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Os? T (*7, ... 8L55
Six Koathc, . - .75
C=T. Wednesday,
December 5- 1900
tULTKBUUiAia ?T liu n n i?i x
We are io receipt of a balletin from
Clemson College which con tales some
practical suggestions in the growing
of wheat. As all farmers do not get
these bulletins, it is perhaps a service
far the newspapers to disseminate the
result of experiments as macb as possible,
and we shall make a brief summary
of tbis one. A compact soil
should be selected, and while thorough
drainage is;necessary, most of the soil
in Fairfield is satn rally sufficiently
drained. Clay loam is fousd to be
the best for wheat. Sandy loam underlaid
with clav subsoil will give good j
N result!. Increased production, it has
beeir fcaod, invariably follows thorough
pulverization ot the enriace and
* deep and thorough preparation. Yonr
success iwili depend largely upon the
time that yoa sow. Yon mast not
107 before frost, for if sown early
enough for the seed to vegetate before
frost, the plants are liable to the attack
of the Hessian fly. This fly de nnmXim
?*? oryrrm nnnn Ip.lVPB. and a8
Wf"" ?
soon at batched the larval crawl down
towards the bad aod live cpon the
jelces of the. plant. Therefore, to
avoid this sow your wheat so that it
will not appear above the ground before
the first frost. Do not sow deeper
than three inches, for "the vitality of
the plant is weakened and sometimes
destroyed by Its straggle in overcoming
the resistance of sach thickness of
oil.'* Plants from deeply plauted
teed are more iojared by the freezing
of the tarface than those from shallow
planted seed. This statement was a
surprise ta> as, and it may be to others.
The reason given is this: "The wheat
plant has two distinct sets of reots,
viz.: The coronal and seminal System.
Oar soil seldom freezes deeper th&u
three inches. If the seminal roots are
below the frost line and the coronal
are above, the latter are lifted by the
expansive force of the ice, wbile the
seminal, being below, are beld in position,
and the connection between tbe
two severed. If the seed are covered
erv shallow, both sets of roots will be
in the frozen part of the soil and will
be both lifted together." This strikes
us as a conclusive reason, and as
freezing daring winter is one of the
greatest risks to the wheat crop, this
information ooght to prove of J great
value to farmers who do not now know
Cazayan, Mindanao Island, Philip
pices, Sept. 30th, 1900.?Military in
all of its digiity was displayed this
afternoon on the plaza, when the six
companies of the 40th infantry, U. S.
Volunteers, passed in review of Major
Case. The companies having arrived
and having taken their position on the
plaza the band thenlplayed, "The Star
Spangled Banner7', while the stars
and stripes, the emblem of the most
powerful, the most humane, and the
most gracious nation of the world was
being lowered from a bamboo pole.
A flag as solid as adamant, and a3 secure
as the neighboring mountains,
that re-echoed tbe music. The com
panies then passed in review by plattoons
completing the parade. Tbe
rainy season is now at its height. For
the last few days there has been a
steady downpour of rain. The troops
are comfortably quartered in frame
buildings that are covered with the
leaf of the Niga palm, thus protecting
them from the downpour of the
stormy elements. The sentry t? whose
lot it falls to walk his beat during sach
weather, bas nothing bnt those stormv
clouds above and the loog hours of
night before him. The liver, upon
the banks of which this Nipa village is
situated, is swollen above tbe high
water mark, and tbe Cfiscoes aod
government launch (Hudson) which
yesterday were gliding over its smooth
waters, lie to-night anchored far out
in the bay, where they are tossed to
and fro .by the mighty waves, which
are like wi!d;mountains. I have witnessed
a itorm on the coast of northern
Mindanao, While on gaard at i he
time, I felt uneasy and lonely and I
surmised that I was being thought of
across the ocean at home by old asociates,
and wondered if I shall be
pared to meet them all again. My
admiration may be here and my heart
elsewhere, and from these hardships
ol war I turn back to the old homestead
and associates amuug the bills
of South Carolina, and wish I was
there. I may as well acknowledge
that I am homesick, and so are a great
many of the officers and enlisted men.
It is rumored that we are soon to be
* -3
oq oar way nome, sou iueu hhuiuci
SO days of seasickness. As Mark
Twain said, "A man had to take a
sea yoyage to see what is in bim,
which I found from experience to be
true. This war is no nearer an end
than it was llast December. The garrison
here at Csgayan, consisting of
six fall companies, holds only one mile
square territory and it is unsafe to
yentnre beyond the outpost during the
day. Such is the case throughout the
inlands. And then I see that some of
the States papers call them The Peace
fat Philippines. I will close mis ana
write you ag?n before m ny day*.
With kindest regards *nd best
wishes for self aBd paper, I remaiD,
Yours truly,
? - Robt. A. H^rron,
Company M, 40th Infry., U. 6. Vol.
Don't use any of the counterfeits of
DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve. Most of
them arc worthless or liable to canse
injury. The original DeWitt'a Witch
Hazel Salve is a certain care tor piles,
eczema, cats, scalds, barns, sorei and
kin diseases. McMaster Co. J
A Practicable'Way of Securing an Exhibit
at Son tit Carolina' Interstate and West
Indian Exposition Suggested
Fairfield must have a place in the
Sonth Carolina Interstate and West
Indian Exposition to be held a t Charleston
December 1,1901, to May 31, 1902.
Such is the decision of the board of
commissioners for this county at a
meeting held the 27tb at which all four
?J. W. Lyies, J. B. Tarner, J. G.
Mobley and J. Frank Fooshe?were
present, the first being elected chairman
and the last secretary. The fo!?
owing practical plan, ihit shoald apnpal
tr? all. was nnanimonslv asrreed
apon: That Fairfield should exert itself
to the fullest in getting np a
county exhibit for the State Fair,
which "would be held jast previous,
and that tbis exhibit should tbeu be
carried to the Expositiou. Of course
the State Fair will be held as usual at
Columbia, whether the capital city
does Jittl* or lfiich for it, and the people
of all South Carolina will be there
for their annual social and industrial
Of late years this county has not
entered the contest for the handsome
county prize going to the county making
the best exhibit. This ongbt not
to be, for no county in the State could
make a finer exhibit than oars. True,
amoeg the individual exhibitors there
are several public-spirited citizen*
from the county who are always on
hand and bring back with them more
than their proportionate share of the
premium?, especially of the blue ribbon
kind. Thi9 fact more than any
other is conclusive evidence that by
united action on their part and the part
of their neighbors, whose interest
would thus be aroused, -the county
would easily be among the first and
by effort extraordinary conld as easily
be the very first, the place we wish to
see her occupy. This coveted honor
was carried off this year by Lexington,
Chester following a3 a close
second. The secret of the former
prize is a county fair system that Lexington
has had lor years, and the latter
county came in for second place by
a proper organization of interested
citizens who went in to see that she
should doi bo left oat in tbe cold.
Compared with either of these wii>
nera, Fairfield would 'be an easy winner.
In agricultural resources she
holds a place second to neither, and in
the way of natural endowments easily
outranks either. Of field products
she could make a fine exhibit, especiai;
ly of her cereals. She could show as
fine rpeciraens cf wheat as could be
found in the State, and of oats and
other small grains there should also be
fine specimens obtained. Her cotton
and corn specimens aiso should be of a
very high order. Her sugar cane,
sorghum, and broom eorn should add
! greatly to the picture. Having at one
time held the first place in the grow
ing of tobacco, she should not even
now concede this to the eastern connties,
but struggle again for her lost
Her forests are by no mean* fully
exhausted, and no dcubt a fine exhibit
therefore could be made. Her
livestock would in the light of past
exhibits come in to strengthen the
county** exhibit for the first place.
Of dairy products also a fine exhibit
conld be made, for ''Fairfield butter"
is the synonym for the beat in the
mart at Columbia, where its fine name
would sell many times over the small
shipment of a hundred or more pounds
a week. In the household exhibits,
our women could give us first place.
With the finest of fruits to prepare
from, their jellies and preserves
would make a most attractive addition
to the exhibits prepared by the stronger
sex. Then, too, by the work of their
delicate hands thr*v en Id add many
other attractions in ih<* way of all
kinds of fancy work. A few specimens
of old fashion knitting and*weaving
would not disfigure such an ex
Her mill produces also?the cotton
mill, ihe cotton seed ^il and the roller
mill?would compare most favorable
with those gathered from other countice.
While in all the above the county
could easily hold a high piace, her
quarry products would not only excel
those from other counties, but would
prove a great featare in winning for
Fairfield the fairest prize of 'he Staro
fair. It is not very mil t but
rather qnite fprobabl? thai b ut Sola's
granite will at an early day be tbe
principal factor in the county's wealth.
The above are only some general suggestions
indicating tbe possibilities of
our county io a contest witb tbe sister
counties of our beloved State, J hat
seems to. be entering an era of nnprecedentert
prosperity. By all means
the united effort should be made.
Great <:ood would come from preparing
such an exhibit only for tbe State
fair. Bat the exoioit or iwi woaia
also be shown at the great exposition
at Cbarleiton, in which onr county
should sure have its merited place.
The gpod results from such an exhibit
would be immeasurable, so great indeed
that the county can not afford not
to have a place in this Exposition which
sur?Iy will mean more to the State
of South Carolina at large than to the
city of Charleston, whose progressive
men of business are behind the enter
prise with money and the determination
to make it a success.
J. Frank Foo6he,
Secretary of Board.
Annual Coayention, Southern Educational
Association, Ridunund, Ya., December
27-29, 1900.
0u acconnt of the above occasion, the
Southern Railway wili sell r?>und trip
tickets to Richmond, Ya , and return,
from ail stations on its lines at the rate
of one first-class fare for the round
trip, plus $2 00 membership fep.
Tickets will be sold from Washingington,
D. C., and points in Tirginia
and North Carolina, December 26th
and 27tb, with final limit December
A4 * ? AAA _1 Z - SM
3isrt inclusive; irom punus iu
other Southern States, December 25tb
and 26th, with final limit January 2rd,
1901. The Southern Railway offers
the beet service ever afforded to Richmond.
Va. Fast time mid convenient
nchedules. Throogh sleeping car between
Birmingham, Atlanta, Greenville,
Spartatibor?,Charlotte and Richmond.
Hotel dining cars on all
throagk trains.
For detailed information as to rates,
reservations, etc., call on or write any
agent of tbe Southern Railway or its
S. H. Hard wick, A. G. P. A.,
Atlanta, Gs.
The most effective little l.ver pills
made are De Witt's Little Early Risers.
They never gripe. McMaster Oo#
The ''farmer# of this section are
through with this year's crop and are
buiy sowing grain; some are through
and some still sowing.
a'l 4 V>a AAtfATl
XUC UUiU HAD IkiU^U OH iuw vvi*vu
that was making th6 tecond crop;
none of it ajaturcd. If the farmers
would turn it under now and run
a drag barrow over it and plough the
land it would be a good coat of fertilizer
to the land,
Mr. B. F. Cassels returned home
from Chester yesterday where he was
called last week to see bit ^mother,
who was quite Sick. She is much
Mr. and Mre. N. A. Peay have returned
to their home in Greenwood
after a pleaiant visit to relatives and
Several of the young people had
quite an "April fool" at this season
of the year, on Monday, being; invited
to a sociable given at Mr.. M. B.
Raines', and the parties all got lost and
had a nice time getting home. They
camo home next morning all cjld and
sleepy. One of the party wat shaking
and he said, "Well, 1 hope the good
Lord wHI xorgive me for this trip, and
I will never take another one like it."
Miss Marion Mellichamp was mar
ried ou Thursday, November 29t b, to
Mr. John H. McMaster, of WinnEboro.
Miss Marion was a sweet girl
and I think Mr. McMaster made a
good choice, bnt soma of the boys say
they will see him when he comes again
to take away one of our girls.
There have been a good many hogs
killed in thi? section this season an 1 a
good many moie to be killed; that i? a
good thing for the farmers to have.
Mr. T. E. Smith had at one time 56
bead of hogs and pigs; he has killed
7, sold 10, and has the rest ou hand.
There will be some changes of resi3
at-?-. ~rrtlCir*
atUCB IU [ins seuuuu lui auuiuti jtui.
Messri. S. T. Simpson and M. V.
Caseels made a visit to Winnabaro today.
Nov. 30, 1900.
Glorious ?ws
Comes from Dr. D.-B. Cargile, of
.Wa bita, I. T. He writes: "Fonr
bottles of Electric Butters has enred
Mrs. Brewer of scrofula, which had
caused her great suffering for years.
Terrible sores would break out on her
head and face, and the best doctors
could give no help; but her enro is
complete and her health is excellent."
| This shows what thousands have
:A ?Ua
proved,?mat r^euuit; oiueio i? uc
best blood purifier knuwu. It's the
supreme remedy for eczema, tetter,
salt rheum, ulcers, boils and running
sores. It stimulates liver, kidneys and
bowels, expels poisons, helps digestion,
builds up the strength. Only 50 cents.
Sold by McMaster Co., druggists.
The oyster supper and lemonade
given by the patrons of the upper
school at Mr. D. VV. Tidwell's on
Thursday evening was Quite a SUCCeSo.
Quite a large crowd was present, all
of whom seemed toenjiy themselves
very much indeed. The lover* of
Terpsichore indulged in their favorite
pastime seemingly to their heart's content.
Indeed the dancing' was kept
np until the approach of the wee sma'
hours of the night reminded all that
the time for departare had arrived
Quite a snug sum was realized from
the sale of the supper amonming to
$21.75. Tfci* money will be used to
purchase desk* for the upper school
Miss Martha W. Mobiey, Miss Sue
PVawfrmi and Mr. D. A. Crawford,
of Winnsboro, spent Thursday night
at Mr. S. L. Dixon'f.
Misses Lila and Bessie Stewart, of
Greenbrier, are yUiting relatives in
Miss Carrie Stewart and Mr, Robt.
Stewart, of Winnsboro, are visitiDg
relatives in this jec'ior.
Mr. Wm. Carter, of Columbia, attendt
d tie oyster sapper Thursday
Rev 51. Smith, the new pastor 01
the Longtorcn Presbyterian charch,
preached there on Thursday at 11
o'clock a. rn.
Mr. W. S. Weir, of East Wateree,
was in Longtown during the past
Success to The News and Herald.
December 3, 1900. D. II. E.
* ?%> -if p fH4
8 .-.-i J
Jlp^O) ^||lj
|j V.":NE CP CAROL'! *? S
j? h.is brought pen.-aueut relief tc- a. m:3- e|
B lion sc {ferine v omen v ho ".ere c-t their I?
I way to premature yravtjs. Mrs. Mitchell ?
was fast declining m health, when Vine la
cf Cardui perfori.-.; la "wonderful curt" fg
in her case. She ::uCored v.ith the fjo- m
uies of la!i;u jc.' :Lj \ oir.l., 1c*c?-rrbixa ??
and profuse l-icnytriatiou. The v eekly g
appearance of the men rok for t?ro men tht Tg
sapped her vitality unt'l she ? as a phye- gj
ieal vrock. Iler'ncr.ous rysteir. gave E
way. Then c:n;t- the trial cf V.'ine of J
Cardui aad the cvrc. Mrs Mitchell's jg
oxpcrioncj ci.-ghf to co'i c V.'Jno of gz
Cardui to Suffering v/oi-cn in 'v o.rds fe
uurnir.jc clc-cr.enct*. 2
is urtthin the riacb of all. Women who 8
try it are relieved. >sk vonr d.ujmst g
for a SI bottle of Wine of Cardui, and do g
I not take a sn~rtitutc H tendered you. g?
Mrs. vnm? Xitcbcll. foiifh fJriiito:-.. 2*. C.: fig
"Wino of Curdui md Tbedf<>rd'? Black- he
I)raut:lJtlia7a pcrfoticeda jnimculou* euro Rs
in mT ease. 1 bad been a urent f uffercr BS
wlthfnlllns of tbe Tromb stid JetieorrbtBn. MB
r.nd my r.icnws cir-o everr -week for two g
raontb* *'d w?< v.r;-" palr.fi!.'. Mv bus- g
Efl band i ?i So tv \VI;:o Of Cardul R
g and PI ck-' r:; ih'. r. l r th'; l<*uccir- K3
H rhcoa has dii?api>cared, :.:id t : ..i rp.,sls>r,,il t M
B perfeci fccaltb."
^yS I:i canes reoclrini: t>j<vi?!
4!utdiou, Mbm., KiTiw
The rosiTiON of resident
Special AgeDt of the Equitable
Life Aesarance Society for Winnsboro
and vicinity is opened to a man of
good character and ability. A valuable
contract, carrying renewals, will
be given to the right man. Address,
W. J. KODDEY, Mgr., Kock Hill,
S. C. 9-13-d
1 _ :il.|
i i j^getablePreparalionforAs- [il|
! similating UieFoodandBcguia- jjjl -i
: ling the Stomachs aMBoweSs of j&g j
: Promotes Digeslion.Cheerfiil- ;Jp
: ness and Rest.Contains neither j |g
Opium,Morphine nor "Mineral. 11
kotnarcotic. . 38
fimpca/' Old DrSAMllZL PITCHER .
: Ptntfian Seal' v
MbeSentut * 1 BB '
Sotkelle. Sdis - ? i*
jinix Seed ' I " ; w
Jt&enrwtL - ) . - ifi
A Carbonate Sedct- * j
H6npSe*d - 1 . : jjSS
Clarified Sugar I pjgw
hothrymn Flavor. / |gg| j
" - ; 3# j
Aperfecl Remedy for Conslipa-hM ?
|i Ron,SourStouiach,Diarrhoea^ |
l|I Wnn-nc: Crtrwn?1atn?ci Vbvt>r!^h- 4.
|! ness and Loss of Sleep. ^
|l| i
exact copv of wrapper. |
l- " ; I'JJP-*
? .
The JE'r.a Life Iterance Co. will,
advance rates materially on January 1
Its rates are now the lowest of-anr *
of the standard companies" * !
Its dividends are the largest :
There aie thirty days lett touvail J
yourself ot the io>v rates."
Life Insurance is as setped a business
matter as any business, sensible
men arrange. Thinking :men insure
without pressure; do yon need to be
made to see your own interesta^nd
duty ? A man of thirty cau add $5,000
to his fortune in case of deaih by
paung $1.42 25 a year for 20 years/ 1
Men make fortunes to leave; nqt to
spend. T. K. ELLIOTT,"
11 29-3t Agent,.
do yod get up..;;;;,
with a lame back?
Kidney Trouble Makes You ' Miserable,
Almost everybody who reads the;-jnewspapers
is sure to know of the wonderful
u (i ^ . cures made,., by Dr. J
- ?l Kilmer's'Swamp^Rbot, 3
g j the great kidney,'"liver
Ji iftfZrr) and bladder remedy. .
" TTRn i-r ^gre^i medi- J
^ ,v cal triumph of the nine- *"
\ Vj_ I Or i teer.th: century;' dist\^=
1 _____ I , covered after years of
tt ) UJ[ scientific- research by5
'J fsr Dr. Kilmer, the emi- J
f|_* " nent ^^ey and blad-., <
? * der specialist, and is
ciirr*?ccfiil in rimmnHv -rnri'rxy
lame back, kidney, bladder, uric acidy.trou- (
bles and Bright's Disease, which is the worst
form of kidney trouble.Dr.
Kilmer's Swamp-Root is nof recommended
for everything but if you have kidney,
liver or bladder trouble It.will be found
just the remedy you need.' Ithasbeen tested
in so many ways,' in hospital work;in private
practice, among the helpless too poor i? pur
chase relief and has proved so .successful in
wfrv rase that a soecia!' arrangement has
been made by which all readers of thig'paper
who have not already tried it, may have a
sample bottle sent free by mail, also;a^book
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find out if you have kidney or bladder trouble.
When writing mention reading this'genferous
offer ia this paper and .
send your af -sss to jga?raggjs5$
Dr. Kilmer fit oo.f Bing-'
regular fifty.cent and Eon* of BwamiHRoot.
dollar sizes are sold by all good druggists.
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
It artificially digests the food and aids
Nature in strengthening- and tecon^
cfrnnHnrr tVio OYh3T!St,Pd: dlffestive Of"
gans. It is the latest discovered'cligestant
and tonic. No other preparation
can approach it in efficiency; 'It in?
stantly relieves and permanentlycure3
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, -Nausea,
Sick Headache, Gastralgia, Cramps and
all otherrcsults of imperfect digestion.
Price GOc. and $1. Large size contains SMr times
small size. Book ill about dyspepsia mailed free
Pr?par?d by E. C. D?WlTT & CO., CMfcago.
ifcMASTER CO.; Winnsboro, S. C
is giving the Powers much
concern just now. Broken {
china might cause sorrow to ?
many housekeepers, too, only
it is so well known thai bro- <
ken articles can be ^placed
with goods from our stock of
McMishr Cnnn i
AIA WW M I " *
' ... t
A FRICANA will cure Constipation and
**iiawoaderfttlLhrerlIedidn?. Try It
- - ^
- j- -t. V ;s
ls - J. rk fe- .> '*-! vs *2 ?3 h
ts . . -i--** ii- '* ? . -Ja i2 fcH
Frr I' J s r rr. ga;_?.g?ea.
'ff ? 7* W 9 * r *
hr- - <* *;:?>* ?*5
! a & " J 1 * ' > *;i- L J -T3
!ii" I I J iut^*u'
&UuSrj i'C* ' *vJ
S* 4 'iijf tf-d **" ^ ? * f. J * A
J* '
Bears the
h isv hi
%*! Use
Fer flyer
Thirty Years
" <3
ilHd I UniH
The Easy Running
r*-.?HIT 1.
The most modern Sfewing
Machine ot the age, embracing
all the latest improve.
0 , TT . _i_ i nk
ments. unequaiea ior j^urability,
Range of Work and
Dealers wanted in unoccupied
territory. Correspondence
solicited. Address,
General Agent,
Richmond, Virginia.
T O - O R - T T7
tr. hi. a i. ? ?
i/CJ I' i' " ' ?'iup vi' .
Wo ci'fr -p 'iallv for tbe farmers'
rad?. We kn >w whit they need, and
we prepared toseive them an<' aibot:o.u
We also catry a nice line of shelf
ind (verytbing usually found in a
jfenernl store.
GTGood* delivered to our city trade. |
Jotne an<! ?ee 08.
I have marie arrangement* witb
jrokers in New York City to make
oans on first mortgage of improved
'arms for five years' time, payable in
riRtaltnents. at the low rate of 7 per
:ent interest per aunnm. The brokerige
and charge for abstract and inspecion
are reasonab'e. Apply to 1
j. e. Mcdonald,
l?-4 Attorney at Law.
ThC ?
The GRAND PRIX is, as i
Other bicyles were awar
tion," but there was onb
The Bicycle ha
ailed to win the first pb
ing to a
Fixed i
Jordan & D
We Have ?
rr^ariy @00
Stop? to H<
The Caldwell Dry
A tfREA'
Or|G of thje Lap;
JAe~p<3lr\ aq dis
Q. D. Williforc
Consisting of DRY GOODS
SHOES, and all classes of j
establishment i
Theie goods must be cc
order that the heirs may get
This is the greatest opportunii
the surrounding country to bu
All parties indebted to sa
and settle at once.
J. lu. Mir
New Furnitu
^ ^
Tainting car patroaw for past favo
th#ir future favorr.
JL.. Cr
Headquarters for horses, t
_ dle^bridles. robes, ??*d
l nave kukli atia iaui
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extra large Lumber Mules, and plenty i
I sell tbe noted
"A litt'e higher in hut the Best
Harress and Saddles ot a:i description.
I also have a fine supply of horsp i
paration for healing Old Scr: . ') b
nrflnarcd bv the best vetej iasu.rv i Vj
E I - purchnsi'ig.
mid I guarantee sa'istar. .i^/i
City Phone 5S. Kesldeoce Phoae 68.
I'osto?Bc? Box 134.
gjBP' Haa been an
^ PRIX in c
other Amei
ts name signifies, the Grand
ded gold, silver and bronze n
f one grand prize and the Coli
s been in many industrial ex
ice whenever and wherever awa
Standard of Exce
avis, Agts.wir
3ough|ttoo j
ds fop Oup
UR - I
Goods Company.
gest Stoel^s of
e iri th|?' Up- . j
itpy- - !
i, Deceased
goods kept in an up-to-date
n the. Carolinas.
> i * < 7- _l ____
)nvertea into casn ?u uucc in
: their portion of said estate,
ty ever offered to the people of
[y merchandise.
id estate will please call and
v-* -to 011 rv
1111 CI ugli)
re I
id and to Arrive!
And we are rigb' in tb? price
*? - - iJi.- T
according 10 qU?JUy. uunn
price* mean lower ^ndet tad
? poor workra&u?i:i;. JLrerjibinj
Salt warranted a? represented. Wini
jSgL rx lona experience in the fnri'ituie
gE;bu-ii?es* ami beii:gr a practice
jB9B| -woir man. ?-e mean t* hat
Hfr Experience ? *? taught n< *? b?t
gag ti.e trad>- i>eed>.
jj?^| Wewilirell \<?u fcome<h?i g itaV'Ttai;:
^bi-ut Maci:j;.es
M"' :.nd Hifiyxs later.
j s, we promise to do oar be?t to uacrit
NA/. Phillips.
livery mm-JULES.
that belongs jo a horse.
L.KS direct from the Horse S'a;e (Ten
rs, and good farm iirood Mares; gome
nediam-sized Cotton Mnlrs.
Buggt in the Slate for the money."
".QiUc i*-', I<nc" 'is "COUC cure, pre
i, 'Jo Pi r-s, Pargatives, &c.,
r?an*. Wbeii iu need, fee me before
D. A. Crawford,
. V:
hcycle ;;
carded the GRAND
ompetition with all -I
dean bicycles at the Jp
-L- ^ -L y~ ^->c!sr
Prize?the highest award.
ledals and "honorable menimbia
won it.
positions and it has never ' #|
.rds have been made accord- '.X
llence. SJ
-H ' .
insboro, S- C. j|f
I Still Have ,1
-6 or 8- Jl||
| Young Mules . jjjjj
>et n?uu{d. Persons needing mole*
sbo?; call and see tbem before buy- ing
a-1 wilt sell tbem cheap for cash
or ?ood paper, payable in the fall.
I also bave a few horses, among
them two good Combination Horses*
Also a couple of GOOD MARES,
enitabie for brood mares?young and : ^
sound. v
1 win pay toe mgnest ca*u pnw i*?? ?**- .'S&*
clasaea, fat or poor.
1 still have a few BFGGIES that I
will sell cheap for caih. .
A. WillifordT Tj
Winusboro. SC.
Inventory of
Drugs and Medicines, Dyes
Patents and Toilet Arti cles,
.Tooth sand Hair \ . v||l
Brushes, Pocket Books "l||l
and Purses, Pocket Knives,
Razors and Ra; or Straps,
Cigars- and Tobacco,
:(Ohewmg and smoking;, ;^|
Lamps and Lamp Goods,
Paints, Oils," Varnishes,
Window Glass and Putty^gj^ I
If you see anything on tsPQHH!
list that suits you come aSa
we will be glad to serve you. -;0
Additions. -W
Stationery,- Pens, Inks and Y^ga
R/^^L-c /-\f oil
?J1 c;u& JUVV7XV?i V/A W** wuv A*Mv?wr
Don't forget the date?AT
J, H, McMaster
& Co., :;|Bj
Tlr^ art s gi Yi g ^|j|
and we are prepared to serve
from Kalamazoo, c isp and r |?g
Cape Cod Cranberries.
English Plum Pudding.
Fru;t Cake in i, 2 and 5 lbs '
Large Cluster Raisims,
Seeded Raisins, Currants, Citron,
Figs, Dates, Orange and '
Lemon Peel, Naw Crop Nuts,
Choicest Fruits in seasoi,
Dealer in Fine Groceries.
Famishes Larr.tc*. Building: Materials' V
o! all ki:h*, and r-c contractors
fur hri<\k or wood hono*>3.
Their representative,
MR. J. M. McROY,.
is now its Wir.nsboro doi ? work for*
the cotton ini! s and freeing several
dweiiii'us In town
Information will be given br Mr 5^8
McRoy at v in>?kboro. 1113 8m
XTJL\/A1 X JL. W Xrf\/illl
On Improved Farms *ecn/pd by firnt mortgagor
Int< r< p' 8 r><f ceat. Id .'?Jj
Poms no* !e*s UiJitj $500, 3 to 8 years- =41
No c>'>mtnissi >u3. Borrower pays ao? -ri. Is
ual expenses. .
A. *5. & W. D. D0UGLASS,
Winnsboro. S. G. H
or JOHN B. PALMER & SON, . | M
11-26 Columbia, S 0.

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