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Wednesday, November si, law
Fresh Chipped Beef.
Fresh Corned Beef.
New Tomatoes, 3 cans for 25c.
Fine Syrups of all kinds.
Fresh Oatmeal, 10c per package.
Cabbage, Onions and Irish Potatoes.
All goods delivered.
?Read administrator's notice.
?Read the "warn" advertisement
of Dr. Folk published elsewhere
?Fifiy carpenters wanted al the
Fairfield Cotton Mill?. See advertisement.
_-Trief received!?A new lot Of
ready-to-w*&r hats?popular shapes?
in all colors, at
Mrs. McCarley's.
DeWitt's Little Early Risers are the
best liver pills erer mads. Easy to
take and never gripe. McMaster Co.
?Hennies, the photegrapner, of
Columbia, will be in Winnsboro Mondao,
November 26th, for one week
?Rev. Mr. Tillinghast, rector of
St. Stephen's church, Ridgewav,
preached in the church of the Good;
Shepherd, Columb:i, on Sunday.
?There was every indication on
Saturday of snow, but fortunately
none fell, and the temperature rising
considerably on Sanday caused a
heavy shower Sunday afternoon.
When you want prompt acting little
novpr crioa use DeWilt'e
Little Early Risers. McMaster Co.
?Mrs. A. G. Russell, Nashville,
Tenii., writes: Dr. Moffett's Teethixa
(Teething Powders) is the greatest
blessing to teething children that the
world has ever known.?adv.
?The friends of Mr. and Mrs. J. P.
Caldwell will regret io bear that their
little daughter, Marie, is sick with
diphtheria. It i* not thought that
her case is serious and it is hoped that
the little girl will soon recover
Both makers and circulators of
counterfeits commit fraud. Honest
men will not dece ve you into buying
worthless cocn.erfeits of DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve. The original is
inlallible for curing piles, sores, eczema
and all skin diseases. McMaster
~ ?The Southern Railway has an
- " nounced mat it win carry an agnuuuural
exhibits to tbe Charleston exposition
frea of charge. This will enable
every farmer who has anything worth
exhibiting ^to send it to Charleston.
^ ? Cards are out announcing tbe
marriage of Miss ;Marion, daughter of
Mr. r Pierre Cnttino Mellichampe, to
Mr. John Hugh McMaster, on Thursday
afternoon, November 29th, at halfpast
four o'clock at Ridgeway Baptist
Theri) is no pleasure in life if you
dread going to the table to eat and
can't rest at night on account of indigestion.
Henry Williams, of Boon ille,
Ind., says he suffered that way
for years, till be commenced the use
of Kodol Dyspepsia Cure, and add?,'
"Now I can eat*anything I like and
all I want and sleep soundly every
night." Kodol Dyspepsia Care will
digest what you eat." McMaster Co.
l ^ - mm. 8. a. Bovleston is expecting |
her grandson, Mr. Samael Bcyleston,
to visit h8r soon. Mr. Boylestoo, it
will be remembered, served through
the South African war in the Boer
army, his sympathies haying been enlisted
for these people during a stay
in Johannesburg.'
?Some of the Fairfield boys at the
South Carolina College have attained
considerable prominence in football
affairs. Mr. Chap. Jennings has been
clected captain ot the sophomore footballWro,
and Mr. Herbert Raff, of
Ridgeway, has been elected manager
of the freshman team.
DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve will
qaickly neal the worst burns and
scalds and not leave a scar. It can be
applied to cuts and raw surfaces with
prompt ana soothing effect, use it
for piles and skin diseases. Beware
of worthless counterreit*. jacm&Mer
?Henoies, the photographer, makes
ail eize3 and styles of photos. 6 nic9
photos for 35c. Hia 6 lor 7oc. are
beauties. Remember, Heunnies will
be ia Wiunsboro Monday, November
26tb, for one week only.?adv.
^ ?Mr, J. E. McDonald became a
Mystic Shriner ou Wednesday night,
being initiated along with forty-six
other candidate?. To Sbriuers, who
have been in session in Columbia,
wouud up their meeting with a splendid
banquet on Wednesday eight.
?The bhower of stars which some
astronomers predicted for Thursday
night did not materialize, or rather
was not visible here. Not much fai.h
was put in the prediction of the
s'a&wer as all the ardor and enthusiasm
over the subject was effectually cooled
by the disappointment of last November.
?The A. It- Presbyterian states that
Rev. J. T. Chalmers is tbiuking of
: spending the winter in Mexico if bis
strength is suffi'ient tor the long journey.
Mr. Chalmers has been "in ill
health for some tli^e and a winter in
the delightful climate of Mexico
would doubtless prove beneficial to
?As Christmas approaches the price
of ejrgs, which^bas been mutually
high this fall, has goue up still higher,
and 25 cents a dozen is the pricc
usually *?sked. Eggs have been very
scarce and :he scarcity caused the rise
in price, but now that they have become
more plentiful the prioe is
? A Laiicasrter tarmer nas me aonor
ot having wade the largest yield tf,
sweet potatoes iu the State. The
Lai.caster Review in the last issue
states that this farmer, Mr. J. F.
Ferguson, made 78 bcshels on 1-8
of an acre, at d say* also that the potatoes
ate superb, larger than anj exhibi
td at the lair.
?The annual statement of the comptroi.fr
genera! showing the lailroad
mileage l?i the State and the total
amount of taxation h is been pablished.
The statement is snown Dy counties
and tLe amount for Fairfield is as
follows: Mileage, 64.S8; total taxes,
$9,236.5$ The total amount for the
In good condition she is sweet and lovable,
and sings life's scng on a joyful harmonious
string. Out of order or unstrung, there is
discordance and unhappiness. Just as there
is one key note to all music so there is one key
note to health. A woman might as well try
to fly without wings as to feel well and look
well while the organs that make her a woman
are weak or diseased. She must be healthy
Inside or she can't be healthy outside. There
are thousands of women suffering silently all
over the country. Mistaken modesty urges
their silence. While there is nothing more
admirable than a modest woman, health is
of the first importance. Every other consideration
should give way before it. Bradfield's
Female Regulator is a medicine fol
women's ills. If is >
way to cure leu- \
corrhea, falling of j\
the womb, nervous- ||v y \
ness, headache, iSj I t \
backache and gen- , ' i!
era! weakness. You j j!
will be astonished j jjl
at the result, es- | lllvi|jiv<fx
been ^experiment- *
State is as follows: Mileage 2,830.44;
t3tal taxee, $S4L09O.9O.
?On the first of January a number
of families will change their places of
residence in town. Every year a
number of changes are made and the
cold weather which we usually hare
during January finds a great many
people in the midst of moviig. This
year there ^i'li ue u.ore than usual
and arrangements for the new year
have already been made by most
people who expect to move.
McMaster C&. guarantee every bottle
of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
and will refund the money to anyone
who is not satisfied after using twothirds
of the contents. This is the
best remedy in the world for la grippe,
coughs, colds, croup and whooping
cough and is pleasant and safe to take.
?^- ? ? ? A f A I
it prevents any teuueuoy uj. a wiu w
result in pneumonia.
?Bead D. A. Crawford's advertisement
which appears elsewhere in our
columns this morning. He is advertising
a fine lot of horses and mules,
the famous buggies made by the Kock
Hill Bnggy Company, also a full supply
of horse medicines. Mr. Crawford
has had long experience in ihe
business and anyone needing anything
in this line should call on him.
See bis ad. for list of things on hand.
Many people worry because they
believe they have heart disease. The
chances are tha*. their hearts are all
right but their stomachs are unable to
digest food. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
digests what yoa eat ana prevents tne
formation of gas which makes the
stomach press against the heart. It
will cure every form of indigestion.
McMaster Co.
?The football fever has again attacked
(he boys of the town and their
enthusiasm over the game is at its
height. The two teams played a game
on Monday afternoon and a good
many interested spectators were present.
It Is probable that the team oi
the younger boys will play against the
Blackstock team on Thanksgiving day,
and if this ermine does come off it will
no doubt be a good one.
You can't afford to risk your life by
allowing a congh or a cold to develop
into pneumonia or consumption. One
* J ^Vn/yK Pn rp>U r?n tKfrtQ t"
and luog troubles quicker than any
otber preparation known. Many doc
toi's use it as a specific for grippe.
It is an infallible remedy for cr^up.
Children like it and mothers endorse
it. McMaster Co.
-Frank Jordan, the young son of
Mr. and Mrs. Tho?. Jordan, met with
a painful accident a few days ago.
While tasseling with several other
boys during-recess at6chool, ha fell to
the gronnd and one of the larger boys
? -? ???i?i mm |
Babies and children need I
s s !
| proper food, rarely ever medi- [
j cine. If they do not thrive ?
| on their food something isx
| wrong. They need a little |
| help to get their digestive j
| machinery working properly, j
Ai?w,P/ rLtCf CSlfiA
W/itinrPUPMUSh'ni jCO w Lug, I
i will generally correct this !
11 difficulty.
If you will put from one-1
I fourth to half a teaspoonful j
4 in baby's bottle three or four i
] times a day you will soon see I
j a marked improvement. For j
J larger children, from half to |
* a teaspoonful, according to s
] age, dissolved in their milk, |
| if you so desire, will very j
| soon show its great nourish-1
f ing power. If the mother's |
1 milk does not nourish the |
* - * ' J XL. 1 |
I baby, sne neeas me emui- j
| sion. It will show an effcct |
j at once both upon mother f
I and child. I
50c. and $1.00. all druggists. f
n 11 mmi't & rr c\ 1mist ti Xevvi ^rkn y
fell on him. In the fall Frank's collar
bone was broken. He was carried
home and the bone was set by Dr.
Buchanan, and tbe little fellow, although
still snfFering, is doing nicely.
?Mi?s Pet Mackorell was married
on Thursday, tbe 14tb inst. Mr.
J. C. Butler, of Greenwood. The
ceremony was performed at the home
of the bride's parents at Blackstock,
and Rev. M. R. Kirkpatrick officiated.
The newly married couple rUI make
their home in Greenwood and will be
at home to their friends after November
28tb. The bride, who is well
known here, having lived here at one
time, has the best wishes of many
friends for every happinesp.
s?*ri ike j* ^ Hare Always
?The News and Herald has receive
I an invitation to the commencement
exercises of the Augusta Hospital
Training School. These exercises
will be held on Thursday, November
22nd, at 8 30 p. m., in the college
amphitheatre. Miss Mattie McCrorey,
at *v\"o a/mir?4tt +a mk/mirt tt7?> qrp 1t1?
debtid for the invitation, is one of the
graduating class. Six young ladies
Will graduate this year. Miss McCrorey
has many friends here wbo
wish her great success in her cbosen
To rrnn ve a troublesome corn or
bunioD: F.rst soak the corn or bunion
in warm water to soften it, then pare
it down es closely as possible without
drawing blood and apply Chamberlain's
Pain Balm twice daily; rnbbing
vigorously for five minutes at each
application. A corn plaster should be
worn for a few days, to protect it from
the shoe. As a general liniment for
sprains, bruises, lameness and rheumatism,
Pain Balm is nnequaled. For
sale by McMaster Co., druggists.
We have quite a list of varieties that
we oner ro oar patrons, aiso evergreens,
ornamental shrubbery, shade
trees, fruit trees, etc.
Oar catalogue tells about them.
Write for it.
H. J. & Otis Brabham,
Proprietors Bamberg Nurseries,
Bamberg, S. C.
Miss Ida Gettis, of Kershaw, died
at her home on last Monday of typhoid
fever. She was sick only a few
days. Miss Gettis was a lister of Mr.
E1 A \AIoco^firvn Af
J? ncii UA iuc vv atguo wwviav** v*
this county, and had returned only a
few days from a visit to Mr?. Neil.
She was a most estimable lady, and
had many warm friends in this county
who will be .grieved to hear of her
Volcanic Ernpti?ni
Are grand, but Skin Eruptions rok
life of joy. Bucklen's Arnica Salve
cures them; also Old, Running and
Fever Sores, UlcerSi Boils, Felons,
Corns, Warts, Cuts, Bruises, Burns,
Scalds, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Best Pile cure on earth. Drives oat
Pains and Aches. Only 25 eta. a box.
Cure guaranteed. Sold by McMaster
Co., druggists.
On account of a business change
thst will be made on the first of January
we earnestly request all subscribers
who have not done so to pay up their
subscriptions to that date. We hare
some obligations to meet, and we shall
appreciate our friends who are subscribers
to help U3 out. The amount
you maj owe may be small, but the
aggregate amount due u? for subscriptions
would help us a great deal.
For Over Fifty Tears.
Mrs. Wixslow's Soothing Strup
has been used for over fifty years by
millians of mothers for their children
while teething, with perfect success.
It soothes the child, softens the grums,
allays all pain, cures wind colic, and
is the best remedy for diarrhoea. It
will relieve the poor little sufferer
immediately. Sold by druggists in
every part of the world. Twenty five
cents * bottfe. Be sura and ask fo."Mrs.
WinslowNi Soothing Syrup,"
and take bo other kind. 1-1-17
a valuable patent
The Greenville correspondent of
the Slate in a communication published
on Sunday gives the following item
' ~ U. M*ll A-P fi^ M ?
Willi; u r? in uo vi tv ww<? w
friends bere. Mr. Stall, it will be
remembered, was married a few years
ago to Miss Bessie Bacot, of this
Mr. A. W Stall, of thi? citv, obtained
a va'uab'e patent for improvements
in combination locks. Mr.
Stall Is a son of Mr. Thop. H. S:all,
and has been connected with the
Greenville coach tactory tor a number
of years. It is claimed thpt the pad'ock
he has invented is burglar-proof,
and he has shown great skill and ingenuity
in the invention.
Bean the K'!ntl YBB HaY8 Always Bought
Mr. T. K. Eiii >tt returned last week
o ? ? ?n lr\ f l,o nnttK
X. ULU a Li ip IV/ IUV
Mr. aud Mr*. Cba?. vVray, of liid^eWj>*,
were in town Monday.
JJisses Carrie and Patti Elliott, aco
companied by their friend, Mis3 Bessie
Smith, of Charleston, who his been
visiting tb< tn at their home, returned
on Monday n Converse College.
Mrs. tJ. F. JBoozer arrived here on
Sunday evening from Colombia to
vi?it her mother, Mrs. Mary Rion.
Mrs. Boozir, who wa? turmeily Mrs.
Lucy Rion Edwaids, was married last
week to Mr. II. F Boozer, of Colombia.
The w<dding took place ia
n-horo tho hriiifi ha.5 h<?p.n
JL' JUWliCA} TTAJVAW k/* 4VIW w? ? ~ ~ ?
living for tome months, and on last
Wednesoay they returned to Columbia
where they will live in future.
Gone to Bezmettsrille
Dr. Arthur Becker, the oculist, who
has been in Winnsboro for about three
months, left on Friday for Bennetts
Iville, where he goes to practice his
profession for awhile. Mrs. Becker
will remain here for some time longer.
Dr. Becker, while in Winnsboro,
treaud a large number of people, and
all who pat themselves under bijp for
Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup cures Cough
or Cold at once. Conquers Croup,
Whooping-Cough and Measle-Congh
without fail. All mothers praise it.
Doctors prescribe it lor uroncnius.
Hoarseness, Grippe, Pneumonia and
Consumption. Quick, sure results.
Price, as cents. Jtefuse the dealer's substitute.
Alway* cupet when others fail.
Dr. Boll's Pill* car*Constipation. 50 pUU 10C.
treatment have been greatly pleased
with the resnlt. He has proved himself
to have a thorough knowledge of
tbat delicate organ, the eye, and have
relieved many who heretofore have
suffered great inconvenience from
their poor sight. His departnre from
Winnsboro where he made many
friends is greatly regretted.
No Bight to Ugliness.
The wom>?n whe is lovely in face,
form and temper will always have
friends, bnt one who would be attractive
mast beep her health. If she is
weak, sickly and all run down, she
will be nervous and irritable. If she
had constipation or kidney trouble,
her imp *re blood will cause pimples,
blotches, skin eruptions and a wretched
complexion. Electric Bitters is the
best med cine in the world to regulate
stomach, liver and kidneys and to
pu." y the blood. It gives strong
nerves, bright eyes, smooth, velvety
skin, rich complexio . It will make a
good-looking, charming woman of a
run-dewn invalid. Only 50 cents at
McMaster Co.'s drug store.
The teachers of Lebanon graded
school give the following honor roll
for the month ending November 9th:
Lillian Lemmon,
Bessie Stevenson,
Julia Stevenson,
Annie Stevenson,
Fanny May Pope,
Jeanette Pope,
May Belle Clark,
Mamie Smith,
John Alford,
Marion Scruggs,
Gertrude Harden,
Charlie Clark.
Requirements: Recitations, 85; deportment,
100; attendance, 100.
J. W. Pope,
Clerk of Board.
A Tillage Blacksmith Saved His Little
Son's tJfe.
Mr. H. H. Black, the well knows
village blacksmith at Grahamsville,
Sullivan Co., N. Y., says: ?Our little
son, five years old, has always been
subject to croup, and so bad have the
attacks been that we have feared many
times that be would die. We have
had the doctor and used many medicines,
but Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
is now our sole reliance. It seems
to dissolve the toagh mucus and by
giving frequent doses when the croupy
symptoms appear we have found that
the dreaded croup is cured before it
gets settled." Toere is no danger in
giving this remedy for it contains no
opium or other injurious drug and
may be given as confidently to a babe
as to an adult. For sale by MeMaster
Co., druggists.
Whatever may be said of the scientific
manses nro:i which the Rev. Irl R.
Hicks ba=r i-:? yearly forecasts of
storm a il -1 r -, it is a remarkable
fact that n c?..ii. earnings of every
great storm, flood, coid waffc and
drouth, have been plainly printed in
bis now famoa3 Almanac for many
ye are. The latest startling proof ot
tbii- t?<.{ r-as the destruction of Galvesto?,
" x , on the very day named by
Pro*' ks in bis 1900 Almanac, as
one i f disaster by storm along the gulf
coans The 1901 Almanac, by far the
fiaest, most complete and beautiful ret
published, is now ready. Tbis remarkable
book of near two hundred pages,
splendidly illustrated with charts and
half-tone engravings, goes as a premium
to every subscriber who pays
one dollar a year for Prof. Hicks'journal,
Word axd Works. The Almanac
alone is sent prepaid for only 25 cent*.
Crderfrom Word akd Works Publishing
Company, 2201 Locust street,
St. Louis, Mo.
If you have ever seen a child in the
- 1:_-.
agony 01 croup you cau re?w*= uun
grateful mothers are for One Minute
Cough Cure which gives relief a? soon
as it is adtniui.tf red. It quickly cures
coughs, colds and all throat aud lung
roubles. McMaster Co
Yoa Should Have One
Oq the 28th of last May, the day of
the eclipse, ?ome interesting photographs
were taken by the Rutger's
College men who were sent here to
view the eclipse. Their fetation was,
it will be remembered, back of the
Episcopal cemetery, and here a number
of people gathered to watch the
eclipse. The professoi8 secured seme
fine pictures of the eclipse print?, of
which they sent to Prof. Wi;herow.
They aUo took an excellent plciure of
the group ofptople resembled at their
station on the morait g ef the ecli^sp,
as well as a splendid photograph of
MuZion College.
Tfeo T.hAlrtorranhpre have offered to
Jl ug J'UVIV|||.J-MV.- ??
make copies of tbeie piclures for 50
cents each, and whoever wishes to set
one ot them for a souvenir of the
eclipse can send their order throngh
Prof. Witherow vrho intends getting
some. If you give him your he will
see that the pictures are sent. The e j
photographs are now on exhibition at
McMaster O.'s drag store.
Twenty Years Proof.
Tutt's Liver Pills keep the bowels
in natural motion and cleanse
the system of all impurities An
absolute cure for sick headache,
dyspepsia, sour stomach, constipation
and kindred diseases.
"Can't do without them"
R. P. Smith, Chilesburg, Va.
writes I don't know how I could
1 wifVirmt- tln&m T Vi9Vf=* fiaH
UU n iwiivuw witV4i4* v
Liver disease for over twenty
years. Am now entirely cured.
Tutt's Liver Pills
J i
The following account of the snicide
of Mr. J. D. Neal, which occurred in
RutherfordlOD, N. C., we clip from
the Charlotte Observer. Mr. Neal
spent several months in Winnsboro,
having had the contract for famishing
brick for the building of the cotton
mill. The news of his death was a
shock to his friends and acquaintances
here :
Mr. J. D. Neal. of Rntherfordton,
committed snicide yesterday afternoon
at 3.30 o'clock. It is stated that he has
been worried for some time ever busiBess
troubles and his manner yesterday
morning and the day previous had
been strange, but there bad been no
saggastion that he intended to do violence
to himself. The Observer's informant,
who was in Rntherfordton
at th? time of the suicide, states that
Mr. Neal shot himself as he was walking
along the public highway in the
principal residential part of town, fie
died almost instantly.
Mr. Neal was a native of Louisiana.
He had lived in Lancaster, S. C.,for
some time, and over a year ago moved
to Rntherfordton, where he had made
his home with his wife's brother, Mr.
Haynes. He was about 45 years of
age. It is understood that despi,e Lis
worry over business he left a good
deal of money.
News is very scarce in this part of
the country.
The cotton crop is abont gathered.
I think the price of cotton will encourage
the farmers to plant more
largely next year.
The farmers are busy sowing grain.
Well the election is over and the
Republicans have won agaiD.
The State fair in Columbia wa?
/in'f* a ennnaea Thoco n?JO ft ]ar<*Pr
V^Ul LU (? QUVVWOCi v If mv ? ^ v
crowd there than ever before. Pain's
fireworks was the chief attraction.
The Greenbrier graded school has
organized a debating society, which
meets every Friday immediately after
6chool. We will meet next Friday.
The question is resolved that: The
character of Qaeen Elizabeth was
worthy of imitation.
Affirmative: Miss Ira Smith, Miss
Nora Curlee, Miss Annie Elkins and
Mr. Backman Langford.
Negative: Miss Jessie Lyles, Miss
Blanche Roberts, Miss Lnla Brooks
and Mr. John Caldwell.
Nnv. IS. 1900. E. L.
Yes, August Flower stj.ll has the
largest sale of any medicine in the
civilized world. Your mothers and
grandmothers never thought of using
anything else for Indigestion or Biliousness.
Doctors were scarce, and
they seldom heard of Appendicitis.
Nervous Prostration or Heart Failure,
etc. They used August Flower to
clean out "the system and stop fermentation
of undigested food, regulated
the action of the liver, stimulate the
nervous and organic action of the system,
and that is all they took when
feeling dull and bad with headaches
and other aches. You only need a
few doses of Green's Augnst Flower,
in liquid form, to make yon satisfied
there is nothing serions the matter
with yon. For sale by McMaster Co.,
Mr' Editor:'I find tke subject of the
school composition of one of my children
is "The Pilgrim Fathers," and
the reflection comes that Southern
children have always learned more of .
the history of New England than of
the history of the South. The second
book that was given me to study at
school was Peter Parley's First Bo?k
of History. It contained nine pages
treating of affairs happening on Boston
C'-mmon and only half a page on
the history of South Carolina. We
hear of a Southern teacher discarding
a bistor> becausc it shows theSouib in
too favorable a light, when it is known
that every history written at the North
discriminate against the South.
We hear of few school compositions
aboat the settlers of South Carolina?
The Carolina Fathers, The Huguenot
Fathers atd The Scotch-Irish Father?.
It children were encouraged to
write their family histories?about
their Revolutionary Father*, their War
of 1812 Father#, their Mexican War
Fathers and their Confederate Fathers,
a knowledge ef our own State's history
and pride In its .history wonld
If teachers would suggest to boys
and girls to wri e naratfree of tbeir
own fat herd and relatives daring the
wot* m ifonidh fr?!
lyuuicuci oit nai ?vi -w. ... ,
might be obtained that will be out of
reach when the remnant of veterans
shall have passed over tLe river.
G H. McM.
A Powder Mill Explosion
Removea everythiag in sight; so do
drastic mineral pills, but both are
mighty dAng*" u- Don't dynamite
the deiicM' :i.acbinerv ef your b >dy
wi'h ca -.ih-i, crot'^n cii ? ra!o. r. j.il!*,
when Or. K ug'd New Life Fills,
wh'ch are gei t;e a^ a summer breeze, .
do the work perfectly. Cures Head,
ache, Constipa'ioa. Only 25c at McMa&ter
Co.'s drug store.
?Cotton is on the risr. It brought
5:50 on Fridav.
For Infant* and Children.
The Kind Ycu Have Always Boaght
Furnishes Lumber, Building Materials
ol all kinds, and are contractors
for brick or wood bouses.
Their representative,
MR. J. M. McROY,
is now in Winnsboro doi ?gr work for
the cotton mills and erecting several
dwellings iu tows.
Information will be given by Mr
'McRoy at Winnaboro, lM3-3m
| Have You a
Backache?Tired i'eelii
the Loins; or in the Bla
Color or Scalding Urine
They Me;
The most successful
one that has effected sor
This is a purely tegi
+I10+ Trill o-ffo/ifnillv MIT#*
uua? -ly
on the Liver and Kid]
and eradicating all disea
I have been sufftriofi:
caused from the liver and Kid
unable to lie down except shoi
rated with fluid. Three-quarl
I was completely filled at
legs terribly inflamed and exu
I the influence of an opiate. 11
fcrtable and able to attend to
do for nearly two years.
You may publish as much
ferer may be benefited by it.
Since then this gentleman wril
"Vaughn's Lithoitript
now enjoying good health."
If you have any of t!
and lie will advii
| Of all druggists or si
WANTED, for cash, Dogwood and
Persimmon Lose. Southern
Hardwood Company, P. O. Box 529,
Charleston, S. C.
Fx-' Clf?rucj sjul beautifies the ht.fr.
Promote* a luxuriant growth.
SMj&sf: f Never Fatla to Bestore Gray
Hair to ito Youthful Color.
fiircj (calp difcues &^hair liiling.
brewm* i
to work od cottages at the Fairfield
Cotton Mills.
ll-17-4t GRANDY & JORDAN.
reliable men to work in dairy and ,
farm. Dairy, $180; farm, $144 per
year and house.
13-17-2t Colombia, S. C\
Administrator's Notice.
All perrons indebted.to the estate ot
"dor. t? h pnirv Janaceorl Rrfl vlptp
JLV^f JLU xy * JLbli;, uuwt?v\vi) V.. w
by notified that payment mast be made
to the undersigned, and persons holding
claims against said deceased mast
present them duly attested to the undersigned
for payment.
ll-20-4t Administrator. .
Notice. j
against the estate of Q D. Williford,
deceased, will render to me an account
of their respective demands, duly
attested, and all persons indebted to
said estate must make inmediate payment.
1Q-S0 3w Administrator.
? ^ ?
Final uiscnarge. .
on the 27th day of November, 19G0,1
will apply to the Jnflge of Probate for
Fairfield County, at his office \n the
Court Houae at Winnsboro, S. V,.t for a
final discharge as Administrator of
he estate ?f G. T. Sims, deceased.
R. H. JENNINGS, C. C. P., r
10*S0'3t _ Administrator. e
a^r_ _ a H
Dyspepsia Cure j
Digests what you eat.
It artificially digests the food and aids
Nature in strengthening and recon- 1
structing the exhausted digestive or- ?
gans. It is the latest discovered digestant
and tonic. No other preparation can
approach it in efficiency. It in?
stantly relieves and i^naanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
Sick Headache, Gastralgia,Cramps and
all other results of imperfect digestion.
Price 50c. and SI. Large size contains 2*4 tlmea
small size. Book all aboutdyspepsia mailed tree
Prepared by E. C. DeWITT & CO.. Chicago.
MONASTER CO.: Wmnsboro, s. c.
H profusion
Bew Stales, j
ETERY LIN ? how i? tparkling; irith
bright new goodi. The pnbli?
A is cordially invited to come in
and look around at any time,
without feeling uod?r any obligations
to bay. Com? and inspect
mt lines when I tin ii I
WiurnUoro and Eidg?tray. Ask 1
trs c<?o h5ri?r
WE CARRY only hiph quality goods,
well made and well finished
whether plated or solid. That
i? onr hobby. They will wear. .
WE CAN SUPPLY eyery want mad#
coon an op-to-date Jew?lry
Store anywhere. W? *re thororotgbly
informed u to every
detail in onr business ami m
goods offered yon are so good
for the money.
OUE GUARANTEE mean absolute
Batmj.acnuu LW iuo uioji.
Under Towfir Clock, Che?t#r} S. C.
ny of These S]
an "Kidney Tr
[ remedy for all forms of Liver and I
ae remarkable cures, is
is Littiont:
- - -lit.
etable preparation ana ine oniy mem
Dropsy and Gravel. Vaughn's Lithou
neys, restoring them to their normal ]
Cross Keys, S,
for three years from Anasarca or general Drops3
neys My physicians said that I could last Dui
:tly alter being tapped. Eveiy tissue was comj
;cri of a gallon was drawn fiom scrotum several
the time I began using Vaughn's Lithontrlpt
ding fluid. I was unable to ge} ony rest or sle
have used eight bottles of Vaughn's Lithontri
n y business. I can nrw ride my horse, a thing
of my state ment as you desire. I am glad to gi\
Tonrs truly,
R. J. BETSILL, Maj. 18th R
;es under date of Aug. 11,190^"
ic has effected a permanent cure. I have had n
he above symptoms write to the Medi
MG .CO., 45 Sc. Ml Street, Bra
se you by letter in regard to your esp
snt postpaid on receipt of pric<
We Have Be
rqariy @oocL
Stop? to Hoi
FR a a I /Jut a ? f finir H
i lie vaiuncii vry u
LJ. DLE , BRIDLES, ROBES, and every
lessee). Good Sadalere, Fine Roadsters, an
ixtra large Lnmber Males, and plenty medio
I sell tbe noted
'A litt'e higher in price, bat tbe Best Bug<
harness and Saddles of all description.
l aiso Dave a nne anppiy 01 norae meaic
mration for bealing Old Sores. Thrash, Coe
>repared by the best veteriaaary in Virginia
>orchasirg, and I gnarautee satisfaction.
?ity Phone 59. Residence Phone 68. r~\
Postofflce Box 134. ' New
Thanking cur patrons for past favors, w
heir future favor?.
R. \A
jggj^JV jnr-j VILIOFFETT'!
r^SPi-^' | T f f II11
1 l l I n 11
(Yedhing Powder
tosts oBij a ceats at u
OrmailSSconts to C. J. MO
?? " o > ?'?
ffl SS SSj
>4 m 3 2 -.*
O D ? fc ??'
^ w ^ IZ >*
% ? 2 a | i}j
<D s C & ^sCO
Jj .. g 0 3 olfli
^ "J 3 4J UJ i
O < B 0 ? = IJS
O 4J '
; c Siii-;
id s * ? gf?i!
Q. ?l S
/mpioms r |
be?Pains Across
of an Unnatural
** 2.*
ouble." ;
Complaint, /
cine now in use *
triptic acts direct- I
lealfchy condition
I >'5
- 1
. C., July 21, ltyA ^ ,.,g
r of the cellular tissue, * J
C a short time I was y
jletely filled and satu- ?
itimes. - .
i/? h<?]n1p<w.
ep except while under
ptic' aud am now coair
I bad been unable to
re it, as some poor suf- . ,
eg. S. 0. Vo's. 1630.
return so far, and am *
cal Director of.
?ecial case. ^
? nr? o
"j y*??w v? _
r "
- \ -r
mcrhttoo v -
C t A
s fop Oup
:' -
v -;>CS
m m m
: STATE. __
oods Company,
that belongs to 'a horse.
lirect from the Horse State (Tend
good farm Brood Mares; some
tm-sized Cotton Males. '
gt in the State for the money."
inpa. an<?.h as <4noHc nni,e.n nre
tdition Powders, Parjjatiyes, fee.,
l. When in need, tee me before"
A. Crawford/
> T
> - ;.
' 1
and to Arrive I
And we are right iu the p?i<w
according 10 quality. -Lower
prices mean lower grade* *?><! .
poor workmanship. ?ver> Irrnr
warranted a< represented. Wfcn
a long experience in ihe fnn.iture
I~ business and bring u pi&cricn.l
workman, we mean w bet we *?y.
Experience bas taught o? what
tbe trade need*. "*
We willtel! vou pomethtng im:
portant about Seeing*Machines
and Stores later.
e promise to do oor best to merit
f. Phillips.
' ^ i
? ^
S a Allays Irritatloi, Hit Dipstfn,
II Al Regulates the Bowek.
M / Sfrtngthens the ChM,
II f-1 Makes Teethinj Easy.
0 JlJLtEETHINA Relieves the Bowel .
. Troubles of ChSdrw of
Pamsft ANY AGE.
is? * ^
3 S *5
3 "5 c * T >
* ? *- c J
se vi ~
O r~ >,
IS S ^ <?je:
- = . <2 ?
3 o co . ?
= ~ f* g >? O OCjCS
- c < Q = - J55 ?
? * ao? ? = PQo
> -OS? 2 ?
5 t ??2 ' |^Sl
2 ' sac ??4l^2
3 5 A ^ ^ 2 m ? J
g ? c ? w ? ~ " aJ?
?s | ? * ? 2
p ~ I- > osO *
S.*?^ ?L?
a*! a& 4
S3 * /.

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