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Wednesday, July 11, - - - 1900
?July 17th?Are yoa g?ing? A druggist in Mat
?Read Capt. W. J. Clowney's card prtUd^SndTav"
for Couuty Auditor. stance where it has 1
?A new line of summer milliaery good results claimec
just received at Mrs. McCarley's. pfjnfu?"* ** maies 1
?Q. D. Williford got in one ship- *
mflnf. of fiftr-sir cases of shoes Fri
?The cotton mill shut down on ? '
Wednesday in order to give the oper
atives a holiday and to celebrate the
Fourth. yRy >
?See the large circulars for rates
and scfcedcle on Raraseur's excursion (H^n/ -=
July 17th. /A / jf /
''After Buffering from piles for fif- \ Vyy /
teen years I was cured by using two
boxes ot DeWitt's Witch Hszel /
? wrifpa W. J. Baxter. North | \ /
Brook, N. C. It heals everything. V
Beware ot counterfeit?. McMa3ter Co. 3
?A dance was given by the young ItIOLF10B !
people in the armory on Friday evening ^ not a chance reme
and in spite of the heat a number of are readily experienc
couples were present. mothers who use it.
-Lom. F.JWaibel, PL. G., St. Looi., fboSSf lSlndl
Mo., wrote: I have recommended delivery, it is also of
Tzethina when the doctors gave up during the earlier m
l-o . .. , . Morning sickness ai
the child and it cured at once. readily Overcome, am
?Don't lorget the date, July 17th is thi strained muscles
when Ramseur's Charleston sr.ecisl | expand without caush
Fnend gives great re
' ?C?_ ? o 1
ujc inuiuci, auu iic*
Th6 easiest and most effective method rapid. Danger from
of purifying the blood and invigorat- breasts is done away
ing the system is to take DeWitt's Lit- Sold by drojjisti
tie Early Risers, the fitnoas little pills ^HE bra DFIELD
for cleansing the liver and bowels. atlam
McMaster Co. J Seed for o-: trca Ulutinted I
?Eojoy the sea-breeze, take a surf 1
bath and an ocean sail at Charleston, day. The farmer*
Ramseor's special runs July 17tb. made a goed supply
?The first cotton boll that has been will have to boy
sent to tbis office came from Mr. B. H. storehouse for wbe
Yarboroagh's placs at Jeakinsville. miil has been comp
The boll is quite large and well de- *or use.
veloped. W. S. Masser, M
?Kev. Neil E. Pressley, missionary #x?A?fe. ^
< tl. a ts t> r.u t\ xi 0?e Minute Coughi
from the A. E. P. Church to Mexico, dying from croa * j
preached twice in the A. E. P. Church less remedy that g\
on Sunday, and his sermons were suits. It quickly co
much enjoyed. bronchitis, grippe,
T m V- j o , rr? throal: and lnng fr
J. C. Kennedy, Roanoke, Tenn., ?
says, "I cannot say too much for De* T. , .
Witt's Witch Hazel Salve. One box . _Jim Jackson, :
of it cured what the doctors called an inlo Mr. Dargan ]
incurable ulcer on my jaw." Cures Bear Blytbewood,
pi<es and all sfcm diseases, i^ook oat Columbia and hrnn
for worthless imitations. McMaster
Co. an" lodged in jail
?Two negro boys, John aad A1 ^rom ^r' Broom
Johnson, were arrested on Saturday cl?thiDg and a pist
and pnt in jail for stealing two dol- Ci'0'hingand some
lars from a negro who was selling recovered.
watermelons on the street. ?The Florida ex<
?An extension of twenty feet is to due in Columbia on
be made in the platform at the freight was several hours la
depot. This addition will carry the rive there until neai
platform up to the cotton warehouse night. Mrs. L
and will be more convenient. Ed. Ron and A. J
?Yonr friends are going on the who came on the (
Charleston excursion July 17th. Of reach Winnsboro
course you are going. morning.
"DeWitt'i Little Early Risers are ?The Fourth pass
S* "er osed-J'?p- J- the po<(office ind
Moore, Mill brook, Ala. They quickly v_, *\ .t
cure all liver and bowel troubles. Mc- ncrm 0 e B'ori
Master Co. few more negroes I
?Mr?. F. M. Habenicht is offering town but no patriot
for sale a new and highly recommended aQ7 kind was mai
breakfast food?Cream of Wheat, |day. A large pic
With this food is given handsome pictares,
as a special inducement to buy- were present.
ers. You assume no i
?Miss Scho't, of Farmington, who Chamberlain's Col
taught masic >t St. Mary's school, wjjfre??4 y0a5 &
Raleigh, N CM bat been re-elected for satisfied after usin
next year. Miss Schatt is ft splendid where admitted to b
masician and has bad large experience fnl remsdy in use fo
fQOrtu;?? aad the only one th?
in teachiDg. ^ Ig pieagaat) gafe an(j
?Special trains from Lenoir, Marion, r. ? 1
Statesville and Lancaster for Ram- ,_7T.iJ
Bear's Charleston excursion JeIj 17th. iT.w"iU vx lu
"I had stomach trouble twenty years f.r j ? WC5
and gave up hopes of being cured till "ie" W1thm a few h
I began to use Kodol Dyspepsia Cur#. No particulars of t
It has done me s?. much good I call it be learned. They y\
the savior of mv life," writes W. R. e._Q r?rt<K
"Wilkiasou, Albany, Tenn. It duetts 6,"e t,ae- tBotilb
what you eat. MeMaster Co. lD ^he same house 01
?The four-year-old sen of Mr. and f?r&'8 place.
Mrs. Robert Stevenson, of this place, ?The examinatii
died on Wednesday momiDg at 1.30 College scholarship:
o'clock and the funeral took plaee at July 20! h. There ai
the A. R. P. Chur;h en Wednesday in the college and i
afternoon at 5 o'clock. county has two. T1
?Mrs. J. G. Freeland died at her be a number of a
home in Charlotte on Sunday and tne stand me examiuat
funeral services were held on Mondaj. pointed day as th<
Mrs. Freeland was a sister of Mrs. scholarship to Win'
Ann Elliott, of this place, who was well known.
with her at the time of her death. The One Day
?The sign in front of the Caldwell For cold inthe head a:
mott's Chocolates I<axat
Dry Goods Compaq's store was Day cold cure."
blown down by the high wind that ?The National I
preceded the shower on Sunday night, ciation is now in s<
Two negroes returniag from church ton and the ?ity is
^ narrewly escaped beinj strock by it as to entertain its visit*
it fell down. j the city, who are at
"Alter tuiferlng Irom ??vere dyspep- mer, have left thei
su over twelT8 year* and using many nj0 0f tjje t
remedies without permanent good I . A
4osllytoc.kSod9lDTspepsiaCare.lt Citadel, fortor Ac
did me so much good I recommend it large buildings are
tc everyone," writes J. E. Watkini, places.
Clerk and Recorder, Chillicothe, Mo.
It digests what yon eat. McMaster Co. ~Mr* aMan?? aBo
-The annual meeting of the Farm- appomtedon Wedn<
er? State Alliance is to be held in Co- e -^as^v'
lombia on July 25th and the hidica- ^1?' ^enn*
tions ar^ ihat the attendance at this *a8 ?ia(^eJ97 the Si
meeting will be larger than usual. *|r' tenD^?3> _wl10
L? The meeting will be held in the hall of th* ^uth CarollDa (
" , .r of 1900, is a Young
representative*. . ,' ?
is to be consralula
?Ramsear'i specials to Charleston ~
and the I*ie of Palms J ily 17ih will P?^ntl2ieB^ T. J. I
carry the largest crowd of the sea-on. was se'ec^e^ as a'ter
Seat guaran'eed with each ticket. Cure Cold
T /v TT , T Kcrmotfs Chocolates
J. Q Hood, jQStlCft Of the Peace, to take aad quick to cure
Crosby, Miss , make# ibe following thr03t*
statement- "I can certify that One ?Rev. C. E V*
Minute Cough Cure will co all that il t he,ter 0u Mondav
claimed for it. My wife coald not get r , . '
her breath and the first dose of it re- funeral of Mi
iieved her. It ha* alio benefited my whose dealii occurrei
whole family." It acta immediately The Chester Lanten
and cores coughs, colds, croup, grippe, McDonald, ot Wi
w . bronchitis, r-Sihtna and a;I throat and , . , '
lung trouble*. MciJa^ter Co. iriend, whose fatl
?There will be a game of baseball ^c^ona'd, was fur
on the Collfgtt green Thursday after- deceased at
noon between the Rock Hill team and Church, paid a feel
f the locals, unless notice is given to the an(* his fat he
contrary. The admission lee will be g!?? 15
cents; ladies free. This will be
the first g<<me of the season and should
be welt attended.
? We wish to draw attention to the
r advertisement of the U??ivers:?y of r_~"r ^
North Carolina found elsewhere in e <j
p. our column?. Thi< institution has 5
taken high rank in tl.e South for ex(
eellence and high scholarship and is summer^
now more prosperous than ever before ! Jittlc
^ in its history. SOO"^T?S ?
?Quantities of wheat is being / ? ,,
brought to W. R. 3>oty & Co.'s roller {? ?'S. m,!* thfe,'
mill and the mill is running night aad It IS astonisr
he will improve
ilet the moth
Emulsion, ;?.**
"Tbe lawn party givcn by thelnuc
' kwaLadie3' Missionary Society of the Pres- nnfc
byterian Chnrch on Friday afternoon
^ JnM-aoco/l ?ho omrinnf in thft trftflsnrv t *
^^a^aES 0f (t,at society considerably. The
:on, Ga., says: MI party was given on the pretty lawn in
mtity of Mother's front of Mr. J. J. Neil's residence, and
never known an in- a3 afternoon was one of the hotfailed
to produce the , , ^ ,
1 for it. All women of the summer ice cream and
abor shorter and less sherbert were in great demand, and
, the ladies had no difficulty in dispos
tiug vjJL igutoumvtKc*
The One Day Cold Cure.
E^rmott's Chocolatcs Laxative Quiuiae for j
cold in the head and sore throat. Children take it
them like candy. well
?The torrid weather of the past
J week or ten davs was modified some tism
J wbat on Sunday uight by a delightful livei
shower aDd by Monday morning the
temperature was decidedly lower than well
for many days previous. The hot settl
weatber has .caused much suffering to jqq
both people aud animals but no pros- omn
trations from the heat have been recure
ported. A cool wave has been pre- that
dieted and it Is hoped that it will con-1 reco:
3 8 1 1^1 BVI tinue some time, so that sufferlug
dy. Its good effects humanity may recover from the effects ju,
:edby all expectant of last week's heat. Jo]
; ?The Winnsboro creamery is now s. C.
?e. while :t always , ' c n
lessens the pains of in operation and it is not probable that g ^
the greatest benefit there will be any difficulty in di3pos- --?
a!1 of the butter made. Th8 T?
ad nervousness are ? .
1 the liniment relaxes creamery buildiDg is to the north of A
, permitting them to (own between Mr. F. Elder's and Mr. A
D- * places U U a neat ^
recovery is sure and wood* n building and is fitted up wiln Qg^j,
rising and swelled all of >he i.ecessary machinery, etc. fu '
With Completely, I. ttAi> "hoe a ronnfol i^n
X' an uv/iu wiuici nag u n?uv T >T* fl
'regulator CO. and 'hat - * athlfc! r~? wi" bave
rA> QA equal any made aboat here. It is a firms
book for expectant aotbook new enterprise and one (hat ought to ^
?? succeed well. were
all seem to have The One Day Cold Cure.
of wheat and lew Cold in head and sore throat cured by Ker- C1
mott's Chocolates Laxative Quinine. As easy to these
flour. The new tafce&scandy. " Children ccy for them."
!at near the roller ?The sum realized by the entertain- _
leted and is ready ment on Thursday night was $12 and * ,0
this will enable the reading room to 8 er'
illheim, Pa., saved be open free to all for two months, Prov
girl by giving her and it is hoped that before long more l eo
Lore when she was tr? fhia ammnt sn that
[t is the only harm- """" 7 ? c0]^:
ves immediate re- the room -ma7 be ?Pen longer. The
ires coughs, colds, following regulations have been made
asthma and all by those in charge of ihe room.
oubies. McMaster , . T i * i i . was <
^ Any jajy m8ga21De taken from the
? reading room on one afternoon at ^r8,
a negro who broke _ . . . rvavi
,rnnm,B 7 o'clock must be returned by G o'clock
3room s residecce, . - . , ttari*
was .wrested in tbe ?oIlow1^ afternoon. 2. Any '
,ght to Winnsboro June ma*azl?e ,akcn from ,he 1,,
. The negro stole oa on one aflCTn<>?n ??y be
abont $16, some tept ?nt two days and returned by
ol. Tbe pistol and 0 ?'cIock 00 the second day- If lb0!e
of the monev were reSulations are not observed and the
oney were ma2:a2ir)es are jjep(. out longer than BeaTa
the specified time a fine of ten cents gig^
jHreion which was must be paid.
Tuesday afternoon CASTORIA.
,te and did not ar- gears the y?Ttie Kind You Have Always Bought
rly midnight Tues- Signature SIX . V/V/7 , In
ever Friday, Mrs. rf wher
5. Douglass, Jr., their
jxcursion, did aot wanted. t0 fce
until "Wednesday jn every (own and country district weH
P.o rAli'ixt Q m Q n nr WAfnfln tO
1U UVKIU vt*l Wiiuu t* V4 If ed
off very quietly, represent us. Seed stamped envelope bank
were closed for reply. Culver & Kidd, versi
is had holiday. A 7.7.0 Miiledgeville, Ga. Fran
than u3ual were in ? Adv<
ic demonstrations a deserved tribute. Coloi
ie ia honor of the -phe following high tribute to lir. ne|'a
;nic was held at jj Jennings is taken from the
of the candidates OrangeburgTimes-Deaaocrat: bas a
Capt. R. H. Jennings, who is run- C0D{e
isk when you buy niog for State Treasurer, is a good stori(
ic, Cholera and man t0 vote for, He was in the fore- ences
McMaster Co. front of Lee's army in battliDg for the very
mey if you are not 'ost cause. His empty sleeve io a taa- con8]
o- U. Tf ia everv- gible reminder of his undying patriot- ?.
e the most success- ism and true manhood. He is of the "uu>
r bowel complaints class of men that we need in public Delii
it never fails. It life. Morally high-toned, true, com- QQ38)
reliable. petent and tried. He is entitled to the ,
, ? , highest consideration as a candidate,
and Miss Lamas, not only becaQse of bis resI worth a8 a sunh
is county, died on first-class Christian gentleman and and ?
e twin sisters and patriot, but because of his special fit- last 1
ours of each other, jess for the office to which be asks to 8{raD
. . , be elected.
heir deaths cauld seen,
fere buried at the A Fr'ghtful .-.Blunder to e?;
eae old ladies 1: red ?ften cause a horrible Burn, -,TW.
i Mr. W. J. Craw- Scald, Cut or Bruise. Bucklen'b Arnica
Salve, the best in the world, will
I bill fhfi nain and nromntlv heal it. rp^
on for Winthrop Cares Old Sores, Fever Sores, Ulcers, J'u
3 is to be held on Boils, Felons, Corns, ali Skin JErup- "e *
*e eighty vacancies tions. Best Pile cure on earth. Ouly fit ot
of these Fairfield 25 cts. a box Cure guaranteed.-Sold atten
ierc will do doubt by McMlSt<"'Co ' dragglsts' short
pplic&uts here to DEATn 0F MK. w. B ST0RK.
ion upon the ap- Lae 1
j advantages of a Mr. W. H. Stork, of Columbia, died ^S^t
throp College are at his home in that city on Thursday naent
after a loDg illness. Mr. Stork served y?an
Coid Cure. in the Confederate array, and at the Mart
i4sou^reatt^-oe?r; close of lhe war movcd (o Missouri. Hele:
He returned lo Soath Carolina and selecl
Cdacational Asso- ?ame to Wiunsbojo where be engaged P??P)
aaeion ia Charles- merchandizing lor a year or more. S
taxed to its utmost &e married Miss Smith, sister of Mr. )T
)r?. The people of ?^a6, Smicb, of this place. Mr. Char
iscnt for the sum- Stork leaves a widow acd three chil- ne2r<
r homes open for ^ren. He wus bnricd in Columbia ^esr<
eachers, and the from the First Baptist Church on Fri- dres?
:ademy aDd other aay anernoon.
used a? lodging ?coi?r
For Over Fifty Years. audl?
Tonnino-a woq ^RS' WlNSLOVS SOOTHING SYRUP 10 eS
?s " has been used for over fifty years by liTerc
;suav to a scholar- millions of mothers for their children of th<
lie Law School, while teething, with perfect success. ffram
The appointment It soothes the child, softens the gums, ?
^rptarv'of SfatA allays all pain, cures wind colic, and aad
. y , 0i-aie- is the best remedy for diarrhoea. It encoi
is a graauae of wj>j reiieve the poor little sufferer progj
.'ollege in the class immediately. Sold by druggists in wcl?
man of ability aud every part of the world. Twenty-five ,
fpf] nnnn i.i= ?n cents a bottle. Be sure and ask for Plei:g
tea upon ms ap- ?Mrs y/ioelow's Soothing Syrup,"
vnn nf AhhPTiilf* _ _ i 1_1_17
- anu i?Kt: uv &iuu. a-*-*.
nate- Ma
in Head. james perrix <j carles. to he
Laxative Quinine, easy Chan
cold in head and sore From the Abbeville Medium we afflici
cDonald went .0 tak,! ,he coopiimcntary ble
omino, notice of Mt. J. Perrin Quirles, of Pro.v*
and was present at x ' resist
Jo-eph WvJie, lbflt fltcc- 11 wl" le rcad w"h m" bare
a on Sunday night. '"est here as Mr. Queries is ibe Dewly feci 1
,,n " -o elected assistant principal at Mf. Zion seemi
says, "Rev. . E famo
njiKhftpn. a. dear ? _ # have
,~~"vT7 p r James ferrin yuarios was in nsfi
101, me Kev l>. the recent graduating class from ttie
many years pastor goutb Carolina Military Academy, and
Union A. R. P. from ' The Spliynx" we infer that he
lino- frihn'p 'n hi* held a high position among bis fellow
, - . " students. He was one of the editors. Fai
r s menu. aucl busine..s manager of ths cla=s
publication, which is a most interest- .
ing volume of 200 pages, niaely print- ^
ed. The book treats of a great variety ^ost
of snbjects, and furnishes much in- As a
teresting data about the academy, its CQOtj
teachers, and its students. Beautiful *
,.,3 pictures abound and adorn its pages v
| throughout. Mr. Quarles is well rC(3ul
-3-d ? 5 equipped for the duties of life, and he Th
Vjaljgfl | will enter a career of usefulness, with I:uaj
email nrnsnpria. full of hOD6 for the I _
,, better things that lie in store for dc- 1
i hen add 3 serYiDg yoath. were
"MULSBON ^r* QaaUlebaom attended the dinm
Z times a dav reeling of the dental association at and f
ling how fast Hmis spring* a,d w.ll be away from q?ite
?c, Wiunsboro for some time longer. M:
. Ir he nurses,
er take the
id $t.co; all druggists.
i ..I /
" /
Blackstock, are viaitingr rdativ
UMATiSM andCATARRH CURED ,hi'secti0?'? R " ?
BY? ^r* anc* ^r8, Barrett, of Brs
^ ^ town, Fla , are visiting Mr. S.
)hnst0n S ^iSlda Wylie, of East Wa
^ is visiting tier cousin, jjis^ j
SSF53,pflt*lil3 GIKev?D. C. Mellicbamp left ou
QUART BOTTLES. day for Greenville.
Miss Minnie Jackson, of Winns
M THE SHADOW OF DEATH. * visiting relatives here.
____________ Dr. and Mrs. Curry, noe Miss j
a Whole Family cared. McCormick, of Braidentowii. Fla
? ^ TT TTl~. vnlt A l^AAVve 9S I vlsitlnsr at Mr. 8. MoCormiok'p.
inery and^T^sTtore aTst Rev.- H, K Ezsll preached ;
is, Gratiot Co., Mich., and who is Chapel last Sunday eveniDg.
known throughout the country, July 7, 1909. E. H.
[ was badly troubled with rheuma- _ , _ ,
catarrh and neuralgia. I had c ^ ? ^ O Tt.X A
complaint and was very bilious. I Bears tha ' r'S Kind Yoa^ HavMlways
in a bad condition; every day I be- Bignati^o , y/Y/7 * -St. :
to fear that I should never be a 0f
woman; that I should have to '
e down into a chronic invalid, and
in the shadow of death. I had coming and going.
tended to me. I TOOK FOUR Hor. J. G. Mcb'.ev wa* in Coll
d my family both. I am very glad ' . .
I heard oi it. I would cheerfully ^r* W. D. CregLt .<fiO!?i?
mmend it to every one. I have for Thomson, Ga.
n many other kinds of medicine. r . T r pnrp(ftll rp,nrilP
efer JOHNSTON'S to all of them." J* kareton relume
chigax dbug co., Detroit, Mich. Tuesday from Mucroe, N C.
i- - ? - yrr- 1 1(? T\ n?:il,?wl ? ?,1 Plnrro
3H ?1, >HC.3LclSECr CC UO.J >T JllllbUUXU, iur.% u u, UAiiiaxu aict x
; T. W. Woodward & Co., Rockton, , d : !t; 1Pio,iYes in lowr
; TV M. Patrick Woodward. S. C.; T. lara aie V191t-r5? natives in towi
itcick & Co., White Oak, S. C. Mr. Walter C. Rubert6oa hi
turned to Wiunsboro aud is with
meeting of the Ladies' Memorial Mr. aud Mr3. Robert MilJei
ciation was held on Saturday children returned to Shelby, N. (
noon at the residence of Mrs. T. Friday.
The meeting was called for Mrs. F, M. Morris and childre
urpoee of examining the designs visiting iu Winnsboro, S. C.~Au
lie Conlederate monument which Herald.
been sent in by several different Miss Annie Davis returns h?m
??-? ' Viqt'q ropet offer an ATfpndpH visit lo
I. CCYCiai UCUUUiUl Ufciguu V vv- ->.v. ? ?
submitted bat the handsomest Point, Washington and other p
beyond the amount that the as- Capt. C. S. Dfvightleft on Tni
tion has for tbe monument and for Lenoir, N. (J., to begin the si
i of course could not be considered, of a [new road, of which he is I
lose within the priee limit, of chief engineer.
)0, the design submitted by Geis- Mrs. P. Ketchin and Mrs. 2d
of Philadelphia, met with the ap- lioss and little daughter arrive
al of the ladies and is probably Tuesday from Oxford, Pa. Mr?.
ne that will be selected-. This da- will spend the summer here.
shows the figure of a Confederate ?
er upon a handsome base and is Cold steel or Death.
27 f?et in height. A committee "There is but one small char
* ?? Rare tout life and that is throni
3 following jaaies ana genueuieu ? , - , ,
, , j j ? , . operation," was llie awful prospe
ihosen to decide upon the design: before Mrs. L B.Hant, of Lime B
II. Gaillard, chairman, Mrs. J. Q. Wis., by her doctor after vaial;
s, Mrp. W. U. Beaty, Mrs. F. ing to cure her of a frighful cf
r.Capt. C. S.Dwight, Capl. W. stomach trouble and yellow jam
j i -ir T J ,, Tl4un "e didn't count on the marv
.rdan and Mr. Jos. Caldwell. II the powfir of EIectric Bitters t0
act is given to Geissler he will Stomach and Liver troubles, bu
his workmen down to the quarry heard of it, took seven bottles
ike the monument. wholly cored, avoided suigeon's 1
now weighe more and feels belter
C .a. S T O R T A - ever. It's positively guaranteed tc
tie ^ The Kind You Hava Always Bought Stomach, Liver and Kidney tro
Six //ir<n U - and never disappoints. Price 5(
McMaster Co-'s drn? s:oreTHE
the lazy days of midsummer Aq elec(ric ^~of unasual ?
i boaily and mental energy are at , ^ . ... , ?
3 ,, , j, , j ity and the worst that has oco
lowest ebb, the chief demand is . - . ^
' J ,. , , here for many years visited w
CL1 i Ci 1&1 JJCU ? O.UU liiiO -? r -1 _ _ .
, . . , . boro on Mondav afternoon. AJ
considered in preparing the An- theheatLad beeo iDt and,
number of The Delineator. In a?leriioon when (he cIouds b
action Dreaented, three more di- ., ,
, * ... ' . . . , gather, nervous people grew a
s styles conld hardly be imagined. heD6i7e of a 6?ei/slorm) a?d
cis jnaes scry o v?an worst fears were realized. The
mture, with the scene laid in . ., , , , .
3 ...... . x ~ i ning wa6 very vivid and almost:
rado, 13 iu his happiest vein. Cor- ? ? , ,
. / , t> Jo , , i. sant, and apparently came from <
Atwood Pratt's dainty sketch, i
, . . , ' quarter. There were one or tw<
thes and the Woman," is one that % a , , .. .. . ,. .
, . ' ... nnc flashes of lightning that we]
, telling title, as every woman will ... j
,.. , , palling and no one was eurpns
:SS; while the Oberlin Tales? r ? t*,
' , . ,, . hear that several places in towi
2s founded upon college experi- , . ,
al , rvi- u . been struck. The tickct office i
i in Oberlin, Ohio?charm bv their , . , .. .
, ' , passenger depot where Mr. ?I
naturalness. Eliot Gregory's , . . . . .
,. , _> -a - bkmner'e telegraph instrument,
uding p? - ^n the Paris Exposi . , , .
1 , _r_, was struck dnnng the storm, i
id v v ' Lumber of The , , . ?. ., .
, , . . a large place in tne side ol
iffttci . .. . ..t life and bright- ,, L j m. u u
, , , , . ? - a- wau was uiuueu, iuc uun y
and dun luu.t be the imagination .. , .. . . , .. . f.
,. .. through the table upou which tl
cannot accompany him OTer the * . . , , ,
... f , 8trument3 are placed, aud had
t space of the exposition grounds . , . , , .
.... , , Skinner been seated at tie tat
ice with him the wonders of the ., . , , , .
. . .. would most probably have been k
l^r'ds Fair of the aenlury; the . ,t , * , ' .
, . . . ? Aa it happened, he had moved am
? . le who have come to be . , f* . ' , _ .. .
, , , not hurt, but several of his n
. e peoples who have come ' . ?
ments were ruined.
Mr. W. E. Doty's resident
.s.vxr musical given at mh> struck and a large hole waste
ziqn. the roof on the southern side c
e entertainment"g: yen at the col- Uou8l! 0,er ?" of lhe b^ rooag.
>n Tbnrsday eYening for the bene- ont " lhe r?om ?t.tbe
th. roadie room fnnd was well D0De oi lbe """'J were ",Jared h
ded. The ;program was much t30^' , ,
er than Lad bee, expected, as X? rou, telephone poles
al whose names were down on ?rnek and at central effice a
^ macr fuses were burnt on!.
Drogram were not present. .De- . 3
fnl music, both yocaland instru- "'""crossed the wires badly a,
al, was rendered by tie following day Tuesday there was trouble
g ladies: Misses Carrie Elliott, tne Phonea.
b. Dwigbl, Janie Flenniken, S L. Crawford, of lb<
i and Jeanoette Stewart. Their Ue<* ""gbborbood, m the s
tions were beautiful and our ""tern part of the county, snffe
L_? rrnni1 nf severe loss as the result of a fls
[C Llttve ICttiUil IV JLCUt wvu- W- # _ ,
real umsical talent displayed by l?htntng d.nne the sa.e .torm.
onog ladies on tbis occasion. Mr. b?n was .frock and set on fire
lie Jennings appeared as an old <*""> "'J * fi"e lt! w,er
.preacher. Bnrnt cork, a white kllIed; A?<"ber mal?
i, spectacles, together with the "adly s.nnned a,d ,t u not ki
e , . . , . A wheiher it will recover. The t
of a darky preacher, transformed , , . , ,
. , . . , ?n tte barn was extinguised, but th(
young man into a typical old _ . . ,
, ,r . J - * containing a quantity ot corn and
ed divine, and he took tbe , ? \ ' ,
, . ? was destroyed and the con enis
;nce by storm. The sermon was , ' , ,
cellent negro dialect and was de- 11 waa "potted also mat one o,
id in the peculiar sing-song voice P?sons on Mr. Crawford s place
rpu- t , * stunned at the ' .Tie lime, but
5 negro. This fea'ure of tbe pro- ,, '
... . - . could not be v Ucd and was p
brought a storm of applause, , , y
? , . . ^ bly only a i umor.
Mr. Jennings in response to the J 3
e gave a coon song. After tne
:atn was ended the young people ^ - i .. . i
. . ?vuuou l"? ' ? ^ ? During last May an infant ch
invited to reaain and have a 0Qr neighbor was suffering from
ant social gathering. era infantum. The doctors had ?
... up all hopes of recovery. I t<
a Good Cough Medicine. bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Ch
, , , , and Diarrhoea Remedy to the h
Ojr iboosands have been retired leliing tbem j fe,t gaJre it wou
altb and bappiDess by the use of ?QCKj if a?e[] hCCOrdiij^ to direct
iberlam s Cou?:n Remedy. If ju two days the child had fuliy n
:ed with any throat or lnng a-on- ered> Xhe cbiId is novv vigoroui
11 * trial for it u ceitain to 1 have recommended
v Knnofi^io 1 f innornfl fnafc ha.ve y_ * ^ M
' remeuy ircuueuuv ami nave ?
:ed all other treatment for years, known it tn lajj ?lMr<r. Curtj? B
yielded to this remedy and per- jjookwaiter, Ohio. Sold by Mc
lealtb been restored. Ca?es that ^er
?d hopeless, that the climate of ' _ <<(
us health resorts failed to benefit, \ " .
been permanently cured by its Mr. J. D. Wnght, ot Wat Inn
For sale by McMaster Co. D. C., is iu town.
Mr. ?. W. R)bertsoa, of Colut
bkyamxews. a-:d Mr. Childa Cathcart p
. through here on Tuesday on their
naers ar? iww bas.ly engaged north for tbeir iummer onting.
ng General Green and getting ________
crops in readiness for laying by.
of (he old corn has bti n laid by. MAnUU
geueral thing the corn crop is *^CriCV*l HCclllii.
The cottou crop is uot doing Keep the system in perfeci
?]l. Cousiaera1 'c work will be der by the occasional us<
ir.d jcl to free t. oi * ?.. _ Tutt.s Liver pffls. They
e Kidgoway IM; -s held their an- .
picnic here u. Wi? \i esday. Quite "late the bowels <a.nd p!OC
?e crowd at lei de?'. a.r.ong whom ^ VigOrOUS BOC^
a uombo, of card .Lies, some of For sick headache, malaria
qi spoke dnrir.g the day. Pie . ...
er was all ttat eould be desired, lOllsness, constipation and
* -1. * * ~ rZjs.%-% nrrrt A /-I **n /A O <1 V\C 1 7 1 t A
;uKeu auu^eiuer iuc wwtiuii >r?:>| uitu vaiav-cuT^o, ancujuiun,
: au enjoyable one.
i TUTrs Liyer p,L
r=. Harrison f.nd children, of
ii^; 11 ?i ' f
,boro' I do away with all the hot discomfort o
1 days, save yourself work and both
' >are i i * i 1 4. i
IUaK.lllg ill icsa tiiiiCj c.\.
i Oil St<
iu are jenkixsvillenews. e-^^v^i^- y.^-"- r
^Q3ta The census man has been around b?Mi:
, t ? tJftejOW?'*'-'*' cjjfl Promote* a lOxeriai
, . and numbered the hairs of onr nead, HggS^S; <J?gN?*er yaii? to k;
e tljlS IKSS5;~^f??3i 11 -? i*-s Your
West c0untec^ our freckles, wrinkles, moles
. , and warts, so the conceit has-been ?
x,i vn3 v,n^ o fo11 T7TT??.T"\T? r-OT.T
t IHllCU UUt Ui pi iu& xjc*o uc4va uimii t jlxvvm aj.i aa. -u- -u
but the most harrowing thought of all for young ladies, Boar
. is that they know all about it yonder Opens Sept. 18th, 1900. <
at the census bureau in Washington, leading Schools for Young
[. M. Wellwe Rec^ to "see ourd
on se'ves as ?^bers ste us." We scarcely acres. Grand mountain i
0 had time to be connted, for the grass Valley of Va., famed fc
0SS would literally grow uuder our feet fKurse.^up^tof^
no matter how lively we stepped and ArfandMusic. Students f
how viciously we struck, and aie still States. For catalogue addre
,?a tn striking at it iu our eude&vor to pre- ^ HARRIS, ^
ice to ? . . * 6-2<-2m Roa
? * - *" ~ /w /- ?i rvi /\ 1'hQ aHHO
yjj &B YCLIL ilS reiglJlIJ^ eUJJlCUiC- Atit. uuuo
ct set seem to be against us but we hope PJ^ES'PQN RION
idge, soon to have bright sunshine to %id us
iself in the fight* Crop3 look tolerably PACH'IC FIRE INSURANCE :
idice. we^!' Some have made good yields of QP yggj
eious whear. Candidates, rai? and grass
cure generally come together, so campaign Solicits a suare ?f PQb
^was ^ear 15 ae7er though we some*
:nife, l'mes oet tired, very tired. y
than Another job we have ou hand that TrnTTlTn IffftlT OTAI
> cure of trying to eat, can and dry the IUU.NI1 Mikrl W fl 1
Jc^at raP^ly ^"asting- fruit. The rain spoiled
so much of it. With fair education and
Children's Day will be celebrated acter, to learn Telegraphy
hereon Julv 7th at Shiloh Church. Accounting, and Type-writi
[. 0 T t"\ V*i i. c YX7* v - is endorsed by all leadm
Rev. J. D. Croat, of Wmnsboro, is compaDie, as lb'e 0D,7 perfe
ever- expected to make an address. liable institution of its kinc
?.a a anfet^oinmonf troa friron orftdnates are assisted to
11ITCU ix uiuaiuai gui&i luiuuivuw ? ?/?*, * ?
inns- at Monticeilo on the evening of the Ladies also admitted. Wri
, , . - ,, , . : . , catalogue. Fall lerm opens
.1 day fourth for the purpose of raising funds GLOBE TELEGRAPH C
u the to aid in the painting of Little River Oshkosh, V9i?., and Lexing
an to Church. The annual Sunday School 6-14-4m
ppr?- convention of the Fairfield association
their will be held at that church on the fifth mi> -rr . .. n -xL
light- Friday, Saturday and Sunday of July. Iflfi OlITOlJ 01 DOull
inces- Rer. and Mr?. F. A. McDowell and
every Miss Vivian G!enn attended the corn Head Ste1
3 ter- mencement exercises at Greenville. cational Systen
re ap- Hiss Kitty Glenn is visit!.* fcer Tbrce ,ourse8
ied to brother at Chappell's, S. 0. Degrees.
a had Misses Nannie Chappell, Essie Hoi- Professional courses in I
at fhe lov Stella RufF made a fipinsr triD ciQ6 a&d Pbarraacy.
T. H. 10 Jacksonville, Florida, recently. Saromer School for Teach
* ' They were highly pleased with the r schoiarshij
, place and people. __ , ?ean?t??
and a Miss Susie Yarboroogh and Mr. Tjlltlf]]]; jfefif) ] IiTtesVor
! the C. B. Dooglssp, Jr., are at home ag<nn XUlUUlli tjjuu. 1 Minister's*
assed from Wintbrop and Clemson re?pcc L Teachers,
le in- tive,r- SI2 students besides 161 i
The Sanday School of Monticello School. 38 teachers in the J
34r* church met at the home of the saper- For catalogues and infor
)le he intendent, Mr. W. J Davis, on Friday dress
Hied, evening last where ice cieam was F. P. YENABLE, Pea
.iwas 6erved an<* l,ie children * ngaged in 7-10-lm Chapel Hi
merry game'.
istru- j must not forget to mention t*o * ? ??
marriages which have recently taken ^ _ __
a tt-oc at Monticello. I refer to that of llnnnm nV 111
,rn ;n Miss Irene Hamiter to Mr. Hawkins, I.I'U/ilU III ffl
. , of Richland county, aud Miss Alice IJ 3 II f! ill III
>fthe Barley to Mr. Willoughby Sbedd. UlUUiil "A "
No Tbe last mentioned are both of ":ontie
and cello. Only a few friends wit. essed
y the the ceiemonie?. ?
Miss Lois Chnppell is attending the
summer school of Spartanburg county .
were while visitiDg her sister Mrs. Dr. IS not only one of t
great McBryde of that place.
The Miss Madie Cbappell will attend tha delicate and delicious <
, summer school of Richlaud conntv.
la ail T..-I_ i iftAA v r ^1. r i rr
duo i?VV. j. . Idol iUUUO CVC1 wucn,
The Best Remedy for Stomach and Bowel public, but in additioi
! Mill Trouble*.
outh- nj ha^e been in the dru? business y recommended for
red a for tweny years and have sold most all r f . ,
tsh of of proprietary medicines of any Ot persons 01 weak d
note. Among the entire iist I have
, never fannd anything to equal Cham1
aE" herlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea fi A TTJ* I r
e in- Remedy far all stomach and bowel VM IjNP WHlflnW I
was troubles," says O. Vf. Wakefield, of 'Jvv _,vUI fiillUun 1
aown Colambus, Ga. "This remedy cured
. . two severe cases oi camera muuusiu
ire in faniily and I have recommended of handsome ora.vurei
i crib and sold hundreds of bottles oMt to - ?
oats my customers.to their entire satisfac- o*iymo* with Cr63m of
j0-t tion. It affords a quick and sure cure 43 o
Manor'Co"''0 " For sa,e by Mc' They are works of ai
W,h^ see them.
1015 Mr. John McClure, an old citizen of
roba- Fairfdd, wa3 among the cxcursiouists _ _ .. ,
from Florida. ' ?V?- n3D6r
Dealer in Fine Groce
3ok a Por Infants and Children. Hrrrr ? Off*'*1
oi'i! The Kind You Have Always Bought llfife'
iond?? Bears?he /V.
sco v- Signature of L^Laf-fX Y-C?4C*uM ; m^
aever Mr. Ernest E!li*on spet?t We h ocd jv |
All. JCj. ?i . uailitu^ii, n?y<i j reyp-y - ^ , , ___
t??:if ercr.i Sunday in iYinnsboro.
ncia, colds is all right, bin. , n w ...i soma- ^ T
^sscd tbirjtr that will relieve &uu cuio the ^>/\ pt>t?ci
. way more severe and daugerous results of 1U T"E
throat and Ia?g troubles. What tliall lo~ every cent expeaded fcli<
ran /lr>? rir> to a warmer and more object of every purchaser o]
regular c'imate? Yes, if possible; if
not possible for you, then in either GROCERI
case uke the only remedy that hns
been iutroJuced in all civilized con - This object can be be*t
c tries with success in severe throat j?. d dealing hore. The inax:mi
a of troubles, "Boschee'g German it? at the inlnimntn of <
Syrup." It not Only heals and stimu- method of pleading. Our
reg- Jales the tissues to destroy the germ taint- only goon* which hav<
j disease, but allays inflammation, causes merit, the so-called "'ju^t as
Lt" easy expectoration, gives a good cheaper articles beiug di^a
j night's rest, and cures the patient. A full line of Canned Go
* M Try oxe bottle. Recommended many on haBd. AIfo Pickles. Ca
' 13 Sanaa. \fye?rr
> Dii- years by an drnggisLs in uie wona,j^,u.u,u,l
j.jn_ For sale by McMaster Co., drnggiat?. Tapioao, Gelatine, Amonr'i
,tr ; ahy's Sogar-cnred IUins fre
cure Tu. _ , Also a good :ine ot New (
? <r> On? Day Co.c. re, Porto Rico Mo'asiec
I ^ For colds and sore throat v.*z ICerxnott'sCliocA. ^ K#
2nd quickly ?&rnc- tto,Iy lakcn 83 CKI^r' J. D. McCarley
make j
f former baking S 1 I
er and do your j
ari [ MANY I
Oca the h*ir.
it growth.
e store Gray)
Mai Colo*. I I 1 /\
| t t-AKo -s0
jEGE . Of continuous
IOkP \* ^ s-.
Dne'of the business have giyen our goods
? Ladies in wide and general distribution *i|
impi^'ten They ^iave keen subjected to
scenery in the severest usage and their
>r teachers" wearing qualities have been
antages in fully tested.
rom thirty
resident, I We Guarantee
noke, Va |
Agent every ^hain, button, every article
we sell, to give satisfacCOMPANY
tion, you being the judge.
Any article failing to do thi s
lie pdiron- will be cheerfully exchanged.
We Deliver
JTED, no work, we sell no goods not
under our guarantee, which
has never been questioned
B^r This throughout our entire busig
railway ness Jife.
ict and r8!.'c?
OlIege,' The Jeweler and Optician,
ton, Ky.
Mn I/uj-i
iiu M fin fig
rr Dyspepsia Cure J
Digests what you eat.
It artificially digest* the food and aids
Nature in strengthening and recon,n
to Can- struoting the exhausted digestive orMinistry,
gans. It is the latest discovered digest8
and aat an(j toniC< other preparation
can approach it in efficiency. It in*
iu Summsr atantly relieves and permanently core?
faculty. Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
m-it ion ad Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
Sick Headache,Ga3traIgia,Crampe and
sid.nt, all other results of imperfect digestion.
ill, N. C. Price 50c. and SI. Large size contain* #5$ time?
small size. Book all aboutdyipepiia mailed fm
? Prepared by E. C. DeWiTT A CO.. Chicago*
_ IMfUVlK CO.; Wirtttoro, & C.
fl C
We are after you with a
l? j hammer, not a sledge hamJlSDiaV
mer<but *ith
One that will stick and not
Wheat, chalk, crack, or peel oft.
rt. Ask Hammer Paint is sold under
a positive guarantee of
FIVE YEARS, and will be
replaced if the fault is with
"liCrlt the paint. One gallon makes
riee. two.
__ Come and see before you
?&i J. H. McMaster
& Co.,
j UlUggWW.
ijr j IN STOCK.
lvalue I
5ulil be the I LIME
r i
ES- and
attained by
mi of qnal
mock con-1
i prorad of
^ood" and
i-da always * :'S
l,op-, Mas- PEAS,
>m, < hce^e, '
3 Mid Cad- -nit
eh on hand. $1.25 per Bushel.
)i'1osm8 and ,
&Co. M.W.Doty &COr

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