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F;.' 4
N. r AU~
Copyrit1ht, 1901, by Herbert S. Ston
that can never be taken away. You will
orget me before you are out of Wash
agton, but I-I shall always see you as
ou are now."
She drew her hand away gently, but
lid not take her eyes from his up
urned face.
"You are mistaken. Why should I
- 'orget you--ever? Are you not the Ideal
.Lmerican whose name I bought? I
tthall always remember you as I saw
you-at Denver."
"Not as I have been since?" he cried.
"have you changed since first I saw
"ou?" slle asked quaintly.
"I have, indeed, for you saw me be
ore I saw you. I am glad I have not
:hanged for the worse in your eyes."
"As I first knew you with my eyes I
vIll ay that tiey are trustworthy,"
he said tanializingly.
"I do not mean t hat I have changed
"In an1y other case m1ly eyes would not
T:err:," sie cried, wVitlh mock disap
xytrntment. "tilill," she aidded sweetp
ngty, "you are my ideal Anwlerivaln.
Io.dby: Thle ma:n htas entllccd 'aill
"fcodbyr!," he cried, suagtpo
efa rowih stop l ('Ci'( hter. A\,v:iiii lit
-lpged her haild as h' (Irw h:w ill
1trprise. "You are' g)i.. 1g i 1 ni r ,'
.nd, bul ni ott. (t 1ly uilitrI . I ' \t:1
,*t1 your (eyes to s w iilll h n illm-,
"'m !have oinly to lookt n I + t lh t iin 1 11nir
,'or. They ar'e hihe ita;rte l they Il n
elves! ("oodibty! I Iopt i i ho 11 1111iy siee'
She u'siitated an insltant, lher eye
wavering b eneathl his. The traini was
.noaug slowl' now.
"I pray tha t we nuly mleet," sIte s:id l
:oftly at last-so softly that he barely
'aeard the words. Hlad she uttered no
ound be could have been sure of her
esponse, for it was in her telltale eyes.
[is blood leaped madly. "You will be
urt if you wait till the train is run
ing at fIll speed!" she cried, suddenly
:turning to the abandoned merry
3ood. She pushed him gently in her
xcitement. "Don't you see how rapid
I we are mloving? Please go!" There
'ras a terror in her eyes that pleased
"Goodby, then!" he said.
"Adieu, my American!" she cried
As he swung out ready to drop to the
,round she said, her eyes sparkling
with something that suggested mis
tief, her face more bewitching than
'ver under the flicker of thle great are
~'You must come to Edelweiss to see
rie. I shalml expect you!" Hie thought
acere was a challenge in the tones. Or
"as it mockery ?
"I will, by heaven, I will!" he ex
A startled expression flashed across
er face, anid her lips parted .as if in
rotestation. As she leaned forward,
.olding stoutly to the handrail, there
vas no smile on 11er countenanlce.
A white hand fluttered before his
eyes, and she was gone. Hie stood, hat
o. hand, watching the two red lights9 at
~he end of the traini until they were
* lost in the night.
Fi Lorry slept that night, he was
Inot aware of it. All night long he
? tossed and thought. Hecr face wa'is
everywhere. Hecr v'oice fllied his
ear with music never' ceasing, but It
was not the lulling music that 1nv'ites
* ~ drowsiness. Hie heard the clock strike
the hours fronm 1 to 8, when he arose,
thoroughly disgusted with himself. IIe
worshiped his mother, bult ini several
-Instances that miornuing lie caught himt
self.just in time to plrevenlt the ulter'
* ancq,. of some shari) rejoInder to her
pleasant, motherly queries. Twvice she
was compelled to repeat questions, his
mind beIng so far awvay that he heardt
nothing save wordis that another wonm
an;had uttered, say, twenty-four hours
before. Ils eyes were red, and1( there
was a heavy dIroop to the lids. llis
tones. wvere drawvlig and1( his voi''e
straxngely without warmth I. ills face
was, white and tired.
"You are not well, Girenfall." his
mother said, peerinrg anilously' into4 l:
eyes. "The trip has done you ily. Ne
yoi4must take a good. long rest a rid wt
covdr fromi your' v'acationt."
lie sm)Iled grimily.
"A man never' needs ai re(st soIll mn'I
as ho does at the end( of' his vucai'ni.
4'eh, mother'? Well, work v:.'ll he rj'
7ful. I shall go to 11h' otlice thlis ino:
ing and1( do three (day3s' wo'rk before'
utlpht. That will pruove to you tilil .'
am .perfectly well."
Ti'ue to lis intentIon, lie went to the
0f1(o early, virtuously incline iid to work.
Ii8A.unce greefed him wa'irmly3 an a11:
loft contferenice over'1)18 buiness4 air. A
di'#Bmr0ture bie found himiself' fr'q<i'zni
iy; ittentive. Several IInporiitan t case's
wol'/pendintg, andir in a day13 orI two the(y
wo fogointo court with a1 t1:ige
s tit, of' mlore thtan ordinar y 'oinse
q uce. L1orry senior couldl not re
prt~ his gr'atJnc'tlon over the return
of~ 1i clever, actIve nephewv at suich an
opp.6rtune time, lie hadi felt himself
unC ,,t l1thnle the case dilone. Tlhe en
diu1rI eof a young rad vigot'ius ninad
wa qured for the comling. battle in
Th lunched together, the oli'er ea
g con fdentiai, the other respect
absetmided. In the after
noon the junior went over the case and
renewed search for authorities and
opinions, fully determined to be con
stant in spite of his inclination to be
fickle. Late in the day he petulantly
threw aside the books, curtly informed
his astonished uncle that he was not
feeling well, and left the office. Until
dinner time he played billiards atro
ciously at his club; at dinner his moth
er sharply reproved him for flagrant
inattentions; after dinner he smoked
and wondered despondently. Tomor
row she was to sail! If he could but
see her once more!
At 7:30 his mother found him in the
library searching diligently through
the volume of the encyclopedia that
contained the G's. When she asked
what he was looking for, he litgh("d
idiotieilly and in confusion informed
her that he wis trylig to find the naino
of the mo0St imuportant city in I litli.
She w\'as gh,incingt at 11he book: inl thel
cas( when she wa:ts Srt <I I h arin,
hinI, utter :i ' ?. : IIan l ;IIitI tl.l n
leap to Ik feet.
"\ \ :11 is i| inn i v I i . l -
tuoti-i ' i ll In lo " b
li4tilug. .\ s'11 l: ' i \ I lie
1 i' i l" !' 8 li e \ I( I'.la:\" I; t\
thsl.rI i'he (ff, y eu
T el'i t ill' ;1 (l;la y Ill r t w ini
hrech'ed te ysttionw aini w(;oly
r,1 II( IIo "~ h r ( i run II t Ia ie cxaugh 1t the1 ; u lst
It o, ih (;panti dby" Ih l 1:1 )) ki-,istId
hen tnl waS in t bo' hall b'fore shld fti
v ainerstolod whnit. washthe taking
:abolutt. Then she ran af1eir. gin
hg the h tllw y il " t o see him tahss
through the street wasorte, his ht on the
side of his heas, his ovterco(at lu-Iteritg
furionsly as he shovedl his arrus inlto
the sleeves. The door slinIinc, anid
he was off to New York.
The train was ready to pull out when
he reache station, anwt it was only
by at hardi run that he caught the last
platforu, panting, but happy. Just
twenty-four hours before she had left
Washington, and it was right here that
she had ielled an(d sae she would
expect him to come to Edelweiss. IIe
had had no t.ime to secure i berth in
the seeper, but was fortunately able
to get one after taking the train. Gren
fall went to sleep feeling both diisap
1oented atnd rigiutrid a- dispinted
becal-/useoh of his ussu cion. sen it
<i ntgduisIfauted hea o th t h lie
waspiefri the section. hoolboyh
isi i ruveandin dtano mhpaieon
wth he posac retchg whoa an l1eep
Afn:ite ia hty breakfstf in Newt Yorkt)
man telehonead tol)te steami1seitIom
panys'sl pier andh akdthli of saeil
inoned itht he cl:sip w to athof
lift heusual hour,' ie strignsi'htw acll
edt' a e andhas soon bowl-ing faln
Otward'tliii((o the i u.y wateway Dliectly
tog ll bis oe awaene tho'' the
he entred hse inatusIad he tathe
wa t perform11t ing he verlestvo 1 schtbo
trick in ruingl t go stiiishlper foot
uWnatieatool gins o "otn o
ma lit- ha '4' d ppeal eoCll' sestive10
anxctuse-fwouh a isay of the tip
iity,t ''ial in-ainnof th wdorld!io
"The~ 'it e of asin do wr ieeIiit to )1t
wlater't adget lt' see ttgi' ts teng
to inakie toutl a lhaned of ysei 'lf for
tife GrenfallI Lory, he apo i' strized.
"It' os than any? lovesic foolt
eve drate of din I ani blush
in , Il e h <. The4*oc, .he 1
I won't h a fool!
liftht he Iiht orde th river ftio tk
hn t b'a k i to the hote a. sLy ten:iptus
ne r d 'oi t hil' : in i s'': t'ar. T ilts
heok over l. an( h ls. listeIn'ed:
\hog to1 h0 Ia lil e ier' aund
wots sofoorishea to 1s ther to 'ae ns
no such naue as Guggenslocker in the
list. Then he went over the second
class, but still no Guggenslocker,
"Hasn't Mr. Guggenslocker taken
passage?"' he denanlded, unwilling to
believe his eyes.
"Not on the Kaiser Wilhelm, sir."
"Then, by George, they'll mians the
boat!" Lorry exclaimed. "Maybe they'll
be here in a few minutes."
"1'hey can't get anything but steer
age now. sir. Everything else is gone."
"Are you sure they haven't taken
passage?" asked the bewildered Lorry
"You can see for yourself'." answered
the young man curtly.
Lorry was again in a perspiration,
this time the result of a vague, grow
Ing suspicion that had forced itself in
to his mind. Gradually he cane to
the conclusion that she had fooled him,
had lied to him. She did not Intend
to sail on the Wilhelm at all. It was
all very clear to him now-that strange
ness in her manner, those odd occasion
al smiles. What was she-an adven
turess? That sweet faced girl a little
ordinary coquette, a liar? He turned
cold with the thought.
The clanging of bells broke upon his
ears, and he knew that the great ship
was about to depart. Mechanically,
disconsolately, he walked out and paced
the broad, crowded wharf. All was
|TO nI (ONNII:l.
A Cortin (iro for Croup IlNeu for 'Ion
Yoorm withaout. it Filore.
Mr. W. C. Bott, a Star City, Ind. hard
'Vire mi)1 t bl,auat, is (otlh sialstic+ iii his
11raisr' of t;h:lulberIll ':,1 Cougb Httillr'y,
Iiira P iI -" hcv1 sll h en sub1j'ct, 'to
r 1lll;l, I 1, 1 1 - 4 1 1111 r n IIN for
l i'"" 4 l,w '. 1 111 i I I ',1.1II. H4 wy
'1114" , I.:i..1 "' , r"lnll,4. I.4 : * W 11' nn1 l,
by i 'i l "is ylr ,' I .
Time " 'reut Th? I.! ing in Fu r ('1 {n -,.."
Iiens4ive' luttiuo 44n I'n41 suzitn.
One ofI the new styles in for coaits is
a short, ful1 saek, r'aching only to the
w1ast line. 1 I " ' lt 1 of I, con' ac). 1t
character, such as s,;, eskin, ('Pine la" and
mole, thse l ile JIckets are exceed
Ingly b1cmi lng.
The boiero, although not as new as
some of the close nfting Jackets of the
season, will he wko,rn in a number' of
attractive cuts. In fur the holero a
particularly smart. Some of the best
models have neat rolled collars and
cuffs of bralded pastel cloth.
Buttons arc to be conspicuously used
oa wtilnter costumes, ane some of the
handsomest specimens are veritable
works of art. Carved mother-of-pearl,
tortoise shell and enameled examples
are to be found in the shops.
The womtan who is forjpnate enough
to own old cameo jeiw'ry-odd ear
rig,boce anj helke..hvn
thrni tuottIInrinlto biuttonis to adorni'
soni w~inat'er .gowns.
liittoins on1 the' n(w ('oStnnf ar44' 2e lr.
an111 hi:i iIiu ii'n .
Parisine: 2:sar:' veryv pnrtia to inn )'
rti ll tw hs. - h4' this s on,14i an (41Ihe
2'(stum1e44 illhtstr':aI4ld is a1 harinr
11u4de1l 44ent (overI from4) the' (4enter of
box1:4 ptt 44' 14 panels of l)ilhed upl
en 4(1I i'iuks. Th le lIt ile ah4rl wais1t4)d
a:4 i k et i4 o f e'i'''4 441 n liroadelot.h, wviilh
2444(d ('44! ' oif i11e 1)an. (4bi4 bm
r'ont PI 4 11' Clr TIhuin Th14'!r 1id 1.nft
I eu I-- : .4 Init'4 At Popul:er.
'Conts on 14. fall p-uIts d1o not take
'II any3 W 4 wn.e:f flly new formis, al
th(on i I h ( ther ar mlore closeO ftting1
i1n(d(l( tha Ioiiu haive hard r0cently3.
Ap-ple (4e( m. t he4 shadel that was) AO
I'l~1iopi' th I -0*'t 5iummer0, Is to the
(4r 4 on 1 Il i' 441 t l n winiter models01.
WalI,41COats ar-e to bes very much wore
(Iri saen--o te sie ami brAst I
" ,1 pI ,, 1
11 -: rNxa -.
frsmtned funty vest fittetl in lte Jatcke
hmt :a ra1l waistro:tI. of a1 sel)trate and
m111ln11ishl Iin)ish1.
.ink. I'Itr.i:nn i itnh, bro:dttil, er
mint-. Ib l inr iitl while rwx ati lyInt ,
it h a1:,l it h- , its :ue o be ser J n1
' I" i'!I"" 'IIl; i I"Iit It ti lilt;s (ho:
(t th e :'rti. ( I:1 ie th i m )lrlminr
of ny fin flies \TInuly p)e Iietter off'
it' tl e* ;I iei tcd it:re lurgei- lt
graahani bread and a1le15 and to a far
less degree on fried pork and saleratus
biscuits. In addition to being pleas
lug to the taste apples furnish in gen
erous amounts those elements which
the system needs, are conducive to
sleep, mildly laxative and from every
podnt of view wholesome and bene
ficial as an article of food. Instead of
skimping the children to one gnarly,
runty apple every other day they
should be allowed to have all that they
can "eat up clean." The ,apple eating
habit is one that should be cultivated
by old as well as young. It is one of
the best ways of paying doctors' bills.
A Good Iloutse Plant.
Dutch hyacinths give more satisfac
tion for their cost in cash and work
than almost any other house plant.
Plant solid bulbs about half depth ini
five inch pots of goodl light, rather rich
soil; water and set ini a cool, dark
place until the tops commence to push
up and bring into the light, but not at
first into full sun. By covering the
pots with coal ashes, tanbark or simi
lar material, the bulbs may be kept out
of doors- in a cold frame and brought
in every week or ten (lays for succes
sioun of blossoms.-Amerleana Agricul
Bears the Ih idYou have Always B0ught
Notice to Debtors and Creditors
N o"oC i- hereby gien to all persons
hatving claims a.'uinst thle estate of
L. D. Stephens, deceased, they must fi e
I)15th daty dliy of Deicemb.er, I 906, or be
[oreveir baIrreds. All p)ersons ind(eb)ted to
antid e5stte musit matiko p, ympent to the
3'(Cuto,rs oni orV by thle above ment ioned
Nov. 17w. - Ex.'entors4.
)ver-Wor'k Weakens
Your Kidneys.
D'nhealthy Kidneys Make Impure Blood,
All the blood in your body passes through
tour kidneys once every three minutes.g
Ht~k The kidneys are your
blood purificrs. they fil..
ter out the wazte or
~' impurities in the blood.
If they are sick or oni
of order, they fail to do
-I'" their wvork:.
_ 1 Pins,aches andrheu-.
rn:sm comec fra.- e -
cc:::; cf urIc acid ini the
blood, due tone
.i uble.
to. /blhe cause; q.:ick eru:ay
- d( mnie:; (.2 feel a:: thog
h'~ a:t trouble. be aune the hear t I:
r r in pum;yitg tH,ki
". 7 '' through veins and artec.
It ' I ', > raconsidere:i tha;;t only urlnar y
trotk "v're tu be traced to the kidney"
bu'n: m nci':icc prove:s that noc..y
Cel con' . nal diseascs have their begn
ai. it C'i iny rouble.
If y ou are s.ick you can make no mistake
fir:.1 daci -ing~ your kH'ne.yx. The m..il :
ndi the ec:traordinasry eficct cf Dr. iKilmer's
owfnmp-'Root, the great kidnecy renedyi is
~oon re !;h.:ed. It 2tands the highest for its
.vonderfu;l Cc;e o,f the most diatresjing cases
mnd [; soldl otn Its mer its
y all druggists in fif ty
:ent andt( one-dollar siz-.'
'a. You may have a "
:saple bottle by maii 1Jnso nr Gwsn,.i,t
ree, also pamphlet telling you how to finsd
tut if you have kidney or bladder trouble.
denition this paper when writing Dr. Kilmer
2. Co., BInghamton, N. Y.
Don't make any mistake, but remember
ho name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
k'tamp-Root, and the addr'ess, Binghamton,
Y,on every bottle.
The Mods&-y of Women
Naturally makes thorn shrink from theI
indelicate 1nnaMsio, the ohnt xiouas eN
ainations, and nRpleasant, local traI:tt
ments, wiieb sal" ph ysiciants conidhti
e.stniitial in th. breatmnout of diseases Il
womn. Yet, if help can b hlsil. it, is
bett.rt to subm Ilit, to this v>rdoal than let
the disease grow a.ud spread. ''hle iro noIe
is that so often th* winan iiu nritl's ail
the ann oyance wad shane for not hintg.
Thoiusands of women who have i-wen
enred by )r. Pierco's lavorile P'rescrip
tion write in appre-Ciationl of ile enri
which disien.i-es with the examintationa
and local treatmentac. 'lhere ois no other
medicine so sure and safe for dei.cate
women as I Ftvorito I'rescription." It
cures debilita ting drains. irregnlarity and
female weaknetss. It always helps. It,
almost always cnres. It is strictly non
alcoholic, non - secret, all its ingrl-dients
being printed om it< Iottle-wrapper: con
tains no deleterions or liabit-forming
drugs, and every itative medicinl root
entering into its composition has the full
endorsement of those most, eminent, in the
several schools of iedical practice. Some
of these nutmerons and strongest of pro
fessional ealdorsomlnts of its ingredients,
will be found in a paiphlet wrapped
around the hot tio, also inl a booklet ialled
free on rettiest. by 1r. It. V. Pi'rce, of
linit'alo. N. Y. These professiona l en
dorn'seiments sIlIII 1 have far mlore weight
thai any anotmnt of the ordinary lay, or
non-Irofessio al te:itimotniatls.
'he utist. inlt-Ili'iit wie11'ti now-a-days
insfit ont kIno'w hig w lai. t.hey take as med
icine insteai! It opening their uonaths like
a lot iif yio:ni'a hirt: and gulping diowni I
wh :ItI'v'r is IIf'erc'tt them. "1'avoIrite t're
sct' il,ii " i .i tI1wN ('.\i I'otitni'i)N. It,
11;li': WV'':1! VO il t st,'uig i d sick
w;IIInI*I \\'lII.
I.. l'ir- '\tsdlical Advi!r is si en f e
(on r"eI', !t of .4t4"lnp tit pay 'exp.'in'i Il
nli t: , '' i tl i it).. II. \'. i'iirei.
Un .N. Y0..'1oin o at <t:amp( r't :
Farmers' Bank
October 31st, 1906.
We take pleasure in an
nouncing that after seevral tin
avoidable delays, we are now
open for business, and we
solicit your account and influ
ence, and promise that we can
accommodate you in every
way that pertains to sound
banking methods,
Yours very truly,
', L AlMATA, 1'0siden
H, ~J, McOee, Calier,
Executors' Sale.
County of Pickens.
By virtue of the nuut.hority conferred
upon us in and by the last will and te's
tament of L. D. Stephens, deceaqed,
and on file in the Jundge of Probate's
office for Pickens county, we will soll to
the highest bidder at Pickens c uni t
house, 8. C., on saleday in Decemnbi,'
1900, during the legal hours for stale,
the followving describedl real estati ,
upon01 the terms hereinafter mentionee'
towit: '
1st. All that certain piece, parcel, or
tract of land situated un the state an id
county aforesaid, on the west side uIf
TLwelve Mile River and Prater's creek,
contatining forty-eight nnd three fourths1
(48 3 4) acres, more or less, bounded by
lots Nos. 1, 3, and 4. Perry liraz,eal,
and( George Cannon andl known ais lot
No. 2 in said est"te.
2d. All that other tract adjoining the
abomve-mflentioneod tract oni the south ide(
of Prater's creek and lontainiing thirty
seven and1( one-0fouthl (37 1-41acresP41. more
or less, and boutnded be lands of ( eorge
Cannon, L. P. Stephens and1( others, and(
known as tract No. 3.
3d. All thau,t other traIct ini said conii
ty and statle on the west nido of Twelve
Mile river, con taining for ty.onoe ndl one.
fonrth (d1 1-4) acres, more or le'ss, anid
adojoininig lots Nos. 1. 2, a.nd 3, Brazealo
and( others and known as traict No. 4.
Theiose 1iands1 are 1sold pu1ran1ant to a (de
cree in the last will and1( testamien t of l i
1). Stephiens, dleeased,i for part11it.ion -
!lmonIgst the hiirs-at law of said estaite.
Tirmos cash. q
Plais of theseIt lands cnn be seoen ini til.
Prl'lhite's ,fhlen and4 wiill bie EXiited o1na
day of .ale. LAZZ,f10 8lpI;1I'N:.
Nov. 1 7t0, Ie ,~c~I i'
No appetite, loss of streng th, nervous
ness, headache, oonstipatton, bad breath,
general debIlity, sour risings, and catarrh
of the stomach are all due to indigestion.
Kodol cures indigestion. This new discov
ery represents the natural juices of diges-.
tionl as the.y exist in a healthy stomach,
combined with the greatest known tonic
and reconstructive properties. Kodol Dys
pepsia Cure doe net only cure indigestio'n
and dyspepsia, but this famous remedyI
cures all stomaeh troubles by cleansing,
purifying, sweetening and strengthening
the muceus Membranes lining the atomach.
., r. S. S. 3Bat, e Ravenawood, W, Va., pays:
I was troubled wteu r stomach for twenty years.
,oolcred me ad we are now usIng It In mIlk
Kede mg.ets What You. Eat.
Bottes only. $1 ,te holdta5 2% tImos the trIal
sIte, wgl sells for 30 cents.
Prepat-ed hylE. *eWITT & 00., OHIQAGO,
Sold by Picenn n....~ Co
its and Vests.
uits and one table, of Coats
that we have marked down
who needs a Suit. Every
e higher than a year sgo,
y of these goods witW those
see the difference. Some
present style but everybody
ong coats, and what is lack
lc up in quality. The suits
and some of the suits mark.
tter and have more wool in
)ods at 15.00. '1 his is a
red to prove it, and you
nvinced. All sizes from 33
, at once and it will pay all
temember, the early buyers
al Calculator
Ready Calculator,
iusiness Arithmetic and
teference Book Combined.
This is it tniuestionably the most complete
nd ('onvenieit work on Figures, for
n^tA(TI(A1. l's-, ever published. It contains
earl) all the SHUT Ci'TS known; Ilun
rods of Sliuple Rules and Original
tethods for ''asy and Rapid Calcuna
iont," and 3Itihonts of A ccurate A nswers
lItusuiess Examples and to Practical
It Sifts and Simtpliflies the whole seience
f Arilhmatie, retaining only the Oreami,
a initshell, as it wuere. Its Tables, Rules
nd le thods are all extremely simple, emi
ently useful, praictical and fully abre
eit h the age of steam and electrielty.
l;veryonie who pirefers to take the Simn
lcat, the Shiort' t anid the Easiest way
ir doing his work shou hi possess a copy of
lii sefulI and conrveni ent P1o'ket Manual.
youn pesonit ay prove to be ai step
gstonie to a succssful1 busiress career.
Should -be Without it, Because
exact Interest on any sum, for anyti n
p Jrai'tical rate per Cent.
equi iailent of two'i or more' diiscoiuts:
stance, 33':, 101 and f oflf equals 43 perent,~
per i'e"t of gain when'i goods are bought
art in ii sciount from a ii sold atl list p)rices.
per cent of galhi or loss wnen goods are
it a d is'ounlt from thle markimog price.
mark inig irie, fromn which'l a aertalin ils
tlinay bie g Iv'en, and yet realize e.Certain
per ('alt of grain. whetn buying, and sell
0111, ial certalin dlisiounts firom samie purie
hay of thle Week, for any dale ini 300)
,ibeslides houndrails of (other very useful
liv(' all the atest anid Shortest method a
ii, besides mnyu pubis'hedi for lihe irst.
viz.: aim Ei;s and I' nerrinig pirocesis ini
log l,onig Colt, mios:" ''Short U nis hi i Multi
Lest, P ercintag, aMie: surini, ete,. are
ly solved with iiless thant onie-th.ird the
5 andi labor reqiri'd by ri' nary 111 ) meithiodls
in thle hands of eve'ry indliiiiivhlii'(', beenus
lie rules and hiiidiie'ls o~ intriente pro
uealva blc pilo)linl i:t Is l ikely to occur
st pirinciles.
IVI( whoipy 1up all arrearsr um to ist of Jlan
0n1 by) imaiil addlc de for posta e.
mt t his booulk free ailso.
terchants 8
3k for
Pat. colt
!' Unheard Of
{in Met's Suits, Coa
We have one table ot M\en's c
aind Vests caried from last season
to prices that will tempt any man
body know s that w..>olen goods at
tnd if you will compare the qlualit,
bought this season you can readil
At the Coats are shorter than the
doesn't want one of the extreme I
ing in length is more than mac
range in price from i o.oo to t8.co,
ed down to .oo are positively be
them than -some of the new g<
broad statement, 1)ut we are prepa
have but to see the goods to be co
to 42. These goods go on sal
Clothing- buvers to investigate. F
always get the choice thin s.
i~I .r II;
Ro:n o i nmerc
- It
No Farmer, Mechanic or Business Man
The' nu rutera' oft butshe's tand poundsaI li a .od TPhi
f laahent.a .orti, !:ye. a t- t at Ior l a.-ey andi te at ttti
arreat a.ttt,>ntt tar sante,i aal tany palia'e per
for Ia
TPhe e'xaa'1ttt't n on t fora at lti hoags or a'attle., of
raata I .a. ta a en.t I:.!. a.t taiy tta per tut. ITt
tat a c
'Tahe en.-.e ,''aat'anat t oar aa h'ad taf lany. Strawuu. 'it
aan. tar , m.et. t.a,in -., 'a t., at' !.*' i't .e ia'a
'Pthe ext.' va : - a al t.ttto at a ny aaa Tha
ri'e pear Iba. -- ala th iat for - ianit it. j atatIn
'VTea'' en ri't an:t.tnt i af at jelf - ' tthl the T h
atshla'. i*'a :. .. i a . - 1) ,* t ,',a : a ~ a'a
'Thea ea.t I m .'a. fI a ha:a !' tV. I ta.
tae. 0a- at.a'tt-, a':'a.reek. att:.i pet ',a . a
bangta'~ r .- an:, a' s n -..- t t 'ta. r '' *-t i tt a- she t
The xu' onlel s- Eu ber.I iter s. i at
naa.ca. 'ada. ti'r' '' :i: -. a ei.wta e. 'al t.! a'. i t r
t-tatarr'. I'.tai. a ' ini ha it.i; ,,t aaata.g,aaa
A t'opa a-f a t -hi a i,.r ; tn't'ai,;t'f work i'honM baeh
-w Itaa' h 'ai'en na''tera ti at i p It tha r inh tttta t
'sea i a ati. W...' ' it tattt thi 'lk ta -' ta . tver er
'ity. 19 7 nad on a'ia' in a y i,a o at ata'' I 1 toaa:a l -a it,
. ' . - a.a ta;' the i iah a-at: toa t-t .ln un av, 1tt,a g.
Where you find Shield Bra
it is a safe p lace to trade,
they are sold by reliable n
everyuwhere. Be sure to al
Kiser's King $3.5(
for men, and you will get,
money's worth. Made
styles and all the ipop2u
Leathers, Patent Colt, Vi
Gun Metal, Box Calf, etc.
H. C. Eise Company

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