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The News and Herald Co.
r::tci?. in a.j?' v
One V :ar, ... SI.50
Six Muiitiin. - .75
' VI \ N S ) K.C".
Wednes lay, September 19 JJGO
We cannot say that the result was
unexpected to us. This election settles
(hat a majority of the voters of
tho State do n-?tfav>r pi-ohibiti >n.
TKof cofttorl hp. v find flnv contro-!
* vers?. Col. II??vt made a straight
fight in favor of prohibition against
the dispensary, and had cn his side,
not merely the passive influence but
open and active influence of hundreds
of ministers in the State, and the dispensary
has won against tr.is powerful
inflates. Not only this, bat the
restilt shows that Col. Hoyt's vote lar
tinro nrv?hihlfinn VO'ft of
CAUwUUD (UV fsuiv - - - the
State. He received the support
of thousands of those who are not
prohibitionists, but are against the
dispensary on principle and would
prefer prohibition to the dispensary.
With tbe aid of all the genuine prohibitionists
in the State and a Iarye
majority of the local optionist* in the
State, Hoyt is defeated. Nothing
could be plainer than that prohibition
does not meet the support of the pco
pie of tbe State than appears from tbe
returns of tbe election.
The election further shows tbe
wonderful influence of Senarr Tillmau.
Wholly inconsistent with his
own utterances made in 1890, be came
into tbe campaign as a candidate for
United States Senator and devoted his
whole time to a defense of the dispensary,
and be did it vigorously.
He provoked the indignation of the
ministers by his severe language, and
had them arraved 3gatnst him. Tillman
came out stronger than tbe
* - ? 4.1 - Pi. A
preacher?. jno otner man in ilg oimc
coold have acted as Senator Tillman
did without the pople rising up
aga'net him and rebuking bim at the
ballot box. Interference by oue candidate
in another candidate's race has
been sonethiDg that would ordinarily
mean a defeat to the man who did it.
Suppose a candidate for oue of our
county offices had undertaken to speak
on the stump for a candidate for
nAR.ta Jrt tfia f?nnnttr if. hfi
aauvuu; vui^w iu wu^.. t
doubted that .the people would have
rebufced it. We mention this to show
thai Tillman is a power iu the State,
and that be can do things that other
people dare not.
We have about concluded that 'he
dispensary will have to kill itself,
which it will do in aboat fonr years
or lesp. If it is true, as charged, that
blind tigers are buying their liquor
from the dispensaries under a secret
understanding that they shall not be
disturbed, then indeed will the dispensary
become a powerful political
man'h'na ill t Sf-ftfp .fo!n the tWO.
and the most formidable opposition
imaginable is presented. Of course,
this will lead to such a slate of affairs
tbat many good men who now
support the dispensary will have their
eyes opened, and this is one reason
we say that the dispensary will kill
The country* i3 anxious to hear from
Mr. Cleveland. A. large number of
votes would be influenced by his
opinion. The Hartford Time* stares
tbat "the political gossips have it. thnt
Mr. Abney's letter was shown to Mr.
Cleveland before it was published and
;? mnriM nftf hav.' hp*?n nnhlishfid
tu;iu xi. n vu u uvb mm. v j
if Cleveland had not so advised. If
this is true, Mr. Cleveland is for
Bryan. We feel sure that he is not
for McKinley. Oa the o:her hand, the
New York Elerald answering the
rnmor that Mr. Cleveland was preparing
a letter in support of Mr.
Bryan says that it can s*y "very positively
that no such letter bas been preoared
or is at the present moment
seriously contemplated."
While the Democrats are anxious to
know Ex-Presideut Cleveland's attitude,
the Republicans arc equally as
anxious to near what Ex-President
Harrison has to say. Th^ Atlanta
Journal has heard a rumor that Mr.
Harrison is "suffering from a severe
attack of disgust." He is very sileuc
at a time when his party needs al! the
help it can get.
The word awful is a very stroug
one, and though often used it is often
misused. It aptly describes the desolation
in Galveston. One youog man
in Colorado received a dispatch from
the mayor stating that twenty-one
relatives of tbe young mao bad been
killed, aud he said that he did not
suppose that he had a relative on
earth. Sis hundred dead were found
in one place. Gen. McKibbin tele
graphed to the war department that
it was "impossible adequately to describe
conditions." Thousands of the
inhabitants of tbe place have had
their homes destroyed and are without
food. The picture of destruction
is enough to appeal to the big heart of
the country, and it is gratifying to
see that a liberal response is being
made to the appeal for help. We hope
that this community will contribute I
its share.
It would seem that the sight of fo
much misery and destruction at Galveston
would fill the lowest ?\peof
humanity with awe, and ihat c-v-en the
criminal would stay his hand in such
a condition, bat we iv d that men
are robbing dead bodies for >ney,
jewelry and valuables of u.Jereut
You can spell it cough, coff, caugh,
kauf, kaff, kougb, or kangb, but the
only harmless remedy that quickly
cares it is One Miaute Cough Care.
McXIaster Co. '
A letter has been received by the
Director-General of the S uth Carolina
Inter otate aud W- .?i iliui Exposition
from Booker T. Washington,
enclosing another from Tbomas J.
Callowaj, who is in charge of the
negro rx^icit at the Paris Exposition.
Both of theee letters heartily endorse
the exposition to be held at Charl< ston,
and both are full of valuable suggestions
with regard to the negro department
of that exposition. Interest in
this department is manifesting Itaeif
strongly, especially at the north, and
the colored people of the United States i
may rest assured (hat their interests)
are being looked after. The executive
committee recently formed to
take charge of this branch of the
work will soon be called together and
aenrme organui- uu.
?The neither bureau, though people
often poke a few joke? at, it, U a very
useful de^artmea'. Tney may miss it
now and theu, bu-. a* a general rule
its predictions are verified. The
greatest credit is due the bureau for
the promptness with which it an
nounced tie discovery of the formation
of the recent hurricane and the
accuracy with which ii followed its
coarse. Tne burean announced the
storm as f.-tr b-ick a* August 30 th, and
a close walch was kept on it through
its entire course. The afflic'ed terri
tory was forewarned or tne approaco
of the storm. The value of such a
; service is too plain to need elaboration.
With j'orm pits provided, the bureau
might save thousauds o 1 lives.
i Gen Joe Wheeler has been retired
on account of his age. Thon^h
many of Geu. Wbeeler's friends in the
south thought he made a mistake in
expressing a desire to go to the Philippines,
the whole conutry, north and
south, has the highest admiration for
iL~ Hoc Ko^n nnr
bUt? 11 Lli>C VJCUQi All JLl UUk^ vvvu v ??
opinion that the victory at Santiago
; was due more to Wheeler than any
other general on the ground, certainly
more than Shafter. The whole coun|
try will hope that General Wheeler
| ma? enjoy hippiuess and heiltb during
the rest of hi3 life., and that be
may be spared a long li e.
The war in South Africa is about
over, we suppose. The Boers have
made a splendid struggle for their
freedom, and every liberty loving
Ameiican feels the deepest sympathy
for them.
Mr. Editor: The people of ibis community
were "shocked beyond expression
last Tuesday l>y the sad and unexpected
death of Mr. llu^h A.
Stevenson, the facts of which aiv well
known to the people of the whole
county. Mr. Stevenson was one of
our most popular and influential citi"
* ? -? . cc
zens. tie nas oeen our tmciem um
justice for ten years, always administering
the l.iw withoat fear or favor
with an eye single to justice. He was
a man whom Plutarch might have described
or Vandyke deli.cated, massive,
rn?*ed, aod robust, in speech
pieasaat and deliberate, trrave in
aspect, ch^erfal in demeanor, of
antique and heroic mold, iho incarna
tion of energy, force and po%ver. He
was a devoted husband and father, a
^ ?nr-ol?'/linir r? >rrrto f nih' AAtl.
gUU4 i 4 )V-aMlUiU? ^ik(WVU) vv >
scientioas in the discharge, of ev. ry
duty. If be had fanlts they were of
tha head and not of th* heart. I believe
it was his e.iMiilebirc to do
good rather than evi . i'lje writer
had the pleasure of in:and
pleasant associations with ?h' deceased.
He was a papil of the firs: m.mo! I
ever attended near Beaver Cr? ek j
Uhnreh. The feelings of friend-hip
and personal regard that were engendered
by onr associations rfevelope
i into that high standard of esteem
and mutual confidence that
should f-xist between all g ???d men
everywhere. When I knfieh'd beside
him and-saw hi-? life blood ta-t ebin^
away I felt thar I h-d lost ' ien I in
whom I con'.d rep >se irnpli.:! cuifi
dene?. He always aided uj a my
asDirations, and I in turn wou d h^e
aided him in any under!akis;g, for I
believed he was aiways actuated by
proper motives He leaves a rec ml
and a name of which his family and
relatives have just cause to be proud.
He was a useful, an honorable and
upright man, whose counsels were always
tempered with wisdom, reason
and justice. We shall miss hira very
much, for we cm ill afford to loose
sccb a man, one whose life work was
devoted to the upbuilding of his country,
the material development of irs
natural resources, the prosperity ami
happiness of its people. lie was ever
ready to do something to accelerate
the progress of his fellow man. I feel
confident that he has gone to his
Vtntwr fn rpo.p.ipo t.hft reward of cr jod
deed?, and there hear and obey that
command of oar blessed Lord, "Thou
hast been faithful in a few things,
enter thou into thy heavenly kingdom,
I will make thee ruler over mauy."
My heart goes out in sympathy for
every mm, woman or child in tronbie.
We tender our sympathies to the bereaved
and sorrowing families.
The funeral services were conducted
by Hon. John G- Wolling, in the
presence of a large concourse of sorrowing
relatives and friends, after
which the remains were lowered to
their final resting place iu the 'Jool
Branch burial ground.
Sept. 15, 1900. JR. I?. J.
Bears the The Kind You Have A!wa>*s Bought
bcckhead affairs
I was at the second primary 5a?.t
Tuesday and heard the fatal shots that
killed Magistrate Hugh Stevenson I
saw hi- slajor run a: the start, distai?cin^
his pursuers, bat he was overtaken
near Mr. Eirly's by Mr. Mac
Boulware and taken back to Hon. Jno.
Wolliny's re idenre ami placed up
stairs lor safe-Keeping. Mr. sieven
son was shot in the lefi breast and arm.
Mr. Johnson Cameron, the slayer, was
taken to jxii by Sheriff Ellison. 1 also
hear lhat his cousin, Mr. Mockbee
Cameron, has been placed in jail.
We had a splendid miu last night
and this morning, it win greatly neip
cotton and ail small crops.
Ye rich men, I beg yon to help our
perfectly destitute sufferers ot thai
most awfoi calamity that befell them
at Galveston, Tesas, The New York
- - - -i> *i n. 'I - - - i
World claims io be the first oatside of
Texas to help the ill-fated city.
I now notice Mr. Lewis, in your
irtue of September 12tb. I hereby exonerate
him and oar friends that were
with him of anything that I wrote in
the ipsiie of September oth. He wishes
me to name the men. That might
; possibiy do if the courts required it,
but I h id an 1 still have the caution to
withhold names. A friend told me
the other day at tbe election that there
were six men instead of two that had
liquor thereat the first primary.
In conclusion, I beg all of our people
to let liqnor alone, and that tbe
two men who lost their lives at the
j la-t primary might be living now if it
j war* not for the fatal influence caused
I hv kroner drink. J. C. Feaster.
Sept. 15,1900
Large sun spots, astronomers say,
caused the extreme heat this summer,
and doctors declare nearly all the
prostrations were induced* by disorders
of the stomach. Good health
follows good digestion. Kodol Dys;
pepsia Cure digests what you eat. If
you have indigestion or dyspepsia it
will quickly relieve and permanently
enre^on. McMasterCo.
Cotton picking and fodder pnlling
has been the order of ihe day for the
last two or three weeks. Cotton has
opened very rapidly. If all thai is
open in ihe field was gathered there
would be but very utile left to gather.
It is very evident that cotton, where it
was highly manured, as for tize of
bolls, not quantify, is less than w hera
ordiuarily manured. Where lands
were ordinarily fertilized and cotton
was lale in corning np the bolls, though
not as many us where 2 greater quantity
of maunre wa? used, are much
larger and better developed.
The corn crop will be short and
"nubby." The present raiusare very
suitable to the pea crop, which offers
a fair prospr-ct. Turnipseed that was
planted after :be rains two weeks ago
are coming up, but irregular.
Lan Sunday was a "big day" with
the members and weil-wUhers of Zion !
M. E. Church. Rev. Jesse A. Clif om, ]
of Sniiiter, p eached tie dedication 1
sermon. Ilis sermon was excellent ,
ana prorounuiy irueresurig, *rju ?:i- (
joyed by qaite a concourse of people, <
who came, some from quite a distance, |
to hear their old pistur and friend of (
former day?. Dr. Clifron preached ;
bis first j-ermon at this church thirty j
odd years ag\ As a preacl.cr he is ,
noted for his wit and e'oqu-i;c ; in \
social circles J.c i> fam^l for bis oar- *
teoasccss at.d geniVity. Our appre- ,
ciation of is s-ervices rendered in ,
la-t Sunday <:->uld bnt bo shown by
profound ult^rition, and in ihe future ,
aDDlv hi> philosophical admonitions to ,
heart. Dinner was served on ihe ;
ground*:, and Kcinres by Rev. W. S. J
Goodwin, our energizing pastor, and j
Dr. Clifton ?eredelivered in the after- ;
noon. Mu-ic was faruisLel in the {
morning bj Mr?. Harmon Lootnis, of (
Columbia, ?nd in the afternoon by {
Miss Carrie Wilson an accomplishc-d ]
organist and an attractive young lady ,
of Ridgewa-. Thus euded a day of )
are.it eni tvment and soirituai UDlift- <
?* ? ?J ' * * \
ing to the ehnrch. ,
Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Boyle ietnrned (
to their home iti Greelyvilie, i\ G., ,
Wednesday la-1, acc >mpaDied bv their ,
sister, Miss Li?z:e Hogan, and Miss (
Lillie Brown, !hci<- cccompiished little
Misses Harrison and Annie Sessions,
of Ridgeway, t.ave returned homo {
after spending some time in this sec- j
Mi? s Carrie Hogan, of Sumter, ha- ,
returned home after spending several j
days with relatives in this locality. (
Miss lo'a Cooper, one of our sweat- \
est and most accomplished >onng ]
iadies, left here on Monday last for
Ellabelle, Ga , where the will stop for
several da\s wiih relatives, and from j
there the will go to Millcdgeville, Ga., |
to attend tbe State Normal and Indus- i
i. - J - 1 ^.4. tVs^4 nlnAA J
intw Vyuucgc auuai j
Mi.-s Estrl'e Duke, one of onr most ,
charming young ladies, will leave ^
shortly 'or Lauca>ter, where the expects
to attend school the coming season.
Mr--. J. F. Browi), who Las been
unwell for some time, is >1)1101) improved.
Mr. James lleins, one of our ga/
I vounsr men, has accepted a position
I with Mr. Cha?. Saiitb at Ridgewiy.
Best wishes to The News and ,
Hhiald. Dixie.
N-pt. 15, 1900. ;
?? ,
Poisonous toadstool* re?emb:ing (
mushroom < have cau^cd frequent $
deaths this year. De sure to n>e only j
the genuine. Observe the same c*re ;
when yon ask fot DeWitt's Witch t
Hazel Salve. Tuere are poisonous j
counterfeit?. DeWiti's i.s the only r
tt ;o *
u: igiuai ii uuu uttL-ji uaivc* it JO CV |
?ate and certain cure for piles an.l all j
skin disease?. Mc.Yla!-tor Co. ;
Remarkable Prophecy Recalled?Doom of
Othor Cities, Charlestoo Among: Them,
Predicted. j
A correspondent of the Wilmington j
DisDatch recalls a urophecv of the G-il- e
veston disas:cr, made ten years ai>o by j
a scientist, wb'>, at the samo time, pre- {
dieted the destruction of all the chief r
ports of the Gulf and thj. Atlantic r
seaboard, including Charleston. The (
correspondent wri'es as follows: t
"In the Arena for August, 1890, the 8
late Prof. J Rhodes Buchanan, the c
eminent scientist, published a pro- ^
phecy, to th^ eft'ct that the cities of ^
the Gulf and Atlantic coast would be j
wrecked by 'submerges,"earthquakes,' <]
'wind' and' 'tidal wave?.' He paid th'it a
this great catastrophe would begin j
about 1900 at Galveston, and continue o
through twenty-five years. Oii'sofihe
remarkable features aivj'tt this pro -
phecy is that it was rnuie and pub- i
listied ten years ago, and it b'gan at
Galveston Hero are the exact words: |
" ?It is with great. hcs?rniion and r<>- \
Inclanoe that I have consented topr?
se-it this horrid drami. Every scabbard
city that is no . ra ?re : i:.-ui fifty 0
fe^t above *>ei levei is defined to a |
des'rnctive convulsion. Galve ton,
Naw Orleans, Mobile, St. Angus ine,
cavannail aim ?.iiancMuii areiii;wiu?;i.
Richmond, Baltimore, Phi adolphin,
JiT^ey City an f New York will ' offer ^
iu vari. u? d t'jees as they approxi- 5
mate sra !e\e!. The destruction of 8
Jersey i'i v and Now York wii 1 i.e a ^
grand h -it r.' ?
Note that it ii o -it Galves- I
tou Has thi! s^reat i".ai '?;ro i>* began? j
The writer will epe.-tk upon *ome of g
the ancient acd moder > prophecies n
next Sunday nighr. and take np an p
offering for the Galveston sufferers." a
Cliamberialn's CoagU Remedy a Great
The soothing and braiing properties
of this remedy, its pleasant taste and
prompt and permanent cures have 1
made it a great favoiite "with peoDle
everywhere. It is especially prized by n
mothers of small cmiaren lor coias, ?
croup and whooping cough, as it J
always affords quick relief, and as it '
contains r.o opium or other harmful
drug, it may be given as confidently
to a baby a9 to an adult. For sale by
McMaster Co., draggists,
: z r
s- V . * ' :/
' '_ , *
The 3S2iv1 ITor " ' * .' : '
in iiso ior ?jv /.'
All Counterfeit:-;, I::i: lAi
Experiments iia:.i trlfu .*'?t
Infants and Cliilar<:.
What Is C
i."5 .>.4~
goric, Drops and Soctfciiis
contains neither Opium, 51
substance. its age is its
and allays IV-vcrisIsness. I:
Colic. It relieves Tcciuinj?
and Flo/luiency. Ic assimil
Stomach atid Bowels, "glvin
The OMiOren's Pauacea?1TJ
QEmmz CAS"
Thfi Kind Yon-#
jL AAiii V4. A V M v.
in Use For C
rue CENTfciiVt COMPANY. 77 3
KailroadliiR More Deadly Than War
It tectns difficult io brieve that oar
modern railway pjstem ca:i be accompanied
by more deaths and gi eater
suffering than war itself, yet this con
fusion is warranted r>y me annual
report of the i:iter-3iate commerce
jommissfon. Tne report declares:
'The total number of ca?na'ties to
persons on acconnr of railway accidents
luring the >ear endiug Jane 30,
L899, was 51,743. Tne aggregate number
of persons killed as a result of
railway accidents during the year was
M23, End the number injured was
ti.620. Of railwav employees, 2,210
tvere killed aod 34,923 were ii jurod
Juring the } ear covered by this report.
With r--*pect to the three general
;Iasses of employees, these casualties
ivere divided as follows: Trainmen,
1,155 killed, lo,663 injured; switch nsn
Anrl wnfr^hmpn. 273
cilled, 2,992 injured; other employees,
"82 killed, 15,268 injared." The Army
md Navy Journal points out that on
hi^ basis "the ri?k to life or iimb
imoiig trainmen ou the railroads in the
[Jnite i States is nearly four times as
rreat as among the soldiers in the
PbiPppincs." While more thau 51,
)00 men were killed or injared by railway
accidents la>t year out cf a total
3f 227.537 employee-, only 1,640 men
jvctv ki 1:ed or wounded in the Philippine?;
out of a;> army of G3,000.?Litsrary
_M-. O' v ;
Cuts and Bruises Quickly Healed
Chamber Iain's Piin Balm applied to
i c i', bruise, bum, !-ca'd or like in!ury
will iu.-tautly allay the pa:n aiid
will heal the parts in lenstimethan
my other treatment. Unless the inury
is very severe it will not. leave a
>car. Pain Balm also cures
istn, sprains, swellings and lameness.
For sale by McMaster Co., druggist?.
The amount of wood necessary to
iirnish paper for one da>'s issue;of a
-nor n^Tvs?>?npr i^ ihns pstimatttd bv
"e "v" t? r -- -J
Prof. G. H. Preecott, according to
Popular Scieucc News: *'A cord of
spruce wood is equal to 615 leet board
spa-ure, and this quantity of raw m ierial
will make half a ton of s-uipbite
pulp, or one ton of ground wood pulp.
Newspaper stock is made up wit! 20
per cent of sulphi'e pulp and 80 Der
:cnt of ground wood pulp. The best
iiiosvn spruc-J land, virgin growth,
possesses a stand of about 7,000 feet
:o the acrr. Twenty-two acres of this
jest spruce land will therefore con:ain
154,000 feet of timber. An averige
gang of loggers will cut tfi5s in
ibout eigh! days. This c -lire quanTfrr
wAA/1 # ni?nnH In flf r\no f\i
"J U1 >?VUU IU1UV.U Hi au ?UJ V/..V
he hrs;e mills will be converted in a
single day into about 250 tous of sncb
)nlp as goes to make ap newspaper
;tocs. This pnlp will make about an
;qnal weight in paper, which will snp)ly
a siti<rle large metropolian n-wsrnper
just two da>s, so that ne*s)apers
as well as builders have a
jractical interest in forestry."?Lite ary
A Thousand Tongues
Coul.l hot express the rapture of
Vnnie E. Spiings, of 1125 Howard St.,
Philadelphia, Pa., wbeu she foaud that
Dr. King'-. New Discovery tor f.'onutnptiori
bad completely cured h>?r of
i hackiu? cough that for many years
lad made Me a burdeu. All other
emedies and Victors cou'd give her
10 be'p, but she says of this Royal
}ure?"it soon removed the pain in
ny chest aud I can now sleep soundly,
omethin^ T can scarcely remember
loiug before. 1 feel like soundiu? its
(raises throughout the Universe." So
-:n ~ , r\.. T.* :
viii evnj wuu w jl/i ivji^ o
tfew Discovery for any trouble of the
Phroat, Chest or Lungs. Price 50;.
$100. Trial bottles five at Mctfa-rer
Co.'a drug s?ore; ever} buttle
jyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
It artificially digests the food and aids
Mature in strengthening and recontructing
the exhausted digestive orans.
It is the latest discovered digestnt
and tonic. No other preparation
an approach it in efficiency. It in
tantly relieves and permanently cures
'latulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
ick Headache,Gastralgia,Cramps and
11 other results of imperfect digestion.
Wee 50c. iinu ?i. Lai-gc sizs contains 2Y% times
mall size. Book all about dyspepsia mailed free
Prepared by E. C. DeWITT & CO.. ChicagoAIcMASTER
CO.; Winnsboro, S. C.
On Improved Farms ?een.x! by first
lortgages. lutt rest S per cent, fn
nms not Ipcr than ?500, 3 to 8 \ ears
lo Gimuiosi ns. Borrower pays acaal
A >.& W. 1>. DOUGLASS,
Winnsboro. S. C.
11-25 Columbia, 3. U.
..... . -.A>
^ " '^'1
f > V# k Prv
/ ". * l?S
J, - j.
r . ; i. ^
~ : y: btoi.
i . .; <
; ' :l ' 1 ;
v ' - i i"i*i ^ .
. ' ' . ? :
'l : : i < 1. tit 5. i! . :>J?
v isi'<
siliuio i'jv Cast or CI], IVtVcfSyrups,
It i; I i^asvinfc. It
.\>i . ?ii HiV ? ?/? V ... .. ?
iarauiee. It <le.sl roys T\rov::::? .
t cares Diarrhoea and Wind
Troubles, cares Constipation
ates ii:c 1'ooJ, regulates the
g healthy untl natural sleep,
lie Mother's Friend.
rORIA always
Signature of
:Y0 Aiways BougM
ver 30 Years.
lUKIUV Slni^V, K2i</ Yonr. CITY.
MI utt
But Plant Them
Look over our list before
planting and you will see just
what suits vou. because thev
are the ones THAT GROW.
Yours for Turnips,
J. H. McMaster
& Co.,
NO. i
?j00k at (T o "Px*-ten people you meet
? ? _ ~?
ana see iuu u 13 wuru ui me sucalled
jewelry. From a 8500.00 watch
chain to a five cent stick pin. Jewelry
has come to be a staple article of
You will buy a ore or less of it; see
that you get what you pay for
when you buy. You ean be sure of
this if you will buy of McMASTER
CO., ef Winnsboro, or CHAS. J.
SMITH, Ridgeway, who have a full
assortment of the W. F. MAIN CO.
goods. Every article of these goods is
fully warranted to be exactly as represented.
A printed guaranty to this
effect is given with each article of
these goods purchased at their store.
Eastern Factory Cor. Friendship and
Eddy sts., Providence, R. I.
Western Factory (Largest Jewelry
Factory in the worid), East Iowa Citv;
Iowa. Over 52,000 feet of floor space.
Farmers, ?*?
** * Attention!
cerit.s is new complete.
We c-iJer speciallv f -r the farmers'
trade. We know what u.ey need, and
are prepared topeive them and a. bottom
We also carry a nice line of shelf
and rve ything usually found in a
? - - . .
?4?a- (i liveri-r. mourcuy iruue
Come a-ul n?.
The Improved
g| White |g
W> Moun- ||
If tain--- II
I I - - - - N-?
is.a'fer bow often or how much
we talk iifoot the White Mountain
Freezer, wc tell nothing but 'be tr 11 sh
about it. In tact there is no necessity
for telling anything bat the truth, as
e/erv feature of the White Mountain
is a good feature, and every point is a
tfllifg p'int. Only the vt-rv best
ra&'eriai> are u-ocl in its manufacture,
an-.' wil! produce the line-t quality of
cream iu the shortest possible tiina.
3 QUARTS. $2.25; 4QUARTS, $2.75;
Oil ARTS. ?3 25.
" "? ' J.
quent cleaning a
cared for.
a* j
W ' represents the
Jordan & D
Fall Good;
OUR bU YbKb HAVh Uhb
Fall a
We will be better prepar
than ever before.
Be sure to give us a call ;
will tell you more about the ba
The Caldwell Dry
baby: j
Babies' ]
Shoes, SI
and Moc
-XK- XX- -XK- S
1 ^ H
^8^' o"^'^ p?v
j-Sjf Costs only 25 cents j
Orciail 23ccnts to C. J.
1 ]
j t
and j
$1.25 per Bushel.
M.W.Doty & Co.I'
UBS ml
VRS do not clog, break, catch
,nd adjustment. They always
needs more attention. It will
MER and PI
: highest standards of both cl
diivcii lypsv.j^j
id for Illustrated Booklet "Onting
avis, Agts., w
s Coming.
:r Goods. ~
ed to supply your wants and
ind see what we have. We
rgains in this space later on
Goods Company,
izes, i to o.
n mocks LEFT.
HTS & ^ildvs irritation, Aids Digestion,
& &s ,-l Regulates the Bov;eIs,
g <iS / 14 Strengthens the Chad,
g gl i~|| Mokes Teething Easy.
/iters) -* ^ TEETH1NA Reiieves the Bowel
. ? f . Troubles of Children of
11 iTuggiS^ ANY AGE.
Greefibriar Graded School.
M. *'V. PtuniFuy, A. C., I'nntipal.
Mrs. *0 \V. I'eurifoy. Muvlc a?<?
Miss I ottie Blair A B . Pri?.art
Dt>p tu
A fcht oi <>f Hiiih Gr de in a pr?>rressiw,
Christian nmniiu iry. Tu>ion
$1 to $3 acco-iiin^ to grade.
Joar'i at reasonable ra*^-.
Next s?s*ion l>Rjrin? SEPTEMBER
!KD For timber w.f :?i Ui>:< i->Tl >ii |.?V
Or to Thos. B air, ?T. T. ' tu lee,
[\ W. linff, Trnsrcs. 7-12 3m
PjiciOo Fire Lu.urHr.ce Company of
SrW k
Oi^Hii i..-.. :-.ce Company 01
Si ?.* v \ W? k.
LJoobester German Insurance Coramiy
of Roch>t??r. N. Y.
Solici's share of pub'ic pa?rouage.
9 26-1v 1
COM 11
. things nor need fre- Mf v\
run the same. Ul '3 |
run well if properly If S& j
?TFORD, * |j
lain less and chain- ^ "IB
innsboro, S. O- JB
The Easy Running
The most modern Sewing
Machine of the age, embrac- .-a
ing all the latest improvements.
Unequaled for Durability,
Range of Work and
Dealers wanted in unoccur.
piea territory. uorrespuudence
solicited. Address,
General Agent,
i. i ^
"^s - '^S^Sm
tor every cent expended thou'.d be the
object of every purchaser of
This object can he be?t attained by
dealing ntro. The maxtnutn of qua!
itv at the tninimnm of cost is ?.?
method of pleasing. Oor ?> ock con- fy#
tains only gooct? which have proved of :?|jj|
nv'rit, ihe so-called ''jnst as good" and ; "%
chfnpcr articles beiug discarded.
A lull line of Canned Goods always
on hand. Also Pickles, Catsups, Mast?rd*.
Sauses. See. Macaroni, Cheese. '
Tapioeo, Gelatine. Amonrs and Codaby's
Sagar-cored Hams fresh on hand.
Also a good lire of New Orleans and
Por?o Ric;> Molasses.
J. D. McCarley & Co. 10
: 4?
-cures- ||j|
Indigestion -.pj
Piiiej's Ma Itil J
A Most Delightful Seaside ^ :|
Resort, is now Open
for theSummer
of 1900.
from Lv o- t?? Georgetown, and a uevr
and modern s e-iiner is u?*w on the
line from Georg-e<own to *Varenv
G-Oil vraler (a.itcs>ia?.); n?* mos?j'u:oe-;
firs* buit bathing; fii.e fi-hing. - i|
T-e r-.b!e i* *implied wi.'h
fish, oysj(.j-:% f-:> and .-hnnv"9 ?h
F<?r terms address
*" v . 7^5
Wa?er)7 Mills, 8. C.
- ill

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