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tHE "
T* News and Herald Co.
Tsar, ... 81.50
Six Moitka, . - .75
Wednesday, November 21 1900
Oar correspondent J. D. H. makes
some good suggestions, and while we
do not intend to ehborate them we
desire to add oar * endorsement to
them <?8 being on the rigbt lioe. As
to the pistol habit, what be says as to
the evil is all true; and the newspapers
have straggled bard to create
a sentiment against the evil practice
of carrying concealed deadly weapons.
We do not altogether take to the idea
of a detective. We never like a
regularly employed spy. Soon officer
might, of coarse, do his duty conscientiously
without malice or ill wil!
towards any, but the principle of the
plan has in itself an evil tendency. It
furnishes too tempting>n opportunity
for revenge or persecution. The best
way and .the only way to stop the
carrying of concealed weapons is for
*11 good citizens to put their foot down
on it, and let it be known that they,
not as employee ueiectives, uui iawabiding
citizens* intend to see the law
enforced. If those who condemn the
practice will support the law, the
evil can belstopped. They can create
a sentiment in favor of law and order.
As to the suggestion that the public
roads should be in charge of an experienced
Jcivil engineer we endorse
that without reservation, but the
people will have to be educated up to
it. In the first place, (be people of I
Fairfield County have never appre
dated how badly tbey need good
roads. The very first objection that
will be made to J. D. H.'s plan is that
the people are too poor to pay a
icientific engineer one -thousand dollars
per annum. Jast watch! An
experienced engineer wonld be cheap
at that, and we doubt whether the
services of a competent man could be
had for it, but possibly so. The point
Wq wish to make, though, is that the
people must first find out that the
county really mnst have good wads,
and then J. D. H. and all others who
now appreciate the value of good roads
must convince the people that tbey can
not get a good thing for nothing.
They must pay for it. We haTe no
doubt that ,J. D. H.'s suggestion has
been inspired by whatT he saw in
Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, and
other States, tbongb he doesn't say so.
He doobtles* noticed the splendid
turnpike roads, and be found that
Jan.is naturally do Detter loan me
beautiful lands along the Wateree
were selling for ten or perhaps twenty
times a* mucb, and be fonnd (bat these
same good ;roads had a great deal to
do with it. We need not go 60 far
from home to ascertain the same tbiog.
Mecklenburg county jast across the
State line in North Carolina furnishes
a strifcing example of what goosi roads
will do for agricultural ommnnitJe?.
Returning to the suggestion, we
need refer only briefly to the value
of an engineer. Oar roads are miserably
located. Tbey ought to be resurveyed,
and run with some regard
to the topography of the country. The
value of a good isngineer is obvious in
road construction. We are gJaa
J. D. H. has opened the discussion
and hope that others will follow.
A combiDe has been (formed by the
lumber companies, which control practically
all the pine timber in North
and South Carolina and Yirgini?.
Trusts :folIow close npon the election
of McKinley. When you want lumber
you will probably have to pay this
trust a good price for it. The great
fight in the future will be against
these trusts. They won in the last
election, and every victory makes
them stronger. The great daoger is
that the reaction 3gainst trusts, which
Zf% r? n'onfl mill 1qq/1 fri
UV4UU iv iaac niii ?V
socialism. The excuse generally given
for the formation is that it minimize
the cost of production. This argument
may be taken hold of by the people
and carried further. They may argae
that if private monopoly is a good
thing, public monopoly is better, and
that is the sum and substancc of socialism.
The logical" evolution of trusts
leads to socialism. It is strange that
trusts which are constantly labelling
policies as socialistic should them
selves be laying the foundation lor
Aftek a few more Iyuchings of
negroes in Northern State?, we hop e
that Northern newspapers willkcease
to lectnre the South. No one wili object
to tbeir condemning lynching in
general, but the South is tired of
attacks directed especially at this section.
Since the war between the States
the negores have gone to the North to
live, and recent events have shown
that they fare no better there than
here. Lynchings are deplored in tbe
South as much as in tbe North, and it
is time for the outrageous attacks on
this part of the country to cease. One
feature of the Colorado lynching shows
the difference between the civilization
of the two sections. It is said in the
reports that while women were not
actually present at the burning, they
were not far off. Southern women
would have been far off.
a rise in Standard Oil stock, 10 per
cent rise 02 beef, mntton and pork,
common table salt advat.cli.'g from
$1.20 to $1.50?all the acc mpli b
ment of the trusts in rrer to reimburse
themselves for campaTw- contri- 1
bations?are evidences of ibe kind of
prosperity under McKinley. How do
consumers like it?
Kiwi Yiu Kara Aiways Boaght
^ 1
"/ "*-?
We can understand how some peo-j
pie may b&ve opposed Mr. Br* an on !
account of his free silver viev?s in
1896 and how some people hare a
ague kind of idea that the so-called
exoansion Dolicr of the administra
tion means greatness to this country
and will give it great commercial importance
aDd wealth, but we can not
understand how theae people see any
benefit to the great masses in a Government
which permits the organization
of gigantic concerns which can
send up the prices of such necessaries
of life, as salt, mutton, beef and
pork. It is very easy to say that Mr.
Bryan appealed lo the passions of
men, bat if this artificial advance in
prices of things consumed by the
masses <-ha'.l continue to be possible at
the mere will of the trusts a far less
conservative leader will be fonnd
Oxe little incident 'of the election,
wbich the newspapers seem to hsve
overlooked, onght to be kepi before
those Republicans who had so much
to say abont the negro in tbe politics
of North Carolina aud other Southern
State?. It happened in Philadelpqia,
we believe; not in a Southern Stale,
remember. It appears that the negroes
thought that there was too much
delay in opening the polling booth,
and when they saw some wbite men
allowed to vote before themselves the
negroes made a rush for the poil*, and
quite a number of^hites and blacks
were wounded In tbe encounter. This
is all we care to say about it.
" y
Xo Place Like Fairfield?Some Good Suggestions
to our Representatives..
Mr. Editor: After my return from
the Louisville reunion and an exten-1
sire trip through Indiana, Arkansas,
Illinois, Missoari and the Lone Star
State, procrastination itole from me
some very fine resolutions of substituting
myself for my old and esteemed
friend Jennings, who was
conspicious for his absence, and thus
your readers were deprived of the annual
letter that he always wrote in re
gard to these trips, and I, as his sel fappointed
subutitute, will only say
that after my various trips over different
parts of the uoion and seeing the
many fine cities, rich lands, and fine
r.rnns thaf. f&binc evrvthin?r into con
r ? o "-rf o
sideration, there is no piace like old
South Carolina, and there are no finer
avenoes open for the various vocatioa6
of life than the old red bills of Fairfield
Bat, Mr. Editor, I am digressing
from my first intention and I will proceed
to.mention ihe ideastbatl hsve
in view and will net go into details of
either but casually mention them with
the hope that you may bring out some
discussion in yonr paper, and tbat cur
representatives will give both matters
their consideration and use their very
best efforts to remedy them through
The first matter is one that has been
discussed for >ears, and still there is
room for improvement?the road law.
Why not have the road law so amended
that it will read tbat all persons
liable for road duty shall perform so
many days work on the public highway
during the year instead of may
perform so many cUys work, aad
either dispense with the office of
supervisor or relieve him of lookiog
after the roads and ekct or appoint
ooe roadv commissioner, pa? him a
good salary?a thousand dollars if
necessary?and he most be a man of
experience with a g-><>d knowledge of
civil engineering (and ;1ih nquisits for
qualification ba ?o 6tipulared that no
one except' he possess the required
scientific knowledge need apply) and
give him not only supervision of the
chningang bat of all sections of lands
in ihe county and I am tatitfied she
results will be sood roads, and not
the apology for thtm that we now
Now tde next matter is in regard to
a law that is already on the statute
book but like a good many other laws
that public sentiment has never interested
itself in enoogb to -c?p that it is
executed, and it is one tu ihit h-.*
been widely discussed but ?? *i.scb
nr\ oilonnafo romor?v ihfln hp?"i hrmiohf
forward?that is the carrying of concealed
weapons?the ready pistol,
bowie-knife or razor that have caused
so mach bloodshed and misery and
furnish our courts with so much work
annually. Why not appoint two detectives
in each county, one white and
one colored, pay Ibem a nominal
salarv, sav $150 per annum, ^bicb
would be more than paid by fines, &c.;
and by the way, Mr. Editor, did it
ever occur to you that this habit is
confined mostly to young whites and
the young negroes; very few of the
older whites and ante-bellum darkies
carry them except for self-defence.
In conclusion, Mr. Editor, I think an
editorial from you on the subject
might bring out discussion and crystalize
some' idea that our representatives
might take some action upon.
I lonsr to see the McC and George
McM thort oat from Longtown to
Winnsboro completed, and to hear the
Elliott and McDonald whistle of the
engine on the Camden-Winnsboro
Railroad. That will develop the finest
part of Fairfield County on the Wste*
fee River and vicinity.
Longtown, Nor. 13, 1900.
J. D. L'.
Painful and Suppressed Menses, Irregularity,
Leucorrhoea, Whites, Sterility,
Ulceration of the Uterus, change
of life, in matron or maid, all find relief,
help, benefit and cure in JOHNSTON'S
SAESAPAEIL'LA. It is a real
panacea for all pain or headache about
the top or back of the head, distressing
pain in the left side, a disturbed
condition of digestion, palpitation of
the heart, cold hands and feet, nervousness
and irritation, sleeplessness,
muscular weakness, bearing-down
pains, backache, legache, irregular action
of the heart, shortness of breath,
abnormal discharges, with extremely
painful menstruation, scalding of urine,
swelling of feet, soreness of the breasts,
neuralgia, uterine displacement and
catarrh, and all those symptoms and
troubles which make the average woman's
life so miserable.
MCHI&JLX DSre CO., Detroit. Kick.
John H. JIcMaster & Co., Winnsboro,
S. C.; T. W. Woodward Jb Co., Rockton,
5. 0.; W. M. Patrick, Woodward, S. C.:
T. G. Patrick <Sr Co., White Oak, S. C.
We are having some real cold
weather now; coming as it does after
such remarkably warn weather makes
us feel it mach more sensibly than we
would were it otherwise.
Farmers have abeut finished harvesting
their crops; some scattered
j cotton jet remains to be picked; this,
| however, will not amount to much, as
I the recent freeze destroyed the much
anticipated top crop. Crops, generally
speaking, were very poor in this
section; especially was this the case
where the hail storm prevailed daring
the summer; below the hail-stricken
belt, ia Lower LoD^town, the crops
are better.
The advance in the price of cotton
is certainly a ioarce of great gratification
to the farmers. Notwithstanding
the loss in yield, they have been
enabled by toe advance in price to
moot irtot rwklioral irma nnrl ir>
many instances have cleared money.
There has been more grain sown in
this section than ha? been the case
before in years. A greajt deal more
will be put in yet.
Rev. J. L. Freeman preached three
excellent sermons at the chapel last
week. He preached Friday night,
Saturday and Saturday night. Notwithstanding
the cold weather, a great
many attended the meetings and manifested
considerable interest. We believe
and trust that much good has
been accomplished.
Mrs. Weir, of ?iast Wateree, i6
visitins: her daughter, Mrr. J. (J.
Mias Ida Wylie, of East Wateree,
visited her cousin, Miss Jennie Gladden,
some time since.
Mr. L T. Wilds, of Colombia, is in
this section on busines*.
There will be an oyster sapper at
the residence of Mr. David W. Tidwell
on Thanksgiving night, November
29;h. Cake and lemonade wiiJ
also be served. Tne proceeds will go
to pay for de?ks for the Bryant school
house. All are cordially invited to
aC tit:
iur. xitiicy oi.cnait, ui fiiuuouutu,
visited relatives and friends iu this
sectioo last week.
The Bryant school is progressing
nicely nnder the efficient management
of Miss Fannie Lee Ford.
The Lo-iajtown school is in a flourishing
condition under the able management
of Miss Nettie Brice, of
The school on the river, near Mr.
Poovey's, is being taught by Miss
Ellison, of Winnsboro.
Longtown is getting to be quite a
city. We now have seven stores, we
believe, viz.: Messrs. Ww. Simpson,
R. C. Reeves, W. W. Matffeeon, J. D,
Harrison, I>vi Moore, Walter Mellicbamp,
J. J. McEacberri Now for
the railroad and we'll have a long city.
McKlnlev has been re-elected. We
are awaiting J he arrival of prosperity
and the full dinner pail.
Nov. 17, 1900. D. H. E. ^
His Life Was Saved.
Mr. J. E. Lilly, a prominent citizen
of Hannibal, Mo., lately had a wonderfal
deliverance from a frightful
death. In telling of it he eays: "I
wss taken with Typbod Fever, that
ran into Pneumonia." My lungs became
hardened. I was so weak I
couldn't even ?it np in bed. Nothing
helped me. I expected to soon die of
Consumption, when I heard of Dr.
King's New Discovery. One bottle
gave great relief. 1 continued to use
it; and now am well and strong, I
can't say too much in its praise." This
marvellous medicine is the sorest and
qnickest cure in the world for all
Throat and Lun? Trouble. Regular
tizes 50 cents and $1 00. Trial bottles
free at McMaster Co.'s drng store;
every bottle guaranteed.
"Indianapolis telephone subscribers
have made arrangempnts^with the
centra] cffise to have their telephone 1
bell act as an alarm clock," says Popular
Sfc'encf. "Orders have been lett
there for the purpose, and the manager
has a regular scbedale of calls from
4 30 to 7.30 a. m. Persons who wish
t<> take early trains ont of town leave
fider* with the manager, and there is
no danger of musing their trains. It
has aito frequently happened that a
subscriber haa left word to be called
at one-hour or two-hour intervals during
the night where he has had to take
medicine, and much inconvenience and
worry has been saved thereby."?Literary
"I have used Chamberlain's Colic,
nhnlAra ?nrt Diarrhrei Remedv and
find it to be a great mediciDe," says
Mr. E. S. P&ipps, of Poieau, Ark.
"It cared me of bloody flox. I cm*
not speak too highly of it." This
remedy always wins the gocd opinion,
if not praise, of those who use it.
The quick cures which it (fleets e?en ;
in the most severe cases make it a
favorite every where. For sale by McMaster
Co., druggist?.
fif fcr Wome:i\|
v i Af/ \rr\<< rij?Tf/v?c) W
SX Are you completely exhausted? r|
i? Do you suffer every month? !
g If you answer "yes" to any of p
1 these questions, you have ills which '
Wine of G?rdui cures. Do you \
appreciate what perfect h^Jth would '
be to you? A^er taking Wine of k
Cardui. thousands like you have real- I
ized it. Nervous strain, loss of sl?? rp, 1
cold or it.dioreition star's menstrual H
disorders tL.t are not noticeable at a
u r* 4. i j . . ? f _ n
iirst. pu: c-.y ay ?-y ^ ... iy o-row
into troubl-some complications ^'ine
of Cardui, used just beforr tiii menstrual
period, will k: ? the lzcr.de
system in pcrfect condition. This
medicine is taken quietly at Lome.
There is nothing like '? to help
1-women enjoy good health. It costs
only $1 to test this remedy, which is
endorsed by 1,000,000 cured women.
Mrs. Lena T. Fricbcrg, cost St Louis, ?
HL, says: "I ara physically a new
woman, by reason of my use of Wine of g
Cardi? and Thedford's black Draught-" 5
In cases requiring special directions, ad- I
Cress, giving symptoms," rhe Ladies' Adylv K
ory Department," The Chattanooga. Medi- H
cine Co., Chattanooga, Tenn.
^*^rtttt ,v, .nil
frMliiMBMl J
| ;..^:i. ./ , ..iv..^...;i:..--..j h ..i ^.i ;;. .
. ' !. ' ' ~'"r^V" ~:T~~i ' ] *
^Vegetable Preparationfor As- 11
il siMatingttieFoodaifdfiegula- '?
Ung the Stomach and Bowels of H
Promotes Digeslion.Cheerful- 1
: nessandRest.Containsneilher M
Opium.Morphme nor "Mineral. J
Not Narcotic.
Tbape of Old \DrSA14UEL PITCHER l'||
Pumplun Seed'' \ llffij
/llx.Sinna RocktlU
$a/w - 1
Aaite Seed ? !
fb&erttwtl - >
Bi Cw{Kj)uU~Svdz * I SSfS
Haiti Se*d - I
Clarified St !.jcr I "ilE
Yrintayrrer. J ;Sg
ij Aperfcc! Horr??3ily fosTonslipa- Jl I
J Fion. Sour Spinach, Diarrhoea fsj
'j Wurr.is .Convulsions .Feverish- 'M
Ij. ncss and Less of Sleep, m
Jjj Fc.cSurulc S^nalurc of
J ^v'TORK. p
L Jy
gaBgawSr-gg MKaaaggg
CorpuI Marsha] Ilalstead writes
from Birmingham, August 3-071900:
Under the caption "An' anecdote
and i moral," Sell's Commercial Intelligence
condenses in the following
shape a London Daily Chronicle funny
fetory "showing how a firm of British
merchants were heater by foreigners
inconsequence of fuppljing a superior
"A prominent firm of London clock
manufacturers recently discovered
mat a rival ijrerman company were
doing a large trade in cheap olock3
which were sent ont to the west coast
of Sooth Africa. Tbey got hold of a
sample and. finding that there was a
heavy profit on the sale, invested a
large snm of money in making a better
article, thousands of which were shipped
to the same mat kef. Sales were
very slow, while the inferior German
production sold freely. Finally the
explanation came. Savageslike noise.
The clocks made by the original exporters
had a particularly floud and
aggressive tick. The imitators made a
better clock; but it was almost noiseless,-and
the savages would have none
of it. The remedy was simple. The
next shipload that was despatched by
the English firm were of vile construction,
but ticked loud ecough to wake
the Seven Sleepers, and the natives
were delighted. Tha3 was virtue unrpOT?rf?pri.
while astntencss was load
ed with good IbiDgs."
Thousands Have Zidney Trouble
and Don't Know it.
Ho-w To Find Out.
Fill a bottle or common glass with your
water and let it stand twenty-four hours; a
0 , A-?I. s^iment or setil?Vv]j
indicates an
^^<$^772) unhealthy condirn/A/
[ \ U neys; if it stains
y?ur i'nen ***s
11 ^ \ fjrC^J^u evidence of kidjOd
\ \l (fj n?y trouble; too
^TVv^J}/ o frequent desire to
**_?pass it or pain in
the back is also
convincing proof that the kidneys and blad
der are out of order.
"What to Do.
There is comfort in the knowledge so
often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's SwampRoot,
the great kidney remedy fulfills every
wish in curing rheumatism, pain in the
back, kidneys, liver, bladder and every part
of the urinary passage. It corrects inability
to hold water and scalding pain in passing
it, or bad effects following use of liquor,
wine or beer, and overcomes that unpleasant
necessity of being compelled to go often
during the day, and to get up many times
during the night. The mild and the extra-,
ordinary effect of Swamp-Root is soon
realized. It stands the highest for its wonderful
cures of the most distressing cases.
If you need a medicine you should have the
best. Sold by druggists in 50c. and$l. sizes.
You may have a sample bottle of this
wonderful discovery
and a book that tells
more about it, both sent
absolutely free by mail,
address Dr. Kilmer & Home of Swaaip-Root.
Co., Binghamton, N. Y. When writing mention
reading this generous offer in this paper.
State of Sonth Carolina, ?
County of Airfield. 5
the highest bidder before the Court
House at Winnsboro on the FIRST
being the 3rd day of saidmonth, the
unsold portion of land belonging to
the estate af Mrs. Sarah E. Center,
situate, lying and b?ing in the County
and Stateafcrepaid.fowit: The Hoase
tract, containing 362 6-10 acres, more
or less, bounded north and west by
A. F. Ruff and Smitb, east by Haitbcocfe
and W<v>ten, south by Little
Cedar Creek or Boney's Branch, on
which are valuable corn lands.
Also tract designated by C and D on
plat drawn by the late Howell Edmund?,
D. S., containing together 232
acres, more < r lef-s, bounded by said
creek or branch on the north, east by
C. Bcney, sonih by W. T. Freeman,
and west by landa of Douglass and tt?
Colombia road..
On the following terms, to wit:
One-third cash, balance in two equal
annnal instalments, secured by bond
of purchaser and mortgage of premises,
with interest from date, payable
nntil thf? whnlf> debt is naid.
Purchasers lo pay for papers.
Ex'or Mrs. Sarah E. Centre, dec'd.
A DesiraWe Place for Sale.
As attorneys for R. T. Blair, we
will eel! tract of land contsiDing olo
hundred acres, more or less, being: a
part of the lands of ihe rstate of Dr.
Arledge, deceased, hounded by lands
of J. R Curlee, J. L. Robin*ot?, Thop.
Blair, lionrge rowen ana omer?. saie
to be niA?1e on or before the first Monday
in November next. Title warranted.
For farther information ap- '
ply to
10 13td Attorney?.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the J ?
Signature .
of w
ft In
(Tr "SB
if For Over
Thirty Years
MMW i Vltin
John H. McMaster, as Administrator, et
als., vs. Mary M. Boulware, Maggie McMaster
et als.
IN pursuance of an order of the Court ol
Common Pleas, made in the above
stated case, I will offer for sale, before the
Court House door in Winnsboro, S. C., on
next, within the legal hours of sale, at
public outcry, to the highest bidder, the
following described property, to wit:
1. All that certain piece, parcel or tract of
i 3 l.-: T
lauu, iyuig? ueiUK ?tuu bibuau; m mc
County of Fairfield and State of South
Carolina, containing
more or less, and bounded on the north
and east by the public highway known as
the Chester road; on the south by lands of
the estate of Mrs. Jane Bryson, deceased;
on the west by lands of the estate of Mrs.
Jane Bryson, 'deceased, and Samuel Catheart,
the said tract of land being known
as the Home place.
(2.) Also all that certain tract lying,
situate and being ihn te County and State
aforesaid, containing
more or less, and bounded on the north by
lands of Samuel Cathcart and H. L.
Elliott; on the east by lands of H. L. Elliott
and H. B. Refo; on the south by the
public highway known as the Chester
road and by lands of Samuel Cat heart, the
said tract being known as the Moore place.
' (3.) Also all that certain lo'-, lying and
being in the County of Fairfield, in the
town of Winnsboro, in the State aforesaid,
together with the buildings and outb uiidings
tbereon, containing about Two Acres,
more or less, and bounded on the north
by lot of D. J. Macaulay; on the east by
Walnut street; on the south by Washington
street and by lot of Mrs" E B. McMaster,
and on the west by Zion street.
(4.) Also ..?! 'Int. certain lot .lying, situate
and being iu the town of WiBnsboro,
in the County and State aforesaid, on
which the drug store stands, fronting on
Congress street, and bounded on the north,
east and south by 1 ts belonging to the
plaintiff, J. R. McMaster, and on the west
by the said Congress street.
One-third of the purchase money to be
paid in cash, the "balance in two equal
annual instalments from the day of sale,
with inserest from the day of sale at e'ubt
per cent per annum, to be secured by the
bond or bonds of the purchaser or purcha
ers, and by mortgages of the premises
sold, or for all cash at the option of the
purchasers. The premises to be s Id as
separate tracts or parcels as described
in the complaint. The tract of
one hundred and eighty acres as surveyed
by C. S. D wight, surveyor, which was
heretofore ordered to be sold, having not
been sold as ordered, will now be sold in
a 4-V*t\ TTatma nf trrVi/iVi if
forms a part. The purchaser to pay for
all necessary papers, for stamps and recording
Clerk's Office, C. C. C. P. F. C.
Winnsboro, S. C ; November 10,1990.
J. F. McMastcr Plaintiff, vs. James
Henderson and others, Defendants.
IN pursuance of an order of the
Court of Common Pleas, made in
the above stated case, I will offer for
sale, before the Court House door in
Winnsboro, S. C., on tue
next, within the legal hours of sale, at
public outcry, to the highest bidder,
the following described property, to
All that piece, parcel or tract of
land, lying and situate in the County
and State aforesaid, containing
more or less, and bounded on the
i or:h by lands of Pra?tou Rion, on the
east by lands belonains: or formarly
belonging to Charles Henderson and
vv'y 1 ie J. Davis, decease.!, on the south
by lands belonging or formerly belonging
hi Martha J. Henderson and
Am ie Durl.-m. d^ceaeed, aad on the
west bv latjcs < f William Simpson,
being a part of the tract of land con- 1
veyed to .=ai' Charles Henderson and '
Ran'Orn Durham by L. W. Doval,
by deed teiring date 3rd March, 1873,
and now known as the Ransom Durham
place 1
O. a third rnsh. fhf> halanr.H in tveo
equal onnual instalments from day of
( a:e, with interest irotn day of sale at (
eighr per cent per annnm, to be se- i
cored by the bond of purchaser and
mor ?^e of the premises sold, or for
r.'l c - ti the option 01 ih? pntcha^er.
r topay for all neccj-sarp papers,
tor revenue stamps and for re?
cording. R. G. JENNINGS,
Clerk's Offic?, C. C. C. P F. 0.
WinDSboro, S. (J., Nov. 12,19C0.
11-13-d 1
L Special A^ent of tbe Equitable
Life At-snrance Society for Winnsboro '
and vicinity is opened to a man of *
sr?>od eharac er and ability. A valuable
contact, carrying renewals, will
tVio ricl.t man Arldrons.
UC 1" w ?"l
VV. J. RODDEY, M?r., Reek Hill,
S. C. 9-15 d
The ^
nr*i T*V A i T Y~\ *nr\ T\r
ine rKiA is, as
Other bicyles were awa
tion," 'but there was on
The Bicycle I
ailed to win the first pi
ing to a
Fixed i
a mm*
joraan & l.
M. Alice Black vs. Isaac Lewis.
IN pursuance of aa order of the Court of
Comn>on Pleas, mads in the above
stated case, I will offer for sale, before the
Court House door in "Winnsboro, S. C., on
next, within the legal .hours of sale, at
public outcry, to tha highest bidder, the
following described property, to wit:
All that piece, parcel or tract of land,
situate, lying and being in the County of
Fairfield and State aforesaid, containing
more or less, and bounded by iands of
Alfred M. Black (Homestead), Mrs. M. K
Harrison, Jno. B. Ross and C. F. Frick,
ceing the land conveyed by Marion M.
Smith; conveyed to her by J. D. McCarley,
Sheriff of the County of Fairfield, by deed
beari g date the t ird day of January,
1887, and by said Marion M. Smith conveyed
to M. Alice Black by deed bearing
date the 23rd day of March, 1887, and re
corded in the office of the R. M. C. for
Fairfield County, S. C., in Book ''A. C.,"
page zoz.
One-half cash and the balance in one
year; the credit portion to be secured by
bond and mortgage of premises sold. Purchaser
to pay for all necessary papers and
for recording same and for necessary
revenue stamps.
Clerk's Office, C. C. C. P. F. C.
Winn?boro, S. 0., November 10,1900.
Thomas R. McGahan & Co. v?. W.
Butler Estes et als.
IN pursuance of an order of the
Court in the above stated cause, I
will offer f?r sale to the highest biditiA
IJ AP? na
within the legal hours of sale, on the
next., the following described real estate,
to wit:
(1) All that certain tract, piece or
parcel of land, situate, lying and being
in the County of Fairfield and State
aforesaid, containing
more or less, and bounded by lands
now or formerly owned by William
Yongue, lands of Mrs. Fannie C. Wallace,
lands of Mrs. Trotti, and lands
of Sallie Jackson.
(2.) Also all that certain other piece,
parcel or tract of land, lying, being
and situate in the County of Fairfield
and State aforesaid, containing
more or less, and bounded by lands
u? r> v
now or lurmeriy owueu uv mi e. ?. x i
Owens, land9 of Moses Clowney, deceased,
lands of James L. Richmond
and laods of James Tamer.
(3.) A'sd ail of that certain piece,
parcel or tract of land, lying, being
and situate in the County of Fairfield
and State aforesaid, containing
more or less, lying on the west fork of
Little River, a'ndbonuded on the north
by lands of Mrf. T. D. Owens and
S*. S. Coleman; on the east by lands ot
the estate of Mrs. Jane Hemphill, deceased;
on ihe south by lands of Mrp.
Sarah Stevenson, and on the we%t by
lands of James JB. Turner.
(4.) Also all that certain other piece,
narcel or tract of land, lvinff, being
and situate in County of Fairfield atid
State of oouth Carolina, containing
more or less, and bounded on the
uorth by lands of the estate of ?
Means; on tbe east by lands of 'f. D.
Feaster, now deceased; on tbe west
by lands of the estate of ? Means, deceased,
aD<3 on the south by lauds of
T D. Feaster, now deceased.
(5.) Also ail that certain other piece,
parcel or tract of land, iyinsr, being
and situate in the County of Fairfield
and State aforesaid, containing
mox'0 or less, and bounded on tbe north
by lands of 3. E. Yongue; on tbe east
bv lands of R. E. Yongue and Mrs.
F. C. Yongue; on the west by land?
of T. D. Feaster, novr deceased, and
on tbe south by lands of J. M. Yongue.
One-third of tbe purchase money to
be paid in cash on tbe day of sale, and
the balance thereof on a credit of ODe
and two years in two equal annual instalments,
wilh interest thereon from
d*y of sa'e, payable annually, until
tbe wbole debt and interest be paid, to
be secured by tbe bond or bonds of the
pnrchaser or purchasers and mortgage
or mortgages of the premises respectively
so sold, and the purchaser or
Durchasers to pay for all necessary
papers and the recording of the sune,
inciading revenue stamps, or all cash
at tf e option of the pcrchatcrs respectively.
N"V. 10, 1900. t\ C. P..F. <J
pritb x fail stock of Caskots, Buri* 1
* an k.nJ '
ALiU VVIUH*) V.VK9I MMLi j W? am y
lad isi of hears.- wkei rtftestML 1
Fhankf ul f*r past pa'?r?Hij? aa4 i?Ii?iati&n
for * ikare is tke fctftre, is tfca 1
i]j atasd !
*a}^s afto??l?j U a: al! k*tr?.
-Ffl? JKjLI#TT *? SI#P,
4-17-ly ?
Haa been a\
~ PHIZ in c
other Ame]
rs Exposn
its name signifies, the Grand
irded gold, silver and bronze n
ly one grand prize and the Coli
las been in many industrial e:
ace whenever and wherever awa
Standard of Exce
)avis, Agts.wir
, \ county of fairfield.
[ Susan 0. Qaaltlebaum vp. Mary Epps
JN pursuance of an order of the
Court of Common Pleas, made in
j the above stated case, 1 will offer foj
?sale, before the Court House door in
Winnsboro, S. C., on the.
next, within the legal hours of sale, at
public outcry to the highest bidder,
the following described pooperty, to
All that certain piece or tract ot
land, lvinsr. being and situate in and
Dear the town o? Ridgeway, in the
County of Fairfield and State aforesaid,
more or less, bounded by lands of
Jno. A. DeaPortt-s, R. S. DesPortes,
James Hartin, Robert Robertson,
Thomas Bines Coleman, MarsLall McEachern,
and the old Colombia road,
and baying such special metes and
boundaries as are represented by a plat
dated ? day of Octoher, 1895, by
C. t?. Dwight, C. E., made by bim
Irom a plat bv M. A. M. Legge, dated
8th July, 1843, and other old papers
relating te lands of the estate of James
B. Coleman, deceased, being the same
tract devised to Mary Epps Kennedy
(me) by her (my) deceased father,
James B.-^Kennedy, deceased, except
two acres on which the dwelling house
now occupied by myself (Mary Epps
Kennedy) is located, frontiDgone acre
on 8:h Avenue, and running westwardly
two acres back, the same being
One. third of the purchase money to
be paid in cash on the day of sale, and
the balance on a credit one and two
years, in two equal annual instalments,
Mith inieie3t thereon at eight per cens
per annibm from the day of sale, interest
payable annually until the whole
debt and interest be paid, to be secured
by the bond of the purchaser
and a mortgage of the premises sold,
or all cash at the option of the purchaser.
The purchaser to pay for all necassary
papers, iuclnaiDg revenue
stamps, and for recording papers.
If the perchaser fails to comply with
the terms of such sale, the said Clerk
may resell said premises at any subsequent
salcsdav on the same term*, at
the risk of such purchaser, without
application to the Court.
Clerk's Office, C. C. C\ P. I. C.
Winnsborp, S. C., Nov. 12, 1900.
11-13 id
Sheriff's Sslo.
Solomon W. Fleishman, Lewis Y.
Morri? and Seymonr S. Straus?, copartners,
under the firui name of
Fleishman, Morris &Co., Plaintiffs,
L. M. Blair, individually, L. M. Blair
& Co. and L. M. Blai-\ doing business
a8 L. M. Biair & Co., Defendant?.
State of South Carolina, ?
County of Fairfield. $
Solomon W. Fleishman, Lewis Y.
Morris and Seymour S. Strauss, copartners,
under the firm name of .
Fleishman, Morris & Co., Plaintiff#,
L. M. Blair, individually, L M. B)iair <
& Co. and L M Biair, doing business
as L. M. Blair & (Jo. Defen- i
dants. (
State of South Carolina, ? j
County of Fairfield. $ 1
Solomon W. Fleishman, Lewis Y. '
Morris and Seymour W. Struts, co- j
partners, under the firm name of ,
Fleishman, Morris & Co., Plaintiffs, l
L. M. Blair, individually, L. M. Blair
& Co. and L. M. Blair, doiosr business
as L. M. Blair & Co., Defen
Stale of South Carolina,)
County of Fairfield. )
Solomon W. Fleishman, Lewis Y.
Morris rnd Seymour S. Strauss, copart
ners, under the firm name of
Fleishman, Morris & Co., Plaintiffs,
L. M. B!air, iudividualiy, Tj. M. Dlair
& Co and L. M. Blair, doing business
as L. M. B'a'r & (>., Defen- ]
Pursuant to executions it-sued to itip
in the four above entitled action-1, I
have levied upon mid will offer (or
sale before (he Court House door in
Winnsboro, S. C , on the *
oext, wilhin the legal hours of sale, at
public outcry, to the highest b:dder,
ihe following described property, t<>
wit: - J
All the stock of good*: and merchandise
heretofore kept in the storehouse
of the above named defend*! t
ht Blair's, S. ('. Also all the stock of
?nods and merchandise here-to fore i
kept in the store-house of the nbove
named defendant at Strother, S C. V
The goods and merchnndise levied
apon by me in the above entitUd actions
consists of a general stock ot
merchandise, dry goods and groceries,
rhidty eoods consist* of such thing*
at. hnnto hftfo. r>.!nth. clnthinor. pfr.. t
-w wwwj -?-7 ? 7 ? " ??a? _
Said prooertv levied npon at the
snit ?.f the ab v-t named plointiff
3?a -1 ibc ab v?> t-amtd defendant. (
T rms of Sa'e -Casb.
ll-10td v
A FRICATSA will cure Khenmarirn and
Scrofula. tP SUj Cared.
- J3PS
- ~~ : Wm
#arded^he &R AND .
ompetition with all ^
rican bicycles atthe W*r^
ION. . 1
Prize?the highest award.
nedals and "honorable menumbia
won it.
cpositiens and it has never
rds have been made accord
insboro, S. C.
Sheriff's Sale.
BY virtue of execution1} directed to :M
me, I have levied opon aDdwill
fol/i kflfnra ftio p/^nrf ttaiico
ivi oato ugiviv 1UV wut v aavmw
door in Winnsboro, within ihe legal
boars of sale, on the
next, to ihe highest biddci, the follow- 3
ing tract or parcel of land, to wit:
All fh.f retain tract or parcel of ^
j i.u coiiu.i in<j 4 "-3
m >re less, lying, being^and sitaated iu
the Connty of Fairfield, in the State
of South Carolina, and bounded on
the north by lands of T. T. Lumpkin;
on the east by lands belonging to estate
of John R. Pickett, deceased; on the
south by lands belonging to the estate .JM
of Boulwire or Scottish Loan Company,
and on the west by lands of N ; :; J|
P I? Rrtnl aro rex
Levied upon as the property of
James C. Pickett at the suit ?f John * '
D. McOarley vt. James C. Pickett ancf ^
Thomas K. Elliott/-vs James ~C.
Terms of Sale?Cash.
11 10td R* E" ELLIS0N* S-F CMortgagee's
Sale. -?'^3
As agent for M. M. Frazter, mortgagee,
and by virtue of a certain chattel
mortgage dated 28th day of June,
A. D. 1900, and recorded in Book T
of Chattle Mortgages in the office of
the Clerk of the Court for Fairfield
Conntv. executed bv L. M. Blair and
delivered to 51. M. Frazier, I will offer
for sale on tbe first Monday iu December
next, before tbe Court Hoose
door' in Winnsboro, witbin the legal
bonrs of sale, at public outcry to tb8 . /43S
highest bidder: So ranch of the stock
of goods of L. M. Blair situated at
Blair'?, S. C., and Strother, S. C., con- ~
sitting of dry goods, notjons,, grocer- -x
ies, hardware, boots, shoes,11 &c., as
were in the possession of the said
L. M. Blair on the 28tb June, 1905,
the date of tbfi execution and deliverv
of saiil mortgage.
Terms of pale?Cash.
R E. ELLISON, S. F. C., { W
Agent for M. M. Prazier, Mortgagee. ;
ll-10td J
By S.R JOHNSTOJS, Esq., Judge FfotxOe
WHEREAS, Major T. W. Brice
hath made suit to me to grant
him letters of administration of the ^
estate and effects of Rev. R. D. Perry,
deceased: - Jjgwj
These are theief..re to cite and admonish
all and singular the kindred and
creditors of the said Rev. R. D.'.
Perry, deceased, thit they be and appear
before me, in the Court of Probate,
to be held at Fairfield Court
House, South Carolina, on the 16th ;Jf|
day of November next, sifter publication
hereof, at 11 o'clock in the fo.enoon,
to show cause, if any ihey have,
Tirh^ ff>A finid Arlminisf ration shnnlri
not be granted.
Given under my hand this Slot day
of October, Anno Domini 1900.
ll-l-x2 Judge of Probate.
Letters of Administration.
By S.B. JOHNST0N,E&q.,Probated udge:
TTJHEKEAS, R.' G. Brice Iiatb made
Vt suit to me to grant him letters)f
administration of the estate and efjcts
of Thomas P. Mitchell, deceased:
These are, therefore, to cite and admonsh
all and singular the kindred and
creditors of the said Thomas P. MitchsU,
deceased, that they be and appear be"ore
me, in the Court of ProDate, to
Je held at Fairfield Court House, S. C.,
tbe26tbday of November next, after ?
publication hereof, at 11 o'clock in the .is
forenoon, to show cause, if any they-, h ,ve.
ivhy the said administration should not
:e granted.
Given under my hand, this I Oth day ol
N'ovembsr, Anno Domini 1960. S.
ll-13-2t Judge of Probate
Inventory of- si
For Sale.
" >-w
Drugs and Medicines, Dyes,
Patents and Toilet Articles,
Tooth and Kair
Brushes, Pocket Books
tnd Purses, Pocket Knives,
Razors and Razor Straps,
Cigars and Tobacco,
(Chewing and Smoking), % ;
^amps and Lamp Goods, - p.|
Paints, Oils, Varnishes,
Window Glass and Putly.
If you see anything on this
ist that suits you come and
vp will hp or]ad to serve vnu.
? ^ V ^
Stationery, Pens, Inks and
51ank Books of all the kinds.
Don't forget the date?AT
I. Il> lVlV^lYidOLC/l
& Co.,
' ^

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