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q. E, i t r
K . A rI
TV v1 V
P rmV1y
*~E Eutored April 23, 1)03 at (ielQcena, S. 0., icM neanud i Wss mnthrr, uudc'hr n'-t 1tf Cn;;.rPF of 0larah 3, 1879.*
Commits F(
De ser
Boy Operatoi
FOR $86.26.
Trnvert Thougi to Ilvo (.onio Towardt
JtacksonvlHle--Law,Suit Probable.
Loaving boliind him a pretty
young wife in tears, more or less
baggage and several 1ril road and
expreSl oflicials who woUl(d give
much to lay hlnds upon him again,
23 yenr-old T. S. 'rasvor, a tele
graph op'r"at:(r of it in(rant h ,abis,
cashed two forg'd exprs lcey
ordors here St(lay ve1 ug and
disappeared, :tier "' it g a nir'lih
of it" in l the red-light Ulil trict, with
th( pr( e s, $G.20 rh'. hi
( t 1:1\ ;J' ' . '' so
ab):ut :. woekc ago from E'lko, (a., i )t-''I o i?\- a it(l
andUl( II aw l'i l v 1 was i- e
C(ed bl rd t 1; 019.', AbdnII strreet,
w'her.;i un(ieb i wi
ilg him.
s Idiy lolm:g he Sa:.1(d he was
ii ,(f som11) re'ld V loeyiv and
' nlhke Mr. doorhe WiL kin\i,\ who is
al' employ -(d in the dispat ch ,r's
oflice, if he Would acc(o01IIMpanV him
to the expr,,s o ir.. a( al 31( i(t t.ifly
him, Po th9t he con&d caeh two
muon(y orders, Mr. Wt'lkinw ('ould(
n1ot ;rl) to the ('xre's55 oflice, 'ut
inctstea(d ca1lld up thle e>:press 1-co
)pIe, iold thlu th() vireum01 astr noes,
and a;sked it the :rders woIld hie
cashed If ho CI1dorse1 i i m Re
coivin si afiirl'mativ() re' p!y, lie in
serihbd his nsamn up.(tl the bcks
of the ordors and dismlniss"d the
i ient frolm hisi mind, TIr vort;
having eLv\(!1n h o "'own to
dou(,l t hijl howl, Sty.
When-l(Tr''&}or"ytd his
superi hour, r. \\ j'ilkiin. b egia to
S al:dIll '; inq wihi( :'i we'(rtalined
a,but her had's b.-a janod . s
hndsWOolotit o ow andti ahed-~e
ovw lii atd ho,e er iiommpany
A)un-: rrar as te d th romg
Uthe r1-',i ght (irit wli her
ane t ht tey .irdshl ,r hai- f?r
Hud taken fuevrt Ohrlukves o ijlorY
dsaped with the ortu of the
beht, he gr. lnoqe,Aciod. 1and
suposed that howe5n hs wh ft k
Tavry cariodof the ih ubbir stamp
the Seabd ire which Mron
wias iJacsoe atg 8:46 monley
bus. Travers says tate hrobugh
ts Girl Wife.
's Disgrace.
band is from Senoia, Ga., and that
he has always borno a good repu
tation, although he has moved
more or less. She admitted that
ho drank to some extent, but said
that so far as she knew ho had
never been intoxicated to an extent
thai would cause him to commit
any overt act of which he would
not be guilty in his hours of fen
tire abstinence. She does not try
to defend himi antd is conIvinaced that
ho is guilty. Sle will probably go
home, she says.
A (ln-shiol liely lo lend to all
lawsulit. is that of who is to hear the
lc ss. The expre4.".:s Ollici:lls say
that M r. Wilkitns, by his enclerso
ient., vrt.lly &;uair:uitw;d the
orderFS tr+ be L;lnu.in;(e antd thl: .I
they hold him fl' sil ai l .(
inlgly. OI,e is for IA), the othe
for :;36.7i:. M r11. \\ ltil is ;:,l l1?.
that he tirely Ctlrte i t, Traver"s'
I V . ~ t. ~t(t it'! -w '1 th..
T'1ave'r, to ws h1oi t hit ,1rderi wer;
m11dle pa ;'.e, the' xpress c:m
}i1n1 ' illsi lear uw loss. It is
likely th11t Ithi (xCre 1,1company
w ilt br1ingt Suit gaillst 11r. \\1
k1in 0o Iec ivE') the m?oney. --C.
iubiia lilccrd
('.lt,mbia, S. I.. De. Ii.-lis.
T. S Tavers, the bride of the
young telegralh ope(at(,r, who
si:ipned from herc Satti'day' after
cash1ir;. two I or: (' l express lmlonley
orders, will go to l;oxville tomllr.
row on a sub .eript,ion funl raised
by the railroad em plYes h ro.
i)atuglie rt or It( , an d trn. F. S. I{ .ysl,
MiIM. unrn-i8. Tey' 1'c:rmetrly 1.Siid
ti South .:aroli::.
A paier puilished in Zion Clity,
near (: hic:n:o, recived in this city
s1 viot)days a'vo by Mrs. A. g'. Stev.
Utll;, ;r,ntainea tho ncontit o,f Ithe
clubin1' to douith by three C'himnn
of~ little Nellio BArow.n, thme ten year
I.ti na. 'VT e ipo sid the cibi was
Iaying3 on ihe tuti::ls of' a river near
bor hio v;, ben .sho was attnehed by~
the ( li it unmn and hrna lly c'lullld(
to deat .1.
ab:m't i!v yer nuo ead wast a be'auti
ful and1( lovable cild1.
Mr s. It o:;n1 It a htforo h'ei(1'11r arringo
to1 Mr . Rioyat , whiebl- tooki ttlaeo in
Chiina, MIiss Mary D). Srilii vanl of tins
county. Ifler homne wast nonrT Polzr.
where bher toother Mrs. Nelbe' Sulli.
vani, now lives. Seviorail Ofe ber sisterit
and onto brotnor live in this count,y.
MIrs. Steplhens was intimately ac
qualhinted with Mrs. Rloyal as 510ho a
visited at her horne several times.
Upon rteing the account of the
terrible donth of the little airI, Mrs.
Stephens sent the paper to Mrs. Sul
livan at Polzor. This morning she re
ceivedi a letter from Mrs. Sullivan
saying she had hoard nothing of the
death of her little grand-daughter and
that her son Mr. Harold Sullivan, had
telegraphed to Zion City for father
particulars concerning the terrible
The paper containing the accounrt of
the death was dated Dee. 70h.-An
dorson Daily Ma,).
-Prop in and have a cup of co)ffOe
and hot bieoni te at our store any day
next week; will be glad .to see you if
you intend to bray or nzot.
Liberty Hardwre...n
Former Governor, Moses of South
Carolina Dead.
Winthrop, Mass., Dec.11.--Former
Govenor Franklin J. loses, of South
Carolina, was found dead in n board
ing house at Winthrop Beach today his
leath having been caused by asphyxia
ion. lie was found 60 years old and
had resided in Winthrop for soveral
years. He hart a varied career, andi
although once woaltay, it is unacr
stood he died comparatively poor.
He was Governor of South Carolina
in 1872.
on. Grosvenor ofOhio t'ro(inced Alleged
IDocnluontI From this State I, Sup.
p,ort of P'ilotUsg t ill-1.4'garo
Cailled Hinl Mm-wn.
1117 G Street, N. W.,
Reprosentative George Lgare
vas makring anl able ut'ldne of the
>resMlt pilot age laws. le wan,t.d
:he law to, compel all \"'vSe"ls coi1
lig in to any pot1 to hire a iicen.st'd
lilot--aid one, by fih w:ay, who
):0, ogs t I It' i nii . [t, said
heoutth was:: espeia .lly contt et a (1
]id t lhat. L tn ilte hit ' t welt- :liI'
0 pr otct. ::1!! i1p t.111i ,:l1i .m : r
\ t!,ie4' l(t:l 1 4' ' "!i, . ",1 1" 0t. litl
t' ,. i; t l. it ' t ' " (. l
0I,i\ ki-i'Wn :S " tlr.
ulo: M * ite r.;ilaremn
)ti ll I t' A '.ifh . ai," "I li laf:d
!tr.11 ilt .a ti ' ' t i tw Id a i ,
wIo r.lid ti.l it: ti)h,} 1 \; tlt, (i w ie
io tg law pit1 : "d b 1-- (O
iitllt r \\'t. iot lso; t!,t"t h a
M r. L g in.- ' i tle d .it.
I(ln to "tie tfi thei enlt i io-n, wit,:.
I;tter" M r'. (i iOsvvior lt.d re:d, at(I
tlhat lea eived a. letter lomt
Ilim;-, in wicli ho Said that he md
iiever wr't'l ntt rl (1' ignied anty ri.:lh
letttor a.s the Oh:1iol,tr h.td r. ad, thatL
it a t foi 'y.
Mr. GosenoI -"I ill sttf!
that. 1 feel srry to tiild tiat in t he
,tat(! of St,utii (a,olilla there are
s0tt h i t, I of l'atsu'I eit A t hst .
Ml r, Lrteur(-'--- l )11, wVl.., the g'1i
leltl 11 r Ohio 1ub)1l h<-d a pa
per last year ttlIint a out a lot of
rae'lIh in auothler State in t.h-.
At i hi Ilh, r1 ' a" ti "t" Optt 1)i.1:1!(
and u.i;alghter.
Thj" lw , litilO iiitl R: n ie
hos, th t o hw , of,( cl)res a
godi (iezndf unv biIl . the liti
thech'mpions o thel (lay wsi
thfse lofCI teiouth pnytue. o
- oodu and caylut ohur. tor one
Liberty tative vore Co.ar
--Why buy acrk in h curse ourh
dxicussion wee the wilplsoypiot
Mageqesti n whiua h opauon.alag
kw s"Ldiggr'' H rdwr Loar
-ouse,aat the Doway, andthoyiar
wonde fid,ohat ortoeglnt little
spoadteywhadth ontherdaypwas
faprfcLyfibenly Hawre .
News From Hazel,
.IFazol, S. Q., Nov. 21, 190( .
Mr. Editor: I w'll try to give you
v aluablel paper and many readers,
fow dots from this Aittle burg.
The farmers aro very busy eatbor
ing up crops and sowing small grain.
The snow fall hero on the 14th inst
to a depth of four inhes.
After a severe (old snap we are en,
joying warm, Pleasant weather now,
with plenty of rain.
Mrs. W. A. Davis is improvint
slowly but steadily. Her infant babc
died on the 27th ult., and was buried
the day following its death'at' Moun
tain Grove church, Rev. Jno "T. Lowie
cond ucting the fun 1 al 1ervic On r
hon rtfelt sympnth!.1a are extendeld rhe
bereaved parents.
M r. and. Mrs. Daniel W incliestor
a ttended tho finrne'rnl servi('es of the
10 mouths old bab o; 'Mr. and Mrs.
D. A. 1'arrot, whilch died on the 2Ith1
tilt., and was huired on Sundav, the
8t,0 'nit Shalvd (r1ov"l l;tit church0.
The bereedvu fatmily 1iatve our sym
pat by \lav (;1d's ric hesI ilI ;inte res:t
ujin t ')t in tlhi ir s d;c ai?li1't ion.
. [Rev, 1D.1 taller ir:nedl'( his farowell
Se r en at . i h . m.ll ..
M1r. Ii!!n (i.s::al, of :\I ,n- '-tra.( 1.
is (on it vi-1' mrr ilt:;an frIi ld. i11
t' llt ('t"(' \i t I I 1 '1 I1 .1 t :!; I itt- ( 1l
t-his 't.iea jr lje U j '' in --m
rea s
-t - ) i f1 1 ' 1- t 1 ill t i + 1 : i)11
h h I
renre in orh rI a~* r
now!aI t ii i nh r t"' ( . ). :"I i e a 11' LI
It v. t dea l "'111. o f i t {tt :t l ah
inl the rlla In am' UnIhin, t ihe
End alt lli'g u. t lmrtb. taI I ot
of his owxn lalck!t. ! l7.nh) in (':.:hl h
id+ nlnklu:; ;Ip) at 1+t of m 1no in
hi: trav('i. Thly tow hnve i nirn,
new (I c rh'r ill he vh a levy unar air'.
Unl,r:-iret l;nowit 's. Cal J. i. liagod
dlOantt(i th(1 hand for this proe
Noev. Wa:llotrh . bwo.n atndl 1: 11Ot lning
a griat. dt al ."::tld h-' hi) hiiting of
h'o ky lI; t tt.m: I;:i '.hs ;: t!-a rth. l
to ld moutit.n : ,l:l. t-al mr0 Of
tiut'h wVOr'k, at bht - th; . ft I"- n: )I- h
doner in thlo pulii1, bnI t htl'1 andi
e1utt forid1(s. I h.' it a' u> in i11 1h
alk :r, "m po,l I r ' f lt'. t i ' ' r
i I , 18 11 j)5'c l * !. i. ,a lIl e,1' h
lie 'ar1i .Iaw V a;
Sa?'w at tol? h.- p it * bj m.a
itn or al a\ [ill be irre n
iii nt a II a r a- n'.
(ThIiS atle ha.s beein unIiVaodam
('rowvJed( out, until now1'. falr whIic'h we'(
heart.ily apolourize to our llorI'saIndenIt.
Mauldin School Notes.
EIasley 8. (. Dee )u. 1, 190rs.
Mr. E(ttitor: .- Our onrolinent has
now roached forty two. Nearly all
t he pupils 'In school wore pelrfecIt inl
a.tondancO lst week, very few being'
either ah1mnet or tardy.
Trhe following now pupils have en1
rolled thuIs woek: Nottie and JEula
Roper, Grady and Pearl Sweet and
Cal Riggins.
Nearly all the scholars aro supplied
wvith the new books.
ini the arith)motic content last F"riday
each ride won fifty-two marks, and in
the spelling match Miss F"annio Manl
dill caried off the honor of best spellor.
Parents and friends are invited to
come and se us.
A. 0. and E. G.
-Biscuits baked right in &hree
minutes every day next week at our
8 tore. Liberty HIardware 00.
Fled In Slame From
Pretty Mary Brown, of Upper Carolina,
the Victim of Man's Perfidy. Re
fuses to Reyeal His Name.
Snvann1ahGa. , De. 10.
line'rthlrokIn, shamed aml sufferintt,
tnt wil.hal loN-11l to ai betrayed inv(',
nrei.t", littlo I1ary 1irown, of Dialton.
S. (., 1iio in a dvin! (ondition at. (ho
.ah ron) A rny hendiart ers toot w'ak
to bt, tnken to thel hosniitil.
Inl th same:i:tt ruinm lins at ,ix -% ., A
I ;bly, Ithe ilnnnoitt Canso of i tl
di.tro 1. the hildl of a : nan, wl'
n amtl(, wiIth t h'1 aps i stakeo V , 11yl.
h 1' bild mt.her has ru,olved to non
' .'' t . 6i' s l ta,i nt ited ; 11" aill
',(t i 14'6 ( 11., t 1,1't >:i 6 7ltl t ' Itl l ''( 8 V I iI
h ' rrI'm.l', and t'tidornt.!t t t
riCli! to 'i'in a larte) m17rk;ti
''tiolwd.;1, t e nlm ! t i , (te girl
il"'I n6 'd h- ioil and t' )61I
",' i ,i m 'i 161t-1 ;(6 ; 6(tlt, In (t .Iit t60 'i166 t,
tt :t! o t'. ,' . t' , i lup o r, tatio n i t
:Ir dIisti,ver t t t he O itirl \vns- v'rt'
and('n t S .\os.of Ith Salvation
\my, w11 6 ii1 o rt it, a':Iro filr' hor.
' -; 4ht t66 Ii ttl ats ''1 1\l atlli on .\ itmv
h 'u+ 7 :'- r t ' r . ondition e:i ' hol!
i li lito'.i i to question h ' 1, h:t;
in 1 li6 t' whtilt, undor th6 rari of
M : 111:'-rs, 1614 1r6c'toverov 01lliintl'
I() toll :1 litllh' of hter story mai lo
'InvI'r in pY'r" Somle iWon of I the an..
f litt t 11 ont it'd to rol 1her of hor
:1i (,In, i+ nlol her" life'.
:1a;rv 1l(,w1', ats Ot :{ays her namn'
i, is tthot nineteen yenrs o1(1, bu1t.
!oo(s evi )'yars t l:r' lIrair is
daurl: anur n and ht'1 eyes, it doolp
t'ro V , 6r n1 -. Inl t t'v r" word okl)l(en
iI 1( tat ioallil 1on1611! t h 1166 t'irt
showst r( t lrfin i -t and (0"w-il !iln, and
mrids;t tearsaof "''l ither,(ih mvI\ moth"r"
0!h(t t11(d lIhe," ailt too tumonl6,ii 1(or',
I'oken wi tth soba and payers6 fur fr
1'16 i.-l
.;l:"y Ol'ow n lived with h(r rari,f
it6:1 a 6ii nt'ir Dalton, Ind r.6 1 :v d a it
o di 6h ni n, r.1116tnin' I.omt' i6
lit o V i' y nlr at o from it hIm ho rding'
6'. o I :6u l 66'h f i hll 16 (inih
iu:1l6:, w hh-' i' 0 snit le if I heir 6111 1' rl
odii' and ' ( a1'i1 -', ny6' toii l6!h l616 h .n
\ ' . ' i mt.'' 66:66 n li er h>61', adi1
I h1 '~6l(6,'66 it.1'6 hl '6Iy - 161ward
11h6at61 mof ov ra6.n66.r 1,'t'1y-6%61?' V6tin ly r
and\V rho a vdr liv fom her hIome.1~
When ('hr e arrived, in 16( h1rSvannaf-,
where it isr t'vippo'-t Iff(0 h cme iOn
88esponsibl3 1, nmt1 WiIl thek htenr
shya ivo anyl coherent .eun lof hae
forec evdabre fom qetoheolio,
mucd.Capt. Saya "and shaltarno retr
hme with her compy,teld \s oon
ast 1he utal hovi d try wio take er I
says1t Ihe l ield sher iller'sname
vided for.'' -Colnumbiua Record.
D)ec. 11.-A telephone mesage from
savannah this afternoon says tlht lit
tie Mary Brown, the: pretty girl from,
~the mount ains of Picken. county, who,
heart-broken shamed and aufferiag,
withiil toyitl to i betrayedY'1p,to.
lio. citicnlly ill at tho R'lvatlon iiy
titarte"rs tlre is ilightly bettor tbday
and haw, the lthysiciansa think, 'a;fair
chantec for recovery The Salvation
Armny oflicers ennnlllot i ilduco hilr to toll
tho name of tho Inan who is responlsi
bl for her ruin, but. think they have
a good elute to his idonity.
Hit ira Sore Place.
( I ',b- ( rov"o. f )'(., 3rd, l!1 -.(
1 !i111 :-'-intinll J(urnalcl: .( noit,L1
i \. m um1111w O lnt of .y rt1r 'A
1U.' , ,i ,1":i: . l =t:t. i t t I w i!i t
li.. "tllt 1 w'
ll ".t 11, : ', r1 n1 -, s il (v\ t , t .
whenI rII y']~i ouj roj v n414 m in'JU.
4,l !: t )1 1'': t I l tit', Il i0-!~ ' ' I: o
"I J. t .1 i n il \' i -n ti tit"
2:!)ttl (,,;I' .. I llt] il~ t,-i. ' t i't,l . ft1
t f r 11 1i h m. b'ut , !,,-n it -
to) r'''l)ll I' It'i \\ ' t1 1t '. w1 ti( t
..'; , :l i .sne'-a :" i m Ili i fo nItt1: 1J
r:l?sin ti t .1 i I. i ' I . ti,t i' . i li t d t *
i' tI t e : u In "1 le " 1 . i ) ri."- t ,'! -
Ii :t 1 I . .1 t 1' \t ::o . 111 11,
t;li w'1\' w +i-1 h t ni Ili e " .!. e: - i .
a',tly i t rn t it 1l sh 1(1 Ii t Un t ,it
(1r1'( ()n a t 1Im) I l in::,. t ~1 . f '.: t.r
at. itl' ,,io1t.(' uIimi ns .n'rd I ni t d u< ro
(I1' 'I 'h f V'tIti l rl'4t 1 i t1 \\"It( t'(\'").1t i i t o
N(lit Iv'(I niI"s wis itndlisf)f,'- . or fril k.v
i"t it ni i flni (r k, and ,i u
at!sii,im'd Iho " Chiriry U1-, Bal" \\ 11
th e ahd (f '1 hlll iii' . ' ., i ! I 11 I-f
a '(Ioup oIf l)u1 111m1: of wVIttt f t-lho u.
wats pr tv fir t uff. hit wh n ) i t1 .
r' sion to say\, if 1:O1inO of thei 1111; it.
at tlim b clt, ta ' pulled Ioir ( reS- it
littl(! ht ith r up on thoir shIa d:'r:,
Chorw wldI o11t hav-I n so Irmuch
costly tlria l Sw'iing tht ball room
flI,io'r" t1 ('ditor allovoi' I mlirht Io
al l riht, at at hOr, o rat111o a isIog fight,
timt l adn 1,',i l v rporter, I wt-i
onto my to. ty o.'t a" hko' st a
bI'xin;' b.m1t lat til(- Olura hlanst' andl 1
r ill franil'is ' dh it it %\,I s mr to ml rn hy
!;1111 inlir I f Lt it,moro fit ib w . No
lirm paou'o ae)o ne iad a
tayt ( rd Ipii(n :f Oh fair en., tlum,
(Ir1;o to writ'' mwi y nltu- t. V
!f you wint iit io 1 h :i.
ue wibe, ul n - db
a-mm erat ly,w
t:1 da h-r 8e.n
h1m f e , 'in E

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