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fUP ? 4 TTT P f1 P T ! ^ ** ^te- ^41
i O ia v A i IL B v 1% X j ca17 to prsTgSi tcs
i Dean authority oe 1
as essential to our s
Of the Reunited Democratic Party can affairs. At th<
clare that no Am<
in this Campaign. ever be held by fore
jectioa to Earopear
We oppose mil
!T1S A SOUND DOCUMENT. conquest abroad an
oppression at ton
strong arm which b
Imperialism is the Paramount to free institutions
liens of our citizens
Issue, Because by it the Re- Europe. It willimj
lovicg people a la
puDiic OT Our Fathers and unnecessary bui
. -,i j a constant menace
IS imperilled. A small standing ar
Following is the oScial text of the
, , ? j m time ot peace,
platform. as agreea upon by the com- I no piace for a vasfc ,
mittee on resolutions and presented to i conscription,
the National Democratic Convention:
TIT,* ^ i*A?M?oconr4r5rM r-f thfi Dfiin- I TRuST TO OUR
* TV C9 WaI*5
cratic party of the United States as- When the natior
sembled in National Convention on the volunteer soldier is
anniversary of the adoption 01 the Dec- defender. The Nai
laration of the Independence, do reaf- Uuited States shoul
firm our faith in that immortal proelam- ic the patriotic hea]
tion of the inalienable rights of man and Such organizations
our allegiance to the Constitution of strength and saf
framed in harmony therewith by the time in our history
fathers of the Republic. We hold with Philippine conqaes!
the United States Supreme Court that wholesale departui
the Declaration of Independence is the honored and approT
spirit of our Government, of which the tper organization.
Constitution is the form and letter. Un-American, ' U
We declare aeain that all governments Un-Kepublican, an<
i - * _r_. a< c?
instituted amoDg men uenvc iueu juai, ancieui auu ua
powers from the c Dnsent of the governed; free people.
that any government not based upon trt-sts di
tbe consent of the governed is a tryanny,
and that to impose upon any people a Private monopoli
government of force is to substitute the and intolerable. T
methods of imperialism for those of tition, control the I
a republic. We hold that the Constitu- and of the finished
tion follows the flag, and denounce the biDg both produce
dcerrine that an executive or Congress, They lessen the em
deriving their existecce and their and arbitrarily fix t
powers from the Constitution, can exer- tio'ns thereof, and
cise lawful authority beyond it, or in energy and small ca
violation of it. We assert that no na tunity for betterme
tion can long endure half republic and They are the m
half Empire, and we warn the American yet devised for appj
people that imperialism abroad will lead of industry to the b<
- LI? 2 - ? t ? "L 1 ? i. ~ J ^ WSkviCA A ?
qmc&iy auu mevitauiy iu ueayvti^uu ??; me v*.
home. their insatiate gr
the porto sic an scandal wealth will be as
Believing in these fundamental principles,
we denounce the Porto Rican b?v13!i?nT?tpa.te
law, enacted by a Republican Congress evij b? Jbe K.ePT}bJj
against the protest and opposition of the anci
Democratic minority, as a bold and open Pr00' ?* tb? truthi
violation r.f the nation's organic law and A1.8 ar6 ,.e a
flagrant breach of the national good publican policies; tl
faith. It imposes upon the people of byRepuohcan laws
Porto Rico a government without their Pretectea by t e R<
consent and taxation without rcpresen- ^atl0n M* return fo*
taf?An If-^icVinnrtr<; flip Amprinan T)RO- and political^
pie by repudiating a solemn pledge W?
made in their behalf by thp command- an,un.? 5
ing general of our army, which the and *5
Porto Ricans welcomed to a peaceful fve\^ f * '
and unresisted occupation of their land. 8 ? ,
It doomed to poverty and distress a pD . , ,
people whose helplessness appeals wUh ?[pu | d b j,
?r^V?tsCt St of ifs -a wg, an co
imperialistic programme, the Republi- of ?re P > f -a can
party seeks to commit the United Sta ?? th(e'r .on?1'
States to a colonial policy, inconsistent '
with Republican institutions and con- ha^e nct attempt*
demned by the Snorcme Conrt in temPting to moDop
numerous decisions. ' b?slIlef3 01 th? P
cleg 0I mercQaaull
WE MUST NOT CHEAT CUBA. constitutional pOW(
We demand the prompt and honest Inter-State commei
fulfilment of our pedge to the Cuban all modes of-Inter S
people and the world thj;t the United --hall be exercised 1
States has no disposition nor intention ? mprehensive law
to exercise sovereignty, jurisdiction or of trusts. Tariff la^
control over the Island of Cuba, except ed by putting the
for its pacification. The war ended upon the free list I
nearly two years ago, profound peace under the plea of p:
reigns over all the island, still the A.d- The failure of tl
ministration keeps the government of can Administratis
the island from its peopie, while Re- control of the bran
publican carpet-bag officials plunder its Government to enac
- J l ,1 i~L ? - 2 x
SHAME of Tar filipino war. combinations, or t<
P'nii^-?0nQei?\? ard denounce the trust l&ws already o
j-nijippjoe policy oi the present Ad- ?roves the insinccri
ministration. Ic has involved the Be- *D2 phrases of tbef
puoiic id unnecessary war, sacrificing Corporations sho
? 1Vej many of our noblest tkeir rights and
sons, and placed the United States, terests should be re
previously known and applauded temPt ?y corporatio
throughout the world as the champion the Public affairs i
oixreedpm, in the false and V'n-Ameri- CODtroI the joverei
can position of crushing with military them should be fo:
lorcoihe efforts of former allies to Penslties as will ma
achieve liberty and self-government. J Possible.
The iJilipmos cannot be citizens with- evils of p
cut endangering our civilization; they Wg condemn tbe
cannot be sat-3- cts witnout imperilling trast.breeding mes
our form 01 government, and,_ as we are yiged tQ Iy0 the fe
not willing to surrender our civilization do d* and
or to convert the Bepiblio into an em- ma burdeM whi
pire, we iavoran luiUi.ctiAit declaration ^
of the nation, viz: hrst, a stable form ' ? ! * Jt ,
government: second, inpependence, a?. J j "e -f^?r
third, protection from outside interfet- SC?P?? ? ,eJ v
ence, such as has been given for nearly as will enable ^ the
a century to the Republics of Central ^e.ct \udmduals an<
and South America. discriminations _ an
The greedy commercialism which die- unJus- an<* tintair
iated the Philippine policy of the Re- sixtee!<
publican Administration attempts to r~ ? i
.-x .i i.. a.i!. ml Wersamrmand ei
jusuiy it wua toe piea mailt win pay, f national D
but even this sordid and unworthy plea af. Phi *
fails when brought to the teat of feet,, f
The war of criminal aggression against ricanlnanc
the Filipinos, entaihng an anno J ex- h AmerieaD pe0,
pense of many millions has already u h ha], reatcre
cost more than any poss.bIe profit that m ioc , ,
could accrue from the entire Philip- eJ.stem t?e immc-di.
pine trade for years to come. Further- and unlimiled,
more, when trade is extended with tne ,d t h t
expense of liberty the price is always ? without ^aitins
too high. 3eDt of any other c;
mfterexce between epxpaxsios W denounce tl
act imperialism. acted at the jast ^
We are cot opposed to territorial ez- a 8tep forward in th
pansion when it takes in desirable terri- whi0h aims to disc
tory which can be erected into States xigtit of the Natioi
in the Union, and whose people _ are jS;;lie a]] money, wh
willing and fit to became American aE(j to bestow'upon
citizens. _ _ power to issue and i
VV e tavor expansion by every peace- q? papjr money foi
ful and legitimate means. But are un- & permament nati<
alterably opposed to seizing or purchas- secUred by Gover:
ing of distant islands to be governed ^ave a permanent d
outside the Constitution, and whose peo jf the bank currenc;
pie can never become citizens. _ population and busi
We are in favor of extending^ the ais"0 increase. Th
Republic's influence among the nations, reaCy scheme is, t
but believe that influence should be ex- for fastening upon tJ
tended, not by force and violence, iU(j growing debt fc
but through th j persuasive power of a banks. "Weareopi
<TT"1 a rro rv* *-\1 r* '
ujo.it uvuviawiw wA?ui^ig. jL^i^ xui- C0rp0rati0? paper c
portance of old questions ncw^ pending but withoat legal t(
before the American ^ people is in no demand the retiren
wise diminishing, and the Democratic banfc notes as fast a
party takes no backward step from its paper or silver ceti
position on them, but^the burning is- 8tituted for them,
sue of imperialism, growing out of the t-ttttti
Spanish war, involves the very exist- popular
ence of the Republic and the desiruc- Wefaver^an amei
tion of our free institutions. We re- deral Constitution
gard it as the paramount issue of the election of United 5
campaign. direcc vote of the
the mqneoe doctaixe. legislation wherevei
The declaration in the Republican . are oppose t(
platform, adopted at the Philadelphia Junction. J? .
Convention held in Jane, 1900, ih?
tbe J\epu&Iican party "steadfastly ad-j LliU6
heres to the policy annouQced in the ac<^ ^sir employee;
Monroe doctrine," is manifestly insia- In the interest
cere and deceptive. This procession and the upiifuag c
is contradicted by the avowed policy as the corner-stone
of the party, in opposition to the spirit our country we rec
of the Monroe doctrine, to acquire and gress create a deps
hold sovereignty over large areas of charge of a secretary
territory and large numbers of people Cabinet, believing
in the Eastern hemisphere. We icsiut of the American lal
y v"'on the strict maintenance of the Mon- creased prosperity
roe doctrine and in al; its integrity, home and our coma
-tV "
^ 3
s js?1r-t; i$ |eo2$- ] iii^Ui;^ *oy%ii: 'n?-ites. IfffF
eztsssien 01 &hq- ; -s o., ?* j
this eoatiseat, and J???! '{ifV* ** Scsr 5? 884 *; i
apremacy in Ameri-1 ?* ?cki?? ao? ,
; same time we de- I ?r3 10 a!',oa:- Bars; "?&*? lib?" Q y , .
....i. , it pensions ana we reiterate the position * a4"
'a in nnanlHna I taken in the Chicago plztfcrm of 1896,
? in unwilling sub- | tfcat the facfc of enfist^ect a,d servic^ '
~ be deemed conclusive evidence
d^ntkoidation^ and -* di"bl1^ W~ A t
ie. It means the
as ever been fatal Nicaragua?? canal
. It is what mil- We favor the immediate con'struc- Joyous
have 5ed from in tion, ownership and control of the Xica>ose
upon our peace- ragua Canal by the United States, and ligion
jge standing army we denounce the insincerity of the plank
:den of taxation and in the national Republican platform for Wc
to their liberties, an Isthmian canal, in the face of the
my and a well disci- failure of the Republican majority to c
are amply sufficient pass the bill pending in Congress. .
Ttiis Republic has We condemn the Hay-Pauncefote ,reiE
nilitary service and treaty as a surrender of American ubiquity <
rights and interests not to be tolerated furnished
VOLUNTEERS. by the American PC0Pie- reached
. . , , STATES TO BE ADMITTED. Earonp fc
i is in danger the vc > e -i * t, -d aroPe IC
his country's best We oenouncs the failure of ine Ke- places wh
- nuhiican nartv to carrv oat its pledges ? e;??iA ?
;ional Guard of the [Q grant sc&tehood to the Territories of ^ Th
d ever be cherished ^rjzona> >Jew Mexico a^d Oklahoma, *
rts of a free people. an(j we pr0mise the people of these Hgion as i
are ever an element Territories immediate Statehood and world to <
'ety. For the first bome ruie during their condition as boly mer
and coeval with the Territories, and we favor home rule "Thou hi
; has there been a aQ(j a Territorial fcrin of government ?
e from the time- ?or ^iasfca and Porto Rico. n0 *
ed system of volun- favor an intelligent system of This ct
We denounce it as improving the s.rid lands of tbe West, celebratic
q-Democratic and 8toring the waters for purposes of irri- lite, two
1 as a subversion of ?atlon and the holding of such lands for each othe
ed principles of a ac{ual settlcr3 , . fFieDdsJ;
Wo (jr-nr t'no and strict tion.
SNOUNCED. enforcement of the Chinese exclusion there is n
es are indefensible aud, \ts. aPPlication t0 tho fcamc
hey destroy compe- classes of Asiatlc races> daisy " 1
>rice of all material sympathy with the boers. as much a
product, thus rob- Jefferson said: Peace, commerce and rCsQ roa
ar and consumer, honest friendship with all nations; en- er f?.es ?
ployment of labor tangling alliances with none. We ap- a ,^in.
he terms and condi- prove thi3 wholesome doctrine and j3?0 e,rs,
deprive individnal earnestlv protest against the Republi- !.
.pital of tneuoppor- can departure, which has involved us j) e i
nt. in so-called world politics, including er
ost effioieDt means the diplomacy of Europe and the in- mon.tJ*8 &
oDriatiBe the fruits trieue and land-grabbing of Asia, and
enefit of the few at we especially condemn the ill-conmany,
and unless oealed Republican alliance with Eng- w en 8.,?
eed is checked all land, which must mean discrimination uPunai
;gregated in a few against other friendly nations and Dan(lae ei
epublic destroyed, which has already stifled the nation's ai Jt ?,?e*
ring with the trust voice while liberty is being strangled in ,,
can party in St:ate Africa. r'aQa ?
orms is conclusive Believing in the principles of self- ^ve
of the charge that government and rejecting, as did our ere are
mate product of Re- forefathers, the claim of monarchy, we e *
lat they are fostered view with indignation the purpose of ''omo.w c
i, and that they are England to overwhelm with force the ' 1"iUoa^
apublican Adminis- South African republics. Speaking, as \uPPOsea
campaign subscrip- we do, for the entire American nation, ' aere *8 n
support. except its Republican office-holders, n01
'emocratic party to and for all freemen everywhere, 9DIDarra3J
. .1 a:.. ^ a.i scant sup
?? Srtinst maintain their liberty and independ- ??
rcedanimor^mn- enc6'extaavigi;;ce desocxced. _ hand ovei
he affairs of eorpor- We denounce the, lavish appropna- it i, wine
iter-State commerce turns of recent Repabiicao Cons"^ ' see for yo
rporations to show, ?Ueh have kept taxes h.gh and winch n0 stryeh
ess outside or tne threaten the perpetuation of the oppress- r will nnt
Jot aDfYh.*7he? WaVe 3',We.?TSe the TT1?'
1 and Me Dot at- ?1 ? a.surp,1'i3 t0, be ?1u?n<ie--ed 10 try whetl
V ar? "0l a* such barefaced frauds upon the taxpay- j
>lwe any ^branch of er9 RS t^e shipping subsidy bill, which, vVhen Go
iuction Oi any arti- un(jer the false prctence of prospering Verv best
sef and the whole American shipping, would put un- JtondinT
iz of Congress over earDe<i millions into the pockets of fav- ;ne so ?
rce, the mails and orjte CODtributors to the Republican tastes it t
DytheGSment?of camPaif fund- We. fa70,r the reduc" ly better
oy tne enac-ment oi tlon aa(j SpCe(jy repeal of the war taxes nphrm ha?
s upon tee subject and a retu?n to the time-honored Demo- now ? r
ts should be amend- eratic policy of strict eoonomy in Gov- 0gere(i to
products of trusts ern<nental,expenditures. Si'?
lO prevent monopoly "RoliA'crinc that, nnr most cherished in- t
rotection. stitutions are in great peiil; that the ;?
le present Republi- ve,y existence of our constitutional WQn t},e
ohes of the final P;ePnbHo is at s'ake> 5nd ,tbaVhj desoriptft
ones or tne mtionai clsl0n now t0 reE<iered will deter- ,cinn(|
a?y legislation de- mjne whether or not our children are to \ve ie2
'n.,.i eD^y those blessed privileges of free fir5t plaC(
?i trusts ana illegal g0vernment which have made the Unit- wjtfc k0l
o enforce the anti- e(j g^gg great, prosperous and hon- tkon
? statute books, ored,we earnestly ask for the foregoing >'r cfnco
!?pnbi:oan platform" dec!ar"'?? of -pri?oip;es?hc hE,attJ Bu"- hold defi<
Xbe^roteotedTn p0rt,?f tie ""^riy-lovicg American me L,rd
their legitimate in- ^0^'?" r'C tt3 ^
spected, but any at- | xfv
ns to interfere with , , _ -'otsosa
of the people, or to The Wiaows of India- and Jesu
gnty which creates Last Sunday a sermon was preachcd * e resci
rbidden under such in a Washington church in which the scan SUP
ke such attempt im- minister spoke touchingly about the y01? ? mi
condition of the people in India. E$- J*.1 l\r
b.otecttov pecia'ly the dreadful suffering of the , lriJs . e
ROTECnON. ^ little children left by ^he necessity of Q?n tsit<
Dingley tariff as a the famine to "starve in the fields or ,re '
isure, skilfully de- be devoured by jackals," too weak to e 01^3e
w favors which they defend themselves A few facts and pa?101
I to place upon the figures maybe of interest to some who ere 1
ch they should not are not acquainted with the miseries consfcra
suffered by a large portion of the fe- ^ou a7e
i enlargement of the male population of Queen Victoria's .rop P ^
State commerce law subjects in Iudia, and of whom our no- 1DSKg?x y
commission to pro- ble Amerioan women have been unceas- , ,
i communities from ing in their efforts to improve the con- ,ee 8.^ ei
J m??IvKa 'Pl-> oro aro noarlv t w&T\ hv- thrift ilC W1*I ft
U. IIIC pUUilU liV/Ul VLAVAI/1A* AUVAV J ^ boy I
ransportation rates, millions of widows; of these fourteen * - y_
p? thousand are baby widows, under four ? , f?,
I00:,E:' . years of age, and 6ixty thousand girl ^
idorse the principles widows be tween five and nine years of eeem? e*j
emoaratic platform age. Besides many millions of deserted P00
in 1896, and we re- wives whose condition is in some eases ?e f'8!00^
of that platfoxm for worse than that of the widows, their 1DS. ?
ial system made by lives are made so miserable that they 1^i. ^
?le for themselves, prefer death, s.nd thousands commit fuU11*-0
and maintain a bi- suicide annually. > j ,
and as part of such Woman is considered by the Hindoos . 3 1
ite restoration of the as a thing that exists solely for their ar
soinage of silver and use. She is given away like a lifeless aiI *ne w<
legal ratio of 16 to thine to the mo.n who is to be her hus- !??
for the aid or con- band, and who is commanded by his a
ition. religion "never to love her or put can- a eater
le currency bill en- fidence in her." Over three hundred -?0UF 0P
>sion of Congress as of these poor and miserable child ?*1
e Republican policy widows and deserted wives are cared exnauaiet
redit the sovereign for, protected, and bappy, in a mission 001
ial Government to called the "Mukti Home." And now ^n.s as
ether coin or paper, something more can be done for these efficient ;
national banks the children than rescuing and teachicg r)rme?
control the volume them to read and write, and by so doiDg aousekee.
r their own benefit, further fulfill the words of our master, I jearn
>nal baEk currency, "Hungry, and ye gave me meat." Christ di
nment bonds must think a
1 n i l . o? j have raa<
eDtto rest upon ana uesiuesnwiumiL us vuicu think, ?
7 is to increase with by local applications as they cannot Cn0ugh f(
nsss the debt must reacb the diseased portion of the ear. of wine ^
e Republican cur- There is only one way to cure deatnes?, wl]l be <
herefore, a scheme and that is by constitutional remedies. je3US g0
ixpayers a perpetual Deafaess is caused by an ioflamea con.- gallons a
,r the benefit of the fotion of the mucous lining ot tbe acd ,0 ga
losed to this private Eu9tachian Tube. When this tuoe ib ga)]or:s o
irculated as mouey, infiained you have a rumoling sound or ju3t like .
?nder qualities, and ;mpeifect hearing and when it is entire- iargest an
^ent of the national \ cjoscd. Deafness is the result, and Qbnst, o
s this Government unles3 the inflammation can be concn- leaves.^
ificates can be sub- tjon bearing will be destroyea forever, fore3t fu.
nine cases cut of ten are caused by S1!vered 1
___ Catarrh which is nothing but an in- paim; tr.s
ds or senator* 'condition oi the nracnos rar ; !orP9.3.
. J A A~ AV~
1UU15UL CU IUC X CU' /? ^ ,
providing for the -n n TT ,? a n ?' ' ers,('
States Senators by a . We *'? ? ? O.e Bundle P , ars 3ime fr0
people, and direct fo; tfst? ot D.ei'Des5 (,':?us,?1 the top o
practicable. ?atirti) 'hat ca=M\ ?a.re'1H/U 8 tbcy roll i
> government by in- c--rrbCnre Send for circulars, free. they t03s
unce the black-list F- J. Cheney & Co. JColedo, 0. ?enough
n as a means of set- Soldby allDrujgats 100. flower, en
tween corporations Hall s Family Pills are the best. ? duplet,
5. up the g
of American 1aW Gainesville, Ga., Deo. 8, 1399 Does he g
,f the workingman Antiseptic _ Invigorator has pours it o
of the prosperity of keen use(^ *n anc* I am per- a river fi
cirri mentTtftf {Inn- I fectly satisfied that it is ali, and will j pouring i
irtmentof labor in do all, you claim for it. Yours truly, enough t<
7, with i seat in the A* C- horsey. which to
that the elevation P. S.?I am using it now myself. Does J<
x>rer will bring in- It's doing me good.?Sold by The Mur- is not a li
to our country at ray Drug Co., Columbia, S. C., and all little for 1
ierce abroad. druggists. tf but enoug
Dpqf Til frmP.!l?tfcia ?os*.'\ %&<& icss ?s ese&a
I v V V ici ij i j {*]] f(jr hilUjiii. PfCE 1SC3 fcT thfi
. - | ybusg, proai?33 fcr the cld} promises
! for the lowly, promises for the blind,
Isge Draws a LescOn From for the halt, for the outcast, for the
abandoned. Pardon for all, comfort
he Marnace Fea3t- for all, mercy for all, heaven for all.
Not merely a cupful of gospel supply,
but 130 gallons. Aye, the tears of god-JOLY
MERRIMENT. ly repentance are all gathered up into
God's bottle, and some day, standing
before the throne, we will lift our cup
Features ?f Christian Re- of delight and ask that it be filled with
the wine o? heaven, and Jesus, from
pfftcodtfih thft ap . f anro ttti 11 r
v,vv%. 'J v""1 ?' ? " 1 w I UUtilC vi fc'saiDj tt aii iv
... .. ,. _ in the cup, and we will cry: "Stop.
>rid Invited to a Feast Jesus! We do not want to driDk our
* U-.I. ah i. own tearsl" And Je3us will say,
>f Holy Merriment. "Know ye not thai; the tea'-s of earth
tarkable illustration of the are the wine of heaven?" Sorrow may
. endaie for a night, but joy cometh in
of English speaking people is the morning.
by tbe requests that have J remark, further, Jesus does not
Dr, Talmiige in northern shadow the joys of others with his own
>r a sermon in out of the way griefs. He might have eat down in
A 1 ww M <3 i n sw n ' 1 I M rtTTA C A
ere he did not expect to find LuaL, * ? *" ""
,, , much trouble, so much poverty, so much
lerson who could understand persecution, and the cross is coming. I
.ere as here, he presents re- shall not rejoice, and the gloom of my
i festivity and invites all the face and of my sorrows shall be cast
jome as guests and join in its <LTer al'tb.is \r?"P i'? So.S.S4 DOt Je <US'
, . . T , .. ,A He said to himself: Here are two
nment; texi, John^ 11, 10, pergon3 starting out in married life,
ast kept the good wine until Let it be a joyful occasion. I will hide
my own griefs. I will kindle their
iapter invites us to a marrige joy*" There are many not so wise as
in. It is a wedding in common that. I know a household where there
plain people having pledged are maQy little children, where for two
_ l.-j __j veara the musical instrument has been
I, II&LIU. fcUll dUU LUCIA. * ------aviog
come in for congratula- kept shut because there has been
e joy is not the less because trouble in the house. Alas for the
0 pretension. In each other Parents saying: "Wewilihave
all the future they want. The n0 Christmas tree this coming holiday
he cup on the table may mean because there has been trouble in the
is a score of artistic garlands h?use? Hush that laughing up stairs!
1 the hothouse. Whenadaugh- How can there be any joy when there
ff from home with nothing but has been so much trouble? And so
athers blessing and a plain they make everything consistently dolelove
she is miased as much as ^*1 send their sons and daughters
le were a princess. It seems ^o rulQ with the gloom they throw
;r the parents have sheltered
.8 years, that in a few short my dear friends, do you not know
er affections should have been ^ose children will have trouble
E by another, but mother re- enough of their own after awhile? Be
how it was in her own case glad they cannot appreciate all yours,
was young, and so she braces Keep back the cup of bitterness from
ho weddiag has passed and the y?^r daughter s lips. YV hen your head
3 are gone, and she has a cry 19 ?own in S1*99 ?* tomo> poverty
may come to her, betrayal to her,
e are today at the wedding in bereavement to her. Keep back the
ralilee. Jesus and his mother sorrows as long as you can. Do you
a invited. It is evident that not know that that son may after awhile
1 k?ALA*S 9 KAfTTTAAfl
more people there than were ,u?ve *"?
Either some people have hp and all harm. You may not fight
i were not invited or more in- his battles ^onS- Fight them while you
have been sent out than it was ^a7' Throw not the child of your own
would be accepted. Of course despondency over his sou). Rather,
ot a sufficient supply of wine. Jl^e J.esug> who came to the wedding
? that there is nothing more hiding his own grief and kindling the
ling to a housekeeper than a joys of others, bo I have seen the son
ply. Jesus sees the embar- on a dark day, straggling amidst elonds,
and he eomes up immediately black> ragged and portentous, but afe
it. He sees standing six '? awhile the sun with golden pry,
s. He orders the servants to heaved back the blackness. And the
with water, then he waves hi3 sun laughed to the lake, and the lake ,
the water, and immediatelv laughed to the sun, and from horizon to
?real wine! Taste of it and horizon, under the sattron sicy, tne
mrselves. No logwood in it, wa3,a11 tnP?cd into wine.
nine in it, but first rate wine. . 1 !ear? fr0? ti,s "P1 '? 'hat Christ
now be diverted to tbe ques- }?. not impatient with the luxuries of
ten discussed in my own coun- /e*,, J was not necessary that they
ler it is right to drink wine. I fhoa d 'hat mm\ , Hundreds of
ibing the scene as it was. Pe?Ple have been married without any
d makes wiue, he makes the wine. W e io not read that any of the
wine, and 130 gallon, of it ?'>"* P" " fell short. When
around in these water pdts- Chrl.st m?de the wl.n?> ll,wa3 not ? ?e"
ood that the ruler of tbe feasts cessity, but a positive luxury. I do
tod says: "Why, this is real not believe that he wants us to eat
v-j hard bread and sicep on lard mattresses
lduxi au>i,uiux w? iiavo uau. . , - . _ .1 1
t kept the good wine until unless we like them the best. I think,
eautiful miracle i A prize was if circumstances will allow, we have a
the person who should write ^sbt <? 'he luxuries of uress, the luiuessay
about the miracle in of d>et ""?d th? lnIU"e8. of.resliODg
manuscripts were pre- denoe. lhere_ la no more religiOE in an
the competition, but a poet old ??' 4J?5 ln 3 n,ew on,e; We ?att
prize by just this one line God drl > 8?lden platform
*e of the miracle: "The con- harness as certainly as when we go
ter saw its God and blushed." afoot Jesus Christ will dwell with
rn from this miracle, in the "sunder ? Lulling as well as under
e, that Christ has sympathy a ji-b ,
isekeepers. You might have ? What is the difference between a
tbat Jesus would have said: ?h,D<T d -.I/. a? A.merIcan
t be bothered with this bouse- h?me? What is the difference between
siency of wine. It is not for 'ho "cab bear skins of the Russian
of heaven and of earth, to boor, afld ot an ?
caterer to this feast. I have eentloman? >o difference ejeep that
? 3 . ?> which the eosrel ot Uhnst, directly or
iQgs tnan tnig to atiena 10. . , - -L ' j tt-i. rtu i.
id Jesus, The wine gave out, T^ff 7' bas n ^ " Cu'8J
i by miraculous power eame U, 6ha11 ba,e ?4uished a.11 the world, I
le. Does there ever come a suppose every house will be a mansion
ply in your household? Have and every garment a robe and every
>ke a very elose ealeulatioa? hors.e an arch neokea courser and every
work for you to carry on oarnage a glittering vehicle and every
cently and respectably? If so "T atklcslM,d eveIl womaV
down and cry Don't go out and . the whole earth a paradise, the
but go to him who stood in Series of the natural world hannoniz,
in Oaua of Galilee. Pray in ??J"tli the glories of the material
f. Pray in the kitchen. Let w10r,itl?t.11 J beli? ?' thre h/raes
30 room in ail your house ue shall jingle the ptoses of the Lord.
ed bv the voice of graver I! 1 learn' further? from thl3 miracle
. j ! that Christ has no impatience with fesa
microscope, put under it one ^ y""1 ,j , /
a tal joy; otherwise he would not hare
atci auu ccg iudcuw , 1 ,i -, . - . , ,
, and when you see that God >9?epted the invitation to that wedicm
and cares for them and d?>s:- He certainly would not hare
m come to the conclusion that ??ne that whJeh In?r,!aBed tfc? ^
te care of yen and feed you. There ha7e, been """V that
asked if he mizht swen th* room who were haPPy> but there was
n t>>A etana nf * Unou ThI DOt 0De t^e2Q tbat ^ 80 mUC^ *0r
q. tne steps or & xioclbc* JL&6 .? *> , 1 jj# j pi ?
ie household said "Yes- von the Joy of the weddlnS Party a3 Chnst
r>nn?'MSi ???' "T ?!!' IZ himself. He was the chief of the banr
poor, lie says 1 am very , t,t, ,, . ,
lesays, "Don't you sometimes When the wine gave out, he
iraged and feel that God is go- sapp},ei lt',,and so, * take it, he will
yoi starve?" The lad looked not deny us the joys that are positively
woman's face and said, "Do . . .... , _ , ,
: God will let me starve when I 1 th!"Kthe ?f G?d h"?
andfchen do the bestI can?" more, ngQJ <? /au?P ."T ,afly ?fcT
Qi peopie, and to clap their hands as loudheology
for older people! Trust [ ' ,fi ; J a single joy denied
,a ,o the best you can. Amia J h i3 iven t0 an/oth? pe?ple.
imuwots of housekeeping go ohris.i!injty |oea not clip the wing5 0?
le will help you control your h d Religion does not frost the
nd superv.se your domestics 4 What ii Christianity? I take
J0^ ga05S. 8nd m"aSe it to be simply a proclamation from the
e economies. Tnere are hun- throne 0{ GJd0f emancipation for all
jomenwcak and nervous and the eD9laved, and if a man accepts the
1 with the care of housckeep- f th proolamation and ^c0ms.3
amend you to the L jrd Jetu. f h he J h be ,
the best adviser and toe most g f a has J , t man.
ud-the Lord Jesus who per- a, d To whom will
IIS first miracle to relieve a he give lh* pririIege of these
oer. tir;it i
* . . 'It. grouaus; ** xxx ue o?>. xu.jr ^unuicu,
SlS'3^?om . s miraC;Q that you must not walk through these paths
Des things in abundance. I or sit down under these trees or pluck
small supply of wine would this fruit. These are for outsiders,
ie up for the deficiency. I They may walk in them." No father
sriainly, they must have had Wou!d say anything like that. He
>r half the gue3ts. One gallon would say, "The first privileges in all
^ certainly five gallons the grounds and all of my house shall
jnough; certainly ten. But be f0j ^y own children." And yet j
es on, and he gives them 30 men try 10 make us believe that God's
nd 40 gallons and 50 gallons children are on the limits and the chief
lions and 100 gallons and 130 refreshments and enjoyments of life
f the very best wine. It is ftre for outsiders and not for his own
nim doin? evervthincr on the Ahil^ron Tr, ia afarlr atheism. Therfi
d most generous scale. Does no iaaocent beverage too rich for
ur Creator, go forth to make ; Gud'a child to drink, there is no robe
He makes them by the w&ole too costly for him to wear, there is no
LI; notched like the fcra or hilarity too great for him to indulge in
ike the as^cu or broad like the and no house too splendid for him to
ckets in the tropics, Oregon iive in. He has a right to the joys of
Docs he go forth to make flow- earth; he shall have a right to the joys
makes plenty of them; they of heaven. Though tribulation and
m the hedge, they hang from trial and hardship may come unto him,
|f the grapevine in blossoms, let him rejoice. ''Kejoice in the Lord,
in thp bine wavfl nf the* ord ocrain T cou "
~ ~ ' i JfC iigutuvusj ???<** u a *vj
their white surf iD the spiraea X remark, again, that Christ comes to
for every child's hand a ug in the hour of our extremity. He
.ongh to make for every brow knew the wine wa3 giviDg out before
enough with beauty to cover there was any embarrassment or morti;hastliness
of all the grave, fication. Why did he not perform the
;o forth to creatc water? He miracle sooner? Why wait until it was
ut, not by the cupful, but by ail gone, and no help could come from
ill, a lake full, an ocean full; aily source, and then come in and per.t
out until all the earth has f0rm the miracle? This is Christ's
) drink, and enough with ^ay, and when he did come in, at the
wash. tour of extremity, he made first rate
2sus provide redemption? It wine, so that they cried out, '"Thou
ttle salvation for this one, a hast kept the good wine until now."
that and a little for the other, Jesus in the hour of extremity! He
h for all. "Whosoever will, seems to prefer that hour. In a Chris
I tiii Koai is Poised grist poverty hid I gg & figta
, coae, and Cn the -seek dsj the man | Ixuiviil
was obliged to move out or the .house
with his whole family. That night he The Demand of tlL6 Tim?!
knelt with hia family and prayed to
God. While ihey were kneeling in MopUpnt'c Qphfifil frf
prayer there was a tap on the window vul o JUilUUl Ui
pane. They opened the window, and
there was a raven that the family Qq
had fed and trained, and it had
in its bill a ring all set with pre- W. H. MacFeat, C<
cious stones, which was found out n*
to be a. ring belonging to the Terma rsasonab
royal family. It was tiken up to the ~
king's residence, and for the honesty the LINCOLN BEPUBLIC/
of the man in bringing it back he had a
house given to him and a garden and a . ?
farm. Who was it that sent the raven They Meet in Convention to No
tapping on the window? The same a National Ticket
God that sent the raven to feed Elijah
by the brook Cherith, Christ in the The national convention cf tl
hour of extremity! cola Republican party met in !
You mourned over your sins. You City 0Q Wednesday. The de
could not find the way out. You sat , . . ,
down and said: "God will sot be mar- wtro slow ,a armmg, anditw
ciful. He has east me of!." Bat in t,me after 12 the honr izei i
that, the darkest hour of joar history, Sf^eation when Chairman Ch
ligh broke from the throne, and Jesis Tow?e ? ?"ei
siid: "Oh, wanderer, come home, I !n,.SS?ms. foBf *g? -i
have seen all thy eo rows. In this, b^t of the advocates of free silv,
the boor of thy extremity, I offer thee the Republ.can national com
?oflim if/.., was lauached on its first regulirn
p Tr si/^; Y.l i,. .1 ,.. gathering. Twenty.fonr S;at<
1 rouble came. lou were almost 5, ? . j . ,.
K, +w v Territories were represented at tl
WV* u VV W J KiAW* WAV WV< A VW , braced
yourself up against it. You ^eoJ0q'i 1. c i t j .l
said, "I will be a stoic and will not fh?? b?!?\1 S j ? ?
care." But before you bad got through delega e , *eaded by a a
making the -resolution it broke down earfJ1?8 ? huge banner beam
under you. You felt that al! your re- 1>vlct?r1? of ??'an and I0*?6' '
sources were gone. And then Jesus the ial fldar?" of
came. "In the fourth watch of the ,7ment af,'?r T?"?
night," the Bible says, "Jesus came the convention to order and intr
walking on the sea." Why did he not R?. ?r. B.gelow of Cinemnati
oome in the first watch or in the second vok?d dlv,Dne Wessiogs upon tl
watch or in the third watch? I do not mention Dr. B.gelow s prayer
know. He came in the fourth and
gave deliverance to bis disciples. J csus , a 1,1 '. . - .
in the last extremity! aen Padlo,oks that arf.
I wonder if it will be so in our very our 1>Ia' -tbe "VT, "
last extremity. We shall fall sudden
ly sick, and doctors win come, bdt in glca'B;n?V''Ty"tbc"b7od the"
tbTstimulaTts and the Shin but "J[f0Vthe coayenU^itao'lM
tir/i" Irooe^him^ 'bI?tU "? ?f MUoerta read the
but the hands of eternity stretched out The r"dl!!
to pull us on. What then? Jesu, will ^o^thtirmanTownc tl
come to us and as we say, Lord, /an ;ddrcsl. His dec!
Jesus, I am afraid of thatwater; lean- Wanni,- ?? a,
not wade through to the other side,;; ed r;p , { thP j)ec]aral
aeJliBt;il I'wji "L"ll Independence broaght the deleg
And we will take hold of his arm, and their'feet, and bis statement tl
then be will put his foot in the surf of conventio'n had met t0 redeoU:
the wave, taking us on down, deeper rf . , f ^ in6trament ,
deeper; and our souls will cry, ' All ru ?i
thy waves and billows have gone over j o \ V - '
%, rp. 7u t J * JiT trodneed as temporary chairma:
me. They cover the feet, come to the at H jj Tel'er of Colora,
knee and pass the girdle and come to tcd him with a gavel mad
^ord^Jesuf Christ, I cannot ?& ^^
J.e.s?? ! Speaker Teller delivered aa el
Will LU1U ttlVUUU, tUlUTT UKfU11 HID OllHD ^ 3 J J _ w:*.k ? k ~
about us and set us on the beach far addr -S3' dealing with tfce mo
T * . "%T,1 * question acd bitterly denonncii
beyond the tossing of the billows. 2;, nf ailw
Jesus in the last extremity! dis^tabiishment of silver.
The wedding scene is gone now. The r rPctinn?" nnrstmn \fr
wedding ring has been lost, the tank- , nf "noos" am* fr
aids have been broken, the house is jl-Ytes
down, but Jesus invites us to a grander 4.f- T ,'A , ft ..
wedding. You know the Bible says T "A ?ot!? ^L"
that the church is the Lamb's wife, and . ... * -, . .. .
the Lord will afterawhile come to fetch "S, * Vf L f '
her home. There will be gleaming of ?ht^sMd tme3wor'e tb" lhe
torches in the sky, and the trumpets of ^ fot mention of Mr. j
Grod will ravish the air with their music, .i j ? ia# n
and Jesus will stretch his hand, and J
the church, robed in white will put ?^ but the demonstrate
S'her Lori the Kbg. an^the Bride6- JS?* by_that which occurred
groom will say to the bride: "Thou """ ??"""?
hast been faithful through all these delegates, one and all j an
years! The mansinn is ready! Come iheIr feet waving flags, handker
home! Thou art fair, my lore!" And Jan. and hats, shouting and cl
then he will pat upon her brow the for , fT?e' ,
crown of dominion, and the table will E, P??
be spread, and it will reaoh across the !e-solf ?.n. f?r ? '
skies, and the mighty ones of heaven la.of which Henry M. Teller s
will come in, garlanded with beauty and ^ ' Present he Dem
aJ? u?i0 fl_j it. 7*national convention the Dan
groom an^ bride^Il stand at the^head ^ .f ??? ?(?
gyf the table, and the bankers look- f o? f rtc' in
mg up, will wonder and admire and say: . : .. y.\.
luu UC<AI vu mo uuit ia uuicicu vrnu
the coronet, and the stab in bis side is na 10Da C0pveDtl0D
covered with a robeP Aod 'Th?t is Four Children Killed,
the bride! I he weariness of her earthly
woe lost in the flash of this wedding -Philadelphia on Wedne:
triumph!" blank cartridge fired at close ranj
There will be wiae enongh at that negro boy into a large collection
wedding; not coining up from the poi- works of a highly explosive ^ ch:
soned vats of earth, but the vineyards cos^ the lives of four chiidre:
of God will pres3 their ripest clusters, probable death of three othei
and the cups and the tankards will severe burns and lacerations to 2<
blush to the brim with the heavenly persons, only two of whom were :
vintage, and then all the banqueters The explosion occurred in fron
will drink standing. Esther, having bakeshop in the most thickly poi
come up from the bacchanalian revelry section of the Italian quarter. T
of Ahasuerus, where a thousand lords works were on a sidewalk stand,
feasted, will be there. And the queen
of Sheba, from the banquet of Solomon, riir irinrn IIIMTn
will be there. And the mother of jHr IrlllrH |f|[lrr|l
Jesus, from the wedding in Cana, will .. n .. n
be there. And they all will agree that | ?2,0 ft6W P&ll a#6?l!
the earthly feasting was poor compared
with that. Then, lifting their chalices A ~ _ l! A
in that light, they shall cry to the I |?||g|GOT|f"
Lord of the feast, "Thou hast kept the U V'lllwWt.lw
good wine until now."
| Sewing Machi
An accident occurred at Parkersburg, It Leads in Workmanship, h
W. Va , on Wednesday in which five Capacity, Sfrength, Light Buni
,, , , ,, Every W?man Wants One
men were blown to atoms, one other .
so badly injored that he soon died, two Attacllments 'jfeedles
more probably fatally injured and more
than 50 persons seriously hurt. A tank JrartS for bewing Macill
car containing 6,000 gallons of oil was of all makes.
in the Ohio River railroad yards for When ordering needles
shipment. A freight coming into the ganipie. price 27c per 5
yard ran into an open switch and col- f ., *
lided with 'the tank oar. The tank Postpaid.
caused a hole to be bored in the top . 7~:Z7~
part of the tank and the oil ignited. Agents Wanted in unoccupied
All attempts to put out the fire failed, tory.
and it burned for several hours. Fi- _ :
ally aa explosion occurred, caused Dy J. L. SJlUldj,
the fire igniting with the gas that had , . _ , a,
formed from the burning oil. At the 1219 Taylor Street,
time of the explosion there were 100 or COLUMBIA
more persons standing around in close '
promity to the burning car, watching PITTS'
the flames, and the work of clearing
the track. There was a loud report, iMTIQ?DT!P lyViOflQiTI
shaking the earth, the oil car flew high Mil 1 lOLl I III 111!luUilM 11
into the a r and the burning oil was Cures La Grppe, dyspepsia, indi
scattered in every direction for a radius all stomach, and bowel troubles
I of at least 50 yards. Many of the sholera morbus, teething troubles
crowd who were standing near the car children, kidney troubled, bad blo?
when it blew up were deluged with the sorts of sorea, risings or felons, ct
falling oil, but were not seriously in- burf.3- It is an good antiseptic, when
jnred. Some of the men who were i.
. iij it ? j ? ij Try it &ixd you will pr&iBQ it to
killed were blown ont into a corn held If /ur dr0^/t doe8n,t J itj ^
end it was some time before their bodies ^ ,fTTBD lvnm
I were found. The killed were all fright- j.ax.u? v,
[ fully mangled. The following were Columbia, 8. C.
| killed: J. H. Hamilton, superintend
! ent of the railroad. E. A. Lalime, MOMCY Tfl I HIM
master mechanic. Charles Mohie?, iflUnLl IU LUHu
yardmaster, G. 0. Shannon, train dispatcher,
Bradley Reeves, freight brake- On improved real et
man, George Chalk, a fireman. Interest eight per (
? ~ Z ; payable semi-anni]
Twelve Persons Burnt. Time 3 to 8 years.
J ',n 'h? ,crowdef tenenoents No. No commissiona ch.
127 to 131 Adams street, Hoboken,
early Wedne.da!(ffi^nmgJ?nsed a loss jnfl_ g pa|mfiT 0, {
UI X.Li live?) UVC VI VTUVUi n \*I\J wwa v, m V ww ^
of the Winkler family, who were caught
by the flames while asleep. The build- central national bans buile
ing was a three story wooden affair and , 20S p]ajB gt Colnitbia.
contained about lo families who were
made homeless by the fire. They will ?
be cared for by the poor master. The RpTTflft!d
tenements burned were of comparative- JUII? Vi flCjUalUd
ly small value and the loss it is thought a
will not exceed $6,000. The origin of A ttorney at Law,
the fire has not yet been learned. COLUMBIA, 8
. /rt'JSa
3. Such is the Training afforded at
Shorthand and Typewriti ng
ourt Stenographer, Principal,
le. Write for catalogue.
INS. I Having formed a connection
3e Lin- I am now prepared to repair
Kansas and rebuild cotton gins as
legates thoroughly as the varies
some ous manufacturers.
or J he i This branch of the business .
formed' nn(^er Personal
ter the j supervision of
;r from i MR. W. J. ELLIOTT,
mention j wb0 ha8 haa fourteen years of
ational practical experience in buildtq
own * i
le eon- in? Elliot Gin, and who
is well known to most
Minne- gin users in this State.
^ ^ Now is the Time! Bring Your
Jtered Gins Before You Need ThemI
, and a complete ginning systems, equipped
rapped with the most perfect pneumatic
jduced elevating and distributing sys*ho
in tems on the market. siyty1c
coq- eight complete outfits in
w&a a use in this state, and
ttl "the - every one of them givhegol
ing absolute sati8ged
for faction.
,ad the Highes Grade Engines, Boilers,
Saw Mills, Corn Mills, Brick
span- Machines, Wood Working
?ad?the MackineFy> Saws, Pulley s, etc
r Park- We oSer: Quick delivery, low prices
iration and reasonable terms.
g was Y. C. BAD HAM,
. 1326 Main St., Columbia, S. C.
tion of
re the
ITn Z The Murray Improved
a Senc??rom
Cleaning and Dis2
oquent a tributing System.
ug the ?
the St. The simplest and most efficient
Teller Complete Power Equipments, N
om the any horse power.
Plain A nf/imoiirt and florlis* Tlnfltrp*
3 1896, Boilers, Saw Mills, Woodworking machinery
month Grain machinery, Threshers, Bice Hollers
low are Grist Mills, Saws. Injectors,
y were Machinery, appurtenances of all kinds.
W. H. Gibbes & Co.,
when 7
iped to 804 Gtervais Street,
leering COLUMBIA, S. C.
ruted a Near Union Depot.
hall be """"*
n ^2? %>
* f? # 0 \. %
ted to ? ^ v. ^
which * *
,asy .' ^SU^" * |
ge by a ^ U ^
0? ^
n, the MENT, the Great Antiseptic
:s and Healer, cures Piles, Eczema,
dultef Sore Eyes, Gianulated Eyelids,
fc of a Carbuncles, Boils, Cuts, Bruisjulated
es, Old Sores, Burns, Corns,
he fire- Bunions, Ingrowing Toenails,
Inflammatory Rheumatism,
Aches and Pains, Chapped
I . Hands and Lips, Erysipelas.
It is something everybody
ring needs. Once used always used.
For sale by all druggists and
dealers. At wholesale by
Columbia, S. C. r
s" Ortman Pays J
1 the EXpress
ozen, Steam Dyeing of every
description. Steam, Nap- s
Icrri" tha, French Dry and
chemical cleansing. Send
for onr new price list and
i * ii i_ v
g q uixuuiax. -oa.1 worii guar anteed
or no charge.
HI Ortolan's Steam Dye Works
gestion 1310 Main Street
colic or
i with Columbia, S. C
ita Sd A. h, Ortmau, Proprietor.
locally H
>?% Murray's Jj
y?'' Aromatic ^ ;
IT i.1.
mourn j
:r* Wash 1
ally. if
irged Whitens the Teeth
Cleanses the Mouth
Sweetens the Breath
To. The~ j
? Murray |
' Drug Co., I
o.! [COLUMBIA, S. C.

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