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Wednesday, September 12, 1900
?Received daily ? fall millinery,
popular shapes in walking hats, etc., at
9-8 ilr.s. Mcuaney *.
?The next session of the schools in
School District No. U will begin on
Monday, 17th inst. I
?Write Dr. J. C. MolTett, St. Lonis, I
f?r valuable little Teethina i
^^Wash-Liet Book, free.
^ ?There was no service in the A. R.
P. Chnrch on Sunday, the pastor,
Rev. C. E. McDonald, being absent.
To prevent consump'ion qaickly
care tdroat and long troubles with
One Minute Cough Care. McMaeterj
_ Co.
^?Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Elliott
and children left yesterday for Columbia,
where they will reside in future.
?Cotton is coming in very fast and
th8 number of bales on the platform
of the freight depot is increasing every
?Mr. Carl S. Matthews has taken
charge of the preparatory school at
Davidson College, to which position
he was elected during the summer.
?A crowd was in town on Saturday I
If o/ro'n on (hp I
i SQOWlHg loai cubiuii is agwu v
L market. Daring the summer months
r comparatively lew people come to
town on Saturdays.
The most dainty and effective pills
made are DeWitt's Little Early Riser?.
^ _ They are uneqaaled for all liver and
bowel tronblos. Never gripe. McMaster
?Old man Flenniben (W. G.) who
is knowo among the cotton men as
light weight?when he wears bis shirt
_ waist?i3 baying cotton on all sides.
He still carries a rabbit foot.
?Thp Ofipar Drn? Company, of
Winnsboro, has been chartered, the
amoont of capital being ?5,000. The
officers of the company are Josiah J.
Obear president, and Hugh H. Obear
secretary and treasurer.
?R. Brandt, the Chester jeweler,
has replenished his stock from tbe
northern markets, and he-is prepared
to show a varied assortment of the
~ A -1.
very latest things in jewelry, watcues,
clocks, optical goods, etc.
You can spell it cough, coff, caugh,
kanf, ksff, kougb, or kangb, bnt the
only harmless remedy that quickly
cares it is One Minute Cough Cure.
McMaster Co.
?A moonlight picnic wa3 given last
Thursday night by a crowd of young
people at Mr. J. M. Stewai t's planta||
- tion, rear town. The girls and boys
fe- went out in wagons and had a fine
timo Mr. And Mrs. Stewart acted as
| ?If yea are in need of glasses, yon
had better call on the oculiat at the
Hotel Duval. His many customers
r "\T already speak in the highest terms of
him; his prices are moderate; he makes
glasses in all the latsst styles, and his
lenses are the best made.?adv.
?The biick makers who are to
make the brick for the addition to the
cotton mill have been here for several
days preparing their machinery, etc.,
for beginning work. They have put
np their engine and other machines
and began on Monday to make brick.
? * Large sun spots, astronomers say,
/ caused the extreme heat this summer,
1^. - and doctors declare nearly all the
^ prostrations were induced by disorders
of the stomach. Good health
follows good digestion. Kodoi D7Spepsia
Cure digests what you eat. If
you have indigestion or dyspepsia it
will quickly relieve and permanently
cure you. McMaster Co."
?Mr. W. O. Brice, of Colombia,
has given np his business for a time
and has gone to the mountains for a
rest. His health has not been good
lately, and his physicians have ordered
a change. His friends hope that he
wil! grow much better during bis stay
in the mountains.
?If you are cross-eyed you had
better go and see the oculist at the
Hotel Duval. Eye3 straightened withont
the use of the knife; cataracts removed
without operation; also pterygium
painless. Granulated eyelids
cured no matter bow bad or now" long
? Work was begun on Monday on a
warehouse for cotton seed to be bout
by the Southern Cotton Seed Oil Company,
ol Charleston. The warehouse
i3 to be built on the vacant piece rf
land south of the freight depot acd adjoining
the old warehouse near the
Poisonous toaditoold resemb.iug
raushroor.s have cau?ed lreqneut
?' O/v . \ A A>iltr
f UeailJS lLi 13 u: tUlt IU Uib vmj |
the genuine. Gbserve tbe same care
wheu you a?k foi DeWitt's Witch:
Hazel Salve. Tnere are poisonous}
counterfeit?. DeWitt's is the only j
original Witch Hazel Salve It is a !
iaie ami certain cure fur piles auc! al 1 j
iki:i disease?. McMaster Co.
?Miss Alice Witherjw, youngest!
daughter ot Prof. and Mrs. W. U |
Witherow, was critically ill on Mooday
and very little hope is entertained
of her recovery, ahbcu^h she was
slightly better on Monday i&ornirg. j
-v She has been sck for about a week, j
but her condition did no: grow serious |
natttl O iLvc <\ (TA
UHili C* IV ?? J v
?Mr. J. I. Wheeler, proprietor of i
the Winn&borc Hotel, wish his son, !
has open* d tbe miikst.under ih-; town j
hall, and wj 1 keep beef 'or ?alt\ The |
msiiket ha* l (en closed for some weeks, |
* ercr since Mr. W. G. Koche gnve it I
t- up, and a* there has been ooiy one
market during that tiice, housekeepers
will beybd to know th-.t another has
? b-*cu opened.
?On Friday Gov. McS.vceney was
notified by Dr (>. W. Ilill, ot Cutuwba
F?l:s of a jupposrd ca-e of smiil1.
pox at that place. Dr. Hill requite*!
the Governor to send the chairman of
the State bosid of health to iuvesti.?
gate the nutter. Dr. Ja*. Evans was
notified to look into the muter aud
; give it l.i< attention. The rcsa't of
* the investigation is not knr wi:.
? We :?re sui! !nr b. hind on oar
rainfall, and from present prospect* It
doe* n-?t set-ra likely ih t we shil! ever
make it up. Tne la>t rai? was nut a
verv heavy one and not near a- much
as wa? needed, and ?he ne? d <>f rain ia?
gifaf as before The dus. is divadfu!
nnd ever*. tl.inir is drooping from
tbe 1ffec:< of the hot son. It is uleal
weather f >r e >tton pidcipg bat & rain
Sf I
" Before my ^
wife began using- A
Mother's Friend u*
she could hardly
get aronnd. I do
n^vf f BiriV c1l<? ??iM/
her "^
, without trouble." 4 \ i ',
Mothers Friend i
is an external liniment fcr expectant
'* '? ? ? ? "*? 4-t? 1
momers 10 ubc. it, gives lucuj
I strength to attend to their household J
duties almost to the hour of confinement.
It is the one and only preparation
that overcomes morning: sickness
and nervousness. It is the only
remedy that relaxes and relieves the J
strain. It is the only remedy that <
makes labor short and delivery easy. ,
It is the only remedy that puts the ,
breasts in condition so that swelling
or rising is impossible. Don't take '
medicines internally. Theyendangel *
the lives of both mother and child. I
Mother's Friend Is sold by druggists for $ I. J
Send for oar free illustrated book. 1
Tac BradHeld Regulator Co., Atlanta, ua, ?
wonld be very pleasant, and those !
who are r.ot interested in cotton are 1
anxious to see one. ]
?If your eyes burn, smart, feel j
sticky in the morning, pain or itch t
you, or if you have tears in your eyes, c
spots fla:-h before your eyes, or you 1
hold your reading too near or too far, <
or strong light hurts your eyes, or you
have headaches, call and see the ocu- .
list at the Hotel Duval. IS years' ex- j
perier.ee. No charge for examination.-ad
The One Day Coid Cure.
For cold in the head and sore throat use Kermott's
Chocolates laxative Quinine, the u Oae
Day Cold Cure." .
?'The base ball season is rapidly .
drawing to a close, but it is hoped the 1
ball team from Johnston will not wait 8
until another season opens to meet the 8
Winnsboro team on the local diamond. s
Oar boys weot up against the real
article when they tackled the Edge- ;*
field team, and their victories were by ;
no means easily won. The members 1
of the local team are anxious to give
the Johoston boys another sensational
exhibition of ball playing, and it is
hoped they will be given the oppor- f
?Rumors of an approaching wed- *
ding of a yonrg man of this tosvn are
beinii widely ciicolattd, and many ^
who Lave beard no names and know 1
nothing abont it,-cr;ept that ?here is *
to be a wedding, arc wild with curi- 1
osity to know whoJhe groom-olcct is. *
The wedding, it is said, is to take
place early this fall, and the bride U a
stranger to this place. The prcspee- c
tivegnom is a well known business 1
man of this place. Those wbo are not *
in the secret will have to await deve1.- ^
opmetus with patience. g
The emergency bags sent by a church a
society to Kansas soldiers in the Philip- c
pines contained among the necessities c
a box of Dew'itt's Witch Hazel Salve,
ice weu Known cure iur pue&, ihjuum
ana skin diseases. The ladies took
care to obtain the original DeWill's
Witch Hazel Salve knowing that all 5
the counterfeits are worthies?. Mc- t
Master Co. r
?Lieut. Richard K. McMaster, d
U. S. A., has recently been promoted t
to a first lieutenancy and has been a?signed
to the 7th Artillery. He stood fc
the examination some time ago, and f
passed successfully. He has been in
Maoila for months, but has been ordered
to Maine where he will be stationed,
and his friends will be glad to
know that he i3 to return to this coun- c
try. Duriag his service in the army r
hia rpp.nrr? has been snlendid and his .
promotion rapid, and he has every 1
reason to feel proud of it. 3
The One Day Cold Cure. 1
Cold in. head and sore throat cured by Ker- J
mott's Chocolates Laxative Quinine. As easy to
take as candy. " Children cry for them." J
?Tbe State of Monday in an article *
on the coming State fair says that the ^
secretary, Co!. T. W. Liol'.oway, is t
already receiving entries, and is daily $
in receipt of them. Tke largest nam- ?
ber so far nc-ived are from a Chester t
man and a mm from Failfi Id The ?
Chester man wants 20 stails for cattle
otirl 10 fnr isfirsfls. and the Fa.ii Held
man w.?nts 41 cattle s'.alls and i horse ,
stalls. The fair opens on October 29th
and continues ur.tif November 2nd. It
is time for those who expect to send
exhibits to be seeing about it and
au.king their arrangement*. I
O (
f j
? 1\aao {ka ?
| IHJLS lilt |<
I Ijn-jyg
4 if not, something must be f \
| wrong with its food, if the f
| mother's miik doesn't nour-f <
I ish u, she needs SCuTI'S f
| EMULSION, it supplies the |
| elements of fat required for ?
; I the ba'oy. if baby is not
| nourished by its artificial ^
j | food, then it requires |
I sPmiiieinn I
II duUil 5 thllilSfOII 4
11 iiaif a teaspoonful three |
! or four times a day in its 4. |
! & hnrHe will have fh?. desired o i
11 effect. It seems to have a | j
! ? magical effect upon babies ? j
! f and children. A fifty-cent
j f bottle will prove the truth |
11 of our statements. &
i f Should be taken in summer as ^
O well as winter. ?
^ 50c. and $1.00. all druggists. ?
/-N-f-T* ? - DAMfVL' rw \* ... V?.?. T
0 1 oc X>V-/ *>CYV
i ?
Mr. <J. P. Gla-Jden returned to Uhar1
lot:e Thursday evening.
nMMMmBHggfirinrir mi IMI
?The Sumter Telerhocc Company
has been awarded a gold rac-da! at ifce
Paris Exposition for the best telephones
exhibited there. This is of
special interest h?re as.the Sumter
telephones are in use in Winr.sboro,
and throughout. the country, and we
now have the satisf?t:ion of knowing
that we ufe the best phones 'hat are
made. People from other place?, accustomed
to using other telephone?,
almost iuvariabh remark upon :he
excellence of ili-ise phones and we
have always known that tiicy weie
superior to many of hers but did ::ot
know Low far superior they really are.
The Sumter people have ica'on to be
proud of their medal
The progressive nations of the world
are the grrat food consuming nations.
Good food well digested gives strength,
[f you cat)rot digest all \ou cat. \ou
uced Koaol Dyspep.-ia Ccr<\ It digests
what yon cat. You meJ not
3iet yourself It contains nil of the
Slges'iauts combined with the best
inown toiiics and reconstructive?. It
will even digest all classes of foods in
i bottle. Ko other preparation wiil
3o this. It instantly relieves and
quickly cures ail stomach troubles.
Me Master Co.
?Every Sunday ihe N<>\v York
Journal has as a supplement a new
ind popu'ar song, one that ha; been
sung b\ S)me popular singer and has
made a hi*. The song vrhich cc-rae out
tvi'h la>t Sunday's Journal is of ?peilal
Ivtcrt -1 to many of our re-ulers as
:he c-niji. -it is a native of WiuusDoro,
iJ:- L. A. William?, formerly
Miss Ha:.u^ Jiiuu. The song is "Remember
or Forget": the words by
Arthur Trevelyan and the music by
Elaniia Rion. Nnmerobs compo?itioL$
jave been the work of this gifted
nusician, aim sue cievoie? ncr umw
principal]v to composition, bidding
'air to make a name for herself amon<j
Jue composers of the day. A magnificat
musician, and having a thorough
knowledge of music she will no doubt
ichieve gicat success.
Bears the ^^^^^^OUjlavaAjwa^ Bought
<lt I
Fall Goods Coming: In
Mr. J. P. Caldwell, of The Caldwell
Dry Goods Co., has been north buy- ,
ng an unusually large stock of lall
ind winter good?. These good-) are
ilready beginning to arrive and the :
helves and counters will soon be j
iiled with new and seasonable good.', i
veep your eye on Caldwell's space.
t will be filled with matter of decided
ntcrest to shopper?.
Ten Cents Cotton
The cotton market opened up with i
i rise ot 08 points on Monday moi ling,
and cotton brought 10 cents at
his inaikef. This is the first time thai ,
:otton has brought as much es ten
w J
ents since 1S92. The cause ot this (
remendous rise iu the price is princi>aliy
due to the storm in Texa=, which
nail probability has cut off a large
>art of the cotton crop.
lie Fooled ihe Surgeons.
All doctors told Renick Hamilton
. f Woct .Tofforenn D nfrpr snffhrinpr
8 months from Rectal Fistaia, he
7ou!d die unless a costly operation
ras performed; but he cured himself
vith five boxes of Buckleu's Arnica i
SaIvc, the surest Tile cure on Earth,
nd the best Salve in the World. 2o
ents a box. Sola by Mcilaster Co.,
Iruggists. ^ ;
a ttakxixg
Mr. Editor: Please allow me space in ,
'our columns to say to the public that
he open lot adjoining the Presbyte
isii cnurcny&ru is uui a uuuumuii
lumping ground (as some seem to
binkitis), bat is as sacred and priatc
as that in the enclosure. We
lope a word of warning will be suficient.
Jas. M. Smith.
Sept. 10,1900.
John Morgan Kills Himself
Mr. Johu AJorgen, of Longtown,
ommitted suicide on Thursday aftcrloon
by taking laudanum. lie was
n Winnsboro on Thnrsdav morning
md left cu the midday train for his
icme. lie stopped at Ridgewav where
le procured a bottle of laudnnra frcm
Dr. Team's drug clerk stating that he
ranted it for sickr.ess in his family,
is soon as he got the bottle he drank
he contents and got in his wagon and :
;tarted home. Dr. Hoover followed
ibout an hour later, but lie was too late
o save Mr. Morgan's life. Mr.
Morgan died about G o'clock.
Bears the /) Kind You Have Always BflUiiM
s:?*? Srtt //&"/> .
I adopt this method of rctnr.iing my
aeartfeit and fateful (hank? (o
friend?, neighbors and tbe^o >d people
5f the town, genviailv, for their many
icts of kindness t<? myself and ray
iviie during ber late illness and :'or
their kind expressions r.f sympathy
For mt; in my deep I" rcsvetnem occasioned
by b'.-r death.
JL giUtUJ v'iv JJJU'I coijsns u'i > iji cv; ai au>? .
S'.a:iot:g of lucsr g'Wid wii! ?:h1 tins:
that the liohes.' l>'es-suir-; i?l" heaven
may always abide v. iih and rc?s npcn
each one o; them.
II spec:luSly,
E G. Scrn?rg*.
Tre following is -t li?t ?-f pent juror*
drawn for t: e second ?e>k ?-f t:iiirt:
A. B. Uai'b, .T. U. W cliini', .Jr.
John W. Kt.-iMitr, Cbai.'e- J. Stevenson,
I). M iiankbesd, Jame? A. D; i? c%
J. A. S:rt::n on, T. L. Richardson.
F. D. Muy ey, R T. Matihtws, J i
Clark, J. b\ McMa^er, Ed. W. K-:ncdy,
M. (\ Doalw&re, John O. L>-juIwure,
P. C. Meliichamp, T. B. M.
Cat heart, John A. Gibson, Ed. II.
Dye, W. P. Castles, W. A, Ballenti:;?,
J. E. Stevenson, L. R. Fee, W. F.
Cleveland, Law Lemmon;R. Y. Bolick,
B. F. Crowder, W. D. Davis, W. G.
Hinnant, John R. Boyd, W. R. Boulware.
Charles L. Refo, W. C. Mad- j
den, Wm. Simpson, John B. Delleny. j
W .D. jL/JAMLl.
Cure Cold In Head.
Kerrnott's Chocolates Laxative Quinine, easy
to take and quick to cure col;! :;i hrad and sort
I An American Disease. 5
at! hi
jg Dr. S. Weir Mitchell is au- ?'
jjj tbority for the statement that nerv- jjj
m ousness is the characteristic mal- {nii
ady of the American nation, and N
|{| statistics show that nerve deaths !jj
in number one-fourth of all deaths sv
"i recorded, the mortality being main* * ,
J ly among young people.
: Johnston's !
I Sarsaparilfa s
ni * ro
S|j is the grand specific for this great Jjj
is American disease, because it goes w
|[ji straight to the source of the weak- "j
,[{J ness, building up health and |{(
in strength by supplying rich, abund- in
ant food and pure blood to the |$
1 worn-out tissues, rousing the liver F,|
to activity and regulating all the m
organs of the body.
" The Michigan Drag Co.Detroit, Mich* m
Llvftrettes tie faraSus little liver pill*, m ^
Jolm II. McMaster & Co., Winnsboro,
S. C.;T. W. Woodward & Co., Eockton,
S. C.; W. M. Patrick, Woodward, S. C.;
T. G. ratrick & Co., White Oak, S. C.
Washington, Sept. 10.?The department
of agriculture reports the genera!
average condition of cotton September
1st to Lave been (j8.2 as compared who
7G August 1, 19C0; CS.5 September 1,
1*99; 79.S 1898, 76 7 mean average the
last ten yrars, except in Mississippi.
There has been a dccline during August
throughout the entire cotton belt.
The loss amounts to 2 psnnds in Oklahoma,
3 in Alabama and Florida, 4 in
Virginia, 6 in Texas, 7 in Louisiana,
S iu Georgia, 13 Tennessee, 14 in South ,
Carolina, 1G in North Carolina, IS in i
Arkansas, 19 in Indian Territory, aud
20 in Mis-ouri. The condition by
States is as follows; Virginia 73,
VrtviTi Pomlii!? fi t SruilK f!ftrnlina GO.
Georgia, 69, Florida 71, Alabama 61,
Mississippi G"), Louisiana 70, Texas 79,
Arkansas 6% Tennessee 64, Missouri
Gl, Oklahoma 78, Indian Tenitory 72. \
?_ :
Cats and Cruises Quickly Healed
Chamberlain's Pain Calm applied io |
a en*, bruise, burn, sca'd or like iajury
will instantly allay the pain and f
will hoal the parts in less time than j
any other treatment. Unless the injury
is very severe it will not leave a
scar. Pain Balm also cur?3 rhenmafiiin
cjirnirs. 5wr?!Iirn/s nnd Iamenes?. c
For sale by McMaster Co., druggist?. ?
Below we publish a le:ter from Mr. '
M. A. Chew, of '.be Twin (. iiv Power 1
Co., of Mow York, to Postmaster Piion. 1
lie wishes to purcbasc a small f.-.nn, 1
and one ot i!;<- stipulations is that it *
shall be hoa.'tby. This w<u;'d be a J
good opportunity for some one in this
comity whti lia> a place answering to 1
the description i;iven in this Idler and ''
who desire- in sell.
Twin City Power Co.,
135-137 Broadway,
New York, Aug. 14. 1900. i
Postm>is!er, Winnsboro, S. C :
Dear Sir: I wish to buy & small '
farm, sav ?0 to 100 sere-. *-vi?h brick
bouse on ;t if possible. If not, a (
frame luui-e would answer. Would I
like to hnve it nlorg the line ot tli2 5
Southern Itailrocd, not more than two
or thrte mile distaur.
I can't afioid " fa:.cv price but wish 1
to buy ior caO * ou know <>f sue!) 1
a place, k. - :<n >w ar.d I wilh |
pay you L. \ ' <::$ if I make tl.e
Would like a placv' w ith either good
spring or stream on it. .Don't care 5
about it beni2 line lauu sou's ncaniiy. <
Thankicg \ou in advance for any
[nforran'ion, I aui vours truly,
M. A. Chew. (
c. 1
Bears the J0" Have Always Bought ^
* 1 1
Miss Ifabello Huff hasicturncd to
ni/I/varrro ? aftny Triailinir \!ic? T.fint'J"
W 1* U V U1V.W4 * ?
Mrs. Kiley McMastcr, of Tampa,
Fiorida, is visiting Mr. and Mrs. R N.
Mc Master.
Mis. J. I. Wheelsr left ThtKiday to |
visit to relative and fri(?n?!s in Colombia
and Prosperity.
Mrs. Ciaivncc Jordan a:.d children
arrived la-.t wees on ;i vit-it to Dr. and
Mrs. D. E. Jordan.
Capt. C. S. Dwight a::d C.
Dwight, Jr., have gone to Lonoir,
>T / * e - i
.;N. , tor nvcriu wi\s.
Mr. and Mrs \V D G.uiLni left
Tlnir-day lor r!c>ton after a vi-il
to icldtives i<: Wiiuisboru.
Miss PaUic Ellio'.t left ius. wetk
for oparianbur^, wh? jc ^hc wili visit
friends until lhe opening c-f (Jo;.verse
Mr. John ?r. Reynolds, of she. ("oh m
h:-i h.'iiv was in town (> ; W? dlR'Hlny.
It li:is been soma lime since? Mr. Reynolds
has vi.-ItOii his old hou.e, i?u:l be
was cordially welcomed bv his friends
Tlic Appetite of a Goat
jU envied by all poor dupeptics
whose Stomach and Liver are out ol
order. All mi.Ii should know that Dr.
Kilty's JJcw Life the wonderful
Stuic&ch ui:d Liver Kemedy, gives a
splendid appetite, sound d'ge.*tiu:i a-id
a regular b-idiiv habit H.a injures per
K'CI. EPF-ii !i ana yruat eiu:i"^y. umj
2oo at McMasier Co.'a drug: store.
The D.'wjfiu-r f ?: Oct'-bcr, j ubiished
l-\ iKe (I I''ashi<.:!i Cocipaiiy, i>
o::*' ct ihe Hi:. >? mi: siot 1 Vc* maguziiics
of tin- iiii>2!iti jf ivgani.-i la^biuu?,
li e: us y tf:is; u t.? :u,<'. iliu.-lmti:):.?.
Thi- nu>: 1>: r coii'iJ'iu ihno choice
>1joM n'eo n L>rigJ:i i t C
e ,ii:cd:e:tAmn.? tin; c-j-rciully
t'.-'ii ^ i'. :;.ay be :iv.::.tiOued
'Ocob, r Floiieulluic," "A Ilnllo\ve*i
11 S?s]';> ': I'.uJy," ' il ?! [) und
Beiiii:}" on "]N'erv;?:j-ne.?>,"
"Sci'.'cii$ i How to 5ii.ke Tlsi-tu,"
K*i;der<jart{-ii in !}.? Heme," /
"Enqueue," '"Xur.-i. L<". "HouseLokl
Advice," and c; = s fi:r mski;^ '
t.-, i'r- sure.- J. !':t "c- \
sides t; l *iiv : r.j.. :< us ri y!i- J
for fauirg, u< c' cl :.i <: o.iier J
work: "Book ,;P. ii ts ? ::
Dro??makitg," tuggcili-jiis for the
bo\V v. in It wardrolc, "Anfnmn
vls.'litii ry," rnn-icbits of v?:rse, ami
up-to-date chitchat in <;Amor.g Oar-J
eelvrs." The Designer h onlv ten i
a - ,
cents a number ami certainly furnishes j
most excellent value far exceeding the
Again we have to announce a death !
in Winnsbore. Mrs. Edward G. !
Scruggs died on Wednesday afternoon
about 3 30 o'clock after about ten days'
illness. She was a ding.'.er of Mr?.
M. i.?. Gladden, and wa^ about 31
years of age. She had been married
about five years, and leaves her husband,
Mr. E. G. Scruggs, and one
chiid, besides her mother, two sisters j
and four brothers?Mrs. A. W. Brown, j
Mr?. J. G. Halliburton, and Messrs. ;
John Gladden, C\ P. Gladden, Clifton j
Giadden and M. W. Gladdec.
This death is a eery sad on?, a yonny j
v/o;nin in the very prime life. IKr |
fatajiy bavelhe v>arme?l xvmpashy of |
the entire community.
The funeral look place at the Methodist
Church on Thursday afternoon at
5 o'clock, the Rev. J. D. Crout officiating,
assisted by the Rev. J. L. Freeman,
of tLe Baptist Cbarch. Tbc services
were attended by a large Dumber
of 1 ho friend?, relatives and acquair-'
tances of the deceased. .
The following gentleman acted as'
pall-bearors: J. E. McDonald, L.
Landecker, John J. Neil, Sr., W. A.
Beaty, J. E. Coan, Jas. M. Smith.
for Over Fifty Years.
Mrs. Wixslow's Soothing Syrup j
has been nsed for over fifty years by
millions of mothers for their child: en
while tecthiDg, with perfect success.
It soothes the child, soi'ten3 the sums,
anays aa pain, cares wmu couc, auu
is the best remedy for diarrhoea It
will relieve the poor little sufferer
in. aediately. Sold by druggists in
every part of the world. Twenty-five,
cents a bottle. Be sure and ask for
"Mrs. V/inslow's Soothing Syrup,"
and take no other kind. 1-1-17
Mr Elliott Explains Why the Increase "Will
be Made
Ileporter: Mr. Elliott, I see, by a
letter to your subscribers, that after
:he first of October, the rental of your
'phones will be materially increased;
tvliilc doubtless this is due to sound
Du-iness reason?, yet as the 'phoi.e
jystem is a quasi-public .affair, would '
/ou object to giving the reasons?
Mr. tCDiott: Not at all. I will be '
)n!y too glad to do so When the ex- '
:lnnge was installed, our people were
o indisposed to "take ou" to a new
hing, and thought themselves so illible
to pay fair rules for service, that
,he price had to be made tempting and
mutually low, aunt me convenience
and value of snch a service could be
properly appreciated. Again, at that ^
;im? ;he prices of ?:03ts, wiro, labor
tnd all ibat was ncces^ary to m^ke a j
elephouc system were estremely low. ,
Since then the prices of post?, wiie,
ir.d cost of labor, incidental to proper '
icrvice, Lave i'icreasi.d from Cfry so j ^
evciity per o n*.
In addition the cost of mii"tc.!ance !
ucrtases with the age of every te!e- {
)hone nlant. j.
Reporter: Is it the purpos ofvoar ,
ixolm.ge to c-xlend your system into .
.he county and thus give your subscribers
increasing service?
Mr Elliott: Ye?, we have just completed
a line to Alston, v;a Monticello, ,
sviili one branch to Albion and another
:q the Leiper-Davis granite quarries,
siabing nearly thirty miles of actual
wire, and blinking some twenty
phones in connection with the exchange.
Also, .by arrangement with
LTivate parties, we are working a3 far
\ w ? T n1
jail as air. U. O. ?? iiii.uguaiu 3?ecvcu
niles out I do not deem it necessary
.0 speak. of onr reciprocal relations
;vith the \Y'inusboro ard Ridge way
IVlephone Co whereby we reach
Riilgeway, and Greenbriar and interrenins
neighborhoods?wi;b which all
ire familiar.
Reporter: When your new rates go
nto force, do jou expect to give reliable
night fcervice?
Mr. J?lJiott: we nave maae arrangements
whereby the service at
night will be sure. An employee will
sleep in the central office, with a'aim
sell, counccted wiih each 'puOi.c.
Rtporter: May I ask why yen do
not have connections with tlie line
running from here to Clie-ter?
Mr. Elliott: We made every (ffort
to kcure reciprocal relations will, that
lino, hut witbont success, ths owners
wishirg us to pay them rn.t, when
tve wc.ulci only gel (he service of three
'phones and give the .'civicc of a
Glorious News
Comes from Dr. D. B. Cargiie, of
W.i Mta. r. T. I.Ifi writes: "Four
bottles of Electric Biitters lias cared J
Mrs. Brewer of scrofnh:, which had j
Cflusrd her grrj?t Ilcrir.g tor years. !
t'enible Rcr?' - ..ui break out on hr-r J
head and , and the be-tdoc;ois
n? u!d give uo Ij-'p; but her cnro is
complete and her health is excellent."
This phows what thousands have
proved,?that Electric Bitters is the
bsft blood puritiei known. It's the I
supreme remedy for eczema, tetter, j
salt rhenm, ulcors, boils and running j
sores. It stimulates liver, kidneys and j
boweis, expels poison--, helps digestion.:
builds no the s-trength. Only .00 cents. j
Sold by McMaster Co., druggists. ;
.Mr Editor: I.i your is-no ?>f Sop
i? rr.!)cr 4 appears an article written \
ttur.i Ruckhea-l and signed lf.T.f'. F.' J
!'i.f ariicl-j i.i qnest:on comyiains ibat i
i?<> visiting gentlemen carried liquor j
to Kcasti rvillo on.e!ec:i>n day nivi ihc j
v'sis-kcy wa? us d to bin/cotes with, j
f\> I was tfjere on that d iv, io^e:hcr i
wi h Messrs Tcni-ant, Eliiott. a?-d
C^ick, and the aspersion is in J
is.tliiec; cuur^c against r.s all, a? well j
a- - vr-r> ciu-us n flection heists! ihc-1
g ) d peop'cof Fca&terville, I lee! coi - j
siraiucd 10 ci! 1 upon your corre-oond- '
cnt J. C. F. :o nsme ihctuo geniletiiCMi
he aihlde ! to buying vote' wilh j
vvh?>kcj' 01. dr.y i:> older t':;ftl
ilii- teeo:d S;e k-.pt stiaight. i
A>'<? JinseK I won'd under no cir
i:*: >:ai.e: * b. Uve that the good
j.f. pte ; :.( ?#>cfion in which I h-ive
it 'l.Mie.'i acquaintance cnuM be
bought whh whiskey, bui l>el:eve
them so be au honorable, Li^h toned
people, aDd it is further my be'ief that
i3ANK RU PT in health,
constitution undermined by extravagance
in eating, by disre
yarding the iaws oi nature, or
physical capital all gone, if so,
futt's Liver Pills will cure you.
For sick headache, dyspepsia,
sour stomach, malaria, torpid
liver, constipation, biliousness
-".nd all kindred diseases.
Toll's Liver Pills
an absolute cure.
t eit her of ti e gc n'.Icnien above named
had any c^nr.ec;ion with rising whiskey
on the abore cci-anon,
I?. B. Lewis.
Ridgeway, S. C.v Sept. 5, 1900.
For Infants a::;I Children.
The Kind Yois Have Always Bought
Bears the /"fit
Signatnre of
Mr. Editor: Please allow me space in
your paper to return thanks to ray
supporters in the recent election. I
was defeated, but I am juet as much
indebted to those who voted for me as
I possibly could bo in the event of success.
I also desire to return thanks to
those whom I visited in various parts
of the county. I shili always very
highly appreciate their liberal hospitality.
Should the opportunity ever
occur I shall tike pleasure in reciprocating.
I was placed at considerable
' \ iU
cnsauvaruage uy uavjng uj.icc
federate soldiers for my opponents.
Had I been thrown in competition
with'younger men the result might
have been quite difleient. It is true
that the present iucumbent has held
office a number of year?, and he obligated
himself t ot to oppose me this
year, but the disparity in our years
forbid that I should say anythiog to
inflict a wound or, his feeling:1. I am
materially opposed to the long tenure
in office. I am strenuously opposed
to a monopoly of office; ye?, I am op
-i .i? f\ * ?
posea 10 a m^ri^poiy 01 uuuniui-, a
monopoly of money, or monopoly in
any form; because I rcaard it as detrimental
to the best iu'erest [of onr people
and destructive to ihe cardinal
principles rf the Democratic part1*.
Let mo say in th-2 language of a well
known statc-iuhn, ''I am a Democrat,"
md I would iM'ht-r le a con-isieot
Democrat in defeat ihan xopnd-ate
i siu^li* prii c'ple of n-y p<r:j n com
|?ro:? i-e my comij io ?~ ->>I It? q-ies:i^h
i.J tiublic in;!- r\
Our Str.te 2nd cou.i:\_i-;'maiies will
soon be over, and our people wi 1 ihen
Lurn to national po!iiicc. The t *ditiona!
upp^ko" of I ho D
partv to mosop' i-tic tendencies on
the obe ?.a? d and communistic senliojents
on (he o:her renders the cor.c'a
sion irresistible that any party with
such principles, traditions, sentiments
and achievements is still capable of
securing magnificent and permanent
results for the people.
Again thanking the people of the
county for their kindness and support,
i am witn Desi wjsnes lor an,
Your truly,
Eobt. R. Jefiares.
Chamberlain's Cough Kemedy a Great
Tbe soothing and healing properties
of this remedy, its pleasant taste aud
prompt and permanent cures have
made it a great favorite "with peoole
everywhere. It is especially prized by
mothers of smal! children;for colds,
"nun finr? trhnnninff (>.r,rioh. as it
VU1' - ? 7 ' -always
affoids quick relief, and as it
contains no opium or other harmfnl
drug, it may be yiven a^ confidently
to a baby a? t<> mi adolf. For sale by
McMas-fcr Co., druggist?.
-Mis-os E'l. n and Mary Ellison
$eve a party on Monday evening in
honor of their gn< sr, Miss Annie Ives,
of Florei co. A number of young
people were present and spent a de
light Ail evening. Delicious refreshments
were served during the evening.
Shake In Your Shoes
Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder. It
cures painful, smarting, nervous feet
and ingrowing nails, and instantly
tases tne snug out 01 corns ana Dunions.
It's the greatest comfort discover}'of
the age. Allen's Foot-Ease
makes tight or new shoes feel easy. It
is a certain cure for sweating, callous
and hot, tired, aching feet. Try it
to-day. Sold by all druggists and shoe
stores. By mail for 25c. in stamps.
Trial package FREE. Address, Allen
S. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y. 3-14
NO. i
JEWEL! * '
Look at the next ten people you meet
and see how much is worn of the socalled
jewelry. From a $500.00 watch
chain to a live cent stick pin. Jew*
elry has. come to be a staple article of
You will buy irore or less of it: see
that you set what you pay for
when you buy. You ean be sure of
this if you will buy of McMASTER
CO. cf Winnsboro, or CHAS. J.
SMITH, Ilidgeway, who have a. full
assortment of the'W. F. MAIN CO.
poods. Every nrticle of these poods is
fully warranted to hejjs w*:!y :>> represented.
A printed gut ::ni\ 10 this
effect is Riven with each article of
these poods purchased at their store.
Eastern Factory Cor. Friendship and
Eddy bts., Providence, R. I.
Western Factory (Larzest Jewelry
Factory in the world), least Iowa City,
Iowa. " Over 52,000 feet of floor space.
8-22-1 ni
Write to C. O. CHAPPELL,
9-5-1 Jenkinsville, S. U,
mil A & &nd Whukey H&bia
DH HIJ all Bfig ciued hoine withilrlUm
Attests, Officii is>i if.l>qx?8li
fooanliiw nraitod
UI UUlJUiiai uiauuu uuiiuu*.
M. \V. Peurifoy, A. B., Principi'.
Mrs. :>1. W. Peurifoy. Mas:c and
Mrss Lottif. L?lair, A B , Primary
A sciK'Oi or man ur ue i:j a progressive,
Chri>tiair coinri;ui.itv. Tuition
Ircro $1 t" $3 according t-j grade.
Board at reasonable rate5.
Next session begins SEPTEMBER
3UD. For farther inf > tnft'ion applv
Or to Thos. Biair, J. K. Cnriee,
T. YY\ IJnfT, Trus'ees 7-12 3;n
Ill O I I I 1 fwf I W V w NM |
|g VS/hite If
? Moun- 1|
H tain? If
No matter how often <>r how much
we talk Jiiioot the White Mountain
Fierz-r, we tell nothinsr bnt 'he truth
a^uatit. In tact I hei r is no nccc-s>ity
for lel'ing anything L.?i the truth, as
e/e.vieature or me v-vjme jatmuiaiu
is a good feature, and every'point is a
telling point. Only the very best
materials are used in its manufacture,
aud will produce tbe finest quality of
cream in the shortest possible tima.
3 QUARTS, $2.25; 4 QUARTS. $2.75;
6 QUARTS, $3 25.
i i n
.-:Clewso: t:ui tdotifles the hais.
-WS. % Icx'jxiiot growth.
Piils to Restore Gray
H:w?' to its Youthful Color.
: y* Cii-ts sci'p di-tfcii hair tailing.
.^v.v-aei.Wat Dra^ti
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
It artificially digests the food and aids
Nature in strengthening and reconstructing
the exhausted digestive organs.
It is the latest discovered digestant
and tonic. No other preparation
can approach it in efficiency. It in*
stantly relieves and permanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
Sick Headache,Gastralgia,Cramps and
all other results of imperfect digestion.
Price 50c. and $1. Large size contains 2a times
small size. Book all about dyspepsia mailed free
Prepared by E. C. DeWITT & CO.. Chicago.
McPIASTER CO.; Winrsboro, S C.
* ~ jJdk I
is tie subject of much discussion
amoDg the literary chaps, but he is a
subject of solicitation with u?. We
to sell and that fellow with the boe or
the planter can't do better than buy
(18 varieties.)
McMasetr Co.
Farmers, ***
v (
ceries is now complete.
We cater specially for the far rue rs'
trade. We know what they ;,eed, and
are prepared to serve them and a: bottom
We also carry a nico line of shelf
and cve/ytbing usually found In a
general <i ?re.
E?TG ? delivered to our city trade.
Come and see us.
I mi I
I i'Best Prepared! !
rifci so?,|
fegT 6/ilcsco.J
iSS) v. 5.a.1
i g ciixco paiai or I
iiiujiii i ji ?\ r\ mmmar '
' J. OBEAR. 1
nv cnnnsi J
1111ii uuuiju; m
An entire new stock in rach line
from tne iireaicsi raarKei in ui? worm
?New York City! The centre for the
jewelry and kindred trades. *
Again we have bought a most varied . ?
assortment of the latest style?.
New goods are being opened every
day and onr friends a id customers arc
cordially invited to come in and see 1 1
Honesty and integrity coupled with a
a giv.rantte that means your sutisfa*- ?
tion have built up a successful busings
for us and vre hope to receive a co:itiup.aECO
of your valued patronage. i
Quality and Price
Harmoniously Adjusted.
Under Tower Clock,
(tan il WIeii 1
is not only one of the most jjjj
delicate and delicious of breakfast
foods ever offered to the
public, but in addition is highly
recommended for the use
of persons of weak digestion.
& to Windoff lit ij
of handsome gravures we are
crivfno- wifh Cream of Wheat.
They are works of art. Ask
to see them.
F. M. Habenicht ,
Dealer in Fiue Groceriee.
Ita't im in W m
DU111 &u lu UUUU, , |
But Plant Them -M
Look over our list before
planting and you will see just
what suits you, because they
are the ones THAT GROW.
Yours for Turnips,
f T T It ft It ?r I
J. h. lviciviaster
& Co., 1
Druggists. '
UllUllULlU "" 11U1UU
Charlotte Ciiercial Ciep, "I
Charlotte, N. C., established in 1891
ami .. '|S
Borne Bin College,
Rome, Sa., established in 1886, -~J
now under one management, offers
exceptional advantages to any one
desiring a thoroughly practical business
education in the shortest possible
WAMAA V ^ 4 Al>? AAr/Ao/-/?
I lie WJUC laugc ui icnuwi i wi*c?vu
by oar employment agencv afford*
exceptional chances for securing positions
We will guarantee yon a pes:t'on
if yoatake onr guarantee course.
Tbe rooms in the schools arc large;
and convenient and well lighted. j^?sl
Y^.ang; men or young women amy
enroll in either school any week <!sy . s-|
during tfce year.
If >ou are a stenographer, bookkeeper
or teacher and desire a post.
tion, write the Piedmont Agency*
rjianlntio "\T P Tf rnii nrn nnt a
VJ1MI IVUIV} v* j vm v mvw ?
stenographer or book-keeper, spend a
few months in one of these schools
and get yourself in shape for earning
Should ycu desire to be an expert in
interest, stock?, trade discount, etc ,
send 25 cents in stamp? or silver and
get our Pocket Calculator?jast what
you need.
For circnlars and further informa
tion. addre?s,
; r. 8D. M. McIVEK
Pacific Fire Insurance Company of
New York.
Glen Fall Insurance Company of
New York. . j?
Rochester German Insurance Company
<>f Rrch-?ster, N. Y.
Solicits share of public patronage. ,
On Improved Farms *-ecn<.v<i b\ first
niuitgages. Int'-res' 8 per cent, fn
sums cot Se^s tbar? $500, 3 to 8 j ears
No commissions. Borrower pays acual
A 3. & W. fr DOUGLASS
Winusbor?, S. C. ^
11-8? Columbia, $? C.

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