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__ HE E iEL=J R
Eutered April 23. 1903 at P'iekuns, 8. U., as seauud elass mattrr, under act of Congresu of DM\Srol 3 1879
I>rems From This Thrivag 'Towni ai<l
o7um tmulty.
Personals anti Othr Mattors.
Eatloy Nov. 2.
Miss Ina Boggs and M rs, M, P.
Hester. of Pickons, viai ted rt;iat
tives hero last week.
R. '. Smith, M. 1).. spent siv
oral days in Columbia last week.
A valuable hurse belong ii t"
Mrs. Lalbon Maiuldin (lied recesi .
The South Calr~fl:ivawy is ii
session at Lturen.cs - l.v. J. F.
I Matheson is in atte(jo,IOnct.
Mr. Milton C!nipt) hm., a.s his
guest this w.>k hi iir er, Cra -
ford Clapp, . Gr10umv 1.
- Missl'ugenia \'ermilliln. afi''I
a pleaant visit, to r,'h[ities at ihi;
place and Dautvi:,e, i,ls return
ed to hli ime at 1Onid's.
Mr. VItF r 1'olgc-r has moved
his family to( Atiarlta. Ile is in)
the-emplIo of the \\'. & A. liy.
Born on thc 27dii it to Mr.
and Mrs. C. M. Fol;';r, a dautghit.r.
, W. A. St\wart, of A.".litta lhas
been viitiing' reli:v s h re.
A. J. 1l'ev,'s, f'r- the feast two
Woek, hit; I. " t it i S: It !
the sahaa petp)l- ,omtt a t .
M1Irs. .1. \t. 1latrtlit after ten
ing at hl;'e in GrecNv \V wI h' e
diaughit'r 1Ib; . I:n A tam 1,\\ ih.:ri,.
has retunle1:{d .\ he' IbutIec i Eas
Mr. George W. Ru s,i, of .(
state V-1:. 'Frin m lumel
went to Lin tht'
initere,, i, i hf (. e,+ tl' ' l' m it .l t.te,I.
at and C- .i ;m.jl
- is as siwu t ra i .
M S I \s M a 1 gU';s iiid N-'Ii.
G rand.s . ;;t itdc" m ) it-e (,rt'-m 1 t
Femntal,$ Collt'-' i)as'(l thrOl ugit
EasleyVf Fri,.ty ,no 1their way h.-me1
to PIek('t -, to ipencmd Su'l:d.ly w.stih
ir. V. if. I ' 'lion had 1)r. W. A
Tripp t;Ug t iueen t tst. 11md)1y,.
.to see his df,tauigiter, Mrs... 1). iMIor
ganl, of that p'ace wi. is sortouit\
Cardls are out a1nnoun(ingi;
marring. of Miss Miv Gertrud
IHaagood, ,f EaFlev to )r. Aideti.
on tho 6th of Novemrh.
Marri'iied lon the- 2St.h uilt, at
the hiome of the officiat in g miin is
ter, MiNs Magg.io Atigood to Mi .
fic iaitin1g. Ik.th t~Ihe corct.i'LC ii
p)raties ar if t11he Equal ity~ sect,ioni
: and are well andi bivorably krnown
and have n umuswii lienQds whoi
joinl mi wish ing them joy.
Our mer'chiants are all h avinhg
good trade despite the tact the cot
ton cr'opsl is short and the far'mers
niot selling fast.
A c'harming youing lady, Miss
Mary Adams, of Grenville, was
the guiest 0of frieuids in Easley r'e
A. lar'g dIrove of' (attle from
North Car'aohnia wVi,e c!arriied
through hero Sat urdlay on til it
wiay to tihe Gr'emnvilh nurk
tio hullh.
port sems to has pre'tt g\' c.''
from all over t.,b. ('ounity, IlI,~ 3.o: 33
crops is no tch shiortr ti1.ha ? unIs
thought to be s'omel- five r' six wir -I
ago, and abouit two--thirdsl as8 muh
as was4 made hust year is the genci
a l4gverage. Largo fields ft'I.ii'e
tile first p)ick Iing glttinig all of thle
lint and the f'armiea s are turning
t.his-land trd will sow it inl wheat,
and oats,
A lionn shower wls given Miss
(G ertrudo I- go( l la-4t PrlI:t.av 1 I'r.
11oon by heIr aunt Mirs. J. " Clla
gofd. Mis> I.. t V , r (') e':
covf3r Ohe l d ,I t f l 1a ' i - -t t t h (
t1 1I ",tim o h \1 ie h'If"l ;d+ ( lit, ! iti . It
thce th.- IiPrdi \
vt i1(1 , i h ,\. . nt is l . lt,' lt 1':,
(-liltiorv ,'l 'lver '(e 1 l\' H. 4,4 )-1r
ati'iI Cross'liPhods..Cns..oma
wlor, WV. .1. Pckans was nt.. of')V'
r ino i ,11" I r( i:s ; y lt' ax' a( h '11
\V, fs \t . t1:\ 1' 0 't3 (I at +$f:I1(1. v
rad theg cild. Illrt uiled the1t
t h r site wa s 1onsit r -xe)It) . .
w' M'. ,. .lk art was t"bron i
frond his uggil at tiaiae and a
fatal)ilylen t.. L tr , e i
was Q-fonu thait though"1 (rveryc pIiI- i
Tlyhrt e wans ojldtrlioule i
wit s o un ttIsom stoug dvt, whipchi b
ab,e srithy, ueas a nd ta, was
iac'e camotn( loose ad sonlt; l part. of
,hei))l hess gave way w!hi icl throw s
fOwVn the breast piecP. 1I(. lost
'f.fntrol of the h( rsesa inl bouut ifi Mr.
J. i. Ehisou' stor(, and ranI 11
atlainst i1 po t. iii fronit, of Sltvde"r' \
('wv(iry store and wats thiro,w) oil t
is head. lII waUS taken into H11a- e
-:.. i l's pharm acy, whllr,-! I)r. H-. E-. ils l tl-'l t e 1uill
1.r;(S bro(kt: away and ran)11 into a I)
caguin ul) .NIain street, but. they
+ - >t), hurt.
(.n tl' even11IIg of the 1st ins
it the hIimie of thf: bIidI''s ,pre) ts, a
\1r. ;Im f Mr. P'. L.J hn . th i
t-drminI g iau htor, i !s- I.:stOrl.
1ifh1l,on was h);111i j 13i- arried - >
'.1r \ . , uthter !'i(k (':,:. 1; v \ . I).
WV. I)ul;f so olhitiatng. A\lis sh
tf, is 0110 of (f(tr t11 hif'.1 3'0on11
w;rn)eI), wh ile It+ g.rrt tlu to 0l)(- oi
u1' 1110 t S1lcepsStlll yOtlll!; },l11
-t.n. They left for;r a bridal Ii pi)
New \'>trk alid thi- ),s wh
r lhl rt ' l 'teil , f ri rll ( l b11 Lir . ' I' tl
i It'ir.ie wa\C a Ve y'\' (t+ll"t, ( '
' 'id ' t) f"( i:',i l't l; 1 :!vs I il -
ost, at t4he h,mC of SSm.s
r''herailyf lte brade in tihdia
ki1dly tonelI''AitIli The bast 11
"Youc'e tat vaers,'eIfile3 propet,
esy the u nexpected."-Amecrlecan Spee-,
ta tor'.
4'I"f"4'(iEI 44t.14 ki3 I'. J(ttI 0' 114 .144 [444
Ii 4'4i.......) 4.4
* .i I * t.
- 4
wee 4
'ieknx I14mile (1e1 I.,t terx Teolli e.g '1hem
to Wrlo Nine Mors.
A t. it retI :tr irlivtiyv"Is, 111 fl (
ranks of vn rion;l kinds )rabrl 1' rih
;'ini a h)('Iplesf4 :m1( tlng i"c ' I('l
a1rld, and f'Ur s,me1 S1ltil ra'ngelre(Il.
?!ill i(Ili ('n'ik S arev 1)(rhaps1 more1(
ltlnerouslll than anly t,be)(r klllt.
Foil Stlo, t.ite )asit. evetrv (iav
r two. , ore persot) in Pick-ns.
oul11 t'c'iv an aenonymVtous lI4l'8eir
!\" i,_IC w ']t coiltanle(l "Th(- 1;I(1.
\e 'ra er' h l iin.'' Thl) p rt
>\ 11"1in t.h . l(tler was] allr" ':'1"i
1a (I l"-tel to "end I lii r i r1' t
mVO' 11i' )WersonIs who, in 'urn were
' a 1( ' it t" l 1) () ter . '1'h(1
''tenI o li e;om:t t. l Ip1rt r'ssio!
1](.1 1(:n iiictlude the entire lui.
11t l:tte,
A f',w years ag1O "Til-he E)dle.s
litiil.'' .11le 1 V(i( vigu, od wh(' n
star'ted, mon,t y f. r nomef ('har1it
>l, pittrl''s5' wa.s t he ('hj,-.t. 'I'h)e
1ipieut Of thI( lirst, lo-ett, Was to
l'd a dimle to somo chtaritableliR
Cintion, xn(l th11n W1 IR to Hantd
ra letters (iach.l to oth(r friondR,'
)>mo mal(Ltlmt lical I eni]us, hear.
g of the scheme, vorke'd it; out,
id soon tsc,aiutined that all the
un4v in th I'1ted Sta t would
iinsiill"i-ut to satisfy thel end
Te"Elndless l*rav('r," wvhlih>lot
-('x11' SI (", )1'rhaps). as the I)hml
lill, lA 4 (I ly!V ais (-'xtravigant,
11 i d :I uf rt u t" i in s tO I ' 1o r t h o s e
hi fa il t4 sid Outt, the nine I1t
rs ]iakea tne Seiame in"rl lpr.yl).
Iiie f 14 the UStlss expenditture
"0) I.".l .1 "F"lt ':';"'"t w e 1Ill II l'"
tP tais.
The letir tt1 it b e in t reiiive
O1 n' .l-us rtlt w'c iimi r it
1 i er 1 -d~ t o if m.:x
*i, , I'I a l "'i ' \ .
li it' t i Is 1 1 t' I ya -'I l
T1 " I( W;- o'. t b): Iish+p
l'w I'" (,)1 1111'n dl:l;;' it t,l b((
e l i,"ii and l' U1 t 4 (ti e t )thl,ri
Ic hu. .
No.e whO will not s('ui it will be
-i wh i, .i ) : t O 1 \111n 1. it
wIii I t d
u h -i v i I : 'r
I t -i! u.-.
* o ,. .h y xpr
A -.Itu lr du h \
a t i k h.'4
%i:is, to;d lnt, woli h t hat take
IwoIlild ICIIiO I i si i top I .\i " lt-:t
(t I il ij L I. tl l t t et ,r i iig the
Lt 1i ti t h i " to(t n 111w."
eiht. teamt.ter H itIkns, int4 e bitlg
11w'a(t , alt Is tIhe firsa. "l;ton <ila s
lttib ayer'ever hnt.l t.i' hndbo r.
Nw l op tol w\ t'te, !ef! bre (o
Is the liisoti Bishop e a .\ianssa.
(lu orettn. he rewn ftl ied,
gout.;h t1 i ituoit atr-s, havicg
IbtS'lillig at at.l t.o (It. wit.h the4'
Freight Steame,r Burna.
New York, Oct. I .-The small
freight steamer Hastings, oweed by
the New Haven and ayonne Trans
portation com-pany and -bound from
New York to New taven, was hurned
to the water's edge and sunk in iong
Isl.and, off Stamford, Conn., Wednes
day morning. The crew of 11 men
got away in a lifeboat and were pick
ed ump anti brought to New York by
the steamer Middleton. The Has
tings $t reported to have been ataded
with steel. A.bout 4 o'clock, when off
Stamford, the Hastings collided with
ith tnknoWn schooner. An overturn
i4 lantern set fire to the steamer and
When it heca-me evident that the
W-aInmer could n-ot be saved the crew
took '-td 'their boat.
Four Trainm n Injured.
Pittsburg, Oct. I .-Train No. 310
of the Cleveland and Pittsbrg divis
ion of the Pennsylvania lines, west
known as "the Pi-ttsbulrg Special,"
jumped the tracks shortly afternoon
W'r'dnesiday a lit tle distan.ce .below
Bellevue station, 6 oniles west of Al
le,ha.n.v. The engine and several cars
lelit the iatrack and the engine went
ovr t.he ank and slipped o-wn to
the Ohio river. Fo r t rainmen were
injutred. 'but none of the passengers
were hurt.
Acquitted oSMurder Charge.
Thinisvtille, (.a. , Oct. .--uThom
a.s Mardre of Boston, accused of t.he
mder of Kahlil Atbram last March,
has be i ad.iciked not guilty. st,he
tentire sessions Iue=day and W\ednes
day morning were spent in hearing
t.he evidtnce and arguments. The
.lury went out aboti noon and re
turnod with 'the verd!ct In .ten min
utes. The court room was filled with
intersted spect,ators. The de-tentse
Ploaded accidental killing.
Big Land Suit.
Nashville. Tenn., Oct. ...--A suit
has been brought by i')isman & Rob
eshin Ilickman county, this state,
naainst the Bont Air Coal and iron
i(:t>II,pmny andi the New York Trust
'Omupany to reoer 25,000 acres of
hind, part of whiri is lite Wa.rner
turnace lands and Itie Aetna mineral
lands. The value of the pr+Perty is
s:imatil rI $0ri tM00, a_-,.d . I
he shops the V irgiia Br00.Id ge an
lro compan' y,a lulngton,li N.iC.,
and. itslunednt, $incldingI a touan
Sly oft mPioved mAdhnead. to
pan Nof railroa bridge.11 The~ fire-t('
mi'en were ihandui$apper riltin the
dame $y the lack of wa1C t aterMn
wIkmeni arii riro onut of mliy
m e Nothe epartmenfAtack.th
works:~ ar seioly~~ affct d. The
Castaways Striving to Reach
Cuban Coast.
They R-emained on the Helpless Si.
rocco, and Said They Would Try
to Take Her Into One of the Ports
of Cuba.
New Y.,. Oct. :,.--Soniewhere
far out in the Atlantic, off the Flori
da coast, half a dozen men, perched
on the roof of the afterhouse of the
waterlogged British schooner Siroc
co are struggling againsit wind and
sea to roach a Ctiban port with their
almost. helples cbarge.
The plight of the men is due in
part 'to the heroic devotion of their
carptain, who who' help was at. hand,
chose to face dea rather than aban
lon his ship and 1r cargo of lum.ber.
He declined an ffer of assistance
from the steamer 'Partma, which ran
down, to him last Sundity when he
was wallowing in the seas, 600 miles
east'' otf Trida.
The captain asked only that he :be
given supplies to replace those which
were ruhlded wheti ;1s shlp filled with
water-;' "When this reques,t was grant -
ed the, t4iptain and his crew settled
down in,their precarious quarters on
the root of 'the after.house and an
nounced their doterminatlon to sail
the Sirocco to Cuba.
The Sirocco sailed from St. John,
N. B., Sept. 27 with a cargo of lum
ber for Cardenas.
On Oct.. 5 when off the coast. of
Maryhtnd, she ran into a fearful hur
ricane. Pounded and battered by
wind and sea, the Sirocco was thrown
about like a cork, some of her seams
were ripped open and 4he began to
Tefore the storm had abateel her
hull was filled, her decks awash and
the deck houses were tiooded.
All the stores for the voyage which
were in -the houses were ruinedl by
sea water and the men were in a sad
plight when the Parima came in
'The Sirocco Is owned by Troop &
Son of St. John, N. 13.
16-Round Bout.
San Francisco, Ott. 25. - Joe
Thomas, champion wellerweighi of
the world, knocked out I)ickl Fitz
patrick, of Chicago, in the sixteenth
round of a scheduled :t)-rounl con
tesi Wednesday night at C'olma
Thomas had the class all the way and
(lid all the work. In the six.tethutn
round i'homas landed a hard lift r
the Jaw, staggering Pitzpatrick. ''lhe
champion quickly sh(ot over a right
swing, putting his man to the tloor
for nine secoids. W\'ien P!.zpatri hk
arose he received another of the same
Ciss iaa put hi,n ou, . Wit,.pa.tic(k
showed that he is a clever blocke-r of
.blows , ba:.t he was una.able to in ich.
Mad Dog Bites Six People.
Tialeighi, N. C.,* Oct. 25.--A pTiy
siciani here has treate-d five men' anid
a boy who were bitten by a mad dog.
a ha rge spotted hound, w ~hi ich ran
amunack t.hrough the principal st reels
of the city wa ~s rhot a-t perhiaps at
score of times and puarsuied for' houirs,
thiough lie was no.t ki lied tunt il some
boys killed him with pitchiforks in
the subuitbs . Three of thle persons
bitten were badly hurt. Sev'eral (logs
were also bit ten, and it has b)een
recommuendled that these be killed at
once. Th'le p)hyxielan gave the men
b)l ie anuti-erumi a nd cai u 'ltterizedl the
Secured Bible 200 Years Old.
New York, O)e. 5. --in coinpe-ti..
tin with King 1':lwuarid oft nigland,
wiho iiouaghit itas a Iin-mor!iall to his
mo(ther,i the lat4 Qtieen 'Victoria, J..
or-idinalI Cluinty lit. in illimi tnated
t ., on parchmreitt, the' wortk of the
toy moonks in Fr'aact. aind on-ir
hni 20" y 'as otl. Withb i e alsot
iinn.\a a on 1 tba rgt' of hert-y.
M:any Immigrants For Uinhted States.
Wthg o. O . 2:,. - The ti a
gn in i ;b t 'nj I edO Stat'.-; m3a3
h" Ii- X Whi ' tlu , afte r a btrief
"Trusty" Prisonar Brains White
Black Killed His Guard In Much the
t Same Manner That He Murdered
His Own Wife, For Which Crime
He Was Serving Time.
% iirmingham, Ala., Oct. L.- --At
Flat Top mines, In the western part
od' this county, where are located
state convict prisons, J. A. Hilley,
aged 63 years, a guard, has been
murdered by William Fain, a negro,
who was serving a life sentence for
the murder of his own wife ten years
Fain was a "truasty," working'in
the hospital department of the prison.
It was discovered that he had made
a .hole in the. stockade -fence and
Sthrough It w&e passing food to two
negro womnen-pn the Qutside.
t Hilley was stationed.+at 'the 1ole to
t catch Fain, nwhen the 'negro 1bgrning
t or the fact, approaohe -ttie guard fiom
behind and brained him-with an. axe.
e Fain and another negro convLct,
who was tinder suspicioJ, were placed
in adjoining dells% and later Smit,t
told the story of the ' nurder.
When Fain was 'brought out of his
cell he managed to procure a bottle
of carbolic acid from the store room
of the hospital and swallowing i1f
contents, died in awful agony.
Hilley was from Tifton, Ga., to
which place 'hls bod'y was shiipped.
h ain killed Hilley in much the same 1
manner that ho murdered his own
ders uI. ..iey did not reach above
the ~ 'Jr. Many .persons were
on .. litoir above.
The tirenen first devoted them
selves to the people on the seoond
and third floors, and did not thea
need the screans of the people above.
Many persons in the interior of the
building were alreald overcome by
the dense smoke and had to be car
ried ou. by the firemen. But many
w.ere able to escape down the lad
dErs witihout assistance. .,
After getting every one they could
- lind out of the second and third
Iloors, the fireme turned thjr at
'tention to the people a.bove. As the
ladders did not reach above the third
it floor, the nen on the fourth floor
literally pitched their wives and chil
i dren down to the firemen on the lad
- ders and then jumped down them
selves. Some of the more excitable
- ones jumped to the ground and were
- either ktillted or badly injured.
- Some whom the firemen tried to
, catch fell the entIre distance to the
f ground.
f Jesse h ord, a laborer, carrying his
wife in his arms, climbed out or a
r window of the fourth foor. HeI walk
e d a long a beami until he re-ached 'a
- point diirectly over a firemnan's ladder
I anid then droLppedI the woman to the
k grouind . l'ord then went 'back anid
got hls b-mionths-oiei baby and saved
i it in a like inianner. Hie then jump
. -et himnseif aind was caught by a fIre
Li man.
- I.ii . \\l n was oneC of tihe first
tierson s on t he ft' th floor to get thle
it attenitlon or the firenien. lHe ap
tared atI a w indio w irectlIy a.bove a
iadderi a ndi i droppt(ed h i .bay dtown
I o a firemn. WlL lson51 -t hen dIroppied
his wLie an rtsheit was saved and lie
fo1lowed , sc-aptig seriltts Injury.
. lihn I.ynchtl gratbibed t he 'baby of
.leahn Sj'aiks and jumped -with the
(thild ,buit fell in the burinlg dlebris
b elow ~. Hoh idlsappea red anda wer'e
burneii(d to dleathI.
Anthertil hahby thr owni firom one' of
he iiuer wtidows was caught by a
ITh lire iltiatutedl street car traf
tIc on the i-levated roadl antd a mo
ouan. whotse ear 51tood just 0opp)
~.te the b'rinlig buildting, said. he
'Vteor :ix persons5 In the uipper
lloors .ruig. ng frantIcally to escape,
net the is certa in all of themi sue
aihd to t hi smoke and toppled
ov'ei inTo ther rulins.
Cuban OfficIals Suspended.
I lava na. Oct. '-in conseqtuene
oft the dIisc-overy of collusion of minor
otliem!s of thle cultom house and ot
sider ill eonnic-tion wtth the auiction
sale-s or uncallod for goods, Cashier
I tiaallao has resigned and one in
sloe: or and two clerks -have been suts
-pended'( pendIng an inivestigaution. Tho
amounllit of the fr'aud-s is not believed
"S to lbe great . Tihere is no chatrgo
against Htacalino.
Over Two Hundred People En
trapped by Blaze.
Men and Women Perish Jumpini
From Windows--Unknown infan
Hurled From Burning Building b;
Frenzied Mother.
Kansas City, Oct. ..-In th
ruins of -(le Chamber of Commere
buiilding, Kainsas Ctity, K'in., de
sLroye.d by fire early Thursday, ther
are anywhere from half a dozen t(
30 bodies, according to estimate
given out Thursday morning by fire
men who had worked at the scene al
On the other hand, Assistant Fir
Chief 1Iind, at 8 o'clock Thursda
morning, insisted.that, the dead woul
not reach over eiglht.
At 8 o'clock Thursday morning t.h
body of 1E. 0. Youtig, a laborer, wa
removed from the- ruins. Young ha
lived on the fourth floor with hi
family. The fate of his family is nc
The actual loss of life will not b
hnown until a thorough search of th
ruins can .be made, probably not then
as some of the firemen assert tha
many bodies must. have been burnet
to ashes.
T e building-, used as a tenemen
house and contining 100 rooms, hehh
as ne a r as can be learned btwtii
':t mid Y,01 persons at the tile the
lire broke out, at 12:30 Thursday
Most o1 these Composed families
atuny others were transients. whos<
namies are uniknowvn. The otnly ler
son who kno.ws the actual number ol
necnt)ants of the building is the jan
itor, who Is missing.
It was the eustom for many of tii
transien'ts. "to canme mostly fron
ith nearly railroad yards, not I
register, and thus all Irace of then
IS lost for' the titme binlg.
only a thorough seareh of the ruins
tha ( may take days, will finally re
real the exact extent of the catas
At 8 o'clock Thursday morning tit
kilown dead nmtbered four.
.ohn I,ynChI, driver of at Sand wag.
on. lost his life -trying to save th4
Sparks baby.
A tin kiiown babe was fatally hu it
dropped from the second floor to
pilleieman. who railed1 to. catch her.
'T'wenty-five others were Injure
while trying to escape frot the build
The Chamber of Conimerc"e build
ing was situiated at Park all Cen
Iral streets. in the Riverview dis
trict of Kansas City, Kan. It wa
ere'ted 11 years azgo at a cost <
$5Z ,(tltt. to be' used as a board c
trade. 'li' ei.1 grew away from it
ho wevet' andi it was nei'ver used fu
yearis h:ad heen't oer'n.pIied as ant aparit
aind s.lone alee.
I~t c'tiainedl lplt rooms, almost a
of wihicti as fari as ean heo leartnted
baborers , rilad iii mploye)1) (s anad othI
Lirs at the ltie of t' tire.
Thei fir me -hroke Vout ont thle gtrotnn
thoot' friomi somle untkntown ('aulset'
12: :0 o'c'lot'k~. Isoilatedi as it was
the' burning buiildintg was diftiit e
aees ti'i it w'as some' tiie befor'
Sevr'rai c'omtpan!i 'e'tw'r' at a fi rc il
anl,h et' part of Ithe city.
Whlen the fireimen arrived Ithe cn
tIre huihelintg was in flamtes an al1DI
me)tants of' ''scaPr' by stairw~ays to
the~ scor'e of' oernipais was shut off
On two shles of thte buillding ti
anti mt le' ' itl hard'er ' the work o
siileii Uodders and mnany of thoit
ihe tha ereil too iihor!'il t : h tuih<
.\ s:i';n'v'm a i 'i' ate b i ii
afechof n ehanIn ona te aoo be-'.
:u:w;and re tof lthda e tuam of rob
h"i te i a in w rri<d t at windo
af rn . ' edt Itg ih .a n gn
$gfo idu fteuprur

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