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7.-v:- '-T.., "v -- -., "
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Wednesday, Aagrust 8, - - 1900 j
w ?Bead Sheriff's sale.
?Bead tbe list of managers of the
primary election elsewhere,
~ ~ -J T
?Mr. &. {j. iteexes, oi uuugiunu,
brings in the first open boll of cotton.
?See McMaster Co.'a new advertisement
for cold storrge potatoes in
. this issne. ?At
a meeting of the Governor's
Guards held in Columbia Wednesday
sveniagJ. Scott McCarley was elected
second lientenant.
?Don't forget that yon still have a
chance to sabscribe to Thb .news xkd
Heiuld and have a chance to obtain
$15,000. Oar census offer is still open
The qnicker you stop a conghor cold
the lees danger there will be of fatal
luDg trouble. One Minute Cough Cure
is the only harmless remedy that gives
ima edlate results. You will like it.
McMaster Co.
? Miss Marie Beaty, who has been
qaite sick with typhoid fever at her
home in Charlotte, is gradually improving,
and it is thought will soon be
Prot. Chas. P. Curd, St. Louis, Mo.,
writes: We unhesitatingly attribute
the recovery and continued good health
pr of our little boy to Teithika (Teething
It will surprise you to experience
tht benefit obtained by using the dainty
and famous little pills known as DeWitt's
Little Early Risers. McMasler
-?The friends of Mr. Frank Elder
will regret to know that he is quite
sick at his home. Ee was better for a
time and was able to be ont, but has
had a backset.
?Mr. George V. Jordan, of Fort
T tKa rtneitf An ftS
JUSkMf U| Udl <StVUi\jU fcUV ?
bookkeeper for Mr. J. 0. Boag, and
will enter upon his new duties about
the middle of August.
You will never find any other pills
so prompt and so pleasant as De Witt's
Little Early Risers. McMaster Co.
?A party has gone from here to
Kiawahlshnd, near Charleston, on a
fishing trip, and will remain several
days. The following men made up
the party: Dr. Dowlinsr, G. B. McMaster,
Dr. K. B. Hanahan, J. W.
Qanahan and Jas. N. Center.'
^ ?Mr. Q. D. Williford has rented the
SlurU III IUB UiUlA 1/lUiUiU^ uvn wwu- ,
- pied by Mr. I. R. Harby and will soon
enlarge his store by taking out the
partition between it and his present
tore. This ia an indication of reviv<t1
- ing prosperity in Winnsboro.
in India, the lane! of famine, thousands
die because they cannot obtain
food. In America, the land of plenty,
many suffer and die because they cannot
digest the food they eat. Kodol
Dyspepsia'Care digests what you eat.
i. It instantly relieves and radically cures
all stomach troubles. McMaster Co.
?Wa nadarstsmd that a movement
is on foot to give the candidates a free
barbecue at Mitford. This is a good
work, and we hope it will succeed.
More barbecues, more candidates;
more candidates more material; more
material, the better can the voters
? 'Mr. Warren Scruggs, who has
for many years been the popular besd
salesman of the clothing and furnishing
department of the Hub, has reeTnma/l
Kio nrvoilinn Hs JS In bpCOmfi
HVU utg ^V?4UV?? *AV
general manager of the Qlympia Cot*
I y toa Mill store, and until that is built
will be at tbe Granby Mill store."?
^ The State.
Millions will be spent in politics this
3 ear. We can't keep the campaign gof*
ing without money any more than we
can keen tbe body vigorous without
food. Dyspeptics used to starve themselves.
Now Kodol Dyspepsia Cere
digests what you eat and allows you
to eat all the-good food you want. It |
radically cares stomach trembles, iicMaster
?Miss Lizzie Hardin, who was injared
here la*t week by a h?'"? stoce
falling on her, has been cam. . to her
' home in Chester. She was entering
considerably from her braises, and
when she left it was feared that she
had been injured internally, but it is
hoped that her conditioa is not so,
? a .v.i t ?;:i ko
r serious auu tuai uer recovery rtm w
< ?The population of the United
States and territories is supposed to be
fir about 75,000,000. If yon make the
nearest guess at the population, as
ak/vc?n Kn fKo motion c rAnnrf fftr 1900
auvr u vj ?wv WMVMV ^- ?--7 |
you will get $15,000. Id guessing
you also have a chance at 999 cish
v prizes from $5,000 down to $1.00. See
advertisement elsewhere and send in
guess at once.
Chinese are dangerous enemies, for
they are treacherous. That's why all
counterfeits of DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve are dangerous. They look iike
DeWitt'f, but instead of the all-healing
witch Hazel tney an contain mgreaiecEB
liable to irritate the skin and cause
* blood poisoning. For piles, injuries
and skin diseases use the original and
genuine DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve.
?Miss Gaiues the charming and
efficient young teacher of the Lebanon
school of this couuty, returned to her
home in Washington on Friday mornimr.
Miss Giines has been re-elected
afi teachrr in this school, and wi 1 retarn
on tLe first of September to
resume her work of teaching 4 the
voung Ueas bow to shoot."
?Dr. Cbas. W. Danlevy and his
his acnt, Mrs. E. L. Winter, of Philadelphia,
arrived here on Friday on a
visit to friend* and relatives. Altboagh
? a native of Winnsboro, Dr. Dnnlevy
>has been away from here a naoiber
of }eaiv, aud npon his return his i
many frieuds gave biai a cordial wel? I
come. He is a dent:6t by profes?ion
and practices in Philadelphia, and is
making a success of his work,
?The base ball *:&rae on FriJay
^ afternoon, which had been extensively
r advertised, and which v;as to have
been plaved between the cotton mill
team and t ha town bo\s;, was really
wn namti o? all Tho nynrv r\ og:cnihlp^
Hv Uit* -f- UV Wi#pv??v+vv4
at ihe seated time txprcitsz >o eee an
exciting <?&rae, and the two teams met,
but the factory b?">ys apparently did
not know :h?: first principles ol ihe
gaui>\ and ?lul not make a sc >rc.
Afier a f-w a'tempts at a game the
boys gave it np and the crowd dispersed.
fi.* ma. *"
5he Approach, of Motherhood is the
Occasion of Much Arriety to All*
Every woman dreads the ordeal
| through which she must pass in becom[
ing a mother. The pain and suffering
! which is in store for her is a source ol
I constant anxiety, fear and dread, to
say nothing of the danger which the
! coming incident entails. The joyous
anticipations with which she looks for*
ward to baby's coming gives way to an
indescribable dread of the crdeal when
she fully realizes the critical and trying
event which will soon approach and
have to be endured.
Women should hail with delight a
remedy which insures to them immunity
from the pain, suffering and
danger incidental to child-bearing.
Suca a remedy is now offered, and
women need not fear longer the hour of
childbirth. "Mother's Friend"?is a
scientific liniment?and if used before
confinement, gently and surely prepares
the body for the great requirement?
and changes it is undergoing, insures
safety to both mother and child, and
lakes her through the event with comparative
ease and comfort. This wonderful
remedy is jpraised by every
woman who lias used. it.
What woman is not interested in
"Mother's Friend?" This wonderful
remedy has been tested and its priceless
viiue proven by the experience ol
thousands of happy mothers who
have used it during the most critical
period of woman's life?the approach
and culmination of motherhood.
It has won their everlasting praise,
for it gave them help and hope in
their most trying hour and when
most needed. Every woman may soma
day need "Mothers Friend." The
little book, "Before Baby is Born,'1
telling all about it, and when it should
be usei, will prove of great interest and
benefil; to all expectant mothers, and
will be sent free to anv address upon
application to the Bradneld Begulaioi
Cbmp* jay, Atlanta, Ga.
?Catawba Falls has for a number of
years been a favorite resort for camping
parties, and each summer a crowd
from here goes up and spends several
days, at least, on the banks of the
river. The first party to visit there
this summer left town on Monday
evening, and will remain about a
week. The party consists of ten or
twelve young fellows and a jolly timo
is anticipated. Messrs J. J. Neil, Jr.,
Henry Gooding, C. F. Davis, E. P.
Davis and Jack Pressley are among
the crowd.
The One Day Coid Cure.
For cold in the head and sore throat use Kermott's
Chocolates Laxative Quinine, the " One
?ay Cold Cure." i
?Mr. Chavis L. Wray, a prominent ,
and well known yonng bnsiness man
of Ridgeway, was married on Wednesday
to Miss Georgie Williamson, of
Sumter, The ceremony was performed
by Rev. John A. Wray, of
Milledgeville, Ga., a relative of the
? ui T~> T~I :
groom, anu ixir. x. r. muuaui, ui
Ridge way, was best man. Mr. Wray
is a member of the firm of C. P.
Wray & Go., of Ridgeway, ana is a
yoriDg msn of many fine qualities and
great business ability. Mr. Wray and 1
his bride will xuafce their home in 1
Ridgeway, where he has built a band- 1
same home.
The One Day Cold Cure. 1
Cold in head and sore throat cured by Kersnott's
Chocolates laxative Quinine. As easy to
take as candy. " Children cry for them."
?The A. R. P. Church is to establish
a girls' school at All-Healing
it n\ i
opnags, x*. u. lata ebiiuvi io uc
known as the Jones Seminary, and it ,
is expected that it will be opened ,
about the 1st of October. The A. K. 1
Presbyterian contains a notice of this
school, taken from the Gasionia Gazette.
This article says that at a meet- I
ing Presbytery held recently Rev.
A. G. Kirkpatrick, of Prosperity, was
elected principal and he ha3 accepted, :
He wi" be assisted by hia dasghter, ,
Mr?. Willie Douglass, widow of the.,
lofo T?av .T H. Dnnala?s. The Other I!
tcacbers have not yet been chosen. j
}t|3nogiie*i?babhassures j
J ? (
Wireless Telegraphy. '
Prof. Hamraell will lecture on the
above subject in the court house Au- !
gust 15tb. j
?> j
Two Weeks Board for sale ]
Aycone desiring (o go to Pawley's
Island will do well to apply at this <
office. We can iurnish two weeks'
board on the island.
Editor's Awful Plight.
F. M. Higgins, editor Seneca (111?.)
News, was. afflicted for years with
Piles that no" doctor or remedy helped 1
nntil he tried Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
He writes two boxes wholly cured
him. It's the sorest Pile cure on earth ,
and the best salve in the world. Cure ;
guaranteed. Only 25 cent?. Sold by 1
McMaster Co., druggists. '
A Scholarship for Some Worthy Young:
Man of Fairfie'd.
Io this issue will be seen an advertisement
of the College of Charleston,
in which a scholarship is given to
Fairfield. Look it up, fathers and
sons, and avail yourselves of this opportunity.
With Winnfcboro s growth when her
new railroad is finished and the cotton
mill en'arged, and w&terwoiks and
electric lights pot in, we hope hope
will come the much needed scavenger
0?-?~ ova #Arti'or cfrptrn
Wi l. vui a; v iv?v i v?-wv.w?. with
paper, rags, watermelon rinds,
old boxes, old wires and almost every
other conceivablc form of filth and
tever germ breeders.
To walk down Main street early In
the morning when the stores are being
swept and the filth and old papers
being burned in the sheet is encojih
to sicken men, to siy nothing of ladies.
Such destruction or me ierase ui u.
town as large a3 Winnsboro is dangerous
to both htalth and property.
f dread hot weather. They &
Icnnw hnur if wcr.kpn? and IfL
JljfC how this affects the baby. //
y/ All, such mothers need W
Scott's Emulsion. It gives w
| (!) them strength and makes vj
if* the baby's food richer and ft
M more abundant. m
ywj? c>Oc.andSl. Ail druggists. ffi
Mr. Editor: Please -allow me space
to thank physicians, fiiends and relatives
for their esceeding^kindness and
care lor my wife daring her illness
and death. They are greatly appreciated.
Yours, 1
Dillon, S. C. A. M. McNaull.
The old Confederate soiiners 01
Fairfield Connty v?i!l meet in their
township on the first day of September
and elect a man from among their
number to meet in Winnsboro on the
first Monday in September to elect a
connty pension board for Fairfield
G. H. McMaster,
W. W. Crosby,'clerk.
Bears the Yon Hava Always Bought
Sirnt _ S/ZrT"*?"?
Mr Leitner Withdraws
To the Voters of Fairfield County:
Having been nuable to make a personal
canvass of the county and having been
advised by my physician, Dr. J. C.
Buchanan, that it would seriously endanger
my health to attend the regular
caojp.ign meetings as provided by
the cxecu ive committee, I have conclude
to withdraw from the race for
couni\ ? n i i visor.
T. C. Lcitr.er.
On Thursday morning Mr. and Mrs.
HftfuWrift? Kfflfl he. AIH in.
J^LCLVf CklUO bIV7WU'iuvuvuo v<v? ?u
fant was buried at ibe Methodist cemetery.
Mr. Hawkins and family are
recent comers to the Fairfield Cotton
Mills. The little infant became sick
fti Columbia while tha family were
en route to "Winnsboro, and after a
very snort illness died. The community
extends sympathy to the bereaved
That Throbbing Headache
Would quickly leave you, if you
used Dr. King's New Life Pills. Thousands
of sufferers have proved their
matchless merit for Sick and Nervous
Headaches. ,They make pure blood
and strong: nerves ana Dmia np your
health. Eas> to take. Try them.
Only 25 cents. Money back if not
cared. Sold by McMaster Co., drngsrists.
Negro Excursion.
On Friday morning an excursion
was run from tbis place to Charlotte,
N. C., for the pleasure of the colored
people. From uarly morning until
the train left at 10 o'clock the streets,
roads highways and hedges were alive
with black berries and "pickaninnies."
There was crowd enough .for several
Bxcnrsions, bat as usaal on sach o>
casions most or me crowa were
spectator?, aEd beatera. The managers
had some trouble to get up the necessary
funds to run the train.
You assume no risk when you buy
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhcei Remedy. Mcilaster Co.
will refund your money if you are not
satisfied after using it. It is everywhere
admitted to be the most successful
remedy in use for bowel complaints
and the dnly one that ne-er fails. It
[6 pleasant, safe and rel^;v t.
Editor Gonzales of The State has
the following to say of Mr. F. H.
Mr. F. H. McMaster, the business
manager of the Charleston Post, is a
jandidate for election to the legislature
from that county. The Democrats
of Charleston could not send to
a ronrdiOnfQtiT7A
ILIXZ iCgl3ldlUig C* v^vMkM?*.w
Df the young, progressive, business
slement of the community. We know
Fitz McJlaster well up here, lor he
wa? in Columbia journalism for five or
six years and always with credit to
himself; and all who know him hope
he will be elected. The Post is heretical
editorially, but its business department
i6 staunchly Democratic.
"My baby was terribly sick with the
iiarrhcea," says J. H. Doak, of Williams,
Oregon. "We were unable to
cure him with the doctor's assistance,
md as a last resort we tried Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhcea
Remedy. I am happy to say it gave
immediate relief and a complete
care." For sale by McMaster Co.
On Friday afternoon Mr. John B.
Murray, an adopted son of the late
W "R MnrrsLv. flipri at. bis home about
ten m\les from town. He had been ill
for about ten days witb typhoid pneumonia.
Mr. Miuray was twenty-two
pears of age a? tfce time of bis deatb,
and was an industrious young man
and highly esteemed by all who knew
him. The fncenl services were held
on Satnrdav afternoon at Union
church. The services were conducted
by Rev. Mr. Kirkpatrick.
"Through the months of Jane and
Jaly our baby was teething and took a
. n??inor nflP r>f thf> hnwelfi and sick
ness o? the stomach," says O. P M.
Holliday, of Demiug, Ind. "His
bowels would move from five lo eight
times a day. I bad a bottle of Chamberlain's
Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy in the house and gave him
four drop9 in a teaspoonful of water
and be got better at once." Sold by
Mcilasler Cu.
M + *
The County Democratic Executive
Committee have made the following
appointments tor the county cam
Monticello, Wednesday, August S.
Grtenbriar, Thursday, August 9.
Wiunsboro, Friday, August 10.
Blj thewocd, Saturday, August 11.
Ridgeway, Tuesday, August 14.
Jlitford, Thursday, August 16.
Wuodward, Friday, August IT.
If any club desires any other raret- j
n ^ PkArtM V* ? *V> Qfla t A
Li^ii CUUUIU u w/ luaug iv
Jae, R. Cnrlee, Rockton, or T. K.
Elliott, Winnsboro.
The wolf in the fable puts on sheep'*
clothing because if he traveled on his
own reputation he couldn't accomplish
his purpose. Counterfeiters of DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve couldn't sell
their worthless salves on their merit?,
so they put them in boxes and wrappers
like DeWitt's, Look out lor
them. Take only DeWitt's Witch
Hazsl Salve. It cures piles acd all
skin diseases. McMaster Co.
Mr. John Ross, of Charlotte, wis in
town Monday on business.
Tried Friends Best.
Forthirty yearsTutt s Pills have
proven ablessingtothe invalid.
Are truly the sick man's friend.
A Known Fact
For bilious headache, dyspepsia
sour stomach, malaria,constipation
and all kindred diseases.
Big, Black, Ba?ksome Bellows, Blow
Brass Horns, Maklmg Masic, Mightily
Mixed With Monkey Motions.
The colored brass band from Gladden's
Grove marched into town on
Thursday evening to the merry masic
or "New Coon in Town," or some
other melodious "The Old Cow Died"
time. It came.anticipatory to the excursion
trip to Charlotte.
We imagine we hear their melodious
strains in Charlotte now, and see the
colored population as it stands on the j
street corners and remark: "Them
Winnsboro negroes does play, don't
A cheap remedy for coughs and
colds is all right, bat you want somsthin<r
that will relieve and cure the
more severe and dangerous results of
throat and lung troubles. What- shall
you do? Go to a warmer and more
regular climate? Yes, if possible; if
not possible for you, then in either
case take the only remedy that has
been introduced in all civilized countries
with success in severe throat and
lung troubles, "Boschee's German
Syrup." It not only heals and stimulates
the tissues to destroy the ger.n
disease, but allays inflammation, causes
easy expectoration, gives a good
night's rest, and cures the patient.
Try oxe bottle. Recommended many
years br all druggists in the world.
For fale by McMaster Co., druggists.
discussed barbecue.
! On Thursday evening a joint meeting
ef the Winnsboro Democratic clubs
was held in the court house. The object
of the meeting was to make arrangements
for giving the candidates
and good people free hash here r.ext
Friday. Committees were appointed
and (be matter will be pushed for
? ? - ? ? * r.V?A ATTAffT A?n
waru wnu a view m aia&t c?uj wuw
who aUends the county campaign
thoroughly, enjoy i he occasion.
The committees are as follows:
Subscription?J. E. McDonald, O.K.
Douglass, L. Landecker.
Arrangements ? S. R. Johnston,
R. Y. Tun er, S. B. Crawford, E. G.
The speakiug and barbecue will be
* ? ? - * * I ? *4
Deia at ice court nouae moieau iu ai
Fortune Park.
A Thousand Tongues
Could not express the raptnre of
Annie E. Spriogs, of 1125 Howard st.,
Philadelphia, Pa., when she found that
Dr. XiDg;8 New Discovery tor Consumption
bad completely cured her of
a hacking cough that for many years
had made life a burden. All other
remedies and doctors could give her
no help, but she says of this Eoyal
Cure?"it soon removed the pain in
my chest and I can now sleep soundly,
fcomething I can scarcely remember
doiusr before. I feel like sounding its
praises throughout the Universe." So
will every one who tries Dr. King's
New Discovery for any trouble of the
Throat, Che?f -r Langs. Price 50c.
and $1.00 "! i ' ottles free at McMaseer
( ' ' ? g t ore; every bottle
The Fairfield summer school opened
on Monday morning, and the outlook
on tl (1 *- was most discouraging for
the \< c n in charge. The atlendance
r,very small, and there were
not ci gb present to mike it worth
while lo begin any woik, so alter a
short lime they adjourned until Tneslmrtrniror.
Prnfc. P,_ A. Rraeaer
and C. E. Johnson are the teachers in
char&e and Miss Merritt is one of the
instructors. It is most disappointing
to these teachers to have the school
open with such a s]im attendance and
it is to be hoped that each day the
number will increase. Last summer
the attendance was good and the
county teachers seemed to take a great
interest in the work, and it is greatly
regretted that less interest is being
manifested this summer.
- -i 1 -C-: 1 1
wur cui;reu jlucuu auu_ wuccpondent,
Wm. Biake, realizes a sad
feiture of the editor's staff of which
he never dreamed.
In our Tuesday's issue we published
a card (Notice) from Wm. Blake setting
forth the characters of excursion
runners. He was a little personal in
his remarks, and greatly offended one
Edward Henry of the colored race.
Henry heard Blake's "notice" read,
and proceeded to look for the "bnily
of the town." He fonnd him near
Mr. J. J. Obear's drag store, and administered
a thorough dose of lightning
hot drops to Blake's head.
As a result Blake and Henry were
brought before Inleodant Coan and
contributed of their megre means to
the support of the tow u.
In Blake's cai J he said, '-"The world
is round and I am looking for the
A Minister's Good Work,
"I had a severe attack of bilious
colic, got a bottle of Chamberlain's
Culic, Cholera and Diarrbcsi Remedy,
took two doses and wasentirelv cured,"
*avs R-v. A. A. Power, of Emporia,
Kan. "My neighbor across the street
was tick fur over a week, had two or
j three bottle-? of mcdiciue from the doctor.
He U3**d them for three or four
da>8 without relief, then called in ani
th.;r doctor, who treated him for some
days and gave him no i elief, so dischargad
him. 1 went ovrr tn see him
the nrxt morning. He s&U bis bowels
were -in a terrible fix, that they bad
been running off so long that it was
almost bloodv Any. I asked hitn if be
i - J .. :-.J i,~ i un)a,.? |
IJttU lllltl V>H8UII>CI vkiU > < Ullt, VU'.'HIB i
and Dianhoei Remedy, and he said,
'No.J I went l-??m ? d brought him |
my boiile r.nd g v- L'ni >u*; d >ee; told i
him to uke ano her i!o o in fifi- on (
or twemy mi: iro* ii be did not find i
relief, bat he o<?k no more and waentirely
cuied." Fcr tale by MeMaster
j?isS Marv F. McMastcr relumed
' from Jofeiyfflpkins fta Saturday.
On Saturday morning the beauiifnl
nag of Mr. Riley Stewart fell iu an
old well ju3t back of Mr. White's
store. Fortunately Jt was either filled
partly up, or else was ratted or choked
by old boards and trash, and was only
about ten feet deep. After much hard
digging and considerable anxiety Mr.
Stewart succeeded in gettiDg the
animal out unhurt, save for a few
* ^ Intrc f
ouran;Liec3 uu ukzl ?uu iv>i ^
Mr. Stewart fortunately was near
the lot, and saw the mare when she
fell, and quickly ^securing aid dug her
These old wells around town are
nuisances anyway, and should be
filled up or fenced in. This one in
particular is a trap set for such dangerous
experiments as it is entirely
hidden by shrubbery and weeds. Had
this old well not been so nearly choked
up, or had Mr. Stewart not been near
enough to render assistance so quickly,
he would in ;all probability nave lost
bis beaatifal animal.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
On Thursday night the young peoples'
literary and musical club was
handsomely entertained at the residence
of Mr. and Mr?. W. A. Beaty.
After the program for the evening
was gone through with refreshments
were served, and then the young peoJnf/\
o r>r,n?QfInnA 1 CY1I1
p-t-V 1UI>V U VVU( WW ?
test. Each yoang man was given a
certain nnmber of names.of the yonng
ladies present, and subjects to converse
npon for each. After the ronnd
was made, the vonng ladies voted for
the best conversationalists. It speaks
well for the young men that no one
received a majority of votes. *
Winneboro has long felt the need of
just sach a club as this one of recent
inangnration, and we feel scire that
all the young folks will be greatly
benefited oy tneir aiscassions ana exhibitions
of musical talent.
This society was organized by Miss
Rachel McMaster with the assistance
of a few friends several weeks ago.
We hope it a long and happy life.
Cure Cold in Head.
Kermott's Chocolates laxative Quinine, easy
to take and quick to cure cold in head and sore
On Friday afternoon at about 4.15
o'clock Mrs. S. B. Stevenson, wife ct
our good friend and fellow-citizen,
Mr. S. B."Stevenson, passed from this
life into the beauties and blessed happiness
of a^odly mother after an illness
of a lew hours. Blessed are they
who ten lay aside this mortal coil witn
a lull realization of awakening in the
bosom of a loving Saviour. t Mrs.
Ste7enson, though dead, is yet alive,
having lived to bless and ennoble the
lives of those with whom she came in
eontact, and having sweetened the
bitterness and softened the woes of
life for a kind and affectionate husband,
having beautified the garden of
the home by a Godly life, exemplifying
the Christly example.
? ?-* i - i n
Mrs. otevenson leaves * uusuauu
and three small children, a mother,
two sisters and a brother to monrn her
departure. Her mother is Mrs. Hessie
McCarley, of this place. Her sisters
are Miss Anna McCarley, of this place,
and Mrs. Byers, of York County.
Her brother is J. Scott McCarley, of
The town and community extend
heartfelt sympathy to the bereaved
family and pray for the blessings of
God upon the little children.
Mrs. Stevenson's remains were inA
P T> VJofnr.
IC11CU ftt IUC XX* X ? VUUIV/U s_'uvui day
evening at 6 o'clock.
Robbed the Grave.
A startling incident of which Mr
John Oliver of Philadelphia, was the
subject, is narrated by him as follows:
"I was in ? most dreadful condition.
My skin was almost yellow, eyes
sunken, tongue coated, pain continually
io back and sides, no* appetite?
gradaally growing weaker day Dy day.
Three physicians had given me up.
Fortunately, a friend advised trying
'Electric Bitters,' anC to mr great joy
and surprise, the first bottle made a
decided" improvement. I continued
their use for three weeks, and am now
a well msn. I know Ihey saved my
life and robbed the grave of another
victim." No one should fail to try
them. Only 50 cents per bottle at
McMaster Co.'s drug stoie. 6
Mr. ai <1 V re. W. D. Douglass returned
on Friday night from Glenn
TI R Vios ornnp fr> WavrifS
iUlCl JU? AWIV iil*v QX/MW vvr . , ^
ville, N. C., for a month's stay in the
Mr. and Mrs. LeRov Williams and
Theresa are with Mrs. Mary C. itton
for a week.
Miss Sallfc Woodward, sister to
Mrs. W. E. Aiken, has returned to her
home at Woodward, 6. C., after a
short stay with her sister.
Mi-s Bartha Robinson has goce to
visit her friend, Mis3 Katie Robinson,
the attractive little bister of Mrs Q. D.
Williford, at ber home in Edgcmore.
Mr. and Mm. J. M. Jennings and
liule daughter, Rebecca, returned to
Camden Thursday after a pleasant
visit to tbe family of Mr. Jennings'
Miss Anna McC'arlev and Mr?.
ttvoi-2 avrivprf hf?rp nn Tfrirlav niffht.
vv, w ? ?a?
from Hock Hill, having been called
by the death of their sister, Mrs. S. B.
Miss Isabelle Douglass and Miss
M'rie McCants left Fri'iay morning
on the early (rain for Shelby, N. C.
Winns'o.oro's young peoples' loss is
Shelby's ^nisi
tir <-lema i.id the hafT.
Promoiu luxuriant growth.
I'aila to iiestore Gray
Hair to it a Youthful Color.
!ay?tfr^ JanOEg fjyjxs ?ct.'p ii.??iuej & hair falling.
?c. and < I.Wat
The Kind You Have AT-.t vs ;1
in use for over CO yours, 1
All Counterfeits, Xz.MvJ. i;m: .
Experiments that triple with
Infants and Children--Ilvr.ei
What b C
Castoria is a harmless
goric, Drops and Soolbiiij; :
contains neither Opium, Jit
substance. Its ag-e is its gcj
and allays Feverislincss. It
Colic. It relieves Teething- *3
and Flatulency. It a-simi!:-.
Stomaeli and Bowels, glxi21a
The Children's ranac?a-Tl
2r I V/ *
jp Bears i'l2 J
in Use For 0^
One of Fairfield's Sons a Candidate for the
Legislature from Charleston.
Tbe Charleston Post contains a card
from Mr. F. H. McMaster, of thai
city, announcing himself as a candidate
for the bouse ot representatives. .
Mr. McMaster is a son of Mr. Gr. H.
McMaster, and is a native of Winnsboro,
but for- several years he baa
made his^home in Charleston. He is
a young man of sterling worth and
fine character, and will, we are sure,
make a fine ran for the place, flere,
twVioro Tin ia on troll Vr>nwn_ hia friondfl
TT <UV4 V/ UW AW WV VI V** MUV If ? w Mtv
are sure that no better mail could be
elected, and they know that he will
render good and faithful service.
The race will be watched with interest,
and he has the best wishes of this
community for his success.
The following from the Charleston
Post is a notice of Mr. McMaster's
speech at a recent political meeting.
It will be read witn interest here:
Mr. F. H. McMaster, candidate for
the House of Representatives, was the
next speaker. Mr. McMaster proved
a forceful speaker and had the crowd
with him from start to finish and
made a splendid impression.
He declared that he stood on the
platform of Jervey and Daokin and
was a straightout Democrat from start
to finish lie said he was against imperialism
and for home rnle.
Mr. McMaster said he was an upcountry
man and was proud of it, but
he loved Charleston and had made it
his home. If he wis elected he
would feel highly honored and would
serve the people to the be^t of his
ability, [and would show the people
throughout the Slate that Charleston
does not draw factional lines, as has
been charged.
Tne one Day t;oia uure.
For colds and sore throat use Kermott's Chocolates
laxative Quinine. Easily taken as candy
and quickly cure.
Mr. Editor: I wish I had the time to
write yon fully abont many of the
excellent . things the teachers of the
summer tchool are enjoying. In t.d
- ?- -n.
anion to tne nnny vaiuatne courses ui
study .that are beiog offered by the
various members of tbe faculty which
is exccedirglv strong Ihis \ear, several
iectures arc being given by various
prominent u,en and these are proving
of tbe greatest value and interest.
Already Prof. Hammell, Prof.
Angder, Dr. Cbas. Foster Smith, and
Dr. J. P. Kicard have lcclured to large
Without doubt the most inleresliDg
and instructive of these lectures was
the one by Prof. Haramell on the 6nbjecl
of wireless telegraphy. Prof.
Hammell is in charge of ths department
of physics, bere in the vummer
school, and is doing most practical
work, his pupils makiDg all the necessary
apparatus in the class room.
From the very first his regular course
of study has grown in popularity with
the teachers here in attendance, and
bis extra work in manual training has
been equally enjoyable. Having won
su:h laurels to himself by his class
room work, all were anxious to greet
Vim An iVio Thfln tnn Ihn
attractiveness of having a lecture on
so new and great a subject as wireless
telegraphy increased the interest in
the lecture and ihe lecturer.
Instead of being, as many would
have supposed, a dry, scientific lecture
on an obstruse subject, it was a simple
conversational discussion of a simple
principle of science, illustrated by
num3rous drawings and a full set or
telegraphic apparatus. Simplicity of
language and manner characterized the
hour that was so er>j ?yed by all. To
bernii with there was apparatus lllus
~ ~ C k t
tratingibe very hr#.*.:..~e of telegraphy,
when Ihewii. to u.c return
current was used. Tbeu the second
step of ihe use of the ground wire was
Hlnstrat'd in f-nch a simple ard prrc
tical way that even the very young
might have understood it. Next came
the third stage?the use of no wirp at
all?and this third in fact i<? the > m.
plest of all. Suffice it to say that Piof,
Ha mm ell had his receiving apparatus
on the rostrum in the chapel and the
sending machine in a distant room.
I No wire connected the two, and yet a
message was sent, though two walls
intervened. Not only was a naestSLgr
sent, but by a means of a curre?.generated
in the way a
light was lighted. Tin.a in addition
1 to these simple experiments, he also
_ .. . Ml
V-- >.V NS. . vv*\\VV v^; ^
:: %(5
' '': .. ? i
> Sgj s? v?
V* CT *->4 /
.vKiissV- ;
::iS 'w - TiC t'*.. .;iv ?
i.; IiO<;:s : ;/.s per*
; . _ 1%.' A^illUV
ii.i o f M?!.s.
a???i i,L? her.ltli ^
.'ivDcO l.gllLiSC '- * 1 * '' ?*??--??<? +
J J - .
. e. i >s - a i iia *
tifu.'o f Zurir.;- C.l, T.ivr5yv:.:
It i.; 1'leasanfc. 1.
ryhiue I. .'.- ctliCP Silicotic
irai.teei iC VLr-.sU*oys Worms
cures Diaivlic.a ami Wiiid r
[ roubles, cures Constipation
Hit: Pood, r<?ainfces ti:o *
::iul natural SlCOJ)?
^ :uj Pi-lend. t
w* ? *. i <* ?
Sigs^turo cf
?" Always Bought
/er 30 Years. ' a
ftaAY &T*???# NCW YOrtK CITY.
showed bow a message could be taken
or sent from a train in motion.
As soon as She lecture was over, I
tried to arrange with Prof. Hammell
to come to Winnsboro to give our
town the benefit of his great work, and ^
after several days he b*6 arrauged his g
work to be with us on the ?veniog of t
the 15th of this month. Prof. Davis ?
most heartily endorses tie idea of t
having him with us as does also Mr. c
Matthews. Both of these will have t
something to say in regard to Prof.
Hammell as a man and as a lecturer.
1 am sure that Winnsboro has not
1?? -x ; T E
naa a more lmereisuijg jeciure eiuro x .
have been in the town. Tbe great ?
interest centers in the wonderful ?
talent of the man who lectures and the c
simple way in which he presents a
snbject of which be is a master indeed.
I might add ihat Prof. Hammell was
one of tbe first Americans to test the
nse of the Xrays, and that with these
he has performed seme experiments
that bare thrown much light on medical
praetic?. All the apparatus be
aees was made by his own bands, and fl
is of a very high order of workman- I
ship. In Prof. Hammell'a presence
one is before one of tbe greatest
teachers of physics in America and an
inventor of the highest order. To
kno v is to aiimire him. and (be more 1
you know hiin the greater tbe admira- b
tiou. I am sore I have been very g
fortunate in fecuring him to lecture in a
Winnsboro, anJ I hope, Mr. Editor, c
that \oa will do all you can through f
your paper to encourage a large nt- ?
lend-itce. lam pnre thit rvt?ry.mai, |
woman ai.d child that hears him will ?
be grateful that it has been their 8
privilege to bear so distinguished a ?
man discuss so new a subject. Hoping
that a very large audience will greet
him at the court house on the evening
of the 15ib, *
I am very truly, /
J. Frank Fooshe. I
Sliake in Tone Shoes
Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder. It
cures painful, smarting, nervous feet
and ingrowing* nails, and instantly
takes the sting out of corns and bun- *
ions. It's the greatest comfort dis- c
covery of the age. Allen's Foot-Ease c
makes tight or new shoes feel easy. It t
is a certain cure for sweating, callous i
and hot, tired, aching feet. Try it f
to-day. Sold by all druggists and shoe (
stores. By mail for 25c. in stamps, t
Trial package FEEE. Address, Allen t
S. Olmsted, Le Roy, 1ST. Y. 3-14 c
? t
The One Day Cold Cure. *
Kencott's Chocolates laxative QuirJae for _
cold in the head and sere throat. Children take l
them like caady. r
=============== 1
Issues Straight, Accident and Health
Insuies Steam Bcilers and I*sae?
Snrety Bonds.
Managers for tie Primary Sectiin
for Fairfield Conity.
Salem.?S. T. Clowney,W. B. Estes,
G. H. Jenkins. - ?
Fairfield Cotton Mills.?M. M.
Clinkscales, S. V. Gantt, Hill Park.
Monticello.?J. D. Aiken, T. J. Eabb,
W. J. Barley.
Blythewood.?W. J. Hagood,Humphrey
Brown, F. E. Hood.
Gl.moen's Grove.?C. S. Ford,
t t tj 14 oil
O. iUL# UiggllM-) V* U. LiUii*
Hoeeb ? J. M. Steele,A. L. Scruggs,
N. D. Roberts.
Jenkinsville.?J. C. Carry, J. H.
Yarborough, J. A. Slauton.
Mossy Dale.?T. C. Camak, T. F.
Smith, G. W. Brookf.
Greenbriar.-S. VV. Broom, J. L.
Caathen, W. P. Blair.
Woodward.?T. M. Boulware, John
S. McKeown, H. A. Holder.
White Oak?H. F. Boechel, Jno.
B. Patrick, M. Y. Batikbead.
Feasterville ? H. C oleman,
M?rt>n Rfiflm. M. (.3. Boolwarn.
Longtown. -Sam). McCormick,J.E.
Stewart, T. J. Robinson.
Ajbion.?R. E. Sterling, C. J. Stevenson,
J. E. Stevenson. i
Ptrvnr-nriv Hlin Satveui* if I
Jklii^VI^Tr Ai.* W * ?vu II J v ? J M
Simons, Joe Colt mir.
Centreville.?W. B. Ilogan, David ,
B anbam, Tbos. Holiis.
Bear Creek.?M. L. Couper, f,bas.
Ueins, Clifton Duke.
Oakland.?Woodward Durham,
P. C. Hellicbamp, Jno. Gibson.
Wateree.?Wm. J. Isenbower, J.D.
McDowell, Jas. Rawls. ^
Jackson Cbeek.?W. J. Lemmon, (
Jao. Brooks, T. M. Jordan. 8
V. ixssboro No. l.-L. E Owens, ^
Jno, H. McMaster, C. K. Douglass. 1
Wixxsboko No. 2.?Jncfc M~. Smith, c
Henry Phillip?, Neelr Johnston.
One manager from e*ch club will
be expected to meet J. R. Curiee,
Secretary, at Winnsboro on Saturday,
August 25, 19C0, and get boxes a?d
8-7-law3w Sccr tary. j
Of continuous
msiness have given our goods
vide and genera! distribution * M
1 * 1 * - J J
L Hey nave oeen suDjeciea to
he severest usage and their
rearing qualities' have been
ully tested.
We Guarantee
ivery chain, button, every aricle
we sell, to give satisfacion,
vou being the judge.
\ny article failing to do this
vlll be cheerfully exchanged.
We Deliver
10 work, we sell no goods not - 5^
mder our guarantee, which
las never been questioned
hroughout our entire busi
less life. _ ::
The Jeweler and Optieian,
0HE8TBB, 8.*'
YOUNG LADIES, Boanoke, Va.
Opens Sept. 18th, 1900. One of the
eading Schools for Young Ladies in
he South Magnificent buildings, all
nodern improvements. Campus ten
teres. Grand mountain scenery in
falley of Va., famed for aealJi
European and American teachers '
?TLU course, oupenor advantages m
Lrt and Music. Students from thirty ;
States. For catalogue address
6-27-2m Roanoke, Va
Sheriff's Sale.
rested in me, I have levied on and will
-it U/MM kAfnM
en iu uic ui^ucet wku viuuci ubivk
be Court House door io Wmnsboro, 5.
C., on Ihe first Monday in Septem- ,-M
ler next, the following described tract
if laud, sold under tbe Acts referring
o delinquent taxes:
School District No. 15.
B. R. Martin, 160 acres; bounded
torth by lands of W. S. Powell; east
>y lands of Prop .Martin; south by
luey'e Ferry road; west by lands of - ^J|
lamuel Alston.
8 2td S.P.C
luenaneia Hiipp
^J0pv|i?iii vm v
Digests what yon eat.
Ifc artificially digests the food and aids
Tatnre in strengthening and reconfcructing
the exhausted digestive orans.
It is the latest discovered digestnt
and tonic. No other preparation - :'j
an annrnaeh ifc in efficiency. It in
tantly relieves and permanently cores
Jyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
latulence, Soar Stomach, Kaosea,?
ick Headache,Gastralgia,Crampe and
11 other results of imperfect digestion.
Wc8 50c.and?. Large size contains 2*4 tlmei
mall ?lze. Book all abontdyspeipslainHlfr^ free
Prepared by E. C. DaWlTT A CO., Chicago.'
McMASTER CO.; W*rasbor?( S. C.
1LEGE 0F iSf
(Founded ia 1785.) " '
Next session opens October 1, 1900.
{card ia the College Dormitory, inIndiug
furnished room and lights,
:ao be obtained at $10 a month. Toiiou,
$40 per session, payable io two
nst&lmects. One scholarship giving
ree tnition is assigned to Fairfield
bounty, the holder to be appointed by
he County Superintendent of Ed ocaion
and the Judge of Probate. All orfmiaoinn
OFO norantlfiil
(AUUIVUMVO AVI avuuw??vu M?V
o compete for Boyce Scholarships,
vhich pay $150 a year.
Strong faculty; well equipped chem- . \;2
cal, physical and biological iaboratoies;
observatory; library of H,000
rolnme8; and the finest mnsenmof
latural history in the Sonth.
Elective cocrfes leading to the der*aa
nf R i an.1 \f A. Tfnr mfn.
ogne, illustrated circular and informaion
in full, address
8-4 President. .
For Sale. M
jfiLD SlOMliE Pi)TAT. ES
(Some planted July 14th show
tops through straw July 29th.)
Seeds suitable to plant in
'. --Via
and 15 varieties of Turnips.
ttste? Con
TTlTTM^n /X* A T7TlT/>
?ith a fall stock of Caskets, Burial
3ases And OfiiflS, constantly on hand,
tad use ?f hearse ;when reqnested. ["hankf
al for past patronage and soiiciation
for a share in the fatnre, in the
rid stand
< 'alls attended to ar all hours.
^ ii ? wnncWrfaWiyef Mftiidnt. Try it

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