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T?e Niws and Herald Co.
TEKStS, IN 1UT1.V "a
Oae T ;ar, ... $1.50
Six Month*. . .75
*VT\J \S{$*}K.G, v.'.
Wednesday, jfOYeraber 14 L'JOO
Biytbe^ood, S. C., Nov. 5, ISOd.
The News and Herald, Winnsboro, S. C :
Will yoa pletse call attention to the
new pension law commencing at section
2 ami 3, which sa\s all the old
soldiers mast mike new applications
to receive the benefi ?.f tviia chapter.
Please give y< or views on the new
law, <fcc.
W. W. Smith.
We have had no time to consider
the Act carefully, bat will give its
term?. So much of the A> t of 1900 *s
will interest pensioners is embraced
in sections 2, ?>. 4 and 5.
O AMn!?As fUof r Vio onnli.
OKCUUU A lua -uv f"
cant must have been a ree'dent :>f the
State two years prior to the tim ? f
the application.
Sec. S classifies pensioner-. The
applicant must show:
(A) If a man.
lef. That hs was a bona fide 8>Idii*r
or sailor in the service in the Slate
or in the Confederate States in the war
between the States; and
2ad. Either (a). That *hile in stu-h
service he lost a leg or aria, or received
other bodily injury whereby he
has become disabled; ami further, ih*t
neither himself nor his wife h is an
income exceeJing ore hundred and
fifty dollars per annum nor property
sufficient to produce i-uch an income;
or (a) that he has reached the a<je of
sixty years, and thit neither he nor
his wife is receiving an annua! income
of seventy-fire dollars fro;n any
source, nor possessed of properly sufficient
to produce such an income.
(B) If a woman.
1st. That she is the widow of a man
who wa* a bona fide soldier or sailor
in the servics of the State or of the
Confederate Scates in th-3 war between
the State*; and
2-.it). Tnat she has never remarried;
3rd. That either (a) she u sixty
years of axe, or (b) that her husband
lost his life in the service of the State
or of the Confederate States in the
war between the States; and
4th. That she has not an income of
one hundred dollars per annam, nor
property aaficient to produce the
- same.
Sec. 4. The per^oud described in the
preceding.sections shall be en itled to
a penaiou up'on complying with the
other provisions of this Act, and shall
bf paid the amounts hereinafter set
forth, to wit:
(a) All soldiers and sailois who lost
both arms or bath legs, or sight, or
who are physically heipless the sum
ofeight dollars per month.
(b) All soldiers or sailors who lost
one arm or leg in the said service, the
sum of four dollars per month.
(c) All o?l?er persons entitled to
pensions under the provisions of this
Act, the sum of three dollars per
month: Provided, That al' soldiers and
sailors, now citizens of this State, who
were in the service of the State or ot
the Confedeiafe States in the war between
the States, and who are totally
disabled by paralysis, and who have
ho income, and who are unable to
make a living, shall receive pensions
as provided for b> th:s Act the same
as those under Class WA" of this section.
Sec. 5. Before any soldier or sailor
shall receive any payment provided in
this Act, he shall make au application,
in writing, throagh the township representative,
addressed to the County
Pension Board, to be appointed as
hereinafter directed for each county
of the State, setting forth in detail the
nature of the "isablinv wound, if any,
the company and regiment or battalion
in which he served, and the time and
place of receiving the wound, and
showing that neither he nor his wife
is in receipt of the income a? hereinafter
specified, and showing, further,
the time ajid place of residence within
the State bv the applicant. Such
* ?nr>lir\ft?ir?n ftha!} lift rprifift.l bv the oath
of the applicant, made before any
officer in tbe State antboriz;d to administer
oaths, aod sball be accomprnied
by tbe affidavit of one or more
credible witne,*es, stating tba- they
knew the applicant was a soldier or
sailor, or tbe wife of snch, as the case
may be, and believe the allegations
made in the application to be true:
PTiovided, That said application shall
show that the applicant is not drawing
a pension in any other State.
Section 6 provides tbat tbe County
Auditor shall furnish a certificate
showing amount of property returned
and as to amount of income.
It will appear from section o that all
pensioners sbonld make out new applications
in order "to receive any
payment provided in the Act" for tbe
Act repeals all former Acts or parts
of Acts inconsi'iten; with i'. We have
-L *t AA/V AvArwtna fArmar A r*f c !
UUl tl?U L1LUB IV CAaui>uc
to determine how far tbay mav be inconsistent
with the Act of 1900, but
to be on the safe side all old pensioners
should make ont new applications
anlesi they are advised differently by
the propar -authorities.
Th3 overwhelming defeat, of the
Democratic party and the tremendous
vote by which Mr. McKinley has been
reelected means that the country will
have to endorse Republicanism for
lour more years, if not longer. It
means that not one policy of the Republican
party has been endorsed, but j
that the Republicans will consider the
election as a complete vindication of
their party. You may have voted for
Idr. McKinley merely because you
were afraid of Mr. Bryan. You may
have voted against Bryan bccau e yoa
believed him an intensely hone.-t man,
but a very dangerous man btrntiFe
honest in his policies. U t ?;.e ItennKl
none TT7;tl nftf- "sf nr> to con?i the
rationale of your vote or to lu.aljze
why yon voted for McKiuley. The
Republicans will construe your vote
to suit themselves. To the Republican
administration and a Republican
Congress the great vote received
by Mr. McK>nley throughout -the
II I ?m????a?iwi"7 !Iirtanrir
couutry will be taken hs an emphatic
approral of the coarse of t^ administration
in the Poilippin ?. .1-. an endorsement
of the unjust treatment of
tbe peop'e of Puerto Rico, as a confirmation
of a bi*;b tariff io enrich tbe
manufacturer, as a sa- c.ion of the
ecbsme to give a bounty to ship bui tiers
and ship owners, an<l a- concurring
in the assertion of Mr. Elanna
that there are no trust?. As a consequence,
a vast majority ojl the people
of the country may expect to continue
to pay war taxes, to pay hi^b
prices for the necessaries of life not
mere'y that the Government nny have
sufficient revenue but that the manuficturer
may makti just as tnu;h uut of
the people as possible. Thi vast inajoiitv
of the people may as we:l make
up their mini?' 'hit they inu-it go
down in their pockets and pu 1 out ihj
money for the ship builders and
ow.iers, and how c">nld (h ?y co np! lin
for have they not agreed to do so?
Say nothing more of the oppression
of monopoly. The people like monopoly,
for they have said >o b,' th'-ir
ballot?. Republicanism is truly on
top and the people have put it there
We hope ihat they will g t e.iou^h of
A few days ago Tiie News and
Herald Jcxpreased the opinion that
McKinley would be re-elec'ed. No
special pride is felt that our udgmsnt
his been confirmed, for nine
men out of tun have thought the same
way. We regret Mr. Bryan's d.-feat.
The Republicans will construe their
victory as a license from ths people to
continue in the policy of imperialism.
We have always thought that It was
unfortuna'e that the Democratic platform
reiterated the free silver declaration,
and many voters were doubtless
driven from Mr. Bryan through
fear that his views on the currency
would upset an apparent prosperity
which is over the couutry. Mr. Cleveland
his been very much abu-ed. It
*s very easy to abuse him, but we can
n)t help oi'ten thinking ofhi? warning
that an advantage that he Republicans
did not deserve would be
given them by tbe adoption of a frei
silver plank in the Democratic platform
in 1896. Cleveland wotil 1 have
mad<i tho issues anti-trusts nd tariff
for revenue oniy, ana we uouui i^oi
that in 1900, if he had beer, iiven the
opportunity of saugesting the i-s-iect
anti imperialism would als . have hern
added. It is true th*t the Democratic
platform this \eir declared thar the
oversh idowi:-g isMie wis imperialism,
and wy brieve that it was i-i fact ihe
paramount i-'-ue, oat free siiwr was
con-t :nrIv bobbing up \V,i ? ever
may b> the wi-e financial policy, ir is
certaii: that free silver can not command
a m ]>ri:y of the vote?. There
is a powerful element afraid of the
very su^e^ti >n of it, and wi 1 oppose
any one in any way associated with
the theory
The war in the Phiiippi ies will go
on. Possibly the country will tire of
it by the nest presidential election,
onrl err Koti tkn Ti>0 ! ? f 1 A n rl.iPi Spf- in. if"
will be simply irresistible War taxes
will ba fe t by that time. The intoxica;iun
ot victory will make the
trusts bolder, and tbepople may then
lullv realize the necessity of defeating
the Republican?.
The Death of Mr. Waiter C Kobsrtson
The State. Noa,. S.
Mr. Walter Uou'urier Rjb> rUon
died yes'erday afternoon at 4.20 at his
room in the Greenfield building. His
death was somewhat unerpcc ed and
the aisnotinc ment of it will be received
with t egret by his many friends
in the city a* well as in the State.
l-fc .?12 ^ J . U
Mr. r&ouensou was snuccu wim
consumption, bat it was on! 'nring
the past four weeks that the < ??
of the disease compelled him iu take
to bis bed. He.^howr ver, stood the j
confinement witb much fortitude and
his great will power and his enfi dence
a? 10 his condition led his
friends to believe tbat be might yet
lire for jears. But the inscrutable!
decree? of Providence were otherwise. J
During tbe past f?w days he has suf|
fered intense physical pain, but he
I bore up under it without complaining. I
" * ? L ? .1
I JCiiriy yes;eruay ^morning ue setrmeu
! to be better. lie read the morning
- paper and commented on the election
j return?. Though physically weak and
realizing that the end might come at
any moment he had a hearty greeting
for every friend who called. About
10 o'clock his condniou became
serious. He realized it himself and
though lacing death he expressed no
fear, and when ^his soul passed into
eternity it went away as peacefully
aiad as calmly as a summer dir.
Sorrowing members of "hits immediate
family and friends present did
all they couid to alleviate his sufferings
in his dyin^ hours, but the time
which all humanity must meet was at
hand, nnd holding the hand of a close
relative bis soul took itj departure for
"tbat bourne from wnicfc no traveler
Mr. Robertsou was a young man
who has been engaged in business
here and in Birminghim, Ala. lie
was well known in the city, and had
also many friends in the State Asa
business ma". he commanded the
bit;hest res{uc. and had he not beeu
sflicte^ sj larly in life he doubtless
would have made his mirk in the
business world.
He was a native of Winnsboro aud
was born June 26, 1863. He was a
son of ihe lite Dr. Roberison j >f
Winnsboro who during his life ranked
high in the medical protes>ion ot (instate
and ibe country.
As a bov his primary education was
received Mr. Ziou Institute of
VVinitsboro and among his teacher in
that school wis Prof. K. Means Davis,
now of the S utb Carolina College.
Af;er completing his course iu the
home scoool, Mr. Robertson went to
Bingham Mili.arv school in North
Carolina. Liter he won a scholar
>(iip in the Pt-abody Normal College at |
Nashville, in a competitive exttniudtion
i;i which app ic-iwts iio:u all
pai t% ot iho Stale participated.
After h \ ear tbere be ret'.irt.e. t<>
this Sra'e ami began a bu^ine?s life
He \vu- iu liock Hid in the employ of
Joaef, Ii-ibeitjon & Co., co:ton buyers.
When ihAt firm moved its busing
to Columbia, Mr. Robertson con
tinued with them and was qui'e successful
?s tbvir business manager.
Later i.e 'lccepred a lucrative place
in Birmi; gham and he wa3 there during
the 4*boom" times. His health
having lailed him be returned to
bOUi!i uarouna auuiu uirce yeaia ogy.
He his been here continuously 6ince,
and when be grew somewhat stronger
he accepted a position with the Virginia-Carolina
mill in this city. His
health having again failed him he has
for several months slowly and quietly
and uncomplainingly borne hi3 ph\si .al
sufferings in the full consciousness
that the visit ot the Angel of Death
was but a short time off.
Mr. Robertson was the soul ot
honor and he carried out' the Golden
Ru!c, so far as frail humanity can ?
"Do unto others as ye would have
them do uuto you." No man could
do more, and when al! have to come
to the judgment seat of God no better
record can ba given than that this divi.ie
precept has beeu followed.
Mr. Robertson's immediate famiiy
in Colombia are Dr. T. C. Robertson
and family and Mr. M. C. Robertson
and family.
The body of Mr. Robertson was
brought t} Winnsboro on Thursday
morning and the funeral service; were
i.-i.l Ct- loVin'j Plinp^h
UCIU 111 Ul? J Vlill O JU^iOUV^/Ui www..
on Thursday afternoon at 4 o'clock,
Bishop Capers cfficiating. The following
gentlemen acted as pali-bearers:
Or. D. Aiken, Dr. J. C. Buchanan,
Dr. R. B. Hanahan, Messrs. U. G.
De>Portis, Jas. Bryson, D. A. Crawford
The floral tribu:es were numerous
and unusually beautiful, the
grave being a mass of flowers.
Col<l Steel or Death.
"There is but one small chance to
save \our life and that is through an
operation," was the awful prospect set
befo-e Mrs. I. B. Hunt, of Lime Ridge,
Wis., bv her doctor after vainly trying
to cure her of a fri^hful case of
Stomach trouble and yellow jaundice.
He didn't count on the marvelous
p'jw^r, of Electric Birters to cure
Stomach hih! Lirer trouble?, but she
heiid of ir, took seven bottles, was
wholly enred, avoided su-genu's knife,
now weighs more miu! feels b< Iter than
ever. I?'?? pa?i'ivcl\ guaranfe< d 10 cure
Stomach, Liver ami Kidney troub'e*
and never disapo ints. Price 50c at
McMaster L'o.'s drug s:ore.
The fir-t fro-t fell ?h:s m >inim\ It
came wHi retntrkab'e conformity t"
thf? wi'll known average. T'i< j- the I
"*Otb of November, and i' is-on this
day that it ha* fallen raos< frequently
during a long serie* of y?arp.
The otton world Ins b en looking
forward to hi- ria'e for a long time.
It \va? to be an imp-rUnt factor in
determi .i-g l.c price of cottor. The
question was a* 10 the fro^f. It has
come, and tfo< so who are interested in
cotton may dep? nd upon it that there
will be no top ..rop of considerable
size to reckon with. There seems to
be no reason wl y c>tton should not
go above 10 cents Certainly there is
every reison so as?ume that it wilhnot
go below tbar pric".
We do not believe that the farmers
have <ii?-p -se<i of all their cottor. At
any r.tte, thev have not spent all their
mone*. The merchanfs of An^usta
miy depend npo-i Vt thit there is a
" ? *. TN
gooa season aneau or mesi yc. inuring'the
next iwo moDlh< at !e-x=t the
tame bn?ine>s prosperity which ha9
marked the pas' iwo months may confidently
be ccnntrd on.?Augusta
I ?
A Monster Devil Fish
Destroying its victim, i-a type of
Cons: i pa1 ion. The power of thx-s J
murdfrons malady is felt on organs
and nerves and mascies and brain j
There's n-> health till it's overcome.
Bat Dr. King's New Life Pills are a
6afe and certain cnre. Best in the
world for Stomach. Liver, Kidneys j
and Bowels. Only 25 cents at McM&ster
Co.'s drrg store.
We have qnite a list of varieties that
we offer to oar patron!", also evergreen?,
ornamental shrubbery, shade
irees, frnr tre*?, et<\
Oar catalogue tells about them.
Write for it.
LI. J. & Otis Brabham,
Pi oprietors Bamberg Nnrseriee,
Bamberg, S. C.
"Oh, Say, Can You Soe?''
lf jonr e\e-<rlasses do not exactly
fit you, or yon need a pair, he sure
and avail y.-urself of the opportunity
: to have each of yonr eyes fitted correctly
by Dr. B(cV:er, the German < cuHm,
who is now and for a short time
only at the Hotel Duval. His optical
parlor is fitted with the latest and best
instruments known to science. No
charge for examination. The docior
will call at old people's houses free of
^hnroro if fhf?v rviinof p.oinfi to him.?
Over=Work Weakens
Your Kidneys.
Unhealthy Kidneys Make Impure Blood.
All the blood in your body passes through
your kidneys once every three minutes.
f, The kidneys are your
s. blood purifiers, they fll- Jj
ter out the waste or
/ impurities in the bleed.
!f they are sick or cut
of order, they fail to do
their work.
Pains, aches ar.d rheumatism
come from excess
of uric acid in the
blood, rinft to npor]ppff?H
kidney trouble.
Kidney trouble causes quick or unsteady
heart beats, and make- one feel as though
they had heart trouble, became the heart is
over-working in pumping thick, kidneypoisoned
blood through veins and arieries.
It used to be considered that only urinary
troubles were to be traced to the kidneys,
but now modern science proves that nearly
all constitutional diseases have their beginning
in kidney trouble.
If you are sick you can make no mistake
by first doctoring your kidneys. The mild
and the extraordinary effect of Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy is
soon realized. It stands the highest for its
wonderful cures of the most distressing esses
ana is sold on its merits
cent and one-dollar siz
ss. You may have a
sample bottle by mjiil nc?mo or Swamp-Ro^t.
free, also pamphlet telling you h.*:w to find
out if you have kidney or bladder trouble.
Mention this paper when writing Dr. Kilmer
& Co., Binghamton. N. Y.
The Tvin.1 "ITcu LI?':o Always, IT*
in use for over 20 yr-r.rr, h;
All Counterfeits, Imitation a
Experiments that triflo y.-T Ih
Infants and Clul'-lrc? ? xSxpcii
What is Ci
Ca: toria is a harmless sni>st
gorfo. Drops and toothing' S
contains neither Opium, Moi
suLsCiutec. It:> r.g-o is its giiaj
;.nd I evcri-shness. It
C- . vltcvcs Tcctllhlg" T
r-- I " icy. It assiinil&t
I jUov/cIs, givi::.
.. Panacca?TIio
.' V Sears the S
" * # t
- - # 4> & # *
- - - -. 1 -V tt ' '
> ;: ;! iOiMi
...>.i^Ai JVvtl liwx
:- in Use For Ov
John U. Yc Master, as Administrator, et
Ms , vs. Mary M. Boulware, Maggie McMaster
ct als.
{ N pursuance of an order of the Court of
i Common Pleas, made in the above
stated case, I will offer for sale, before the
Court House door in Winnsboro, S. CM on
next, within the legal hours of- sale, at
public outcry, to the highest bidder, the
following described property, to wit:
l. All that certain piece, parcel or tract of
land, lying, being and situate in the
County of Fairfield and State "of South
Carolina, containing
more or les.-?, and bounded on;.the north
and east by the public highway known as
the Chester road; en the south by lands of
the est .te of Mrs. Jane Brvson, deceased;
on the west by lands of the estate of Mrs.
Jane Bryson, deceased, and Samuel Catheart,
the said tract of land being known
asth3lIome place. . ; .
(2.) Also all that certain tract lying,
si'uate and being ihn te County and State
aioresaia, coirtainiuR
more or h'ss, and bounded on the north by
[ lands of Samuel Cathcart ah'd fl.' L.
Elliott; on the east by lands bf H L. Elliott
and H. B. Kefo; on the south by the
public highway known as the Chest(r
road and by lands of Samuel C*t heart, the
said tract beins known as the Mflore plAce.
(3.) Also all that certain lo;,^ying and
being in the County of JJairleld, m the
town of Winnsboro, in the State aforesaid,
together with the buildings'and outbuildings
thereon,?. ontainingabout Two Acres,
more or less, and bounded onthe'north
by lot of D. J. Macaulay; on the east by
Walnut street; on .the south by Washington
street and by lot of Mrs-'E Tt. McHaster,
and on the west by Ziotf street.
(1.) Also all that certain lot, lying, situ-'
ate and being in the town of Winnsboro,
in the County and State aforesaid, on
which the drug store stands, fronting on
Congress street, and bounded oh the north
east and south by 1- ts belonging to the
plaintiff, J. R. MciTaster, and ori the west'
by the said Congress street. '
One-third of the purchase money to he
paid in cash, the balance in two equal
annual insta'ments from the day of sale,
with inserest from the day of sale at ei^ht
per cent per annum, to be secured by the
bond or bonds of the purchaser or purcha
ers, and by mortgages of the premises
sold, or for all cash at the option of the
purchasers. The premises to be s Id as
separate tracts or parcels '-as described
in the complaint. The tract of
one hundred and eighty acres as surveyed
by C. S. D wight, surveyor, which was
heretofore ordered to be sold, having not
been sold as ordered, will .now be sold in
one body with the Home tract, of which it
forms a part. The purchaser to pay for
all necessary papers, for stamps apd recording
C lerk's Office, 0. C. 0. P. F. <\
Winnsboro, S. C ; November 10,1900.
J. F. McMastcr Plaintiff, vs. James
Hi nrtersson and other?, Defendant?.
IN pursuance of an order of the
ourt of Common Pleas, made in
the a^ove st*ted case, I will off?r f>.>r
i-a'e, before the Cuurt Houso dnor in
Winnsboro, S. C., on the
next, within the legal hours of sale, at
public outcry, to the highest bidder,
tho following described property, to
wi : :
All that i i? ce, parcel or tract of
land, lying and : itna'e in tho County
and State afoi esaid, containing
ACRES . *'
ii!?>r<' or 1 e>^, and bonndid ? n ihe
i c l* h 1>> laii:is> of IVd-ton Ri-n, ? ? lie
ea-i b? lands bel"nsjin?j or foiin-ir'\
boion^in^ to ('hartf* Hendeif-on at d
v>- Ii" J. Davi-, decea??!-i. on iIip ?o:jth
b\ ihii is tittloi sjin^ ??:- f.irtn??ly I olo.
ying (> Marr a J. liend i?'> i s
A ; ie Durlisni, d- c^a-ed, a?d i-n i^e
wi -t m a-?'s 'f Willia-n Simp* n,
Lei tT ? P*rf ot tin; imrj of iand conr-*
>il f? -nid f'hu'es ' Itf? ?I t*int -i'ill
! Ran o?n l)ur:iam b> L. \V. Duval,
by deed 1 c irii <? dale 3rd Ma ch, 1873,
an t now known a? the Ilamom Durham
(). c ilrrd oa-K the ba!an:i- in t*.?
cqiuionnn.il instn-Iin^nts from d iv of
a p, with intcie-f r.?m day of **!<; at
eijfh' p r rem | r-r annum, t<> be secn'fd
l>-.? ih'' bo: c] ,,t i urol.a-CT ?nd
i u;< r ?>?- f,t i lie prcmi-es cold. <>r ;or
f.'l c? !: ' ' " ?h"> J?: '-h >' ?
Purchas-: i<> lor ail necepSarp paper-,
for rtwisue stamDS and for recirdu.tr.
Clerk's Office, <\ (\ (\ P. F. C.
Winnsboro, U . Nov. 12, 1900.
11-13 d
! L Special A}re<i! of ihe Lq-r>sMt. 1
Life Affnranrp S ci?*tv f?.r \Vnm-l~u...
aiid vcu.il-* - to ? man i>l
<s, od haracer :in-i abdrj . A x? unblc
c??J'f act, carrtii-jr r?;newa'p, wid
cr'ivni ti. !h:i riv*t mar. Address, :
W. J. RODDEY, M^r., Rock Hill. 1
S C. 9-lStd
if w?w
ml fe m ?J
:::gl;t, and which h:.z be m
ns borne the sigrnatnre of
5 been made under his peripervision
since its infancy.
lo or.) to deceive you in this-,
nd *' Jn.st-as-g-ood" are but
and endanger tlie health of
cnce :-*ainst Experiment.
itute for Castor Oil, Pareyrups.
It i3 Pleasant. It
phine nor other Xarcotic
rantcc. It destroys Worms
cures Diarrhoea and "Wind
roubles, cures Constipation
es the Food, regulates the
healthy and natural sleep,
mother's Friend.
OR!A always
Jigaatme of .
tf~S) * /?
e Always Bought
er 30 Years.
M. Alica Black vs. Isaac Lewis.
IN pursuance of an order of the Court of
Common Pleas, made in the above
stated case, I will offer for sale, before the
Court House dcor in "Winnsboro, S. C., on
next, within the legal hours of sale, at
public outcry, to the highest bidder, th#
following described property, to wit:
All that piece, parcel or tract of land,
situate, lying and being in the County of
Fairfield and State aforesaid, containing
more ^r less, and bounded by iands of
Alfred M. Black (Homestead), Mrs. M. K
Harrison, Jno. B. Ross and C. F. Friclr,
Un/1 />AnKv XforiATi \f
I'Cllita bUV iUUU WU1VTVU wj ?>+ vw ivit ? *.
Smitn; conveyeH to her by J. D. McCarley,
Sheriff of the County of Fairfield, by dee I
beari g date the t ird day of January,
1887. and by said Marion M Smith conveyed
to M. Alice Biack by deed bearing
date the 23rd dav of March, 1887, and re
corded in the office of the R. M. C. for
Fairfield County, S. C., in Boot 'A. C.,"
page 262.
One-half cash and the balance in one
year; the credit portion to be secured by
Dond and mortgage of premises sold. Purchaser
to pay for all necessary papers and
for recording same and for necessary
revenue stamps.
Clerk's Office, C. C. C. P. F. C.
Winniboro, S. C., November 10,1900.
\ 9
Thomas B. AKbrauau & Co. v?. VV.
Batler Estes et als.
IN pursuance of an order of the j
Court iu (he above Jtated cause, I
will offer for sale to the highest bidder,
before tbe Court House door,
within the legal hours of sale, on the
next, the following described real estate,
to wit:
(1) All that ceriain trac", piece or
parcel of land, situate, lyinsr and being
in the County of Fairfield and State
aforesaid, containing
a nr?i?o
more or less, and bounded bv lauds
now or formerly owned by William
Tongue, lands of Mrs. Fannie C. Wallace,
land* of Mrs. Trotti, and land*
of Sallie Jackson.
(2.) Also all that certain other piece,'
parcel or tract of land, lying, being
and situate in the County of Fairfield
aud Slate aforesaid, containing
more or les.", and bounded by lands
now or formerly owned br Mrs. 1?. Y
Ow< D9, lands of Moses CJownev, deceased,
lauds of James L. Richmond
atid lands of J imes Tomer.
(3.) A SO all of that certain p:cce,
parcel or tr>ot of laud, lying, being
and situa'e in the Couniy of Faiifieui
and Staur afo-es*id, containing
more or 'e-s, Uiujf on thp west fork of
IJn.'e If.ver and bound*'.' on the muth
by land* of Mr.-". T D 0<ven.- *? d
S. S. Culvuian; oi? the east t>y lands of
the e?tate of Mrs. Jane Hemphill, deceased;
on the south by lands of Mr.
Sarfih Stevenson, and on the we?t by
lands of James B. Turi.er.
(4 ) Alf-o a!i that certain ;>1 her piec--,
parcel or tract of. land, lying, Icing
and situ ite in County of l<\i fi,dd u; d
Mate of South Carolina containing
more or l?-s, Hisd 1 >on?i?1. d on ti'e
uoith by iands of the - -'ate of ?
Me li-: on tlu? *< a*i !>. I?i.ds of D
Ff? :e>', novv decea ed; < n M.e we.-i
by-1 r br> e-tite of ? Mtaut, decea
e >1 "lit !l b . 1 i !:d- of
T IFeu- ?* n d r a-ed.
(5) Also all tha >r 'sin f.iIter p ece,
pniI or 'raci of iand. h i:.?r, r?eiilg I
dstnatein ihe County of Fai'fied1
am: S:h ? iifoiesaid, c uUinitig
more or 1 *-*s. and bonuded on the north j
by i i?>'i* of R. E Yontfiie; on the efcst
bv in; d' of I?. E Yoi gue and Mrf. I
F Yongue; ? n 'he we*t ty land* |
of T. D Kea-ter. now deceased, and |
on he s titfi by iMid* ?>f J. M. Yongoe. j
O !> <?f r' e ; u i ti i < money {<>*!
be p..i H uu the day of t-a e, and j
the !<a:ai.-ce thereof on a credit of oue |
und two yta - in two eqnal animal in- j
6ialmc.nt8, wiih inti rest thereon from :
d iy of 6i'e, payable annually, until I
the wfio'e debt ?n?l intere-t be paid, to
be secm.ed by t e b ?i d or bonds of the j
pnrcb i^cr or purchasers and mortgage
i>r inotiaa?'s-<?'f ih^ piL-ini*** re^pec-j
iv-e-iy ?o >o!d, and :he pure? aser or I
pillchn-ri 8 ti) P iy ror an i e.:essarv
papers aiiii tho r* cord! ? of il.e $;uk-,
iuo tiding rtvei.n sismps, or all cash
t t c option of (he purchasers reppeciiveiy.
Njy. 10, 1900. ('. C. P. F. C
quent cleaning ai
cared for.
I |
$ >1A'
'If- ..f represents the
Jordan & D;
Susan C. Quattlebaum v?. Mary Epps j
JN pursuance of an order of ihe j
Court of Common Piea=,_made iti }
the above stated cise, 1 will oiler for
sale, before the Court House door iu
Winnsboro, S. C., on tbe.
next, within the legal hours of sa!e, at j
public outcry to the highest bidder, ;
tbe following described poopertw.to ;
wit: i
All that certain piece or tract ot j
land, lying, being and situate i-. ?r-d |
near the town of Ridgewr.v, ithe j
Cou^tv of Fairfield ?nd Siate :t?ore- j
said, containing j
moie or Jess, bounded by Ia;nU of
Jno. A DesPorUs, R S. DcsPortis,
Jame? flartin, Robert Roberson, *
Thomas nines Coleman, Marshal! vieEacbern,
and the old Colombia road,
and bavi: g such spcial n.e'ci and
boundaries a? are represented bv a p!at
dated ? day of Octoher, 1895, by I
C. b'. Dvriibt, C. E , made by him J
Jrom a plat bv M. A. M. Lcirire, dated j
8th July, 1813, and oU.er d l papers
relating te lands of the es:ate of James i
B. Coleman, deceased, bein? the same
tract devised to Mary Epp3, Kennedy
(me) by her (ray) deceased father, I
James B. Kennedy, deceased, except
tiro acres on which the dwelling house
now occupied by myself (Mary Epps j
ir~ ~ 1 : 1?--* '??>???i<rnno not o |
rvtjiiijt-uyj it luuaicu, n vuu><g v..? l
on 8.h Avenue, and running1 wcsitwardly
two acres back, tr e s;me bei:i?r'
Orie.Uiird of the purchase money
be paid in cash on the d*y of bile, and
the balance on a credit one and two
years, in two equal auniiftl instilment**,
Aiitb ime: est thereon at eight j>m* cms j.
per annum from th; day of >a!e. i ? j
terest paAable annually nutii ti e ?h >'o i
debt and interest be pui.i, t.j l?: >ecared
by the bond ot ttie purchaser
and a oriortgjge of the premises s ?ltl.
or all cash at the option of ;he pur
chuser. The purchaser to pay for* ill
necassary taper?, including tev.-. tie !
stamps, and for !eccrcin>/ j>a,er-.
If the perchascr fails to cjm ?ly wt-i
the terms of sach s-ile, the sad Clerk
may resell said premises at any snbscquen:
salcsdav on the simc ter:nn, at
the ri.-k of such purchaser, witinti'
app icati'in ttbe Court.
Clerk's Office, C. C. <\ P. i. (\
WinnshQjo, S. C., Nov. 12, 1900
COHj jtytfM |
Claims Approved at th : last Meet- '
ixa of the Board of Couxty j
Commissioners Held Oct
17, 1900
The followingclai-ns were examinee'! j
aud approved on State Cae Fund of i
No. Amount. |
676 IV II J*ine?. $12 50 I
677 H A Ste ;en?on. 12 50
078 II A Sieven?on, 12 50
679 U A S:evenso:i, 9 85
680 W J Hasiood, 1250
681 Jo'nn Wooten, 12 50 i
682 Sjjrn! McC<?nn:en, 12 50!
683 T M (.'a:hear', 37 50 :
6Si T M Cm!Iran, 37 50 i
685 D A Broom, 20 00 I
686 Charlie Wiiiatn-, 5 43;
6S7 Jiid D Blair. 12 50 j
6S8 W G Siuiiii, 12 ou !
689 D A Bro >:r, 10 00 !
690 J W Tea-:*, Li t- $5.00.
hilt)oil, 0 00
The I'oMu '.in? o'aitus were ixatni.-ied
anil approve i <" II >Jtd and Bridge
Fn .<1 <-f 1900:
No Ain.nnt,
691 Liza'us Johns $ 1 SO j
692 T K Sinrh 5 43 j
693 W Li Ya borough. 22 83 :
694 I' C I5ro<?in S 25 j
695 E A Finly & I) 1' 3 25 j
696 \\r J Lgtnm >t-, clMtn $3 50,
xll'iwt-i!, 3 00 i
-697 I'B I'ori.wrii, 35 25!
698 VV B Kennrdav, 30 00 j
699 P (' Bp'O-H, 7 70 |
7DA VV R n.-.trail 5 -13 j
701 S il Merman. . 135S !
702 G Ii Scur, 2 70 !
70:5 W A Cook. 3 25 j
703 S i; Johnston & <o, 6 OS j
705 John M L"ir.mo", o'.-iim .$5.00. j
a!!OW C'i. 2 CO r
70G J H 6h(d l, 5 40 !
707 J Ii S:!? (:d. :3 80 {
70S .1 F L' h;s, 3 io |
709 S '' Joiiiis:- n ?fc >. 4 2b !
710 J.ihn ' I ' h> lica, i, 3 00 {
711 .Ifio ( L?iicl)'t) t'i, 27 00 j
71! T.J fl.-!e:;!>aiig'>. r,.>. ?-up?, 19 12:
713 J F Mg\!si$Iin . 53 00 f
I lie foi ov\ i11^ c iic.s ex .u i-e i i
and ap;>tovcd on l'.?or Il> a e Fn?:d t f !
1900: j
N". * m -n j
714 Ja.? W Twmi. ?13 SO j
715 .1 F McM .nit, 27 55 j
716 John W 2S 00 i
717 S C John-ton ?fc C", 7 05 I
7IS '-i S T??i? anf. 7 95 j
719 F M I'ahr.d hr. 7 50!
The fol'o-A ii:g ciiiims were d !
and ajv.uvo.l n Public i>'ii <i;;-ir funn 1
of 1900:
No. /imouiu
720 Hng'i S N-V\ ii -, $ 375 '
721 J F McMa-tcr. 41 50 '
722 II A Jtinrii 'iT-, 1025 I
I do cer i:\ tbii ilie nb .-ta'.-uicnt
is a c rrc.:f c>p. of c' iu.s sp:>r.;vcd !
a.; th' mei Uiiir "i ;!iC County j 1
Iv'siid ?.i (J?mmis$ioneis bclJ o . Lbe JI
17 h day of October, 1900.
1113 r. ur,!, S,i'.rrvis-.r K . j
"1 ? ' i
/V FR1CANA ir*Ji cure Rheumatism an.i j
Scrofnl* to Stay Cured.
lRS do not clog, break, catch
.id adjustment. They always
leeds more attention, It will
i/IER and PE
: C VO L, EL S
highest stan !:jr;N r-f both ch
V! I J \ ^ I i i ? v .
d for lHadratcJ Bo?ldc "Ontuigs
avis, Agts.5 wi
\\ g H-av? Ic
11 jcii^i.j (Boo
StOPG to H
Tise Caldwell Dry
~A Si^EA'
Oq ? of th| e Lap
J^Iepel^ aq di s
Q. D. NA/iHiforc
Consisting of DRY GOODS
SHOES, and all classes of
establishment i
The:-e goods mast be b
order that the heirs may ge
This is the greatest opportuni
the surrounding country to bt
All parties indebted to sa
and settle at once.
J, L. Mir
New Furnitu
S- r />
^;T^-;/:'- *V-> '...*
-' - ;".'v, : V"^ -' ' - *"-' \ ,
ft ' ' }.. '.:,' :<.< ; > rSt ; .fr % ^'-T: * :??2~2S
V.;- '.-: ->:* W&^t
T.:;iii - I:j;i . Ui" ' T: 0!i - ' V ;>1*t fHVZ
tj;? ir Tr:'tvT T v
: -7
T 'i '<& --V & C?StS
On luipiwved Farms fecu^u .* > li:1-1
nortgagres. ! * r- sr ? ; t.t. ?{ ;
'Urn? !.0 - 3 } e : >
\ > c ' 1 iiunti' i >; a ' '' ;
\ :?*. I
^ 3. & W. iz r OUGLASS.
vv'j . :<>. <
or johx ti. r \i.'.]?!{ & *'0>.
11-25 ' olun.bii*. a C. j
VA,a"t w ^
things nor need fre- Pfi ; |
run the same. IsJ
run well if properly TO
"'MM A MT H lH
LIN iNrVlN 1 ^ |
innsboro, S. O.
3ough(ttoo JjS
ds fop Qup |
IS IS TO BE A . - ^||j
y ' :
Goods Company,
gest" Stools of
? iq tli? Up_
d, Deceased |.|
goods kept in an up-to-date
n the Carolinas.
Dnverted into cash at once in
t their portion of said estate. ;
tv ever.offered to the people of
ly merchandise.
id estate will please call and
nnaugh, dministrator
ire I II
jo! and to Arrive I
Ait-: ve.'fitv njfh* 'M 11-it price
nc.' tii '-v '< qiulit\. Lowrr
; : vr. d'-P ?P<1
: nor >. o ixnnri-? ;? . Evenstwiy
^ ;... sir! ?> 'i <i a- pif-piird. W it It
!" xp?j te?t?em 'hf inn.itme
i'C? an.t b m:? :i practical
W:: "G " ** '" * '!at **>y
^SJ? ** w?"
! ?'! ? ' ?<ed-.
vV< V. .!; ? 1: \. ? !>oniffhtt>? im!
11u i -?> :it -S.-aI i Machites
X**J~ - I (} Si: V - ihlcr. /
!7S. WiJ ! !' ? '<) best !<) lilt lit
W. Phillips.
IT .: lids Digestfeo,
- ' Uasukiss the Bowels.
-i | . Strengthens the Child,
_ h [ >$ Xliics Teething Easy.
<!er' * 'L'cZTtil XA Relieve the Bowel
. ' Trcubics of Children of
, FSOFFST?, iii. S-, ST. LOUIS. MO.
;* fl.t Firn Insurance Cnmpa-iy of N
Y k /
I*' .is ! mi' -.ucc Company or
Mi'n Y > k.
K<< i.-o-MT (}?'iinan i -urance Com.
> i.( !? ch;>ter, N. Y.
^ >;.ci s Mjaic <JI i-'uu n; iJ*?iunage?
y-26-ly ' '
..- &? $&
' . fcESg

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