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Another lot of New York Co.'*
FRUITS of all kind#.
^^^1 And many other nice things.
(Telephone.) All goods delivered.
?See notice for final discharge.
?Bead town ordinance elsewhere.
?Re$d trespass notice elsewhere.
?Notice?see advertisement in ihis
?Buy your cook and heating stoves
from J. O. Boag.
?liead notice ot -bankrupt petition
for discharge.
?A beginning was made on Monday
on the cottage which the bank is to
build adjoining Mr. A. Williford's
This is the season when mothers are
alarmed on account of croap. It is
/iniftbiv c.nred bv One Minute Cough
Core, which children like to take. Monaster
?Miss Beatrice Mills, of Blackstock,
will go to Macon, Ga., soon to
take a coarse in stenography and typewriting.?Chester
?The surveyors of the Winnsboro
-* ' and Camden railroad are now encamped
on Capt. H. A. Gaillard's
place just about a mile from town.
?Just received I?A new lot Of
ready-to-wear kats?popular shapes?
in all colors, at
Mrs. McCarley's.
No other pills can equal DeWitt's
Little Early Risers for promptness,
certainty and efficiency. McMaster Co.
?Mr. John Cathcart, of Adger,
went to Columbia last week to look
after his fine horses and cattle which
are there on exhibition dnring the
?M. M. Moore, Clerk City Council,
Columbus, Ga., wriets: I have known
Teethka (Teething Povrders) to remo?e
worms when all other, remedies
had failed.?adv. 1
?Wednesday's State announced the
return of Dr. W. Q? Brice to Columbia.
He has been in the $o?th Caro- j
lina mountains for several months and |
' his health has improved.
The best method of cleansing the
it+?<a no a nf +Kj? -f ?mnni lift Ia nilla
lO W9 ! |PI- v* a ht n i i ^
known as De Witt's Little Early Risers.
% Easy to take. Never gripe. McMaster
-?-The Charlotte Observer is now
issued on Mooday and now comes out
every day in the week. It is an excellent
paper and tits patrons are glad
of the change- that has been made.
?The largest stock of furniture and
baby carriages, at J. O. Boag's.
?Mrs. John Douglass, of Albion,
was .critically ill for several days last
week at her home. Hfr fnends will
be glad to know-that she is now oni 01
danger and is better, although she is
still quite sick.
?A travelling phrenologist lectured
here on Friday night He advertised
his lecture in a novel way by walking
over town and announcing the subject
of his lecture and the hour in a loud
voice. The lecture was not largely atTorturing
akin eruptions, burns and
sores are soothed at once and promptly
healed by applying De Witt's Witch
Hazel Salve, the best known cure for
piles. Beware of worthless counterfeits.
McMaster Co.
?The annual conference of the
Methodist Church meets in Chester on
November 28th, and a very large crowd
rotaa in 0frtft RftATld. An
Vi. AW V^vviv..
entertainment committee is already
arranging for the accommodation of
the visitors.
?Ia their ad. this morning John
H. McMaster & Co. give a list of tome
of their stock. Everything iD the way
of drags and medicines are kept here
together with a fine line of other articles
usually sold in a drug store. Bead
their list aud see for yourself what
they have.
Feelings of safety pervade the household
that nses Ooe Minute Cough Cure,
the only harmless remedy that pro^
daces immediate results. It is infallible
tor coughs, colds, croup and all
throat and lung trouble?. It will pre
rent consumption. McJdaster <Jo.
?From the Chester Lantern we
learn that Mr. J. C. Shannon, of
Blackstock, has lost seven fine cows
^ recently and has other# sick. This -is
a serious loss to a farmer. There
eema to be a great deal of sickness
among cattle in this section and other
farmers have lost cowf.
?If you are cross-eyed you had
better go and see the oculist at the
Hotel Duval before October 31st. Eyes
straightened without the nse of the
knife; cataracts removed without operation;
also pterygium paiulete. Gran
- * - * J li k?/l
nmtea cyeiius cureu du ui&uer uui* u?u
or how longstanding.? adr.
?The colored Baptist association
has been holding its asnual convention
lu Colombia in the Zion Baptist
Church. Large numbers of colored
Baptists from all parts of the Stale
have been in attendance upon the sessions.
Rev. Joseph Jacks n,of Winnsboro,
is secretary of thia a?sociation.
?Clemson College and the South
Carolina College are to meet on the
gridiron iu Columbia on Thursday,
and a most exciting football game is
ei.ptoted. The teams will each have
2i* many admirers on the grounds that
day, and* the students are ait loosing
forward with the deepest interest to
the game.
?A large congregation was present
at the Methodist church on Sunday
evening to hear Presiding Elder
flodgers, who preached at that service.
The Methodist church was the
only church in town in which service
was held on Sunday, the ministers of
all the otber churches being absent.
?The first thing to bear in mind
when teaching either a child or a class
of children to sew is that each one
must be iut> rested and ta'ight to look
upon the work as a pleasure, uot a* a
ia*k. To force a chi>J to do a stint in
sewing, as they u-ed to do, is sufficient
to make her dislike it when older.?
No?ember Ladie?' Home Joun.a'.
illUUM All
fine figure
Many women lose their girlish forms aftea
they become mothers. This is due to negfcct
The figure can be preserved beyond
f question if the expectant
mother will
constantly use
.3 friend
during the whol?
period of pregnancy.
The earlier its use is
begun, the more perfectly
will the shape
be preserved.
mother's Triead
not only softens and
relaxes the muscles
during the great strain before birth, but helps
the skin to contract naturally afterward. It
keeps unsightly wrinkles away, and th?
underneath retain their pliability.
IttOtiKfS Tfitnd is tiat famots eternal
Segment whidi banishes morning defcaea
and nervotssness during pregnancy? jborteni
labor and makes it nearly painless1; builds up
the patient's constitutional strength so tiat
the emerges from t&e ordeal wxt&out danger.
TEc little onSf too, siiows the effects oi
?!iCU6 by its robustness and vigor,
Scld at draj stores for $1 a bottle.
Sesd for ottr finely illustrated book far expectant
mothers. ^
?A yonDg boy died at the factory
on Tuesday, of typhoid fever, after
a long illness. The family are from
field and the body was taken down
t:> B'ythewood on the morsing train
on "Wednesday for entcrmenc at his
former home. The name of the boy
could not be ascertained. It is said
I anme Ather mpmhers nf the familv are
sick with the fever.
It is well to know tkat DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve will heal a burn
and stop the pain at once. It will care
eczema and akin diseases and ngly
wounds and soies. It is a certain cure
for piles. Counterfeits may be offered
you. See that yon get the original DeWitt't
Witch Hazel Salve. McMaster
?A list of the counties in the State
howing the amount of real, personal
and railroad property in each has been
published and .the figures for Fairfield
County are as follows: Railroad,
$744.*05; real, $1,984,084; personal,
$852,v28; total, $3,581,417. Charles
ton couDty is the richest of the counties
and Darlington has a larger
amount of railroad property than any
of the counties.
?One of the most attractive looking
and most up-to-date grocery
stores in town is Mrs. F. M. Habenicht'e,
and it is there that all of the
new and tempting things for the table
may be found. In her ad. ibis morning
she is offering & number of specialties.
Orders receive prompt attention
and the housekeepers who find it hard
to provide a variety for their tables
should look over her list.
Dr. W. H. Lewis, Lawrenceville,
Vs., writes, "I am using Kodel Dyspepsia
Cure in my practice among
-x *: ??i :i
severe csbes ui luuigesuuu auu uuu n.
an admirable remedy." Many huudreds
of physicians depend upon the
nse of Kodol Dyspepsia Care in stomach
tronblee. It digests what yon eat,
and allows yon to eat all the good food
yon need, providing yoa do not overload
your stomach. Gives instant relief
and a permanent care- McMaster
?The lot owners have recently
had terra cotta pipes placed in peveral
places on lower Main street where
they were badly needed. These pipes
take the place of the unsightly wcoden
bridges across the drains and are far
more durable as well as more sightly.
Comparatively faw of the old bridges
are left in town now, and by degrees
they will all be replaced by the pipes.
?Praftr class and China and kitchen
utensils of the new and dnrable wares
are always tempting to housekeepers,
and J. W. Seigler has a supply of
them which will delight those who
call to look at them. He has golten in
a new supply of glass and bine and
white enameled ware aDd invites the
public lo come and inspect, You
will see many things that you need.
Do not get scared if your heart
froubles you. Most likely you suffer
from indigestion. Kodof Dyspepsia
Cure digests what you eat and gives
the worn out stomach perfect rest. It
is the only preparation knowu that
completely digests oil classes of foods;
that is why it cures the worst cases of
indigestiou and stomach trouble after
evervthinsr else has failed. It may be
taken in all conditions and cannot help
hat do yon good. McMaster Co.
?It the last issue of the Lexington
Dispatch was published the notice of
the marmge of Miss Blanche E.
Wooten, of Fairfield county, to Mr.
Rial E. North, Jr., of Brookland. The
is. by no means, the dreadful
disease it is tnought to be?
in the beginning.
il \^clu aiwujr o
in the beginning. The trouble
is: you don't know you've got
it; you don't believe it; you
won't believe it? till you are
forced to. Then it is dangerous.
Don't be afraid; but attend
to it quick? you can do it yourself
and at home.
Take Scott's Emulsion of
Cod Liver Oil, and live carefully
every way.
This is sound doctrine,
whatever you may think or
be told; and, if heeded, will
save life.
If you have not tried it. send for
free sample, its agreeable taste will
SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists,
409 Pearl Street, New York.
50c. and $1.00; all druggists.
V- , i
wedding took place oa Sunday, October
Htb, in Brookland, at the residence
of Mr. Rial E. Nortb, the father
of the groom, and the ceremony was
performed by Rev. E. L. LyBrand.
?Mr. Rudolph Brandt, the well
known jeweler and optician of Chester,
was in town on Friday and had with
him a beautiful lot of sroods. samples
of his stock from the store in Chester.
He had his goods on exhibition at
The Obear Drag Co.'s store, and during
the whole day he was visited by a
crowd of people and did a good business.
He had with him pretty silver
novelties, jewelry, watches, and numerous
things which make nice Christmas
presents, and he also had a supply
of spectacles and was prepared to
fit those who needed glasses. Through
bis activity and enterprise Mr. Brandt
has built up a large trade with Winnsboro
and many parts of Fairfield
county. He is in Ridgeway to-day.
When you cannot sleep for coughing,
it is hardly necessary that any one
should tell you that you need a few
doses of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
to allay the irritation of the throat,
and make sleep possible. It is good.
For sale by McMaster Co., druggisfs.
?This county will have 6ome good
exhibits at the fair thi? year and Will
doubtless carry off a number of prizes.
The cattle and horses which Messrs.
Mobley, Turner and Cathcart have
there are splendid specimens and there
will certainly be few if any that can
surpass iLvm. Tfce fair seems certain
to be nuubually well attended and a
number of people from Winnsboro
and different parts of the county will
be there. The special rates are cheap
enough to enable most people to attend,
and the weather continuing
good, there seems to be no reaeon why
it should not be the best fair ever held.
?If your eyes burn, smart, feel
sticky ia the morning, paio or itch
yon, or if you have tears in yonr eyes,
spots flash before your eyes, or yon
hold your reading too near or too far,
or strong light hurts your eyes, or you
have headaches, call and see the oculist
at the Hotel Duval, where be will
be until October 31st. 1$ years' experience.
No charge for examination.?adv.
Bean tie jO Thg KM You Haw Always Bought
News of the death of Mre. S. M.
Rice, of Union, was received here on
Tuesday. Her death occurred at 10
o'clock on Monday night at the home
of her daughter, Mrs. G. C. Perrin, iB
Union. Mrs. Rice bad been ill for
several weeks and her death was not
unexpected. She leaves a husband
and ten children and several grandchildren.
Her two daughters, Mrs.
J. F. McMaster and Mrs. W. R. Elliott,
were with their mother at the
time of ber death. Mrs. Rice was
about 68 years of age and was greatly
beloved. Her funeral services were
held on Tuesday afternoon from the
Methodist church in Union.
For sprains, swellings and lameness
there iB nothing so good as Chamberlain's
Pain Balm. Try it. For sale
by McMaster Co., druggists
iiennie3, the well Known pnotograpber,
has opened up a new photo
gallery in Columbia, S. C., at No.
1633 Main street, and will be pleased
to have his friends and patrons from
Winnsboro and Fairfield to call and
see his new gallery and examine his
work, which is the best. All the latest
styles and sizes. Everything new.
The latest design in backgrounds and
excessoriep. He will be pleased to see
all comers to-the fair.
Remember Hennies, the photographer,
No. 1633.?adv.
for Oxer Fifty Tears.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Steup
has been U6ed for over fifty years by
millions of mothers for their children
while teething, with perfect success.
It soothes the child, softens the grums,
allays all pain, cures wind colic, and
is the best remedy for diarrhoea. It
?' ? ? - I'III - -dp
will relieve me poor tiuie euucrer
immediately. Sold by draggists in
every part of the world. Twenty-five
cents a bottle. Be sure and ?6k for
"Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup,"
and take no other kind. 1-1-17
M.\ John L. Bsaty spent Sunday in
Miss L;ly Huffman has returned to
Miss Annie Thomas spent Saturday
* n Pa 1 n rr? K ? o
Miss Susie Lumpkin will attend tbe
fair in Columbia this week.
Mrs. I>. G. DesFortes will be one
of the visitors at tbe fair this week.
Rev. S. L. Morris, of Macon, Ga.,
who has been visiting iu Fairfield
couDty, has returned home.
Messrs. Jack and Henry Pressley
came down from Yorkviile on Saturday
and spent a few days in town.
Messrs. Albert G. anfi E E. Douglass,
after paying a fchori visit to their
parents at Albion, returned to Columbia
Sunday .nigh'.
Bean fa * /)Hay8 Always BougM
?In lurnishing a house, consider
where and how ycu are to live, and
the number of pairs of hands there aie
to do the work, and select your furnishings
accordingly. It the articles
yon are bu>ing are well made
and good in shape and color you
will make no mUtake in selec.ing
them, no matter how simple they are;
indeed, tbe simpler lhay are the better.
Do not be in a hurry to fully
furnish your house. When buying a
lieW piCUC Ul 1U1U11UIC) a Ul?pciy i.'i ?
rag, keep in mind tbe fact that it
sboald harmonize with tbe old famishiDgs.?November
Ladies' Home Journal.
Xe&ra th ^ fa Hare Always Bought
Mr. J. E. McDonald retarned from
Chester ou Monday
Dr. Boll's Cough Syrup cures Cough
or Cold at once. Conquers Croup,
"Whooping-Cough and Measle-Cough
without fail. All mothers praise it.
Doctors prescribe it for Bronchitis,
Hoarseness, Grippe, Pneumonia and
Consumption. Quick, sure results. (1
Always cures when others fail.
Dr. Ball's Pills care Constipation. 50 pills 10C.
BEB. t
Tbe problem of enlarging the White j
Hoase without destroying the noble
lines of the present historic mansion (
or subordinating it, is successfully solv- ]
ed in the November Ladies Home Jour- J
nal. The plans presented by Colonel 1
Theodore A. Bingham, the government
official in charge of the White *
House, provide for an imposing build- f
ins:, comporting with our national disr
nity, and offering the President ample
office space and living room under one ,
roof. In the same issue of the maga?- 1
zine "The Loveliest Womau in All America."
gives a charming pen-pic- {
ture of Emily Marshall, whose tiars- j
cendent beauty was so much admired i
three-quarters of a century ago. The j
personal and artistic sides of Ethel- ,
1 L -vr it. * ...
uen ixeviu, iue uuhj^uoci aic uiuugui I
to light in "The Man Who wrote Nar- <
cissns," and the other notable feat- 1
ure8; "The Story of a Young Man," >
by Clifford Howard; "The Successors >
of Mary the First," by Elizabeth Start s
Phelps; Blue River Bear Stories," by
the author of "When Knighthood wag '
in flower, and "Josiah Allen's" fourth
visit, will be read with interest and en- <
joyment. Edward Bok condemns the
lack of taste shown in furnishing .
American homes. The photagraphic (
views of " The most Artistic House
in New York City" cover two pages,
and will prove a revelation. A page
drawing by A. B. Frost shows his 1
country folks "Waiting for the Mail," :
a remarkably interesting illustration.
There are. plans for "A Quaint, Old- '
Fashioned House for $6600," and in- '
numerable articles on woman's work .
and allied themes, including, of coarse i
the fashionable things in women's at- f
tire. By the Curtis Publishing Com- |
pany, Philadelphia. One dollar a year; j
ten cents a copy. ]
Editor's Awful Plight.
F. M. Higgina, editor Seneca (III?.) j
News, was afflicted for years witn '
Piles that no doctor or remedy helped j
nntil he tried Backlen's Arnica Salve.
He writes two boxeB wholly cared
him. It's the surest Pile cure on earth .
and the best salve in the world. Cure '
guaranteed. Only 25 cents. Sold by '
McMaster Co., druggists.
To the Public:
Having ordered a bell for the A. M. j
E. Zion Church,'.I made an appeal to ,
the good citizens of Winneboro to i
donate the bell to my church for the ?
r?nlnrpf! and the followinST re- !
r J , ? t
sponded liberally, and we here ac- <
knowledge our gratefulness to Messrs. 1
U. G. DesPortes,T. H. Ketchin, T. K. |
Elliott, R. H. JenniDg8, J. F. McMas- ]
ter, R. C. Go <1;"g, Jap. P. Caldwell, ]
L. Landpr1 \ Catbcart, W. R. <
Rabb & . i 'hn8toa, McMaster <
Co., W. C. i>c*iy, A. S. Douglass, j
J. ID. McCarley, J. E. McDonald, ,
Esq., Mrs. F. M. Habenicbt, Messrs. ]
H. B. Refo, J. E. William?, H. S.
Wyli<\ Jas. RobinBon, J. B., Steven- .
son r T 0. Boag.
G i " a, again we thank you. '
May i- ess and happiness ever attend
you a:< g the pathway of life. Rest ^
assnn d our appreciation of your
kindness cannot be uttered or ex- 1
pressed in words. The white people '
of Winn6boro have treated me kindly
and my concluding wish if, in this life,
where all things are given us for our
good, may the righest blessings rest
upon yon;in the busy world and the
domestic circle, increased prosperity
and continned charity, may the angels
guard you and all whom you love and
cherish, and as yon ascend the hill of
prosperity may you never meet any ot
your relatives or personal friends
coming down; may no strife disturb
your days, no sorrow disturb your
nights, and when you have completed
your journey on this side of life and '
the curtains of death cloje around you,
may bright angels gently waft your
spirit to the realms cf eternal day.
Resp? ctfully,
Rev. H. W. Smith, i
.1 iu? a \.t v i
X'abiur xu uuaige ui me a. jw. u. j
Zion Church, Winn9boro, S. C.
Bobbed the Grave.
A startling: incident of which Mr !
John Oliver of Philadelphia, was the !
subject, is narrated by him as follows: |
"I was in a most, dreadful condition, i
My skin wa8 almost yellow, eyes 1
sunken, tongue coated, pain contin- !
uallv in back and sides, no appetite? :
gradu lly growing weaker d*y oy day. :
Three physicians had given me up. '
Fortunately, a friend advised trying |
: Electric Bitters,' anC ?o my great joy j
aud surprise, the first bottle made a
decided improvement. I continued
their use for three weeks, and am now
a well mso. I know they feaved my
life and robbed the grave of another
victim." No one should fail to try
them. Only 50 cents per bottle at
McMaster Co.'s drug store. S
Mrs. Miriam O "nor left on Tuesday
for Gad6den, Ah.., to visit h^r fon,
Mr. Claude Counor and family.
You assume no risk when you buy
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy. McMaster Co
will refund your money if you are not
sati?fied after using it. * It i? everywhere
adm.tted to be the most success
ful remedy in use for bowel complaints
and the on'v one that nevi-r fai.e. It
Is pleasant, 6afe and reliable.
Mr. Ljngstreet Gantt has returned
from Barnwell.
For infants anc. Children,
?i i" i vi - ii it n l*
me kino iou nave Always tjougui
. Bears tile ST? SlfTZT"
Signature of
* .
t _ . ?
"Oh, 5ay, Can Y?a See?''
If your eye-glasses do Dot exactly
It you, or you need a pair, be sure
ind avail yourself of the opportunity
;o have each of your eyes fit led correctly
by Dr. Becker, the Germau oculist,
who is now and for a short time
snly at tbe Hotel Duval. His optical
natOnt* Jo -fitted with tho lofpct flnH hpRt
instruments known to science. No
iharge for examination. The doctor
will call at old people's houses free of,
ibarge if they cannot come to him.?
? >
A Thousand Tongues
Conld not express the raptnre of
A.nnie E. Springs, of 1125 Howard St., ,
Philadelphia, Pa., when she foand that
Dr. King's New Discovery tor Consumption
bad completely cared her of
i hacking cough that for many years
bad made life a burden. All other
remedies ana doctors could give her
no help, bnt she says of this Royal
Dure?"it soon removed the pain in
tny chest and I can now sleep soundly,
something I can scarcely remember
Joing before. I feel like sounding its
praises throughout the Universe." So
will every one who tries Dr. King's
New Discovery for any trouble of the
rhroat, Chest or Lunge, rnce oOc.
rod $1.00. Trial bottles free at McMaseer
Co.'s drug store; every bottle
Miss Mamie Taylor has returned
Erom a visit to relatives in the county.
Mr. A. S. Douglass has returned
Erom Florence where he went to attend
It Happened in a Drag Store.
"One day last winter a lady came to
ray drng store and asked for a brand
Df cough medicine that I did not have
in stock," says Mr. C. R. Grandin, the
popular druggist of Ontario, N* T.
"Sue was disappointed ana wanted to
tuow what cough preparation 1 could
recommend. I said to her that I could
?:r e e 1 y recommend Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy and that she could take
i bottle of the remedy and alter giving
it a fair trial if she did not find it
worth the money to bring back the
bottle and I would refund the price
paid. In the course of a day or two
ihe lady came back in company with a
friend in need of a cough medtcine
md advised her to buy a bottle of
Chamberlain's Cough .Remedy. I consider
that a very good recommendation
for the remedy." It is for sale
jy McMaster Co., druggists.
??All in need of an open or top
[)uggy, phseton or &urry, call on
J. 0. Boag.
A cheap remedy for cough9 and
jolds is all riffht, but you want some
:hinsr that wiil relieve and cure the
nore severe and dangerous results of
ihroat and lung troubles. What shall
pou do? Go to a warmer and more
egular climate? Yes, if possible; if
not possible for you, then in either
;ase take the only remedy that has
5een introduced in all civilized counties
with success in severe throat and
lung troubles, "Boschee's German
3yrup." It not only beals and stimulates
the tissues to destroy the ger.n
3isease, but allays inflammation, causes
;asy expectoration, gives a good
aight's rest, and cures the patient,
rry oke bottle. Recommended many
rears bv all druffsrists in the world.
For pale by McMaster Co., druggists.
Mr Blakely Boyd, of Ridgeway, was
n town on Tuesday.
? ?p?
Save Your Money.
One box ofTutt's Pills will save
many dollars in doctors' bills
They wiEsurely cure all diseases
of the stomach, liver or bowels.
No Reckless Assertion
For sick headache, dyspepsia,
malaria, constipation and biliousness,
a million people endorse
Cicttnos tJui licatstific* the half.
Proniatej o luxuriant growui.
3?3Kj5Si= ,JK52?evc.-r PiXlJa to Keetore Gray
Hair to 113 Youthful Color.
Curt* iw-a'P i^hair jailing.
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
It artificially digests the food and aids
Nature in strengthening and reconstructing
tho exhausted digestive organs.
It is the latest discovered digest"*
J -* - ^T
act ana Lome. ino uutiei iheyaia-uivi*
can approach it in efficiency. It in?
stantly relieves and permanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
Sick Headache,Gastralgia,Cramps and
all other results of imperfect digestion.
Price 50c. and $1. Large size contains 2X times
small size. Book all about dyspepsia mailed free
Prepared by E. C. DeWITT & CO.. Chicago.
against hunting on the lauds of the
estate of H. L. Elliott, deceased.
10-27-2 B. L. ELLIOTT, Admr.
against the estate of Q D. Williford,
deceased, will render to me an account
of their respective demands, duly
attested, and all persons indebted to
said estate must make immediate pay?
"f ^ t. mimvahfin.
10-S0 3?v AdministratorMONEY
I have made arrangements with
brokers in New York City to mak?
loans on fir>-t .mortgage of improved
farm* f"i five year*' time, payable in
insta:ment9, at the low rate of 7 per
cent inteiest per annum. The broker
j _i r l? a. x J
age ana course ior ausiraoi aim
tion arereasoDab.'e. Apply to
j. e. Mcdonald,
1M Attorney at Law.
ar MWTJ wiii i *
I by the Quart.
V Every bottle yon take of Johnston'!
Sarsaparilla means better health,
K- and every bottle contains a full
Quart. It makes better blood?pnrei
? W blood. For thirty years this raaxoni
\W remedy has been creating and maiiv
taIairD- good health.
gJL Johnston's
M Sarsaparilla
rJSSH builas up tie system, tones the
| nerves, and strengthens the muscles
more promptly and effectually thaa
any other remedy knoTta. The pallor of tho
cheek disappears, energy takes the place of
languor, and the rich color of health Sots to
the cheeks. Unequalled for all disorders of the
stomach and liver, and for all weakening complaints
of men, -women and children.
Sold eKiTwherc. Frit*, f 1.00 ptr fan qurt fettle.
MICHIGAN DRUG CO., - Detroit, JTldl.
John II. McMaster & Co., Winnsboro,
S. C.; T. W. Woodward & Co., Rockton,
S. C.; W. M. Patrick, Woodward. S. C.;
T. G. Patrick & Co., White Oak, S. C.
The position of resident
Special A?rent of the Eqnitable
Life Assurance Society for Winnsboro
ana vicinny is openea 10 a iuau u?
good character and ability. A valuable
contract, carrying renewals, will
be given to the right man. Address,
W. J. RODDEY, Mgr., Rock Hill,
S. C. 9-13'd
Final Discharge.
on the 27th day of November, 1900,1
will apply to the Jndge of Probate for
Fairfield (Jountr, at his office in the
Court House at Winnsboro, 8. ? for
a final discharge as Administrator of
he estate of G. T. Sims, deceased.
30-30-3t Administrator.
A Desirable Place for Sale.
As attorneys for R. T. Blair, we
will sell tract of land containing ono
hundred acres, more or less, being a
part of the lands of the estate of Dr.
Arledge, deceased, bouuded by landi
- ^ ^ T T? _ 1_ y mt-.
or J. ft uunee, j. ju. JxoDinsun, xuur.
Blair, George Powell and other?. Sale
to be made on or Ic-fore the fir6t Monday
in November next. Title warranted.
For further information apply
10-lStd Attorneys.
Just Received Direct from
England a complete
line of
An extra supply of GLASSWARE
has also been added to this department,
together with a nice selection of
Blue and White Enameled Ware.
We cordially extend an inspection
of these goods to every one. No
trouble to show them or quote prices.
An Ordinance
To Raise Supplies for the Municipal
Year Commencing April 1,
1900, and Ending April
Be it enacted aDd ordained by tbe
Intendant and Wardens of the town of
Winnsboro in coancil, that for the
purpose of raising supplies for tbe
year commencing April 1, 1900, and
ending April 1, 1901, a tax for the
snms aud in the manner hereinafter
mentioned shall be raised and paid
into the treasury of said town for the
use and service thereof. That is to
Five mills ad valorem upon every
dollar of tbe value of ail real and personal
property witbin the corporate
limits of the town of Winnsboro.
Two dollars to be paid by every
male inhabitant of the town of Winnsboro
between the ages of eighteen (18)
and fitty (50) years in iieu of working
on the streets af said town.
All taxes assessed and payable under
ibis Ordinance sball be paid in the
following named kinds of funds and
no other: Gold and silver coin, United
States currency and national bank
All taxes herein assessed shall be
due and payable between the 1st day
of November, 1900, and the l*t day of
January, 1901, and all taxes remaining
unpaid on the 1st day of January,
1901, shall be collected by distress or
otherwise now provided by law, together
with all legal costs.
Done in Council this the 18tL dsy of
October, Anno Domini one
thousand nine hundred, un[l
s ] der the corporate seal of the
said Town Council.
Attest: Intenda'nt.
Jno J. Neil, Clerk of Council.
Inventory of
Drugs and Medicines, Dyes,
o Patents
and Toilet -Articles,
Tooth and Hair
Brushes, Pocket Books
and Purses, Pocket Knives,
Razors and Razor Straps,
Cigars and T obacco,
(Chewing and Smoking),
Lamps and Lamp Goods,
Paints, Oils, Varnishes,
Window Glass and Putty.
If you see anything on this
list that suits you come and
we will be glad to serve you.
Statinnerv. Pens. Inks and
Blank Books of all kinds.
Don't forget the date?AT
J. H; McMaster
& Co.,
: NOTICE if Kill
State of South Carolina, ?
Connty of Fairfield, s
Noiice is hereby given thai an election
will l>e held at the several precincts
established by Jaw in Fairfield
County, on Tuesday, November 6,
1900, for the fo:l >wiog offices, to wit:
Governor, Lieutenant-Governor, Secretary
ol State, Attorney General,
Comptroller General, Adjutant and
Inspector General, t .te Treafurer,
Sta'e Superintendent of Eaucation,
one Railroad Commiafcioner, one ?.ircnit
Solicitor, one Senator, three Representatives
in the General Assembly.
Supervisor, Sheriff, Clerk of onrt,
County Superintendent of Education.
Pursuant to the Constitution of
South Carojina, and the terms of Joint
Resolutions No. 340 and 341, approved
February 19tb, A. D. 1900, [Acts ot
South Carolina, pp. 370 and 571], an
election will also be held at the same
time and place for amendments to the
Constitution of South Caroliua, as
Amend Section 7. of Article VIII,
of the Constitution of South Carolina,
as follows: Add at the end thereof
the following words: Provided, that
thf limitation imposed by thia Section
and by Section 5, ArMeJe IV, ou tms
Constitution shall no: ?rply lo bonded
indebie 'ness incurred by the cities of
Columbia, Rock Hill, Charleston and
Florence,, where the proceeds ot said
bonds are applied solely for the purchase,
establishment, maintenance or
increase of water works plant, or
sewerage system; and by the city of
Georgetown, when the proceeds of
said bonds are applied solely for the
purchase, establishment, maintenance
or increase of water works plant,
sew erage system, gas and electric light
planie, where the entire revenue arising
from tbe operation of such plant*
or systems shall be devoted solely and
exclusively to tbe maintenance and
operation of the same, and where the
question of incurring such indebtedness
is submitted to the freeholders
and qualified voters of such municipality,
as provided in tbe Constitution,
upon the question of other bonded indebtedness."
Amend the Constitution of Sou b
Carolina by adding thereto the followx
u_ i T n-f
lug IU DC tkUUYVU aa mtivo * v*
Amendments to tbe (' u-u aiion":
"The General Assembly sLall provide
by law for the condemnation, tbroagh
proper official channels, of all land*
Deces?ary for the proper drainage of
tbe swamp and low lands of this State;
and shall also provide for the eqoitable
assessment of all lands so drained,
for the purpose of paying tbe expenses
of such condemnation and drainage."
The said Amendments shall be submitted
in such manner that the electors
qualified to vote for Members of tbe
House of Representatives shall vote
for or against each of such amendments
Amendments should be on separate
tickets. Ballots in favor of the adoption
of an amendment sbonld contain
the amendment voted upon in full,
followed by the word ''Yes"; ballots
opposed to the adoption of an amendment
should contain tbe amendment
voted upon, followed bv the word
Polls at each voting place will be
opened at 7 o'clock A. M. and closed
at 4 o'clock P. M.
The following named persons have
been aooointed Managers of Eleftion
for State' and County offices and for
amendments to State Constitution, to
Albioa?W. L. Rosborongb, Sr.,
T. S. Brice, C S. Brice.
Centieville School House?W. T.!
Miles, H. R. Eastler, James Lvkes.
Bly thewood-^ Clark Langford, O B.
Boney, Jno. Wooten.
Feasterville?W. W. Crosby, Che?lev
C. Boulware, James Stevenson.
Gmdden's Grove?J. W. Keis'ler,
E. G. Mobley, J. M. Higgios.
Horeb, Hawes' store?A. J. Brown, i
J. W. Clark, N. D. Bobert?.
Monticello?S. G. McMeebin, F. C.
Lupo, J. H. Aiken.
Ridgeway?L. L. Bolick, Chi*. K.
Rabb, W. G. Hinnant.
Winnsboro?Jno. H. Neil, J. W.
Bolick, M. Cathcarf.
Woodward?J. A. Stewart, J. C.
Lewis, T. W. Brice, Jr.
Lonetown, at Jenkin's store?A. W.
Matbeson, EX. W. Tidwell, R, B.
Bear Creek?E. H. Heins, E. Wtr
t> rr
jcieuiieuyi i u< iauigaii>
Greeo brier?S. T. Castle, Press
Blair, Je? Delleney.
Jackson Creek School House?W. L.
Kirkpatrick J. N. Pope, John Turner.
Jenkinsville?W. B. Yarborough,
D. L. Glenn, Sr., C. D. Chappell.
Oakland?D. H. Bobinson, J. C,
Willingham, John Hollis.
On day of election the Managers
must o.ganize by the election of a
Chairman and a Clerk. The Constitutional
oath must be taken by each
Manager before be can act, and also
by the Clerk. The Chairman elected
ie empowered to administer oaths.
The Managers hare the power to fill
a vacancy, and if none of the Managers
attend, the citizens can appoiut
rrom among me quaiiuea vuier* me
Managers, who, after being sworn, can
conduct the election.
At the close of the election, the
Managers and Clerk must proceed publicly
to open the ballot boxes and
count the ballot therein, and continue
without adjournment until the s&m? is
completed, and make a statement of
the result of each office and sign the
Within three days thereafter, the
Chairman of the Board, or some one
designated by the Board, must deliver
to.tbe Commissioners of Election the
poll ]ist?, the boxes containing the ballots
*ti'l written statements of the
result of the election.
One of the above Manager* at each
prccinct must call upon tbe Board of
Commissioners at Clerk of Court's
office, WinDSboro, S. C., on the Srd
day of November, 1900, to r< ceive ballot
boxes, poll lists anJ instructions,
and to be qualified.
10 20 Commissioners of Election
$1.25 per Bushel.
M.W.Doty & Co
H profusion
Hew Stales.
EVERY LIN:? now is sparkling "With
bright new eood*. The publ-c
is cordially invited to come in
and look around at any time,
without feeling under any obligations
to buy. Come and inspect
my lines when I am ia
Winnsboro and Ridgeway. ,
to see everything.
WE CARRY only high quality goods,
well made and well finished
whether plated or solid. That
h onr hobby. They will wear.
WE CAN SUPPLY every want made
npon an ap-to-date Jewelry
Store anv where. We arethororonghly
informed as to every
detail in our business and no
goods offered yon are so good
for the money.
OUR GUARANTEE means absolute
satisfaction to the ursr.
Under Tower Clock, Chester, S. C.
Why do we A
Study your ?
Wants ? ';
???? ..a
Because we appreciate your
patronage, and our aim is to
carry,a stock so complete that
the most fastidious may find
just what they want. We
only mention a few special*
J-!- ? XT
ues; new v^au;u
large, fat and fine; a fresh lot
of those delicious Pig Hams.
We also cut ham in any quantity.
Smoked Dried Beef,
chipped to order. Roe Her- \
ring, a dainty relish for break- .j
fast: Banquet Cheese, 17 1-2C. I
per pound.
We get Soda Crackers and
Saltines twice every week.
Send us your orders. All
goods delivered.
' - - i .. '
Dealer in Fine Groceries. \
Mrnpt Petitioi for Sip! I ;|j
To tbe Honorable William H. Brawley,
Judge of the District Court of
. tbe United States for the District of
South Carolina: \
John G. Mobley, of tbe Coaoty of \ t j
Fairfield and State of Sonth Carolina, ^
in said district, respectfully represents
that on the lSth dsy of September,
A n ISM hA VAft rinlv itHinHffM)
bankrupt under the acts of Congress
relating to bankruptcy; that he has
daly surrendered all.his property and
rights of property, and has folly complied
with all the requirements of said
acts and of the orders of the Court m
touching his bankruptcy.
That for unavoidable cause, your
petitioner was unable to file Jjis petition
for discharge in bankruptcy within
twelve months from the date of the
original petition herein, as follows, to
wit: That on the 8th dav of September,
A. D. 1899, he filed his original
petition and schedules in bankruptcy;
that by reason of unavoidable error
and mistakes, in said original petiiioa
and schedules, it became necessary to
amend the same: that the maid origi
- * - -- i - iSUj
I cai peuuou ana scncuuiw, iuou uu iue
8 th day of September, 1899, were
amende by order of this Court of
date 8th day of Marcb, 1900; that by
reason of the necessity to amend bis
original petition and schedules as ^
aforesaid your petitioner has been unavoidably
delayed in filing his petition
for discharge in bankruptcy; that
12 months has not elapsed since tbe
filing of the amended petition and
schedules herein.
Wherefore he prays that be may be
decreed by the Court to hare a full
discbarge from all debts provable
against bis estate nnder said bankrupt
acts, except such debts as are excepted.
by law from such discharge.
Dated this 16th day of October,
1900. dUiLN li. MUOLJJiI,
Sworn to before me ibis 16th day of
October, 1900.
[seal.] E. H. JENNINGS,
C. C. P.
* *?***
Order of Notice Thereon.
District of South Carolina.
On this 24th day of October, A. D
1900, oc reading and filing the foregoing
petition.it is
Ordered by the Court, that a bearing
be had upon the same on the 9ch
day ot November, 1900, before said
Conrt. at Charleston, in said district, *
at 11 o'clock in the loreoooo; and that
notice thereof be published in The
News and Herald, a newspaper printed
in said district, and that all known
creditors and other persons in interest
may appear at tbe said time and place
and show cause, if any they have, why
the prayer of the said petitioner should,
not be granted.
And it is further ordered by the
Coort, that the Clerk shall send by
mail to all known creditors of said
petitioner copies of said petition and
this order, addressed to tbem at tbeir
places of residence as stated.
Witness the Honorable Wm. H.
Brawley, Jadge of the said Csurt, and
the seal tbereor, at Charleston, in said
district, on the 21th day of October,
? TV 1QAT1
?L* JL/. A*7VV.
[seal.] (Signed) C. J. C. HUTSON,
Trne copy. Clerk.
C. J. C. HUTSON, Clerk.
10 27-2*
with a fall stock of Caskets, BarisJ
Cases nod Coffins, constantly * hand,
and as< of hearse when requested.
Thankfet for pa?t patronage ami solicitation
for a share in the fat are, in the . S
old stand
(Jails attended to at all hoars.
J. M, ELLH>TT ft #.
- : ?Sl

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