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Pickens Sentinl-Journal
The Sentinol-Journaa Company,
TuOMPsoN & RIoI1I, PRoPs.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rates Reasonable.
Entered at Pickens uestofMce as Second Class
Mail Matter
Social, Personal, Business-All The News.
There has been organized in the
Baptist church a 13. YI P. U, with
about 60 nembors and is progressing
finely. We hupo it will be of great
benctit to this comunltity aS it wil
suppliy ia 111c. Ioeded want.
'1 be prolraet( I serv ice in p r e . :, as
in:r,ihe('1're.-11ytinnanl h r h t h re uu,t
week is being largely"\'atteilec,. i he
paslt"lr is benIig ass:i;t,rd by) un- Gv
Jir. Gr, r;;, t,i 1" lz,r.
Thu si,k of oul. 0.1um11 nity ar10 c"011
valescinllg, we ar'e; glaI to saiy.
Alr'. 81millo , thu Iirsi, superittnd
eIt of the I,Ilerty C-.'t tou Alit), spent,
1 few days heres rt celttly vistiing his
friends. We are always glad to have
himl return aiontg us. He is a pleas.
ant fellow and i.umbers his friends
by the score.
We have no weddings this week
but we do think in the near future
they will be sent to you in numbers
startling. Just wait until the first
week in January or maybe earlier.
Our Druggist, Dr. Parkins, hoe
just received a beautiful line of Xmas
presents for old and young. His
clerk, Mr. Taylor, shows great taste
in displaying his many hanudsome
articles. Come and examine their
stock before buying elsewhere.
The hardware store is daily receiv.
ing useful things for the farm and
house and are sending out many invi.
tations to the ladies of the county to
come to a grand exhibit of the AM
jestic range from the 17th to the 22d
of December. There will be an ex
pert here from the factory who will
serve hot ceffee and other light
refreshments. Come and bring your
friends with you.
Mr. Gus Norman, of Walhalla,
spent a few days recently with his
sisters Mesdames Cal laway and
Moore. He Is a live, energetic, busi
ness man, who controls a dresden in
Walhalla and a drug store in connee.
tion. He has supplied his sisters
with some rare pieces of Austrian
Intaglio and if you wish the hand
someut presents to be found in our
county see these new designs. They
are rare and the very thing for bridal
Some of our Baptist brethren have
gone to the State Baptist Convention
which is in session at Spartanburg
this week. The pastor, Rev. P. F.
Crawford, and J. H. Brown have
The C. M. A. meets every Momb y
night and is gr'owing raplidly inl nom11.
bers. T'hey initiated seven mw
mombhers at their last meeting.
Misas J1.hnson11, one of our1' )1 pula
teaerset, lo Is gone to attn th.1 fIle umair
inge of1 onel of her rinj1.
giving at his home inl (;r ..
Mr. F'rank (Glenin is apelt1;n1:. this
wveek with h's sister, .\Irs. I?essio
Smith and othier relatives.
Mr. Blair 11as recoven, l frim a
brief illness and is at his pheo as
sup1erinltendentt of the Libherty (ot ton
Mill. Ho seems to be the right "ma
in) the right place.
The following are those who mad~e
an- average of 90 or over for month
ending Nov. the ninth.
First grade: Inez RaimIv, K>
Second grade: Daisy Hlillis, Al
fred O'Dell, Ellie Bogg*, Pauline
Brown, !rene Abercromime, Hace
Third grad: Bessie Boiggs, Ros
col Ohaipman, Alta Callaham, Haldo
Hunter Leon Boggs, Hayhmta1 Hutch
ings, Loyd Boggs, G' org - Mn: raivy,
Fourth grade: Pet Chapman, Sam
Griffin, Famil Hillard, John Harris
um, G..ee.. Crne h du
Fifth grade: Lillie Boggs Selma
Smith Essie Clayton, Ralp C Craw
Sixth grade: Hugh C apman,
Ethel Greer, John Callaham,; Jessie
May Parsons, Sammie Skelton, Mae
Willis, Dessie Burdette irnun Mc
Cravy, Made Byrd.
Seventh grade: Zoo Ella Smith
Minnie Smith Nevin Crawford.
Eighth grade; Adger Smith, Har
ry Chapman, Ethel Boggs, Annie
Bogge, Annie Belle Brown, Vuran
Allgood, Ernestine Rankin, Hillie
Hunt, Made Hunt, Cia Smith, Milton
Ninth grade: Ina Callaham, Ora
Hutchings. Elma Clayton Florence
Davis Myrtie McWhorter Ella Me
Clunahan, Maybolle Hunter, Joe
The Palmetto Literary Society
elected the following ofieors for the
second teritn ti the last nteeting. Mlr.
R'etuben AlcClanahamti President; 1liss
I et. CallabaRu Vtco P'resil(Itent; 1\lis;
latlvbello lltutter, Sccrot:ry; Mi;ss
l'%niocoet Davi., T.reaeureor.
Tie iorteeni ((idn of Nw
.''.1"Im1m Cu tu c?if t 'i i e \\ ,:t' y
Me(thm<ist. OIhtrremf Anwe'. wams
bmeIl att 0'nmtral, S. (., Nov. ''I 25 in
cl :e. I . Iow i i ILi;I, (f ppin,it
it uts of the pmmstors for the ;m,suing
Centrul station, 1). 1R. IBrown, pas
Piecmont Circuit, J. li. (leorge.
Spartanburg Circuit L. E. Swney;
\Valhalla Ciurcuit J. R. Davis;
Guifr'ey Circuit, E." C. Brown;
Pelzer Circuit J. E. Pascoe;
Mountain View Church, J. Z. Kel
ley, supply;
Fasley Circuit D. O. Powers:
Anderson Circuit, J. L. Morgan;
Carlisle Circuit R. F. Turner;
Autun Church, D. T. Cain, sup
Good Hope Mission. Dora Wiebens
Conference Missionary;
Conference Evangelist, L. W.
Missionary Evangelist, B. L. Pod.
President of Southern School, L
J. Harrington.
The following were left to select
their fields of labor: Rev. G. D. Wat
son, J. T Cary, ,). A. Williams, J. E
Martin, B. H. Hur%ey and C. A. Dunl
Land to Rent; one or two hor-e
crop. Apply to J1. J. Herd, Picken ,
S. C., R. F, D , No, 5.
--That's what a prominent
druggist said of Scott's
Emulsion a s hi o r t time
ago. As a rule we don't
use or refer to testimonials
in addressing the public,
but the above remark and
s im ila r expressions are
made so often in connec
tion with Scott's Emulsion
that they are worthy of
occasional n o t e . From
infancy to old age Scott's
Emulsion offers a reliable
means of remedying im
proper and weak dlevelop
ment, restoring. lost flesh
and vitality, anti repairing
wvaste. TPhe ac I. i o n of
Scott's Emulsion is no
more of a secret than the
composition of the Emul
sion itself. What it does
it does through nourish
ment-the kind of nourish
ment that cannot be ob
tained in ordinary food.
No system is too weak or
delicate to retain Scott's
Emulsion and gather good
from it.<
We Will send you a ]
sample free.
Be tee that this plett, In the
fotrm of a label IL on the wrapper I
of rey bottle of Emudslon you
-50c. arnd SI; all druggist
Jll night longs fr
neura.lia. or r
kills the pain
nerves a nd in
At all dealers, Pric
Dr Earl S. Sloe,r., Bo
Ila \, a t1 : o 1 1.i tor " y e
1'(1 1 cV ' . I' . I .iir t i 'a", 9
"c l I~II,' 1 7. 1, :iit . li \l;l tl.1
"l'It" i ;11 :1(t't, 1 i i \ :l:,tl I t I 1g i ' 1 1i c I
1!' il I -l n a hot. t h I.r mwr
dfyr : i-: i\ 'r gt " s 1.t i: 1 . h n t
(' 17 1'-It.m.- il u ; b1 l ina an wt bli.
eou;ns pit, ra1 SMh:eling (:1ret.
"lii Nov mbe,1tr, I'."1, I van1 ht coldl
a1ndl inltl the quiiity. 11 ly th roni. a ts
swvollen so .1 conl hardly br- athie. .1
alpllliied Cham1nberl tin's l'in ll a and it
gave me1 relief in at shtort. tim1e, 11n two
ditys .1 wats all right," says M1rs. L.
Cousins. Ottcerburn, Mich. Chamber
!aini's Pein B3almi is at linimenot and it,
especially valuable for sprains and swel
liugs. For sale by Pickeus Drug Co.
A indly Burned Girl
o! boy. maa or women. is quickly out
of pain if Bucklen's Arnica Salve is np
plied promptly. G. J. Welch, of Tekon
sha, Mich., says: "1. use it in my family
for cuts, sores and v'l skin injuries, and
find it perfect." Quickest Pile cure
known. Best healing salve m ade. 25c
at Pickens Drug Co.
A Young Mother At 70.
"My mother has suddenly been mode1
young at 70. Twenty years of iiite"se
suffering from dyspepsia had eiilrely
disabled her, until six months ago, wIiwtn
she :egan taking Electric Bitters, wIich
have completely cured her and re"s-oretd c
the strength and activity she had in the
pri-ne of life," writes Mrs. W. L. (1 pat
rick, of Danforth, Me. Greatest r s., r 1
,ive medicine on the globe. Sets :itomn
itch, Liver and Kidneys right, p,u) lties
the blood, and cures Malaria, Bil'us
ness and Weaknesses. Wont" f iii
Nerve Tonic. Price 50o. Gunan eid
by Pickeus Drug Co.
Foley's Kidney Cure will cure any
case of kidney tronble that is not beyninu I
medical aid. Parkine Pharmacy, .ihber-(
ty, and Pickens Drug Co.
How to Cure a Cold,1
The question of how to enre it e
without unnecessary loss of time is -
in which we are all more or less it. r
ested, for the quicker a cold is g.o:teni
rid of the loss the danger of pnell-'oun.
and other serions direases. Mr. 1B. W
L. Hall. of Waverly, Vai., hits uasee I
Chamberlain 's Cough Remedy for v-e.ur, L
and( nyvs: "I firmly believe Chaimber
lain's Cough Remedy to be absolutelyt
the best preparation on the market for
eo'ds. I have recommended it to my '
friende and they 99ll agree with me." For
sale by Pickenis Drug Co.(
A cold is much more easily cur d.
wheni the bowels are opened. Kennedy's C
Liixative Honey and Tar opens the bow.
ols and drives the cold out of the systemI
in young or old. Sold by Pickens Drug
If an article is imitated, the original is
ilsvays best. Think it over, and when
you go to buy that box of' salve to keep
trIIund( the house, get DeWitt's Witch N
[IiazeI Salve. It is the original anid the
uume is stiamped on ever'y box. Good
Or Ceema, tetter91, boIils, (cuts and1( broiises,L
Liid e'special ly r'eommiendeti for p)iles.L
sold 1by3 P'ieken1 D)ruig C'o. th
A* iIV 01-i TO IIilA-WVi.: 15i
No19 hme is so p)leatItll, regardless5 of
le comfobrts thiat mnoney wiill buy, as s
vbien the enitir'e finmily is ini perifect ~
m.ilt h9. A hot1 tIe of Oi inio La4xative F'rui.
yrup9 cos9ts ( 501ent, 10 witl enr9e every
nlember of1 (th1le family3 of conIstipaltioni,
ick heatdachoe (or stomachiel tr'ouble'. Par "
Aiis lPhannaeyIil, Liber 1ty3, and Pickens
WVhen a horso is so over' worked it lies
I'wni and in of.her ways dleclaros its in-*
h'ihxty to go further', you wvould consider
1 criminlal to use f'orc. Many a man of in
mmiiale imipuilise, who wiould not. will- (1
uIgly harm a kItten, is guilty of cruelIty Itl
ihore his own stomach is conorr-"ed, h(
)verdriven, overwor'ked, thien whiit it S
c eda is something that will digest the t
aod eaten and help thle stomach to 10
ilperate. Something like Kodol For' J.
)yapcpsia that is sold by Pickens Drug
Jo. ('.
Danger From The P'lal:ne. sji
There's grave danger from the plague C,
I Cor.ghs and Colds that are so preva- P
ant, unlere you take Dr. King's New N
)iscovery for Oonsumnptionl, Coughs ta
nd Colds Mrs. Gie& Walls, of Forest I
)ity, Me., writes: "'It's ai Godsend to9
Itop)le living in climates whle re cughis cr
,nd colds prevail. I find it quliikly ii uds or
hem. It preventls Ph.eunonin, lii met or
Le0rippe, gives wonderful rebiet In
isthtma and flay Fever, 1a1 ndok i we..k re
uInus strong enough toi waird off ( on- pr
om ,~tion,(Conghs and Colds. tAc n dt ci:
81,00. Guaranteed by PIc'ke nii JDrig na
lo. '1ral bott.le free.
om toothache,
quiets the
luces sleep
e 25c 50e 01.00
stor , Mass.U. S.A.'
Jotice to Debtors and Creditors.
.\ll ! l"ra ins Im:\ iil l:lni'n-- :':lilnal thl
. lt i erI .1. I.. l'1'Ib uI-, .IIl '-: .1 ll. .:hl llt
rI' . 1l:t thl: 1llm ', llth Iy tt" .t M ii, 1 1 .-\..
(' :' . (' . : '. " '1 . ,1\\nd n i ;r: .< 1 Ir -ta it"
er. Oh. . 4 - .o n n i<sa
I.111 I: :!Ic ;i:' 'II 1. :. 1 4 . .1 i e .
'. ~ ~ ~ ~ : ,' .. l i -a ,on "tv Or ' y - It:.
\d1 ini111 i t' 1 ll' th' estat' of'.J. l..
4-I4 e1 r i7th, 1l .
gotice to Debtors and Credito s
Al persons hcllling elaims against the
state of the late Job C. Smith imust
Iirsi'lnt the Sam tile duly proven on or
efore the 1st day ot December, 1HO. or
>v debarred paymnnt; and nil persons
ndebted to said estate m.st make pay
nent on or before the above date to the
ldersigned. M. T. Smith,
The Griffin
.ands have been
mut in to lots and
aid off in streets.
Ioy are level
tnd well located
md the sizes vary
ron one-hali to
ive acres. This
.s agol.den oppor
unity for you to
>wnf a n~ome in
he best town or
he Pied mn o nt.
ieal estate is ad
rancin.g rapidly,
>ult the prices on
hese lots have
een made for
[Tick sales. First
onme, first choice.
Por Plats, Prices
nd Terms see
J. McID. Bruce,
otice to Debtors and Credito
jOTYIICE is hereby given to all persona
hav'ing claims against the estate of
D. Stephxens, deceased, they must fl'e
11 Haine1, duly ,,tte'st(ed, with the nmier
~nedl aedministrators, ont or before the
thi (lay dii.y of D)ceombIer, 1 9(06, or be
relver bai-red. All p)ersonis iude(lbted to
id est.:ein must mnako p'ymtent to the
('cutors onl or by the( uIbove) meintioned0(
Nov. 17w4' Executors.
Clerk's Sate.
County of Pickens.
In puni~anieo Of the decretal order
1(de ini the following ilnmed (4nso and1
file in the Clork's oille.e, I will sell to
e highest bidder during the legal
mrs for aaile at Piekenis court honse,
C., on sailsy in De cember, 1 906,
o t(ollowmlg dlescribied real estate upotn
(3 termis hiereinafter mfenttioned, towit:
P. Carey and 0. E. Robinson, PntfTs,
C. Kennemore, et al., D)efendanjta.
All thatt pieceC, pitrcel orot 1of hmd
:Lu.ted1 in L1.e town of PIc*kens, SouIt.h
itolina, frontin g or: B3ower. street aind
3tdletonl IanO and known hs Lots
os. 75 and1( 91 on the town p1at, co..
iming in) the aggregate two and oe.
11 (2 1-2) acres mor1e or less.
'Terms cash on~ daiy of sale. Pu"-chas
must comply with the termq withmn
0 I our1 or t he lpri mnisos w'Jl be resold
same (day.
Tiho grow ing erops oni these lots are
servol un4Jer thtis 4-ale andc d->05 lnt
5a to the purchalUser of said 1ots4. Pnri.
aser to pay for patpe an td for ('ecord
; the saime. A. J. IJ(CP,
. Creenville,
Dry Goods an
We are now showin
largest and best sele<
Dry Goods we have ev
sisting of Cotton Fabr
yard to Wool Goods 1
yard. Notwitbetandin
higher prices, we have
to where we sell you g
as little money as hone
be sold for. We havo
thing you want in niec
Our Wool and Cotton ]
good as can be had an.
money. Our 25 cts. Jc
that monev can buy f
Wool and Cotton Blan
variety from 50 ets. up
We have all tbe U
want for len, Women
better goods than last
same price. Hosiery <
wayt complete. Me
dress llirts, the b(+t
Big Stcck neck weir.
SH-IEOS! Wel, dots'
iter'( . When yout wI
of any kind for iniy im
funily' ('om loro atnd
i Ey rntt(l Owes.A
Now is a good time when there
in our City, to find out how reasc
selling our merchandise and for
goods now than the advertised pri<
We have still in our always sup
isome two and three piece suits whi
ably low prices considering the qu
Of Coca-Cola and other Ice Col<
line of
I can fill your bill for any occasic
ners, Picnic or Sociable occasions 4
pany drops in. Send your orders
will be promptly filled wvith fresh g
the market affords.
Country produce bought and sol
Your patronage is appreciated.
Highest cash price for Chickens
J. McD.. Bruce,
PROFITS - - ..
-5 Per Cent Interest'Pai
J. F. Banister, B. A. H-agood
J. M. Stewvart, J. E. Bog
T. N. Ilunter, H. '. 1
I have a g. (<l
Among them arec the Joreomme.'
Clocks n ithi weightis, w hieh I a.
And a new line of SI1 11t1 .'
Silver W.\TCHES. A nn--- ii.
glassos t o fit eyes. All k<inds of ae
Ten cent cotton has put lots
Many people have been robbed
Safe blowers have tried the
and failed to get the money. Di<
an account with them today and y
Interest paid on time deposit:.
$r.oo will open an accontm
s. .
d Shoes.
g. one' of the
ted stocks of
or shown, don
ice from 5o a
ap to $1.50 a
g the talkedof
cut our profits
ood goods for
at goods can
almost any.
dress goods.
lannels are as
where for the
anns is the bebt
)r that price. d
keta in great #
to $8.00. #
uderwear you
anid Children,
iyear for the
lepiartmnoit al- "
u's work and
)1 the rnarket.
I I'i4 . V ; ')ill
ire so many Sales gc P
nable we have alway:
how less you can b
:es of our competitors.
erb stock, some very I
ch we are selling at rer
Greenville, S.
1 Drinks don't forget
n- Weddings, Sunday
)r when unexpected <
to me and rest assured
oods and the very best (
and eggs.
I. M. Mauldii
- - $20, 500.00 y
- - 18,ooo.oo
- - 140,0oo.00
cd On Deposits.:
W. M. Hagoodi,
gs, J. McD. Bru v
b1 (c). Ptyle~ Seth TIho
I at special barga 4
ki.A io solid1 Gold
ipiotaclos ; I guara
wo~rk in the jeweolryI
Easley, S
'-a money in the cow
lfn(I killed for their r)(l
3are dangerous.(
er money wili be saC
II. C. Shirley, Casi
the Liberty Bank.

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