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'Wednesday, Nov?mb?r 14, 1900
Another lot of New York Co.'a
FRUITS of all kinds.
And many other nice things.
(Teiephoae.) All goods delivered.
?See citation.
liead ex?cator's sale.
?Read Supervisor's report.
?House and lot for rent. See ad.
?Read the Mallard Lumber Co.'s
* ?Read cleri's sales, sheriff's ?ales
and mortgagee's sale elsewhere.
?Mrs. Mary C. Rion is having the
house occupied by Mr. J. J. Creight
painte 1. .
?Only until Thursday eve to have a
pair glasses made by Becker at the
Hotel Duval.?adv.
DeWitt's Little Early Risers are the
best liver Dills ever made. Easy to
fake and never gripe. McMaster Co.
?Mr. Barron Caldwell has been of^
fered a school in Fairfield County.?
A. R. Presbyterian.
?Just received!?A new lot of
ready-to-wear hats?popular shapes?
in all colors, at
Mrs. McCarley's.
When yon want prompt acting little
pills that never gripe nse DeWitt'a
Little Early Risers. McMaster Co.
?D.\ EJwin P. Wolfe, assistant 1
surgeon, U. S. Army, has beeu removed
from Cuba and stationed at 1
Fort Hamilton, New York.
?The A. R. P. Synod now iu ses- 1
lion at Louisville, Georgia, has reelected
Dr. W. L. Pressly as president
of the theological seminary.
?Bishop Ellison Capers will visit
St. John'* Episcopal Church on December
9th. He will also visit St.
Stephen'*, Ridgeway, th3 same week. '
Both makers and circulators of
counterfeits commit fraud. Honest
men will not deceive you into buying
worthless counterfeit* of DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve. The original i3
infallible for curiDg piles, sores, eczema
and ail skin disease?. McMaster
?Dr. William Egleston, who has
been practicing his profession iu the
town of Barnwell, has recently re?
^ *?- pn wol! nnnnfp i
muveu. l(J QaitSYtliC) uaiuitgii wuuw j
where he now practices.
?Mrs. A. G. Russell, Nashville, i
Tenn , writes: Dr. Moffett's Teeth- 1
ina (Teething Powders) is the greatest
blessing to teething children that the '
world has ever kuowr.? adv. ,
?If jon want to cousult Dr. Becker
abcat your ejes, yon can do so only :
until Thursday eve at the Hotel \
Daval.?adv. .
DeWilt's Witch Hazel Salve will i
quickly neal the worst burns and i
scalds and not leave a scar. It can be
applied to cuts vid raw surfaces with ,
prompt and soothiDg effect. Use it
for piles and 3kin disease?. Beware !
of worthless counterfeit*. McMaster I
Co. ]
?Bishop C. C. Petty, A. M., D. D.,
of the A. M. E. Zion Chnrch, will |
preach and lectore in Winnsboroj,
r November 19th and 20tb. Rev. H. W.
Smith is preparing to give him a grand ,
5 reception.
?Dr. A. Becker, the German oca- j
list, will only remain at the Hotel ,
Daval until next Thursday, November j
15th, and it you want to get a pair of ,
his glasses you had better see him before
?The annual State convention of
the Daughters of the Confederacy will
meet in Rock Hill on December 6tb
and7tb. Special rates will be given {
on the different railroads and a large (
attendance is expected. <
If you have ever seen a child in the ,
agony of ?roup you can realize how
grateful mothers are for One Minute
Cough Cure which gives relief as soon ]
&3 it ia admini?t?red. It auicklv cures I
cough3, colds and all throat and lung ;
troubles. McMa*ter Co.
?A hot sapper was given at the
factory village on Saturday night for ,
the benefit of the Baptist chape!. The
sapper was qoi'.e a success and was i
greatly enjoyed by ail Tho were ]
presen\ A nice little sum was realized.
?Mcilaster Co. advertises a list of
new novels which they have received.
It is a goud collection?the bcoks one
hears and rend< most abont, and ihose
who are iu want of some iuteresting
reading can easily find what they
want at this store.
? Election dav was very mnch like
any o:her day here, qaiet and no sign
of excitement over the election. Very
li tie interest, apparently, was felt in
the outcome. The po-toffice was
closed on Tuesday, election da> being
one of the holidays allowed.
?Th re was a slight fall of sleet on
Sunday but ?i> little feli that a number
of people were tot aware thai it had
fullec. While "not an intensely cold
f!ov woe otir? r?icft
greeable. trie son being obscured during
the grei'er part of the day.
?The cottage iu the rear of the
bai.k 'mi: ding is goit'g up wiih great
rapidity, and the weather remaining
favorable fur building, it will be but
a stjon. time before it is ready for
oceupai-cy. Houses being in such demand,
it \* important that :bis one
f-h*)ultl be ready for renting as soon as
^ p'>s-ib!c.
?TheNsws and Courier of Thnrsday
contained the fo.lowing notice:
"The annual meeting of the stockholders
of the Winn?boro Granite
Cemp&ny whs held \esterd*y morning
Tfe annual report of th-% secretary
wa-s read and received, after
which ihe election of directors was
hHd. The same < ffi :ers a^.d dirtctors
weie rc-p;ec;ed."
?Mr. R W. Pniliips. ihe well
fnrniiore dealer, is amo:>g the
ttdvei 'i-ers in ut;r colomns thi" morni-iar,
He c-lis the a'euti<>n of the
public 'o \bf f*a sf.ht h?- hss receive!
a tine line of neve fur?.i ure He ha*
htri long rjpuitrnce in ti.e fnrniture
k ' ht^incM X'd gunrantees hi< block ol
far: rare to be what :r is represented,
lie wis'!C^ his patrons to call and examine
his stock. See his a\
Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup cures Cough
or Cold at once. Conquers Croup,
"Whooping-Cough and Measle-Cough
nnfKrvnf f-itl All T\TO 1 OCk if.
Doctors prescribe it for Bronchitis,
Hoarseness, Grippe, Pneumonia and
Consumption. Quick, sure results.
Price, ascents. Refuse the dealer's substitute.
Always cures when others fail.
Dr. Bail's Pills cure Constipation. 50 pills 10c.
?The annual conference of the
Universalist church will be held at
Feasterville on the 16th, 17th and lSih
of November. Dr. Shinn and other
ministers will be present and basiaess
of interest will be transacted.
There will be two services a day and
lunch will be served at the chnrcb
every day at noon. A cordial invitation
is extended to everybody to at
I KncG m oflhnrfp
icuu luccg ui^ouugci
Many people worry because they
believe they have heart disease. The
chances are that their hearts are all
right bnt their stomachs are unable to
digest food. Kodol Dyspepsia Care
digests what you eat and prevents the
formation of gas which makes the
stomach press against the heart. It
will cure every form of indigestion.
McMaster Co.
- At the annual meeting of the
stockholders of the Standard Warehouse
Company of this city, yesterday,
the following directors were eltctecTT
T. K. Elliott, H. L. Elliott, T. H.
Wannamaker, Charles Ellis and Edwin
W. Robertson. At a subsequent
meeting of the directors the following
officers were elected:.T. K. Elliott,,
president; H. L. Elliott, secretary and
manager. The company shows itself
to be in a very prosperous condition
and this season's business promises to
be a very active one.?The State.
b?w taa ? The Kind Yob Han Always Botgtt
?Shortly .after dark the Snnday
evening calm and quiet was disturbed
by the fire bell which founded the
alarm for ward 2. People gathered
from all quarters of the town but no
one seemed able to locate the fire and
part of the crowd started for the tan
rar.1 hparinor thafc the firft was thtrfi.
It proved bow ever to be at a small
negro house occupied by the family of
Robert Jacobs. Tb8 fire caught between
the roof and ceiling of the house
and was probably caused by a defective
flue. The fire was soon extinguished
and very little damage wai
There is no pleasure in life if you
dread going to the table to eat and
can't rest at night on account of indigestion.
Henry Wiliiams, of Boonville,
Ind., says he suffered that way
for years, till he commenced the use
of Kodol Dyspepsia 'Jure, and adds
"Now I can eat anything I like and
all I want *nd sleep soundly everv
night." Kodol Dyspepsia Care will
digest what yon eat. McMaster Co.
?A comic opera written by Mr.
Stewart Maclean, of Atlanta, i? to be
presented in the grand opera house of
that city during Christmas week. The
name ot the opera is "Kab of the RedButton."
The following is what the
Atlanta Journal ?ays of the >oang
musician and his opera: /'Libretto
and Mnsic are both by an Atlanta
man, Mr. Stewart Maclean. Those
who ara familiar with Mr. Maclean't
ibilitv as author aDd musician io addition
to bis possession of histrionic
talent of a high order look forward to
i complete success."
im tk Thi Kind Ywi H?rc Always Bgqgfat
?Tbe Methodists all vYer the Stale
ire looking forward with deep interest
to the meeting of conference on the
28th iugt. At these annual me tings
the ministers belonging to this conference
are transferred from one
place to another and each congrega
tion is anxious to know whether they
ire to have their minister back again
)r who is to be suit them. The
Winnsboro and Greenbrier Methodists
-n -flu
I Take ?
* Thin, pale, ansmic girls |
$ need a fatty food to enrich $
| their blood, give color to t
| their cheeks and restore their g
j health and strength. It is g
? safe to say that they nearly I
| ail reject fat with their food. |
I 5
I is exactly what they require; *
* it not only ?ives them the im- *
| portant element (cod-liver oil) |
| in a palatable and easily di-1
| jested form, J*ut also the hypo-1
| phosphites which are so vaiua- $
* bie in nervous disorders that I
* usually accompany ansmia. jjj
| fatty food that is more easily |
| digested than any other form 5
| of fat. A certain amount of |
S flesh is necessary for health. I
| You can get it in this way. |
S U e have known per-1
| sons to #ai/7 a pound a $
| cfey while taking it, I
(ji 50c. and$:.oo. alld.-u^jiits. VS
^ SCOTT it BOWNE, Cherr.-sts, New York. #
mmmm?n?o?= - 1 u-t mm
are most anxious tbat their pastor,
Rev. Mr. Crout, be returned to the
charge of these churc'ues, as they are
all much attached to him and his
family and would deeply regret having
to give them up The conference
meets in Chester.
Bears the _y? ^ Kisd Yb'j HawAjWijrS BOUgN
-The police are still on the lookont
for the negro girl who entered the
house of Mag Wylie (.the negro
woman who died suddenly la3t week)
and stole a quantity of clothing. The
girl disappeared immsdiately after the
robbery was committed and her
whereabouts have not been discovered.
She broke into the house during the
absence of the occupants and it is said
thst Mag Wylie was so distressed over
the discovery of her loss that it
brought on the attack which resulted
in her death that night.
?The Charlotte Observer reported
on Sunday the return of Mr3. "Stonewall"
Jackson to that city. Mrs.
Jackson has been in Baltimore for
come weeks where the underwent a
painfui and dangerous operation, the
removal of one of the nerves from the
head. S .e had been a terrible sufferer
from ccurdgia for a number of years
and the operation was the only chance
for rfcovi i y. It was entirely successful
tr<? Observer states, and Mrs.
Jackson is niirely restored to health.
The entire South has been interested
in her condition and the news of her
*0 TTT ftl AAm n tA oil
10 rr vv
McMasler Co. guarantee every bottle
of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
and will refund the money to anyone
who is not satisfied after usiDg twothirds
of the contents. This is the
best remedy in the world for la grippe,
coughs, colds, croup and whooping
cough and is pleasant and safe to take.
It prevents any tendency of a cold to
result in pneumonia.
?Subscriptions for a banquet for
the members of the fire company were
being collected on Wednesday bytvo
members of the company. It ha3 loDg
been the custom for the firemen to
have a banquet every year and the
citizens usually contribute generously
to the fund. This is one way in
which the people can show their
gratitude to the firemen for their
splendid work at all of the fires which
occur In town. The collectors were
meeting with success with their subscription
list and a fine supper will
probably be enjoyerl by the men at an
early date.
"I have used Chamberlaiu's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrfccei Remedy and
find it to be a great medicine," says
Mr. E. S. Pnipps, of Poieau, Ark.
"It cored me of bloody flox. I ciunot
speak too highly of it." This
remedy always wins the gocd opinion,
if not praise, of those who use it.
The quick cures which itiffecise7en
in tbe most severe cases make it a
favorite everywhere. For sale by McMaster
Co., drngrgist?. .
?Tbe South Carolina Long Distance
Tt-lephone Company applied on Monday
for a charter. The corporators
are S. L. Miller and W. D. Melton of
Colombia, and J. N. Schofield, of New
York, the capital stock being $50,000.
The plan of the company is to bring
all of the different telephone companies
in the State iuto one company
and to establish a long distance system.
If this js done exchanges will
be pat in each of tbe towns. The
company intends connecting Columbia
with the Pee-De<? section, then a line
will be ran to Charleston from Co.
lnmbia and will connect with the
Gordon TelepLone Company of Charleston.
The company expect to carry
out their plan successfully.
For Oxer Fifty Years.
Mrs. Wixslow's Soothing Stkup
has been used for over fifty year3 by
millions of mothers for their children
while teething, with perfect 6access.
It soothes the child, softens the gums,
allays ail pain, cares wind colic, and
is the best remedy for diarrhoea. It
will relieve the poer little eufferer
immediately. Sold by druggists in
every part of the world. Twenty five
c^ots a bottle. Be sure and ask for
Mrs. Wioslow'e Soothing Syrup,"
und take bo other kind. 1-1-17
Will Close XhanksclTlns Day.
We the noderfrigned agree to close
oar p'aces of business Thanksgiving,
November 29:
Eeichin Mercantile Co., W. fl. Willingbaua,
W. C. Beat)-, H. B. Refo,
Jno. P. Matthews, Jne. H. McMaster
& Co., S. B. Stevenson, McMaster
Co., Caldweil & Beaty, Caldwell Dry
Goods C\ , Jno. W. Seigler, F. M.
Clarke, C M. Ckandltr, Jno. M.
Smith, W. 11. Flennlken, H. E.
Ketcbin, L. Landecker, F. M. Hobenicbt,
Sami. Simpson, R. Y. Turner,
A. D. McCrrley, R. W. Phillips, Obear
Drug Co., W. R. Raub & Co.. Wiunsboro
Racket Store, A. B. Cathcarj,
A. Willifoiu, JaSi A. Brico. T.J
Cureton, J. E. Coan, A. W. Brown,
manager, F. E Propst, J. F. McMa?ter,
R. T Matthews & Sod.
A Frightful Blunder
Will often cause a horrible Bum,
Scald, Cut or Bruise Bucklen'h Arnica
Salve, the beet in the world, wiil
kill the pain and promptly heal it.
Ore* Old Sores, ^tver Sored, Ulcere,
Boils, Felous, Cor"*, all Skin fcrup
tion*. B 'et Pile cure on earth 0:ilv
25 cts. a box Cure guaranteed. Sold
by McMaster Co , druggi-ts.
? A gieat quantity of cotton was
brought to town on Wednesday, and a
long line ot whoops was drawn up
near th's freight depot w^iiing thenturn
fur Weighing. An unusual crowd
was in town al?o, and the merchant >
all seemed bu*y.
A Night of Terror.
,JAwfnl anxiety wa^ felt for ihe
widow of the brave General Burnhatn,
of Mnchhs, Me., wben tbe doctors
?iid she cou!d not live till morninz,"
writes M'S. S. H. Lincoln, who attended
ner that fearful night. "All thought
sbe most soon die from Pneumonia,
but she begged for Dr. King's NewDiscovery,
saying it had more than
once saved her life, and had cured her
of Consumption. After three smtil
doses she slept easily all night, and its
further use completely cured her."
This marvelous medicine is guaranteed
tr> p.nra *11 Throat. Chest and Lui?|
Diseases. Only 50c. and $1.00. Trial
bottles free at McMaster Co.'<j drag
\lifii Annie Davis ha3 retarned home
after visiting in Columbia.
woman's f I
I 1
LUC.... ?
is hard enough as A
it is. It is to her that / ry
we owe our world, / \\
and everything
should be made as \
easy as possible for W/~ 7$y.\
her at the time of H ~ /\ \
childbirth. This \
is just what '
will do. It will make
baby's coming easy
and painless, and that without tak
ing dangerous jirugs into the system.
It is simply to be applied to '
the muscles of trie abdomen. It
penetrates through the skin carrying
strength ana elasticity with it.
It strengthens the whole system and
prevents all of the discomforts of
The mother of a plumb babe in
Panama, Mo., says: "I have used
Mother's Friend and can praise it
Get Mother's Friend at the
Drug Store, $9 per bottle.
Bradfield Regulator Co.,
wme i^r our iree illustrated Doom, i
" Before ^aby is Born."
Postmaster Rion ipent Tuesday in
To remove a troublesome corn or
bunion: First soak tbe corn or bunion
in warm water to soften it, then pare
itrdown as closely as possible without
drawing blood and apply Chamberlain's
Pain Balm twice daily; rubbing
vigorously for five minutes at each
application. A corn plaster should be
worn for a few days, to protect it from
the shoe. As a general liniment for
sprains, bruises, lameness and rheumatism,
Pain Balm is unequaled." For
sale by McMaster Co., druggists.
Mr. T. K. Elliott left l&st week for
Washington, D. C.
John S. Raynolds, Eiq., of the
Columbia bar, was in fown Monday.
A Village Blacksmith Saved His Little
Soa's Life.
Mr. H. H. Biack, the well known
village blacksmith at Grahamsville,
Sullivan Co., N. Y., says: "Oar little
son, five years old, has always been
subject to croup, and so bad have the
attacks been that we have feared many
times that he would die. We have
had the doctor and used many medicines,
but Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
is now our eo!e reliance. It seems
to dissolve the toagh mucus and by
giving fri quent doses when the cronpy
symptoms appear we have found that
the dreaded croup is cured before it
gets settled." T&ere is no danger in
giving this remedy for it contains no
opium or ether injurious drug and
may be given as confidently to a babe
as to an adult. For sale by MeMaster
Co., draggntp.
Mr. Chae. Ellis, of Colombia, came
op on Thnrsday to attend the funeral
of Mr. W.C. Robertson.
A cheap remedy for coughs and
colds is all rig1**, but vou want ?omstbin&r
that * rn!ieve an-! care the
more scv-- '."gerou* results of
throat a. ii : ^ u Wcs. What *hall
you do? o - ;i> -a. warmer and more
regular climate? Yes, if possible; if
not possible for you, then in either
case take the only remedy that hns
been introduced in all civilized countries
with success in seyere throat and
laut; trebles, "Boscbee's German
Syrn I not only heals and stimulates
ilssues to destroy- the ger n
dUe?<s .; at allays inflammation, causes
easy xpectoration, gives a good
mgnt rest, and cures tne patient.
Try oi.'E bottle. Recommended many
year3 by all druggists io the world.
For gale by McMaster Co., druggists.
Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Robertion and
Mr. M. C. Robertson, of Colambia,
were preseot at the faneral on Thursday
Mothers Friend What hit? Much
has been said and written about it bat
the half has not beer. told. It is a
remedy which if used by Expectant
Mothers rob-i the ordeal through
which they all have to pass of an incredible
am <uiit of suffering and
makes her recovery more rapid J
1 If a price can be pla;ed ou pain,
"Mother's Friend"is worth its weight
in gold a< an slleviator. My wife suffeied
raoie in ten minutes with either
of her other two children thin she
d d altogether wiih her 2as\ Vaving
previously u<ed four bottles of
'Mother's Friend." It is a blessing
10 any expectant uiottier, says a customer."
Hendersox Dale, Druggist,
Carmi, III.
If any lady who desires to investigate
the merits of Mother's Friend
will eend their address we will tn*il
to her free of charge our little book
containing valuable information and
voluutary testimonial?.
The Bxadfiild Regulator Co.
Atlanta, Ga.
Rev. C. E. McDonald is attending
the Associate Reformed Presbyterian
synod which convened at Louisville,
Georgia, on Thursday.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Signature of
Miss Carrie Elliott is at home from
Converse College for a short sta*.
You can't afford to ritk your life by
allowing a cougti or a cold to develop
into pTienmoma or consumption. One
Minute i;ougb Cure will cure throat
and luDg trouble^ qnickrr th.n any
other preparation known. Many doc !
tors u?e lr &t a ppecioc u>r Kripi?t=.
It ii an infallible remedy for ? r??ap.
Children like it and mothers eudor>e
it. McMuster C<\
ii^ainrt the L-h:a*e of Q D. Wilhfi.nt,
deceased, will render i.. m* an > cc-nn'
of thtir restxctive demands, duly
attested, and all persons indebted to
said estate mast make immediate payment.
10-50 S?v Administrator.
On Friday, 2nd of November, a
heavy gale visited oar town, lasting
almost 36 hours incessantly, on account
of which Rev. Mr. Miller could
not fulfill the appointment for pre ach
ing at the A. R. P. Church; however
a.good portion of the congregation
met, had Sunday School and singirg
A large per cent of our citizens
visited the fair and nearly all report a
"scrouging" crowd.
Farmers nearly through pickisg
otton and sowing small grain.
The White Oak school ia in the hands
of Mr. Henry, of Georgia, a nephew
of Mr. J. K. Henry, our able solicitor.
We also have another affable young
gentleman among us, Mr. Rcid, of
Tennessee, as railroad agent.
Oar citizen; don't seem to manifest
as much .interest in the general elec-tinn
na rftnr r.nrrpflnnndent would like
""w ?
to see, as our numerical strength will
be jadged by the northern Republicans
in proportion to the vole cast at this
election. Three cheers for W. J.
Bryan and general prosperity for all
good people.
Yours in the cause, - D.
OC. 5, 1900
Judge O. "W. Buchanan is in Charleston
where court is in session this
Mi6S Smith, of Charleston, one of
the Converse College students, is visiting
Miss Carrie Elliott.
?If you are cross-eyed you had
better go and see the ocu'iet at the
Hotel Duva!. Eyes straightened without
the use of the knife; cataracts
removed without operation; also pterygium
painless. Granulated eyelids
cured no matter bow bad or how long
To those living
in malarial districts Tutt's Pills
are indispensible, they keep the
system in perfect order and are
an absolute cm o
for sick headache, indigestion,
malaria, torpid liver, constipation
and all bilious diseases.
Tutt's Liver PlISs j
?The surveyors who hive been
encamped Dear lown on Capt. Gaillard's
place for several weeks, aspect
to move camp to-day.
Painful and Suppressed Menses, Irregularity,
Leucorrfioea, Whites, Sterility,
Ulceration of the Uterus, change
pf life, in matron or maid, all find relief,
help, benefit and cure in JOHNSTON'S
SABSAPABILLA. It is a real
panacea for all pain or headache about
the top or back of the head, distressing
pain in the left side, a disturbed
condition of digestion, palpitation of
the heart, cold hands and feet, nervousness
and irritation, sleeplessness,
muscular weakness, bearing-down
pains, backache, legache, irregular action
of the heart, shortness of breath,
abnormal discharges, with extremely
painful menstruation, scalding of urine,
swelling of feet, soreness of the breasts,
neuralgia, uterine displacement and
OTI/^ oil o A
troubles which make the average woman's
life so miserable.
M1CHIOAJT DBre CO., D?trolL Mleh.
John H. Jlcila6ter & Co., Wlnnsboro,
S. C.; T. W. Woodward <k Co., Rockton,
S. 0.;W. M. Patrick, Woodward. S. C ;
T. G. Patrick & Co., White Oak, S. C.
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
It artificially digests the food and aids
Nature in strengthening and reconstructing
the exhausted digestive organs.
It is the latest discovered digestWn
ft+VlO* TlTOMTat.ifin
auu auu uuuAu* iw ui/uu
can approach it in efficiency. It in=
stantly relieves and permanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
Sick Headache,Gastralgia, Cramps and
all other results of imperfect digestion.
Price 50c. and $1. Large size contains 2bi tlmea
small size. Book all about dyspepsia mailed free
Prepared by E. C. DeWITT & CO., Chicago- I
MciTLSTER CO.; Winnsboro, *. c. j
MYjHor >nd lot in winnsboro.
For term-, aj p:y ro
11-12 w. r garrison.
Final Discharge.
on the 27th day ?f November, 1900, I
will apply to the Jndgre of Probata for |
Fairfield County, at his office ia tho '
Coart House at WinuRbor?, S. C., for
a final discbarge as Administrator ox
he asrate of G. T. Sims, deceased.
l0-80-3t Administrator.
Mortgagee's Sale.
As agent for M. M. Frazter, m >rtvagee,
and bysrirtne of a certain chattel
mortgage dated 28tb day of Jnno,
A. D 1900, and recorded in Boole T
of (Jhattle Mortga2es in the office of
the Clerk of the (Jouit for Fairfield
County, executed b? L. M. Blair and
delivered to M. M. Fnzier, I will offer
for sa'e ou the first Monday in December
next, before the Court House
door in Winniboro, within the ie<jal
hours of sale, at public outcry to the
higt.oit bidder: So much of the stock
of so?d* of L. M. Blair situated at
Blair's, anil brother, S\ C., conHiting
of dry goojf, notions, groceries
hardware, boot*, 8ho<"-o, &c., as
w.re in t^r prtgessiou of the said
!. V B <>niLc28ih Jane, 1900,
h- d .'? 11 the execution ai.d delivery
??! K^i.i mortgage.
Terms of sale?Cash.
A //an I #at? W XI ffTfaOMAT* \f Afl a Q CTGO
1U1 iU| i?*t i IfKU I J A'JLVA I f, MJV-V
l Hsvo Vr\i ] o
| jl iu> y v/ a vy wi w
Backache?Tired Feel:
the Loins; or in the B]
Color or Scalding Urin<
They Me
The most snccessfi
one that has effected sc
I This is a purely ye;
that will effectually cur
ly on the Liver and Ki<
and eradicating all dise
T on?f*_ r*-f
IJ. u?yo vcga ouu^uui
caused from the liver and K
. tj unable to lie down except sb
rated with fluid. Three qua
I was completely fi lea a
legs terribly inflamed and ex
the influence of an opiate ]
fcrtable and able to attend t
do fi'r nearly tvto years.
You may publish as muc
ferer may be benefited by it
Since then this gentleman wx
"Vacghn'8 Llthontrlp
now enjoying good health:"
If yon have any of
I and lie will adv
Of all druggists or j
i "A-SAM
V?tty ?,% ?:'. r.~: ' J ClcinwJ ar.tl the htfr.
*i luxtiriant growth.
Hover Fails to Kestore Gray
Hair to its Youthful Color.
jjCsftSSSJSc^>3S? Cure* & htir tailing
g>^a.i?i ; 1 "at DruggitU _|
Letter? of Administration.
By S. B. JOHNSTON, Esq.,Probate Judge:
WHEREAS, R. G. Brice liatb made
suit to me to grant him letters
of administration of the estate end efects
of Thomas F. Mitchell, deceased:
These are, therefore, to cite and admonish
all and singular the kindred and
c realtors 01 tne saia 1 nomas xr. uucueu,
deceased, that they be and appear before
me, in the Court of Probate, U
be held at Fairfield Court House, S. C.,
od tbe 26th day of November next, after
publication hereof, at ii o'clock in the
forenoon, to show cause, if any they h xe, j
why the said administration should not I
i kn ? I
| uc ^;iaui^u.
r Given under my hand, this 10th day oi
I November, Anno Domini I960.
ll-13-2t Judge of Probate
> By S. R JOHNSTON, Esq., Judge Probate
WHEREAS, Major T. W. Brice
hath made suit to me to grant
him letters of administration of the
estate and effects of Rev. E. D. Perry,
-deceased :
These are theief><re to cite and admonish
all and singular the kindred and
creditors of the said Rev. R. D.
Perry, deceased, that they be and appear*
before me, in the Court of Pro
I bate, to be held at .rairneia uoun
Honse, South Carolina, on the 16th
day of November next, after publica|
lion hereof, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon,
to show cause, if any they have,
why the said Administration "should
not be granted.
Given under my hand this Slat day
of October, Anno Domini 1900.
! 11-1-X2 Judge cf Probate.
State of South Caroline,)
Connty of Fairfield. $
the highest bidder before the Court
House at Winnsboro on the FIRST
being the 3rd day of said month. ?he
unaold portion of land belonging to
the estate af Mrs. Sarah E. Center,
situate, lying and o*in? in the County
and Slate-aforesaid, to wit: The House
tract, containing 362 6 10 a^res, more
or less, bounded north and west bv
A. F. Ruff and Smith, east bv Haitbc';ck
and Wooten, touth by Littlf
Cedar Crrefc or B'tipy's Branch, on
a h?oh arn valuable coi u lands.
Aiso tract dof-ignated by C ai d D on
plat drawn by the late Howell Edmund*,
D. S., containing together 262
acres, more <r lets, 1 uinded by said
1 creek or branch on the north, east by
; Boney, souih by W. T. Freeman,
and west by lands of Douglass and the
Colombia road.
On the following terms, to wit:
One-third cash, balance in two equal
annual instalments, secured by bond
of purchaser and mortgage of premises,
^ith interest from date, payable
annually, until the whole debt is paid,
j Purchasers to pay for papers.
1 Ex'or Mrc. Sarah E. Centre, dec'd.
11 \
?1*-LULU. ; J
New Books.
The Reign of Law?
By James Lane Allen.
The Sky Pilot? i
By Ralph Connor.
The Cardinal's Snuff Box.?
By Henry Harland.
Alice of Old Vincennes?
By Maurice Thompson.
By Mrs. Humphrey Ward.
Prisoner! of Hope?
By Mary Johnston.
Knights of The Cross?
By Henryk Sienkiewicz.
McMasler Ciw.1
! A FRIGANA will cxits s&d i
1 ^isavoaderfo^IiiTEfUediflfaie. ToA
fcL: -, _
my of These
an "Kidney
ill remedy for all forms of Liver ai
>me remarkable cures, is
n'vS Litlior
getable preparation and the only
e Dropsy and Gravel. Vaughn's Li
Ineys, restoring them to their norn
Cross K;
i for three years from Anasarea or general 1
idneys My physicians said that I could h
ortly after being tapped. Every tissue was
rtcn of a gallon was drawn from scrotum s
tthe time I began using Vaughn's Litho
nding fluid. I was unable to ge$ ony rest
[ have used eight bottles of Yaughn's Lit
ony business. I can n<"w ride my horse, a
h of my statement as you des>ire. I am glad
Yours truly,
K. J. BETSILL; Maj. 1
ites under date of Aug. 11,190^
tic has effected * permanent cnre. I have ]
the above symptoms write to the 1
MG CO., 45 So. Fifth Street,
ise you by letter in regard to yon
sent postpaid on receipt of j
Sheriff'3 Sale.
BY virtue of executions directed to
me, I have levied opon and will
offer for sale before the Court Hou?e
door in Winnsboro, within the legal
hours of sale, on the
next, to the highest bidder, the following
tract or parcel of land, to wit:
All that certain traet or parcel of
land containing J,
more or less, lying, being and situated
in the County of Fairfield, in the State
of South Carolina, and bounded on
the north by lands ef T. T. Lumpkin;
on the ea?tby lands belonging to estate
of John R. Pickett, deceased; on the
south by lands belonging: to the estate
of Boulwire or Scottish Loan Company,
and on the west by lands of
B. P. Boulware.
Levied upon as the property of
James C. Pickett at the suit ?f John
D. McCarley v?. James C. Pickett and
Thomas K. Elliott vs. James C.
Terms of Sale?Cash.
Sheriff's 33(o.
Solomon W. Flei6hman, Le*is Y.
M? rris and Seymour S. Straus*, coparlner?,
under the firm name of
Fleishman, Morris &O., P.alnMflfa,
L. M. Blair, individually, L. M. B'air
& O. and L. M. Blai doing business
as L. M. J51air & Co., Defendant*.
State of South Carolina, t
Cuuuty of Fairfield. $
Solomon W. Fleishman, Lewis Y.
Morri? and Seymour S. Sirauss, copartners,
under the firm t ame of
Fleishman, Morris k Co., Plaintiff*,
L-M. Blair,individually, L. M.Blair
& Co. and L M Blair, doing businesses
L. M. Blair & Co. Defendants.
State of South Carolina, ?
County of Fairfi9id. S
Solomon W. Fleishman, Lewis Y.
Morris and Seymoui W, Stru-s, copartners,
under the firm name of
Fleishman, Morris & Co., Tlaintiffi,
against /
I. J'. Blair, individually, L. M. Blair
& < o. and L. M. BUir, doing busi
i.ess as Li. ai. jsiair & uoM ueienriaut*.
Stale of South Carolina, ?
County of Fairfield. ?
Solomon W. Fleishman, Lewis T.
Morris rod Seymonr S. Strauss, copartners,'ander
the firm name of
Fleishman, Morris & Co., Plaintiff#,
L. M. Blair, individually, L. M. Blair
h Co. and L. M. Blair, doing business
as L. M. Blair & Co., Defendants.
Pursuant to executions issued to me
in the four above enticed action?, I
have levied upon and will offer for
saie before the Court House door in
Winnsboro, S. C., on the
next, within the legal hours of sale, at
public outcry, to the highest bidder,
the following described property, lo
All the stock of goods and merchandise
heretofore kepi in tbe storehouse
of the above named defendant
at Blair's, S. C. Also all the stock of
goods and merchandise heretofore
kept in the ^tore-house of ihe above
namr-i defendant at Strother, S. C.
The goods and merchandise levied
noon by me in the above entitkd ac
ions consists of a gei eral stock of
merchandise, dry good* and groceries.
The dry goods consists ol such things
ai boots, bats, cloth, clothing, etc.
Said property levied upon at the
snit of the aboro named p'oir.tiff
against the above 1 am d d<-fuudaii?.
Terms of Sale?Cash.
s R. E. ILLISON, S. " C.
Famishes Lumber, Bai.ding Materials
ot all kind?, and are contractor*
for brick or wood booses.
Their representative,
MR. J. M. McROY,
ic now in Winnat oro doi <a w.-rk for
the cotton mils h?i?? < rocing >everal
dwelling* in oku.
Information will h* sic-n hv \'r
McRoy at V iur.sboi.. 11 13 S n
HIII & A and WTilsJcoy HablU
IJ8g | gftjgjj cored a: heme trltbH
Wr B 8 1 NB1 ont D&la. Book of o*x
9j B I w l?8 Ucularssect FREE.
w Xtloato, tie- Office 1C4 It. tTjot St
Ot;wiv%+awid v I
oyiiijjLwino i
adache?-Pains Across
me of an Unnatural
Trouble." J
ad Kidney Complaint,
Ltriptic. " , If
medicine now in use
thoutriptic acts directaal
healthy condition . |
ETS, S? C., July 21, 1899.
Dropsy of the cellular tissue,
ist but a short time I was
5 completely filled and- satucverai
ntriotic, perfectly helpless,
or sleep except while under
hontriptic and am now cornthing
I had been nnable to
to give it, as some poor suf,8th
Reg. S. 0. Vo's 1860. j
/ 3
liad n return bo far, and am " .
Medical Director of
BroeMyn, Net M,
r especial case.
price, $i,oo a bottle.
X- .
a profusion
?s.' " " ??!
":r i
Hew Stales.
ETERY LINlfi now is iparklinj? With
bright new good*. The public
it cordially inrited to come in
and look around at any time,
without feeling under any obligations
to buy. Come and inspect
my lines when I am in
Winnsboro and Ridgeway. Ask
to soe erervthine.
"WI CABBY ODly high quality foods,
well made and well finished
whether plated or solid. That
is our hobby. They will wear.
WE CAN SUPPLY every want mid*
upon an up-to-date Jewelry
Store an here. We are thororonghly
informed at to erery '
detail in our business and ie
goods offered you art so food
for the money.
' j
OUB GUARANTEE mesas absolute
satisfaction to the ursr.
Under Tower Clock, Chester, S. C. ""X
; :
Land Sale.
, ' " - - ..-$1
60 aares on Oedar Creek, bounded
by lands of Coleman, McCorkle and >?
others. ....as!
205 acres, kuown as the "Fogg
Place," boanded by lands of Rich'd
Matcbett, Timbo Singleton, estate
L. A. Davip.
194 acres, known as the "Oliver
Sloan Place," bounded by lands ot
Ragsdale, Macfie and others.
140 acres known as the "Bolick
Place," boanded by lands of Williford,
Bolick and F. O. & F. Co.
643 acres, known as the "Boyd
Place," bounded by lands of H. B.'
Kefo, Patrick, Gerig and others.
S42 acres on Jackson Creek, boanded
by lands of W. M. Hardin, Ragedale
and D. Y. Timme.
iio acres iu ljuug lo * u seunuu, uun
occupied by W. T. Stewart.
Hoo8e and lot in towo of Winnsboro,
now occupied by Mr*. M. E. Sitgreaves.
I 1,166 acres, known as "Middlesix
and Wolfe Places," 2? miles from
2,000 acres, known as "Horsebrancb
Piace," 5 miles from Winnsboro.
288acre?, known as "Ford Plaoe,"
bounded by lands of P. Rion^ U. GDe?Portes
and otberf.
327 acre?, known as "Bones Place,"
bounded bv lands of W. H. Fleuni
ken, W. R. Doty, Wes Yoang and
968 acres io Township No. 4, 2 miles
from Winnsboro bounded by land* of
H. G. Wylie, "Middlesix," and "Bones
Unless disposed of at private sa!e
by Mr. T. K. Elliott, tbese lands willbe
offered at public sale before the
Court House in Winnsboro the first
Monday in December, 1900.
Terms: Ooe-foarih cash, balance in
five equal annual installments at 7 per
cent annual interest. No charge for
H. L. ELLIOTT. Admr.
A Desirable Place for Sale.
As attorneys for R. T. Blair, we
will sell tract of land containing ono
hundred acres, more or les?, being a
part of tbelandiof the estate of Dr.
Arledge, deceased, bonudcd by land*
of J. It (Jarlee, J. L. jkodiubop, mor.
Blair, George Powell and other*. Sale
to be made on or before the fir?t Monday
in November next. Title warranted.
For farther information apply
lOlJtd Attorney*.
wiA a fall st?ck ( Caskets, Barrel
Casts and C?fi?8, constantly a ami,
as> *f keaw ,wkca ret*eat??i.
f*r pa?t pat>*u*gr &*?i *oii?< ain?
t*r t '* tir fm'v*, in tie
14 ?>***
v* ?i? fcvara.
- W BLLIOTT m ??#>,
J. M, *LLK)TT Jfc C?,

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