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Entered April 23, 1903 at Pickens, B. 0., as second clas matter, under act of CongresR of March 8, 1879.
Cures Coughs, Colds,
and Lung Troubles. Pr
Pickens Drug 4
Farmers' Union
* ~~~~ill1OIfl,OI
........ ............................................
-('onc1tiiet1e by the
South cirolinn li unlcrmr' 11ucalional anid
,co-O p c t t i v e U l i n .. .
me i sho h,1 bi ni lr e,it to .I. C. Striblitg,|
Petidletoi, :outh (;iroliit.
Q) 't)ll hon I lt.,i )'1'' 1 1-1 I'M t h i,(I
ofj your neighibor has~ lw'n rVb
you waI1t to leir his taie :at"lt
tho fact, a.s to how it 'd:is ( n u)'.
LIt \l(l V'' l Int bow , I'n the
co1tton prL'~dilt'qr; ("1 tlt' .' t h a%e
bxe(1n :todi a(re ;ti;l 1l eig r,bbed'c ~If
their hon1le;-,t l:ti jud 1)'tiai in
Itheir' b)uii'(',, nous: t ii (,iu r it
. people had r a er take th wo rd i
aid the dl(lai:r: fr'Itm the wou )ri
than to IU the fets o f the ro
ler'y from tle oel's whIt have :e,'lN
rbb,l)ed. 1 tlh Ie neIioral) lig ht
1)y 7 1(s>:lrs. II1ynIe andl UF'v1 of
iew Orlc-ans, upon l thw hull sid11) (f
the spe'ulttions sidE of the c( tton
mairket pit ,i nI out to t ho south ini
il n istakable langling the han
writing uIpon the wItll its to what,
was in store Ifor for"eignl cottoIl
1)ei,', why the South has not be'en
gtetting I.h ir hII'ar Of the profit:4 in
cott,n, Mr. b :uddon, tie A.tlanta
- hanker, be'tore the St. .u1uis cont
venlti ln, 5:1id inle 'krt a sIUre of
rasions, but each n, ot tIIe ' rea
501: oIly s''' to Iuhc u1. a n'w
argumenOt. wh y this con,dition
should be chaling t"(t in th e futu re.
Ve 11111y c,ntsidtr that there Ire
hut two pr("positious to solvc) to
make it, pobi ll for the So(uthern
cott.ott growers in the heronftvr to
appropriate to thems-e.lvt1S 1)rolits
that have been give,n up to other
One of t.heso are to create a large
capital-ais propos-d by the S: thI
era Cotton ASsceiat.ionI--for' the
" purpose of taking care of the weak
Cotton whichl moans to hull the
market. While the other plan
as proposed by the FarmPrs' iUnion
-is to 01pen up "i a diret. channel
of trade het wVien producers and
p)inn iers of cot.ton. W hen proper
confidenlce inl the mutual honIefits
, to eaIch-the? p)roducers and spin
*n.rs-have once been well estab-Y
lished, there is no qumestion about
the praticability of making the
producors' cotton stand)( for the ba
siB of currency without the nees1
ty of piling un great piles of money
to move cottonl with wuheni the
world knows t hat cotton it3elIf can
Sbe made a better b)asis of circulIa
tion thana gold for the simple rea
son that cotton has a world wide
recogniized intrinsic value, w hen
gold has nothing but a MEASUR~E
of value .
Prompted by the signal success of
I having won out in three rounds in
the tussle of setting prices and get
ting them, the Farmers' Union
now proposes to go the open road
to market their cotton. In other
words, we can open up a short cut
road and dodge all the toll gates
or barriers stationed along the
present cotton highway, where lhe
that toils not hase spun the trem.
oyidons profits out the prodneer 's
"There is something worth
knowing going on these days in
the Farmeors UJnion, and if they
were not strictly business, and
*therefore sco,ret, one would almnost
wish to throw them to the unre
deemed outside just to see them
gasp. When a man thinks they
don't know what they are dloing,
Croup, La Grippe, Asthma,
events Pneumonia and Cons
nompany, Pickons, Parke n's Phar
fie is~foolintg himself and losing his
money oil lis own hot. Of course,
7ou will not know until you got
inside how much you aC losing,
Ind nto)ody call tell you. They
might be fixing to 'swipe' you off
te carthl. So y on had better get
>usy and find out. You had b'tter
,o in Ilhan ou., and that. is sure.
l'hoCn if your wif. iut.d children
.now thy 'ould tell y;t to get.
Iglit. folr l,i ae n
1ie r . tieu of Ortr \i' re"lienuK.
) . II y N e w s ' i s s u'o flun d l i, 10
tul),r I Ih, Il' Oi:
* TIh t're'k i an imp 111eililg r ConL(
)1'ehlelsiv.. change i nl ill the sy.tein if
ianII ng): , war1'.hOui-inL andt. mart: -
11g ; o C0 on1. rThe I11ew tlt;t tjon
vill be one whero ce)tn will he
Iealt ill )v gluarante(1ed certiichat"s
ttani(lnlg for th( Cotton, inlsteId
If doalings inl tho cotton itself.
'11is natlurll111y molv es aI rii -t1
icatr, wiIh stands for every )oint
,(titnneuted1 with cotton, With its
Iuantity, its quality, its safe
Itorage, :ni its protoctin agaiiinst
I"lo tI:itedl Sin0t'es gov 'it1111(' t
,1ilndles g''Id in this way. It t makes
I safe storlfago of the god(1 itself a and
tluts Out a gt)ld ctl'rtilica te, wii(oh
S morn eon venilot for the people.
Whtat is Ialidied in this wva'. It
s grad(( 1)toporly, store(!, 11(1
!.,r'tified.es 3i put out to reprosenllt.
he wheat. Pig iron is iiandled in
is way. All thie celtileatce are
irought to soine standard an(1 may
bO handled on the stock and con
mtercial (uxchanges of the country.
By this m1ea1ns better and u)re
itil)l1e markets are ob)taiied.
l'reuendouts economies are accoml
)lished by saving tht handling of
h1 bulky article itself.
"Railway properties and large
nanulactuiing properties are real
,y brought to ho rt preser ted by
t.ocks and bonds which arc simply
-ertifi ntes representing a portion
>f the property, and this brings
the property' to better commercWialI
valiues, b eause its certificatos maify
be hand led by the mills and on
the exchanges. Cotton is proba bly
the onie aigriculturaI and com
muercial product wvhich has not
beenii brought into a system by
which the man in Bireiman or in
Manchester may buy uip his supply
and leave it ini storage in the pro
:luctive rogion, until he wants it
shiipped out.
"iThe agitationl upon tee suIbject
>f cotton warehouses is not with,
)t foundation and is going to
ead to consequence which will be0
idvantageous to the whole South.
[t transpires that it is not so much
warehouses which are need(ed(, as
some comnprehensive system for
grading the cotton, guaranteeing
the grades and weights and issuing
I certificate oin cotton in any ware
iouse, which certificate will be
some a commercial commodity in
;he open markets. Heretofore,
varehouses have i ssiiud certifticaites
hich represent nothing in p)artic
ilar butt a package. There is no
vay of deahng in certificates which
ion't come down to exact sp)ecifica-.
~ions and generally there are local
ialues for cert.ificates which stand
ipon the credit of a single ware
aou se.
'"Factory insurance is brought
o a conditi on of great perfection
mnd very great economy, by an
Issociation of factories which clipi
in to make an assured policy. In
thn name way, if waurehionso wvould
Throat in the
macy, Liberty.
associate Ihomsolvei together and
chip) in to mnaku upt an insurance(
or gurantee fund which wVould(1
stand back of all the cotton in t.h'
warehouse which were ibomht's if
tho aso iatio I (o I ill a C,eerl
Comiipanyi, it woui mn111ke a big
dif"frenico in 1t, iu(no e of wme
holl'ilc 111( I1 i f1..Ir n inl ief:4
l'o e 4above wr' w,"i . f, ohIl
4Andd [ i nowhe. T . 1 .: e'u
tl:t .-1V rl(l 1".!;,l. 11 1 "a 1'm ) l.et,
cal to evieuy IaO ii tate to folh
with simii wok, and1] e i ll, s1e
rli !t j b' : tee e llr,(,'t 'I
t11'\.o (;. 144 11; 1..(( 1 } .i s : 11(.':I 111;
1' I) 4 ('('( e t :l"1 ii t fe e 11: r,l t .
are in fith. Ask I r i t.
ii' (r)i liftlif) 1! . t .l
1at1 f r e : y ) of. I. t1 , ."St u i ie . r.
L. At. kttgin, forau-rly Senaittor~:
rI n t ar ,('d il i {,;d T ( l t ' e
lerk iII I e ary a dl\( i Sttes
olce,die Frdayfrmic. 8O t 1.t'1,k
il hlexy e he i ed ti.rll r(!
vol iII1 1 i p ll h'(' l:l f, ()I _ll i ti$11 1)
tt.Btiit1.Hihn was ia ; o c
f. l,Ii lt zrit' c t"a 1 '.J i:,)) i ,i' y o f
triry of State1i4 hit (l emun-r.
Taree ill ow it ..
ilAer a trfii qurIlt iny
drom 1,11tl (ll) 1!ita jt lai tc chi f
w i h s briey thee mo~nIg ths
overk the onrchae chrge o irni
t!he., (JI 1'( it ' SttI ia i'l to 'l."t U r"h ;1
to"re, Delo\\s ("Iig lnd,l:t a 1farmer iv
.1i)l i;a CO :rui le) i lN(1i t i( "104 ( :c,I
killed (t her, , he ,b n tu 1re th r.
Wil1 hispuly' wride ch 110le nlotlihs
Oe gihe borchisethe s(eneo $, ~i
0 0 0 g n e ar C a l l Vii h,sh t a ndar c i lleh u , e t e n I r d h o r t . I
volver upon hInsolf, killing hlnsolf 1
mnatantly. Highland was 28 vewrs
old and his wIfo 22.
AI.L L ) ED 1MISU1s11 OF T1.H11" M. 11.4
t'. tH. oilor d, Intin poni (apbital
of pete lunothed In Georgia ro.oy
fPhi lnrFitzgrald,pane in.
d&iaald caitast, A indiedf
tnstf bworutsb the ea grand
jur Fidaime on the charge byn onf
te anid Sa.e moair to deWaudAc
nyman y,"1, ha wic her h)rasreen
8romtin acne outhern Goerna.
Georgia, fondein the town of Fort,
000~ fon h)'fispeartatcenot 3
carreda net.,t sas lie y
hoe overbenaccontedfor o ter
Coycompanyl as no itscoho.
cje the oloiztio arc th nulte of
ofpeorknso. enGeri.M -st
Folzerald hsnee intetd Ta i te,
forme col)ttuOoiatitdcompai)5esi
wctnld from G sseorgtit haveill been w
lummose. It. o Iurned.anaoli oto the~~
ttaifgy bor the grndin jurt y.ol
Lw 1Ack~. owart ofls Pth isni, Libor pri
ta, and Pi.i D.Wrfor Cof. aue
r~ t
s s" 4 ,.tt+
+ i
.. t "r: ( . " i1 i
t f f ti' . ti' Y } , :2 'Y."/.'i r " t
Jit 1au t C 5" 11 5\ n I ., } S2i'7 " old. Y
c k :. f. '1G;S r.t I N +2 , j; s. "+i liedr{t (ill! 1 t u.'.?
't t :Saf;\1(, $dit\ig fe C 5'} f \1 (I'- .gL 01 114i
+" 2:Ine4y; ? " "
'', Coill P ti C X \t" t" Z ,a titt I V i.i have ri t
7 y,S. the11 rpos 'V. 1i sple tjng Ir .o
/ti ,Y //i \ 33s r'i t l yltry 3 eral
l '. l is C1l .5.l viii l (Ja Ill ". V
Ilatl C l 1 \ , it,":n, ~l13: hUtLi h L ' 11 i 1 j litI 1
utie in ie aw(3 iig~s ).I8 tha cthr[
ere oding it and, s1)ligk Arlways
il frmt gra or (ienl 0(l1rew \b \ !' r
'nl,eiaai ihoin,i ~i~ fewC si tit of d- ( of lan
al~~~~~~ rc.'l edty ruhqidrti
Isr ^ctt.F~ itttci it gC(, ,ait t11 (le ofp
- gY o ra,_ ..d t1 i4 m .r aJl[H,i QIshI)f.11
*1eograill o f ii*' IC1m1n tel tA11)wl'4 1 Y U
Itud tt 1 Iti (h,.iossltl I'Ilet (lOt
('(lllj)thitory' (Iitl thil11 it.iO i ill ji V l '
caped th
Many %
UI Aribute my
Ea-1reme Old
Age to the Use
6 l 1 tt'4.t?t ,% "'i.,4 r
Presidents; elccted.,
na Ys protected hi
u(dcn c hang.es.I
r of fo;sr wars.
horse w"han 9.9 years
conquered the grip with
s in a land suit at the
) years.
s i-'e-ru-na the greatest.
of tCce age for cata'rhal l
hink all ready-made
are alike, you
eC our Schloss cloth
wvay they look is one
andi a big one'. Ex
styling and taiIorng
sile for that and the
are as good as the
Ir-op your prejudice
"Readly-MVade"' long
.0 try on a Schloss
ou'll find it far better
average custom-tail
ve all the latest styles.
:1 see them.
doncll0 of TIampa, Fla.,
ni n-.anik God for my pHrosent
0 Uoley's~1 Ilny ( ure. I
I and( all kind of kidnov'
otlhing donofl 111 1much1 goo'd
'ley'si Kidneify Curo. Four I
I rme, and I havo no0 more
aek and1( abIouldera. I am 62
d rnuffered long, but thainka g
idno11v Cure I am well and
d1 enjov myaself. It ini a -
commttendc it, to thiose need(
mel(dicin11." ParkinsI Phlar
y, and( Pickens Drug Co.
h it your bOyhood spirits,
imo iblene of youth, wo of..~
ife, fre sh courage and f roe- hc
heailth inl HollisIter's Rocky ta
a. 35 cenits, Tea or Tablets. *f
r Co. -T'
e Terrors of
ianters By.
NSpeaking of his good1 heatlth and
"exiteme 01(1 a:I(, rt1 ". Brock says:
"Afier at nan has lived i te wtorld
l:: lo1g as .I h ave, 111ght, to haVO
''ul.di out a great linanty tliinas by Lx.
'rience. Ithinlk have done so.
"One of the things I have found
it It) my entire satisfaction is the
;pcp:: ting for rliietnts that
ne d:c dir'ctly to tie effects of
he c :itn.. :. Fo;r If7 years I have
t it c ic 5;h.ib'c climate
fthl: U'r:. e' t. tates.
"I i b\'l . very healthy
1.:.ln, Ct, to (t af
'4 :;t1(t (itp' t'i)tr -
-i()rt't(ou-.z, colds
Ir!,ann 'sreenedy,
; JI 1o be tile
ut u :. ~ nly,~i rda reine
Ior) 2 ':. It1ons. It has
Sil f: .' :; :by for ni lny yearS,
rid I ,t.; y good health
rid e'xti; r.fi -g to this remedy.
"I' ;eaiiy 1t s all iy recluire
rl i . (t p htt Ine ftot the evil ef
1 : < ( 1ud eni("1 tb :r ; it keeps 31110 1
<nli :appir"li ; it ':ives" meP sltengith; it
tr 11; u}y ltoodc int 'n d riruiationt, I
ave ct t to rely uo ni it, almost, tn
irtlv for ite rtanyl\ little things for
hh-h 1 nee"d :nedlitino,
"Wht'nt ep}i(imies of li .rippw first
';:a to t ake th, ir :at>lwta r: nlee in this
" utry 1 w\as a silferer from this
l (::J se'verf 1'ng; sieges with
hi g:-p. ,t fir:st I uIr not know
ib:t .'rnii a, i a rCmet'dy for
= i . hVIen I heard that
'7 . I .le ei mh aarh
t.: .3.rna for a"ia grippe and
]i:t it ltln ,cu th thing.''
in1 a1 late1" l'toer,..\ir. !triolk w\rib.
'"1 :II m wteil ani I ee itas well a: T
ltve for' ya:Irs. 'I'ht onlIy thin I I11tt
lh ir: mt IS 2m' sight I. I I I ttihl ( seu
wIn"t r I ('rti( walk all1 over -thie I:arm,
11d it wouhnli do ino g;otid. I would not
Je withou)0t Peruna.''
Youi-s tuly,
When old age comtes, it. Ibrings with
I (atarrhall dIisenses. '-;ystnetim(Ic t1nlrrh
Salmio.t,universal in old1 peopl1e. ''hii3
xplatins why P'ernna has hleeome so
t:.1i:. n::::blo to mn1:u oldi peoplle.
Loon TbvthsL4wL
/1 1:. ' i1'~.t
Fine ClothesMakecra
D.LAt/on m.J VLw yoRjg
0 to $30.
320 South Main steert,
Greenville, 5. C.
For Infants and Children,
he Kind You Have Always Bought
Beoars the
ignaturo of
o earnestly request all young persons, tnomatter
w imitedl their means or education, who wish to
tain a thorough business training and good pot
n, to write by first mail for our great halt-rate
'o. uccones nirdedn eun prbabe ro
'to Ga..AMa. 3a.gg. Conog. ?Sa,n -a

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