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We want every one in this 1
nd rnagnificent line of Christi
d for them. It will be only a
.e b Is Presents
,.hy you now\' of
;r .'ay thing to
gooa IiunI,. ' now in a;dvar
v'erything can be had.
J)Oidr, J eelry3 ,Caaihes
Toii Sets, Fancy Ce
fumes, and many, I
things too nume
It will be only a few days be
ill be displayed-will be all o
will be so large and so attrac
" iyers right up to Christmas
trly you get first choice. If y
>)U get what is left.
Sekels Seniel-Journal
ppenings of a Local and Personal
-Mrs. Jno. Ferguson and Mrs. A B.
'dlaw were here last Tuesday.
-Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Wyatt of
ley, are in Charleston this week.
-Mr. an4 Mrs. J. MeD. Bruce, and
dren, are visiting relatives in
The bazr'ar lit night, in the Earle
ding, was well patronizd and was
mplete succes'
Mr. and Mid. William Bolt of
.arson, visited their son, Dr. J. L
and family this week.
'he work-on the cotton mill and
>peratives houses is being pushed
:ily this fine weather.
Dont fail to read the ad of the
- st ire in this issue and use the
coupon that is in it.
lossrs JP. Carey, C. H. Alex.
i r and J R. Ashmore have been in
nville this week on business.
Chere will, be an entertainmaent
Christmas tree at Cross hoads
ch, Tuesday afternoon at two
ek, December 25th.
B. F. Maulain has opened up a
of goods iu the old D)avis Mor
tamt at Milo Creek church and no
he will do a good busiess,
*Ia rried on the 9th instant, hy M,
*(:e te, N. 1'., at hiis resid(Cfee,
ens, all of .P ickens county.
,of Vmlcy, wa,s in .1 iekons Fri,
much ta the1 delight of his nmany
* s bore, who are always deligfhtc d
ther onthe9th inst;ant. aged
na I to once Ii ved nea r Pickens~
odod the lot to thu trustees on
b Secona now stands. lHe was an
-of 11. A. Richey, of Pickens,
leaves a host of relatives and
:Is to mourn his death. His re
s~ wero laid to rest at the churoh
his home.
-.v. J. P. Attaway and family,
a sojurn of several years in Pick
left Friday for their new work at
y River, S. C. whore Mr. At
*y will be stationed as pastor.
exscellent family have endeared
solves v'ery much to the people
kur town and community who
loath to give them rip. It is the,
at wishes andl desire of all our
ec that they auain bcamio citi..
of our town.
)r. J. L. Pelt is representing tho
'eo Lodge, at the Grand 14odge,
hi is in session in Charleston this
.It is needless to remark that
*ill have a fine time.
Mrs. T. J. Mauldin, Mrs. C. E.
*uson, Misses Lucia anid Marie
~r, Florenice Iiowe(n and Essioe
*spent las;t wcek in Greenville at
ng the state convention of the U.
awrenco Roper. Dentbit, wvil be
icf(ons Doo. 31st to .Ia'muary 2nd,
u ve prepared to do all kinds of
ork. Oice over P'ickone
e V are requested by Tfresaurer
nmd Araditor Keith to state that
er cent,'ponialty goes -:on all un
ixos on January 1st 1907. P'ay
xe If you want tolsavo the pen.
Nc.ality to know or this immense
nas Goods that we have order
few weeks when every on" will
by the wagon load aind thit is
the big line we will have ready
buy Clristnas Presents and it's
ice of a place where practically
9';Cbrnook, ibe b
many ':thor beautiful
rous: to mention.
fore our big HOLIDAY Stock
ver the store, then look out, for
tive that the store will be full of
time, Remenber, if you come
ou wait until the last minute,
Union Meeting.
The first division of the Twelve
Mile River Baptist Association will
meet with Golden Creek Baptist
church on Satuday before the 5th Sun
day in this month
The introductOry sermon will be
preached by Rev. B C Atkinson.
1st Query: Is it taught in the scrip
tures that there are degrees in future
rewards and punishments? Open ed
by S. W. Howard.
2nd Query: Does the churches still
use the k 'ys that bind things on earth
and things in heaven and loose them
on earth and' in heaven? Opened by
J . C. Garrett.
Question box still open.
Missionary sermon Sunday by Rev.
W. C. Seaborn.
U. R. Abercrombie.
S. Jewell.
W. A. Arnold.
The Program for the monthly meet
ing of the U. D C. to be held at
Mrs. T. J. Mauldin's, on'Friay, Dec.
21st at 3:30, p. m. is as follows:
Music-Miss Earle.
Paper read on Secession, read by
Mrs. Swittunburg.
'Song-Miss Sawyer.
Where was the cradle of secession?
-Mrs. W. T. McFall.
Remarks on the Unveiling of the
Hampton monument. Mrs.
.: W. HT. Johnsen
Roading: ''0, Caroline Child of the
---Miss Earlo.
At a rocont regular cominuniebIion of
K.cowOe 1Lodge I". and( A. M. No. 79,
the following oflhcers nrei eAecte'd and
ap)poiinted to serveo t.hr lodge durIing
the noxt masonic year: A. M. M.orris;,
WV. Mi. ;J R. Ashmnore, S. W. R .R .
Roark ; J. WV. ; I". E. Cox,Secr'y; ..
1. P'arson~s T.Irons. ; . T. IHallami, S.
Dri. [E. 1. Webb, J1. D). : J-. T. 'laylor,
and( 13. B. Lalloon, Stewards ; R'. i11.
Bakor, Tylor.
The installation of 01o0% wil1l take
place in the lodge room on the night
of the 20th instant.
Land' to Rent; one or two horse
crop. Apply' to J. J. Herd, Picken ,
S. C., R. F, D , No, 5.
I want to buy a cheap) scond hand
shingle mill. James M. Barr.
36 E'isley 8. C.
I am in the market for pork; see me
before ) ou sell.
26* R. HT. Hames.
For Lung
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral cer
tainly cures coughs, colds,
bronchitis, consumption. And
it certainly strengthens weak
throats and wveak lungs.
There can be no mistake about
this. You know it is true. And
your own doctor will say so.
The bost kInd of a. testimonial --
"BSold for over sixty yeoars."
I We have. no scoretal We publish
- o formuhas of aln our medioines.
Rop .i.es bowels regular with Ayer's
Pils and thus hasten rcovery.
J. McDI. Bruce, 1. M.
CAPITAL | - .. . .
PROFITS - - - .
DEPOSITS - - - . .. -
-:-5 Per Cent Interest Paid .On Deposi
* I Directors
J. F. Banister, B. A. Hagood, W. M.
J. M. Stewart, J. E. Boggs, J. Av
T. N. Hunter, I I. '. Richey,
I have a goodI line of
Among thpmn aro the recommendablo old st.yJ(
Clocks with weights, wh ich I am Msolling at spec
Ada hew line of SILVERWVARE. AlsoI sol
Silve'r WATCIIES. A nice line of S'pectaclo
glasson to fit eyes. ..All kinds of repair work in the
HI. SNID)ER, .- - E
Christmas is almost here an<
cold weather with it.
Now is the time to buy you
winter Clothing, Overcoats
Jackets, Dress Goods, &c. .
Don't put off buying wha
you need until Christmas Eve
Come now and avoid the rush
From now until January is
we will make big reductions or
Overcoats, Clothing, Cloaks
Jackets, Skirts, heavy Dres:
Goods, Blankets and Flannels
Just see the bargains we ar(
offering in Jackets and Cloaks
Our houses are chock full o
merchandise of every descrip
tion. Every department brist
ling with bargains that can no
be matched.
Mammoth stock of Furnitur4
Buggies, Wagons and Stoves
Special prices on Blanket
from now until January i st.
Mauldin, T\WT om
.A N IK Don't be m
A. names and wvhoh
20500 moth bargains ~
:8,000.00 good, hard-earni
OOOO at homei' w~ith~ pc'
ts -:
to ah\ays "mnak
liagoo, 1\My stock is.
[cD. Bruce. Goods are coini
J. P. Carey, and first-cla1ss a
P Try this sto
mOney's wvorthm,
inl bar'gab.s. Or
I gua~ranIIiq,o
jowelry bun'.
sley, S. C. A Full Line
/y " :XliD "r 1 'l:T." i,. S'.Y:rehtni:retY.v4a. .,....... . \
*WA ,Mp
T C 0

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