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I - ??
Wednesday, October 10, - 1900
?This week at?
r , Canned Goods of ail kinds, fresh. All
jL goods delivered.
P (Telephone.)
?Bead citation elsewhere.
?See notice of teachers' examina- j
A? I
f ?Money in pecans. Read adverir
tiaement. J
?Read notice of Geo. L. DeHihns
?Money to loan. See advertisement
?Bead notice of application for the
appointment of guardian.
?Bead Caldwell Dry Goodr Co.'s I
"big tale" advertisement.
?Buy yonr cook and heating ?tove?
from J. O. Boag.
?Mothers must not forget that Dr.
Mcffett's Teeth ina (Teething PowI
ders) will cure their child.?adv.
"x No other pills can eqaal DeWitt's
Little Early Risers for promptness,
certainty and efficiency. McMaster Co.
?The largest stock of furniture ana
baby carriages, at J. O. Boag's.
?Miss Mary Ellison has accepted a
position as stenographer and typewriter
in the office of J. E. McDonald,
? ?Friends of Prof. R. Means Dayis
Will be pleased to know that he is
able to be out after an attack of sick>
' ness, which confined him to his home
for some time.
?The Charleston Medical College
opened on Monday >nd a large cumber
of students matricuL'ed. Messrs.
J. Gregg and Tom McMasler are
onono' fhft students.
This is the season when mothers are
alarmed on account of croup, It is
qaickiy cared by Ooe Minate Coagh
Cure, which children like to take. McMaster
?The town coancil is having a low
wall of granite put aroand the well
ia the court house yard, which not
only protects the well bat greatly im^
proves it* appearance.
-Little Martha McAlpinet daughter
of Kev. and Mrs. John McAlpine, of
Piceville, N. C., who has been sick
with scarlet feve rat her grandmother's
v*~- ?o mni>h fpp.
1IVU1C UBlbj w uiuww
?A very large crowd was io town
on Saturday attending the closing out
sale of Q. D. Williford'6 3tock. A
quantity of cotton was brought to
town and business was brisk.
The best method of cleansing the
11 jzt is the use of the famous little pills
known as DeWitt's Little Early .Risers.
Easy to take. Never gripe. McMaster
?fleonies, the photographer, will
fee in Winnsboro for three days only,
Oetober, 11th, 12th and 18th. 6 beau?
tiful photos for 75c. All the latest
n>An AV)i9 ofvloe
auu oi^tvo*?MM**
?TfceMcMaster Co. is advertising
garden and field seed, such as barley,
rye, wheat, a great many varieties ex
? . tnrnip seed, beets, spinach, &c. Go
to them if yoa Deed anything in this
pSfc ?Mr. Tom Cathcart now has charge
of central office at night and night
=- calls will be answered. Mr. Cathcart
also has charge of the Uses and repairs
the phones when aoything is out
of order.
Torturing skin eruptions, burns and
sores are toothed at once and promptly
healed by applying DeWitt's Witch
Hazel Salve, the best known care for
piles. Beware of worthless counterfeits.
McMaster Co.
?Mr. Parker, a cotton buyer from
Raleigh who has been in Winnsboro
for some week', i? so well pleased
with this plf.ee . that be bat decided to
locate here aod will continue buying
?Miss Sitgreaves has returned from
the north with an elegant asiortment
of patter* hats, which will be displayed
at the proper season. See the
mAoi? Kofa nAW
nice Iiue U1 rcauj-wnoai um?
for sale at Mrp. McCarley'e.
^ ?R. Brandt guarantee with everything
he sells means yocr absolat3
satisfaction or money refunded. Tbii
firm was established in 182S and has
4K| been in the Brandt family over 85
year?.- adv.
Feelings of safety pervade the house'
bold that uses One Minute Cough Care,
the only harmless remedv that prodaces
immediate resolts. It is infallible
lor coughs, colds, croup and all
throat and lurg trouble*. It will prevent
consumption. McMasterCo.
?Many of oar readers will regret
to know that Mr. James Jones is
Boriftiuis ill at hi? home near Black-1
stock* He has been iu ill health for
monthp. He is a prominent and well
knowu plauter.
?Q. D. Williford's stock of dry
goods will be .sold oat in order th*t
cash may be realized. Tbis will be a
^? Vie"11 opportunity to supply yourself.
K^t^dthe advertisement of J. L. Mimuaagh,
?One of the little children of Mr.
.and Mrs. Walter Till is sick with
scarlet fever at their bora* at Rockton.
It -hoped that this case will prove as
^ ^^-./""mild as the other cases that have deg^''^
vVeloped about here.
? Have your photos taken by HenjjjH^
<niesT of Columbia He will be in
gmE||^ %Winn?boro October 1 Ith, 12;h and
USib. 6 photos fer Soc. Children's
Y ipictures a specialty. Remember f?r
ilhree days on|v*.?adv.
?Ml Brewer, a negro preacher,
*was run over and killed by a train on
'Thursday night last near White Oak.
The man was intoxicated and had laid
??n 111?AQ/I Qtiroilt
"UU? il VU lug iauivay ? v-%
io 6leep. The negro'* body was feartolly
mangled by the train.
?The Rock Hill Herald state# rbat
tbe Winthrop stndents wiil attend the
State fair if President Johnson cm
make satisfactory arrangements as to
railroad rates and uaeale. It will be a
disappointment to many should these
students not attend tbe fair.
? Mr<. W. R. Garrison'* illness,
wbiicb wa? reported some days ago, is,
we are glad te rote, nothing so serioas
as paraljsis. She id suffering from an
.j, -* *
Out in Kansas
lives a happy wife. She writes: " I
have used Motner*? Friend before
Tka Uof T
twins, and was in labor only a few minutea.
Suffered very little." The reason
Mother's Friend
does expectant mothers so much
good is because it is an external liniment,
to be applied upon the outside, where
much of the strafn comes. It helps because
the pores of the skin readily absorb
i it, and it comes into direct contact with
tad it absorbed by the parts involved.
I Morning sickness is qurckly banished,
and nervousness is kept completely away.
The sense of dread and foreooding is not
experienced, even during labor itself.
Confinement is short and almost wirnoui
pain. Recovery is quick and sure. Best
of all, Mother's Friend benefits the
I unborn just as much as the expectant1
toother, and when the little one comes it j
will be strong, lusty and healthy.
r -afgUtettil Mother's Friend for SI a bottb.
S?ad for oar frt* book os tb? subjact,
finely illuetrated.
attack of rheumatism. Her friends
will be pleased to know that; her condition
is not so seriovs as was rumored.
?If R. Brandt did not h ave something
special to show in quantity of
goods, new styles, and more particularly
in price, it would be no use of
his making such efforts to do a more
extensive business.?adv.
?Dr. and Mrs. R. B Hanahan and
family are moving into the McMaster
house, which Dr. Hanahan purchased
last winter. Mr. Preston Eton and
family who have been occupying the
house will move into Mrs. Cattie Mobley's
house across the way, which has
been occupied by Dr. Hanahan's
?If you are cross-eyed you had
better go and see the oculist at the
Hotel Duval. Eyes straightened with
oat the use of the knife; cataracts removed
without operation; also pterygium
painless. Granulated eyelids
cured no matter how bad or now long;
standing ?adv.
When yon cannot sleep for coughing,
it is hardly necessary that any one
honlai tell yon that you need a few
doses of Chamberlain's Ceagh Remedy
to allay the irritation of the throat,
and make sleep possible. It is good.
For sale by McMaster Co., druggisfe.
?A eho:t time ago, Thos. Enbanks,
Sr., a native of Fairfield county, who
had moved to Union and was an open
ative in the Union Cotton Mills and j
the Excelsior Knitting Mills, died
n ,\M Vv"< rt !
Jruu IUC CAlCUcO Ui a opiU'Ji uivc? TWJ- I
soon after the ?pider bad stung him
blood poison set in and in a few boars
be was dead Mr. Eab^nks leaves a
wife and four children.
?Oar well known colored citizen
Jobn D. Smart brongbt to this office
on Tuesday some of the finest pears
that have ever been seen in tbis part
of the country. They are splendid
specimens of frnit, large and perfectly
formed and deliciously favored. John
Smart has always been a successfal
fruit grower and these pears show
that he knows the secret of pear cul?
For sprains, swellings aud lameness
there is nothing so good as ChamberIain's
Pain Balm. Try it. For sale
by McMaster Co., druggists.
?R. Brandt, the well known jeweler
and watchmaker of Chester," S. C.,
will visit Winnsboro on October 26th
with a very handsome and extensive
line of fina jewelry, watches, chains,
solid silverware and novelties. R.
Brandt will display his wares at the
Obear Drug Co.'6 store.?adv.
?J. D. McCarley 3c Co. are getting
in a large supply of new and nice
things, such pickles, and different
varieties of sauces, fine coffees snd
teas, and innumerable other things
which will tempt the housekeepers,
especially at this season when it ;s
hard for them to supply their tables
flnn wo r**aft7 r\-f thincra Thftv
mvu VAtlVkJ V*. -*?v;
will be glad for you to call on them
and tee for yourself.
You assume no risk when yoa buy
Chasnberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhce* Remedy. McMaster Co.
will refand your money if you are not
satisfied after using it. It is everywhere
admitted to We the most successful
remedy in use for bowel complaints
and the only one that never fails. It
Is plea?ant; e*fe and reliable.
?A line for a branch railroad connecting
the Fiirfield Oil gnd Fertilizer
plant with the Southern Railway was
surveyed on Wedneiday. This is tbe
If you have neuralgia. Scott s
Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil
will feed the nerve that is crying
for food?it is hungry?
and set your whole bodv ^oinor
^ O O
a<j^ain, in a way to satisfv nerve
and brain from your usual food.
That is cure.
If you are nervous and irri- I
table, you may only need more
fat to cushion your nerves?
trrxn o 1\11 ? vl\ 1n ? /4
y\j u nit piuuauiv mm anu
Scott's Emulsion of Cod Liver
Oil will give you the fat, to begin
Cure, so far as it goes.
Full cure is getting the fat,
you need from usual food, and
Rmirl<?irvn will vnn
to that.
If you have not tried it, send for free sample, i
its agreeable taste trill surprise vou.
SCCTT & EOWNE, Chemists.
409-415 Pearl Street. New York.
?oc. and jJ.oo; all druggist*.
second time that the line has been surveyed,
the first survey haviBg been
made abont three years ago. The
owners of th? mill are anxious to have
the branch roa'l as it will factlitate the
delivery of their freight, oil, meal, &c.,
to the railroad, and will save the labor
of moviDg it by drays. The road is to
be built by the Southern Railroad.
?The roof has been pat on the
freight depot, the platform is about
finished and the interior is now being
repaired. The debris from the depot
has been carried oat and since it has
all been removed it is found that the
same floor can be left in the depot. It is
charred and blackened bat was not
badly burned. This will enable the
work on the building to be finished
sooner than was expected. The rapid
ity with which this work on the depot
has been done is surprising.
? By honesty, integrity and low
prices, R. Brandt has built up a large
and successful busines?, If you do
not wish to buy, it will pay you anyway
to see his elegant stock. Mail
orders promptly filled from any catalogue.
Prices never higher, often
Do not get scared if your heart
fronbles you. Most likely you suffer
from indigestion. Kodol Dyspepsia
Core digests what you eat and*gives
the worn out stomach perfect rest. It
is the only preparation knowa that
ci mplet? Iv ('igests oil classes of foods;
thai is w..y it cures the worst cases of
ind?gesti? u and stomach trouble after
AMA.. *i ! UAM T* wian V\a
cvci > uu m; eisc uao xaucu. n may uo
taken in till conditions and cannot help
hut do you good. McMaster Co.
?The policemen alter their usual
Monday measuring of the water in 1
the cisterns reported no water in the
cistern at the freight depot. This cistern
was put there for the protection '
ot railroad property, and the railroad 1
is supposed to keep it full. It is one !
of the most important in town as
there always many thousands of <3ol- 1
Iars worth of property at the freight
depot, especially at this season of tbe 1
year when so much cotton is on the
platform, and it is absolutely necessary
thai water should be kept in the
cistern. If the railroad fails to do to,
tbe town council should take steps in
Via maffor ot nncp on/3 rpnnirfi fhp.m fft 1
fill the cistern and keep it fall.
?We wish to call attention to the
advertisement of tbe Bamberg Nursery
Co., which appears elsewhere in oar
columns. This nnrsery, of which 1
Messrs. H. J. & Otis Brabham, of
Bamberg, are proprietors, is the only 1
one that we know of in ?the State, and
should hare the patronage of all Sonth 1
Carolinians They issue an excellent 3
catalogue and their plants are healthy (
and strong and are beautifully packed
for shipment. We havs received from
this nursery fruit trees and other
plants, and all were entirely satisfac- !
tory. The fruit trees were received in
the spring, which is considered a trying
season for planting tree?, and all
have lived and flourished. They a^e (
reliable people to deal with and home
industries should be encouraged. For \
cataloghes address The Bambern Nur- :
eery Co., Bamberg, S C.
The One Day Colu Cure. <
Cold is head and sore throat cared by Ker- I
raott's Chocolates laxative Quinine. As sy t?
Mks at sandjr. * Children cry for them."
?State Superintendent of Education
McMaban is endeavoring to arrange a
college day at the State fair and has 1
issced circulars of the county superintendents
on the subject. He believes
that it will be beneficial to the
educational institutions 01 me eiaie. i
Friday is the day that Mr. McMahan
suggests would be a good one for the
meeting of the schools and colleges, as
there is not usually anything of much
much importance arranged for this
day. The presence of such a number
of school girls and boys would undoubtedly
be one of the most attractive ,
features of the fair, and Mr. McMaban's
idea is a good one. Should it be
arranged, Mt. Zion oogbt to attend in
a body, as it is one of the oldest and
most historic schools io the State.
Be?? Ha jO 7!ie KM Yoa Hav9 Alwajs Bougfi
A few popils in stenography. ApI
ply to Miss Daisy Bacot, at central
{office of the Telephone Exchange.
10 4 3t
Capt. T. J. Cure ton, wbo had
$4,500 insurance with Mr. W. H.
Flenniken on cotton bnrned at South!
ern ail way depot on the morning of
I 25th ult., received a check Thursday
morning in inll settlement of his loss.
of Charlotte, N. t\, will be in Winnsboro,
at the Winnsboro Hotel, on
Wednesday, October 17ib, for one day
I only. His practice is limited to eye,
| ear, nose and throat. 9 27id
Daisy Cicero was lodg> d in pil ?n
[ Saturday charged with the murder of
. her husband. It is 5iid that she shot
her husband several times, and then
I struck bim in the bead with au sxe
i Tbe homicide occurred on Mr. Kaj lor'a
| place in the Longtown neighborhood.
Mr. Benj-imio Tennant, father of
| County Supervisor Tennant, died on
Wednesday about 12 o'clock.
Mr. Tennant was aboat 80 yearn of
age, and had been feeble for some
I time. His wife, who was Mis? Corder,
j predccea?ed him many years ag<\ Tbe
funeral services were held at Coic >rd
Church on Friday. The sympathy of
tbe community is with the family.
Commissioners of Election.
The coramissitners of election from
Fairfield have at last been appointed,
this county being the last oue to send
in the recommendations. The following
are the names of those w horn the
Governor has appointed:
State?T. M. Boulware, Amos E.
Davis, W. J. Johnson.
Federal?C. S. Ford, W. J. T.
Weir, Elliott Ketcbin.
W cores Hacking Coughs, V
W Sore Lanes, Grippe, Pneu- w
B znonia and Bronchitis in a H
ffl few days. Why then risk H
B Consumption, a slow, sore H
I death? Get Dr. Bull's I
I Cough Syrup. Price, 25a
B Don't be imposed upon. I
| Refuse the dealer's substitnte; it I
n is sot as good as Br. Boll's. n
Hi S?lvatloa Oil cares Rheumatism, I
Acfaes and Pains. 15 & >3 cts, J Unclaimed
The following is a list of letters remaining
unclaimed in the postofice at
Winnsboro, October 8, 1900:
Miss Lucy A. Baxter,
Hilliard Brown.
Rice Gadson & Fred Trap.
Lillie Lilham,
Johny Jones,
Mr. James Lightner,
Miss Uary Karens,
Miss Carrie Wilson.
Personi ?tiling for the above letters
will pleasa sty they are advertised.
Prestos Riou, P. M.
Bwrsti* />Th8 KM Haw Always Bo#t
A peculiar accident and one which
reBnlted in the death of a negro man,
occurred early on Friday morning on
Mr. Frank Elder's place on the outskirts
of towu. The negro, wbo?e
name was Jesse Graydon, went down
into Mr. Elder's silo to stir np the
contents, and while in the place became
overcome by tbe close, heavy
air. Feeling tbe bad effects of the air,
be called for belp, but before sny
assistance could be given bim he was
nnconscions. lie was taken out of tbe
Bilo and a physician sent for, but he
was beyond all human belp and in a
few moments was dead.
The Repvbllcan Convention
The State Republican Convention
met in Columbia on Wednesday, and
Fairfield count* was represented by
the following men; Preston Rioo,
Isiael Byrd and D. 8. Rice.
On Thursday, the fourth congressional
district convention met in Columbia
and nominated Col. Poinier,
of Spartanburg, for Congress.
A congressional committee was aleo
elected and Andrew Stewart, of Fairfield,
was one of those elected to serve
on this committee.
Resolutions condemning mob law
were adopted on the motion of Rev,
H. W. Smith, of Winnsboro, pattor of
the A. M. E. Zion Church.
Volcanic Krcptl*ns
A.e grand, bat Skin Eruptions r?b
life of joy. Bucklen's Arnica Salve
cares tbem; also Old, Running and
Fever Sores, Ulcer?, Boils, Felons,
Corn9, VTarts, Cats, Braises, Barns,
Scalds, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Best Pile cure on earth. Drives oat
Pains and Aches. Only 25 cts. a box.
Cure guaranteed. Sold by McMaster
C*., druggists.
The following complimentary notice
01 Rev. J. Walkup Douglass, which
appeared in Tuesday's Charlotte Observer,
* ? He read with interest bv
marv ? . !) ugl&ss' friends in Fair*
field. .. , ot Itev.Mr. Chalmers
will also be 01 interest here:
Rev. Jno. W. Douglass, who has
been supplying Dr. Chalmers' pulpit
Bince June, went to South Caroltna
vesterday on a visit to relative*. Mr.
1! nir'ass is a graduate of Princeton
m- ; * young man of unusual brili
"* of intellect. His sermons have
be., enjoyed by his Charlotte audiE-l.'-fP.
Dr. Chalmers is still at Brevard,
vv kilo Vio hot nAf imnrnvod on r&nidlv
as was hoped for, he is gaining in
Btrenglh and is en'oying the climate at
Brevard. He has do plana for retnrniog
to Charlotte at present.
Bunikt Had Yw Hiit Atwiyi B?g&
The classes at tbe South Carolina
Coll ge have all been organized and
have elected their officers. In tbe
sophomore class the Winneboro stndents
fteare qnite prominently. The
following boys have been elected:
President of sophomore class, Cbas.
H. Neil; vice-pre<ident, Clement F.
Davi-; and Cbas. L. Jennings has
been made captain of tbe lootball team.
Tbe following new indents from
Winn*boro have joined the Euphradian
Literary Society: Amos E. Davis,
Jr., and T. R. Ellieon. Mr. W. Herbert
Raff, of Ridgeway, has been
made manager of tbe Freshman class
football team.
The Fairfield boys bave alwat f taken
a prominent part at the South Carolina
College and the students who are now i
there are keeping up the recoid of the
No Klght to Ugliness.
The woman who i> lorely in face,
form and temper will always hare
friends, but one who would be attractire
must keep her health. If the is j
weak, sickly and all run down, she i
will be nervous and irritable. If she
had constipation or kidney trouble,
her impure blood will cause pimples,
blotches, skin eruptions and a wretch-j
ed complexion. Electric Bitters i* the
best medicine in the world to regulate
stomach, liver and kidneys and to
purify the bloo1. It gives strong |
nerves, bright eye?, smooth, velvety ;
skin, rich compl< xion. It will nake &
^ood-looking-, chancing woman of a
,un-down invalid. Only 60 cents at
McMaster Co.'* drag store.
The wedding of Chan. K. Donglas?,
of this place, to Mi>s Elizabeth
Bond, of Jdarion, S. C , which i* to
take place to-dap (Wedncpda)) in
Marion, in of groat interest to the
friends < f the joong couple hen- and
througbou th. county. The bride i" a
charmitiff yoonsr woman and will be
? . .1
waimiy weu ( meu id >y imi ? >un?,
wbcre she already has many triei.dp,
having visited relatives here. She is a
niece of Mrs. W. H. Witberow. The
groom-elcct is a young mas of fcterling
worth and is receiving hearty congratulations
upon all side?; fie left
last night for MariOD, and be and his
bride expect to return to Winnsboro
on Thursday afternoon. The young
couple upon their return to Winnsboro
will make their home with Miss Lilla
Beaty io the northern part of town.
The News and Herald wishes them
all happiness.
The One Day Cold Cure.
For cold in the head and sore throat use Kermott's
Chocolates Laxative Quinine, the " One
Dejr Cold Cure."
Teethina was first used by Dr.
Charles J. Moffett, a graduate of Jefferson
Medical College, Philadelphia,
Pa., in his extensive and snccessfnl
treatment of children in Georgia in
overcoming the troubles incident lo
teething and hot summers.
Teethina (Teething Powders) counteracts
the effect of hot weather and
UAAMM i3!<WA?i!nA /VM/WA VlO *? ** 1 ? V.TT
Jtccpa luc uigcoiiYC uigaus iu a ucauu;
condition, and has saved the live3 of
thousands of children in the doctor's
native state, where physicians prescribe
and all mothers gire it, and it
is criminal in mothers of our section
to allow their babes and little children
to suffer and perhaps die when relief
can be so easily obtained by givii a
Teethina. it costs only 25 cts at druggists,
or mail, 25 c's. To C. J. Moffett,
M. D., St. Louis, Mo.
?All in need of an open or top
baggy, phfeton or f>urry, call on
J. 0. Boag.
Dr. W. H. Lewis, Lawrenceville,
Vs., writes, "I am using Kodol Dys
pepsia Core in my practice among
sevsre cases of indigestion and find it
an admirable remedy." Mauy hundreds
of physicians depend upon the
use of Kodol Dyspepsia Cure in stomach
troubles. It digests what yon eat,
and allows you to eat all the good iood
you need, providing yoa do not overload
your stomach. Gives instant relief
and a permanent cure. McMa3ter
The house which ha< been occupied
fnr Romft time bv Mr. Wm.K. Mc
Carley and family was destroyed by
fire on Saturday morning at about 3
o'clock. The fire is supposed to have
originated in the kitchen as the fire
was burning fiercely in that part of
the hou3e whan the family awoke and
gave the alarm. The family, with the
assistance of the firemen and others
| who came, were able to save practically
all of their furniture and clothiDg,
but the contents of the kitchen were
destroyed as the fire began there.
| The firemen did magnificent work at
! this fire and although the house was a
| frame building the firemen put out the
flames before they had burned the
front part of the house verv badiy.
| The heuses adjoining were in con
jSweraDie aanger as iccy weic ^uuc
near, bat the vigilance of the fire
! companies prevented tbe 6re from
[spreading. Tbe house, which was
owned by Ban Emerson, was formerly
the Methodist parsonage. The hoase
was insured for $500, and Mr. MchCarley
carried insurance on bis house!
hold effects.
Yes, August Flower still has the
largest sale of anv medicine in tbe
civilized world. Your mother? and
grandmothers never thought or using
anything else for Indigestion or Biijiousness.
Doctors were scarce, and
they seldom heard of Appendicitis.
Nervous Prostration or Heart Failure,
etc. Thev used August Flower to
clean out "the system and stop fermentation
of undigested food, regulated
the action of the liver, stimulate the
nervous and organic action of the system,
and that is all they took when
feeling dull and bad with headaches
and other aches. You only need a
few doses of Green's August Flower,
in liquid, form, to make you satisfied
there is nothing serions the matter
with yoa. For sale by McMaster Co.,
Mr*. G. A. Wbiie returned on
Thnrsday from Columbia.
Mr?. Tom Bryao, of Columbia, baa
been visiting her parents, Dr. and
Mrs. D. E. Jordan.
Mr. Normau W. Palmer, cashier of
the Bank of Ridgeway, was in town
for a short time on Wednesday.
Miss Jennie Rosborough ha? returned
to Winnsboro after spending a
week with Mrs. H. L. Eliio t in Colombia.
Messrs. J. H. Harvey and S R
v - ? L -X 3 \f V
jODDfciOQ nave leiurneu iruui juuv_uunellsville
where they went as delegates
to Presbytery whicb met rbere.
Mrs. Wade H. Williford and children
are visiting relatives bere. They
arrived last week wter receiving the
announcement of Mr. Q. D. Williford'd
Mr.' Ja? M. Smith ha9 returned
from , ?u.-oyter> whicb met at McConnneii*vd;e,
Cheater county. During
his absence VIr. Sam McDowell took
Lis place iu Mr. G. A. White's store.
' Mrs. Paul Trapier Hayne, of Greenville.
is viaitinsr the Misses McMahan
on Senate street, to the pleasure of h?r
Columbia frieuds She leaves ibis
week for trips to Fairtield Couuty and
Atlanta before retarding home.?The
Dr. Joha Palmer, of Faiifield, daring
last week vuited his kinsmen, the
Meisr*. Davis, i:et?r Clinton, and Mrs.
PIuk*, of tdis city, and o?her lriendc.
He is a veteran fall of Interesting
reminiscet ces, and a pauiotic ('aroliniar.?Laurens
*'One day last w inter a lady came to
my drug 6tore and asked for a brand
ot coagh medicine that I did not hsve
in steck," says Mr. C. R. Grandin, the
popular droggist of Ontario, N* Y.
"She was disappointed and wanted to
knor what cougb prepara ion I could
recommend. I said to her that I C)u!d
f.r e r 1 y recommend Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy aod that sbe could take
a bottle of the remedy and alter giving
it a fair trial if she did not find it
worth the m'>ney to brrng back the
bottle and I would refund the price
I paid. Iu the course of a day or two
| the ladr came back in company with a
tri< iid in need of a cough medtcine
! and advii-ed her to buy a bottle of
j chamberlain's Cou^h Remedy, I conI
sider that a very good recommenda
Ition for the remedy." It is for sale
by MoMaster Co., druggists.
? , ,11 hit"
A Prominent Young Business Man.
It is onr painful duty to record the
death of Mr Quay D. Williford, one
of the most prominent busiues- men
of the community, tie had been
seriously ill about ten day?, and died
about eight o'clock on Thursday morn
Mr. Williford was born on the 30;h
of March, 1867, and was tbe joungest
son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Williford.
Prepara o.) to his business career be
took a course in the business college
at Louisville. Ky., and begsn business
with his lr. u.r, tho late W. Bf. Williford
, under the fnmname of Q. D.
Williford & Co. Mr. W. LI. Williford
withdrew, and Mr. Q. D. Williford
continued in his own account
with remarkable success In 1893, he
was forced to make an assignment on
account of liabilities as an e.-.dorser.
He then became mansser for his
brother-in law, Mr. J. L. Mimnaugb,
of Columbia, uutil January, 1897,
wl en he resumed business in his own
naaae. Though a joungman ls possessed
remaikable executive abilities
and fine business qualitiep. He seaned
peculiarly fitted f<r the mercantile
baeicess and had built up a large
busintsp. His store was always filled
with salable g?ode, and at the time of
bis death his stock was perhaps the
largest stock of dry goods ever
brought to Wlnnsboro. Few men in
Winnsboro have been more successful
in bufciness He was progressive, constantly
adding improvement?. He
will be missed in the business aflfnirs
of our community.
In 1893, Mr. Williford married Miss
Addie Robinson, of E'teerooor, lTork
Couuty, who witn three sma'I childrt n
survive him The entire community
sincerely deplore the sudden end.
The funeral services we e held at
the Methodist Church at 11 o'clock on
Friday morning, and the body buried
in the Presbyterian Church yard. The
pall bearers were:
Active-A. W. Brown, L E. Owens,
J. Weathersby, R C. Gooding, Dr.
J. C. Buchanan, and F. M. Clark.
Honorary?R H. Jennings, J. E.
McDonald, G. W. Ragsdale, U. G.
DesPortee, T. H. Ketcbin and T. K.
Por Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
"Olij Say, Can Y#u See?*
If your eye-glasses do not exactly
fit you, or you need a pair, be sore
and avail yourself of the opportunity
to have each of your eyes fitted correctly
by Dr. Becker, the German oculist,
who is now and for a short time
only at me wotei uavai. ms opucsi
parlor is fitted with the latest and best
instruments known to science. No
charge for examination. The doctor
will call at old people's houses free of
charge if tbev cannot come-to him.?
T~he position of resident
Special Agent of the Equitable
Life Assurance Society for Winnsboro
and vicinity is opened to a man of
good character and ability. A valuable
contract, carrying renewals, will
be given to the right man. Address,
W. J. RODDEY, Mgr., Rock Hill,
S. C. 9-13?d
The next Teachers'examination will
be field i? riaay, uctoDer jlz.
10 6 2 Snperintendeut.
who trespass on my "Free'!
tract of land, by making roads through
it or cutting down live timber.
10-9-3 Dawkine, 6. C.
For Sale.
lAA U 1_^I~ U7U*,i
vjkj uubiicis ?? ucai.
? Per Cent.
stored in oar warehoase at the rate of
G per cent per annum.
9-25f3w2 T. K. Elliott, President.
For Sale.
and Red Ru^t-Proof Oats.
9-13 1 in Mitford, S. C.
i lie firm of Gerig ?fc Seigler will please
pay op promnMv to M?\ J. W. Seigler.
If taid debts . ?o? ;j <d by October
loth they wili be ptu in the hands of
my attorney for collection.
Administratis of Estate of F. Gerig,
deceased. 9-25 4:
Notice to Depositors.
that the rate of intere3t on deposits in
the Savings Department of this Bank
will Leteailer be at tbe rate of three
per cent per annum, payable January
1st and July 1st, on enms depoeited al
least three monJis prior to those dates.
The rate of four <*?>< will bis
allowed on present deposit?, of thif
class, to Jannarv 1st, prox.
T. K Elliott, President.
9 27-f3x2
im u'l iMEMMaaa?? saBaiMca??*? ?
fQg-\ W VJU
by the Quart*
Every bottle you take of Johns ton'j
Sarsaparilla means better health,
and every bottle contains a lull
quart. It makes better blood?purei
blood. For thirty years this famotU
remedy has been creating and main*
taining good health.
builds up the system, tones the
nerves, and strengthens the muscles
more promptly and effectually than
any other remedy known. The pallor of the
cheek disappears, energy takes the place of
languor, and the rich color of health flo^s to
the cheeks. Unequalled for all disorders of the
stomach and liver, and for all weakening complaints
of men, women and children.
Sold fT*rrwh?r?. Pric*, SI.00 p?r teU quirt feotli*.
MICHIGAN DRUG CO., - Detroit, nich.
John H. McJIaster & Co., Winnsboro, |
c ri . t trr e, r<n i? <->< ? V+nri
1^7 V/., 1. *?. TT WU?TOiU Vu \s\J. J ikwuuvuj
S. < \V. M. Patrick, Woodward. S. C ;
T. G. Patrick & Co., White Oak, S. C.
?}*" ' / " : CS
i --' ; \' -i !<-\ik ... .-?t.SAM
. "Hinj and ihe btic.
(> ? * . i'*x)CJoaj x growth.
vJCsi ^ii?i?pver ? >'.'.* to iiestore G-rsy
?Zg^^?i Hair to us Youthful Color.
I.. . >- ?- <Cures ses'.i diicajci & hair l?lling.
Pacific Fire Insurance Company of
New York.
GUiii Fall Instirnncc Company 01
New Y >ik.
Ro. tiester German Insurance Corapal
y ..f Roetueter, N. Y.
S >ii?i s share of public patronage.
I have made arrangements with
brokers in New York City to make
loans on first mortgage of improved
farms for five years' time, payab'o in
instalments, at the low rate of 7 per
1 *-? Thn k-, L-Al.
CtJDl XUimc&t pel UUUULU. iuc U1V5Wage
and charge for abstract and inspection
are reasouab'e. Aj'p'- to
j. e. Mcdonald,
10-4 Attorney at Law.
The best life insurance in the world
is a pecan grove. That kind of an
insurance company never bankrupts.
The trees are not subject to disease,
and are said to live 600 years. It is
moaey well invested that would be
hard for the boys to throw away. Single
trees have been known to produce
more tban $40 worth of nuts in a year.
The nnis have never been a drug on
the market. Bamberg Nurseries, H. J.
& Otis Brabham, proprietors. Bam-;
heror. S f!.. have the^e trees for sale.
I ""'OI 7
1 Their 1900 catalogue is now ready and
can be had for the asking. It describes
a d pi ices their stock of fruit and
1 shade iree>=, rose?, evergreen", vines,
Mention this paper when jou write.
10 6x4
By 8. JR. JOENSTON, Esq., Judge Probate .
WHEEEAS, J. L. Mimnaagh hath
made suit to me to grant him
letters of administration of the estate
? j --e /"? n
auu ClitXli Ui. V^? U* ll u:uuiu, ut'
These are therefore to cite and ad1
mcnish all and singular the kindred and
creditors of clie said Q. D. Williford,
deceased, that they be and appear
before me, in the Court of Probate,
to be held at Fairfield Court
House, South Carolina, on the 22nd
day of October next, after publication
hereof, at 11 o'clock in the fore1
noon, to show cause, if any they have,
why the said Administration should
not be granted.
Given under my hand this 6th day
of October, Anno Domini 1900.
10-6-x2 Judge of Probate.
Tax Notice.
m ft tmn YTTTT T nr T-\TTT7* A XTT*
IAAXjO Yt l.LiLi nrj U UXi ilxiu
payable from the 15th day of October
to tbe Slat day of December, 1900,
Tbe tax levy for State purposes is
5 mills; for ordinary county purposes,
4 mills; for school purposes, 3 mills;
making a total levy of 12 mills on all
( taxable property of the county. There
is an additional, a special tax, for
1 school purposes of 2 mills in School
Districts Nos. 1, 9, 14, 17, 18 and 25,
mab;Dg a total levy of 14 mill? in thcss
school districts, and a special school
tax of 1 mil! in No. 19, making a total
levy of 13 mills in that school district.
There is also a tax of one dollar on
each male citizen between tbe ages of
) 21 and 60 years, excrpt tho?e who are
disabled or are made exempt bylaw.
Taxes are payable in the following
kinds of funds and uo other: Grid
and silver coin, United States currencv,
national bank notes, and coupons
which shall become due and payable
during the year 1900 on the consolidated
bonds kno^n as ,4Brown"
bonds, and !he bonds of tbe State
known as "Blue" bonds, and any other
State bonds which may be issued by
auihority of an Act of the General
Assembly, the coapous of which are
such Act made receivable for taxes.
9 27-lm County Treasurer.
?** Attention!
r?ti 4.:^
I?leanuauur i
ceries is now complete.
We cater specially for the farmers'
trade. We know whit they ^eed, and
' are prepared t^ serve th^in and a: bottom
We also carry a nice line of 6be!?
goods? ?
' and tve.ytliiug usually found i*? a
; general store.
1 tyGoods d^liveri f? t?> our city trade.
1 Come and t-ee a*.
-rv t\ t -oTk n rt / \
W. K. KAtftf & tu
. . r.Jr
flew Stales.
EVERY LIN ? now 19 sparklioz with
bright new jrood?\ The public
is cordially invited to come in
and look around at any time,
witnout ieenug uncier any 0011?at;ons
to buy. Come and inspect
my Jiue-s when I im in
WiutisLoro and Ridgeway. Ask
to sue everyi hing.
WE CARRY only high qaalitv good?,
well made and well fin;8hod,
whether plated or ?olid. That
is onr hobby. They will wear.
WE CAN SUPPLY every want made
npon an ap-to-date Jewt-Iry
Store anvtfhere. Wearethor
oioaghly informed as to every
de.ail in onr bu'iuess atid no
soods offered yon are so good
n V?ck mAnfir
! OUR GUARANTEE meant absolute
f-atisfaction to the ursr. .
Under Tower Clock, Cbetter, S. C.
New Suppliee
Are daily arriving at our Food Emporium.
Thrifty housekeepers
take to oar
(Boobs anb prices
as naturally as the village youth are
attracted to church by the girls. It's
like studying, a book lilted with
tempting "bill of fare to look over our.
procession of special lies for the table.
One Barrel No. 1 Mackerel (new
catch); Forbes' Sngar-Cured Hams, ^
fresh alwavs in stock: Fresh Cream
Cheese, at 17?c per pound. A fine
line of Canned Goods, Pickles, Mustards,
Sauces, etc. Also Coffee.?, Teas,
Spices and many other good thing6 too
numerous to mention for want of
space. Call and see us at the old
J. IX McCarley & Co.
.* "i*
Field Seed
Turnip Seed.
SPINACH, Ete. ..Onion
Mitt Colli?.
Notice of Application for the
Appointment of Guardian.
Notice is berebv that petitions
have been filed in the office of the
Clerk of the |Court of Common Pleat
for Fairfield County for the appointment
of the Judge of Probate as guardian
of the estates of the following
minorp, to wit: Mary L. Peri v, Robert
W. Perry, Helen Perry. Kathleen
Perry and Nell Perry; and iheappli
cation for snch appointment will be
made to his Honor J. C. Klsijih. Circuit
Judge presiding in the Sixth Circait,
at his Chambers, L.ncaster,
S. C., at eleven o'elock A. M., on
Thursday, the 18rh day of October,
19G0, or as soon thereafter as counsel
can bejheard.
The estates of the *aid minors consist
of undivided interests in two separate
policies of Insurance of two
thousand dollars each, the first of
which is in favor of the first three
named minors, and the second in
favor of the last two named minors
with their mother, Mr?. Emma S.
Perry, said policies having been written
on 'he life of the late Rtv. R >bert
B. Perry, deceased. Said minors also
have undivided interest# in two tracts
of land situate in the counties of Fairfield
and Chester containing in the
^jrregate about vix band red acies,
sftd of the estimated value of about
twenty-five hundred dollars, and also
interests iu certain lands in the State
of Florida tin number of acres and
value whereof is not definitely known,
/^Le said petitions are made on the
, ground that *no fit, competent or reI
'sponsible person 'can be found who is
willin? to assume the guardianship of
said minors.
October oth, 1900. Peti'ioiier,
.j. e. Mcdonald,
Attorney for Petitioner.
IRA1^ Whltker H*brta
KJ 111 cnwd at bom* withgUlvl
' ; -3
' 0;

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