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Twl Nrws and Herald Co.
rssns. IN AI>T
Tear. ... 81.50
Six Mo*4tu, . - .75
Wednesday, December 19. 1900
n ?r-xc_r ?.Try ~
Ix the debate on the increase of the
army, the argument wa* made as
might have been expected that the
flection of Mr. McKinley was a ratification
of the pulley of maintaining^
large standing army, and it was urged
in the debate that 'Jongress ought to
eo straight ahead and make the neces
8*ry appropriations for the porpose.
The same argument will be used, of
course, in the discussion of the ship
subsidy bill. This bill is the culmination
of paternalism. What would be
thought of the suggestion that the
United States government should pay
- 0?ery - cotton grower one dollar for
every bale of cotton -raised: It would
raise a fearful commotion for Congress
seriously to entertain such a proposi??
1?.?? L ZL !? rrhfln
uun, UUL lb iS V^UUC UIUCICMI n u&ii IL
is proposed to give oat of the puulic
treasury $9,000,000 annually 10 ship
builders and owners. As a matter of
fact it is a bonus pure and simple, and
it w beyond question that the bill will
be passed by a large majority. The
difference between the favors shown
the cotton planter aod the ?hip bnilder
is that the one lives iu the Sooth and
the other in the North. Sometimes
we think that it wonld not be a bad
idea for the South to cat loose from
nftpiiftg *nd elect our
UVVU ?- ?- - ? - ?
presidential Selectors independent of
?s. _aBy party, and theu let the electors
say to the North ihat before the electors
voted for a President term3 mast
be made. In this way the South might
hold the balance of power and have
some weight Of course, there are
many objections to this, but it ha?
been suggested. The Southern people
are Democrats, and it is doubtful
whether they could be induced to support
a Republican, whatever terms
might be offered. The South'e lack of
political influence, however, is becoming
more and more apparent,
* ?? *t.? D/innkli/une (yoininfT ?n thp
tuo lkopuuav^uu ???
Soutb? Tbe 2few York World claim*
that ;the Republican* are increasing,
while tbe Democrats are decreasing in
tbe States which constitute tbe solid
Soutb?Virginia, North Carolina,
South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, A1&t
bama. Tennessee, Mississippi, Looi3iana,
3Ji?souri, Arkansas, and Texas,
and tbe following figures coroborate
the assertion:
Tn 1892.
Democratic rote 1,491,000.
Republican rote 754.000.
Popalist rote 391,000.
Io 1894
De a) c Qca^-Popu
fusion 1,796.000.
Republican 811,000.
2,607 000.
Dem-Pop-fn6i ;n 1,475,000.
Republican 993,000.
In the acquaintance of most every
one some former Democrat is known
to have voted the Repnblican ticket in
1900. We have never taken seriously
to the suggestion ;that "a decent" Republican
party wonld be organized io
LUC OUU*ll, UUb lug ww W?
talc a lesson.
If the Rapublican party can be defeated,
the passage of the ship subsidy
bill ought to do it The only times
- that the party has been defeated since
If the civil war wer8 when the principal
issues were Republican legislation in
favor ?f tpecial classe?. Mr. Hanna's
pet mea*nre may bring the old time
issues fresh before the people, and a
L>emocranc president may oe eieuieu
in 1904.
The Boers deserve independence.
Any people who display so much
bravery tod military genius in fighting
for their liberties ought to win freedom
and independence. We tannot
help sympathizing with these people
who have accomplished so much agiinst
r such odds.
Willum E. Curtis, the correspond
* n
en: lor me umcago ftecuru *u *? *??uington,
tells his paper that the opposition
to the ship subsidy jab is so great
that the passage of the bill is very
doubtfal. Can such good news be
The census doe3 not give Winnsboro
2,000, bat with the cotton mill
included tbe population is nnquestionoKlw
0 fOrt nr mnpp
k How dear to my heart is the steady
Who pays in advance at the birth of
the year,
Who lays down bis dollar and fifty
cents gladly,
And casts 'round the office a haio of
He never says, "Stop it, I cannot afford
Nor. "I'm getting more papers now
k than I can read,"
But always says, "Send it, the family
W likes it,
R ^ In fact, we all think it a real house
hold need."
How welcome he is when he steps in
Bap the sanctum,
fr^'- How he makes my heart throb, h >w
he makes my eyes d *..ce!
I outwardly thank him, I inwardly
tDiess men,
The steady subscriber w. bo pay? iu
?Manson (la ) I).Baocrat.
Help is needed at once when a person's
life is in danger. A neglected
cough or cold may t-oor. become fieri
ous and should be stopped at once.
One Minute Cough Cute quicklj cures
nonchs and colds and the wont cases j
R of croup, bronchitis, grippe and other
throat and long troubles. McMaster
Mr A S Douglass is of ti e that "the
Issuing of Bonds for the Construction oi
Kailroads Is not for a Corporate Purpose,
and, Therefore, Unconstitutional?Unwise
for the Town to do so, for it Would
for Electric Lights, Water Work-, 4c.
and for other Strictly Corporate Purposes
Editor News and Her old:
It is well for the citizens of Wionsboro,
as well as the Town Council,
before taking any ?teps in the mutter,
to inquire into the power asd authority
oi the town council to order a
special election to decide whether the
to*n of Winnsboro snail issue oonu?
for tbe construction of a railroad from
Camden to Winnsboro, known as tbe
Winnsboro and Camden Railroad.
Under our present Constitution, it
is tbe policy of this State, to charfei
and provide for tbe government of all
towns and citie* under general laws,
as provided in Article YIII, Sect 1,
whicb read? as follows: <;Tbe General
* 1
Assembly &nan provide uy geuerai
laws for tbe organization and classification
of municipal corporations.
The powers of each class shall be defined
so that no such corporations
shall have any powero or be subject to
any restrictions other than all corporations
of the same class>." Section 3
of the same Article further provides
that, "Tbe General Assembly shall restrict
that powerj of cities and towns
to levy taxes and assessments, to borJ
row money and to contract debts, and
j no tax or assessment shall be levied
I nnponsncs nf law. for nab
iU ^/U? OV4MUWV V* ? .. | _ ^ t
lie purpose* specified by law." It is
also provided in Section 7 of the same
srticle that ''no city or town in this
State shall hereafter incar any bonded
debt which, including existing bonded
indebtedness, shall exceed eight per
centum of the assessed valne of the
taxable property therein."
By Act of the General Assembly of
this Stafe, approved the 11th February,
1897, the municipal authoiitiea of any
city or town of this State upon the
petition of a majority of the free holders
of said city or town are authorized
to order a special election in any
such city or town for the purpose of
issuing bonds tor porcna^ing, repairing
or improving of city or town hall,
or park or grounds tberefor, markets
and guard house, enlarging, extending
or establishing electric light plants
or other light*, or water works, or
sewerage, erecting, repairing or altering
school baildings, fire protection
purposes, improvement of street* aud
side walks or any other corporate purposes
*et forth in said pe iti >n, Provided,
That the aggregate bond* d indebtedness
of anv city or town shall
never exceed eight per contain of the
assessed Vilne of the .taxable property j
This Act, jt will be observed, does
no; include bond* for the construction
or equipment of a railroad, nor can
they, in my judgment, be included under
the terms of "auy corp >rate purpose",
as the bnilding and eqaipment
of a railroad uo not come within the
Junctions or powers of ?.he municipal
corporation of Winnsboro, which is
vestpd with limited powers strictly for
municipal purposes. Our Supreme
Court has decided that even under the
Constitution of 1868, which does not
contain the restrictive provisions of
our present Constitution anActau-j
tDoriziDg .lownsmps 10 issue uvuuo tw
aid in tbe construction of a railroad,
was not for a corporate purpose, and
that tbe bonds were tbarefore invalta.
If the town of Winn6boro could
legally issae bouds to aid in the conmy
jodgment, it wouid be unwise to
issue bonds for sucb a purpose to the
full limit ot its power to contract any
bonded debt under the Constitution, j
and thereby deprive tbe town council
of the power to incur any bonded
debt fur legritima'e corporate purposes,
such as are ennm-iiaed in tbe Act ol
the Legislature a o?f qaoted. Debts
contracted for each It-gi imats corporate
purposes are f>r the benefit of
the town, and if any itic ti.e is derived
from improvements or .-tinctures for
which each deb!8 are *ncn red, the
(own receives the fall benefi . It
seetns, 'rora the language used in the
petition pablished in The News an*d
Herald, that the bonds pioposed to
be issaed for the constrnction of the
Winnsboro and Camden Railroad are
intended as a bonus to the railroad
company, as nothing is s-?id about the
town of "Winnsboro receiving stock in
said cmpany or any;5 i~g tor th? I
I J3 ~
The town ol Winnsbor .as now a
bonded indebtedness of teven thousand
dollar?. Patting the aiS3?f?d value
of tbe taxable property at five hundred
thousand dollais, thirty-three
thousand dollars additional would
cover its constitutional limit of bonded
indebtedness. A. S. Douglass.
Mr Elliott Say* that the Test Will be Mado
Before the Proper Authorities?Difference
of Opinion to be Expected
Mr. Editor: Noting a communica
tion to your paper a few days ago on
tbe legal aspects of the proposition to
issue bonds by tbe town for tbe benefit
of the Winnsbsro and Camden
Railway, I would remark, that, if
there is no legality in the proposed
is8u<>, voters need haye no hesitation
iu voting for their issue, according to
the wbr of the venerable counsel at
law. It it neual for lawyers to find
two sides 10 every legal proposition;
indeed the members of tbe profession
make their living by finding two
sides. Moreover it is not ordinary
practice to have the,public pass on tbe
legality of any proposition, bnt the
courts; and it is tbe intention, a3 well
as the desire, of tbe promoters of the
Winnsboro and Camden Railway to
thorocghly test all legal matters relating
to the issae of these bonds be
fore the proper authorities.
As to the wisdom of snch a proceeding,
it is expected that the cautious
and the timid, and the aged will take
the conservative side, which always
hesitates to make eflort, or take reasonable
risk. There is snch a thing as a
man losing his life by saviDg it, the
good book tells ns, and there may be
such a tbing as a community 16>ing
property by the effort to save taxes.
Theie may be?uch a thing as losing
the priocipa! of the debt by looking too
much at the interest feature. Thefioal
question may yet be, not wl.etfer the
town c*n issue the fi tv thousand bonds
at all, but whether eveu if they do issue
them toDooranhical reasons mav not
necessitate a different route. One
ihing snre, it will take an account of
boi!<i> equal to a!i the (owe c?n Irgaily
i-sne, :o c>ff*et ?he loss, duj to the
topography of th^ conn:ry, that the
promoters will saffer by reason of
coming here.
! Hastily, bat respectiully,
T. K. Elliott.
i y
xr rrrov
\nnnal Convention, Southern Educational :
Association, Richmnnd, Ya., December
87-29, 1900.
01 scconnt of tbe above occasion, the i
Sourhern Riilway will sell rouad trip^
tickets to Richmond, Ya., and retarn,
from ail stations on its lines at tbe rate
of one first-class fare for tbe round
trip, plus $2 00 membership fee.
Tickets will be sold from Wasbingingion,
D. .and points ia Yirginia
aud North Carolina, December 26th
and 271h, with final limit December
81st, 1900, inclusive; from points in
other Southern States, December 25th
and 26th, with final limit January 2nd,
1901. The Southern Railway offers
the best service ever afforded to Richmond.
Ya. Fast time aud convenient
chedules. Through sleeping car between
Birmingham, Atlanta, Greenville,
Spartanburg.Charlotte and Richmond.
Hotel diDiux cars on all
through trains.
For detailed information as to rates, I
reservations, etc , call on or write any
agent of the Southern Railway or its
S. H. Ilardwick, A. G. P. A.,
la uta, Ga.
When you need a soothing ind healing
antiseptic application for any purpose,
use the original DeWitt's Witch
Hazel Salve, a well known cure for
piles and 6kin diseases. It beals sores
without leaving a scar. Beware of!
counterfeit?. McMasterCo.
Gain of More Than Fifty Per Cent in Mem- j
bcrship In Ten Tears
Washington Post.
The Associate Reformed Presbyterian
Synod of the Soutb, at the meeting
recently held at Louisville, Ga,
elected Rev. Oliver Johnston, of Leslie,
S. a member of its board of
borne missions in piace of Rev. John
T. Chalmers, of Charlotte, X C., who
retired because of ill-health. The socalled
psaltn sinking Presb\terians of
the JS^uth, or Seceders, a=. they are
commonly known, are a small denomination
numerically, but are vtry earu
.ncc ua ?n Ihoir f?h!1r/?h I
tJS 0 UULl aj;gicci3.ig m >uv,.i vuu>vu
work. The membership ol the denomination,
under th^ active work of
its board ot home missions, has increased
more than 50 p?r cant within
the last ten }ears. They are among
the best church tmilders in the South,
and are constantly invading newfield5.
Biroainghan and Huntsvilh',
Ala., arit ainonir the p.aces which they j
have recently fixed upon as points to'
establish new churches Within the
last month beautiful churches, heaifrom
-debr, have been dedicated by
'them in Ooieicana, Tex., and in Rock
Hilt, S. 0.
The b^ard of home missions has
oversight throughout the denoinination
ot all city mis-ions, the opening
of new work, tbe assignment of laborers;
in short, f-apervisioa of ev*ry
church which receives aid from the
faudi of the Svnod, which is the highest
ecclesiastical body in the Associate
Reformed Presbyterian Church The
Rev. Oliver Johnson, who is now a
member of this board, is also superintendent
of missions within the Presbytery
of wbich be is a member, being
charged in ibis latter capacity with
oversight of the work of similar character
doue by the Presbytery to which
he belongs Tna chnrch at Leslie, of
which he is p9Stor, is more 'han a
handred years old, and has always
been a stronghold among the Seceders
of the South.
Yes, August Flower still has the
.largest sale of anv medicine in tbe
civilized world. Your mother? and
grandmothers never thought of using
anything else for Indigestion or Biliousness.
Doctors were scarce, and
they seldom heard of Appendicitis.
Nervous Prostration or Heart Failure,
etc. They used August Flower to
clean out the system and stop fermentation
of undigested food, regulated
the action of the liver, stimulate tbe
nervous and organic action of tbe svs
tem, and that Is all they look when
feeling dull and bad wiih headaches
and other ache9 Yoa oniy need a
few doses of Green's Aogn->t Flo ver,
in liquid form, to make you satisfied
there is nothing serious the matter
with you. For sale by McMaster Co.,
Alex VI Daffie, Esq., of Malvern,
j Ark., has been elecUd judge of the
j Hot Springs circuit for the f arth
term. Judge Daffie grew up in the
neighborhood of Blackstock. He got
bis preparatory education largely by
! bis own unaided effort*. He received
(some help from Mr. Christopher Elder
while assisting bim in teaching. He
graduated at i^rskine college in 1874,
studied law al the University of Yir
jinia, ana soon ?ner oemg auimueu iu
the bar, weal to Arkansas. H; has
wonderful powers of abstraction and
concen'ration. When he fixes hia
mind on a line of thought, a tornado
would scarcely disturb him. Indeed
the ipecific graviry of bis intellect is
too great for it to float in shallow
thought. Another characteristic jthat
fits him tor the office cfjudge is that
in thn consideration of any question,
he i? obvious of external influences,
and cares but .itile for what any person
or any number of pr-rsons may
At It?* AAnAMieiAnj ITatri nor heftn
LU1UJL VI ui? WUU.U3JVU3. 4-a.o. ? * "o WVU
a neighbor in bay hood and a j ? inmate
in early mauhood, and always a
friend, we rejoice in Judge Dnffie's
succes*.?Ch:8ter Lantern.
Over=Work Weakens
Your Kidneys.
Unhealthy Kidneys Make Impure Biocd.
All the blood in your body passes through
your kidneys once every three minutes.
... . The kidneys are your
blood purifiers, they filter
out the waste or
impurities in the blood.
If they are sick or out
of order, they fail to do
their work.
Pains, aches and rheumatism
come from excess
of uric acid in the
blood, due to neglected
kidney trouble.
Kidney trouble causes quick or unsteady
heart beats, and makes one feel as though
they had heart trouble, because the heart is
over-working in pumping thick, kidney
poisoned blood through veins and arteries.
It used to be considered that only urinary
troubles were to be traced to the kidneys,
but now modern science proves that nearly
all constitutional diseases have their beginning
in kidney trouble.
If you are sick you can make no mistake
by first doctoring your kidneys. The mild
and the extraordinary effect of Dr. Kilmer's
Swamo-Root, the great kidney remedy is
v??-11 i -rt*A Tf fT*>o V?irrVi { rw ife
OVWH 1 W< *V kuv iVl |
wonderful cures cf the most distressing oases
and is sold on its merits ,. ..
by all druggists in fiftycent
and one-dollar siz- p^Sr3Hjp|niM^5^n
es, You may have a
sample DOTtlG oy null Home of Swamp-Root. I
free, also pamphlet telling you how to find
out if you have kidney or bladder trouble.
Mention this paper when writing Dr. Kilmer
& Co., Bicghanilon, N. Yr'
' _ 4#* - *
. , ,-f
ii p i
I jl
i A\5?^efab!ePreoaralioiifcr As- |R$f
j siffiiiatingUicFooJar.dRcg-vjaI
UngfoeStomachsardBowelsor j.g
Promotes Digeslion,ChecrfuI- jM
ness and Rest.Contains neither ; jssti
Opium,Morphine nor "Mineral. j||3
1 ^ot Narcotic. \m
' . ' ijjg||
fitdpc a/ Old LrSSJ'.UELPlTCIlER j|||
t Puniplun Seed' .
Jtlx-Senna. * \ i!;?'
RocktU* SJis - j j 'E'
yiaiur Serd I j,'?
e 11 PcofrermLtL - ) J 'if:'
ji Bi'Cc''~!aleSu!s.+ [ < j;S? i
JKn.. sd- t
C/mftw. Saeuw I 14-stj
WhLtynzsn'rtarcr. / ! '$c\
' j "?3pl
ti Aperfec! Iteraedy forConslipa- Jjg!
[| fion, Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea j-p j
;! Worms.Convulsions.Feverish- j'Jj
Hi n?ss o.r,dLoss o? Sleep. jfjij
FacSunils Signature of
!|i jig'
| _| g
| Congressman "Wilson Issues a Statement?
Farmers an<l suburban Residents Can
i Have Their Mail Delivered
at Their Doors.
| Congressman Stanrarne Wil?on, of
I th3 Fourth Cougres^ional District, has
sent out (>>e following letter regarding
I the succcescf the rural free delivery
- 1 *u- ? C
sysiein, lUS w ay u. vuiaii>ir.g nd
"Free Rural Delivery being no
longer an experiment, th;s congress
will appropriate several million dollars
for its extension About every commuuiiy
in th?? district cm jeenr^j the
benefit, of the service during the coming
yea-, by making application therefor.
The course to pursue is this:
"Present a petition, addressed to ihe
First AffriMaut Postmaster General,
signed by tbo?c who desire the service
This petition should be sigued only by
head- of lamilieg, and should mention
tbe number in each family. It should
set forth the nature of the country
where tbe delivery is desired, whether
densely or sparsely populated, the principal
avocations of the people, the
character of tbe roads, ancL^he dis
tanc<-, which, unaer toe exisun^ conditions,
each patron bas to travel to
receive his mail, and should be accompanied,
whenever possible, by a rough
map indicating the route or routes
<lTbis petition, when properly signed
should be pent to the representative in
congress, or to one of the senators,
with a request that he endorse thereon
bis recommendation of th? service
oclro,< or>r< fArrrrar^ thp nfttlMnn to the
a"avu **?-??- ,v' "M4V4 w c??? ?
MTne route should be between 20
and 25 miles in length, aud serve not
le*s than 100 families. Upon receipt
of the petition a special; agent will be
detailed by the department to visit ihe
location, map ont the r ute and select
the carrier.
"By voor printing this information
all sections of your county will know
how to proceed to avail themselves o'
heir opportunity.
"Stanvarne Wilson "
Story of a Slave.
To be bound band and foot for years
by the chains of disease i9 tha wor9t
form of slavery. George D. Williams,
of Manchester, Mich., tens now ?ucn a
slave was made free. He says: "My
wife has been so helpless for five years
that she could not turn over in bed
alone. After using two bottles of Electric
Bitters, she is wonderfully improved
and able to do her own work."
This supreme remedy for female diseases
quickly cures nciv^usness, sleeplessness,
melancholy, headache, backache,
fainting and dizzy spells. This
miracle working medicine is a godsend
to weak, sickly, rundown people.
Every bottle guaranteed. Only 50
cents. Sold by McMaster Co., drug*
The Co-Ed*'
This is the cntc and suggestive name
of the monthly journal which the
teacbeiv and pupils of the S. 1\ C. I.
sre to publish. The first number of
the "Co Ed" is before ns, and we con?raiu:a!e
Eii?or-in-Chief F. E ?1 ianaut
upon his complete encces6 The
mechanical work of the "Co-Ed" is
done by the j)b department of the
Advertiser, and reflects great honor
upon our skillful young friend, Mr.
Robert CovBr.?Edgefield Chronicle.
frouncr Women]
The entry into womanhood is a ;
I I critical time tor a girl. jLittie men- i
strual disorders stzrte i at that time soon !
grow into fatal complications. That
female troubles are filling graveyards I
proves this- Wine of Cardui estab- '
lishes a painless and natural menstrua!
flow. Whzn once this important function
is started right, a healthy life will
usually follow. Mpny women, young
and old, owe their lives to Wine of
Cardui. There is nothing like it to
five women freedom from vdn and tc
St young women for every C_ty of life.
$1.00 bottles at druggists.
Miss Delia M. Scrayer, Tully, Kan.: "1
hive suffered untold pain at menstrua! pci?
..... .. ? !
t:C<-5 ior a ic-nj iirr.c, wzz .~.c:vjus, .uic no
appetite, an'1 lost interest ir. everything, j
in fact was miserable. I have iuktn four '
KoWIm of Wine of Cardui. with Thedford's I
Black-Draught, when needed, and to-day
! am entirely curcd. I cannot express the
thanks 1 fee! for what you have cor.z
for me."
F^r iwJrJce in eases reqoiria;: Spi-^ni -):rtivi.a.
address, symptoms, t!:<s
Advisory Department, The Ciirttar.->Ofu iU-dicine
Coaspauy, C&attanoos:i. Tcz-~.
v 'ifV "
iggi : ?. CT ^ ^ a sa
? >? r-> m ' >:% H a
$ & f ::
I ? hU:i -% ja rf 3 S'^5 i $31
If! i'vi ? 1 | HjJ (ji 1184
vi?' fci v ' C- frj aS Hi sj
IVr J Jai^S-pnd Children,
ifr?3rf ?n?i l:m*!Q
i Sii^' aUiiU S ISii liiisy i
Always Borgh?
Bears the / ^
Signature /'
f\ $ 'n
i\$s y?s
H For Over
^ Thirty Years
wfi<w i ifiisrs
thc ccnTmUr coj*p/.:<y, .ncw york cmr.
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
It artificially digests the food and aids
Nature in strengthening and reconstructing
the exhausted digestive organs.
It is the latest discovered digestant
and tonic. No other preparation
can approach it in efficiency. It instantly
relieves and permanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
Sick Headache, Gastralgia, Cramps and
j all other results of imperfect digestion.
Price 50c. and $1. Large size contains VA times
small size. Book all about dyspepsia mailed free
PrtDared by E. C. DeWITT & CO., Chicago.
ifcMASTER CO.; Winnsboro, S. C.
Coity Supervisor
Claims Approved at ths last Meeting
of the Board op County
Commissioners Held Not.
24, 1900
The following claims were examined
and approved on Road and Bridga
Food of 1900:
No. Arn.nnt.
798 R W Herron, claim $30.00,
allowed $20 00
799 W H Lewis 12 50
onr\ o tl -J9 fA
OUV O n muigau,
801 T W Rob-rtson, 2 00
802 C B Douglass, Jr, 3 00
803 Ja> 2 00
804 Joh i o j^iiaown, 7 00
805 Joe W Richardson, 25 00
806 Jas F Brown, 7 00
807 John B Patrick, 18 00
808 P (J Broom, - 7 35
809 S C Johnston & Co, 9 45
The following claims were examined
and approved on Poor House Fnnd of
No. Amoun.t
810 Mantel McClintock, $7 45
811 8 C Johnaron & Co, 6 65
The following claims wer? examined
and approved on Publie B?ilding fand
of 1900:
No. Acouut.
812 Jas A Brlcs, $25 00
I do certify thai the abovs statement
is a correct copy of claims approved
at the last meeting of the Coanty
Board of C<>mmissione?8 held on the
24-.h day of November, 1900.
24-1S County Supervisor F.
The Peoples Back, of Winnsboro,
South Carolina, Plaintiff,
Sol Wolfe, H. C. Wolfe, David C B.
Wolfe, Sara W. UesPortea, Rebecca
C. Brannon, Eita L Nathan,
I). J. Kaufman, 1-abelle Baracb, and
Rose E. Lytton, befeudauts.
a T?/>! %/>f Avn)r\7n.imi
isvjjy kju/ui/iuno* JL \jt
not Served.
To the Defendant above-named:
YOU are hereby summoned and required
to answer the complaint
in this action, which is filed in the
office of the Clerk of the Court of
Common Pleas, for the said County,
and to serve a copy of your answer
to the said complaint on the subscriber*
at their offices above The Winnsboro
Baok, Winnsboro, S. CM within
twenty days after the service hereof,
exVusive of the day of such service;
an J if von fail to answer the complaint
within the time afore?aid, the plaintiff
' * - ? * ?*?? 1? /VM.?
in tDI8 acuo.t will appiy iu iue vuun
for the relief ckraanded iu the complaint.
November 30tb, 1900.
Plaintiffs Attorneys,
j To all of the defendants above-named
except th3 defendant Sara W. DesPortes;
Take notice that the complaint in
thi? action (together with the summoua,
of which the foregoing is a
c >py,) was filed in the office of the
ClTk of the Court of Common Pleas,
* \ ii.ushoro, Count v of Fairfield, in
' - f C1 A - . U AM
IlJ Ul OUUlii vu mo
1st d*v of December, 1900.
12-1*6: Plaintiff's Attorneys.
r> ( 'A?an? w xr f
1 aU'UO L' UC liwtii ?uv% v*
Nr-W Y"I k
Glen Fall Inurxuc* Conpany 01
New Yoi k.
Rochester G?rjn*n lnsaiaaci Corcpinv
of ll^eb^fter, N. Y.
Solicits sbare of public pa'rojiage.
$10,000 1
t t~* r* a c t?
ir ou, OJC.
The N
and receive a certificate which will en
l,ooo Cash Prizes by the PRESS PI
ing the nearest guess or estimate of
of 1991, which will be taken April 1.
, We have made arrangements wit
I to participate in the distribution of t
AND HERALD will be entitled to o
by paying their subscriptions tn 1st j
ber. You get the guess absolutely
When you send in your subscrij
as plainly as possible. As soon as \
prize that you may draw. We will fi
subscriber will receive as many certii
>ND HERALD. If you want moi
^so be entitled to one guess.
To aid suDScrioei
Year. Total Population. Iucn
1871 3 689.257
1881 4 324 810 635
1891 4.833,239 508
The population for 1901 at an increa
o?er the population would be
(An increate of 579,J
At an increase of 15 Der cent it vrou
3.T.S (An increase of 724.1
At an increase or 20 per cent it won
(An increase of 966,(
At an increase of 25 per cent it woo
(An increase of 1,208
Address your orders tc
Wg Hav? J
rr^ar^y @oc
Stop? to H
a n
The CaWwell Br
|| the estate of Q. D.1
J please come fotward
fsave expense, as af
counts will be plac
attorney "for collect
P notice you win gci.
ii J. L. Ml
New Furniti
Tnaukino ar oation* f r ) *-?
their futme ihvor*.
' iM * 1
. / EVHnaaatHBBanKaDDn
np /?nnF?
ews and !
ititle you to participate in the distribi
the population of the Dominion of Cai
he prizes, amounting to $10,000.
every one who sends us $1.50 for one ;
ne guess. Present subscribers in arre
anuary, I90I, providsd such pavment is
stion you make your guess. Be sure an
ve receive your subscription we -will ?
F DETROIT, MICH., containing you
le th- duplieate certificate with the !
icates and have as many guesses as he
e than one guess get your friends an
aluable !nformati<
:s in Jormir.g their estimate, we furnish t
IT: Per.c.e?t: Prizes to
553 17 23
,429 11 19 To the nearest cor
,36 of 12 per cent To the 2nd,
5,418,227 To the 3rd,
)88) to tne 4in,
id be 5,558,224 To the 5th,
J85) To the 6tb,
id be 5,799,886 To the next 12 net
>47) each, amonntinj
id be 6,041,548 To the Dcxt 42 ue
.309) each, amoaniins
To the next 100 n<
each, amounting
To tbe next 880 ne
o monntin<
cavLij auivuu?iw|i
To the next 460 n<
each, amouariDj
Total, 1,000 p
In case of a tie,
equally correct, p
> 1
>d? fop Oup '
.old, .1
. ' -fE
y Goods Company.
A _ _
Williford, deceased, will |f
aad settle at once and jjy -$
ter January ist all ac- g |
:ed in the hands of an |g
ion. This is the last |g .1
Estate Q, D. Williford. gl
- A
: . J
ed and to Arrive I
And we ar? right in pri<*?
according u? quality. Lowt-r
i prices ir.ean Jowp- grades and
poor workma**tiifu Jlverrrh^
^warranted a? represented. With;
a lone experiences the furniture
hn^ine?? and +>e*n? & practice
wo *kui&u, ?% e mean what vrasayv
Experience bat 4ta?ht a* wb*t
th#? trad- needi.
- - * 1
PW : w'll tell \on eometmr? mi??ortat.'
>hont Sewing Macbli.*^
.10<1 3 iort? later. J
'ors, vre promise to do oar be-t to merit
W. F>hilJips.
ition of $10,000 to be distributed? I
WifTI >>mAn<r ndw
Id Jl 1W X X ^ iui atuvu^ ^ 1
iada, as shown by the official census V
CIATION to enable our subscribers
gear's subscription to. TH N"EW5$^ fl
:ars may take advantage of this-O&atfl
made on or before the 24 thDececrJ
d write your name,-address and guess*
;end you a certificate of thc PRESS
r guess, which will entitle yon to a&jw
Press Publishing Association. Every*
sends subscriptions to THE.NEVtfS? I
d neighbors to subscribe. TJey wiB?
i < . -n S
iie iojiowiog u.d.in.
fee Awarded as Follows: iijfl
reel goes*, $5,000:00- "||B
2,?oo Ofr^^B
iree<'irrect gaegjes, $10.00 . 1 I
"-?* ? /ytiAoeot AS Aft -.? .
WUVV1 0 WVVOWJ ? - , -
f to 2X0 00 '
jareit correct goee&es, $1.00
r to 800 00 :
nrest correct guesses. $2.00
r to 760 00 .!
jaresf correct guesses, $1,00
r to 460 09 .'M
rizes, amounting to . $10,000 OO^fH
or that two or more estimator# are 'S
rizes will be divided equally between -X
' -
Mnnsboro, S. C '
BY virtue of a deere{ si order
directed* I will sell before the a
Court Hcase door in Winnsboro on' M
UABY, 1901, the following described 1
property, to wit:
All that plantation ?r tract of land, ';v
iviiocr. nitrate and beinjr m the County
of Fairfield, State of South Carolina*
on;the waters of Cedar Creek, abrat
one mile west of the town of Ridge* J-z%g
way, containing 3p2|
more or less, and being the tract^of
land derised by M. A. M. L?gg to <:-j
M*ry E. Eee, and of which the said ;^ij(
M*rv E See died seized and possessed. rlMB
Sold at tbe suit of John A Kee vs?.
Carrie E. Kee *?t al.
One-third ease, and the balance on
accredit of one and two years in two
1 mifh intflMct fma? Zj&gBS
JUVtOllUCUVCy W iVU *>?WIWO? &4VHt . __.Ti
the df.y rf sale, to be secured bv-the
bond of the parchaser and a mortgage
of the premises told, with the prmlege
to the purchaser to pay the whole
oi any- portion of the crtdit iostalmeot*
in cash. The parchaser shall _^e
pay for ail papers and revenue*tenrp?.
C. C. C. P. Chester County, i >-|||
^Clerk's* Office, Dec. 15,1900.
il2-lltd ' .
Bnpsis a* His J
JtHMUUU m muium
Iflid receive J - a good p:re; why not
?njoy life by pnrch&sing a nice horse
from me. I nave three or fonr good
Goajbjnation Horsee,. up-to-date aadtiere
and nice drivers; alfo three nice "
Jlaret, good workers aud well bred? - fr
suitable for brood maw.
| mules. 1
i?I have 8 or 10 we" 1 broke Male*.
TLey are accliaiated and can stand .
Lara wort.JBSome^of them are largo - ^
moles, sni i able for heavy "work. I' can JH
sell them a* cheap a* yon csd boy tbem
anywhere. A'so a few plagc. t>me
jto pee 83e and 1 will try and please"gFjBj
v Remember, if voor h<>r*e jfl
doe; not snit you come to s^e m<\ '
rwill try at:d let joa have ou&tlfSi, .jfl
i 5 I am always in the market, and
- ?bny any class of cattle that tckj havev ~ ^
to sell. * See me before you ^ i -3?
A. Wiliiford,; I
Winnsb?ro. SC. V
liOis. M
' ' I V.' '
It ?
J ? ; 4'-?j
I Call and see our
? -. ? ;
l??ni in
"j" ^ HUt ill . . r.-' S
:| | BOOKS,
# - :
I :
I f and j \
? r-T APCUrADC ijy
i ? UL/lOO iVAJ\ii,

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