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Wedmes4ay, July 18, - - - 1900
?Read citation.
?See notice of application for guar- j
?See the line oi Landsoae belt ribbons,
pear! riDgs, neckwear, etc., at
Mr a. McCarley's.
?The youug people of town had a
delightful picnic at Mr. Jamas M. j
Stewart'* conntry home on Monday!
"I had stomach trouble twenty years
and gave np hopes of being cured till
I began to use Kodol Dyspepwa Cure.
It ha? done me s? mnch good I call it
the sayior of my life," writes W. E.
Wilkinson, Albany, Tenn. It d'gests
what yoa eat. MeMaster Co.
?We are sorry to learn that Lieut.
P. K. Brice haB been cunfioed to his
bed for the past few days; glad, however,
to report him tetter.
?Louis F.JWaibel, PL. G., St. Louis,
Mo., wrote: I have recommended
Tkethika when the doctors gave up
the child and it cured at once.
?The base ball game between
Winnsboro and Rock HiH, which was
scheduled for last Thursday evening,
had to be postponed on acconat of
J. C. Kennedy, Boanoke, Tenn.,
says, "I cannot say too much for DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve. On# box
of it cured what the doctors called an
" ?? ?** *? iom ? Pnrp.s
incurauje uitrct u? tuj j?.?. ~
piles and all skin diseases. Look oat
for worthless imitations. McMaster
?A negro, John Wylie, was sent to
the chaingang, aay3 The State, for 30
days for trying lo beat his way on the
Southern train to Winnsboro.
?Mr. Jas. Q. Daris is to have bis
bouse remodeled and work will be J
begun shortly. An upper story will
be added and various improvements
?Oa Saturday it was a standing
bet of 5 to 1 that ao man coald shut
his eyes and throw a rock in Winnsboro
without seriously wounding
some candidate.
"DeWitt's Little Early Risers are
the finest pills I ever used."?D. J.
Moore, Millbrook, Ala. They quickly
cure all liver and bowel troubles. McMaster
?Prof. Peurifoy and Miss Ltttie
"RiaTp sp?? af if>ndins| ths State summer
school at Winthrop College, Sock
ELillc S. C. The trustees will pay a
part of their expenses while there.
?There was an eclipse of the moou
by the planet Saturn on Tuesday night
at a few minutes before eleven o'clock.
The eclipse had been predicted and it
was witnessed by a great many people.
?Mr. J. J. Neil, Jr., our amiable
little mail clerk, is suffering vtry
much from a large boil on bis right
fore arm. We hope he will soon be
able to again attend to his duties as
''After suffering from piles for fifteen
yeare I was cured by using two
boxes ot DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve," writes W. J. Baxter, North
Brook, N. C. It heals everything.
Beware of counterfeit*. McMaster Co.
?The \Tinnsboro and Bidgeway
telephone company is repairing its
linA hflfwppn "Winnaboro and Ridffe
way; patting in a geod many new
phone*, and preparing to give the
public better and more liberal service.
?Mrs. S. L. Friday and her two
children and Mrs. J. M. Jennings and
little daughter, whj have been visiting
tbeir parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Jennings,
are now visiting Messrs. J. R.
Curlee and J. L. Robins n, of Greenbriar.
The easiest a?.v.. most effective method
of purifying the blood and invigorating
the system T.& to take DeWitt's Little
Eariy Riser , the famous little pills
tor cleansiDg ihe liver and bowels.
McMaster Co.
?A meeting of the cooking club
was held at Miu Grey Neil's home on
Wednesday evening. A number of
young people were present and all
bad a jolly time. As usutl, refresh
rnents prepared by the yo*ng ladies of J
the club were served.
?Mr. Jas. M. Higgins loe* a very
fine yearling calf from the extreme
heat on Monday afternoon while bringing
a herd of cattle from his home.
Saveral others were suffering so badly
that the entire herd had to be rested in
Mr. H. B. Befo'i lot. He was en route
to Colombia.
"After suffering from severe dyspepsia
over twelve 5 ears md using many
remedies without permanent good I
finally took Kodvl Dyspepsia Cure. It
did me so much good I recommend it
to everyone," writes J. E. "Watkins,
Clerk aud .Recorder, Chillicothe, Mo.
It digests what you eat. McMaster Co.
?The town was stirred into some
excitement on Tuesday eveniDg at
about eight o'clock by the riaging of
the ire bell. The streets were soon
filled with people hurrying to find cut
the location of the fire. The bell
ceased ringing in a few minutes as
it wa< fourd to be ouly a trash pile
?Sir. Frank A Ntil, of the W ater?e
neighborhood, was bitten on the hand
bjr a highland moecasin Monday morning
while feeding his stock. Dr.
Lindsay wis called in to give madicdl
aiJ. Ai tb: report Mr. Neil
wa? getting along as well as possible.
The bite while quite usisfal is not
thought serious.
?We Cill the attention of our readers
to t^e advertisement of the Greenbriar
graded school, which appears
this morning. This sch?ol is iu a
flourishing condition and is under the
able mmagefflent of Prof. M. W.
Penrifoy, whj is as>iated by Mr*.
Peurifov and Mi?s Lottie Blair. This
school is iu a progresf-ive neighborhood
and is the pride of the Greenbriar
?A1 and John Johnson, the two
ne^ro boys who were arrested aud put
in jail on Saturday for stealing money
from a man, were carried before
Magistrate I'athcart <>q Wednesday
morning for trial. Swme mistake was
made in the drawing np of the papers
and liie case d* carriea 10 a
higher court Ha1 ibi> mistake not
been made it is probable thnt the boys
would hare bad a term to serve on
the chaining, as they are undoubtedly
*' ?n i trfii nw??
I __ . ^
Mifly women lose their girlish form* Urn
they become mothers. This is due to flejkct.
The figure can be preserved beyond
f question if the ex*
pcv.^nt mother will
constantly use
1 friend
during the whole
period of pregnancy.
The earlier its tse is
fcesmiu the more oer
mother'* TrSewl
relaxes the anodes
dating the great strain before birth, but help? j
the skin to contract naturally afterward. It
keeps unsightly wrinkles away, and tStf j
muscles underneath retain their pliability. j
Blotter's Tritttd is that famous external
liniment which banishes morning sickness
and nervousness during pregnancy? shortens
labor and makes it nearly painless ; builds up
the patient's constitutional strength so that
she emerges from the ordeal without danger.
The little one, too, shows the effects of
!C0tb?r'$ TriCttd by its robustness and vigor#
Sold at drug stores for $1 a bottle.
Send for our finely Illustrated book fee
pectant mothers. ^
One hundred bushels of peas, at
J. D. McCarley & Co.'a.
A Splendid Yield of Wheat
We hare repeatedly mentioned Mr.
W. H- Doty's field of fine wheat on his
place jast south of town. Mr. Doty
has jast threshed oat the wheat, and
the tea acres yieiaea o5i Dusneis. ?> e
doubt whether this record has been
beat in the State. We would like to
hear some reports.
Seantii? ^ Kin!l *Iwsvs
Mr. W. J. McWaters, who in biosaomed
manhood, was taken violently
sick Friday and was plucked from
family and friends on Tuesday, July
10th. His body rests in the cemetery
at Blackstock.
Mr. McWaters was about fifty years
of age, and leaves a widow and nine
children, who watched over him so
tenderly, hopefally and faithfully. In
his death the Bapti>t church loses a
goott memoer, ice country * irue uiuZ8n,
the community an obliging friend,
and his family a loving husband and
father. C. S. F.
A Good Conch Medicine.
Many thousands have been restored
to health and happiness by the use of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. If
afflicted with any throat or lung trouble,
give it a trial for it is certain to
prove beneficial. Coughs that have
resisted ali other treatment for years,
have yielded to this remedy and perfect
health been restored. Cases that
seemed hopeless, that the climate of
famous health resorts failed to benefit,
have been permanently cured by its
use. For sale by McMaster Co.
TfUl be Held With the Little River Church
Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 27, 28
qt>H 2.q inaf:.
Delegates who come by rail will get
off at Alston, Southern Railway, and
those who notify me, not later than
25th inst., of their intention to come
by rail, and the day and hour of their
proposed arriral, will be met at depot
and furnished with conveyance.
Ample accommodation arrangement
are beinft made, and we hope to
have the pleasure of entertaining a
large delegation. We are expecting
Dr. A. P. Montague, and, possibly*
Dr. Loe Davis Lodge and other prominent
Se? program elsewhere.
E. A. McDowell.
Volcanic Eruptions
Are grand, but Skiu Eruptions rofc
life of joy. Bucklen's Arnica Salve
cure9 them; also Old, Ranning and
Fever Sores, Fleers, Boils, Felons,
Corns, Warts, Cuts, Bruises, Burns,
PKonno/^ 1-YonHfi PhllhlillWQ.
Best Pile cure on earth. Drives out
Pains and Aches. Only 25 ct?. & box.
Care guaranteed. Sold by McMaster
Co., druggists.
JL few days 8go Nathan Johaston, a
colored man living in the Horeb neighborhood,
on Mr. E B. Mason's place,
called to ask us to assist him to fiud
his son. Nathan states that his boy,
who is about twenty years of age, left
IkAtvtn Pkn'ftlmae "Cwa im 1 QQQ
liULlit; Vli VJllk 1U XV%/V)
ar?d had not been seen 01 heard of
since then, and he and his wife are
very much distressed about him. Tbe
boy is named Mt-se Johnston, black
complexion, and about 5 feet 9 inches
high. If auy of our readers should
have any information as to the location
of Mose and will communicate with
Nathan Johuston, in care of Mr. E. B.
Mason, at Horeb, S. tbev will confer
a great favor on Mose's parent?.
Miss Christine Eiliott has returned
from a vis-it to Lancaster, accompanied
by Miss Christine Ruff, of Rock Hill,
who will speni some time with her.
\ h . /\ fe J
g* (L/ \y i m to K^y vL ^ v hJ fe
j j? tak.;;.'g Sjott'i Expulsion be- J
f? caoic l:'s warm weather. 3
c K-Ck'v taking i: unui you are *
1 cvrcd. _ I
| p It will lie a I your lungs and b
jk give you rich blood in sum- ||
i g tficr r.s in winter. It's cod a
g liver oil made easy.
| B 50c. and SI. AH druggists. 3
i 09>,
Miss Annie Davis is at home a?*in
after an extended visit North.
Aft?r a Long Illness the End Came Sunday
The following notice of the death
and illness of Mrs, Freeiand, sister of
Mrs. Ann Elliott, will be of interest to
a* onr rpfldors Tt is taken
J VX VU4 1 VMMV* w _ ? _
from the Charlotte Observer:
Mrs. J. C. Freeland died Sanday
morning at 6 o'clock after an illness of
several monthe. For x good many
weeks she has patiently borne the
I great snfiering that denoted her criti|
cal consideration.
Mrs. Freeland was thrice married,
her first husband being a Mr. Carlisle,
the second a Mr. Steel and the third
Mr. Freeland. She was a native of
Florida, fent was married to Mr. Freeland
in Chester, S. C. In addition to
her husband there survive twochildren,
one son by her first hn?band,Jwho was
with the deceased at the time of death,
and the other a daughter by the second
marriage, Mr*. Hoke, who resides ia
Mrs. Freeland was a member of the
Methodist Church. She was a tinguI
larly <rood and lovable woman.
You assume no risk when you buy
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy. McM aster Co.
will refund your aaoney if yon are not
sati-fied after using it. It i? everv|
wiiore admitted to be the most success|
fal remedy in use for bowel complaints
! aad the only one that never failp. It
Is pleacant, safe and reliable.
Vr F.uJ/nr* It seems to me that we
farmers npght derive some practical
knowitiLe in regard to the railing of
wheat t!ui would be of great benefit
to us if each one who raised wheat
this year would answer the following
questions and send them to some one
who would be willing to make a summary
of all the repliep. If no one else
is willing to take the trouble, I will do
the best I can if all the replies are sent
to me:
1. What variety did you plant?
2. Was it an early or late variety?
3. When did you plant?
4. What was the nature of the soil?
o. How did you prepare the soil?
6. What kind and how much fertilizer
did you U3e per acre?
7. How much wheat did you sow
per acre ?
8. Did your wheat have rust?
9. What was the yield per acre?
If these questions are answered and
any other remarks that may bear on
the subject are made I think we can
form some conclusions, that, if practiced.
wiil be of decided advantage to
us. Please let me hear from each one
of you at au early date so that I may
be able to make my report in time ioi
the next crop. Yours truly,
W. S. HallMitford,
3. C-, July 14, 1900.
Do Your Feet Ache or Born?
Shake into your shoes Alien's Fo otTSase.
a powder for the feet. It cools
the leet and makes tight or New Shoes
feel Easy. Cures Corns, Bunions,
Swollen, Smarting, Hot, Callous, Sore
and Sweating Feet. Allen's Foot-Ease
relieves all pain and gives rest and
comfort. "We have over 30,000 testimonials.
It cures while you walk.
Try it to-day. All druggists and shoe
stores sell it, 25c. Sample sent fbee.
Addrcse Allen S. Olmsted, LeKoy,
N. Y.
thr county canvass
The County Democratic Executive
'^ *' *? -fs\1lArrr"nrr
uommmse U&YC mauo iuc iviiwniug
appointments for the coanty campaign
Feasterrille, Tuesday, August 7.
Monticello, Wednesday, August S.
Greenbriar, Thursday, August 9.
Winnsboro, Friday, August 10.
Eidgeway, Tuesday, August 14.
Mitford, Thursday, August 16.
Woodward, Friday, August 17.
If any club desires any other meeting,
application should bi made to
Jas. R. Carlee. Rockton, or T. K.
Elliott, Winnsboro.
The following schedule of assessments
has been adopted by the County
Executive Committee:
Congressman $10 00
Solicitor.. 10 00
State Senator 10 00
Representatives 5 00
Clerk of Court v ou
Sheriff 5 00
Treasurer 5 00
Supervisor 3 00
Auditor 4 00
Sopt. Education 3 00
Coroner 1 00
The pledge must be filed with the
secretary and treasurer teu dajs preceding
the primary election and the
assessment paid at the same time.
A committee ou reception was appointed
to meet and entertain the Stale
candidates when they come here on
the 27ih of Jvly. This committee consists
of T. H. Ketchin, T. K. Elliott,
W. L. Kirkpatrick, Jno G. Mobley
and J. E. Curlee.
The fir?t primary will be on the 5Sih
d*y of August and tha second primary
oil me i.iiu U1 ocpicuuoc:.
The State canvass is about half completed
As already stated the State
candidates will be here on Friday,
July 27th.
A Powder Mill Explosion
Removes everythiag insight; ?o do
drastic mineral pill#, but both are
uiightv dangerous. Don't dynamite
the deiicate machinery of your body
with calomel, croton oil or aloes pills,
when Dr. King's New Life Tills,
which are gentle a$ a summer breeze,
do the work perfectly. (Jure* Headache,
Const* pation. Only 2oc at McMaster
Co.'s dreg store.
?itirw\nRiER DOTS
Our school will open on the iist
Monday iu September with (he same
corps of teachers in charge.
Miss Pearl Gaydeu is ttavirg awhile
with Misses Bcaafortand Jessie Ljlas.
Mi?s Iiltiche Rufi left la>t week for
a visit to her room mate in Ge*r<-etown.
Miss Isabella Rutland will lears
soon for a short stay with fririids at
Ridge way.
Good raina hare fallen and crops iu
this section are lookiag well.
JXL1BS JQLmiAt? -Liajjp iiao uctii B['CUUing
some time with the lazily of Mr.
S. R. RatWnd.
Miss Blanche Roberts hm been at
TYinnsboro for some time vriih relatives.
Mhs Sadie Aycock and Mrs. Penri
Secret of Beauty
is health. The secret ofhealth 1.
the power to digest and assim
ilate a proper quanity of food
This can never be done when
the liver does not act it's ;..
? 11
Doyou Knowing
Tutt's Liver Pills are an abs"
lute cure fcrsick headache,
pepsia, sour stomach, mawconstipation,
torpid liver, j,"
j .;i:ndice, bilious fever, bill,
and kindred diseaic^.
Tutt's Liver Pi.
toy have gone on a visit to frienda and
relatives in Edgefield and Saluda
We met a candidate iometim* ago
who Ltd a buggy-load of yellow
peaches which he lvaa distributing
A nlon
amyugbi ui? xiicuua. -r* jwv* yi?u?
vronld that all the can^'dates might
io likewise.
Mr?. Jennings, of Camden, S. C.,
and Mrs. Friday, of Florida, are
vihiting at Mr. J. R. Curlee's. M.
July U, 1900.
Bern th* The Kied Yoa Haw Ah*ays Bw$t
Mr. yf. U. B?yd, of Ridge way, paid
Winmber? a flying riiit Monday.
Wp arft o!ad to see onr old frisnd.
Mr. Mose H. Mobley, of Colombia,
in town.
Mr. H. L. Elliott came up from Columbia
Saturday to spend Sunday
with hi6 family.
We extend a hearty welcome to Mr.
E. B. Phillips, of Louisville, Ga., who
is visiting Lieut. P. K, Brice.
Mr. J. H. Cummiags, an old Wianiboio
citizen, now of Colombia, spent
Sunday in town with relatives.
Mr. R. T* Matthews, of the firm of
R. T. Matthews & Sons, went to Columbia
on business Monday moruiig.
The Hon. Jco. G. Mobiey, one of
Fairfield's representatives in the general
assembly, was seen on our streets
Monday morning.
Mr. J. Frank Fooshe returned Mon
day morning from the N. E. A, held in
Charleston. Be reports the conven-'
tion as a great success.
r?r Over Fifty Tears.
mks. dfslow's Soothing Steup
has been used for orer fifty yean by
millions of mothers for their children
while teething, with perfect success.
It soothes the child, softens the sums,
allays a'I pain, cures wind colic, and
is the be?t remedy for diarrhoea. It1
wiil relieve tbe poor little sufferer
immediately. Sold by druggists in
every part of the world. Twenty-fire
cents a buttle. Be sure and ask for
"Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup," I
and take no other kind. 1-1-17
_ I
program: of the s. s. convention,
Which Convenes with Little River Church j
July 27-39.
friday. 1
10.30 a. m. Organization.
11 a. m. Sermon by W. C. Lindsay
or J. P. Isenhower.
I.30 p. m 1 i'->f reports from Sonday
8<l.o- .
2 p.m. cvimi i rumlnent failures in
Sunday school work and how to account
for them. Speakers?E. A. McDowell,
Dr. Scott, J. L. Freeman,
J. E. Duren and "W. M. Hartin.
1<! . How may the Sunday school
bei -?.ti the non-attendants. Speaker
A. C. Osborne,C. P. Wray, J. P.
Ise- !.<?vverand B. II. Yarboroogh.
II.30a.m. Sermon by I{. N.Pratt
xtr r> i>_: ?
ur ??( 1\, BllSWCi
2 pm. The Sunday school as a factor
in the growth and development of
the churches. Speakers?A. P. Montague,
W. R. Rabb, H. K. Ezell, J. E.
Jones and T.J. Rabb.
3 30. The Sunday school as related
to the work of mistisn*. Speakers?
R, N. Pratt, L. T. Carroll, W. R.
Briscoe, W. H. Joiner and B. J. Qaattlebaum.
4 30 p. m. Tbe valne of blackboard?,
maps, charts, etc., in Sunday ichool1
work. Speakers?H. K. Ezell, W. C.
Lindsay and Will. H. Einnant.
1C a. m. Regular Sunday school exercises,
followed by short addresses by
W. R. Rabb and L. T. Carroll.
11 a. m. Sermon by J. E. Dureu or
H. K. Ezell. W. R. Brisco*,
For Committee.
The One Day Cold Cure.
For colds and sore throat use Kcrmott's Chocolates
Laxative Quinine. Easily take* stt caady
and quickly euro.
Mr. J. W. Clark, candidate for
sheriff, waain fo^n Monday. Hereports
good crops through bis canntry;
eay? lb?y are better than tbey have
een for years.
nurmaa itbMi ?j AlTinfWI AIIBFR
KHtUMAMMi ana uAiAnnn uuncu
A. Whole Family Cared.
Mrs. C. H. Kingsbury, who keeps a
millinery and fancy goods store at St
Louis, Gratiot Co., Mich., and who is
well known throughout the country,
MI was badly troubled with rheumatism,
catarrh and neuralgia. I had
liver complaint and was very bilious. I
was in a bad condition; every day I began
to fear that I should never be a
wed woman; that I should have to
settle down into a chronic invalid, and
Hwa in +>ia r?f death. X had
to rre. I TOOK FOUE
cured my family I>oth. I am very glad
that I heard of it. I would cheerfully
recommend it to every one. I have
taken many other lriuds of medicine.
I prefer JOHNSTON'S to all of them.*
MICHIGAN DRUG CO., Detroit, Mick.
John EL McMastcr & Co.; Winnsboro,
S. C.; T. W. Woodward & Co., Bockton,
- ? ^ n . rp
S C.: n. M. ramcK rvoouwaru, v., ?(S.
Patrick & Co., White Oak, S. C.
BB?!Bma?l ? ! I ll u:
Hon, Jos. T. Johnson, candidate for
Coagreis from (his district, will speak
in Fairfield county as follows:
Longtown, Monday, July 23, at
iO o'clock a. is.
CentreTille, Monday, July 23, at 3
o'clock p. m.
Blythewood, Tuesday, Jaly 2-4, at 10
o'clock a. m.
Ridjeway, Tuesday, July 24, at 4
o'clock p. m.
Greeabriar, Wednesday, July 25, at
10 o'clock a. m.
Mossy i;aie, wedHesaay, juiy ai
4 o'clock p. m. o
Monticello, Thursday, July 20, at 10
o'clock a. m.
FeastervilU, Thursday, July 26, at 4
o'clock p. m.
Xo Bight to Ugliness.
The woman who is lovely in face,
form and temper will always have
friends, but one who wouid be attractive
must keep her health. If she is
weak, sickly and all run down, she
will be nervous and irritable. If she
had constipation or kidney trouble,
her impure blood will cause pimple9,
blotches, skin ernptious and a wretched
complexion. Electric Bitters is the
best medicine in the world to regulate
stomach, liver and kidneys and lo
purify the blood. It gives stroi.^r
nerves, bright eyes, smooth, velvet)
akin, rich mmnlpxinn. ft will make a
good-looking, charming woman of a
run-down invalid. Only 50 cents at
Mcllaster Co.'s drug store.
A meeting of the corporators of the
"Wiinsboro and Camden Railway was
held on Monday afternoon, at which
the requisite amount was subscribed
and 20 per cent of the amount was
paid in. An election of officers was
held and the proper requisitas preliminary
*o securing a charter was gone
through with and will be forwarded
at once. The directors chosen were:
J. E. McDonald, T* K. Elliott, T. E.
Ketchin aid W. R. Elliott.
At a meeting of (he directors T. K.
Elliott was elected president, T. H.
Ketchin secretary and ireasurer, J. E.
McDoaald attorney, Capt. C. S.
Dwight chief engineer.
At & very early date proper steps
will be takes to hold an election looking
to subscriptions to the amount of
$50,000 ky the town of Winnsboro for
the benefit of the road.
The Best Bemedy for Stomach and Bowel
"I have been in the drug business
for tweny years and have sold most all
of th# proprietary medicines of any
note. Among the entire list I have
never fennd anything to equal Chamberlain'i
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy far all stomach and bowel
troubles," says O. W. Wakefield, of
~ ^ .3..
uoitmoas, It*. "mis ruujeuy tuicu
two severe eases of cholera morbus in
my family ai d I hare recommended
and sold hundreds of bottles of it to
my customers to their entire satisfaction.
It affords a quick and sure cure
in a pleasant form." For sale by Moil
aeter Co.
There was an old merchant whose
methods were new;
He kept np bis business and knew
what to do,
He advertised, and his ads. were read?
His heirs are all wealthy, because he
ia dead.
Another there was, who was never so
He thought he knew beet and wonld
not advertise.
He scrimped and he scraped, but had
nothing to save,
And at last fell unmourned into poverty'i
?Philadelphia Bulletin.
HU Life Was Saved.
lir. J. E. Lilly, a prominent citizen
of Hannibal. Mo.; lately had a wonderfal
deliverance from a frightful
death. In telling of it he says: "I
was taken with Typhod Fever, that
| ran into Pneumonia. My lungs be
came hardened.. I was so weaK 1
couldn't even ?it up in bed. Nothing
helped me. I expected to soon die of
Consumption, when I heard of Dr.
King's New Discovery. 0"e bottle
gave great relief. I continued to u-e
it, and now am well and strong, I
can't say too much in its praise." This
marrellou3 medicine is the surest and
quickest cure in the world for all
Throat and Luns Trouble. Regular
sizes 50 cents and $1 00. Trial bottles
free at McMaster Co.'s drugstore;
every bottle guaranteed.
Mias Helen McDonald returned
home Monday morning from Pineville,
" " * t~: ? -7
iN . U. i aiier VIBIllDjj meuui auu iciatives
in Charlotte, Rock Hill and Pinerille.
For Iafants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the SI? "
Signaturu of C-fUZ&y! f-CUCJU/y.
Miss Lucy Matthews, ?ne ol Winneboro's
fair young ladies, is expected
" - s-~ r
nome mis eveunijj uom vriecii?i<n,
where she ha? been risitirg- Mi?s
Yes, Acguit Flower still has tha
l*rge?t sale of any medicine in the
cirilizad world. Your mothers and
grandmothers *er?r thought of usiug
anything else for Indigestion or Biliousness.
Doctors were scarce, and
they seldom h?arci of Appendiciti*
Nerrons Prostration or IJeart Failure,
etc. They used Aog'uet Fiowor to
clcan oat the system and stop fermentaticu
of usdigesied foo.i, regulated
the action of the liver, Ptimulale the
ner?ou? and organic action Oi the system,
and tbat i* a'l they look wh?n
feeling doll and ba.i with headaches
and other aches. You only need a
few doses of Green's Augast Flower,
iu liquid form, to make jou i-atiafied
thure is nothing aeriom the matUr
with you. For sale by McMuster Co ,
Mr. James Robinson returned Thursday
evening from Camden where he
has boeri ai work
The One Day Ccld Cure.
Cold in head and sore throat cured by Kermott's
Chocolates laxative Quinine. As easy to
take as caady. H Children cry for them."
Mr. W. C. White, of Rock Hill,
Spent Thursday with his friend, Mr.
Kit McMaster.
I I Wickli
It is Handier than a coa
- 1 Flame Oil Stove is absc
FgI and causes neither smol
iff-1 Made in various s:
I"' H pocketbooks?wiier
- i.
Mr?. Jane Hayes has gone 01; a visit
to Columbia and other point?.
Miss Eliza Kelson of Columbia, is
visiting her aunt, Miss Eliza Nelson, j
and the families of Messrs, T. W. Ruff
and S. R. Rutland.
Mrs. Jones, of Florida, is spending
a few week' with ber sister, Mrs.
W. G. Smith.
The graded school will open early
in September with (he same corps of j
Hisses Mabel and Nora Carlee have
returned from a pleasant visit to Miss
Lula "Ware, of Chester.
Prof. Peurifoy will attend the State
summer school for teachers, which
will open at Winthrop College about
the middle ot July.
Miss L. M. Aycock, of Mf. Willing,
S. C., is visiting her sister, Mr?. ?f. T.
Mr. S. F. Ca&tlcs is happy. Another
Mrs. Broome and family of Augnsta,
Ga., and Miss Lever, of Columbia, are
spending some time at Mr. Thomas
Rev. J. D. Crout preached sn excellent
sermon to a full house last Sunday.
The Greenbriar Sunday school will I
celebrate children's day on Friday, J
July 20th.
A widower ot this section certainly j
fA A r?* tt/\ V*ie i rrrr\ TiArCOC
JlbCd LV UUTg U19 t ?IV UViQVtii I
July 11, 1900.
J. Q. Hood, Justice of the Peace,
Crosby, Miss., makes the following
statement* <lI can certify that One
Minute Cough Cure will go all that it
claimed for it. My wife could not get
her breath and the first dose of it relieved
her. It has also benefited my
whole family." It acts immedixtely
and cures coughs, colds, croup, grippe,
bronchitis, asthma and ail throat and
lung troubles. McMaster Co.
Miss Martha Dwight left Friday
morning for a visit of several weeks
to her friend, Miss Leila Mai Johnson,
of Ashevil'.e, N. C.
Cure Cold In Head.
Kennott's Chocolates laxative Quinine, easy
to take and quick to cure cold in bead and sore
a -
Dyspepsia Uure
Digests what you eat.
It artificially digests the food and aids
Nature in strengthening and reconstructing
the exhausted digestive organs.
It is the latest discovered digestant
and tonic. No other preparation
can approach it in efficiency. It in?
stantly relieves and permanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
Sick Headache,Gastralgia,Cramps and
all other results of imperfect digestion.
Price 50c. and $1. Large size contains VA times
small size. Book all about dyspepsia mailed free
Prepared by E. C. DeWJTT & CO., Chicago.
M?#JASSE* CO.; Wiuwfcer?, *. .
.53 Cloaca iu.J bvuutillu the hiij.
* luxuriant growth.
^WBK?vi>r Palls to Hostoro Gray
lra,'S.Vvi^2E5."ffiS5s Hair to its Youthful Color.
MMF**>nausavaar* i
For YOUNG LADIES, Roanoke, Va.
Opens Sept. ISth, 1900. One of the
leading Schools for Young Ladies in
the South Magnificent buildings, all
modern improvements. Campus ten
acres. Grand mountain scenery in
Valley of Va., famed for health.
European and American teachers.
Full course. Superior advantages in
Arf and Music. Students from thirty
States. For catalogue address
6-27-2m Roanoke, Va
By S. R. JOHNSTON, Esq., Judge Trobait
^T7II?REAS, Joseph C. Jackson
i V hath made suit to trie to grint
him letters of administration of the
estate and ellects of Georgiana Hdmes,
These are theief -re to cite and admonish
all and singular the kindred and
creditors of che said Georgian*
Holmes, deceased, that they be and appear
before me, iu the Court, of Probate,
to be held at Fairfield Court
House, South Carolina, on the 28th
dav of July next, after publication
hereof, at 11 nVWfc in the forenoon,
to show cu;; . i 'hey h-ive,
why the said Adui.?s;-i auon j-hnold
not be granted.
Given under my hand this 12.h d.iy
of Jnlv, Anno Domini 1900.
7-14-2 Jud^e of Probate.
with a fall steck ?f Caskets, Bop?
i5a*es and Coffins, censtastly on hand,
and use of hearse when requested.
Thankf al far past patronage and so list*
tatisn for a share in & jUitetre, in the
old stand
aUa attended te at &ti koara.
*THE ELLIOTT &?f Sgp^.
J. M, 3SLL: 32T & C*.
j?a? IIIMBI i i II ica?^KBW??** -"
pcool C
? I You'll not need to re
|| by the thermometer
U ! Wickless Blue Flame
J I hottest days you can
' I' choose, in whatever
ilk. out suffering anv a<
P while cooking, The
is only one of the ad
ess rlii Oil
1 stove and cleaner and cheaper.
>lutely safe; it "burns ordinary k<
Ice, smell nor soot
Izes for various-sized families; sold at price* 1
ever stoves are sold. If the dealer dot* not have 1
Vt Offer at I
Goods we sold at 2 5c, nc
Goods that were 17 1-2C
Goods that were 12 1-2C
Good that v'ere 7c and t
This is youp (
buy a eool d
We have many nice thi
Organdies and Fancy Stripes tl
Gauze Vests, Ventilated C
and many other goods that nial
We have many bargains i
dren's Sandals and Oxford Ties
Come to see us, we can pleas*
The Caldwell Dry
Babies' ]
Shoes, SJ
and Moc
JL (Teething Po>
C?sts only 25 cents
Or a ill S3 cents to C. J.
Notice of Application for Ap-.
pointment of Guardian.
NOTICE is hereby given rbal the!
ucders-igmrrt has made peiition to fne
Court of Common Pieas for Fairfield
County for ihe appointment of tbe
Judge of Probate as Guasdian of tbe
AP*. r\ f\f "VQn?.'o T
| CPlo?C v? uui uou^mvi) x^auiiig w j
I Gladden, a minor, under iheprovi-j
sions of Section 2179 of ihe Revised
: Statutes of this State; and application
i for fnch appointment will be made to
j Judge George W. Gage, Circuit Judge,
at bis Chamb< rs, Cbe-*cr, S. C., on ibe
1st day of August, 1900
The esta'u of said minor consists of
a tract of land situate in Fairfield
Couutv, contaiiing several hundred
acres, and of the supposed value of j
Also a claim against the Executor ot!
the Will of John F. Gladden, deceased, j
for rents ami profits coliecte?3 from j
said Iai:d$, the amount and value of j
which cannot be ascertained nnt\l said
Executor makes a full Kcconntins.
j. e. Mcdonald,
Altomev for Petitioner.
" -jf
- M
dliu I
ooks j
igulate your cooking ,
when you get a
i Oil Stove. On the
"cook whatever you
way you wish, withrliQrnmfnrt
m >
comfort you'll gain
vantages of using a O
- The Wickless Blue
erosene, without wicks
to suit any sized
:hem, write to the
" . ? -v-;
> sir\r\r\i
, .
eted Prices J
)W I sC.
and 20c, now 12 1-2C.
and 15c, a#w ioc.
5 1-3C, n*w 5c.
.pess et)eap.
ngs in White Goods, Lawns,
hat are cheap.
Corsets, Drop Stitch Hosiery,
:e the heat less burdensome.
>ES. W&r
.. I
n Ladies', Misses' and Chil*
5?good shapes and styles.
e you.
-.s -"vslm
. y
ftnnrlfl flrtmnanv
UVV/UU VVlilJ/Uiijl
/ .vgsas
Lippers ,
izes, 1 to 5.
CTT'O n HUufrrlUIlM i'M nift-tu^A..
[ill i3 a Hiiajiuiiiauuiij fuutuiguuw,
| I a i ra Regulates the Bowels*
I I nS /I Strengthens the Child,
[ill /-? Makes Teething Easy.
vders) jjlteethina Relieves the Bowel
n Troubles of Children of
at Druggists, any age.
moffett, m. d.t st. louis. mo.
talriar Graded Moo!.
M. W. Peurifoy, A. B., Principal.
Mrs. dl. W. Peueifoy, Ma^ic and
Miss Lottie Blair, Primary Dep\rtment
A school of High Grade in a progressive,
Christian community. Tuition
irom $1 to $3 according to grade.
Board at reasonable rate?.
Nert session begins SEPTEMBER
SUD. For further information apply
Or to TLos. Blair, J, B. Cnrlee,
i. w . Knn, jLTUsiees. rf-iz oai
Solicits a s^are of the public palronS
^3 ?
- .-'M

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