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Wednesday, December 5, 1900
jggy wrTis***
For Fruit Cake material. He has
quantity and quality.
Boyal Excelsior Currants 17Ja.
Seeded Raisins. 15c,
Citron Fresh and Fine 20c.
Figs 12?c.
Fruit* of all kinds.
- ? Prompt delivery.
_ , . i
?Read citation.
?Read summons elsewhere.
?An auction sale at tbe rock store
on Monday attracted a large crowd.
?Many of the stores have gotten in
their "Xmas goods and are opening
them up.
?Ton mast pay ap on or before tbe
24fcb of this month if yoa desire any
of tbe prize money.
DeWitt's Little Early Risers are
dainty little pills, bat they never fail
to cleanse liver, remove* obstructions
and invigorate tbe system. McMaster
?Nortb Carolina wagons are frequently
seen on tbe streets tbese days.
Last year very few, if any, came down
at all.
?Sunday was an ideally beantifal
day and tbere were good congregations
oct at all of tbe cbarcbes tbat
were open for services.
?There will be a hot sapper at Mr.
J. R. Carlee's on Friday night for the
benefit of the Greenbrier church. The
public is cordially invited to attend.
?Pay what yea owe and you may
get $5,000 for doing so. See oar special
offer to delinquent subscribers in
next itsne.
When you need a soothing and heiiing
antiseptic application for any purpose,
use the original DeWitt's Witch
Hazel Salve, a well known cure for
piles and skin diseases. It heals sores
without leaving a scar. Beware of
coun terfe! t?. Mc Master Co.
?A hot sapper will be given at the
residence of Mr. W. S. McJJonaia, i
near Mitford, Friday night, for the I
benefit of Efobron cburcb. Pablic invited.
?Judge O. W. Bachanan wa? &
guest at the banquet given last Friday
night by the St. Andrews Society of
Charleston. The toast "Oar Country"
was responded to by Judge Bachanan.
?The "Ladies' Sociefcv of the Brick
^0^ ?s Church will serve a hot copper at the
residence of Mr. T. D. Ruff Friday
night, December 7lb, for the benefit
x of the orphanage. The public cordially
Help is needed at once when a person's
life is in danger. A neglected
congh or cold may soon become serious
and should be stopped at once.
One Minute Coagh Cure quickly cures
conghs and colds and the wont cases
of croup, bronchitis, grippe and other
throat and lung trochlea. McMasler
?Tfce State in a recent issue mentioned
t bat Mr. R. J. McCarley, who
recently moved from Columbia to
Mississippi to engage, in the cotton
business, is succeeding splendidly in
his new home. His friends here will
be interested to learn this.
?Mr. &. N. McMaster received a
telegram o:a Sunday from Lieut R. H.
McMaster announcing his arrival in
San Francisco from Manila. Lieut.
;0 nnm nn K?o war fn W a all
AO UV?T VM ft *mj .t ?
iagton. His friends will be glad to
* know of his safe arrival after hii long
Manv persons have had the experience
of Mr. Peter Sherman, of North
Stratford, N. H., who says, "For years
I suffered torrure from chronic indi.gestiorf,
but Xodol Dyspepsia Cure
made a well man of me." It digests
what von eat and is a certain cure for
^dyspepsia aDd every f?rm of stomach
trouble. It gives relief at once even
in the worst csBes, and can't help but
do you good. McMaster Co.
?Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Lyles, formerly
of this county, but now of Columbia,
lo?t their infant son, Olin
Hugh, on Saturday night. The little
one's body was brought to Fairfield
and was interred in the burying
ground at Bethel church. Mr. and
Mrf. Ljles have the sympathy of many
friends in their sorrow.
-About 4 o'clock on Wednesday
morning the fire bell rang loudly, and
those who were aroused by the alarm
saw a fire to the northwest of town
and apparently at some distance from
town. It could not be ascertained exactly
where the fire was, but it reported
to be on Mr. W. S. Weir's place
about three miie3 from Winnsboro.
?Mr. Rudolph Brandt, the well
K5IUWU i^ucoicr JCWCJCJ, was ucic uu
Friday with a large assortment of
Cnristmas goods; novelties in silver,
elegant jewelry, watches of the best
make and many other handsome articles
weie among bis ?&mples. Mr.
Brandt has made a name for himself
here and upon his visits to Winusboro
healwa.shas a crowd of customers.
Just at this time when everyone is
looking fur sui.able and pretty Christ
,v?:_ m?
IX'hs pre*cm* tt?r iuc;r utcuuo, .-u>>
Brandt's visits are very profitable to
?A small eolton Are occurred at
?lhe freight depot on Saturday tnorn-ing.
The fire was ddi-cover.d among
.the bales on the platform at about
?middav on Saturday and as it b-?d not
;proxr-.'> ed very far tbe alarm not
given, *uii those in the immediate
neighborhood knew nothing of the
ifire unlit the scorched ba!e? were re;
moved troiii tbe platform. Tbe fire
?was pr?>bab:> caused bvaspaikfrom
- a passing engine aud it is most fortunate
thit it occurred in daylight wh-n
there were * number of peop'e around.
:H*d it b*>gun during the night it
*:might farve dune co:.si!eruble dumajje
Three or four biles were 3lightly
'."burned bnt the fire was exiingui-bcd
too quickly for much of the cotton to
have burned.
? Rev. J. I\ Crout retorted on
Monday from Chester and brought
with bin) the unwelcome news ihit he
h"i' tren tran^i-rred from W'innsbcro
to a cauren 3tf:e rower pan or me
S^n'f. Thi* news i< a great whock to
I? hi.s cor gr< gatio!: here who all felt coul
fiden? that he was :o he returned to
^ . them for at least anther >ear. The
< ? !* mmJ ' "* ......Mrog
Every woman loves to think of the
. time when a soft little body, all her
own, will nestle in her bosom, fully
satisfying the yearning which lies in
the heart of every good woman. But
yet there is a black cloud hovering
about the pretty picture in her mind
which fills her with terror. Tne
dread of childbirth takes away much
of the iov of motherhood. And vet it
need not be so. For sometime there
has been upon the market, well-known
and recommended by physicians, a
liniment called
Mother's Friend
which makes childbirth as simple and
easy as nature intended it. It is a
strengthening, penetrating liniment,
which the skin readily absorbs. It
gives the muscles elasticity and vigor,
* prevents sore breasts, morning sickness
and the loss of the girlish figure.
An intelligent mother in Butler, Pa.,
says: " Were I to need Mother's Friena
aeain. I would obtain 9 bottles if I had
to pay $5 per bottle for it."
Get Mother's Friend at the drag
store. $1 per bottle.
Atlanta, 6a.
Write for our free Illustrated book," Before
Baby is Born."
K&> ,wS
wmsi \ ^
removal of tbeir beloved pa6tor is a
great sorrow to the Methodists of this
place and Greenbriar, for be has
greatly endeared himielf to bii people
duriDg the three years of hi? pastorate.
The minister who has been assigned
to this place is Rev. Mr. Taylor, and
he will probably occupy the pulpit of
this church next Sunday. He and his
family will be welcomed to Winns* i
* ? rnu^ TT7*nMikUA?/v maamIA A# AfKrtu
Doru. JL L1C ?! iuiicuuiu VI Ubuci ,
denominations join with the Methodists .
in their regret over the leaving of
Rev. Mr. Cront and his family.
A Life and Death Fight.
Mr. W. A. Hines, o? Manchester,
la., writing of his almost miracalons
escape from death, says: ^'Exposure i
after measles indueed serious long
tronb'e, which ended in Consumption.
I had frequent hemorrhages and
conghed night and day. All my doc- 1
tors said "I _mnst_ soon die. JThen I '
began to use Dr. iung's .New inscov
ery for Consumption, which complete
ly cured me. I would not be without
it even if it costs $5.00 a bottle. Hun- 1
dreds have used it on my recommendation
and all say it sever fails to cnre
Throat, Chest and Lung troubles."
Regular size 50c. and $1.00. Trial ]
bottles free at McMaster Co.'s drug ;
A new stock of midwinter millinery,
which will be sold at reduced prices i
the balance of the lea^on. Those who [
have not purchased their winter mil- !
linery will do well to call as we are j
able to pleate the most fastidious.
Mrs. A. L. McCarley.
Star Service Chaages
Special service in South Carolina has
been discontinued at Brooke, Fairfip'.u i
county, from Luke. This order takes
flflfWp.f nn and after December 1.
Star siryice has been established <
from Brooks to Luk^, three miles and
back, three times a week, including the
depositing of mail in boxes along i
the route, from December S, 1900, to
Jnne 30, 1901. i
Beant&o Kiari Yaa Hart Ahwyg iwfifet
SgMfci# , jZZSJ-*-#' "
Our Special Offer
Subscribers who have gotten behind
will be given a good opportunity
to pay op. As will be seen in
onr advertising columns in our next
issue we have made arrangements for
them to participate in the distribution
of $10,000 in prizes. Look at the label
The most beautiful thing in
the world is the baby, all
rllmnlpc inv The HlOSt
V.I I A A i J^S ivo WilUi j vy ? - - ?
pitiful thing is that same babv. :
thin and in pain. And the
mother does not know that a
little fat makes all the difference.
niinnloe imr lisvp (rnnP_
Uiiu, JV V lifcV I v
and left hollows and fear; the
fat, that was comfort and
color and curve-all but pity
and love-is gone.
The little one gets no fat
from her food. There is something
wrong; it is either her food
or food-mill. She has had no
fat for weeks; is living 011 what
she had stored in that Dlump
little body of hers; and that is
gone. She is starving for fat;
it is death, be quick!
Scott's Emulsion of Cod
Liver Oil is the fat she can
take; it will save her.
The genuine has this picture on
If you have not tried it, send
ffiSrairS* for free sample, its agreeable
f&&E5gt* taste will surorise you.
^gjjjg^ 409 Pearl St., N. Y.
sSfEPS* 50c. and $1.00
esaSb?*' all druggists.
MB???? ! I ' ? I. IWI
oh your paper, see how much yon owe,
and remit at enough to pay your ?ub8cription
to tbe lstot January next,
and you will have a right to moke an
actimatp Ac f*r a? cnh.
i ? ?
scribers are concerned this offer holds
I good" np ?o tbe 24{h of this month and
! no longer.
The Appetite of a Goat.
Is envied by all poor dyspeptics
whose Stomach and Liver are out of
order. All such should know that Dr.
King's New Life Pills, the wonderful
Stomach and Liver Remedy, gives a
splendid appetite, tound digestion and
a regular bodily habit tba. insures perfect
health and great energy. Only
25c at McMasler Co.'s drug store.
Neither Team Scor?d
The football game between Black tock
and Winnsboro was (Milled
promptly at 2.30 on Tkareday afternoon
and was a most exciting game.
A crowd of spectators aisembied on
the college green at an early hour and
the colors of the borne team, yellow
and black, were greatly in evidence.
Tbe borne team put up a splendid flgbt
n vi.l *\lATT/ir) ?rt aH l.nf iV\* T) 1 ft rtlf o f
auu aycu wciif uut Lucuiau&oivua
bo\s were all heavy weights and far
outweighed the "Winnsboro boy?.
Had it not been for this the home
team most probably would have won,
for in spite of the great odds against
tbtm ih?y r>)a^ed a "gritty" game,
anil uccect'ed in keeping their opponent
froi . goring. The result of the
game wn.: Wiunsboro, 0; Blackttock,
0; neitLer bide bavin? made a score.
Imti ike ^ Rind You Hits Alwiyx Bisfirt -.
*r }
Tbankgiving Day was obser7ed by
almost everybody in town in one way
or another. The weather was pleasant,
not too ?old for comfort, acd
those who spent the day out banting
had a delightful day for their sport.
n r\ + kft O f AT?00 TOQPO oil
V/U 1LLCL1U OUO^V IUU oivivo Tiviv mi*
closed, ana the bank and the postoffice
also, and the dispensary being closed
as well the town wa? as quiet and
peaceful as if it had bean Sunday. In
several churches special thanksgiving
services were held and in almost every
home the day was observed by family
gatherings and feasting.
1> i# not. often that the holiday is
kept as generally as it was Thursday,
tod the clerks and most of the buiioess
men eBjoyed the day thoroughly.
Ihe graded schools, white and colored,
were closed and the operatives of the
cotton mill had holiday, i
For Or?r Fifty Tears. y ' - ' *
Mrs. Wutslow's Soothihg Strup
bat been used for over fifty year* by
millions of mothers for their children
while teething, with perfect success.
Et soothes the child, softens the gums,
allays ail pain, cures wind colic, and
is the best remedy for diarrhoea. It
?' 1' f km r?AAT* li f f l?k n-ffVarPT*
YY 111 1 & IUV [/Wi 4IWWIV WIMAVA V*
immediately. Sold by druggists in
avery part of the world. Twenty-five
sents * bottle. Be sure and ask for
"Mr*. Wioslow's Soothing Syrnp,"
ind take ? ?ther kind. 1-1-17
Mr. J. J. Obear retnrned from New
Haven, Conneticut, on Sunday.
Dr. Taylor, of Columbia, came np
on Friday on professional bo6ines?.
Mr. K. id. Jennings Das retnrnej
from Cbe3ter where he went to attend
Dr. Becker retnrned to BennettsTille
on Monday after spending a few
(Jays in town.
Mr. Chap. S. Chaudler, of Savannah,
Georgia, is visiting his nncle, Mr.
0. M. Chandler.
Miss Sally Black ii visiting relatives.
Miss Black is a candidate for the office
of State Librarian.
Mr. W. A Hood, section Master,
left on Monday night for Dapont,
Georgia, to visit relatives.
llul ^ j* Tfci Kind Ym Hiti AIwiji tagtt
Id McGahan and others r. W. B.
Eetes and others:
280 acres, by Rtgsdale & Ragsdale,
attoroey?, for $1,005.
396 acrep, by Ragsdale & Ragsdale,
rttorneys, for $1,705.
405 acres,by T. K. Elliot',for $1,600.
60 acr^s, by J. A. Rose, for $205.
185 acres, by T. K. Elliott, for $840.
In Alice Black v Israel Lewis, 51
acre* were booght by W. R. Black for
Io John ?3. McMaster, Admr., vs.,
Mary M. Bonlware et al.:
S65 acrci, by J. E. Coao, for $650.
305 acres, by J. H. McMaiter, $1,000.
Two town lots, by J. E. Coan, for
Town lot (drag store), by J. H.
McMaster, for $405.
In J. F. McMaater vs. Ja?. Hender
son et il: 11-1 acre#, by J. ?'. AlcMaster,
for $165.
Oar (own was visited this week by a
party of United States Geodetic Surveyor?.
Ttii-i ( awe party has b?eu
traveiii 2 through the State and has
visited stveial other towns. Their?
object is to obtain the latimde and
longitude of ih". different place* and
totxamine the soil ior the purpose of
fu.diug tl:e different Virata, (-to.
Upon r? achi::^ Wintisboro they
found ihat Profe^or S'otio had a'ready
calculate; the latitude and lotiai'nde
of this place during his ?tay here last
May, and as the calculations involve
an amount of work as well as considerable
expet.se. the surveyors d-cidci
to adopt tho9e made by Pi oft? or
In the wall of the court house, on
the left of the entrance, the surveyors
have placcd an aluminum plate with
the following; inscription eDgr*V'd
upon it: "United States Geological
Survey, 1900. Elevation, 546 feet
above the sea level. Fine for defacing
this plate $250."
This will be & permanent reoord o 1
the elevation of our town and is an
interesting louvenir of the visit of the
United States surveying par'y to
ufiiv ftnimu
wni uuuuii
Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup cures Cough,
or Cold at once. Conquers Cronp,
Whooping-Cough and Measle-Cough
without faiL All mothers praise it.
Doctors prescribe it for Bronchitis,
Hoarseness, Grippe, Pneumonia and
Consumption. Quick, sure results.
Price, 35 cent*. Refuse the de*Ier'? mbatitute.
Always cures when others fail.
Or. Ball's Pills cure Constipation. 50 pills 10C.
One of the prettiest weddings tha
has ever taken place in Ridgeway wa
that of Mr. John H. McMaster an<
1 HI a! r-v? mkinVt font
ju.1qb xuaiiuu iu^ixivuaiup) ttuivu wvj
place in the Baptist Church in tba
town on Thursday afternoon at <
o'clock. The church was prettily ac<
tastefully decorated with lovely fal
flowers and a crowd of the friend? o:
the young couple were present t<
witness the ceremony. Mr. L. E
Owens was best man and the maid oj
honor was Miss Bessie Qaattlebaum
Messrs. John Davis, W. D. Creight
Arthur Ovrens, and Dr. Samuel Lind<
say acted at uiherp. Little MUspi
^?fwa ni*?lk
ff i JtV auu tt iiouu) i itv ixuy uuu ^/iviv;
little girl?, were flower girls. Th<
wedding march was played by Miei
Bessie Lyle?. The bride came in or
tbe arm of ber father, Mr. P. C. Mellichamp,
and sh* uever looked more
charming than (he did on her wedding
day. Tbe ceremony was performed
in a most impressive manner
4)y Rer. J. L. Freeman, pastor of the
cbnrch. :
Immediately after the ceremony the
bridal party Jeit mageway Dy private
conveyance for Winnsboro, where a
delightful reception was1 tendered the
bride and groem by Mr. McMaster'i
sister*. The young couple received
many beautiful presents.
Mr. and Mrs. McMaiter have tbe
best wishes of many friend?.
How to Care Croup
j Mr. B. Gray, who live* near Amelia,
Dacbess county, N. Y., says:
["Chamberlain's Cough Bemedy is tbe
best medicine I have ever used. It is
o finn ohi^pan'a r?modv cmnn ftTld
never fails to core." When given as
loon as the child becomes hoarse, or
even after the croapy coGgh hu de?
veloped, it will prevent the attack.
This ahonld be borne in mind and a
bottle of the Congh Remedy kepi at
hand ready for instant use as soon as
these symptoms appear. For sale by
McMaster Co.
Mayor Coan ba8 received a circalar
letter sent out by the American National
Red Cross. This letter states that
on December 31st next the National
Bed Cross will bold mammoth watch
meetings to fee the old centary oat
and the new centary in. These watch
meetings will be most impressive and
^ Ka fnrniaKa/1 hr
giauu UiUniu mil uv AUi utwuwu WJ
Sousa's baud, and "Greetings" will
be read from about 100 of the moit
famous men of oar day. These
"Greeting*" are; considered ao important
that tbey are lo be preserved ia
the national library at Washington.
Tbe object of tbeee meetings is to raise
fands for tbe R?d Cross and also to
celebrate tbe <*omiog in of the new
century. Jf 5 :?mposed in this letter
that siQii iM he beld ia every
torn in Aui * tbat the American
people may all bave the opporlnnity
ef contributing to a permanent fund
for the wonderful charitable association.
The letter say*, "We will be
glad 'ure your citizens hold one or
mor !iese watcb meetings under
the j . a of the American National
Red as and for its benefit conjoint!.,
vith teat of some iocal church
or cbu;ity." Should our people de
cide to bold one of these meetings the
Red Cross will tend on the afternoon
of December 31st a sealed package
containing the "Greetings," so that
tbe reading of them will be simultaneous
throughout the country. We
think that this matter should b? taken
up by our people and that it would be
a fitting way of ending the old century
-" 3 Komnninn tha now TTnll tn.
aUU U1 ^Cgiuuiuj iuu uun * ? ?
formation in regard to tbe organization
of tbe watch meetings will be
furnished on application to tbe American
National Red Cress, St. James
Building, New York.
He Fooled ihe Surgeons.
All doctors told Renick Hamilton
of West Jefferson, O., after suffering
18 months trom Keciai nsiuia, xie
would di# unless a costly operation
was performed; but he cared himself
with five boxes of Backlen's Arnica
Salve, the surest Pile care on Earth,
and the best Salve in the World. 25
cents a box. Sold by McMaster Co.,
Good Role for Schools-..Improvement!
and Other Interesting Newt by a Little
Doubtless yuu will be surprised tc
receive a communication from a little
girl like myself, bnt Prof Penrifoy
requires that one of us girls write an
article occasionally for your paper,
and so I shall proceed.
Oar school is in a prosperous condition.
We have a large enrollment and
are moving alotg nicely, although
several of our seniors have gone off tc
college tbi? stssior.
ThetiuB'.ees aie having a r.ice cottage
erccted for Prof. P?irifoj,tbc
principal of c>nr school. They Lop?
to bayp ibe re*idei:ce complex d in ?
few day*.
We expect to l ave h < hrutnin* tree,
and, of course, are eipectii g a j >lly
luvie 14 u 1 ic au uuj c JI'UQ'
ble at the residence of Mr. J L. Rob
in-oii last Friday evening. I hear tbc
"bachelor* and yonDg n?i.id?" were iu
the majority.
Miss Sudie Ayccck i? visiting bei
sister at Hyi*tt Prrk, Co!um -ia, S5. C,
XT nf <AAA T :l It __ J1
JXOV Z0, 13UU. Li OCJIC l .
McMastcr C<\ juursniee every bot
tie of Chwtnbeii in's C^nirh Retnfd;.
and will refund trie im>nej ! atiyou*
who is not after u?ir<r iwo^
thirds of the conii-tiw. This i? thf
best remrdy in ti e world for la gri^i*:
coughs, cold*, cronp and whoopinj
cough and is pleasant and safe to take
It preveuts any tendency of a cold tc
esult in pnenmonia,
i Delightful Baaqnet Enjoyed by the Staam
Fire Engine Company
One of the most plea*a-it social
gatherings that ihe reporter for The
News and Herald has enj >yed for a
long time wa3 the banquet of the
uteam fire engine company at the
Duval hotel on last Wednesday nigbt.
Our volunteer fire department have
done noble and unselfish work for the
community on many critical occasions,
and if anv organization deserves to
have a good lime now and then it is
? the fire department. The members
certainly bad a good time Wednesday
night. Thcje firemen are wont to do
' the right thing at the right time, and
8 j it is not surprising that this festive
, i occasion wai carried out just rigbt
w I to give not only the members a most
' | pleasant evening but the invited
j guests.
) Capfc. Jordan acted as toastmaster |
with his accustomed ease and grace.
I "Oar Invited Gaesto" was responded
5! to by Mr. J. E. McDonald. Although
he said that be had been busily engaged
with other matters Mr Mc'
Donald did fall credit to himself and
4 rAmn? foa) f hot flVP
LUSUC lilt/ ju i %jmwu ivvi fuwi kuvy * . v i
appreciated in the community.
''Winnsboro, Its Pa?-t, Present and
Future," was mo*t hippily responded
to by Mr. T. K. Elliott. Mr? Elliott
displayed mauy of the elements of the
philosopher in depiciing the characteristics
of our ancestors who founded
Winniboro, and in showing how theic
impress had been lelt oil the place,
aad he showed that he was a man of
versatility by easily gliding from stern
philolophy ioto poetry and humor, all
I of which was to the point.
' "The Press" fell upon Mr. W. D.
1 Douglas?.
k "Our Schcois" very appropriately
found a respondent in Mr J. Frank
1 Fooshe, who, has beeD untiring in his
' energy and work to advance the educational
work of the community. # Mr,
Foosbc gave some school facts that
were as complimentary to Winnsboro
as they were surprising to many of J
bis interested hearers.
"Woman", the last regular toast,
i found a competent advocate in Rev.
C. E. McDonald. Eloquence, wit and
J good poetry ran through his speech.
No one contributed more to the pleasure
#f banquet than be.
Messrs. T. fl. Ketchin, Jno. J. Neil
and Capt. W. G. Jordan, in response
to calls, contributed to tbe pleasure of
the evening by their pleasant remarks.
Tbe banquet was a decided success,
and we trust that the firemen may
enjoy many more of the same kind.
The Best Plaster
A piece of flannel dampened with
Chamberlain's Pain Balm and boand
to the affected part* is superior to any
pla3ter. When troubled with lame
back or paios in the side or chest, give
it a trial and you are certain to be
more than pleased with the prompt relief
which it affords. Pain Balm also
cures rheumatism. One applicatian
givei relief. For sale by McMaster Co.
The Third Fatality from the Harde?vUle
Collision Last Week
The State, Nov. X7th.
Mr. W. C. Brice, who was injured
iu the wreck near Bardeeville last
week, died last evening at 7.50 (Tclock.
His condition bad been quite serious
for the past few days, but report!
yeilerday gave eome hope that he
might recover. Mr. Brice was conductor
of one of the trains in the collision,
and hie left loot was crushed, in
addition to slighter injuries. It was
! aViAnolif fhof fho ininrips wnnlfJ
UVV l?*U6?l . '-J
prove fatal, bat blood poisomog set in
|od its effects could cot be stepped, j
Mr. Brice was born in Fairfield
county, near Woodward, about 31
years age. He was a son of Calvin
Brice, one of the largest and most
prosperous farmers of the county.
His father, in connection with some
of bis immediate relatives, opened a
store at Woodward and at one time
they did tbe largest mercantile basinoaa
in tfi? <v?nntv. \fr. W. P. Rrice
wag employed by the firm and became
depot agent at Woodward. In that
capacity he got somewhat acqaainted
with the railroad business, which took
his fancy, and be determined to be an
active railroad man himself. Soon
after the Georgia, Carolina and North
em Railroad, now a part of the Seaboard,
was bnilt he eecared a position
on it as freight conductor. By stiict
and conscientious attention to his busi:
ness he rapidly rose in the estimation
nf hia cnnArior officers and became a
: | paisenger conductor.
When the Seaboard several years
ago established a regular through passenger
train from Atlanta t<> this city
Mr. Brice was tbr> <<>n<iuc!or,and it was
then that I r ?.< came so well known to
people ii< be city ou!side of raihoad
circles. When tbe Atlanta ihrongh
train was al>?ndoned Mr. Brice wa3
pat on the main line running from
Atlanta to Qamtet.
Later he went wiih the Southern i
Railroad aud last winter was condnc- j
| An 1
[ imperfect skin I'
| is always caused by Z\
| bad blood. Remove the |j
Z ratise! Imorove vour 9
| blood. How? By'tak- 1;
| ingf the blood purifier J j
| that has stood the test 21
? for thirty years |l
jjoifitsms I
| It has thousands of I
| happy friends. Quart ?;
| Bottles sell every- |j
Wilt AC CL\. * l?1, 2
ft DHyltt Mich. 2
r LlrercttcS for Uw Hit. 2 i
p The Famous Zittle LI Tar Pill*.
' | ^John H- McM aster & Co, Wmnsboro,
C.; T. W. Woodward ?fc Co., Roekton,
VI o /\ . -\i7 tr tiTaaJ^^ C /""*.!
' | o. t.; >i. m. uwuwttiu, o. v ,
1 T. Q. Patrick & Co., White Oak, S. C. *
[Have You I
Pains Across the
of an Unnatural
I They Me
The most si
Complaint, one tl
I This is a pat
in use that will d
triptic acts direct!normal
healthy e
I have beensufi
caused from the Ilrer as<
to lie down except short!
fluid. Thro<v<jTisrtera of
I was completely fill
less terribly Inflamed az
Af ATI nnfafu T
i&ble and able to attend
nearly two years.
You may publish aa a
may be benefited by It.
Since'then this gentle:
"Vaughn's Lit
so far, and am now ei
If you have any o
and he will a<
Oi all druggists or sent
tor of the train from Aiken 10 the
main line at Trenton. Tbe train carried
the many northern visitors who ,
annnaily visit Aiken. When the
"season" in that town was over Mr.
Brice was pnt on other rnns. As fate !
would have it he was assigned to the ;
special construction train on the Hardeeville
extension, on which he lost
his life.
Mr. Brice was a genial, generous, i
whole-souled young man. He was
popular not only with his fellow employees
bat witb people generally who
were acquainted with him. Bis many
friends have made constant inquiries
at the hospital as to his condition.
Before going into business he went
to Ersbine College, at Due West,
where he took a high stand.
Mr. Brice's sister, Miss Ruth, at- '
tended tbe Presbyterian College for
Women last winter and has many
fripnrift in this eitv. ^
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Brice and Mr.
Homer Brice, bis brother, were with
bim at the time of bis deatb.. His
body will be taken to Woodward tbis
morning on the early Sontbern train.
The remains will be bnried at New
Hope, As?ociate Reformed Presbyterian
Chnrcb, of which he And his
family befora him have been members.
Yes, August Flower still has the
largest sale of anv medicine in the
civilized world. Your mother* and ,
grandmothers never thought of using
anything else for Indigestion or BiilAncnocc
Dnctnra tufira Rrarr.fi. and
they seldom beard of Appendicitis.
Nervous Prostration or Heart Failure,
etc. They used August Flower to
clean out the system and stop fermentation
of undteested food, regulated
the action of the liver, stimulate the
nervous and organic action of the system,
and that is all they took when
feeling dull and bad with headaches
and other aches. You only need a
few doses of Greer'o August Flower,
in liqnid form, to make you satisfied
there is nothing serious the matter
with yon. For sale by McMaster Co.,
Mr. Marion Jennings came up from
Olumbia on Wednesday evening (o
spend Thanksgiving Day with his
parents here.
Now i? tbe time when crou,) and
lung troubles prove rapidly fata!. The
only harmless" remedy that produce#!
immediate results is One Minute Cough
Care. It it very p'.eaiant to take and
can be relied upon to quickly cnre
cou^h?, colds and all luii? disease?.
It will prevent consumption. McMas-.
ter Co.
Dr. B. J. Quattlebaum, accompanied
by his daughters, Misses Be&fie and
M. E. Quattleb8um, spent Thursday in
lor Isfaats and Children.
Til Kiad Ysn Have Always ion|ht
B#ar* th* XTr //fi . yT*"
tf- ^ T vI.M A n^.PrtrfflQ
itt i SiiU HfJLir* OVUM A/Vr?. v? ?vw
wenf lo Ridgeway to spend Thanksgiving
with Mr. and Mr?. Blabely
Boyd. J
Among the tens of thousands who
have used Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
for cold9 and la grippe during the
past few veur?, to our knowledge, not
- 1 .nantioH <>< nnonmiu
K clUglC CttOC IJtiO i&ouugu x41 ^/uvuimv
ni . Thr.s. Whitfield & Co.. 240
Wabash hvenue, Chicago, one of ihc
tnoit prominent retail druggists in that
city, in ppeaking of this, says: "We
recoramerd Chamberlain's Cough
I?? me<iy for I* grippe in many case*, as
ii iiot njily gives prompt and complete
ivcover*, but also counteracts auy tendency
"f la grippe to result in pneamou;n
" Fi.?*-al- by McMaster Co.
Rev. Mr. Chalmers, who has been
spp.-ditg some time at Woodward
?? ?a ^ i
wiin ei>mve?. nag retuixieu iu vuw
M'\ Joe DougU c e'( :< F:iday for
When the stomach is tired out it must
have s but we can't live without
fo >f\ Kodu! D> ?pep*ia Cure "digests
wtikt you eat" ?o that you can eat all
:lj.: good foo.' ;on want while it i? restoring
the digestive orgam to hea th.
It is the only preparation that divots
all kiu'is of food. MeMaater Co
Administrator's Notice.
All perrons indebted to the estate ?t
Ber. It. D. Perry, deceased, are hcx?bj
notified that payment most be made
to tbe undersigned, and oergono hoi*,
ing claims against ?aid deceased
present them duly attend to the uw l
deraigned for payment J T.
11-onif Administrator.
? # * A.
inyoi ineses;
& Feeling ? Dizziness?Nervousnes
Loins, or in the Bladder?Sleeplessnes
Color or Scalding Urine.
" JTm J
>an Kidney
acccssful remedy for all forms of Lr
iat lias effected some remarkable con
us Lithon
ely vegetable preparation and the 01
?fectaally care Dropsy and Gravel. ^
y on the .Liver attJ Kidneys, festorir
ondition 2nd eradicating all disease.
ur /5 M/O A
Cross ?
erlng fortbrt? year? from Anasarca or general Droi
1 KUineys. My physicians sai 4 that I conTd last but a s
y arter being tapped. Erer> tUsue.was completely t
a gallon wm drawn from scrotum several times.
ea at the time 1 began using Vauchn'a I>lthontri
id exuding fltid. I was unable to get any rest or alee]
ha.vn nud ?!?ht hnttlcs of Vnnirhn'ii Llthostristi
to my business. I can now rideiny horse, a thin* I t
inch of my statement u you desir*. I am glad to glvt
Yours truly.' ! .
kTJ. BZTflTTiTs Us]. 18tl
nan writes under date of Aug. 11,1900:
hontriptlc has effected a permanent core. I
njoyfnff.ffood health."
f the above symptoms write to the M
!ING CO., 45 So. Fifth Stn
Jvise you by letter in regard to your
on receipt of price to any express
S*iss Lou Dwigbt returned to Colombia
on Friday after spendir^;
Thursday at home..
Capt- C. S. Dwight returned from
North' Caroliua on Wednesday night
and returned to camp on FritUy.
BANKRUPT in health,
constitution undermined by extravagance
in eating, by disregarding
the laws of nature, ot
physical capital all gone, if so*
Tutt's Liver Pills will cure you.
For sick headache,, .dyspepsia,
sour stomach, malaria, torpid
liver, constipation, biliousness
and all kindred diseases.
Tutt's Liver Pills
an absolute cure:
WANTED, for cash, Dogwood and
Persimmon f Logs. Southarn
Hardwood Company, P. O. Box 529..
Charleston S. C.
All peraons holding1 claims against
the esiate of Tboi. P. Mitchell, daceased,
will present (he same dnly
verified to A. S. k W. D. Douglass,
Attorneys, "Winnjbore, S. C., and all
persons indebted to said estate will
make payment te the undersigned.
11-27-3 Administrator.
Sale of Personal Property.
As Administrator ot the citato of
Thomas P. Mitchell, deceased, I will
sell the personal property beloDgiDg
to the estate of said intestate at his
late residence, near Avon, 3. C., on
Wednesday, December 12tb, 1900.
Terms of Sale?Cash.
11-27-3 Administrator. 1
. j
rvw wirnvmrjay tfte 19th,
DAY OF DECEMBER, as agent for |
tbe beirs-at-law of Thot. P. Mitchell,,
deceased, I will of or for sale at public
auction. at tbe residence of tbe late
Tho?. P. Mitchell, the following real
(1.) A tract 70 acres, more or less,
bounded by lands of C S. Brice aud ,
Mrs. A. C. Mitchell.
(2.) A tract of eight actos, more or
less, bounded by lands of Jno. T. Chalmers,
Mra. S. L. Morris and Mrs.
A. C. Mitchell.
(3.) A lot of three acres, more or
less, bounded by lands of R. C. Dore
and Mrs. A. C? Mitchell.
Terms of Sale?Cash. Purchaser to
pay for necessary paper*.
- R. G. BRICE,
Agent for Heirs-at-Law ofTboi. P.
Mitchell, deceased. 11 27-S
Letters of Administration.
By S. B. JOHNSTON, Esq.,Probate judge:
TT7HEREAS, Joicey Brown Iiatb made
Vt suit to me to grant her letters
of administration of the estate and efecte
of Martiu Brown, deceased:
These are, therefore, to cite and admonish
all and singular the kindred and
creditors of the said Martin Brown,
deceased, that they be and appeal before
me, in the Court of Probate, to
be held at Fairfield Court House, S. CM
on the 19th day of December next, after
publication hereof, at 11 o'clock ii? the
forenoon, to show cause, if any they h ve,
why the said administration should not
be granted.
Given under my hand, this 4th day ol
Deeemb"r, Anno Domini 1900.
S. K. JUHN&TUfl,
13-5-2t Judge of Prolate
ay a. K. JVJUXtii Uiv, josq ,juagt rrooaze
WHEREAS, A. Homer hath
made suit to me to. efafcf him
letlers of administration of {'lie estate
and effects of William C. Brice, deceased
These are thei ef re to cile and admoniso
all and singular the kindred and
creditors of the said William C\
Brie , deceased, that tbey be and appear
before me, in the Conrt of Pro-,
fiat*. tr> hp held at Fairfield flotnt
Konse, Sontl' Carolina, on the ISrb
day of December nex1. uf.-r ;.nbiication
hereof, at 11 o'cLck in ihe forenoon,
to show canee, if anv ?hr-y h?ve. .
why the said Adm;ni>lration sboald
"?ot be granted.
^ Given under my hand this 3: d day
of December, Anno Domini 1900.
o n T/\nv^i,n\T
o. xv. i
12S-s2 Judge of Probate.
' :~WI
. I ?w
pmpiuiire s~ m
s?Headache. ? *4
s?Cftiffs?Urrne ; jH
i ruuuie m
vet and Kidney . .
triotic 1
ily mcdtcint now ?[
fau^fm's Lrtfionig
them to their |E
jrrs, a C-, Jaly 21,1899. ^
ny of the cellular time,
bort time. I was tmable ?died
and saturated with * ,
ptlc, perfectly helpleu,
p except while under the "
IC wu mil uv*?
boeo QOftblc to do for
1 Reg. S. C. Vols., IWO. flv
JHE 's. .
have had no return
[edical Director of
jet, Brooklyn, N. Y., M
especial case. jjB
-?!? ? i AA ? liAHf#. B
> UUJWC, ?J7 I |VW ? jly
i?Hii IH iMfii 111 tilUifl 1
The well know* v
Jeweler, of ? : %
Chester, S. C.,
Will visit Winnsboro on ,
Friday, Nov. 3t3,
* Sf?
- -Vi
/ - '
and display his elegant line of
at obear Drug Co.'s sfore.
One Day Only
'This is his'last visit before |
Christmas. 4
Mr. Brandt will be at Ridgeway
SUMMONS. - . -Jj
corarroF FAiarfflLD. 'M
The Pwple* Bant, of Winntboro, \
Sooth Carolina, PJaiitiff,
against * Sol.
Wolfe, H. C. Wolfe, David C. B.
Woife, Sara W; DesPortet, Rebecca
C. Brannon, Blta L Nathan,
. D. J. Kaufman, Itabelle Barach, and
- Rose E. Lytton, Defendant*.
Copy Summons. For Relief. Complaint
not Served. 3S
To the Defendant above-named:
Yuu are ncrcDy summoned ana required
to answer the complaint
in this action, which is filed ia the
office of the Clerk of . the Conrt of
Common Pleas, for the said County,
and to serve a copy of your answer
to the said complaint on the subscribers
at their offices above Tbe Winns- .%
boro Bank, "Winnshoro^ S. C., within
twenty days after the service hereof, _ j
exclusive of tbe day of such service;
and if you fail to answer the complaint
within the time aforesaid, the-plain tiff
in this action will apply to the Court
for the relief demanded ia the com
November 30tb, 1900.
ElaintifPs Attorneys.
To all of the defendants above-named
except the deftndaBt Sara W. De?Portei;
Take notice that the complaint in
thit action (together with tbe commons,
of which tbe foregoiDg is a
copy,) was filed in tbe office >< the
Clerk of the Court of Common D-as,
at Winnsboro, County ot Fairfield, in
the State of South. Carolina, on tie
1st day of December, 1900.
12-1 6t Plaintiff's Attorneys.
Just Received Direct from
England a complete
line of
r\Airii irvAiTrniAim ATTIll a *
KIM IKllffilli (Hi.
An extra supply of GLASSWARE
ha# also been added to tais department,
together with a nice selection of
Bine and White Enameled Ware.
We cordially extend an inspection
of these goods to every one. No
trouble to show th^m or qnote prfcep.
7 ^
V ^ ,g
: a* * talsam
f-.iS^fe?r*^-' ' C ! :??. ? c^U XruOXnu th* taSX. -*i.
1; ' : waUd i iaxahant growth.
- b.3 jf^ver p*il? to He*tore Gray
WfflOCTR^ilna TT?<y to lis YosUifal Oc2or.

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