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* r
Wednesday, November 2?, 1900
Fresh Chipped Beef.
Fresh Corned Beef.
New Tomatoes, S cans for 25c.
Fine Syrups of all kinds.
Fresh Oatmeal, 10c per package.
Cabbage, Onions and Irish Potatoes.
All goods delivered.
?Read notice elr3where.
?Real estate for sale. See ad.
?Read advertisement personal propertg
for sale.
?Read J. D. McCarley & Co.'s advertisement
this morning for everything
nice for a Thanksgiving feast.
?Mr. J. L. Richmond is building a
cottage on the lot adjoining his home.
He will occupy the house when it is
DeWitt's Little Early Risers are the
best liver pills ever made. Easy to
take and never gripe. McMaster Co.
?Mrs. Habenicht advertises fine
Kalamazoo celery and everything
sui;able for a Thanksgiving dinner.
_ Give her a call.
?Rev. R. D. Smart, of St. Louis,
Mo., who is well known here, will
attend the Methodist conference at
Chester this week.
?Rev. H. W. Smith, pastor of the
Winnsboro A. M. E. Zion Church,
will preach a Thanksgiving sermon at
his chnrch Thursday afternoon at 3
p. m. Public invited.
When you want prompt acting little
pilis that never gripe use De Witt's
Little Early Risers. McMaster Co.
?A breakdown near Blackstock
caused the southbound train to be
several hours late on Sunday morning.
An engine was telegraphed for and
was sent up from Columbia.
?Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Aiken, ot
Chester, gave a beautiful reception at
their home last week in honor of two
young lady friends, one of tnem oemg
Miss Rath Brice, of Woodward.
, Both makers and circnlators of
counterfeits commit fraud. Honest
men will not dece;.v6 yon into baying
worthless counterfeits of DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve. The original is
infallible for curing piles, sores, eczema
and all skin diseaaes. McMaster
v ?Hennies, the photographer, of
Columbia, is now in Winnsboro and
ready for business. 6 nice photos for
15c. This week only. Children's pictures
a specialty. 6 beautiful photos
for 75c.?adv.
?If your slock of china and glassTrmi.A
Iattt *?o?l on/1 eo(? Mr^Mastar
Co.'s fine line. They can replenish
yonr stock at reasonable prices and
their goods are first-class. Read their
If yon have ever seen a child in the
agony of croup you can realize how
grateful mothers are for One Minute
Cough Cure which gives relief as soon
as it is administered. It quickly cures
coughs, colds and all throat and lung
roubles. McMaster Co
?Mrs. Amelia Evans, of Marion,
arrived here on Wednesday and will
make her home in Winnsboro in the
future. Mrs. Evacs Is an aunt of Mrs.
Chas. K. Douglass, and is warmly
k welcomed to our town.
?Mrs. M. Newton, of Virginia, a
prominent member of the W. C. T. U.,
lectured in the Methodist Church on
Friday night. Mrs. Newton is a very
pleasant speaker and her lecture was
very mach enjoyed by her audience.
You can't afford to risk your life by
allowing a coogh or a cold to develop
into pneumonia or consumption. One
Minute Cough Cure wili cure throat
and lung troubles quicker than any
other preparation knowD. Many doc
tors use it ai a specific for grippe.
It is an infallible remedy for croup.
Children like it and mothers endorse
it. McMaster Co.
?.Rev. A. McA. Pittman, who was
at one time pastor of the Baptist
Church here, preached in the Baptist
Church on Thnrsday afternoon. His
msnr friends who remember him so
pleasantly were glad to see him here
?The lecture at the court bouse on
Wednesday evening by Rev. J. E.
Thornwell was greatly eDtoyed by all
wbo were present. He is a fine
speaker and his audience was deeply
interested. Dr. Thornweli was the
guest of Mr. and Mr?. J. G. McCants
while in town.
- Ward's minstrels arrived herein
their private car on Sanday night,
and on Monday attracted a great deal
of attention by a street parade and
concert. They had with theaa an excellent
band and their show on Monday
night was as good as minstrel
shows generally are.
?The editor of The News and
Herald was, on Wednesday, the recipient
of a bos of fiue pears sent by
Mr?. F. S. Smith Noble, of Ridge
Spring, S. C. The pears were fine
fpecini-ps of the frnit and were delicion-Sv
flavored. Mr\ Nob'e has
onr thanks for her "ifi.
? iiarrv Ward is a uauie that is
sysonyinor.s with everything?good in
minstrels). He ia wonderfully versa'O.wl
Jti , i, rxainar a ).limill>
is: an.: comedian of cstabiishe-.l repetition,
is an exceptionally go ;d vocalic
ar.d has a large repertoire of new
s jt-y. Senis on sale at McMaster Cc.'s
dm? store. -7
?T:.e in ember-; uf the fire company
have i-'sn *d invitations fo their annual
baiqnet to be giv^n on Wednesday
evening. The entire -.ouipany ami
their srne-ts wil; sit down to a bouuti
ful spread and the evening will no
doubt f-o verv p!e.i.-aut. t?nbscripti'?n?
to tlijji b;icqnet were taken tip ?otne
time a??.
? The population of South Carolina
hai beeu annocnced, showing the increase
by counties. The population
ot Fairfield (Vunty in 1890 was 28,599,
and in 1900 is 29,425, showing an
increase ol $26. The reporJ shows that
the increase in the p.>pn!a*iou of the
State ha? be n greatest in the npp r
? Wim-boro's police force ha? appeared
in al! the glory of new winter
unifors&p. These uniforms are handsome
as well a? heavy find warm, and
our policemen are a9 hnndsomelv nnimm
fgP cures Hacking Coughs, T?g
vjr Sore Lungs, Grippe, Pneu- ;Br
H monia and Bronchitis in a I
g| few days. Why then risk M
I Consumption, a slow, sure 1
H death? Get Dr. Bull's I
fa Cough Syrup. Price, 25c. B
m Don't be imposed upon.
5 Refuse the denier'* substitute ; it I
9 is cot *s good ti Dr. Ball's.
I Sslvmtion 00 cures Rheumatism,
?g| Acfcos and Pains. 15 & 25 cts.
formed a9 auy city policemen. The
suits are dark blue with long frock
coats, trimmed with a double row of
brass buttons. With the uniforms are
worn the regulation helmet.
?Mr. George Y. Hennies, the well
known Colombia photographer, is here
for a week, and those wanting work
done should avail themselves of this
opi ortnnity. He ba< always doDe excellent
work, and upon each visit that
he has paid to our town ba? given
entire satisfaction. Not only are the
likenesses that he takes excellent, but
the pictures are finely finished.
?Painted or varnished floors ma
be kept in good condition by wipiDg
with a damp cloth and then rubbing
with a dry woolen cloth. This, of
coarse, is for floors that do not. get
badly soiled. Kitchen or pantry floors
may be washed with skin milk; if
I very dirty, with soap and water. A
j scrubbing brush shomld never be osed
on a painted 0' varnished floor.?Dej
cember Ladies' Home Journal.
There is do pleasure in life if you
dread going to the table to eat and
can't rest at Dight on account of indigestion.
Henry Williams, of Boonrille,
Ind., says be suffered that way
for years, till he commenced the use
of Kodol Dyspepsia Cnre, and add?,
"Now I can eat anything I like and
all I want and sleep so'andly everv
night." Kodol Dyspep&ia Care will
digest what you eat. McMaster Co.
-The State published on Friday a
part of a most interesting letter written
from Pekin by Lieut. Pressly
Brice to a relative in Columbia, The
letter wa? dated September 23rd, but
basjast been received. Lieut. Brice
in this letter tells in a most interesting
manner of his travete frem Taka to
?* ** ? '? 1 -3 L. If
resin aDCOi toe oyenana marcu. our.
Brice is a first lieutenant in the 14th
regiment and lelt here in August to go
with his regiment to China. Hit
friends hare read his letter with great
?The Associate Reformed Presbyterian
in the last issue gives the following
extract from a private note of
Mrs. Chalmers: "Dr. Chalmers expects
to leave for Mexico about the
middle of December and spend the
winter at tbe sanitarium at Silao, 250
miles north of Mexico city, under the
direction of Dr. George Bynum Hede,
a physician of tbe United States. The
climate is said to be tbe finest in the
world. He has two former parishioners
there. I will accompany him.
He has been able to ride out this
week, the first time in three weeks.
McMaster Co. guarantee every bot
j tie 01 (joamoerxaiu s uuu^u juemeuy
and will refund tl.e money to anyone
who is not satisfied after using twothirds
of the contents. This is the
best remedy in the world for la grippe,
coughs, colds, cronp and whooping
cough and is pleasant and safe to take.
It prevents any tendency of a cold to
result in pneumonia.
?Now is your opportunity to select
your Christmas presents. Mr. Brandt,
the well dnown Chester jeweler, will
be in Winnsboro on Friday, November
80tb, with a beautiful display oi
*oods. He will show his goods at the
O' ?
Obcar Drug Co.'s store, and will be
here but one day, bo don't forget the
date. This is the last visit that he
will make to onr town before Christmas,
and it will be a great opportunity
for those who are looking for Christmas
presents. 9n Saturday, December
8tb, be will visit Ridgeway.
?The Blackstock Juniors have accepted
the challenge of the Winnsboro
foot ball team and the game will be
played here on Thanksgiving Day.
The game will in all probability be
an exciting one and all of the friends
of the home team should be on hand
is all right, if you are too fat;
and all wroner, if too thin already.
Fat, enough for your habit, is
healthy; a little more, or less, is
::o great harm. Too fat, consult
?. doctor; too thin, persistently
thin, no matter what cause, take
! Scott's Emulsion of Cod Liver
! p-"1 *
| There are many causes of get|
ting too thin; they all come
under these two heads: over'
work and under-digestion.
i Step over-work, if you can;
: 1^.-, trAn At*
I 'Jui^ \.'UCLy V/U V.U11 vt iivtj
take Scott's Emulsion of Cod
; Liver Oil, to balance yourself
; witli your work. You can't live
j en it?true?but, by it, you
j cr.::. There's a limit, however;
j you'll pay for it.
I Scott's Emulsion of Cod Liver
! Oil is the readiest cure for
: "can't eat," unless* it comes of
? ? 9.
j your doing no worK--you can z
| long be well and strong, without
some sort of activity.
? The genuirre has
, this picture on it,
take no other.
if you have not
tried it, send for
, free sample, its a- IB
; greeable taste wiii
! surprise you.
Chemists, -^>-r illSfii
; AOQ Psar 1 5>rrf^?r.
Nsv/ Ycrk. I
50c. and $1.00; all druggists, j
88BB8???OOP?aOBKSr ' STSTto
enceurage them. Tbis team has I
been practicing diligently every after-1
noon and will be in fine trim by
Thursday to meet their opponents.
The game will be played on the college
green aDd the boys will watch the
weather anxiously for it would be a
great disappointment should the game
have to be postponed.
Bum j* The Kind Yon Haw Always BoagS
?Mr. F. H. McMaster, maoagt r of
the Charleston Evening Post, went to
Augusta during the recent Confederate
reunion there as a commissioner
of the South Carolina Interstate and
West Indian Exposition. Mr. McMas
ter made several speeches before the
veterans in behalf of the exposition
and succeeded in arousing their interest,
and was promised that the
Georgia veterans [as well as the Georgia
people in general will give the
exposition their support. Mr. McMaster
is doing a good work for the exposition.
To remove a troublesome corn or
bunion: First soak the corn or bunion
io warm water to soften it, then pare
it down as closely as possible without
drawing blood and apply Chamberlain's
Pain Balm twice daily; robbing
vigorously for five minutes at each
applicat on. A corn plaster should be
wi-rn for afcnr days, to proiect it from
the *hoe. As a general liniment for
spran=, raises, lameuess and rheumatism,
r,i.? Bdlm is uneqnaled. For
sale by :<IoJduster Co., druggists.
?Mr, J. J. Neil, Jr., has been notified
that he stands at the head in the
examination for the railway mail
service. His average i* 86.85 and he
has come out ahead of 21 others who
stood the examination. Having stood
the examination so successfully, Mr.
Neil may be appointed at any time to
a position in the servicc. For several
years he has filled the position of assistant
postmaster most satisfactorily,
and while his friends are delighted at
his having so successfully passed his
examination they will greatly regret
to have him leave town. Mr. Neil
olUUU ILIO eA?LLIIuauvu laoi oyuug.
Bean t&e The Kind Yin Hzyj Afwgys l?$t
?Cards have been received here announcing
the coming marriage of Rev.
Harold Thomas to Miss Esther Eadora
LaRoche, of Greenville. The wedding
is to take place on Wednesday
evening, December 5th, at 8.30 o'clock,
in Christ Chnrcb, Greenrille. This
wedding is one in which the Winnsboro
people feel a deep interest, as
Mr. Thomas who has bad charge of
St. John's Episcopal Ubnrcb for some
months, bas made many warm friends
The bride is a charming young woman
of Greenville, wbere sbe has made her
home for some jears with ber brother
and sister, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. R.
Bentz. The young conpie will make
their home in Columbia where Mr.
Thomas has charge of St. Timothy's
Working: Sight and Day
The busiest and mightiest little thing
that ever was made is Dr. King's New
Life Pills. Every pill is a sugar-coated
globule of health, that changes
weakness into strength, listlessness
into energy, brain-fag into mental
power. They're wonderful in buildiDg
up the health. Only 25c per box.
Sold by McMaster (Jo., druggists.
For a F?w Day* Only
Dr. Arthur Becker, the German
oculi&t, will be in Winnsboro again
November 28th until and including
Saturday, December 1st.?adv.
Mi Zlon Society
There will be a meeting of Mt. Zion
Society in the town hall Thursday,
29tb inst., at 9.30 a. m.
G. K. McMaster, Secretary.
H. A. Gailiard, President.
Bdftri tb J9 Ttl8 Almy* Bflfljfet
A new stock of midwiuter millinery,
which will be sold at reduced prices
the balance ot the season. Those who
have not purchased their winter millinery
will do well to call as we are
able to please the most fastidious
Mrs. A. L. McCarley.
A fatnl collision occurred on the
Allendale extension of tbe Southern
Railway on Tuesday, the result of
which was that John Goza, of Bates
Durg, was Kiuea ana two oiuer uicu
were iDjnred. Ooe of the injured
meni3 Mrt W. C. Brice, son of Mr.
Calvin Brice, of Woodward. Mr.
Brice was conductor on one of the
trains and in the accident the front
half of bis left foot was cut off. The
account of the accident which appeared
in The State oti Wednesday sta'ed that
the cause of the accident could not be
ascertained, but it-is supposed to have
been caused by the heavy togou Tuesday
mornint'. Mr. Brics'* friend*
here are deeply sorry u? learn of his
injurv and Lope that i>e will soon re
CUVtr iruili tic v?ao uauicu iu vu
lnmbia 011 Tut-sdiy nigh! and pl^cvri
i t the hospital ihere.
Whatever :nay be said of <he Si:ien
tiflc causes upon which ti-e Re? Irl II
Hicks ba?e- ltia > early foreca?'s of
storm 31 d weather, it is a reuiurk-tbl
fact lha' specifi; warning of every
great sii*r;i), flood, c><i wavu and
drouth, have been plainly printed n
his now famous Almanac for many
year?. Tin- Uleht staitling picof o*
this fact was the destruction or Galveston,
Tex*a, on the very day named by
Prof. Hicks in his 1900 Almanac, as
one of disaster by storm along the golf
coasts. Tbe 1901 AlmaDac, b> far the
finest, most complete and beautiful yet
published, is now ready. This rem-likable
book of near two hundred pagee,
splendidly illustrated with charts and
half-tone engravings, goes as a premium
to every eubscriber who pa >?
one dollar a year for Prof. Hicks'journal,
Word axd Works. The Almanac
aione is sent prepaia xor umy uciuk.
Order from Word and Works Publishir-g
Company, 2201 Locust street,
St. Lonis, Mo.
I After He Comes I
J? he has a hard enough time. Every- 2
thing that the expectant mother 3j
Scan do to help her child she should fjj
-3 A /\f /r^ofaff Kl^ccinerc \T
Al U.V. VUt Vi. bu& ? IWkUJb rg
^ she can give him is health, but to 2
J do this, she mast have health her- J
2 self. She should use every means J
to improve her physical condition, k
5 She should, by all means, supply J?
Jj herself with
| Mother's j
Mik Friend, j
Jt will take her 2
through ^the crisis p
mon sense will ^
muscles are, 1
' which bear the 5
f \^3 J strain, the less jj
pain there will be.
u A woman living in Fort Wayne, ?
5 Ind., says: " Mother's Friend did J
? wonders for me. Praise God for &
your liniment." J
Read this from Hunel, Cal. 2
? " Mother's Friend is a blessing to g
<g all women who undergo nature's 2
2 ordeal of childbirth." ?
* Get Mother's Friend at the *
$ drug store. $1 per bottle. ?
% Atlanta, Ga. j*
? Write for our free illustrated book, "Before jy
X Baby in Horn." f|
------ ,
One lady's Rambler bicycle. Reward
if left at this office.
Miss A. H. Thomas left on Monday
for Ridge way.
Mrs. IT. G DesPortes went to Columbia
on Monday.
Mr. A. F. Rn6, ofJRock Hill, was in
town on Wednesday.
Mrs. H. W. Boozer and her daughter
returned to Columbia on Tuesday.
* Capt. C. S. Dwight left on Sunday
for a short business trip to North
Miss Jennie Thomas, of Rid*ewajr,
came np on Friday to visit Miss Bessie
Mr. Sam Boyleslon arrived on Toesday
on a visit to his grandmother,
Mrs. S. A, Boyleston.
Dr. J. "W. Team add Mr. J. N.
Lemaster, of Ridgeway, were in town
on Monday. They returned home on
the morning train.
Mr. Donald Chandler, son of Mr.
and Mrs. William Chandler, of. An- 1
gusta, ?pcnt Sunday in town with his
uncle, Mr. C. M. Chandler.
Bed Hot from th? Gun
Was the ball that G. B. Steadman, i
of Newark, Mich., in the Civil War. i
It caused horrible Ulcers that do treat- j
ment helped for 20 years. Then Back- '
len's Arnica Salve cared him. Cures I
Cats, Braises, Barns, Boils, Felons, i
Corns, Skin Eruptions. Best Pile
cure on earth. 25 cte. a box. Cure ;
guaranteed. Sold by McMaster Co. 1
druggists. |
The Ch ? !!? ? Ladies' Home Jonr- ,
nal ofl' i 11 .l nndance of literary \
and artibi.L 1 .1 .?r. s in most attractive
form. Auj ug its nearly twcscore con- ]
tributors are Mrp. Lew Wallace,
Elizabeth Stuart Phelps, Charles j
Major, William Perrine, Clifford
Ho v. . 1 and Elizabeth Lincoln Gould, 1
A B. Frost, W. L. Taylor, ,
Ee? i!:? <; B. Birch, Henry Hntt, j
Geo:e Gibbs and as many other il- <
las!t t >rs supply its pictorial foatnres.
Apan from the articles having special
holiday timeliness of interest, the
notable features of the Christmas 1
Journal include "The Innkeeper'* <
Daughter Who Dissolved a President's J
Cabiuet," "What May Happen in the .
Next Hundred Years," ''Jernsaiem as i
We See it To-Day," "Two Women's '
Gifts of Twenty "^Ire Millions," "The j
'Little Men' Play," a dramatization of j
Louisa M. Alcott's delightful ?tory; j
"Where Children See 8aiut Nick,"
"The Fourteenth Man," "Two Christ- j
mas Days at Rock Farm," and "The (
Successors of Mary the First," "The i
Story of a Young Man," aud "The
Blue River Bear Stories," which are <
continued Edward Bole has a thoughtful
article on Christmas celebration,
aud there are various articles on
women's wear, Christmas presents and
edibles, while various other practical,
helpful themes are ably presented.
B7 The Curtis Publishing: Company,
Philadelphia. One dollar a year; ten
cents a copy.
Millions Give* Away.
It is certainly gratifying to the pub
lie to know of one concern in tbe land
who are not afraid to be generous to 1
the need; and suffering. The proprietors
of Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption, Couirhs and Cold*, have
given away over ten million trial b ttles
of tbM great medicine; and have
the satisfaction of knowing it has ah-'
ao!utely enred thousands ot hopele->
ca*es. Asthma, Brohchid", Honr^r
J n J: ?. . -T .1. 'I 1
I ess HliU nil ui>ca?*"B ui <nr i in va ,
Client Hint Lan^s are sun d by it. (V!
i)ii MeM>t?ter Co , druggist-', and get :?
trial botile tree Regular p*ze50c. and
$1. Every bottle guaraateet, or price
refu ded. 3
Th- re ha? be<?n'n g <> 1 d- ;l f tavorablc
weather for ihe turmrr- to put in
their Html; grain, though tin rains
would & tope! :hem to v.a tadn\ ?r
I Wf\
I will q-iote a few lines from the
e;1it' ria' in the !a?t At'anta Cotsti.u
lion head, A Word in i top: "Breadstuffs
will be forccJ up to-the highest
notch; cotton which co-i' 15 cents to
raise cannot t-e profitably raised even
at 10 cents. The farmer's ot.ly coarse
is to stand and ileliv. r, unless he reies
upon bimsoif for iscapp. I: ever
there was a \ er;r in which the farmer
shon'd rs:sf? h:s h< .*:e supplies it will
be the one comit g Therefore th<- fir*t
qu"st;on to con>ider is t!.e raining ot
such home supplies as will render the
farmer independent of the agent of
the trust. Do Bit be deluded by 10cent
cotton or even 20-cent cotton.
Stir op and discover yonr own resources;
raise yonr own meat, plant
your own wheat and corn an 1 live at
home! then their cm ton wou'd be surplus,
and they would be that mnch
aUaav) vttiII r\n f f Via formor
AUCaUt JLUIO TT Hi pui. 1UV xu.
where he can fight bis battle to the
beet advantage."
I attended (he Universalis! cbarch
at Fea8teryille ou the 18:h in?f. Tbe
attendance was pretty good. Preaching,
first, by Mr. Lyman Ward, and
in the afternoon by Dr. Sb:nu. There
were a few friends from Saluda,
Edgefield and Laarens connties.
Mr. G. H. McMaster is touching oo
the right note?on giving tbe Sooth
her just rights, of history, to our
youth. J. C. F.
Nov. 24,1900.
Annual Convention, Southern Educational
Association, Blchxnnnd, Va? December
27-39, 1900.
rv- _-c a- ,j,a
vyu auuuuui ui tuc auvwc u^aoiuu, >uv
Southern Railway will sell round trip
tickets to Richmond, Ya , and return,
from all slatiuDs on iti lines at the rate
of one first-class fare for the rou' d
trip, plus $2 00 membership feo.
Tickets will be 9old from Washing
ington, D. <\, and poiuts in Yiryinia
and North Carolina, December 26th
and 27th, with fioal limit December
81st, 1900, inclusive; from points in
other Southern States, December 25:h
and 26th, with fluai limit January 2t d,
1201. The Southern Railway ofl< rs
the be9t service ever afforded to Richmond.
Ya. Fast time and convenient
schedules. Through sleeping car between
Birmingham, Atlanta, Granville,
Spartanburg,Charlotte at.d Richmond.
Hotel dinin*. care on all
through tiaiop.
For detailed i-tformatiun a* to rates,
reservations, etc , call on or write any
aorftnt of the Son hern Railway or its
S. H. Hardwick, A. G. P. A.,
Atlanta, Ga.
For Over Fifty Tear*.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothixg Strup
has been used for over fifty years by
milli?ns of mothers for their children
while teething, with perfect 6access.
It soothes the child, softens the gams,
allays all pain, cares wind colic, and
is the best remedy for diarrhoea. It
will relieve the po?r little sufferer
immediately. Sold by druggists in
every part of the^world. Twenty-five
cents a bottle. Be sore ana as* lor
"Mrs. WiiJBlow's Soothing Syrup,"
and take a? other kind. 1-1-17
We now appeal to the Democrats of
the south to show themselves worthy
of their name as American citizens.
They claim to take pride in the great
repnblic and it will not do for them
to say to the party, "Nominate whom
yon please, we will spport him. We
care nothing for national issues." The
south is largely responsible for the
second appearance of Bryan, for it
gave him substantially all the electoral
votes he received four years ago. It
ba? stood by him heedless of wrecking
the party. It has virtually given Mr.
McKinley another four years of
power. They furnish the votes and
they can compel the nomination of a
candidate who will win. Their local
Issues seem so important to them that
they have overlooked the great national
qaestions and have allowed the party
to drift into its present deplorable
position. Had their delegates said
firmly and once for all, "We can vote
for no Populist who haa stolen the
party banner," a .Fopuiist cooia not
have been nominated.
Three years from this date the party
mast be prepared (o start right, and
we can do so only by putting a Democrat
in nomination on a Democratic
platform. A Populist will kill us
again. If the sonth has any real
patiiutiam it will help redeem the
coantry.?Hartford Times.
A cheap remedy for coughs and
jolds is all right, but you want something
that will relieve and cure the
more severe and dangerous results of
throat and lung troubles. " What shall
pou do? Go to a warmer and more
regular climate? Yes, if possible; if
not possible for you, then ,in either
sase take the only remedy that has
been introduced in ail cmiizea conn-1
tries with success in severe throat and
long troubles, "Bosehee's German
Srrap." It not only beats and stimulates
the tissues to destroy the ger a
disease, but allays inflanimation, causes
easy expectoration, gives a good
night's rest, and cures the patient.
Try oke bottle. Rocomtnended many
pears by all druggists in the world.
For tale by Monaster Co., druggists.
Mr. Phil. H. Dannenberg, who was
a resident of Wiunsboro for a number
of years, but is now traveling for a
Baltimore firm, was in town Wednesday.
His Iriends here are always
glad to see him.
11|| .mmt |_n ,1-,- Hal , |i I,, rrmw i 1
Painful and Suppressed Menses, Irregularity,
Leucorrhoea, Whites, Steril- j
ity, Ulceration of the Uterus, change
of life, in matron or maid, all find re-!
lief, help, benefit and cure in JOHNSTON'S
SABSAPABILLA. It is a real j
panacea for all pain or headache about
the top or back of the head, distressing
pain in the left side, a disturbed !
condition of digestion, palpitation of
the heart, cold hands and feet, nervousness
and irritation, sleeplessness,
muscular weakness, bearing-down
pains, backache, legache, irregular ac
lion 01 the heart, shortness 01 Dream,
abnormal discharges, with extremely
painful menstruation, scalding of urine,
swelling of feet, soreness of the breasts,
neuralgia, uterine displacement and
catarrh, and all those symptoms and
troubles which make the average woman's
life so miserable.
MICfllfiAX DRT7G CO., Detroit. Hi eh.
John H. JIcMastcr & Co., Winnsboro,
5 C.: T. W. Woodward & Co., Rockton,
S. W. M. Patrick, Woodward. S. C :
T. G. Patrick & Co., White Oak, S. C. |
all parties having- claims
ntaiii-t tli* estate of Q D. V7illifords
deceased, will render fo me an account
of their respective demands, dnly
attested, and all persons indebted to
said estate mast make immediate payment.
10-30 Sw Administrator.
8 'il?~ U... A
I nave tou a
Pains Across the L
of an Unnatural C
They Me;
, The most sue
Complaint, one ths
This is a pure]
In use that will eff<
triptic acts directly
normal healthy coi
I have been suffer
caused from the liver and ?
to lie down except shortly i
fluid. Three-quarters of a i
I was completely filled
legs terribly Inflamed and
Influence or an opiate. Ih;
able and able to attend to
nearly two years.
You may publish as mu<
may be benefited by It.
Since'then this gentlesu
"Van*hn'? JLitb.
bo far, and am now enj
If you have any of
and he will ad\
04 all druggists or sent oi
Lean Briggs, in October Atlantic.
Take the o!d system in its most
monstrous form?take learning Latin
grammar by heart before translating
| any Latin author, says Dean Briggs,
of Harvard Univerity, in the October
Atlantic. Nobody now defends a
practice so stupid;"yet that wonderful
feat of memory strengthened many a I
memory for other wonderfal feats. I
The boy who mastered Andrews and
Strddard knew the power of patient
effort, the strength of drudgery wen i
done. Through a natural reaction memory
is underrated now. Education at
the time when memory is trained easiest
and bast much be saved from the
barrenness of memory work and must
be "enriched." Even the multiplication
table is threatened with banishment.
We leave tbe straight and narrow
way, and wobble all over the
flowery meadows. We are held do vn
to accuracy so little that it is next to
impossible to flod a youth who can
copy a list of printed name3 without
misspelling. We have boys who cannet
spell, men who cannot spell, teachers
who cannot spell, teachers of English
wbo cannot "spell, college professors
who cannot spell and have a mean
opiuion of spelling.
KraT? Man Fall
Victims to stomach, liver and kidney
frnnhJps ai weil as women, and all fee!
the results in loss of appetite, poison
in the blood, backache, nervousness,
headache and tired, listless, run-dowri
foeling. But there's no need to feel
like that. Listen to J. W. Gardner,
Idaville, lnd. He says: "Electric
Bitters are jast the thing for a m3n
when he is all run down, and don't
care whether Le lives or dies. It did
more to give me new strength and
good appetite than anything I could
take. I can now eat anything and
have a aew lease on life." Only 50
cents, at McMaster Co.'s drug store.
Every bottle guaranteed.
?A patty of beggars were taking in
the town on Tuesday. They were j
traveling In a wagon and seemed to be
professionals in the business. One of
the party, a tinv girl of six or seven
years, was doing her share of begging
and had evidently had early training,
lor she was as glib as her elders.
A Tillage Blacksmith Saved His Little
Son's Life.
Mr. H. H. Black, the well koowa
village blacksmith ar Grabam^ville,
Sullivan Co., N. Y., says: "Oar little
son, five years old, ha* always breu
subject to croup, aud so bad have the
attacks been that we bave feared many
times that he would di?. We have
hadtbe doctor and used many medicines,
but Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
is now oar sole reliance. It seems
to dissolve the lough tnucus and by
giving fifquent dosrs when the croupy
symptoms appear we have found tost
the dreaded croup is cared before it
gets settled." There is no danger in
giving this remedy for it contains no
opium or other injurious drug and
may be yiven as confidently 10 a babe
as to an adult. For sale by MeMaster
Co., drnggistp.
Mrs. d. M. Stewart returned from
Colombia on Friday.
"I hare used Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera ?nd Diarrhcei Remedy and
fii.d it to bt1. )i great medicine," says
Mr. E. S. Pnipps, of Poieau, Ark.
"It en-el ol' bloody flox. I ciuliot
-peak i? o highly of it." This
remedy always wins the good opinion,
if not ] raise. of tht>se who use it.
Hit- qn < k cures which it tflfecis e?en j
in ti* t eev-ie ca^es m-ikeitaj
f .v ! rv r . U'-'r. t r mir n} ,>ic
AIhm. i ili u^gioJ-. I
***" I
Mr. \ E McDonald was in o!uml??
? I i ay.
Toe Infants aad Children.
Tiie Kind Yob Haso Always Bought j
Bears the .j Z7 "" j
j Signature o: "V/; j I
Rev ! I moid Thomas came up from
.in Pi iHav.
: v .
! Perfect Health.
Keep the system in perfect order
by the occasional use of
i Tutt's Liver Pills. They reg-1
ulate the bowels and produce
A Vigorous Body.
For sfck headache, malaria, biliousness,
constipation and i.!ndred
diseases, an absolute cure
ny of i hese syi
Feeling ? Dizziness ? Nervousness oins,
or in the Bladder?Sleeplessness?
oloror Scalding Urine.
an "Kidney T
cessful remedy for all forms of Livet
it Has effected some remarkable cures, i
.L I
i s liilium
y vegetable preparation and tke only
:ctually cure Dropsy and Gravel. Vat
on tie Liver and Kidneys, restoring"
ldhion and eradicating all disease*
Caoss Eztb.
ing for three years from Anasarca or general Dropsy <
Cldneys. My physicians said that I could last bet a short
&fier being tapped. Every t. ^ao was completely filled
fallen was drawn from scrotum several times.
at the time 1 began uslng Vnughn'e Llthontriptic
OMUl^K XlUiU* X tV M) tiluwic W jcotwy i??V V* D*W v v-r
nva used eight bottles of Vaughn's Uthontripnc &
my business. I can now ride my horse, a thins I Had t
ih of my statement as you desire. I am glad to give It, s
Yours truly, *
RJ. BETSILL, HaJ. 18th Rej
in writes under date of Aug. 11,1900:
BOtrfptic faaa effected a permanent cure. I ha
oying.good health."
the above symptoms write to the Medi
NG CO., 45 So. fifth Stree
ise you by letter in regard to your esj
n receipt of price to any express o1
- -
m ? mm m i
& i^Aia I! I
Ct?a?-4 ...4_ "ucaa'?loa the hsit. j
tl*T-- I'f'jlaotfcj * hixurMLiit (mft. f
to KeBtor? Grey .
H*tr to iva Youtifu.1 Color. f
HV~%'f: _ 7-* n^'-n rt-ra?o? A h?ir UlliiHfr I
fj&jsSg&j ; *-;.n.'if, ', ' mtt I
All persons holding claims against
the estate of Thos. P. Mitchell, deceased,
will present the same duly
verified to A. S. & W. D. Douglass,
Attorneys, Winnsboro, S. C., and all
persons indebted to said eitate will
make payment to the nnderaigned.
11-27-3 Administrator.
Sale of Personal Property, j
Aa Administrator ot the estate of
Thomas P. Mitchell, deceased, I wSll j
sell me personal properiy uciuugug
to the estate of said intestate at his
lato residence, near Avon, S. C., on
Wednesday, December 12tb, 1900.
Terms of Sale?Cash.
11-27-3 Administrator.
DAY OF DECEMBER, as agent for
tbe beira-at-law of Thos. P. Mitchell,
deceased^ I will ofirr fcr sale at public
auction, af tbe residence of the late (
Tb03. P. Mitchell, ihe luhowing real
ft \ A trc/?f 70 9/>rpfl. mnr* nr
bounded by lands of C. S. Brice and "]
Mrs. A. C. Mitchell.
(2.) A tract of eight acres,fmore or
bonnded b}* lands of Jno. T. Chalmers,
Mra. S. L. Morris and Mrs.
A. C. Mitchell. (3.)
A lot of three acres, more or ?less,
bounded by lands of R. C. Dove
and Mrs. A. C. Mitchell.
Terms of Sale?Cash. Purchaser to t
pay for necessary paper*. 1
R. G. BRICE, 2
Agent for Heirs-at-Law of Tboi. P. fc
Mitchell, deceased. 11 ?7-3 i
Ttiar^sgiVir^g ?
and we are prepared to serve p
you. jj
from Kalamazoo, crisp and
fine. I
Cape Cod Cranberries. . J
English Plum Pudding. 3
Fruit Cake in 1, 2 and 5 lbs
Large Cluster Raisias, :
Seeded Raisins, Currants: Citron,
Figs, Dates, Orange and
Lemon Peel, New Crop Nuts,
Choicest Fruits in season,
n * r TT I "nniTTnTTm
Dealer in?Fine?Groceries.
For tlit; Thaiikspriving feast 1
can be found in our large s'ock of
We can supply the staple goods, such as J
I uu Ifimo Rice I
fiULU, l^awu, nuiuc, MV??M vw}
Sugars and Coffees; or the fancy things,
snch as Mince Meat, Cheese, Macaroni,
Buckwheat. Rolled Oats, Citron, Prunes,
Raisins, Apples, and Canned Goods of all '
kinds at prices which will enable the lean 1
purse to be just as thankful as the fat one.' i
Fresh goods arriving daily and the qual- j.
ity of all that we offer is of the hundred- j
per-cent kind.
Call to see us or 'phone for what you '
want. All goods delivered. I ]
J. D. McQARLEY & CO, " (
- - .Jc
mninitiQ P i
-Chills?Urine Jtt
"rouble" 1
' and Kidney W&
:riptic 1
medicine now
jglm's Lrtkon- jjB
them to tHeir -|K
, ?LC,Jttly21,1S?.
3f the cellular tissue,
time. I was unable 4S8W
and saturated with Xt *
, perfectly helpless, 3u
C8pt while under the ajK
d am now comfort>eea
unable to do for
us some poor sufferer ?C^
5. a C. Tola., 186a '
vo had no retnrn
leal Director of ySL
t, Brooklyn, N. Y. ?
>ecial case.
ffice, $1.00 a bottle, |EF
The well know*
Jeweler, of
Chester, S. G,
Will visit Winiisboro on
'. "k
Friday, Nov. 30,
md display his el eeant line of
A. > W
... i ' 4
at (}bear Drug Co.'s store.
One Day Only
' ' - s?:: .
This is his last visit before
Mr. Brandt will be at Ridgeray?n
State of Soatb Carolina, /
County of Fairfield. $
he highest bidder before the Court
--i. trr^L-L *_ J_v ' it', wmcm
louse ai nrmudouru uu me iiaoi
eing the 3rd day of said month, the
[ sold portion of i&nd belonging to
he estate af Mrs. Sarah E. Center,
iiuate, lying and being in the Connty
nd State aforesaid,to wit: The House
ract, containing 362 6-10 acres, more
ir less, bounded north and west by
L F. Ruff and Smith, east by Haith*
oct and Wooten, sonth by Little
Jedar Creek or Boney's Branch, on
Fhich are valuable corn lands. ^
Also tract designated by C and D on ,
?lat drawn by the late Howell Edannds,
D, S., containing together 232
,cres, more or le68, bounded by said
reek or branch on the north, east by
\ Boneyj south by W< T. Freeman,
nd west by lands of Donglass and the
Jolnmbia road.
On the following terms, to wit:
)ne-third cash, balance in two equal
nnnol instalmen+q taH hv hnnd
if purchaser and mortgage of pretnses,
with interest from date, payable .nnually,
until the whole debt is paid,
'crchasers to pay for papers.
Ex'or Mw, Sarah E. Centre, dec'd.
is giving ihe Powers much
:oncern just now. Broken
:hina might cause sorrow to
many housekeepers, too, omy
it is so well known that broken
articles can be replaced
with goods from our stock of
raster cm?.
Administrator's Notice.
AH nerrons indebted ro rh**e?t**e ?*t
^ ^ ^ ^ - J -J
Kev. tt. u rer ry, aecea^ru, .aic urici>y
notified that f>a> ment rau&t be uiade
to the undersigned, and personsfholding
claims against Ktid deceased mast
present tbem duly attested to the undersigned
for payment.
ll-20-4t Administrator. - v.
- .

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