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The News and Herald Co.
fSftrttt. IN AIM * JH V
Ua? T |?r, ... H.50
tlx HasUi. - .75
WednesJay, October 10. - 1900
We are impressed with Mr. Bryan's
asje::tion tbat the Republican party
refa3e3 to m *et the issnes of the campaign.
Mr. Hanna, th? representative
of the trusts and the power behind the
administration, has made himself i
ridiculous bv dec'ariuor "there are no j
trusts." Vice Presidential Candidate j
Booseyelt in his tour of the West fails
to meet the issue of imperialism. In
his speech in Chicago he said: "The
opponents of oar Philippine policy
have actually denounced us for the
stand we took in China." We have
failed to see any speech or utterance
of any Democrat in any way author'
->- ii-.n tno-*<7
izeu r0 speas iUI" LUC UCUV(/iauv ya> vj
who has censured Mr. McKin'ey for
his successful rescue of the America
legation in Chinn. All that we have
have seen is an expression of fear that
the administration woa!d logically
follow "our Philippine policy" in
China by taking a slice of that empire
and further involve us in "eoUngling
&lliancep." This assertion of Mr.
Roosevelt is a weak attempt to evade
the real issue and to avoid meeting the
unanswerable argament agaiust the
imperialism of the administration. Its
purpose is to tnrn the attention of the
people from this serious issue, and
direct them to China aad tv> arouse
their sympathy for the administration
for having saved American citizens
from - the cruel fate of barbarians.
rr" i~ --"il ?i/\f KQ htf snfth
JL lie pcupio *? 111 uui, w (W.v. ~J
The fight between ^bor and capital
appears now and then in violeat outbreaks
such a3 the great coal strike in
Pennsylvania, and every one of these
occurrences brings home the fact that
a serion3 conflict will take place some
day that will *hake the whole country.
It is likely thac trusts?great combinations
of wealth?which separates the
employer from the employee?have
made strikes more numerous. Between
individuals there is a bond.
An individual and his employee are
closer together an<i differences between
them can be easily adjusted,
but the operators of trusts have no
individuality in po far us dealing with
the employee is concerned. Asrain
these miners are mostly foreigners
'? i i
wbos8 cnaracters nave utrcii wimcu
under monarchical form of government,
and their surrcuading3 have
prepared tbem for violent revolts and
extreme methods
We are glad that strikes are uncommon
iu the South, though it is generally
conceded that the evil day is only
postponed in this section until greater
progress in industrial enterprises is
thp farmers often Doke a little fun
at the editors for giving advice on
farming, but we shall rnn the risk.
Tfce high price of cottcn is very tempting,
and it is opportune to warn farm
ers that present conditions will not
continue always. That cotton is bringing
ten cents this fall is not due to
anything that the cotton grower has
v done. The high price is doe simply to
the scarcity of cotton, and it is not
the farmer's fault that a fall crop was
not made. H? planted for a fall crop,
and the Lord has blessed him by denying
rain to the earth. Will the farmer
learn ibe plain lesson from tbi?? Will
he not see that a smill crop is better
for him thau a large one?
rr*1- ? m~a > v? i q
LUC 11 LUC iVI ovnjuj iw ***? ?*
s ing near, and we desire simply to impress
upon oar agricultnrisls not to be
fooled by ten-cent cotton and to advise
tbeni to plant plenty of clover, wheat
and oats and grain ot all kind?. They
must admit tbat this is good advice.
Why not take it?
After all McKinleyism may prove
a great blessing to the couatry. The
people have heard very lit :Ie of first
principles in government, and tbe imm
perialism of McKinley b*;s revived
discussion of the great fundamental
doctrines and principles of this government.
As tbe Atlanta. Journal
says: "The speakers who attract mo?t
attention are not the 'spellbinder?/
bat those who discuss principles
Jri 1,1 ~ " and policies seriously in an argument*tive
way," aud "at the end of this
campaign there will be a more general
knowledge of the history aud principles
ef oar country than ever existed
before, and if a majority or the people
go wrong on the 6th of November it
will be their own fault."
^ nm
One of the mo3t useful compaigners
in the field is Da?id B. Hill, of New
York. He is making a very vigorous
eororraQciva CftrtJnftiom in New York
??? ^5*vw*.w
for Bryan and Stevenson. He is doing
his best, and that means a great deal.
The Republicans fear Hill, and they
hate him. We expect Hill's efforts to
bear fruit in New York, and here we
may say that it is gratifying that
David B. Hill has come to the front
once more. He is too useful a man to
be shelved.
We have received from the Secretary
of State's office codt of the i lection j
laws together with insir nti >us to the
commissioners of election. The election
will be held on the 6th ot November.
Managers and all those connected
with the election shonld carefully
study Secretary of State Cooper's well
prepared instructions. The commisI
sioners will publish the notice required
by law.
i .
The Democratic newspapers do not
have a great deal to say ah rnt 16 to 1.
and the Republican pap. r- h:?ve little
to say on imperialism, but assail Mr.
r> K?c< froD.Minaarp vif?OTP.
UL y fkLi, ivi uto A& vv v
The Republicans are afraid of the imperialistic
policy of McKinley.
Restless, unsettled condition of the
atmosphere will prevail from 1st to
3rd with quicken storm movements
about the 2nd to 8rd, with local rains.
As these disturbances pass over, cool,
autumn weather will prevail generally
trom 3rd to oth. On the o;h the moon
?^ onnatnr nn hpr wav
Will Li UOO IUV w..
northward. About the 6th it wiil tarn
warm; hazy weather will prevail,
probably some gates, about tbe 6th to
8th on the North Atlantic c^asf. Moon
in opposition to the son on the 8.L and
also at perigee. A very cool wave
will follow this disturbance. Frost
and freezing will be natural over the
Northern and Middle States and in
portion of the Southern from about
the 8th to 10th, with bright moonlight
eights. Ou the 12th the moon is at
her fartherest point north. About the
lith it will turn much warmer and
unsettled blostry weather will prevail
from 11th to 14th, followed by very
cool weather on the 15th and 16tb
generally. On .the 19th the moon will
cross the equator on her way southward.
I name the 17th to 20ih as a
general 6torm period; general rains
will prevail over a very large scope of
country with high winds, aud some
active gales are very probable on the
Atlantic Coast States; 21st and 22nd,
fair; moon in conjunction to the sun
on the 2Srd, which will cause an atmospheric
unrest from 23rd to 26th;
clouditess and blustery will be the
genpral conditions, probably korae
rain. Some heavy gales need not be
a surprise on the North Atlantic
States. Moon will be at her southern
declination on the 27th. From the
27th to 29th fair and beautiful; on or
aboot the 30.h and 31st cloudiness and
some rain. Upon the whole, October
promises to be rather a stormy month,
more especially in the Northern and
North Atlantic States from the 6ih to
close of months.
J. Martin Grant.
For Over Fifty Years.
Mr?. Wins low's Soothing Syrup
has L<ien used for over fifty year? by
milli>ns of mothers for their children
while teething, with perfect t-nccess.
It soothes the child, softens the snms,
allays all paiia, cares wind colic, and
is the bent remedy for diarrhoea It
will relieve the poor little >-nfferer
immediately. Sold by draggists in
everv part of the world. Twenty five
cents a bottle. Be sure and ask for
"Mrs V/inalow's Soothing Syrup,"
and rake no ;*ther kind. 1-1-17
For The News and Eerald
Take ap Galveston's burden,
The city, sad bereft,
Her dead now number thousands,
Oh, help th>se wbo are leftTake
np Galveston's burden,
Ye wealthy ones, I pray:
Your homes are filled with plenty
While her3 are swept away.
Take u:; Galveston's burden.
Ye poor, and ye shall find
God'* blessings flow most freeiy
To those who are most kind.
Take up Galveston'* burden.
Ye weary ones and sad,
Go give another comfort.
And ye, too, shall he glad.
Take up Galveston'- l?ii!-.lt?n,
Ye happy, free fro:n care,
Will you not hear her wailing,
Jior listen to ber prayei ?
Take np Galveston's burden.
Ye fall, will ye not give
Oat of yoar ffreat abundance
To help yoar brother live?
Take up Galveston's burden,
Ye clothed, give of your store,
Gaivestou's smitten children
So pitiously implore.
Take up Galveston's burden,
Ye whole and healthy, ?
Galveston's sick and sorro a i
Are dying, but for you.
Take up Galveston's burden,
O happy family;
Prav go and freely give her
Thy love and sympathy.
Take up Galveston's burden,
Ye erring ones and blind,
Go help your fallen brother;
Forgiveness ye may find.
Take up Gilveston'd burden.
Ye- prophets of the Lord,
Go give them words of comfort
Found in God's Holy Word.
Take up Galveston's burden,
The Saviour 9peaks to thee:
"Ye did it to the least of mine,
Ye did it unto me."
Jennings, S. C. L. T.
It is well to know tkat DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve will heal a burn
and stop the pain at once. It will cure
eczema and skin diseases and ugly
wound* and soie?. It is a certaiu cure
for piles. Counterfeits may be ottered
you. See that yoa get the original DeWitt's
Witch Elaz^l Salve. Mc Master
The following bit of Slate history
from the Greenville Mountaineer may
be of some interest to our readers:
The South Carolina Military Academy
was composed of the "Citadel"
located in Charleston and the "Arsenal"
in Columbia. The Arsenal was
a preparatory school for the Citadel,
and the executive mausiou was one of
the buildings used for this preparatory
school, though differently arranged at
that time, and was remodeled for its
present purposes. South Carolina
never owcel an executive mansion in
the olden days, as the governors were
not expected lo reside :n Colombia
except daring the sessions of the
legislatnre, and they were usually men
of large fortunes who resided on their
plantations, in the lower section of tbe
State. In radical times the "Arsenal"
was converted into an official residence
for the chief magistrate, who
was then R. K. Scott, but be was tbe
only one of that regime who used it.
The gay and the festive Moses lived
during a part of bi3 term at what was
formerly Known as me nesiou maueion,
cow the "College for Women,'
on Bianding street.
Mr. Daniel C. Chamberlain lived in
his own house not far from the executive
mansion on Arsenal Hill.
Governor Hampton did not occupy the
official residence daring bis term of
office, and it was not used again until
after ixtensive repairs were made
when Gen. Johnson Hagood became
the executive of the Stacei
On Sa'.nrJay morning, 29th September,
at 1 o'clock, Mr. T. G. Patrick's
large barn wa3 burnej, containing
four fine horses, a large crop
ot fine oats, fodder, hay and wagons,
cultivator and plantation implements.
Your correspondent has not beard of
tbe valuation of loss, but it is very
heavy The store house and cotton
yard, contaiuing some one hundred
bales of cotton, very narrowly es.
caped. Strange to say the fire was not
discovered in lime to save the poor
dumb brutes that were locked in.
Such fires are calculated to cause
alarm, as the origin is unknown.
The health of onr community is
very good. The hot, dry, suffocating
weather was broken up by a refreshing
shower last night.
Tnmin sowino- <i comDlete lailure on
account of drp weather.
Cotton on oor market bringing 10c
and upward, much to the satisfaction
and relief of the producer.
We are sorry to see our southern
mills closing down at 10 cent cotton;
they may yet be glad io get what they
will need at 12? cents or may be 15
cents. May all success and wisdom be
bestowed on our cotton convention?.
Oct. 1st, 1900. D. M.
"For three days and nights I suffered
agony untold from an attack of cholera
morbus brought on by eating cucumbers,"
says M. ?. Lowther, clerk of
the district court, Centerville. Iowa.
??T fK/M-iorhf T ohnnlr? cnrftlv die. and
tried a dozen different medicines bat
all to bo purpose. I sent for a bo'tle
of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhcei Kemedy and three doses relieved
me entirely." This remedy is
for sale by McMaster Co., druggists.
general butler.
Republicans Are Gloating Over His AntiDemocratic
Manufacturerss' Review.
Gen. Matthew C. Butler, ex-United
Stales Senator froraSouih Carolina, is
in danger of being denounced as an
enemy of the South and a traitor to his
party by some of ihe rampant party
men and papers oE the Soutb, w&o can
see only evil in every man that dares
to say that Bryaoism is rot what the
South need?. In an interview published
i? the New York Times, Butler
is quoted as follows:
' '*fhe South has never been 90 prosperous
at anv time since the civil war
as if is to.day, and I think that this
gratifying condition of affairs is due
principally ttie high prices at present
being paid for cotton. I believe, furthec,
that if the present conditions
continue it will only be a short time
till the South is thoroughly on her feet
again. In saying this I do not speak
as a politic'an, for I have been out of
politics now for many years, but from
the stcndpoint of a Southern farmer,
to which class I belong."
?<ETrtr*7 thf? nohtieal outlook in
the Sonth, gen- ral?"
"Well, i?'?you have asked rae a
hard question. There is where the
negro comes ii\ If it were uot f r
him, I believe that the existence of the
present politic*! conditions in the
South, whic'i are due to the doraina
tiou of dopulisiic ideas would undoubtedly
be rebnked by the people
south of Mas >n and Dixion's line.
Many persons in the South sue in protection,
especially, a very beneficial
thins to ever> body ^-oucrrucd "
"How ab .nt the qucs'ion of imperialism
in the South?"
"Personallv, 1 am an expansionist.
I think the Democratic party made a
misake when they raised the cry of
anti-imperiali?:n, and I don't believe
that there 13 any f-tioh thin?. As for
ike Southern people, I don': see how
any ot them, especially those in the
cotton bu-iness, can see anything uot
beneficial to them in the policy of ex
"I think Mr. McKinley has made a
most excellent president. He is thorosghly
conscientious, intensely patriotic,
and has the best interest of the
country, north and sontb, at hear'."
His Life Was Saved.
Mr. J. E. T a prominent citizen
of Hannibal, Mo., lately had a wonderful
deliverance from a frightful
death. In telling of it he says: "I
was taken with Tvphod Fever, that
ran into Pneumonia. My lungs became
hardened. I was so weak I
couldn't even ?it up in bed. Nothing
h lped me. I expected to soon die of
Consumption, when I heard of Dr.
King's New Discovery. One bottle
save great relief. I continued to use
it, and now am well and strong, I
can't 6ay too ranch in its praise." This
marvellous medicine is the surest- and
quickest cure in the world for all
Throat and Lunar Tronble. Regular
*izes 50 cents and $1 00. Trial bottles
free at McMaster Co.'s drugstore;
every bottle guaranteed.
?If your eyes burn, smart, feel
sticky in the morning, pMin or itch
you, or if you have tears in your eyes,
spots flash before your eye.?, or you
hold your reading too near or too far,
or strong light harts your eyes, or you
have headaches, call and see the oculist
at the Hotel Duval. 18 years' experience.
No charge for examination.?adv.
A Powder Mill Explosion
Removes everythiag in sight; so do
drastic mineral pill*, but both are
mighty dangerous. Don't dynamite
the delicate machinery of your body
with calomel, croton oil or aloes pills,
when Dr. King's New Life Fills,
which are gentle a-* a summer breeze,
do the work perfectly. (Jure* Headache,
Constipation. Only 25c at McMaster
Co.'s drag store.
Good Advice.
The newspapers, as nsaal, aie giving
the farmers good advice. We don't
want to be behind the times, so will
try our band Our idea is this: Let
the farmers hold their cotton and sow
nlpntv of wheat. That is the card to
play at present.?The State.
Secret of Beauis
health. The secret ofl.ethe
power to digest
late a proper qu;.ni'y I ?
This can never be dene \ .
the liver does not act it's r
Do vou know th L
Tutt's Liver Pills are an :"
lute cure for sick headache, <'
pepsia, sour stomach, miL.
constipation, torpid liver, pi!-,
jaundice, bilious fever, billon
ness and kindred disea.., :;
Tutt's Liver Phi
t\A\v\ vv^aw* x r \?A \vvwvvr v\v*
The Kii-J- Yea Have' Always
in use for over SO years,
All Counterfeits, Imitations a
Experiments that trifle with
Infants imd Childrc:-?ISxperi
What is Ci
Castoria is a harmless snhst
goric, Drops and Soothing- S
contains neither Opium, Moi
substance. Its age is its gua
and allays Feverishness. It
Colic. It relieves Teething T
and Flatulency. It assiniilat
Stomach and Bowels, giving
The Children's Panacea?The
jfy Bears the S
Tie KM Yon Ha?
In Use For Gv
To the National Convention of the
ChrisLiau Church, which meets at Kansas
City, Mo., October 12-19, the
Southern Railway will sell round trip
tickets from all points on its iiuesat
the rate of one firat-jlas3 fare for the
round trip, plm $4 00 Tickets will
be sold October 8th, 9th and 10th,
with final return limit to October
23rd, inclusive. Persons at non-coupon
stations should notify ticket agent
ueveiai uays iu auvauvc ui iueu ouutemplated
departure, in order that he
ma? supply himself with proper form
of tickets.
Also round trip tickets to the Annual
Convention, National Baptist Association,
at Richmond, Va., September
J2(h-20th, at the rate of one first-class
(are, from ail points on its lines, except
from Washington, D. CM and
Alexandria, Va Tickets will be sold
September 10th, Xlth and 12th, with
final limit September 22nd, inclusive.
To the annual convention of the
Colored Odd Fellows, Louisville, Ky.4
October 2-7, round trip ticket* will be.
sold from all stations on the Southern
Railwa-. Tickets to b3 sold September
29 h, 30rh, and October lst,-v\ith
final limit October 9th. Persons at
non-coup')u stations should notify
ticket agent several, days in advance"
of their contemplated departure sothat
be mcy Supply himself with
proper form of ticket?. .. "; .
The Mississippi Va icy Medical a<sociition
meets at Ashville, N. 0.
October 9th-llth The Southern R?ilway
will sell round trip tickeis Horn
all -taiions on its lines October 6 h to
Oth, inclusive, with final limit October
15' h
For further information ca'l on or
write air; agent of the Southern Railway
or its connections.
*~y I
The entry into womanhood is a
critical time for a girl. Little menstrual
c&orckrs started at that time soon
grow into fatal complications. That
female troubles are rillrcr graveyards
proves this. Wine of Cardui establishes
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flow. "Wh?.n once this important funcI
+<r*o Jc rforhf 3 tfiv life TXTtll
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Cardui. There is nothing like it to
give women freedom from piin and tc
fit young women for every Caty of life.
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Miss Delia M. Strayer, Tully, Kaiu "1
have suffered untold pein at menstrual periods
for e long time, was nervous, had r.o
appetite, an'' lost interest in everything,
in fact was miserable. 1 have taken four
bottlesof Wine of Cardui, with Thedford's
Black-Draught, when needed, and to-day
[ am entirely cured. ! cannot express the
thanks 1 feel for what you have done
for me."
For advice in cases retiring special directions,
address, giving symptoms, the I^adles'
Advisory Department.The Chattanooga Medicine
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An elegant line of
New York Biscuit
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Ice Cream,
Butter Thins.
Graham Wafers.
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5 O'clock Teas.
Baby Lunch.
Water Thins.
n * If TT 1 ' 1 iJ
r. ffl. Mill! S,
Dealer in Fine Groceries.
f&V t?li 0 \ti
H | $ M " %'>
hL^LMJ: * ' JM
ought, ArlilcTi "!'."*" 7 "on
as borne the slgrnaf.-ire i>?
s l>ccn2iva<Ienn;l, r J:r .. rLipervision
rincc it:? ir.fa^oy.
:o or.fi t j cLcceivo youhi i'.i' ;nd
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a::d cmhmgrer the lieahh ci*.
ie:icc r."a":ist Exi>eriuieiit.
itutc for Castor Oil, Pareyrups.
It is Pleasant. It
rphine nor otlicr Narcotic
rantcc. It destroys Worms
cures Diarrhoea and Wind
roubles, cures Constipation
;es the Food, regulates the
healthy and natural sleep,
s Mother's Friend.
OR IA always
lift-notnrfl nf
e Always Bought
cr 30 Years.
^wsaawpw ?
The sbirc waist man and the net waist
Go hand in band to-day,
ADd the people year after year keep
Throwing tbeir clothes away.
The coat and the vest are tossed aside,
And where is the fleecy shawl:
Oar clothes get thinner and fewer?
Will be the end of it all?
Oh, what will the sbirt M'aist man take
From the things he has to wear?
And what will the net waist girl throw
. From the shoulders no*- hall bare?
The shirt waist man and tbe net wei&t
Go rollickiog down the wayHave
we started a style that is going
to end
With the old fig leaf some day ?
?Chicago Times-Herald.
Dyspepsia Cure
: Digests what you eat,
Itaftifieially digests the food and aids
Nature in strengthening and reconstructing
the exhausted digestive organs.
It is the latest discovered digestant
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Price 50c. and >1. Larco size contains 2^ times
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Prepared by E. C. DeWITT & CO., Chicago*
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The Easy Running
Sewii Macliie.
The most modern Sewing
Machine of the age, embracing
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Range of Work and
Dealers wanted in unoccuf
f/-v?-Tr r nrrpcnnn -
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Richmond, Virginia.
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u- v. ell an
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The __
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tion," but there was onlj
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ing to a
Fixed ?
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manu @oo<
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s I ujxn, IJL\ i
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A dRlrA'
f~\ - _ P T
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.A'lepet) ar|dis<
Q. D. Williforc
Consisting of DRY GOODS,
SHOES, and all classes of ?
establishment ir
These goods must be co
order that the heirs may get
This is the greatest opportunit
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ether Ameri
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r one grand prize and the Colur
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ce whenever and wherever a wan
standard of Excel
y' ttaw-p apttril? "hat
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Did. 1
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. i
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Fsale." :
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0 iq th|? Upitpy.
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1 the Carolinas.
nverted into cash at once in
their portion of said estate,
y ever offered to the people of
tr rv( TTIfllCA
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at Drng^ists, ANY AGE
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..'. |
mpetition with all ?.
ican bicycles at the ^
Prize?the highest award. i?H
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jositions and it has never "" **
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-insboro, S. C.
1 --2^8
, ,Vhen
you are passing our - ^
way and see our new ar- ^
rival ?f
- f|?
Fresh. Candy, |
usl arrived from the factory. .
Wunnallp's Canto M
nearis that it is fresh and nice.
You will find it in any size*
Dackage to suit you. Don't . ^
;ail to call and see it
Don't forget the name,
Nunnally. .
J. H. McMaster
& Co., ~~1
Druggists. $
I stm Have 1
-6 or 8YoUrig
pet unsold.. Persons needing male*
should call and fee them before ba>- ing
a* I will eeil them cheap for ca?h .
jr srood paper, pnyabfe in shQ'fdll.
I also have a lew horses, atuon;
them two^ood Combination Horse*. *
Also a couf?!e of GOOD MARKi,
suitable for brood mares?young.and..
sound. . v ... '
5 Cows. .
L will pay the highest caafc price fur &
classes, fat or poor.
I still have a few BUGGIES that I
will sell cheap for cash.
A \\n 11i'?anw4
f-\. VV1UUUIU,
Winnsboro. S. C.
'MriuMi M
* ' SaBCS
M. W. Peckifot, A. B.f Principil.
Mrs. M. W. PecRr/ot, Mnsric and
Calisthenics. i
Miss Lottie Blair, A. B., Primary
A school of High Grade in a progressive,
Christian ccmrauoity. Tai- - _
tion Irora $1 to $3 according to grade. a
B >ard af renpojiable rare*. ' Next
prs&ion begin? SEPTEMBER
3UD For !nnber information apply
L i iui;ipmt
Or to Thos. Biair, J. R. Cnrlee,
T. W. Ruff, Tfaaieos. 7-12 Sm
? . -!S^
Motte - 601
Charlotte Commercial College,
Charlotte, N. C., established ?n 1891
Some Business Colleie,
Ji me, Ga., rstablishec in 1856.
nnw under one management, offers
exceptional advantages to any one
desiring a thoroughly practical bntin??
education in the fhrrten pos*ib.'e
:1 * ~J
j r.e Willi- linigr i i iiiiiiuii b?i< i>a
bv our et;ip!o\ n e> t agei c\ sfforrit J
exceptional clanw* l< r fpcnnt.g petitions
We win guarantee \ on a j ??i- _/
tion if. von ??ke ?nr pnaraMte ceur^e.
Tt.e ro?'in> in t: ? tcl ools are large
ad convenient i> mi well l:ghied.
Y'lU'ir mei> or \ourg women may
enroll in either .-chool a>^ weak day *
dnriii^ ti e \ear.
]f \uu are a t-teiiojjraphi r, bookkeeper
r teacher and desire a p?ition,
?ii ? the Piecinunt Agrenev,
Char'ote, N. C If j?>u are not a
stenograph- r < v i?n'k-kt-? pn, hpend a
few* uiutiilj.- in one of ihpfe f-cLooin
irel \ oat sen 111 s^spe xvr v.arnn??
Should \<"u to be an expert In
iute?e?, *-:ocks, trade di-coum, etc.,
send 25 cents in fctamp? n- silver and
yet our Poeket (Vculatur?just what
F\>r circulars and farther inform*
ti >*?. address,
A FR1CANA will care Cwatfawttoa aad.
* " is*wonderful-LiterMe.iimi.TftrIk

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