pir- m^erials are wed in iu maur.fac are
A W noss^ses a,,d W,U Prodnce the fim-t qu*Ii > of
'superior quality. cn-"m in ,1,e Morten uuio.
insure colt. For $2.25; 4 QUARTS, $2 75i.
nd certified record j G QUALITY, $3.25.
r'innsboro, S. (J. J. \A/3 SEIGL-ELR
mi |

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