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Brooklyn, N. Y.-Preaching at
the Irving Square Presbyterian
Church on the theme "The 'Tien
1Words;" th!e Rev. Ira Weniuell Ie-n
derson, pastor, took as his text E:XQ
dus 20:1-17. He said:
What;ever may he our personal and
private convictions as to the manner
of God's revelation of Himself to
Moses; however much we may differ
as to the exact form in which the
law-giver of Israel received the mes
sage of Divinity; howiver much tNe
may be at variance as to the e:act
ness of the ,Bible story in, its por
traiture of the scone' when Moses met
Jehovah on Sinai; no. matter what
may be our belief concerhiing the
dlat.. und the authorship of the book
of the Exodus, the simple fact is
that the ten commandments are the
expression of fu, damenhtal truths
that iod has revealed to man. Be
hind all human law and jurispru
dence; lies the code of Moses. These
1en stern, terse negative commands
that Moses got from God are at the
basis of all legal theory and practice.
The decalog is 'the codiflcation of
ihe divine will for the guidance and
control of human action. The ten
words are the rules of the Almighty
for the regulation of man's rela
tions with humanity and his Maker.
Take them, merely, if you will. as
the human recognition of man's ob
ligations toward God and society and
still the commandments are of God.
Whether we reach the conclusion by
the tiresome philosophy of the Mii
(lie Ages, or by the simple reason
ing of the earliest minds of Israel,
or by the scientilic discriminative
processes of modern thought, the
fact is that all truth is from God.
'Thus saith the Lord" is the source
of life's verities. It is God who in
spires us, God who gives n; knowl
c'ege and understanding -and wis
dom; God it is who sends es onward
and upward. He it was who put
into the hearts of Moses and of Is
rael the love of IHis laws and the
desire to do Ilis will. And to-day
lie strives with us as really as He
over endeavored with the generations
that are dead.
The question is not whether or no
God gave Moses tablets of stone; the
i;sue is not whether or no Moses
vrot the story of the scene on the
mount, as it is preserved to us: the
point to be decided is whether or no
Moses spoke God-given truth. It lil
h in'ges not ou the manner of the
delivery of the comn11lindmhents but
ul1pon1 the natl re and divineness of
t he matter revealed. Do Moses'
words bear the marks of a heaven
bornl gift, are they fraught with the
power and the widoi of ,1ehovah
Iimself? Are they stalmped with
a celestial brand and .do they ex
press everlating veiies?. Are
they just to men and are they
i ortihy of the King? )o they meet
the needs of men? Are they in=
:p:irational? These are the tests of
the usef"uIIlsS and the worthlliness of
1he com manad1ments. These are the
qualities that must inhere in them
ere they caln 1oni man d the respect
of humanity and evidence Cod's orig
fly these standards thle ien comn
manld ments are divinely inispired. A
glance at them dise *;rs to us the
seal oif the Eternal. - xperience oif
thelir value in tihe midlst of tihe ac
tivities of this world's life p)roves
t heir worth to mankind. Analysis
of their content and their aim leads
us to declare thema worthy of Je
hovah. With all that incquiry asks
and criticism demands the ten wvords
are a!' one.
. Consider the commliandmirents 50e)a
rately anPd you will giant 1 speak the
t ruth. Tlhie call of God fotr u ndivided
loyalty to Himself is but the voice
of reason. No mian can serve two
masters. And it is a certainty that
least of all can lie serve two masters
whlose interests are diametrically op)
posed. We cannot tserve righlteous
ne(ss and sin at the same time. God
deserves the full dovotion of every
human heart. To worsipl an ido01
is to lose the consciousness of thle
-spiiritulality of D)ivinity; to mistake
means for the end, material maniti
fest ations for' tihe unseeni (dynast. To
play fast and loose with God's name
is an insult to the Father. The self
respect. of God requires hu man self
control. Profanity is indecent and
degrading to ninad and soul. The
uneed andl the pireciousness of a Sahl
bath's rest is too applarent to wvar
rrat conment. Commnon courtesy
accords respect to our earthly Par.-.
enis, especially whmen they are worthy
of resipect. Strict obedience to t h6
command( "'thou shalt not kill''
would spoil the business of thle exe
cutIioner's; stop war at on1ce.
Tihe fruits of aduli tery are all too
dlitressingly v'isible. Th'le jails are'(
fullh of thieves5 and( woul b(eh) over
Cr'owded were' the Mosaic codo rigid
ly apipliedi and enforced. Lying is
meanC i, unmltanly, dlesplicable, (lisle
puitable, (devi lish. Sat isfact ion withi
a lair sharme of this w"or'ld's goods
1is better thani covetouisness.
'The dlecalog miets 11 huii)ilty at
vital 110i11s andlt hlellps mankl~ind
ah ilOa'd.~ Although incliuded iln the
law of' lov~e laid dolwnl by Chlrist it
is b)y 1n0 means 11 abro(gated. Tile teni
ctommialnments htindi us ats well as
Mostes. Tihe wVords of (ChrI iit. 1mpha
, 1iz their dlemantids. The laws of
Moses are not. dleeasible or dlefun ct.
T1hmey wvill always he obligatIinig. No
statement of our Lord and( no0 hit
of Newv Testaimeint wisdom legislates
them otut of existence or con ter
4mands themi. They still bind1( us.
The eleventh commtland mnerehy supl
rs,tspplemtetits and reinforces
Sotherl tont.
(ove God and y'oui won't si. /ve
n on and1( the no-gods of the
aliens. Mttch less will you take HIls
name in v'ain. Loveo God and you
wIll treat ils children well. Love
tho' brethren and youi wvill labor0 to
make their lives joyous. The wordls
of Christ serve' mlost to imbled tile
lawvs of Moses deepier in the mnd(s
of Chi'stians whoi( ale honest.
~ow it is very generally supp)losed3
'Ten Words.
that the laws of the ten tablets are
of merely negative force. Explicitly,
I presume, that is so. On the face
of things the element of prohibition
enters, largest. into the commands.
But. every explicit prohibition and
negation impli(3dly asserts a cor
-responding and correlated aflirna
tion and positive admonition. "Thou
shalt not," says the law, explicitly.
"Thou shalt" says the same law im
plicitly. 'Tlte law against murder
implies the right of life. The is
countenancing of fal$ehood puts a
premium on truth. To smiash our
idols is the first step . toward whole
spirited -service of the alone true
God. The command to stop work
and shut ulp shop implies that a (lay's
rest is necessary and that God re
ceive specific recognition from His
children once a week at least. These
and the rest of the commands in
dicate to the man with the open
mind that the ten words are some
thing more than a series of "don'ts."
Talk about avoiding prohibitions
is not well balatnced. It is impos
sible for the thinking mnan1 to escape
them. The positive commands of
Jesus suggests innumerable prohi
hitions. The mere "thou shalt" in
timates that there is something we
mist not do. Men tell us that pro
hibitions cause men to desire to do
wrong, that commands not to do
evil impel men to sin iust because
of humanity's sheer perverseness.
But sin comes from the wilfulness
of the sinner and not because of
any law, negative or positive. Jesu's
pi'omulgated the most ettensive as
well as the most statesmanlike posi
tive law that the world has ever
known; but we know that even many
of His followers fail to obey it, as
well as the multitude of those who
defiantly deny Him. Despite Christ's
positive example and 1is positive
declarations and demanids men still
continue to ran after sin. The shrine
of Mlammon is jammed wvith v
taries. The streets resound with
curses. The harlots and the men
of unclean life still strike unholy
hai"gains. Homes are shattered and
lives are blighted by the lying tongue.
'1le cells in ''ntu'(lerers' row" arte
rvel' ttll. The lations in.1111tain
arled camps. Lo;gislators spend
their ime tryin". to devise ways and
Ime ans to de-Christianize outr1 Sab
bat ii. I had almost said. legislators
waste their time; for their plang
will never he crowned with success
cxcept. America as Ephraim "is a
cake 1)ot turned." Everywhere and
eve?ry monlelt mell are sinning. aid
that in the f,ace of the positive com
mand of Christ that they should de
sire and strive for the best. But no
one is foolish enough to say that
the aIflrmative denland ol Jesus that
humanity do an1d be good impels
mi n.u1i;ad to diisabedience. Likewise
it. ought to ho patent that men sin
against. negative laws not because of
t he laws but in spite of them. The
ten (o(t1mmdnients are no 11more re
sponsible for sin than is the ele'venth.
And the man who says that law ex
cited him to sin invents a lame and
a thin excuse to say the most for it.
A due and pr1 )ioper r'egarid for t'.e
Cen commalzndlnmnts not only will
lead meni to ease from doing the
interdiCc.e sits but also will iinspir'e
lthem to (10 good. The Implicit ''thou
shalt'' is just as miandatom'y as the
explic'it "'thou shalt not.'"T hout
shalt not covct .'' for you will haveo
enough to do and wiill secur'e suili
citt of this wvorld's stores if you
will attend str'ictly to your' own af
fairs. "Thou shalt not bear' false
witness,'' foi' your owni reputation.
for' v'eracity is lost wuith the lie. And
ino mlatter' how well you may lie oi'
how smooth and slick you may lie
the odds are against you, for the
tru'lth muitst w in and1( it will win.
''Thou shalt not Commhiit adullteiry.''
because the per'petumity of the race
is dlependent on its puriiity. ''Thou
shalt not kill'' because God has given
uhe otheri mnan the inalienable right
to life. ''Honor thy father and thy
mother" amid let themt priecipitate
any tr'oubles if any there are to be,
not you. "Remember1)Ci the Zabbath
(hi" and make it a trite rest-day.
'"Thout shalt not take the name of
the Lordl thy God in vain,"' and( yet
ihave heard many a tman take more
liber'ties with the name of God than
you would allow any man to take
with yours'. Thou01 shalt not bowv
down to imuages or serv~e other godis,
for the Lord is a spir'it and a unity;
an idol is a delusion atnd a snare.
. et us put aside all quibbling and
spilitting of hairs andl admit the
righlt of the temi wvords to ruile as
the laws of our' lives. Let, us ac
knowledge their dlivine insirationi
and their worthbin ess. Let uts not
seek to escapehl either their conmmands
ori their1 imlienlltes. If we cannllot
live tinder the laws of God with peace
anid quietude of mnindl then let us
change not the lawvs but our1 mode
of' living. 'The fauIt Is miot withb God's
reguilations but1 wvitht our1 society~ and
its formi:. (lod givethi and( pssesseti h
wisdomn. llumanailty has a monopoly
of the w isacres.
Theli stateent that the ten comn
mnandmients are of no use to-day and
that. we haveY o'itgr'own thiemi is a
bit of ( ititio. No mtan Is old1 enough
to (oit growv ess:n tialI truth. nor1 is
ainy people wise enough and striong
culough to get along without the ten
commandmenc'lts. So long as 11101
hav'e minds they inmust recognize the
force of ''thou shalt not'' as- the
dlecalog pre'sents it. The newi coml
mandiicmeint may sum11 up all the wiis
(101m of the old ones, butt the trutth
that swayed ou r fathers' fathers
must15 still commanllid allcglance and
Where to Puit Your Trust.
My trutst is 1101 that I anm holy, hut
that, being unholy. Christ died( for
mue. .1\1y rest is here, not ill wvhat I
am or shall be, oi' feel or knowv, hiut
in whaj11t Chr'ist is aind m1uit:i be-t-n
wha Chr1dI ist did( amnd is still dlOing as
lie amnnn beore. mna(ie' l toene or
Are said often to be burled six foot under
ground. But many times women call on he
their family, physicians, suffering, as they
Imagine, one from dyspepsia, another from
heart disease, another from liver or kid
ney disease, another from nervous pros
tration, another With pain here and there,
and in this way they present alike to
themselves and their easy-going or over
busy doctor, separa$ diseases, for which
he, assuming them to i such, prescribes It
his pills and potions. In reality, they are
all only aymp oms caused by some uterine
disease. The 'sician, norant of the
cause of suffer ng, eps up treatment
until large bills1are m de. T - ering
patient gets no bette a the
wrong treatment, but ro ably orse,. .4
averd n ee here-e! in
by aTT1g aWtho~stesIng syhnp
toms, and instituting Comfort instead of
prolonged misery. It has been well said,
that"a diseat:e knownt is half cured."
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ireadi himself.
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rm under the akin, genorally between the
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the original utiack. '1Te cause, so far
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Jet. 'l and 20, 1906."
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