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Wednesday, October 17, - 1900
Another lot of New York Co.'a
FRUITS of all kinds.
And many other nice things.
(Telephoae.) All goods delivered.
?Read Clerk's sales,
? ?Read Sheriff's sale.
Lost. See advertisement elsewhere.
?Read notica of County Board of
?Read Uororer Hinnant'b notice
?Fresh rolled oats at 5c per pound
at J. D. MeCarley & Co.'s.
?A valuable place for sale. See
?Especial attention is called to the
town tax notice pablished elsewhere, j
No other pills can equal DeWitt's
Little Early Risers for promptness
certainty and efficiency. McMaster Co.
?The Fairfield Oil and Fertilizer
Co. are building an addition to their
ginnery at their plant.
?The largest stock of furniture and
baby carriages, at J. O. Boag'a.
?Mothers must not forget that Dr.
Moffett's Teethina (Teething Pow-1
Uers) will cure their ctiiia.?aav.
?You will fed an elegant line of
trimmed and nntrimmed bats at
Mrs. McCarley's.
This is the season when mother* are
alarmed on account of cronp. It is
qaickly cared by One Minote Congo
Cure, which children like to t&kc. Monaster
?The many friends of Miss Lida
Neil will be glad to know that she is
convalescing after an attack of fever
which lasted several weqks.
?Buy your cook and heating stove#
from ^ J. O. Boag.
?Why buy life insurance for 20 to
80 per cent more than you have to pay
on a policy in the Aetna Insurance
Companv? Read T. K< Elliott's advertisement
Toe belt meiaoa 01 cieanstug mc
li ;er i? the use of the f amous little pills
known as Be Witt's Little Early Risers.
Easy to take. Never gripe. McMaster
?R. Brandt's guarantee with everything
he sells means your absolute
satisfaction or money refunded. This
firm was established in 1828 and has
been in the Brandt family over $5
*< ,
years.- adv.
?The freight depot is being painted
and is fast beginning to look finished.
The dirt and debris have been partly
removed and it will not be long before
the effects of the fire will be
scarcely noticeable.
?Dried peaches at 6i?i per poand
at J. D. McCarley & Co.'sJ
Torturing skin eruptions, burns and
? nf Anna qtiH nmmnt. !
IUiC5 ai C >UV(UQU All VLJW auu
If healed by applying DeWitt'a Witch
Hazel Salve, the best known care for
piles. Beware of worthless counter^
feits. McMaster Co.
?Posters lor Forep&agb and Sells
circas which is to visit Columbia on
the 24th icst, have been posted in conspicuous
places in town. It is terribly
tantalizing to the children here who
fyMfc will not be able to attend the circus.
?Mr. Parker, who has been buying
cotton in Winnsboro for some time,
left on Thursday for Mississippi where
he will buy coiton. He received a
ulonram -from (fio firm far which ha
is buying requesting him to bay
Mississippi cotton*
?If yon are crosseyed you bad
better go and see the oculist at the
Hotel Duvai. Eyes straightened with*
out tbe use of the knife; cataracts removed
without operation; also pterygium
painless. Granulated eyelids
cured do matter bow bad or now long
Feelings of safety petrade the household
that uses One Minute Cough Cure,
the only harmless remedy that pro*
duces immediate results. It it infallible
tor coughs, colds, croup and all
tbrost and luDg trouble*. It will prevent
consumption. McMaiterCo.
?It is .reportrd that there is a case
of diptheria in town and the victim is
a colored child. The case is said to be
a malignant type. The house where
the case is said to be i9 iu tke ho&rt
of town and unless the matter is in*
restigateri the disease may spread.
?If EL Brandt did not have something
special to show in quantity of
goods, new styles, and more particularly
in price, it would be no use of
bis making such efforts to do a more
extensive business?adv.
?Mr. Jas. Mobley, son of Mr. M. H. I
Mobley, has secured a position in Co
Gambia and begad his new work on
Monday. He is clerking: for the
Heath Grocery Co. Mr. Mobley, up
to the time the new po8ition was offered
him, wa* c'erkzng for R. Y.
Tamer here.
It ii well to kuow tkat DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve will heal a barn
and stop the pain at once. It will care
eczema and skin diseases and u*ly
wound* and *oie?. It is a certain care
tor pile#. Counterfeit* may be offered
you. S?*e that you get the original DeWitt'*
Witch Haz^l Salve. McMaster
? Mr. Lyles, the next c'.eri of court
has rcuted Mrs. Mary C. Riou'a residence
and will move his family into
ton when he enters upon (he duties
-1 u:. u:, ?,;n
Ul UI9 U1UU~> U11 muiHT nil! us
a great acquisition to Wincsboro soI
^ ciety aad they will no dmbt make a
^ number of waisa itiends
?R. Brandt, the we!i kDOwn jeweler
and watchmaker of Chester, S. C.,
vrill visit Winin?boro on October 26th
with a very haud^oine snd extensire
line of fine jeweiry, watches, cbaiDs,
solid silverware and noveltieF. R.
Brandt wiil display his wares at the
Obear Drujr Co.*s ?tore.?adv.
. ?Invitations to the State ball have
bteu issued and it is expected that sbis
ball will eclipse ail others. It will be
held in tne State boase wbere the
batd-ome snrroundi?.gs will nod
* greatly t?> the beauty of the ball ami
^ tt e be>t mn8ic will be secured. Young
men nnd wutnen from all pait?of the
Stnte will be present.
?The selection of imtribals to ?erve
or the coming >ear have beeu made
f I
i wv^rj i
F there axe thousands of wo- f
8 men who nearly suffer death w
1 from irregular menses* Some- A
\ times the "period"comes too >
t often ? sometimes not often f
4 enough?sometimes the Sow is 4
? too scant, and again it is too A
\ profuse. Each symptom shows >
f that Nature needs help, and 7
ff that there is trouble in the or- ?
a gans concerned. Be careful 4
\ when in any of the above con- \
t ditions. Don"t take any and f
& every nostrum advertised to f
a cure female troubles. 4
^ is the one safe and sure ?
a medicine for irregular or pain- a
f ful menstruation. It cures all \
# the ailments that are caused by f
5 irregularity, such as leucor- 4
V fTi ne?o fol'tnnr t\t fha tcnr? V> \
i nervousness; pains in the head, \
back, breasts, shoulders, sides, r
hips and Umbs. By regulating i
the menses so that they occur \
every twenty-eighth day, all \
those aches disappear together. F
Just before your time comes, 6
%9t a bottle and see how much \
good it will do you. Druggists \
sell it at $i. F
Stnd for our free book, " Perfect 0
Health for Women." \
at Wintbrop and among1 (be young
ladies chosen from the two literary
societies are two of Fairfield's indents,
Miss Rachel MeMaster of the Wintbrop
society, and Miss Jennie Thomas, of
Ridge way, from the Carry society.
When yon cannot sleep for coughing,
it is hardly necessary that any one
should tell yon that yon need a few
doses of Chamberlain's Congh Remedy
to allay the irritation of the throat,
and make sleep possible. It is good.
For sale by MeMaster Co., druggisfs.
?When the fire engines were hurrying
to the fire on Wednesday evening
a small negro boy, who was not qnick
enongb in kis movements, was kDocked
down by the hand engine. Dr.
Lindsay was kummonea very qmcKiy
and it was found tbat bis injuries were
not of a serious nature, but the little
negro was badly frightened.
?President Johnson of Winthrop
has succeeded in making satisfactory
arrangements for taking the Winthrop
students to the fair in a body. This
will be geod news for many who
would have been greatly disappointed
at not seeing them on that occasion,
and will no doubt induce maay to attend
the fair who would not go otherwise.
For sprains, swellings and lameness
there is nothing so good as Chamberlain's
Pain Balm. Try it. For sale
by McMaster Co., druggists
?If your eyes burn, smart, feel
[ sticky in the morning, paio or itch
you, or if you have tears in your eves,
spots flash before your eyes, or you
hold your reading too Dear or too far,
or strong light hurts your eyes, or you
have headaches, call and see the oculist
at tbe Hotel Duval. 18 years' experience.
No charge for examination.?adv.
?Dried apples at 8ic per pound at
J. D. McCarley & Co.'e.
?John H. McMaster & Co. wish to
remind you that they have window
panes and putty if your windows need
repairing. The weather is getting
wintry and it is necessary to make
things as close and comfortable as
possible. Bear in mind that this firm
will supply you with what you need
when you are ready to begin your repairing.
You assume no risk when you buy
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy. McMaster Co.
will refund your Money if yon are not
satisfied after using it. It i? everywhere
admitted to be the most successful
remedy in use for bowel complaints
aad the only one that never fai.'f. It
Is pleasant, safe and reliable.
?Mrs. J. F. McMaster left on
a.- _ * tt_ ?
oaiuraav iur umuu, uiivuig uccu
notified that her mother, Mrs. Rice, is
seriously ill. Sbe ha9 been in ill
health for a number of years and ba9
grown |worse recently. Mr?. W. R.
Elliott bas gone to Union also to be
with her mother. It is hoped that
Mr?. Rice's condition will improve
and that the news from her will be
more encouraging.
- By honesty, integrity and low
prices, R. Brandt has built up a large
and successful business. If you do
not wish to buy, it will pay you anyway
to see his elegant stock. Mail
orders promptly filled from any catnlft?no
'Pri/^c noror Kiorhor ftftpn
IV^UV* A. kftWV UVf V4 Ui^uv? J
We live bv our blood, and on
it. We thrive or starve, as
our blood is rich or poor.
There is nothing else to live
on or by.
When strength is full and
spirits high, we are being re*
HColICU, UUllt IiIUOV.lt CtilU. Uittlilj
in body and mind, with continual
flow of rich blood.
This is health.
When weak, in low spirits,
no cheer, no spring, when rest
is not rest and sleep is not
sleep, we are starved; our blood
is poor; there is little nutriment
in it.
Back of the blood, is food,
to keep the blood rich. When
it fails, take Scott's Emulsion
r /> i t /^\ m . . 1
or Uod Liver un. it sets tne
whole body going again?man
woman and child.
If you have not tried it, send for free sample,
its agreeable taste will surprise you.
SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists
409-415 Pearl Street, New York.
50c. and $:.oo; all drugget*
Mr W. E Ellerbe returned od
Saturday to Hagond, S. U.
?a?i?WiMi wwatafc?
?The school for the factory children,
of which Miss Mattie Sitgreaves is
teacher, ba? not yet opened, bnt will
begin sometime in November. A
school honse lcr these children has
long been promised and it is to &e
bailt this fall but will not be comj
pleted in time for the children to oc!
copy it when the session first begina.
The school will continue until March
ts it did last year.
?At the S. C. M. A., in Charleston,
lbs work fur the coming ye*r has
been arranged and the cadets have
settled down to work. The battalion
organization of two companies has
been changed and reappointments and
promotions have been made. Cadet
Brice Kobinson, of Winnsboro, is one
of the cadets who has been promoted
and he is now a lieutenant and has
been assigned to Company A.
Do Dot get scared if your heart
fronbles you. Most likely you suffer
from indigestion. Kodol Dyspepiia
Cure digests what you eat and gives
the worn out stomach perfect rest. It
is the only preparation" knowu tbat
completely digests oil elapses of foods;
tbat is why it cures the worst cases of
indigestion and stomach trouble after
even thing else ha3 failed. It may be
taken in all conditions'and cannot help
hut do you good. McMa6ter Co.
?Mr. C. K. Douglass and bride and
Mesbre. George B. McMaster and J. L.
Re*tr r*1nrn/?rl hr>rr?f> from Marion on
The 8da\ afternoon and Mr. and Mrs.
Docjj'a's ire at home to their friend
at Mis* B. aty's residence. The young
conple are warm'y welcomed to
Winnsboro. The wedding ceremony
was performed on Wednesday afternoon
at the home of the bride's annt,
Mrs. Amelia Evans.
?The Anderson Intelligencer is
authority lor the statement that during
this month the aurora borealis
will be visible here. It would be well
for those who have never seen this
beautiful sight to watch thefnorthern
heavens for it, as it is said to be moat
beautiful. From time to time auroras
have been visible: here but none have
been observed for a number of years.
Keep a lookout on the next clear
night and you may have a look at one.
fMrt^ TintindYwHanAlwiytBagfit
?A negro by the name of Lvles
was arrested and brought to town oo
Saturday. He wa3 charged with having
stolen $100 from his brother some
time ago, the theft having been committed
in Union. The nesra has been
long wanted for the theft, but has
kept eat of the State, and only ven
tared to come to bis home in J?'airneia
recently and was immediately caught
up witb. He was lodged in jail bere
and the sheriff of UnLu was notified
of bis arrest as the Snegro will bare to
be carried to Union to await trial
?Fairfield's farmers are as usual
among the largest exhibitors of cattle
and borses entered for the coming
Stat? fair. Mr. J. B. Turner has entered
ten hones, Mr. J. G. Mobley
forty-one bead of cattle and four
horses, and Mr. J. fl. Cathcart fourteen
head and four horses. The outlook
for the coming fair ie unusually
encouraging aDd Col. Holloway expects
it to be a complete success,
especially if low railroad rates can be
obtained. The managers of the fair
are making every effort to obtain satisfactory
rates, as it is upon this that
the entire success of the fair principally
?Daring the rash at the sale of the
late Q. D. Williford's stock the negroes
have taken advantage of the opportunity
to steal and have given a great
deal of trouble. On Saturday the
stock was in considerable confusion,
Af hnrorC rn tho
UtTlUjj IU IUC UUnu VI vuf vtw ? V? ?
store all day, and several negroes were
detected tr>ing to uteal On Monday
again tbe same trouble occurred, and
Bill Cordes, a negro, wai caught carrying
off a trunk. He was arrested
and carried before Magistrate Uatbcarf.
He plead guilty and wai sentenced
to pay a fine of $15 or 25 da>?
on tbe public works. The store was
closed until 12 o'clock on Tuesday in
order to arrange the stock and prevent
further stealing as far as possible.
Bern A KM Y8U AlYMys BOCfiM
?The grave ot the old revolutionary
soldier, Capt. Mitchell, wbich is in the
field north of the Episcopal cemetery,
is shamefully neglected by tbe Winnsboro
people and something should be
done to protect it. It lie* in the
midst of a cotton field and even the
small clump of trees that for yearg
J .i ? i i?
grew arouna me grave uave uccu uuu
d?WD and cotton is planted ap to the
very 6ides of the grave. Tbe resting
place of this old soldier is marked by a
marble slab erec ed by Major Henry
Moore to bis friend and comrade, and
surely it Capt. MI'cbell was thus
honored and respected by bis friend
the people oftWinnsbory should show
snfficient re-pect to his memory and
appreciation of his services daring the
revolution either to inclose his grave
with a railing or to remove bis remains
to the adjoining cemetery where
his grave would be protected. Some
atone chnntd h#> f.ftten bv the citizens I
of the town in this mater. We have
urged thi# matter before and hope that
oar people will consider it and act
promptly upon it It would be but r.
| trifling expense and the town oa!d
easily do it.
of Charlotte, N. C., will be in Winnsboro,
at the Winusboro Hotel, on
Wednesday, October 17ib, for one day
only. His practice is limited to eye, j
ear, nose and throat. 9 27id
As will be seen ;by referenc; to our
advertising columns the commissioners
far [election of Federal officers j oblish
a notice of the election. Oae
manager at each precinct will call on
Mr. 5. E. Kitchen, chairman, for
boxes and to be qualified. The list of
managers appear in the notic. Only
one manager from a precinct need
come lor boxes.
ppP ULdLlll
| by the Quart.
Every bottle you taie of Jehsitoa'i
B San?pvriUa aeasx bitter health,
? and every bottle contains fnli
?usrt Ztaiakoa better blood??are|
blood- For thirty years tile fwaooi
\Sr remedy has bees cresting and main
jg Ulalcff food health.
JL Johnston's
EH SarsaparlHa
B builds up the system, tones the
nerves. *E<5 Htrftbrthens the mnsAlM
more promptly and effectually than
any other remedy known. The pallor of the
eheek disappears, energy takes the place of
languor, and the rich color of health flows to
the cheeks. Uoeqaallftd for all disorders of the
stomach and liver, mad for all weakening com*
plaints of men, women and children.
8*14*nrr*ltn. Trim, SLOOytrhD fMftWttb.
MICHIGAN DRUa CO.. - Dctr^t, nick.
John H. MciTaster <fc Co., Winnsboro,
S. C.; T. W. Woodward & Co., Rockton,
S. (J.; W. M. Patrick, Woodward. S. C ;
T. G. Patrick & Co., White Oak, S. C.
?The handsome home of Mr. U. G.
DesPortes narrowly escaped being destroyed
by fire on Wednesday evening,
and in all probability the house
would have been totallv desttoyed
bad the fire occurred late in tbe nigh'.
About 8 o'clock the cook, who was
alone in the houee, noticed that tbe
boose was full of unoke and after inTTOQtio
of J rwr * tV?n mottf*!* fnnn^ fhtf ft
closet in the dining room was ou fire.
The door , was locked and tbe woman
acting with great presence of mind
telephoned lo Mr. DesPortes who
gave the alarm down town. In the
mean time the alarm was given in the
neighborhood and people very qnickly
reached the bouse. The cloaet door
was broken in and the whole interior
of the closet *va? discovered to be in
flames and the fire was spreading to
the room above. Tbe fire was qnickly
extinguished before tbe engine conld
* - - 5 I 1 3-.I
react) ice piace ana oeiore a great oeai
oi daaaage had been done. It was a
most fortunate thing that the fire was
so soon discovered. It is supposed
that the fire, which originated on the
floor of the closet under a barrel or
box, was caused by rats and matchei,
as it can be accounted for in no other
Working Night and Day
Fhe busiest and mightiest little thing
that ever was made is Dr. King's New
Life Pills. Every pill is a sngar-caated
globule of health, that changes
weakness into strength, listlessness
into energy, brain-fas into mental
power. They're wonderful in building
up the health. Ooly 25c per box.
Sold by McMaster U., druggists.
Unclaimed L?tt?ra
The following is a list of letters remaining
unclaimed in the postoffiee at
Winnsboro. October 15, 1900:
Mr. A. V. McCnrry, Mr. S. B. Sargent,
Mi*. P. B. Stoow, Miss Lily
Thomas, Mr. Waller Tobias. Persous
calling for the abor* letters
will please s?> they art advertised.
PrestoL Eion, P. M.
svaing at Cost.
The JCei<-.;?? xi-rcantile Company
occnpie* ?* j->rs<? part of oar advertising
space this morning, and they have
requested us to announce that they
will certainly veil their stock at co?t.
The only condition is that yoa mast
no\ li ?r?rt not auk that cnnrl*
es .?"* '. Get your dollars and
pe. .4fjf ogethar and lay in your sapply
?>i winter good?.
JFor Or?r Fifty Tears.
Mes. Wins low's Soothing Stbup
has been used for over fifty years by
millions of mothers for their children
while teething, with perfect ?access.
It soothes the child, softens the earns,
allays all pain, cares wind colic, and
is the best remedy for diarrhoea It
will reliere the poor little ?nfferer
immedintfh. Sold b* draggiwts in
every part of the world. Twentv-five
cents & buttle. Be sur* and ask for
"Mrs. WiDslow's Soothing Syrap,"
and take no other kind. 1-1-17
The daj- after the burning of the
Southern Kail way freight depot at
this place, an ofiicikl adjuster of the
railroad cams to adjast the claims of
parties who lo*t goods io the fire the
night before. Their business man,
Mr. John J. Creigbt, in exactly thirty
minates had the entire badness adjusted.
An extraordinary record tor
any young man.
?All in need of an open or top
buggy, phaeton or ?urry, call on
J. 0. Bosg.
Tno one Day worn vur?<
For colds and sore throat use Kermott'i Chocolates
Laxative Quinine. Easily takea as candy
tad quickly cure.
Mr. Fred HabeDicbt left on Saturday
night for a ten day's visit to Atlanta.
I Mr. Longstreet Gantt left last week
for his old home in Barnwell county
for a vihic.
Miss Lizzie Johnston has gone on a
visit to her uncle, Mr. Walter Gibson,
at his home near Atlant?.
Mis* Isabelle Robertson, of Columbia,
came up on Saturday afternoon
and spent Sunday with her aunt, Mr*.
J. M. Stewart.
Mr. Will Sligb of thin town took
charge of his tcbool in Fairfi-ld county
laat Monday He is a graduate of the
citadel and is a young man of much
' - - / 1!-i Tk?
sonny. ? joan ow.i c wi. i-j xub uka<^.
Tried Friends Best.
Forthirty yearsTutt's Pills have
proven a blessing to the invalid.
Are truly the sick man s friend.
A Known Fact
For bilious headache, dyspepsia
sourstomach, malaria,constipafinn
an^ all kindred diseases.
On "Wednesday morning, at the
bone of tfce bride's aunt, Mis, Wm.
Wallace, of Colombia, Miss Carrie
WMno ttraa marricil <-? Tl/lhfift
Latimer, of Edgefield. Miss Means is
a daughter of the late Col Isaac
Means, and ia a native of F?irfield
county. The groom is a promising
young Presbyterian minister and has
charge of a church in Edgefield. The
wedding was qaiet but a very pretty
home wedding, and many pretty and
useful presents were received by '.be
| young couple. The bride wore a
stylish traveling suit, and after the
j wedding the bride and groom "eft
Columbia lor their future home in
Millions Glvca Away.
It is certainly gratifying to the public
to know of one concern in the land
who are not afraid to be generous to
the needy and suffering. The proprietors
of Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption, Coughs and Colda, bare
given away over ten million trial bot
l?? tJiij (rroof anrl hfl.Tf?
Vi IU'7 glVHW UIVU??'?liV) * ?% v |
the satisfaction of knowing it has ab-'
solntely cured thousands of hopeless
cases. Asthma, Brohchiiis, Hoarseness
and all diseases of the Throat,
Chest and Lungs are sured by it. Ca!'
on McMaster Co , druggists, and get..
trial battle free. Regular size 50c. and
$1. Every bottle guaraiteed, or price
refauded. 3
Mr. Thoe. P. Mitchell ditd at hi*
home at Avon on $*tnrday morning
at two 'oclot k, and ;he fm.eral -ervice?
were h*ld at New hope Clmrcb cn
Monday. Mr. Mitchell had been a
r* - - M \ i.
nnerer iram uean uibcusi; iui suwc
He was &bour sixty-three years of
age, and leaves h wife and three children,
Dr. W F. Mitchell, of Shelby,
N. C., Mrs. Jno T. Chalmers ana Mrs.
R. G. Brice, of Charlotte, N. C. Mr.
Mitchell was one of the vost prominant
farmers in the county. ]He served
the county in the House of Representatives
in 1890-1894, and was a useful
citizen. He bad many friends over
the county, who will sincerely deplore
his death. He was & member of the
5tb S. C. Regiment, Confederate States
It Happened in a Drag Store.
"One day last winter a lady came to
my drag store and asked for a brand
of cough medicine that- I did not have
in stock," says Mr. C. R. Grandin, the
popular druggist of Ontario, N* Y.
"She was disappointed and wanted to
know what congb prepara.ion lconld
recommend. I said to her that I could
ftr e e 1 y recommend Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy and that she could take
a bottle of the remedy and after giving
it a fair trial if she did not find it
worth the money to bring back the
L T MAnM y\^ iVia nrioo
'juuie auu x n vuiu iuuuu >uv
paid. In the course of a day or two
the lady came back in company with a
friend in need of a congh medicine
and advised her to bay a bottle of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. I consider
that a very good recommendation
for the remedy." It is for sale
I by McMaeter Co., druggists.
Not only have the newspapers of
New York city recently and again emphasized
the fact, bat it i* generally
known throughout the breadth of the
whole land, as well, that the Adam
lorepaugh and Sells Brothers' great
! consolidated shows, which are to ex|
hibit at Colombia on Wednesday, Ocj
tober, 24th, far surpasses any other
similar organization in the number of
wild beasts, amphibia, elephants,
hories, performing animals, riders,
aerialists, acrobats, clowns, leapers,
charioteers, jockeys, great artists and
glorious acts, and in the quantity and
quality of entertainment famished for
the ordinary price of admission.
Among the most notable new prodigies
intredaced will be found Hassan
a is ?Ki? Porntian o-ianfc. aaid to be the
"?i -ej r- 1
tallest man on earth, and for the past
two years a big leal ore with the B*rnnm
and Bail/ *how in London and
Great Britain. Tfce number of principal
male and female bareback riders
has been increased to nineteen; that
of the clowns to twenty-five, and in
the aerial tnd acrobatic departments
the additions are proportionately large
and brilliant. The grand doubls street
parade has beeu made still more richly
and uniquely attractive, and in every
direction still gr?ater effort has been
made and greater only incurred to
more than meet the popular demand
for cheap, wholesome, 6iirrinjr and
hilarious entertainment.
lunih* A Th KM Yw jjg Alwip
eaaon to look after your wincows.' II
neglect thi? the wind vrill find your
windows out and make it verv uncomfortable
for yon. Don't forget to
them looked after aDd have the repairs
done early. And if you find auy
broken, lost or stolen, we can't return
them nor catch the thief, bu? we can
sell )ou Ibe g!a?s to replace them as
cheap ai any ne in this part of the
Don't forget, wc sell Gla??. Putty,
Oil, Painta and Varnishes, all the seme
Rouri for windows,
J. H. McMaster
& Co.,
For Sale.
100 bnsbels Wheat.
[why cough
Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup cures Cough
or Cold at once. Conquers Croup,
Whoo-Dinsr-Cough and Measle-Cough
without fail. All mothers praise it.
Doctors prescribe it for Bronchitis,
Hoarsenes3, Grippe, Pneumonia and
Consumption. Quick, sure results.
Price, 25 cents. Refuse the dealer's substitute.
Always cures when others fail.
Or. Bull's Pills c::*o Constipation. 50 pills IOC.
?Mr. J. N. Center 19 clerking for
tbeKetchic Mercamile Co. while the
rash continue* at the ?a!e which is
going on af this store.
P. rave Man FaU
Victims to stomach, liver and kidney
troubJes as well as women, and all feel
the results in loss of appetite, poison
in the blood, backache, nervousness,
beadacbe and tired, li.-tiess, run-down
foeling Bal there's no need to feel
like that. Listen to J. W. Gardner,
Idaville, lnd. He says: "Electric
Bitters are jast the thing for a man
when he is all ran down, and don't
care whether he five' or dies. It did
more to give me i.ew sirergtb and
good appetite than anything I conld
take. I can now eat anything and
o now looco .-.n lifA " Onlv 501
cents, at. McMaster Uo.'s drug store.
Every bottle guaranteed.
"Oli, Say, Can Y?* See?**
Tf i-nnr> or o.orl? acoc <1n tiot fTarflv
fit you, or yon need a pair, be sure
and avail yourself of the opportunity
to have each of your eyes fitted correctly
by Dr. Becker, the German < culist,
who i? now and for a short time
ooly at the Hotel Duval. Hi3 optical
parlor is fitted with the latest and best
instruments known to icience. No
j ch,arge for examination. The doctor
will call at old people's houses free of
charge if they cannot come to him.?
A cheap remedy for coughs and
colds is all right, but you want soin2thinsr
that will relieve aod cure the
more severe and dangerous results of
throat and lung troubles. What thall
you do? Go to a warmer and more
regular climate? Yes, if possible; if
not possible for you, then in either
case take the only remedy that has
been introduced in all civilized conn
tries with success in severe threat and
lung troubles, "Boscbee'e German
Srrup." It not only Lea!s and stimulates
the tissues to destroy tbe ger a
disease, but allays inflammation, causes
easy expectoration, gives a good
night's rest, and cures tbe patient.
Try ove bottle, llecominended many
years by all druggists in the world.
For tale by McMas'er Co., druggists.
Dr. W. H. Lewie, Lawrcnceville,
Ya., writes, "I am a*ing Kodol Dys*
pep?ia Core in my practice among
?ev?re cas?s of indigestion and find it
an admirable remedy." Many hunfliwic
r?f r>hvaicis.ns denend unon the
use of Kodol Dyspepsia Care in stomach
trouble?. It digests what yon eat,
and allows yon to eat all the good food
yon need, providing yoa do not overload
yonr siomacb. Gives instant relief
aud a permanent cure- McMaster
T~?- V ? an<l l>caut:fie? the h*&
i.? trwiKX.i s luxuriant growth.
Fs?ls?i?= "Tfcr Fal1" 10 -HeitOTe Gny
Katr to Its Yoctliful Color.
Cwrt '<* !> di?aue? & h*ir filling. I
j :.tad-S1.00?t DrcyglO
Uyspepsia uure
Digests what you eat.
It artificially digests the food and aids
Nature in strengthening and reconstructing
the exhausted digestive organs.
It is the latest discovered digestant
and tonic. No other preparation
can approach it in efficiency. It ii*
stantly relieves and permanently curea
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
Sick Headache,Gastralgia,Cramps and
all other results of imperfect digestion.
Price 50c. and SI. Large size contains VA times
small size. Book all about dyspepsia mailed free
Prepared by E. C. DeWITT & CO., CfllCOflQ.
McMASTER CO.; Winnsbtro, S. C.
L Special Agent of the Eqnitabie
Life Assurance Society for Winnsboro
and vicinity is opened to a man oi
good character and ability. Avalua-j
ble contract, carrying renewals, will
be given to the right man. Address,
W. J. RODDEY, Mgr., Rock Hill,
S. C. 9-13'd
All person? who owe town taxes
are urged to pay tbis week.
10-1G Cleik of Coancil.
A TlfisiraWfi Place for Sale.
As attorneys for R. T. Blair, "we
will sell tract of land containing ono
hundred acres, more or less, being a
part of the lands of the estate of Dr.
Arledge, deceased, bounded by lands
of J. R Curlee, J. L. Robinson", Tbop.
Blair, George Powell and otherp. Sale
to be made on or before the first Monday
in November next. Title warranted.
For further information apply
10 13td Attorney*.
Office of Couktt Commissioners, ?
WinnsDoro, s. u., uct. iv, law. )
Notice is hereby given *hat a meeting
of the Board of Control f >r-the
1 Connty of Fairfield will be held in the
office, of County Commissioners for
said County on the 1st day of November
next, at which meeting applications
lor the position of County Dis,
penser at Ridgeway wiil be considered.
All applications for faid position
mast be on file with tbe Board at K-.ist
ten days before said date.!
10 lltd Board of Control F, C.
I ! e eby give no ice that I have
opened an office in Winnsboro^ I
eba.ll rccupv tbe same office as tbe
Jod<re of Piobatr, and when my
services as coroner are needed notice
mav be given at said office.
Coroner for Fair6el<J Onnty. c
10-76-2 tl
Notice. b
ecuud who nespas* on mv -Free"
tract of land, by making roads through c
it or cntting down live umber. C
10-9-3 Paakiae,
M. G.BULKLEY, Presidcut. 11
Assets, Januayy 1, ;9C-0, $52,850,000. e
Organized 1850
Aetna Li Imm Coipy, ;
Agency at Winnsboro,S.C. a
Any harness man wonld blnsb with i
shamn jf cangbt Frying even 10 per C
ce* not lo mectiou 20 per cent, to 30 d
per cm.*., more annuallv than market s'
price for tbeir standard ?fock of goods S;
? 20 ;u 30 per cent, more then other ?j
rejple pay. si
Whv baj life ioiU.ance that way, tl
th. . v tl
It von are carrying insurance or '
co?t< mplete doing so, it will pay vou .
to re*il carefully th* compari-one of
tbe Aetna Life's rates snd guaranties
with those of the tonr other leading
The diff rr nce> ar<- fctan.i v.
We will ?< !! )ou a police tui> paid i?15
\cars, for le*? than those c >mpau e#
will 11 y??a one reqairii-g 20 pay
me in to hecoaic fall paid -over 5 en
tire preiuiums guaranteed *aved, and E
tbe co-t ia the Aetna will be rednoed
by aii :mal cash dividend?. ]
hhoa'd you be forced to lapse your ?
policy through misfortune, or have no q
further use for the insurance, we will t]
extend tbe policy for its fall face for a
longer period! or give you greater a
paid-up or cash value than they offer, p
The Aetna is, a9 you know, one of j,
the oldest and strongest life insurance t
companies in the world. l]
Yours traly,
10-19-lm Agent. ~
Notira oi letiim S
Stale of Sontb Carolina, ? ?
County of Fairfield. $ 0
Notice is hereby given that an eltc- C
tion will be held at the several precincts ^
established by law in Fairfield Connty, J?
on Tuesday, November 6, 1900, for 5
nine Presidential Electors, and for a a
Representative in the Fifty-Seventh tl
Congress of the United Statfs, Foartb I
< 'n..m.oDi!inn(ll nietripl
LU1SIV.-VU?. ,
Poiifl at each votiug ptecinct will be ^
opened at 7 o'clock A. M. and closed
at 4 o'clock P. M. B
The following named persons have
been appointed'Mana^srs of Election:
Albion?R. E. Sterling, J. E. Stevenson,
C. H. Dooglaps
Centreville School 13 n e?W. B. .
Hogan, David Bracham, Tbop. Ho!lis.
BIythewood?W. J. Hagood, Humphrey
Brown, F. E. Hood. j
Feasterville?H. C. Coleman, Martin
Beam, M. C. Boulware.
Gladden's Grove?J. M. Higgins, i
J. H. Hall, S. H. Lumpkin. J
Horeb, at Hawes' Store?J. M. j
Steele, A. L.iScrugs, N. D. Roberts. >
Monticello?J. D. Aiken, T. J. 1
Rabb, W. J. Burley.
Ridgeway?-Olin Sawyer,M. Simons, 1
Joe Coleman. I
Winnsboro?J. A. Hinnant, Henry
Phillips, E. G. Scruggs. s
Woodward?T. M. Boulware, Jno. t
C! H A UrvMor 9
Ot ittWilWTTU) U? Af JLLViUV Longtown,
at Jenkins' Store?Saml. <]
McCormick, J. E. Stewart, T. J. Robinson.
Bear Creek?M. L. Cooper. Chas. c
Heio8, Clifton Dnke. i
Greenbrier?S. W. Broom, J. L. l
Oantben, W. P. Blair. 3
Jncfesoo Creek School Hon?e? W. J. t
L? tnmon, Jobn Brroks, T. M. Jordan. J
Jcnkintville? J. <*. Carry, J. H.
Yarborougb, J. A. Stanton.
Oakland -Woodward Durham, P/'.
Mellichauip, John Gibsor.
Tr.e ballot boxes in the prtciuct e
must be so located. a9 to be in view *>t t
persons oatside the polling pl??<*? dar- r
iojr the time of tbe election. t
A space or enclosure separate and I
distinct from that used by tn? Mana- c
gers of the Election, muft b< rai cd ?fi *
or otherwise provided, at each precinct,
under direction of the uuder
Oi^UCU. f
Bat ODe voter mast be allowed to
enter any voting place at a lime, and .
bo one except the Managers mast be
allowed to speak to tbe voter wbile in
the voting place casting his vot<\
For farther instruction ?ee notica of
Commissioners of State Election.
One of the Managers at each precinct
named above mast call npon tbe
Board of Commissioners for the Fed <
era! Election at Winnsborc, S. on
the 3rd day of November, 1900, to re- "j
ceive ballot boxes, poll lists and in- J
stractions, and ta be qualified.
W. J L. WEIR, .
C. 8. FORD,
0 'jnmissioners of Federal Election, j
Wiuiisboro, S. CM Oct. 15th, 1910. |
Sheriff's Sale. ;
? (
B. M. Grier vs. R. H. Jennings, as (
Administrator M. R. Clamp and
OURSUANT to ?he order of Court ]
in tbe above entitled cause, I 1
will offer for R8ie befote the Court 1
House door in Winnsboro, S. ('..on 1
next, tbe following described prein- :
iSes, to wit: ;
All that piece, parcel or tract of !
land, lying, beiiiir ?ud -i nnte i?> the
County of Fail field and State xforeS8id,
bounded on ihe north by lands
formerly of John H. Clatnp, <>n the
east by lands ot W. J. Job'?so:?, osi
the south by lrfhd< of G Y. Lnni'tord,
and on the west hv h^ds ?<f Daniel
McLea?, kuown a? the Dnke place,
and containirg ONE HUNDRED
AND FIVE ACRES, more or lesf.
One-half ca-?>, tbe balance on a
credit of twelve uioi.th* from tbe day
o: sale, with iwt-r. at from the day of
gale at 8 per cent p^r m nrm, tube
secured by ibe b"i d of 'Ik1 purchaser
and a moitgage ol the premises sold,
or for all cash af the op!iou<f ttie
i purchaser. Purciia-er to p*\ l.r papers,
f-tamps ai d iecorrJji>g.
10 ll;d
A FRICANA trll core Rhenmintm m?
Scrofula to 3tay Cored.
Bank of Ridgeway rs. J. W. Ray.
[ N pursuance of an order of the Court of
l Common Pleas, made in the above
T nrill fAt? caIa Kflf/'.ro fh^ V
-avcu voocj x nm vu^wvi uviv?v w??v
ourt House door in Winnsboro, S. C., on
16 -?
ext. within the. legal liours of sale, at
ublic outcry, to the highest bidder, the
blowing described property, to wit:
All that certain piece, parcel or tract of
ind, lying, being and situate in the
lounty of Fairfield and State of South
arolina, containing
lore or less, bounded by lands now or
>rmerly belonging to Buckner Hagood,
Intzminger and others.
One-half of the purchase money to l?e
aid in cash on the day of sale, and the
dittliW ULL a urcu.u Ui UUC J CU1, IV uc
jcutj <1 by the bond of the purchase'- and
ir ortgage of the premises sold, with insrest
thereon from the day of sale at
ight per cent per annum, or all cash
tthe option of the purchaser; the purhaser
to pay for all necessary papers.
"he purchaser shall deposit with the
lerkof Court on the day of sale immeiatelv
aft?r the close of the bidding the
ixm of twenty fire dollars as an earnest
f his bid, sua upon failure to do so the
lerk may immediate'y resell same at the m
sk of the purchaser. If the "purchaser
lall fail to comply with the terms of sale
le Clerk may re . ell the said premises at
le risk of the former purchaser without
arther application to ibis Court.
Oct 13, I960. C. C. P. F. C.
'* 1 ?
>. J. Quattiebaum, as Executor, vs. D. L.
Carter and Wm. J. Johnson. ' "- "''J
f"N pursuance of aa order of the Court of " :?i
L Common Pleas, mad* in the above
bated case, I will offer for sale, before the
'ourt House door in Winnsboro, S. C., on
ext. within the legal hours of sale, at
ublic outcry, to the highest bidder, the
ollowiig described property, to wit:
All that certain piece, parcel or tract of
md, lying, being a ad situate in the CounY
of Fairfield and State of Sou$h Carona,
about one mile below Simpson's
'arnout, containing
sore or less, and bounded on the north by
tie track or the (JUariotte, uoiumwa ana
mgusta Railro?d~ Company: on the east
ntf south by lands formerly owned qy
J. G. DesPortes, and on the west b? lands
? W. H. Walling, commonly known as
tie Smart place. .
- - .
One-half of the purchase money to be
>aid in cash on the day of sale, and the
alance on a credit of one year, with
iterest from the day of sale at eight per
ent per annum. t? be secured by the bond
f the purchaser and a mortgage of the
-remises sold. The purchaser sbal de- \
oslt with the Clerk fifty dollars within
ne-half hour after the sale, as an earnest
f his bid, and upon failure to do so the
!lerk may resell the same immediately at
be risk of the purchaser. The purchaser
lay pay all cash if be so desires. If the
inrfthftsar fails tn cnmnlv with the terms
f sale the Clerk may resell said premises
,t any succeeding salesday at the .risk of
tie former purchaser 'without further apilication
to this Court.
Clerk's Office, C. C. C. P. F. C.
7innsboro, S. C.; October 13,1900.
mmmmmmm .'vS^E
lary M. Armstrong vs. John S. Douglass,
Cnarlts A Douglass, E. E. Deuglass
and A Gr. Douglass.
P pursuance of an order of the Court
DIaoo mo/?a IT fHo oKnro
k UL VVliUUVU J- igaO) iU?uv MI. VUV ?wv?v
tated case, I will offer for sale, before the
Jourt House door in Winnsboro, S. C , on
text, within the legal hours of sale, at
mblic outcry, to the highest bidder, the
ollowing described property, to wit:
All that certain tract of land, lyirg and
ituate on the waters of Little River, in
he said Connty of Fairfield, in the State
foresaid, containing . >
cere or less, aDd bounded by lands now
ir lately belonging to James Boyce, Issella
H Bell and lands now or lately belonging
t j to the ectate, of William A
Cartin, deceased?the said tract of land
>elng the same convcyed to John S, Doag- y
ass by A J. Hamilton by deed dated the .Vjj
th day of January A D. 1881,
One-third of the purchase money to be
>aid in cash, and the balance thereof on
i credit of one and two years, in two
qual annual instalments, with interest
hereon from the day of sale, payable antually
until the whole de&t and interest
>e paid to be secured by the bond of the
mrchaser and a mortgage of the premises;
ir all cash at the option of the purchaser,
nd the purchaser to pay for all necessary
lapers and the recording thereof.
Clerk's Office, C. C. C. P. F. C.
Vinn-boro, S. UM October 13,3900.
5eorge L. Kennedy vs. Mary E Kenned >
James A Kenn* dy and others.
f S pursuance of an order cf the Court
L of Common Pleas, nuvde in the above
jated case, I will offer for sale, before tbe - - - ^ourt
House door in Winnsboro, S. C., on
lext, within the legal hours of sale, at
>ublic outcry, to the highest bi ider, the
o'.lowing described property, to wit:
L All that parcel or lot of land, lying
md being in th9said County and Stat.%
>n the head waters of Cedar Cijee*,
more or lass, Dounaea on ine norm uy tue
lands of Thomas M. Neely and tbe C. < .
ft A. R. R. track; on the west by lands of
W. J, Davis; on the J'outh by the lands of
Thomas and W. R. Kennedy; on the east
by the lands of the Thomas estate and
Thomas M. Neely.
2. All that parcel or tract of land, lying y
adn sitnate in the said County and State,
about three miles west of the town of
Ridgeway, on the south side of the Southern
Railway track, and bounded by tbe
lands of the estates of A. C. Kennedyand
John ? Thomas, and lands of G. L. Kennedy,
containing by estimation
more or le^, and being the same tract of
land conveyed to the said Mary A. Neely
by the deed of G. L. Kennedy dated on
the 24th dayo f January, 1882.
One-half the purchase money to be paid
in fash, the balance on a credit or one
y^ar, with interest from day of sale, to
be secured by the bond of the purchaser
and mortgage of the premises sold,
with the privilege to the purchaser of
paying all cash. The purchaser to pay
for all papers and revenue stamps and for
recording papers.
Clerk's office, C. C. C. P. F. C.
Winnsboro, S. C., October 13, 1990.
. flfe ft am a and Whisker Bsbtta
V U III lia cond arhom* withllrlUm

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