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f.OCAL INTiiLL.lUfc.iNue.
Wednes iay, August 29, - 1900
local Matters.
?Mr. Jib Ciimmings is clerking for
'the Caldwell Dry Goods Co.
?Black velvet ribbons, all widths,
pompadour combs, hair clasps and
broocbe*, just received at
Mrs. McCarieys.
? ?Mr. Fletcher E. Hianant 13 (ravelling
over tha Slate in the interest of
tbe .South Carolina Co-educational
Institution, in which school he is to
v teach next year.
?Work on the addition to Q. D.
Williford's store is being ra9hed io
order to have the store in readiness
for the fall and winter stock which
will soon come in.
Mothers endorse it, children like it,
old folks use it. We refer to One
Hinnte Cough Care. It will qaickly
care all throat and lung troubles. McIIaster
?Daring the rain on Saturday the
wind crossed the telephone wires
badly and interfered greatly with tbe
use of the 'phones. This was remedied
on Monday as soon as possible.
?Robert Flonrnoy, Brickyard, Ala.,
writes: I eo< /ider no remedy equal to
Dr. Moffett's Teethika (Teething
Powder) for the irritations of teetfcicg
and the bowel troubles of our Southern
It will surprise you to experience
the benefit obtained by using the dainiy
iiid famous little pills known as DeWitt's
Little Early JRisers. Mcilaster
?Friends of Miss Belle Davis,
daughter of Prof. R. Means Davis,
will regret to learn that she is quite
?tck at her home iu Columbia. She
was taken sick shortly after her return
from the summer school at Rock Hill.
?Atter this week the st?re3 will
not close at six o'clock in the afternoon
and the clerk* are grieviDg over the
few days that are left them. On tbfc
other hand shoppers are glad that they
??>n nr.i to do tbeir shopping in
the morciDg hereafter. Jar
You will never find any other ,
bo prompi and r>? pleasant as PeW.
Little Early Risers. JlcMaster ijan-ie(i
?Mr. J. P. Caldwell, acconr Doty
by Mr?. Caldwell, Mrs M.
and Miss Lizzie Withers', $ f0r New
bia, left on Monday aflernoojn?8i
York and other northern gtock of fall
Caldwell goes to buy J
aB^ winter goods. s injured gardens
^ ?The drought there is a dearth
^sacb aD extent^ygj.y kind. Dairies,
Brec-etables o?,#a/?t^ onr? timcp who
B^re beer^or shipment cemplain
M^at has c&osed the batter
Wob* cut dowB very much.
HjKons will be spent in politics (his
w We can't ke?p the campaign goWwitboot
money any more than we
Kq ke*p the body vigorous without
nod. Dyspeptics uaed to starve themselves.
Now Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
digests what you eat and allows j on
- a . T f I
rio eai ail toe goau iouu juu weut.
radiealiy cares stomach troubles. McMaster
?Mr. D. E. McDowell is sick at bis
home with fever. He has been attending
the campaign meetings through
the county, and is probably sufferings
from the effects of fnch constant exposure
to the hot sun. It is hoped
that he will sot be confined to his
home fc r long.
?The Teacher*' Journal for July
and August is ;out It is an interesting
nnmber and contains much that is
of (tpecial interest to teachers. In this
nnuW ova ct-nf/?KoQ nf <?. nnmhfip r>f
I Kgfflj U UIU UWi U4W 4AVIVUV0 V* w* ? ?
g|p teachers who taught at the Winthrop
R summer school. Among these is a
skatch ot Prof. R. M. Dav;s.
HL Yoa assume no risk when jou buy
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
W Diarrbcei Remedy. - McMaster Cc.
will refund your money if yen arc not
|P satisfied after using it. It i* every*
f where admitted to be the most successW
ful remedy in use for bowel complaints
* aad the only one that never failp. It
ti pleasant, safe aad reliable.
T> fl- 1-3 fTLA^A. U~\A r>
? ikcv. xiaruiu j.(iv.<Lua? uou ocuiw
in St. John's Church on Sanday, both
morning and evening. This was his
k first visit since his appointment to
& this charch. He made a splendid'
W impression and the congregation of ihe
? Episcopal Charch consider themselves
very fortunate in having him in charge
; of the church. His n*xt service will
f be held here on the 4'h Sunday in
?A negro xcureion to Charlotte
carried a crovtd to tbnt citv ou Satnrday
nfieriuon. The train was made
up in Colombia and arrived here
crowded with excursionists. 0;m
coach was reserved for the Winnsboro
contingent and was soon filled to
[ overflowing. A big cainpmeeting in
Charlotte was the special attraction.
The traiu did not return frcm Charlotte
uniil Monday morning in the
our! v hnni o
^ in India, the land of famine, thousands
die because they cannot obtain
totxi. In America, the land of plenty,
mauv knff r and die b<canse tr.ev cmnot
di?e>t the food they est Koriol
Dyspepsia Care digesis what voq eat.
It in?taatly elieres and radically cares
ail siomacii trouble*. McMaster Co
?The te alt of the examination for
scholarships at Winthrop College, held
here several wet ks ag<.>, has been made
public, a? d the two young ladies who
won trie scholarships are Misses Mary
Hm y and Daysie Brockington. Butb
of :he?e \onng ladies hare attended
Wiuthrop tor a year and will be mem
bers or tne jat.i >r class nfxt year.
They are to be congraielated npo'i
wiumug these valaab!e scholarih'ps
?If ywu are in need of glasses, you
had bet:er ca!l 011 the ocalM at the
Hotel Duval. H? uiany customers
alrea-ty speak in ihe highest terras of
him; hi? prices arc moderate; he makes
las??? in all tie Jatsst stales, and his
laitscs are the best made ? adr.
Chinese are dingeron* enemies, fur
they are tivacherous That'* whv all
counterleit* of DeWitt's Witch llaz 1
Salve a?e dangerous. Thev look like
t)e\Vitt,i?, but instead ??f the all-healing
witch haze! they all ecu.tain ingredient
liable to irrratc the >kin atd cause
blood poisoning For pile*, iijnries
and ffcm d:s- use* u e the original a:.<1
jrrnnine I> Win's Witch Haz^i Salve
_ MeMa>terC-?
?The dronght which htd l ecoroe so
dt^tr. 6*ing and destructive was br ken
by a delightful rain on S&latda) a.'ier
"" ~ ~ _ !
|- Don9! Stop I
ja faking Scott's Emulsion be- J
g cause it's warm weather* ?
f Keep taking it until you are |
cureiL J
^ It will heal your lungs and p
5 ?five you rich olocxl in sum- fj
6 ~~ T+'~ rr,A &
F3| Alitor ClO iii ?v i.iig;* o.w ^ vvv#
P liver of! mzas e^3y.
i **"' 'ru^?rs" ||
coon. The rvn did rot continue tor
very lon<j but was heavy and quite
sufficient to do an amount of good,
though it wou'd have been much
better had it lasted longer. After
tucb an extremely long hot spell every
one expected a storm of great severity |
when the drought was ended, but rai"5
came on Saturday wilhont any st--orra
and very Jittle display of elep^ricity.
A little hail fell in the begin*1^13? &cd
some wind accompanied rue but
we were more fortouatr *n l^s respect
tnan tome other pJa/*6 which have
been visited by sever2 s'ormsuMy
baby was i !>c
/^orrhr** " R1VS * Ai* " "*
?.?? ftrUn^,tWe were unable to
^ Kim with tlic ^odor's assisianco,
cu?e him w J?esort we trje,] Cbainber?n.d,ff^/Cbolera
and Diarrbcei
&edv - a . h/ppy t0 ia? " S
. relief aud a complete
immedia9or sale bv McMaster Co<
cure." i ^
. ? ??
^wil! be a meeting cf represen,
. ;of the various townships in tbe
i atiVGS
-bouse on the first Monday in
cour??, , , .
.^oer to elect a county pension
fecDier* ~ . ? ..
boart county. Ihesur.
s in each township should be sure
:e a representative yresenS
l? m. G. U. McMaster,
J, Chairman County Board.
tlu) ^ K'nd Ydu Have Alwaj's Bought
Died cu the 17ih inst., near Tiizab,
York contity, of typhoid fever, Mamie
Flojd Jackson, yor.ngest daughter of
W F. and Mary E. Jackson (deceased),
. formerly of Faiifield. She had only
befcti home two months, having graduated
DiT~tfr?^42tb of Jane at the Normal
and Collegiate Institute, Ashe
vine, jx. sne was Mtl in Bethesda
Koied Into 5few Quarters.
Tbc Nf?" onic lodge moved on Monday
from its old qnarters in ihe Bcaty
building wbich it has occupied for
years into the handsome new room on
the second floor of ihe granite building.
The new room bai recently been
nicely fixed up, piaiterei and wains
coatcd and makes a delightfnl room
for the Mason?. It is conveniently
situated, although not as central as the
old lodge, and suits nicely in every
respecf. The Masons will appreciate
their comfortable new lodge ss the old
one was badly out of repair.
Volcanic Eruptions
Are grand, but Skin Eruptions rob
life of joy. Bucklen's Arnica Salve
cure9 them; also 01d,_Rannin? and
Fever Sores, Bleers, Boils, Felons,
Corns, Warts, Cuts, Braises, Barns,
Scalds, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Best Pile cure on earth. Drives out
Pains and Aches. Only 25 cts. a box.
Cure guaranteed. Sold by McMaster
Co., druggists.
The Wion&boro base ball team,
which lefc here on Wednesday for
Johnston, returned on Friday victoriou?.
Two games were played, one on
Wednesday aiternoon and one on
Thursday. It was expected that a
fhiril oflmf* wonlri he nlavfcl on Fri
day, but it was thought best to return
home, one of the strongest members
of tbe team not feeling equal to a third
Tbe game on Wednesday resulted in
a tie?the sco:e standing 5 to 5. The
second game, which was p*!ajed on
Thursday, resulted in a score of 5 to
2 in favor of Winnsboro, ai.d t!.c boys
were jatiiant over iheir victory.
Tbe Johnston team expects to come
to "Winnsboro ibis wrck t* play several
games. Buth :eams are strong
and tbe games next week will nodonbt
be exciting.
"Through the month? of Jnneand
Jq!v oar baby was teething and took a
lunt.ing off of the bowe's snd sickness
of Ihp stomach." says O. P M.
Holliday, of Deming, Ind. "His
bowels would move trom fivelo eight
timea a day. I bad a bottle of Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera an;* Diarrhoea
Remedy in the hense and gsve him
four drops in a tea?poonlul of water
and he got better at once." Sold by [
McMaster Co.
A very c^ious sccidrn!, which i
might have resulted in tue dta:h of j
two men, occurred in the Greenbmr i
section on Thursday afternoon. Mr.
1? V Rmp nf tha fTlin( II i! 1 CPPlif>tl I
was driving in his bDgiry, a,d topped J
in the road rear Mr. Lronard R il>in j
sou's housa to talk (o Mr. Orosfey Raff
Tbey were d ivct y uuder a tc.'epuot.e
wire and Mr. llnlT bad his hand on the
shaft of tbe boggv when a flash of j
lightning camc si:d struck tbe te!ephoi
e wire. Tt.c rnu'e v. as instantly I
killed and Mr. linfF was sinmed, but
Mt. Bray who was in t' e bugg} was
? 1 I, I
IIuI rnecieu i\\ tt i 11 cuj^|;v*cu
thai the grtund wire which should
h?ve cariied t-ff' the iightnii g wa> not
properly fixed. It is most rcmarkabie
Mr. Biay and Mr. Iinff were nor b?.Jb
ki!!ed, as ttey were so near :he uin't
when it was struck. Mr. Ruff soon
recovered Jrom the shock ai d lei. no
bad t ffVctP.
The wolf in the fable puts on sheep'b
clothing because if he traveled on his
own rf potation he couldn't accomplish
- / > A -r TV.
ill* puipose isOiinierieuers 01 uaWin's
Wnch Hazel Saive couldn't sell
iheir worthless salvt-s on their merits,
so they put them iu boxes and wrappers
like DeWitt'?. Look out for
them. Take only DeWitt's Witch
Haz-il Salve. It cures piles and all
fekin diseases. McMaster Co.
iTTT ' i? ,r^nrr rfM 7I ,|M
j Congl
, t |
! J f
Precincts. j &
^ S\ ;
O s k 1
? 1-3J ;
Salem ? '
FairfiaW Cotton 1^/tUs.. ' 21 23 :
Monticello...^^'. ! 40 SO '
Blythewoody^ j
Gladden's.^Srove ; 25 23 I
Hcreb./*- ; 44 15 ?
JenkjnKville j 17 13 i
M/^ssy Dale ! 2-4 12 5
'brreenbriar j 63 20 i
Woodward ! 30 ?3 f
White Oak ! 23 15 5
Feasterville j 66 82 11
Longto?rn i 46 27 S
AlKion | 97 5
Ridgeway ! 44 80 I
Centreville ; 24 31 2
Bear Creek 12 21
Oakland I 5 ?2
Wateree i IS 13 1
Jackson Creek.... ! 33 9 3
Winns-boro No. 33 108 C
Win:^boro No. 2 1 28 20 3
TotsIs 654 638 8
[email protected] |
""We ha?e three children. Before the
birth of the last one my wife used four bottles
of MOTHER'S FRIEND. If you had the
pictures of our children, you could see a*
a glance that the last one
is healthiest, prettiest and
finest-looking: of them all.
My vife thinks Mother's
Friend is the greatest ft'
and grandest /^7\i
world for expect- Jjlllf[jWritten
fey a Kentucky
rmrgfl prevents nine-tenths of tha
m LRU su^erin? incident to childr
birth. The coming: mother's
disposition and temper remain unruffled
throughout the ordeal, because this relaxing1,
penetrating' liniment relieves tha
usual distress, a gooa-naturea mother
Is pretty sure to have a good-natured child.
^?. patlent is kept in a strong, health}
ctel%gg? "which the child also inherits
Hother*si^lca<4akes a wife through the
crisis qmckly~tmJhvt^oSt painlessly, II
assists in her rapifosgw^y. and wards
Off the dangers that sorfllSjjb^viQ^ <^eSold
by drujjists for $ to bottle/^**S2^
Send for ?Mr free illustrated book vrrlttcs
expressly tot expectant mothers.
Mrs. J. F. McMaster is visitiog in
Mr. Julian Connorreturns ibis week
for At ham a.
Mr. Nelson Hanaban is visiting
relatives in town.
The Misses Wardlaw are visiting
their consin, Miss Marie McCauts.
The northbound passenger train
was several hours behind time on
on Monday.
Mr. Strother Ford and Miss L?ura
Ford, of Rocky Mount, weie in town
on Monday.
Miss Rachel B. McMastsr returned
Jast week from a months' stay at
Early Branch.
Mrs. Riley McMaster is expected
this week from Floiida. Sh3 will
visit Mr. -and Mrs. R N. McMaster.
Mr. Q. D. Williford leaves this
week for northern markets to purchase
goods for the fall and win er trade
For Over Fifty Tears.
Mrs. Wixslow's Soothing Syrup
1 1 JJ CL? I
juas ueen useu lur over uny jears uy i
millions of mothers for their childien !
while teethiog, with pcrfect sncces1. i
It soothes the child, soltens the srums,
allays all pain, cores wind coiic, and
is the best remedy for diarrhoea It
will relieve the poor little ."offerer
immediately. Sold bv druggists in
every part of the world. Twentv five
cents a bottle. Be sure and ask for
"Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup,"
and take no other bind. 1-1-17
September will open nearly fair and
warm. Moon's first ausrier ou the
2nd, ar.d also at greatest south declination.
On the 2nd to 4th look for a
warm wave. Some activc storms need
not be a surpr'se shout this time, with
some rain, followed by co >!er and
fair weather frcm 4h too;k;Gthtoj
Sth, fair and warm; fnll nionn the 9-.h
ar.d at perig?c and o'i equator. From
Sih to 11th seme active ?-alcs and sunk1
rain need not be a surprise about tl.ia |
tirn?; chance? are that a inaikfd change i
to very c??l wii] be in rear of thegales;
fro^t northward; 12> 1) :o 17th, fair and
beautilul; 18 b, nearly fair and very j
warm; earth's equinox on the 23rd; !
new moon on the 23.d, and also at
apogee and on equator; fourc. rabined
causes centering on the same day. L
name the 19-.ii and 26th that rain, bii!,
niud, thunder end ligbtnieg, and j
some severe st inn nil! prevail in
many place?, followed by a colli wave j
for the season i:i tear ??f the storms.
Slight froit southward i red not fee a j
surprise in seme p'aces; heavy frost
northwaid. 27th am! "2Sth, fir >:nd i
warm; iiiomi at farthest point son h j
on the 2SrI;; parily cloud v and rising j
temferatiire on the 29th -u.ri 30;}-.
Look ami you wii! tee the moon way j
down in the south: now the moon has !
started northward and will roach his j
northern limit in October. Tho position
of the moon in its relation to the ;
Run and earth is changing daily. !
Scientists agree that the piincipal
oceautides are caused by Hit moon, j
none deny. Some people have b<.- i
trayed their ignorance on the st.bj- ct
by sayiDg.that the moon's influence on
the e^rth is the same every day in the
year, and by other comments equally
ridiculous If thev wonld only tnake
close observations tbev wonld scou
y?? 1 Sto v??'- aa ?i ma
Result of Kirs
Solicitor. SeDate. j " Kepreseiitat
i !
? ! in
9 1 "a - ? ? = ?
Q-5-1'3 o I *3 o =
o -c go "77 13 o ^ ?
-2 ; i so ^ ? h = >
- ^ Ojcs ? bD ~ f*
2r*S:C^tjlea ?
* ? . . \ j PS 3 ^ 03
?5 S ^ ? i ca jj ={
^8^ ^ ! d F-I ! S3 >? ^
-9 5 5 22 19 12 35
:? !I I 34 25 19
i t>3 4b 3/ 34 43 56
49^o_f)5 101
57 S 12 22 35 20 ll'^S^ko
)2 5 2 34 16 34 24 37^
50 0 0 34 1 34 27 5 20
>7*7 2 28 8 26 4 12 16
>3 14 18 c3 27 56 10 47 50
14 20 10 26 37 39 36 13 32
>9 8 2 4 35 14 17 23 20
.8 2 27 78 71 85 28 43 147
19 32 12 -25 59 21 66 60 51
!1 5 5 13 28 15 9 30 32
>6 49 51 62 63 59 56 106 35
!6 5 24 31 23 32 43 50 17
5 29 10 21 1 27 26 27 3
9 26 4 20 9 15 50 5 1
6 7 8 20 11 13 29 9 10
14 3 6 19 24 28 18 24 41
3 71 7 129 12 118 60 32 70
5 6 9 29 21 32 19 31 31
17 325 201 742 559 825 G80 761 865
see their foolishness of such cri.icism.
Some will fcoat the idea of lliu moon
being a factor in the moteoro'o^icil
disturbance, but it is a fact buond a
donbt, and tbev are langbing at iheir
own igwcance. J. Martin Grant.
How's This!
We oflLr One Hundred Dollars Reward
for ::ny case of Caiarrb that cannot
be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
T51 .T f tttvcv Xr. Prftnc
A. XJ v J IV . V ] A i V ^ f
Toledo, 0
We, the undersigned, have known
F. J. Cheney lor the last 15 years, and
believe him perfectly honorable in all
basine-s transactions and financially
able to carry ont any obligation1 made
by their firm. . 1
West & Trnax, Wholesale Druggists,
Toledo, 0.
Waldinw, Kinnan & Marvin, Wholesale
Druggists, Toledo, 0
IIhII's Catarrh Cure is taken internally,
acting directly upon tin blood
and mncoas surfaces of the sa stem.
Price, 75. per botlb-. Sold by all J
druggist?. Testimonials free.
Hull's Family Pills are the best j
Til a nrimorv in Toiv_ I ^
field County passed off quietly. |
The returns eame in unusually :
promptly on account of the telephone
facilities, though it- took *
tue managers a long time to
count the Totes as the ticket, *
bo'.h State and county, Tvas very 1
.ong, and necessarily took a long (
:^e to make lhe count.
turns for State officers 3t
ha\e nofe^gp complete and it is j
ire P0ssiblex;t0 nnrv.TrniA flornrAS
to-day. As for tEe-returns made
up to Wedre^day morning the
vote -was as follows:
B. R.*T*llmrii ...470
McSweeiey .1CI
Hoyt i 373
Gary., >*. .<152
Pattevson 30
Whitman 1
Sloaa 129
Bleas^ 47
WinV r 101
I.-.t.H.e 85
J. ii. ii.i.nan 274
Bellinger ...!. . ."!.!. 641
Timmerman .... 71
Jennings 635 ,
"Perhairu '. .521 . c
: rooker 171 MjMahan
/*!? 10.T
supers xoo
Floyd... .590 ?
Bouse - 100
W. D. Evans 1^3
Whaiton. 173
B Evans 123
Mayfield ;..y...-83- 1
Petiigra . .25
Bei-ry A .,123
Ethereage.. ....... 19
In the race for congress Wilson (
beats Johsc-n in Fairfield by a *;
small vo;e, but tlie returns from
the district assure .Johnson's 5
nomination. For the legislature
"Wolling, Bagsdale and Morrison
are nominated. The sheriffs5
race is close. Ellison and Stevenson,
it s^ems, .will have to rrayg. j
the second primary. For clefs
of court, Lyles and Neil will fiave 1
to try it in another race, and ,
Hood and Stewart for supervisor
will enter a second primary. Hinnaat
is nominated for coroner ;
and Rosborougli is nominated for
superintendent of education.
Wylie lr.nds without opposition.
Richmond and Moore will lock
horns in a second primary. We ;
publish below a tabulated statement,
which is nob official and
mav be subiect to some errors.
Of course, where there is a dif- ,
ference of only four or five votes,
it always requires an official count !
to determine the result. It will !
be observed that a part of the :
vote at Blythewood is omitted. :
Earnest effort was made to get <
the full vote there, but without :
His Life Was Saved*
Mr. J. E. Lilly, a prominent citizen ,
of Hannibal, Mo , latc'y hnrl a wonderful
?2e!iveranc?i frcin a fiightfui
death. In tilling of it he .-a.v.?: "1
was taken with Typhoil Fevt-r, that
ran into Pneumonia. Mv Inr-g? bet
...... _,.l. T
taujv; l aaicJicu. .1 w v? cacw x
couldn't eveD bit up in bed. Nothing
helped mo. I expccied to soon die of
Consumption, when I heard of Dr.
Kin"'* N'jw Discovei v. One bot.rlp
cave great relief. I continued to u*e
it, and now am wei! ami &tror.<r, I
cau'c say ?o<> much in its praise." This
mflrVMl!nn< mr>riii*iiip thi? ??nrp4f
quickest cure in (he wcr'd for a'l
TJrokt a;ni f.nu? 'I rouble. Regular
*:z"S 50 cents s--<i i?1 00. Trial bo?:?e??
fr??! JIcMa. tft" C-?.'s Jrurg'ote;
evei \ b tile -arm -et?
- ? -- - ?x ?
Mi?s 5 k-s, of I^irh Branch, j*
vi-i'ting Mi?s A io; McM^ifr.
The One Day Cold Cure.
Cold in head and sore throat cured by Kermott's
Chocolates Laxative Quinine. As easy to '
take as cati^y. " Children cry for them."
t Primary E-lec
ives. ! SL3uff.
O rp
t | g . . & 5 '
5 "? 1 ~ >, .2 = ?
.2.S oot:S5S^
? ? 5 ? s -a O S
? ? ri r? . P J ^
CQ ?3 j H 3 ? O | O ?
|-3?-''-*>-S>-3C2SO ^
22 7 5 3 4 0 0 17 1
16 1 8 14 1 1 1 l 0
48; 14 lo 9 11 4 9 3 1
35 2S 26 15 10 45
37 23 4 16 11 4 3 5 0
^^.11 4 G 8 1 3 1 28
13 G 7 0 0 3 1 4
15 32 ^^^9 6 3 5 0 11
38 47 *^^^**5 17 3 1 o
54 7 44 0 o 4. o
33 10 7 2 4 0
86 51 13 21 26 25 2 1-TNS
60 28 * 8 22 0 0 18 1G C
32 6 10 0 9 2' 0 0 C
78 41 23 25 19 -14 G 12 3
oei o^rtoocin
? id X. m, tJ v * ?KJ J. VI
11 3 IOC
17 22 IOC
23 10 '6 12 4 0 1 3 1
1G0 5 4 8 2 0 0 C
97 37 20 65 13 2 5 14 0
29 8- 5 6 4 10 1 5 0
829 3SG 257 255 157 111 93 147 VA
mi.. t ^
jLjut; letuixis u.s lu iuo wuwe j
ticket seem to liave been hard to,
ob ain. "We found much trouble !
in getting a few for tliis county,'
and we observe "that the slowness |
with which returns came in was |
general throughout the whole j <
State. 1
It seems settled that Koyt and j
McSweeney will be the condidates
in the second primary.
Nothing is settled by the first,
and probably as much interest 1
will be taken in the second as in ,
the first. J. H. Tillman and Jno. J
T. S?oan lead for Lieutenant
Governor. McMalian, Cooper, 1
Bellinger and Floyd are nomi- ]
Dated for the respective offices
for which they ran. Mr. McMa- i I
ban has a strong hold on Fair-!
held county and his friends here 11
svere pleased at the large votei
nrivf>n him in tlift State. He has
made a good officer. Mr. B. H. j
Jennings defeats Dr. Timmerman
For State Treasurer. The form3r's
friends here were yery enthusiastic
over the result. Fairfield (
lias not often been represented t
:>n the State ticket, and it is grat- *
fying to the county that Mr. j
Jennings goes in by such a large t
rote. He -will make a good offi- t
jer. f
At the time we write this it is jc
11 i i 11 1 11 . 1_ - ! (
mpossioie 10 ten now ine vote (
Stoijids for Railroad Commis- t
sioiiev. j
Yes, Angus*. Flower still has the 8
argect sale of xny medicine in the 1
iivilized world. Y^ur mothers and r
jrandmothers never bought of using t
mytbing else for Indigestion 0r Bil- c
oneness. Doctors werbx scarce, and i
:bey seldom heard of Appendicitis, e
Nervous Prostration or Heart Failure, t
itc. The^ used Angust Flower to
ilean out tiKsystem and stop fermen .ution
of uisd^ested food, regulated
.be action ?f the liver, stimulate the
aerrous and "organic action 01 the sys:em,
and that is all they took when
feeling da!l and bad with headaches c
vnd ciher aches. You only need a i
iew doses of Green's August Flower, (
n liquid form, to make you satisfied ]
here io nothing serious the matter ^
with you. For sale by McMaster Co ,
j_ t
Jays that He Got His Figures from the j
State Dispensary. ^
"Be }c not deceived" by Mr. Ji;0.;:
B. Stevenson's card. !,
lie commences with the statement > (
bat the editor did him a greal ii-jas-1 (
ice, unintentionally lie is sure, by <:iv- i L
ng currency ;o my unreliable stare-; j
Taent about bieakage ar the Winnsbnrn . (
lispensarv. !(
This breakage and shoitage matter\(
ic n Ihnrriin thefl^ch til ilif> rtj?nfn* ' ^
>ary gang in Fairfield. Tt.ey do not'i
ikt; to hear it discuisrd on the stamp.' r
Here arc the figures I n a i ai Winns-i
boro aud other place.-: ij
Kershaw dispensary, shortage
forl4qrs ? 5 40 j Kidgeway
dispe;i>a:y, shortage
for 14 qrc 93 S3 !9
inAucf?Y*HunO(iCiiri' ch rtoiri* ! i
and breakage fur 14 qr?. . 746 00 ; *
Wionsboro dispensary, bhorl- j,
a?e and breakage lor 14 q.->. 1,429 00 j.
Is ibis "an unieliab'e" f-tr.tement?j
Head ibis letter and judge:
South Carolina Dispensary, \?
Columbia, if. C , Aug. 1, 1900. ' a
Mr. J. B. Morrison, " ij
Blacks-tock, S.'lj i
Dear Sir?R c ived } our favor July i L
28, ar.d ?* "t with your request, I
sve e> fi tabl:* showing >h x tage 11
-i i* . . i< /. ?t .v r^11
tiuu :ii iuu iuJiu\v?:?^ ui.^jjcii* , j
sariet: lie? ir.w, Lanc^tcr, \Vinns-!{
boro vantl lint;;*;way. Yvu v. illno;e!"
Lliut ts isMic i/i-gins with the year.v
1857 aAd iocl.jclos the month M' Jane [ n
of the {Ye?eut )ur. It w:is :i :-iii ;
to get W? . itiis i^fo; uiaiion, n.iic? to: K
bare g'>uV hack of the ye&r 1897 would i
buve enisled n very ranch -"re.i'er ?
amount ur\Uuyr in ^Gaic5:ii:- ont th** H
old roportl which have been puckcd c
? "*? " \1T ^ K t > *V*rt tr ffrtlM'u VATIf
UVYO.J. 11 e ?"U51 mis may ciitc jvm t
purposj. Yttnvs respectfully, | ?
Signed, (J. %Vcob, C e:k. j'v
Mr. St' vei.sowc, iu bi>- unique card, i j
te Is the sad truwi thai the Winnsboro j
dispensary has rJggooda tccord on ?he ' (
Twenty \^ars Proof, j j
Tutts Liver Filial keep the bow-, c
eisin natural motiipnand cleanse t
the system of all impurities An
absolute cure for siak headache, t
dyspepsia, sour stomach, con-' x
stipation and kindred diseases., {
"'fe'i do withoa^fhem" j;
R. R Smith, Chilesbuffg, Va. I
whiles I don't know hov/l could j ^
v;lo w ithout them. I have had :
Li-. : disease for over twenty j
;:c.rs. Am now entirely cuVed. i
Toft's Liver Pills II
V ;
'" ?
? i. " - a
:;tion, Held An;
? co ; ,
? S l CO
a > T ? .2?
2 ^ = ? 5 ^ t:
? . & ca o ? o
* a ^ - <J K e 3
? i i = i ^ c > ft
n o O = ei s
^ *-? *-5 >-> "5 *-5 ~ I <
2 7 2o 7 1 O- 3 '3
1 19 3 27 11 4 1 22
9 21 72 8 3 0 0 17
1 1 12 21 6 4 19 7 29
4 5 U 13 9 0 4 33
n 07 ,1 4. n n 7
0 G 21 6 3 14 0
' 5 23 65 10 1 2 o 21
i 0. 4 14 2 18 30 0 2
i '1 Z - 9 , 8 3 U 3 12
43 92 19 4 33 1 23
' 0 16 XI 34 4 4 31 34
I 1 19 28^. 0 4 S 0 2
i 11 12 54 17 . 7 4Q, 8 71
i 0 17 39 9 * 5 2 0 22
00 '1 0 1 20 10 20
105 2224 19 8
13 6 y 2 2 12 y
> 1 22 22 12 3 1 2 39
10 12 12 G2 55 9 4 49
1 18 11 28 10 5 1 IS
7 267 578 278 159 196 113 521 !
breakage as any dispensary iu Uie1
Siate. Thit? I believe to be tnr. It is !
on account of its good bicakoge and !
shortage record that 1 hsvv criticized
ifs management. We v, ant to rr<uce ;
thess good rrcords a d not have -it j
aid vve are the banner ?M-pensarv j
county !or b!?; break -go !?ua lonjt ;
Mortage. !
'"il"' Moni-on makes a areat vo do'.
over a cert.iin i:!tc?r linen h) ttu?
old hoard t"> ycais a^t. This loner
v\ a< in'r'y :i j ik"." Well. b>vp, vo-.
bar! y< 11 r iu.: uver ibis letter two y? are j
ano; I have inv fun nrr*-. '-Lie wii^i
laughs lasr, lau-'is hes*.''
I have nev r ;ibn'e?! a man en the j
stump; I critie ze men in fffiee when
I believe tLkt ?hey need "remivaMmr |
and fumigating." Ttii-s d:-cs good at j
i?ee i he cflec:s ol tuning on-the
ligbf. $8.47 ahead at Jin VVin?*boro
tJispeus.iry !L! Did the o!desf inhabitant
ever hear ihe like!
uAbnsing me, a better man than
himself." Se!ah.
Shall the Dcop'e of Fait field control
the dispensary or will (he dispensar;.
lontrol the j.eoph-?
J. B Morrison
Bhcksleck, S. C , Au^. 21
A Minister's Good TVork,
"I had a severe atiack of bilions j ^
:o!ic, got a bottle of Chamberlain's <
Jolic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, *]
ook two d:">pcs and was rntirelv cored,"
ays Rt v. A. A. Power, of Emporia, Evan.
"My neighbor across the street ]
vas sick for over a week, had two or i
hree bottles of medicine from the docor.
He used them for three or four 3
Jays without relief, then cal'ed in'an- i
)un:r uucior, wuu ruiiKu uim iui xvmv 1
lays and gave him no relief, so disibargad
him. 1 went ever to see him s
he next morning. He said bis bowels r
vere in a terrible'fix, that they bad
)een ranning ofi" so long that it was p
ilmost bloody flax. I asked him if he r
md tried Chamberlain's t'olic, Cholera
md Diarrheal Remedy, and be said, ]
No.' I went home ard bronght him j
ny bottle and gave him one dose; told
iim to take another do?e in fifteen r
>r twenty initiates if ce did not find jj
elief, but be took no more and was j
entirely cured." For sale by McMas- a
erCo. ' i:
"When ?he mercury rises the wings ti
>f mv fancy droop," so wrote Tim- ^
od, and we can appreciate its truth jj
nanng mis toma weatner wnen me
3are recording of facts is a task. It
would take nothing short of an ice^erg^to
excite our imagination now, ^
that we'aTc longing for all things cool. c
Mountain tops, o?s^n_ breezes, splash- i
ng water falls, and ertn cool recep- ^
ions would be enjoyable '(^specially ^
f ice cream was involved). 1 know (
hat onr many perspiring candidates j
ire not able to do themselves justice ^
Juring this hcaf.ed term?have failed
o convince the beloved people of how ?
lo-'il ihov ar<; and how well fitted to ^
ill the i ffices to which they aspirp. j
3!d Sol mn?t hsve communica'edsome j
)f lire 10 s ;tne of our Stsle catidil.tic?
from the way tbey pitch ioto ^
ar-h o:her and have to be pulled apart, j
t is only midsummer madness. Tillnan,
I suppo-e, is enjoyiu^ the iheo- f
ogle*! dis.U'M./a he has diawu upon
Crops have been very much in- 3
tired by ih<? drought. Fruit has f
;brive!c;l and fallen, potato vines are
ljir.g?something nnnsua). A good
aiii fell bt-r? on Thursday evening
ast but the heat is unabated, in fact it fc
s hotter than before the rain. "V
The Sunday School of Shiluh church
:ave a picnic sometime since, and
rrinfl tfllba rrsa^p hv
Jr. E::g!i-li Oaraak and Rev. E. A. c
McDowell a
WV vn r?j s:? fortunate as to have -j
)r. Loe Davis Lodge, president of c
Jrnestone < ollege, to bdge with us
lining the ;cent Sunday School cod- ^
rpiuion he>ri at Little River church, t,
md we s:i,e*rely hops that much of s
lift fin?j :h'>n rnt presented by him in ^
ucli cN-u'-, forcible manner will find
>ermanent lodgement in the hearts
11 (1 iv.z.n '? of his many bearer?. This
was a decided success, a
food attendance, good reports, good
pcschos. good dinners, and we hope
vill repnit in good and better Sunday
:choo!s Ii meets with the Winnsboro
3aptist Church next year..
Rev. JR. A.. Sublett, of Sammerton.
;iarcnd"ii county, accompanied by .
rtr. Tii?-k?tt, of Orangebnrg, who
ea:!s in the sieging, recently held a
i.eeiii.gai Little Biver Church. Tbe
>rpachm^a-:d r^re b^ih ex:eileiitLJ-d
reeu.ic; ii a nuui&r of
iccessf ? to tbe caarch. These
rentltf n are now assisting Rev. E. A. W'cDowell
in a meeting at Beaver
r*\-\ ? ??'/>?-? /?Anr>fT? or?r
/I I i\. V'IMIIUU) wuui)) C.UU
'run thrre will jo to Rocky Creek
:hurch wbere they will condact a
neeting of some days. Mr. Snblett T
:a^, been engaged in evangelistic work g
or several years in this and other t
State?, s?:d his preaching has been at- g
01 ded with marked success. ?
The 8cbool at Monticello and Shiloh 0
^ili be taught next term bj?; Messrs.
tVill Scott, of Monticello, j'and
Chomason, of Union, both recent
graduates of Fnrman University. We
jeein uie irasiees ionunate iu nav ng ?seemed
the services of .these v. t
uen who come highly recoinni'".' :d, J
ind have had son"* esperisuce as s
Misses Irene and Pauline Jones, of
. v
is y
gust iyuu.
Snpervisor. Coroner. SupU
-r i
>>> w
" o A a
* * s S 5c =
g & s S =5 g
2 i 5 J I >< ! I
-0 1 i < | 5 a I
^ J? - r-H ?
. 2 f? T}
Js:3c-3 S o - J
? * ? 4_d i ^ e d
2 0 23 5 0 26 2 20
21 1 0 1 1 10 35 34
3 7 4 52 0 65 17 26 .
12 68 2 15 5 68 1
11 10 4 0 2 38 18 23
0 27 & o 0 1 57 14
1 13 1 8^ QS 10 25 13
1 35 5 0^9-v 5 31 12
6 41 6 8 3 ~NJ 78 3t
GO 0 2 0 0 39-25 30
24 0 0 1 1 19 19 15
14 ft 93 9 1 113 35 74?.
16 0 12 5 11 19 71 37
33 1 2 3 0 30 10 9
41 5 4 4 1 37 88 37
1 0 10 21 1 7 47 14
7 1 2 2 1 5 28 v 15
i i a n io x ' 9J5 8
11 2 1 2 3 6 25 24
0 13 10 SO 113 36
36 18 14 16 7 38 03 74
8 2 19 5 3 8 41 27 .
*91 213 212 158 59 517 771 644 '
i WSB9BBK. *** ,
i' elillSHk
I s3 n. v ~ ; fl IB
mMWMLV --* i
ji AtgalejFaee i
II [$?a ftrofflln6&l?ympw?fl oT*tt!At?a !
* I blood. If covered With plaplei, the
>, .ividence Is.coroplete. It's nature*?
j mypfvarningyooofyoprcoDaitioa^ [
|: SnsB^s |
11 neverfalU'jo Well#6lJ*fllsordew (it
i the blood, slight or severe, of ioi)g i
' i standing cr recent origin. ItstbJrty.
J r years record guarantees its efficacy, i
! , Bold everywhere. Price SLOO per mil
i iQnart bottle. Prepared only by -m.
f mcrneix DXTO COMPAIT,' I
W Detroit, MIcH.
Jolm IT. Mcllaster & Co., Winnsboro.
>. C.; T. W. Woodward & Co., Eocbtori, ]
>. O.; W. M. Patrick, Woodward. S. C.; ,
r. G Fa trick & Co., White Oak, S. C.
Lcngtowc, are visitiig friends and
eiatives in 'bis community.
Misses Mamie Hutchinson and
>.ura Kiusler, the former from Wallalla,
the latter srom Eichland connty,
ecentiy visaed friends at, Moaticello.
Mrs. G. A. Beard, of Walballa, is
ipending some time with her aaany
elative* and friends in this county.
Miss Grace Kirbpatrick, of Proa>erifcy,
was the guest for some days i
ecentiy of Miss Essie Hol'cy.
Mr. Howell Jones, of Longtown, J
aw-!y visited Mr. T. J. Rabb, of Long
A protracted meeting hat been in
progress for some days it Monitcello.
dethodist Oburch. A quarterly meetag
was held there on last Saturday
,nd Sandav, Rf>v. Mr. Hodge-1 pre-id
D g.
With Rev. Mr. Spigner ofiSciaiing,
diss Mary Lapo and Mr. James Aiken,
f Monticello, were united in mariage
on the afternoon of Thursday,
be 16th inst., at the home of the
ride's father, Eev. E. K. Lnpo. We
xtend to them oar hearty conj^ratuitione.
August 18, 1900. ^
A Pawder Mill Explosion
Pomn?oo ecore^Moff ?n ci?rhi cri /^a
Irastic mineral pills, but both ar*
aigbty dangerous. Don't dynamite
be delicate machinery cf your body j
vith calomel, croton oil rr aloes pills,
vhen Dr. King's New Life Fills,
which are gtntle as a summer breeze,
lo the work perfectly. Cure? Head- j
*che, Constipation. Only 25c "it McVlaster
Co.'s drug store.
?If yonr eyes burn, smart, feel
>ticky it? the morning, pni 1 or itch J
rou, or a yoa have tears in vonr eyes, II
'pots flash belo.^e yoor cji s, oryoaj
io:d your reading t?00 near or tu> far, j
>r strong light haris y-jour c>? < r yir>u
iave headache?, catt ahto see ihe oca \
ist at tte Hotel Dava) -.--lb vVp" -'
>crience. No charge f?r ocsmina- '
ion.?adv. - - . i
O .A. 3 *3? c? S3. JL-A.. ]
km the A The Kind Yeq Have Always Boagfit !
*r j
Mr. C. A. Douglas, after & vi-it Jo j
lis parents at Albion, Lai returned to {
Washington, D. C.
Sbakft in Your Shoes
Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder. It j
ures painful, smarting, nervous feet |
nd ingrowing nails, and instantly1
akes the sting out of corns and bun-1
ms. It's the greatest comfort dis- j
overvof the nw. Al'en's Foot-Fase
aakes tight or ne*v shoes feel easy. It!
; a certain cure for sweating, callous!
nd hofc, t!red, aching feet Try it
n-d. y. Sold by all druggists aud shoe
tores. By mail for 25c. in stamps,
'rial package FREE. Address, Allen
1. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y. 3-14
Mrs. H. B. Ref-> has returned from
stay in tbe North Carolina moaniins.
; \
For Infants and CMldre-i.
Die Kind You Have Always Sought i
Boars /'Ty y]f\V " " I
Signature of 1
~~ " ' '' ~~ <
o ^ u f r r ^ o ^ i /% i
ontJiill oaic. i;
rested ia me, I have .'eviedon and will '
ell to the highest ca^h. 'o:dder before
he Court Hoc?p door i? U'insisboro,
>. C., on the fir-t Mci.day in Septtra- ,
er next, the f.>'iowii g dfsur b d tract
if laud, sold nr.der the Acf* m ierring
o delinquent uixes:
school l'isteict ^o 10
R. P. Martin. 1G0 jitp* ; tv-nnded
lorth by Jand- ??! W. .1 Potrrl;; e?ot
\v lands of P,r-p Msniuc south by
iuey's Ferry road; west by lands of
>aciuei A Mod.
8 2td S. F. C
Ed. Treas.f Auditpr. '
<rh~i I
i * ? -
?3 *C O o
^ ? = Or H 5? 5
u ? o 5 ? 2 ! o
<= >, 5 < tt g : S JU
? ^ H ^ o
? to c* ? c? ^
4 - ac . - - :
fcj T* U ?-? .
$n *3 g -S * ! m
? I ffi g ^ : fl
18 - 35 2 0 2 35 39 9
11 45 12 32 1 0 45
58 83 4 5 9 62 84 jfl
62 56 69 18 0
34 57 31 12 7 7 57 <M
iQ 60 20 26 0 14 60
22 3 20 0 12 35
23 35 19 11 6 4 36 B
50 84 43 25 > 8 84
34 64 25 6 24 9 64
? ' - ~ I- 1" QO
24 3y iy i x. <,*
73 148 11 2 108 28 148
48 84 42' 24 16 0 85^M
41 4" %
21 29 18 ^9 2 0 29
7 31 18 8 4 1 31 Ifl
7 42 25 3 3 12 43 /S
66 140 77 38 21 5 140 W
23 48 . 33 5 8,--$-^ 50 .'M
766 1178 486 453 28U~2l5
i?i/ni > i
Of continuous
business have given our good*
wide and general distribution
<-r?T 1 l 1 . j_ Ml
l ney nave oeen suojectea itm
the severest usage and thei
wearing qualities have beet?
fully tested. .MB
We Guarantee!
every chain, button, every aiJ
tide we sell, to give satikacS
tion, you being the judge*
Any article tailing to ao mi sm
will be cheerfully exchanged!
We Deliver B
no work, we sell no goods nam
nnH#*r nnr oniarsinte^. whirf?
has never been questioned!
throughout our entire busi-a
ness life. .Jfl
The Jeweler and Optician, I
NO. i /
Look at the next ten people you m set?
and see how much is worn of the so- fl
Vmm tt SVlft ilQ nrotnti-flH
chain to a five cent stick pia. JevrB
elry ha& come to be a staple article of
You will bay core or less of it; seeH
that yon get what you pay forfl
when you buy. You ean be sure ofl
this if you will buy of McMASTEBB
CO., ef WInnsboro, or CHAS. JJH
SMITH, Ridgeway, who have a full B
assortment of the W. F. MAIN CO. J
goods. Every article of these goods isM
fully warranted to be exactly as reprc-BJ
sented. A printed guaranty to tiii?
pffewf. i<a triwn with at)oh artinla nfmM
these goods purchased at their store. !
Eastern Factory Cor. Friendship and
Eddy sts., Providence, E. L . ?
Western Factory (Lareest Jewelry
Factory in the world), East Iowa; City,"?
Iowa. Over 52,000 fee4- of fl?or space.
Dyspepsia Curel
Digests what you eat. J
It artificially digests the food and aids<fl
Nature in strengthening and xecon?a
structing the exhausted digestive or- V
T.t is the latest- discovered digest- M
ant and toaxw. Uq other preparatiMLipi
can approach it in efficiency, it ieT 1
ftantlyrelievesand permanently core3 i
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn, 1
Flatulence. Sour Stomach. N?tsaZ% ,j
Sick Headache,GastraIgia,Cramps and
ill other results of imperfect digestion, *
?rice 50c. and |L Large size contains 2% times
email size. Book all about dyspepsia mailed free
Prepared by E. C. DeWITT & CO.. Chicago. *
McMASTER CO.; WinnsboTo, S C.
. I
- jfe. Jrrniim-M-fc-. i
tor every cent expended should be the 1
object oi every purchaser of i
This object can be be*t attained by 1
dealing here. The maximum of qual? 1
ity at the minimum of cost ist our I
meihod of pleasing. Oar *iock con- I
tains only goods which have proved of m
merit, tbe so-called "just as good" and 1
cheaper articles beiug discarded.
A fall line of Canned Goods alwayt . /'<
Dn hind. Also Pickles, Catsnpe, Ma<:ards,
Saases, &c. Macaroni, Cheew,
rapioeo, Gelatioe, Amour's and Cod- :
ihy's Snjjar-cnred Earns fresh on bant*.
Also a good iae ot New Orleans aud
Por:r? Rim
J. D. McCarley & Co, 1
i- OK
Pacific Fire Insurance (<>mja ?v at %
v?.K ts?3
1AC W 1"^ ..CI
Glen Fall Insurance Company of ~ ij
New York.
Rochester German lnsarauce Com- I
panv of Rochester, N. Y.
Solicits share of pablic patronage. |

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