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Wednesday, September 5, 1900
?Bead "unsnt" notice elsewhere.
?All kinds of seed, seed Irish potatoes,
etc., st McMaster Co's. Read
tbeir advertisement.
?Write Dr. J. C. MofFett, St. Lonis,
Mo., for bis valuable little Teethdta
"Wash-List Book, free.
?Black velvet ribbons, all widths,
pompadour combs, hair clasps and
brobcbes, just received at
Mrs. McCarley's.
DeWitt's Little Early Eisers are
prompt, palatable, pleasant, powerful,
parifying little pills. McMaster Co.
?Miss Ethel Jackson, of Mitford,
1 nAoitiAn qo matron in
uas auueptrcu iuc ?
theEpworth O-.pr aage, Columbia.
?The new cclwu has began to come j
is and the gin of the Fairfield Oil and
Fertilizer Co. is now running night
and day.
?The Confederate veterans held a
meeting in the court house on Monday
morning for the purpose of electing a
pension board.
To prevent consumption qnickly
cure tnroat aod lung troubles with
One Minute Cough Cure. McMaeter
?Mr. W. A. Ellison, who for some
time has traveled for Heath & Co.,
wholesale grocers, of Columbia, has
given up bis position and has gone to
Savannah to take a position there.
?The teachers were busy all dsy
Friday standing examinations, and us
the school has closed most of. tbor>e
who came Irom Bidgeway and otb< r
places io the county have returned to j
their homes.
The most dainty and effective pills
made are DeWitt's Little Early Risers.
They are unequaled for all liver and
bowel troubles. Never gripe. McMaster
?The two story building in rear of
tbe bank building which was half
burned io May, is being fixed over
and roofed, Tae top story was de?
itroyed by fire, so it is now a small,
oae story building.
?Monday was Labor Day bat the
. day was observed only io the bank
and postoffice, the latter observing
Sanday hoar?. None of tbe stores
were closed, although in some place3
the day is a general holiday.
Yoa can spell it .cough, coff, caugh,
1 a 1? ^ ?rnK Vvrif fno
KSOXf Xftil, kuugu, VI &ailgU) tsuw iuv
- only harmless remedy tbat quickly
' cares it is One Minute Congb Cure.
McMaster Co.
?The weather for a few days past
has been almost like fall weather.
Cool mornings and nights and not
uncomfortably warm even at mid day.
a A most delightful change from what
we have recently experienced.
-Next week Mr. H. L. Blliott will
more his family to Columbia where
they will make their home in the
future. Both Mrr and Mrs. Elliott
have many warm Iriends here who
sincerely regret their removal from
Large sun spots, astronomers say,
caused the extreme heat this summer,
and doctors declarie nearly all the
prostrations were induced" by disorders
of the stomach. Good health
follows good digestion. Kodol Dys- pepsia
Cure digests what you eat. If
you have indigestion or dyspepsia it
will quickly relieve and permanently
ft core you. McMasterCo.
i%gy ?Tbe northbound morning train
was nearly five hours behind time on
Monday. It is a rare thing that this
train ever arrives on time and passengers
who wi?h to connect with
other trains in Chester are put to the
greatest inconvenience.
?The stores are no longer closed at
six o'clock and 5 he clerks are as busy
as possibl?. The fall trade has not
begnn as yet bat the i:ew gocds are
coming in every day and the work of
getting them in order and ready for
the fail is no easy matter.
Poisonous toadstools resemb.ing
mushroom* have caused ireqaent
deaths this year. Be sore to n?e only
the genuine. Observe the same care
when yon ask for DeWitt's Witch
Hazel Salve. Tuere are poisonous
counterfeit?. DeWitt's is .the only
original Witch Hazel Salve It is a
sate and certain cure for piles auil all
6kin diseases. McMat-ter Co.
?A stalk of the Jackson Limbless
Ootton was sent to this effice by Mr.
Stuart Ueuhiwer. It is a fine >peciman
and is loaded with bolls. The
leaves are large and luxuriant, and
IQe OOiiS grow on bnori oranumjs auu
are close to the main stalk.
? It' )"U are in need of glasses, you
had better call on the ocnli-t at the
liotel Daval. His many customers
already speak in the highest terms of
him; his priccs *re moderate; he makes
glass** in all the latest styles, and bis
leasts are the best made ? adv.
Yon assume no risk when jou buy
Chamberlain'* Colic, Cholera and
Diarrfccev Remedy. McMa;ter Co.
will refund your money if >ou are not
. satisfied after asij<g it It is evervwh?
re admitted to be the uo?i successful
r inedr in u?e f.?r b )\vel corapla;nt8
ami llio (in!*fthP th?} iiptpt If
is pleuant, safe and reliable.
?If \?u ar.j cross-eyed you had
better >?o and see the oca i-t at the
Iio?. l Duval. E> es s'raighteued without
ti e use of the ktiife; cataracts removed
without operation; also pterygium
painless. Granulated eyelids
cured no matter bow bad or now long
? Mies Katherine Kellam, who had
charge of the millinery department of j
The Caldwell Dry Goods Co last
spring aud summer, will retnrn in
about a ve?>k to take charge a^ain for
the tali ?nd winter season. She i-s a
competent milliner and has mad.^ a
number of friends here.
?The Yr.rkviile Enoairer states that
a school three mile* southwest of
Yorkvisle has been discontinued 0:1
account of diph horia. A ne^ro child I
in the neighborhood died of ihe
disease and it has broken out in the
family of Mr. Robert Robertson, and
it was thought best to close the school
to present the spread of the <-is?a-e.
Miss Jennie Beaty, eldest d&n?hter
- * *?- U?? T Vt i.oc K
\il aji. a?iu .ur. ?i. uuai) > uoc
appointed teacher in one of the public
choo-s in Charlotte. Miss Beatv has
bepn living only a short tira;: i?Charlotie
and it ii quite a compliment to
her to have been selected for thie
po-iti >r. She has had experience in
teaching and1 wi!! fi:t the pl. cvwc)'.
?Tbe news of Mr. Fitz Hagh Mc-!
Master's victory in Charleston is extremely
gratifying to bi3 many friends 1
here who have been greatly interested
in the race. Mr. McMaster, as every -'
? ' -C-~ |
0D6 KHOWSj Will LLiatkC u iiuc i cpcsentative
and will always work for
the public good. No more enepgetic
young man could have been choeen,
and he will fill the office with ability.
He ha3 the hearty congratulations of
this community.
?The last day of August brought a
delightfal rain, the third rain, only,
that has fallen during the entire
month, and noi.e of the rains have
been very heayy. The cool week
tvprvnnf> confidentlv expected
and hoped would' follow the hot
weather has never appeared, although
the weather has been more comfortable
fcr some day?. The earth Is so dry
that it will take several heavy, soaking
rains to reach any depth, ard do
mnch good.
Cure Cold in Head.
Kermott's Chocolates Laxative Quinine, easy
to Uie and quick to cure cold ia head and sore
?In about two weeks the popu'ation
of Wiunsboro will be considerably
dimished by the return of students j
to tbe different schools and colleger iu
the State. Wintbrop College opens
on the 19th of September, Converse
on the 20ib, and the other colleges
about the same time, but Mt. Zion
? ??taaIt TKn rntr
OpeiiS UU aiuuuay n tta. AUV UVI*
teachor, Mr. Perrin Qaarles, will arrive
in time lo enter upon his new
duties on tbe openicg day. Several
young ladies will leave here this fall
to enter college, ana the number of
students leaving here will be as large
as usual.
Bears tie Have Always Bought
To the people of Fairfield County :
I am profoundly grateful to ^ on for
th3 flittering vote received on the
28th August in the primary election.
Very respectfully,
T. W. Traylor.
White Oik, o. C , Au? 30,1900.
Three Confederate OflU-er: ITave a Ke^
August 27, 1861, Company C, 13th
S. C. V. left Spartanburg for Ligh-wood
Knot Springs, about seven miles
above Columbia, where they went into
camp. That was 39 years ago Monday.
Three of the officers of the company,
Major Duncan, Captain Carlisle and
the writer held a reunion over some
ice cream. The other cfficer of the
company, A. S. Douglass, is living in
Winnsboro, S. C. These were tbe
four officers of the company at the
organization of the regiment. Three
of them surrendered at Appomattox,
while Major Duncan was captured
near Petersburg" the day the lines
were brokeD and carried to a Federal
prison.-Carolina Spartau.
Red Hot from tlie Gun
Was the ball that G. B. Steadman,
of Newark, Mich., in the Civil War.
It caused horrible Ulcers that no treatment
helped for 20 years. Then Buck
ien'? Arnica Salve carea mm. uures
Cqis, Bruises, Barns, Boils, Felons,
Oorns, Skin Erapticns. Best Pile
cure on earth 25 cts. a box. Care
guaranteed. Sold by McMaster Co.
Tbe following jurors for the first
week have been drawn for the next
term of conrt, which convenes on tbe
17th inst.:
A. R. Nichoison, J. D. Harrison,
Wm. J. Mobley, R Y. Turner, C. S.
Ford, Rnfus Broom, H. G. Wylie,
U. G. DesPortes, Alex Robinson,
R. W. HerroD, J. P. Caldwell, Jno P.
Matthews, Thos. Blair, S. J. Roberts,
Ja3. D. Aiken, W. J Latban, R. D.
Bolick, Jno. D. Fenley.N. D. Roberts,
T. H. Richardson, M. L Murray,
J. R Cnrlee, Gao. R. Perry, W. B.
Vaughn, Jas. A. Brooks, T E. Burlev,
C. W. Fancelt, Jr., P. M. B. Holley,
Sain T. Weir, J. B. Lupo, M. B. Martin,
Robr. Crawford, R. (\ Reeves,
A. W. Moore, S. E. Hill, W. S. Keistler.
The -work of spreading abroad
the plans of the South Carolina
Inter-State and West Indian Exposition,
which is to be held at
Charleston next year, goes vigorously
on. Since the department
of promotion and publicity was
organized, about three weeks ago
nearly three thousand letters
have been sent to important men
and organizations inviting their
co-operation in the great enterprises,
and responses from these
are coming m daily, mamiestmg ,
a determination to secure a place }
in the picture.
tv 11 <9
S3 CST sSS ? FJ sJ'Z. ?? $
!l IP ^ ^ ^ f ? fif
E& wj ?. ? Jii ???; vi y iSa V^ ? ti !
should always be kept in
the house for the following
FIRST"? Because, if any member 1
of the family has a hard cold, it j
will cure it.
SECOND ? Because, if the chil- |
. - 1 U ?,;1J I
aren jirs asiic^i^ ci.;iu iio.Mjf, u ?m
make them strong snd well.
7W&8- Because, if the father or j
mother is 'losing flesh and becoming
thin and emaciated, it will build
them up and give them flesh and
? cecauss 11 ii> uic
standard remedy in ail throat and
iung affections.
No household should be without it.
it can be taken in summer as well
as in winter. ?
50c. and $:.oo, ail dragglsts.
SCOTT & BOWSE, Chemists, New York.
Mr. T. W. Lauderdale is expected
ho=r.e from ncndersonvillc ihs wee'e.
j Women suffer- i
ing from female 1
troubles and
j weakness, and
| doctors camiot j
s^c^aps. are 50
| j ments "and the
delicate organism of woman. What 1
the sufferer ought to do is to give 1
- ' i
a iair tnai to * >
Female Regulator
which, is the true cure provided ,
by Nature for all female troubles. It
is the formula of a physician of the '
highest standing, who devoted his
whole life to the study of the dis- <
tinct ailments peculiar to onr moth- j
ers, wives and daughters. It is made ,
of soothing, healing, strengthening
herbs and vegetables, which have
been provided by a kindly Nature to '
care irregularity in the menses, Lea'corrhcea,
Falling of the Womb, Nerv- i
ousness. Headache and Backache. .
In fairn ess to herself and to Brad* (
field's female Regulator, every ,
safiL-rin<4 woman ought to give it a
trial. A large $i bottle will do a '
wondeuai amount of good. Sold by i
druggists. c
Sad for * nict'y i!!ustr.-.ted free buck on the JubJocL
The Bradfleld Regulator Co., Atlanta, Q&,
Mrs T n Ketchia Passes Away Suddenly
Just as we were going to press
Wednesday we learned that Mrs. ;
T. H. Ketchin was dead. She was
taken suddenly ill on Tuesday J
niglit, and all day Wednesday the
greatest anxiety was felt. Her
death is a great khock to the
community, and universal sympa- <
thy in Winnsboro and the county i
will be felt for the bereft husband j
and children. She leaves a hus- ,
]->onr1 r.nr Mfpomor! f/vnmsrnnn :
WlVUVl ) V ' ? ? * * W ff
Mr. T. H. Ketchin, and three children.
Mrs. Ketchin was a daughter
of the late Mr. J. "W. Shaw.
The funeral services were held
Thursday afternoon at the A. R.
P. Church at 5.30 o'clock.
Cuts and Braises Quickly Healed
Chamberlain's Pain Balm applied to
a cu-, braise, bam, scald or like iu
jary will instantly allay the pain and J
will beal the parts in less time than
any other treatment. Unless the injary
is very severe it wili not leave a
scar. Pain Balm also cnres rheumatism,
s-prains, swellings and lameness, t
1A U?? M/v\l f Hll/V/Y ???^P 1
-L' Ul aaiu v/v jiV/iUttsici ? uiugg xgu-# ]
Miss Lou Dwight has returned to
Mr?, and Mrs. W. D. Gaillard arrived
on Saturday and are visiting
* f rr i r in .1 AftJ ?
Air-\ iienry muiurow anu cmiureu
returned on Monday to their home in |
Mrs. D. Macaulay and children, of
Chester, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. *
J. F. McMaster. j
Miss DeePortes, of Wiun&boro, has (
been visiting Miss Rose Hey man.?
Chester Lantern.
Mr. Q. D- Williford and his clerk,
Mr. L. E. Owens, left Friday for New (
York to buy good?.
Miss Maggie Djuglass, of Blacks'ock,
has gone (o Ebentzer where :
she has cbarge of a school. ]
Miss Louise Herron has rcturr-fid
home accompanied by her cousin, Miss
Bessie Bookter, of Richland county
Miss Patti Elliott leaves this week ^
for Spartanburg where she will visit j
friends until the opening of Converse ^
College. 1
Mr?. Boag and her grandson, Orr ?
Boag left Ja>t week for Baliiuiore and ,
New York to purchase her fall stock i
of gco3c.
Miss Bessie Wheeler,* of ixceUior, J
Newberry ccuuty, who ha? been vis- a
iting relatives in Winnsboro, reiurned
to her home on Wednesday.
Dr. and Mrs. D. E. Jordan returned
lasi week from North Carolina where
they have been resting fori month, 1
and Dr. Jordan preached in the Prcsbj
terian Church on Snndsv.
For Infants and Children. >
The Kind Ynu Have AIwsvs Bought *
A i.cgro by ihe name of Henry a
Johnson whs arrested here on Thnrs
(lav for s'ealing a wheel fn m Floi-d & s
Co in Columbia. The negro ro.lc ihc- i
wheel from Colombia to Ilidgewav
and took tic tiain from ihcic to s
Winnsboro. brinsfii-j? the wheel wi;h i
him. T:;e wheel had been advertised
for in The State and Mr. Edj;ar Ma?- i
thews reco^niz-rd ?h3 wheel in t-e
nrgro's possession as ihe one which s
had htcn advertised for. Tho n<yro I
?a= arretted and put in the ku-trd <
h use until some one should arrive
e / 1 1 ; . . ? , ? I. ^ . I . . / 1.1
; li uui milium ?>i * v/ * ixi\~ i ixr* ^' *?i iiiui i.
When it.e deputy arrived h- Mid
Chief Gilbert went to tl-c auird 1) ip.?e
and when ibeyopei:?d the do;-r tl>r*y
found lh-.t ihe negro had been bnsy ;
du:i!<u' 'be time he had been m!o: v.
In ihe brick partition between t'e
| marker and the gnardh u e Johnson
; bad made a hole large eiiOu^b for
i him to crawl through and was in the ,
j market trying to make bis way out oj j
i there when Mr. Gilbert found him.
When the negro was an est i d Mr. ,
Gilbert looked over the list that hf 1ms. j
of names and descriptions of iscsprd j
convicts and found that Jobr.-r.n ,
answered to the description or a J
negro who escaped from the peni:e:ifiavtr
ftrronfv O or A Th<* neCTPA
I UUI T V?n Viil J J V?*i w I ^Vl * MV V
was taken down to Columbia on
Thursday night and committed lo
- jti).
Some Facts from Official and Complete Returns.
Our readers will be interested in
some facts as to the vote for State
[Treasurer. Most of the officiat vote
was kr own on Friday morning. There
are forty counties in the State, and
Jennings carrics twenty and Titninerinan
twenty. * The former carries
Abbeville, Bamberg, Cherokee, Chester,
Chesterfield, Colleton,Darlington,
Fairfield, Greenwood, Kershaw', Lancaster,
Lauren?, Lexington, Marion,
M arlboro, Newberry, Richland, Union,
Williamsburg, and York. Timmeroian's
majority in most of the counties
carried by him is small, while
Jennings' majority is large in most of
the counties carried by him. Edgefield's
vote, where Timmerman lives,
ind Fairfield's vote, where Jennings
iives. are interesting to compare. In
Edgefield Timmerman received 1,0-18,
while Jenning3 got 4SG. In Fairfield
Jennings' vote is larger than Timmerman's
in Edgefield. Jennings' own
sounty gave him 1,281, and was Dot as
liberal lo> his opponent as Edgefield
was 10 him, having given Timmerman
Daly 1G4 ogaicst Edgefield's 48G for
Jennings. Cb-.r!eston gave Timtnermsn
his largest majority. Uere Timmerman's
vote was 3,442 to Jennings'
431, a msjoriiy of 3,011 vote^ in favor
of Timmerman; but as already btatcd
rimraerman?s majority in many other
sonr.ties carried by him was small; for
instance: he carried Anderson by 95,
Dorchester by 57, Horry by 149,
Salud3, which was formerly a part of
Edgefield, gate Timmerman only 41
Jennings' total vote at the lime tLis
is writteo is 44,415, while Timmer
man's is 42.G38, a majority of 1,777 in
lavor of Jennings, which wi 1 not be
mate:iallr changed by the Executive
A chcap remedy for coughs and
jolds is aii right, but you waut something
that, will relieve and cure tbe
more severe and dangerous results of
i ? - i ? -~ uru, * ,-u?n
Dnroai ana :UHg irou^es. um man
pou do? Go to a warmer and tnore
regular climate? Yes, if possible; if
oot possible for you, then in either
;ase take the only remedy that has
oeeu iutrodnccd in all civilized countries
with success in severe throat and
iang tronbles, ''Boschee's German
Syrup." It not only heals and stimulates
the tissues to destroy the ger n
JUease, but allays inflammatioB, causes
jasy expectoration, gives a good
night's rest, acd cures (he patient,
fry one bottle. Recommended many
rear3 by all druggiets in ihe world.
For *a'c by McMaster Co., drought18.
I am moved to write to mske known
bat there ^ ere two man that bronght
iquur iu r uii^LUi y uic wuiig;v?
ast Tuesday. Is this not totally nnawfui?
Is it not degrading, and disgraceful
? If such things as that can
jass without notice it would seem
;hat there is no use for law. The
iquor was to boy votes with of
Messrs 5 Willie Coleman a'.d IlonFnc.
Woliing have cut and ^lncked
heir c -m in tho field.
The many conveniences at the Hon.
fno. WoHing's i? truiy gratifying
imong which is his windmill, attordug
the plentiful supply cf wai-er for
iveryth?'~" "?"d his home.
\V- . good rain on ihe
light oi .1.. v<j . alt.
Miss Anna Chalmers and Mr?. Glenn
md her little son arrived at Bncna
fista on the afternoon oi the 30ib.
Therein, no doubt, joy and salnets
iiv ?r the candidates!. I hope the
. 'licv will be stamped ou\
. I, 1900. J. 0. F.
For Over Fifty Tears.
' us. Winslow's Sootoikg Syrup
ia been used for over fifty year3 by
niilions of mothers for their children
vbile teething, with perfect snccess.
.t soothes the child, softens th* <?nras, :
illays all pain, cores wind colic, and (
s the bept remedy for diarrhoea It
vill relieve the poor lift!e >-nffer?r
rv>>ma/4!ai,.l, Ca'.I Kf /I pi> rrrri wf Q in
iiJiiJCUiatci * uvim u \ un?5^i?iw ? ?
iverv part of the world. TVemv 5ve
sent* a bottle. ->ure and ask f<:r
'Mrs. Winplow*n Southing Syrnp,"
LTid take no other kind. 1-1-17
Thf hot. dry weather has he.'n the
opic of the d.y, but it was br? ken on
ifVcdnesda.-by a nice 8hower. Cotton !
jas shxlded c f> an;! the prop wiilbe
ihortc r ihm Inst ^car Corn in places :
a x-arv frrt.'/l P...1C A*i rv Clli'lll hilt '
r, , 5., v.. | .
lie rain will (lo t!:c-rn good Gardens!
ne burnt up.
Mr M. S. Ilallfor.!, of B ack Cnck,
C.. has rc'timed homeafur ? j/ea*- 1
:Ut v i -11 to hi-* Mint. Mrs. T. E Smit1. !
Mr T. E Smith ha- returned homifter
spending a >hort lime with ivl>iives
in Titninonsvilir.
Miss D.iisy WiUiii?}iam is visiting
vlativftd at this plac.
Mi?s Fannie Ilallford, of Timmon.-ri!!o,
i- vi?i'in<r ie!ative-- at platv.
M?\ Cloud (Vspls ha*returned f om
l "?i>i* :<> i \i old Nnnifi in N rtli Cam!:ia
Mr. and Mr*. F. J Smith av.d iittie
on. Mabrj*, of Bascomviile, arj vi-itnjr
Mr. and Mrs. T. F Smith.
Mr. M Sanders, of < heater, i- vNitn<r
I i- nncV, Mr. B. F. C^selr.
A pleasant en'ertainir.nit was ":wh
it tl:c borne of Mr. and Mr*. W C.
.Vav o n the ?4 h tilt. It was much
The eli uiion is over a;;d the candihave
gone Inrne to rest. T hop-\
Sept 1 1900. G"OU-berr*\
Bears the Tha KindVoa Havs Always Bought
-It )u'.\r e}cs btiru, smarr, ;*c?.l
sticky in lhe iDornii g. p:i.i or :tci?
km!, or if j. ou h ive t'-.-.rs in yonr oyus,
fiah ochre >our eyes, or you
ao'd jour rt-adi:!g too near or too far,
>r ii*!. hu; n \our eye-, -r you
jave hoadMt-iit-c, c i!l a;:d see Ihe nr.u
U at (l-c !T tel I J.ival. 18 yea's' cxp>-?iei-ce.
N i cliuryc f ?r s-xamitiai<>n.
- a<:v.
Bears tie Hare Always Bougfrt
? f
iUK IJld.Mij JLUK> rx.ur^?i
Mr. Editor: I will take this opportunity
thrcngb jonr columns of tbanting
my friends lhrongbont tie county
ior the snpport they have *.ivcn me in
my race for the clerk's office. Had I
been snccessfnl, I would bave served
the county to the best of my ability; as
I was not, I sball bear the defeat like
a man. I do appreciate the vote which
I received, be cause I believe that it
was given entirely npen tneiit, for my
conscience clears me of nsing aDy
method unbecoming a genlteman to
attract even a single vote. I am well
aware that in every counly in this
State there are individuals who, with
irrrn rliMrtt-o r\f A mi Y in r.5u!d
W J ..vv ?. 7
be induced to vote for his Satanic
Majesty for any office be might a?pire
to, and there are others who would
not hesitate to make use of any meassures
to gain an end. A din order to
counteract some of the evils of our
primary system, I vtonld like to make
this suggestion (o the gentlemen who
will be members of rnr next Legislature:
that the code of South Carolina
be so amended that every senator,
representative or county omc:ai, Defore
lakiDg his sear, shall lake an oath
cr affirmation lo support the cons'itntion
of the United States ar.d of ti.^
State, that he has not practiced au\
unlawful means, directly or iudirecly,
to procure his ejection, and t hat he has
not given or offered or promised, or
caused to be given or offered or promised
to any person any money, treat or
thing of value with intent to effee:
any voie, or to prevent any person
voting at the election at which he was
Now. for iLeeake of ii2ht and for
the sake of our children, Jet me p.'ead
with you :o consider ihe above for thg
common and sacred ink rests of onr
State, onr county and our G^'.
And lo you, M!ow-cit:zir, tbi3
would apply to every cfficer elected by
your votes. Do vou know the guilty
man? If he be a candidate for senator,
representative or county officer,
he would be guilty of violating both
the law and the principle of the law.
What have you to say for him? If
you were a juror, would this disqualify
him for a witness before God? If
he be z candidate lor any office, io be
clected by the people, and had done
any of these things, he would have
violated the principles above set forth.
How dare a man complain of a corrupt
government when he knowingly
votes for such a man? Let me entreat
vnn select vour ticket as vou would
select drags for your sick baby languishing
on its mother's breast. Now
if there be one candidate in this county
who is gnilty, I do not know it of
my personal knowledge, but I write
this that if there should be such we
might assign them to their homes of
quiet and ease. I do not wri;e this
with any gall on my pen, but in the
fear of God and for the sake of His
people. Vtr. respectfully,
I?. V. Bray.
Flint Hill, S. C., Sept. 1, 1900.
Brave Man Fall
Victims to stomach, liver and kidney
frnnhJpo waII as wfimfiii. and all feel
the results in loss of appetite, poison
in the blood, backache, nervousness,
headache and tired, listless, run-down
foeling. But there's no need to feel
like that. Listen to J. W. Gardner,
Idaville, lnd. He says: "Electric
Bitters are just the thing for a man
when he is all rur? down, and don't
care whether he lives or dies. It did
more to give me new strength and
good appetite than anything I conld
take. I can uow eat anything and
have a new lease on life." Only 50
cents, at McMaster Co.'s drug store.
PVorv hnMlA anaraniead.
" w ?/ n
At 8.30 o'clock, on the 19th
inst., Miss Anna Bums was married
to Mr. C. K. Broader by the
Rev. J. E. Duren, Jm Southside
Baptist Church. The bride was
beautifully dressed and wore a
German wreath of natural flowers.
Mr. T. B. Browder was best man,
and Miss Clora, the bride's sister, ,
maid of honor. The bride is a I
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. C.
Bums, of Fairfield County, Laving
made this city tlieir home for
several years. Mr. and Mrs. ;
Browder have many friends i
who wish them a long and happy. I
life. K ;
Columbia, S. G., Aug. 28, 100. <
Shake in Your Shoes
Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder. It !
cures painful, smarting, nervous feet !
and ingrowing nails, and instantly ,
takes the sting out of corns and bunions.
It's the greatest comfort discovery
of the age. Allen's Foot-Ease
makes tight or new shoes feel easy. It
~ ~ IV*** on-rtofinrr I Imifc
IS 11 Cl'l'MUli UU1C lUi anvttviu^,
and hot, tired, aching feet. Try it
to-day. Sold by all druggists and shoe
stores. By mail for 2oe. in rt-nips.
Trial package FREE. Address, Allen
S. Olmsted, Le Roy, 2sT. Y. 3-14
2Iiss !Haria Bacot Dead
News lias been received here
of tlie dpr't!: of Miss Maria Bacot
which ( . urred about two weeks
ago at her home in Kenosha,
Wisconsin. Miss Bacot was a
daughter of the late Mrs. Wainwright
Bacot and a sister of Mr.
Pierre Bacot. She is pleasantly
and affectionately remembered
by many people in Winusboro
who knew her during her sojourn
here as a refugee from Charleston
during the war. For many
rears she has taucrht in a lar^e
scliool in Kenosha. Her death
will cause sincere regret to those
who knew her.
The" progressive nation; t-f tin: world
are ti:e irrear food c-wisumii'# '.fin.-n?
Good fnod weli diges-t'-d gives ^lrcn*ril;If
vou can? ot rtisre.-l hIi \on eat.. \on
ticel Kodol Dyspepsia <cr<\ It. diijef-ts
what yon ea*. You me-i not
diet yourself It ouiains ail of the
dgeshuifs combined with thr? brs'
known tui.ics and reconstructive^. I;
will i ven (J;gc.t all class: s of in
a bottle. Nt other preparation will
d.? this. It instaniiv relieves and
qui-.kly cures aii sturn.ch troubli?.
Yf ? \i I
iu.vjxacu'1 * |
Pacific Fire Insurance Company of
New Y'ij k.
Glen Fall Insnrsr.ce Company of
ltocoester uerman insurance company
of Rochester, N. Y.
SolicitSebare of public patronage.
9-26-1 y
Cured of Chronic Diarrhoea After Thirty
Years of Suffering.
"I seffered for thirty years with
diarrtcea and thought I was past being
cured," sa\s John S. Hallo.way, of
French Camp, Miss. "I had spent so
much time and money and suffered so
much that I had given up all hopes of
recovery. I was so feeble from the i
nfFnn is- nf I Vi/l /I io rrfc ro 1 T f.nnlri do I
VI IUV UlMtiUWt. * ? ?
no kind of labor, could not even travel,
but by accident was permitted to find
abot;leof Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrbcea Remedy, and after
taking several bottles I am entirely
cured ef that 'rouble. I am so pleased;
with ?he result that I am anxious that
it be in r<>anh of all who suffer as l
have." F : .-ale by Mcilaster Co.,
?Rev. Leon Preasley, of Ed^ernojr,
ard Rev. McElwee Ross,
nf OvfnrfL Pp.nnsvlvfima. have
exchanged pulpits for a while.
The latter will preach in the
A. E. P. Church at Edgemoor the
first Sunday in September.?
Chester Lantern.
maammmam>wr ?cac^?b?mmt?mi
inwoiisness. X
"j \ v w?"- '7 g ,
51 ' &
i in American Disease. 3;
in ai !
? Dr. S. Weik Mitchell is au? ?>
jjjj thority for the statement that nerv. ?jj ,
d; ousness is the characteristic mal* a i
ni ady of the American nation, and a
jjj statistics show that nerve deaths ?
in number one-fourth of all deaths a
[J recorded, the mortality being main
jjj ly among young people.
I Johnston's
9 r-.. h
a Darsapanua g
jjj is the grand specific for this great jjj
n American disease, because it goes hi!
Jjjl straight to the source of the weak- jg
j|{| ness, building up health and M
ni strength by supplying rich, abund- n
jjj ant food and pure blood to the r
,B worn-out tissues, rousing the liver Ej
a to activity and regulating all the id
organs of the body. "j,
e "Tie 3UeM?in Drag Co.," Detroit, MMu ?
a in
W Llvfettes tac famSas little liver pill*. 35c. isl_
John H. JIcMastcr & Co., "Wmnsboro,
S. C.;T. W. Woodward & Co., Rockton,
S. V.; W. M. Patrick, Woodward. S. C.;
T. G. Patrick & Co., Wliite Oak, S. C.
Write to C. O. CHAPPELL,
9 5-1 , Jeakinsville, S. C.
I % the hair.
-. ^Irr'jr.-.'Atl i luxur:aiit_^growth.
youtkfeI CoIot.
p.X^-.?v^- -"-' V-gft" .vrai.^3 it hair inliing.
? Kv.aari );ru^ggg__y
NO. i
iTWPT.Y ?** '
Look at the next ten people you meet
and see how much b worn of the socalled
jewelry. From a $510.00 watch
chain to a five cent stick pin. Jewelry
hau come to be a staple article of
You will buy irore or less of it: see
that you set what yon pay for
when you buy. You ean be sure of
this if you will buy of McJIAJSTEE
CO. , e? Winnsboro, or UJ?A5. J..
SMITH, Ridgeway, who have a full
assortment of the W. F. MAIN CO.
goods. Every article of these goods is
fully warranted to be exactly as repre-.
sented. A printed guaranty to this
effect is given -with each article of
these goods purchased at their store.
Eastern Factory Cor. Friendship and
Eddy sts., Providence, K: I.
Western Factory (Larsest Jewelry
Factory in the world), East Iowa City,
Iowa. Over 52,000 feet of fleor space.
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
It artificially digests the food and aids
ir> nrrt.Vionincr PTlfl rACOH*
jtructing the exhausted digestive organs.
It is the latest discovered digestant
and tonic. No other preparation
san approach it in efficiency. -It in?
stantly relieves and permanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
Sick Headache, Gastralgia,Cramps and
ill other results of imperfectdigestion.
rrice 50c. and SI. Large size contains VA times
small size. Book all about dyspepsia mailed free
Prepared by E. C. DeWITT & CO.. Chicago.
Mc>IASTJ.?R CO.; Winnsboro, S C
is i! p -n'j cf of rnnch di$cn?sion
am >; g ih1 literary chaps, but he is a t
s-nvjcc: <f solicitation with if. We!
h?iv- .
to fc 11 and that fellow wilh the nee or
thf p aim r can't do better than buy
h> r<;
(13 varieties.)
McMasetr Co.
with a fall stock of Caskets, Borraft
Cases nod Coffins, constantly on hand,
and use of hearse when re nested.
maniacal ior pasi patronage ana ?o>ioi?
tation for a share in ike iatore, in
Id stand
Gale attended to at aU hoar*.
Mrs. W. E. Doty, Jesse Doty
and Miss Susie Doty have returned
from a stay of several
weeks with relatives in Kentucky.
The One Day Cold Cure.
Cold in head and sore throat cured by K?rmott's
Chocolates laxative Quinine. As easy to
take as candy. * Children cry for them."
Miss Etliel Eabb has returned
to her home in Bidgeway after a
pleasant visit to Misses Lelia and
TimisA Tftvlor on Bnll street.?
Tlie State.
Mr. Clarence Welles, son of
P. I. Welles, superintendent of
the Southern Railway, spent
Monday in town with Mr. Forrest
G. Gyles.
Ifffli W
is not only one of the most
delicate and delicious of break^^
^av/%J 4?1%A
iasi iuuus cvci ujucicu lu tut
public, but in addition is highly
recommended for the use
of persons of weak digestion.
See tor Window fepiaj
of handsome gravures we are
giving with Cream of Wheat.
1 o VA ittavIFC nf A clr
J I icy <HC VVUIAO \JL v. * I
to see them.
F. M. Habenicht
Dealer in Fiue Groceries.
? OK
Cantral Time at Jacksonville and Savannah.
Easiern Timo at Other Points.
Schedulo in ?ffect Jtmo 10th? 1900.
Lv. Jacksonvillei(P. S) TSS 8 Oft
M Savannah (So. By ) UZOvK&Oa
" Barnwell 40Sp,41Sa
w Blackville 421pj 4328a
" Springfield 4 ftp 451a
" Sally 4S? ,459a
At. Columbia 606p ClOa
lfc Charleston, (So. Bj TSSITSop
Summerville 141a 120CW
" Branchvilie 865a lGSa
" Orangeburg 9 2Sa 860a
" Kingville: 1015a 480a
At. Columbia ...... 1100a C65a
Lv. Augusta, (So. liv.) *2 00a 255p 9'S0p
Lv.Granltevillo 245a 826p 1015?
Lv. Edgefield llOp
Lv. Aiken axap .....
Lv. Trenton 5004 885p 11 wjj
" Johnston 5 20a 41&P llttp
Ar. Columbia, (T7. D.) 545p 210a
Lv. Columbia, (Bids St 930a 610p 620a
" Winnsboro 70Sp T 25a
- Chester 751p &}8b
" EockHill 823p 8 55a
Ar.Charlotte 9lug
Ar. Danville 12Sla 138P.
Ar. RifVh-mnTirt , 600a
A T>. Washington 7 && 8500
? BSole (Pa.SE)
" Philadelphia. 1185a 2o6a
" yew York 203p 613*
Lv. Columbia .. ...... 1140at 6 80a
:::::: ?if|S
^ 'T W &Vr\
***** t
sorTHBorwD. ^|d ?atiy
t.v. Louisnue.... .L. ' . ,T, "~
ftv. Oincinaafl Safe SOUP
IiV. Wa^gtg.' (So.*By). ?. PSQg U
; ^."klchmoad....<? V... HOOp
' &&aavUie ..'... v.. .|...... 'i'88a pibg
.* 810^ ?56p
fevyVTmi 8 55a 10469
" Chester JlfO?
M Winasboro 10 W 10a
Ay. Columbia* (BldgSt 630pll2Qa 115a
" Trenton llOOp 148p 848a
At. AiKen .-"?5opl?S5
*r,.ff?~-f4d ....? 420pilgja
ArTfcSaniteville 12CKfct 21Sp 7 IS?
AT.Angola,., *100a 2C0p 800a
Lv. Columbia (So. By) '^OOP
" Eicevilla 44Sp 282a
- Ortotrebtirg. 535P 8^a
44 Branchvillo 6 lop 4 Ba
" Snmmerville 728p 562a
Ar. Charleston 815p TCOa
Lr. Columbia (So. By.) 1125a ltfOa
At. Sally 1237P 2 22a
" Springfield 12 45p 240a
" BlafcSvlUe ; iu<P ?w?
" Barnwell 121p 815a
" Savannah, .j. 315p 510a
Ar, Jacksonville'(P. S.) 740p 925a
"Trains <3 and 44 f mixed except Sunday)
anive and depart from Hamburg.
tDaily except Sunday.
Sleeping Car Service.
Excellent daily passenger service between
norma and Nflw York.
2*03. 33 and 34?New York and Florida Express.
Drawing?room Sleeping cars botwben
Augusta and New York.
Pullman drawing-room sleeping cars between
Port Tampa, Ja-3cscnville, Savannah,
Washington and 2tew York.
PtJllman sleeping cars between Charlotte and
Richmond. Dining cars between Charlotte
and Savannah.
JTos. 35 and 36?U. S. Fast Mail. Through
Pullman drawing-room buffet sleeping care between7
Jacksonville and New York and Pullman
sleeping cars between Augusta and Charlotte.
Dining ears Serve all meils enrottte.
Pqffrnan sleeping cars between Jacksonville
and CkJlumbl^, enroute daily between Jacloonville
and Cincinnati, via Asncville.
Third V-P. & Gen. Mgr., Traffic Mgr.,
Washington, D. C. Washington, D. C.
Gen. Pass. Ag't. As't Gen, Pass. Ag't-,
Washington, D. C. Atlanta, Ga.
i tor every cent expended f-li >u'<l be the
J object of every purchaser of
This object can be be*t atuiued by
dealing here. The max mum of quality
at the minimum of cost is on**
method of pN-aMDg. Our cock contains
only go .a- ffbic- have proved of
merit,:be so oa^ed *.? good" an i
cheaper artic'es beiug d. oa'cii*.
A lull lint* ft 4 G *?.ds alwa\?
Viaiif1 A v.. Piob;<i? (!itlsnns. Mnt.
VU UUWV AA.IiW A. ??u.vwf X j
tards, Sanses, &c. M-iC:.ror;i,? Let-e,
Tapioeo, Gelatine. Amour's &nd Cadaby's
Sngar-cnred Ilams fie^h on hand.
Also a <:ood line ox New O.'Ieaos and
j Porio Rico Molassep.
J. D. McCarley & Co.
Of continuous ||
business have given our goods - :{S|
wide and general distribution *
They have been subjected to
the severest usage and their
vrearing qualities have been
fully tested.
We Guarantee
every chain, button, every ar- r:|l
ticie we sen, to give satisiaction,
you being, the judge.
Any article, failing to do this _<jl
will be cheerfully exchanged
We Deliver
. %m
no work, we sell no goods not
under our guarantee, which
has never been questioned
throughout our entir? business
--v v -WmSm
The Jeweler and Optician,
I Still Have
-6 or 8
Young Mules
and five oe six plug mules
yet nnsoid. Persons Deeding males _3?
should call and see them before baying
a? I will fell tbem cheap for cash WM
or good paper, payable in the fall.
I also have a few horses, among
them two good Combination Horses.
Also a. couple of GOOD MARES,
suitable for brood mares?young and
Cows. H
1 will pay the highest cash price for al
classes, fat or poor.
1 still have a few BUGGIES that 1
will sell cheap for cash.,
A. Williford,
Wiansb?ro. S. C.
Best Prepared
gH|& ri^G..,
I rifxrp PAiftT or 1 i
|. J. OBEAR.
Charlotte ^ Rome
uiariotte uoiierem uouep,
Charlotte, N. C., established ?? 1S91
Eais Bmess College,
K- me, Ga., estaWiPbrt in 188C.
now nnder one management, < ffers If
exceptional advantages lo &&v one
desiring a tborouakiy j?ractic:nJ bu*i? '3
j-e^g education in thi? >fc^rt?>l p?Srib';e
The wide range < t icriitorj c.?v. red
by our enitrovtce'-t agenev *ff'rd8
exceptional chance t? r prcu"i* jr josilioi-s
Wh will jfu:.r??:tec tM? ? ;>osi
t on if \<-o i?kf? t.nn<ir.?.e ???nr?e.
The :<?..rns. in i'.! >cUx>;s *n- large
ami convenient m.?1 ->. I :gtitn{
Y*o?g me? ?? w-n- g wotwii inay
t-nroll in either h--<*! a?-v vi-c-k <Iay
dunnr tl e \enr.
If \ou are a ^teuwfir?ph<r. b okkeeper
?r tcsch? r at?t went- * ; osi? tioii,
Rris? ih(> !*ie? ihoi.j Agritcy,
(har ot-e, X C If >ou *-.? n??t a
steiiOjrmplk r ?*r r. p?'l?d a
few in of ihf>. ?-t ools .-.>3
an:} set '.ou*>t-lf ? s: :?p'1 f-r aniii'g :
mom v.
cthouid yen doi t- io in- hi. txp rt in
infcere f, stockp, trad** <*i?o uii?.
send 25 centg in Mainpe or Mlv*>t ana >"
! get oar Pocket CaU?la'<?r? just wbat
y<-u need.
For circulars and fnnU-r iif'ioia
tion. address,
7 ID.
Pawley's IsU IM
* " -2f
? *ir?A rk?i:?i.4r..i
A 1YI051 JLtCllgUUUl OWOiUt
Resort, is now Open
for theSummer
of 1900.
from Lanes to Georgetown, and a new
and modern steamer is now o- the
line from' Georgetown to Waverty
G<ukI water (irt^ia??); n?? mosquitoe*;
Que snrt batbi?2; fine fishing.
Trie uble i* always >eppiied with
S?b, oyster-, crabs and shrimps in '.'ri
i For fprms address
WaYerly Milk, SC.

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