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Wednesday, December 12, 1900
"- GO TO ~
For Fruit Cake material. He has
quantity and quality.
I Royal Excelsior Currants 17?e.
Seeded Raisins 15c.
Citron Fresh and Fine 20c.
Figs 12ic.
Fruits of ail kinds.
Prompt delivery.
?Reod Clerk's sale.
?Read Supervisor's report,
?gee advertisement ''For Rent."
?Land for sale. Read advertisement.
f?Read annual notice of County
?Monday was said by many to be
the coldest day that we have had this
?'This postoffise is now authorized
to cash money order drawn on any
poaioffice in the United States.
The most effective little l?ver pills
made are De W itt's Little Early Risers.
They never gripe. McMaster Co.
?The D.)ty building is beia ggreatly
improved by a coat of paint on the
upper story. When finished this
buildiDg will loot very nice.
?Mr. Fitz Thompson is back in
town and will, next year, be employed j
in The News and Herald office. His!
friends are glad to see him back.
?When you are in search of a
Christmas present do oot fail to visit
Jno. H. McMrster & Co. They ad- j
vertiss a good list. Cal! to see them
' at^nce.
DeWitt's Little Early Risers are
dainty little pills, but they never fail1
to cleanse liver, remove obstructions
and invigorate the system. McMaster
Lawrence Craig, of BJackstock,
has been forced to withdraw
frem College en account of bad health,
w- His many friends were sorry to tee
him leave. Mr. Craig was president
of the freshman class.?The State.
?Mr. T. R. Ketchin and family I
will move this month into Mrs. P. B.
Ketchin's residence on Main street.
Mr. Preston Rion has rented Mr.
Ketchin's house and will move in as
soon as the house is vacated br Mr.
_^_B Ketchin.
H* When yoa need a soothing and heiling
antiseptic application Jor any purpose,
use the original De Witt's Witch
Hazel Salve, a well known cure for
rvilon on/< obin /^Seoocac Tf hpftt? JSftrPfi
auu 9aiu vuowwjvw* v
-without leaving a scar. Beware of
counterfeit*. McMaster Co.
?Mr. Nelson Hanaban 5a at bit borne
here on account of sicknoss. He was
taken sick in Macon, Georgia, where
"v"N\ he is ia business, and was brought
"""home by bis brother, Dr. R. B. Hanahan.
It is hoped tbat be will ?o?n be
able to be out.
?Eggs and butter bare both advanced
in price, and the former is
hard to get at any price. -Usually
these articles bring higher prices just
-at Christmas, but it is unusual for tbe
prices to advance as early as they have
done th;a winter.
i Dou't u*e any of tbe counterfeits of
De Witt's Witch Hazel Salve. Most 01
them are worthless or liable to cause
injury. The original DeWitt's Witch
Hazel Salve is a certain care lor piles,
eczema, cats, scalds, barns, sores and
skin diseases. McMaster Co.
?Tfce following will be read with
interest by those who knew Professor
Nfejhr? Deccke and bis father who has often
visited Winniboro: "Atlanta, Ga.,
Ti*h. 8 Mrj. J?i?i>h Dencfee. wife of
Pr*f, Deneke, a prominent muiician,
has fallen heir to a fort one of $100,000."
Capt. C. S. Dwight has returned
/rom Camden ana tbe camp is now
being moved back to Winnsboro. It
will be located at the same place on
Capt, Gaillard's place, where the partj
was encamped before. The party will
(spend about two weeks in camp for
the purpose of making estimates.
TT Den me uiumacu is meu uai u uiu*i
?- bare a rest, bat we can't live without
food. Eodol Dyspepsia Cure "digests
Wbat you eat" so that yon cab eat all
tbe good food yon want while it is restoring
the digestive organs to health.
It is the only preparation that digests
all kinds of food. Me Master Co.
?See A. Willilord's new ad. which
appears this morning. He has several
good horses, both saddle and driviDg
horses, aud has eight or ten well
brokeo innles ready for work which
he will sell cheap. Call ou him aud
see what he has aud he will be sure
to have whs?t you want. He will also
duj catue.
?Mr. S B. Rag&dale, accompanied
by bis mother, Mr. Gleun Ragsdale
and Mr. D. E. McDowell, will leave
this week for Mexico. Mr. E. B.
Ragsdale, Mrs. Ragsdale and Mr.
McDowell will spend the winter, bat
Mr. Glenn Ragsdale will return home
as soon as the party is settled tor the
?Card* aie oat annoanciug the
coming marriage of Miss Minnie Sain,
only daughter of Mr. W. N. Sain, ot
OraDgebarg, to Mr. J&me? P. Doyle
of the same city. The wedding will
*-< take place en Thartday evening, December
20tn, aod .Vli?e Laura Geri^ of
fhis place is to be one of the bridesmaid?.
Tne bride, who has visited
her.- veral times, is a niece of Mr.
John W. Siigier, and the news of her
approRcaing marriage is of great inleiefct
to b r frit-nds hare.
?Ttie question of Christmas h >!i
dav is being greatly discassed among
both teachers and papils, and both are
awaiting anxiou-ly the decision of tbe
trustees. The pnpils are in favor of
bnviog o ;e week of their holiday before
Christmas aud one after, while
the teachers pref. r the iwo weeks
after Chri^ma?, for several reasoni.
" The children are working hard for
- their to be gained and are
greatly execcie-d over it. The trustees
will probably come to a decision
in a few days, t
?The Clemson ca lets are at home
for an indefinite lime, !h* college having
been elo?ed on account of the ontbreak
of scarlet fever, president
Wb Har;zo? hopes that the college may j
h be reopeued after tbe Christmas holi^^days,
and dario? the absence of tbe
fgy cures Hacking (Doughs, jzM
Sore Lungs, Grippe,Pneu- sis
B monia and Bronchitis in a |
8 few days. Why then risk B
?| Consumption, a slow, sure 1
|? death? Get Dr. Bull's 1
jgg Cough Syrup. Price, 25c. I
H Don't be imposed upon. 1
Kg Refuse the dealer's tubstitnte; it ?||
gjg is not as good as Dr. Boll's.
1 Salvation OH cures Rheumatism, I
(?3 Ackoa and Pains. 15 & 35 cts.
cadets the barracks will be thoroughly
fumigated and disinfected. The disease
being very contageous it would
be well to do as the News and Courier,
in an editorial on toe suoject, suggests:
"Parents and local health authorities
should keep a sharp watch
on the returned students for any manifestation
of the disease among them in
order to deal with it promptly if any
cast s thuuld derelop after they reach
their homes."
*\AW?Ann VIATI* UoP 4V>/* t.
ixiauj pcievus ua?o uftu IUC
enc^ of Mr. Peter Sherman, of North
Stratford, N. H.: who says, "For years
I soffered toriorc from' chronic indi
ges?ion, but Kodol Dyspepsia Cine
made a well man of me." It digests
what yon eat and is a certain care for
dyspepsia aod every form of stomach
trouble. It gives relief at once even
in the worst esses, and can't help but
do you good. McMaster Co.
?A meeting of the executive committee
of the memorial association was
held at the residence of Mr. J*?. Q
Davis on Ss^prday morning. The
meeting was held for the purpose of
selecting a figure of a |Confederate
soldier for tbe monument. The committee
made a selection and tbe cut
was forwarded at once to Mr. Bye
who is to make the monument. The
figure chosen is that of a soldier in the
Coafederate uniform and wearing the
slouch bat. He it leaning on bis gun
and tbe whole altitude of the figure-is
that of sadness and dejection. It will,
make a beautiful monument and will
be a handsome and lasting memorial
of tbe Confederate dead. The <iay
upon which it is unreiled will be a
promd ene for the ladies of the association
who hare worked lor the
monument for so many years.
Bear, y? Tki Kilt Ym Haw Alwyx B
?The little son of Mr. and Mr?.
J. Frank Fooshe, Frank, Jr., narrowly
escaped being killed on Wednesday.
The child was attempting to cross the
street jast in front of his home, and it
happened that at the time two baggies
were passing, each going in a
different direction. The little fellow
saw one baggy ai d in trying to get
oat of the way of it, stepped jast in
f*nrk+ fiP ho/^ nfkfr
seen. The little fellow, of coarse,
was so terrified that he could cot get
oat of tbe way of the excited aDd
plunging horse. Some one passing by
saw the terrible danger which the
child was in and rescued him from his
dangerous poiition before he was
striously hurt. One of the little fellow
'8 hands was struck by the bor?e'?
hoof and was painfully hurt, and he is
now carrying his aim in a sliog. It
* ii
was a very narrow escape xor tub
chili and was a terrible experience
for laim.
McMa6ter Co. guarantee every bot
tie of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
and will refund the money to anyone
whc is not satisfied after using twothirds
of the contents. This is the
best remedy in the world for la grippe,
coughs, colds, croup and whooping
cough and is pleasant and safe to take.
It prevents any tendency of a cold to
result in pneumonia.
?On Tuesday morning, at about 11
o'clock, a fire occurred at the residence
of Mr. I. R. Harby, on Zion street,
and i;be house narrowly escaped being
bnrned. Mr. and Mrs. Harby both
went oat leaving the house io charge
of a servant, who taking advantage of
the absence of everybody Iccked the
bouse and went off also. Mr. Harby
retained home at aboat 11 o'clock and
finding no one at home went to the
rear of the boose to look for the ?ervanr.
He found opoo goiDg into a
; "
is destruction of lung by a
growing germ, precisely as
mouldy cheese is destruction
of cheese by a growing germ.
If you kill the germ, you
stop the consumpti on. You
can or can't, according to
when you begin.
t-i ? r> T"> t_! ?"
laKe ocott s r,muisiuii ui
Cod Liver Oil: take a little
't first.
It acts as a
f??d; ^ 1S ^
ill!!!? eas*est 0 ^
Seems not to be
| f??d ; makes you
hungry; eating
You stow strongj
The genuine has this
picture on it, er. Take more;
tafce no other.
not too much; enough is as
; much as you like and agrees
| with you. Satisfy hunger
| with usual food ; whatever
I you like and agrees with you.
When you are strong
again, have recovered your
strength?the - gernis are
dead ; you have killed tiiem.
If you have not tried it, send
For free sample, its agreeable
taste will surprise you.
40? Pearl St., New York.
50c. and $1.00; a!i druggists -
bedroom at the back of the house that
in some way the bed had canght on
fire, and before he coald extinguish
tbe flames the fire bad damaged the
UCUUlll? BLIU \JtL.Ci ill LUC 1 UUUi
to the amount of about fifty or lixty
dollars. How the fire was started is a
mystery and the family cannot account
for it as the bed was at a considerable
distance from the fireplace. It is most
fortunate 1'iat tha fire was discovered
before it Lad made further progress.
Bmh ^ The Kitid Yob Hiyi Always BoagK
A new stock of midwinter millinery,
which will be sold at reduced prices
the balance of the seas?n. Those who
have not purchased their winter millinery
will do well to call as we are
able to please the most fastidiou*.
Mrs. A. L. McCarley.
Mr. Editor: Please allow me spac#
it) the columns of vonr oaDer to ex
prfss my appreciation of the elegant
. re?eiit which I have jn?t received
from the ladies of mj congregation.
Words f zpress, but fetbly, how I feel
in the reception of this tokeD of esteem
and kindly regard. May the rich
blessings <>f heaven ever rest np?n
each ->f t' cin. J. D. Croat.
Dec'.'m! t-r 10, 1900.
1 t?r Orer Fifty Tear*.
has been used for over fifty years by
million! of mothers for their children
while teething, with perfect success.
It soothes the child, softens the jfums,
allays &11 pain, cures wind colic, and
it the best remedy for diarrhoea. It
will relieve the poor little sufferer
immediately. Sold by druggists in
every part of the world. Twenty-five
cents a bottle. Be surt and ask for
"Mrs. Winslow's Soothiuz Syrup,"
and take ho ather kind* ~ 1-1-17
The marriage of Mies Ln!a McCrorey
to Mr. Frank Keller took place at the
home home of the bride's parents, in
this county, oo Thursday at noon.
The bride is a most attractive young
lady and has many friends here, and
the groom is a prominent youBg business
man of Gieenwood.
Th8 ceremony was performed by
Rev. J. L. Freeman, and the young
couple left on the afternoon train for
Greenwood where they are to live.
i. ney Dave me oesc wisnes anu congratulations
of many friends.
The Best blaster
A piece of flannel dampened with
Cbamberlaiu18-?&i5-~2aim and bound
to the affected parte is superior to aay planter.
When troubled with lame
back or paios in the side or chest, give
it a trial r.nd yon are certain to be
more thac pleased with the prompt relief
which it afferds. Pain Balm also
cares rheumttism. One spplicatian
give? relief. For sale by McMaster Co.
An Early Morning Fire
A barn on Mrs. W. R. Garrison's
place was destroyed by fire on Sunday
morning at 8 o'clock. Tbe fire bad
made great headway before it was
discovered and before the fire company
could reach the place tbe bnilding wa?
almost entirely consumed. Tbe barn,
however, vras not far from the dwelt;*w?
nvwl rs.^.Trnr.r./l
uug liuuec, auu iu? uiciiicu
the flames from spreading to otber
buildings The barn did net contain
mnch that was valuable, so that tie
loss did not exceed fifty dollars.
It is not known how the fire originated,
but it is supposed that some one
dropped a spark from a pipe among
the fodder, &c , in the barn.
Editor's Awful Plight.
F. M. Higgins, editor Seneca (Ills.)
News, was afflicted for years with
Piles that no doctor or remedy helped
until he tried Bncfelen's Arnica Salve.
He writes two boxes wholly cared
bim. It's the surest Pils cure on earth
and the best salve in the world. Care
guaranteed. Only 25 cents. Sold by
McMaster Co., druggists.
Ta the Business Men of Winnsboro:
I desire to give (he basinets men of
Winnsboro, S. C., the best postal service
of any third-class office in the
State, and I will give two free deliveries
ol mail per day to all the business
men of Winnsboro who will provide
themselves with the improved
mailing box, from which the carrier
mti r>.r>I!prt mai! and riennsH it in ihft
box from the outside and the party
who owns the box caD deposit and collect
from the inside. A sample of mailing
box i? at the postoffice and I will
be glad to show it to everybody.
Preston Rion, P. M.
A valuable discovert
The place belonging to Mr. Samuel
DaBose, npon which coal bas been
discovered, is not hie place at Simpson,
but is a tract of land akove
Winnsboro between Gladden's Grove
and Catawba Falls about 14 miles from
town. Mr DaBo*e has brought a
piece of the coal to town and it may be
seen at Tbe "Wimisboro Bank, He f-ay?
that the vein it about 12 feet thick.
This is a most valuable discovery an<i
is o?? that was most unexpected, nothing
of the kind eror having been discovered
in this connty before. Th?
discovery of a coal mine in oar county
is a wonderful thing and may be the
beginning of a great enterprise. The
land upon which the coal ?ai found
was considered to be of little value.
? W
Marriage ofEev. Earold Thomas
The wedding of Rev. Harold
Thomas and Mi?s Eadora IA Roche
which took place in Greerville on
Wednesday evening in Christ Episcopal
Cbnrch was a brilliant focial e?ent.
The chnrch was beantifally and elaborately
decorated by the girl Mend*
of the bride with garlands white and
green. The ceremony was perform* d
Rev. A. R. Mitchell, rector of Christ
Chnrcb. The bride wore a handsome
dress of white satin and the bridesmaids
wore white oreandy dresses.
After the ceremony an elegant reception
was held at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. R. L. Bentz and a large nnmber
of people were present.
Mr, and Mr?. Thomas left for a
The Eminent Kidney
and Bladder Specialist*
lire Discoverer of Swamp-Root it Work in
" EJj Laboratory. - r
There is a disease prevailing in this
country most dangerous because so deceptive.
Many sudden deaths are caused by
it?heart disease, pneumonia, heirt failure
or apoplexy are often the result of kidney
disease. If kidney trouble is allowed to advance
the kidney-poisoned blood will attack
the vital organs; or the kidneys "themselves
break down and waste away cell by celL
Then the richness of the blood?the albumen
?leaks out and the sufferer has Bright's
Disease, the worst form of kidney trouble.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root the new discovery
is the true specific for kidney, bladder
- ? ' j A|
ana urmary irouDies. 11 nas curcu inousauua
of apparently hopeless cases, after all other
efforts have failed. At druggists in fifty-cent
and dollar sizes. A sample bottle sent free
by mail, also a book telling about SwampRoot
and its wonderful cures. Address
Dr." Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y. and
mention this paper.
week's stay in Washington, after which
they will return to Columbia where
they will reside in fatore.
bem tb The KiRd Yoy Hits AIwts Bingtt
Mr8. J. G. Mobley, of Augusta, was
in town on Friday.
J. T. Ban on, Esq., of the Columbia
bar, was in town on Monday.
Mr' S. M. Eice, Sr., at Union, is
visiting his daughter, Mr*. J. F. McMaster.
Mr. J E. McDonald will attend the
United States Conrt in jwsion in Colombia
this week.
Mr. John L. Beaty, of Columbia,
spent Sunday in towD, He returned
to Colombia Monday morning.
Hot to Cur? Croup
Mr. R. Gray, /who liven near Aoeaia,
Dachess county, N. Y., says:
"Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is the
best medicine I have ever used. It it
a fine children's remedy for croup and
never fails to core." When given as
noon as the child becomes hoarse, or
even after the cronpy congh hit developed,
it will prevent the attack.
This should be borne in mind and a
rtf ?>io PAnorh-yJWrnorlr L-phl'ftt"
wv,u,w vl lmv 4.v-.v*.; -vr? ?
hand readf-fonMlfatant use as ?oon as
these symptoms appear. For sale by
McMaster Go. >
Mr Amot X Davis Killed Mr Jas S Lyles,
and the Jury Rendered a Terdlct Xx?
cmmlng the Killing
News reached Winnsboroon Sunday
that Mr. James S. Lyles bad been
kilied by Mr. Amos E Daris. It
seems that Mr. Lyles came to Mr.
Davis' gate and told the cook togo in
the house and teli Mr. Davis to come
if t-v l_ j a j
out air. uavn uau ucaru ux mreaia
made by Mr. L\ lea, and pat bis pistol
in his pocket. When he came out of
the house, Mr. Daris politely invited
Mr Lyles * *'k in the house, and
the laf-t r ' bat he never expected
tu c Li ' Davis' bouse' and
began to abuse him. Mr. Lyles, Mr.
Davis now being out of the gate, began
firing his piatol at Mr. Davis,
who pulled his own and began firing.
Mr. L ee was struck twice through
the i. and Mr. Davis was uninjured.
,v.i inquest was h?ld by Magistrate
Blair, and the jury found the
follorri-.g verdict:
"Hut the said James S. Lyles came
to his death by a pistol wound inflicted
at the hands of A. E. Daris at
said Davis' yard ga'e, and said killing
is justifiable."
Mr. Lylts is a son of C?pt. Thomas
M. Lyle3. Both parties are highly
connected. The occurrence is sincerely
regrettad by friend# of botb.
a, Thousand Tongues
Coald aot express the rapture of
Annie E. Springs, of 1125 Howard St.,
Philadelphia, Pa., when she found ibat
Dr. King's New Discovery tor Consumption
bad completely cored her of
a backing cough that for many years
bad made life a burden. All other
remedies and doctors could give her
ho help, but she says of thi* Roval
Cure?"it soon removed the pain in
my chest and I can now sieep soundly,
fcometning i can scarcely rememoer
doing before. I feel like sounding its
praises throughout the Universe." So
will every one who tries Dr. King's
New-Discovery for any trouble of the
Throat, Chest or Lungs. Price 50c.
and $1.00. Trial bottles free at Mc~
Ma9eer Co.'s drug store; every bottle
The service at the Meihodiit Church
on Sunday was one which will long be
remembered by those piesent. Jltv.
Mr. Croat, *ho ha? served the church
hf*re for three years, prcached a most
affecting farewell sermon in which he
Dade larewew rnosi aaecuonaieiy im
bi? congregation. After tbe sermon,
Mr. Croat called on Mr. R. H. Jennings
to come forward, and presented
him with a handsome gold-headed
cane, a gift from the Sunday school,
in token of itair love and respect for
him. Mr. Jennings has for year*
acted as superintendent of ihe Sunday
School, and it is with the deepest re- 1
aret that tbe members of the Sunday
School give hiuo up on account of hi?
removal to Culnmbi-. Mr Jennings
*an deep!) u rcvci by the gift and
responded in a few word' thanking
them for their remcrahjrauce, bat
said that he was. (oo much touched to
be able to &ay much. This handsome
cane will always be prized by Mr\
J. rriijig? who appreciate*, m -re than
tie can oxpress, the loving thought
which prompied ib-A zift. The member*
of ihe Metl; -list Church are Tery
rr uch di?tre??cd u'.er k'?iug both Mr .
Croat h!< family*.! I Mr. tanning* |
and Jiii firmly wiio n.ve betn suck
active woikers. Tbey are prepared;
however, to give a warm welcome lo,:
(he new mioiiter who vri'l arrivep^^
week. d?
It is with feelings of profound sorrow
that we chronicle the death of
Mr. R. W. Harriion, of J?Desboro,
Arkansas, which occarred at Memphis,
Tennesee, November 25th alt. Mr.
Harrison, as will be seeD, was away
from home?had gone to Memphis on
business?and while there contracttd
pneumonia Hit family and friends
did not think that he was dangerously
ill. Death came however after only a
few days slcknesi. Coming so unexpectedly
it was a severe shock to
his family who did not deem him i
gerioasly ill. Mr. Harrison was born
in 1865 and was therefore 35 years old.
He was the youngest child of the late
Capt. ?. H. Harrison, one of the largest
planters and slave owners of this
section in ante bellum days *nd a
brother of Hon. J. D. Harrison, of
Longtown. Mr. Harrison left Fairfield
about fourteen y?ars ago for
Florida where he lived several years?
afterwards moving to Jonesboro,
Arkansas, at which place be married
Miss Maggie Wood, one of the mo3t
hrnminpnt nt .Trtneaboro. She
with two children unrrive him. We
ex'end onr sympathy to the bareaved
onesio thia their great affliction. We
trust and feel that oar loss is Li
eternal gain. Arnicas.
A cheap remedy for coughs and
colds is all right, but you want something
that will relieve and cure the
more severe and dangerous results of
throat and lung troubles. What shall
you do? Go to a warmer and more
regular climate? Yes, if possible; it'
? <- /? A;tkAH
not pu?biuj? 1U1" JTUU, tucu iU KiLUCl
case take the only remedy that has
been introduced in all civilized countries
"with success in severe throat and
long troubles, "Boschee's German
Syrup." It not only beals and stimulates
the tissues to destroy the germ
disease, but allays inflammation, causes
easy expectoration, gives a good
night's rest, and cure3 the patient.
Try 03TE bottle. Recommended many
years bv all draggists in the world.
For sale by McMaater Co., druggists.
JHAlLftUAll SU1IU3 XAUIt vwu
A Petitig* Will be Clrcmlated for Israing
850,000 In Bonds to Aid the Construction
of the Road to Camden
Tha following petition bai been
handed ns with the statement that it
will b? circulated lor signatures. The
petition explains itself;
To the Honorable, the Intended and
Wardens of the town of Winnsborc.
The petition of the undersigned citizens
and freeholders of said town respectfully
1. That they, and each of them, are
citizens of said town of Winnsboro,
and that they are freeholders .of^s&id
town, as shown by-its~tax books.
2^1^ your petitioners are desirous
*>f""haYi<ig your Hozierable body, in
pursuance of provisions of the Act of
tbe General A?sembiy?or tne saia state
in such case made and provided, order
a special election in tbe aaid town of
Winn?boro for the purpose of issuing
fifty thousand, five per cent, coupon
bonds, or such proportion thereof as
may be allowed under tbe constitutional
provision restrictingjthe bonded
indebtedness ef the 6aid torrn to eight
per cent f the taxable property therein.
3. That tbe pnbllc and corporate
purpose of issuing said bonds is to secure
tbe construction, equipment and
operation of a railroad from Camden,
or near Camden, to Winneboro, S. C..
te be known at (be Winnsboro &
Camden Railroad. Tbe eaid bonds,
so to be iwued, shall not be delivered
to the Winnsboro & Camden Railroad
Company nntil tbe completion of said
railroad from Camden, S. C., to
Winnsboro, 8. C.; or nntil there is no
reasonable donbt . ~ to its completion;
or unless the majority of the qualified
electors of 6aid town, at a special election
to be held for that pnrpose, on the
petition of ten freeholder#, of said
town, shall by vote authorize tbe delivery
of said bonds at an earlier time/
? Now is the time when cronp and
lung troubles prove rapidly fatil. The
only harmless remedy that produces
immediate results is One Minute Congh
? T*. ? t ' -
l>nre. xi is rery pieasaui iu toikc ?uu
can be relied upon to quickly cure
coughs, colds and all lung diseases.
It will prevent consumption. McMaster
Conference Appointments?Columbia District.
The following are the appointments
made by conference for the ColQmbia
district. It will be seen that Rev.
E. P. Taj lor has been assigned to
Winnsboro and Rev. J. D. Crout has
been sent to Batesburg.
Blackstock, wbicb is in the Rock
Hill district, will hare Rev. R. W.
E. T. Hodges,. Presiding Elder.
Batasbarg?J. D. Croat.
Colombia?Washington Street, M L.
Carlisle; Main Street. S. U. Zimmerman;
Green Street and Brookland, E.
P. Hauon; Granby and Richland, B.R.
Tamii;seed; Edgewood, R. S. Truesdale.
Edgefield?G. W. Davis,
Fairfield?R W. Spigner.
Fort Motie-F. S. Hook, mppljr.
Grinitevillo--1 E Mabaffey.
Johnstft. '.J. Clyde.
Langley?6. H. Booth.
LeesTille?J. F. Auderion.
Lewiedale?J. M Lawson.
Lexington?J. N. Wright, supply.
Lexington Fork -J. S. Abercrombie,
Ridgeway?W. S. Goodwin; one to
bt supplied.
Upper St. Matibew? C. D. Mann.
Warrenrille?D. A. Lewi?, supply.
vYinnsooro?&. r. rayior.
Epworth Orpbanase?G. H^waldell,
fcuperiDtendent O'Dell,
aBoi?t*nt pn^eriu(?##en\
Paiue In^lmte?G. W. Walker,
>re?idei>f. /
Sontfcerfli Christian Advocate-Jobn
0, Wilso/j, editor.
Co'nn/bia Female College ?W. W.
Daniel, president.
Missionary Secretary?J. A. Rice.
f _
For Iafaata ard Children.
Til Kind Yin Hire Always Bought
Annual Notice.
ALL pe rsons holding claims againit
the L'oantr of Fairfield will pre ent
the same to this office oc or be*
fore the lit day of Jannarv, 1981.
_^-C?unty Supervisor.
Have You z
Backache?Tired Feel
fli/s Tift-nc* rvv in flick "R
Color or Scalding Urin
They Me
The most suecessfi
one that has effected sc
This is a purely ve
,L1_-.L ill IT
Lnai win enecinany cui
ly on the Liver and Ki
and eradicating all disc
il have been sufferii
caused trcm the livtr and I
unable o lie down except si
rated with fluid. Three en
I was completely filled ;
legs terribly inflamed and ej
the influence of an opiate,
fortable and able to attend'
do t 'T nearly two years.
You may publish as mu
ferer may be benefited by it
Since then this gejitleman vi
"Vanghn's Llthontri
tow enjoying good health."
If you have any of
JLiJLUJLi jjmuuraun
and lie will a&<
Of all druggists or
?A good deal of cotton was brought
to town on Friday.
Among the tens of thousands who
have used Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
for colds and la grippe during the
past few years, to our knowledge, not
a single case has resulted in pneumonia.
Tbo3. Whitfield & Co., 240
Wabash r venae, Chicago, one of the
uooct prominent retail druggists in that
city, in speaking of this, says: "We
recommend Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy for la grippe in many cases, as
it not only gives prompt and complete
recovery, but a!so counteracts any tendency
of la grippe to result in pneumonia
" For ?al* by McMaster Co.
' "Persimmon Logs. Southern
Hardwood Company, P.O. Box 529,
Charleston, S. C.
Por Rent.
farm, on ihe Camden road, three milei
from Winnsboro.
Apply to THOS. H. KErCHLN.
12 11-2
For Sale.
OV/l) from Winnsboro, S. G.
Cheap and on easy terms.
Applv to
12-6 2 * JNO. B. MoMASTE&v
' , -.fi'S ;
VmmolM t joxtuiant gf?W&. .
3&SG3S&Z.. Egj XAgCT Fails to l?esto? Gray
l^alr to ita Yoatiifci ColorPRESTON
mist rom
Pacific Fire lnsar*?c? Co?p**y ?f
New York.
Glen 11*11 Ia?ar*nc? Company 01
New York.
. Rochester Ger?an lnsuraact Company
of Eocheiter, N. T.
Solicits tbars of public patronage.
BY virtue of a decretal order to me
directed, I will sell before tbe
Conrt Bouse door in Wionsboro on
UARY, 1901, the following described
property, to wit:
All tbat plantation er tract of land, j
lyiDg, ?ituate and beiog in the Coonty 1
of Fairfield, State of South Carolina, '
on the waters of Cedar Creek, ab^ut
one mile west of the towuof Rid^ewav,
more or lesc, and being the tract of
land dtri8ed by M. A. M. I>gg to
M*rv R. Kee. and of which the said
Mary E Kee died seized and possessed.
Sold at tbe suit of John A Kee v?.
Carrie E. Kee et al.
One-third case, and the balance ou
a credit of one and two years in two
equal instalments, with interest from
tbe dr.y cf sale, to be eecared by the
bond of the purchaser and a mortgage
of the premises iold, with the privilege
to the purchaser to pay the whole
or any portion of the credit insialmenti
in cash. Tbe purchaser bhe.ll
pay for all papert and revenue stampp.
C. C. C. P. Cheater County.
Clerk's Office, Dec. 15, 1900.
12-1 ltd
r* ^
WlL^= <nir list of?
Standard Extracts (to.
w suit you).>
QC Stationary (fan?y).
Qu PlaqMes and M&dalions.
Mirrors. . \
I Shaving Sets. \
CO Photo Frames and \
Albums. - \
Tea Sets (all prices). \
Cups and Saucers.
H I China Plates.
CO Railroads.
T* . Sailboats.
DC Birds of Paradise.
JTj | Vases.
q j Fiae Candies,
Toys too numerous to
Don't forget the same
old place.
Yours for a Merry Xmas,
- J? nrn t
my ox 1 nese i
e. ----an
"Kidney 1
ll remedy for all forms of Liver auc
>me remarkable cures, is
n's Lithon
igetable preparation and the only m
e Dropsy and Gravel. Vaughn's Lit]
dneys, restoring them to their norm)
Cboss Km
)fi for three years from Anasarea or general D:
Sidneys .My physicians said that I could las
aortJy alter being tapped. Every tissue was
artcri of a gallon was drawn from scrotum s?r
at the time I began using Yanghn's Litbon
nding fluid. I was unable to gej ony ;rest c
I have used eight bottles of Vaughn7s Litlu
to try business. I can now ride my horse, a t
ch of my statement as von desire. I am glad t
i onrs tralv.
EL j. BETSlLL. Maj. 18
Tites under date of Aug. 11,190^
ptlc has effected a permanent cure. I have hi
the above symptoms write to the
IMG CO., 45 So. FM Street, 1
rise you by letter in regard to your
sent postpaid on receipt of p:
A dl^EAl
Or\e of tl^? Lapg
arj disc
4 A A \/AV JL AV/i.1 M A <
Q. D. Williford
Consisting of DRY GOODS,
onrl ijll rloccpc rif rrc
establishment in
, These goods must be con
order that the heirs may get
This is the greatest opportunity
the surrounding country to ;buy
All parties indebted to said
ani settle at once.
J. L. Mirr
D. A. Crf
nessee). Good Saddlers, Fine Roadsters,
extra large Lomber Malts, and plenty me
I sell tbe noted
"A little higher in price, but tbe Best ?
Harness and Saddles of all description.
I also have a fine supply of horse m
paraxon for healing Old Sores. Thrash,'
prepared by the best veteriaaary in Virg
purchasing, and I guarantee satisfaction.
City Phorna St. HesId?oc? Phone 68. P
Poctoflc* Box 134. *Horses
z Mes.
and received a good price; why not
enjoy life by purchasing a nice horse
from me. I have three or fonr go?d
Combination Horses, up-to-date s*ddlere
and nice drivers; aUo three nice
Mares, eood workers and well bred? '
suitable for brood mara.
VI have 8 or 10 well broke Mulef. i
They are acclimated and can stand 1
Lard work.|Some^of 'hem are large
moles, suitable for heavy work. I can a
sell them as cheap a* yon can bay them
anywhere. Also a few plug*. Ome
to see me and 1 will try and please
Remember, if your h(?r*c or male
does not suit yon co?ne t?> j?*e m<* a- d I
will trv and let von h*ve one that will
nit yon.
I am always io the market, ?w>d will
bnj any class of cattle that ton haYe (
to sell." Ste me before von wel.
A. Williford,
\ (
\ Winnsbwo. iS C.
If ALLWfe?H?AltTMSfflk
with a fnlH|#f C*sk?ts, tnrm
6*set *ni ^siMtW ca ka?4,
J!* !E, 9fJK^ wW*? r>fit?y.
rfili tttwdii t? a: tlJ k?|f?4^-vv
TSffi 9LLI#TT MB S?&B,
J. M, aLX&STFV A > .
lache?Pains Across r)
e of an Unnatural
" -v <;;9
I Kidney Complaint,
Ledicine now in use II
ioutripfcic acts direct- m
il healthy condition
'8, S. C., July 21, 1899.
ropsy of the cellular tissue,
it but a short tune I was
completely filled and saturerai
triptic, perfectly helpless,
>r sleep except while under w
jntriptic and am now com- Wt
hing I had been unable to
o give it, as some poor sufth
Reg. S. C. Vo's. 1860.
id n return so far, and am
t\; ~ .u
.ccucai JL/juectux ux ?
troBUjn, Hnr Ynk, . w
especial case. '
rice, $too a bottle.
est Stoel^s of
? in tine li"D
1 1 JL
?~?? J
, Deceased 9
IT/NfTT/Wrir* />T /\mTTtlT/1 fl
XVUilUN?, Vl?V L "ijWVjr,
>ods.kept in an uj^to-date --M
tlf? Garolinas. ;
v : ' -:^v;*8
verted into cash-fat once ia J
their portion, of; said estate.
ever offered to the people of
-merchandise.-- . ?J
( state will -please call and
inatigfcL, J
iwford, A
that belongs to 4 horse.
? direct from the florae State (Ten J
, and good farm Brood litres; some V
tdinm-sized Cotton Males.
Iuqgt in the State for the money."
idicines, sneb as uColic Care," pre[V)nH?Hfln
PnwilftM. PnrailiTM I
tola. When in n?ed, tee me before ?
O.A. Crawford,
[iOMING! j
, The well know* . *
Jeweler, of ^
Chester, S. ^
. . ..i. . M
Will visit Wmnsboro oa.
"riday, Nov. 30,
,nd display his elegant line of WEDDING
at obear Drug Co.'s store.
On? Day Only
Thin i? hi* last visit Virfnrp A
Christmas. jd
Mr. Brandt will be at Ridge^B
irayon SATURDAY.^- 9
Oo Improved Farms seco/ed by first
iortgag?s. Iuterrst S per ceat. in m
ami not Ie?s than $*00, 3 to 8 yeara. ?
to commission!. Borrower pays ao> 1
al oroensea. -M
JL <5. k W. MV?LA8Ci A
Winasboro. & ?.
ii IHMl I1 11
X? M I
- A??

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