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"Wednesday, August 1, - - 1900
?Mr. Geo. S. Hinnant announces
himself for Coroner.
?We call attention to Jno. 3. Mc- j
Master & Co.'s advertisement lor seed,
in this issue.
?See the line of handsome belt ribbons,
pearl rings, neckwear, etc., at
^ Mr?. McCarley'p.
?S. H. Baldwin, Columbus, Ga.,
i writes: I occasionally giye a Teethina
^ Powder to keep my teething child's
gams softened.
The easiest and most effective method
of purifying the blood and invigorating
the system is to take DeWitt's Little
EV.tw Pieora thp f&mOIlS littl# Dills
lie UA1IJ MiWA WJ r . _ _
for cleansing the liver and bowels.
> McMaster Co.
?We call attention to the aJvartiseMentofihe
Fidelity & Casualty Co.
of New York in this issue. MrPreston
Rion is agent.
?We call attention to the advertisement
of the Presbyterian College at
Clinton, S. C.t in this issue. Goed
education at low costs.
?Mr. W. J. McCarley, who captured
the notorious negro, Tom Bill,
on last Saturday night, has been paid I
the $100 reward oSered by me aiate
for the man's arrest
W ?Master David Walker presented
The|News xkd HtnALD with a twin
cantaloupe da Friday. It is quite a
cariosity, being joined along the side.
Both melons are thoroughly developed
fc and are ripe. * i
"DeWitt'a Little Early Risers are ?
the finest pills I ever used."?D. J. .
Moore, Millbrook, Ala. They quickly
cure all liver and bowel troubles. Mo
Master Co 1
?Dr. D. E. Jordan preached at the 1
Presbvterian .Church on Sunday for <
the last time until September. The
doctor and Mrs. Jordan hare gone to
the BBoantains of North Carolina for
a month's rest.
?Since his return to Chester from
Yorkville last week, Solicitor Henry
has been confiaed to his home with a
poisoned foot. For a while he feared
that the poison would get into his
blood, but is not now so apprehensive.
?Yorkville Enquirer.
"After suffering from piles for fifteen
years I was cured by using two
boxes of DeWitt's Witch Hazel
J?, Salve," writes W. J. Baxter, North
Brook, N. C. It heals everything.
Beware of counterfeits. McMaster Co.
?-Not&ing lite putiiDg in an suvcrtisement
with Tax News and Herald.
r It will pay yon* Our i&st issue had
an ad. for a lost pocket book and
money. It has been found ?,nd the
owner will be able to get it again.
Had he not advertised with as he
woaid be oat $5.75.
. "?The death of Hod. H. U. Patton
?L left a vacancy on the board of comW
missioners to complete the State capiP
tol. Goyernor McSweeney having
directed the attention of Speaker
Fr&rfk B. Gary to the vacaney, the lat- ]
ter has appointed Representative W. J. ]
* * WT1._ CA?iA
J02Dson, oi r airueiu,? xzw-euwc*
J. C. Kennedy, Roanofce, Tenn.,}
says, "I cannot say too much for De- .
T , Witt's Witch Hazel Salve. One box :
of it cored what the doctors called an '
P| incurable ulcer on my jaw." Cures
piles and all skin diseases. Look out
P- tor worthless imitations. McMaster
F <*>
?Since the drought was broken by
the rain en Thursday heavy rains have i
h ~' 7 fallen nearly every day. On Sunday <
" the rain fell in torrents for several j
~ hours, and the streets show the ef*
fects of it. It was a 7ery washing
one and in many piaces^me pavements
are in very bad condition, great deep
places having been made in them.
They need working kadly.
?St. John's Episcopal Cbnrch is i
?oon to have a rector. The church *
. has been closed since tbe death of
Rev. Senj. Allston, which occurred
last January. Who the new minister
ris to be is not definitely known jet,
bat the probabilities are that the
hurch will be reopened early in
Angnst. Bishop Capers will assign
to the work here one of the young .
men recently graduated.
? "After suffering lrom severe dyspep- ^
sia over twelve years and using many J
rsmedie* without permanent good I
" " finally took Koaol Dyspepsia Cure. It
did me so much good I recommend it
^ to everyone," writes J. E. Watkins,
Y Cierk and Recorder, Chillicothe, Mo. .
?* " *?*- -1.-1 1
it algesia wast you cat. iu^aiMKi j
?Carl Estridge and Pink Bishop, 5
the young boys who were arrested 1
here at the cotton mill for stealing !
* money in Columbia, have been up be" ?
fore the magistrate. The State on
Saturday gave the result of the trial.
Aa Bishop was only bound as a witk
nsss against Estridge, he was released,
but Estridge was sent up to the higher j
court. This;exper!ence will probably '
be a lesson for these youthful cnlprits t
tof and will keep them out of miscbiet in
' - ifDtore.
>?The State Agricultural and Mecbanlcal
Society has already issued its
premium list for the 32nd annnal (
r State *'air, wdicd win oe oeiu iu
Columbia from October 29ih to No- ^
vernber 2nd. Inducements are offered
by the society in order to eneonrage
the finest exhibits and the list has been
carefully revised Various improvements
have been made on the fiir
grounds, aud the society is determined e
to make the coming lair eclipse all of *
the previous ones.
"I had stomach trouble twenty years
and gave up hopes of being cured till
Y i /v n/?v IT/\<3rtl r\r?priAT%ci o Pnl?a
1 UCJJilU LU U'C UVUUi vui?>
It has done me s? mnch good I call it
^ the eavior of cay life," writes W. R.
^9* Wilkinson, Albany, Teno. It digests I
~ J what you eat. MeMaster Co.
?On Saturd&y evening Mr. Jim
W*?o!en, who lives at the factory, gave
" terr conclusive evidence of too fre- *
xaent visits to the dispensary or of too ,
* ~ ^ m ?Jk/5 rvtrrrvnrc r\ f i
iutiuiaie iricuusuiu iut v.
' the campaign jag. He seems to have!
beeii gnilty of the latter, as be was so I
determined to iuq. He canvassed the:
? r_ ur. i _:*l. I
IQWQ several imu-e m uis ouggj <?ji?
bis horse at a 2.40 gait. Policeman
Ketchiu and Intend&n* Co an voted for
F him and electrd him to the lock-ap.
Mr. Wo iten put op a tt-n dollar bond
after election and went oot of towa at
i he >.anie 2.40 gait.
?Reports have been received here
of a storm of nnusuai severity wbicb
occurred In Ridgeway on Sanday .
llllb^ |jjjp
mtma in mm ??t? ?
ft Word
to Doctors
We havo the highest regard for the
medical profession. Our preparations
-\re not sold for the purpose of antagonizing
them, but rather as an aid. we
lay it down as an established truth that
internal remedies are positively injurious
to expectant mothers. The distress
and discomforts experienced during the
f*f>r? fil.
leviated only by external treatment?by
applying a liniment that softens and re*
l&xes the over-strained mttscles. We
snake and sell such a liniment, com*
bining the ingredients in a maxrncf
hitherto unknown, and call it
Mothers Friend
We know that in thousands of cases
it has proved more than a blessing to
expectant mothers. It overcomes mom*
4n<r s?r*lcn?s<i_ It relieves the sense ei
tightness. Headaches cease, and dan*
ger from Swollen, Hard and Rising
Breasts is avoided. Labor itself if
shortened and shorn of inost of the pain,
We know that many doctors recommend
it, and we know that multitudes
of women go to the drug stores and buy
it because they are snre their physicians
have no objections. "We ask a trial?
just a fair test There is no possible
chance of injury being the result, because
Mother's Friend is scientifically
compounded. It is sold at $i ft bottle,
and should be used during most of
the period of gestation, although great
relief ic experienced if used only a short
time before childbirth. Send for our il*
Tw>V niwit Fripnfl.
afternoon. Tbe rainfall was tremendous
and was accompanied by a severe
electrical display and high wind. The
rain and wind played havoc with the
:orn crop and tho plants were beaten
Sown fiat. During the storm a negro
bouse collapsed and a woman and
:bild w,ho were in the house narrowly
scaped injury. It is said that several ,
negro houses were damaged by the ,
3torm. /
W. S.Musser, Millheim, Pa., eared ]
the life of his little girl by giving her (
[)ne Minute Congb Care when she was
ifing from croup. It is the only harm- <
less rumedy that gives immediate r> i
mlts. It quickly curea coughs, colie,
Bronchitis, grippe, asthma and all j
throat and lung troubles. McMaster
Jo. 1
?Camp Bainea will not b3 represented '
it the Confederate reunion in Green- 1
wood. There are many of the vete- 1
rans who would greatly enjoy going 2nd
meeting with their old friends and 1
jomradesbut who find it imposelble
to leave. With few exceptions all of
;he camps in the State will be rcpre- i
jented, and there will be a grand rally !
)f the South Carolina soldiere. Greenivood
is a live, enterprising town, and !
s going to be thorongh in her enter- j
:ainmei?fc of her ma^" gnests. One j
jreat drawback to the compltte sue- 5
jess of the rennion will be the abfence
of General Hampton, whose
iealth is too feeble to permit of his
Aotri??? Am r% '
ua7iu?; uvuici j
Bears the ""*'
Mr, McMeekin Withdraws. <
Mr. Editor: As my farming interests j
aave prevented me from canvassing the
sonnty, I will withdraw my naae as
i candidate for Supervisor.
Joe McMeekin. ^
The County Democratic Executive :
Committee have made the following i
ippointments for the county cam- '
?a!gn: 1
Feaste/"7ille,Tuesday, August 7.
Monticello, Wednesday, August 8. i
Greenbriar, Thursday, August 9. I
Winnsboro, Friday, August 10. ' .1
Ridgeway8 Tuesday,. August 14. ]
Mitford, Thursday, August 16. i
Woodward, Friday, August 17. <
If any elub desires any other meetDg,
application should ba made to,
las. R. Carlee, Rockton, or T. K.
Elliott, Winnsboro.
7 i
The Appetite of a Goat
Is envied by all poor dyspeptics .
vhose Stomach and Liver are out of
* 11 1L .1 1J3 1 iL-J n? [
jruer. aji sacii kuuuiu xuuw iu&i, jl/i.
Sing's New Life Pills, the wonderful '
stomach and Liyer Remedy, gives a !
tplendid appetite, wund digestion and '
i regnlar bodily babit thai. insure* perfect
health and great energy. Only I
>5c at McMastcr Co.'s drag store,
Mr. Editor: Piease mention in your J
>aper that I expect a party oat from
Jhiolate in August to inspect tracts
)f land in Fairfield for sale, and
ipecially suitable for cattle.
If anv nersons desire their lands
ihown to this party and will write me
i description of same with prioe, I
will bs glad to call attention to them ]
the visitors.
As I desire no pecuniary benefit ^
rrom the sale of these tracts, I hardly
:are, pro bono publico, sinop'.y to pay j
\nt -fnv ot>tt o^T7orf?ccimorif- hnf flC ft
natter of general interest you may
:*11 attention to it and on my part I
??i!l be g.ad to assist iu bringing in
jood peop'e to settle among us.
Yours truly,
IS. A. Me?res,
Ridgeway, S. C.
Bears the J) K'niJ You BOHgtt
Mr. J. P. Matthews and family have
jone on a visit to Mr. Matthews' rela*wao
1Trimnll "XT i 1
airo tu livnvuj xi* v.
$ Siiiicf eels 11
*? !
are noted for hanging on. g j
^ They u\r:;:\cr. your chroat kc; :
g snd kings, and !; :>u to |p i
<1 serious trouble. *? ]
r> kT>%- > v.:.s . t % ^ 3fc* 3
*-/oji t t. ...^ .% .cii ui?ni?
i ake 5cott s fcmulsion 2t ec, '
oncc. it soothes, heals, g i
^ ?.nd cures. k .
wC-c. aaJil. Ail ?irujsi>ts.
Lieut. Presley K. Brie*, a graduate ]
of 1900 from West Point, left for Ft. ]
Slocuta, N. Y., Monday evening.
Lieut, Brice ba3 been spending his 1
leave of absence at home with his t
relatives and many friends, every one j
of whom regret very deeply that his c
leave has .expired, and that the time k
for his march to the front ha9 come.
Lient. Brice goes to begin hi3 active duties
as a soldier, and we feel sure
that he wili win for himself a name *
? :n --.a--i. I I .
ILltU Will iCllcCt UUUUt upuii WUIU I
Carolina and bis Bative town. He is a _
young man of whom Winnsboro is
justly proud, and one whom his most
intimate friends have ever recognized
as a manly man; true to the principles
of truth, virtue and Honor, and one
who is ever ready to answer duties
call. Lieut. Brice will serve as a
recroi iDg officer at Fr. Slocum for a
short while and will then go to China.
"Press," you will write to us sometimes,
won't you? We feel au interest
in you, and will alwajs be concerned .
about your welfare. jj
For Over Fifty Years. 1;
\ ?w.-s VI QvoiTD XI
has been used for over fifty years by
millions of mothers for their children
while teething, with perfect a access.
It soothes the child, softens the gams,
allays all pain, cares wind colic, and
i3 tr.e best remedy for diarrhoea. It
will reliew tbe poor little sufferer
immtdiait l\. Sold by druggists in
every par- <?f the world. Twenty-five
cents a ???>ti!e. Be sure and ask for
"Mrs. "Winslow's Soothing Syrnp,"
and take no other kind* 1-1-17
A little girl about teu years of sge
Lizzie Hardin, of Chester, .who is
visitjDg Mr. and Mrs. McBride Smiib,
met with a serious accident on Thursday.
She and b little friend had been
walking on the old stone wall around
Mr. Smith's shop, acd Lizzie wishing ^
to get down caught hold of the top a
of the wall and swung herself to the 5
ground. The stone to wbich she was ^
holding mast have been loose, for it 3
became dislodged and fell bnt for- ?
tunately did not fall directly upon the c
:hild but to one iide bruising her t(
badly hot not injaring her seriously. C(
fcfod the stone which weighed about tj
two hundred pounds fallen upon tne n
little girl it would, in all probability,
aave killed her. The child's mother tj
peas sent for before it was known -n
cvhat wf.s the extent of her isjariee. j{
[t was a narrow escape from death ^
md the little girl was fortunate not to
bare been worse hurt. r!
You assume no risk when you buy 0
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and e:
Diarrhoea Remedy. McMaster Co.
will refund your money if you are not
satisfied after usiDg it. It is everywhere
admitted to be the most succesV r
" * * - * 1
rai remeay la use ivr uuwci ^uLu^iaiuko
md the only otie that Dever fails. It
is pleasant, safe and reliable.
Mrs. W. D. Martin, of Charleston, g;
is visiting Mrs. H. A. Gaillard. -n
Miss Ruth Brice returned on Friday ^
:o Blackstock after visiting in town. t(
Mrs. R. D. Smart and family, of St.
Louis, are .visiting relatives in York- ^
eille. . j
Miss Agnes Law, who has been 2,
visiting Misses Carrie and Patti Elliott, ^
bas returned to her home in Spartan- a:
burg. j
Mrs. Leroy Atwood Williams and 5
aer little daughter Theresa are visiting n
Miss Margaret Rion and Mr?. Lucile
r??? ~
L'wIULl 1U
Mr. R. K. Matthews, of McAdens- ei
rille, "S. C.. one of Wlncsboro's former C]
poung men, paid n3 a flying visit on tj
Saturday and Sunday. We are al- ^
svays glad to see Bob, and wish he ^
svould come oftener. n
Dr. Theo, A. Qaattlebaum, "Winns- tj
Doro's latest medical sradaate, is at Q
iiome for a few days, visiting his reia- t(
Lives and fiienda. Dr. Quattlebam is x
practicing medicine in Batesburg, and f(
is fast gaining popularity as a. phyei- ^
nan in tbat locality. w
? J
How's This! ?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re?vard
for any case of Catarrh that cannot
be cured by Hall's Catarrh Core.
F. J. Cheney, & Co , Props., t
Toledo, O. n
We, the undersigned, have known f
F. J. Cheney lor the last 15 years, and j.
believe him perfectly honorable in all
business transactions and financially
ible to carry out aHy obligations made j,
by their firm.
West & Truax, Wholesale Druggists,
Toledo, O.
Walding, Kinnan & Marvin, Whole- "
3ale Druggists, Toledo, O. ^
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter- |
aally, acting directly upon the blood |
md mncons surfaces of the svsiem. 1
Price, 75. per bottle. Sold by all |
iruggists. Testimonials free.
HalPs Family Pills are the best.
August will open with a very warm
wave, and unsettled weather will
prevail generally up to about the 3rd..
Moon first quarter on the 3rd and at
greatest south declination on the 6ib.
From the 3rd to 7th, many threatening
to dangerous storms are very
probable about this time; some sections
will get good showers. If a
sharp and sudden change to very cool
should not follow the storms of rain
mill haw fhnnriAr ar>r! liffhfninor sihnnl. I
ibese dates. Unsettled, threatening,
stormy weather will prevail until
after the full moon, which U on the
LOlh. I want the 9th, 10th and lltb
days to be watched; threatening
storm condition; will prevail. Cv*
ilones up the At'antic Cost States are
rerv probable about this time. Watch
the government reports on the above
named dates. Good rains may extend
Dut far into the interior. These I
?MI i? ii i .1 I
5icrm& wui ue iunuweu uy u Miarp g
;col wave on the 12th to loth; fair on |
the 16th to 19th. Some severe blusters |
and gales almost likely to come about |
this lime; 20th to 21st, fair and cooler; |
22ad, local rains; 23rd, partly cloudy j
and warm; new moon on the 24'h. |
From the 25th to 29th, dangerous |
storm coqUaUUUb tvui prevail; ueavv ?
rains, mnch thunder and lightning |
may be looked for; heavv storms n~ |
tbe Atlantic coast are rery probable*. |
This is likely to be the worst storm of *
ihe montb; very cool weather will follow;
80th and 31st, lair and coo!. ,
This will be a stormy month with
sudden changes in temperature. ^
J. Martin Grant.
Doctors Say;
Bilious and Intermittent Fevers
vhich prevail in miasmatic disricts
are invariably accompaned
by derangements of the
stomach Liver and Bowels.
The Secret of Health.
rhe liver is the great "driving
vheel" in the mechanism of
nan; and when it is out of order,
he whole system becomes de.ir.gcd
and disease is the result.
fall's Liver Pills
re all Liver Troubles.
'o the Grand Army Encampment at Chi
cago, August 27th tc September 1st.
On account of the above occasion,
be Southern Railway will sell round
rip tickets from all stations on its
ines to Chicago and return at espccial7
reduced rates. The following rates
rill apply from points named:
Abbeville, . . $22.50
Anderson, . . 21.05
Blacksburg, . . 21.10
Camden, . . . 25.75
Carlisle, . . . 22.20
Charleston, . . 25.25
Cbeeter, . . . 22.95
Columbia, . . 24.75
Denmark. . . 2i.75
Greenville^ . . 20.20
Greenwood, . . 22.20
Newberry, . . 25.36
Orangeburg, . . 26.25
Prosperity, . . 23.55
Rock Hill, . . 22.55'
Spartanburg, , . 20.20
Snmter, . . . 26.05
Tickets will be sold from points in
tie State cf Florida on Angnst 24th
nd 25th, and from points in all other
tates on August 25th, 26th and 27th,
rith final limit September 3rd. By
eposit of tickets with joint agent of
Central Pas?eoger Association, at Chiago,
prior to 12 o'clock noon, Sep*
jmber 2nd, and on payment of fifty
ents in connection with each tickct at
me of deposit, the return final limit
lay be extended until September 20th.
Persons located at non-coupon staons
should notify agent several days
i advance of date they contemplate
iaving, in order that he may supply
imself with proper tickets..
For detailed information relative to
ites, schedules, reservations, e'.c., call
n or address any agent of the Southrn
Railway or its connections.
ijSnog sJteMiy bach hoa m ^ m9a
Mr. Editoi: I turn aside from my
usy duties while here at Winthrop to
iv a few words in regard to the read
ig room which was opened jast a
jw days before I came here. I have
)-day received report of the librarian
>r the past week and it is as follows:
fomber of visitors Jnij 18th, four;
aly 19th, four; J y 20th, none; Ja'y
3rd, eight; July 24th, five. Books
tken tout Joly 18, eight; July 19th,
x; Jaly 20t*\ ' *: Joly 23rd, eleven;
aly 24fli ' . 7rom the above
gures ii ? i een that a good
ucuuer axe \191\1ug iuc iwm w?vij
&y, and a considerable number of
ooks are being read. I believe, howrer,
this number will be greatly in ease
? if only more folly knew about
le re; n -ii ns of the room, and it is
ritb . w to giving this information,
rhich s already been given, that I
ow w. :te you. In the first place,
lere U not a cent of charge in conection
with the room; everyone in
>wn is cordially invited to visit it
d to read the periodicals which are
(Kova of a o
JUL1U lliCl Cj VI rr UlOU lUU atv ?
jnsiderable number. If anyone
'ishes to take a magazine oat auv
nne number may be taken before
o'clock of one evening to be reirned
within two days, with a
enalty of 5 cents per day if it is not
one. Any Jalv number may be
ikeu out before 7 o'clock one evening
> be returned befoie 6 o'clock of the
ext, with a penalty of 5 cents a day
>r failure lo do so. It is very much
oped tkat tbe above figures will ef!Ci
an increased use of the reading
>om so that the present effort, which
but temporary, may prove a permaent
one. J. Frank Fooshe.
Rock Hill, July 26, 1900.
The average feminine constitution ^jlyp
cannot, unaided, "withstand the strain
to which steady, trying work sub- *|j
jectsit. The organs of womanhood w
are so dclicate that the result of ?
constant standing, lifting, stooping or |j
straining is irregular or painful men- |j j
struation, Irucorrhea or falling of the 5
womb. Vine of Cardui is the right j
remedy for female weakness. It will
insure painless and regular operation
of the menstrual function. It will
drive out every trace of leucorrhoea,
and will so strengthen the ligaments
that falling of the womb will be an i
impossibility. You can get a $1.00
bottle of Vine of Cardui at any drug )
tYK>. and <?* it i?? the trivarv of t
! your home. |
Mrs. Lucy Smith, Towasend, Gas "I f
have been in bad health with falling of I
the womb, weak back, nervousness and |
heart palpitation. At monthly periods |
1 would be in bed suffering great pain. I
Lately 1 have Lccn liking Wine of Cardui ?j
and Thedtord's Black-Draught and they
have brought me wonderful relief. 1 t
have no pain and do not stop work at j'
I the monthly periods."
i In oasog requiring special Clirec- |
?. tious address, fcifintf symptom*. ti
S& "The Indies' Advisory Depnrt- i
Mi?ses Salley and Lyles, of Bockead,
Fail field Connly, are visitiDg
lr?. J. B. Cnnninghamat Armstrong.
-Greenville Monntaineer.
The State summer school has opened
under favorable auspice-;. Up to this
time there are 328 teachers in attenddance.
The ladies are largely in the
majority, the proportion being abont
sixteen to one, or probably twenty to
one- Richland county sends the largest
delegation of Si, York 29, Somter
25, and Fairfield 19.
The attendance of Fairfield teachers
is as follows: Misses Helen Bilce,
Anna Lou Martin, Evelyn Hall, Jennie
Beaty, Mamie McMeekin, Sallie
McMeekin, Lula Lee Hinnant, May
Hinnant, Lottie Blair, Kittie Patrick,
Ida Patrick, Anna McCarley, Bessie
McMaster, Jemsfca Mitchell, Carl
Matthews, M. W. Penrifoy, J. Frank
Fooshe, Morrison Bethea and William
The weather is exceedingly hot and
dry here, but despite the weather the
teachers are enjoying ihe work and
the recreation immensely.
The dining hall is verv large and
eisilv &eats all lhe teacherp. To see
J ?
over three hundred teachers eating
dinner at the same time is a sight well
worth seeing.
From what I have seen I think some
of oar Fairfield teachers are taking a
"campus course." That seems to be
quite a popular course with some.
Rock Hill, July 25. M. W. P.
Yes, Angust Flower still has the
largest sale of any medicine in the
civilized world. Your mothers and
grandmother* lever thought of using
anything else for Indigestion or Biliousness.
Doctors were scarce, and
they seldom heard of Appendicitis.
Nervous Prostration or Heart Failure,
etc. They nsed Angast Flower to
clean ont tne system ana stop iermentation
of undigested food, regulated
the action of the liter, stimulate the
nervous and organic action ol the system,
and that is all they look wli8n
feeling dall arid bad with headaches
and other aches. You only need a
few doses #f Green's August Flower,
in liquid form, to make you satisfied
there is nothing serious the matter
with you. For sale by McMasterCo.,
xijii AI DbinDu?
Saturday, July 21st, was Children's
Day at Bethel Chnrch. As nenal, it
was a perfect success. All the children
deserve credit for the excellent
manner in which ihey acted. Their
perfect recitations and the spirited
manner in which ihe songs were rendered
showed that they had the interest
of Childen's Day in their hearts.
In addition to the program, we had
an address by Mr. English Camak. It
was an earnest, heartfelt talk, fall of
wisdom and advice to nis young comrades,
and indeed we older ones would
do well to give heed to his remarks on
that occasion. English is one of "our
boys" and is a consecrated yonng
Christian. We are prayerfully watching
his career, and hope that bis ambitious
dreams for the falure will be
fully realized.
We also had an instructive talk from
our young missionary, Miss Agoes
Knff. ohe gave us an insight L> '.he
training school for missionaries in
Kansas, of which she is a member.
Like herself, her talk was sweet and
interesting, and listening to her seemed
to bring the cause ot missions nearer
to U3. We are proud to know that
one of our own girls has enlisted in
active service for oar Master. God
bless her, and grant that her sweet influence
may lead many to Christ.
We must mention little Elizabeth
Speigner. That child is a prodigy.
Her recitations and singing would do
credit to a large girl, whereas she is a
mere baby, possessed with a wonderful
voice and memory.
The managers of Bethel's Children's
Day are to be congratulated, and the
immense crowd showed its appreciation
by its close attention and good
Miss Sallie Raff, the organist, drew i
out the sweet, powerful 'ones of the
new crgan, and I know no one enjoyed
the good mnsic more than she, for she
was one of the chief workers in baying
that organ.
Bethel is blessed with working
young members. They have risen up
to take the place of the older that have
left us. The wricer's thoughts wandered
back to the firs} Children's Day
she spent at Bethel, and in fancy she
could see the forms of her loved
friends, Agnes and Janie, who are
now singing in heaven. Cauthen
is married and many others absent
from various causes, but their memoII
avtah Via /?nnnn * n iVtrt K An *?f O A f
11C3 *V ILL C VCl UC ^ICCU 111 IliC U?
us ail. Work on, young people, make
the new Bethel as prosperous as the
old one was, and some day others,
who wiil take your place, will speak
and think tenderly of you. 0. B.
Glorious News
Comes from Dr. D. B. Cargile, of
Wa hita, I. T. He writes: "Four
bottles of Electric Bittters has cured
Mrs. Brewer #f scrofula, which had
caused her great suffering for years.
Terrible sores would break out on her
head and face, and the best doctors
could give no help; but her cure is
complete and hp-' ^alth is excellent."
This show? v. hat thousands have
proved,?tuai Electric Bitters is the
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builds up the strength. Only 50 cents.
Sold by McMaster Co., druggists.
One of St. Joseph's Oldest and Most Popular
St. Joseph {Mo.} Daily Times, July 16.
Dr. J. M. Eicbmood, one #f St.
Joseph's oldest and best known physicians,
died last night at 11.15 o'clock
at ihe private sanitarium of Dr. John
Punfon, 2901 Forest avenue, Kansas
City, to which he was removed from
this cifv Rhnnt twn wppba norn.
Doctor Punton was an o!d lr.end of
Doctor Richmond, a^d it was thought
a change of scene would prove beneficial
to him, but he continued to fail
from the time he reached Kansas City.
The remaiuB were brought to Sf.
Joseph at 12.20 o'clock this afterooon
and were taken to his late residence,
1303 Felix s:rcef. Arrangements .ior
the fuurral have not been completed.
Doctor Richmond had been sick
! with pneumonia for some time. He
j was rrmoved to Ensworth Hospital
i i-evera! werks azo and remained there
[ for n f.-w day?, but as he did not im|
prove, he was removed to his resi
derce. As there was no change for
the better, it was decided to take him
to Kansas City. Dr. Spier Richmond,
his son, was in Kansas City yesterday
to see his father, and while he knew
he was very ?ick, he did not think his
condition so critical, and be carae
home !ast nigiit. Upon receipt of the
telegrnm aauonucioz the. death t.i his
father he went to Kansas City ibis
morning at 4 o'clock, returning with
the body later in the day.
Doctor Richmond was born in Fairfield^.
C., September 17, 1837. After
taking a complete coarse in tnedicite
at tin New Yo:k University, from
which he was graduated in 1860, be
spent a a ear in Paris perfecting hfm?
" ? - L* ? ~ t
sen 1U XI 5 piUi.CSSlUi-1. ocsan cli nvv
in the Coniederaie arrr.y as a surgeon,
and at the close of the' war practiced
medicine for years at Abbeville,
S. C. He i. Ui^ved from Abbeville to
Richmond, Va , and from there Le
c*me to this city, A;>ril, 1872.
Doctor Richmond ranked high in
his profession, and for vr-ars h-} was,
known as one of the most skillful surgeons
in St. Joseph. Daring the } eir
1886 he was president of tbe District
Medical Society of Northwest Missouri;
i:i 1895 he was president of the
Missouri Valley Medical Socittv, and
in 1896 president ??f the S;a:e Medical
Society. He al .vays toot a prominent
part in local raedicai organization*.
At the time of his death he held the
chair of obstetrics in Ensworth Medi*
sal College.
July 28, 1863, Doctor Richmond ?va=
married to Miss E^monja Tomlin of
Clifton, Hanover County, Va. He
leaves a widow aud five sons. They
are: Dr. Spier Richmond, the present
.-oonty coroner, James Richmond,
traveling salesman for tho Johnston
Woodbury Oat Company; Corbin T.
Richmond, traveling salesman lor
Long Brothers of Kansas City; H. B.
Richmond of New York, and William
K. Richmond, employed at the Burlington
general offices.
A Mlulster'i Good Work,
"I had a severe attack of bilious
colic, got a bottle of Chamberlain's
flnlirt. (IhnWft and Diflrrhmi Rfcmedv.
took two doses and was entirely cared,"
says Rev. A. A. Power, of Emporia,
Ivan. "My neighbor across the street
was sick for over a week, had two or
three bottles of mcdicine from the doctor.
He used them for three or fonr
days without relief, then called in another
doctor, who treated him for some
days and gave him n? relief, so discbargad
him. I went over to see him
the next morning. He said his bowels
were in a terrible fix, that they had
been running off so long that it wa3
almost bloody flax. I asked him if he
had tried Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhcei Remedy, and be said,
'No.' I went home and brought him
my bottle and gave him one dese; told
him to take another dose In fifteen
or twenty minutes if he did not find
relief, but he took no more and was
entirely cured." For sale by McMaster
A Quiet, Feaceable and Orderly Crowd Listen
to all that they Have to Say and
Conclude who Will Get Their
The meeting was opened with prayer
? Tl._ n W If 1.1 A
uy IUJV. Vj, il. JXiCJL/uuaiu, auu ailci a
few words from Hon. T. S. Brice,
county chairman, the guni w ere turned
Col. J. W. Floyd, an old Confederate,
candidate for adjatant general,
led off and cited his war record and
that of his official administration.
There was nothing rew in his speech.
J. D. Rouse was not present.
John J. McMahan, a Pairfield boy,
candidate for Superintendent of Education,
was the next, speaker. He
was receded with applause and made
samp vorv tVnv.pfnl flr*mments. well
representiDg his claims to the people,
and clearly showing, what he had done
for the cause of education and what
his earnest hopes were
Ellison Capers charges that WcMahan
has not consulted county superintendents
and teachers along certain
lines of summer school work, which
McMahan denies. Capers brings noth!??
n?!v TTTitliae iVift cnrmrtrf
lug j AilU Uiii; IT MVO liiv v
of the people.
J. H. Wharton, for Railroad Commissioner,
opens his remarks by a
joke, an then settled down to work.
He shows the people what railroad
discrimination is and how it is endorsed
by the people without remedy.
He also discusses over charges, lost
packages and demurages with considerable
force and good seme. "
B. B. Evans attributes high freight
to tbe ignorance and rottenness or me
commissioners, criticizes everything
and grows qnite hot in bis discussions,
bnt in the end claims that shortness of
lime prevente him from giving a solation
to the questions that confront the
Mr. T. N. Berry feels at home in
Fairfield and presents his claims to the
people. De only asks the people to
dnn on/1 <Mnlr ?n<1 thon vntA fnr him.
O ivp UilU (UiiiA MUM * l?v? ? v.w ... - ?.
J. E. Pettigrew was the next speaker.
W. D. Mayfield says there is a
chaDge needed and he thinks he is the
J. G. Ethelridge was not here.
After these have 'finished what they
have to say for themsel?es, the big
guns are turned lose and the people
are informed of ail the needs and cir
cumstances of the State.
lion. Frank B. Gary, Speaker of the
House, was the first orator of the occasion
and was well received. He
8a>s: The Democratic party orders us
to appear here today that we may be
seen and heard. We are here to discuss
issues and not to sling mud, and
if tbere is any man hero who came to
see that kind of iinrg, i am giaa 10
say be will be disappointed. I am
here lo urge views, criticiz) the adminblration
and opinions of those
who preceded me and also of those
who are with me now. The first and
pre eminent question of Ibis campaign
is, how* to control the liquor traffic.
Some say that prohibition is the solution,
while others s-a- ('a' - ? hibiiion
will Dot do. and that Li.h nceuse is i
* t- ~ fAn-AnJ ??>/ ! T IT] !
LUC utnjr iuugat auu i^ujuu; * v*-^ I
that liqoor is here and here to stay, I
and that the liquor qneaiion will continue
lo be a live qnestion. I am here
to tell you that we must meet the issue
and treat it in a fair common-sen e
way. I teil yon that prohibition w:W
uoL work. It will not prohibit, ai.d
those places which have tried it, will
bear testiui ,ny to what I say, I am for
the dispensary, but for the dispensary
enforced I It is the best solution, an?
one which if enforced will bring tbe |
liquor question into subjection ?o tbe
voice of tbe people and tbe ebediei c.v
of the law. Col. Floyd "-ays that his j
folks are here in gretfl n^jority, but 11
tell you mine are here too, and I say,
j AlPalelEace \
J!fera'BfOlSJfltftts'ymplonl 0Tv5ti&t*d i
),'blood. If covered wltb pimples, the 6
> i-lvldenee i#, complete. It*# nature's i ,
ijwgy of warning yqippryotirconditlon,
i, mm; ;
nwfww ' 1
! i [the blood, 'Eijght or tevere, of long i
11Standingorrecentorigin. Jts thirty.!
1 ;iyears record guarantee* Its efficacy, i
! i Sold everywhere. PriceSLOO per fuJl (
i (Quart bottle. Prepared only by -* *%
' Detroit, Mich. ! 1
John TL ilcllastcr & Co., Winnsboro,
S. C.; T. W. Woodward & Co., Rockton,
S. ('.; VV. M, Patrick, Woodward, S. C ; v
T. G Patrick & Co., White Oak, S. C. a
-????????? t
as I have said all over this State, that 1
piohibition wili not verk. It will not
do what is claimed W it. I would
welcome, as quickly as any man., pro- ?
hibition if it were possible for it to be, j
and wobld mean temperance. But
j prohibition will not reach temperance.
and why? Because it has been tried
and has failed in other States and in
counties of Soutn Carolina. Col. Hoyt I
will cite Maine, but I tell you that pro- e
hib'.ti',n in Maine is a failure, and I'll ^
prove i' by the Dernocraiic platform of t
Maine itself. They have made the c
liqnor question the fundamental plank t
of their campaign for this year after ^
trying prohibition for forty years. ?
Under prohibition blind tigers will jj
flourish, and the final outcome will be d
the old barroom system. It is safe to *
say that Gary made a good imaressiou j
a [on the people, and gained strength ?
here. s
A. H. Patterson says that Gary always
concludes his speeches by saying
"Tote for Bryan and Garv." Voice: *
"Hurrah for Bryan." There is one B
thing that Gary always does, and that j
is to hope for the c!2 6oldiers. Bnt
we never have seen anything that he
has done for tbem. Smith took down
his speech in Charleston, and the
charges thai I have made against him
for dodging in Charleston are true,
and I'll prove them. He declares here
that he is for the dispensary, bat ia
Charleston it son ;ded like local w
option to me, and I believe the .
people there so understood him. I am |
for the dispensary, and I want it
understood, I dou't dodge it. Gary
was cheered in Charleston but I wasn't
and it was because I fold them that if
I am elected governor, I will enforce
the dispensary law, and I tell you so i
to-day. Governor McSweeney has '
not done it, and doesn't seem to be \
very anxious to do so. He never sees n
anything. I have asked him if he
didn't see the open bar rooms in t
Charleston with ail their bar fixtures, ^
but he didn.t see them. Vole: "You'll ,,
never be governor." All .he news- r
papers are fighting me, because they
know that if I am elected governor
the law will be enforced, and this is
not what they want. They think that
this prohibition issue will result in p
open bar woms in the long run, and
that is what ih^f want. I am thank- t
fal for the primary because in it I can ?
appear before the people and Jet them ,
know what I am and not depend upon *
the newspapers for it. I don't believe y
prohibition is possible, and I stand
before you to show you why it is not,
and ,1 don't depend upon the papers
for anything. I have becu honored
br my "connty since I was twentythree
years old and am still honored, II
and defy any man to bring against me ^
any charge. We have tried prohibi- ,
lion in our county, and I was chair- &
rmr%r\ f V? a mrvtrflmoi.f onH offoi* o 4-*
Ui(bU Vi IUO i-LL J V uUivU 1 | (JUU UllVi a JLUli ^
trial I have concluded that it cannot be *
enforced. The dispensary law is the n
best law ever put upon the statute .
books of Sontb Carolina, and stands a
monument to the Eelorm movement. '
Governor McSweeney was the next
speaker, and in his speech he showed
how he had labored to give the people
of South Carolina an honest government
and one rnn upon a common
sense basis. He said under my administration
the dispensary law has
been better enforced thsn in any
previous administration. Gov. Tillman
could not enforee it, nor can any
other man until the people want it enforced.
I have reduced the constabulary,
and saved money, and restored
Order and peace, and have instructed I
my constables to perform their duties
on all occasions, and Pi! remove them
if they don't do it.
Cel. Hoyt made a rery earnest appeal
to the people tor prohibition de- ^
daring that it is the only solution.
He says, "I stand alone, on the one ?
issue prohibition. I am fought by "
every-candidate, from Senator Tillman ?
dowd, but I feel tbat I am right and ?
I rely upon the people for their 6up? *;
port There is no unholy alliance as ?
has been said, nut we are going to win P
the day, and then peaie and prosperity ?
will reign throughout onr land." At
the close of Col. Hoyt's speech he was
presented with a beautiful bouquet.
G. v - t Whitman came next and turned
vii the gatthng gun and every
othorgunof modern times but what I "
he mid nobody knows.
All the candidates f ?r L;eu\ Governor
w< re presenc and did their s-hare
After thev ha<J finished the program
was varied and Senator B R. Tillman
was introduced, lie made quite a _
long speech in favor of the dispensary
and opposing Col. Hoyt. Said that be
was only warning the people, and that
he felt-k his duty to do so, and wonld
feel n? worthy of being their senator
if he didn't, and that the people might
know ih?t if h? ever tailed to-t:el]
them when they were about tar/go
wrunc. thov mieht know he was E
** -"??7 J n X
rotten, and ought to send him back to ?,
After Tillman had finished Dr. Tim- 2.
merman was introduced and spoke in
a complimentary manner of Capf.
J nnings. Cap?. Jennings replied to
him in a nice manner sud the two
walked off the platform together.
Mr. Brcoker made a very good
speech Jor Compt. General.
Other speeches were too late for the J
, For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always bosgut ?
Do Your Feet Ache or Bora?
0L..1? oV>/vo? A lion'? "FY?rtfc?
OUitJCkC 1111U Jiuui auvvu
Ease, a powder for the feet It cools
;he feet and makes tight or New Shoes
eel Easy. Cures Corns, Banions,
Swollen, Smarting, Hot, Callous, Sore
ind Sweating Feet. Allen's Foot-Ease
relieves all pain and gives rest and
jomfort. We have over 30,000 testinonials.
It cores while you walk,
rry it to-d a.y. All druggists and shoe
itores sell it, 25c Sample sent fbee.
\-ddrcse Allen S. Olmsted, LeRoy,
sr. Y.
?The yonnsr ladies in the
;ompan>'$ employ in Greenville have
(offered from using the word ' hello*' .
o ?
10 frtqaent!y, and they have beeu advised
by a pby&ician to use another
,vortf. Their throats hare become af ?
:ected owing to the rising inflection
>n the last sy liable of the word "hello,'1
;ays she News, and hereafter the yonng
acties will say ''number" insfeid of
ising the injarijas word'
J. Q Hood, Justice of the Peace,
>csby, Miss., makes the following
tatemeot* "I can certify that 0??e
liiante Coagh Care wiil go all tbat il
;laimed for it. My wife could not get
ler breath andtbe first dose of it reieved
her. It has al*o benefited my
?bole family." It acts immediately .
-ad cnre? coagh?, colde, cr^ap, grippe,
troncfcHK asthma and a!! throat and
ang troubles. McMaster Co.
? A great game of base ball was
layed Wednesday evening be twee*
wo locil teams on the college green.
Matures of the game were Bill Roche
)n 1st and Chas. Jennings on 2nd.
A Life and Death Fight.
nr i n:-A? a?
?ir< H . UlUCB) VI JIUUbUCtlVl|
a., writing of bis almost miraculous ~>scape
from deatb, says: "Exposure <
,fter measles induced serious long
roub'e, which ended in Consampion.
I bad frequent hemorrhages and
oughed night and day. All my doc~
ors said I mast soon die. Then I
>eg&n to nee Dr. King's New Disco vry
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cared me. I would not be without
t even it it costs $5.00 a bottle. HunIreds
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and all say it never fails to cure
?hroat, Chest and Lung troubles."
tegular size 50c and $1.00. Trial
ottles free at McMaster Co .'s drug
The One Day Cold Cure.
Cold in bead aad sore throat cored by Keroott's
Chocolates laxative Quinine. As easy to
ake as candy. * Children cry for them."
36ae8 Straight, Accident and Health
oswes Steam Bcilers and Issaea
Sarety Bonds.
9-26-ly m
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lusiness have given our goods
ride and general distribution
fhey have been subjected to
ne severest usage ana men
rearing qualities have been
ully tested.
We Guarantee
very chain, button, every aricle
we sell, to give satisfacioa,
you being the judge.
iny article failing to do this
crlTl T-?a Arfnllir A-vr'Tno n?rAr?
We Deliver
lo work, we sell no goods not
mder our guarantee, which
.as never been questioned .
hroughout our entirt business
life. . S|
r\ nn a
rt. DKA1NUI,
The Jeweler and Optician,
QgjeB?>inCfe)eise* asd bcnntlfia th> iate.
mgjp*. i> UM|i Promote* * Insurant growth.
^MHwa? Palls to Hector* Owy
Wrii- to it* Yonthfal Ootov.
Presbyterian College of
South Carolina.
Reduced Rates to Boarding Student*,
[atriculation-fee, Tuition, Room-rent,
Qd Board, for collegiate year, to all
rho can be accommodated in boardjg
department, for $100. Good acDmmodations,
fine moral influences,
Durees of study leading to B. A and
I. S. degrees, and to Graduate work,
j - i r-it li
oou commercial coarse, juu racuuy
f experienced teachers. Next session
e^ios September 26,1900. For cafa)gne
or any i a formation apply to
A. E. SPElfcEB,
7-26 lw Clinton, S. C.
Dillt> M
But Plant Them
?? ? ..
T ~_1- i:?x. u~c '
ilanting and you will see just *
/hat suits you, because they
re the ones THAT GROW.
1UUIS 1U1 1 UJLUip,
I. H. McMaster
& Co.,

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