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Wednesday, November 7, - ifcmu
Another lot of New York Co.'e
FRUITS of all kind*.
And many other nice things.
\ All maa<4A
^icicpuuio^ ail gvuu? UU1IVIVW
?Bead citation elsewhere.
?The late fail has brought oat exquisite
roses acd chrysanthemums.
?Mr. J. H. Cathcart's two year old
gelding took second prize at the fair.
?An addition has been bni!t to the
cotton seed warehouse near tLe freight
?Mr. E. B. Eagsdale was out on
Friday, alter having been confined to
his home by sickness.
?Just received!?A new lot of
ready-to-wear hats?popular shapes?
in ail colors, at
Mrs. McCarley's.
When you want prompt acting little
pills ihat never gripe use DeWitt's
T !ia'- Ma\Mocfar* PA
JhJlibU? XMriY IMOCiO* iUV*U(9(7bv? w?
?Tbe high wind on Saturday played
considerable havoc with the telephone
wires, crossing them in a number of
?The A. R. Presbytery, which convened
in Tirzah church, Chester
county, on last Tuesday, has adjourned.
Both makers and circulators of
counterfeits commit fraad. Honest
meu will not deceive you into buying
worthless counterfeits of DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve. The original is
inlallible for curing piles, sores, eczema
and all skin disease?. McMaster
?Mr. Kichard N. McMaster has purchased
the old Jordan bouse, near Mt.
Ziou College, and will move into it in"
?The president b&s issued a procla?
matioo naming Thursday, Novemoer
29th, as Thanksgiving Day, This day
is a national holiday.
?The surveyors of the Winnsboro
and Camden Railway will begin, this
week, the survey of a third line be"
tween Winnsboro and Caaaden.
?Miss Mattie Stlgreaves taught
Miss Bessie Monaster's classes at Mt.
Zion last Friday, the latter having
remained over Friday at the fair.
DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve will
quickly neal the worst burns and
scalds and not leave a scar. It can be
applied to cuts and raw surfaces with
prompt and soothing effect. Use it
for piles and skin disease?. Beware
X of worthless counterfeit*. McMaster
?Mr8. A. G. Russell, Nashville,
Tenn., writes: Dr. Moffett's Teethxka
(Teethling Powders) is the greatest
blessing to teething children that the
world has ever known.?adv.
?The annual meeting oi the State
^ agricultural and mechanical society
- was held in Columbia on Thursday
night. Mr. John G. Mobley is a
member of the executive committee.
?The exhibitors from this county
at the fair last week shipped their exhibits
back home on Saturday. The
heavy rain interfered seriously with
l|v the removal of exhibits from the
grounds, and made the work much
harder thin usual.
If yon have ever seen a child in the
agony of croup yon can realize how
grateful mothers are for One Minute
Cough Cure which gives relief a3 soon
as it is admini?tered. It quickly cores
coughs, colds and all throat and lung
troubles. McMaster Co.
?Last Friday morning at the residence
of the Rev. J. A. White, at
Bl&ckstock, Mr. A. Quay Flenniken
was married to Miss Bes6ie Dove.
Rev. Mr. White performed the ceremonv
and tbe young couple left for
Columbia to attend tbe iair.
?'*How does it happen that there
are so many old maids among the
school teacher? T1 asked a reporter of
a teacher the other day. "Because
school teachers are, as a rale, women
of sense, and no woman will give op
a $60 position for a $10 man," wa? the
Many people worry because thej
believe they have heart disease. The
chances are that their hearts are ali
right bat their stomachs are anable to
digest food. Kodol Dyspepsia Care
digests what yoa eat and prevents the
formatiou of g*s wnich makes the
stomach press a^aiust the heart. It
will cn:e every lorm of indigestion.
McMaster Co.
?If >ou are cross-eyed you had
better ao and see the oculist at the
Huiel Dcva\ Eyes straightened without
the Qse of the knife; cataracts
removed without operaiiou; also pterjgium
painless, Gramilated eyelids
cnred no matter bow bad or how long
?It will be of interest to the friends
ot M.\ and Airs. Henry Muldrow to
lvaru i bat they have move<J from
Stateburg, iu Sumter county, to
Charles-tern where Mr. Maldrow has
accepted a posi:io?. They will no
doubt make many Ir.euds iu their new
? ihe new tenement houses for the
cotton miil operative*, the contract for
which was given oat >ouie time ago,
are now in process ot erection. The
new hoaxes will greatly increase the
*z; ot the little village, which already 1
covers a considerable erea aroand the
^ ?Mrs. A. P. Miller, lormerly of
Winnsboro, (>at now of L;ttle Rock,
Arkansas, is on a visi: to frieuds and
relatives in Winnsboro. Mr*. Miller
moved away from Winn-boro seventeen
}e*is ago and has never been
back sine . Her friend* are giad to
have her back air*ir\
? Premiums were carried off by
three men from Fairfield who had
fine cows on exhibition at thi fair.
Mr. J. B. Turner's co^s took t-ix first
prizes and one secDnd. Mr. J. G.
Mobey's t. ok tbree first prizes and
five second, and Mr. John II. Cath'- jirt's
10 >k two first at d tbree second
prizes Ti-i- is a fine showing for
Fait field.
?The trustees of M\ Z on Io-iitu'e
at the last moment decided to give
holiday on Thursday, and there was
Wp cures Hacking Coughs, gas
W Sore Lungs. Grippe, Pneu- VS
j? monia and Bronchitis in a 9
g| few days. Why then risk f|
B Consumption, a slow, sure 1
I death? Get Dr. Bnll's I
S Congh Syrup. Price, 25c. jig
H Don't be imposed upon. S
SB Refase the dealer's substitute; it I
Ht is not as good as Dr. Bull's.
Sa Sal ration Oil cures Rheumatism, K
M Ache* and Pains. 15 & 35 cts.
general rejoiciu<? over the decision.
The children were disappointed at not
having Friday also, and many took
tbe day, being too worn out from the
p^isures and excitements of the previous
day to be able to attend to school
There is no pleasure in life if yon
dread going to the table to eat and
can't resc at night on account of indigestion.
iieury Williams, of Boon ille,
ind., says he suffered that way
for years, till he commenced tbe ns'e
of Kodol Dyspepsia Cure, and add?,
"Now I can eat anything I like and
all I want *nd sleep soundly every
night." Kodol Dyspepsia Core will
%f .If A #1. !
digest waac you eat. aacaiasier
?Mag Wvlie, a well known colored
woman, died very suddenly at her
home here on Tharshav night. Sbe
bad cooked for rears for Mre. Madden
and was apparently we'! on Thursday
and attended to her duties as usual.
Ia the night sbe was taken silk and
died in a short time. Her children
were ill absent where her death ?c?
curred, having gone to the fair.
?Bain fell here continuously from
Friday afternoon until Sunday about
toon, when tbe sun came out and the
ikies cleared. The rain was a cold,
northeast, genuiae November rain,
and was accompanied by btgh wind.
Tbe indications were that a cold wave
would follow tbe rain, but contrary to
t all exoection tbe fair weather brought
no gieat fail of temperature.
McMaster Co. guarantee every bottle
of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
and will refund the money to anyone
who is- not satisfied after using twothirds
of the contents. This is the
best remedy in the world for la grippe,
coughs, colds, croup and whooping
cough and is pleasant and safe to take.
It prevents any tendency of a cold to
result in pneumonia.
?Dr. Becker, the.German oculist,
has just received a Javal 1S00 ophthalmometer
fitted with electric and common
light and will have same in opsration
in his optical parlor at the Hotel
Duval in a few days. Dr. Becker
spares no money or energy in order to
give satisfaction, to which more than
300 people here will gladly testify.
Dr. Becker will only remain a short
I time longer, and those who contem
plate seeing bim about their eyes bad
better call soon.?adv.
?Invitations have been received
here to the commencement exercises
of the John N. Norton Memorial Infirmary
in Louisville, Kentucky. Miss
Mallie McMaster, formerly of Winnsboro,
is a member of the graduating
class of 1900 and the will now start
oat in the practice of her chosen pro.
fession. Her many friends here will
bear with interest of her having fini?hed
the course and wish for her
great success in her work. The commencement
exercises will take place
ou Thursday evening, November 8th,
and six nurses will be graduated from
the training school.
?It is reported that a party of surveyors
was camped by Allen's branch,
on the outskirts of town a short time
ago, but nothing can be ascertained
abont the party or their object in com
*ing here. It is said that they were
here tor the purpose of making geological
surveys, bat whether this is
true or Dot, cannot be found out. No
one seems to know anything about the
party, and inquiries about them have
failed to lead tD any information. The
Chester Lantern, in a recent issue,
mentioned that a party of surveyors
was encamped tear Chester, but the
paper stated that nothing waa known
or couid be found out about where
they came from or their reasons for
s* _ &
This picture is the 1 r:i?Ic niaikof
SCOTT'S KMUI.SIOW ami is o:x
every bottle of SCOTT'S VMYlSIOX
i:'. the WorKi. \.i:ieh v.ow
amounts to many millions yir.tly.
This great business 1;:?s nown to
such vast proportions,
Firs t; - Beca use the proprietors
have always been mo.-t cartful i:i
selecting the various inv'rt clients
used in its coinpo.Mlicr. i.nmc'y;
the finest Cotl Liver Cii, the
purest Kypophosphitc.*-.
Seco/?rf:-Becausc they here so
skillfully comUnt^l the various
ingredients that the lest possir.I;:
results are obtained 1 y its us..
T/7/rtf;-Beeausc it has made j:o
many sickly, delicate children
strong and healthy, given health
and rosy cheeks to so many pale,
anaemic girls, and healed the lungs
and restored to full health, so many
thousands in the first stages cf
If you have not tried it. send for free sample,
its agreeable taste will surorise vou.
SCOTT & BOWNE. Chemists.
409-415 Pearl Stree:. New Vort.
?oc. and $:.oo; all druggists.
?^I?MgttMl iw ?
?If yoor eyes barn, smart, feel
sticky in the morning, pain or itch
yon, or if yon have tears in yonr eyes,
spots nasD oeiore jour eyes, or you
hold jour reading too near or too far,
or strong lis>ht harts your eye?, or you
have headaches, call and see the oculist
at tbe Hotel Duval. 18 years' experience.
No charge for examination.?adv.
?The crowd that left Winnsboio
for ihe fair on Thursday was the laigefct
that has attended a fair for) ears,
and the town on Thursday locked
positively deserted, so fe 7 people
were left behind. Tbe first train
which left about 9 o'clock was crowded,
and the second section, which followed
a short time after, also carried a
good number. The weather, which
for awhile appeared threa'ening,
turned out fine, and there was nothing
to mar the pleasure of the visitors in
Colombia. Everybody reports a pleasant
time, and all agree in pronouncing
the fair of 1900 the best that has ever
been held, and the crowd the largest
ever assembled at any fair. Most of
tbe visitors returned on the excursion,
wbicb reached here at 10 p. m.
A Villa j; e Blacksmith Saved His Little
Son's Life.
Mr. H. H. Black, the well known
village b'Acbsmith at Grahamsville,
Snllivau Co , N. Y., says: '*Our little
son, 6ve ><*an> old, bas always been
subjci tto < tonp, and so bad have the
attacks b > c 'hac we have feared many
times that he would die. We have
had tbe doctor and used many medicines,
but Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
is now our sole reliance. It seems
to dissolve the tough mucus and by
giving irequent coses wnen toe croapy
symptoms appear we have fonnd tbst
the dreaded croup is cared before it
gets settled." Tbere is no danger in
giving this remedv for it contains no
opiam or other injarions drug and
may be given as confidently to a babe
as to an adnlt. For sale by MeMaster
Co., droggiste.
Children's Day at Fairfield
Owing to the rain on the 3rd inst.,
children's day at Fairfield was postponed
anlii Saturday, 10th inst. Dinner
will be served on the ground, and
friends with and without well filled
backets are cordially invited to attend.
We have quite a list of varieties that
we offer lo oar patrons, also evergreens,
ornamental shrubbery, shade
trees, frnit trees, etc.
Oar catalogue tells about them.
Write for it.
H. J. & Otis Brabham:,
Proprietors Bamberg Nurseries,
Bamberg, S. C.
For Orer Fifty Year*.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Strup
has beeu used for over fifty years by
millions of mothers for their children
while teethiDg, with perfect success.
It soothes the child, softens the grnms,
allays ail pain, cares wind colic, and
is the best remedy for diarrhoea. It
will relieve the poor little sufferer
immediately. Sold by druggists in
every part of the world. Twenty-five
cents a bottle. Be sure and ask for
"Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup,"
and take no other kind* 1-1-17
In case ot Geo. L. Kennedy vs. M,
E. Kennedy and others, 130 acres and
75 acres, were booght by Geo. L.
Kennedy for $200 and $400 respectfolly.
In M. M. Armstrong vs. Jno. S.
Douglass and others, 257 acre?, purchased
by A. S. Dooglass, Atty.,for
In B. J. Qaattlebaum, Excr., vs.
D. L. Carter, et. al., 69 aeree, bought
? ?? ? . A/?AA
by W. JJ. l>ougiass, Atty., ior ?ow.
Bank of Ridge way vs. J. W. Ray,
235 acres, bought by W. D. Douglass,
Atty., fok*t$300.
In Grier vs. Jennings, Adm., 105
acres, bought by Ragsdale & Ragsdale,
Atty p., for $250.
Boir* tic jp T*18 Kind Yea Have Always Bought
^ T&e
The fdd intelligence of the death of
Miss Daisy Boyleston, which occurred
ia Columbia on Monday morning, was
received here that evening. She was
visiting friends in ihatcity when she
?? ? ? ' * wj /j.? *?
wa?* I ah. C LI S1C&, auu Wii ounua* uiv/i u~
ing underwent a^ operation for appendicitis.
After the operation she
never rallied and at 11 o'clock on
Monday she died. She was the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs S. Cordes
Boyle?t?n, of Jacksonville, Florida,
and the grand-daughter of Mrs. Sarah
DnBose, of this county. A bright,
sweet and attractive young woman,
her death is a heavy blow to her
family and friend?. A few years ago
she visited relatives in Winnsboro and
her death is greatly deplored by mmy
here. The funeral services were held
in Columbia on Tuesday afternoou.
Winnsboro was represented at the
State bail on Thursday night by the
following vonng ladies. Their costumes
are de-cribed in The State a*
Mips Annie Davis, a verv attractive
toilet of pale blue oreandie, garnished
with white lace and black velvtt. The
harmonious accessories weie white
aigrette, black gloves and white roses.
Miss Martha Dwight, light blue
liberty silk with accordion plaitings
aua rnchings on skirt Waist, white
net over silk*, strapped w ith narrow
b'ack velvet; neck, outlined with velvet
and set off by knots of cloth of
Mr. J. Perrin Qaaries was the only
gentleman from Winnsboro who was
present at this baH.
November^will open to most parts
fair and rool 1st to 2nd. About ti e
3rd it will tarn much warmer and
partly cloudy. Moon at perigee on
j the 5th and in opposition to tbe *nn
Ion the 6th. From the 4th to 7.h
cloudiness and rain, probably thunder
and lightning and some hail and wind
nAHik C1 AAi
buuiuwaiu* oiccw a Liu ousjn uvl lllward
and active gales in the North
Atlantic States are very probab'c.
The probabilities are that a maiked
cold wave will dominate most of the
Painful and Suppressed Menses, Ir,
regularity, Leucorrhoea, Whites, Sterility,
Ulceration of the. Uterus, change
of life, in matron or maid, all find relief,
help, benefit and cure in JOHNSTON'S
SARSAPARILLA. It is a real
! panacea for all pain or headache aoout
the top or dacis of the Head, distressing
pain in the left side, a disturbed
condition of digestion, palpitation of
the heart, cold hands and feet, nervousness
and irritation, sleeplessness, .
muscular weakness, "bearing-down
pains, backache, legache, irregular action
of the heart, shortness of breath,
abnormal discharges, with extremely
painful menstruation, scalding of urine,
swelling of feet, soreness of the breasts,
neuralgia, uterine displacement and j
catarrh, and all those symptoms and
troubles which make the average woman's
life so miserable. i
XICHI6AX Dsro CO., Detroit Mleiu
John H. Mcilaster & Co., Winusboro,
S. C.;T. W. Woodward & Co., Rockton,
S. C.; W. M. Patrick, Woodward. S. C.;
T. G-. Patrick & Co., White Oak, S. C.
country from the 6th to 8th. Killing
froflte in the sonth are very likely to
occar on the 7th 8th or 9tb. On the
10th it will tnrn much warmer; lltb
nearly cloudy and warm;' 12th, fair
off and cooler; 13th and 14th, fair and
warmer. On the 16th the moon will
cross the equator on her way sonthward,
and also at apogee on the 17th.
From 15th to 18th cloudiness and
storms of wind and rain are very
probable in places,^followed generally
by fair and cooler weather; 19th to
21st, fair. New moon on the 22nd.
and also will reach jber extreme souihern
declination on the 23rd. Warmer,
cloudiness and some rain are very
probable on the 22odor 23rd, followed
by clearing skies and falling temperatore;
24th atid 25th, fair and cooler;
26tb, fair and warmer. Moon first
quarter on the 29th, and also on the
equator on her way to fartberest point
norm, nam somnwara ana snow
northward may be looked for from
the 27th to SOth, followed by clearing
skies and falling temperature.
J. Martin Grant.
Prevented a Tragedy.
Timely information given Mrs. Geo.
Long, of New Straitsville, Ohio, prevented
a dreadfnl tragedy and saved
two lives. A frightfn! congh had long
kept her awake every night. She had
tried many remedies and doctors, bat
steadily grew worse until urged to try
Dr. Kina's New Discovery. One b.ot
tie wholly cured her, and sh? writes
this marvelous medicine also cured
Mr. Long: of a 6erere attack of Pneumonia.
Such curea are positive proof
of the matchless merit of this grand
remedy for curing all throat, chest and
lung troubles. Only 50c and $1.G0.
Every bottle guaranteed. Trial bottles
free at McMaster Co.'s drag store,
' The following is taken from the
Winston Connty Journal, published at
Louisville, Mississippi. Mrs. Da?is
was born, and lived many years of ber
life, near Winnsboro:
Mrs. Marv M. Davis,- was born
Julv 29, 1829. Wan married to Mr.'"
J. D. Davis October 16, 1850.,. God-.
blessed this .happy union of Bro..and
Sister Davis * '? eight children, seven
of them ar* i > mourn the departure
of? !f<- amother. September
lo >. the death arige
nlaimprt Sister Uavis as a iewel ore
pared to live with Jesus, where no
sad tarewell is spoken in tbat home
beyond the &kles>. She was converted
at an early age and united with Jjbe
Mispi> tv Baptist Church in Sotfib
Caro1 ?united with the Baptist
Choi Louisville, Mississippi, soon
aftei ii.g to this State, in which
she 1 i an honored and consistent
memb 'till death released her from
her p i . She had a heart so full ot
sympainy for the bereaved, tbat her
coming always bronght joy to homes
ot sorrow. The sunset of her lite had
no clouds. Though suffering a good
while, she was always and cheerful.
Not one word ?f complaint ever escaped
her lips. On the other hand, she
always magoified the Lord's amazing
goodness 10 her. She delighted berrolf
in Ca/1 onH har rpeiomftHrsn to
Him was complete, hence her fortitude
was remarkable. She has left
the imprint of her sweet Christian
character stamped apon many a life.
We sorrow, but not as those who have
no hope, a? we laid the sleeping duit
to rest in the masonic uemetary in the
presence of a multitude of friends, the
writer officiating.
It is not death to die, to leave this
weary rord,
And with the fell- vship on high to
be at home with God.
It is not death, to fling a-ide this
sinful dost,
And ri*e cn jo\ou* wing to dwell
among the just.
It is not deato, to c!o?e the eyes long
dimmed with tear?,
And wake in sweet repose to spend
eternal years.
Je*us, ihou Prince of life, thy chosen
cannot aie;
Like thee, tbey conquer iu the strife,
and dwell with the ou high.
J. D. Fulton.
"I Lave used Chamberlaiu'a Colic,
Cholera and Diarrtoei Remedv and
find it to be a great medicine," Rays
Mr. E. S. Pnipps, of Poteau, Ark.
"It cured me of bloody flax. I ctunot
f-peak too highly of it." This
remedy always wins the gocd opinion,
if not praise, of those who use it.
The quick cores which it tffects e?eo
in the moi-t severe cafes make it a
favorite everj where. For sale by Mc
Master Co., druggists.
Mr. Carl S. Ma*thews stopped over
with his parents on Sunday cn Liway
from Columbia to Davidson.
It Saved His Leg.
P. A. Danforth, of LaGratig'', (ia ,
suffered intensely /or six month* with
a friorhffnl rnnnini/ M>re on his :p.j.
bnt write* that Buck'en'* Arnica Salve
wholly cur< d it in ten days For Ulcers,
Wound*, Burns, Bails, Fain or
Piles it's the best balve in ifce world
Cure guarauteed. Only 25;. Sold by
McMaster Co., druggibt-s.'
Mr. D. C. Pate, who has had charge
of the telegraph office daring Mi?
Thomas' illness, l it Wiuusboro on
You can't affo:>i to si k your life by
allowing a couglj or ? c?'d-io develop
info piit-um:>MH or con niuptioti. One
Minute Cough Lure vuicnre tbr?>ai
and lung trouble* quicker thin any
other preparaiion knoWD. Many doc
torn B8e it a? a specific for grippe.
It is an infallible remedy for croup.
Children like it and mothers endorse
it. McMaster Co,.
Jadge O. W. Bochanan left on
\fiao T P "ffllmrt rpfnmpfl nn Frid&v
from Columbia.
Mrs. M. W. Doty has returned from
a vifcit to Columbia.
Mrs. Withers and baby have arrived
here from Yorkville.
Mr. Fred Habenicht hsa relumed
from a visit to Atlanta.
Mrs. Crymes, of Greenwood, is
visiting her aunt, Mr?. Herron.
Mrs. Bell left on Monday for Columbia
to visit Mrs. D. R. Flenniken.
?Mrs. I. R. Harby has returned
from a visit to her son in New York.
M: s. T. ('. Robertson has returned
to Columbia after a t>bort visit to relative*
Mrs. A. S. Douglass and MUs
Lanra Douglass have returned from
Mr. Tom Jordan has returned to
Clemson College after a short visit to
bis parents.
Miss Martha McAIpine relumed to
her home in Pineville, N. C., after
visiting relatives here.
Mrs. Blakely returned to her heme
in Laurens Thursday after visiting Ler
sister, Mrs. Ja*. Bryson.
Mies May Martin has returned home
from Savannah, Georgia, where she
has been visitiDg relative?.
Miss Susie Lumpkin will go to
Charleston to visit friends after spending
two weeks in Columbia.
Miss Eunice Cloud has returned to
Winn6boro after spending some time
at her plantation in Chester county.
- Mrs. Rufus Bratton, who bas been
visiting her daughter, Mrp. R. B.
Hanahan, returned to Yorkville Thursday.
Miss Ellen Ellison left on Monday
for Longtown where she ha9 accepted
the position as teacher in a school
Bismarck's Iron Nerve
Was the result of his splendid h ealth
Indomitable will and tremendous
energy are not found where Stomach,
Liver, Kidneys and Bowels are out of
order. If yon want these qualities
and the success they bring, use Dr.
King's-New Life Pills. They develop
every power of brain and body. Only
25c. at McMaster Co.'a drag store.
"Oh, 8ay, Can. You See?''
If your eye-glasses do not .'exactly
fit yon, or you ceed a pair, be eure
and avail yourself of the opportunity
to have each of yonr eyes fitted correctly
by Dr. Becker, the German < enlist,
who is now and for a short time
only at the Hotel Daval. His optical
parlor is fitted with the latest and best
instruments known to ecience. No
charge for examination. The doctor
will call at old people's houses free of
charge if they cannot come to him.?
2*m ^ *!nd Yoa Haw Alwa!fs
?Messrs. George Moore and Will
Pedeo left to-day for Winnsboro,
where they will work at the carpenter's
trade.?Laurens County News.
Yes, August Flower still has the
largest sale of anv medicine in the
civilized world. Your mothers and
grandmothers never thought of using
anything else for Indigestion or Biliousness.
Doctors were scarce, and
they Beldora heard of Appendicitis.
Nervous Prostra ion or Heart Failure,
etc. They used August Flower to
clean out the system and stop fermen
tation of undigested food, regulated
the action of the liver, stimulate the
nervous and organic action of the system,
and that is all they look when
feeling dull and bad with headaches
and other aches. You only need a
fsw doses of Green's Auentl Flower,
in liquid form, to make you patisfied
there is nothing serion3 the matter
with yoo. For sale by McMaster Co.,
Miss Kate Jennings and two young
lady friends who bave been vision?
her returned on Monday to the Colombia
Female College. \
For Infants and Children.
Tit Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the // a!?TT'
Signature or' /<
Senator Rag?-da!e and family were
amoi.-g the visitors in Columbia.
good digestion; sound sleep; ?.
fine appetite and a ripe old a?e,
irex enmo r\fr^Clllt'Q nf tho
CU ^ JUiliV/ V* HIV i ww*vw |
of Tutt's Liver Pills. A single
dose will convince you of their
wonderful effects and virtue.
A Known Fact.
An absolute cure for sick headache,
dyspepsia, malaria, sou;
stomach, dizziness, constipatic:.
bilious lever, piles, torpid iiv<.
and all kindred diseases.
Tutt's Liver Pi!f
I have made arrangement* with
brokers in Nhw York CitV to makt
lr.ans on fiiM mortgage of improved
farm* for five >car?' time, payable in
instalment:), at the low rate of 7 per
cent interest per annnm. The brokerage
8nd charge for abstract and inspection
are reasonable. Apply to
10-4 Attorney at Law. '
I Have* Vni 1 53
g A A VA. V W A V/ VI VI
Backache?Tired Feeli
the Loins; or in the B1
Color or Scalding Urine
I They Me
I The most successft
one that has effected so
This is a purely ve<;
that "will effectually cure
ly on the Liver and Kic
and eradicating all disei
I have been sufftrinfi
caused from the liver and Ki
unable to lie down except she
rated with fluid. Three quai
1 was completely fi lea at
legs terribly inflamed and ex:
the influence of an opiate. 1
fcrtable and able to attend t<
do for nearly two years.
You may publish as mucl
ferer may be benefited by it.
Since then this gentleman wri
"Vaughn's Llthontrip
now enjoying good health."
If you have any of 1
and he will advi
I Of all druggists or s
T~; i;.TC
: >"?r'JC42j<-i i/csuwfies the b?tr.
?ij-s;i j'ronirfri 1 lussriant growth.
Jffi:;s7er 5'alls to Kestoro Gray
i'WfilffK^JL-i&Sa E:ilf to its YontWul Color.
5<CViS'//-,vv'-p" f.nrL -i ?r^:n iliwiscs 5t hair tailing,
^ ff.?c.an<i ?:.'?> at Draggiitt J
Dyspepsia Cure
nififtstc wh^f von eat.
It artificially digests the food and aids
Nature in strengthening and reconstructing
the exhausted digestive organs.
It is the latest discovered digestant
and tonic. No other preparation
can approach it in efficiency. It in=
stantly relieves and permanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
Sick Headache, Gastralgia,Cramps and
all other results of imperfect digestion.
Price 50c. and $1. Large size contains 2H times
small size. Book all aboutdyspepsia mailed free
Prepared by E. C. DeWITT a CO., Chicago.
McMASTER CO.; Winnsboro, $ C
The position of resident
Special Agent of the Eqnitable
Life Afsorance S ci<>ty lor Winn6boro
and vicinity is opened to a man of
good character and ability. A valaa
ble contract, carrying renewals, win ]
be given to the rigl t man. Address, .
W. J. RODDEY, Mgr., Rock Hill,
S. C. 913'd 1
Final Discharge,<
on {he 27tb day of November, 1900,1
will apply to the Jndge of Probate for j
Fairfield Countv, at his office in the
Court House at Winusbor#, S. CM for j
a floal discharge as Administrator of
he estate of G. T. Sims, de?eased. <
R. H. JENNINGS, C. C P., j
10-30 3t Administrator. ^
[Notice. ]
against the estate of Q D. Williford,
deceased, will render to me an tcconnt
of their respective demands, duly ^
attested, and all persons indebted to
said estate moat make immediate pay *
rnent. J L. MIMNAUGH,
10-50 3w Administrator. (
Land Sale.
I I.
50 asres on Cedar Cre>-k, bounded
by lands of Cuieman, McCork!e and
205 acres, known a9 the ''Fugs;
Place," boanded by lands of RichM
Matcheit, Timbo S?ngletun, estate
L A. Davir.
191 acres, known as tbe "Oliver
S'oan Place," boundtd by land-* ot
Rasrsriale, Macfie and others..^
140 acres known as tbe "Bolick
Place," bounded by lands of Williford,
Bolick and F. O. & F. Co.
543 acres, known as the "Boyd
Place." bounded by lands of H. B.
Iiefr. Patrick, Gerig and others.
342 acres on Jackson Creek, bounded
by land-s of W. M. Hardin, Ragsdale
and D. Y. Timms.
115 acres in Lonstown section, now I
occupied by VV. T."Stewart.
House and lot in town of Winnsboro, -1
now occupied by Mrs. M, E. Sitgreaves.
1,166 acre?, known as "Jliddlesix
and Wolfe Places," 2? miles from
2,000 acres, known as "Horsebrancb
Piace," 5 miles from Winnsboro. i
288 acipp, known as "Ford Place," j
bounded by lands of P. Rion, U. G. ]
De*P<Mtes and other'-. {
327 acrr>, known as "Bones Place," ]
bounded by lands of W. H. Flenni- j
ksn, W. P. Doty, Wes Young and <
otheis. 1
968 acres in Township No. 4, 2 miles i <
from Winnsboro bounded by lands of J
H. G. Wylie, "Middlesix," and "Bones <
Place." 1 {
Unless disposed of at private tale i
by Mr. T. K. Elliott, tbece lands will j
te offered ar gnblic sale before the f
Court House in Winnsboro the first
Monda) i:. December, 1900.
Turn-: One-fourth cash, balance in
five equal antmil i'at 7per
cent aiu.nal interest. i .-arge for
H. L. ELLIOTT, Admr. 10-23
A Desirable Place for Sale. !
As aitornojs for R. T.Blair, we
will tell tract of land containing <m.o I
hn ml red acre?, more or less, behga
pari of the lands of the estate of Dr.
Ai ledge, deceased, bounded by lands
of J. R Cnnee, J. L. Robln-JOD, Tho?. 1
Blair, George Powell and others. Sale-j'
to be made on or before the first Mou- 1
day ia November next. Title warranted.
For further Information ap
ply to
1A IttJ 1 ?
A FRICAKA irtll cnre RieumaCaa; *u2
Screfel* to Stay Cored. <
my of These <(
an "Kidney
il remedy for all forms of Liver an
me remarkable cures, is
n's Lithon
jetable preparation and the only r
) Dropsy and Gravel. Vaughn's Lit
Lnevs, restoring them to their norm
Cross Ke
for three years from Anasarca or general D:
dneys My physicians said that I could las
>rtly after being tapped. Every tissue was
rtcri of a pal!on was drawn fyom scrotum se
;the time I began using Vaughn's Litbon
iding fluid. I was unable to ge^ ony rest <
have used eight bottles of Vaughn's Lith
) n,y business. I can 11 w ride my horse, a
i of my statement as you desire. I am glad I
lours truly,
E. J. BETSILL, Maj. li
ites under date of Aug. 11,190?
tic has effected a permanent cure. I have h
the above symptoms write to the 1
RING f!fl 11 Sii. fil Street. 1
ise you by letter in regard to your
ent postpaid on receipt of p
By 8. R J0EN8T0N, Esq., Judge Probate
TXJ'HEREAS, Major T. W. Brice
Ti hath made snit to Die to srant
him letters of administration of the
estate and effects of Rev. E. D. Perry,
deceased: x
These are therefore to cite and admonish
all and singular the kindred and
creditors of che said Rev. & D.
Perry, deceased, that they be and appear
before me, in the Court of Probate,
to be heid at Fairfield Court
Honse, Soutb Carolina, on the 16th
day of November next, after publication
hereof, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon,
to show cause, if any they have,
why tbe said Administration should
not be granted.
Given under my hand this 31st day
of October, Anno Domini 1900.
ll-l-x2 Judge of Probate. '
Whv do we i
Study your S
Wants? T
Because we appreciate your
patronage, and our aim is to
carry,a stock so complete that (
the most fastidious may find
just what they want. We
only mention a few specialties:
New Catch Mackerel,
large, fat and fine; a fresh lot
Df those delicious Pig Hams.
We also cut ham in any quantity.
Smoked Dried Beef,
:hipped to order. Roe Her
ring, a dainty relish tor break:ast;
Banquet Cheese, 17 1-2C.
per pound.
We get Soda Crackers and
5altines twice every week.
Send us your orders. All joods
F. Iff. IBi j 1
Dealer in Fine Groceries, j
New Supplies
kre daily arriving at onr Food Emporium.
Thrifty housekeepers
take to oar
(Boobs anb prices
is naturally as the village youth are
iiiruuieu to cnarcn oy me giris. irs
ike Ptndying a book filted with a
emptirg bill of fare to Jonk over our
procession of special lies for the table.
ffOne Barrel No. 1 Mackerel (new
jatch); Forbes' Sngqr-Cured Rams,
xesh always in stock; Fresh Cream
Cheese, at 17?c per pound. A fine
ine of Canned Goods, Pickles, Musards.
Sauces, etc. AlsoToffeep, Teas,
Spices and many oth??r good things too
inmerons to mention for want of
space. Ca'l and seo u? at the old
J. D. McCarley & Co.
Just Received Direct from j
England a complete
linA nf \i
An extra snpplv of GLASSWARE ]
iaa also been addeii to thi* ('epart- '
neat, togeiher wiiti a rice < < 'ection of (
Blue and White ?nauieltd Waje.
We cordiallv exrrnd an infection
jf tbe>e soods to everv oi c. No
ronble to show thrm or qtr te pr'ccp.
Rvrnntnms ? I
.dacha?Pains Across
lie of an Unnatural
. n
d Kidney Complaint,
uedicine now in rise
liontriptic acts direct- ? * o.l
Tioaltliv r>r?nr3ifirm S3
WAIJ. iJ vfl VUJ VV**V%* WAN/u |
rs, S. C., July 21,. 1899.
. 7 >J5;
ropsy of the cellular tissue,
it but a short time I was
completely filled and satuiverai
itriptic, perfectly helpless,
or sleep except while under >.
ontriptic and am r.ow cornthing
I had been unable to
x? give it, as some poor sufSth
Reg. S. C. Vo's. I860.
ad n return so far, and am
[edical Director of
Jrotflyn, Nil Yerk,
especial case.
rice, $1.00 a bottle.
a profusion x |
' :33
?sOf? .-II
v :/
Hew Stales.
EVERY LIN ? now is sparkling with
bright new goods* The public
is cordially invited to come in
and look around at any time,
without feeling uoder any obligations
to buy. Come and in
spect my lines when I am in
Winnsboro and Ridgeway. Ask
to see everything. '
WE CARRY only high quality goods,
well made and well finished
whether plated or solid. That
is our hobby. They will wear.
WE CAN SUPPLY every want made
upon an np-to-date Jewelry
Store an v where. Wearethor
orougoiy luiurmeu as to overy
detail'in onr buiiness and a*
goods offered you art so food
foe the money. ?
OUR GCJAEANTEE means absolute -
satisfaction to tbe nrsr.
Under Tower Clock, Chester, S. C.
M. G.BULKLET, President.
Assets, Januayy 1, ;900, $52,850,060.
Organized 1850
Aetna Life Dmrance
Agoncy atWlnn?boro,S.C.
ADy business man wonld blush with
shame If canght paying even 10 per
se?r., not to meation 30 per cent, to 80
per cent., more annually than market
price for their standard stock of goods
?20 to 30 per cent, more then xjther
people pay.
Why buy life insurance that way,
f kam O ?- ? . . .X
If you are carrying insurance or
sontemplete doing so, it will pay von
to read carefaily the comparisons of
Lbe Aetna Life's rates and guarantees
witb those of tbe tour other leading
Tbe differences are startliog.
We will sell you a policy full paid in
15 years, for less than those companies
will sell you one requiring 20 payments
to become fall paid?over 5 en- f
tire premiums guaranteed saved, and
Lbe cost in tbe Aetna will be rednoed
by annual cash dividends.
Should you be forced to lapse your
policy tbroagb misfortune, or have no
further use for the insurance, we will
extetod the policr for its fall face for a
longer period! or give you great, r
p&id-np or cash value than they offer.
The Aetna is, as yon know, one of
he oldest and strongest life insurance
ompanies in the world.
Yonrs traly, T
10-19-lm Ageiif.
rarmers, ?**
**? Attention!
? - i
- .
:eriP8 is now complete.
We cater specially for tbe farmers'
trade. We know what they need, and
ire prepared toseive them am* a: bottom
We also cairy a nice line of shelf
?oods? ?? "
Mid eve ything usually found in a
general f-tore.
lyGood* delivered to our city trade.
I'omeatid tee 09.
ft | f | A J| iad Whtokty Eabtta
nnilllfl cu?d Et hom?wtth
lr lUIVI ompain.Book of _p*r
Hi ?ww octuaza sent ksek.
''' ' 'A

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