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11' '
Wednesday, October 24, 190C
Another lot of New York Co.'.
FBUITS of all kinds.
And many other nice things.
(Te!ephoB8.) All joods delivered.
, . LOClL MAmXS.
?Bead land sale.
?See supervisor'* report,
k. ?Bead treepass notice.
b ?Bead the new advertisement oi
"V the Ohftar Drm? Co. elsewhere.
- Read advertisement of State election.
?Delinquent taxpayers should read
notice of the town council and pay up.
?Buy your cock and beating stores
from J. O. Boa^.
This is the season when mothers art
r alarmed on account of croup. It is
quickly cured by On* Minute Conch
(jure, which children like to take. McMaster
?Money to loan on cottoa at 6 per
cent by the Home Savings Association.
f See advertisement.
?Miss Lizzie Douglass has gone to
Greenville where she has accepted a
position as natron io one of the hotels
in that city.
+-. ?Mr. T. W. Brice ha? been appointed
commissioner of election by Gov. McSweeny
in tbe place of Mr. Boulware
who declined the appointment.
?The largest stock of fnrnitnre and
baby carriages, at J. O. Boat's.
The best method of cleansing the
lifer is tbe use of the famons little pills
known as De Witt's Little Early .Risers.
x> i- v.... If.U.ai..
?M. M, Moore, Clerk City Council,
Columbus, Ga., wriets: I have known
y Teethdu. (Teething Powders) Jo remove
worm* when all other remedies
had failed.?adv.
?Farmer* can get about ten cents
for their cotton everv year if tb*y
would only learn the lesson that supply
and demand regulate the price,
and act accordingly.
?Mr. John L. Beaty left on Wed.
_ nesday for Columbia t* accept a poC
Bition offered him- Winnsboro regrets
to lose him, and hopes that he will
- ??iacc^ed in his new home.
?The surveying party are near
tAWQ; baring nearly completed the
^ survey of the second line between this
place and Camden. The camp is now
located on Mr. Tfcop. Bembert'a place.
Feelings of safety pervade the household
that uses One Mincte Cough Core,
the only h&rmleu remedv that produces
immediate results. It is infallible
for eongbs, colds, cronp and all
throat and lung troubles. It will prevent
consumption. McMasterCo.
?R. Brandt's guarantee with everything
he sells means your abiolute
K satisfaction or money refunded. This
firm was established in 1828 and has
been in the Brandt famil? over to
year?.- aav.
?Work ou i be addition to the cotton
mills, is progressing rapidly. A
great deal of dirt has been excavated
on the sonth side of tbe mill, and a
fc^^farge force of bands is at work.
Tbe Chester Lantern state* that
g^UCBebecci Eicklin, of Blackstock;
I wili, after visiting ber other children,
^ goto make ber home with ber ton,
Mr. W. L. Hicklin, st Darlington.
It is well to know tkat DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve will heal a bars
and stop the pain at once. It will care
eczema and skin diseases and agly
wound* and soies. It is a certain care
fAf nit ft* Onnnforfeita m&v be offered
youf Se8 that yon get the original De?
Witt** Witch Hazel Salve. UeUttUr
?A quantity of cotton has been
hipped from Wiansboro recently, and
and platform at the freight depot,
which is usually filled to overflowing
at this season of the year, is comparatively
*1 ?The ne^s from Mr*. Rice, who is
' ill at her home in Uoion, is that the is
still crJ'vAlly ill a*d her recovery is
not expected. Her daughters, Mrs.
J. F. McMaster and Mi's. W. S.
Elliott, ve still with htr.
?Although the rush of people to
the cost sales has abated somewhat the
stores are still doing a fine basinets
and are fast reducing tbeir stocks.
The beautiful weather encourages the
women to do their shopping.
Torturing skin eruptions, barns and
tores are st>othed at once and promptly
healed by applying De Witt's Witch
Hszel Salve, the best known curc for
b piles. Beware of worthless counter*
T t'eits. McMaster Co.
?The Secretary of State made an err
ror in the first printed blanks sent oat
by bim. The proper correction i? the
*" constitutional amendment U aade in
the advertisement of the State election,
this morning.
?A colored woman in?urance agent
h?s been in town teveral days, trying
r~ to- induce colored women to insure
tbeir lives. She probably succeeded
in getting a *ood many to take out polI
y icies, as the negroes arc easily persuaded
by a^ent*.
?If yon want stylish and up-to-date
millinery at astonishing low prices,
ryou will only Hod it at
Mrs. JicCarley'i.
? With cotton it leu centt no de'
linqoaut *ubscriber8 should be on oar
^ li?t. We ?hill expect every *ab*criber
* ~ ~[o pay up. In thi? connection we
>*^till ?tate that }oa hare only a short
time to avail yoarielf of oar offer of a
chance to jet $15,000.
?New Fairbs^k* scales have been
pot op at the freight depot for weigh'
i?g cotton to replace ihe one? which
H vere bnrued in the recent fire there.
5 Since the scales were burned Mr.
Creight has been considerably inconvenienced.
> ?If R. Brandt did not have some*
!bi:>g special to show iu qnantity of
^oods, new styles, and more particularly
in price, it would be no use of
bis tuakiQ? ?uob eff?rts to do a more
r : -ex'.en-ive buiioee?. ?adT.
" ?If you arc cross-eyed yon had
better s/o and see the oculist *t the
Hotel DqtjQ before October Sis'. Eyes
- V
say cores nac**n^ ^oagns, ras
W Sore X^gs, Grippe, Pneu- W
i f| monia andBroacnitas ina |k
M fewdays. Why then riak If
?g Consumption, a glow, sure If
dsafch? Get Dr. Bull's fc
g| Cough Syrup. Price, 25c.
B. Don't be imposed upon. I
?S| Riaust the dealer'* mbstitnte; it H
Sjjf is not M good ma Dr. Bull's. ??:
B SUnOeeOaeem towawttee, 9
B Atto wd Pate*. 13 * 33 cts.
straightened without the use of the
knife; cataract# remoTed without operation;
alto pterygium painless. Granulated
eyelid* cured no matter how bad
or how lonx standing .?adr.
No other pills can eqaal DeWitt's
Little Early Risers for promptness,
certainty and efficiency. IfcMaiter Co.
?The Cheater Lantern of Tuesday
contains the notice of the death of
Mre. Mary Douglass Moores, of Texas.
Ol At-- "i. * % # rt? !_ ? J
lie was me enter 01 .an. aicnun *ua
Mrs. Thorn, of Blackstock, and these
ladies receired the news of her death
oc Saturday. Mrs. Mooret, who had
been almost blind for many years,
died of heart disease.
?A ii<t of the assessments of personal
property for taxation in erery
couuty in the Stale has recently been
published, and the following in the
assessment for Fairfield, $852,728. The
tota amount for the entire State is
?R. Brandt, the well known jeweler
and watchmaker of Chester, S. C.,
will visit Winnsboro on October 26tb
with a very handsome and extensive
line of fine jewelry, watches, chaios,
solid ?ilTerwa e and noreltie?. R.
Brasdt will cuplay his wares at the
Obear Draf Co.'s store.?adv.
When you cannot sleep for cough-1
ing, it is hardly necessary that any one
shoal* tell you that you need a few
doses of Chamberlain's Cengh Remedy
to allay the irritation of the threst,
and make sleep possible. It is good.
For aale by McM&ster Co., druggisfe.
?Mr. Palmer, who left Winnsboro
a short time ago to buy cotton in
Mississippi, has located in West Point
where he is very much pleased, This
is the earn e place in which Mr. R. J.
McCarley has located and is buying
?The first frost of the season was
sesn on Thursday morning and those
who were astir early enongn to see it
laid that it was quite heavy. Nothing
seemed to have been hurt by the frost,
however, as the ftenderest plants were
not injured. To those interested in
the cotton market frost was most
welcome, as it generally comes a rise
in the price of cotton.
For sprains, swellings and lametefis
there is nothing so good as Uhamberlaia's
fain Balm. Try it. For sale
by McMaster Co., druggists
?Tony Rosborongh, a Winn#boro
negro, whose parents are respectable
and well known negroes of this place,
n as killed in Califorsia about two
months ago. Although the man's
death occurred so long ago the news
of his death has just reached his
tamily. It is said that he was killed
while working with a thrashing ma*
?The entire South will await with
deep interest and great anxiety news
of Mrs. Stonewrll Jackson, who has
gone to Baltimore to undergo a dan
geroas operation. She has been in
failing health and a great sufferer for
a long time and her only chance of
recovery was to have ac operation
performed. Her siiter, Mrs. John
Brown, is with her in Baltimore.
You assume no risk when you bay
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy. McMaster Co.
will refund your money if yon are not
satisfied after using it. It is everywhere
admitted to lie the most successful
remedy in nsa for bowel complaints
aad the only oae that never fails. It
U pleasant, safe and reliable.
?Dennis Hall, a negro boy, was
caught stealing ia Williford's store on
8aturday afternoon. He was arrested
aad carried before Msgistrate Cathcart,
who fined Mm six dollars. This
is the second negro wLo has been ar- t
rested recently for stealing from this
store, the temptation of being near the
goods while the clerks were bnsy
proved too great for them to withstand.
?A most exciting race is now io
progress tor tiie office of State librarian,
and a number of the most prominent
ladies of the State are candidates
and are working hard for the position.
They all hare friends workiug for
them and these friends are doing their
. best. The oCce is a most desirable
one, paying a good salary, and the
work is easily done by a woman. The
legislature will elect the librarian
when it meets in January. Miss
Jessie Jennings is a candidate from
this county.
Get Thin
Get fat; get nice and plump ;
there is safety in plumpness.
Summer has tried your
food-works; winter is coming
to try your breath-mill. Fall
is the time to brace yourself.
But weather is tricky; look
out! Look out for colds espec-1
ially. j
Scott's Emulsion of Cod
Liver Oil is the subtlest of
helps. It is food, the easiest
food in the world; it is more
than food, it helps you digest
your food> and get more nutriment
from it
Don't get thin, there is
safety in blumoness. Man
J I k ?
woman ana child.
If you fciiv. :j .: trio I it, send for free sample
Its agrccibl: will surorise you.
409 Pearl Strrrt, Xevr York,
jcc. -i.J wll dmgois^
?A reunion of the Hampton Legion
hai been arranged for Wedoe?day of
fair week, and the Barvivors from all
parti of the State are urged to attend.
The ranki of the old soldier? are growing
thinner each year and to the few
that are left thete reunions are very
pleasant. Nearly every day of fair
week will be set apart for tome such
reunion or lome important meeting,
as it is a good opportunity to get
people from orer the entire State together.
Dr.?W. H. Lewis, LawrenceTille,
Va., writes, "I am using Kod*l Dys
pepsia Cure in my practice am^'n^
severe cases of indigestion and find it
an admirable remedy." Mauy hundreds
of physicians depend upon the
use of Eodol Dyspepsia Cure in stom
acb troubles. It digests what you eat,
and allows ton to eat all the good food
you need, providing yos do not overload
your stomtcb. Give? instant relief
and a permanent care McMaster
J ?The railroad rates to Columbia
i from all points in the State have been
j published in a circular issued by the
T?oilw?t7 Tho <?ir/?nlar ol?r?
WUVUVIU AI411 || A UV VI* VUlMa wiwv
gives rates from atme points in North
Carolina. The amount that the ticket
will cost from Wionsboro is $1.55,
this amount including one admission
ticket to the Fair ground?. From
White Oak the ticket will cost $L80.
The t xcureion trains will be run only
on Wutnesdny and Thursday, as these
are the print- pal days, and this train
Will reach ?Viuuaboro at about 9
-?On Sunday morning, two little
negroea broke into the dwelling bouse
of Mr A. McKeown near Blackst?cks,
and stole a watch, a bracelet and other
articles. The family were abseptat
the time and the little darkies took
the chance to effect an entrance into the
House. 'roe young meives were captoied
on Monday morning by a negro
man who turned them over to the poiice,
and thf-y were lodged in jail.
The negroes are quite young, and are
evidently hard cases. They will probably
have a lesson which they will
I long remember, and which may pre7ent
them from getting into more mischief
lun tfe A Yin Hart Ahwjt Km#
Near Blylhewood, & email silver
cap (engraved). Parties describing
property and paying for this notice can
recover property.
The Ladies' Aid Society, of Crooked
Kan Church, respectfully invite the
public to attend an entertainment
given by them at the residence of Mr.
Edgar Trapp October 26th, at 7
o'clock p. m. Admittance 5 cents; refreshments
10 cents. Proceeds of
entertainment to be given to the Aged
R?nii?? \1inie!0r&' ITnnd of Sonth I
Fw OT?r Fifty Tear*-Mrs.
Winslow's Soothixg Syrup
has been used-for orer fifty years by
millions of mothers for tbeir children
while teething:, with perfect success.
It soothes the child, softens the gums,
allays all pain, cures wind colic, aad
is the best remedy for diarrhoea It
will reliere the poer little mfferer
immediately. Sold by druggists in
very part of tbe world. Tweaty-five
cents a bottle. Be sure and ask f#r
"Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup,"
and take * ether kind. 1-1-17
? By honesty, integrity and low
prices, B. Brandt has built up a large
and successful business. If you do
not wish to buy, it will pay you anyway
to see his elegant stock. Mail
order* promptly filled from any catalogue.
Prices never higher, often
lower.- adv.
?iiclaia?#d Letters.
Tke fallowing i* a list of letter* remaiihijr
unclaimed in the posteffcs at
Winnsboro, October 22, 150#:
Mr. E. B. Brown, W. C. Blilock,'
Esq., Mr. T. C. Camaek, Miss Mary
Cobb, Mr. John Walker, Mies Nancie
Person* calling for the above letter*
will please say they art advertised.
Prestos RioB, P. M.
?If your eyas burn, smart, feel
sticky in the morniDf, pain or itch
yon, or if you have tears in yonr eves,
?pot? flaib before your eyes, or yon
hold your reading too near or too far,
or strong light harts your eyes, or you |
have headaches, call and see the oculist
at the Hotel Daval, where he will
be until October 31st. IS years' experience.
No charge for examination.?adv.
The teachers of Lebanon graded
school, Stevenson, give out the following
honor roll for the month ending
October 12:
Willie Viola Stevenson.
J?!ia Stevenson.
Lilliti: Lemmon,
Cooper Walkup.
Mary Ola Pope
Jeauette Pope.
i Bes*ie Stftvenson.
Marion Scruggs.
Maggie B. Turner.
Requirements -ICO on attendance;
100 on deportment; 85 on recitations
J. W. Pope,
Clerk of Board.
Judge O. W. Buchanan arrived here
Saturday t, id if ppendiog saveral dayi
with his family.
Rev Harold Thomas held services in
St John's Church on Sanday, both
morning and evening.
Mr. J. Frank Fooshe, who ha? been
travelling over the State in the interest
of his paper, The Carolina Teachers'
Journal, has returned to Winnsboro
Mis? Gusaie DesPortes spent Sunday
and Monday with her parent!.
Mr. Henry L. Elliott returned to
Columbia on Monday after a short
ieit 10 Winnst>oro.
A druggist in Macon, Ga., stytt *!
have sold a large quantity of Mother's
Friend, and have never known an in*
stance where it has failed to produce the
good results claimed for it. All women
agice that it makes labor shorter and ktt
i ' j
Mother's Friend
is not a chance remedy. Its good effects
are readily experienced by all expectant
mothers who use it. Years ago it passed
AvTVM-imental s^hile-'it alwaVS
shortens labor and lessens the pains of
delivery. It is also o? the greatest benefit
during toe earlier months of pregnancy.
Morning sickness and nervousness are
readily overcome, and the liniment relaxes
the strained muscles, permitting them to
expand without causing distress. Mother's
Friend gives great recuperative power to
the mother, and her recovery is sure and
rapid. Danger from rising and swelled
breasts is done away with completely.
Sold by druggist* tor $1 a bottte.
Send tot oat fn? Ultt?UM?d book lot cipocttat ?-*VpT.
?? ?i??a?? ?
" MisB Alice Witherow, youngeat
daughter of Prof, and Mrs W. II. Witherow,
died at his home here on Moling
atabont one o'clock. Sbe baa
been critically ill for abont lix weeks,
and little bope his been entertained
of ber recovery. All tbat devoted attention
anil tender nursing conld do
was done for b?r, bnt without avail.
Sbe grew mach worse on Sunday and
the end came quickly. Her sweetness
and gentleness of disposition endeared
ber to many, and her death has cast a
gloom over tbe town. During her
long and painfui illness abe bore her
suffering* with wonderful patience
and fortitude, never uttering a com*
piaiui. xier iaiuci auu ujuiuci auu
one sister, Miw Mary Witherow, survive
her, and in their sore bereavemeDt
they hare the deep and sincere
sympathy of the whole community.
The funeral services were keid in the
Presbyterian Chnrch on Monday afternoon
at 4, SO o'clock.
The Appetite of a Goat.
Is envied by all poor dyspeptics
whose Stomach" and Liver are out of
order. All such should know that Dr.
Kingf8 New Life Pills, the wonderful
Stomach and Liver Remedy, gives a
splendid appeiite, sound digettion and
a regnlar bodily habit tbal insure* perfect
health and great .energy. Only
2oc at McMaster Co.'s drug store.
From the Yorkvili9 Enquirer we
take tbe following ;acconnt of the
death of Mrs. H. T. Williams which
occurred at ber,borne in that place ou
Sunday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Williams
are wel! ''-own here, having
liredinWi"' . f r about a year:
Mrs. ? n Miss Julia
BiTens, dangLi.. vf iir. H. F. Bivens,
of Waxhr.w, N. C. She was married
j to her husband in May, 1895, and since
[ then has lived at Waxbaw, Chester,
Winasboro and other points t# which
j the bn?iness of her husband?cotton
buving--? AV him. Mr. -and Mrs.
! Willi**.* :?rae to Yorkrille two
montl* . and were just getting
- ..i i mi J?.iL
I comioiu t eeuiea cere. ius uusiu
of Mr? Villi&ms it attributed to
puerper-1 (ever. She gave birth to a
daughter on Sunday of last week.
Fever developed on the following Toesday
with a chill, and the end came as
stated. It wai very sudden. Even
Mrs. Williams did not realize the
seriousness of her condition and was
not willing to have her husband tele-graph
for ber people. Mrs. Williams
wasjast 24 years of age, her birthday
occurring daring this month. She
[ leaves three little girls. She was a
member of the Methodist Episcopal
Church and^duposited her letter with
Trinity shortly after taking up ber
residence in Yorkville. The fnneral
took place on Monday afternoon, the
services, in the absenct of Rev. J. M.
Steadman, being conducted by Kev.
Dr. S. A. Weber. Tbere was a large
concourse of people in attendance.
leu* ih Kind Yon Han Alwajrt Bougtt
Mr. John DasPcrtei, of Ridgeway,
wa? in town Friday.
Misi Mary Holiis, of Flint Hill,
spent Friday in towr.
Women as Well as Men
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
IfMn^v trrmhfo nr*v<t unon minH riis
courages and lessens ambition; beauty, vigor
tand cheerfulness soon
disappear when the kidneys
are out of order
or diseased.
Kidney trouble has
become so prevalent
that it is not uncommon
for a child to be born
afflicted with weak kidneys.
If the child urin
_ _ . ates too often, if the
urine scalds the flesh or if, when the child
reaches an age when it should be able to
control the passage, it is yet afflicted with
bed vettine. deoend upon it. the cause of
the difficulty is kidney trouble, and the first
slep should be towards the treatment of
these important organs. This unpleasant
trouble is due to a diseased condition of the
kidneys and bladder and not to a habit as
most people suppose.
Women as well as men are made miserable
with kidney and bladder trouble,
and both need the same grei.t remedy.
"Hie mild and the immediate effect of
Swamp-Root is soon realized. It is sold
by druggists, in fiftycent
and one dollar
sizes. You may have ?.
sample bottle by mail
olco nomnhlct tr'l- TT/wiia of SwmnD-Root.
ing all about it, ir. 'adi:;j many of the
thousands of testimonial letters recaived
from sufferers cured. In v.Titi;.g Dr. Kilmer
& Co., Bingham:on, N. Y., be sure ?.nd
mention this paper.
Mr. #G. B. Boozer, of Ridgewav,
went to Greenville on Monday to attend
the United States court a? a jaror.
Yes, August Flower still has the
| largest sale of any medicine in the
icivilized world. Your mothers and
I grandmothers never thought of using
j anything elie for Indigestion or Bill
iousness. Doctors were scarce, and
I they seldom heard of Appendicitis.
.Nervous Prostration or Heart Failure,
etc. They used August Flower to
clean out the system and stop fermentation
of undigested food, regulated
the action of the liver, stimulate the
nervous and organic action of the system,
and that is all they took when
feeling dull and bad with headaches
and other aches. You only need a
few deees of Green's August Flower,
in liquid form, to make you satisfied
there is nothing serious the matter
with yon. For sale by McMaster Co.,
You want to brace np, Mirandy, whon
you see me comin' round,
I'm a person of importance. It has
suddenly been found
That the question of this government,
an7 wnetner itsnaii i<wt,
Muht finally be settled by the way my
vote it ca?t.
The orators have said it; tbey bave
taid it load tmd long;
Tbey ha7e said it so emphatic that, of
course, they can't be wrong.
So act respectfnl, Mandy; not familiarlike
and free,
The country is in peril, an' it all depends
on me.
I am the solid citizen; vbe man who
tills tbe soil,
The waters have grown troabled an'
they're holle.rin' for oil.
So, Mandy, don't you bother me with
talk about the chores
An' itart me out off hand ?,doin' errands
out of doors.
An' when I'm meditatin', don't you
give my mind a shock
By rottlm* pana or kettles or a-wir.din7
of tbe clock.
My lirin' here should make you jeB' as
proud as you kin be,
The country ia in peril, an' it all depends
on me.
?Washirgton Star.
Glarlous Xewi
Comes from Dr. D. B. Cargile, of
Wa bita, I. T. He writes: "Four
bottles of Electric Bittters baa cared
Mrs. Brewer ?f scrofalc, which had
caused her great suffering for years.
Terrible sores would break out on her
head and face, and the be9t doctors
could give no help; but her cure is
complete and her health is excellent."
This shows what thousands hare
proved,?that Electric Bitters is the
beat blood purifier known. It's the
supreme remedy for eczema, tetter,
salt rheum, ulcers, boils and running
sores. It stimulates urer, moneys anu
bowels, expels poisons, helps digestion,
builds up the strength. Only 50 cents.
Sold by McMaster Co., drnggists.
Mri. Deal and ion, of Union, are
visiting Mrs. Preston Rion.
It Happened in a Ding Store.
"One day last winter a lady came to
my drug stove and asked for a brand
of congb medicine that I did not have
in stock," says Mr. C. R. Grandin, the
popilar druggist of Ontario, K* Y.
"She was disappointed and wanted to
know what cough preparation 1 could
recommend. I said to her that I could
f,r e e 1 y recommend Chamberlain's
Congb Remedy and that she could take
a bottle of the remedy and after giving
it a fair trial if she did cot find it
worth the money to bring back the
bottle and I woold refand the price
paid. In the course of a day or two
the lady came back in company with a
friend in need of a congh medtcine
and advised her to bay a bottle of
Chamberlain's Congh JRemedy. I consider
that a very good recommendation
for the remedy." It is for sale
by McMaster Co., droggists.
illlh -Lilly qulllusu) u1 jui;iuciivvui
ii visiting Mrs. Pretton Rion.
"For three days and nights I suffered
agony untold from an attack of cholera
morbus brought on by eating cucumbers,"
savs M. E. Lowther, clerk of
the district court, Centerville, lows.
I thought I should surely die, and
tried a dozen different medicines but
all to bo purpose. I sent for a bottle
of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy and three doses relieved
me entirely." This remedy is
for sale by McMaster Co., druggists.
Mr. T. K. Elliott weBt to Rock Hill
on Thur?day.
3 mm /f fb* Kind Yw Hurt Always Biifltt
Do not get scared if your heart
troubles you. Most likely you suffer
from indigestion. Kodol Dyspepsia
Core digests what you eat and gives
the worn out stomach perfect rest. It
is tbe only preparation knew a that
completely digests oil classes of foods;
that is why it cures the worst ca?es of
indigestion and stomach trouble after
everything else has failed. It may be
taken in all conditions and cannot help
hut do you good. McMaster Co.
Miss Laura Ruff, of Rock Hill, are
isiting Mn. T. K. Elliott.
Bilious and Intermittent Fevers
which pre /a; in miasmatic districts
are invariably accompanied
by derangements of the
Stomach Liver and Bowels.
The Secret of Health.
The liver is the great " driving
t? V
wheel" in the mechanism of
man; and when it is out of orde;,
the whole system becomes deranged
and disease is the result.
Tutt's Liver Pills
Cure all Liver Troubles.
All persons are wart.ed against
hunting, fishing, or otherwise trespassing
upon the lands of the underpinned.
Andrew Timm?, 1
Leonard McNaull,
Wm. Timma,
G. H. Timms.
10 23 1
Money to Loan
Mr annnm -frtr fin -Attrl 90
UC1 1JI auuitiii A.vt VV| vw ?
da>8. Apply to
A. B. CATllCAfiT, Secretary, |
or J At1. P. CALDWELL, Pres., 1
10 20 3 Heme Savings Association, j
Th? On* Bay Gold Cur*.
Xarmoti'i Ckoeolatc* L&zatirc Qmi*** f?
?*14 ta tk? kc&4 sx4 Mr* Ckildr*? Uk?
Ifee c*?^r.
iby the Quart.
Every bottle you take of Johnston'!
Sarsapirilla means better health,
and every bottle contains a fuli
quart It makes better blood?pure*
blood. For thirty years this famoul
remedy has been creating and maintalnlng
rood health.
builds up the system, tones thi
nerves, and strengthens the muscles
more promptly and effectually than
any other remedy kncsra. The pallor of th?
cheek disappears, energy takes the place of
languor, ttuu iue ngu cuiur ui iie?uui uows ?u
the cheeks. Unequalled for all disorders of the
stomach and liver, and for all -weakening complaints
of men, -women and children.
Sold ererywbtrt, Prie*, (LOO J*r fell furt Vottfc.
MICHIGAN DRUG CO., - Detroit, nicfa.
John H. Mcilaster & Co., Winnsboro,
S. C.; T. W. Woodward & Co., Rockton,
S. 0-; W. M. Patrick. Woodward. S. C :
T. G-. Patrick & Co., White Oak, S. C.
Dvsoensia Cure
jf r I
Digests what you eat.
It artificially di gests the food and aids
Nature in strengthening and reconstructing
the exhausted digestive organs.
It is the latest discovered digestant
and tonic. No other preparation
can approach it in efficiency. It Ii*
stantly relieves and permanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
Sick Headache,Gastralgia,Cramps and
all otherresults of imperfect digestion.
Price 50c. and SI. Large size contains 2*4 time*
mall size. Book all about dyspepsia mailed free
Prepared by E. C. DtWITT A CO.. Chicago.
McMASTER CO.; Winasbero, S. CFor
100 bushels Wheat.
TIq crnioMt Piano fm? Cfalo
A 110 OiiUUlly 11KUU 1U1 UU10.
As attorneys for R. T. Blair, we
will sell tract of land containing ono
hundred acrcs, more or lesi, being a
part of the lands of the estate of Dr.
Arledge, deceased, bounded by lands
of J. R Curlee, J.'L. Robinson, Tfcos.
Blair, George Powell and others. Sale
to be made on or before the first Monday
in November next. Title warranted.
For farther information apply
10-lStd- Attorney*.
Office of County Coymissioners, ?
Winnsboro, S. CM Oct 10, 1900. $
Notice is hereby given ?hat a meeting
of the Board of Control for the
County of Fairfield will be held.in .the .
office of County Commissioners for
said Couuty on the l?t day of November
next, at which meeting applications
for the position of County Dispenser
at Ridgeway wiil be considered.
All applications for said position
must be on file with the Board at least
ten days before said date.
10-lltd Board of Control F. C.
::x :< a^pSAM
\cii> j'fo:. ou.' * iujturio?t growtil.
BScSSfeS Save? .TilTa t*> liestoro Gr?y
5yVt.5 its Youthful Color.
CuTtf* >C?'-:> <:> ?--c? & hair laliingi
The best life insurance in the world
is a pecan ?rove. That kind of an
insurance company never bankrupt*,
The trees are not subject to disease,
and are said to live 600 year?. It is
money well invested that would be
bard for the boys to throw away. Single
trees have been known to produce
more than $40 worth of nuts in a year.
The nnts have never been a drug on
the market. Bamberg NureerieSj H. J.
& Oti6? Brabham, proprietors. Bamberg,
S. C., have tiiese trees for sale.
Their 1900 catalogue is now ready and
can be had for the asking. It describes
and prices their stock of fruit and
shade tree?, roses, evergreens, vi?es,
Mentiou this paper when you write.
10 Gx4
Land Sale.
50 aeres on Cedar Greok, bounded
by lands of Coleman, McCorkle and
205 acres, ki>own as the "Fogg
Place," bcanded by lands of Rich'd
Matchett, Tirabo Singleton, estate
L- A. Davis.
194 acres, known as the "Olirer
Sloan Piace-," bounded by lands ot
RasrerJale, Macfie and others.
140 acres known as the "Bolick
Place,'' bounded by lands of Williford,
Bolick and F. O & F Co.
543 acres. Known as me "tfojd
Place." bouudpd by lands of H. B.
Refo. Pat rick.-<Jerig and others
342 acies on J .ckson Creek, bounded
! by land-; of W M. Hardin, Ragsdale
and D. Y. Tiramf.
115 acres in Longtoarn section, now
occupied by W. T. Stewart.
House and lot in town of Winusboro,
now occupied by Mr?. M. E. Sitgreaves.
1,1G6 acre-, known as "Middlesix
and Wolfe Pl?ces," 2? miles from
'2.000 acres, kn >wp '' 'n'-.ohrancb
Place," 5 miles from iu?i*& r .
288 ac;es, known as ''Ford Place,"
bounded by lands of P. Rion, U. G.
De*P<rte3 and others
327 acres, known as "Bonea Piace,"
bounded by landi of W. H. Flenniket>,
W. R. Doty, Wea Young and
968 acres in Township No. 4, 2 mi)'-"
from Winnsboro bounded by lands of
H. G. Wylie, "Middlesex," and "Bones
i Unless di-posed of at private sale
by Mr. T. K. Elliott, these lands Trill
be offered at public sale before th?
Court House in Winnsboro the first
Monday in December, 1900.
Terma: One?fonrth cash, balance in
Qve equal annual installments at 7 ppcent
aDDual interest. No charge fci i
soil 0F ILffiii "
State of Sooth Carolina, I
County of Fairfield. $
Notice is hereby given thai au election
will be held at the several precincts
established by law in Fairfield
County, on Tuesday, November 6,
1900, for the foil >wing offict-s, to wit:
Governor, Lieutenant-Governor, Secretary
ol State, Attorney Genera!,
Comptroller General, A jitant and
Inspector General, tat?! I'reasurer,
Sta'e Superintendent of Education,
one Railroad Commiwiouer, one Ci.cnit
Solictor, one Sena'or, three Representatives
iu the General As* rablv.
Supervisor, Sheriff, Clerk of < onrt.
County Superintendent of Education.
Pursuant to the Constituti n of
South Carolina, and the termt of Joinr
Resolu'ions No. 340 and 341, approved
February 19;h, A. P. 1900, [Acis ot
South Carolina, pp 370 and 671], an
election will also be hold atthesime
tjme and place for amendments to the
Constitution oi socun uarouua, as
AmeDd Section 7. of Article VIII,
of tbe Cuusiitotion of South Carolina,
as fo.iows: Add at the end thereof
the followirtg words: "Provided, that
the i'mitntion imposed by this Section
and bv Section 5, Article IV, of this
Co:j?.imtiou shall not s: j?ly to bonded
indeb'e nesa incurred by th; cities of
Columbia, Rock Hill, I harleston and
Florence, where tbe proceeds of paid
bonds are applied solely for the purchase,
establishment, maintenance or
increase of water works plant, or
sewerage system; a.id by the city of
Georgetown, when the proceeds of
said bonds are applied solely for the
purchase, establishment, maintenance
or increase of water works plant,
sewer* ge syatem, gaa and electric light
plantr, *h? re the entire revenue aria
Ai 1. nlonf.
lDg m m iae operauuu ux euuu
or systems shall be devoted solely and
exclusively to the maintenance and
operation of the same, and where the
qaeaiion of incurring such indebtedness
is submitted to the freeholders
aDd qualified voters of ?uch municipality,
a9 provided in the Constitution,
upon the question of ther bonded indebtedness."
Amend the Constitution of South
Carolina by adding thereto the following
to be known as * Article I of
Amendments to the Con*1! n'ion":
"The General Assembly shall p.ovido
by law for the condemnation, throogh
proper official channels, of all lands
necessary for the proper drainage of
the swamp and lew lands of this State;
and shall also provide for the equitable
assessment of all lands so drained,
for the purpose of paying the expenses
of such condemnation and drainage."
The said Amendments shall be submitted
in such manner that the electors
qualified to vote for Members of the
House of Representatives shall vote
tor or against each of such amendments
Amendments should be on separate
tickets. Ballots in favor of the adop
tion of an amendment snouia contain
the amendment voted upon in fall,
followed by the word ''Yes"; ballots
opposed to the adoption of an amendment
shoold contain the amendment
roted upon, followed by the word
Polls at each voting place will be
opened at 7 o'clock A. Al. and closed
at i o'clock P. M.
The following named persons have
beeu appointed Managers of Eleftion
for State and County offices *nd for
amendments' to State Constitution, to
wit: -j- . o
A^bioa?W. L -Rosboraagb, Sr.,
T. S. Brice, C S. Brice.
Centtfcville School House?W. T.
Miles, H. JR. Eastler, James Lvkes.
Blythewood- Clark Langford, 0 B.
Boney, Jno. Wooten.
Fe&sterrille?W. W. Crosby, CheiIey
C. Boalware, James Sterenson.
Gladden'a Grove?J. W. KeisMer,
E. G. Mobley, J. M. Higgins.
Horeb, Hawes' store?A. J. Brown,
J. W. Clark, N. D. Robert?.
Monticello?S. G. McMeekin, F. C.
Lupo, J. H. Aiken.
Ridgeway?L. L. Bollck, Chat. K.
Rtbb, W, G. Hianant
Winniboro?Jno. H. Neil, J. W.
Bolick, W. M. Catbcart.
Woodward?J. A. Stewart, J. C.
Lewis, T. W. Brice, Jr.
T.rtrinrf/\T*m .Tonbin's tnrp? A. W.
M ? ? ?v v ? -?>? ? ? > ., .
Matheson, D. W. Tidwell, R. B.
Bear Creek?E. H. Heins, E. W.
Kennedy, P. B. Flanigan.
Greenbriu?S. T. Castle, Press
Blair, Je? D?l!eney.
Jackson Creek School House?W. L.
Kirkpatrick J. N. Pope, John Turner.
Jenkinsville?W. B. Yarborongb,
D. L. Glenn, Sr., C. D. Chappell.
Oakland? D. H. Lobinson, J. (\
Willingham. John Hollip.
On day ot election tbe Managers
must organize by the election cf a
Chairman and a Clerk. The Constitutional
oath mmt be taken by eacb
Manager before be can act, and also
by the Clerk. The Chairman elected
is empowered to administer oath*.
The Man agers have the power to fill
a vacancy, and if none of the Managers
attend, tbe citizens can appoint
x? ? A/? TTA inn* (Ka
iruui kuiuhg mo vjuatxul'u tvivij- ?uw
Managers, who, after being sworn, can
conduct the election.
At the close of the election, the
Managers and Clerk must proceed publicly
to open the ballot boxes and
count the ballot therein, and continue
without adjournment until the same is
completed, and make a statement ol
the result of each office and sign the
Within three days thereafter, the
Chairman of the Board, or tome one
designated by the Board, most deliver
to the Commissioners of Election the
poll lists, the boxes containing the ballots
and written statements of the
result oi tue election.
One of the above Managers at each
precinct mnst call npon the Board of
Commissioners at Clerk of Court's
office, VVinnsboro, S. C., on the 3rd
day of November, 1900, to receive ballot
boxes, poll lists and inductions,
and to be qualified.
JL* M .
10 20 CommiisioDors of Election
I he eby give notice that I bare
opened an office in VVinnsboro. I
shall occupy the sa'ne office as the
Judge of Probate, and when tny
services as coroner -arc net deJ notice
may be given at said ofiic<\
geo. 8. hnnant,
Coroner for Fairfield County.
10-7 6-2
The position of resident
Special Agent of the Eqnitable
Life Assurance Society for Winn*boro
and vicinity is opened to a uiatt of
food cha:icter and ability. A vaiua
b'e contract, carrying renewals, will
be given to the rig! t uian. Address,
W. J. RODDEY, Mer., Rock Bill,
S. C. 9 13-d
wbo trespass on my "Free"
tract of land, by making roads through
it or cutting down live timber.
10-9-3 Pawkins, o. (\
/.' * -- r-:
lie o! lii ;
State of South Carolina, ?
County of Fairfield. $
Notice is hereby given that an election
will be held at the several precincts
established by law i > Fairfield County,
cm Tuesday, November 6, 1900, for
uiue Presidential Electors, and for a
Representative in the Fifty-Seventh
Congress of the United States, Fourth
< ongressional District.
Polls at each voting precinct will be
ope.it(1 at 7 o'clock A. M. and closed
at 1 o'clock P. M.
The folio wins: named persons have
l ^ "l/--. c*i .r -
ue' ii a^-puiuica aianagers 01 jciiecuou;
A.bion?R. E. Sterling, J. E. Stcv?nsou,
C. H. Donglass
Centrerilie School House?W. B.
Hogan, David Branbam, Tbop. Holli?.
Blylhewood?W. J. Hagood, Humphrey
Brown, F. E. Hood.
Feasf.erville -H. C. Coleman, Martin
Beam, M. C. Boulware.
Gladdcn's Grove?J. M. Higgin?,
J. H. Hall, S. H. Lumpkir.
Horeb, at Hawes' Store?J. M. ,
Steele, A. L.[Scrags, N. D R bsrts.
Monticeilo?J. D. Aiken, T. J.
Rabb, W. J. Barley.
Ridsewav? OlinSawver.M. Simons.
Joe Coleman.
Winobboro?J. A. Hinnaat, Henry
Phillips, E. G. Scruggs.
Woodward?T. M. Boalware, Jno.
S. McKeown, H. A. Holder.
Longtown, at Jenkins' Store?Saml.
McCormick, J. E. Stewart, T. J. Robinson.
Bear Creek?M. L Cooper, Cfaas.
Heins, Cliftoc Duke.
Greenbrier?S. W. Broom, J. L.
Cautben, W. P. Blair.
Jackson Creek School Hoase?W. J.
Lemmon, John Brroks, T. M. Jordan.
T !_ T /1 /i. T TT
denKiDiviJie? o. unrry, o. n.
Yarborougb, J. A. Stanton.
Oakland -Woodward Durham,'P.C.
Mellichamp, John Gibson.
The ballot boxes in the precinct
mast be so located; as to. be in view of
persons outside the polling place dor- *
ing the time of the election.
A space or enclosure separate and
distinct from that used by tbe Mana- J?
gers of the Election, must be railed oft
or otherwise provided, at each precinct,
under direction of the undersigned.
< 4
Bat one voter must be allowed to
enter any voting place at a time, and
mo one except tbe Managers must be
allowed to speak to tb? voter while iu
the voting place casting his vote.
For lurther instruction see notice of
Commissioners of State Election.
One of the Managers at each pre*
cinct named above must call upon tbe
Board of Commissioners, for tbe Federal
Election at Winnsborc, S. 0., on
the 5rd day oLNovember, 1900, to receive
ballot boxes, poll lists and instructions,
and ta be qualified. ,. 3 .
(Commissioners of Federal Election.
Winnsboro, S. C., Oct. 15tb, 1900.
' J
' ' * /
Field Seed.
?:? ,
Turnip Seed.
Onion Sets.
\ ' .. .
Mitt CiP!.
T 01:11 ? ?
i sun nave
-6 or 8Young
yet nnsoid. Persons needing males
should call and see tbem before basing
as I will 6e)l tbem cheap for cash
or good paper, payable in the fall. I
also have a few horses, among
them two good Combination Horse*.
Also a couple of GOOD MARES,
suitable lor brood mares?young ai d
I will rtftv fh* hicrhp.sf r.aah nriea for a
classes," fat or poor.
1 still have a few BUGGIES that 1
will sell cheap for caik.
A. Williford,
Winnsb?ro, S. 6.
War Graded M
M. W. Peubifot, A. B., Principal.
Mrs. jI. W. Peubitot, Mu?5? *nd
8Mjss Lottie Blaik, A. B., Primary
A fl/*KAn) nf TTioK Hrt/l# ?n t r\i?rv?
gressiye, Chri?tiau comaiuitr. Tuition
from $1 to $3 according to frade.
Board at reasonable rate?.
Next ?c?sion begini SEPTEMBER
3RD. For farther information- apply
Or to Tbo?. Blair, J. R. Cnrlee,
T. W. Rnff, Tra?t?e?. 7-12-3*

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